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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 430  FOX  December 19, 2016 4:30am-5:00am EST

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crews working hardly we've got gary mcgrady in the weatherdy ir center and caitlin is in and ctn forker line is enjoying somenjoe time off. we'll check in with both of bot them in about five minutes. muts we're followingback news. d.c. firefighters are battling the cold temolperatures to putie out a fire this morning. mning. >> the fire broke out in in southeast near the districtast yacht cluck and that's whereneue we find fox5's anjalial hemphill with the breakingin details this morning.orni good morning. >> reporter: good morning. youorten tel y can tell is this fire has been knocked kk down at this point but we'reut not allowed very close. close that's because fire crews still on scene still puttingti out the hot spots.t s you can see possible throughou the camera some smoke risingisin up and earlier they were using s their hoses to hose down this ti large wood den building.e wo fire trucks are of course c blocking the roadway up to thept district yacht club off waterlur street but take a look at this video that was shot earlierarli when d.c. fire first arrived arr on seem after 3 a.m. 3 a.m they say a large wood den wd structure near the pier wasur full
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you can see the building inn se the video, thee entire thinghi burning down.n. fire crews are putting out hottt spots and the fire did not spread to any boats that are docked here at the district dis yacht club. not clear however what this structure is that burned ature this point, is it ais clubhouseh but we are hearing it could be i a total loss.a tol loss firefighters did attack this fire from the ground as welll as from the water in their t fire boats. they are of course still scene, very active are situatio, lots the fire trucks on scenen e here blocking the roadway water street. str this is also an area m street as well. good news guys i can tell you tl there were no injuries.njies. for now we're monitoring thisorh breaking news in southeast anjali hemphill fox5 local news. ne >> ♪♪ >> also in the news this morning today members of thelsof electoral college members willcl meet to vote top officially make donald trump the nexo tvotx president of the unitedhenited states. ahead of the vote two texasexas electors have stated they willy not vote for president-elect donald trump in order to overturn the resultsld t of the election 30 or more electors elt wo
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or vote for another candidate. . >> i don't know what i'm going k to i may vote for secretaryecrery clinton or i may vote for a republican that 37 republicanepi electors would want me to vote for. fo >> election watchers say allion of this is the longest of thef e shots that they are expecting,xp 29 states have laws which findsi the electors chosen by theyhe voter in their states and the it is very rare for even one ev he will left hand to change votes in a year.lef if 37 electors did switch fromho trump to someone else then somne it's up to the house ofouse representatives they wouldenta pick the president and the presa shouse controlled byse c republicans so in the end this t is most likely just an interesting civics les that's what's going on.n. in northwest d.c. police d.l are investigating a kidnappingna and robbery a woman wasas walking in the 1600 block of bco munroe street around 3 o'clock k sun morning when she was w grabbed and forced into aced white work three men assaulted
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stole several of her things.hing police have only a vague v description of the suspectsptio and the van.n and e va >> strong winds overturned sailboats and near two dozens ar people had to be rescued fromesf the water. wat this is cell phone video v showing the struggle after aftea group of small boats called lacers start capsize.ap maryland natural resourcesatal r police say people in the water were 16 to 70 years old. old fortunately the coast guard and the naval academy helpedmy e get everyone to >> after saturday's deadlyea crash on 95, nearly 70 carsar were involved in that pileup aha that is correct carryingt carryg gasoline skidded off a highwayig and exploded. explo two people were killed andillean slick roads from saturday's sata freezing rain may have led toedo the crash. crash of the in the hospitalh two are in critical fox5 is in frederick freri county maryland where it's w learned the school system was hacked years ago.
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students who went thereents between 2005 and 2006 may have had personal information breached. nearly a thousand names05 apers social soc security numbers may have been hacked. >> that happened about 10 or 11 years ago. >> it's beenhapp awhile. >> sorry ladies and gentlemen ld bryce harper officially off the market.ieharp heer married his long time girlfriend taylor vasher. vher. the two met way back in high schoolly she's an athlete herself having played socceroccr at byu. they tied the knot in a mormon o ceremony in san diego.n ego beautiful wedding party there.he >> looking great. great >> good foregleam time nowgl talk weather. wea gary mcgrady good morning torady you. >> thanks a lot wisdom. listen, it's notg to thank incrl cold outside but we've w definitely cooled off fromfr yesterday's temperature in thesp 60's that we had yesterday --rd yesterday afternoon we coolede e off from the 60's but we're0's e down into the 20's and 30's. 3 let me push ti
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you'll be able to see. see that 30 frederick, 28 for gaithersburg so a lot ofa o temperatures below freezing but just below freezing andreeza there's no real worry aboutbo anything falling from the skythe this morning.thisorning. so, your morning commute won'ttw be complicated by that.y t here in the city it's 33. annapolis 36.s6. later on this afternoon we'reer going go 38 degrees.8 des. i don't expect a ton ofon sunshine. i think the best way to sayay this, clouds and sun. s. so, in some cases if we get a wt little bit more sun here or there, temperatures cop warm up a little bit more than thisnt but you kind of get the idea. ie we're going to be on the going chilly side today with mostith t locationing in the 30's. caitlin i had no idea you wereyw in this morning but that's whyt' i didn't say hello caitlin for the first of the weather hits t there. don't take it personally. >> heyst g >> i didn't know.>> >> you didn't know. who is going to tell you until you see someone show up on tv.>. >> i never know.ever know. it's kind of a roll of the rolof dice this morning. >> it's >> it might be wisdom you never know.
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if my face shows up on tv. 66 eastbound at sudley a goodd amount of volume on a mondayy morning. a short week for some of you ofy maybe or the last week beforeeee the holiday looking good inin that direction.. 270 westbound at falls road r also moving okay. luckily we have recovered r nicely from the ice on froe ic saturday morning. obviously caused traffic traffic quagmire all around the areath but we haven't seen any issuesns at least weather related justedj ite y yet. so, still maybe a frozen froze puddle or two out there, maybeer on your yards with some of thehe rain that collected fromte fro yesterday but due to the winds w i think we've dried out pretty e considerably. look is theook t way that the beltway looks.ks we'll try to get a wide viewidee for you as we come back at 4:45. computer is just waking up ong p this monday morning, too.y that's a look at track.. wisdom and holly. hol >> all right. thank you caitl coming up the new miss world 2016 is ground prince george's's c >> and controversy swirling
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around child gracing the cover of the newcing national geograph magazine. >> as we head to break right head now we're taking a live looke l outside across its region. reg the time is 4:36. the temperature is 33. back after this.
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>> 4:39 is the time. 4:3 back now with what's hot on the web this monday morning. first up with is m critics of rx tillerson president-electntle trump's pick for secretary of o state. leaked documents reveal he was w once director a u.s. russian rui oil firm based in the bam hams s experts say there's nothingthero inappropriate about this butthib since it hadn't beent been previously reported it willd itl likely raise more questions about tillerson's relationshipas with
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>> stephanie dell vaya wasaya w crowned miss world 2016 at the t pageant which took place at mgm national harbor. more than 100 women fromm around the world competed forpeo the title.. this was the 66th edition ofon f the miss world pageant.d >> a transgender nine-year-oldar will grace the january 2017uary cover of national geographic.ap. a first for that magazine.agaze. avery jackson is a transgenderer girl from kansas city. she's going grace the coverov with the words genderds gender revolution displayed in largeis type.. jackson says she's glad she no longer has to pretend to be a boy. avery's father applauds thelaude cover saying that the morethe re people see transgender people pl and realize that they arere everywhere the more acceptanceta will hopefully come. >> 4:40 is our time right coming up on fox5 news morning g state lawmakers in maryland marn are considering a drastic plan to deal with failing schools.iln >> today you may beginay youay b noticing more and more d.c.e d police officers are actually
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recording.recoin >> as we head to break let'sead take a live look across the d.c.e lo region. regn. it is chilly out united. united. we are back to the cold col temperatures, folks, f association make sure youation a bundle up this 4:40 is our we got more of everything to share on the other side of theie break. br don't go anywhere.e. you're watching fox5 news n morning.morn >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ morning.s fox5 news >> 4:43 is our time right now. today on fox5 news morning members of the electoral college are expected tolleg foe rmally cast their votes forf donald trump to become the 45th president of the united states. good morning to you.good thank you so much for joining sh us. us i'm holly morris.y mor >> and i'm wisdom martin.n. today is monday.onda happy monday d.c. 19th. 19t we're just a few days awayjust w from christm >> we are just a few -- iisarju thinstk one of the -- is it sixi days now until christmas?hrisas >> flying right on by. fing >> going to be here before weor know it. >> yeah. hope you got all your stuff stuf together. toge >> oh, no, we have a wholehole week.we [laughter][laugh >> right, gary? caitlin is tracking roads, gary is talk weather. it is awen important week forat the forecast gary soim we'll start with you.t you >> i always use basically bas until the last second. >> yeah. >> it's awesome christmas iseso on sunday this year becauser i'll be out there saturday. s no, we did a lot yesterday sord it will be good. will goo here's what's
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there right now.onere ght n we have a lot of clouds on topln of us now. n this is capping the temperature just a little bit this morning. you know, we say it allure theu t time. time clouds act as a little bit of ao a blanket, kind of holds what wa heat we had yesterday in placene so we're not getting super sup cold tonight and this morning. i generally in the 20's and thendt low 30's.0' we're very close to freezing in town,ery cl at 33 degrees. 3r fredericksburg there. let's see where haven't we talked about? win chester 27 and hagerstown is 26. that's where the real colgedrstd stuff s here's the deal on today. i think we've got some clouds and sun really this morning. mng we start to break into someo s sunshine more as we progress prr into the latter morgue hoursat but i'm going to hold a few clouds am gorounind even at en lunchtime today. that's being pessimistic.miic optimistically maybe we have aae lot more sun by noon today.oon temperatures will be generallyes speaking upper w 30's arc couplo of places may touch 40 degrees. some good sunshine whip a fewe a high clouds later on this clo afternudoon. it stays chilly though.hoh. listen we're not going to beoi t super cold this
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then we're actually going toy be mild for christmas it looks i like by this.hi by christmas and i'll show outw seven day coming up but onut christmas day we may be in theit lower to mid-50's. m-50' thousand? here's caitlin roth in this morning for erinn talking traffic. >> we have one crash you canve o see on our camera 95 camera northbound in virginia right at dale city t it is blocking bk the hov lane in the northbound n sized 95.sid 95. emergency crews on the scene.y youcrew can see at least talkinl up the hov lane. not sure if it'sup t a multi-vehicle crash or app overturned vehicle, disabled vehicle it's hard to tell.e 's h but you get the use caution as delays mayays start to build at northboundor 95. what we're looking at right r here is 14th street bridge, bri there we g you're heading in from virginia on the 14th streete4th bridge you can start to see s t some volume building at this hour. s resolution not sonot great but we don't have any h issues on it. is we did have an issue on theue on outer loop getting reports,epor don't have a picture reportsep o
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front maryland a crash byy route 50 so there are delays das building in that area. otherwise views behind me b whether we're looking at 66 eastbound or sudley road bothot looking good at this hour. hou that's your traffic.ff. wisdom and >> right now we have followingvf breaking news out of southeast h d.c. where a warehouse went up in flames at the district distr yacht club. >> that's were we find fin fox5's anjali hemphill withphilw all the breaking details thisait morning. anjali what do we know about this fire so far? f >> reporter: well, guys g we're now getting a muchuc closer look at the structuretr that burned in this fire. burne take a look behind me here. h this is again some sort oforof wooden building here at thehe district yacht club. we are not sure what it wasure used for but heavy fire damageag throughout that building andinga you cannd still see smoke billowing into the night skyto g as several hot spots still remain at this fire and that's s why there are several firee crews, several fire trucks still out here sprague downgu dw this build
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time as they still continue to put this fire out.ll cput take a look atth tishis f videot d.c. fire crews tweeted outut earlier when they firstt arrived on scene here, this ishs just after 3 a.m., again, thishi house here was fully engulfedngl in flames and it did notid n spread, though, to any boats ana that are docked here at the yacht club. that is some good news here. again, not csolearme what this wt structure is but firefightersht did show up and attack the t fire from the ground as well asw as from the water in their t fire boats. i'm told when 931st arrived arrv there was some issue with issueh water supply. this is a very isolated area ted a with not a lot of access to water hydrants even thoughhydr it's rye along the anacostiaco river so that did proof someroos difficulties for fire crews. cws we're hearing this building might be a total loss. total l we have no idea what the cause u is at this point but the goodine news is there were no no injuries.injuries. for now we're live in effects effects -- southeast, anjali hemphill fox5 news.
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>> ahead of the vote of the electoral college two texas voters said they'll not vote v for president-elect trump.dent in order to over turn-e the t results of the election 39 voters would have to any otherth vote or vote for other candidates. >> aunt proposed environmentalor settlement the deal resolved alleged violation of civiliv environmental statutes.tates. it would be the largest environmental damage settlement in virginia histleory. >> new this morning, theew thise baltimore sun is reporting that failing maryland charterane schools are considering a newere idea to help suffering schools. the state school board isate scs considering offering vouchersin toof create new charterte programs. another idea is to create a recovery school district that sh would be made up of the worstoo performing schools.chools nothing is set in stone atste this point but discussionscu will begin in the new year. y >> all d.c. police officers oic are now equipped with bodyth bod
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according to d.c. marry murielur bowser 2600 cameras are now deployed throughout thee district. they aredi attached officers' o' collars or their srt body cam program was rolledle out two years ago.go it began with 165 oicers and in a handful of district. mayor bowser says it unders it scores the district'sistrt' compliment to my transparency. t >> a number ofo local olympianp will be honored for their patriotism. >> an prequell/sequeclaimsue the top spot at the weekendhe offioffice. >> we're going break now withoiw a live look outside across these the time rightgi now 4:50. 4 the temperature back after this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back. happening right now at 4:52 in n a galaxy far, far away at they t weekend box office no surprise here, "rogue one: a star warsuo story" is the top film this thi weekend it scored the second thc best opening in december with w $155 million in ticket sales. it did it have the biggestve b opening ever for a thursday night. "star wars the force awakens"rst holds thhee record for the bit of december opening.ecem it debuted with nearly nea $248 million in ticket sales. >> months after helping teamm u.s.a. clean up tonight maryland's olympians will bemp l honored here at home in silver they will be presented with awards for montgomery county executive ike leggett andegge a other officials. now that's going to happenheng n tonight from 7:00 to 8:00 that's cool. also today the washington wg caps will spread holiday cheerir to children in the h they'll visit young patientsnt at medstar georgetown thisis afternoon.n. they'll bring blankets handd out capitol g
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they'll also paint with the kids and autograph the paintings. that's this afternoon from t 1:30 to 2:30. >> very cool.y >> great way top send their time. very gracious of them to doraci that.ou >> yes. 4:53 is the time. good morning gary. >> good morning -- good monday morning to you and to you allu there. temperatures out thereema right now just so you know when we get going temperatures m are right around frpeeezing inni town, a lot of 20's north and n west, lower 30's down to theohe south. sout wind chill now it's a littleit cooler out there with the windt chill factor. it's not muchil of a wind butd u there's enough to make eightke little colder than the a ectual feels like mid-20's in town.. feels like one in westminster. let me show you how cold ittm is across the nation. the there's that really cold aird a mass coming across chicagohica this morning, which is minush m eight. that's actual temperature, man. act that's, so, so, cold. cold. it's warmed up a little bit.d it'sup moderated some for thee r northern plains where just a a couple days ago they were in the went to 30 below categoryeg with actual air temperature sore
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better for them on this mondaydy morning. we're sitting pretty over here. you can't complain about 32 degrees here when it'scan' minus eight in chicago. cgo at least i don't think i 38 for a high temperatureemra today, 38 for fredericksburg,ri, 37 for let's ask caitlin if sheif agrees. we can't really complainag abouo 32 here if it's minus eight in i chicago, minus eight. minus eig >> and minus four in kansas,an 10 degrees in amarillo texas tex you can't tell me gary -- up.te- >> looking.>> looking. erin never looks at the weather graphic. she's keeping an eye on it. >> well, weather is my background. kind of instinct.t. she's probably better at theat traffic map. m how can you see anything one ann these? i have to ask erin how she knows what she's looking lki up. until they put the banner uprup for me i don't know when iw w fill in. i this is traffic flowing across the american legion bridge onicn the inner loop. l no reports on the inner looplo earlier.rl report of an accident past new carrol
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s onth theheny problem beltway. next camera and we'll showe'll where else we're looking we'reoi besides the inner loop. loop. let me get out of the way here falls road 270 southbound.bod. 270 starting to fill in on fill this monday morning volume asume we approach 5:00 a.m. a.m. let's go to our next we're not seeing any problemsnyl in there on 270. also i believe 66 eastbound is6n all good up to speed this is is route visit to the 11th streetht bridge. no problems and looks like we're problemro free across much of the area right now.rightow we'll try and get our maps up m and working at this hour.ou slow moving monday morning butyt for now we'll just show youhow the camera shots around theun area and this is what we got so w all right wisdom aotnd holly,olly we'll send it back to you. >> it's monet's version of then traffic. little impressionistmpreioni particular. >> -- impressionistic.nistic >> it's always a mess around here. here. >> federal investigatorsestitors working to find the cause of aef weekend deadly multi-vehicleehi wreck that happened inapned ba
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>> and if your child attended frederick county marylandarylan public schools in the last fewts years there's a chance thatancet their information could be atult >> before we head to break bre though let's take a quick look k at today's stock futures. we'll put those up.we you can take a'l look at theooat numbers. there we go. 4:57 is our time right now.ightw we're at 33 chilly degrees.y dre fox5 news morning back rightkig after that. >> ♪♪ ♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, members of the electoral college are expected tocted t formally cast their votes fores donald trump to become the the 45th president of the united states. >> all right. live look outside right now at 5 o'clock not morning on a monday.moay chilly start.chillyrt. it's just cold, it ain'td, it a' chilly no more, it's cold. going to be that that >> it's cold.s co. it's 1 degree above freezing frz much that's it was 60 degrees yesterday.esty that was nice. was n >> that was very nice. nice. >> today it's colds. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. us. i'm holly morris. mri >> i'm wisdom martin.>> i'm wis today is monday december 19.9. >> right now we're following br


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