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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 16, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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house it happened in montgomeryned county. cold temperatures making it tough for firefighters to battle these flames and we peratufor fi have a live rweeport from silver spring. >> two major headlines involving metro this morning. schedule changes and firings. fs we go straight to the top for or details on what all this meanssm for metro riders. rider >> facebook cracking down onng fake news. what you need tofa know about the new tools facebook is rolling out today to help youto decide betweentoda fact andact fiction. >> breaking news though rightg s now that goes along with these e frigid temperatures. skyfox right now over the outer loop at the dulles toll tl road.. all lanes just reopening afterfr being closed for icycy conditions. take your time out there, folks. it is friday and good friday morning i'm allison seymour. ser >> i'm steve chenevey.'m it is much colder now than it was yesterday. s coldewas yeday. yesterday's temperaturestemperas starting to drop today we havedr the wind chillops making it feel even colder. >> but again cold enough to andgain c andool delays even one closure. let's take a look at your yr delays and closures. clo
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vansville elementary school in i beltzville closed due too heating issues in the the building. they done have any heat and you can't do that in thesehe cold temperatures folks. fks gap rhett county marylandett schools on a 2000 hourco delay.y also grant county schools in west virginia you're on a twirgio-hour dnielay because ofe extreme cold. cold. >> let's get right to tucker to barnes for the latest on latt what's happening outside h today.ap morning.good coldest temperatures eve had so far this fall season.ratuson. temperatures overnight falling g back into the teens even tns e flirting with some record lows out at dulles early this early morning. it's most al good newsood ne forecast today in that it'say i' not going to be quite asto b blustery and cold as yesterday s although we're still going to to be below freezing.rein make sure you wear lots ofs layers. dulles 16, bwi marshallshal 16 degrees.16 d obviously those are very coldosy temperatures and there isatur still a bites of a breeze giving us wind chill in the single digits early this morning. all right. on the horizonar hlyere little littl sunshine to start your day.r d then we're going to cloud up. you probably herbert about this wintry mix on the way. that's going to hold off until after midnight tonight butbl iyi want to give you a heads up.
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possibilities coming up momentarily but today with w that warm front approachingpphig temperatures will approach 30.r. it will be a dry afternoon butot a cold day. there you go 31 your daytime high. not as windy as yesterday.rday there's your good news. again momentarily we'll talk tal winter weather advisories weaths winter storm watches for tomorrow morning.or s alltotomorr those details on yor weekend forecast coming up.up. >> a family of four displacedis in the freezing cold after after their home was seriouslyerio damaged in an overnight >> melanie alnwick joins you jou live from silver spring with si more. good morning, mel.ningme >> reporter: hey, goodeporte morning, guys and you can seeuy now that the sun is startingansn to come up how literally theallt entire back of that houset hous there has just been burnedbeen b out. it was a two alarm fire, ite, starter around 1 o'clock in the morning.around inside were wokene ken up by a smoke alarm so that'so ' the odod news. we also have some video hereer to show you of just how crazy it looked when firefightersrefi were putting out those lastas little responder the waterhe wat just gushing out from them t rooftops just turning the
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white with ice. ofwh the cold theolct weather here. now, those four people did get t t t safely. that's good news. the two adults and the two children. but again, the weather making mk it very difficult here. here. they had to call out a second alarm. that's because they just need ne extra firefighters when you'rehn dealing with cold weather liked this, you -- they have to rotate fire personnel more quickly.y. they sometimes need extraimeed equipment because things mights freeze up and not work the way y they want to. always tough to battle fires fis here. re we talked to montgomery countynt fire and rescue about -- this -h is not the only fire they were r on yesterday. there was a chimney fire also fs somewhere in bethesda.wh just about precautions people pl should take since this cold weather seems to bring on moree fires. fi >> certainly we hope folkshoolks have checked their systemsck make sure they're oedperating properly, keep clutter awaylutty from any kind of heat source,t r keep any combustibles away away from any heat source.sour create that circle of safety around anything that is
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source and just kind of focus on what you're doing. dn if you're cooking, you know,now, don't leave food unattended.ende that's the number one cause of u fire really. rll >> reporter: and so just,us you know, one of the things they were saying is people getee distracted, they get busy,they s they're talking with folks, fol thawas got a lot of thingsgot going on but really just bea ut veryju, very careful because fires this time of year can beeb so, so devastating.evastati just wanted to show you guysouus quickly also just the effect here on the road.oa these roads in hampshire hampshi greens where the fire trucksre were with all that t water.ater just take a look at how these he roads are looking right now.ow it's obviously only localizingg affecting just the people in this particular neighborhoodoo but just pretty crazy stuffra out here, back to you. >> mel thanks very much. much. also this morning let'sor head down to charles countyy where police are searching foror this man eric white after he h set fire to his home yesterdayey while his wife and children chi were inside. the 40-year-old now facing f several charges inpolice are asking you if you have seenou i him or you know where he is please call thef sou k
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marshal's office or maryland state police. pic >> well the man accused off walking into comet ping-pongingg with a gun will be back in i court today after beinger b indicted by a federal grandal jury yesterday. last night we heard from theju restaurant's owner james alfontes for the first time for since the december incident in t a fox5 exclusive. >> it's a pack of lies andnd it's dangerous.angero what happens is this person pso was inspired to drive acrosscros four state lines with anesh an assault rifle and enter a family friendly restaurant atana 3 o'clock in the afternoon onnoo a sunday.y. so, you can imagine the fear. >> right.>>ight. >> that must have been felt by v these people and this is real consequences.equences my staff lives in fear.ea my staff are the brave vestravev people i've ever met and we met are trying to make sure theyhe stay safe and do their job.. imagine somebody coming tooming your workplace with an assault rifle.rifl >> that's megyn kelly with theh exclusive on fox news. new edgar welch is facing a maximum of 35 yea
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for driving from northm rt carolina to self investigate online conspiracy theoriesirtheo claiming high level democratsems were running a child trafficking ring out of the local pizzeria.izzeri >> five minutes past the hour. let's check in with tucker wittu barnes right rht n how long do you think the batteries are going to last onao those lights. >> i think until next week christmas.stmas. >> probably i would hope so. s >> elves are working. >> flashing lights definitelylid with a flare.with >> we have the business of news so we thought i at woveul e disrespectful to have ours on. o >> big teams.>> we'll get to them. the >> we have them. t >> meanwhile it's the big day.ay versrs weather. cold temperature. w that's the big story.coldigs 19 in washington, lots ofots teens locally. lal just want to show you thatt to regionally look at binghamton bn this morning, 4 degrees, yeah. . >> that's balmy. that's balm >> not too bad. b seventy seven detroit.nty we are going to be cold today. y upper went to about 30. lots of layers. i guess the good news is lessess wind than yesterday but it but t won't be a balmy day by any means and we're going to cloud o up pretty qu
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it will be a mostly cloudyostlyy afternoon. should remain dry around hereder later today. if you have evening plans havpl tonight, if you're going out for dinner, you're going to be fine. you're going to be nice and dry. >> when does the dangerousdoes uff come in.n. >> i'll tell you.'ll ll y after about probably 2, 3y 2, 3 o'clock in the morning.ning. >> okay. >> so, your morning tomorrow tor morning about 6 o'clock and and 10 o'clock could be touch and c go. we have a winter weather advisory an winter storm watchnt issued for the region. the primary concern herede f is icing. so not snow accumulations butnst ing.g. total snow accumulationsulio likely less than an inch but b there could be a tenth of an inch of glaze on some of theazem roadways. remember it's very cold this morning so anything we get outnh there early tomorrow morning moi could cause some icing issue. just keep that in mind if youifu have to be traveling tomorrowomo morning. you're in good shape today. >> how many people know this i like to get my party on atn 2:00go st myometimm i won't be doing that. tha >> be indoors that's all.sll don't try to drive.y to drive. >> cut it off a little early.. >> okay. okay. >> yeah.>> 1:30 tonight al. a >> all right. >> you can do it one night.>> >> sorry. >> one night. s hi
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>> good morning.i goo 7:07 and we have been tracking n breaking news on the outer ter loop out by 267 dulles toll road. traffic once again moving allovl lanes had been blocked becausee of icybl conditions.di vdot trucks out there trying tin to clear all the lanes. lanes right now traffic is flowing. we are still seeing backups bacs though so let's take a look atok our cameras right now. now as you make your way out from georgetown pike towards 267 as s we get a look at those cameras s traffic is still very heavy.. we're seeing a lot of backupsf again leading towards that that location so please keep thatpha in mind. other than that we're alsols seeing more problems across acrs the outer loop out by seven in tysons. let's take a look at our mapsur if we can't get our cameras camr and show you there's also also tractor-trailer crash thattrai we're dealing with taking outin two right lanes on the outerlane loop out by seven. that is causing some more problems. this is a look atlo tophes ca bc kup backu right now as you make your wayey out from georgetown pike to t 267 where the outer loop was previously closed.sed. heavier than usual. usual. allow for about 30 extratra minutes. and now as we move to ourmoveo o maps, we do have otherth slowdowns like i mentioned,tied th
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that is causing a significantnia delay south of where those icy i conditions two right lanes blocked.ght keep it to the left at seven and tysons. t we'rhee still s t ofa lo of slow moving traffic. please use caution this morning with such coldinwith temperatures and the ice that ae we were dealing with this mayh m not be the only area impactedmpe by slick conditions.ondion an earlier crash on 66 o66 eastbound cleared at 123.23 delays remain all the way backac to 50 and then we're alsols seeing some congestion by 28y as well on 66 eastbound.tbnd northbound crash at surrats surs back up to 301 and branchnd bnc avenue inbound. we also have some delays onhaves the orange and blue an a look at metro next.ex back to you. >> we're going talk about metro right now erin breecau gsi as they show it is taking safety seriously metro hasas discipline half of its track tra inspection team.ection team. a number of them have been red.d. >> it all stems from the julyroh derailment at the east falls at church metro station.urchetro now metro says certain workers e in the track departmenten falsified inspection records.onr fox5's bob barnard live iniv i northwest with the latest. late. i mean, te
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allegations, bob. bob good morning.morn >> reporter: hey, goodepor morning and they are guys andd g we're going to get to that in ta just a minute. m fires i want to tell you thent y other thing they mentionedg they last night the men metro gm paua wiedefeld and the boardhe b agreeing that late nightng t service now will be reduced onn the rails starting nextex summer. so if you're outta' place like k do your replace chinatownhinaton during the week the rail t service ends a11:30he startingrt next summer for two years. so, late night service to 11:30 during the week, 1:00ringt a.m. friday and saturdays. satus rail service will not begin on sundays until 8:00 a.m.. again, this starts next mmer.r. just wanted to mention that t first. in terms of the fallout, yes, y, this was last summer out at outa east falls church, there was a a derailment there. t the rails apparently too wideoow for the trains to make a turnur there and because of that derailment which caused a big ag problem that morning, there, the have been heads rolling andng ad paul wiedefeld announcing them
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inspectors and two supervisorser have been fired for as you mentioned allegedly falsifyingan records. six more firings or suspensions are pending. 28 of metro's 60 rail inspectors are facing someg som sort of discipline.isciin here now general manager wiedefeld speaking to theg to t metro board about this on thursday.thsday. >> what it says is we are extremely serious about getting to the root of all theol issues and when we find issues, we do what is necessary to correct them.ct we're not pushing things aside. we're not taking the easy way. y >> reporter: now again, thehe union representing those railail workers who have been fired bee speaking out at the metro met board meeting yesterday asterd well saying that they'rehere claiming they weren't properly e trained to do the inspectionspet and work on those records.
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rail workers union representative.esentati >> that's what they'rehas wh alleging. if you talk to any of them the you'll mind what they've doned h is not natecessarily falsification in their mind, m in their mind. now, i've talked to them. to t we're doing our own o own investigation. we're trying to find out whatt is this falsification that that wmata is talking about. if it's legitimatee falsification you won't hear aea peep out of me. out >> reporter: now, we wil ole wl hear much more from metro general manager paul wiedefeldle in our next hour guys. he'll be joining us live at live 8:00 a.m. here in theheren district. >> looking forward to gettingti those answers.wers thanks bob. still to come thisstill omeh morning, facebook rolling out a new plan to stop the spreadaco of those fake news stories. >> first today is nationalatio ugly christmas sweater day andnd if you are celebrating we want w to see your steve, you make that lookt loo cute. plus that little dog is reallyel cute but thank
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thank you everybody who is sending them n. if you're celebrating --rating - >> there was his foo fighters sweater.swea >> look at justin stuart ourua planning producer and his best friend.
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>> 7:15. >> whew. >> if it's going to be cold and wind chills of zero might get some it's g chill beautiful sunriseun action. >> day two right.ay twoight postcard. postca >> pretty to be honest. preto b >> does the cold make it the the sky more beautiful.if >> i guess that's in the eye of the beholder but i'll tellehl you what with less water idenssr the atmosphere you can see farther,. >> drier conditions.onti >> drier conditions.rier con pr very pretty. >> speaking of pretty. >> uh-huh. >> nice. can people see the actual.ople s >> oh, yes, you can seeee t it. follow the lights flashing.s fls >> i'll let you wear it >> do you promise.mise >> yeah. >> i'm not going to let him notg wear it.oi let's go to the forecast. t 19 now in washington. wasngto we are looking at still singlein digit wind chills.digind chills. much of the areas in the lower w teens so please lots of layers s whoever be ready for a cold day look how much of north americanr is experiencing really cold cold temperatures. t l at all those negative numbers off to the northth andod minus nine this morning in international falls, mine fal, nurse 12 in my favorite placeort swan river. you get the idea he ere. here. boston is 4 degrees so lots an
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lots to talk about here. here. there's going to be a big winter storm that's taking thata shape and we'll get a bige and piece of that late tonight g early tomorrow morning as warmer air slips n looks like sl we'll have a wintry mix breakin out. this will be after midnight. mih probably after 2, 3 o'clock in'i the morning we'll get a wintry r mix across the area. are it's not going to last for astor terribly long period of timef but there could be just enoughth and with just enough cold aird a in place we could have somee coe travel issues tomorrowomro tomorrow how much snow are wemo talking t about? i think less than ansshn inch. i think the primary threat thr here is sleet and freezingrein ra.n. there could be some icy spots so tomorrow morning. here's my a mdvice.ydv just wait it ot, if you 11 o'clock in the morninglock in temperatures get above freezing and anything that'gsmps falling will be just rain byainb tomorrow >> so you get arr free passow to sleep in tomorrow. >> i give you a free ap >> all right.>> a r >> unless you got to go tot to g work then i'm sorry. >> unless you have a poms pom exhibition in seneca valley. v >> is it outdoors. odo >> can you delay it just a you couple hours.. >> no. >> is it outdos.
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>> okay, well you're good n>> thkay, wl >> i really don't like -- thee e older i get i don't like o'tik drive in any sort of icef ice because it just doesn't seem don worth it. anyway, that's just me. >> hopefully temperatures jump up in a hurrary.ture speaking of driving here'svs erin with a look at yourou commute.cout >> unfortunately driversnfor dealing with icy conditions on the outer loop today. outer loop by 267th i athlle oul had been blocked. bck everything has reopened.eopened. vdot was out there clearing the ice. just use caution. use cau new crash eastbound seven at sen baron cameron the right lane blocked sorigh that's causing big delays ont ab seven as you head throughough reston this morning.his mog. aside from that 66 eastbound eas an earlier crash cleared at a 123 but we do have residualredul delays back to 50 and then 66he for the most part looking l better than usual from 234 to 28. i'll let you know about thatt volume. southbound 295 jams up from 50 f down to the 11th streettr bridge. we do have reports of a crashf a by benning road in the mix. thex 50 inbound towards 295 in95 cheverly very heavy traffic there. northbound branch nbr avenue at surrats road we'rere dealing way crash backed upd all the way to
7:19 am
in brandywine.rayw southbound southbound baltimore-washington parkway eae-rliewar crash that had all lanes blocked before 100 itfore did clear off to the shoulderule but delays are still really real heavy back to before i-195 king down from the capitol ofitl capital beltway to theayo t baltimore beltway.orbelt metro a train malfunction at stadium-armory earlier this morning. residual delays should clear on the blue and orange but delat they're still in place to vienna and fran cone today. this is the area of the outerth loop out before 267 where allhee lanes had previously beenously b block. we had a second crash in tysons outer loop by seven.ev we're backed up to georgetownetw pike. things are clearing but still s slow traffic coming out of glen echo on t outer loop. lp. give yourself extra time to get towards 66.6. typical delays on the inner day loop from the springfieldld interchange through 66 asha well. 95 in stafford is backingng u ap bit.bit. back to you guys. g >> facebook stepping up its battle back against fake >> the social networkial neork announced yesterday it willced e work wst
7:20 am
outlets to flag questionableiobl stories. >> holly joins us to talk tal about the specifics of thepecife social media giant's new battleal m plan.le p >> mark zuckerberg said herbsaie didn't really think that fake ta news was a big percentage ofcenf what is posted. he said it was only likeik 1 percent but when you consider the amount of stuff t n that'st posted on facebooknaceb 1 percent is actually a lot.. so, facebook's goal now is to t focus on the "worst of theworsof worst offenders" and they're going to do that by partneringpi up with outside fact checkers cr owe to help sort honest newstew reports from made up storiesp s that particularly play to partil people's passions and preconceived notions. notns so, what kind of stories aretoes we talking about here? unproven cancer curesoven c celebrity hoaxes backyard bigkyb foot sightings and fakend fak political stories which have drawn attention because of the possibilitnty that theyio swayea the u.s. presidentials. preside election. now to mention you know what we saw happementnio an t comet m ping-pong right here in d.c.herc so, here's the plan. facebook is making it easier eas for users to report fake news nw when they see it. i
7:21 am
story as fake, facebook willace then pass it on to a third thi party fact checkinging now there are currently five fact checking organizationsaniz that facebook is nah workingk w with abc news the associatedocte press fact polit politofacts. below the headline tpohere wille be a red label that says thasa disputed on it and then theren will be another tab that youab u can click on to find out whynd o it was disputed.d. now, at that point people havetp hoice.ce. they can decide if they wanty wn to share the story withry w friends anyway or they now, if they do choose to share it, it will get another warning.wa so, anyway, in a new study s just out yesterday the pewhe research center found nearly ady quarter of americans say they have shared a made up news n story either knowingly or unknowingly.owin the take away here is mark
7:22 am
zuckerberg has been adamantberg about the fact that face hbookck would not be in the censorshipei business. that's why they have this's third party doing the why fact t checking.checki it's not facebook. you can still post whatevern st you want andpost w really the os is still on the facebook user to inquire about it beingeing fake. so, you decide if you thinkif it's going to make amake a difference. >> at least it's another layer, holly, give us us something to think thanks sinog much. president barack obamaesid vowing to take action against russia foro take allegedly meddd in u.s. -- the u.s. election.ct plus hillary clinton also h responding overnight. >> today is nationalillarespon l christmas sweater day andr y we're get something greatsomethr pictures from some of our fantastic viewers here heo here's another one.. use #fox5 ugly sweater and a we'll share throughout theououtt morning. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. bitter cold out there to start your morning. d ounight lows back in the low teenacs,k in eve ln 12 degrees t dulles this morning.lles this mi let's get right to tnghe numbere as we are going to gradually gdu warm up into the upper 20 and 2n low 30's this afternoon. afternn 13 in washington. wind chill hanging out at in c eighhi hant. pleasantly mild or md balmy out this morning.this mori make sure you're ready for aor a cold one today as temperatures a are just not going to get a chance to warm up a whole lot.he lots happening here in the atmosphere.appe we got a developing storminstor system out into colorado ando that's going to push over the t eat t lakes. it's going to drive a warm front into our area overnightvet tonight and into tomorrow andor
7:26 am
period of a wintry mix aroundron here overnight tonight and ton early tomorrow morning. mor because of that we have both wintry weather advisories ands winter storm watches issued sto for therm the primary concern aroundrnroun here locally is not snow sw accumulation it's some icinge ii that may take place. just keep in mind tomorrowind morning the first couple hourse of your morning thefire could bb some icing issues on the roads t if you got to get outer i think by early afternoon aer everybody should be looking atlg just some light rain showersho or even dry conditionsdritio tomorrow. plenty more weatherher momentarily.mome let's do traffic now with w erin. >> 7:26. tucker.tuck skyfox behind me. sk by seven at tractor-trailer crash hasr-trair cleared and because they werecae able vdot tyo get icy conditions out by 267 cleared cd all lanes opened traffic fromrom georgetown pike down towardsnar tysons looking so much betterh t on the outer loop. l little bit quieter than usualhal pretty well beautiful shot sho from skyfox. s let's show you a look at some ae of our cameras in the area. seeing some lighter volumer than usual except for
7:27 am
if you as you head towards duke street you can see a loteel of brake lights ahead heading hi past the pentagon to the 14th th street bridge you need 15ee extra minutes.extra mi more traffic in a few.n a few >> thanks very much. last night the entire nba played with heavy hearts andeart they were honoring legendaryegen sports broadcaster craig cra sager. sager made a name for himself with his colorful wardrobe.ardrb after a long battle withe w cancer he passed awaycancer yesterday. in milwaukee the bucks and the bulls both wore sager strongtrg warmups.rmups. there's the golden state gameth you see the coach with the colorful tie andgoe golden thst players with the warmups under their jackets playing tributeckt with as moment of joy.t j >> i'd like all of you to --o to join me in an applause fore r a great man and a life wellwell thank you. [cheers and applause] >> steph curry joining in. i several players expressed their condolence on sager's son tweeted his dad's ds saying time is plim see howe you live your life. l we'll
7:28 am
live your life. we'll be right back. >> love that
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♪♪ that's pretty/it.. >> sure s definitely cold enouge for snow. it.bout liberty mountain just north of
7:31 am
frederick.ed i mean really 45 minutes fromes the northern suburbs of d.c.. it's a treasure in our backyard. >> take snow day was the was i love tha >> right. >> take a snow day.. >> it's open as of this morningi 9:00 o'clock this morning.orning it will be the grand opening off liberty mountain 2016 and not my favorite conditions to be on the slopes to be honest bought windn chill when you're on the liftsif it bites. >> are you a big skier?kier >> i enjoy a day out on theutn slopes, yeah.slop yeah. ll rll right. enjoy and support our local o businesses. i love that. >> let's get to our top storieso now at 7:31.:3 overnight in silver springpr family of four forced out in thn bitter cold after a fire igniten and caused serious damage too their home.r home. smoke alarm woke the family fil early this morning and they andt attempted to fight the flames oo their own before leaving that lt home. thankfully no one was hurt.ur >> family of terrence sterlingli now filed a $50 million wrongful lawsuit with the same law officc that repped fred day gray
7:32 am
brian trainor and his partnerhin were in violation in the moments leading up to sterling' deathrln investigators say officers y of trainer shot sterling afterin ar sterling crash his motorcycle cy into the side of the officer'scf cruiser last september iner in northwest. witnesses say sterling could nos avoid that cruiser because it pull right into histeat c pruatt a grand jury convened toco investigate the shooting lastshs month. no word when a decision will beb handed down.own >> former prince george's count executive jack johnson has beene released from federal prisonri where he had been serving time t after pleading guilty toy corruption charges back in 2011. johnson will serve rest of hisrh sentence at a residentialiden facility in baltimore before his release this summer.. the story made national nat headlines when johnson and his a wife arrested during fbi stink s leslie johnson was caught tryinn to hide thousands of dollars byb flushing it down the toilet andi stuffing the money into hero under garments.ment she served a year over a year in isison. >> breaking overseas conflict g reports out of syria c earlierar state run television reported rp evacuations in aleppo had put on hold after rebels opened fire at a convoy in a crossing point aia short time la
7:33 am
a statement claiming all womennl and children had been taken out of the eastern aleppoen the evacuation has been quote quo unquote completed.ed. back here president obamade vowing retaliation against agast russia over the presidentialsida election hacking.tion hacking. >> this comes as the white house and thes as president-elect area in a heated he can change over the russian involvement which w could also go all the way to the russian president. >> fox's doug luzader followingr the developments. doug, they seem to be changing n til the time. what's the latest.what's the l >> reporter: good morning.ter: . cold war all over again. ain. we're very likely to hear from m president obama on this subjectc later today about whether russia did in fact meddle in our o election last month and this isi creating even some more tensionn between the administration and president-elect trump. >> so much for budding for bdi relationship between presidentwe obama and president-elect trumpu has hit a rough patch over russia with president obamarent suggesting to npr russia wouldsw face consequences for alleged
7:34 am
meddling in last month'son election after hison aft his administration specificallyca claimed russian president psi vladimir putin. >> we need to take action and we will at a time and place of ourf own choosing. ilno d president will no doubt drive that point home later l today what is expected to be hih final press conference of theoft year.. but thus far it's been his spoken josh earnest ramping upni the rhetoric on trump saying the president-elect encouragedt-elec russian e-mail hacks.tmail hack >> mr. trump obviously knew thaa russia was engaged in maliciousc cyber activity that was helpingi him and hurting secretary clinton's campaign.n >> reporter: that drew a swift t rue bucc to trump who held ad a rally last night in pennsylvania. >> although foolish guy josh he jh were nest i don't know if he'sio talking to president obama.. >> boo! >> having the right presspre secretary is so important.tant because he is so bad the way hey delivers the message.vers tessae >> reporter: he wept a step a s further on twitter asking ifingi russia or some other entity wass hacking why did the white houseu say wait so long to act. t why did theo y on
7:35 am
hillary lost? lost? >> republican members of the of electoral election this messagea is for you. f you >> meantime with the electoralor college vote happening onni on monday, a group opposing trump t is now running a video with acts urging republican election tours to defy voters and cast theirast own ballots against trump. >> but here's the thing aboutng that. with that group is saying toayig these republican lectors is don't necessarily vote forly vor hillary clinton just vote forcl someone other than trump if that were to happen, neither clinton for trauma wop reach 270 electoral votes which means this thing would be kick over into o the house of representativesativ obviously controlled byntrolledy republicans and they woulds antw presumably vote for trump. steve and allison. >> doug luzader very complicated we appreciate i. 7 7:35. a tucker barnes has a check on our forecast. tucker, the ugly christmas chris sweater wearing barnes.s >> yeah, but i'm getting sometie good reviews for this sweater.we >> it's great. >> i love it. t of thethe spirit of the holiday. >> the lights -- light up lightt
7:36 am
no doubt about it. >> are they flashing rnoight no. >> they're flashing. fshing. >> one of a kind. let's do the forecast. we got lots>>t's to talk about weather wise. w we are looking at daytime highsh in the up we are 20s. 2 right now we're in the wind chills still hanging out i the single digit. 19 at reagan national.. 16 dulles. b were i marshall 16.l cold friday.y. upper 20s low 30s cloud cover wr saw it in the live shot a momenm ago quickly moving in from thegr west a mostly cloudy day for usr today. it should remain dry throughmain your afternoon and if you gotf g evening plans to be out ande oud about you're in good shape ashaa far as dry conditions but aftert midnight i think probably aftery two, 3:00 o'clock in the mornine we are going to have this wintrr mix around here through tomorrow morning and that could cause cau some icing issues out there. the primary threat here is not n so much snow accumulation, it'si freezing rain and sleet, andet,a again we can have a glaze on glo those roadways tomorrow morningr the good news with tomorrow'sor' forecast our eventual daytimeay highs are going to be in the bet
7:37 am
that falls early as sleet or o freezing rain should transitions to rain pretty quickly. 31 today. tod. winds becoming out of the southe here at five to 10. to 1 winds will be lighter than yesterday that's good news. all th l we d ro havige winter weather wr advisory and winter storm watcht posted for the region i'll showw that to you in just a fewu in je minutes. let's do traffic now with erin. >> 7:37, tucker, somebody isody opened the door to bring some be equipment in and it is so coldd inside i'm telling you two pairp of socks, boots, a big jacket, , scarf a hat, gloves it is really chilly out today and if you'ref taking metro and walking to the metro stops, definitely want tot wear warm clothes much disabledb train at landover because of b that single tracking on thengont orange line between new n carrollton and cheverly watch wt for delays in both directions.on we'll keep up it dad on thatn t one. for the rest of your fridayf urf morning commute, as you hit the road, friday mornings deserves s three clacks mission points.acks from 95 over to georgia on thean outer loop we are seeing someins heavier traffic about a 10t 1 minute slow down. not terrible right now. right nw you can see a lot of green still on the dmv -- aroun
7:38 am
rather a crash on sevenen eastbound at baron cam couldn'td avenue. delays starting after 286 leading through reston somethint to keep in mind and then 66he eastbound even though crash at 123 cleared delays heavy back to fief team keep updated on metrom and the roads.the ds keep it to fox5.5 we're back in just a few. few. stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours.
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we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at
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♪♪ ♪ the d.c. department ofeparen transportation released new appp that it hopes will make findingg parking easier. eie the app is called quiet simplyim park d.c. users have to just type in theie destination address and the appa will show where they are mostths likely to find parking nearby.ey the app uses data existing parking meters as well as wl sensors on the ground to locaten the open now right now it's only o available in chinatown and pennn quarter they but they say that'y stst for now. hopefully they'll be able to t expand the services later. lat shining laser lights on to n homes is a big holiday trend. something the cool display itsts adds a little sparkle to thele e season but the faa says thatha sparkle could cause problems ifs pointed to the sky. s they say it could distract dtr airplane pilots.ots officials say six aircraft were struck by lasers in a span of sf six hours on wednesday morning g in bn. faa said those strikes wereiker under investigation and theynd t wouldn't comment on theuldn't
7:42 am
also last year, lasers beamingei from homes in dallas, texas, and sacramento, california.. jd power out with list ofiso airports rising to the challenge in the latest satisfactionisct report. report reagan national airport moved up this year. this now ranked ninth but that's uptu from 15th last year doingr doing better job.bett way to go. d.c. a better than most score.. bwi also on the list coming inng at number 15.5. dulles international sitting att number 20 on the satisfaction st list but still above average score. number one airport in theer one country going to portland international airport when ithen comes to satisfaction.atisctio and last on the list is new yor city laguardia.rd. probably the easiest why getst y into so we still use it.iluse >> you do what you got to go. >> christmas just over week awaa now. just barely over a week away.. holiday shipping deadlines to remind you about. ahh! ahh! >> as for holiday shoppingin insider insight into something i lot of us want to know about.wb. we'll tell you.. ♪♪
7:43 am
wishing my family in maryland ad happy holidays.olidays.
7:44 am
sing along with furry friends and stomp your feet to a sesame street beat
7:45 am
eet live elmo makes music clap along when elmo makes music playing eaglebank arena this weekend only tickets on sale now through ticketmaster >> we have breaking news cominge out of prince george's countyak. metro train at the landover ldo station had to be evacuatedn had there was a fire under the car as that train was at then at t platform. we're told everybody got offdy f safely. they put the fire out. the fireo but another metro issue coming
7:46 am
wig the general manager of theft metro. another think we can ask him about at the top of the >> we look forward to. w after e that big show on good dd d.c. today.. first of all we'll have ugly uy sweater.te >> yes, we will. >> we'll talk about our favorita gifts to get ton give.on >> all right. >> and then grammy award winninn r and b singer song writer songi author producer record exec allc that good stuff faith evans wilw be with us. we'll find out why faith is in town. i can't wait. wait. >> that's so cool. she'll do a l>>ittle karaoke wih us. >> oh, really? rll >> oh, yeah. oh,eah >> i can't wait to watch >> if you're up and watching wch faith i hope you knew that. k see on good day.on good please still come. ce >> she'll fine out the same timt we do. do. ♪♪ >> this is what we've beens is wwaiting for today though the b day finally here it will be very special for all of us here at ua >> it is all for this sweetsw little boy kaheem, and we are partnering with make a wish midd atlantic for its season ofson wishes campaign.amig he's just five years o but he's a fighter. aer he's got lke
7:47 am
current until treatment. treatme he wants to be a super hero alla he wants to do is to help people. so today we are working witharek make a wishin tgo make his wisho helping others come true.e t we're going to enlist the helphl of local firefighters and policd officers. we're going to have livelive coverage all morning longngon beginning at 8:00 a.m. a.m. so not long now wisdom, tucker, kevin, will all have veryy special roles in this big daylei and you can also help keep tract on our facebook page.e >> it's excite fog everybody. i know tucker is excited about a it he gets to have a front row t seat for all the fun today.oday. >> can't wait, yeah.eah. in fact i got my cape ready to a go apparently we got a super a r hero in the city for the day. all right.all right. winter headlines, cold air it's' in i just want to give you headsoua up. wintry mix around here lateere tonight, early tomorrow morningg likely to start as light snow. s i think most of it won't get int here until after midnight.eridni if you have plans this afternoor ton night don't stress aboutes this too too m but by tomorrow morning, perhapa light snow accumulations moreore concerned with the glaze of icef across parts of th
7:48 am
remember very cold, very coldy l this morning and the pavementsts are going to be accordingly coll and anything that falls will gel a chance to ice up here. changing to rain by late l tomorrow morning.rrow morni so anything we get really theeay real issues are going to beng te tomorrow morning between i'd sas 4:00 in the morning maybe nine,n 10:00 o'clock in the morning mog when we could have icing issuess 19 now in washington.asng very cold out there thisut thers morning. 14 gaithersburg look at dulles 16 degrees. 18 good morning leonard quantico, 18 fresbur dericksburg yuderi guys are 17 looking at single sn digit wind chills out there. tre winds out of the north atth a 10 miles an hour current wind cd chill in washington eight.ig look at dulles 5 four in hagerstown.erstow very very cold temperatures.s developing storm system outrm st across the rocky mountain states and corresponding warm front fro kind of see it draped across tht great lakes this is what willhat push into our region later ler tonight and that's likely toly bring us a period of winterin weather. i do want to give you a heads uu a winter weather advisory nowory for the city and foreclose inse areas off to the north and west storm watch.atch not primarily concerned withied
7:49 am
concerned about icing takingak place overnight tonight andoniga early tomorrow morning.or. so you future cast quickly g qui ape e here. there we are 2:00 o'clock in tht morning. light snow right after midnighth and then looks like that icing issue or icing issues could takk place by six, 7:00 o'clock tomorrow morning. to light rainn to maybe get clearing skies or or plain old cloudy skies tomorrowo afternoon most of your weekend w we're not going to be dealingeai with a wintry mix. tomorrow morning early there could be some issues. ssues look at the warm temperatures.ra 60 by sunday. isn't that amazing? highigh temperatures in the 20s today. . 60 by sunday. >> all right.ll rig i love that sweater on you. y glocks. >> i like yours as well. >> you're just saying l tikhat.a >> no you look very charming,han dapper, handsome.dse. enough good words?en >> yeah many.>> yeah many >> and you're sparkling.nd you'r unfortunately tracking breakingr news steve and allison told you. earlier fire reported under a ur metro train at platform level impacting thing out in land ovee that disabled train mark bradyy letting us know all thell t passengers aboard were safelyel evacuated however delays on thee
7:50 am
everything is under control.onol single tracking between new carr toll and cheverly please watchls for delays there. extra caution at that landoverte station if you see policen you presence that is why and the and fire depth as a well. moving from metro to look at you are roads friday morning, outerr loop 95 to georgia about a 10ut1 minute slow down.w other than that, i would say for this friday morning traffic flow is much lighter around the dmv t even inside the beltway thanelta what we normally see. new crash eastbound 29 it blockt the left lane at monument drivee caution there. notice how 66 still has stop anp go traffic.go just a little bit of light lig volume from 234 through tou centreville and then again fromf 50 towards the beltway.he belay all in all only about 15 minutet delay from 234 to arlington aint which is much better than wen usually see on 66. eastbound seven a crash at baror cameron right lane block.lo so watch for slow downs comingns out of reston from about 286 abo down to that crash location.ocat here's a closer look at 66 it'si just light volume like i mentioned 95 northbound lookingn dpretty good through dale citye across the occoquan inbound from
7:51 am
50 just slight delays throughig cheverly. we'll keep a close eye on that c metro situation out in landovero back to you, steve.te here's something that'sre'st really cool for cl fo get ready to make music for elmo at says see street live oneeet viewer can win four tickets too see sesame street live elmoe makes music december 18th the eagle bank a ren in a. the prize has approximate retaii value of $72 provided by v star entertainment.t >> ♪♪ >> go to fox5 our facebook page starting now through 10:59am for your chancea to win.toin. one lucky winner will bell b selected by random drawing onng december 16th. 1h all entrants you got to be 18 or older. complete rules and online entryy available at >> there's only one not smiling in that picture. shat you cut the bare out of the cture.e. >> can't cut bird out of the bi picture.. >> christmas just over a week ak away and holiday shipping isin heating up.. folks rushing to get last minutt gifts to friends fan ale cross the country. >> today is the last day thatha you coul
7:52 am
expect your package to get thert by the big day. if you are using fed ex get gt those gifts wrapped up and do ii fast. fa once again, electronics at thect top of many people's holiday hid wish lists this year but whileui the tech business is booming tht industry still navigatingatin massive growth.rowth. competition and customer ctome service.service. >> lauren simonetti with foxox business network joins us live i from a best buy in secaucus, new jersey. jersey. interesting lauren. you went straight to the topinto get insight into this and it seems like tech has been a big g holiday gift.t tech is always evolving always y changing much what's happening now? >> reporter: do you remember back in the day people used tod go into the best buy stores ands play with all the gadgets, leave without them.them. they use the store as a showroor and then bought the gadgets onao >> sure. >> that is not happening any nny the c eo came into best buy in
7:53 am
such an understatement he has boosted the stock price 330%.30 we sat down together.ogr. take listen. >> we turn the company around an the way we did it by refocusingg on the customer first we took wt price of the table -- prices on competitors and matched pricesre and april invested in theilnves customer experience.cuxp >> i can't help but notice ass soon as you walk in the storen e apple is right there. t. >> yes. >> you can't miss it. >> that's right. aredusously apple p>>roduct ysu hot seller.t see >> great products.reat products. customers love it and we havee the assortment and the expertisi to help the customers with. wit did you know that you could gett a 32-inch tv for $100. >> can you make money selling ag tv that cheap?he >> yes, we can.>> yes, we c >> how can?ow c >> well, because this is our own brand. >> how many tv's do you have inv your home. om >> i have two. >> that's it. >>.yes. >> ceo of best buy only has has 2tv's in his home.e. >> they are amazing tv's.are amt lookv' at this.
7:54 am
this is the best picture quality. >> the percentage of yourntage r overall sales that are comingom the web is how much. mh >> we do eight out of our 10 10 revenue from the site.he site. >> you expect that to grow too w how much. >> last two quarters onlinee business grew 24%. 24%. we're gaining market shareket s online and in the stores.the es >> amazon is selling nes classis to prime now customers in certain cities guaranteeing two hour how do you compete with that? >> within 15 minutes of u.s. population you can get nes classic edition at best buy.estb there you go. >> nintendo n e-z classic edition i'm assuming you guysoug might want one.t want >> you can get t >> i know. k >> not yet. not yet >> you can in store at best buy on tuesday or you can be my friends... we've been friends bi forever. >> you like that? >> iou thought we were best bes
7:55 am
>> wanted this for a long time.a >> i got i was starbucks giftucg card last year.ast ye it's fair.'sair. it's an even trade. >> that's right.ha you knowt' what, steve, this iss all yours. yours isn't sorry, allison.n'sorr >> that's okay.>> tt's he wanted it. >> allison i can give you this. >> what is that? >> you will like this.s this is a will he nova laptopap that folds in half. h >> i need a new laptop. >> it's call the yoga it'sa it' pretty cool.pretty cool. >> that is cool. >> this was on his shopping lisl as well. >> you used to go on best buyes and cd central with racks and ra racks of cd's they cleared thata space out for the most part to t put in the high-tech, higher end items it looks like.ik >> right.>> r a lot of higher end items, andta the ability to be so aggressivev in your pricing you can get --- you force customers to come in c and leave with something.hi it's a challenge these daysse especially when you're payingyo' for almost 1500 expensive storeo like this >> you know it. t i'm surprised only 11% of onlinl business right now but growing. >> i'm surprised lauren knows ms
7:56 am
totally need a laptop.y ne >> she's the best.>>he's t thanks, lauren. 7:55.55 we like tucker especially when e he dresses up for us like today if yeah. >> let's do the forecast. [ laughter ] >> tucker -->> >> yes. >> that's twice that you've dont the howard dean yea today.ay >> it's nice, i like it.e it. i'm not complaining.omplning >> it's my new new thi. [ laughter ] >> we're looking at cam winds cw that's good news. winds lighter. clouds moving in very quicklyg u here. quick heads up. early tomorrow morning looksmorr like we'll have a wintry mixix around here, and that will for w the most part include sleet andt the potential for freezing rainr travel issues i think the worstw of it will be between 4:00 inenn the morning and eight,d ight 9:00 o'clock in the morning. mog by late morning, early afternoon we'll probably just be cloudye and look at your eventual ent daytime high tomorrow.oor 52 degrees. again if you'll be traveling you early tomorrow morning, keep ana close eye on the forecast and ot the condition of the roadways. w all right.l right erin has a last look at trafficf this hour. hou >> tucker 7:56 we're starting sn you off with metro we did get word from metro officia
7:57 am
smoking brakes was the cause ofu the metro train evacuation out in prince george's county marknty brady tweeting us the u information train safelyation a evacuated everyone off theerne o platform that are thatatform investigation.invest right now singleig trackingtrain remaining in place on the orangg line between new carrollton ando eveverly. watch for delays in both directions.rections we will certainly keep youp y updated on that situation, if, you do take the orange line l factor in time for those delaysl sip gel tracking between westwew falls and east falls surge for safetrack surge lighter volume than usual but it you a few trouble spots. spo take a closer look as wes w continue. keep it to fox5 news ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
z26i0z z17vz y26i0y y17vy
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news morning. fx ♪♪5 good friday morning to you.u i'm allison seymour.y >> i'm steve chenevey.'m steve c thanks for joining us thihes t morning. it is 8:00 a.m. on this day and here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu.en >> first up a raging fire durinn a freezing cold night. nht now one family is homeless justt days before christmas. plus, heads roll at metro. multiple employees disciplinein after this past summer'smer' derailment this morning we go go straight to the top for apps.or. >> and we are all excited foritf this special day for our friend kaheem.. kaheem is just five years old. o he has leukemia and his wish for the day he wants to be a super hero and help safe others. oer so in about 30 minutewe
8:01 am
about to make his wish start to come true. first though live lookglivel outside on this friday morning.g on round two of this bitter coll weather let's check in with ourh in the christmas spirit tuckerr barnes. >> it's naturally christmas day. >> ways not accomplish myy sweater is quite dapper. dap >> not ugly enough.. >> it backfired.kf that's what happens when you're so dam handsome. >> that's sweet, allison, thanka you. >> i was advertising less winder went just showed a live stihosio with windy conditions.ditions. lots of layers.ts o put your christmas sweater onwen and the jacket and the rest of o it this morning.ning temperatures overnight been in n the low to myight teens. teens now up to 19 at reagan nationalo that's not much of improvement. dulles 17. bwi marshall 17. clouds for, we'll cloud up heree pretty quick.ty quick. dry this afternoon you heard hrd about this wintry mix that willl get in here late tonight early tomorrow morning and winter win storm watch and winter weather h advisory has been issued for tht region this is for tomorrow
8:02 am
so more on that coming up we'ree expecting, you know, primarilywp it will be icing issue more thaa a snow issue tomorrow morning.og 31 today.. again no travel issues today but it will be cold lots of clothess if you'll be outside. outsi all right, guys.s. more weather momentarily.enri back to you.. >> tuck, thanks very much.ry mu. want to check our topnt stories right no two ch 8:02. we have breaking news coming out of prince george's county.e geor metro train at the landoverandoe station that had to be evacuatet after a fire under the rail carr broke out into the rail car the train sat at the platform.m >> metro says it was a smoking i brakes that caused the issue. ie all the passengers were able tot get off of that train safely saf right now the orange line is is single tracking between new car carrollton and cheverly as avey result. >> we'll talk with the general l manager in just a couple ofouple minutes. our other top story this hourthr overnight in silver spring avesg family of four forced out intout the bitter cold aft a firee ignited and caused serioussed s damage to their home.eirom a smoke alarm woke the family fl overnight and they attempted too fight the flames on their ownes before leaving the home. thankfully, nobody was hurt.
8:03 am
the man accused of walking i into comet ping-pong with a gun will be back in court todayrt after indicted by a federaled grand jury yesterday. edgar madison welch facing a a mucks ma'am of 35 years inyen prison for driving from northm h carolina to self investigateeste online conspiracy theoriesheorie claiming high level dem weree running a child trafficking ring in that pizza shop.hop >> a nanny accused of in theinhe death of a baby in princeprin george's county will appear aea before a judge.fore that happens this she charged with murder andurded child abuse after police say shs force fed an eight month oldontd baby girl who died.wh die the victim's home surveillanceen system caught the whole thing on tape and showed the nannyanny napping before being woken up bb the baby >> in dc courtroom today tay preliminary hearing for hospitai employee accused of sexually abusing a patient.atient police say 51 year old simon ofo waldorf assault add femaleeme patient at united medical centec in southeast earlier this month. the hospital says it cannot cano comment on the accusations whilw still under investiga
8:04 am
family of terrence sterlingi filed a $50 million wrongfulro death lawsuit with the same thee baltimore law office that that represented the family ofamily freddie gray.. it alleges that officer brianici trainer and his partner were ini violation of multiple general gr orders in the moments leading up to sterling's death. investigators say officerficer trainer who shot sterling aftert sterling crashed his motorcycle into the side of the officer's cruiser last september in northwest witnesses say sterling couldn't avoid the cruiser because it pull right into avo s grand jury convened tod ry c investigate the shooting laste l month.nt no word when a decision willn w come down. overseas in syria conflicting information nowmatin about the season fire in allennn poe and evacuation of civiliansl much russia says thoses tho evacuations are complete thes ae syrian government says she hadnm to be suspended becauseen ofse o renewed fighting.g syrian officials are accusing rebels breaking the terms of the cease fire deal.ceas more than 3,000 people were wer bussed of eastern allen poeoe yesterday.yesterday. un says at least 50,000 morey
8:05 am
ma.n. this morning a washingtonasg state police officer is fightini for his life after he was shotes in the head while responding too a call about another shooting. n this happen in the town of mount vernon about 60 miles from fro the officer 30 year veteran ofao the force. underwent surgery overnight.oven the suspect was arrested afterd an hour's long standoff with officers. today the nation will bethe saying goodbye to former us senator antrorse ninety threetyt naught john glenn he lies inen state at ohio capitol building.n public viewing for glenn is fori scheduled to last for eighteig hours starting today at noon. n glenn was the first american too orbit the earth.orbit the eart he died last week at the age of 95. ♪♪ 8:05. on a8: friday, 19 degrees outeeo there. >> yeah. yea put your sweater on before youef head out.ore y >> you need it. >> and light it up>> for the holidays. >> let's do the forecast.ast >> feeling cozy.ozy. >> yeah. you're looking cute.u're looki >>ng yeah. feeling nice and christmas see s here. my christmas sweater on.weater o >> 19 now in washington.hingn. obviously going to be anothere h cold one today.oday
8:06 am
or 31 in the city. city. you know, we're still in thewe'l deep freeze here for 24 moreor hours hours.hour there's your satellite/radar. sr clouds quickly somebody just tweeted me tuck tc they are tox five tweet me yourw pictures or your got beautiful picture of the sunrise this morning out in in gamble state park. pk. >> nice. >> glorious out there.out clouds will increase quickly. i think we'll keep it dry todayy but cold.butold. and then overnight tonight,onig early tomorrow morning, we'ree' going to be looking at primarily a wintry mix and by wintry mix i meet sleet and freezing raing ri will be primary concern aroundrd here. there could be light snowulbe l accumulations off to the northo and west but tomorrow morning'ss drive if you'll be out on the on roads early i think between about 4:00 in the morning maybe 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning moi could be slick in spots. slick t could be treacherous out thereue for parts of the area.rts the a very cold this morning. mni course the pavement getting getg cold, and anything that fallsths from the sky even if it falls aa rain may freeze on local areaala surfaces. keep that in that 31 today.31 tay more on that wintry event coming up.up we have winter weather advisoryw
8:07 am
area. >> thanks, tucker.>>hanks, um-m-hmm. >> check in with erin get a looo what's happening on the roads this morning. mor >> good morning.>> i feel so far from you guys thit morning. we are tracking a metro problemm dealing with smoking brakes atrt the landover station on an orange line train. tra police and fire were able toe t evacuate the train.acuate no reported injuries.s. the result is single trackingrak between new carrollton andnd cheverly. watch for delays in both directions on metrofor at this time. time. we'll certainly keep updated ifp you're heading out in northwest connecticut avenue northbound a crash at pliers mill road theoa left lane is blocked southboundh traffic getting hi bite on theee northbound. all lanes northbound had been blonortckhbed look at thek at e delays through kensington kensin heading to from wheaton glenmone much please watch for that onee and watch for residual delays aa well on other secondaries in the area.area. eastbound 29 crash blocking the left lane at crash monument drin in addition to that, southbound 295 jams up solid from south of 50 down towards the 11th t 1 street bri eleventh street bridge inbound
8:08 am
slow-moving traffic and 50intraf inbound through cheverly fromlym about 410 to 295 is slow.w new york avenue past bladensburu remains heavy.remains hea we have you covered.over. any questions for your commutesr at erin fox5 on dc on twitter.wr steve and allison.ison. >> get you caught up on met on m tomorrow we are continuing toinu track metro this morning in an a move showing the transit agencye is taking safety overhaull seriously a number of employeess have recently been fired.tly fr >> and that's just little bit of the disciplinary action all stemming from a july train fro derailment at east falls church. fox5's bob barnard went right tt the top for the latest.ates he's standing by at metro headquarters now with metro gm g paul wiedefeld.ul wiede good morning, bob. >> reporter: good morning allison and steve. steve we'll speak to mr. wiedefeld ini just a moment. i want to take you back to julyl this was just outside the easthe falls church metro station, and basically, a train derailederle right there heading into the station, and we understand that apparently some of the railsls were wider than the train couldu handle. wider an
8:09 am
have been, and as a result of o that derailment last summer,r four track inspectors and two to supervisors have been fired for allegedly falsifying records. six more firings or suspension are pending.ding. in all 28 of metro's 60 rail inspectors are facing some formm of discipline because of that particular situation and what a has come from thend investigatin of that derail.hat d as you mentioned joining us is metro general manager paull wiedefeld celebrating your firsi year here with metro.erwith thanks for joining us. u >> sure, bob. sure, bob nice to see you a >> thank you. thank you for having us if into your headquarters.uarters. what can you tell our viewersel about whenl you hear falsifyinn records? what did thesehe employees allegedly do? >> sure.>> sure. as you recall, right after thata event we were doing ann investigation, and shortlyly thereafter i asked the police tt take over a portion of thatonf t investigation because some ofse the statements we were getting and that has led ttso w basicaly the actions i took that we'vetee been taking the last few days.s
8:10 am
up as you mentioned there's 28r2 individuals right now that we'r' still working through what we'r' going to do there. and it just -- it's reflection unfortunately of years and yeara of culture that has been createt here we're going to stop. >> reporter: did the t investigation of that derailment find records and what have youhe had been falsified or were records falsified after that aft derailment to try to cover up that derailly?erai >> no, this is, again, this is sort of systemic and over yearsr there maybe wasn't the focus fus that should have been on it, and some of the reports were justwes not changing and that's just not realistic. things should be changed out ina ngthe system. ste so we went back. b we look at three years of of history. we didn't go back much more thaa we had enough there just tous t basically look at, you know, y k what was being reported.eporte what were the actual conditions. we look at data, fact. fact. and then based on that we knewek that things were not correct, and we took the actions wens we needed to take. which by the
8:11 am
is a terrible time obviously for anyone this time of season to t lose their lived hoot but it isi totally unacceptable for me f m whether it's a manager, whetherh it's a front line person itersot doesn't matter. it's about the safety odof thehe individuals and safety of our o customers and that's the wayants it's going to be, and and unfortunately that's what has th be done sometimes.metim >> something like that could lic affect moral but what do you say to the riders your customers oho my gosh, there are people out pl there supposedly doing the inspections and they're playing with the books? >> you raised two issues. isss. one on the moral. i think it's actually moral booster, because i think ithi it again reflects all our employees use the system.e the syste you know, they want to be safeef just as a customer does.oe so i think that -- i think thehi vast majority of our employees p get that.t the same way with the customerss for the customers what they wt should understand is that we are onop o of this. we will continue to be oninueo e toughies that. that. we have entire new managementagt team in here, we have a new new approach.apprch. and again, being very well received.rece
8:12 am
there's still some things we toe weed out and we'll continues to do that. we'lldo >> i want you to hear, yesterdad at the board meeting here, jackie jeter who represents thee rail workers, the union union president, had this to say about the allegations of falsifyingfyn records by some of her unionnion members.mb let's listen. >> that's what they arey ar alleging, and if you talk to any of them, you will find that what they have done is not necessarily falsification in i their mind. m in their mind. mind. now, i've talked to them. tm. we're doing our own investigation.ig we're trying to find out what ii this falsification that wmua iss talking about.ut if it's legit falsification youu won't hear a peep out of me. >> reporter: but she was saying, they weren't maybe surer of what they were supposed to bp what what's your reaction?eactn? >> again, you know, my positiont is that if anyone sees something that's not right, they need to t raise their hand. and, you know, the track workerw
8:13 am
track every we inspect the entire systeme sm twice a week. we walk the system.e ste and that's what thesehe individuals do.o. and they know -- they know theow width between the rails.ails. it's fairly straight forward.wa they know the conditions of thee ties. they're looking at the spikes. spike those are things that, upping,p, that's pretty straight forward to do. and so i feel fine what we found unfortunately is what we found.u >> reporter: okay.ep o i know we have to go. g i do want to ask this lasts l question. if you hear half of your rail inspectors are facing facin disciplinary act up to t termination how do you inspectho your tracks then.w yorack >> sure. we're using other people that we've had a lot of people havege track experience that moved onto to other things. otherhing we're using outside consultantsn and looking at technology. there's a lot of video and lases type technology that we want tot introduce to reduce the needs n for some and also step it up ata little bit. tt >> all mr. wiedefeld thank you verynk u much. >> thanks bob. >> appreciate you being with us morning. a lot going on heree you is incg reduced hours of service next n summer for the next two years.os
8:14 am
rail side after 11:30 at nightig and on weekends up until 1am ana rail service not beginning on o sundays till that's for two years startingrtn neummeummer. again, all part of this news new culture here to make thingsng better and get the work donek d that needs to be done. needso be guys. >> have to get used to the new hours, bob. bob. appreciate that. thanks very much.apanks vmu metro is putting safety as as priority when it comes to it ani a lot of riders are looking for. president obama vowingg retaliation against russia over the alleged election hacking. >> we'll talk with chris wallace. >> fox5 along with make a wishh mid atlantic granting a speciall wish for this little boy.oy his name is kaheem and he has leukemia and he's in treatmenttm currently. wants to be a super hero to help people. people. today he's going to get his special you don't want to miss it. mis stay with us.
8:15 am
8:16 am
8:17 am
♪♪ delays on the orange line le single tracking between newen nw carrollton and cheverly after early -- earlier fire atire a landover just a littlet metro mt update for all you need to know if that is your wayat in. in. or home. local lawmaker calling onali congress to delay the electoral college vote plus president barack obama vowing retaliationa against russia over thehe presidential election hacking. g chris wallace host of fox newsow sunday joins us with more. me. chris, before we get to
8:18 am
that i've got to know how your epic helicopter ride to thehe army/navy game with the president-elect, how did allt-ew that go last week?o st w >> well, it wasn't a helicopter. it was trump force one. it was his custom designed 757 and all i can tell you it's a pretty sweet ride.ty swe [ laughter ]ughter ] >> okay. now to the business now. the business end of it.f i you know lots of talk about what the electorate will do when it's time to vote, and also, this nasty russian business of them e possibly meddling in ourn o ecection. >> yeah, when you talk about tht lectors voting people may thinki they already voted on november 8th but as it wass it done by the founders in the constitution, the president pree doesn't become the presidentrese until the lectors we talk aboutk the electoral vote there are 538 of them and they're a pouringed depending on who won in each eac state, and now you've got aou'vg number of democratic lectors and one republican, one republicanec who are saying they don't wantat to vote u
8:19 am
intelligence briefing about the hacking of the american ari political system by the russiani as hey sigh this is almost all l think 60 of the 61 who have signed a petition in this regart are democrats so there'sohere certainly seems to be a sign a they're trying to overturn orr under cut donald we'll be talking to two of those lectors on sunday we're also wes going to be talking to a membera of congress from virginia don buyer who is saying that theyg should delay the vote.ould it's supposed to take place onao monday.nd they should delay the vote until they get that intelligenceli briefing. i think that's very unlikelyely because among other things none of these election tours or very few of them have securityur clearance of all of this o t information is classified. also have a member of the trump team who they feel that this iss all in and effort by democrats who -- interesting because trumt got so much heat for his refusas to say he would accept thecc t results of the collection nowcto they say it's the democratsrats doing the same thing. >> we between get to your powero
8:20 am
our hearts here in the dmv ass it's known. the new head or the head of mgm because we now have little fanciness on the >> well that's right. rig we talked actually we'll run itn last week but of course all thet stuff happened with donald trump but jim mew ren the executive -e whatever i forget his exactis e title of mgm resorts he's thee's head guy.. >> chairman.hairn. ceo. >> that's right. chairman. $1.4 billion into the mgm resort. we were there before the opening and ofe coursbee we have some o the stops since the opening.s si if you haven't been out thereavt it's a prett by cool place.lace. i mean there's gambling i'm notn a big gambler but the casino iss literally bigger.r bigger footprint than the whitei house but there are also 15o 1 restaurants including brian,, jose andres, and they're goingyg to have top entertainment there everybody from cher and i knowha you're a big cher fan allison. s >> that's right. >> to bruno mars. m so it's a pretty cool place an
8:21 am
lot of reasons they thinkhey they'll get an average of 20,000 people a day at we take you behind the scenes ue meet the guy who brought mgm tot the potomac.. >> and why? that's my bigsy question. i mean it's like vegas, then us. >> no.>> he has very good answer. good they're not putting a billion without doing their mark research much he says it's a huge tourist are there's three airports.rports washington never has a bad dayeb economically because we're not as prone to the recessions thata go on in the rest of the country. and he said that, you know, people -- thinks will stay forlf an extra day to come out and visit. vi the mgm resort out on thehe potomac. >> all right. we forward it to, chris,hris and see you on sunday. sunday. >> you bet. 1.4 bill will be paid off ii no time if not already. already >> already found.ound. december 16th have i that downit as a moment i can have helped to fill in chris wallace's memoryem on something
8:22 am
>> vast knowledge. >> hold on to that one. h iold thought you were dating te date of bruno mars concert.cert >> cher book two weeks of showso >> here >> perhaps she'll be a guest ine the loft. >> wouldn't that be great.ld b >> fancy. >> okay. thank you that's my cher. in case you thought i was having a mental break down. dow. facebook cracking down on fakenk news. fine out how next.. >> imagine the hair was there.we first a holiday greeting from am local service member overseas.s. cody pool from 791 is the p securityool forces squadron no dakota. i want to wish my family andmily friends back in maryland and inn minnesota happy holidays and one message from me, skull likings..
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
>> now i feel like we're one bie happy familiarly. >> yeah.happ >> couldn't stand it any more.dt >> finally the holidays are hay here.he >> you look great actually.actua >> busting out in spirit.ngn sp >> i like it. >> maybe it's me.aybe i don't see the ugly if your sweaters.eaters. >> you don't. >> nor in yours
8:26 am
>> mine says son of a nutcracker. on of a nua nutcracker. >> i think there's somethingtc more to that.racker. the we'll let it go.l let it [ laughter ] >> we're super jealous that tha yours lights up.p. >> i press this little button bo and it keeps lighting up.ingp. >>ancycy. >> i was m what's going on. m w >> let's do weather.o weather. 19 in washington.ashi wind chills are still in theill single digits 11 here in thehe lots of layers.ay make sure you bring yourbring r christmas sweater along with yo when you head out this morning.g we'll be cloudy and cold today.. upper 20s perhaps few getting ig the low 30s up side of the he forecast less wind than then let's focus on overnightrnt tonight and early saturdayy morning. wintry mix on the way.. the primary concern we in the weather world have that we'ret ' going to have an icing issueue early tomorrow morning for parts of the area.rea very cold yesterday very coldy l this morning. morni of course that will transfer too the ground temperatures and what looks to be a light rain eventnt will freeze on the surface andfa we'll probably have freez
8:27 am
sleet and maybe light snowht sw accumulations north and west. w. overnight tonight.ight i think after probably one, one 2:00 o'clock in the morning through maybe nine,ybe ne, 10:00 o'clock tomorrow morning.i then it should transition too light rain.ain. ok.y. real those are weather alerts.are we wintater storm watch and winterr weather advisory for the areaa for after >> good to know. >> all right.>> big day. day we're going to have our big b reveal the exciting part of thef morning we've all been waitingag for. it is finally it's going to be very special il for all of us right here at hera fox5. >> it is all for this little fo angel kaheem and we are were partnering with make a wish midm atlantic for a season of wishes mpmpaign. he's five years old.'s fye he's fighting leukemia and hea e wants to be super hero. today he's going to get thatt he's going put his super hero hr powers to work in just about twt minutes he's going to learn that his wish has been granted. gra stay with us.stay with us.
8:28 am
did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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♪♪ >> great time of the morning it is. that's kaheem all weengk we've ' been telling you about ourur special friend kaheem who is who five years old. now, kaheem has leukemia.kemia he's in treatment now. >> not stopping that smile, though isn't it. i >> steve. >> not at all. we're partnering with make ah mk wish mid atlantic for it'st' season of wishes campaign, andp, today is the day we've beenee waiting for.waiting f we are going to help to
8:31 am
special wish for kaheem. >> so kaheem could have anythinn in the world.inhe wor >> right.ight >> he chose to help others.ther >> i love it.>> i love it >> he wants to be a super hero.r so right now, he is about to get his call to action.ct let's take look.k >> kaheem, the super hero council and spiderman need youru help. >> kaheem, please listen.aslis >> kaheem, there's trouble in the city. thee ci. >> kaheem, the super heroer h council of america has called us. us >> kaheem, firefighters arem,irf super hero friends and we're an' looking for a brave boy and we d know that's you. so kaheem, say hi to mr. wisdoms gone outside and meet your firefighter friends. >> kaheem, what's going on? how you doing young man?dog young how are you.u. >> look who that is.>> l >> that's batman, right? i? understand that's one much your favorite. that's one of your favorites.yor look, batman i talk to batmano b this morning you see that rightt there. i talk to him this morning.orng
8:32 am
you're going to be a hero. you'll be a super hero and hero today. da i brought friends along with mem from the fire department. >> hi, kaheem. how are you. >> you want to go outside andside a get on the fire truck? >> yay. y >> come on let's go. we'll hang out today. let's go make this happen.n. joke. >> you're on tv. we know you like the tv picture, right? >> let's go. let's g >> come on. >> let's go.>> here we go.hego >> mom is over here. is over >> can i give you your firstours super hero hat? hat? >> that's a gift from us. u >> big day for you all right.llt >> we'll go save some people. we going to meet the super heroo council. coun let's go. t's gogo. let's walk.lewalk. let's go.t' >> mom has got you. yu. come on. >> look at all these peoplese po right here. [ cheers and applause ] and >> today is the big day.e bigay [ cheers and applause ] kaheem!
8:33 am
>> you excited? [ applause ] >> we'll go hang out.ut >> does that sun like fun? f? >> um-hmm.. >> you like fire trucks? tru >> all right. n.t's go make it happe >> all right? here we go. >> can my mom come too. >> yes. you.ou go with >> we got it set up so mom andnd your friend can go with you as well. >> what's your favorite superavp hero? >> spiderman. >> you like spiderman. you like the marvel you guys ri? >> okay. all right. okay. so look you see the big trucks k ov herere? >> um-hmm. >> you like the lights? >> all right. you l we're going to make it happen>>. okay? okay? >> it's going to be a very big dag y. very big day.very big day you excited about your day? d >> all right. >> all right. right. >> all for you buddy. you bdy. going to be a
8:34 am
>> let's go over this way. come on.n >> we'll give you super powers. very special trip. all right. rht >> we're going to get on the truck.k [ applause ] >> we're going to take off hereh and check back in with you. i'll going to turn this off. >> i'm going to turn this off. >> what do you think? >>
8:35 am
>> yeah? >> here's what's going happen now we hope you stay withs wh ut i think it's a little hard to hd hear because all the noise fromo the fire trucks. everything that's happening. but kaheem wants to be super hero he's gotten the call toal t action from real heroes in our community like the firefighters and police officers and responders. >> very cool. by e has a very busy day ahead ofda him. him because he has to save a whole w bunch of people today. as a super we want to you stay with us sta throughout the day he's actually goingho tuto be on way here to the studio. so we'll all have a chance tohae meet kaheem and we can talk with him, and then he's going to be e whisked away to save the day fof so many, hit a lot of places inn d.c.d. we don't want to give all thet cretets away. stay with us on air and online n on our social media pages throughout the day today.hout te you'll be a able to follo dw ala with kaheem's wish day. >> his smile has not gone awayoa the whole time.e whe ti he's five years old.s o so that's little. lite. >> it's a lot going on for him r right now.ri >> he's a little kindergartner.n so, you know, but i think t
8:36 am
he's getting everything that's ' happening because his little h face is just been lit up like tucker's christmas sweater all day when we've seen him thisim i morning. we can wait to meet wai he's on the way ht ertoe to thee station as steve said, and agaid we are partnering with make a wish mid atlantic to help make kaheem's super hero wish dayay come true.rue. cannot wait. stay with us all w day. day look at his little bag. super cape.ape. >> website today theme saves ses you can fine out norut information and how you can hell out as well. >> you're involved, too, tuck?? >> my mission is i can't give it away but i'm i going to be involved as well aaa little later this morning. >> all right. right see the smile when he saw thesmn fire truck. he was like yay going to be exciting. >> every little boy wants to li ride on fire truck. t >> and little girl.>> a lit >> et cetera gets to be hero. >> real quick. let me go to a map.let me g i wano t to give you heads up mh winter wither advisory and winter storm watch for tomorrowo morning.rning today upper 20s low 3
8:37 am
skies this is for tomorroworro morning. could be icing issues this iss s not really going to be snoweno event more like a sleet andle freezing rain even just keep kep mind tomorrow morning thereni could be icing issues between be 4am and 10am tomorrow. >> okay.>> oka. >> more weather momentarily g t know. check in with erin get a look a the roads.. >> 8:37 right now f you're taking metro from earlierlier disable train dealing with smoking brakes train evacuated t at landover watch for residual d delays in both directions.econ single tracking new carrolltonro to cheverly.rly let you know as soon as thes soh orange line gets back to normal. later volume than we typically y see we have a crash on the outee loop dealing with slow trafficff back to the beltway as well as s crash on pennsylvania avenuevenu eastbound. so watch out for that oot things are slowing down as you make from your beltway tt the prince george's county.unty outer loop crash at 450 delaysel back to 50. to inner loop looking good. lking d inner loop pretty quiet as yous make your way across the wilsonn bridge as well and as you make your way out connecticut avenue northwest northbound crash at per
8:38 am
of extra congestion onio secondaries through kensingtonts as well ains wheaton glenmont mc nothing keep in mine as you head to forty one work this morning.g aside from that eastbound 29 crash blocking the left lane ata monument drive.rive 66 pretty quiet this morning ini rms s of volume. just a little bit of congestiono us a make your way after 28.ft 2 closer to inside the beltway. bw keep updated on your commute ana don't forget safetrack surge 111 impacting orange and silver with single tracking between east and west falls any questions erin fox5 on itteter. >> sneak peek of the lights that will bring in the new year in ie tisquareuare.w >> starbucks is out with neww holiday drink.rink we'll tell all about it coming m up. >> kaheem is on his way here to fox5 and he is in a fire truckeu ready to save the day. d so stay with us for more of kaheem's special day all comingc up a little bit later. 8:38. 8:38.
8:39 am
8:40 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
8:41 am
♪♪ headed to fox5 right now and you talk about having an excellentnt escort on the way.eay >> i know. look there you see where he is.i >> here's the deal.l. >> the fire truck on the why. w >> today is kaheem's wish day. y he's the super her row today.od >> i think actually it's thehe firefighters who are getting the escort from the super hero.o >> right.>> r >> how about that. i'm pretty>> sure how it worksks today. we're happy to be a part of be o kaheem's
8:42 am
special coverage all morningor long make this five year old'sld dream true. true it will be lot of fun.of >> look at him checking it it out. i like that vantage point much c he's in that seat of honor onorn the right look at what lookshatl like from the outside.kem the o. so on the way here.the y her we cannot wait to meet him. h back to news now. new york city times square new w york city times square gearing up for the new year's of courses crews unveil the number one anda number seven that will make up l the year 2017 that will light ut times square at midnight on on december 31. total of 496led light bulbs will be used on the lights. meantime, looking for fun way to kick off the new year.he new yea well why not ring in 2017 with pitbull's new year's revolution. the show airs december 31stbe right here on the mighty fox5.5. >> wisdom already dvring. i assuming they recycle the twot and the zero every year.ea >> i assume.ume. >> today is national ugly chrisr nass sweater day and we'll bee' honoring the day. if you are celebrati
8:43 am
send us or ugly sweater photos hash tag fox5 ugly sweater. >> hi cheryl.he we've gotten pictures from number of people so far we had ours on earlier.arlier that's a nice sweater as well. little body builder santa. that's cute.'s c >> keep the pictures we had ours on for second for ar sneak >> we'll put them back on goodd day. >> let's check out with holly ck find out what's coming up at thi top of the hour. >> we got a lot going on on a friday on good day. d it's going to be whole lot oflel fun much as you just saw live te event that is sure to warm youry heart on this friday. friy we all need warming on this o t frigid friday, right? join? j kaheem as he gets ready to savee dc the five-year-old super heror will be live us with us any minute plus, here's something sm for you. do you need tips for hostingos that holiday party? we have ale the must have that is will havev your guests saying how do you yu that? at 10a, wait for it, dmvd live in the loft the legendary faith
8:44 am
she's coming into the studio soo stay right here because whatt local morning show can boat alla of this? very exciting good day d.c. just minutes away now. >> isn't it always but b especially today with kaheem.ahe >> he is special daal with ourl super hero >> looking for super show todayd >> just in time for the holidayd season james corden treating usu to a star-studded renditiontion during a classic christmas songn during a carpool karaoke. >> kevin mccarthy saw the new t star wars movie.ov you'll go concert and buy a shshirt. kevin went to the movie and waiw until you see what he's wearing. he'll join us with his review coming up in just a bit.
8:45 am
8:46 am
8:47 am
♪♪ all right.ight this is kaheem on his way to the station. they're close al. th >> they are.ey'r>> they are. >> they're getting close.y're >> he's getting the ride in thet fire truck or he's using the fire truck as his super heroo vehicle. >> yes! tsave tve the day. >>he his special escort.sct >> if you want to help out youut can go to the website you see ae the bottom of the screen kaheem saves if you missed it earlier kaheemh this is his make a wish day partnering up with make a wishis mid atlantic to help kaheem.ahm second whatever he wanted and he wanted to be a super hero anderd help others we are partneringtn him with real heroes and he'llll take that hero stage to thege to super level. l >> tucker barnes is a big partit of it. of it tucker y
8:48 am
day? >> i cannot wait. wai when i was kid -- kid >> wait a minute.>> w we got to get to you in 10 seconds. >> that's right. allison when i was a kid inh want the to be super weatherman. >> look at you now. you made itbe s>> l!! >> stop evil with the forces ofo nature.nature >> and where a light up christmas tree sweater. sweater. >> that wasn't on the list,t steve.wasn that's the way it work out .wo. cold air is in place tonight.. here's your headlines.eain it's all about overnight tonighn early tomorrow morning we're w focused on right now.focused looks like we'll get a period od light snow but concerned aboutro icing issues maybe a glaze of ge ice this would be early tomorror morning.mog. today you're fine.yo to night you're fine. nigou'r early tomorrow morning we canngc have a glaze of ice out therehee and then it will change to justt light rain by saturday lateday l morning early afternoon.noon. actually i think tomorrowomor afternoon we should be in for partial clearing. here are the currenthere the temperatures. ashington.hingto
8:49 am
lots of layers, yes, wear yourou ugly christmas sweater but weara layers on top of that as 19 in leonardtown and 19 in 19 i fredericksburg as well. w cloud cover for us today.. and this is a warm front bringing light snow showers off to the north and west anond we'd be dealing with that later thist afternoon and tonight and that's where we'll get light preciprecp from overnight tonight earlyhtar tomorrow morning. as we start to wtoarm up thehe atmosphere. winter weather advisory for the immediate washington area wintei storm watch to our north andnd west again light snowlightw accumulations but there could be nice glaze of ice on those t roadways by early tomorroww morning. there's future cast.there'tu just clouds this afternoonfton that's at midnight tonight. ioni want to point out early tomorror morning looks like that wintrytn mix across the area that will t give way to cloudy skiesy ski tomorrow afternoon.. listen, again, tomorrowain tomow afternoon you're in good shape.s allison has a big birthday party tomorrow night. you got plans n afternoon aftno tomorrow, you'll be fine.rrow, look at your daytime high high 52 degrees. there's your seven day.. getting cold again next week thk weekend nice warmup after a verr cold start to the day. sta to th all a lot going on around
8:50 am
am ion tv? back to you guys. g >> you sure are tucker. kaheem is almost. almost. y' they're here. >> that's our back lot. tha >> so you'll get tt'o meet him n just a couple of minutes.ies >> yes.>> >> he's going -- he has super sr hero business to tend to first.t >> why am i excite the leak i'mk about to do something. do somet >> it's an i'm exciting morningg >> okay. we'll check back in with kaheema in a couple of minutes ackndes welcome here to the fox5 studioi facebook is stepping up to up battle back against fake news fn stories.. the social network announcingnnu yesterday it will work with fact checking outlets to flaglag questionable stories. before somebody shares a fake f story they'll get a warning it's accuracy has been mark zuckerberg denied fake newn was even a serious issue.. ♪♪ >> i watched this video it i starts out with mariah carey.. everybody is involved and earlyr christmas gift particular jamesj corden a spe
8:51 am
christmas carpool karaoke. >> this karaoke stars from the t past, adele, lady gaga, nick i don't know isn't that so, selene gomez belting out mariah's caryc spin on this anthem. all i want for christmas. >> did they just -- kevin isin i with us now for a look at theoo fox beat too. t is this something they taped nen or --or >> no. >> this was year in the works? >> from what i understand thestd exact same setting. sti they recorded one song and we'lw play it for the holidays.. >> genius.. >> because that's the exact sams outfits they were wearing wheneg they did the show originally. oi >> i think it's great. i very very cool. >>ery y coolco. >> you know what else is coolw you picked up as i told allisonl you went to the concert andce a brought a t-shirt home with youu >> i keep forget how ridiculousc this looks until i see it on tht com this is a full on -- o >> stan out or camouflaged withd everything i can't really tell.t >> i'm also wearing star warsar underwear. just want to let you guy
8:52 am >> tmi. >> i just wanted to let you guy know. kn i don't star wars rogue one opens uppe today in theaters it takes between episode three and four.u first star wars movie to comeo e out was 1977.t was97 that was episode four called a e new hope. h this takes place right beforehtf the events of that film. the rebels are stealing thealing plans for the death star whichri leads directly into episode fouf of star wars.ars. it's a little bit confuse. con >> it makes sense.>> it s se >> technically the eighth starhh wars movie. the action in this film ishis ls amazing you just saw donny he's' 93 mammal. cast is incredible. of the second act i thought wasg a little bit slow some of thesof dialogue was a little bit forced at times no pun intended it does work overall as an action movie. it's a war film essentially. the third act is worth every single piece of your money.oney to see in theaters. t i mentioned this i know i said something like this before. there's a two mthinutise scene e this film that i -- i wanted tot go back and just watch
8:53 am
faces react. react i mean that is the definition of nerd tears. trs this scene in my opinion is the greatest seen this character has ever had in an entire star warss movie.. >> then it's darth vader. vad >> i'm in the telling you who in is. is >> she gave us a clue f i see f now i want to watch for that tww minutes. >> i'm not telling you what thel scene >> we know it's not jar jar jar binks. >> come on. >> it won't be one of the ones>s that's new. we never heard of before.eabefo [ laughter ] [ >> that actor right there ben tn mendelson is amazing it opens uu today in theaters.ater i do not recommend seeing it ini i max 3d digitally here i wouldo see it in 2d or dolby.ol >> save some money. >> i'm going to see it in 2d70-millimeter i max thismeter weekend out in los angeles. i won't sleep all day saturday t want to see it again. a any way, four out of five forver that.that not as good as the force awakens definitely worth seeing if see you're star wars f. highly rem it for action.. >> you spent four minutes s foue speaking out about star wars. ws p best picture of the year la-la land.
8:54 am
aspiring actress who fall in f i love. betitiful film. >> let me just ask you i we do this all the time when wew talk about why it becomes a critics darling or a hollywoodoy darling. >> right.>> >> this like stories rove man'sm and business and failed attempts in hollywood have been toldn t >> not like this. >> what makes this that gotoo lo >> 31-year-old film maker who'sk all right directing one of thecn greatest movies i've ever seen.s did he whiplash.hipl >> i don't care about that.on i wanting to movie a'tnd b celow >> it will. >> why. >> because of everything the >>se o modernizingodni the musical, the performancesrmn are phenomenal. elma stone. ryan gosling is really playingla the film. the >> john legend is in it. >> it's such a great film allll around.arnd. i've seen it three times. tes look at the beautiful cinema cin gravy there i gave it five out e five number three of the year y hyped arrival and behind numberm one which is dead pool. dead pool the best move voteovee year. >> you leave it all on the floor. >> i just love dead d >> tnknks kev.
8:55 am
kev will>> sting around e has a very big role in today's speciai event. >> i'm so excited.>> i >> our super hero is in thein t building. >> here?>>ere? >> we'll meet kaheem in just aem minute. also fruit cake you love it iitc get it for every year for theakt holidays. long time zero tradition, right? [ laughter ] >> we'll be right back to tellat you all about fruit cake. seriously.risly. >> really? >> uh-huh. >> really? >> yeah. >> i'm confused. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid...
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>> we all know flute cake longon time holiday tradition for somes families. on the on theetting festivities.fest instead of buying you fruit cakc i can get i was fruit cakeake cappucino.ino. >> i love fruit cake. they have a fruit cake frap ce available only until sunday then drink starts with hazelnut cream frapuccino blended with drieded fruit and spiced with cinnamon topped with whipped cream, wippr caramel dots an sprinkle off macho. >> if i get it for you by sunday it will last till next week forr christmas. chri >> that's funny.>> tt's >> back with a very special goog day coming up next.ming up next.
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♪♪ straight ahead our firstur f chance for snow as a wintry mixy is moving not d.c. region justij in time for the weekend. but first we have to deal withel temperatures in the the good news, more big changesg on the other side. sid we'll have a live report. pay back, president obama vowing to retaliation over russia's alleged interference in the us elections and all ready touching off another battle witw the next commander in chief. a night of mourning f


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