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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 19, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news >> breaking overnight a massive fire at the district dir yacht club in southeast.t club one of the building'sso a tutotl loss. straight ahead, a lie report rer from the scene and the and t challenges the fire crewsire faced when they arrived too fight that blaze. >> a last ditch effort. lastch f members of the electoral college will that make donald trump's election officialp's el today but not without last withl minute drama. >> a live look outside. a lher and traffic other 5's ativndraffic o 6:05. good monday everybody i'm allison seymour. chenevey..steve come to five news morning. morng this was the deal earlier this this morning.orning. >> intense flames caught onmes o camera shooting out of whating may be aou warehouse on thesen grounds of the district yachthed club and that's where we findisn anjali hemphill this morning
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good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. a are just learning this is rer main building sort of theof clubhouse here at the district c yacht club that burned andt rn while the fire has beenhas be officially knocked down, youn, y can take look behind me here, h there are several crews stillwss on scene that are going roomng r to room making sure any ofan those hot spots in there arehe not smoldering. when you take a look at thea loh video that was shot right as ria crews arrived just after 3 o'clock this morning you can g imagine just how hot thisot t wooden structure still istill after you see the size of se those flames.las. the entire building wasuilding engulfed in flames as they arrived. again it's a wood buildingit's known as -- most likely the clubhouse or some sort of mainf building here on the pier.on thp the fire did not spread to any a boats that are docked hereocked which is quite miraculousirul given the size of there firehere as well as the embers thatmberst were shooting into the r firefighters attacked from thero ground as well as from theasrom water in their fire boats.ire bt that's because i'm told thereolh was some water supply issueis here when fire crews firstrewsit showed up. owed th
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an isolated area with limited ld access to fire hydrants.drts again, fire is out. out crews are in the pop-up pop-u stages. good news is -- mop up stages. . live in southeast, anjali hemphill fox5 local news. >> developing story out ofelopo northwest.nohwest. police investigating anvestitina kidnapping and a robbery. rob the suspect still on the run at this hour. woman said she was walkingal in the 1600 block of munroefun street around 3 o'clock on sunday morning when she was grabbed and forced into aorcein white work van. three men assaulted her stole h several of her police say the victimvera was te thrown out of the van nearout r woodly park. wo right now police have only a vague description of thedesc suspects and that van.. >> today electoral collegeay e members will meet to vote tototo officially make donald trumpe do the next president of thene united states.xt p >> ahead ofunited this vote ts o controversy swirling becauselinc two texas electors havetexas ech already said they were willil not vote for president-elect trump. fox5's melanie alnwickt iswi live from the hill with the good morning.
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and 37 is the magic number off votes that would need to slipeet away from donald trump.ay f it is highlyro unlikely butikt still protestors say they havea good reason to press their last ditch effort. >> did you like the election. et >> i didn't feel protestorsidn' are calling on et lectors to vote against president-electinst donald trump today. trumpoday some electors want the fbi and the cia to give them intelligence grieving onllence alleged russian interferencere in the election before theyehe cast their ballots to to determine the next president.. >> in rhode island i'll be introducing this motion to demand an independent commission. this should not be partisan. this needs to get outuld of partisan politics. ps. this is about protecting democracy. >> reporter: protestors believe this is their last repos chance to prevent mtr. trump mrt from taking office.ffice. >> what we're asking them to to do is a fail-safe.a it's a check and balance toalant e election.n. >> reporter: but elector inlectr the swing state of northswing sf carolina say they are all voting for trump which they the say is the will of the peoplepl there.
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>> literally two tubs from the post office of letters askingskg me to change my vote from f donald trump to hillary clinton. clinto >> reporter: republicans in washington meanwhile say torhet: intelligence community isence i trying to discredit a trump presidency. >> they refuse come i find itin shameful it seems like to me -- it should be the t investigation what theve russians did but also anst inveiansstigation of john brennn and the hit job he seems to bem arc straighting against theraigt president-elect. >> reporter: but democrats and some republicans are upset the kremlin apparentlory tteriei to influence the election. >> a foreign adversary directly intervened into our democratic institution andat tried to tilt the election to donald >> reporter: now, congress cgr meets january 6th in order to count the electoral votes andelo declare a winner. winner. if for some reason the rean anti-trump movement were tooveme succeed the vote would go thenle to the republican controlled house of representatives. live on capitoe ofl r hill, i'm melanie alnwick fox5 locallo news.
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>> thanks very much.>> t mel bundled up this morning. 32 degrees here. her cold weather still gripping a large part of the country.nt temperatures here again in theae 30's but not anything comparedoa to north dakota minnesota minneo bismarck had a record low ofwf 31 degrees below zero over the weekend.eken in minneapolis nfl officials prohibited vikings fans from outdoor pregame activities dueem to the frigid cold weather butg the coldest game playedlaye yesterday was kansas city. c it was an air temperature ofra just 2 degrees. dre but after least the sun was shining. no jackets short sleeves on the players. >> fingers still intact. that'singe crazy.razy. >> would not happen if it was iw me out there tell that you.ou. >> hello. >> good morning. >> good morning. >> yeah, and speaking of, got>>h a bigpeak finoo,tball game tonit >> yes. >> it will not be 2 degreesot br tonight. >> no, but it will be chilly. c it will probably be close to cle freezing in time for the >> okay. >> okay? >>kay? >> uh-huh. uhu >> so precare accordingly.acrdil overnight we've cooled off. yesterday we hit 67 degreesdegre for an hour.n h >> we did? i was like -- what w hour was that.r
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67 degrees. we probably hit it for fiveor fv minutes. reagan national 32, dullesuls 30 degrees.30 degrees. bwi marshall 31.rshall 31. looking at our storm trackerer radar tracking clouds acrosslo the area. are still dealing with the backg tht edge of our front that came tt a through yesterday. i think we'll see a clearingwel trend but it will be a chillylly day. daytime highs as mentioned on on the cold side only in thein t upper 30's so make sure thee layers and jackets are readyackr to go today with winds out ofut the north here five to 10. to 1 kind of a partly sunny day. d temperatures below normal. all right. all the details on our christmas week forecast.orast. if you're traveling that kindelh of thing we'll let you know if you have any storms on theve atm horizon.izon. >> thank you tucker.ucke >> good to >> happy monday.on >> caitlin back with us.aitl >> happy monday.appyonday. good morning to all three of to yes,f cold morning to start. s if you do park outside you you might want to give yourself some he can at a time get the heat going.can at 5 southbound we had a whad vehicle into a guardrail rightta here where you can see thehere n emergency crews on the scene.on. this is just south of benning road. road traffic actually is flowing is g
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on 295 as well as northbound non so any gaper delays, they'reays, not showing right now. but i think once the morning thi continues to pick up if we still have the scene on thehavet shoulder not blocking a laneing as we go to our maps we mighteig see some higher delays orr heavier delays at that i guess you couldt th say. s again two, 95 southbound southbn vehicle into a guardrail justil south of benning road.oa metro update earlier we toldold you about on the green line disabled train at georgia avenue. no longer an issue ablnded ta no longer seeing any single tracking. expect rims in both directionsii between u street and fortu stret totten. back to the roads now 95 n 9 northbound starting to see some commuter volume pick upumcp dale city to the beltwayto bel mainly just dale city to they tt occoquan and then you free up head towards springfield andgfld the beltway itself. 66 eastbound still slow rideide although problem free. fre just volume at this hour, 234ou, as you hit route 28 there in centreville then you free up fru centreville to the beltway the y itself.. northern maryland not even seeing any outer loop delays.el hour. woks like we're okay as
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as 95 and baltimore-washington l parkway. let me get out of the way andti check that for otheck thr southbound both ways looks g looks like a little heavyvy northbound on 295 as you approach baltimore there.. 270 southbound volume is building 70 to clarksburg.lark on and off delays there a frederick until you hit about 27 and then you fndree o up as u get to the spur. that's a look at traffic. a loot we'll keep you posted withth that 295 crash as we go 295 crag through the rest of theo morning.ugh allison.lison. >> 6:08 right now. now there's a new miss world thisths morning. the pageant held at the newgean mgm nationalnew >> plus the skins in prime i time tonig welcoming the panthers topanthet fedex field.fe what's the deal with the soccer ball there? playofff picture a little clearer forear the skins, that's for sure.
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>> latest out of syria thises morning. a ceasefire deal back on andt on evacuations of civilians andia a rebels has resumed into two int villages in the north part of te the country.the t 10 of the buses on the way to t government controlled areas con according to a syrian activistts group. evacuations came a day after a militants burned six buses. six. the un security councilou expected to vote on a on a resolution to deploy uneploy monitors to eastern aleppo toteo prevent mass violence. v thousands of civilians andnd rebels still waiting to bee the temperatures in some areas below 0 >> china under a red
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highest possible to heavy to h smock in beijing for a third ahd day. people asked to limit the to number of cars on the roadsds drivers being monitored byonited their license plate numbers tobe make sure they stay off thefhe roads and about 700 companies ca have temporarily stoppedto production to cut down on pollution.poll >> the search continues this morning in arkansas for theearct driver who shot and killed a three-year-old in a road rage r incident. police say the toddler and his grandmother were at a stop s seventy nine little rock whenin the driver behind him angry because the car was not movingir fast b ee car nough got out of f vehicle and opened f the little boy was struck atucka least once and later died atd at the hospital. >> ♪♪ >> a hollywood icon is being b remembered this morningered thin actress zsa zsa gabor she washe a hungarian born actress died of heart attack on sunday.unda she was 99 years old. old. she had been in declining dec health for for years you know, gabor was flown for f calling people darling andoparli also for her many love affairs s
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she was married nine times and had one child. zsa zsa gabor again dead atin the age of 99. just old hollywood, darling. rest in peace. pea it was another big nightas a at mgm national harbor. mgml the new maryland resort hostedd the miss world competition last night. >> fancy. all right. here's a look at the moment the a loo winner was crowned. crown >> puerto rico. [cheers and applause] >> 19-year-old stephanie del valle. miss u.s.a. made it into the top 10. contestants from more than 100 0 countries participate in thete t pageant every this was the 66th edition of the pageant. second time the united states hosted theime th international t national harbor the bighe backdrop for that. >> coming up a update on that scene of t
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>> right around the freezing mark. a live look at the wilson arozi bridge. weather and traffic for you coming up next. >> ♪♪
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>> skyfox above 295 south ofabov benning road. on the left side of the screen lashingside lights.ig there was a car into anta gudrdrail. single vehicle crash.rash. looks like everybody else is playing nice with the vehicle vc that's up against the up ains guardrail right now.drright now. there are some delays in theme area but we'll keep an eye onp n it let you know if it turns t into anything major or not.thino that's coming up after tucker t
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>> steve, thank you.teve, thank. wow, what a big weathera wet weekend we had. we had the ice on saturdayn urda morning and then temperaturesems well into the 60's yesterday.esy the rollercoaster rideride continues.continue right back down into the very dw cold weather patn teinrn here fr mur monday. pickup weather temperatures are generally fallen at or a o below freezing here early soarls make sure you're prepared forpad a chilly start to your day anday then after school not much oft a warmup today.p up are 30's to about 40. chilly conditions and if and i you're going out to the skinsthk game tonight i'll have thatight forecast as well here in just is a minute.t 32 now in washington.asto let's see, annapolisol leonardtown you guys stilluytill keeping yourselves just aboveur the freezing markselv although h can't be said here off to the th north and west.nod we 20's for frederick, 28 degrees, 30 at dulles, 25 hagerstown, 27 in winchester27 w and we've got winds here out heu of the north at about 10 miles e per hour making it feel like l 24 in washington, 23 out in frederick, ninety fourk, n quantico. you get the idea here. idea he. just be prepared for a cooler ce than average day with daytime de highs in the upper 30's. 3s. clouds we've got those as
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well. little area low pressure going to develop along the carolinas.low dev that moisture should stay out caro to sea and we'll trendsll trends towards more sunshine today, sut kind of a partly sunnyy su afternoon. we'll keep the weather pattern n quiet for the next couple days. i don't think we'll get anyt rain around here maybe untilntil thursday. next chance of rain will be thursday. going to the game tonight? i think it will be in the mid 30's athe gam will kickoff.. feeling cold, should be dry, little breezy but certainly bein prepared here for a wintry wtr feel if you're going out tong the game tonight with dry d conditions expected. there's your as much day.teyour 43 tomorro as muw. we do start to omwarorm it up. oh, let me mention, can't seeont it that well, first daveav winter 5:45 wednesday morning,ng yes, winter arrives.rriv we're having a big party in p the weather center. center. >> whoo. >> indicate vin organizing this one. o 52 foam. >> no party like a weather weatr center party. par >> 46 on friday.y. we forecast into our christmas weekend. looks like sunday temperatures will be in the low 50's. all right.unda ycaite al >> we can never get a
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else to the weather centerther c parties. know why. why >> let's start off any one.ny >> northern virginia whoginia wh commutes on the vre.. we got this tweet in from the virginia rail r 302 stopped at lorton approximately 20 minutes lateint due to a medical emergency.mergn if you take the vre coming from northern virginia expect vr that 20 minute let's go 20 back to skyfox talt about the big crash of thee big morning so far.cras this is in themo district 295is southbound a single vehicle crash. doesn't look like this is the best view ofok lik it. earlier we had it zoomed onom the southbound lanes whichd la showed the car that was into w o the guardrail and was kind of ko off to the shoulder so notot blocking any lanes but delaysuty were building and will thatilth probably continue to build contd here in the 6:00 a.m. hour.the : let's go back to our maps and a we'll show you that delay because emergency vehiclesncy have been on thev scene but nout tow truck yet.ruck yet. i believe once that tow truck tk does get in or seems it was cleared then you just see some e heavier delays.ay all right. all back to southern maryland herehn on our maps looks like just not too bad there are some inboundel
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you get a little heavy right rig there but then it starts to sta brake up as you head towards the beltway itself crossingf cr the woodrow wilson bridge. bdg also looks okay.ooks branch avenue to the wilsonil bridge starting to see a few delays here and also as youas y get onto 395 northbound fromd fr the beltway to the 14th street bridge it looks on and offn pretty heavy, frees up a frees a little bit as you get closer as to the district itself tit t that's in'svirginia. staying in virginia 66ginia eastbound you've still gotd yo that slow ride from 234 to 28o as you get into centreville. then you free up a little bitre as you head towards the beltway.upou healtwa northern maryland outer loop starting to seearyl top sideop d delays as we normally do 95 to georgia avenue.a 95 and 295 though itself look lo pretty good. that's a look atpr traffic.ic steve. steve. >> all right caitlin thanks. let's go back to the weekend right ct's t now. transportation officials inls maryland still trying the piece together exactly whandt st happened on 95 in baltimore onro saturday morning.orng the accident that killed twoillw people it involved a tankert in carrying gas 1vo3 skidded off af highway and exploded.lod. the crash scene involved nearly 70 vehicle
6:20 am
a role but officials stillls want to talk to any witnesses wt as the investigation continuesos >> it's crunch time folks.f less than a week before befo christmas. we're going to tell you what the parcel carriers are doing cr to keep up with the onlinenlin shopping >> a little later we're we're putting fedex the postal service and ups to the test.up t are they on track to meet mee their holiday deadline? which h is your better deal if you'ref r trying to ship last minute? mit we'll find out together. it's 6:20.
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you might call patricia washington lucky. after all, not only did she play a dc lottery game once and win. she played another game and won that three times. and then she tried a different dc lottery game and won that, too. so, how is patricia doing with her bowling? well, let's just say she does better with the lottery. ♪♪
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>> the next big idea from elon e musk to kept you avoid traffic.trfic. first let's check the joining you hillary los angeles hillary this is 3 a.m. 3 a.m. good morning. >> reporter: i know i'm waking up. good morning steve. >> markets will be waking up on the east coast in a couple rr hours.good would this be the tsday, wcould this be the day we hit 20,000? , what are we looking for? f >> reporter: oh, i don't we will -- near await seenwa s mode. a lot of people are rootingng for this to happen before christmas. here's two stocks you shouldch s be keepingto an ckeye on nintend stocks fell 11 percent aftert their highly participatedarticia mobile app super mario run r gets bad apple delivering their firsthe f shipment of air pods onme wednesday so you may seent a bub in those shares midweek.res mide >> we'll keep on eye out for let's keep on the technologye te firm right now andc obviously oo los angeles tying in with elonon musk. musk what is he going do to make goi traffic better for everyone. ev. >> reporter: so,
6:24 am
may have stumbled upon his h most brilliant idea while bri sitting in l.a.ll traffic. tffi. he said he wants to basically build a tunnel underneath thene roads to avoid traffic and that's his next idea he made a few jokes saying he's goingg build -- start a boring a bor company where they will bell boring tunnels underneath the roadways here in los angeles and he says he followed itwed with a tweet saying i'm actually going do this ando thi here's how serious he seems toet be about this tunnel idea underground tunnel idea tol idet avoid traffic he is updated uat his twitter bio to say among tesla and space-x he includedlue tunnels and then in parentheses yes, tunnels. tne so it seems like he's prettytty serious about this i no concept of what it'shatt' actually going to look like or e how it's going to work but we bw do know that tunnels will beill involved. >> so, he's going help us outino in the air through space-x and underground with his quote/unquote boring company. cy >> reporter: yes
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>> everybody wants to try tobody get their gifts there by it's christmas week.eiit chris can we still do it.we still >> reporter: yeah, that'sha the plan fedex and ups they'veh' hired tens of thousands ofousano additional workers opened newpe facilities just to handled to hd this new surge of packagesacge that follow record breaking bakn online sales this holiday season. fedex says this monday willy w probably be the big of the of delivery day in theiray i company's history and ups says they expect to deliver del 30 million packages a dayillionp leading up to christmas double u what they normally process.roce so, record breaking sales mean m record breaking numbers ofumbers deliveries this holidayveries t season.ason hopefully before christmas andhd on time.on t >> all right, hillary thanksarhs much. we'll see you again tomorrow. 6:25 now. >> reporter: thanks steve. >> you got it. over to or thingtes tucker right now. thetu other thing with shippingi during the holiday there wereaye people in live near me thateha get their food delivered from f a.m. on. >> yeah. >> your modern conveniences people don't want to go to the store anymore.'t wstore anymore the boxes that come in are unbelievable. >> that is true. >> that's true.hat' >> you'rri
6:26 am
>> like the lobby of apartmentme buildings are just boxes everywhere. >> who would have thought it? >> it is what it is.ould >> 2 h0 year>>s agot .go. yeah, uh-huh.h- >> meanwhile hey we're off tohi a cold start this morning.le h . 32 in washington.ngton. winds out of the north ats out nineof. we have been all over the place last couple days. of course we had that terrible ice saturdaywe h temperature hit 67 degreess yesterday for about five minutes and then the cold aird a started rushing in behind oureho front. still dealing with the backea edge of that front alis we'ventw got some clouds out thereut the early this morning.ning we're not going to get any any rain. we should get some sunshineun this afternoon. chilly. chill 38 your daytime high.ig wednesday is the first day of do winter and things are lookingoo good for christmas weekend ifked you're traveling.veli we'll talk more about thatalk ma coming up. >> caitlin in fairness the reason i did not come back bac from the weather party the t second time.ime. >> why any other. any >> one tip. you need umbrella drinks.ari it's a weather party. >> take that down tucker
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270 southbound an issue ifss you're coming from frederickderi pay attention.enti heavy delays building as you approach 109 due to a truck t that seems it lost its load itsa spilled some gravel onto theome roadway of the southboundwa lanes of 270 soy of delays arear there and they will probably pra continue to build out ofino bu frederick. frederick. if you can take another way around and avoid 270 t canha ttt would be best. bes top side outer loop delaysdeys from 95 to georgia avenue offe f and on. 95 and thef baltimore-washington parkwaye-wa looking good. that's a look at traffic. 6:27. steve and >> up next an update from theupe scene of that overnight fire f at the district yacht club.chtlu >> the skins get some helpns g from their division rivals. they needed dallas to win last night. kept it close but they got it it done. we'll tell if you how that y helps out the burgundy andy gold and preview monday night's big matchup.
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>> welcome back.>> it is 6:30 on a monday rnrning.s 6: looking at the washingtonton monument. weather and traffic coming upg p for you on the 5s at 6:35. 6:3 right now though at 6:30 recap of our top stories.op sto. a huge fire in southeast brokeia out this morning on thening on h grounds of the district yachtic club. take a look at this video shot s by d.c. fire and ems. ems flames can be seen shootinghoot out of the clubhouse building.lh the fire is now out and the good news here it i does nots no appear that at this point the t fire had spread to any boatsny a or any injuries either. injurieh strong winds overturnedvertd sailboats though and nearlys two dozen people hadth toou be rescued from the water.ued w cell phone video showing theng t struggle after a group of
6:31 am
started capsizing.sizi the coast guard and navalnd nal academy helped police and firefighters get every one torsg safety. this was in the annapolis river happening as in today, electoral, electol college members will meet to vote to officially mmbakere dond trump the next president ofsideo the united states. state but there is controversy aheadov of this vote. two texas electors have already stated that they will not voteed t for trump. steve, over to you.ou >> 6:31. 6 want to give a little extrave l time to our morning line todayto because it is a huge monday mon night matchup right here in hern the dmv.the d wisdom martin standing byin b with:z street and dj flex.anle two of those two will make mak predictions, the third is wisdom martin. marti >> two of the three will makeila predictions.icti we all good here steve.teve come on now. >> steve's got jokes. >> no joke>> no this game is huge. hug this is a huge is so, let's get right to it. based other records, this games will turn out to be what? you w can fill in the blank withh whatever word you want to use.y >> epic.>>pic. >> epic, epic.pic, e
6:32 am
>> is that something. >> we got have it man. got have another mitust m win. w >> what's going to be thehe deciding factor? f >> josh norman. >> defenseman. our offense man we're rollingli right now but the defense ise mean little suspect but we got step up tonight.ight. it has to happen. >> josh norman he used to play t for the car line in panthers. is that why you say this issay i going to be a big game for for him. >> he's going to sack cam newton. >> looking at his production earlier in the year and all that money that he's at in the i 75 million over five years, yea, whew, 50 guaranteed t-yout-you would ball out, too.ut, >> oh, yeah. it's going to be a big stageo be for him. so how much woofing is he going to do. >> he's going to do a whole d w lot.lo >> oh, yeah. >> absolutely. >> he has to. >> he's got a chip on his s got he ecause he should still actually be in carolina.a. >> they rescinded that offerff that let him come here. >> going show them why you should have kept him.ld h >> josh norman is going to --ng- you think he's going to
6:33 am
big factor here. here. >> yes. >> so, come tuesday morning what are we going to be talking about. >> we're going to be talking about chicago.oing >> right. >> stale must win situation,, we're moving ton chicago.. >> steve we have to win out if o we want to make it in there playoffs. >> we control our own destiny. i >> you have to win every gameing from here on out.ere onut. here's the good news. dallas beat tampa bay. b tampa bay was ahead of washington. >> did you root for dallasr dala last night? keep it 11.p it 1 >> i did. i d. >> yes.>> y >> i got that terriblees taste in my mouth. >> i did too. too >> wait a minute.>wa both of y'all were rooting for dallas.dall hard core washington fans andond when they won you were like lik yea. >> i went to sleep and i sawto the score this morning. sore thr that's all i give them.ivthem. >> the other rival team inal ten this division is the giants giat they beat detroit which alsoo helps the redskins.s. >> yes. >> is the taste just as badtajut when the giants win. w >> no, it's not as bad, no.t's i jusnot hate the cowboys.. >> right.. >> it's just pure hatred.ust >> yeah,
6:34 am
>> sick of root energy star. >> yeah, man, definitely.h, m >>an, so, look, the redskins, n see the division right not there -- not the division thehe wild card standing.ta that's the way they stand atan this moment. the packers getting hot. >> yes. >> they won yesterday huge, hug huge victory. vto so now as you said thehe redskins have to control their e own destiny by winning allng all their games, the packersacke creeping up. if the packers take thee the division from detroit, detroitde beat the redskins, it's complicated, detroit beat thed,b redskins then it gets murky. mur >> let's just win our game. >> right.>> r >> focus on that, right,thatrig, >> so, look, other than joshhajo norman on the offensive sideve of the ball the most importantit player is going to be who?ho >> kirk cousins. kirk cou >> kirk >> he got to make the right decisions. >> right.>> >> nothing stupid.>> just be captain kirk and we'll ' be fine.e. >> right >> i think our run game needs ne to be on par. on p we have to run, run, run.un r. kelly. kelly >> i'm going say -- i'm goingoi go with r. kelly,
6:35 am
kelly, washington's r. kelly, k, not chicago's r. kelly, i'mly going go with him being theng te key to the game.key the better he runs, the better b this team does. does. every time he touches the balltl he goes forward even if it's -- if he gets caught- if behind the line of scrimmage and he falls, he falls h lin foa so i lake the way he plays ball. ball. >> and opens everything elsens up. we need that. e >> give a score.else >> i'm going tonight, too,we>> c man. tonight, to >> you going.>> y >> i'm going tonight. going tont i'm going 24-10 redskins.edsk >> okay. >> i'm saying we win by 10. >> win by 10. >> and i'm going to say theoi t final score. sre >> here we go. >> will be -- aughter] >> all right, final score tonight will be 28 to 20 in -- i lynn is doing it again.g it aga. the producer is doing it again. i'm out of time.f te. sorry. it's the producer lynn'sr lyn fault. she's telling me i'm out of of time i'm gave you the score. sco i'll have to give you the rest e >> i'm so happy the shtickhe sic never gets old.ts o >> they're already looking atlra their watches like here we goo with wisdom.dom. >> with the wild card to getld t it in. i whiz thank you
6:36 am
to dress warm tonight ifou're mf you're heading out to the game. it's going to be a chilly one. >> yeah, temperatures will be low to mid 30's out there.eo be3 it should be dry, though,0'uld that's good news.ood ns. if you're in the upper deck -- - i'm in the upper deck. deck. o okay. >> there's a breeze up there. ab >> yreeah, i was going say the y wind is what makes such a big ab difference.di >> definitely be ready for a cold one. o get that, a cold one. one >> uh-huh. >> all right. hey, 32 now in washington.hi new york is a chilly 26.ll 26. boston is 23. 2 steve, what's going on ining onn chicago. >> i'm going say it's negativetg 12 in chicago right now. >> currently negative 12 inive n chicago. there is some really, reallyly cold >> colder than binghamton.ghton. >> just you have to our northu and west. yeah. if you watched any footballhave . yesterday you saw the gameatcheh timee tgaemperatures in manyy places were -- we -- >> imagine being in chicago c your bears lose and then you lo wake on a monday morning to minus 12. >> right. >> a lot of motivation there. >> you gotti a point. point we're still trying to clear it out from our front yesterday.esy area of low pressure off tore o our south and east.r uth that won't bring us any rainny i but it will keep the cloudsloud around somewhat today. daytime hi
6:37 am
signedder 30's so mack sure sur you're dressed appropriately if you're working outdoors. a chilly onees tseodayd .e workt not the 60's we had yesterday.ty >> for like an hour.e an >> for an hour, yeah. forhour it felt good though for an forn hour.ur. >> sure d i was like whoo-hoo! and then. >> and then. >> i know, right. rht >> caitlin good morning.i >> i was out christmas was o shopping andier one was --as people had shorts on and justus kind of caught off guard.uard. >> right. >> yikes. all right, thank you guys. good morning to you all. starting off here ont, torni a a morning with a look of 270. 2 this is southbound as you approach 370.oach 3 not so bad just some volume inon the southbound lanes as our asur morning commute picks up.ic u heavy i guess you could say approaching montrose road butoab not unbearable.nbeara as we go to maps there's actually an incident furthern in north, that's preventing anyone f tharom come do you know from frederick slow down. slown. there's gravel on the roadwayel overturned truck here.turned the truck hasn't overturnedurned but it spilled its load ofs load gravel onto the southboundoubo lanes so due to that you'reyore very slow fm frederick allrick the way down to 109. to 109. you break free for just at little bit but then you have hae heavy commu
6:38 am
montrose road. northern maryland top of the beltway going move up to show that you right theinreg , motop the beltway heavy from 95 to georgia avenue. just volume at this hour and a doesn't look like we're seeingee any problems on 95 or the t baltimore-shington parkway.kway. still following issuesues southbound 295 very heavy from h an earlier crash benning road to pennsylvania avenue on the southbound side.southb that crash has cleared buted b you're still seeing someeeing sm residual delays.sidual that's your look at traffic.rafc >> bryce harper ties the knot.h. >> plus why an elementarywhy an school canceled a performanceere of a christmas carol.ol first though a holiday messagege from a local service memberr stationed overseas. >> ♪♪ >> sergeant michael robinson currently in bagram air field ae want to say happy holidays tos t my lovely wife all my friends fn and family back in temple tem hills maryland.s mylan love you and continue to stay safe. >> see more greeting from oureeo troops at
6:39 am
6:40 am
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6:42 am
web. web. fifth graders at a elementary er school in pennsylvania hasl performed ain p christmas carolc for decades.. two parents complained about a line in the classic that says god bless us everyone. every those parents said the line offended them.he next up, pop group fifthup harmony is a foursome. camillo cable low is leaving the group with message postedos on social media fifth harmony hr was formed on the fox realitythl show the x factor back inr ba 2012. group has time the released two albums thenased tw scored four top 40 hitsored including f work from home whic was one of the biggest selling i singles of this year. y the group says they plan toan t continue with the fournue remaining members.remain new album scheduled to beuled t released in 2017 and that's obvious fifth harmony news.harmn bryce harp are off theyce mark ladies. mrs. harmer kayla varner met bryce back in high schoolch she's an athlete.thlete she plays soccer at byu. the two
6:43 am
official mormon sealingci ceremony in sanal diego. congratulations.ons. >> yay! >> yay >> now he's married.!>> n get that out of the way.ow he'ah back to focus on baseball. beb have a great year. areat celebrate the series with yourhy new wife. w >> that's right. >> got this whole 2017 workedke out. >> love it. >> she was famous for beingr be famous.fa next remembering actress and socialite zsa zsa gabor. gor as we head to break if youa have a news tip share it with us. (202) 895-3000 or e-mail us fox5 tips
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> oh, what a nice clap back.t >> i think my favoriteni momentt was when he first saw santata through the binoculars ands an yelled san tan wanted to go wano running over with you tucker, te that was awesome. >> that was so cute. cute. how are you feeling? are you ay sore. >> i was running all day to keep up with him. runnike whatep a un amazing young man. superhero in fact.act. >> look at that.ha >> no fear.ear. that grinch pretty ugly.etty u >> on behalf of myself thanksf a to everybody that was e everybody was incredible allrybo wain y lonrlong. >> so much fun. >> butmuch he just kept laughing and giggling all day long. all n no shortage of energy. ene >> he had incredible energy atet the end of the day. d. we all met at the newseum forumr his last rescue of the various mascots. >> uh-huh. >> he was full sprint right here amazing. amazi >> that was such a fun day. we'll relive some of th
6:47 am
moments throughout the dayth today if you missed itro on friday.ay it was kaheem's wish day.h day. he wanted to be a superhero.erro >> can't help but see your ownwn self in that or child orild somebody that you know.body he is in treatment right now for treat leukemia.a. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> so, we just wish him allju w the best.est. it was an awesome day. an awes >> later at night i went to wisdom to the wizards >> that's right. rig social media.edia >> social media night.ocial want to thank everybody we sawwe at the wizards game.e. so many people, a great night. t >> i have to see all the pictures in retweet.etet >> i'll post the pictures in asn bit but want to say thanks too everybody who said hi to us.s. >> we appreciate e >> chilly monday. guess what, day>>ti cme highshs today don't get out of the't get 30's. bring the jacket if you rune out thejacket d ioor.oo current numbers 32 in 32 washington, 32 leonardtown.rdto you can see your 20's breaking out -- huge. look allison i'm getting bigger.bigger. 27 in frederick.. 27 -- 27 -- >> too early for any jokes. >> in games bunch i
6:48 am
big as i used to be.ud here's your wind chill.deg as's 24 nowwi in washington.hingto 21 up in frederick, 19 winds out of the north here so t it's going theo be a chilly daya for you.yo. little area of low pressureress along the carolinas will bringli the rain showers out to sea as s high pressure is able to buildui in and as mentioned we shoulde be in for partial sunshine. sun. it will be a dry day today but y a cool one with daytime highs only in the upper 30's.0' five plus degrees below normalge temperature-wise.te much coolermp than yesterdaytery with again daytime highs 19. 19. going to the game temperaturesem falling back in the low to mid m 30's, probably low 30's at on the cold side but it shouldsi be a dry edevening b for you ifu you're going to the gameoi to tonight, going to beni goi tailgating that kind of thing.i. here's your seven day.da we warm it up into the lowheow 50's by wednesday, thursday.hur. things are looking good forookir our big holiday weekendayke saturday sunday, temperatures in the 50's if you're traveling. >> caitlin is back.>> cai >> good morning.>> g >> hi. >> hey another reminder last metro train blue line leavese la fedex field area -- not fedexex
6:49 am
boulevard at 11:30.30 by my math the game is notme is over by 11:30 correct. cor >> maybe the score will bere wil wrapped up and the skins will have up a big league. leae. >> that's seeing the glasss half reminder, last metro leaves at 11:30. expect delays later this afternoon as well as on the delh beltway. all right, monday morning monda commute let's take a look look eight.eight. normal delays top side of the outer loop 95 to georgia grg avenue pretty moderate buty modt they're heavier down inown i southern maryland.southern maryn inner loop here approaching the woodrow wilson bridge very r heavy there. you break upou bak across the bridge but then youhu hit it again on the brakes the a here very heavy inner loopp approaching looks like route 50 there in northern those are our two really heavyea spots on the beltway.tway. 295 southbound we had an an earlier crash south of benning n road that has been cleared butab you're still seeing heavyg h delays benning road through t pennsylvania avenue there on o 295 southbound.thboun let's zoom into northernom inton virginia here. this is just commuter volumer vm 95 northbound dale city to thett beltway.y. you're looking at those on andsd off slow spots. yof u breslak up a little bit at you hit the bel
6:50 am
then you're tapping the brakes a yet again 395 northbound fromthm the beltway to the 14th streettt bridge you're seeing that modhem precipitately heavy volume. finally 66 eastbound those tho delays continue to build as you've got a slow rideontinu frf 234 to 28 and that looks likesik even extending past that t breaks up a little bit up a li approaching the that's a look at tra. steve and allison. allis >> folks trying get that lastg t minute christmas shopping donepd and to ship in it some cases. cs where do you go to ship your gifts.ft >> what dead lines are you favoring how much it's going to cost you to get those paow mt yockages where they need by christmas. chrisas. fox5's bob barnard is doing doig all the hard work for us thisfoh morning. he's live in arlington. arlgton okay, what are you doingre young today, bob? b >> reporter: hey, sending ang package to a friend out inend on fort collins, colorado got aot few things we're sending.'re seg yeah, you could do it on loontnn which would obviously be the t easiest way but if you want tobu make it personal and you want to send it directly to them the you have until what saturday maybe to get there it. get there we'll do t
6:51 am
whether it's fedex whether it's the ups store whetherto w it's your post office, your y nearest branch of the postbran office. who can get it there o guarantecaedt it by friday or saturday and the cheap pest for you. so that's what w e got we're just going to be goingoi i to all these dust places hereacs in arlington this morning. mng we're right outside the fedex kinko's store on clarendonla boulevard there's a ups storepso around the corner. cner. that's our mission is to kind i of help you find out which ishi the best way to doch it. so, fedex being opened at thisat hour we're going in here firstft guys. guys. we'll be back at 7:17 and let you know what the cost is to send this box to a buddy outut on cheyenne drive in fort ifort collins colorado.llins co i think it's 80525 and we'llnd w be hitting the other places ascs well this morning to let youo ly know if you've got something soi you want to send it to someone m across the country and get and there it by christmas theistm te cheapest best way to do it all l right. see you in a bit. >>se find out what the bese tate options are bob. bob thanks very much. bob is going to be carrying cary that box aroun
6:52 am
but he's doing the heavyhe hea lifting for us. u you get it kevin? come on kevev wake u >> two and half hours of andalff sleep. >> i know. made me laugh. >> i'm going to wake you u >> i didn't get back from l.a. . until 1:00 a.m. last night soigs i'm a little -- whew.he >> that's okay.s >> good to see you >> hello. good morning.good mning. >> "star wars" fans came outar tips weekend. >> they d we knew they would. >> it was huge. >> was massive but it was massive weekend for "rogue one" a "star wars" story "ar w brought in more than $155 million. that's huge because it's aug stand ale one movie.ov. there's no big stars in this ts film. film think about episode seven for example. that opened up witwall over o $200 million. but there was a continuationatin with han solo luke skywalker.war now it's the seconds largest lge december opening in thepeningth history of movies. >> that adds to last year's yea "star wars."tar wars. >> "star wars" "rogue one." war >> who is that. >>he fnames in thes" film.
6:53 am
but i do wantde to call on my buddy wisdom martin because he has the worst taste in moviesov i've ever seen in my life.n my l let me read this review, thisie, glowing review in wisdomg martin here.ere star wars "rogue one" should rename it "star wars" sucker"sr fans again. [laughter] >> please no mass. simple plot. p same fight scenes. not enough darth vader.noug >> that's it. one. de. >> and then this morning, thisis morning wisdom martin said s "star wars" sucked. sucke >> oh hoe. >> what is wrong with you.rongho >> allow me to pontificate.ficae >> yeah. >> because the last "star last r wars" movie that i saw i i thought it was interesting because kyle low wren was an a interesting people if you put "star wars" -- if you put us in an "star wars" movie, it will wil sell out the first week andk a make billions of dollars,olla okay, because it's not about abt dialogue, it's not about aut actin
6:54 am
wars." which is what i saw when i went to see t whihas movie dartr vader who is the real star of the movie an guy who is not alive any more was the otherhe h star was in the movie darthovier vader was in the movie four f times. >> he's the best part of thee movibee. >> he was in it four times.movit >> i like the simplicity of wisdom's review.w. bonus points for being able too use sucked and pontificate in the same review.the saev >> we have to wrap this u. wisdom is i it was amazi i loved it. it. four out of five.f fe. >> you be the judge. jud did you see it? let us know. >> who is right wisdom or me.e. before we move on i sat down with denzel washingtondenzn obviously one of the biggest bie stars in the world yes. yes >> did you shake his glandou s yes, were hugged too. too. >> we hugged.e h >> fences written by augustbyus wilson one of the mostth m incredible plays there's alays s sequence where his son looks los at him and says how come you never liked me and it's a veryer intense moment but if you watch the moment on stage when w denzel did it on broadway, broaa there was awkward laughterrd lar from the audience because ofus the way he was delivering thedei
6:55 am
was it more comedic on stageta but way more intense in this film. film. this is a really cool answer. watch this.h >> you actually answered it when you were asking thewere ase question. you said in your face because now we're n your >> ooh.>> o >> see, in a play you're sitting back five rows, 20 rows, 50 rows back. bk. both actors like say you'reou'r the audience we have to play p in it a way that you see us a yu little bit, right as we talk t clever configuration we'reonfi playing out. sity now in a film.. >> hm, interesting.esti >> right. so, if the two -- you and ind are talking now and the audience is out there, there'srt lesshe intensity but when that camera gets here now, now it's like -- it's a bit more- 's a intense and it actually builds and i went a little harder.ha.
6:56 am
>> that's what i -- high differen>>t tt'aks es and that't one i chose. those are the ones i hoseose chose. >> some that movie is very intense. everyone who has seen the play, sought movie -- i wish w we had more time but what movie is that man on fire.e. cool. co wisdom you're wrong.e ong thankly. >> let us know.s k i'm interested to see whato st people say. >> i watched thepe movie on the plane over the weekend wee neighbors two sorority rising. not bad.not bad. >> it was not bad. it was>> i terrible. terri >> totally entertaining.ertain i saw office christmas party. pr >> i thought that was funny.un >> i paid for a matinee and iind want my money back.ney ac and my daughter my 13-year-oldea fell asleep twice in thesltwic movie. she woke up when that damorthhah vader walked in the secondlked time and the the last time.he t >> this guy wrong.>> this gu the movie is awesome.s awesome. see it "rogue one" hashtag
6:57 am
journalism. >> temperature right now, rig we'll be in the 30's laterht's t plenty more reviews and more. m. fox news morning is returnings g after the break.ter the brea >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
6:58 am
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> breaking overnight a fox5 ovi massive fire that happened atpe the district yacht club int ya southeast one of the buildings a total bld
7:00 am
straight ahead we'll have ass he live report from the scene and e some challenge that is fire is f crews faced when they gotd en t there. >> plus, talk about a last a las ditch effort.rt. members of the electoralct college will make donald trump's presidential electionlen official today, his victoryhis o but not without some lastom l minute drama. >> and it is crunch time withisc less than a week beforeru christmas, that's our boburob barnard right there inside iid fedex putting fedex postall service and ups to the test.pst. are they on track to meet their holiday deadlines. deadlin if you're going to ship thehiphe same package at all threellhr which one will be the mostt affordable option. optio we'll find out together.fiog >> you intoed to go to thato t t location right now because youau can get something done, noone, o line. a live look outside on thisde os monday morning, it's december 19th, weather and traffic on the 5s at 19t 7:05. . good monday morning everybody.ry i'm allison seymour.allison sey. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 new'ms s mornin. right now at 7:00 let's get to o breaking news in southeast d.c. this fire out now but look atou the flames just a short timeno ago. this was earlier this morning. g >> intense flames caught one ams camera shoot out of a


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