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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 19, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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straight ahead we'll have ass he live report from the scene and e some challenge that is fire is f crews faced when they gotd en t there. >> plus, talk about a last a las ditch effort.rt. members of the electoralct college will make donald trump's presidential electionlen official today, his victoryhis o but not without some lastom l minute drama. >> and it is crunch time withisc less than a week beforeru christmas, that's our boburob barnard right there inside iid fedex putting fedex postall service and ups to the test.pst. are they on track to meet their holiday deadlines. deadlin if you're going to ship thehiphe same package at all threellhr which one will be the mostt affordable option. optio we'll find out together.fiog >> you intoed to go to thato t t location right now because youau can get something done, noone, o line. a live look outside on thisde os monday morning, it's december 19th, weather and traffic on the 5s at 19t 7:05. . good monday morning everybody.ry i'm allison seymour.allison sey. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 new'ms s mornin. right now at 7:00 let's get to o breaking news in southeast d.c. this fire out now but look atou the flames just a short timeno ago. this was earlier this morning. g >> intense flames caught one ams camera shoot out of a
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clubhouse on the grounds ofon t the district yacht club. that's where we finds astrinjali hemphill live this morning liv with all the breaking details. anjali, good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, yeah, the clulibhou, su here, the main building at the t district yacht club isrict y take a look behind m e here. her not much left of it. substantial heavy fire damage. this of course a building buiin right along the anacostia anacot river right next to several sevl boats that are docked here. you'll also notice that atf iss on scene here. i'm told that is no indicationci of this cause at all, very standard procedure and theyrocea routinely work with d.c. on fire investigations like this. i'm also told inside the clubhouse was a kitchen a kitch lounge area a workshop an are building that people herea ng t calledt pe the cottage.tage. however, no word yet on anynny cause. the fire broke out just after 3 o'clock this morning. mor crews arrived to find the entire building engulfed burning embers were also sentals into the air.into tir however, it did not catch any nearby boats on b there was also a water supplyatl
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this is an isolated area known o as boathouse row. r not a lot of access to fire to f hydrants here so fire boatsire o were also dispatched to fight fg the flames from the river andnd according to the web site s district yacht club is a groupio of recreational boatingng enth club haslub ha been here since about the 50's, about 45 boat slipsli exist here. o ain, no word on cause but good newwos on icas is there wn injuries.injuries. for now we're live inw e li southeast, anjali hemphillphil fox5 local news. >> that is the silver lining. ln thanks anjali.ks anj two minutes after the t hour. hour. staying in the district ag developing story out ofin no police are investigating aestiga kidnapping and a robbery.obbery the suspects still on the run t ats his hour. a woman said that she was walkws in the 1600 block of monroeon street around 3:00 on sundayday morning when she was grabbedshsd and forced into a white work wor van. va three men assaulted her, stole,l several of her things.of police say the victim was then e thrown out of the van. van. near woodley park. police have only a vagueag description of the suspects spe and that white van.hat >> talk about a last ditcht di
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chance for democrats to block donald trump's ascendens toendet the white house. >> now infused with last with ls minute drama. melanie alnwick is live withivwi the details.etai mel. >> reporter: steve andnd allison 37 is the magic number e of votes that would be needed n to flip away from donaldnald trump. it's highly unlikely but protestors say they have goodavg tron continue with their last ls ditch effort. flip the vote anti-trumphe v protestors say outside of thesie white house over the weekend.nd similar protests in phoenix pen and l.a.. the question today whether members of the electorallectoral college will feel the same.same. they gather in their stateir ste capitals to cast the voteso ca with some coming under enormous pressure to defyef their state's voters and cast ballots against trump and some s electors say there shouldrehould first be a full investigationesi
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e-mail hackings .acki. >> this should not behis shld nt partisan. this needs to get out of partisan politics.olits. this is about protectings out democracy. >> reporter: donald trump'ster:n transialtion team says this isti sour grapes. >> this is just one last ditcht effort very desperate gasp toasp turn around the electionion results and make them whatha everybody said they were goingre to be because they totallytota missed this election, theyy will totally missed the date tht tax they totally missed who miso america is and what they wantnda in their presidency.sidency. >> reporter: stillll unresolved when did thehen hacking of democratic e-mailstil finally stop.fiy at a press conference last week, president obama said it was after he intervened and a spoke to russian presidentresidt vladimir putin back in i september. but the head of the democratic national committee donna brazil specifically disputed that. >> no, they did not stop.d not o they came after us absolutely every day until the end of the election. >> repelorter: now, congress, cs meets january 6th to counterouer the lek tour votes and declareea a winner for
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vice president if by somesint i reason the anti-trump movementon were to succeed the vote wouldeu then go to the republican repuba controlled house ofntro h representatives.s. live on capitol hill, i'mn ca melanie alnwick,pitol fox5 locl news. >> mel thanks very much.ryuch. smell all bundled up forallu the cold. th let's talk about it right now.ow we knew it was cold here on her friday and and s got nice yesterday.teay across the country, thoughhoug look at the temperatures, subzero in north dakota. in bismarck it was 31 below belw zero. minneapolis was cold as well.ld. there the nfl prohibited vikings fans from dale gating gn outdoors before the gamers b because it was so cold. it was the coldest game playedut yesterday. you're going have to run fast ho to keep warm. w >> look at him go. h go. >> 2 degrees was the air 97 air9 kansas city.y. >> steve, but you're undernder selling it. ny and bright. bgh >> i have been to games thatamet are that cold.e that i did not enjoy the experience.rice. >> brutal. well, at least you're running. you're sitting sitti >> you rarely move.elov >> how about low 30's, can you y handle that. >> it's still going to be coldlo but yes, much bette br than twoa >> that'wh
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tonight. >> windy though? that makes a big difference.ugh? >> there will be a breeze butbif it won't be gland not 20 miles0 an hour. >> about five to 10. five 10. but it is going to be coldsol out if you're going to the'r game tonighte .onight that's the first part of your forecast. should be dry. all systems go for b a great a e game. >> the win will heat it up. >> here's the thing now. now tinha wt theyile's controle own destiny we got it. it. >> right.>> r all systems forward now. n >> all systems go.o. >> don't jinx us. >> 32 in washington. i that's wisdom who jinxes jinxe things. things. 30 in baltimore.b it is chilly out early thishi morning. leonardtown, fredericksburgcksb 20's north and west.'s nor we're in for a much colder dayld than yesterday.than yesrday. of course yesterday we gotsteryt into the mid 60's for a little l period of time and then the tn bot tell me fell out as a cold d front came through.on the winds pickedt up and the t temperatures dropped about dro 20 degrees in an hour.anr. we will not be dealing withng wt that today but we are on theon e backside of that colder air so 38 today.38od clouds and sun, staying chillyny out there. holiday week forecast.orecas some of the details first daytat of winter what does it have in sto
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>> i would have guessed it wasa winter already. >> really. >> yeah, the ice and the chilly temperatures. peraturesh, te tem we've been talking aboutillybeei across the country.nt. >> okay, wednesday.>> o >> you know what i'm hearingkawi caitlin.caitn. >> just one thing tn >> what's that.hat. >> with the wintry weather.eaer you said ice, cold,ol temperatures but --ut >> no snow.o sw. >> not yet, right? rig >> all i heard was three washr months until spring. [laughter][lauter] >> oh, come on. where is your winter spirit steve. >> i had it last week. wk. it's gone's gone now. >> i know it doesn't lastsn'tast long. it's tough. 'smonday morning commute, let'se start off with a wide view.iew. jammed in our usual spots withh heavy volume top of thetop beltway 95 to georgia avenue.o i inner loop looking at delaysa as in southern marylandd approaching the woodrow wilsonow bridge as well as on thewell a e virginia side very heavy hvy approaching route 50. now 295 has been a problem probl spot on the southbound side this morning butd now northbound 295 we've got a we'va crash at east capitol street. se it is jammed all the way back bk to the 11th street bridge. now, so jammed and doesn't doest look like any of the cars arean really moving. o the tshut dowy n dofue t nature of the crash but we are stil
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that. for now if you can avoid you cao northbound 295, not usually ual this bad, because of an accident please do you are a just not moving there on northbound 295. 2 inner loop looks okay untilnt you hit about branch avenue. then like i said on that wide w view there, very heavyeavy approaching the wilson bridge.rg outer loop again very heavy 95ey to georgia avenue.. 270 you're get something heavy a volume south of rockville thenie as you approach the spurhe s spilling onto the beltwayetw itself. 95 looks o kay in bothy in b directions and its baltimore-washington parkwaywash as well so if you're going outot of town approaching columbiabia going up towards baltimore b you're okay. still getting wordsre on 270 o27 southbound that we've gote've gravel on the road from a a truck that spilled some of itss load. this is at 109 so if you're you coming down from frederickdeck you've got heavy delays as youes approach that scene and then a you really hit some more commuter volume pretty quickly approaching montrose road downow through montgomery county.ntgomy like i showed you earlier approaching the beltway so the s whole stretch of 270 pretty0 pry bonged. that's your look at traffic. steve and
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mother will face a judge thisudi morning in upper marlboro. janice petty is focusing focusig charges in her son's death. dth the parents killed the baby in i september.em petty is charged with accessory after the fact. >> arkansas a driver shot andhoa killed a little three-year-oldr- in a road rage incident. police say the toddler and his grandmother were at a stop a sto seventy nine little rock when the driver behind them angry because their car was not behr n moving fast enough got out of the vehicle and opened fire.e d that little boy right therehthe was shot at least once andnce ad later died at the hospital. >> transportation officials in merchandise still trying to piece together exactly whatise t happenedgeth on 95 in baltimoreo saturday morning.orning two people died in an accident that involved a tankerr carrying gas 13 skid off theff e highway and exploded. the crash scene involvedh scin nearly 70's vehicles. it's believed that ice dide did play a role here but officialsfa still want to speak with any
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witnesses as thiss as this investigation continues. >> overseas this morning ineas syria a ceasefire deathl is back on and evcuations off civilians and rebels have hav resumed in two villages in the country's north. nor. 10 of the buses are on theirnhe way to government controlled areas according to a syrianrdtoa activist group. the evacuations came a day after militants burned six buses. also today the un securityay th council is expected to vote onoo a resolution to deploy unlo u monitors through easternrs thr aleppo. thousands of civilians andiansnd rebels are waiting to be evacuated in subzeroted sub temperatures.temper 10 people dead dozens aree hurt after an at knack jordan.ka it was shooting that happened he in two different locations.ocat. one of the locations anns ancient castle popular with tourists. one government official is offi calling eight "cowardly "cowardy terrorist attack".. >> ♪♪♪ >> 2016 claiming another icon,n, a hollywood icon being being remembered this morning.ered thi she's actress zsa
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hungarian born actress. act she died of a heart attack at at her belair home on sunday.unda she had been in decliningd ben n health for years. yea gabor known for famously calling people darling andpeop also for her many love affairs and tabloid scandals.ndal she was mode nine times.s she had one daughter. she was 99 years omold.dee had d >> another big night at mgm m fashion h the new maryland resort hosted the miss worldh td competition last night. night >> a look at the moment the winner was crowned. cwn >> puerto rico.ic [cheers and applause] >> ♪♪>> ♪♪ >> 19-year-old stephanie del valle of puerto rico edged outt runners up from the dominican republic. this was the 66th edition ofioof the pageant the second timee the u.s. hosted theu.s.oste international event so we went n out there for the casino
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they were all there. all of theey w contestants weree mingling around with theirh ei country names on them. the i guess they've been there fornf app couple weeks then. t big doings. enjoy your name washington.r na >> congratulations miss puerto rico.atio >> heads up if you're headed hee out to ship any last minute min christmas gifts today.s to >> six days to go folks. f what deadlines are you facing yc and how much is it going tomuchi cos st you to get those packagea where they need to be byeed be christmas morning? bob bob barnard getting some hard somha hitting answers here.s her we're going to check in withnit him next. your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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ly. >> not so great news. as many of us hit the roads not for the holidayst th gas pricesn there d.c. area they're climbing and they'rey' continuing to do so. aaa ace the average for a gallon of flowing our area are $2.27 up 27 cents from this this time last year when pricesri were around two bucks a buc a gallon. it's estimated 40 percent oft o people in the d.c. area plan pla to travel more than 50 miles 50e from home for the holidays. holy >> all right. let's check in with tuckerr find out how we're doing as we w stick aund for the holidays. hod >> good news is weather willthel cooperate for most of themostf h week.we little bit milder this weekthisw than last week. las that's good news.that's good ne. not today. today is going to be cold.ol >> all right. >> problem one. one >> we expect cold as long as a there's no snow.
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>> bottom line no precipitation.ion. 20's north and west.'s n so, definitely lots of layers ol here early this morning. not going to be much of aing warmtoup for b us today. today got a lot of cloud cover out cet early and even with some sunshine this afternoon ine don't think we'll get out of tho the mid to upperut o 3f0's. 3s. 25 up in new york city, 22 in 2 boston. look at chicago. minus 10 their record low for the dateat is minus 14 and they've beenheyn awfully close to that thiscl t morning. i think they've been downthey'vd minus 12. 12. looking across the country ifry you're traveling today oray or really for the next couplet days most of the country is is going to be fairly quiet. q that extreme cold has gotten hat down into dallas and houston.. steve i don't know if you knowtn or not but it's in the teensheee this morning in dallas. dlas. houston is 32 degrees.degr >> not good. >> very cold in texas. and even places like atlanta are 32 this morning.e 32 ts mo 32 down into the southeast.ou. for us we're looking att temperatures a little beloweel normal temperature-wise.ture-we. 38. you can see a warm up by
7:17 am
the low 50's none big storms this week.d 's n th so if you're traveling, airng, a travel and or driving friday, f, saturday, sunday time frame ie think you're going to be in be i pretty good shape along the eastern seaboard.stn >> tucker teases me al but on mt saturday i was in dallas. >> yes. >> 978 hours dropped 50 plus degrees.degrees. went from the seventies intoth the teens. >> that's brutal. >> in one afternoon.e >> n e af>> come on that's brutal.b >> arctic air.c a. it's kind of cool i think.hi. >> brutal, cool, you be the judge.ju >> i had more fun the first half of the day i'll just tellul that you. >> i believe you. 70>> i sounds a little bit bettr than 20's or whatever you were e experiencing.expe we had a version thereof too here yesterday afternoon yeah, we sure did. d r cominhat cold air coming in good monday morning today moing everyone. last week for a lot of youa lo before the holiday begins orb maybe it's a shorter week. week. we are still seeing the normalea amount of volume though onhougon this monday. monda wide view top of the beltway bew very heavy inner loop down in in southern maryland and as wellarl as you head intano northern virginia. 270 delays too and even inside s the beltway 295 we've got some really heavy traffic bot
7:18 am
sides.s. earlier when i was last ontn about 10 minutes ago we talkedke about a northbound crash.oundsh that has cleared at east capitol street.t ca gotpi app southboundd side crash at east capitolcapi street. most likely i would guess the result of gaper delay. you got to be careful out o there. even though you see the scene doesn't take much some slam onln your brakes that you go you y hit the car in front of you.ou. from 50 all the way down eastowt capitol street you're jammed j there due to the accident. accen all right, inner loop delay free maybe but as soon as you y hit branch avenue you start tort see some very heavy delays and s i'll take you all the way too the woodrow wilson bridge. let's get back to northernor maryland.ryla as we check out northern virginia 95 just volume on andoa off dale city to the beltway.tob not too bad butnce you get you inside the beltway itself 395ts you are heavy all the way toay the 14th street bridge. b all right, that's a look at l traffic. .allison. allison >> couple photos about thephotoe rules of the road are making min the rounds on twitter thisds morning. let's take look at these pictures. take
7:19 am
omaha police officer ryanpo miller tweeted this outlice tet overnight and he said thised iss what happens when you parkpe whk your car in front of a fire f hydrant. he said the omaha firemaha fire department need access to that t fire hydrant because a housent b caught on fire and they neededhd the water.e water. officer miller said the car t c was ticketed and towed afterower the fire was put out.ut the windows have now shattered. >> insult to injury.shnsult in. >> well don't park in front of a fire hydrant. >> obvious.bvus >> lesson learned the hardare hd way. all across the country peoplento were slamming trying get their packages in the mail for christmas. >> from ups to fedex, what's the quickest and cheapest way to get your gifts to their final destination.hefinal >> let's turn things over todest our own jolly elf bob barnard ba live in arlington testing outtio all of the good morning, bob.ning, bob. >> reporter: good morning,te steve andr: allison.ll yeah we've come to the fedex store on clarendon boulevardoule because they're opened.opened about half hour ago we showed s you on tv we put some stuff
7:20 am
my own boxes not only doess fedex ship it but they makey mae sure it gets there safely. sy. they put my box into one of their david behind the counter very helpful.ful. basically gave us severallly options much at legaast atve tht point if you're willing to pay' and you have something to ship across country, som the box i'mi sending is going to go to for ft collins colorado and it will wil get there on inn time forme f christmas. basically to send my box threeoe day ground will cost $41.75. $47 they have something here ate a fedex called fedex express exprs safer. by air it would have cost about $110.0. but by ground $41.75. $.75. the box guaranteed to gett there in three days. actually by wednesday theysday t tell me and because they've boxed it and packed it betteretr than i did it should get there in one piece. o piece as mentioned though we want to t give you options so from here he we're going to go to the upsto s store eventually end up at theat pope francis office just toice t
7:21 am
is just under 10 pounds.0 un the most sure fire cheapestre ct way to get a box across country in time for this coming weekend and we're going give you at least three tee options by our 9 o'clock hour. $41.75 by fedex is our option number one, guys. guy >> okay. we'll see. we this i'ls so much fun bob.ob >> now we'll see how the see h e others match up to it. mch up to thanks bob bob doing the leg work for us. 7:21 now. >> all righty. with the all final happen to tho white house the electoralleor college meets today toe me officially make donald trumpe du president but not without some s pushback. we're going to take a closer look.g to >> also the skins get some ins get s help last night fomroem, you y normally don't like thehe cowboys but last night you liked that.ked 'cause you needed them tohe t knock off tampa and they d the d sports is next. next. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> the cowboys did the skins ayd favor beating the bucs. that means if the redskins beat tr he panthbeerats nsthey'e ahead of the bucs and packers pc and that's a good spot to be in. i know it sounds like confusing football math but basically if they win tonight tg they will be, if the seasoneaso ended today they would be inay t the playoffs. >> so it's a must win. w is it a must win tonight.onht >> they control their ownhe o fate. te >> okay. >> close to a must win. to a st. >> thank you very much. so, i would have said still stil let's go skins, right? let's? t go back to the dallas game, steve. >> all right. record setting night for ezek
7:25 am
13th rushing touchdowndown breaking tony dorsett's and he jumped into the salvation army battle. when you do this atyoiou do get fined but then your donationsont go to salvation army.n a >> why do you get fine idea. ide >> 'cause it's a touchdown celebration.ation. the nfl fines you -- i have to review the details but the nfl n fines you because it's ayou touchdown celebration.ration >> but they got that buckett ckt sitting there. >> but they'll donate what heate pays the nfl nfl. nfl nfl >> it's a big little -- >> it's a ploy to get somebodyod to jump into the bucket and bucn then donate the money.ate e mon. that's how it's how ito >> all right. tucker tuckere sayingrk if we fan toed you for going gng over your weather limit todayod you would still have to givestil us the money but we'll give tolo it charity. a win-win. w-w >> nice jump.e ju >> it was a nice >> i would have tripped.e tripp. >> i would have gotten hurt.ur moving on, hey here's a look loo all right morning forecast. forc all right, we'll talk about the skins forecast. it looks like it will be clearer but cool out there. c
7:26 am
tot.ght. 32 now in washington.ngn. in fact i think kickoffickoff temperatures will be pretty close to wil 32 degrees.deee winds out of the north at 12.of wind t chehill 23 degrees so non the 60's we had yesterday. yest. it's going to be a much colder l day today.yay daytime highs only in the mid tm to upper 30' 30's. and we're starting the dayhe d with a lot of cloud cover. cover you can seal that cloud cover.lh it's sort of the back end ofat our front from yesterday which w is just off to our south andnd east and we'll be dooling withlt clouds for the first half ofalf the day. i think we'll turn partly sunny this afternoon but you can see the temperatures a little below normal and much,k u much cooler than our 60's fromrm 38 today. right around freezing for thefot gameononight. make sure you dress accordingly. it will be chilly out there and a nbeic cehi warmup here byb wednesday, thursday, back into the low 50's and we lookk quiet. most importantly we look quietqe getting into our holiday holiday weekend friday, saturday andaysu sunday, nice looking weathereath for traveling if you're going gi anyplace fun. >> perfect. >> right caitlin. >> rl stilill still be traffic though right.l be tra >> there will probably be aff tthraough r will ffic. >> just a little. doesn't matter.>> jdoma good weather this lots of traffic, lerots of problems. 270 skyfox over right now.veght this is just volume but very
7:27 am
approaching the beltway sobeltwa really we've had problems fromrm frederick all the way down to dw the spur this morning. one issue was gravel on theral n roadway out by route 109 in09n maryland.maland. otherwise it's just volumee it south of there and there youre u see all the brake lights lig approaching the beltway soltwayo southbound delays willays will continue this morning. all right, let's get back to to our maps show you some otherme o trouble spots out there.there crash that just came inamen eastbound on the dulles toll road tow sew 267 eastbound as eu you approach the beltway here.ty one lane gets by on the rampamp to the inner loop. loo so, we're not seeing manygan delays stacking up behind itindi but if you are coming in that way 267 do be aware that tha you've got that crash blockingln the ramp to the inner loop oferf the beltway. all right, that's a look att, t traffic. more coming up in less than 10lt ss t miha10nutes. steve and allison. >> 538 members not of congress but of the electoral college vote today. >> so will members of the college overturn last month'sons election? coming up thehe associated editor at the hillhel will join us to talk morealk mor about this. abou stay with us.t thay wit. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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♪♪ recap right now at 7:30. 7:. our top stories for you.ou a huge fire in southeast brokero out this morning on the groundse of the dis gtrict yacht take look at the video shot by b d.c. fire and ems. e. flames can be seen shooting out of the clubhouse. clu the fire has been put out. out no injuries the
7:31 am
now. developing story out ofping sryo police investigating a a kidnapping ron brie. suspects still on the run at r is h hour. a woman said she was walking inn the 1600 block of monroe street around 3:00 on sunday morningni when she was grabbed and forcedd into a white work three men assaulted her she sayy and stole several of her thingsg police say the victim was then n thrown out of the van near near woodley park.. strong winds overturned sailboats in seven ren riveren r yesterday.yesterday. nearly two dozen people had toed be rescued from the water. water cell phone video shows thehowshe struggle after a group of smalla boats called laser starts, they started to capsize -- fortunately the coast guard and naval academy helped police andd firefighters get everyone toonto safety. that's got news. ns. steve, over to you. allison, thanks very.y. let's talk politic people hadpld their say back in november. nove and today members of thers othe electoral college will make it i official. they will meet in their homeme states to make the electionleio results official, but
7:32 am
the usual last step of the presidential process or expectr the unexpected to continuenue today? joining us nouse uno associate editor at the hill thh key i guess the expected thrownw out the window over the last few months. months. we don't know what to expect any more. >> no, absolutely. no, all the political norm have gone by the way sign and p pundantsua of donald trump will happen onen final time today.oday i think the chances are slim. >> three dozen or so people whoe would have to change they aree e mind from the vote and not onlyl change their mind go againstga what the people who wroted inn their states said. sai that seems like a monumentalumta task. >> that's exactly the i think it's problem in and ofno itself. it's also something would set a precedent so you won necessarily know that the people -- theple t person we always think has won w on election night is actuallycty the winner. scene as a coo by some supporter if's that actually happened.acay >> it's one of those things, look, depending on who it is its that you supported, how you fell the election went, which ever party it is,
7:33 am
these changes.ches we should change this policy.geo we should change the way we do this, get rid of the electoralcl college. do you think that will ever change, thohiugnkh t? >> i don't really i don't think it will happen any time soonn because, of course, whoever wins the presidential election has nn incentive to change it. now, this is the second time tim this century that there has beee this disparity between thewe the popular vote and the electoralol college vote that happened in in 2000 sand as well. but i don't really see momentum developing forking that system.e >> let's talk about what we tal might see as far as changee today.da do we know -- we know literallyl one or two people pa who camehom out public and said they may th change their vote.change their t what do you think as far asyo those who may notu th have saidt might do it. more than five, less than five, somewhere in that areale? >> my bet would be fewer than five but we have at least 10 1 election tours who wanted to bee briefed on these charges off russian hacking.. that suggests to me there ise i some unease about that. but i would w
7:34 am
if it went over five. fe. >> so just for folks who mightht still be a little confused abou the electoral college works,ks those who were selected to be tb voting members of which there te are three in washington, d.c., you basic goal to your state's capitol and you sign a bunch ofo paper that's essentially what it is,h, rit?t? >> exactly. the statetas that all capitals across the nation. those ballots we know what way people those voted those balloto are married to the library ofraf congress, go into the nationalil archives.chiv those votes are finally countedt in public on january the sixth.h >> that's when we officiallylly know that there will be no more change and inauguration day wilg happen, et cetera, and we haveur the neatxt four yeaeterrs set. now, there might not be a change in using the electoral college.l may there be a change in the waw members are selected by it's non a federal guideline here. he. each state some states literal l al favor to those who are big bg donors.nors some states it's elected elected officials who will hand pickick those.e might that change at some pointn in the future? itt could poe 1e is ally.ll bill chill ton is an l
7:35 am
example. he's in new york, a state easils won by his wif that's not an issue per se but b think it is --- >> nancy pelosi daughter is a an lector in california.. >> right. quiet possibly that. rie rt of thing tpohose figures area chosen or us a say it's favors to state figures. figes that's a kinks in the process.ce >> we'll be following along for the hill online to see if theire any changes. changes. i know you guys will let us know and we'll let everybody elsedy s know. we don't expect the electionhe results to be overturned orerrnd changed in any way.. >> huge shock if that were to happen.ha i don't think so.i do >> i agree with through. witthro although, we have seen theweave unexpected. so we will fineun oexut togethe. 7:35.. check in with tucker barnes.arn. >> steve, i can't get over thoso holiday candles in your living n room. >> there's lot of them, tuck. i'll bring one if you want. >> cold temperatures to startota your day. 32 in washington.n washing much much colder than yesterdayy afternoon in the 60s.
7:36 am
here to the north and west. dulles 29 degrees.s. bwi marshall 30. 3 wow what an up and down weekende we had with the ice storm srm saturday morning and warm warm temperatures yesterday and now y back into these cold here for ar day or two.wo with daytime highs expected tote be in the mid to upper 30s you0u can see cloud cover across the cloudy start to our day.rt to d. partly sunny this afternoon andd should remain dry.n d going to the skins game tonightg prepare for a cold overnight lows back in the 20s. probably be in the low 30s at0st kick off this evening.veni. 38 this afternoon. staying krill i'll have the skins updatede th forecast and holiday week forecast for you momentarily.tay >> caitlin here this morning. mg >> good morning.>> good mornin >> witness roads. wness >> yes, beltway delays thissh afternoon headed to the game ata fed ex field.ex fie. last metro train on the blue ble line 11:27 p.m.1:27 p that's the last one you can catch out near land over,r, maryland.mary all right. let's take look at skyfox -- not skyfox.ox we just got our cameras over tht inner loop we've got a crashrash right after
7:37 am
washington parkway parkway.on both sides completely stac parkp where you hit the baltimore bal washington parkway on thegt beltway. that's because of aon p gaper delayaperelay on the outer loop both the in your opinion and outer loop verp very heavy where the accidentccd scene is.scen is. i think you can see it rightn st there on the corner of yourf you screen where the inner loop crash would be but the outerd t loop delays extend just as far.f so that is a huge mess right rig there. we've got delays on both sides trying to avoid that if you canc as we go to our maps that's bee' the biggest crash that's come ii right now.rit no let's go to the maps give youivu metro update.dat earlier track problems outsideut l'efant plaza, and that has beee affecting both the green linerel and yellow line. track problems cleared but thert are residual delays in bothot directions out l'efant on greenn and yellow.o still a crash on the eastboundab dulles toll road one lane gets by on the ramp to the inner loop there.ere. not seeing many delays.ngy dela 267 eastbound not too heavy thiy time of morning any ways. way expect delays if you're headed e ba, in dulles much that's a lool at traffic. steve and aatllison. fences one of the most othe anticipated movies of the yearer due out on chris
7:38 am
>> kevin had a chance to talkoal with denzel washington about hii powerful role in this ti that's coming up in today's fox beat..
7:39 am
7:40 am
♪♪ volkswagen deadline today ty reach a deal with federaleral regulars
7:41 am
scandal. they have a deal with the majority of hav ce ar owners whe vehicles with software design tt teat on tests. they're working on a range. with 80,000 remaining customers. epipen maker milan iss rolling out generic version ofer the auto injector.tor. this one will be half the pricei of the brand name option around 00.0. cheaper than that before but milan faced backlash for raisinr the price of the pen by morere than 480% cost aig round $600 $ for a pack of two.f t however the actual cost of theof medication inside the epipen isi only a few dollars.. >> cuba wants to get rid of debt by using rum to pay it off.. cuba owes some $270 million tomo the chech republic.the chh re island nation offered to use rur and pharmaceuticals. check officials say how the debe will be paid is still in thell t early stages they want at leastt part of the debt to be paid in that's like 1nfl contract these days. >>
7:42 am
me back. bk. >> in rum? r? >> >> we dope liking to all cashikc transactions. >> we do.>> weo. >> it helps. it he kevin one-on-one with denzelhen washington. >> a holiday message from local service member stationedta overseas. >> i'll pay in you coffee. you e you want coffee? >> ♪♪ i'm sergeant derek in bagram, afghanistan. afgha i want to wish my family in maryland a very merry christmas.
7:43 am
7:44 am
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7:45 am
>> what gramatic moment ont friday we all got to share and grall tucker i know you were sua huge part of this you did a great job with kaheem.ah you went to the wizards gameds friday night and so many people were talking about it. i >> so many people came up and u said how much it move them, wanw great super hero kaheem was.. >> he saved christmas. >> he saved >> got the grinch away from the presents. he was down atpr the white house he was on capitol hill. hil >> great smile.>> great smile. so much energy. e i just want to thank everybodyry again that was involved with it. i was involved in most of theof day and so many people -- it'ses amazing to me how many peopleano are willing to just give ofe of their time. tim >> that's right.>> >> go out and help make his day. >> literally even though he was the super hero this ofly c eourc was his wish day, this is whatta he wanted to do be
7:46 am
even though he was the super sup hero he was getting a hero'ss welcome everywhere you guyse g went. >> that's what super hero'ss deserve. >> i like he had no fear. l you know, ikie mean, like seeig santa up close, the grinch.rinc >> so true.. >> big teddy face. teddy roosevelt. rse he's just amazing.. >> his last stop i don't thinkd' he was caught on air but he e arrived in his limo. >> okay. >> he had his last, you know, rescue the mascots that were wer stuck at the newseum.ewum i never seen a five-year-old run so fast his cape was literallyel flying behind behind h he was rning. >> we wish him a lifetime of >> it was great. it wagrea fantastic day.tic all right. let's do some weather. weekend -- - >> ♪♪ >> do i get to walk today? walkd >> you know.>> y k now that's good music. m >> quick walk i'm told.old >> i don't do a quick walk, son.son. >> take your time. take your ti. >> thank you. >> you do what you want to do. >> right. >> this is tucker time. this >> make it last.. >> i feel like there should b
7:47 am
group peace.eace. like ahh, it's tucker. ahh, the paparazzi. >> right. >> yes. >> do you it.. best part how much you enjoy any my producer doesn't. dsn let's do the forecast. >> we're the paparazzi.arzi >> let's get to it.>> l 32 now in washington.n 25 in gaithersburg.g. gotten out there again. 29 degrees dulles.ul 27 in frederick. so much much cooler air. a yesterday we got in the 60she 6 winds out of the north about 100 feeling like 23. 2 and feeling like 20s across thes area with the exception ofonf martinsburg and winchester writ feels like the teens.ns back to wintertime one of ourf last days of fall back to bac t wintertime today with theay t morning cloud cover and the cold temperatures we're expecting wec later today. only be in the upper 30s. we believe get clearing laterveg this afternoonet. and it will be a decent dayt although a little on the cooloo side with our winds out of the t north and again upper 30s here h but we keep it dry thishi afternoon. dry tonight.t if you're headed out to the outt redskins game later tonight, the forecast for this time of year a really could be a lot worse.
7:48 am
for chilly night with a light breeze. it should be a dry evening hereh as we watch the skins role the panthers later tonight.. quick look at the seven day.en d 38 today.ay. 43 tomorrow. hey, winter, winter gets a good start here 5:45 wednesday morning and it will turn mildild bite end of the week. wk quiet start to the holidayto thd weekend friday, saturday, sunday temperatures around 50 withith sunshine.hi if you're traveling that's goodo news.. allison and steve back to you. we're actually followinguayf breaking news coming from metrot person apparently has beenn stabbed at the dunn loring metro station.stion. unclear where it may havet may e happened.ha >> we're told the victim ism i getting medical attention on the scene. these are non-life threateningeg injuries. we'll share more on this as wes get it. get it right now -- >> dunn loring metro station.ti. okay. >> caitlin rom g morning.ning >> keep updated oh nine other oh metro delays as well. first let's pass along a closure northwest d.c. goldsboro road ia os
7:49 am
between massachusetts avenue and river road due to the nature of the crash and the police on then scene so you cannot access it. following the local policealic detours around nd t. if you usually use massachusetts avenue off of goldsboro road yoa can try clara barton parkway, py stacked up, very heavy hvy southbound delays. day stick to river road. river r that looks free and clear. goldsboro road closed betweenete massachusetts and river road inr both directions. 50, issue crash came into us us westbound at glebe so moderate delays alreadylrea building there. 395 northbound you're prettyu'rt heavy from the beltway to theo 14th street bridge frees up aes little bit by the bridge.e still normal delays. 95 northbound not so bad b actually our normal delays seemm to have broken up a little bit. so from dale city to the beltwab not too terrible. 66 eastbound moderate delays ons that slow ride from 234 that t will take to you 28.ou 2 you break up a bit here by oaktown but hit the brakes again approaching the beltway. southbound 295 crashes have crav cleared. we had them on both dir
7:50 am
at east capitol street.tree residual delays do remaino rein otherwise you're looking freengf and clear southbound and a northbound on 295. still that heavy delay branchaya avenue to the wilson bridge onro the inner loop.inneloop and then the wide view showsie s still on the outer loop of theoe beltway top side delay very v heavy 95 to georgia avenue. ave normal delays there and then a also on the inner loop hereer northern virginia approachingin falls church heavy there at least for stretch. caitlin roth fox5 on twitter ger if you're looking to adopt a new dogs the pups who don't make it as bomb sniffing dogs could bec your next pet. nextet how cool is that. that. >> can you imagine how like -- >> they'll be well >> what a joy. >> tsa has a program that let'sl i was adopt dogs that wentadt d through the explosive detect training but just didn't quitenu pass their final exam. exa but they're still awesome dogs.d you can also adopt dogs that t have served and retired from tst most of those dogs
7:51 am
in kennels not homes. h do you have to unfortunatelynaly book a plane trip. you have to go to san antonio, texas to pick them up.m u >> minor details.etls >> if you get a dog that gives g you a live time of love that's s minor trip.minor tri >> that's right. >> kev is here witness fox beat. >> steven, allison.llis. >> hello. >> how are you? i had the i hae amazing opportunity to sit downw one-on-one win denzel washingtow for me growing up man on firen f one of my favorite movie of all time, book of eli, he's ae' classic. i leave the room and i'm down d the hallway getting ready tody t walk into the other cast members roomed to interviews and this incredibly nice woman runs downd the hallway stops me and se sayd can i have a picture with you?iy >> i'm like -->> >> oh wow. >> this is her. she is sean jennifer.fer here's the story behind this much this is denzel's make upsae artist from this area and herh mom and sister watch every eve single day. >> ahww.. >> that's so cool.oo >> she sent the ph
7:52 am
and sister.dr. i believe they responded back bb saying did you tell him we watch every single move. >> sean, you're awesome. specific until day she was in denzel's room. rm >> super nice. thank you for stopping andr stod telling your mom and sister -- >> best story ever.>> besy ever. >> you're awesome.ou'resom denzel washington directing andc starring in fences this a massive film opening up oning christmas day. d august wilson you read the playe in s you saw it or you mentioned -- - thought you said did you. y >> i had not seen the play.he p. familiar with the play for years. >> but the actual movie itself s this is part of the interview iw the movie is intense n denzel ii trying to raise his family in the 1950's features intense sequences i think translatenste different on stage than they doo inovieovie. so i wanted ting what he felt f why he thinks things translatela differently in both mediums there's a seep with have i y
7:53 am
scene in all >> watch this. watch >> there's a sequence where your say, you know, your son how comm you never liked me. me in the stage version when you'ru grilling into him a little bit, people are laughing in thehe audience slightly at some of thf lines you're saying it's funnyun what you're saying back to him h in the movie it's very intenseee and very like in your face fe trailer very intense. intense do you see a difference in why it would comedically work on wk stage versus the intensity of aa film?fi? >> maybe it was ner laughter. >> awkward laughter. >> awkward laughter. >> yeah, yeah. >> but also you actually answered when you were asking w the question. quest you said in your face. f because now we're >> ooh.>> o >> see in a play you're sitting back. back five rows, 20 rows, 50 rows back. both actors like say you're the audience.di we have to play it in way youou see us a little bit. b. right, as we talk.. every configuration we'reon w playing out. out so the intensity now in
7:54 am
film --film >> interesting. >> right. so you and i are talking now anw the audience is out there. the there's less intensity.ty but when that camera gets here now, now it's like, it's a bit more intense and it actually builds and i went a littlee harder. >> interesting. >> that's what i had differentwh takes and that's tadhe d oneif e much those are the ones i chosee >> 18 year scene with viola blows my mine.e. amazing to watch the emotionalmo quality of that character.hat c. >> it's not easy for me to i've been standing in the same placep for 18 years. >> i've been standing with you.u i gave 18 years of my life to t stand in the same spot as you. >> denzel washington playingto troy in that moment. when you dirtrecoyt that momentt happened before and after? aret you directing her as troy ortroy directing her as denzel? howzew does that moment work?? >> third film i've done and been in, directed and acted in so i
7:55 am
learned get their performance first. because if we're wide or over or wherever we are, i'll try to bee somewhat off camera or over me so i can make sure i have her. >> we had the luxury in this film of having doned th the pla. i knew where it was at.s i know what she was, you know,. >> throw -- i knew where she was it wasn't like we were out thert trying to work it out.yi to i also new, again, because webew did the play, this was going tot be exhausting for her. h to try to do this over and overr and over.. so let's get her and then we'll' come around. >> so denzel directing the movim it's interesting because him and viola did play these characterst on stage. the play is written by august ag wilson.wilson that moment, though, is so intense to watch and i can't imagine being viola and doing d that night after night on stagee and like he said, you know, he wanted make sure if you watchout the scene closely he allowed thw camera to be over his shoulder r that way he wasn't on camera soa
7:56 am
into that moment so she had tohh do it a couple times.imes i can't imagine what that feelsf liking to there.. >> emotionally. >> it opens up christmas day. very intenses up very important film. film >> thanks kev. >> see you next time.>> s you >> check in with tuck right nowh get a check of the forecast.oras isn't let's do it.n't let's kev, my sources are telling meli rogue one was just okay.ka >> your sources?>> your sourc [ laughter ] >> is it it right with wisdom rtin.n. >> it was wisdom.>> it s wi >> wind chill 21 degrees.1 31 in washington. winds out of the north at 14.t f wind c thills right now generalr in the teens and low 20's.s chilly start to your day.r it will be a cold one thisone ts afternoon with highs in the midd to upper 30s.0s going to the skins game tonightn be ready for chilly conditions.. it will be around freezing atez kick off off tonig but it should be dry.houlbe d there's your seven day. d we do warm it up into the low lw 50s by the first day of winter w on wednesday. and we'll keep the pattern quite here into your holiday weekend friday, saturday, sundayunday generally sunny conditions.tion all right. ay.ere todayin here tod she's got busy roads. >> good morning. of course it is always is monday
7:57 am
last big week for many of you. . a life picture here of the scene that's occurring on route 50 r westbound in virginia. it is closed due to overturnedud suv and many emergency personnen on the scene right here. her i'll get out of the way. get ou there is the suv youth can see e on the right hand side of thee f mixture that overturned and a therefore closed route 50oute 5 westbound this between high land street and irving street.gtr so you cannot access that follow the local detours around therehe or avoid the whole scene sce altogether if you can again aga route 50 westbound.nd also breaking news, reports of a stabbing the dunn loring metro station. much more on that coming up when fox5 news morning returns rights after this. ♪♪
7:58 am
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>> good morning monday.oo i'm allison seymour.d mom >> i'm steve'm steve thanks for joining us thisve jo morning. it's 8:00 a.m., mondayony december 19th. >> fire that just would not lets up this morning.t on the grounds of the district yacht club where it started andd whether the boats were saved aed life report straight ahead. three-year-old shot to deato while on a shopping trip withpit his grandmother.ndmo it's a scenario that police saye led to the shooting.otin it will have you shaking yourngu he.d. >> a day of drama or business aa usual? the electoral college ce meets today to make donaldda trump's presiy dential electiono victory official.. life look outside on this nd
8:01 am
december 19th. life look over the area. it's 32 degrees rightook now. got way chilly over the weekend. tucker will be along on the 5'sa to let you know how the day is. let's ghoetw right to breakingw right now out of fairfax county. person stab at the dunn loring r metro station still unknown whether this was outside orde o inside that station.tation >> police say the victim has non-life threatening injuriesnj and treated at the scene. scene investigators add that theat the suspect may have gotten on ann eastbound train that would behab the orange line armed with ait a ife.e. again, a person stabbed at dunnu loring metro station within thet last 30 suspect on the run.suspect on we have crews headed that way and shale the latestthe developments as we get them. developing right nowng rigow 8:00 o'clock arc huge fire in in southeast broke out on the on grounds of the district yachtht club. take look at this video shot byb d.c. fire and ems. flames can be seen shooting outu of the clubhouse. the fire has since been put out. we're following anothere fo developing story at 8:00 this 8h morning in d.c. really scary sca situation unfoldi
8:02 am
the weekend much police say ae s woman was kidnapped and robbed.e it happened in the 1600 block oo munroe street around 3:00 onon sunday the victim was attacked, forcedf flood a white work van where whe three men assaulted her andnd stole several of her thing. tng police say the victim was then n thrown out of the van near nea woodley park.ley right now police have only a vague description of theioof the suspects and the van. transportation officials ins maryland still trying to peace t together exactly what happenedpd on 95 in baltimore saturdayy morning.morn in the accident that killed twod people. a tanker truck was involved skidded off the highway and exploded. the crash scene involved nearlyn 70 vehicles it's believed that a ice did play a role butole officials want to talk with anyh witnesses as that investigation continues. happening today, aspiringg christian rap artist will bee sentenced for intentionallyal using his car to hit and kill producer.ucer 22-year-old ryan, got into a ino fight some of sort with williami mc danielle in clark burg ong friday it's believed that heha e drove away but circled b
8:03 am
hit the victim who was walking i his dog at the he left the scene but was laterr turned in by a relative. all dc police officers are a now equipped with body cameras.s according to d.c. mayor muriel bowser, 2600 cameras deployedlod throughout the city attached to officer's collars are on their i shirts.ts the body cam program was roll out two years ago and it began with 165 officers in a handful l of districts.trts mayor bowser says it under und scores d.c.'s commitment for transparency and accountability. ♪♪ standing on the eve ofdi on history the electoral collegege convenes today to finalize one of the most couldn't 10 suss sus elections in recent history. >> 306 election tours expected to cast their votes for donald trump calls for membersion r tr someone else continue to melanie alnwick has more thisnwa morning.s rn good morning, mel. mel. >> reporter: hey g morning.or group that calls itself thef the december 19th coalition to to defend democracy is planning ana
8:04 am
building this morning. but it really won't have muchlla impact on local elevectoral vot. all 26 in d.c., maryland andnd virginia combined allocated ted hillary clinton. and though not a lot of drama is expected nationwide, still there are some calls some people ppl hoping for that long shot a a growing call, growing pressure r for some lectors to actually aca flip their votes, a last ditch c attempt to keep a president-elect trump out of tht white the magic number to watch for is 37. 37 if that many republican lectorsc flip mr. trump will not have tht 270 electoral votes to officially win. w election watchers say all ofchef this is the longest of the longg shots.s 29 states actually have law thaa is beside the election tours too the candidate chosen by thee voters in their itheirt it's rare forlorn lector toec change votes in given year.. >> particular individual indivin texas without a faith of --f other than that we're verye're y
8:05 am
going to be very smooth tomorroo and this harassment from groupss like move and democratrat party should stop and that'snd ' what the american people demand. >> reporter: if 37 lectors didtd switch from trauma top someone else then it's up to the house u of representatives to choose the president and of course therse e house right now is controlled by republicans.puican just a little note. in terms of what to watch inn d.c. the three lectors here meem at the wilson building atg at 5:00 o'clock in maryland they get started att 1:00 o'clock.lock in annapolis and in richmond inn virginia it is at noon inn in richmond both maryland andotryld virginia will be streaming their electoral votes life. lif live at the wilson building,uil, melanie alnwick, fox5 local5ocal ♪♪ 32 degrees. flirting when think freezing mark out there, tuck.hen rk o >>here yeah, it's cold.. in fact our wind chills in thelt low 20s with a breeze out of the north about 10.h cold monday.cold my. that's bot to the >> okay. >> all right.>> o >> it's almost wintertimes almo officially.
8:06 am
thursday. >> wednesday morning at 5:45am, eveve. that's for asking. >> we'll all be here to share ii that momen >> a party. >> a party might be too much. >> a little frosty >> that might be ne >> you know what we canou kwhat celebrate more daylight, thoughg starting then, right. >> don't get too excited not for a couple of days. >> 31 at ray dan national.atiol. dulles 28. bwi marshall 29.9. i do notice by the end of january, february, we do start s to note.e. >> the first day of winter the t shortest day of the year.ayf thy >> it's actually for a couple ae days right around --rod -- >> we'll get there. there >> cloud cover to start your dar we're getting clearing.g. we should be partly sunny this s afternoon keep it cold withd w daytime highs in the 30s a dry afternoon going to the skinso tn game tonight, yes, layers. laye. be ready for cold one.. i'm so with temperatures in the low 30s. >> i didn't get the clever -- >> same joke he you've at 6:00.0 >> get ready for cold one at tht me.e. >> it could mean a coupled meanu things. >> like a beer?>>e a >> yeah.
8:07 am
ka okay. >> ness next time just laugh an say you're so funny, tucker. >> >> there you go. the >> steve like it.>> s >> i did like it the first time, caitlin. >> you can't repeat a joke. >> i'm guessing we'll hear itssn again they hadt to in chicago oo minneapolis they had to keepo k their beers by the fire to keepe them from freezing at the tailti gates. it was that cold. >> chicago, minneapolis. >> yeah. >> that's cold.cold >> that's a little cold. all we are still following thisng ts crash that has route 50 westbound closed betweened beten highland and irving but now itr look like that's between -- that's at fillmore street due tt overturn suv.overrn we had a picture of that that ta police had tweeted out and it it was overturned suv that was on 50 westbound that kind of pushee over on to the side on to the guardrail. emergency crews have been on the scene that's forced thes ha cloe good news that that the driver i has now taken away and so itt looks like activity is resumingn however it is still closed. we'll let you know when it doese
8:08 am
highland on route 50 westboundeu in northern virginia you cannott use route 50 follow the police e detours or if you're obviously o about to head out use anotherseo way if you can. can besides that, let's go back up u to another closure northwest d.c. goldsboro road in bothn bh directions due to crash betweent massachusetts avenue and river r road. if you usually use massachusetts avenue, you could use clara barton that is stack up. u use river road that looks clearr actually. 395 northbound you are on and oa off heavy from the beltway toayo the 14th street bridge. bridg it's loosening up a little bit.e and then also 95 northbound notd so bad at all dale city to the e beltway a lot of green rightreet there. any volume delays we had earlier look to be freeing up. 56 eastbound still slow ride r from 234 to route 28.ou 28. that will take you all the way w to the beltway 66 just one longn line of moderate traffic finally southbound 295 all crashes havev cleared. we had earlier crash southboundd and northbound at east capitolna no longer there. delays do remain especially it appears on the so
8:09 am
from route 50 all the way down w to east capitol street. strt. that's a look at traffic. traic more coming up in less than 10 0 minutes. minu steve and allison. ♪♪ hollywood icon being remembered this morning actress is a saga bore hungarian bornn actress died avenue heart attacc in her bell air home on sunday.y she had been in declining healtt for years. yrs gabore was known for calling cai people darling and also for herr many love affairs and scandalsca through the years.rough year gabore was married nine times. she has one daughter just one jn child a daughter.te. she was 99 years old. drivers hitting the road foe the holidays will see the pricee climb at the gas average price up about 6 cents nationally in the past twoastw weeks. right now it stands at 2.27 a7 gallon the average here in theee d.c. area. 27 cents a gallon above what itw was one year ago.go we'll have much more aboutoa breaking news about the stabbing that happened at the dunn loring mestation.ion. still trying to find outly detail
8:10 am
at metro center in the districtr >> all >> stay on top of that story foo you. >> sure will. also, making our list and a checking it twice.. now we've sent bob on a mission to see what male carrier is i pricier than the other. bob? b? >> reporter: hey, guys. yes, we have this box to sent tt fort collins, colorado.oro. we've been to fed ex we're now e at the ups store here in in arlington county.ount it may join all these other oth boxes heading out.ut what's the cheapest best way too get it there by christmas? tmas we'll let you know coming right up. ♪♪ ♪♪
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8:12 am
8:13 am
update when it came to metro situation stabbing the done lorl rog metro station a personatn an stabbed a short timing a stillas unknown if it happened inside o outside the station.e at >> the victim has non-life-lif threatening injuries and wass ad being treated on the scene.cene we just found out they areun looking for the suspect at metro center.ce we'll keep an eye on that. in the meantimnte tep aucker ist us now. us n early start of the forecastorecs because we have some cutenessutn today. tuck.. >> yes! let's do cuteness. cutes >> let's do it.. >> holiday cuteness.ens. >> okay. >> all right. .et's do it we've got -- >> aww.>> a >> a little one.>>e. >> that's adorable. >> yeah. >> little tie san austin. >> super stylish tyson austin. >> 3.5 months old and beforeanee watching the mickey mouse club,, he wakes up to fox5 news everyvy y.y. >> aww his dad says tyson lovesv to hear stories.
8:14 am
him. >> look at intense expression.n. >> that's the look of i'm lovinn this story right now. >> aww.ww >> what's next? finish thehe story.y. >> he also loves getting dressed up as you can see. see >> sharped dress man. sharped look at his little bow >> he's so cute.. >> very sharp dressed young mann >> hey, cutie pie. pie >> so queue. love the outfit. o >> me too. >> yup.>> y >> all right.>> a to zen us your child's pictureiu go to fox5 dc. d >> you know that -- how small sa that vest when he takes it off. it's like fits in the palm of o your hand.and >> you could wear it on your ony wrist probably.bly. >> classic man. >> yeah, he is. h sharp dressed. let's do some weather.. it's all about jacks today.d right back in that wintertimetem feel not wintertime.rtime wintertime feel not quiet winter time yet. 31 in washington.hington. we've got wind chills in the low 20s. 20s. much of the area right now is iw the upper 20s. 2 you can see all that cold air tt our north and pittsburgh 19.pitt detroit is two.
8:15 am >> um-hmm.>> u >> minus 12 there earlierere ear heading in the right direction.i 21 in boston. zocor of some very arctic air ir in the neighborhood and thatd aa will keep us chilly thisy thi afternoon waking up with cloudss we'll trend towards moreds sunshine this afternoon partly p sunny. it will be dry going to thehe skins panthers game tonight youu want to dress for a wintryy night, as it will be dry but itt will be cold. temperatures probably low to mim 30s here kick off with someith s breezes out of the north here. so it willth feel chilly and a there's your seven day forecastt do want to mention warmer temperatures first day of wintey on wednesday and looks like a a quiet weekend ahead that's thats important because i know a lotcs of people getting in the care id getting on planes and buses anda trains and that kind of thing t friday, saturday, sunday generally storm free temps inst the loworm 50s by christmas day you get that new -- big wheel,el steve.ste. get out there sunday afternoon. >> all right.ig >> it will be fun
8:16 am
>> 53 is nice.ic >> i like to play with the toysy on christmas day. >> never two too old for toys. thank you guys. wthide wideart off too with view of the monday morningni commute biggest slow downs on the inner loop the beltway herey in maryland it looks like from o 95 down to lanham.. really stacked up there. up t as well on the outer loop here h in maryland.ylan your normal delays 95 to georgia avenue. all right.all r. caitlin roth fox5 if you wouldud like give me any traffic comments, advice, anything i'lll take that on caitlin roth fox5. well, i guess i should sayay tucker barnes appropriateia comments. you wouldn't want your boss to see. westbound 50 still closed due tt earlier crash at fillmor street. overturned suv and manyan emergency personnel on the scene. sc they have gotten the driver outi of there. but westbound traffic has nowow diverted to glebe road to get rg around that delay from fillmorem street to about irving you are a closed on 50 web.. eastbound as a result left lanee is block from the same crash. ch at that site, you can't access s westbound you got t
8:17 am
road. road. you can eastbound on 50 butut expect those very levee delaysey to continue to build due to thee fact the left lane is blocked bk there.e. also, 270 southbound on and off delays 70 down to the spur.the u it looks like it loosens up ap a little bit through montgomeryom county.ty on the wise pretty slow northerh maryland there's top side sid beltway delays much that's alay look at traffic.ok at traffi steve and allison. it was the week before befor christmas and all across thealrs country everybody was trying tot get their packages mailed byled christmas to arrive byey christmas. >> from ups to fed ex and the te postal service, what's the quici request and the least expensivei way to get your gifts to theiror final destination?on? >> bob bernard live this mornins in arlington, testing out someum options for us.s. we hit one stop. hit otop. we have two more to go, bob.o, b good >> reporter: good morning, guys. we're not alone.'rnot you're in the alone. ie alone. take a look at this. this is ups store in the bostono area of arlington county.ou these things are ready to go ouo today. a bunch of boxes.ox there's actually even a bathtub someone is contemplating shipping. we have a 10-pound box
8:18 am
we're sending to a friend of mine who lives in fort collins,, colorado, and we basically wantn to get it there by saturday.atu. christmas eve. so the good news is, you can doo it. it. you can get it there. there here the ups store says normalla a box going to colorado would wu ke week.k. but they can do something threee day select and we can show youna the price there on the screen.. $90 quoted price to get this bob of goodies to my friend out there on in fort collins colorado. fed ex three day ground is 41-75. next stop will be at the postos office.ce. and we'll see what they can do n for us. for but the good news is, if you're willing to spend a little, and a of course you want to find thefe cheapest way to get there but ii you're willing to spend a littl and you haven't yet shipped spp something yourself, directly, d, from your hands to your friend'' or loved one's hands there's are still a way to do it may cost i was little many more people than evernve before doing online shopping where you don't have to go outot yourself.yo you can actually just sit onit n your phone at ho
8:19 am
have everything taken care ofaro and more than likely still getet it there by the end of the week. but if you have it in your hands and as we do, you want to make m sure it gets to someone byeoney christmas eve, this is the way to do it.ot. we've again be to fed ex here at the ups store and next we'ree' going to the post office here ir arlington.lingto guys. >> bob, i just want to be clearb if you were at fed ex earlierli they had the three day shippingp and did express safe kind of air overnight. ups right now is just offeringfn three day? >> reporter: that's it.t's that's the quickest way to get g it there. by friday but three-day expresss that's the way to get it there.e they said normally to geto get something from here to coloradod would take a week. >> wow.>> w. >> they can get it there. >> they can get it there. you have to pay for it.y can av >> all righte . all thanks bob. >> bob will couldn't his journeu around the area in differ dif shipping locations and optionsao coming up in little bit. stay tuned.un. we'll break it down at the end.d >> thanks bob.nks . great service you're doing today
8:20 am
today.da thousands of people waiting toao flee the nation.flee nat more on what the un plans to do to prevent mass violence. >> first though holiday messagea from a local service member mbe stationed overseas.s. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:21 am
8:22 am
8:23 am
>> a live look at the washingtoa monument on this monday morning. 8:22 right now. just flirting frts with that freezing mark. get you caught on on then totter top top three-year-old child was shotaro and killed inld arkansas whileae riding in a car with hisith h police say they were at a stop s sign in little rock on saturday when the driver behind themehd apparently got angry that theyht weren't moving fast enough.noug got out and opened fire. no suspect arrested. arrte the incident now undernder investigation but that littlee three-year-old was shot anda lllled. now to the latest out ofout syria.ria. this morning zero fir
8:24 am
on evacuations of civilians and rebels have resumed in twon two villages in the country's north. 10 of those buses are now on n their way to governmenteren controlled areas according to ag syrian active visit the evacuations came a day after militants burned six buses.uses also today the un securityury council is expected to vote on a resolution to deploy un monitors to eastern aleppo to prevent pre mass violence much thousands ofs civilians and rebels are waiting to be evacuated in subzero temperatures. back to the breaking newsakn around here.ound here. metro transit police actively al searching for a person whoho stabbed someone outside of theft entrance of the dunn loring lorg metro station around 7:30 this i morning. mo that victim non-life threatenini injuries. >> suspect got on to orangeto oe train headed into d.c. now we.ow know police are looking for that suspect metro center right now.g it's unclear whether that person may or may not still be there. heads up if you see any mowing w on the orange line trains thisss morning although
8:25 am
police do not know where thathet suspect may be but non-life n threatening injuries. i'm stuck on that arkansasut storhay.. that story --ry >> serious sense comes out ofusn that comes >> hard to make sense of it at the all.nse tucker barnes with us now. 8:25.8:25. 31 degrees on a monday. yeah, um looking at theoong capitol. high a chancing to there onhe o friday with our super hero.o. >> how fun. >> i've never been inside. never beene ne invited. iit it's beautiful in there. >> you feel safer with today cay home on the job. on thb. >> much safer. >> super cute. let's do the that's the bottom line. btom lin yesterday got in the 60s.0s today right back into wintertimw with daytime highs in the mid m 30s. mid to upper 30s but it willt w feel cooler than that witnesst winds out of the north here atea 14. 31 now in washington.asngton. whipped chill hanging out in thn low 20s.w 20s. 21 degrees. lots of layers. going to the skins and paniers n game tonight dress accordingly. and by accordingly i mean for a wintry night as our temperatureu will be in the low 30s account kickoff. satellite/radar we're in good ap
8:26 am
more sunshine this afternoon.ftn partly sunny afternoon. afterno and it should be a dry mondayy for you there's a quick look ato the seven day.the seve want to mention a coupleple highlights.ghts. wednesday first day of winter 5e with sunshine and traveling this weekend friday, saturday,y, sunday, it looks like we're inee good shape with a warming trendd nice conditions around nextroun weekend with temperatures in the low 50s.w 5 >> thank you tucker.. >> um-hmm. >> all right. k ins check in with caitlin see how the roads a wreith caitlin . 8:26. >> good morning. busy monday morning last weekt w before holidays for a lot ofr ao you. 295 looking much much betteret than earlier this this is southbound 50 to thed 5h 11th street bridge.e moving fine. fin both southbound and northbound sides had crash at east capitolp street earlier all stacked upcku now you can see we are movingren free and clear.lear. so 295 looks good. this is northbound 95 also delal free dale city to the beltwaye w remarkable northern virginia non bad at all in the knife side soe that looks great. let's go do to our final camerar we've got here also looking looi delay free. fre.
8:27 am
in pretty good wherever this one is. is. i don't know because i don't i n have the the banne how does erin do this.s wherever that is, we're not, w seeing any delays. hey we'll keep updated withat w those through the rest of theret morning. >> that would be 66. >> bryce harper off the market.m we'll tell you about his big weekend.we >> beautiful pictures online too. holiday travel rush about to ru begin. we'll tell where you you might w find your newhe best friends ono the roads and in the skies.kies travel talk next. ♪♪
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
>> 8:30. breaking news we've bon covering forwe'v u metro transit police e searching for a man who stabbedt a person outside the entrance oa the dunn loring metro stationtan around 7:30 about an hour agooug now. that victim non-life threatening injuries.ju >> suspect on to orange line l train headed into d.c. d.c police were looking at thattha suspect at metro center. cte not clear if the person mayn m still be there. tre police have not made any arrests they continue to search for that person. person. days away from christmas now.ow holiday travel rush is about too begin.n. triple a this year will be all record breaker.ak more than 103 million ar expected to travel and none% ofn those 103 million will bel be driving. the main travel period between friday december
8:31 am
monday january no surprises there. there before the christmas holiday after new year's holiday. busiest christmas travel day iss expected to be friday the 23rdd between three and 6:00 p.m. jus0 in time for your travel plans the price of gas jumped 6 centss across the average. 10 cents in some parts of thehe country.. well, sorry, folks, if youyu were hoping maybe snag brycenagc harper he's officially tied the knot. he is off thekn market. marke married his long tie girlfriendd kayla varner the two met in high school. that's so sweet.'s s she's athlete herself. she played soccer at byu. the two tied the knot in a traditional more man sealingan i ceremony in san diego. >> really tall friends, too bryce is about 6-foot three.t. isn't he?he? >> yeah. >> tall guy.>> >> beautiful pictures online onn from outside where they got married.marr >> um-hmm. >> as you would bryce harperwo does it big.uld >> of course.t bi>> ourse >> beautiful photos.utif pho >> wisdom is with us now.. the skins are hosng
8:32 am
panthers. it will be cold out tonight.out. yeaeah. >> outdoor game. temperatures about 30 degrees oo so. >> yeah. yea >> this is a question i'ms is aq putting out thereue.stion wisdom trick the haterade. if somebody offered you freere tickets to the redskins gameskga tonight, monday night football,, national spotlight,.ig,. >> right. >> you know it will be below freezing temperatures. >> everything is on the line.w >> you got to deal with geitttiw out there in rushit houh ger trr on the beltway would you exceptp those free tickets and go to tho game tonight. tonht >> let me get this straight. all right. below 32 is freezing, >> that is correct. >> i think you know my answer. >> i thought you would say yes.k >> a yllison i don'tou wou do cd weather under any circumstance.a there's no circumstance on thiss planet wtahere i'm going to go d sit out the cold and watch a bunch of grown men making min millions of dollars hitting each other where i can sit at home in my comfortable chair with theith heater on --n >> if it was the super bowl youo will not take tickets to thekeoh super bowl. >> speaking my language but.ut >> super bowl -- how cold.ol >> super bowl in new york. >> that's true.>>t's
8:33 am
boston?ston >> how old. 0 degrees.grees. >> super bowl for free maybe. >> >> see there's always ---- >> maybe. this is not the super bowl. so my question is, okay, youou just figured out what it takete for mow to go.w t go. super bowl and 20 would be myd e limit. >> okay. >> i talk to flex and easy e street season ticket holders hoe much easy said no way it's toott he'll be at home. flex will be there for half andh go upstairs in the warm area err and walk around the rest of thee game. ga >> somebody would get easy's tickets.cks. >> somebody could get.coulget i just put easy's tickets outkeo there for the rest of us. o u what would you take for you guy to go?guy >> i'm not big enough fan to go out in the cold temperatures. >> for free.>> for fre >> for the whole game i couldn'u do it.t i cannot do it >> i would have no not be herene tomorrow.tomorrow. i would have torque you know, it would go.orqug >> right. >> for the sake i love going too football games.footll gam but i would not do that and then two hours sleep and come to worr in the morning.orng it was off all day tomorrow i'd
8:34 am
>> what if it was 12 degrees.2 . >> that's pushing it. >> really? reay? >> i've done three free >> you have. >> i left in the fourth quarterr literally i sat like this thehit whole time. t >> i don't understand. don i get it people are hard core fans. i don't get how it'seopl ee nje. so coupled outside that you cano sit there and watch those games. i don't understand.t i just don't get it.on'tt. maybe i'm just not tough enough. >> hopefully they'll there be. >> the people will be there. they'll be there andple suppor. >> switch gears right now talka about a story coming out of pennsylvania.sylvania. fifth grader long time traditioi the school the fifth grade elementary school they perform y christmas carol for decades at t the school.oo first year they're not going tog do it. do i as we've seen with so many many things across this country somebody complains about something so that's it.dy ca cnceled for ethveinryg body. that's what happened here. aphat parently two parents in tt school said they didn't like aia line in a christmas carol godolg bless us everyone.veryon they say that line was offensive to them the school cancel theant entire thing. >> look, i know everybody hasrys their right to say what offendsf them want doesn't. doesn but if you're the school do youo
8:35 am
>> s say no. here's why. i see what they're complainingpg about. abou we're talking about two parentsa here. this is not something that -- t- that is racially charged.ed this is not something that hassh curse words in it.curds this is something that's reallyy simple.. now if it's that offensive tovet those parents take your kids and don't go to the play.the to me it's that simple. don't punish the entire school o for something that is not on a surface not offensive.ffensive if you're not religious, not spiritual, so be it.e nothing wrong with that. tha no arguments.rgen stst don't go. don't support it.port i because that's what we do arounr here. if you don't like something, don't go, don't support it but t don't take this out of thekehisu school system when it's been bee there the entire time based on n couple of words that have alwayy been in there and nobody has aoa problem with. wh. >> my question why didn't they take that line out. out. >> a number of options here.. >> it seems like the easy way out. ou it seems like the bad way out.ut let's just cancel the whole thing. >> but it's the same thing witht halloween we've seen the same s thin
8:36 am
>> right. >> you mentioned halloween. i don't do halloween.don't do h allal right.lowe al around tellingd tli everybody else not to doo halloween, no i just don't participate in halloween. >> wisdom doesn't do coldoold weather football you want to freeze out inzen the cold, go right away.. >> when it comes to dealing witt it tucker believes in insulating himself always and often. often. >> you can offer me free tickete to the browns redskinsins exhibition game and i would goo upper >> if it's free it's for me. >> he doesn't behind cold. c >> you have to drive.ou he to >> no, steve, i'll hit tailgatee ted's party beforehand.eforehan i'm not driving. >> you have to drive rush hour traffic on a monday to getday et there. there. >> did we tell people to tweetlt us about this.hi >> i did try to sneak that in ta let us know how you feel aboutlt it. should they have cancel the whole chrishetmas py ageahant ad would you sit outside in blow temperature -- freezere temperatures for a skins win. >> tuck, what's up?p? >> steve, i survived the mgm bock kell driving.rivi. >> no, you didn't.>> no, you d [ laughter ]
8:37 am
>> 14 current winds out of the north. rt you saw the temperatures. maybe you didn't.mayb it's 31 now in washington.ngto we got cold temperatures to staa the day. the we'll trend towards sunshine bue chilly afternoon upper 3 going to the game tonight it i will be in the low 30s at kickoff. but it should be dry. 38 degrees winds here out of the north at five to 10.h ative back with the seven day in justu a minute. caitlin would go to the skinse k game for free, right?? >> if it's free for me, that's ' what i always say. s food, tickets, whatever, i'll be there. sounds fun.. tailgate ted that's the place tt be today too but i'm not driving. you're driving. i'm not driving. yoi'm o. southbound 95 at 212 here in maryland.maryla a crash blocks the center laneen and you can see that dry delayde building.ding 95 southbound it's you willunits whichly i believe involves a bob car truck. so either way it's blocking thee center lane you'll have to bel o diverted around that. that. still can use 95 southboundth heavy delays there approachingpg 212 in maryland.2 in let's go to our maps where wided view shows you've got your got y normal beltway delays.el zoom in to 95 there's that crasa i just showed
8:38 am
camera.cara. there's the delay.s the lay. all the way 200icc here in in maryland on 95 southbound.thbou. there's the crash site.ase. there's the delay leading up tou it. moderate and really heavy aftert that spilling on into thellinoni beltway as well. wl. all right. so we've got that crash within t the delays very heavy on thatn t stretch of the beltway throughou 95. 95. inner loop is jammed 95 to route 50 outer loop slow50 o pennsylvania avenue to baltimoro washington parkway.ingt stale staying in maryland.ayin a final check on traffic at 8:55.8:55 steve. >> national geo graphic makingig history with its magazine cover. >> white house staffers pull afa prank on president obama.on pre we'll tell was they did when wee come back. come back.
8:39 am
fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder.
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online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can.
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>> france gender nine-year-old will grace the january 2017ry 2 cover of national geo graphic.r. it's a first for the she is a girl from kansas city.c she graces the cover with thee words gender revolution displayed in large type. te. she says she's glad she no longer had a toss pre 10 she's s boy. avery is her name and her father applauds the cover saying, thegt more people see transgendergendr people and realize that they're everywhere the more acceptanceta will hopefully come. that's a fierce look in his eyes on that cover. i love that. white house staff plotted to plt prank president obama last weekk four snowmen put on display inpi the rose garden earlier this ths month as part of the white the i house's christmas decorations.. >> the staff came up with an wha idea to put them
8:42 am
oval office each was peekingas p through a different window.h thdiffe president admit the snoo frightened him a little bit.e b pictures are pretty funny. that's not a bad prank. prak it could be i guess you can't really get g that much worse when you'rehen e pranking the president, right?st >> very fine line. le >> stay in the safe zone. >> can't go too too far outsider the box. o let's check in with wisdom andnd holly find out what's coming upu on d.c. >> he saved d.c. from a bunch of gad buys.gaduys. super kaheem joins us live.kahej we talk to him and his mom aoibt the magical moments that had everyone from the vice-presidenn to the rock tweeting.wein >> also at 9a, shipping your gifts get under the tree for the zero.ze bob barnard live on the best options and joins us way wrap uu on the best options. opt >> i see what did you >> wrap. got it. big bow.p. speaking of g ifts, how do you wrap those odd shaped items? te don't stress because our wrapping wizard, not wrapping wisdom, wrapping wizard shows us how.
8:43 am
in the loft, star and executivee producer of the hit show sho maryland to medicine maria huckk is here. >> and she is only 19 and already gained national exposurs competing on america's next top model this local teen right here look at their strut her stuffutu she's here to tell us all abouto it. >> strike a pose and star thee wepoek off right with us. u. >> good day d.c. just momentsmes away, gang. >> all right. thank not wait, thank you, guys. u, gwelluy, oftentimes whene think collagen we think of wrinkle filler, lip injectionsni we she of shots.. >> their secret behind thed glowing complex without a needle in sight. >> we'll have more on that next. >> drinkable collagen. fancy.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
>> 8:46. we packed in three seasons worth of weather in one weekend. >> got that right. e> we had ice,in then w teaeth temperatures near 70. >> felt like spring. >> then cooled off and got windt yesterday. o happodayng to happen today, al? al >> we got to wait 10 seconds for the forecast. >> hey, welcome back. h bottom line on today it will be chilly. daytime highs onlyey g, onoi tnb eo in the t winds are back out of the northr at about 10 to 15 miles an hourh that's giving us wind chills inn the low 20s.0s 31 in washington.hi notice north and west everybodyy you guys are all in the 20s here. 25 up in gaithersbur
8:47 am
25 in winchester. this morning 25 frederick. 31 in quantico.uanto. just about everybody stilldy sll hanging out right around the t freezing m leonardtown is 32 and with the e winds out of the north about 101 to 15, your wind chills are in n the 20s. 20s 21 what it feels like here inikr the city. 22 in quantico.o 22 up in baltimore it will bewi very cool day today. and of course we have thewe he t redskins game tonight. tonight. i'll show you that forecastast momentarily. we're trying to clear out. to co more and more sunshine shoulde d build in this afternoon a dry ay day for you.for y high pressure will keep things nice and quite around here ae a cool normal daytime highs in the midm 40s.s. we'll be more like upper 30 30 today's. cool afternoon. but again with high pressuree notice the wind field out of the north will reinforce cooloo pattern for this afternoon with temperatures little blow normalr here in the mid to upper 30s. 3s going to the game tonight, iht, mean it will be ideal it's dry, it end would be windy a bit of breeze but chilly out items in the low theirs at kick off tonight
8:48 am
make sure you're dressed forresf cold there's your seven day forecasts a bit of a warming trend aroundd he.e. 50s for the first day of wintere on wednesday.onay friday, saturday, sunday for the holiday, we are looking great g for our holiday weekend here friday, saturday, sunday sunda temperatures a little abovebo normal by saturday and sunday. sunshine on christ mace day.t my >> steve, am i tossing back to you? >> we're in the kitchen with some youth serum. serum. >> dough we look younger. wait to see how young we look ao the end of the segment.nt >> pull my face back. b >> thank you very much. mh. we talked with dr. shilpihii agalwar, if only you can followo me around last week about healtt trends for 2017 and when sheanwh said drinkable collagen i was w like stop. sto >> get a case.ase >> say what now is what i said.i >> we didn't get time enough ath that time to answer all of ali
8:49 am
and so you know what we'll taket another look this morning.orni joining us our good friend and youth doctor dr. shilpi agalwarw is with us to let us talk abouto weapons de leon was looking forg all this time. >> good morning.>> good morning. we're talking about the healthth trends things we'll see in 2017l l the drinkable collagen was a g one. one. and collagen is actually a protein found in all of us ou natural until our skin, bones, s even in some of our cartilage. . >> do we lose it over time. tim >> we do. unfortunately as we age collagew breaks down that's a national process. that's what causes those smallma wrinkles and fine lines. but we used to only have the injectable forms to make us look younger this year fort trendst e we're seeing drinkable and orall options for collagen are outn ao there talking about those last week. we this is one of the drinkablenk options for collagen that we tt have here. >> should we be concerned orr amused that it's called dirty dr lemon?mon [ laughter ]
8:50 am
>> that's one of the types of tp collagen that's out there that'e drinkable. what makes this different you df got to remember all of thef t collagen that we use from animaa sources so injectables often ofn from cow or pig sources that'sea purified this is from a fishhis source made from fish scalesishs along with a couple of other things.thin you drink one bottle a day.. >> one bottle. how much is >> 16 ounces. >> one bottle you can sip it>>ta throughout the day or drink it all at once. once. it doesn't matter in terms of absorption. >> this is actually ordered online. they have ais a wctebsite and you you drink that and if you look atat the studies that was a study wew were talking about the journaluu of cosmetic dermatology after four weeks patients saw an improve in many their skin.y th in eight weeks thoseho improvements were significantsit that means increase in hydration, less -- loss off collagen itself and more elacticity.ti >> any down sides with it? >> it tastes bad. >> i haven't tasted it.. >> let's see was guys think of o it. it. >> i want to know do you theto side effectdos like i'm always'w
8:51 am
>> yeah.eah. >> you're doing something nowdon and down theg road it hurts -- >> i get third eye.hiye. >> exactly. >> one bottle a day. >> right. .oneor at least a month. two months is even better. >> exactly.>>ly. so the thought is that afterer drinking one bottle a day you'lu see some changes more hydrationn in your skin overall but then te eight he weeks start to seeks se change and those changes supposedly last for 12 weeks afterwards.terwards so from the day that you start.t continue drinking it.nk i the idea really here is thate it instead of -- it's replace manym instead of doing the injectables. >> you try. ou i thought you were trying. >> i want to w seraye tr beforyu it, we saw video out of japanf n there was a beer infused with wt collagen. >> is that an option?? >> we'll do that every day for >> it not only builds down neww cole gentleman len but slows down the deterioration ofti o collagen you already have. hav >> how is it on yourn you degenerative system.gene >> that's what i'm talkin about. >> lemons, cayenne pepper in cnp
8:52 am
have sensitivity with digestion. it its tastes a little bit tangy. >> let's taste i. >> let's do it.>> l >> one, two, three. >> cheers!>> c >> to being younger, lookingking younger. see what they think. tnk >> we have to remember that -- a >> it's nasty. [ laughter ]er >> but if it helps it's not -- i mean it's not -- >> it's angrier than you think.t >> it's tolerable. >> tolerable. >> but not tasty>> tol. >> tollable but not tasty. tasty >> let me tell you somethingomeg sister --er >> you look so much youngerook already. >> don't we? >> bot toll line,ing. l >> i'll drink it.>> i will. the bottom lin ie h ere really isreal i that if you're already thinkingg about doing collagen, this is aa good option in terms of frying r it daily without doing the injectables f terms of side sid everybodies be careful because e some people have sensitivitiesie or allergies just like they dosk with any other producte .. >> i bet it's go on your throat. my mom was proponent of doingf i the cayenne to gargle and this i is kind of -- o-- >> you really taste the
8:53 am
>> the strongest flavor in her. >> how much does this cost. >> one bottle is $10. >> okay. >> you have to remember that -- >> sip and >> the injections is cost four r to $500 f you're taking this fof every day for a month about $300.00. my recommendation if you have io the money and you were thinkingg about it any ways go ahead andnd give eight try for a month month. see if you see any i don't think this is will bein completely transformth ma tiff y don't have to do anything else,e but this is a good option, and d it certainly not the needle that you're going to feel. >> okay. okay >> i'll definitely be drinkingny this. so cheers. >> it's spicy.>> it'icy >> it is spicy.t spicy >> a little spicy.>> a >> is there more than onen one company or is this the best iist recommended >> this is one of the ones ommut there. there are a few new formulationn coming on the market for nowor n they've got this brand dirty diy lemon is out there. >> dirty lemon.on. >> i'll be thanks shilpi. miriam webster dictionaryster dr released it's word of the year
8:54 am
it's something two in between aa dream an nightmare.htma >> this drink. >> we'll unveil it neck. cheers, bottoms up, ladies.. >> between a dream an nightmare.
8:55 am
>> 8:55. 2016 a dream or a nightmare? or maybe it was something inhing i between like surreal. which is miriam webster's worded of yea year. i would describe surreal as maybe too bizarre to be
8:56 am
the officially -- officialfficia definition is marked by the t intense irrational reality of a dream unbelievable orphan tas ckck. the word joins oxford's post p truth and -- miriam webster looks up words or the website to pick up the toppt choice this time around many m periods of interest in the worde surreal this year. often in the apartment aftermatt of tragedy.. whatever it is 2016 was the year of surreal.. >> i will agree with that. >> good choice.. tucker barnes, good morningr >> i'm glad you put it out there i'm mott sure i could spell it otherwise.rwis >> s-u-r real.. >> winds north northeast at 15.t the wind chills are back. are b. this will be the story thisl ts afternoon. it's going to feel colder than the actual air temperature ontu the chilly side only in the mide to upper 30s. 3 should get sunshine this ts rnoon.oon. keep it dry going to the gamehem t.night. te
8:57 am
off but a dry evening and most m of this week is pretty quiet. qi looks like a few showershowe thursday. thur but as we get into the holidayay christmas weekend things are looking nice.nic temperature wise.ure w low 50s little above average temperature wise. we. caitlin all morning long. >> enjoying -- eadyeady for nap. >> enjoying the traffic.nj >> yes. reminder when you are driving t the game tonyou ightar, tucker,w you love sitting in traffic takt the metro instead. ite the last blue line train out ofo morgan boulevard tonight 11:00 p.m. eight at 8:30. 8:30. hope if the redskins will have e large lead if you have to makeyt metro.tro. otherwise expect delays on the t inner and outer loop as you heah to fed ex field.. central avenue landover road ana arena drive all exits wherehe you're going to have delays boty heading out for tail gatesail g today. stay warm. and then later tonight when youy leave.le all right. that's a final look at the roads. a stay with us. good day d f.c. will b right back after this. af ♪♪
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♪♪ ahead on good day at 9a, making it official. offic members of the electoral college casting their votes today. tod paving the way for president-elect donald trump. but will democrats make a last l ditch effort to overturn the election results? we're livee'l with the latest. remembering zsa zsa. z >> they get married and they gey divorced they should back the ring, they must give back the ring.


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