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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 15, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> happy friday eve everybody.dy >> that is -- my gosh you'reh ye right. it's been such a long week igee kind of forgot where we were.e . i got the make my blackjacklaja dealer over at the mgm oveat thm national harbor.naonal har >> let's get to the show now. nw new proof russia interferedus with the u.s. elections andio a new concerns that theat president-elect business couldec be benefiting from his whitet i house win. >> you can see it on the run see do iwn on the side of yourof yor screen. this is what we're talking about at 6:30. wh alwaysout tweet us what's on your mind with
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>> president-elect nominated-eln ryan zinke to head the interior the 55-year-old is a retired rer navy s.e.a.l. he was awarded awd two bronze stars for combatze sf missions in iraq.or he cmiss repeat -- excuse me reportedly beat out gop congresswoman kathy mcmorriscmos rogers for the job.ob once confirmed he'll oversee o more than 20 percent ofrcen federal land that includes national parks likeal p like yellowstone and yosemite. >> joining us we have hav democratic strategist o'mara and republican strategistrate david brown much thanks forown joining us tonight. tonig >> thanks for having us.nks >> david let's start with you.'s ryan zinke good choice? cic >> you know, all of thesese choices seem to be istablishment. they seem to be going back to t what we've seen in past administrations where in my opinion we are letting a lote of foxes in the hen house.are te i mean, if you. really supported donald trump you wanted to see shakeup, right,igt and his very first appointmentme for his chief of staff was w reince priebus and that guy is i as insider
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establishment as it gets. gets. so i think if you really pay pay attention you are a trumpru drain the swamp guy none of these appointments do it forintm you. >> david i'm surprised 'causeor you're a'm sur republican,. atima let me ask you what do you think of president-elect's choices. >> i agree with david. [laughter] but i would say along somens of his choices some have beenese outside the box.e box they have been very much like lk the fox guarding the hen t house. you've got, you know, perry pry who is a former governor but but then he wanted to get rid of rio the department energy but alsoey his state benefited from a lot l of department of energy initiatives such as, you know,no specifically the -- i forget specifically --if >> uric perry right now.c >> yeah, ipe am -- so rick -- so, on oil and specificallycifil onaje rally gas down there. so, looking at a lot of the t
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them are sort of drain thein t swamp. the epa guy is definitelyefinity drain the swamp.dr this is a little bit on thiss interior appointment it's morenm middle of the road.e . he's definitely like opposed to, you know, the keystone pipeline. >> yeah. >> and all of that and he's not going to be all of particuy i think -- he's also a littlee nontradition.nont. >> i got to jump in here. i want to throw more questionsro to david. we're running out ow f time. tim ben a carson obviously has not n been an elected official offic before. who can you think of that willll be a drain the swamp type of sw guy that donald trump shouldruml have in his cabinet in some in o way shape or form. >> well, you know, somebodyomebd who is not from washington.hingo i mean carson might be as b close as you get. g but it's got to be somebodyod who has not been elected ised i not from washington is not a lobbyist who is not a mega donor. donor. so far we don't have that.eha carson might be as close asights you get but all of c these folks are actually tied up with theite giant mega
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establishment and i -- itishm seems to me this is aen signalil that trump is going to turn itni over. over he's going to almost georgegeore bush-like, he's going to say, sy hey, guys, you know whatw you're doing, you run it. i >> we'll see. we'll see. >> all right. we will see very soon in fact.a. guys thanks so much for thak coming in. appreciate it. >> thank you. >> thank you. our first ourir glimpse at voter sentimentme since the election.sincthe >> that's right.righ 47 percent of voters have a favorable view of donald ump.p. 51 percent still have an unfavorable opinion. as for kiss cabinet picksinicks voters are sit 44 percent approve, 46 percent disapprove so, you know, notno n surprising. ing about interesting about the opinion polls coming outn pl is i can't remember thes lastas time you had a presidentrent leaving office barack obamafi br his numbers dipped for quites pd awhile kind of on the upswingheg as he's leaving office. oic >> i fonder this is what we'rets seeing overall when we still s look at sort of the numbers nbes and people whether theyeoplet disapprove or how they approve o of the president-elect if pre that's the reason we're seeing that.sieaso >> we'll see what happens.ha >> all right, well, shouldppweld they know befor
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virginia congressman don buyeror is one of the leading lawmakers behind late effortbeht to have u.s. intelligenceelligee officials actually brief those presidential electors beforeal they cast their votes fortheir r president.ent. >> this comes amid ongoing ooi investigation surroundingurroung president-elect donald trump'seo relationship with russia andand tom fitzgerald is here to break this down. so what is don buyer trying tog do here as he laughsism it'st' 21 degrees outside. outsi >> i know, fitz. [laughter] >> reporter: i just had to get that out of myter: system. e all right . >> [laughter] >> reporter: let's talk -- tk [laughter] >> reporter: about what'sorte going on here. all right. the deal is this. onr: the december 19th, theth t electoral college all of themll are going to cast egtheirt thei ballots. ball now, you remember this fromhi grade school, we all know kno about the electoral college,torg you need 270 electors to t become president.resi okay, we know that.we know tha what they're saying here is this. this there are
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electors, 50 of them have nowav signed this letter to the thi director of nationals intelligence james clapper and they say this. jam theyth say teyhey want an intelligence briefing beforeor they cast these ballots. now, let's be clear aboutbout this. this is unprecedented this has never happened happe before. we're not even quite sure,sure friend, how this would work.oulr you know, would they do it do i here at the capitol? wouldou they do it in their respective t state capitols? capitol >> would they even do itismevenm before they even cast theset the votes. who knows.o. >> yeah. >> reporter: we're again, we're sailing on uncharteredered seas. seas. this is what happened. iwhat they made the coast to t coast t clapper. there's also we should pointin out some republican rumblingsums out t this. senator lindsey graham revealing he believes hiss h presidential campaign wasenti hacked and senator john mccainoc saying he wants some answers awe into what happened with his as s well. well so we came up here to capitolo o hill today. virginia
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he's a democrat if i can get the words out of myif i frozen o mouth. >> okay. >> reporter: he's one of the people who is going to be r:m h who t ihe fro legislative side. now, we put this question toon t him. hi we said listen, we know that tha trump supporters are not happy y about this. there have been some rumblings from conservatives that a lotrvt of this is politicallyivly motivated so this was thes was e question is this politically motivated? is this sourhis sou grapes after the election oriono are you simply and honestlyontl trying get to the truth ofruth o this matter before thesese electors cast their ballots. b here's what he had to say.t had >> we're not saying they haveots to vote one way oray the otherth but they were set up in order to make independent judgments j on who would be the best would h president. >> reporter: some trump supporters suggested this isuggi politically motivated. motivate. is there an ulterior motive oreo sour grapes over the elections t tied to >> no. i'm not trying to make the t case you should throw out theutt electoral college system syste rather let's let it work the's l way the founding fathers fathe intended for it
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>> reporter: well, that's tt' his answer. the problem, shawn and jim on this is you know, there's simply a lotao of time that needs to go into io having something like this, thi having intelligence briefingse i for hundreds of people literally before december 19th. you know, even people up hereevl who e want to see this happen admit that the logistics ofcs o this are just mind boggling atg this point and it's looking unlikely that they will be able to pull this off before december 19th. 19t >> yeah, that's monday,t's mo monday. all right, fitz stop talking,al go inside warm up. >> thaw out. >> i know how cold it is outhows there right now. otherrigh >> there you go. >> bye fitz. fit warm up. >> okay.>> he's colds. >> it is. i get it. >> if you ever have to talk onkn tv outside in the cold cd sometimes your mouth freezes.res >> and very quickly.uick the president-elect aspr well as us in thees media m previously knocked hillaryly k clinton for avoiding then r av press. well, he has not had a press conference since being bng elected. >> that's right. ca
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supposed to hold one todayne tay about his business entanglements and explain hownt he was going separate canceled done interviews withs wit news networks. network he tweets of course a lot bute t seems he was simply too busyto for a press conference.ferenc just fyi, just so you can havee a frame of reference billce bil clinton waited ne daysne before holding a press conference, george w. bushce, three days after the whole, aft, you know, hanging chads and hend was certified, president obama a met with the press in three days. he. he >> he waste any other timest meeting with kanyee west. >> that's what everybody haswhat been saying you m eetve with kae west jim brown a host of otherth people but there was no time noe to have a press conference to to talk about aleppo, how you'ree going to disentangle yourself ys from your business so i don'tbui know. >> there you have it. >> tweet us and let unest kno to what you think about it. use #5at6:30. #5at6:3 do you care that the president-elect has not had aela press conference sinces being b elected to office. oic >> i'm curious what people ppl think about that.k t th for us in the media it's a big people at home not souc
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has twitter, he has those interviews he's on sean hasn'tna in the but is he being challenged. >> there are reporter that is want to ask questions and they're not getting there repo s answk e ers thenot y wantttin tg living in the nation's ng i capitol we get to see landmarks almost every day.n pie >> never like this. fox5's ronica cleary live at the u.s. botanic garden withn w we're hearing some christmas chr ronica. ro what's going on?'s gng >> reporter: we are hearing some christmas music jim andnd shawn. let me tell you i can imagine ie how cold tom was. w i was that cold at 5 o'clockat k but now if you want to see some amazing sights arounds aro d.c. and the world you canou stay warm inside the u.s. botanic garden. gar i'm inside with devon johnson. s this is pretty spectacular.ctacl what are we listening wstn >> good evening.evg. we're listening to some jazze zz sic.c. tonight we have tony craddockrac part of our concert series month of december we're openr we until 8:00 p.m. live concertson free of charge.rg >> reporter: oureporte photographer joe is going toer j show you we've got the white whi house here.use tell me about what it is made
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it's incredible.ble. >> we got more than 53 different and landmarks somearks of them here from d.c. they're made out of plant pla parts. if you look at details you'll yl see cinnamon sticks acorns and acorn caps willow twigs and branches. lots of different bas more than a hundred different plants are used. >> reporter: let's take a look overplor hertee r:one of tn other sights you saw.her si they go through this entire eir exhibit. pictures onreon facebook and instamp is it a a gram for our viewers. this right here is theam for lil memorial and i don't know ifw i joe if you can go inside thatint and show the detail of the lincoln monument. tell us a little bit about this. this >> especially there on lincolny that statue you can see the plant parts you can rec recognize.iz clothes are corn hurricanescane head made out of acorns. acorn you can see some of the tall columns are willow willo sticks. they're great for see someea different cones heree on the front and differentiffere seed pods cut in half on thef t front.
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is made out of an acorn.n acorn. i think that's crazy.zy think about how creative theyth had to get. let's take a loohakd to inside i next room over here the music ms has stopped but we've got aot fantastic christmas tree andreea there's some meaning behind behn all of the ornaments on the t tree and takes us together forfr the whole purpose of the visitht this year. yr. sorry did he have on.rry d he h >> fine. this tree is 25-foot tall fromom western maryland not grown too far from here. covered with ornamentsrnaments from different national parksnas and historic places because that's our theme.oric purme. it's the hundredth anniversaryny of the national park it's also the 50th anniversaryer of the national historic preservation act passed byti ac congress in 1966 and that66 anda gives us all the historic hto registries all those importantma historic places around the placu country that are not in a park but are protected those are on the historic registry.regi >> thomas the tank enginism iinm love it. lo it's spectacular.pectular. one last thing. this is a familiar sight that i'm sure you'veonl this is a three dimensional re-creation of the nationalatna park service logo sort of in i honor
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tonight. >> we're excited about we're opened every day until januy 2nd. thank you so much devon.h dev we are sending it back to youtoy having some christmas clear. cle >> thank you ronica. you >> thank you devon.ou dev the good news about that is it's warm.s wm. >> that's true. that's the important part>> thep right now and you still getorta thyoeu ill christmas spirit. si >> absolutely you do becauseelau sue palka it's cold outside. oue it's going to be like this thi forks what, at least anotherlett day. >> another 24 to 36 hours shawn so you know, whatnow, destination botanic gardens. gas >> there you have it. there you >> i love to be that looks great. i lovoo gre tomorrow will not be as coldl nd as today but it will certainlytn be another very frigid dayig d here in d.c. d.c want to just show you the highhg temperatures for tomorrow soes you have an idea that we're f talking about.bout. low 30's, maybe some upper 20's again tomorrow, very,er very cold day. cold day that is for sure but the windshw will be getting a little bit better. and we're going to see a day sey of transition as we get backac into the 50's on saturday butda it
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little bit of a price to payo as this area of low pressureresr tracks well to our west it'st' going to push warmer air on air top of the colder air. bottom line we have some winter storm watches posted to t our north along the mason dix md couldn't line from midnight tomorrow night saturday.ow n there could be a small amountmat of snow sleet and freezing fre rain making for some slicke sck spots. in fact we'll all have toe t watch that but you won't have to watch for long because asbeu early as 9 o'clock on saturdayur morning, it's all rain. rai we get up to 52 on saturday.atda it looks like we're going to t hit 60 on sunday with anotherthr round of rain likely beforeefore our next big blast of cold air a comes in on monday with a a temperature of 38 degrees. first day of winter onf winter wednesday. it will be about 47. will abo jim and shawn back to y >> going fast.oing fas >> it really is. it really is >> thank you sue.>> tha >> you bet. >> feels millennials are leading the charge on giving. >> their generosity may have been sparked by the election. hm? we're going talk about that.that 5 at 6:30 will be right back. bc >> blank
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>> welcome back. this is the season of giving. there's a newthe se harris pollt found one in four americansri will step up their charitable ci support this holiday seasonolido and they say it's a direct air result of the presidentialal election. >> lisa lehman is here toa an i explain. so, how did the election spurn people to start giving?ivin >> well, it was a little a lit surprising to us.surpng >> uh-huh. >> but the obviously it was a divisive election. >> sure. >> a lot of strong feelings, a lot of passions werf est surfaca in it and what we found in founi this poll is that that has actually driven people to want t to give more to charitableharibl organizations.orzati >> wow. >> they see what we found is that -- and when i say give g that applies both financiallyia and giving of their time whether volunteering orr advocacy e
6:48 pm
they saw it as a way to have a positive effect on the world eff some way that they can getayha involved and directly impact things that they would like toth see changed and they saw it as an empowering way to do that.tot >> in years past we've seen s financial support drop for ap f lot of charities because ofauseo the economy, because of other extenuating circumstances.ircums does that play a factor? hasacs the tide changed in your observation. >> we saw it in the poll and pollnd we're certainly seeing it inrtai our own experience. donations at were up u 38 percent actually in they in t month following the election ect compared to last year and again we're seeing it also ino those who want to give of that t other precious commodity their time. time >> great effort. >> we do -- all the work that t care does globally to eradicate extreme poverty, we advocate here in the u.s. asin s well as around the world fororlr policies that will have an impact on that and we've seenwes a surge in advocate
6:49 pm
>> quickly if people want to wan donate or get involved how canow they help. hel >> if you would like to givee te financially is theia place to go and if you wouldlly like to get involved in our advocacy efforts caretsare is the place to go.eo >> all right. all rig >> listen up folks do that.ten s thank you rachel. rhe appreciate you coming inou com i thanks for having me. >> staying positive came out ce of the election who knew you. >> saw the rancor and everybody disagreeing withody each other. >> people are giving. >> she won >> peo america's heartsrt six years ago and whyanwhy america's got talents star jackie jackie evancho is getting threats. that story after this.
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>> ♪♪ >> prodigy jackie evancho vang company getting hate mail after the trump team announced she'll be singing the national anthem a jact donaldan ty rumpgs inauguration.inauon >> the 16-year-old says she 1 was honored by6-ye the request t though her family is frustrated with the hateful comments they've received theydt say they're doing their best to ignore it. ignor >> it's frustrating.rustra this is someone who has a beautiful voice doddceodd participate. >> she does. don't agreeou >> politically. >>
6:52 pm
be a great opportunity for herap and stop sending hate mail to a 16-year-old girl. >> goes back to what we mentioned a couple of timesim ricky martin 2000 performed atem george w. bush said he wasn'td ' a supporter but when thehe president asks it's an honor.t'n >> he did it. did i >> there's a question. did you get your card yet. y >> did i not. >> i got mine. no, i'm kidding.i'kiddi but in case you did or in case c you didn't here's what itha looks like. george w. bush and his wife sent these out. features a desert cactus scenecs painting created by the former e president. >> i love that this is what he's doing now.ove th >> mehe's doi too. too eats using his artistic skillscl and they're everywhere now.ow. >> yup. >> yup. >> paintings and now they're christmas cards.ingsstma >> painted a couple cactuses. ce >> that's pretty good you.t's >> like that. >> that's pretty good. than'you haven't noticed yet it's freezticeing oudt there. t. >> yeah, it's very cold outh, i thert'e. >> don't have a jacket onon'te that's why i'm cold you. col y >> look good like that though.t. just in case you're cold.e >> we have a couple cosi c cocktails to warm you up when up five at 6:30 comes right back.hb
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into some of these.he they look amazing. >> shaking it maybe. >> look at that technique.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ hot, hot, it were hot. hot. you saw tom fitzgerald wasas we have hot cocktails for cold c nights for you tonight. >> bartender cameron procter from hyatt policeplace is here. here where is hyatt place.wh >> on the corner of fourther aer e southwest washington. >> excellent. >> you have cocktails to warm us up. >> yeah, sure. >> get started.ave com >> get you started with our first cocktail called left 91ef >> love it. >> a little bit of spice runpice ounce and a half of spice >> are you brand specific foroub y rereason here. >> well we can do like to have a lot of the higher end brands a but anything -- >> got you. - >> what you have at homehat u ha definitely works.nite >> what is >> this is carrot juice.arrojuic >> i was going say it looked
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like carrots. >> i was wondering if it's if squash or pumpkin.squa i love carrot juice.ce it's very good.yoo >> an hundreds and a half of >> good color too.>> good color. >> yeah. this is fabulous. so, people can come in right thle c get these cocktails c from you guys. g >> yeah. we do it year round. >> perfect. what's that. t >> this is cinnamon.nan. >> ooh. >> cinnamon simple syrup. very easy to makinenamo at home. >> you make this simple syruppl throw a couple cinnamon sticksmo in there. >> yeah, that's right.ight a. >> what's that. lemon juice.on jce >> okay, all right.>> just a little bit. ost a little i don' bt have these little cutc little things you're using tou't make the drinks but let's keeprk it is jim trying that one. t of course we have to have ae e little ice. >> got shake it up.ket u you saw this technique before.ef we were very jealous of theusf technique because some peopleome don't have a good >> took a lot of time andook practicea .tice >> watch this. ts. >> there you go.o. >> double shake.>> d see, i can do it. >> there you go you go it. there you go.theru go [laughter] >> all right, let's see.ll r >> lefigt turn at albuquerque.ue >> l
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>> aisle i'll try this. ais start on the next one.leart on>> tell us what goes into then next drink. >> the next drink is called the just beat it. >> just beat it. >> throw the ice in there. t >> you go for it and i'll get'll ready for the next one. o >> this is beet juice, triple tl s.e.c., little bit of jalapeño.peño >> wait. did you say jalapeño? loveove it. let's get this one going. g >> by the way this is phenomenal.phen >> i think you got them on the t right side, too, so i'm lovingig the little jalapeño there. io te always like a little spicy.e hold on. >> you got it. >> there you go. >> not like you but i tried it ywe yoay. thank you for letting me trynget it out. >> that's beautiful. beautiful. >> ooh, did i make it prettydid enough? >> that's enough ice.. >> ♪♪ >> all right.ig a little garnish on it.n i >> excellent.>> e >> and i get to taste that. >> cheers. >> let's see how this
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>> hyatt place national mall pll there you see in it southwest. . >> my gosh that's t >> you have to try this one.hisn you want to swap. >> no. this is mine. stay warm everybody. thanks for joining us tonight for 5 at 6:30. >> we'll see you tonight at...
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: this is a new one. an nfl star, a former one, goes to a gas station and -- >> he walked up here and that's when i see him exposing himself. >> jamal anderson, went into a convenience store, pulled out his penis and started pleasuring himself out of nowhere. >> what is he using as material? like some chee-tos? harvey: that's a really good question. >> charlie hunnam, charlie hunnam is the coolest guy in hollywood. >> you don't see a lot of charlie hunnam out on social media. >> i want the relationship i have with the world just to be my work. harvey: god, if you have to choose like chris pratt or charlie hunnam, that's a tough one. >> wait, wait, wait, wait, we don't need to choose. >> why not both? [laughter] >> "flip or flop" christina el moussa and estranged husband tarek,


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