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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 19, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> today on fox5 news morning, members of the electoral college are expected tocted t formally cast their votes fores donald trump to become the the 45th president of the united states. >> all right. live look outside right now at 5 o'clock not morning on a monday.moay chilly start.chillyrt. it's just cold, it ain'td, it a' chilly no more, it's cold. going to be that that >> it's cold.s co. it's 1 degree above freezing frz much that's it was 60 degrees yesterday.esty that was nice. was n >> that was very nice. nice. >> today it's colds. >> good morning. thanks for joining us. us. i'm holly morris. mri >> i'm wisdom martin.>> i'm wis today is monday december 19.9. >> right now we're following br
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to. a warehouse fire out now butousf early this morning flames were m shooting out of a boruilding near the district yacht club. >> the fire broke out in southeast nearhe f that district yacht club that you justt talked about. that's where we findcl anjaliali hemphill live with the latestat in this breaking news story. sto good morning. >> reporter: well, good repor morning, negotiation yeah,g, n still a smoky scene out herene h at the district yacht club off water street. see crews are in the pop-up stagessg hosing down any of the hot spots you can see stille smoldering at this point.s pnt self crews do remain scene but i want you to take a look atoo the video that was shot earlier this morning when thisns wooden structure, this sort ofto clubhouse, we don't know whatdot this house is on the property pe of the district, the yacht y club was completely engulfed eue in flames.inla after 3 o'clock is when crews arrived.ri one thing that is good is theooe fire as bad as it looks here, h, the house, it did not threaten n any of the boats that areof t docked here. we're awaiting the owners theo he oers show up here to found a outund what this building might be.ldin firefighters did attack this
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as from the water in their t fire boats and while they're still scene putting out thotsseo hot spots the fire is for thefor most part out and as far as ifaa know there were no injuries,njie no one was in this house at hou the time of the fire.the time o but again, still several crewsae on scene here and they will bell probably for the next hour or so. so for now we're live inive i southeast anjali hem mill fox5mx local news. >> 5:02 is the time right let's talk politics. standing on the eve of historyio the electoral college convenes today to finalize one of the fin most contentious elections in recent history. >> 306 electors are expect tos t cast their votes for donald forn trump but calls for members to o select someone else continueom to grow. our melanieeo alnwick has more.m >> reporter: good morningr:ood g guys. january 6th is the day that t that congress will meet hereter to count those electoral votes but today is the day they will actually be cast in thet in respective state capitols for each elector.. again, there is some call forl some drama perhaps but so faro it seems lik
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be a long shot. s there is growing pressure for some electors to flip theirlip t votes. this is a last ditch attempt to keep president-elect trumpprs out of the white house. the magic number toidt of t watr is 37. if that many republican electors flip then mr. trump fli will not have the 270 t 2 electoral votes officiallyicia needed to win.edo wi election watchers say awfuls saw this is the longest of long shots.ot 29 states actually have laws law that bind the electors to theoro candidate chosen by the voters in their saints it is veryit is rare for even one elector toe ec change votes in a given year. >> individual in texas butivid other than that, we're verye'rev confident that everything is evn going to be very smoothery oo tomorrow and this harassmenthara from groups like move on.orgg and the democrat party shouldul stop and that's what the american people demand. demand. >> reporter: so if 37 electors did switch from trumpi to someone else then it wouldls be up to the house ofouse
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representatives to pick the pick president and as we know, the house is controlled byntro republicans and there are someeo protests as we understandndst planned some stay statetay capitals but again, still very l little drama expected here.ramae the associated press did reach r tout more than 300 electors0 elo found only one that one fromm texas who is willing to switch his vote. live on capitol hill, i'm melanie alnwick, fox5 local on ca f newsox5 .loca news. >> thanks mel.>> t we are following a developing story fromtoryro northwest d.c.rthwest d.c police are investigating aga kidnapping and a a woman was walking in theng i t 1600 block of munroe streete see around 3:00 sunday morning when she was grabbed and forced into a white work van.nt three men assaulted her and hera stole several of her things.hi right now police have only a vague description of thee descri suspects and the van. >> meanwhile seven patientsnwhi remain in the hospital after aer saturday's deadly crash on i-95. i-95. nearly 70 cars were involved inv in that pileup. a tanker carrying gasoline gasol skidded off a highway and a exploded. two people w
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e slick roads from saturday's satr freezing rain may have led too the crash.ra of the victims still in thelln hospital two are in critical cra condition. >> fox5 is frederick countyou where the school was they may have had theirhe personal information nearly a thousand names social s security numbers and birth numbb dates all could bel d be compromised.rosed. now, scps says it's hard to identify the source since thece breach happened a decade ago. a if you think you've been youe affected we've got a link onin o our web site to help you out. >> ♪♪ >> all right, 5:05 is the time m you mentioned earlier aboutarlia how it was so nice yesterday. >> oh, my gosh. gos >> was that saturday when ithat was freezing? >> yeah, saturday ng.ning >> ice storm saturday morning,n, then it was spring yesterday.esd >> right. rig now we're back to cold. >> now we're back to gary, what is going on. igoin >> i'll just say this.his. by no means. mea i trying to be corrective hereih but it was 66 for a highigh yesterday.yeerday. >> yes. so that actuly
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'cause we're over the -- t - >> that's crazy, right.ight i would say relative to that t 32 degrees is cold but again really scold out west where inwn chicago, can i say this again,gi minus eight this morning isis ms what they're waking up to. 27 degrees for winchester. 27 degrees for martinsburg and 31 degrees for culpeper.peper. that's the temperatures thistu morning. here's the deal today.od i think we're going to haveg toe some clouds to start.ta at least a few clouds to start. and thestn well, during the t morning hours we'll have someavs clouds, high clouds, few mid fem level clouds, too, so don't d expect a lot of sunshine but optimistically we could get aul good amount by lunchtime okayka and then this afternoon we'll have mostly sunny skies for a time until later on this until afternoon, this evening somen,hi more high clouds will come on o across the not a bad day at at all i'm say a little chilly c during the day. we'll stay in the upper 30's 30' is about the best we're going g to be able to do for highs.or h maybe a couple spots will get 40 to 41 if you get enoughet eno sunshine just so you so let's see.s i can see my own seven day
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i don't have time to show it i but i don't see anything supert cold coming our way ae nd it looks like al mild christmas. cs right now it's traffic time.c tm caitlin roth in for erin comoorn th morning. >> on-time traffic brought to bo you by byot visit buy a forota.c special offers. >> good news from you gary thank you so much. of course it's hard to knothwnow what to do but if you parked yod outside this morning you mightim want to start that car atar little bit early get the heatt going because it is a verye itav cold morning. ort noteporotto rep behind me but on the inner ier loop. this would be in bethesda approaching 355. it's on the on-ramp to 355. 355 so no delays building on theld inner loop but use caution in ci that area of montgomerygo behind me here 395 you are all a clear from the beltway all theal way up to the 14th street4th re bridge as we take a view ofw o seminary road.semina r all looking good on 395. just south of there 95 there northbound coming from from virginia you're good staffordrd up through the beltway. beltw let's go to our next cameraam show you what else is out is there because we really area only looking at cameras at camea this moment.this 295 south of route 50 inbound iu you're also looking good.oo no reported accidents orid delays within t d
5:08 am more coming up at 5:15. holly and .> all right. thank you caitlin.itlin. coming up on fox5 newsox n morning imagine waking up andnd finding an intruder in your home holding your child.ding ycl that nightmare became a became a reality for two parents thists s weekend. >> and the price of gas at theaa pump rising just in time forimer your drive to your christmas destination. >> all right. we're going to break right now liveg ltoook outsideut across the regio the time is 5:08. 5:0 the temperature 33. 3 back in a moment.omen >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> developing overnight the uni security council set to vote today on a resolution cthatouih would send more than 100un 100 officials to aleppo to helpp monitor evacuation there is.acu. they hope the effort wouldor curb attacks on groups of a buses trying to evacuate thettac former rebel strong hold. several buses have been set onn fire and others have been shot at. >> a three-year-old child waseah shot and killed in arkansas arka while riding in a car with his grandmother. police say they were at a stoptp sign in little rock, arkansasrks on saturday when the driverri behind them apparently gotppent angry that they weren't movingev fast enough and then got out goo and opened fire. no suspects have beenve b arrested. the incident is now under investigation. >> new this morning, a west virginia newspaper, the charleston gazette is reporting that drug firmsir pumped more than 780 millionn painkillers into the west
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virginia market even though t overdoses were on the rise.ere s the investigation reveals thatvt more than 1700 west virginians died from overgoing oning on hydrocodone and oxycodone oxyco pills. even with those dire numberse mb the newspaper investigation revealed that drug companieswspr comcontinued to ship large quantities of pain pills.pi in core cases the drugg companies denied they have any a role in the nation's pillion's i popping. >> the holiday travel rush iposi about to begin. aaa says this year would be ae record breaker because more than 103 million americans are expected to travel.rave about 91 percent of those people wilbe dving the main travel period is fromrm friday december 23rd to mondayoy january 2nd.janu the busiest christmas travelrave day is expected to be the 23rd r between 3:00 p.m. and 6:00. and p.m. and just in time for your u holiday travel plans the price of gas has jumped by an average of six cents acrossnts r the country and as high as 10 a comments some parts. >> actress zsa zsa gabor hasor died at the age of 99. of 9
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austria hungary.ry gabor starred in the 1952red te version of the film moulin mouli rouge and had roles in many m other films doing her career.oi she really though was theh s first famous for just beingbeing she was the first one ofwa those.s those. she was actually married nineard times. said she never disliked manked m enough though to give the diamondback. gabor was once quoted asonce qua saying i'm a marvelous marlo housekeeper.ek every time i leave a man i i keep his house darling. darli she was known for that, too. t zsa zsa gabor would have turned 100 in february. febru >> all right. switching gears talking football now redskins fanssan rejoicing this morning afterthii dallas cowboys victory on vtory sunday night football. nightootb cowboys defeated the tampa bay bucks 26 to 20.0. everybody in the nfc has got to go to jerry's world.or while the tampa loss helps the redskins chances of making theg post season in case you're you wondering the
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came when zeke jumped into thedt kettle celebrating a touchdownrt look at emmett with his gray gry beard throughout. >> he says -- ezekial says s whatever he's fined he will h match and donate to theto t salvation army. >> pretty cool.tty >> that is cool. >> so ahead and fine him. >> yeah. >> that's right. >> now, of course the nfl ine him nowow., ofhim now >> i know, right, 'cause they know it's going to be found inen something good. >> that's what they do. >> and there's a no fun league. coming up on fox5 news5 morning now might be a great a time to find hotel room for roo the inauguration.ugur we'll explain coming up. >> chances are made into an antismoking drug which has been possibly linked to mental problems.l >> as we head to break let's brl take a live look across the acre d.c. region. we are at 5:12 on a cold c monday morning. mor we're back -- in fact we're only at 33 degrees.gree bundle up. it's chilly outside this this morning. we have a lot more headed yourdr way, though. fox5 news morning coming rightcn back after this.
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>> ♪♪ >> back now at 5:14 and if you're just waking up we've been following some overnightk t breaking news out of theng news district a fire on the grounds n of the district yacht club.istr take a look at the video shoteoo by d.c. fire and ems. e once believed to be atoe warehouse fire fully engulfed. l the fire is out and thankfully u did it not spread to any ofd toa the boats. >> now to a fire story of afireo different kind.diff take a look at these pictures. e this is out of omaha nebraska.e. omaha police officer ryana miller tweetingpoli out overnigt this is what happens when youwh park your car in front ofat h a fire hydrant. he saidfire the omaha fire omahe department needed access to t the hydrant battle a houseanle fire and you can see theyhe busted out the windows and putut the hose right through these r car. officer miller says the car was ticketed and towed aftered the fire was put out. you know what that mee right --
5:16 am
reminds me of. o >> what a a scene from backdraft. the fireman walks up and he h says i hate when i have to do this and he bashes the windowe o in and they put it through but that real sal serious thing. there's a reason why it's i illegal park in fluff if i flufi hydrants. >> that's true. gary mcgrady good morning torady you. >> what's going on guys? temperatures out there thit'ss s morning in the 20's and the 30's and depends on where youwhu r32 degrees reagan national, reo dulles is i that's kind of cold.ofd. bwi marshall is 31 degrees.1 gr today we're going go upper upp 30's right around 40 degrees0 de or so. it will be chilly and for at least the firstbe part of the c day i think it's a mixture oftu clouds and sun.clouds and sun this afternoon we should seehoue some pretty good sunshine. tomorrow a little warmer,itwarm 43 degrees, that's chilly, chi it's not super cold it's ad 's just a little on the chilly here's where we are with the t satellite and radar thisar ts morning. mo showers to the south of us. u a little snow shower tried tor o come up through extremextre southern maryland probably notyb touching the ground but if you
5:17 am
it. not going to be a big deal. that continues to move off on o the east the question here ishee ouch in the way of cloud coverud do we get through the morning hours. how long does this stick around and then we get a little sunshine and it lookslon like this afternoon we'reit going to end up with more high i cloudss u coming onp th m acroo futurecast definitely sees that later on today and thener to omorrow it looks like we'rere in for mostly sunny conditions. here's tomorrow, tomorrow afte'srnoon. tomrn lots of sunshine out there as high pressure builds in.h pr so here's the deal tesoday.deald throughout for a high f a h temperature. winds will be barely out of the north five to 10 miles per hour so definitely staying a littlewi cllhi bllyfi andvedefij going say clouds and sun. s here's your seven-day forecast.fore christmas eve 50 degrees. christmas, 53 degrees.3 grees. it looks dry. d unless something radically ric changes and i mean rads cally changes, we're not going havewr a white christmas.s. here's caitlin roth in foror erin this morning with allh a things traffic. >> i think everyonethin will tae a mild nice travel freeelre christmas forecast. thank you gary. commute widet w view behind still a lot of green on theof gh map. it is still early, just a a
5:18 am
beltway looks g maryland side,e, virginia side and even as you y get into the district inbound ib 295 and 50 all looking okay atg this moment. momen let's advance our maps if we iwe can and we'll give you aive better look at northern maryland. ma outer loop itself just seeing volume at this moment but nott s any delays. mom 95 northbound, southboundd, soud looks good. same with the bw parkway pkway you're all good and 270 and southbound also does look l okay. so, even though volume isvoli starting to pick up at thispi ut hour as it tends to do fromo f frederick all the way down to d the spur on your monday on yourn morning commute you're lookingui good coming out of frederick frk county or montgomery county.r mo we'll take it throughke ithrough rockville and back down intockto the outer loop also looks really g66 eastbound 234 tooundo sycamore street no problemsre and that whole stretch of 66 st6 does look pretty good. g some local slowdowns around fafafax. otherwise you're looking goode o on all your majors at thishi hour. more at 5:25.:2 more weather and traffic. wisdom and holly.nd hol >> 5:18 is the time. the time. let's take a look at the lk at t stories you're engaging with most this morning on social media with our realtime news
5:19 am
amnesty international accusing s the myanmar specifically infica the country's muslim minority. r myanmar's military has deniedend those allegations.. last month a un official accused myanmar of conductingg ethnic cleansing.ansi >> next up chemical giantcal an dupont will pay more than t $50 million bullet 33 do not33o have to admit fault for releasing toxic mercury that contaminated more than more than 100 miles of virginia riversginr for decades. dec this is under a proposedropod environmental settlement.t. the deal resolved allegationsllt of environment statutes.nvon it will be the largest large environmental settlement in virginia >> an arizona dad woke up top t cries by his 10-year-old daughter thursday night. now, what he found inside his house was horrifying. it was a stranger in hisis living room with the littlethe girl in his lap.ap the man is a 34-year-old
5:20 am
cohen broke into the home inrokh an attempted burglary. police say he told the fatherr i'm your friend before he tossed the child onto the couch he tried to escape butap t the father caught him andht himd detained him until policee arrived. >> that's a horror story istory what that >> yes, that is >> my goodness. gess. finally new york governor andrew cuomo has sold his 200 hotel room reservations foron the now cuomo had booked the rooms in d.c. for his t family,fam friends and supporters when he h thought hillary clinton wouldhi win thllear election.lect of course things didn't worke th out that way but one man's man trash another man's treasure.rer cuomo sold the rooms to members of the gop.memb >> coming up on fox5er newss morning, they were once o thought to be a safet e a alternative. now there's a new effort to effr recall e-cigarettes. >> and if you are looking toki t adopt a new dog for your home, , the t.s.a. has a program thatha you might want to takeghwant advantage of.nte o >> we're going to break with a h live look outside across theoshe region at 5:20. back in a moment.omen >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> back at 5:22 now and u.s. senator charles schumerarles sce pushing on the federalal government consider recallingr g e-cigarette batteries and devices that explode and catchen fire. medical professionals s ay the explosions can cause thirdsehi degree burns and often requireue skin grafts. gra schumer wants the u.s. food u. and drug administration to admi figure out why so many devices d from china and elsewhere arehe a the industry maintainsns e-cigarettes are safe whenafe w used properly.perl the fda says it is reviewing e-cigarettes.e-ciga >> new this morning six pharmaceutical firms are beingrg blamed for price fixing.ed force several u.s. drug makers anma company in india and australia r are all named in a lawsuit inn nearly 20 states.ta the lawsuit claims the drug dru companies conspired to hike the cost of an antibiotic anbota diabetes drug. dg. one lawmaker claims the price of one drug rose from $20 torom0 more t
5:24 am
of months.onth >> are you looking to adopt a new dog? that's the question qe for you this morning. the pups would still make it as bomb sniffing dogs could be your next pet.ext >> the t.s.a. has a program t .s.awhich lets you adopt dogs ta went through explosive elo detection training but simplyuty weren't up to snuff. snuff they can also adopt dogs that da have served and retired fromireo the t.s.a. the agency put out the callhe cl about a year ago but there's been recent renewed interest in the program with the story ts going viral once again. now, most of most of the dogs we raised in kennels not homes and you have to go to san in ken antonio texas to pick them up. >> okay. >> all right gary i heard you talkingig eht garlier about thee possibility that thereib wouldn't be anyil snow here. >> not going to be any snowbe aw for christmas unless somethingss radically changes and i guess i it could. it's always mother nature.ther r who knows what she wants to do. fickle like that. but i just -- i t lhink it'snkts going to b
5:25 am
>> okay. eople that areeoe that are traveling you know what iinu kn mean. >> it's great for people that are travelingfo.veling it's great for people like me le that love a christmas in the ine 50's. most people don't.most people do i get it. lots of people like white whi christmas. 32 degrees here in the city. 28 degrees for gaithersburgsb and 27 degrees for westminster.nste big game tonight, wisdom, right? >> that's right. in town. >> right. >> it's going to be chilly out i know you're sitting in theg 50's souo i'rt will be good. goo wear the big coat. theig it's not going to be super-duper coached how coldper was it in green bay -- chicago yesterday? coldest nfl game ge never chicago history isn't wha what it was. >> wasn't it minus something?et >> i just know they wereey were having to put their beers byo the fire to keep them frpuomep freezing. >> stop it. >> i tweeted it. tweet i i retweeted it yesterday. yeste >> my gosh. >> and so there and then up -- u somewhere else, too -- oh, uph, in minnesota they were doingere the same thing. keep the bud light by the firee so that it's drinkable.
5:26 am
up about that. on the cold side out there but it's going to be dry with just sod si to kickoff time is -- look monday nightht football, comes on at 8:30,:3 kickoff about 8:38 or so. or s there you go. caitlin roth top that thishat is morning.g. >> gary i saw that, too. >> mike saidel from thesaidelrom weather channel tweetd that.chad >> yes, that's how i saw it. >> and i noticed too the bestest beer was like bud light.. the other was keystone light l and all that. t they don't drink good beer in minnesota. >> i guess not. they were concerned about it.e o obviously they take thencir beer drinking seriously at those t tail gates. >> i used to drink keystone keyt light in. >> me, too. t beer champions or not.hampions o at least i've moved on from fm that.that. sometimes. let's take a look at ours a l interstates. cold morning for many of you. but 95 northbound so far so good from northern virginia. this is route 17 northm no to aq harbor and really not seeingin much from stafford up t t
5:27 am
beltway itself.. so, 95 northbound dale city all the way to the beltway beltw looking pretty 66 eastbound, 234 to sycamore street more cars on the roads but still not showing anythingoh but green which is great. you're pretty smooth there andoe it also looks like southbound sh 295 route visit to the 11tht tot street bridge not too many problems right now. we're generally clear andprobll problem free.oblem free. accident we'll have another update at 5:35. holly and wisdom. wdo >> thanks 5:27 right now. coming up on fox5 news morning, today local olympians s will be honored in montgomery county. >> and investigator itsesr continue to search for the cause of this weekend'sue t dead crash in baltimore.altimo >> and let's go antidepressant g had and take a live lookantake outside as we head to break b this morning. morni nice picture there of the it is 5:27. listen to a little carol ofol of the bells on a monday morningyor on a week that leads up to christmas, whiz.s, w we're almost 32 degrees. we're so glad you're with usyorw today. we've got a lot more on theon t other side.
5:28 am
fox5 news morning coming rightii back after this. >> ♪♪
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>> electoral votes.>> today members of the electoral college are expected to formally cast their e votes forf donald trump to becomeor thehe 45th president of the unitedd states. . this comes as members of trump's camp try to minimizeo mm the impact of a growing growi investigation of russianus hacking having influenced thed e outcome of november's election.el one of the most eligible ell bachelors in the country isntryi officially off the mke
5:31 am
fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪>> >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joining us.ank yo i'm wisdominin martin. martin. >> and i'm holly morris. today is monday december 19. de. >> caitlin roth gary mcgradyin talking weather and traffic inaf a >> we'll begin though with beg o breaking news out of theof t district this morning.stri a huge fire in southeast on sout the grounds of the district t yacht club. take a look at thishe d video shot sho by d.c. fire and ems.. what's believed to beved e warehouse there fullyly engulfed.en good news, fire is out. out. crews say it is miraculous nos o boats were damaged considering c the intense flames and flying fy embers. >> switching gears talkingtcng politics standing on the evetand of history the electoral ector college convenes today toeg finalize one of the most contentious elections ie ncolize recent history. >> 306 electors are expected exe to cast their votes for donaldtd trump but calls for members to s select someone else continuelset to grow. fox5's melanie alnwick isanie ak live now with the very latest.a. good morning, mel., m >> reporter: good morning.
5:32 am
here on capitol hill whenhe members of congress will count c those electoral votes and declare a winner for president e and vice president but today pre is the day that the electorscts meet in their respective statei capitals to cast those votesst t and while there really isn't much expectation of drama, there are some folks who aree ss hoping for a long shot. there is growing pressure fore some of the republican electors flip their votes, a last ditch attempt to keep to k president-elect trump out oft-el the white house. the magic number to look for 37.c nu if that many electors flip,ctorl highly unlikely, then mr. trump would not have the 270 electoral votes top0 elec officially election watchers say all ofy ao this is the longest of long shots. 29 states actually have laws l that bind the electors to thes t candidate chosen by voters in v their state and it's rare for even one elector to changene e votes in a given year. >> particular individual inndiva texas but other than that,
5:33 am
we're very confident thate ve everything is going tory be very smooth tomorrow and this t harassment from groups likement move and f the democrat a party should stop and that's a what the american peopleeo demand. if 37f 37r: now, electors did switch from trumpir to someone else, then it's up i' to the house of of representatives who would pick the president and as we know,w, the house is controlled byroed republicans. so, just a little insight intoht what's going to happen here locally.ll d.c. electors meet at eleors 5 o'clock today at the wilson wo building in maryland.ildingn they meet at 1 o'clock inlo i annapolis and in virginia att noon in richmond. rhm maryland and virginia will bewib live streaming their electorallr votes. vote live on capitol hill, i'ms.n cai melllanie alnwick fox5 localal news. news. >> also in the news this thes th morning we continue to followwec the latest developments inontesp this weekend'sment deadlydly multi-vehicle pileup in baltimore. seven patients remain in theimti hospital after saturday'ser sura deadly crash on i-95. nearly 70 cars were involved ine in that pileup. a tanker carrying gasoline skidded off a highwayer a cnd expl
5:34 am
people were killed. slick roads from thapetoproads t saturday's freezing rain may have led to that crash. cra of the victims still in the in hospital two are in criticalca condition. >> months after helping teamr ln u.s.a. clean up big at the rio olympics tonight maryland's mars olympians will be honored ats home in silver spring.wilvpr gold medal winners katie leded dac jock conger helen ruiz and d ashley meade will be presented w with awards by montgomeryby mo county executive ike leggetteg and other that will happen tonight fromhtm 7:00 to 8:00. washington capitals willingt that spread holiday cheer toay t children in the hospital. in they're bringing blankets and handing out capitol gifts andifs hats. also paint with the kids and then ought draftugt the paintings.the pai that's all going to happen hap this afternoon from 1:30 to 2:30. >> time now to talk weathereaer with gary mcgrady. mcgdy he's already said that thed thae possibility of a white wte christmas in this area veryaer slim. im >> yeah, it really does look -- we starte
5:35 am
looked like the way it was like setting up that there was ae w slight chance, if any, off any, having one. >> that's okay. is our coldest day. day then we'll kind of warm up. up. >> yeah, pretty much coldest col day of the week and thenofk another chilly day this weeksee but all things consideredsi don't see any big stormsany g st coming our way this week, i wee, don't see anything extremelye at cold coming this week and as we get into friday and then int the holidayo weekend, it does i that look really mild around here.he not super mild. m i think we'll be upper 40's on'u christmas eve and low 50's or0's so for christmas day.tmas day. that's the way it's shaping up right now.ow kids at the bus stop this morning 23 to 33 out there.he it's cold.'s no big problems out there.the later on this afternoon should a be good sun with some high clouds, temperature of about a 36 to 40 at drop-off.t drop-o here's a look all rightight current temperatures now.ent we're down to freezing nearg n town and some upper 30's northor and west with mostly cloudyly co skies. sk here's caitlin in this i morning. she's in for erin.e' e >> good morning, gary. good morn good morning to everyone else. 5:35
5:36 am
on-time traffic.ime traff let's begin with delays caused by a disabledab train on the green lyle at georgia avenue.gia a expect single tracking betweenkt u street and fort totten anden d delays in both directions. dti again if you use the green green line disabled train at georgialr avenue. monday morning commute on the not erin here today, caitlin roth fox5 if you have any questions comments concernss cos you want to report something t in your neighborhood, let meo ,e know. 270 southbound starting to see that volume build out ofldut o frederick approaching 27.hing it's really heavy and free up fe again as you go throughohrough montgomery county down to thery spur still looks clear cou on 22 outer loop looks good 95 andooda the baltimore-washingtonba parkway not seeing anylty t se reported delays at this hour thr which is pretty good even the top sid pe of trehett beltway ll g southern maryland 210an21 through oxon hill you're allyoua gun the inner loop approaching the woodrow wilson bridge also a quite smooth. we'll take a look at virginia coming up atke a 5 l:4oo5. wisdom and holly.olly. >> 5:36 is the time right now.i coming up on fox5 news morningor corpus christi lifts a waterater ban but warns of lingeringt wasf cont
5:37 am
company pays a small fine fore releasing mercury into virginia water ways forr decades. >> as we head to break a liveeao look outside across theshe the time is 5:36.:36. the temperature 32.ratu back right after this. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ ly. >> ♪♪ meshler mesebecca first lieutenant from marylandta stationed in i'd liatke to say happy holidayd to my mom and dad and my brothers and sisters, josephh and paula, my brothers and sisters joseph, sara and rachel.rach i miss you all and i can't and i wait to come home.
5:38 am
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>> 5:40 is the time right now.he uber driver in south florida will not face any cha trges after he shot anr dine an can kl man who tried to rob himob him during an early morningng ambush. police say the driver had just t picked up a passenger when a minivan cut him off. a man jumped out of the vand ouv and pointed two guns at thes ate drivers. detectives say the uber driverr fired his own gun killing theile man. police say the driver won'tay t face any charges because hehe de has a concealed
5:41 am
permit. still looking for the two other people unside thatlookin minivan.minivan. >> there will be no chargeso crg filed against police officersns who shot and killedpo a 19-year-old fresno man.ear- police shot and killedol dylan l noble back in june after he dismissed warnings from f officers and walked towards tows them with his hand behind his back. back. the incident was captured onnt e police body cameras.amas officers had been respondingad p to a call about aon man way rifle. where wheo to texas now a water crisis has come to an end. a water ban in corpus christi cs has been lifted. l last week's residents were wer told not drink or bathe in bathe that tap water after a chemical leak at an asphalt ahat plant. now the water is safe towater f drink.drk. an ongoing investigationesgation continues into the cause of o the leak that of chemical. t >> 5:41 right now.hat :41 ght coming up on fox5 news morning, national geographic'sgi first cover of 2017 raises some eyebrows. >> an surprise, a biga g rpririse. you'll never guess which movieov won the box office thise weekend as we show you the picture of the giant spaceship and the death sta.
5:42 am
>> yeah. >> as we head to break thoughea let's take a livtoe look acrossa the d.c. region on a monday mda morning. mo 5:41 is our time. time. we're at 32 it is chilly out there.. no its just cold.ol bundle up.ndle we've got more on the otherhe or side. fox5 news morning back rightck t after this. af >> ♪♪ ♪ i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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5:44 am
my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> ♪♪ >> good morning. it is 5:44 right now and>> herer are some of today's top'sop stories.
5:45 am
grounds of the district yacht t club in southeast went up in flames overnight duthe. overnig. good news here, though, no one was hurt none boats were damaged.d. members of the electoral college meet today in their respective state capitals tota officially vote to make donaldo trump the next president of the united states.tes. and hollywood remembers anor icon. actress and socialite zsa zsasaa gabor died sunday at the age of 99.of9. she started dozens -- starred s in dozens of movies and tvs of shows and was married nine times darling.s darling. >> ♪♪ a sceri scenario on the planeto where i would marry nine times but that's just myut personal >> nine times much that's tt' pretty impressive.resse. >> not even five times. tim >> i was surprised she was 99se9 when i saw that.wh >> i was, too. she was going to be a hundred in february. >> what comes after 99.fter 9 >> i know, right. r >> i was looking at your big yor map behind you. y big game tonight. tonight crucial game. >> is that what -- oh, that's the traffic map. >> that's not my map. m
5:46 am
weather.r. >> we can talk about the weather and the game. >> it's going to be in the 30's.can ather go bundle's it's not going tole be super-duper cold.du >> gland chilly, dry. no, not gland really. five, 6 miles an hour winds. >> typical winter game. >> if they lose they can'the blame it on the weather. but bundle upit o if you're goio to be out there. here's what we're talking talki about this week.about look, okay.oka no big storms coming this week, all right.. it does look like we'reee' actually trending --g another -- a couple more coole c days this week but we're also going have temperatures by the t end of the week and into the holiday weekend will be in the 40's and from it looks like on christmas day we'll have hav temperatures maybe up into theit lower 50's, so that's -- ihat'-i don't know, it depends on whats you like, all right.all ri. last year we had some real r mild conditions, too, for, f christmas. 32 degrees right now here in rig the city. columbus 19.luus 19. pittsburgh is 20.0 chicago we talked about thisabou earlier, it's minus eit saint louis is 44 degreesdegr right now. chicago will warm up into the,it you know, 15, 16-degree 16-gree category today but the windsheds are really
5:47 am
actually the coldest core ofst f the air now is sliding across as the midwest.idst it's out of the central plainsln so they've been warming up ami little bit. cold all the way down in texasin this morning. aking up at 19 degrees, so it's almost as a cold in dallas this morning asoa it is in fargo, north dakota.a. you can't say that very often,e, okay. and the core of the coldestolst air newspaper canada iswspaper s shifting a little bit to the east and it will reload l aitndd there will be more cold aird air coming. 38 degrees for a high d temperature today, kind of aegre mixture of clouds and sun this t morning. by this afternoon we shouldon wo get in some good sunshine.shin few high clouds coming across.s. tomorrow expect mostly sunny skies. temperatures will be upper 30's and low 40's. we'll beures30's about 43 degres high temperatures tomorrow.omor. all the rain stays to thein sta south of us today.ay. clouds are beginning to breakrek up in the afternoon.afteoon but futurecast holds the ho clouds at least into the early afternoon and by this afternoon we should be pretty sunny and late this afternoon a couple of high clouds drifts on across again so before before sunset i think we'll start totao see some of that and thenhe tomorrow looks like plenty of
5:48 am
pressure kind of moving on kin across. so, expect beautifulif conditions for tomorrow. tomro not that today is all thatll bad. just a little chilly. cll winds will be out of the north at about five to 10 miles per10s hour and your seven-daynd yousee forecast looks like this.hi 38 today.. not 26 tomorrow.omrow. i think i made a typo there. 50 -- that would be awful.ul it's -- it's not even that. tha tomorrow we're at 43 degrees 4de so i'll go fix that. wednesday 50. 50. caitlin roth -- i was goingoing say caitlin roth you need toeedo check me on these things. thing >> i need to go fix it? i >> diana rocco i hate making mak type pose like that. >> that's all right. at least it's a tha typo, rightg >> that's right.>> >> thank you gary.y. starting off with cameras cr here but what.uthat. i looking at here. 5:48 and unsure. unsur i think if i could try to read e those maps. 95 northbound at stafford.taord. volume picking up.p. still just some buildingomg delays and you could see we see don't have any issues outhave ay there. it's just volume at this hour.l let's go back to our maps.aps. we just had such a
5:49 am
map that you got a preview of redskins versus panthersths tonight monday night footballigl 8:30 kickoff.koff any time we've got a game outou there you're going expect thexpe delays around fedex field. fie outer loop and inner loopop andi delays at all three exits. exit. central avenue landover roader a and arena drive. probably as that tailgatingin starts to pick up and it converges with the evening eni commute.ute. so, expect those outer anduter a inner loop delays through theelh evening.ev also when it comes to metro, expect those blue line delaysins getting there to the morgantherm boulevard exit. exi last train at 11:30 p.m. so. so don't take that eight -- think t that 8:30 game will be over by then. then. loots a look at traffic.a look one more in lestrs afthan 10tha1 minutes. holly. >> 5:49. dupont will may pay more than $50 million but won't admit fault for releasingelsing mercury into virginiairgi waterways for decades now. now this is under a proposedropose environmental settlement. it will be the largest environmental damageronmenta settlement in virginiania history. >> new this morning, the baltimore sun is thi reportingeg
5:50 am
schools are considering a new idea to help suffe erincogns schools. the state school board isate considering offering vouchersg to create new charoffeterw ch programs. another idea is to create aa recovery school district thatoo would be made up ofdi the worst performing schools. nothing is set in stone justus yet but discussions will beginlg in the new yearly. yeay. >> d.c. police officers areer a now equipped with bodybody caras.s. 2600 cameras are deployedepye throughout the district.hout thr they are attached to officers' collars or their shirts. mayor muriel bowser says it under scores d.c.'s commitment toriel b d.c.' transparency andd accountability.un >> incredible video out ofbi frederick maryland.diblick mala. a teenager came face to face fae with a deer in the living roomin of his home. the and counter was caught onuna cameras . the teen thought someone washoug breaking in. in. turns out it was just a deert ae so he called 911 and then thisnt father before taking mattersatte into his own hands. hds >> in our living room and ioo need to know where the keys toey the guns are. so, you know, that's a lot to take in. >> wow.>> it's estimated the family isilys facing nearly $4,500 in
5:51 am
but they have venom meat that tt will last until march. >> venison. which is tasty. wh had any deer any d meat. >> really oh my gosh it's sooh o yummy. >> my dad used to hunt and iuntn would tell him i'm not eating bambi.bamb >> but balmy see so -- bambi bai is so good.oo >> back now with what's hot on n the web this monday morning. critics of rex tillerson tilrs president-elect trump's nextt tt pick for secretary of state s may have more reason to beeaso e critical about him this t morning. leaked documents reveal the exxon mobil execuoctiumveen wasc director of a u.s. russian oilsn firm based in the bahamas.ahamas experts say there's nothing tret inappropriate about this butis t since it hadn't been it ha been previously reported it willted l likely raise more questionsueio about tillerson's relationshipni with russia.ussi >> next up we have a new miss world. and she's from puerto rico. stephanie dell vaya was vaya crowned miss world 2016 at the6t
5:52 am
place over at mgm national harbor.or. she edged out winners from the t dominican republic and a inniche. this was the 66th edition ofn of the miss world pageant.pagean >> a transgender nine-year-oldyo will grace the january 2017uary1 cover of national geographic. this is a first for the magazine. avery jackson ama transgenderedd girl from kansas city gracesty the cover with the wordshe w gender revolution displayed inpn large type. ckson says she's glad thatdha she no longer has to pretendoted to be a boy. avery's father applauds thefath cover saying the moreer people l see transgender people ande realize that they aret they are everywhere the more acceptanceec will hopefully come. >> no surprise here. "rogue one: a star wars one story" top film at the box office.op fce. scored the second best openingsg in december with $155 million55l in ticket sales.le did have the biggest opening opi ever for a thursday night. night "star wars the force awakens" ts holds the record for" the biggest december opening. openig it debuted with nearlyea $248
5:53 am
>> hm. all right. let's talk about bryce harper he because mr. harper is finallyisy a married man. harper met mrs. harper kayla kay varnish high school. she's an athlete herself herse having played soccer at byu. b. after calling off their engagement once the two tiedwo t the knot in a traditionalradion mormon ceremony in san diego. do congratulations to >> pretty wedding party there. e >> yeah mission accomplished.sil a fiveis-year-old maryland boy b transformed into a superherointp on friday and reminded all of of us what's important thisimport s holiday season which is helping others. >> kaheem was diahegnosed with chronic myeloid leukemia but friday he became super kaheem. super kaheem started his day here at fox5.ox he arrived on a montgomeryontgor county fire truck where he wash greeted by his safe superheros e and fox5 personalities.onalitie then he headed off to his next x mission which was at national harbor where santa was stuckic on theh re s ferris wheel. >> you see off in the distanceic there, somebody needs ouredur help. he he's
5:54 am
>> santa. >> aww. >> ♪♪ >> it was such a full day and a so much fun. now super kaheem's finals fin mission is what's the videoid you've been seeing all alongg ao here ended at the newseum newsem where he rescued sportsports mascots from a second floor balcony. a truebalc superhero reminding u again of what really matters. m. what a special, special day. >> amazing, amazing.mazi it's interesting when he got down to the newseum and we hadns all these plans about he was he going to come over here and doeo this and do that.ha as soon as he got out of the oft car he ran straight to theto the fire truck to get on the lift.if he just was like i'm gone,on zoom. >> hilarious. >> of course he does hisco thinurg. >> this is with make a wishke ah midatlantic and we held a a phone bank and asked for for donations throughout thethrougut process because that was justau one example of allse the amazini wishes that they grant each and every day. >> yeah.>> >> to families that need so, thank you everybody forbodyr joining us in that and
5:55 am
all right, 5:54 right now.ow time for our facebook fan of the day. today it is gary leonard. leo. check out her christmas sweater. >> jerry says she knows we here at fox5 we're nice all a year except for tucker barnes. e she wishes us a merry christmas. if you would like to be fan of l the day just post your picture under thisik pos one. >> ♪♪ >> is she inferring♪ that t tucker should get some coal in i his stocking is that whathat she's saying.s sa >> i think that's the bottom line.line >> jerry he's not as bad as he plays on tv. >> does that say seay merry mer elfin christmas.hristm >> i think in the words of all redskins fans hail yes. >> hashtag. >> hashing. >> here's what's going on out there. i'm going to startwhat'st with -- let's see, the bus b stop fork. let's do that.le make sure the kiddos knowsno what's going on out there.out te 23 to 33 degrees.deees. after school 36 to 40 so noo problems it's a little chilly.tle y. cold startnd
5:56 am
afternoon all right but we're all dry. dry temperatures out there rightes now 32 degreesut here and and basically across the region aio couple 20's to mid-20's.s hagerstown is 25. martinsburg 26 andma fredericksburgrt is 33. 3 big game tonight right? wisdom has the skins, right? no. >> huge. >> skins by three. that's what wisdom said.>> swi i temperatures in the 30's.atur it's on the cold side allesth right.e in terms of whacoldt's going on wen we have some clouds in place thisps morning, kind of sun andg, k clouds today, all right. right and things are going get anget a little bit better as we getit bt into the afternoon with someithe sunshine, too and let me showto youand le the seven-day forecasc what you know what i did d caitlin roth i ran to thean other studio and i fixed it. 38 degrees so it's no longer lr going to be 26 degrees6 degrees tomorrow just like that, justust like that we can change it.t. >> up from 26 degrees just like that. tt. >> 50 on christmas. chrtmas >> thanks gary.>> big issue in the district.trt. southbound 295 we've got a we'vt crash just south of benningenni road. this is actually a vehicle into a guardrail.actu so, we've got it pushed off to o the shoulder but you canouer but already see delays building onn the soutou
5:57 am
rubber necking delay on the northbound side as well andnd s once ye ou get that tow truck in there really heavy delays delay going to build on this oth chokepoint here southbound 295b9 south of benning road, that isht where the vehicle is into the te l.ardrail. we'll keep you posted on thattet incident through the rest ofhr the morning. bel bews morning willou right back after this with more. re.
5:58 am
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> breaking overnight a massive fire at the district dir yacht club in southeast.t club one of the building'sso a tutotl loss. straight ahead, a lie report rer from the scene and the and t challenges the fire crewsire faced when they arrived too fight that blaze. >> a last ditch effort. lastch f members of the electoral college will that make donald trump's election officialp's el today but not without last withl minute drama. >> a live look outside. a lher and traffic other 5's ativndraffic o 6:05. good monday everybody i'm allison seymour. chenevey..steve come to five news morning. morng this was the deal earlier this this morning.orning. >> intense flames caught onmes o camera shooting out of whating may be aou warehouse on thesen grounds of the district yachthed club and that's where we findisn anjali hemphill this morning


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