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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 16, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> plus the president vowing to take action against russiasi for allegedly meddling in the u.s. elections. hillary clinton responding tu.og those claims overnight. overnigt >> how did you do yesterdayid y everybody? we're waking up tooo another frigid morning,her frigg temperatures in the teens as,es we take a live i look outside. e it is friday, december 16th.embh good morning to you, i'm i allison seymour.son ymo >> and i'm steve ch. welcome to fox5 news it's actually much colder thisdi time today than it was yesterday. air temps in the teens wind chills even colder. >> once again holdis ngin up tcs cause some school delays out o to our west garrett county cnt maryland schools on a two-hour delay. la also grant county schools in c west virginia, two-hour delayou, tfowor -hyou due to the extreme cold.ld >> all right. tucker barnes celebratingebratig national ugly christmas ctm sweater day but also with thealh latest on the arctic freeze.c fe i like the look tuck.k tuck. >> i kind of feel like i don'tn' have an ugly sweater.n uglyat maybe it's just me but i feel like it was good steve. >> no. >> no? >> all right. right. >> you're a cutie pie that's
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>> i don't know. let's do the fork.r su>>le i got lots tohe talk about. listen we got lots going onoi on here. cold friday and then we got g this wintry mix we'll be w be dealing with tomorrow morning.og not as windy today. today. let's start with some good somgd ws.s. still going to be cold and itg is extremely colcod ouldt theree early this reagan national now 18 degrees. dulles 14, bwi marshall 14. 14. dulles was 12 last hour. now getting close to a record rr low of 10 degrees a record set r back in 1989. 19. there's your storm tracker track radar. ra tracking quiet conditions,di clear skies. ses still some breezes out there bre early and a wind chill keeping the numbers in the single digits early this soly, t your friday features increasing cloud cover andov and daytime highs below freezing.ez upper 20's. maybe we'll get the low 30's here in the but we'll keep it dry.ry all right.ight stay tuned. i'll be back momentarily.tari we'll talk about this wintryt mix late tonight earlyte ton ear tomorrow morning.morr morning. back to >> tucker we're not alone. dozens of states caught up in un the deep freeze.e de the extreme cold weather with a wintry mix pennl
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multi car pileup on interstate r 80. temperatures this weekends weekd expected to remain belowel freezing throughout much ofghou the midwest.idwest >> ♪♪ >> developing overnight back here at home a family of four displaced in that freezingrein cold after their home wase w seriously damaged in a fireire >> melanie alnwick joins usie now live from silver springpr with more. good morning, melanie. melanie >> reporter: hey, goodepr: h morning, steve and allison. a. take a look at the home behinden me. me. it used to be a red brick home m but if you can see some of theas white on the front of that,fhat, that is now covered in ice. ice that is the results after a firefighters had to come in here and just spray the whole we place down one last time afterit they were done fighting the the fire here.ere. it starter around 1 o'clock in the morning on the second floor, quickrnlying spread thrh the roof and all throughoutoughu the back of the you can see some pictures here r from montgomery county fireercoy and rescue.ese. they tweeted those out ahoseut little earlier.arli it was quick -- it quickly quily became a second alarm fire too partially because of the blazeus
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the weather conditions. >> obviously we use water to t fight fires and thatnd t immediately turns to ice.ce. so, this brought about 60 to 70 firefighters to theirhters tr scene. like i said, we'll rotate themah through. thro fortunately there were no injuries. the occupants in this case gotsa out okay but as you canu c imagine as we fight the fire extinguish the fire, thingshing turn to ice. to ice you know, our ladders and ourndo equipment get a little stiffer and harder to use maybe. mbe the firefighters have to be be careful -- anybody has to be hab careful, you know, getting getti around the scene so itt immediately turns to ice ands can cause some prettyy treacherous conditions often. on >> reporter: and fortunatelyte again as you heard peterdet perringer montgomery county fire and rescue saying therntese were four people in the housethu two adults and two children chie which we understand are older ar children. they were alerted by a smoketedo alarm 1 o'clock in the inhe morning. they did try to fight the fireie themselves at first and then ane called fire when they weren'ter able to put it out and theyput we o
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house okay. they're unharmed. we don't know where they're at at this point but wew knowhw tt did not need red cross cs assistance for shelter overnight but certainly a lotin of damage here and montgomeryony county fire and rescue alsocue s saying this is the time ofime year people are using candles, they're using fireplaces, theyce got a lot of christmass,as decorations around asking ask folks to just be extra ext cautious, be aware of your surroundings, make sure thatmaks you don't also become victimti to one of these cold weather fires.s. back to you guys.. >> police in charles countye in are searching for this man, eric white after he set fire fe to his family home yesterdayesrd while his wife and children cld were inside. the 40-year-old now facing fac several charges and police aresn asking if you've seen him or hio you know where he is please plee call the state fire marshal'sars office or maryland state police. >> man accused of walk nothingft a comet ping-pong -- or the comet ping-pong restaurantta with a gun will be back ink in court today after beingafr bei indicted by a federal granderra jury yesterday.ay edgar welch facing a maximumaxim of 35 years in pri
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driving from north carolina to t self investigate online conspiracy theories claimings cm high level democrats wereemocras running a child traffickingicki ring out of that pizzeria.izzeri >> also in a d.c. courtroomcourm today a preliminary hearingprelm for a hospital employeemploye accused of sexually abusing a patient. police say 51-year-old marco mar simon of waldorf assaulted a female patient at unitedt unite medical center. the hospital says itcent cannotn comment on the accusations while it is under investigation. >> police in montgomery county mon your help finding a missing 25-year-old. take a look all right screenht right now. this is david luiz waltherz walr last seen by his roommatesooat when he left his home last night. police and family members are concerned for walther'serned emotional and physical welfare e and they ask you to please call the department'stmt' nonemergency number if youbeif u have seen him.. >> big news coming out of n metro.ews metr the board of directors voted yesterday to suspend latepend night service for at least two more years.ears we've also learned the union
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dozen metro workers fs ired forf falsifying inspection records say metro is to blame for poormo track inspection training. the firings stem from the julyy train derailment at the easthe s falls metro station. sti keep it here to fox5 newsews morning. at 8 o'clock metro generaleral manager paul will join us jn us thrive talk about the late of the round of firings as wellof s as that as new rail schedule st to take place next year. yea >> good morning. >> like a heavy sigh andy sigh d you're just getting started. std >> can i tell you >> sure, sure. >> i think that's a lady's sweater. >> now you tell me. [laughter] >> you picked it out.ked it >> i think they all look like li ladies' sweaters. >> it was given to me. m are we going to acknowledgenowle this day or anything.g. you got one too. >> yeah and i think mine's a man's. >> oh really?? >> yeah. >> we should trade.>> we sh >> we shouldou swap.ouldwa >> maybe we'll swap. we' let's get the weather.s ge lots going on.t th 18 in washington.ashing look at the incidentsok a pittsburgh 4 degrees thist urghg morning,re seven cold out there,ig
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>> yes.>>. >> yeah.ea chicago 11 degrees. 11 degree these are the winds.winds. when i was out in the sun t yesterday i didn't think ity i was that bad but the winds were rdieally b coladd.y c >> no, i was cold.>> no, i was c >> there's your satellite and radar. all right. sunshine to start the your day. ay clouds are going to quicklyuily increase and later tonight i toi think after midnight we'reht wre going to have a brief period peo of snow and then sleet and then freezing rain around herene by early saturday morning soorng more on that coming up but u but again, a warm front will befrone lifting through the area and that's going to bring usrougbris clouds by afternoon.ouds by aftn we'll be dry during theg daytime hours.dae h this will be later even if you're going out foroiur dinner tonight i think you'llhiy be fine. tomorrow morning we have w winter weather advisories,isor winter storm watches.nt i'll show that youer s momentarily.momearily. >> then it clears out saturdayle evening. >> it's any other going to clear out. some rain showers around but it willar any show be warmer. >> temperatures tomorrow nighttg will be in the 50's.0' >> if 13 degrees is not bad to t you, what is bad? >> well, have i never wel experienced like minus 2 i'm sure that's unpleasant.lean. >> i feel like i did. i feel >> you e i have and i didn't like it.andidn it.
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>> i don't like this stuff likiu either. >> steve, you don't like 65 lik5 >> this time of year i wouldar u keke 65. hi erin. eri >> hi. good morning.>>go >> good morning. >> erin has got a goodod>> sweater. >> it is national uglyt nat christmas sweater day it. d >> we all have them. we we'll break them out at somet s point. >> yes.>> and mine has an rv on itas a on because it's a traffic uglygl sweater. >> perfect. >> got to do it.>> that's why i'm in studio b today because i can'thy i be at the green metro right now train malfunction at huntington.untin. yellow line delays top mountop u vernon square. safe track surge 11 single 11 se tracking to west falls to east falls. traffic in college park still looking great. outer loop 95 to georgia at geot speed. route 195 baltimore-washingtonim parkway quiet. so if you have an early f you to catc to catch traffic hon the way to bwihe reagan national and dulle wsles looking great. things in tysons are cruisingcrg and then as you make your way w out in prince william we doliamd have a problem on one of our secondaries. dale boulevard closed right now. there's an overturned vehilevari before
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you can see backed up trafficff both directions daleons da boulevard. 66 eastbound we have volumeume picking up from 234 to centreville.centville. once you cross 28 to sycamore street traffic is looking much better. it's only aboutic a i s even minuteute slowdown and then as you make m your way out 95 northboundun dale city to the beltway btw typical delays picking up u towards the occoquan.thqu only about a five minute delayny there and then again once you get towardsar franconia-springfield parkway,ri things do jam up a bngit as well. a lot of volume heading towards thet of v beltway in oxx traffic is cruising on the inner loop. we have you covered with your news, weather and traffic. back tu coveo you atguys.he >> thanks erin.ri president barack obamaen vowing to take action againstin russia for allegedly meddling in u.s. elections.lectns plus hillary clinton also also responding oveht. >> also football fans we dofootl want f to hear from you if youoy think the redskins will makeilma the playoffs. tell us what you think usingnk i one of two hashtags.ags. hail yes or hail no.lo. we're going to update resultse l coming up at 6:30.:3 tuck, i didn't make it up.dn't t >> i like it. >> keep your comments toommentto yourself.
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>> he's so sassy today. tay >> hail yes.
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>> back now at 6:11.>> b developing in washington stateto a police officer is fighting ofi for his lifes after he was shos in the head while respondingnd to a call about a shooting. sho. this all happened in the town tn of mount vernon. verno it's about 60 miles fromsro seattle. the officer is a 3
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veteran of the force.orce he underwent surgery overnight. the suspect was arrested aftersd an hours long standoff with officers. backing overseas syrian television reporting thecking og evacuation in aleppo on hold onh at this hour. h this after rebels opened fire fr at a convoy at a crossing a css point. buses that had been parkedke nearby left the area after it ar was targeted by can you imagine the chaos there in that scene if you canh take a look at your screenoosc right now. right it is not clear when when w those evacuations of civiliansis and opposition fighters willhtel get back up. t it could take days to get g everyone out of aleppo >> facebook wants you to help filter out those fake newshe oue stories. >> a live look outside as weutse head to break this morning.bream washington monument looksument s beautiful. the temperature does not.. boy, if you look at it as a number -- >> okay. >> 18 right now and that's agh warmt spot.rm s tuck is up next.cks up nex weather and traffic on the 5s coming up.
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this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks
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are only found in one place in the world, and that's in some national parks. i find that's a great cause, and i want to support it. (avo) the subaru share the love event has donated over four million dollars to help the national parks. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ >> skiers and borders are yous n ready to go? you get yourd go firsget chance a litt tle laterr this morning. we're a little less tha han thre hours away from opening day at t liberty mountain resort. res there's a live picture rightreig now. there's snow on the ground sound those cold temperatures work tek out well if you want to hit h the slopes this morning.sorning. bundle up. wind chills are going to be but slopes at liberty mountainto open at 9:00 a.m. this morning. tuck we'll try to get you out yu on the slopes at some pownwn this year. >> yeah. quite the winter scene out there this morning.therthis the other scene is a holidayol
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cold air in place tonight. tig lots to talk about. talk about. t's s get to it. cold air in place tonight. ton if you want to fast forward tord tomorrow morning, we'll have wee this wintry mix looks like it starts as a winlir quick period of light snow sno after midnight tonight and as mentioned snow accumulationslatn really not going to be the big e story. just a little bit of snow heret and then a glaze of icezeic tomorrow morning before theow mh whole thing changes over to rain for most of the area herere by early tomorrow morning. mning if you're off to the north and n west i think that freezingt frei rain threat will linger ainr a little longer. lge let's get starter your friday morning with your coldrnr temperatures. 18 i washington, 12 inn gaithersburg, 14 inn winchester, 16 in quantico.ntic. these are the actual air a temperatures. 18 leonardtown.eonardto i was just looking at windwind chills. they're between about zero andte seven for most of the areastf t here early this morning.. obviously lots of layers.fayers. not going to warm up a wholeto w lot still be below freezing thisingh afternoon. the good news less wind thanlesh yesterday as our clouds increase. winds will actually start to shift out of the south laterll l today and tonight.ight. here's our warm's our this is what's going to brin wgg
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snow later tonight and then as n we look out to the west, we've w got a developing storm systemm s out into colorado which iswhich going to be dragged up intoin the great lakes and that's going to pull a warm fronttoeatt through our region as we get into the daytime hours h tomorrow. so, tomorrow morning little touch and go with a bit of a o wintry mix around here. h and then we should transition to just some light showergh activity tomorrow afternoon.on weather service has expanded the winter weather advisory.eath that now includes here inludes n washington so heads up.ino head this is mostly for iceor accumulation and then a winternr storm watch off to the northh oh and west. this is where we stand the the best chances for some more significant ice accumulationscul tomorrow morning so again iforni you're going to be traveling tvi tomorrow morning be on thee onhe lookout for freezing rainezg ra here, sleet and freezing rainrei and then perhaps we'll get a g trace upwards of an inch of ih snow before it transitionsnsio over off to the north and west. snow accumulations are notre n going to be very impressivemp but i think there will be iceerc around. ar quick look at that seven 31 today. 31 52 tomorrow afternoon.fteron allison good news for you.ou we'll be in fine shape i thinkni much of tomorrow afterno
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that, 60 on sunday before our next cold front brings in cooler colder weather for next week. that's a look at weather. erin, let's go to the roads. >> exciting. >> this sweater looks nice onsw eateyou. >> your sweater looks great one you. >> no, it does. it it's like extra large. likea >> look at those twinkling tnk lights. >> that is pretty cute. thais p >> it does look like a woman'soa sweater. >> that's what everybody says.wt >> i mean that with the utmost m respect and compliments.ect it looks great. show everyone. ery you can stand next to it's a good look.oo traffic behind us.s. >> you're right it is. i' ym gouoing trade it with i w somebody. >> i like your we can trade if you want. wan >> skyfox over college park.x ov the outer loop as you maketer lo your way from 95 top as georgia, little bit crowded right now. skyfox is heading over to takeak a look around the toll road. we'll keep you updated. updat you can see that steady flowlo of traffic in the distance. dta. before the time dark and calm. t can't reiteraimte enough how how cold it is outside.. you need more layers. you want to stay warm wear the big boots, jacket, hat, scarf sa
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let's look at our maps. problems ot'n metros lo right nw train malfunction at stadium-armory.ium- blue and orange rigids to franconia. in addition to yellow trainlo t mal if you know at safe track surge 11 singleurge e tracking west to east fallst to church as you make your wayour out on the orange and silvere si line. overview of our maps, things thi looking pretty good on 395.n 3 little bit of volume picking p up on the southbound side of 295 past pennsylvania.a. things on suitland parkwaysuitny picking up. pick inbound delays developing as as well. 301 and five at the splithe leading towards clinton somee usual congestion there andherend then 210 heading out of fortutf washington a little bit of slowdowns. inner loop across the wilsonthlo bridge still looking good from o prince george's county.ce geoun dale boulevard out in dale city closed at hoadly road. roa there's an overturned vehicle. o that'svert your traffic.ic. allison and steve.d ste >> i had two layers on but no bo gloves and hat.ovesnd h from here to here nice and toasty but everything elselse brutal
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got to cover it up. >> facebook rolls out a newroll plan to stop the suppressed supe fake news. plus the fate of uber'sus tf self driving car service still up in the air. >> as you saw from tucker andken erin it is national ugly christmas sweater day and wedayw want to see yours. you if you have rocked one in theve past and you have r a photo orho if you're doing it today, snapa a picture, send it to us. us. we want to see your uglyr u sweater photos, #fox5 you uglyy sweater. >> that's our fan of the dayswea ans dou our friend janet purnell hey janet good morning. she's our girlfriend.e's ri >> it's a beautiful ugly sweater. swea >> yeah. >> and a great view. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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more shouldn't cost more. and that you can make a place for everyone. spend your holiday overjoyed and under budget with ikea.
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>> 6:22. fact checkers teaming up to up help facebook fight fake news.i. joining us from the fox fthe business network studio is hillary vaughn. good morghning. morni >> reporter: al songs happyl son friday. >> happy friday to you.y to you >> reporter: oh, we onlyenly have two minutes sadsly two together. m wtohat facebook is doing to stop all this fake f phony news. >> reporter: right. so r,ep they're putting togetheg dream team of fact checkershecks who's on the list? snopes,nope plate facts, fact c.o associated press abk newsrebk n they're teaming together to t help facebook identify whateboo news stories are real and whatk news storiwhes are fake. are f this is a part of facebook'sebo' larger plan to make sure that t fake news isn't proliferate onro their site and what they'ree an going to do is when thesen articles are deemed to be notd t true, they're going to make mak them less visible on the site and they're hoping that cuts th
6:24 am
share them. them. they'll also attach a warning sign to the article explainingai why it's been debunked or why w it's not they've also built in a site especially for these team ofeamo fact checkers to report newsor n articles that they believe scams or hoaxes. hoaxe so facebook will review themk wi and then take actionn accordingly. another interesting fact i'llrea just add is that facebook isac also saying that there are are spammers who are profiting offtg of spreading fake news because they're getting tons of clicks. clicks. so facebook is also hoping hop that they'll make sure theseth scammers are not getting moneynn from spreading fake news one their site. t.i lovet.lly i love i i really do.eay do let's talk about uber in our i o 30 seconds left. lt not so fast on the self driving cars. >> reporter: right.ig so california regulatorsors aren't happy with uber ever eve since they deployed selflo driving cars in san franciscon c because there was a dashcam video that caught a self driving car running a redg ca light. so, californiar regulators aree
6:25 am
permit but uber is saying theyb don't because they have a a backup driver in the front seat ready to take action. actio the problem is this dashcam video shows that the backupp drivers aren't taking action aio when they need to to avoid the car from breaking laws orlaws making unsafe maneuvers. so, they're in discussions.iscuo they were talking all dayllay yesterday and they'll continueon discussions today so we'll seedl at h happens. >> okay. we will wait and see. in the meantime hillary have wia great weekend. >> reporter: all all right, you too allison. allis >> i don't see what then' problem s i mt ean uber they'ree just having it drive like a real person, running the red light. [laughter]augh >> tucker i do that becauset bee it's funny to do it. i >> thank you. >> i think it's a funny joke fuj that you made. >> was your tree lighting up liu before or is that a newew feature. >> that's a new feature. featu >> i like it. >> it's really cool. >> very bright and blinky. b >> let's do the forecast.oras we are featuring ugly sweaterat day. da
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day. wear to it work.t work. >> and send us your picture. yoe >> yes, send us yr pictures. 18 in obviously going to school to sco you're going needs more thanng n your ugly sweater.your u lots of layers, lots of layersfy underneath that ugly sweater. we're going to start our day ouy with sunshine.unin we'll cloud up later today.od. the weather service hasce h expanded a little bit ourittle u advisory so we have a wind --d this is for tomorrow morning. m. winter weather advisory across s the immediate washington area.a. icing overnight and early tomorrow morning.tomorrow morni i think you're fine untilntil midnight.midn it will be after midnight thatt we get some of that sleet andeed freezing rain, a little bit ofnl snow as well. there's your seven day.ay. plenty more on the weather weath coming up momentarily.tarily 31 today.ay 52 tomorrow.omrow. it will be much warmer wme tomorrow. ay mine is min i s for a man.r a an it says son of a.. so maybe we can trade. tde >> okay, we'll trade at some point. >> okay. the one time --e time -- >> we haven't seen it yet al.l. >> okay. >> just save it for it >> we'll let
6:27 am
what they think it looks like. >> 6:26 right now and normalnd a service resumed on t yellowellow line. line. just a little bit of residualre delay to mount vernon square. train malfunction attion a stadium-armory. orange and blue delays to franconia.fra. volume building 95 northboundth towards the mixing bowl.e mixin. on the inner loop traffic istric flowing towards 66.ards 6 skyfox right now left collegeht park where we're seeing heavier traffic pick up by 95. w they're headreedfic over to the dulles toll road.dues t we'll keep you up today onod o traffic over there and keep itee to fox5 news morning. mor we're back in just a few with at more news, weather and a traffic. tr
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 6:30. oo c look at the commute moving okay. actually this time of year looks like a pretty christmashrs tree let's think of it that tha way. welcome back to fox5 newss weather and traffic coming upc for you on the 5s at 6:35.:3 first though at 6:30, this is what's left after a house fire on sea isle land court it's in silver spring. sin it forced a family of four outfo into the cold this morning.orng a smoke alarm woke the familye f up then attempted to fight the flames on their own for awhilee before calling for help andel ad leaving the home. thankfully no one was hurt. hur president obama will hold his final press conference ofprs the year this afternoon at these white house. he'll take questions before befe jetting off on his annual christmas vacation. vac of course they go to where there he's from, hawaii.awai meanwhile in an intervi
6:31 am
npr the president responded toeo russia's alleged attempt to t interfere in outer loop -- in in our presidential election. ect >> i think there's no doubto dot that when any foreign f government tries to impact thece integrity of our elections, that we need to take action and we will at a time ande and place of our choosing. choin >> hillary clinton alsoli als speaking out last night andht a said that vladimir putin's alleged involvement stemmed from a long time grudge thatgrut he has held against her. her russian officials are denying this hacking accusation andion president-elect donald trumpelec is also doubting russia's involvement. during trump's thank you tour in hershey pen tnsruylvania last night donald trump calledpd the white house press secretary josh earnest foolishsf after suggesting that the russians helped the helped president-elect get elected.cted today trump will continue hisone thank you torment he'll be in i orlando, florida.lori here locally beginning tonight t you'll have a safer way to getfo home from holiday festivities.v. th
6:32 am
alcohol program is launchinghing its holiday sober rideer r initiative. it's at 10:00 p.m. it willit's provide free sober e rides throughout 6:00 a.m. on sunday january 1st.uary 1 all fares up to 30 bucksuc complimentary if you're 21 or'r1 older. the service can be called byled dialing 800-300-taxi.00-tax happening today, a caravan v of trucks carrying wreathsat destined for arlingtonrlingt national cemetery it willl arrive today.. they'll leave maryland this morning headed for the pentagon and tomorrow is the big day where the wreaths areate placed on more than 250,000han 0 graves. the annual e vent is held each december.ceer. beautiful. steve, over to you.e, >> let's get a q ouick check ono sports right now.sports right it's time for our morning line l this morning.orning wizards fans hosting the second annual whiz social s night when they take on thehey n pistons. tucker barnes will be there, wisdom martin will be there. the there's an in game scavenger hunt.
6:33 am
handshake on twitter or insta. s graduate for a chance to join kelly oubre jr. for a pregame pa handshake. 20'st0'start at just bucks that include a t-shirt t-t and again the headline tuckere k barnes will be there and a wisdom martin will be there taking part in the fist tests.ts last night the nba playedlad games with heavy hearts and colorful bard robes honoringard sports broadcaster craig sager. sager. he died after a battle withaftew cancer but he foughtith until tu end and he worked until thentile end. in milwaukee the bucks and the t bulls both wore sager strong warmups. the golden state warriors paidri tribute with a moment of joy. j >> so i'd like all of you to -- to join me in ann applause for a great man and a a life well lived. lived thank you.o [cheers and applause]ppus >> you can see the coach's tie't there, you can see the players warmups all very colorful just j like craig sager's many, many outfits including that one thate that he was wearing. wearing several players exposedral play condolences on twitter.
6:34 am
sager's son craig jr. tweeted jt his dad's favorite sayingg "time is simply how you live le your life" then he went on to t say we packed a lifetime andetia then some into these 28 years ya together. pay it forward let's move on right now.t thursday night football last foa night seahawks first team to tem wrap up an nfc division titlen i they beat the rams 24 to three e just four days after a career five picks -- >> i like their grinchyheir outfits. >> i need sunglasses just too t look at the tv this morning. moi three games, three wins that's s the best case scenario for the skins. when they face the panthers oneo monday night football it's as chance for josh norman to get some revenge against hiseven former team. the team that cut him loose in the off season and he told usold he expects some emotion to take over.r >> ooh, it's another level. i think all these's ano camerasl be burned right now
6:35 am
coming monday night, um, those emotions i think they'llnk theyl probably come out and show themselves.em i don't know what it will be because like i its my firstfi time being in something like this. >> we want to hear from you. do you think the skins will make the playoffs? welhil taknk a look at what we're doinge're i right now. right if you tweet andnow. you use u either the hashtag hail no oro o hail yes, you'll be included in our poll, our little hashtag battle going on rightnig now t the majority we heard h from are going with hail yes,es 77 percent while 23 percent 23 n say hail no. make sure you tweet and you andu tag with one of those hash thosh tags, hail yes or hail no. n >> who is saying hail no in washington? >> right. raphhout out to our graphics package. that was pretty sweet.t. >> did you like that. did >> yeah. >> so, this is what i was t talking about before.his so, yours i think might be a lady's sweater but it's reallyta cute on you and this is the one that i'm wearing and it andi says son of a nut
6:36 am
i'm not sure -- >> you guys can trade if youf yu want. >> can we >> later, we'll trade later. lat >> i feel like i've established --established -- >> it's going to be tough for b him to let it go. go. >> well, i -- >> right in the garbage. >> wait until you see what kevwe is >> let me guess a suit?t? >> yeah, but app special hey, reagan nationall 18 degrees. 14 dulles. 14 at bwi marshall. marsh we are obviously very cold this morning. it's going to be anothther coldd day. daytime highs upper 20's, 2 maybe we'll get to 30 in isn'tsn spots with clouds increasingncre but we keep it dry today. i do that want to give you awa quick heads up. u overnight tonight earlytonigheay saturday morning we're lookingng at this wintry mix across thes not going to get a whole lot who of anything but what we get will be generally sleet andleetd freezing rain and perhapsng r north and west of the cityai upu to an inch of snow before itit changes to that sleet andee and frngzing rain. again light accumulations but there could be slick travelck t tomorrow morning. morni there is a winter storm watch wt and a w
6:37 am
posted for the area.or t a i'll show that you map momentarily. quick look at that seven day.see 31 today. 31 by tomorrow afternoon we'll be b 52 so your party tonight willhtw be fantastic. >> amazing. a >> what a warmup for the the weekend.ek what a bouncing.ouin >> right back into the cold bac temperatures next week. >> all right. >> all right. >> let's check in with erin find out how the roads arek check howar this morning.eratur >> hi, good morning. t i lovehis hi, allison's green i with tucker's sweater sat compliments very nicely.veryicel >> we meant to do that.t tothat. >> it looks great.s gre behind me traffic definitely d picking up for this friday fri morning. southbound side, side, northbound side by princend sid williae m parkway on 95 little9l t of volume.e. south of that points in i stafford 95 northbound backingoi up by courthouse road.oa let's go ahead and switch it i over.ov this is the inner loop andthe in outer loop acrosner s the wilson inner loop definitely hasop d volume pickingefin up. from prince george's countynce e through the wilson bridgeh th traffic is still movinging without any major slowdownswdns much let's take a look at 270 a7 on the southbound side.he sou heavy volume increasing north nt of this point in frederick from 70 to the truck we have some congestion.geio then things break up a bt.
6:38 am
to get to the spur. s let's take a look at our mapsap show you what else you'ree you'r facing for your morningr morng commute. if you're taking metro train malfunction at stadium-armorydim orange and blue residual delay l s to fifty twoian and continuous single trackingus s orange and silver line between e west and east falls church. crc definitely seeing someom congestion that yellow line 95 5 to georgia. a few extra minutes added to a t your commute because of heavytec volume. we got you covered this cold, cr ld m morning.ed steve. >> just ahead bufferin's headn'd on the map you saw beltzville.t. heads up if you have kids thatst go to school in beltzville.ville one school closing it's vansville elementary don't have any heat in thing.hig >> oh no. >> not going to work on a dayo a when temperatures are in the ith teens. vansville elementary in in beltzville closed todaylosed tod because of no heat. good move there.the tom brady fan loses aan les tooth trying to find the quarterback's uggs.ack's uggs. yes, that's actually a
6:39 am
accurate statement which we will explain in detail coming cg up. up. >> first though holidayir message fromst t a local as mucu as member stationed overseas. >> ♪♪>>♪ >> i'm a1c browning from 79999 air force base north dakota.h d. i want to wish my family in in maryland a happy holiday. holidy >> see more greetings from ourtm troops at m. be noisy. be silent.
6:40 am
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" shines on a new day. where will it shine today? who will feel its embrace? no one knows for sure. but one thing is certain -- its arrival is as inevitable as dawn. ♪♪
6:42 am
>> let's check what's trendinghe on the web this friday morning. first up that touching story of the five-year-old boy who died in the arms of santa hack - haars been verified by msa otf l one news outlet a tennesseessee news station says it independently verified the story but then agreed not toot publish the names of thoseh thm involved for the sake of privacy. social media hearts bleeding over a lonely teddy bear at the los angeles> soci oe airport. there's the picture right there.e's th that sad teddy bear. b t.s.a. posted the photo of thee glum bear sitting next to ao a trash can at lax after lax aft security decided the bear was ws just too big to board the plane as a carry on so they uploaded the picture to reminden people carrier items need toeed meet guidelines and socials ando mea
6:43 am
one use are uploaded a pictureiu way crying jordan face which is either compassion or they're mocking the fine line one org th the other.h tom brady said he wastom h hiding three pair of his oldis uggs around boston. fans flocked to go find.ind. one fan fell and broke hisroke tooth running around looking log for them.he when brady found out hee rewarded the guy way signed pair of his uggs. uggs. so, there you go, al you, put yu in the extra effort and you a y make people aware of it and a maybe get your reward. rar >> forget that.t pay the dental bill for thel r tooth. >> no, the guy trust me would probably rather have the the signed shoes take care of the dentalhoes t himself. >> okay. i don't know, i've had twot know replaced teeth. only one only t --, i' person gets signed shoes. >> that's true. pretty dreamy on tommy o brady behind you. y. thank you very much.k okay. kevin is backh. with a movieovie review on this friday. frida he's talking about "rogue one"ee a "star wars" story and one ofno his favorites la-la land and reminder before we take you to a the break if you have a newse aw
6:44 am
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6:46 am
>> ♪♪ >> good morning. welcome back. live look at the woodrow wilson bridge and things are running smoothly this morning. i'll let erin tell you about ook dge thlyri you>> thisn .ellou th don'tis be fooled by any pictures that look warm and warm cosi because it is anything anyg but. but. it's overnight lows in thehe teens rider now and our windnow chills near zero. zero. let's get -- i'll fast forward a
6:47 am
winter -- small winter event evt we'll have tomorrow morning.rni. cold air in place later tonight. this period of light snow andnoa wintry mix will start afterrt ar midnight tonight so you're in i good shape today but it looks is like it starts a little bit as t light snow.t snow we'll transition prettynrett quickly to a glaze of ice.f. that's what we're mostre m concerned really the biggest concern is potential for sleet andntia freezing rain and then lit transition to i think an alll t rain evethnt tinomorrow morning. i think by tomorrow afternoonomo we may actually be dry fore d f much of the day tomorrow, butrob tomorrow morning if you're mnin traveling just a heads up a hdsu here, there could be someom travel issues.avel more on that momentarily.tari. here are your numbers. are yourb 18 washington, 14 gaithersburgeb dulles 14.dues got down 12 nearly record lowses this morning out at dulles. dle 12 in winchester.chte 13 in hagerstown.agerstow live look at storm tracker radar.r. we're going wake up withgoing w sunshine. we'll see clouds increasesee dsi pretty quickly later t. it will be a mostly cloudy dayud and here's the leading edge ofdg this warmer air that's going tts to bring us that initial bandan of a little bit of snow later tonight. in fact, i do want to mention this to you. y we have had
6:48 am
expanded since you probably proy went to bed last night. winter storm watch north andrm w west. primary concern is a glaze of go ice with some freezing rain and the potential some for some sleet. that you go. i think the best chance of a ate ion will bbee b north and west and for thend f most part around here early eary tomorrow morning this will be b a freezing rain issue. futurecast i'll put it in i'll u motion again, dry thison afternoon. arnoo you're fine this evening. fine s this will be after midnight light snow across northern maryland and there's yourou wintry mix tomorrow morningix t before we try to clear it outt o tomorrow night. there's your sevento day.ay. 31 dan then we warm it up forfo the weekend.nd all right erin is back with ait look at roads.t roads. erin, take it away.y. >> i made a friends ps beef p wrote to me on facebook andeboo said tell tucker do not change g his sweater. he looks so handsome. >> that's sweet.ha >> thank you beef.>> i told t you i would replay the information. skyfox over the beltway. outer loop near the dulles toll road there
6:49 am
conditions reported.te vdot out there salting takingngg care of that right now.ow so you can see some of thosefhoe emergency vehicles makingncy ve their way by on the righthicl there.e. please use caution. slow it down.ease it do as we take the wide view of the beltway you can see theway a outer loop a bit heavier than t the inner loop by dulles toll road. road. we'll keep you updated onn that. we'll switch things over right t now. let's take a look at our maps op because we are dealing with ah a handful of other problems thisth morning as well.ell. southboundsout baltimore-washington parkway we did have reports of awash closure. they are able to let trafficbleo through right now.roright it's before 100 between i-195 and 100. delays are really heavy in heavi that area even though trafficra istingting by. so as you come down from the the baltimore beltway towards the t capital beltway 95 southbound will save you some time this tih morning on the lookout for my baltimore commuters as well.el northbound branch avenue as wes move over for a look inn southern maryland at surrats road a crash blocking theing th right shoulder.houlder. delays back to the 301 split.plt metro delays this morninglylays
6:50 am
back to you >> get ready to make music with elmo at sesame street live. live. one viewer could win four win f tickets see sesame street live. elmo makes music december 18m the big slow at eagle bank arena.a. retail value approximatelyro $72. it's provided by v star entertainment.tertainment. >> ♪♪ .c.he fox5 d.c.x5 d facebook page starting rightight now through 10:59 a.m. enter for a chance to win.o win one winner will be selected by random drawing on december 16th. all entrants mustce be 18 orr older. >> i have a question. queio i recognize the count and elmo and big bird. bd. who is the bear with the big thb drum.. >> that's a good question. ooh want to say fozzie but it's not. n any more questions? questions >> no, i just like to be up to t speed. >> any questions.>> i like to be up to a speed on so all >> i think he's an ensemblensbl player but let me know if i'm ii wrong because everybody el
6:51 am
>> if it was snl his nameam would come on last. l it's like lik >> i don't know who he is.'t >> well, here's the star ofe sro today and not just here ate at fox5 but across the entiree dmv. dmv. the big day is finally hereallyh and it's going to be a very aer special morning here at fox5at and we're so excited. excit >> it is all for this sweetwe little boy today hematoma we hee are partnering with make a wish midatlantic for season of wishes campaign.wishes campa five-year-old kaheem, he'sem,e' just five years old he has leukemia. leukemia. he's a fighter and he is inig treatment and he wants to behtea superhero to help others. oers. today we're working with make a wish to make his wish comeish truitt help of local firefighters and police we pic have live coverage all morning long. it starts at 8 o' wisdom tucker kevin all havellav special roles in kaheem's bigm'b day and you can help keepp keep track on our facebook page. you can donate at kaheem saves >> let's point out the fact p that his wish oi--nt he could he and anything. his wish is to help others oer which is awesome. aweso
6:52 am
kevin saw last night. night >> uh, i don't any guesses. guess >> um, love actually i guess. >> hacksaw ridge.idge. >> yes. >> it was hacksaw ridge.w rge >> it's amazing.>>t's yes, i'm wearing a full star ful wars sui this thing is awesome. it is -- i have this and ath ana storm trooper one.oper one. i decided to wear this one thisn today. i'll save the storm trooper trop one or episode eight. >> have you ever just walked down the streetu ev wearing thii >> okay yeah. it's fun because everyone --e -- >> have you ever seen matthew lesky. >> he had all the questionuestn marks. >> if you were walking down the street this way and he was walking down the street this way it would be likeu werehis wn three. >> the world would end. end >> tucker with his on. o >> "rogue one" opens up todays t in theaters.aters. massive film. f we break it down for you where e this is located.. it takes place between episodepo three which was 2005 and episode four, which was 1977, the first star wars moviestar we ever. this is about the group of
6:53 am
rebels who dealt with tryingh tn to steal the death star now, the movie itself insane action.ti. garrett edwards is a phenomenal director. i love the way the film comess together. the opening act of this moviehie is insane.e. absolutely fun to watch. wch the third act in my opinion iso worth the entire price of admission. there is a two-minute scene inci the third act of this movieie that i cannot wait to go back g and watch again just to watch -- >> can you give us a clue whateh it's about. it's abo >> i can't say anything. all i canutan't say -- say - >> does it involve aliens.nv >> two minute scene is worthscer the entire price. pri i would watch it on a loop for r a hundred hours.a hu that's how good this moment momt is. >> okay. remember last time it was liket i'd watch it for like a day.e ay >> i don't care was say.wa say >> now it's a >> i was very excited. was veryx i was in there movie theaterovie last night with a soldout crowd when this two minuteenhi scene hits everyone flips out.i. >> can you tell us who is inl hn that two minute scene. sne >> no. this is its definition of nerd tears.tear i get so geeked our andd our and excited for a movie you start s crying, this w
6:54 am
what that means.haans. now, here's the question.e queso is it better than "the force awakens." >> here's my question. aside from that two minutes is a good movie. is awesome. second act is a little bittl show. some of the dialogue is atf the little bit off at it's not as good as the force awakens.ens. if i'm ranking i'd go empireire strikes back star wars then ir a would go "the force awakens,"ke jedi, this movie "rogue one" then episode three, one and and two.two. >> goodness kevin. kev. you need a ph.d.h. >> i need that calculus translator.ansl >> this is far superior to there prequells.preq >> good. >> hyland recommended. >> they weren't that good. >> as a fan i gave 84 out of five.were not a five outn i of five likefi l force awakens but i'm telling tl you the third act of the movieov it's all you need. >> good. >> "star wars" fans need.arans i was like geeing >> i know it's a tough choiceitt thisough morning. cis do you wear the star wars suitar or the "la-la land" suit. >> right.. >> maybe tomorrow hollywood across your chest. >> i have seven "la-la land" l suits. i only have one star warstar was
6:55 am
"la-la land" is still a sll masterpiece nominated for f seven golden finally opens up innall washington, d.c. today.c. tay >> makes it good. >> everything.rything. writing directorringto 31-year-old filmmakerilmmak transcends the musical johnicalh rahm emanuel ma stone and ryan gosling portray two people ppl falling in love. prepare for this movie to win best picture it is mass i mas masterfully done.y done. opening shot will blow your bloo minds. highly recommend seeing it.nd it's a five out of five. my sixth one this year out ofr o well over a hundred films andil my number three favorite movierm of the year behind "deadpool" and >> based on the story or basedrs on the way it was put wut together.toer >> everything.>> everything. .> just let him go. >> and ryan gosling reallyslin plays theg piano. piano >> kev they say we have to t move on. we'll talk to you next hour. >> your suit will linger eveniln after you go.o. we're glad. gla >> this might be too toc h. too much. >> might be too much for the folks at home. he. >> you're bringing down my down sweater. >> come
6:56 am
>> thank you, tucker. tucker. >> people at home are getting gg their movie reviews from a man m dressed like that and a weatherman dressed like this, t, so. >> #journalism. >> incredible. >> be clear where you are this morning. 19 in washington. hey,wher winds out of the north19 i at t very, very cold temperature.rar. we've got wind chills still chil near zero early this we're going cloud up.going clou. we're going to keep it dryry today but we have this wintryavh mix on the way and winter and wr weather advisory, winterter storm. what much more on this coming up momentarily for tomorrowmorer morning. won't be a major deal butl b we've got some issues tomorrow t morning. there's your seven day.ven day. ervin back. reat in hern hg eater.r. erin how are roads.oa. >> really big problems tucker. e skyfox is over the outer loop. they were near the dulles toll l road. they've moved a little bitved lt down farther.arther. they're very close to itvery cst however. we can see all lanes blocked.lod there's some icy conditions.s. vdot crews are clearing off cle that ramp. sou can see all traffic is completely parked right now.ghtw patiently waiting for alling fol those lanes to reopen. reo again outer loop right nowow right near 267 no trafficraff getting through.
6:57 am
updated on how long thatd on closure is going to be ine is g place but a lot of frustratedsta drivers right now stuck on the e outer loop near 267 with ice.ce we'll keep you updated.pdated keep it to fox5. f back in just a few moments. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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the enamel on my teeth was weakening. the whiteness wasn't there as much, my teeth didn't look as healthy as others. my dentist said that pronamel would help protect my teeth. pronamel is giving me the confidence to know that i'm doing the right thing so it's nice to know that it was as simple as that.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> right now at 7 o'clock a family luc foxky to be5 now a a
7:00 am
house it happened in montgomeryned county. cold temperatures making it tough for firefighters to battle these flames and we peratufor fi have a live rweeport from silver spring. >> two major headlines involving metro this morning. schedule changes and firings. fs we go straight to the top for or details on what all this meanssm for metro riders. rider >> facebook cracking down onng fake news. what you need tofa know about the new tools facebook is rolling out today to help youto decide betweentoda fact andact fiction. >> breaking news though rightg s now that goes along with these e frigid temperatures. skyfox right now over the outer loop at the dulles toll tl road.. all lanes just reopening afterfr being closed for icycy conditions. take your time out there, folks. it is friday and good friday morning i'm allison seymour. ser >> i'm steve chenevey.'m it is much colder now than it was yesterday. s coldewas yeday. yesterday's temperaturestemperas starting to drop today we havedr the wind chillops making it feel even colder. >> but again cold enough to andgain c andool delays even one closure. let's take a look at your yr delays and closures. clo


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