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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 16, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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switching to geico could save you a bunch of money on car insurance. excellent point. case dismissed. geico. because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance woo! because saving fifteen percent or more on car insurance because saving fifteen percent always a great answer.rance >> ♪♪ morning.orngx5 news >> happening right now att 5:00, firefighters battling batl the frigid temperatures to putee out an overnight house fire in i montgomery county. count we're live with the very t v latest. >> there's a live pic of thec of washington monument this morning. you can't see the cold outgton there but my goodness are youe u going to fee
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some we'll get an early start ontart bundling up this morning. mning. >> absolutely. good morning to you. good morning to you. >> good to see you. >> thank you for joining us.od i nii'ngm hs.olly morris.ri >> and i'm steve chenevey. chey. maureen has the day awesome itsi is a frigid friday morning andfd that's our big story today. bigy >> yeah, the cold sweatersweater perfect for national uglygl sweater today which happens tope be today and guess who is i already celebrating in the wee hours of the morning? our party animal the himself, garyla >> i just put this on to stayy warm, that's all. >> you might need two or threere of those this morning. >> what's that. to >>layer up.r up >> maybe i should have gone with a new sweater every i sho f hour beltway i only have one.e o here's where we are and i would have started with three we you're right when i came inight this morning w.orni we're going to look at this thi graphic and this is not actual temperatures. i don't wantat anybody to freaky out here. it's not that cold. this is it's n just -- it's 24 hour temperature change so to givegeg you an idea we are 17 degrees colder here now than what we were yesterday morning at this same hour and yesterdays morning it was obviously inbvion the low 30's so we have
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dropped off.ped ff. the actual air temperatureir tea right now here in town is 18s it's up from 17. gaithersburg is 12.2. winchester is 10. let's see. see i don't see any single digits right now. temperatures have been bouncing around a littl aeny beritate bit with the clear skies and thear d wind is kind of going up and wnwn. there's your wind speed thised t morning. any time the wind speed is is below 5 miles per hour, thatha allows the temperature to really drop off.p off most of the wind is five to 10 miles per hour.10 m that does keep -- believe itievi or not it keeps theeeps t temperature up just a little a l bit but obviously it reducesre the wind chill so it's minus m two for martinsburg, feelsrg, like one in winchester, itr, i feels like eight here and a a very frigid morning but thank tk goodness we're not talkingalki about temperatures in thetemp teens with windser gusting to 30 and 40 which is what we hadhat d yesterday. we are going to warm up a little bit today. goinglile b not quite as windy and thenhe winter weather potentialot coming our way. i'll haveng more details on that coming up in just a few jusa f minutes. let's see.milet'e. it's 5:02.2. back to you steve and holly. hly
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school delay in grant county weirgiirginia. schools will have a two-hourour delay today due to the extreme t cold and we'll update you ife yu we get any more delays this morning. >> well it is a nightmarel it scenario being i displaced fromo your home on this freezingreezg blustery unfortunately one silvere er spring family is living iting i this morning. >> their home ignitedigni overnight causing serious serio damage as you can see there.sere melanie joins us this mornings o with more.rn good morning, mel. >> reporter: hey, goodter: h g morning, guys.morn guy and i just want to show you sho this house is supposed to be a a red brick house but if you you look at it, it looks white inhii the front.the front that is all ice. ice. we keep watching as they've ty'e had to run a couple hoses inhosn here still and then they'ven ty' been punching all of the water that's in the roof out and it's just crazy how -- and --nd look at that right there. tere it freezes up immediately.iate the cold weather definitely making fighterring -- fightinghn this fire even more difficult. listen how montgomery county public information pete
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>> obviously we use water toly fight fires and that wires immediately turns to isothiso ih brought about 60 to 70 firefighters to the scene.ce like i said we'll rotate theme m through.through. fortunately there are no injuries to occupants in thists case they got out okay but as bs you can imagine as we fight fht the fire extinguish the fire fie things turn to you know, our ladders and our o equipment get a little stiffer and harder to use maybe.der ts the firefighters have to beave o careful -- anybody has to beo b careful getting around thehe scene so it immediately turns to ice and cania cause someseom pretty treacherous conditions,d, also. >> reporter: yeah, so repor definitetely treacherous conditions out here. fortunately as pete explainedla we had four occupants in thecupa house, two adults two children d which pete said were oldereroldr children and they were able to e get out. the smoke alarm did alert themre to the fire at 1 o'clock thisloi morning but apparently theyy thy tried to fight the fire themselves first beforees first calling montgomery county firege and rescue and that delayed the response just a littletle t.t. but the home unfortunatelytunaty justoo
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be a complete loss here but at a least those family membersamil were able to get out okay.y. back to you guys. g >> all right, mel thanks. tha let's get to breaking newsew overseas from syria whereia w minutes ago the governmentnmen suspended the evacuation of civilians and fighters fromight eastern aleppo. alepp more than 3,000 people had had been bust out of eastern etern aleppo on thursday but then united nations says at leastea 50,000 are still trapped. syria's army backed by russiabyi has taken nearly all rebel rebel held it. >> in washington state a police officer in serious condition after he was shot in the head.wash offic officials say theter the he 61-year-oldar-o officer was responding to a a barricade situation at a home ae last night.. about 60 miles outside off seattle when someone insidenside the home opened fire. fir now just a short time agost a police say the sy took their primary suspect into a nearby college was also onls n lockdown overnight.rnht the officer is a 30 year y veteran of the force. fce >> president-elect donaldside trump continuing his victory tour in centralnt pennsinuiylvaa last today he heads
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orlando, florida. florida in the meantime thentime the president-elect making moreor appointments to his team to s te adding fox news analyst monica c crawley to his nationalationa security council. she'll >> 5:06 is our time right now and really gary the only thing peoplee ary are talking about s the weather.. >> yes. >> i was going say your sweater but -- was g >> oh,eate yeah.h, >> this is -- yeah, no, we're w' definitely talking about the weather. >> sweater buzz will grow throughout the day. >> it will trend in no time.z wh >> this is what' ts goindng i sr trending. i'll show you in just a secondec because we're going take atake a look at the winter weatherer that's coming our way. quickly though you want to t seat wind chill factor because e you want to know what's going gi to greet you when you get outouw there.he it's 8 degrees the temperaturepu in the city. the c couple spots zero and below.ow it's been bouncing around between zero and below.
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increase the includes through the winds going to be high to 10.g nothing like b yes. high temperatures upper 20'ss u' low 30's. 3 wind chill factors would generally be lower to mid-20's0s today. toda here's the winter weather headlines.head this is what i think will bele trending and what people are going to be talking about.ut. cold air is definitely inity i place for tonight okay. so what we end up getting gti starts as light snow late thisle evening. i don't expect a lot okay but b it's cold enough to start as a some light snow and from a from snow accumulation, a veryn, a vr light one, maybe just a jt a dusting to a coating we go to a glaze of ice.ce. it doesn't look like a lot of l ice but we could see maybe up to point of -- .10 of an tomorrow morning it changes toes rain and temperatures tomorrowrs will get up to about, oh, o let's see, we're talking 50, 52 degrees for a high temperature.mpatur there's the snow cast kind oft f brief. i'll show it again coming upomg next weather hit when i come com upstairs but it does look likeok what winter weather we getweatre
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just good old fashioned rained r tomorrow and by early tomorrow afternoon.afternoo there's your forecast.e's t. let's get some traffic. traffic. erin como, did you put that puta sweater oner gin i bet you did. di >> visit buy a forcor special offers.s. >> 5:08 gary and i joined the party. i don't know if you can tell but my necklace is doing a doi little light show. happy to join the ugly sweaterye day party.yarty right now for your friday fda morning commute you're goingmmut to need a big sweater, maybe some long johns, maybe some extra warm socks. socks it's freezing outside.g ou witness you get your car yr warmed up and get on the road ra 295 northbound from thethbounfrm beltway to the 11th street stree bridge is cruising.ising. southbound side problem free.e. 95 we're not seeing anyinny congestion just yet fromro richmond throughou fredericksburg up throughthugh stafford this morning. ts mo route one is still the southbound side had somee earlier construction.stion. you can see that little linetl n of yellow towards dale city.e c things are getting back to normal. slightly heavier than what we would like to see.wolike traffic in lorton looking lookig good. not seeing any issues
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one out in wellington.ellington. certainly keep you updated.ted. 395 cruising and met throw is on time except for safe track.. i'll toss it back to you holly and bac steve. s. >> the rv is priceless.cess. love it erin. erin. uber is, has a plan ofla course for self driving carsvias but it's hitting another bump b in the road this morning.d th we'll have details cisoming up.. >> remembering a broadcasting tributes pouring in thisis morning for craig sager. sag we'll take a look at how he'se' being honored.g honor if you don't recognize himim there, well, you will afteril the break.. >> definitely.ef as we head to break on thishi friday, cold, cold, cold, people. pe no other way to say it pleaseles bundle up for your health. h we're back in just 30 don't go away. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> i would like all of you told join me in applause for a likppr great man an life well lived. ld thank you. y [cheers and applause] appla >> last night the entire nbae n played games with heavy heartsvt honoring legendary sports broadcaster craig sager.ter that's him in the -- i guessss that's a rust colored jacket? e what would you call that.llha >> maybe a dark salmon.
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he was very colorful both inothi life and personality and hisnd h wardrobe. he died on thursday after aday f very long battle with cancer. in milwaukee the bucks and bulls both wore sager strong warmups. warm and the golden state warriorsri played tribute with a momentomet of joy. j craig jr. tweeted his dad's dad favorite saying time is simplyim how you live your life and life went on to say we packed aacd a lifetime and then some intonto these 28 years together. toget pay it forward. time. i wish we could show a c montage of some of the outfits s especially in the post seasonlyh when he knew hee wpoasst goingt have that national audiencee captivated.ivat. >> the thing about craigbout crg saying and i've seen so manynd wonderful stories about him ifu not only did he teach peoplech e how to live your life but he he also taught people how to faceoc death. >> right. >> i mean -- h knew he was knew he sick and his spirit nevernever wavered and he was just always y so gracious and amazing in hisns attempt to continue to do his h job and live life right
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the last day.last >> and he did his job.ob. just when you thought he wouldwl take some time off and kind ofti step out of thatme spotlightht there he was right back center stage -- center corbett i should say. >> my heart was so heavye -- c when the bulletin came acrosscrs yesterday. just a loss forye sure.ur facebook unveiling a new tool to tackle those fake news s stories that are out there. what you need tos th latook outr >> first though organizers of t the so-called march ohonugled mh washington rally start to deal o with the national park serviceer a heads of their post inaugural protest. >> let's look live once again outside as we head to bre lak.o. can't say it enough. eno it is frigid. frigid friday is what we're calling it. 17 deg fridarees right now. . 5:12 is our time. t don't go anywhere.e. we've got a lot more to share on the other side. >> ♪♪ did you know slow internet
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with ingredients like roasted hazelnuts and cocoa, nutella adds a smile to any morning. one jar; so many delicious possibilities. nutella - spread the happy! >> snow. >> ♪♪ >> it'that time. n>>. in liberty mountai there's snow on the ground and gu
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holly. >> awesome. >> the slopes deep at 9:00lope a.m. although as much as i much enjoy hitting the slopes ihe sle kind of like the end of thef th season when it's like lik 40 degrees and there's still snow on the ground. >> steve, you and i both.both i'm all about the springhe spr skiing. >> yeah, not the 14 degrees4 des when the lift seems to takeem te about five hours to get to the top. >> yeah.>>h. >> it's opened if you want toyo check it out today, just, just bundle up. right gary. gary. >> can you imagine being on amab lift yesterday.ay. >> no, with the wind. no, w at least it's not as dandy.s da. >> that's right.>> honest to goodness i wass getting gas last night about aut 5 o'clock and it was the w t coldest i've been in i don'ti dt even know i mean, it was unbelievable. i couldn't believe how cold itic waouout there.ol so,t the wind is not a big huge problem today.oblemoday. well, that's good news, allll right. here's temperatures out forempeu you this morning. >> [inaudible]dible] >> through your ears under theet purple.rp >> i don't want the sweater to -- - >> i like that. >> that's awesome.t's aw >> flip the prompter for me in n there you go.
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look at that. >> it makes it even --itn -- >> that's perfect. >> oh, dulles right there inre your antlers.. >> changing the color of your or sweater no matter where youwher gland would this be obnoxious if i did that. >> definitely. >> we could get a little dust,es a little coating in places. pce be very careful because once oe this starts late this evening it will gete slippery in a hurry. a lot of highways maryland virginia too have been on wisconsin it looks like it's already snowed they pretreated it so much. mh. just a glaze of ice in theinhe metro and in the suburbs, too.. it will be changing to rain byy tomorrow late morning into thee early afternoon. aftno it's always a challenge toge t figure out exactly whenly wn temperatures will get aboveetve all right, here's the deal. tonight, tomorrow we're goingoig have some sleet, we'll have a'le little bit of an ice accumulation and some snow, sno, too, initially as thi
5:17 am
thing gets going.oing. way out west and up into most of -- parts of pennsylvania,en it looks like this will be alle snow. snow. it will be cold enough theregh e will until it changes over. ichn so, here's what we're thinking. sleet, freezing rain. a littleeet, f sleet freezing rain and then it goes to allzi rngain, okay. a little glaze of ice here andze a little glaz oe f of ice northn and west. it shouldan bd e a little bit me of a glaze north and west and eastern just talking aboutju really a coatingki or a dust of snow and in some cases farther h to the north maybe you get anet inch of snow before it changes over. ov i doubt it but you might.ou but by the time we get to g tomorrow afternoon it should it be all rain because becaus temperatures tomorrow believe it or not so long arctic air sog mass, we're 52 for a highor a h tomorrow. it will be late in the day that we get to 52 just sbeo lyo know late in the day 4, 5 o'clock. sunday we're going to go for f 60 with some sunshine butine mostly cloudy and and a possibility of some late rainin showers obviously if it'sft' going to be 60 okay, forecast for today looks like this. 19 thi s mor
5:18 am
sunshine at 8 o'clock.lock. 28 so we're going to warm up wau into the upper 20's, throw 30's.30 it won't be as windy. wdy clouds will take over pretty prt rapidly. here's the forecast. 31 forre's a lie today.od mix to rain tomorrow, 52. 5 mild showers on sunday,unda 60 degrees believe that or noter and then temperatures willsil crash again right back downain into theri 30's as another coldl air mass comes our way and the way it looks right now guys g still looks fairly mild for f christmas eve and for christmas.stma erin como has traffic.raic >> i love the reindeer on your eater.r. and andrea asked me on twitternt what it says on mine and it i says that there is an rv. r so happy national ugly sweaterse day. plenty of green in colesville.v. not seeing problems on routes oe one. 95 looking good. 29 baltimore-washingtonmo parkway problem free. secondaries in kensington insiderkwa they beltwarayies r spring we're cruising along. i'll let you know if and when that changes and theoun kno as w make our way out
5:19 am
green all good.greel good. i'm not seeing any congestionone building by the truck scales s just y it is going to cause anyause problems. heading down throughro germantown in good shape 27 is 2 moving along. not seeing any issues as yous ay make your way down on theown te bottom of the beltway:metro is on time except for say. s send us your ugly christmashris sweater pictures, #fox5 uglyy sweater. swea back to you guys.back to >> thanks erin. 5:19 right now. 5:19 r let's take a look at theoo stories you're engaging with wit already this morning on socialcl media. >> first up president obama up r declared the 10 and the0 and the wildfire a major disasteror disr signing the declaration yesterday. that means an order of federal funds to be made available.vaabe the fire killed 15 victims in gatlinburg and surrounding communities in east tennessee.s. >> the women's march on washington gets the green light from police. they have issued a permit. a pmi it is expected to be the largest demonstration around ard the inauguration.the inaugurat the march is set for theio day
5:20 am
after the january 20th eventhve although the group is yet to determine an official route. ro. they do plan to start att independence avenue and thirdce street which is in front offr the capitol. >> uber's self driving cars hit another snag in californiaar still negotiating with stateth e transportation regulators overso whether they'll have to stopey'l the newly launched service ineri san francisco.ncco talks concluded without any resolution.. uber says the cars are exemptt because they have a backup a bac driver behind the wheel that's monitoring the car's performance. >> and finally, she's kim kardashian west stepped out on wednesday after taking time off from thenesday spotligg she attended star-studdedstud christmas party in los one partygoer shared a black andoer white photo of kim smilg while posing for a picture at at the >> she's still there.e she's s >> didn't take long.keon a popular coffee chain gettingnt into a holiday spirit.ri
5:21 am
latest frappuccino player on the menu.e mu. >> yeah though i don't want donn any cold drinks today.cold i just want a hot coffee. cfe could it be a breakthroughs in antiaging.iagi details of the new that much thc suggests it just may be. >> a live ltsook i outside as ww head to break on this fridays fy morning and that's the most wonderful view of theof the washington monument but it's its cold out there. we'll check inck with gary in just a few. >> ♪♪ be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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>> ♪♪ >> 5:23 now and happening today, a nanny accused in the death of a baby in prince3 now r george's county will appearppr before a judge this morning. mog she's charged with murder and mn child abuse after police saytepi she force fed an eight montht mh old baby girl who the victim's home surveillanceie system caught the whole thing on tape and showed the nannyhe n thank before waking up to the 20-year-old
5:24 am
>> 20-year-old used his use his twitter account to threaten toht bring guns and explosives toloso the school last month. however, police never foundou any weapons in his he's a graduate of the school. >> the family of terrencerr sterling has now filed a $50 million wrongful deathion lawsuit. this alleges that officeres tha brian trainer and his partner pr were in violation of multipleull general orders in the momentom leading up to sterling'sterl death. investigators say that officer shot sterling after sterling crashed his motorcycle intohis the cmoruiser. cruiser. witnesses say it pulled into his path. pat sterling family beinger represented by theling same laws firm who represented the family of freddie gray who died in police custody. custo >> dylann roof says he wantse to represent himself asnt himlfs prosecutors seek the death peltlty. roof was found guilty of all a counts against him includingncdi murder hate crimes and weapons charges.charges. jurors will reconvene nextex month to decide whether roofoo should face life in prison or o the death penalty.alty. >> much of the country at
5:25 am
least the midsection dealingecti with plunging temperatures. some areas in wind chills 20 ch to 30 below.el some places can't even see the people.. temperatures were expected to warm up a little in the northeasert u thisp a weekend b will stay below freezingreez throughout much of theut muc t midwest. so, does misery love company,omy gary, or, um -- i guess we'reuee all in it together. toghe >> don't need december to beec talking about temperaturesabou like this and the windand thwind yesterday. >> wow. >> but look, what did thatd t video prove?o pro >> it can always worse. worse ours is not so bad. is not so b >> do you know were i'veyo learned about wearing theu knd u sweater this morning.eate the longer you wearr it peoplel walk up and start hangingan stuff on you.f on y >> you're like a tree they the just continue to decorate.ecorat >> exactly, that's right. leading right up to it. up to i feel free. f just hang something on me andsoe i'll carry it with mthein all dy long. lo here you go. g in templets bus stop forecast,os wrap up the kids this morning.. it's not going blowing like it was yesterday morning but i'llyn tell you this.tell this. there's still a little bit ofil wind out there so it islitt bringing most of the wind the w chill factors downd to at leasta into the single digits. t we will behe c sloudy th
5:26 am
afternoon, dry, though, we'reh, dry all day long. winds -- [laughter][l you want me to hang it orito wear it. w wear it. >> is it big enough? noug whatever.wh okay, that's good. goo in the front? does the littleet ball go in the front.ront >> right t >> right there.hthere >> uh-huh.>> >> hold on let me show you theem temperatures out there thisures morning. erin, don't run away. o away. >> i have to do traffic.. >> okay. go over there. fair skies thisee morning. thank you very ve muc >> uh-huh. >> temperatures out there nowt n 18 degrees and again, the windhe chill values this morning downod into the single digits. the a couple spots have b seen zero, if not below. below now it's time for erin como.form did you make it back over tok oo the other studio.dio. >> i did. >> okay i walked very quickly gary. i gave gary a nice hat to hat t compliment his sweater and new a necklace i turned my mine offinf because the bringing lightsrings were making me a little didittld you see z just saying. saying. 66 moving along 28 manassas looking good. problem free in tysons is moving along
5:27 am
any the inner loop and outer loop lo across the legion bridge inridge fact all area bridges looking very quiet and calm right now.w. 295 southbound, visit to theit 11th street bridge is moving. mv i like what i'm seeing on gwi'eg parkway the memorial bridge roosevelt bridge key bridgee anyway lots of nice things tohio say about the roads thisout morning. if you're just getting up thi sng up friday morning and heading out t you're not going to hit any slowdowns yet in terms off construction zones or crashtion scenes because it's a very z light volume day.ay keep it to fox5 news morning.oxi we'll keep you updated on thisn national ugly sweater day. back in just a few.
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>> ♪♪ >> straight ahead on f5
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two. a frigid friday on tap with w bitter cold temperatures and maybe even some snow head our way. way. gary mcgrady has got you covered. remembering an icon. mcg >> wreein lost a dear friend and big part of the league's soul.ul >> tributes pouring in for beloved broadcaster craigra r.ger. how teams and players are remembering him this morning. mg and facebook takes on fake news. the new feature it's rollinguret out to help you decide between fact and fiction.ndtion fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> gorming to you. so glad you're with us on thishh friday. i'm holly morris. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm e wisdom is on a very specialpeal assignment today.od we'll get to the that in aha little bit.litt b the big story is the colds col temperatures. the air temperatures in much of the area are in the teenstems or colder.r. >> yeah and we could
5:31 am
see some snow tonight. tonig gary mcgrady keeping a closerady eye on everything and also celebrating national uglyy christmas sweater day in a bigig way. rocking it. i have to know, gary, is this ti your sweater? i mean, was mn, that at your home? was itt your wife's oryo did someoneom it it to you. >> it's a loaner. >> it's a loaner.t's a ne >> yeah it. >> money. i love it.>> >> how many ugly aters --weers -- how many ugly christmashristmas sweaters do you actually owny on holly. >> i might have a few, gary. [laughter] >> you're like beef on thef on goldbergs probably with allablyl those different sweaters.t i feel like awe little brotheree and all the sisters keep keep handing me things to put on and i don't know any different i'm just putting them on hats ht and necklaces and things that tg light up.up. look how cold. 18 degrees.18egrees. steve's hometown pittsburgh rocking 4 degrees. columbus eight, detroit atus eht seven. we're on the edge of the air mass known as the the arctic air mass. ma it will retreat quite quicklyck 18 now in town at that time gaithersburg is 12.gaithe dulles is 12 and a lot of
5:32 am
12's. 12 is a very popular numberar ne out there this morning andornind what about when you factor inutw the wind chill. winds are running run five to 10 couple of places a ps little bit stronger than thathat so frederick has 14 miles perlee hour winds martinsburg is minus 2-degree wind chillhi factor, how about that? and thd we have that in frederick as well, 8-degree wind chillegre factor here in town not sot s breezy down south, not thatt light snow tonight maybe a little glaze of ice before it's all said and done. i'll have details on tha'st alla then a very mild weekenddee forecast coming our ouay so, wow, a lot to talk about.kao it's kind of a seesaw weatheratr holly, steve back to you >> thanks. in fact the temperatures once again cold enough to cause some school delays to our to o garrett county maryland schools are on a two-hour delay. de also grant county schools gra that's in west virginiant they're on a two-hourat's delayl all due to the extreme cold c this morning.ning. 5:32 right now and developingevn overnight a family of four displaced in the freezing cold d after their home was seriouslyer damaged in an overnight fire.ghr >> melanie alnwick thiselanie ak morning joins us l tive fromiveo silver spring with more andh m ll
5:33 am
like the ice is coming intoo the cold temperatureser hampering the fire efforts, mel?l? >> reporter: well, a littlel, le bit. not -- they were able tole fortunately get in and knockno down the fire in about a half hf hour. you can see that rescue crewsre they've already pretty muche alt closed up shop here.tye. fortunately the four peopleour l inside the home were able toe get out okay, two adults and two children. chi we're told they're a little a bit older. and they apparently were wokenye up by the s wmoke alarm sola s that's a good thing but then bue they apparently tried to starttt fighting the fire themselves the before calling fire and rescuees so that was one little bit ofast a problem and then of course,rs, yes, the cold temperatures causing trouble as you wouldou expect. here's what montgomery county fire and rescue hadhat mo to saa about that. >> obviously we use tweeter u t fight fires and thatfight immediately turns to ice. so, this brought about 60 tout 6 70 firefighters to the scene.ce like i said we'll rotate themot through of the fortunatelyh he f there were no injuries to occupants in this case thatnts got out oinkay t
5:34 am
imagine as we fight the fire extinguish the fire, thingsngs turn to ice.rn to ice. you know, our ladders and our ao equipment get a little stiffer and harder to use maybe. the firefighters have to befitee careful -- anybody has to be-- careful, you know, getting a around the scene so it so it immediately turns to ice ands ca can cause some prettyrett treacherous conditions often.s o >> reporter: and again yougaou can see just some of those treacherous conditions here,oucd kind of hard to tell but icing i also where any of that tha overflow water came around.roun so, they were just coming by con on the main roads here and put something salt down as well,ell, some sand, that some traction to material for folks that liveiv in this hampshire greenspshi neighborhood. fort unately those four peopleel were table get out okay butle go the home looks like a totalooks loss. back to you. >> all right mel thank you. 5:34 right now. right34ight new this morning police ine in charles county are searching for this man, eric white after r he set fire to his family homey yesterday while his wife ande a children were inside.ide. the 40-year-old is now facing f several charges and police are
5:35 am
him or know where he is that ith you please call the state firetf marshal's office or maryland m state police. >> get to breaking news comings from overseas in syria whereyr w just minutes ago the t government sus spendd thement sd evacuation of civilians andilias fighters from eastern aleppo.stp officials are accusing rebels rl of breaking the terms of thems t deal and firing on a convoy at a one of the crossing ponts at the rebel held it's not clear how long this ths suspension will last. last. >> man accused of walking into i comet ping-pong with a gun g will be back in court todayoday after being indicted edgar welch is facing 35 years in prison. he claimed high level l democrats were running a child i trafficking ring in the pizzeria. >> ♪♪ >> ooh, that sounds ominous,tha gary. >> i know. [laughter] >> that's the wakeup soundeup sn right there.
5:36 am
>> see the blinking lights the that are on me now. n this is awesome. a >> it screams credibilityt sc trust me. >> come on. >> please sit [lghteter] >> i'm showing my bow tie.owie come on its a cool bow tiel w ti that's around rudolph's neck.s n it's gorgeous.ou hold on one seconds because ieci knew this was coming but i wanted to let everybody knowdy w what the current temperaturesrae were. were it's so cold this morning. 18 degrees outside but itut feels a little colder with thewe wind, some spots below zero belz this morning. winchester was below zero, frederick was below freezing -- below zero and martinsburg was flo belowinsbur freeze -- below zero with theert wind okay so single digits to around zero and below in somee cases. today we're going go fromsey weo sunshine to clos. temperatures will be in theill upper 20's and the low 30's.ows. a little breezy but it's nots going to be windy so wind chill factors today wilo wil be generally in the 20's all day long. i think that's manageablemanagee especially compared to yesterday. all right. cold air is in place tonightpeci in p so wela
5:37 am
light snow to come across lateol this evening, early, early tomorrow and when i say lighti i mean light but you know you kw what, it's so cold the roadsheoa are so cold it won't take verye much snow at all to create some slippery dangerousanro conditions. so, just be mindful of that.f t but i do not believe there's a a lot of precip to be had hereer so when i say light i meanht i a light snow. then we have minor snow we haven accumulation maybe a dustingti to a coatingon in some spots.e s then that goes over to potentially a glaze of ice oe with some sleet and freezinge se rain but byt t aomorrownd latewe morning early afternoon itno i changes over to rain for everyone.. the winter weather advisoriesis and watches have been posted. advisory in place for us. winter storm watch north andtorn northwest and those will got ani generally speaking through tomorrow morning between about 9:00 a.m. and noon tomorrow soow just so you know you're caughtue up on your weather.eaer mild this weekend.nd right now we get to erin comoin who is patiently waiting to do o some traffic on this friday morning.rning.
5:38 am
out of dale city. d cit dale boulevard is closed inlosen both directions. directi there's a crash involving anh ia overturned vehicle. it's at the intersection ofe rsi dale boulevard just before hodly road causing some bigome b ckckups. avoid dale boulevard thisd dales morning. we'll keep you updated on thattt crash. cr operation over for a look at fok 66 through manassas andoughan centreville. love what i'm seeing. plenty olofve w green from 29 f through sycamore street.ugh tr not seeing any as you make your way out onut 95, things in dale city muchyuc more quiet on that part ofart of your ride. we'll keep it updated for you f here on fox5.hen fox we'll be back in just a few.
5:39 am
be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, “thank you for serving our country” and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
5:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> 5:41. facebook stepping up its battle to battleok s back againt fake news. the social network announcingetu yesterday it will work withworkh fact checking outlets to flag questionable stories. now, before somebody shares a fake story they will get ary twl warning that the accuracy of thc that story has been disputed. this comes after facebook ceo mark suck zuckerberg denied dene fake news was a serious issue.. >> government officials haveenth grand you just a little moraveer time if you want insurancensurae coverage under the affordableora care act to start onrt o january 1st.jaary now, you now have until monday a to sign up.ign up they extended the dea
5:42 am
consecutive year. y the aca offers financial help hp and preexisting medical conditions are okay.ka >> a breakthroughs in an aging g be right around the corner using stem cells? researchersec say they have harned in the ability to boost the life spans of mice and refurbishefbi some of their tissues. of although it doesn't work in i humans it could leadt do to wayo to keep our bodies more mor vigorous as we age. a. however mr. have much needed.eee >> a lonely teddy bear tearingeg up america's hearts thisea morning. this heartwarming story coming up next.rmin >> first though a holidayh a hiy greeting from a local service member overseas. >> ♪♪ ♪ >> hey this is kim whelan fromao u.s. army in the netherlandsrlan happy holidays merry christmasis and a happy new year.ea shout out to my family, the augusts, the dodsons as well asl as the whelans. whela have a great holiday.. >> s
5:43 am
troops at >> ♪♪
5:44 am
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just press "clean" and let roomba from irobot help with your everyday messes. roomba navigates your entire home. cleaning up pet hair and debris for up to 2 hours. which means your floors are always clean. you and roomba, from irobot. better. together. >> look at that steve. loo >> that's gorgeous. >> today is national>> t ugly christmas sweater day.swear da if you're celebrating like we are, we want to see yournt to pictures. send us your ugly sweater photos. use #fox5 ugly sweater.weat >> i love it.e >> i know. like i said you guys a kreysre setting the bar high. high. meaning those are some pre
5:46 am
ugly sweaters.weat >> see that transition fromansio the photo to real life. lif >> i don't want this to comeo off wrong but you know how iow i know, steve, that this is a super duper perfect ugly sweater.ter. >> because the women keepauhe w coming up giving you things.hi >> that's true too, yeah which w often doesn't happen to me.ppo but holly wants it because she knows -- know >> i want it -- it's so- it's good -- i'm just telling you steve, let's just analyze forlyf second. seco it has bells, bow tie, a noseie and googlely eyes. eye googly eyes. >> even without the accessories it's pretty >> it is. gary i'm so impressed and fringe. >> try for the next couple of minutes toor tak thee me seriouo if you can because there is can some serious weather to talk about. biouslk >> all right. >> all right >> and then we'll move on.. that's the thing i love about ta tv is when it's national uglygl sweater day you get to work and ugly sweaters just show upwp for you. y that's what i like about ab television. we have everything we need, just shows up.e ever
5:47 am
bwi you get the idea.thde it's super cold. here's wind chill values thisals morning. single digits everywhere except the south wlehere d the wind isn't isn't blowing too bwg bad. frederick back up to two. t switch not a constant.onst it goes up and down with thewith wind. we just get snapshots frompshotm time to time coming through.ti listen the advisory is inis i place. there's a winter weatherr weathr advisory for all the purplell tl counties here including d.c.di d and surrounding montgomerytger you're in this. ts. carvel in the winter storm in watch so it will be a little ait uggier up to the north of us of which it typically is. northern areas, northern north maryland northwesternwest neighborhoods little bit moreho snow possibly a little bitittl b more ice there developing.elopin so here's the setup we get g some very light snow.ghtnow. it goes to sleet, goes to goes freezing rain which may wch may accumulate a little bit ofla ice.teof a little bit more of itlittle br farther to the north and weste e and generally speaking nor theta blue and dark blue that'sar going to be mostly snow wherenoe we could get the most amountosta of accumulation.ccumul one to two way out west, two to four up north t
5:48 am
weern n pa. if you're traveling tomorrow tor morning watch for that.rning we are generally light snow. s may or may not get a little dusting. then sleet or 14 way light lig glaze of ice possible.aze bl a little bit -- maybe a mbe quarter of an inch potential pen glaze farther to the north andh west okay and then it goes all l over to rain tomorrow. tor here is futurecast.utur i want you to see this.o e i do not think there's much in's the way of snow.the waof s a little bit possible late l this evening. this eveni some light snow showers around through the overnight then wengo get the sleet, the freezing thef rain and the mix and bynd sometime tomorrow late morningor early afternoon it will all change to rain,aftern okay, so certainly -- if you can stayy -- home tomorrow for the first part of the day you should beomo good. weekend forecast looks like this because we're talking 52d l for a high tomorrow. tor some of you will be in thewi be upper 40's but you get theet t idea. idea. it will be well abovel be wabov 60 on sunday. are you kidding me? we go go from arctic air mass to darnso near a tropical air mass forropi this time of year. timof y forecast today looks like this. we get to tikeeto 3 winds will be five to 10 which h isn't so bad certainly not like yesterday.inlylike yeste we start off with somerdayrt oso
5:49 am
we'll have incre asing cloudsclo late this afternoon.late here's your seven-day forecast. 31's 52 t 31 todayomorrow. that is quite a swing. a sng 60 on sunday. sunda then we get colder again monday, tuesday.uesday. we're warming back up towards tr christmas and it looks like right now we're going to be right on the bubble but christmas looks fairly mild. m i don't see a white christmas right now. here is erin como who also isc rocking the great sweater too.w. >> see what it says? thatt itaa there is an rv. [laughter] >> that's a good one.go >> i don't know why i want doodo say iti in that accents everyn time. all right. well, guess what gary. ha g >> not just people from the south have rv's.v' >> i'm well away of -- aware a ha that. but after all my time iny time tennessee i like to say it with a safe track surge 11 impacting ii the orange and train malfunction at huntington. yellow line delays to mountt vernon square.que. any questions for your commute at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. tt as we forward it over to our our friday morning look at that gary three exexclamationla points to emphasize it's
5:50 am
fray.y. >> great. >> traffic is looking good in chevy chase. ic is eing any issues on 50 inside arlington. arlington. let's take a live look at our cameras. camera we've been seeing some eight.. typically heavy traffic on 95ico southbound at prince williamin l parkway. there was some earlierere was so construction so mea e few extra minutes needed there.he northbound side looking good.nd we'll keep you sid updated on yy commute on this friday morningog ugly sweater day.. doesn't get much better thanet t this. back to you guys.bao >> thanks erin. the union that represents more than two dozen fired metro workers for falsifyingsifn inspection records says metro is to blame for poor track inspection training.. 28 metro employees have been han disciplined or fired including u six workers whose firing was just announced yesterday.esteay several more are still facing fc termination or unpaidai suspension. make sure to keep it here to fox5 news morning. sure morg metro general manager paul wiedefeld will join us live atat 8 o'clock this morning to talknt about these latest firings asira well as the new rail scheduledu which is set to take placee pla next year.xt y >> let's get a check
5:51 am
trending on this fridayending o morning. first up, a bittersweet tribute for an nba legend last night. before the game players andplera teams honored long time sidee line reporter craig sager passed away on tuesday tue after a long battle with ait rare form of leukemia. several teams warmed up wmed wearing #sager strong shirts. st the basketball star dwyanesk wade posted an emotionalet vided about sager.ager david ortiz asked for a momentam ofom silence. silen joe biden also expressedso exprd condolences.ndol they're wearing specialwearg sp warmups too to honor his flamboyant jackets and bright bi colors. >> very flamboyant personality and wardrobe a new study shows it'st's very common in pilots to have depression. a report found hundreds ofs of pilots flying commercialmeia planes may be suffering from depression even having suicidal thoughts.hought the study also found most are reluctant to seek help or weretp afraid of losing their jobsob and
5:52 am
frequently diagnosed withly dosd depression than male pilots.ilot >> social media hearts areial bleeding over a lonely teddytedd bear at the los angeles airport. the t.s.a. posted a photo ofho o the glum teddy bear on line sitting next to a trash can atan lax. security decided the bear was w too going board as a carry on. y no way. way. so, they uploaded the picture pu to remind people their carryheir on items need to meet airline guidelines. social media flooded withod w compassion. one user uploaded a picture of the bear way crying jordann face. i cannot believe they told ay t child that bear cannot go on.o o >> that bear to be fair isbeair bigger than me and needs its nei own seat.neat. >> it is but still.>>is b >> you hope somebody wouldsomebu step up and buy it a ticket sot it can get home. g h a touching story of aa five-year-oldtouc boy had who de in the arms of santa has beentan verified. first it was a touching story and then maybe it was a was s atory a story that was made up now verified. a tennessee news station saidons it independently verified several critical details of the
5:53 am
publish them for the sake ofe sa privacy. the santa at the center of theof story says he will not revealeva names and details out of af promise of privacy to theofo family and to the nurserse involved.ed all right. alls under the category ceg of would you try this and ifandf so would you enjoy this. thi so i'll lay it out for you. starbucks unveiling anotherunve holiday treat.ea >> it's actually called are you ready for it. >> i'myo ready. >> fruit indicate frappuccino. >> on name alone i'm going tomei say 'mno. sa >> here's the recipe. hazelnut cream frappe clean no, sir blended with driedd wit fruit and spiced withuit anic cinnamon.amon >> okay. >> then it's topped withopped whipped cream, carmel dots ands a sprinkle of mach. m >> i had to look up. i didn't know what it aw >> what is it.>>t is >> green tea powder.>> g >> oh, okay. extra treat, wait wai there's more starbucks rewardd members can get an ugly sweater cozy.eate >> now we're talking. >> with their fruitcake witthei frappuccino. i mate order it for the cozy ith alone. >> i might do the same thing.hig >> interesng
5:54 am
>> and i'll get it for iget everything except for what it started.d. >> i'll order a side drink of dk what i really want. w >> the hazelnut frappuccino.ppuo >> big day is here.>> big it's going to be a very v special morning here at fox5. fx >> it's all for that littleall i boy you just saw kaheem. now we are partnering wither make a wish midatlantic.inmidatc there's kaheem for the season so of wishes campaign. here's the story.rehe s kaheem is five years old.ea o he has leukemia and he is in treatment.ent. but his wish was -- he didn'tid' want something for himself.imsef he wanted to help others. other. he's a big fan of superherosupee and he wants to be a superheroue so today we're working with w make-a-wish make his wish come h truitt help of local heroes,er local firefighters policeters officers. we're going have live coverage all morning long starting at 8 o'clock.8 oc wisdom tucker and kevin areevin going have some big roles inn kaheem's big day.em's big day. you can track it on our facebook page and you can donate attica heme saves hemsavs and we have some veryey special surprises for him andsu i hear he's going to be in b big.g. >> oh, yeah. >> he ha
5:55 am
himself today as a superhero.upo >> little does he know he'sw already a amazing. amazin it's going to be fun. that's why wisdom not here. he has a big. >> winners could win fourin f tickets to see sesame street live. live. >> the prize has a retail ret value of $72 provided by vd star entertainment.ntertainment. going to the fox5 d.c. fox d facebook page starting nowng n through 10:59 this morning andna enter for your chance to win. wn one winner selected by random drawing on december all entrants must be 18 or be o older. now complete rules and onlinele entetr ry are available at >> that frappuccino cozy wouldyw match gary's outfit today. tay got to get you one today.ay >> the fruitcake -- didn'truitce sound all that bad. >> okay
5:56 am
>> macha is off.ff it's like nice greentree. like i >> what about on a frozenceabouf drink. >> i don't know about that. >> carmel andon't k hazelnut ana dried fruit. >> 19 this morning, cold. wind chill values9 this are sinn digits in some cases belowow zero north and west.zeorth 28 degrees by increasing clouds today, highsts up to about 30, 31 degrees orgro so. it will feel colder with al fe little bit of a breeze outezou there five to 10.0. we'll feel like we're in thee' 20's all day.20 all cold air in place tonight. tig we'll finishly start as al fi little bit of light snow latenih this evening, i mean light snow maybe a dusting or ar then we get a glaze of ice poe e tenthly on top of that with some sleet and freezing rain. r. it all changes over to rain byn tomorrow late morning into thean early afternoon okay sokay definitely not great but it b could be worse since worseince tomorrow's saturday hopefullydal not a lot of peoplenot quarterback speaking of traveling here's erin como with a check of our friday morning traffic exclamation point.clam >> we're starting with metro srn issues.sues 5:56 and if you're taking the yellow line train malfunctionnc at huntington. delays to mount vernon square in addition to safe track surg
5:57 am
and silver line between westen t and east falls church.d east as we move to the roads inoa dale city dale boulevard rightld now closed.lo there's avenue an overturnedverr vehicle before hodly road. r keep it to fox5.5. 6 o'clock hour this friday morning is coming right up. >> ♪♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> straight ahead at 6:00 a family lucky to be fox a5 lighti escaping an early morning mni house fire in montgomeryntme county. cold temperatures making it difficult for firefighters tohts battle the flames.
6:00 am
>> plus the president vowing to take action against russiasi for allegedly meddling in the u.s. elections. hillary clinton responding tu.og those claims overnight. overnigt >> how did you do yesterdayid y everybody? we're waking up tooo another frigid morning,her frigg temperatures in the teens as,es we take a live i look outside. e it is friday, december 16th.embh good morning to you, i'm i allison seymour.son ymo >> and i'm steve ch. welcome to fox5 news it's actually much colder thisdi time today than it was yesterday. air temps in the teens wind chills even colder. >> once again holdis ngin up tcs cause some school delays out o to our west garrett county cnt maryland schools on a two-hour delay. la also grant county schools in c west virginia, two-hour delayou, tfowor -hyou due to the extreme cold.ld >> all right. tucker barnes celebratingebratig national ugly christmas ctm sweater day but also with thealh latest on the arctic freeze.c fe i like the look tuck.k tuck. >> i kind of feel like i don'tn' have an ugly sweater.n uglyat maybe it's just me but i feel like it was good steve. >> no. >> no? >> all right. right. >> you're a cutie pie that's


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