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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 16, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 11:00.11:00. >> ♪♪ 11:00, the1:00 bitter cold temperatures areoltp hanging around.roun but get ready for some wintere weather that will affect theafct weekend shopping frenzy.y. >> and a local teenager sees this in the house.ou >> a deer in our living roomivim and i need to know where thewhet keys to the guns are so that's ' a lot to take in.ake >> we'll tell you what y wha happened next when the news starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> we're going to get things g started with a winter weathoier alert. it is another bone chillingone g night out there.nigh if you have big weekend planst e be prepared it is going to getog messy out there.he >> gwen is in the weatherea center w
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winter weather that is headingtr our way. hey, gwen.he >> hi there, you're absolutelyey right. we know a lot of people are out trying to get all thatw a li last t minute o shopping done a taken care of this week but this weekend is really goingllyg to be kind of so, as we look at temperaturespu right now, it is bone chillingon cold out there, shawn. swn you chose the exact right words. wo 29 at d.c. this hour. hour. 26 at baltimore.altire 30 at annapolis.nnol 26 at dulles. duls. 28 at and we've got wind chills jetllj stream to the south of usf u allowing that cooler air toir just settle in and make itselfts right at home. he. so, overnight lows tonighton into the 20's and we do have h those wind chills that ares that actually in the teens and the ad single digits so here's whats st it feels like if you're you'r stepping outside right now.ow feels like it's anywhere from about 14 to even up to 20 -- 20 29 degrees more to the southes m of us but in the city and surrounding burbs we're wre talking temperature in thee in t teens and single digits. dig bundle if you you're headed out. winter weather alerts they are in fullther
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winter weather advisory andor freezing rain advisory for our o areas. we're talking in the freezinghef rain advisory about less than ta a tenth of an inch ofnch of accumulation of ice which is wch possible in the winter weathertr advisory about a tenth of an teh inch or more and this is where e we're talking in the onset o especially in the winterhe w weather advisory maybe ahe little bit or f snow very briefly but primarily to thebut north and northwest close to mason-dixon but this is this becoming and will become iec should say a freezing rain event overall. overa we're going to see a mixture mix of snow, rain, sleet, freezing,e rain altogether and then byethey the time we get into saturday sr into the mid morning hours, werw expect to see all of this changing into rainfall becauselc we're going get an influx offluf warmer air. air so here's a quick look at the lo next couple of days for you.r y. 49 degrees for tomorrow butorrob we're warming up to 60 byy sunday.ay. your full forecast just ahead. tony. >> all right, gwen thank youhany much. much. there are a lot of eventse going onare around town thisowi weekend not to mention it'senti the last weekend beforeef christmas. >> that's right. the stores and malls will bees a
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out at tysons corner tonight.onight how are folks getting ready, lauren?la >> reporter: well, you canorr: w imagine it's been a busy nightig here at the mall because tomorrow's the last saturdayt s before the big christmastmas weekend. so, everybody is trying tory cram things in because weatherae may be throwing a wrench into the works and as you said s there are some other bige some events going on. goi in fact, tomorrow morning in in arlington national cemetery cemr thousands of people are expected to gather for wreaths across we spoke to a member of the board. bo >> last year it was actually 70 degrees.70 d we had 70,000 people show up. sw it was incredible.rebl way more than we planned on. usually it's about 40,000.bout , >> reporter: what are youaryou expecting for >> hopefully we can get the t 40,000.40 weather is a little rough butut the soldiers sailors airmen marines coasties that all that a fought and died in there fought in worse weather thanthea we're going to have to takeak care of us.f >> reporter: spokesman dansm meade wants people to come out e for the
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anniversary and they need volunteers to place wreaths at nearly 245,000 headstones.00 he says many hands makes light g work but if you're heading out think layers and take metro. mro they don't want people on the roads and there won't be anye ay parking available anyway.e nywa now again, we are live on outut here at tysons corner centerornr and there have been peopleere e making ma making that mad dash tryingry get some of their shoppingf r sp done before mother naturether nr brings in that wet mess tomorrow. >> i wanted to head outte hea tonight and get all my shopping out of the way so iy so bundled up in my coat and here d i am. >> reporter: happy to be on tv. >> yes, of course., of cou >> i changed my schedule so i start shopping exactly at 9:30.30 so, i'm just going to grabra something to eat and take itt home and just have a nice cup of tea and relax. rel >> reporter: avoid the roads thr and everything tomorrow.everytnt >> oh, absolutely.>>h, absol and i got some desert just torts make sure if i'm stuck at home h i can have a nice cup of cup o coffee.
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[laughter] >> reporter: you're hopingorr: forho a long night. nig >> make sure people take their r time, check their lights, lht check their batteries, check their fluids and carry anr flui extrdsa blanket.a bnket. that's what we always do good. o >> reporter: advice.>> r that salt truck driver says he is ready and happy to do his part so that he can make surere things are smooth for otherfor h drivers. driv vdot will have 1100 pieces ofs o equipment on the roads.on theds we saw several out tonight. tig maryland state highway andnd ddot are also implementingmpleme their snow plans.theisnow as we traveled around youd you could see the pavement had been pretreated on roads like l 270 and the gw parkway as early as yesterday and oncend oc this wintry mix beginseg officials are asking that you y stay off of the road until itnti ends. if you have to be out there, e t bet vheery alert and aware a because the cold weather thattht we saw since thursday has really lowered the pavement temperatures which meanshich m there's expected to be a lotto of ice, icy patches especiallyel on-ramps bridges o
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plenty of space between you y and the car in front of you.f y. live in tysons corner, laurenaue demarco, fox5 local news. n >> montgomery county policecounl are cracking down on drunkn on drivers this holiday season. seo tonight they deployed this breathalyzer t officers were use it to helpo h determine if drivers arers impaired. they say drunk driving dru continues to be a big problems especially around holidays. hid >> the north carolina manhe n accused of firing shotsor insids ideation pizzeria is still inn jail following a hearing today. to edgar welch pled not guilty iny federal court. a judge ordered him held untildt his next court appearance in january. welch is accused of firingir shots inside the comet c ping-pong pizzeria in northwest. he told police he was inspiredpd by false internet conspiracycons theory that claimed the tt clai restaurant was at the center aec of a child sex ring organizedrgn by hillary clinton's presidential campaign. cpa and rain credible storyd ra out of frederick marylandin where a teofen though ftre an intruder was breaking into hisis house when he heard his front
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door being kicked in. kicke i >> instead he found himselfim face to face with a deer right h in the middle of his livingivin room. fox5's anjali hemphill has has more on the encounter that was s caught on camera. on cam >> reporter: it's believed belie this deer picked ryanya manchester it's home out of all the other ones onster i then street for one very specific spi reason breeding season beforeasn it decided to just bargeust bare through his front >> we had just cut down ourugh d christmas tree like the day before so we're pretty suretty e that a doe had sprayed our christmas tree and that it tha smelled that scent.smel >> reporter: 17-year-old-old ryan manchester was certainerta intruder had just brokenro through his front door whileoo he was home alone one december e afternoon. >> it sounded like someone,soun like a person wasde taking aa sledgehammer to my door so iy d was actually, you know, prettyne terrified. the holes in theoles in th door from where the antlersm whe >> reporter: what he sawep when he camete around the cornee he captured on his cell phone. o no, not an early christmasas visit from one of santa's
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family tree.milyre >> and it was just totallyt toll behind the tree in this areas a right here. it actually knocks the tree over. >> reporter: ryan sayse for several minutes its more than 100-pound eight-point buck flailed around his living roomno tearing it apart.m >> he was trying tteo jump to through all the windows soindowo there was actually bleeding everywhere 'cause he had cutcaue himself up. hims i knew it was trying mate so i was afraid it was going to become territorial and try toant hurt me. >> reporter: that's when heter: decided to call 911 and then t his dad at work. w >> there's a deer in our in living room and i need to know k where the keys to their gunse ke are. so, you know, that's a lot to'so take in. >> reporter: ryan saysays animal control officers contr weren't able the come rightt abe away and the damage wasas getting worse.tting wor so he grabbed his father's fathe 9-millimeter handgun and firedt off two shotsha hitting the deer in the head and chest.nd che it died on his living roomoo floor. animal control officers off arrived a short time later.imla >> the only concern i had is i that we don't hunt so i wasn'tis sure he knew where on the deerhe to shoot it to make it comet c down quick
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want it to be in pain but he buh did a great job. j >> reporter: insurance rep estimates about $4,500 in0n damage. animal control saystr s every situation is different die and while ryan didn't doo anything wrong, if this werehisw to ever happen again theyin t recommend not engaging witht gag the animal, going outside and calling your local authoritieshs to handle it. in frederick, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> whew. that could have been much c worse. >> i'm actually somewhatould suh'm actrprised insurance willr that. seems like something theyli would say nahke. ssa nah >> like oh, no, we weren't't expecting the flood.g the flood >> that's right. >> all right, coming up nextp n what president obama did andbamd did not do while talking aboutaa the election hacking scandal snd today.toda >> also ahead a big day for a very special five-year-old.yearo >> you have done it.>> you havee you have done it. [cheers and applause] applaus >> that is tony perkins pki telling little kaheem he saved santa and the city. cy. more on kaheem's incrediblebl superhero day coming up next.
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>> investigators cleared aes fairfax county sheriff's deputy of anytifax criminal cri wrongdoing following a deadlyngg shoot at a d inova fairfaxai hospital in august.t. police say javon knee martineze a patient released was havingav a psychotic episode. eso he attacked and injured andnjur someone. when the deputy arrivedrr martinez charged at him with a h spiked metal sign post.os that's when the deputy shoty and killed him.. the sheriff's office is still planning to conduct its own internal investigation.rnal president obama held his last news conference of 2016 today.idens co >> he spoke with reporters for nearly 90 minutes. some of the issues that dominated the news conferencemec include the in zero y-the y-the election of donald trump and russia's suspected hacking of hg the dnc during theurg presidential the president stopped short ofro saying vladimir putin orchestrated the hack but hek be did say the highest levels of l the kremlin authorized the hack. hack >> what i can tell you is tha
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the intelligence that i've ti' seen gives me great confidence in their assessment that thehatt russians carried out this out ti hack. i'd make a larger point whichinc is not much happens in russia without vladimir putin. pin >> the president vowed to t retaliate against russia for its meddling. he addressed the syrianan conflict saying he regrets the current carnage in aleppo. super kaheem had a bigad aig day. >> he helped so many peoplehelpl across the d.c. region.. reg he even saved the city. c we'll have the highlights in just 20 minutes.
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>> ♪♪ >> what a fantastic young man, what a fantastic day, mission accomplished. a five-year-old boy, afantanta fivest-year-old maryland boy fiveear-marylaoy reminds us all of what'sft's important this season, givingsog back to those who need it theede most. >> yucca home is battlingca leukemia. his only wish was to be a superhero. today fox5 was able to help that wish come through with yourish co help.el
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story.sto >> reporter: super kaheemer k spent the day making hisg his rounds across the district saving the city from all thosefe ba guyys. it was his one wish and we teamed up with make a wish wis midatlantic to make it all a come tru >> i'm kaheem. i want to be a superhero. >> reporter: a five-year-old boyter: from owens millionsns ms transformed to a superherohero friday. kaheem was diagnosed with leukemia but at this moment heom fought another battle, being a superhero. >> what's going on? how you doing.s go come on down young man >> reporter: super kaheemm started his day at fox5. f he arrived on a montgomerytger county fire truck where he washa greeted by his favorite superheros.superheros >> hi buddyism his next stop, the national harbor where santa was stuck on a ferris wheel. >> can you see off in thean distance there, somebody needs e r hehelp. he's stuck. .> santa. >> thank you. anothission another mission complete with the help of .ucker. [cheers and applause][c >> reporter: fro
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was off to the capitol wherehe e he received a special messagesa from speaker paul ryan. super today home's next mission was stopping an all a too familiar face, the grinchh from stealing presents at thente national theater. theater the final mission ended at then newseum where super kaheem rescued sports mascots from atsm seconds floor a true superhero reminding usinu of what really matters.te >> thank you to all the the organizations who helped make kaheem's wish come true.erue. there's still time for you tostr get in on the action, about 45bt minutes. today only all donations made md to make a wish midatlanticmidatn will be matched by ann anonymous donor that's up to $300,000. we have all the information onn our web site.e. that's tisha lewis, fox5 local news.ew >> call in, call in, call in.n. >> yes, please do because that money is going to be patched. pd that's great.that's our thoughts and prayers are with kaheem and his family. can't enough about make a w
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they to amazing w >> they did an incredible jobob today. today. >> sure did. time to take a live lookoo outside. it is clear out right now but there is some wintry weather on the way. is it clear? i'm not sure ife it is.i >> i don't know. kno gwen, what's --, what's >> we have some clouds outsideoi right now. we don't have anye a precipitation that we'reipit anticipating just yet but itt y is on its way because we do d expect it to start to move in me in the overnight hours, guys, so, are, but it's cold out there, bone chilling cold asillc we said earlier with someom significant wind chills.nd c let's take a look at our maps m and just show you some of the se numbers right now.erght no 29 degrees at d.c., 25 at gaithersburg, 27 at frederick, i 26 in baltimore and that's thehs same for dulles and 27 degrees7e at winchester.inches and the wind chills here'ss h what it actually feels like ife you're stepping outside. anywhere from aboutbout 14 we've got 15 at gaithersburg.g. 18 at quantico.uanto. 17 at winchester and this is thi just the beginning of the of the overnight hours so it's goingt o to get even colder as far assar the overnight is concerned.rned so, keeping a very close e
11:19 pm there we go. you can see all the cloud t cover and all the winterr weather. there's been major snowfall snol that's moved over the upper movh midwest and the great lakesreatk and all of this is moving itsov way toward the east. also, some of that of t precipitation heading its waytsy up from the south so, a couple of things thathingh are going to be impacting usactu and as a result, we are under u some advisories and alerts for nighght. so, here we go., re w we do have a freezing rain advisory an winter weathererea advisory in place.ryace. this in effect tonight rightht g through until 9 o'clock on saturday. sa we are looking at wintert wte weather starting off maybe ag oa little bit of snow in the very onset but very briefly, ifef anything in snow would be moren closer to thesn mason-dixon line north-northwest. other than that we're talking a combination of freezingan thag rain, sleet and rainfall andnfad that is going to kick and thennt we're going to see it all change over into rain aboutbout mid morning on saturday sat because we're going start to getwe'r some warmer air coming . freezing rain advisory as wellel
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widespread as we get closer to dawn. less than a tenth of an inch i of freezing rain as far as thega ice is concerned and a little bit more than that up to maybeht about a tenth up of an inch for the winter weather advisoryer ws area.or so, this is what is happening i this weekend a combinawhtion off we've got the rain snow wintry mix as far as saturday isurday concerned changing l tohangg al rain. then we have a frontal systemals coming through on sunday andhrn that's going to be all rain. r behind that, though, we'reh, w going to see some colder air.ola so, we're warming up ahead of ad the frontal system on sunday. sn we're going to be into the bto t upper 40's on saturday intourto the low 60's on sunday. unbelievable.unbe so here's a look at our snow s cast map or you. y sleet and freezing rain as id fr mentioned closer to the mason-dixon could see a littlesa bit of snowfall but most ofost that will be to the north and northwest. futurecast showing earlyrecast s morning hours we're dealingg ho with all that mix and then it i gets itself out of the way and w changes into rainfall. and that's what we're talkingali about. seven-day forecast, though, isft looking not too bad
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conditions after all of this.hi back to you. >> ♪♪ >> hi i am rebecca meshleres first lieutenant fromlieu leonardtown maryland with thehe 313th movement control battalion stationed in kuwait.n. i'd like to say happy holidays d to my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters josephh and paula, my brothers and sisters joseph sara anda and rachel. i wish you all and i can't i wait to come home. >> see more greetings from our troops at once i heard i was going to be a park ranger, i got really excited. gabe's obviously really sick. and there's a lot that he isn't able to do, and make-a-wish stepped in. we had to climb up the mountain to get the injured hiker. he fell from, like, a rock. he's been the one that has been rescued so many times. he said to me, "today, i got to be the hero." (avo) the subaru share the love event
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lped grant the wishes of over twelve hundred kids so far. get a new subaru, and we'll donate two hundred and fifty dollars more to help those in need. ♪put a little love in your heart.♪
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he gets a lot of compliments. he wears his army hat, walks around with his army shirt looking all nice. and then people just say, “thank you for serving our country” and i'm like, that's my dad. male vo: no one deserves a warmer welcome home. that's why we're hiring 10,000 members of the military community by the end of 2017. i'm very proud of him. male vo: comcast.
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>> today fox5's wisdom t martin and tuckerod barnes weree witnesses to the heroic actss ofto d.c.'s newest superherostuo super kaheem.r kahee as if wisdom and tucker didn'tr' get to work enough tonight ton they delivered t-shirts too
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them for whiz social night. guys take aor whi break. wizards honored craig sagerag who passed away yesterdayway ye after his battle with cancer. first quarter whiz playing whipy inspired.inspired turnover turns into a three on n one. morris finishes with flush.with he had 11.1. second half, whiz's straightstr running away with john wall looking like joshng lh norman taking offer the pass al all loan for the lay in t dunk. wall had 2 now whiz fans have beeniz fanveb waiting all year for john wall and bradley beal put itl pu together in the same game.samee. they did that tonight combining for 54-point in apo blow out that had whiz fans dancing. whiz win 102-28. 102-2 cavs had their own socialwnc night giving away twitter handle jerseys to lucky fansckyn via app social scavengerger hundred.nd this woman getting in an ovie. i this woman got a tom
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handle sweater. no poof emojis.s. cavs and car luna on -- great g eight lights the latch for hisch 14th of the season.thf th and then just about five minutes later, justin williams m gets a nice feed. he scores his seventh.en this will be tied at threet re through regulation and overtime needing a shootout to settle it.ttle how about a shot for the win goes for the back hand wins itin caps win their fourth straight kaheem saves you can donate i just did it. it's really quick. all donations are are beingng matched tonight in fantastic.toi thank yough brody.. >> thanks brody.rody >> congrats to the cans thegratc >> thanks for joining ushafor tonight at 10 oop: at o >> have a happy
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we will see you next week. >> stay warm. stay safe. >> i said that. did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back? say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business.
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en road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: "flip or flop," let me just say, this couple is never going to pull off a television show. this is the phoniest display of affection i have ever seen, i think ever, on a video. >> she starts to pull away and he leans in and he whispers something in her ear. i don't know what it was. harvey: you are such a bitch. [laughter] >> we got diego luna. he's one of the stars in the new "star wars" movie. he plays a captain and he has his mexican abbing sent. -- accent. >> you think it's ridiculous because they will have mexico in space? >> that's a good question. >> and he was obi-wan kenobi so -- i don't know where i'm going. [laughter] >> wow. >> we got video of the most bad-ass band in the world ck


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