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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 18, 2016 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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this is fox5 local news at 6. right now 569, several peopleral rescue after falling into the river. we have the latester fal from ae arrundel. a wild weekend of weather it has been, from freezing rain to temperatures in the 6 20s.20 gwen will have your workweek forecast. a bringing weekend for bryce harper. it was completely off the field. i'll tell you what the nats star was up to as the news starts a at 6. thanks for joining us tonight, i'm jim lokay and i'm lauren demarco. nearly two dozen people had to be rescued after their both over turned. they were part of the masse effort to get people out of the water.
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on video. >>reporter: that's right, the boaters had gone out when it was in the 60s and warm here in annapolis and then the weather took a sharp turn.rn. it back very cold and windy, 22 people ended up having to be rescued from the seven river he which is right behind us. we talked to a man who saw it all happen, salor himself. he says this could have been a lot worse.lot there must be at least 20 people in the water. to me as saw alienor it'ss extremely scary and it is so cold out there right now. salors enjoying the warm weathet started cap sizing, a group from the seven saling association was out in small boats called lasers. there was a huge, it must happy been a huge cold front that came inld f that really created a hue weather windstorm that came in and literally knocked overr 90 percent of the lasers.s. wind kicked
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hour and the temperature dropped.drop what you could see was justs these ten any little black specs of a person in their dry suit trying to get out of the water. maryland natural resources police say the people plucked from the seven river were 16 to 70 years old. white tells us some waited to be rescued for 30 minutes. everyone ended up okay. if you think about the fact that son is in the water kind ofte hanging onto their boat and their face is wet, just that in its own self with the winde blowing and the temperature dropping is -- you know, i'm glad everyone is safe. that's the most important thing. we just got an update fromdate maryland natural resources police who say that the waterte temperature was just 43-degreesg when all this was happening. police say that the salors wet suits and a fast response by
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rescuers is what led to a positive outcome. live in annapolis, lindsay watts, fox5 a local news. > lindsay, thank you. crews also rescued three peoplee from the potomac it happened around 26789.d 30 from the wilson bridge. several sale boats cap sized and all of the victims were taken to alexandria to be evaluated by ems. if you or someone you know was a frederick county student betweee 2005 and 2006. listen p up, may be the victimti of a security hack. >>reporter: it's been six years and we are now learning about this breach that happened sometime before 2010 in frederick county public schoolsy just p putting out this tweet saying they are taking aggressive action to help all of those affected. so here's what you need to knoww if you were an fcps studentnt between november of 2005 and november of 2016 your name, social security number and date of birth may have been promyselfed.prom that's about a thousand
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now, the fbi, maryland state mar attorneyyl general's office and the state department of education along with other agencies are now being notifiedd and are also investigating fcps says because this occurred so longing a they are not able toe identify the source of the hack. however, they are saying thatyig their data team is working toing try and remove all that sensitive information from online, from websites. but if you believe that you were affected, take a look the at this contact information. inf you can find that information om our website, lauren. thank you, marina. we're going to switch gears, take a live look outside. yesterday we saw the freezing rain, dangerous icy conditions on the roads. today we had temperatures reaching the 60s, but that came and went pretty quick as well.l. gwen in the winter center.ter. what can we expect. >> we are going to expect thepet cold air to stay around. i mentioned yesterday that weayt going to warm up and then cool
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reality check of the season ashs the frontal system moves in andd that's exactly what end that. ahead the frontal system we had the warm, balm i air and all the moisture. we had rainfall in many of our neighborhoods today and then as it moves through very abruptlypy i'm sure if you were outside yoo felt it.ut i was and all of a united states sen, boom, those temperaturesmpr dropped and the winds began.n. let's take a look at where winds are now on radar.dar. most the moisture moving its way off the east. some of you seeing a little bit of light rainfall here and there. but the temperatures quickly dropping every where.very and we are going have a very, very cold night ahead. so be prepared for that. the winds major some of our peak wind imus included up to 54-mile per hour winds at the airport.rpor 37 at the bay bridge and 35 at quantico. that's a pretty good indicationi of how things were today anday a ahead of that frontal system and with it as it continued to move through. so still dealing with on gusty i winds rightth now. those winds currently anywhere from 16 to up to 36-mile per 3 ur
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d.c. they'll gradually start to diminish as we move to into tonight. so there will be someme improvement. in the mean time your current temperature is 4 # in d.c. 43 at quantico, 39-degrees at dulles this hour, winchester at 34 and 36 degrees at martinsburg while frederick is at 37. we're going to continue to see the temperatures drop tonight,g, colder air really be settling is as a result of the jet stream tt the south of us. it will be much colder on monday. your overnight lowe's tonightwe's will be in the 20s, but for tomorrow your daytime highs, half of what they were todaye into the 30s. he want to say that we were some 0-degrees or more above the seasonal average today fory daytime highs. we should really only be in the mid 40s, but that certainly was not the case. so for tonight, then, as we wrap it all up for you. 27 degrees are overnight low, a very cold wind from the north at 10 to 5 miles an hour. so once again, a shift in those winds where we had that
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mostly cloudy stars as we start it on but it will become partlye cloudy and the cold air will bei sticking around for the next few days. so we're going to be watching it fairly closely for you as temperatures stay blow acinal into the week. we warm up towards the end of the week but we have another storm just a few days beforefore christmas. i'll have the details coming upg in just a about it.bout back to you. the weather affected a the looke of pctlans for people over this weekend. >> absolutely.utel > it did not stop kids from prince george's county from teaming up witheo the policerge' department forth third annuall shop with the cop about 30 kids from families inmi need went on a shopping spree with $100 gift cards provided by walmart. fox #'s alexandra limon was there for all thealexan fun. >>reporter: excited elementary school students in bladessance bug got a special holiday shopping experience.t a it gives thespng e children to interact with our police officers on
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do some shopping, have lunchve with them and they can really get to know each other. you want to get some games.mes. let's go get some games. while it involved the usual holiday chaos and carts full of toys, it was also somethinghing more. the season is about showingowin love, connecting with the community, building thatt positive relationship with theth public officials and the community. in order to spread the holidayay cheer the kids shopped not just for themselves but their families, too. i can getting stuff for my baby brother, my big brother, my mom and a my dad. now, let me ask you this, have you ever gone shopping with angw cop before. no, this is my first time. what do you them.what >> i love it. > in bladensburg, alexandra limon, fox5 local news. > i like it she was
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less enough to say i'm getting she was saying i'm getting it for my brother and my mom. the political shows, the very latest on the cia assessment that russia interest feared witd the presidential election. issues continue to surrender the president elect.ect. one surrounding one of his newest properties right here in d.c. c.
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> what were you doing here in y was just in town, you know,ou, o hiding in the walls. much on the dismay of donald trump he didn't tweet about it. alex baldwin was back at thethe president elect poking fun att the reports russia independentsa feared in the recent election. meanwhile a bipartisan group wants a new committee on cyber attacks. fox's elizabeth prann has new details on that. >>reporter: four senators arear calling for a bipartisan panel to investigate russia and other foreign country as of the fbi and cia claimed russian hackers intervene in the 2016 campaign.g john podesta speaking out for the first time saying in partt the russian intervention in clear in
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onus falls on president obamalso for notn doing something earli. when i saw the president i was a little disappointed that, you know, we were o under constant attack. we never felt comfortable. we didn't know what was comingom next. this is not just about computers. this is harassment ofassm it's harassment about candidates, harassment about donors. hillary clinton telling donors at a thank you event, thatthat president put in's involvement stemmed from a personal beef, but russia continues to deny sib beer intrusion, some republicans including chief of staff rice says there needs to be more of o than could census when it comess to the exact findings. he also says, of coors we didn'i interface with the russias. this whole thing is a spin job.n i think what the the democrats ought to do is look in the mirror and face the reality thaa they lost the election and they lost the election because they're so and
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touch with the american peopleoe that they're still shell shocked and they can't believe senator john mccain says russian election attacks threatens to quote, destroy democracy. he is calling for a committee to investigate the intelligenceate communities findings. incommun washington, elizabeth a fox news. > henry kiss engager formerager secretary of state under president richard nix son say the new president elect is a phenomenon that the world hasn't seen. on an interview face the faciala says trump's unpredictability u could create something remarkable. every country now has two things to consider, one their perception that the previousprev president or the outgoing president basically withdrew america from international politics so that they had to make their own
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their necessities and secondly, that here is a new president whp is asking a lot of unfamiliar questions. > kissenier added he believes trump has the probability off going down in history as a very considerable president. > meanwhile there are questione tonight on whether the new trump hotel on whether the president elect can legally own and manage it. how democrats said the language of the lease is clear, or is its paul wagner has the story. >>reporter: so i'm here today -- a little over a year before donald trump announced his run for president he sent a strongly worded letter to the general services administration threaten to pull out the deal for the old post office unless he got his way. they were, according to internal documents that we secured in litigation, according to the government's own description's they were so rattled and that's their word, by trump's posturini that they had to
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internal meetings. they were frankly intimidated. so now carl masino who is suing the government in terms of learning the terms of the deal. when president elect becomes the landlord of that property, whicp is not his, itself he's the's public as well as the tenant. he is on both sides negotiating. how are those gsa officials whoi are so intimidated and in their own words rattled by donalddona trump the businessman going tooi be able to negiate fair terms n when he's noteg ootnly the president, but their boss. jazz this week four house thi democrats sent this letter to thes s sent gsa administrator ai the gsa was going to address the issue writing mr. trump will be in breach of the lease agreement. the moment he takes office unless he fully divests himself of all financial interests intee the lease for the hotel, a lease that says no elected
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however, in a statement, the gss says it doesn't have a position that the lease provision requires the president elect to divest of his financiall interests. in a word, they want to wait to see what mr. trump will do witho his businesses. and there's more, the foreign businessmen and dignitaries whoo have already shown interest inin staying there. this isn't a new issue ofissu course. when the framers wrote the constitution, when they enacted the constitution back in 1789 they enacted a provision of the constitution and article i, section 9 called auntilments claused which prohibits any typy of benefit flowing from a foreign government to government officials. if donald trump doesn't diverse himself of this property byprop january 20 when he becomes president bylaw he cannot be sued. so it may then be up to the general services administration which would then be under the oversight the trumpmp administration or the
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controlled congress. paul wagner, fox5 local > all right. moviesaringing to the and i'll bet you don't have tohe think very hard which film grabbed the top spot the at thet box >> a the look has happened in the past year.the coming up we're going tea a looa back at some of the crazest moments captured on camera. .
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rogue one a star wars story certified to the top spot at tht box the film made # $155 million inn the us and 290 million worldwid inmi its opening weekend.eken that is the second biggest debut for a december film ever trailing last year's star warsrs the force awakens. the animated disney film was second with just under $12 million while the newcomb did i office christmas finished third. collateral beauty and fantastic beast. our own kevin mccarthy has seen all these films. he joins us with a loo
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weekend. hey, everybody it's kevin mccarthy anderyb i'm here to geo out about this week's brand new movie releases including star wars rogue one is finally cominy out as well as look la land, tho new film that isk l going to be considered for best picture atat the oscar's this year as the current front runner, in my opinion to take home the academy award. this is huge. i'm wearing my star wars suit. i saw the movie last here's something that takes place between episode three ande episode four. what that means is the first star wars movie ever was episode 1977 a new hope. right before that this story takes place about a group of rebels who steel the plan forn the death star and that leads directly into the first star int wars movie. now i got to say the action inai this film is brilliant. gather edwards did a phenomenal job directing this
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what really works is the thirdrd act. that's where the movie is really worth all the money to see.o because there is a scene in in i the act that is two minutes long that i would pay $20 to watch on a loop for hours, that's howhow epic this scene is. all i will say it's the bestbest scene this particular character has ever had in a star wars s movie. i'm telling you are going to flip act. the first act is fantastic. i love the introduction of the characters. great cast.ast. it's the second act and the script of the dialogue at times that felt a little bit lack can, but once you get to that thirdh part of the movie and the finaln you're going to be blown away. the movie is being release in i max 3d digitally. it was not the worth extra monen for 3d, in my opinion.opin i am seeing it in 2d70000000 mitre this coming saturday. i'll hopefully have more information. the 3d do
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on the extra up charge. i paid 20.49 to see the moviemoi last night.ght. the 3d was too dark in the firs two parts of the movie.movi the director the of the movie is garrett edwards. i loved his movie monsters. m i gave the movie a four out of five. not as great as the force awakens. i am if i'm going to rang thetor star wars movies, empire, episode five. episode 5, 4, 7, 6, rogue one and then all the seek also downl blow that would be episode 3, 1 and attack of the clone is one ofof the worst movies of all time much these at the bottom.bott i do recommend seeing it.g it is awesome. you'll definitely be again,ing b out and having in order tiers. next up is look la land. this film will within bestest picture. it is by a 31 year old film
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maker came onshy elizabeth prani who are making movies that i don't think they're making into 10, 11 years into their career.e this is the second afterond whiplash which is a famous film as well. emma stone falls in love with an aspiring actress ryan r he plays the piano, the acting is superb. it takes play in modern day. the songs are so catchy. you will be singing the songs and all the songs in the moviemi when you leave the theatre. it's my only number three of the year over all. arrival and dead pool are my top two. look la land, number three. still a pa henomenalland film, definitely worth seeing and if you haven't seen whiplash, i highly recommend golden globe nominations camdeno out this weekment there are fiv films you ve
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want to catch up. definitely see moonlight. it's phenomenal. hell or high water. also definitely see arrival as well as hacksaw ridge annular ln land. so many great films out right now and tweet me your reviews at kevin mccarthy. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news. he doesn't lack on the details. i love how he goes through his favorite star wars movies. i couldn't even follow. eve but i am excited to see that one. did you get tickets yet?et? >> no. come on. do you have ticket >> no. owe, okay.ow > out of the two of us, there's only one who dresses their daughter aspirins lay a. that would be the one who has a daughter. we love star wars in our house. to be honest with you the only movie right flow i'm really anxious to say is office christmas that appeals to me. that's my general re. >> i can see that, too. i like all the movies. h was a great
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a movie. they should make a movie out off this. an amazing story we're going to talk about for a long time here. you have done it. it was a task that the only the bravest type of year old boy in our area honor can connor. we will take a look back att super kaheem and see how wish was granted. granted.
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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> we're just about two weeks j away from welcomingust in 2017t 2016 has had its share of memorable moments.memo a lot of people have a take on 2016, good or bad. and i hunts man gives us a lookl at some of 2016 dramatic, down right bizarre moments caught on tape. surveillance video, dashboardsho cams and cellphones catchingel some of thelp years''s most dramatic, amusing and down righh bizarre moments on tape. take a look at an officer stopsi to inspect a falling tree limbmb and narrowly escapes gettingetti crushed by another limb getting
6:31 pm
away with only bump and bruisess how about this from georgia where a convenience store tooken on aie robber by hitting him wih her hands and part of the cash register. in san diego another thieve was thi caught on camera, but this guy wasn't after money. apparently he needed a board orr two to catch some surf. it's not just unless caught onus tape, taket u a look at this pee creating a human chain. these heros coming to the aid of a driver whose car flipped over and caught heroism wasn't in short supply, banding together who help a motorist whose car was becoming engulfed in flood waters. a car with a dog trapped inside until moments later, i got the doing. her rescuer pulse him to the surface. a lot of surprises in the lan
6:32 pm
video this check out this georgia's mom's reaction when she realizes it was a cop who pulled over her. in hughes ton, texas dot camot caught a car going the wrong wag on a normally busy highway. forth fatally it was late at night and there weren't am people on the road. in phoenix, to your cams caught these love birds making for some embarrassment and down right awkward moments, especially when police got them down. 2016 has been a tough year for cops, but this dash cam video shows what a police officer is really about, community relations. officer bobby white wasbby responding to a noise complaint in a florida neighborhood, but t instead of approaching theappr basketball playing teams with negativity, he joined in the, game andhe j shot a few hoops. back up north, a strange site
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an officer saw a car hit a deer. jumping into the backseat as ths driver stepped out to make suree everything was okay. it eventually gave up and ran off into the woods.oods not like this deer, though, which came right up to a cop in texas for a good and for some help getting past a fence.ce. animals can be a bit strange like this one mess myselfed by a weather cam.we getting a kick out of a mask she bought to surprise her kids. that one racking up millions ofl views online.nlin 2016 was quite a year for caught on camera. what we capture on video will only get more interesting. in new york, and i hunts man, fox news. > i still say the chew back onn mom, i think there was someme product promotion chide in that. >> it was a good video. >> could be. > it spread very quick limit not only some of the
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some of the best are, including a five-year old boy. kaheem is batting leukemia. his only wish was to be a super hero and help other people. 5 teamed up with make a wish mi atlantic to make his dream comee through. teisha lewis takes us on his incredible journey. >> i'm contact team.>> i i want to be a super hero. a five-year old boy from owensns millions transformed to a superr hero friday, kaheems wasas diagnosed with leukemia, but att this moment he fought another battle, being a super hero. >> what's super kaheem started his day at fox5. he arrived on a montgomery o county firetruck where he was greeted by his favorite super heros. his next stop the national harbor where santa was stuck onn a ferrous wheel.hee you see him off in the distance there? somebody needs our help.
6:35 pm
another mission complete with the help of pap a. from there it was off to the cap l toll where he received aceiv special message from speakerm paul ryan. super kaheem's next mission was stopping an all too familiarilia face, the grinch from stealing presence at the national theater. the final mission ended at the in see up, super kaheem rescueds from a second floor balcony. a new super hero remaining us oo what really matters. what an amazing day. so proud that our stays eggs such a big part of if you didn't watch it, a a the love the videos are are still a the facebook page:people say:p weigh don't goeop enough good
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hashtag kaheem safes d.c. we are just a week away present christmas. we're taking a look at some newe and old holiday traditions andit see howions people around the wr celebrate christmas when the news comes back right after this
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> when i hear this, i always think of home alone. >> yeah. > home alone has a great soundtrack. >> it really does. i>>n i the fox5re loft in front of a big christmag tree. you can see it back there. it is the entire tree, minus the roots, that's what we normallyrl see. this year some people are putting up only half of a tree.. when you see this, it kind of makessance s. it's kind of the more bizarre,za sales of
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soring. the t rees have been cut in half from top to bottom so they can be pushed up against a wall or in a corner.ner. i've seen the artificial type. are they doing this with artificial >> the half trees are a good option for people who don't have the space for the entire tree.. >> that's smart.>> a couple years ago there was a bizarre trend for christmas trees upside down. they were made to hang from the ceiling, but inverted and i thought that was weird. i like my regular 2003, but, you know. p you don't have the space, the whole idea of putting a tree in your house is bizarre anyway. elf on a shelf.f. >> yeah, it's a thing. a reel life version spotted in a texas neighborhood. n her name is kelly look secretary, assistantcret vice-president at china spring intermediate school.te s she says
6:40 pm
up.up. when they role the window downdw and you see the little handsnds present the backseat just waiving, it's fun.s fu a the look of times, you get going in the my not any any of the job and sometimes it's good to do something different. i guess they like the elf. kids don't try that at home. don't climb up on the sign. > from elf on the shelf, trees and decoration ons and more, the us has many traditions. around the world there are am ways that people celebrate the season. fox's benjamin hall more.enja >>reporter: here in the british capital, the hearied decorations may look familiar to americans, but the portrait is a ratherther unique way to celebrate the holiday. it mixes two british trademarks, christmas pant mime and clubs.
6:41 pm
it's for charity. it showcases greenwich and london. over in germany, a group of bikers where santa costumes forn the berlinta christmas bike tou. the annual event races money for charity. with this year's ride benefitini a local supplant kitchen and youth organization.izat don't forget about glue. in belgium taking a step further, drink and dining with the big man himself, for four days santa hosts guesses for meals at a sleigh-shaped table. of course you can cover your eyes like you've never seen it before. in guatemala, century old tradition to chase away bad spirits, while australians get to see santa climb the bridge to carve out the best delivery roots. in finland, revel letters can visit old saint nick near the
6:42 pm
it feature his reindeer. he receives half a million letters from people around the world. eventually chris crinkle does have to deliver back to the north pole to deliver presence all around the world. in london, benjamin hall, fox > magical the way he said santa tractor. we are only one week out. i will be earning christmas eave and christmas day with mike thomas. how awesome i get to spend it with my baby. thanks, jim.ks, i didn't realize you were here.. i'll have to give you an extra >> that's true. we'll be right back. .
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thank you for dining with us. hope to see you again soon. whoa, whoa, i got this. just gotta get the check. almost there. i can't reach it. if you have alligator arms, you avoid picking up the check. what? it's what you do. i got this. thanks, dennis! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. growwwlph. it's what you do. oh that is good crispy duck.
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> heavy snow and fridge it s temperatures made fornow danges driving conditions in ther midwest. several accidents were reported on the roadsdents in and around chicago last night.t. a plane also slid off the runway in at owe hair national airport this morning. no injuries from that incident. a winter weather advisory is in effect throughout most of the area until tomorrow morning.w we saw some of the
6:46 pm
today what a different story. i. was amazing to see the differin. i took a walk yesterday morningr with all the ice on the sidewalk and today i had a coat on. >> but them a few hours later. until the front came through.ouh we spoke about this yesterday, warm and balm i into the 6 20s. sanity taste going what season is it anyway? and then all of a united states sen the cold front came through. ica was like look what's happeng here. we hit 63-degrees at dulles at the 1:00 hour and by the 2:000 hour we were at 45-degrees. what does that tell you in a good drop in temperature. i said that reality check would be behind that frontal systemyse with the cold air. that's exactly what happened. very, very cold blustery windsty today and a very cold night ahead for you.r so if you're heading out anywhere, i know a lot of holiday celebrating. make sure you dress warm, going into the 20s. i can't rule out that there t might be a little bit ofhat icyn
6:47 pm
we did get some rainfall, but ia some of the neighborhoods theth temperature dropped and movingdp in very quickly in the overnight hours. we could see a few slick spots. so do be careful and keep an eye out maybe there for that. lots of sunshine ahead in my i seven day forecast and then the next storm system we're going to deal with will be by the the end of the week into thursday. we'll talk about that as well. w let's take a look at what is happening right now.righ most of this has moved its wayay out to the east. a lot of you seeing a little bit of rainfall right now.w. not too much to be concerned with. the colder air is my concern as we move through tonight and we do have some of the moisture one the ground. just be aware of that. we are talking mostly cloudy skies and then becoming park because we have ba ridge of hie pressure that's going to build inch the winds major story foroy today every take a look at some of the peak wind gusts. up to 54-mile per h
6:48 pm
gusts. at quantico, gaithersburg, 30, the same at stafford, martinsburg, 35-mile per hour 3 wind5- gusts. yes, you really had to hang on to your hat today with thoseth strong winds. right now, winds are stillll kicking up a about we have 33-mile per hour wind gusts at manassas, 36 at d.c.. this hour, 39 at quantico and 23 at gaithersburg and martinsburg. the winds will gradually start to diminish as we move through into tonight. improvementprovsomvee in there has not been a lot of of significance in terms of wind chills for the better part ofof the day, but for tonight, as we start getting a little bit colder that definitely will be an here's a look the a the highs for today. look at these numbers, unbelievable because we really should be 45, 46-degrees. 67, 63, 63. it's like spring.ring it doesn't seem like it's a week going into the christmas holiday, does it? we are getting a reality check because now our temperatures are going to get back
6:49 pm
be. right now it's 41.'s 40 at baltimore, 41 at leonardtown, 41 at culpeper, take a look to the north and northwest where our temperature are only inour the 30s right now and getting even colder for our overnight lowe's will be into the 20s pretty much every where and i can't rule out some teens especially around the elevationt ridge of high pressure in consu role forre tomorrow. still looking at a pretty cold wind, though. we have mostly sunny skies. it will be a really bright day as we move into monday.nd the ridge of high pressure lingers until wednesday. the next storm system on thursday. right now for thursday we're calling for rainfall, but if we do get some of the cold air sticking around in place we could end up seeing a little bi of wintry mix. overnight lowe's tonight in the 20s, as i mentioned, football game, let's tack about what they can expect, a very cold 27-degrees by 8:30.0. that's a game to
6:50 pm
for sure. as we put it altogether for you, then, by tomorrow, 34-degrees with sunshine by noon. 4:00 will be 36-degrees under some dry conditions and 27 for tonight becoming partly cloudy and on the windy side.. and tomorrow, daytime high, only 37-degrees. weats actually blow what should be. here's a look at your fox5 seven day forecast. little friend at the end of my seven day forecast giving afo little waive yeah, some of you may know that guy. he looks a little familiar. so far we are talking partly sunny skies on that day at 54-degrees. >> awesome. happen in angs can week. what's a few degrees betweenween folks. i'm not making any promises, not putting any wishes out there, just saying.g. > last year, 70. >> 5 a 4 wouldn't be bad, though. > we'll be right back.
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break, the burgandy and goldd go suit up tomorrow night at home, with the playoffs still a possibility, yet anything but ab give me. a few other games today are helping to guide their testimony. we start off with he liee manning, first quarter, manning off to the right side, finds, sterling shepherd for a six-yard touchdown, up 7-0, just like victor crews he, too, does the dance. first quarter manning once again finding a familiar target, odel beck ham jr., tenth touchdown catch of the season, giants win 17-6. they're now 10 and 4. their best record through 14 games since 2008. meantime the eagles barely mathematically alive for the post season, taking on the ravens. you see josh norman whoan obviously is getting ready for a big there's the game we're talkingig about. we face off here in the second quarter with the ravens down one. and with the ravens down by one,
6:54 pm
throws to the right side. the ravens built a 10-point fourth quarter lead. and then the eagles down, i'mwn going to take this in myself, four seconds left, the eagles would go for two and the win. they would have to kick it. they try this, doesn't happen,e, wentz' path is tipped. the ravens win they're now 8 and 6. they are he ' still it in. the steelers not bothered by the cold and cincinnati trying toyig keep pace with the ravens. crazy. trying to do something. he had a 20-6 lead but then things fell apart. intercepted by lawrence time once. he returns to the bengals 34-yard line, that set up the deficit. through the third quarter, over the middle to he lie rogers. that's the game winner right there.ther 24-yard touchdown, the
6:55 pm
made a lot of stupid moves.. a lieutenant of stupid penalties, they are out of the playoffs. the skins opponent, the bears hosting the packers in broughtut california weather, nine degrees at kickoff, the packers builter off a 17-point lead. all dayed up to 27, the discount doublecheck, the bears 4-yard line, rogers woulds spike the ball to stop the clock with four seconds left.seco this is crunch time, then mason cross biconnecting on a 32-yarder, time expires, the packers. green bay, they're coming up.. 8 to 6. to the redskins are on the road next saturday when theen temperature is expected to beece balm i compared to when it comes to the cold, dot players believe in the right to bare their arms? >> you got to go skin,
6:56 pm
it's like an unspoken rule of linebackers. when you see linebackers out there with sleeves, you lose au little bit of credibility. i just don't like to put on excess clothing. i look to be loose when i'm out there h. cold weather is going to make you stiff aser is well. i don't want to put too much on. sometimes it might get in sane. we've heard whiz percent of negative degrees in chicago.egre you might want to sit down and take a look at what you want to do, but you want to go sleeveless as much as possibility. > abolish sleevery:josh norman, he was let go last april. which he be able to keep is emotions in check? i just let them run wild.un whatever you see is what you why aring to get. i do know how
6:57 pm
stern extent. i don't know how to shut it off once it gets started. it's kind of one of those things -- it's going to be a different feel, i know that. he gets up for everybody.eryb that's why i think he's supplant a great player because he doesn't discriminate as far as r his emotions and his level of intensity. i haven't had to talk to him because i know how he's going to be, the same as he is everyone. and bryce harper finally a mary man. after calling off the engagement once. i would leave that to you. it's kind of nice for the
6:58 pm
congratulations.cong well, weather. >> cold. it's cold. bundle up. you heard it here first. that does it for us at 6. we'll see you tonight at 10 and for the news at 11 1 #.
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