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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Sunday  FOX  December 18, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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is this this is fox 5 local news flus news morning. good morning, everybody, happy sunday to you, here's a live look outside on this sunday, december 18th. a beautiful start to the weekend. the end of the weekend, i should say, caitlyn will be coming along with a check of your forecast in a little bit in the show. first thank you for waking up with his, i'm annie yu, let's get to some headline, icy conditions wreak havoc on area roads in baltimore two people died in knife in a 67 car pile up. nearly twos dozen people treated for injury, some in critical condition, the road reopened last night. in virginia, one person died in
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beltway near mile marker 50 in fairfax fairfax. two big rigs were involved, no other serious injuries. in a fairfax county fire truck slid off the road, hit power lines and went partially down an embankment on route 50. no one was hurt and in prince george's county fire and rescue responded to about 150 incidents which is double their normal amount. . president-elect trump took to twitter starting a pot over a u.s. drone, china agreed to give drone back, but trump tweeted we should tell china we don't want the drone. let them keep it. some of today's top story, it is now time for redskins game time here on fox 5. this is fox 5 redskins game time. the redskins
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to a running start with a five point win in philly and this week, a chance to exercise some, cam newton and the paths coming to town >> we had five turnovers, and if we turn the ball over again, we can expect a similar result >> it's a shot at redemption for kirk cousins after last year. and a shot for josh norman to remind the panthers just what they're made of. >> no mercy. i think they know that >> we gave to this dude and he went out there and showed it. sorry for the carolina panthers >> we're here to break out monday night no mercy show down >> i'm brody logan. alongside gr
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mercy, no surrender, no mercy >> that's normal talking about football sounds like the gladiator and i can't get enough of it >> sign me up. >> every time sign me up for opening drive. >> opening drive, brought to you by your local kia dealers. like we do every week, getting start of the kia opening drive, first down, we're going to put the ball in the air to open up the run game >> the carolina panthers are better, couple rookie coming into their own, where is the strength of redskins, pierre garcon i think they're using him better. the, he almost got last year's total already with three games to play, i want to get him jordy reid involved >> it plays well into what the panthers
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weakness is: i think you definitely exploit the weakness a early. >> i think, i think when you also hit up the pass to run, i don't want the redskins to get too far away from their identity. i think it's very similar to what the panthers run as well. they kind of, the run game, then they kind of spread you out when they pass it. i think changing it up early is good. i believe they're going to go back to the identity >> quick and sach. no re, two sack fumbles, they can get to the quarterback top ten in the league in interceptions, for me, this is about staying ahead to be four, five, six yard throws >> you can't let cameron newton become scrambling >> i like cameron newton >> let him scramble because he's running for his life. i believe, this is a guy that
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feet. he's a big guy, hard to tackle. you got to get to him early. you got to get to him early >> when i watch the redskins against mobile quarterbacks they've done a terrible job not just this year but over the year, zach prescott made him look back. aaron rogers make him look back, and trent murphy is going to dive at the feet of the quarterback. when you're rushing how keep that guy in the pocket. they won't always collapse in the interior, how are you going to keep that guy flat footed from getting that guy outside >> a lot of people try to get him right up front and center then the edge is really kind of to make him step upwards. but when you phillying off the edge so fast and you give him that space, scramble out. the worse thing they can do, sometimes when you got to have the vision and make sure you get to a point where he cannot
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with a quarterback like cam who can scramble and hurt you with his arms and his feet >> how much does that slow down in your pass rush >> the thing is you talk to get up the field and force them inside and the line man will get them. i think what they have to do is kind of taylor off the outside rush and let the line men push them >> got to get jordan reed incorporated >> what i'm worried about is what is jordan reed? this was his loan catch, and his only target last week against the eagles for ten yards and it was a pretty key first down for the redskins on a second down, and long. the problem is, he only played ten snaps, but a quarterback of their offensive play, it's been another eight days before tomorrow's game, you'd think he's a little bit healthy. i have no dilutions to grantjer. i think he's going to have to go max effort. when he's on the field. >> obviously passing scenarios you got to target him more often, save
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jordan reed for the redskins for plays like this in chicago last december, but for me, if he's not at his best this offense can't be at its best. >> he's kind of like that blanket or that cushion that you need. when he's healthy he changed the whole look of the game and you need him to be 100% >> note ken said he wants to snuggle up with jordan reed >> so does every quarterback that he ever played with him >> jordan reed for the first time since the shoulder injury participated in one-on-one drills at practice this week. so he's making progress. fourth down got to get an early third down stopping it >> this defense needs to get off the field and get off the field fast. you do not want to give cam newton a lot of chance to get you to hurt you. >> if it's third down, this is when you have
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they say just lick your lips and say this is my chance to go to the pro bowl, my chance to mic the big plays. not only that, a big stack is an emotional turn on third down you got to go out aggressive >> the redskins routinely get to third and long and they can't get off the field, i'm talk to go third and eight, nine, ten, that's a defense best friend, that's the dream scenario. do your job on first and second down and then in the end the drove. it's like the equivalent of you're baking for an hour and a half but you don't eat what you just made. why? all of the hard work on first and second down is to said up thirsty and long, that's where you t off. and that's where you fail >> like baking they keep getting burnt >> we are nearing the end of the 2016 nfl season and as we approach the end, we all want to know will the redskins make the playoffs? let us know what you think. you can #hail yes if you think you're going to mic the plays, but if you're a
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hail no. we'll see what the majority things at the end of the show >> i said hail. make
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. redskins trivia. with navy federal credit union >> welcome back on fox 5 i'm annie yu. it is now
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trivia question brought to you by navy federal. who -- we want to know -- it is sunday, i am, we want to know who holds the records for the most referring yards in a game against the panthers, let us know what you think on the fox 5 facebook page. we'll have the chance and brody will have the answer because i can't talk today. >> brought to you by washington toyota dealer association. >> annie, it's sunday too early. fantasy facts brought to you by dc toyota. we give a keep match-ups. you can take advantage of. grant, first game we're looking at browns and bills. >> it's taking 14 weeks but i have a new theory when it comes to daily fantasy. whoever the browns are playing, i've done this a couple of times. successfully this season, it happens to be the bills this week, tie rod taylor
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would like to see what kind of number he's going to put up. i think this could be a close game, 27-23 range something like that. going into the early part of next years ago re year on dfs, sack against the browns, they're not good on defense >> probably going to be a lot of snow in that game, another cold game, packers and bears. >> here's my lock of the week for you. i don't know if we do it, but i'm creating it now, shawn jeffrey will dance in the painted area. he got three games left, this is a franchise tag wide receiver who is just uncoverible one-on-one down the field. he has to have a monster final couple weeks if he's got to get a handsome contract. maybe get tagged again with his original goal. i don't think that's a possibility with the bears and rebuild but i think he does catch a touchdown. which, he's not
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sleeper play. more important, you can't go wrong with the packer, jordy nelson, snow, shine, he's catching passes down the field. as long as alshon jeffrey may be a sack and a daily lineup i think would be nice >> one thing to look at with aaron rogerses, he might not be 100%. >> game time is back with a look at three key redskins plays and we want to know will the redskins make the playoff? post your comments on social media. hail yes if you think they will make the playoffs, #hail no. if you think they will miss the post season. n.
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7:17, welcome back, much warmer outside this morning. hard to believe after nasty ice storm we had yesterday. now so much milder but just in time for the game tomorrow we're going to turn much colder. sorry. panthers in town, any tailgating tomorrow, probably just going to be cold all day, breezy. so temperatures only getting into at the 30's for the day and with that windchill, it will feel like the 20's. my kickoff
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winds lessens as many layers as humanly possible. we're not looking at weather to be any much of a factor except that it will be cold. panthers and redskins forecast back to you guys. >> red zone play of the game. over 2 million vehicles sold and counting. >> it's time for the red zone play of the game. we don't know which red skins game is going to show up. it got started on the score board with this run. rob kelly. rob kelly, when he gets in traffic, has really quick feet. >> he does and he breaks tackles like he did here down at the two yard line, what i love about this run is a block by jamison crowder. he gets your tacker at the line of scrimmage. here's crowder five yard line. that's a shifty slot
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right there. rob kelly finishes his runs he's always falling forward, that's an arm tackle, that's not going to do it. watch how he carries the football. hopefully i don't jinks him. he hasn't lost fumbles yet >> the good thing, it's the right time of year. we dial them to out all the time. you got to do something in the red zone, if you can stop the running game in the red zone you open up everything else >> what is that like when you see a dude as small as jamison crowder out there and laying someone out >> i think this team has done to find an identity, playing hard in december and playing the right way and jamison crowder that shows a lot of effort. >> the second play, pierre garcon touchdown catch, corner of the end zone. a lot of times when they get thigh this area, they try a fade and it actually worked >> this one is not a true goal line f
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it's not the kind of fade they've been run you go all season from two feet away from the goal line, here's why they knew this was going to go to work. they ran the same thing against the eagles last year successfully at the end of the season week 16 i talked to kirk cousins about that this week, he makes a little move at the line of scrim rich. plays you the line of scrimmage, and pierre garcon took it. that's a timing pattern you can't throw short or also that's broken up or intercepted. ? with some receiving you're on high alert. you got desean jackson, everybody trying to look at him, whatever you do we're going to be on him. you may not play him as tight and so you open up a big play >> the good thing about this play is when they get in that red zone area, crowder and desean jackson jackson and he found one of his best receivers molest reliable receer
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was the big player >> i think he's under utilized. >> 20 to 20. >> in the red zone this is a guy who can run those -- make catches with people hanging off of him >> willing to take the hits >> probably his biggest catch was on fourth and two where the guy draped over him. >> they can play the season. >> and this might not be a traditional red zone play, but the td to chris thomgs and i love pattern williams >> it's just outside of the 20 but we got to show pattern williams, welcome back big fellow, four game suspension, he's been waking up in the middle over the night thinking about throwing tds. electronic at 71 out here to 25. boom. 20. knocks him back to the ten. brandon doesn't have anyone to block. brandon scherff is runninged
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>> he loves those play, he got a little extra gas >> he got 300 plus pounds coming at you full speed way smile on his face. >> like a train hitting car on the rail. you know what i mean? you just can't stop it. >> like a tiny car. >> tiny -- smart car. >> why didn't he take -- the redskins didn't know they were about to rip off a 25-year-old run. >> come on,s he's trying to tell the dude he's not going to get a touchdown? which players do you need to pay attention to and which could mean a win for the skins. i'll let you know when brant slants, redskins game time is back after the break. ak.
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let's get to the slants brought to you by your dc chevrolet dealers. get you started with the visitors. i think the carolina panthers greg olson is the guy you got to keep tabs on. this is the third best in football. in his offense he's utilize beautifully. calvin benjamin is struggling cam
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threat. just like the redskins do 86, you're going to see them in physical player wins jump bowls down the field as well. he's had field days against washington, most worried about him? su cravens. let's get to the redskins player to watch. dust tin hop kins. . a lot of, that's why they're still a geek, they're wrong. this team runs kickers out of town every time they get into a rough pack. they're going to go through stretchers like this, look at david acre, gram coming to town with carolina, the redskins need to be patient with him. he has a big strong booming leg, he can hit 50 plus yarders kicked ball out of the back of the end zone on field goals as well. he missed six of his last 19,
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hooking things or going for something that doesn't know where the football is going, dust tin needs a little confidence. tell him he's your guy and he's not going anywhere and here's my stat of the day, with a victory tomorrow the redskins will have won five home game in consecutive years for the first time since the 1996 and 1997 season. what does this mean? for me, you go to fedex field a bunch. they're starting to treat you to a better product. i gave jay gruden credit. for a long time it hadn't been fun going to fedex field. >> how much better is it as player when you're on a run like this, in the hunt, for these games in the hunt for the playoff. >> very exciting: it's -- it's a thrill, at thrill. you have an opportunity to, to
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exciting to be there >> absolutely. i think the redskins are playing well and playing well at the rhyme. deep into december, playoff is right in front of you. it's very excited as a player, you can still get it >> and you can tell with the players in the locker room after the game, they're excited for the playoffs sprocketo prospects. >> one-half down and one more to go. redskins game time are wondering will the redskins make the playoff? >> post your comments on social media, hail yes if you think they will or hail no if you think they're not going to. >> hail yes or hail no.
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getting there doesn't matter if you can't get him to the turf, it's about rushing with vision, we talked about this. i think the worst thing you can do is flush him up in the pocket, let him step up and then extend the play like he's trying to do right here. you have to collapse the fact from the interior, trent murphy have a big game, this is big chris baker, ricky john france war. >> i'm impressed because a lot of times you get them from the outside is not about the speed rush, is this no pushing pass and too big a guy to arm tackle. you got to make a move, beat your guy outright and let the inside guy, it's almost like a team effort >> if roethlisberger probably the hardest guy you tackled >>e'
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kind of guy, big, hard to get down but to get to cam newton i think you got to play swarm defense, you see on the film you guy he gets up one play, still makes plays, other guys have to come pow right down the line. >> get into his head, i think he's been hit enough he wants to start crying. make him cry. >> if you get to cam newton you might be actually get off the field on third down. redskins make this look to difficult, i make losing weight really hard. people like the guys sitting to my left and right, they do it don't talk to anyone, for me it's an ordeal. it's not that hard to get off the field at third and nine, get someone to the ground, cover, be responsible in zone, seems like it's always some gap, somebody, ken, it's one player on the defensive >> you say lose eight pound
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wear a vet so it's an allusion >> they got, you know, they, you notice the third down and someone has to step up it's going to take a leader, once you start doing that, everybody will >> you said a leader, they got guys like dante in the back of the secondary and you're going to need guys like compton and guys been around the game and step up and talk to the guy, when you don't have a sense of urgency, you're going to lose them on third down >> 1 thing that will help their chances of getting up the field is being able to tackle, which you got to tackle and take advantage of your opportunities to tackle. >> we just talked about that >> go ahead. >> we just talked about cam is a big guy and you got to tackle one, then the nfl the guys are so big and strong, the arm tackles aren't going to work anymore but because of the rules you almost have to arm tackle. it has to be a group effort and get the guys out >> i remember earlier on during the season, the redskins
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criticized about their tackling defense, they got a little bit better then worse, what i think they do best on defense is, you know, tackle is football. as a to defense you know how he don't tackle, what they do best they bend but don't break, they have to be able to take away the big play of the carolina panthers >> if you're going to put occasionally josh norman on handled, eight, and in, ten yards, you bet tackle but the biggest difference, how do the redskins play so well defensively in that four-game winning streak. they went ten plus quarters without giving up a touchdown, they tackled. go back to that baltimore game, some of those signature performance, it's not all that crazy when you go back and watch. it's the same defense, of same guy, they did a better job in a couple area >> you mentioned ted junior he's the big play guy for carolina. redskins have guys a little better than ted
7:35 am
it's three longest catches of the season they've gotten him involved >> without a doubt. when he catches the ball, he's a threat because everybody is looking at him and opens it up for everyone else. you got to get him involved one way or the other. >> the guy is dangerous, stretches with defense and i think, whoever is -- he's just got to win >> i equate him to a sharp shooter in basketball because he's instant offense, the redskins last week against the eagles were in a bad spot. they only scored seven points, the start over the third quarter down on the road. how do you get something going? it's hard to continuing going 13, 14 plays, 80 yard drives because the margin for error is minimal. one play negatively, it take this it's an 80-year-old touchdown throw, that's the desean jackson effect >> here's a chance to set an record. he's one away from jerry rice for the most long touchdowns by
7:36 am
that's big time name. you talk about jerry rice. we're going to look at what else is making headlines around the nfl with annie and the big time name, guy lambert. >> what do you call me? i'm a girl. >> i think annie is a big name >> it's just a name >> all right. guys, well, as usual, there's a lot going on in the nfl. i call it like the soap before a for men, can we go to that. let's start with the new york giants in the hot seat >> here in dc we're familiar with watergate. now i call this walkie-talkie gate. there's a scandal amongst up. we're talking about mcadoo during the cowboys game last week, apparently coach was having issues communicating with eli manning. he picked up a walkie-talkie and proceeded to chitchat with him that way. that's a major no no. last year you can do that. this years, the rules state you cannot do so. what's at issue here is tha
7:37 am
just probably going to get fined but well, a lot of owners probably want the giants to lose a draft pick >> he's in a bigger penalty but what are the dallas fans saying >> initially dallas inquired about it. they have not filed former complaint. once again the nfl now investigating >> rumor is adrian pederson arguably the best runningback in the nfl. >> you ever have a secret you're not supposed to tell anyone but you tell everybody? >> for adrian pederson he's going to be back. on friday, he was on a radio show and said hey guy, i'm back, i'm going to be suiting up. vikings didn't like that because they weren't ready to make that statement. they had to release a player. so the guys are walking around the locker room, they ended up releasing toby
7:38 am
peterson suiting up today >> i feel bad for the other guy. yesterday, we got a little bit of a wintery mix near dc but buffalo got a ton of snow. and fans are trying to make a buck off of it >> this is a holiday season, and i need cash in my pocket. shoot on up to baltimore. >> yes, they're paying fans, ten bucks an hour to remove the snow from the stadium. >> the redskins fans would do this for free. teamwork. makes for dream work. not trying to make a buck. >> four hours, get you a ticket to today's game, they also provided lunch and dinner to everyone who helped clear out the stadium yesterday >> now to big been roethlisberger. he's playing santa claus this season >> each and every year elis to give back to the o line. last year, he gave all the guys five of them nice wahe
7:39 am
>> not that nice. still very pricey. i couldn't afford it. this year, he decided to give those big line by custom made suits. now, i looked it up. the average price of a custom going about $3,000 times that by five, well, you can do the math. $15,000 that he spend on his offensive line >> i bet they won't look good as your suit >> get out of here. what are we going to ask the guys for christmas now >> you asked for that $3,000 suit. i'm going to ask for a better title. apparently i'm nothing >> i think guy, you have enough suits, i think you're good. >> nubby, by the way. number what do you think about cam newton what he's been wearing each season? right here, what do you call this look? it's like the joker look at a
7:40 am
>> looks like the joker representing breast cancer awareness. he does whatever he wants. >> philosopher annie yu once told me there are no rules in fashion. >> rules are made to be broken anyway. >> he's rocking here with the card di gan. >> worse dresser, cam newton or russell westberg >> last week, looking like a west world bandit, that got cut off. >> we're here in a safari. >> this is considered good. if i did this, people would be >> i think that -- we all should dress like cam newton this week, see how people reacted. >> he got some big sweater on. >> you know,
7:41 am
>> when you win it like -- when you're winning it's a good look. >> coming up talking more news morning, it's time for grants paulsen favorite segment. redskins tailgate. and special for grant let you know about that. redskins game time back after this. >> hail yes.
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it is time for the fox 5 local news first five brought to you by united medical center, the beautiful barbara brown, she wrote htpr for life. we love it. >> it is time for the redskins tailgate segment. and we have a very special guest. you know how i pump people up. this is ryan paulsen. grant's brother. >> thank you for having me. >> not that people know this, there's lot of talent in the paulsen family. we got this man, 14 years of experience in the kitchen chef ryan paulsen works for guest services. you brought a ton of food. it's meat tea comfort food >> when we do our tail gates, we like to do stuff that everybody seen, we're doing italian sandwiches, we're doing them a
7:45 am
because we like variety. we like a lot of stuff to go on them. so, like, we got our sliders these meatballs are beef stuffed with mozzarella in the middle. juicy meatball. pork saugases >> you said these are stuffed >> stuffed with mozzarella made just like a juicy lucy. you make your little hole, insert your mozzarella, followed it up, sear them off and backache them off with the mar narrow are a sauce. beautiful >> how do two brothers one is a chef the other is the pickiest either on the planet. grant, that's actually why i'd made these, anything else would have been a little bit too far outside the realm. i knew if he went with a meatball he
7:46 am
>> he can't really eat this right now >> i think i'm going to cheat today. >> you have to. now, are you a big sports guy, ryan? >> i'm ok not nearly as much as grant. >> looking to the part about the food. >> help this. keep it all for himself. >> how do i do this >> come on in. grab yourself a role. >> what what are we having, bud >> i'm going to eat the meatball >> how hard is that to stuff the meatball? you made it sound easy >> all i do, a take a little measuring cup. put your mozzarella right in the middle and fold up the rest. newest like make two meatballs >> juicy surprise in the middle >> i need one embarrassing story about grant. >> one embarrassing story about grant? >> well, one embarrassing story about grant i can say
7:47 am
-- there you go. grant has not really gone outside his realm since we were about 12 years old, when grant was about 12, we literally would go, everyone we want to go here, here, we had to go to a place that had burgers, pizza or steak. even today, we go to a restaurant all he'll have a steak. he lover his marked potato, pretty much just a plate of marked potatoes. he asked them and asked them to bring it back. >> i wanted to. >> he was nine, my mom shut it down. he did want to do that. >> my mom thought it was important they had the meal the next day because they come to our house, i thought it was important that we had a meal the next day. >> and that you had marked potatoes >> i wanted those marked poto
7:48 am
brotherly love. i love it >> i love taking anything that you have, that you've had a lot over something your used to and changing it up a little bit. >> thank you >> he does. >> he might have to do >> yeah. grant he might take your job >> he should take my job. >> he can't cook and i don't know enough about sports. >> see how much we know about sports because when we return we make our predictions for the games this week, before we head to break it's time to answer the redskins trivia questions, who holds the redskins record for the most receiving yards in a game against the panthers? >> the answer? rod gardner. 208 yards, october 21 it's, 2001. redskins game time back after this. >> done charge.
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it's time for comcast pick of the day. here's where we stand so far. grant tied with ken, 21-14. and you know guys? i'm two games back. go first. grant >> eagles and baltimore, 1
7:52 am
kickoff on fox 5. grant? >> i'll take the ravens. they need the game more, philadelphia is in a little bit of trouble. they've lost several games that a row. last week you saw them beat themselves time and time against the redskins, i think they're in that kind of mode >> ravens are a slightly better team, give me a 2017 final baltimore in the win column. >> i shouldn't go first because i got to agree you that's my pick. >> i go with the ravens. one of the better defenses in the nfl, eagles are just not where they're supposed to be >> they put out as much as they could against the redskins and their season is pretty much done, i'm going to with the ravens. game two, taking on. giants, 1 p.m. kickoff >> i'll go with the lions. i'll say the lions are going to beat the giants. >> i gladly will take the lead in our pick i'm going to with the new york football giants. here's what i'm worried
7:53 am
your pick there, lions, stafford is banged up. he has the questionable how well he's going to throw the football. they do have something to play for, they can get a by in the first round, the giants if they lose week seven against the redskins? i think new york wins 27-17 >> grant going to go to with you object one, new york has too much to lose and they got this danger play maker over there, >> i was going to go with the giants, it doesn't matter. if they're down, they come back. got injured quarterback, i don't know he's going to make something happen. give me the lions going to change it up >> tampa bay traveling to at&t stadium. arlington sunday night against the cowboys 8:30 kickoff >> i'm kind of going back and forth on this, but i'm going to go with
7:54 am
>> keep the run going >> yes >> i have a gut feel that the bucks win this game but i believe it's a toss-up 50-50, so just to try to take game over ken i'm going to go with the dallas cowboy, they can't play as bad as they did offensively last week. dac prescott struggled. another game or two away from a little bit of noise incorrectly about tony romo in dallas, starting to hear rumbling, they will get back to doing what they do, which is seek elliot, and the bucks as good as they played, they're due for a loss, they're not going to rip off a second half without a loss. dallas win >> second half of that a loss and knock the redskins out of the playoff, please cuts that clip and we'll bring it back. >> i'm going with the cowboys, i think sack prescott and elliot these are the two young football stars, they don't want to use their winly >> cowboy, the defense has been carrying them
7:55 am
rush defense is suspect. a lot of seek elliot today. game of the week, monday night football redskins and carolina panthers 8:30 put p.m. >> i've had a bad feeling i don't know why, i think it steps from the fact i don't know how the redskins are going to slow down cam newton. they really struggled against the panthers. i think that if you had cravens, you can had cam newton with him. if you had will compton you'd have a better chance against jonathan steward, i wouldn't be surprised if the panthers hung 30 on washington. i think carolina wins 34-29 game. >> i mean, i think like you said, it's going to be a tough game. i go with the redskins like i do every week but i think it's going to be tough and the redskins have to start off strong. if they don't, >> i think it comes down to match-up, it's going to be
7:56 am
tough match-up for both teams, high scoring game. the redskins did he first is not the greatest right now but i also feel that with cam newton and coming to town, it's about match-ups and intensity, i'm going to say the redskins getting healthy at the right time with the o line and i'm going to go were a close game and go with the redskins >> i'm going to go with the redskins and you guys have been saying this, i think they're going to win by double digits, this panthers team might have given up a bit. you talk about the redskins defense and yeah, it's bad. facing this offense, but that offense offensive line for the panthers, they're on their fourth center, they have injuries all over the place, i think this defense is going to get to cam and win this game by 12 points >> josh norman as good as he is, it can backfire against him in the locker room, what did he say? i got something for him. it could go in reverse. >> the josh norman show monday night.
7:57 am
hail no, do you think the redskins will make the playoffs here is the hash tag battle. looks like 66% #hail yes. the redskins will make the playoffs. this is a very scientific poll, by the way. it's like calling a presidential election, go with the exit polls that does it for us, 1:00, ravens taking on the eagles. >> enjoy your sunday.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
this is fox 5 news morning. good morning, welcome to fox 5 news morning on this sunday i'm annie yu >> i'm tom fitzgerald, great to see you again, we're going to start off with a live look outside at caitlin roth is here this morning to give us the an dote of yesterday >> >> i step into my car and yesterday was like 27, this morning it was like 53. >> i know. >> wow, this is like summer now. but we do have showers rolling in, that's why it looks to foggy outside. looks like here's video from that car pileup yesterday. it was a m
8:01 am
let's get a recap of the conditions. it really did reek havoc. two people died on i95 in the 67 car pileup. the tractor-trailer exploded. 94ly two dozen people were treated for injuries. some people are in critical condition. hold on one second for me. someone is messing with our teleprompter. nearly two dozen people were treated for injury, some in critical condition. the road did reopen last night at 10:20. no official word on what caused the crash. virginia one person died in a 23 car pileup on the beltway. this happened at mile marker 50 in fairfax county yesterday morning, two big rigs were involved. there were no other serious injuries in that crash fortunately. fairfax county, a fire truck slid off the road and hit power lines then went partially down a hill. this was on route 50.
8:02 am
fortunately no one was hurt in that accident. certainly created a lot of chatter, caitlyn and i were asking folks to send in pictures and comments in what was going on. a lot of you posted pictures of that wild ice storm that came through the region. here's some of them as we scroll through it. but yeah, it was just a messy day. and if you are still experiencing something then send it to us at fox 5 dc we'd love to hear from you. ice ankles on the leaf >> it was pretty to look at. not fun to be participating when you stepped outside. beautiful looking pictures, of course, freezing rain, very destructive. we saw that in play yesterday morning with the ice that coated really the whole area. makes driving nearly impossible. the good news was, temperatures rose yesterday afternoon. they kept rising overnight. and now, we're in the 60's, it's so warm out. but everything has melted. the ice is no longer an issue for us, we've got different issues as we roll through your sunday but it is off to a spring like morning. 61 at
8:03 am
dulles, 58 at bwi marshal. so elsewhere we're seeing temperatures ranger from the 40's to the 60's pretty remarkable but we had this real surge of warm air that came in yesterday afternoon, after the freezing rain. so we changed over to just rain briefly before we dried out. then temperatures kept rising overnight with that foggy mild air in place major change from yesterday. 24 hour temperature change on the order of 20 to 25 to 30 to 35 degrees warmer outside. get ready for the roller coaster ride. temperatures will be dropping quickly this afternoon. we hit our peak this morning. we're about to go downhill. here's why. cold front just towards our northwest bringing rain showers that are starting to move into our area, frederick county certainly seeing right nows even getting into montgomery county. so rock violation, gaithersburg, germantown, fairfax c
8:04 am
seeing light rain showers there as well as northwest and baltimore, rape will move into the d m v in the next our or so as the rain falls, temperatures will be dropping and winds will be picking up considerably. here's your futurecast by 9:00 a.m. showers into northwest dc and that will can't through noon. snow showers up in the mountains of west virginia but we're just looking at rain here. we do see the rain push off by mid afternoon. skies clear late tonight remains blustery and it will be much, much colder by monday afternoon. monday morning, excuse me. so here's the set up for today, showers and windy at 11:00 a.m. 60 we fall into the 50's by early afternoon, 40's by evening, very windy. we could have a gusts over40 miles an hour at times, so prepare for the major difference in temperatures yet again tomorrow. we'll be talking about temperatures on the order of 30 degrees colder. the work week forecast still ahead. let's
8:05 am
a four-year-old girl is in critical condition after the tree toppled and hit her head. no word on what caused the tree to fall over. police in little rock arkansas are searching foreman who shot and killed a three-year-old boy. police are calling it a deadly road rage incident. little boy was on a shopping trip when they were stopped at a stein, another driver got upset got out of their car and shot at the grandmother as well as the grandson. the little boy later died's died and the shooter took offer. the un security council will vote on a resolution to bring aid to the hardest hit areas of aleppo. thousands of civilians are trapped. the strapped resolution calls on secretary general to immediately redeploy un
8:06 am
reports of evacuations. . volunteers brave the rain and the cold to honor our fallen heros for the 25th annual wreaths across america. you'll know that thousands of volunteers walked those grounds over at arlington national cemetery to place a wreath on each and every one of the graves. volunteers told fox 5 they were honored to be part of such a part of special celebration. ♪ ♪ final fair well for former astronaut and senator john glenn his casket was transported from the ohio statehouse to ohio state university where a public memorial service was held. joe biden delivered an emotional eulogy addressing his widow and he died in his home state of ohio last week at the age of 95. he'll be buried at arlington national cemetery
8:07 am
>> what a legacy >> a american hero >> time is 8:06. you're watching fox 5 news morning. alexandra limon is on location, morning, alex. >> reporter: wonderful holiday the officers here in blade denseberg are getting ready for the annual shop with a cop event, we'll have that for you coming right up. baby got back pain? with sleep number, there's an adjustment for that. just a swipe to realign your spine. does your bed do that?
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♪ ♪
8:10 am
welcome back here at 8:09. joining us contemporary lindsay lester. hit number one on i tune >> husband keith on the keyboard not to be overlooked and tonight they're going to be performing at bethesda blues and jazz fest. this is the time of year everybody is sipping singing even people like myself who should not be. how much changing after thanksgiving into the new year >> we always love to add in our christmas songs, i love this time of year because i get to sing christmas songs. i get like one month out of the year where i get to, so we had them in, but we still do our original music and you know, like some covers and stuff like that. >> yeah, and your love for music started at a young age. you even
8:11 am
>> yeah. >> tell us sort of your journey over the time here. >> well, i started off with the chello and then years later moved to a school district that didn't have the music budget and i couldn't ford the chello lessons >> but you owned a voice >> yes, luckily i was able to express myself musically that way. >> you're going to sing what is my old time favorite christmas song and i love this, why don't you introduce it why don't you take it away >> it's one of the my favorite christmas songs called have yourself a merry little christmas. ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas. let your heart be light.
8:12 am
from now on our troubles will be out of sight. ♪ ♪ have yourself a merry little christmas. ♪ ♪ make the yuletide gay. from now on our troubles will be miles away ♪ ♪ here we are as in old en, days, happy
8:13 am
of yours. ♪ ♪.
8:14 am
8:15 am
♪ ♪ 8:15, thank you for joining us. what a difference this morning, we're waking up to temperatures in the 60's. >> beautiful out there >> yesterday we were waking up to 20's. it is a big difference and
8:16 am
an hour, bladensberg police department will be taking out lucky children in the area for a big shopping spree. >> this will be a big thrill for all of these kids that are involved in this. our alexandra limon is live in bladensburg as they get ready to take it away. how are you, alex? >> tom, good morning, let me tell you that ice storm we had yesterday, it threw a little bit of a wrench me things because this was supposed to happen yesterday. these are some of the officers that are going to be involved in this fantastic event. they're wrapping some of the gifts they were able to purchase yesterday. let me have officer brown join me this morning, good morning, how are you >> i'm fine, how are you doing >> tell me a little bit about what's actually going to be going on, who's involved in all of this >> we doing shop with a cop program. the school in
8:17 am
officers from our neighboring company will pick kids and take them out shopping >> so you're going to pick them up. how many kids are we talking about this morning >> we start off with 30. but since the ice storm threw us off, we have 27 right now, but don't worry, the rest, part of the 30 we wrapping gifts for them right now and we will provide gifts for them anyway >> some gifts were donated and actually you were telling me a little bit about this it was actually wal-mart that gave it and is actually providing these gift cards to take the kids shopping >> wal-mart provided us the money to give them the gifts, town of bladensburg, after the gifts, we're going to go out and eat. >> reporter: this is cool because the kids not only shop for themselves, they going to be shopping for others as well >> we're helping the kids pick out gifts for their loved one, friends, families, and of course, theirselves. >> what
8:18 am
started at about 9:00 here at the wal-mart just down the street in bladensburg. we will be there and of course, bring you all of that fun and excitement this evening on fox 5 news. we're live in bladensburg. i will send it back to you guys in the studio. >> great event. >> yes. >> fantastic. well, speaking of gifts, caitlyn brought us a fantastic one this morning, it's not freezing and icing >> it's like summer around here >> it feels like a spring morning, it's remarkable the change that occurred from the freezing temperature, the ice that coated the whole dmv where temperatures are in the 60's and we're expecting just rain showers. and sunday leads the headlines but we got a lot of changeable weather on the way. the temperatures are a gift but they won't be lasting long. here's why, a cold front off towards the northwest, down through west virginia, bringing main the rain showers, you see a little bit of mixed precipitation,
8:19 am
get rain here in washington. the leading edge of the rain made it into parts of montgomery county through howard county and into the baltimore area. everyone thawed out yesterday and into the overnight. temperatures kept rising, pretty well. not in the district itself just white yet, these rain showers but probably between 10:00 and 11:00 a.m., we'll start to see the rain move through, east of the rockville, towards uncle obey they're getting showers and into baltimore is where the falling rain is. temperatures ahead of this cold front 58 baltimore, 61 washington. 62 in quantico and 62 at dulles but in the 40's where the cold air started to seep in, 49 hagerstown, 46 in martinsberg, 34 in cumberland and look at that cold air, 33 in pittsburgh, 28 in columbus, five degrees in chicago. so we were climbing up the hill temperatures yesterday afternoon evening and overnight. we're about to fall down quickly at that. wind speeds out of the south, winds are out of the south ahead of the
8:20 am
miles an hour. and we're seeing higher gusts as three cold fronts will push the wind gusts over 20 miles an hour mainly south and west of washington. our winds will change out of the northwest, ushering in the colder air. here's the time, it's raining in baltimore and probably starting to get some showers into washington. i sayed through about mid afternoon, we got showers around and behind that, even possibly late day clearing north and west but the winds will really be how long out of the northwest. temperatures will be falling quickly. by monday morning, we start off with sunshine but it will be as cold as it was yesterday. the temperature change from yesterday today on the order of 30 degrees up, tomorrow we're going about 30 degrees down. let's talk tomorrow night. big game land over maryland 8:30 monday night football, panthers with the redskins, it's cold. so we spend most of the day just in the 30's, windchills in the 20's, 32 degrees will be the ki
8:21 am
chilly, packed all the layers you possibly can if you are tailgating, tough to to be outside in such cold weather but it will be chilly. here's your seven-day forecast. 62 high temperature, showers till about mid afternoon, wind increases behind that. temperatures fall pretty quickly, in fact, we fall to 30 boy tomorrow morning, tlefrp for the high temperature. sunny and chilly. little bit of a warmup by wednesday, close to 50. that will feel nice, travel weather as we approach the holiday looks a little tricky thursday, but the good if you say is it's just rain showers following that clouds to sun on friday, 46. 52. that's saturday christmas eve looks really nice and the early call on christmas 50's and sunny looks nice. guys, the holiday itself, we can actually win out with really nice weather. >> annie and tom >> thanks so much, time is 8:21, upstate new york is bitter cold, when police in hudson got a call about a possible ununresponsive person, they responded
8:22 am
the worse. >> yes. so you look at that picture there, that looks real turns out it's not. to the relief, they found out what you're looking at right there is not a person at all. that is a mannequin. it was parked there by a salesman who was working for a medical training -- that looks real. that looks ream. the mannequin was sitting in the passenger seat. they didn't waste time. they got in there and got the mannequin out. word to the wise, don't park with a mannequin in your car, otherwise you're going to get your car opened up expectedly. that does it for this half hour, coming up next, ronica cleary talks with one-on-one sunday's chris wallace. ace.
8:23 am
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chris wallace is the host of the fox news sunday, he joins us with a preview of today's program. good morning to you, chris. >> good morning to you >> i know you have an scluf view with reince priebus. tell me a little bit about your expectations of what priebus and you will be discussing today >> the fact that the electoral college is part of th
8:26 am
constitution, votes tomorrow, and that will be what actuallily makes donald trump the president under the constitution. you get 270 electoral votes. what we've been talking about for so many months, you're the next president. now, there's democrats who are suggesting that the republicans who are supposed to vote for trump voted for somebody else either to elect somebody else or throw it to the house of representatives, a lot of this because of allegations of russian hacking to hurt clinton in the election, we'll be talking to mr. priebus about that. and also to virginia congressman done buyer. he wants to pass a law that would delay the electoral college vote until we get an intelligence security briefing on exactly what role the russians did play to try to interfere with the election. >> it's fascinating to watch all of this unfold and certainly our viewers may be
8:27 am
bit closer attention since you do have don buyer on the show. we will be looking forward to it at 9:00 and looking forward to that vote tomorrow. thank you so much, chris >> thanks, ronica >> you can catch fox news sunday at 9:00 a.m. right after our show. ♪ ♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
it is sunday, december 18th, i'm ronica cleary >> tom fitzgerald with you on the hill on fox 5 sunday morning couple days, be couple days before christmas: the year has flown by in big ways and in small. we appreciate you taking the time to spend this next half hour with you here on fox 5 news on the hill. in the last shot bid, thousands of electoral college petitions are being circulated to block the election of the president-elect. lors will convene. donald trump lost the popular vote the number is up to about 3 million. this is a situation unlike -- very different than 2000 where we had that
8:31 am
mystery. we know wh won this election, however, this is ths movement afoot to change the outcome of this election. you spoken to a lot of people this week. is there a sense of folks who want this to happen, that were what we saw on november 8 did not actually takes place, that somehow the electoral college could sweep in and changes that you >> that's an interesting question because i'm out there for our 6:30 show we call it the pulse of the people. a lot of the people i speak with really seem to have a feeling of acceptance and an interest if moving forward in a way to regroup and rejoin the country. i don't think a lot of people are following this as closely because i don't know that people really believe it's possible to see the kind of outcome where the electors, what is a 35 or something to get -- to get it to -- not hit 270 to have t
8:32 am
congress. i don't think people are really thinking that's a possibility >> i get that if you voted for hillary clinton and you don't like donald trump, why -- i get why they would want to keep this going. >> sure. >> because it bugs republicans and clearly, it bugs the heck out of donald trump because he can't stop tweeting about it. i don't get the sense that this productive in any way with the democrat's time, they got to elect a new dnc chief, keith ellison had been the first name out, tom perez secretary now in the race apparently with the blessing of the president of the united states and possibly hillary clinton as well. if i'm a democrat party, why not use this time in between the election and this inauguration to get your ducks in a row, to regroup, and find a direction for this party, which was clearly lacking back
8:33 am
way, when you actually had to get possibly come out to vote for your candidate. that didn't happen. it seems like this is a lot of wasted energy and a lot of wasted effort right now because the second words out of their mouth after they say that oh, well, i accept the outcome of the election, why are you do this >> i get your point, i really do. i think you're right. i think there needs to be a significant focus on the dnc chair race, but you do have to step back. i support the electoral college but it is uncanny to look at the fact that she won by nearly 3 million votes. that could cause a tremendous amount frustration and concern and if the allegations of russian hacking are true, i do -- i really sympathize with the interest in getting that security briefing for the electors but then that was denied and the vote is monday. maybe they need to accept it and move on. >> let's talk about the russian situation. a growing number in congress, not just
8:34 am
as well, have voiced concerns about what they have identified as a russian and foreign influence in this election, one of them is virginia congressman don buyers, a democrat from our area, he is one of the people to have the electoral college briefed on what the 17 intelligence agencies know and do not know about what may or may not happen leading up to the election, we spoke to the congressman this week >> we're not saying theflt vote one way or another but they were set up in order to make independent judgments about who would be the best president >> some trump supporters suggested this is politically motivated. is there an alter year motive >> let's let it work the way the founding fathers intended >> we're
8:35 am
interview coming up with chris wallace in a moment. the question is this, if the russians did what apparently these agencies said they did. did that necessarily change the outcome of this election >> we'll never know the answer to that. that's where you get into the question of is it sour grapes >> and the democrats still not denied the validity of any of these things released >> no one is saying they're not true >> this is what i want to see, show me the person headed to the poll to cast their vote for hillary clinton who suddenly learned all of these things either from the fbi, e-mail investigation, into what may have gone on with the private e-mail server or the clinton voter who may have changed their minds after what they learned about some of these wikileaks e-mails, show me that person who is absolutely going to vote for hillary clinton changed t
8:36 am
mind, spun on their heels and decided to vote for donald trump. did that person exist? >> i think they may exist. but for me >> somebody >> maybe not voting for donald trump but i do think they may not have shown up. i do think it's interesting we've had this conversation about getting the 270 electoral votes. this is what evan mcmullin tried to do that independent candidate for governor >> glad you didn't call him ed mcmuffin. >> it's fascinating this race. it speaks to the feeling and the sentiment in this country. no one can get it together. i mean, eventually, the pulse of the people, the feeling i'm getting, in january, on inauguration day, i think generally speaking people are over it. >> this is one of the reasons people get turned off on politics and
8:37 am
because, you know, they're so quick to, you know, hang themselvess on the founding fathers and the constitution. all of that great stuff we learned about in school. until it doesn't suit them. until they don't like the outcome of what the electoral college is. all of a sudden, we need to toss >> the electoral college >> electoral college, toss 240 years of american history out the window because we don't like the way the election turned out. that's too bad. that's the way it works. that's the way the system was designed. like it or not >> before we talk about another cabinet pick for donald trump, do you think anything will happen tomorrow? do you think donald trump will be get the votes that he needs in the electoral college >> it appears donald trump will be elected by the electoral college as the 45th president of the united states. it's interesting though, some of these areas around here, they're approaching this a little bit differently. we talked to maryland this week. maryland for the first time ever is going to allow a
8:38 am
stream tomorrow of these votes being cast and expect to be out there as well tomorrow. this has never happened before. i can't ever remember a time where people were actually interested -- something you know, and when the votes are finally tallied, it's usually like on a weekend. nobody really ever pays attention to this till now. i don't remember the 2000 recount electoral college vote getting as much attention as this one is and everybody keeps saying the same thing, we accept the results of the election. do you or do you not? because it appears to me that we're going to have a vote tomorrow and then we're going to have a president and an inauguration in skrarn and some people. you know whose moving forward is donald trump >> sometimes he's not acting like he's the president-elect >> making decisions and choice. >> sometime he's a media c
8:39 am
about saturday night live >> when is donald trump going to tweet about fox 5 on the hill? >> i would not hold my breath to that. >> let's talk about nick m ulvaney, he's set to be the budget director, he follows governor nikki haley who has already been picked to be the ambassador to the united nations, a member over the house freedom caucus and he grew out of the tea party movement. he has refused to embarrass the government's borrowing limit. my question when i think about this, i don't really know when you're up against the president of the united states i'm sure it changes your tone, but could he be a person to push back on some of the things that donald trump talked about where he has sounded more like a democrat and talked about spending
8:40 am
>> all the attention the donald trump rally got during the campaign, the rallies people should be watching are the ones that are going on right now, these thank you tour rallies. trump has been say something amazing things and very unrepublican things as well too, he's almost hit the brakes on a lot of these things he said. there was a chant of lock her up the other day and trump said no, no, no, no, that was fine during the campaign but almost to the point in front of his own supporters where he's kind of throwing the car into reverse and nobody in the crowd seems to be paying attention to the fact that he seems to be up ending very major pillars of this campaign. >> maybe the people leading the movement for the electors should be paying attention, maybe he will surprise them >> maybe some of this democrat electors might like some of the things donald trump is saying right now because he seems to be
8:41 am
trump, mike mulveney, i don't think anybody is going to pay attention to him, name me rob portman it's generally a job when done best is unrecognized. you don't want to be the budget director that everybody knows because usually means there's something not so good happened. there is this question about he makeup of this candidate you look at nikki haley and ben carson and it's not heart to see that there are a lot of the white men and not a lot of people in color and different genders in this cabinet. is this a cabinet that looks like america to you? >> that's an interesting question, i did think about that before today -- not just before today's show but i knew we would be discussing that. it doesn't. but i wonder is that a promise that donald trump ever made and is that something that anybody who voted for donald trump expected or
8:42 am
i don't think he has, in any way, contradicted anything he said when he came to the table, and he's surrounding himself with people he's known a long time and trusts. i do think that is important when filling a cabinet but i also completely understand the criticisms and concern when you look at how the cabinet is filling out >> he's gotten a lot of criticism for the makeup of this cabinet but i will say if you look back at what he said during the campaign, trump, and a lot of people didn't like wait he put it, but he did seem to at least address, you know, a lot of the inner city issues that go on in this country in way that hillary clinton never seemed to have on the radar screen at all >> controversially >> and a lot of people said he was wrong and he had a one-sided opinion and view of city, but he was talking about them and him talking about them get other people to talk about them and at least it got that conversation into the campaign in way that
8:43 am
did not come into the campaign on the democrat side. you know, again, with a lot of things with trump right now, you have to pay attention what happens after january 20th because this gap between the campaign and now this transition wefts which one we have to see which one emerges. >> we're not taking a break, let's talk about michelle obama saying this is what it feels like to not have hope. is that too dramatic or is that fair >> it's an interesting person who came to her defense. donald trump in one of his rallies said he thought her words were kind of twisted. you know, michelle obama is somebody who occupies a interesting political pedestal t
8:44 am
because, you know, she's not shy about telling anybody she wants no future in politics. she at times kind of shows destain for all of us, not just the republican side but some of the things that has gone on on the democrat side as well. she's somebody who a lot of people paid a lot of attention to and when she comes out and says there is no hope, that seems to be at odds with what her husband has been saying. let's listen to some of this. >> having a grown-up in the white house who can say to you times of crisis and turmoil, it's going to be ok, let's remember the good things we have, let's look at the future all the things we're building, all of this is important for our kids to stay focused. >> tom, you brought up an interesting point, it doesn't sound like what her husband is saying but in a way it does sound like what donald trump has been sa
8:45 am
reaction. i think he reacted in the right way. i think he has to acknowledge a lot of the fear people have and he got little respect. so think about that. let us know what you think about that exchange, do you feel like there is no hope >> the difference is, yeah, it does sound a lot like the stuff trump was saying in the campaign. the difference here is, she was talking about trump. trump was talking about barack obama >> and america >> any time you're running for an office and this is one of the things that kind of may be, hindered hillary clinton a little bit, so your going to run and you're going to run to be something new. if your party already controls the white house and has controlled the administration for eight year, it's a little hard to bank on the white house as much as you'd like to as the brand new think when you're hillary clinton and you've been on the scene 40 years. donald trump was free of all of that. and when m
8:46 am
this right now, she is turning donald trump's whole argument around ones himself, on, i don't know if it's helpful to the mending and the healing that needs to go on in this country, if that is even a possibility at this point. we're going to take a break right now, saturday night live, back at it again, no tweets from the donald this time but a surprise for the president-elect donald trump. take a look. >> what's that sound? >> i think it's coming from the chimney. >> is it a ghost? am i being scrooged? >> i think it's the >> >> [cheers and applause] >> nothing here it's such a great surprise >> what are you doing here >> i was just in town, you know, hiding in the walls. ♪ ♪
8:47 am
8:48 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
8:49 am
. inside look at the magic that happens at the white house. deck creator and author colleen berk joins us and we have a preview of a christmas ornament that
8:50 am
>> this is a sneak peak. it's special. the name is a little bit of a mouthful, colleen christian berk, first lady's collection. and it is inspired by the amazing history and decorating of our first ladies. it's so much fun, lots of historical details >> i love all of the pieces, they're very beautiful. i love more are the stories behind them. tell me about the salt and pepper shaker and the shoe >> the first collection features nancy reagan and jackie kennedy and these are a nod to nancy's holiday shoes, every year, nancy reagan, a fashion icon would glue red palm-palms on her heels. the reagans were really known for their love story, here we have a little girl teddy
8:51 am
and a boy teddy bear and we have missile toe and it's a nod to the love that ronnie and nancy brought to the white house, to the decorations. a lot of fun. >> now you have these white christmas stockings and you were saying before, white stockings, we consider them to be retro, at one time, they were new and fashionable >> i was happy to design these, i want these. basically, we have these historical pictures that are really national treasures and some of them show the kennedy family celebrating christmas morning and in the background are their stockings hung by the fireplace, a lip hap hazard and they were white and had pom-pomson them. we have a christmas tree, a santa but these stockings are inspired by the kennedy family stockings which were really popular at the time. >> t
8:52 am
tenants, each of the ornaments has a different story >> you need to know each first lady sets her own imprint. it was jackie that said we need to put thought into it. her first theme was the nut cracker, we have a couple really couple fun nut cracker ornaments and this particular nut cracker is holding the pt 109 and that was the boat that jfk was on that was sunk that made him a hero. we put that little detail on and a hat that would have been similar to what jfk's uniform would have been and then we have another nut cracker holding a duck and a really fun little sweeten dear fact is that the kennedy children had ducks in the white house ponds they could watch and see, we have our nut cracker with some ducks, so it's just a tie-back to a different time >> i love that. and colleen, qu
8:53 am
viewers should know that you have decorated the white house for christmas, you're a historian as well. what's your one piece of advice for the regular person decorating >> you have to do it with the right intention, what i learned is they have a hard stop time. you get so much time to decorate and it's a lot to do but once your time is over, it's over, so pick a stop time, end your decorating and start enjoy >> thank you so much for being with us. we will be right back. ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gle350 for $579 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer.
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welcome back, take a look at this over the white house, president barack obama held his what may be the final press conference of his administration. what do you think? do you think you'll hear from the president again >> i thought you were going to make a joke about the final presidential press conference >> how long has it been since donald trump took questions >> over 100 days >> i was at the very first barack obama press conference when he became president. he called the harvard police stupid and he's really changed. a lot of people in the press said this could have been a little more transparent than -- we are going to get. but you know, at the end of this eight years, these, you know, very
8:57 am
goes on in this administration, we hope we will be having donald trump press conferences at some point when the new administration takes its seat but we build aloha to president obama who is now in hawaii to his final christmas >> merry christmas we won't be here next week >> coming up next, virginia congressman don bureau alongside with reince priebus. we'll see you. merry christmas. stma
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i'm chris wallace. democrats say they need to know more about russian hacking before the lectors cast their votes. >> there's ample evidence that was known long before the election about the trump campaign and russia. >> it's just remarkable. that's breathtaking. i can see you auditioning to be a political pundit. >> today the war of words over russia and the election. we'll talk with the incoming white house chief of staff reince priebus. it's a "fox news sunday" exclusive. then, what are the chances trump electors will vote against him? we'll speak


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