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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  December 19, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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deliberate act. this is similar to what was in nice when a truck drove into people in bastille day. 400 officers were sure and officers shot and killed the supporter of the islamic state. in that case a dozen were arrested to supply the truck driver with the weapons he used during the attack. >> a cold start to holiday weekend. redskins are posting panthers. >> looking at arctic air and we go live from the freezing field itself. look at it where it's going to be freezing. >> game time grant where are your gloves. >> let's start first with sue palka and get the latest on the weather out there, hi, sue. >> hi there, sarah, jim, gratitude to be inside and looking forward to the game. we weren't you to be prepared for the fact it will be a cold night. can i spin it in a positive way for you. at least it's not icy and not terribly windy either. it's a dry and chilly night. you will need layers.
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even with light wind you feel temperatures dropping. let's start with the redskins forecast for tonight. panthers have rolled into town. and we think at the game time kickoff at 8:30 temperature will be about 31. so that's definitely cold. but winds where light and it's not eesy and temperatures into the upper 20s by the time the game wraps up. we have hi high, thin clouds out there tonight. we're down to 34 in the district and 8 in gaithersburg and 30 winchester and so we are looking at a night that's going to be rather cool. now we don't have big gusts of wind. but even with the light wind that we have right now there's a bit of a chill in the air. it feels like 28 as opposed to 34 for the air temperature in the district. and mid 0s at dulles and 29 for annapolis and 25 frederick. you want to bundle up for that. clouds coming through right now. they'll ab around the next several hours. but will clear out late tonight. that means we're really headed for cold night. we're going to drop into the teens in the suburbs. ov
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maybe 18 for frederick and martinsburg and 2 dulles and mannasas headed to 19 and 5 degrees here in the district. i have good news, though, if you have a lot of running around to do for the rest of this week. it is looking like a questionet week and today will be the coldest day for the rest of the week. we'll talk about chance force precipitation later. jim, back to you. >> all right, thank you, sue. we mentioned redskins gearing up for "monday night football" action tonight they're taking on your line apanthers at fedex field. cowboys did the redskins a favor they beat the buccaneers which means if the redskins can beat the can therz and they're having a great season they will be in a position for 6th and final playoff spot with two games remaining in the season. we taunted him without the gloves and grant paulson is live inside the stadium tonight on the field with with what we can expect and grant this say big match-up. >> it absolutely s you're right not often you can say old friends in the division the dallas cowboys helped the redskins out.
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night. three games to play for the redskins, 7-5-1 simple math. if they win all three games they make the employoffs and if they lose at any point they will need help. a lot on the line as they get back to fedex field where they have not played in a calendar month. you have to go back to the 19th of last month to find the redskins beating green bay packers under the bright blinds of primetime and i break through game on a cold, windy night. hope to channel something similar if shawn mcvay or jay gruden. there's a lot at stake for the redskins that won four at straight at home. and in fact, won ten of the last 14 at home and suddenly this place is tough for visitors to play. i'm not sure any player has more on the line than josh normal veteran quaerlt back in the first season in washington. remember the panthers, where he became a star last year in carolina, as one of the premium players in the position of all of football, rescinded franchise tag they slammed on norman this off
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they would pay him top five played player money in the position and decided we don't need him we have enough pass rush. they let him walk in free agency. first team to bring to sight was redskins and they demanded a contract be done. he made no bones about the fact he's frustrated he was unset with the decision of panthers to move on from him. he'll get a chance tonight to play former team and former sparring partner cam newton who he said he's competitive with and everything from practice field to playing checkers and pickup basketball teams out of the complex in charlotte. one player to keep an eye on is kirk cousin splendid over the last two years. lock at record, 9-4 mid point of the year he as highest quarterback rating in football and more so than elite passers in the game dating back to middle of last season when he had you like that moment in a come from behind game against the tampa bay bucks.
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in need of a win. i'm here all evening long keeping you company from fedex field as we get you set for the redskins and panthers. >> stay warm. thank you. residents of -- c. are investigating a woman kidnapped and forced into a van and assaulted and robbed and then thrown out of the vehicle in the woodly park neighborhood. after tom fitzgerald he is there tonight you spoke with neighbors what did they have asoy about it. >> sarah we -- good evening we spoke to people in the neighborhood and we can tell you they're taking this very, very seriously. this is scary stuff. metropolitan police department tells thus the breast description of the suspects is this three african-american males fall late 30s all of them last seen in a white working van. now, that is who they are looking for. let's show you where this all took place. now
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monroe street in northwest. it's just offer 16th avenue east side of rock creek park. several houses we saw today had security cameras out front. sunday, 3:30 a woman was walking down this very street. that is when police say a woman was grabbed around the shoulders by a suspect. he forced her into the work van and inside the van two other suspectsment victim was assaulted. she had personal items toll stolen and the ordeal timely came to an end here in woodly park where we are. that woman was thrown out of that van. now back over on monroe street where it started there is alarm to. you talk to those folks out there right now and you may well hear what we heard today a lot of people saying they do not feel safe in their neighborhood as they used to. >> there's a couple of incidents that happened
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block of the adjoining blocks in the last few months. so you may want to get a security camera. >> since thanksgiving there were three instances where one of the neighbors called us i was out of town and she called and left a message and she was alerting us. >> seems like there's specific hot spots where people are hit. and you know where they mugged people and specifically there. >> d.c. police is filing crimes task force tonight this is classified this as an unarmed kidnapping and a violent offense in a forced robbery. police say that they were not available to talk to us about this on camera tonight but they are saying if there's anyone out there tonight who has information about the kidnapping give them a call. we're live in woodly park tonight, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> "fox5" is in montgomery county where aspiring christian rapper was sentenced
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murdering his music producer ryan salandy was sentenced for the death of mcdaniel and they ghoot an argument last september over who owned cds. salnd wr drove away and deliberately hit mcdaniel had w his car. he left the scene and his mother contracted authorities as you can hear in this call today. >> i just got a phone call from my son. he accidentally hit someone in clarksburg. i'm on my way back to the clarksburg site. i didn't know in somebody called it in. and my son was speeding and the person was -- they jumped in front of the card. >> where's your son now? >> he's in german town. >> prosecutors called the killing a senseless death that should have been resolved through a contract dispute. >> "fox5" is investigating the use of z.c. police body cameras for months now and tonight new footage is released and only after months of our
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persistence. so why is not the video made public. >> and talk about a last ditch efforts today is final chance for democrats to block donald trump's ascend answer to the white house. will it happen? no. back to you. >> that's for sure. we have to get you ready for the fact another thing that will happen and it will be a cold night tonight. we're already seeing temperatures in the 20s and 30s and we'll head for the teens late tonight. so that means if you are heading out to fedex wherein three hours and 20 minutes they'll kickoff against carolina panthers you want to be ready. fedex looks nice out there tonight. while it's not windy and icy it will definitely be a cold one. and you'll want to wear layers as we think the game time temperature will be 31. we're at 36 now. we'll have a look at the 7 aday forecast than busy holiday week when fox nawz at 5 comes back
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>> we're following news of a deadly attack in turkey where a gun mana tacked he was in the mid of a speech when an officer duty officer shot him. don't forget aleppo and syria. the assassin was killed by police this comes a day before russianen turkish and iranian foreign ministers meet to
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>> what i'm saying i'll tell you at the time. i'll keep new suspense. >> well, chris, let me respond to that because that's horrifying. >> well, in the third presidential debate done dobb refused to say if we would accept results of election. critics came down hard on him. today democrats are refusing to accept the results of the election whatever is in place for stopping electors forecasting ball nrots favor of trump. liver at the wilson building where district electors are passing ballots. ronica. >> hi, sarah, right here in the room behind me the district electors are casting their ballots. and now leading up to the day it's normally a very uneventful day and but there have been great efforts in particular to gets electors not to cast their ballots for donald trump. now a handful of celebrities came together with campaign using #unight for america. e
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not vote for donald trump if that what who they were bound and expected to vote for. to give you background. they're called faceless elector when's they do not vote for the candidate who won their state. but to be clear they're not constitutionally bound to vote for that person. they are, however, often bound by state law or pledges with state parties. if they do not cast the vote they can be eliminated, disqualified or simply just charged a fine. that's really what they were hoping for for the campaign. the goal get at least 3 donald trump electors not to vote for him that would stop him from getting to 20 electoral votes and then push the vote for president to the house of representatives. and now when you hear all of this ux you really can't help but think back to all of the criticism that donald trump
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the rigged system. that's what he called it. those were his word and also saying that he might not absent the results of the race. sgl it doesn't really show the kind of leadership and toughness you would want out of the president. you start whining before the game is over if when things going badly and you lose you start blaming somebody else then you don't have what it takes to be in this job. >> say you won't respect the results of the election? that is a direct threat to our democracy. >> saying that the election is rigged on the basis of nothing and that is really soar responsible. >> now, republicans also criticized donald trump, senator lindsay gram tweeted if he loses it will not be because the system is is rigged but because he failed as a candidate
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well lock now that some democrats are leading this charge to not accept the results of the election, donald trump is weighing in on twitter this is what he had to say over the weekend. he said if my many supporters acted and threatened people like those that lost the election are doing they would be scorned and called terrible names. now even with all of today's efforts the first faceless elector was actually elector who refused to vote for clinton. oornlly a bernie sanders supporter. so what do you think of all of this. you know i love to hear from you andou know where to find me. face book and twitter at ronica cleary. reporting live at the wilson building i'm ronica cleary "fox5 local news". >> in interview monday night on cbs the first lady said her husband gave the nation hope. she sat with oprah winfrey five weeks after election of donald trump and the campaign aggressively against president-elect and argued trump is unfit to the president.
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>> having a grown up in the white house who can say to you in times of crisis and turmoil, hey, it's going to be okay, let's remember the good things we have. let's look at the future. let's look at all the things we're building. all of this is important for our kids to stay focused. >> the president he leblingt responded saturday predicting "tremendous hope in the nation's fruit fewer" adding it's a truly exciting time to be alive. "fox5" is your station for politics. tweet us your thoughts on anything political related and use the 5@630 and you'll see the stweets on the board coming up next at 6 two hag hag. #5@630. >> and that's why i'm not going to be here tomorrow i have a lot to do. there's a mad rush to ship christmas gifts before the holiday. bob barnard checked out the best options for us and tell you which came out on top. >> and massive data preach at a local school district we'll tell about you this and who it affects. >> and if you have a story
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lining that number is tip number or you can email tips to stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope,
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fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at
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>> if you spent part of the your weekend christmas shopping the next thing would be to ship those gifts. how much will to cost to get the pack answerings where they need to be by the weekend. >> bob barnard is looking for the quicket and cheapest way to get gifts to their final destination. >> sending a -- >> we began our quest before dawn live on "fox5 news morning" and stoping a few topping a box to be shipped to ol kol. >> thaxing you very much >>
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>> and the best way to get it there is ground shipping $42.57 next heading to ups store in boston same package same desire to find cheapest way to get to fort collins colorado by christmas. there's lots of company for our package. many others doing it the same thing. the only way ups says it can get our box there in time is via their special express service for $90 if will arrive by friday december 23. >> our next and last stop the post office. this their buzzest day of the season for mailing packages and cards. >> what would be the cheapest way to get there by friday or saturday. >> we're told our box should arrive in for the collins by friday via priority mail $36.50 stressing rdrd should get
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>> guaranteed. >> to guarantee different tlivrpy by christmas use express mail for tomorrow delivery for $73.95. so there you have it. looks like fedex is the winner for guaranteed cheapest delivery. bottom line. you still have time. what you pay depends on who you turn to. in arlington county, bob barnard, "fox5 local news". >> that's a little steep. >> i'm still all for buying local gifts you know going to local stores but sometimes it's become easier to use amazon ship it through there. >> i've done that too. >> if it's someone that lives in for the collins like he's trying to get it to. >> quickly. >> got to do what you got to do. >> with so much to do something you may not think about is safety. experts say it comes down to plan ago head and avoiding distractions which is tough this time of year what with all the wine. plan a designated driver to make everything safe and keep app eye on the kivrp tone avoid fires and don't overlook who i
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can happen. >> such a great time for kids right? christmas. santa claus is coming and hanukah harry is coming and look out for the toys. making sure things are not choking hazards for infants. watch for those button bat writes he don't get swallowed and age appropriate. >> the experts also say common sense would dictate keep tabs on elderly family members as well. >>. >> getting answers for you after a month long investigation. new body camera footage with d.c. police and how it may solve case. >> and swift action for law enforcement as it catch as i suspect during the morning are you. i'm major tim
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>> tag a look at tonight's top stories here's other look at what we're fol and there's speculation tonight a deadly crash in berlin may have been terrorism and at least nine people were killed and 50 others hurt when a truck crashed into a crowded christmas market. police have detained a man they believe was the driver and it is still unclear if it's accident on intentional act.
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and electors flipping vote? it's a last ditch attempt to keep president-elect trump out of the white house. election watchers say all of this is the longest of long shots and 29 states actually have laws that bind electors to the candidate chosen by the votes. >> and cold weather ripping apart a large part of the country. d.c. region in the 0s nothing compared to north dakota and min money. in bismarck a record low 31 below zero over the weekend. in minneapolis nfl officials prohibited viking fans from outdoor pregame activities due to the ridge id weather and the coldest game played yesterday was in kansas city where it was 2 degrees. >> there was new information tonight in the "fox5" investigation of d.c. police body camera footage and how it's used in courts after months of asking footage recorded during
5:30 pm
drive ago rests is finally turned over and it's all redacted. even the police officers faces have been con said along with audio. and "fox5" paul wagner is there to complain. paul. >> hey, jim. this all began last summer with a simple request to see police body camera video used in court to convict drink drivers and defense attorneys were calling them game changers however the d.c. attorney general refused to turn them over telling "fox5" they were not part of public record and if we wanted to see them go ask the police. >> get back in possession. >> this is some of the footage turned over to "fox5" after we filed a freedom of information act request to see it last september it's hardly a representation of what wow have seen in court. not even close. police officers fashions, baths badges and name tags are obscured and perhaps puzzling of all the person tried and convicted is now anony
5:31 pm
their face have been obscured and there's nothing in the gotage indicating who they may be. become in september this is attorney general take on why he didn't think the footage was part of public record. >> in addition to the statute, there are actual cases d.c. circuit cases that talk about the privacy rights that people have notwithstanding the fact that they were involved in a public quart process. >> since then "fox5" has been unable to find a single lawyer who agrees with carl. even the u.s. attorney's office at our request handed over police body camera footage used in court for a gun conviction. no faces or audio is obscured and we did not have to ask the police. as for mayor muriel because wher we asked last week side stepped directly address the the issue. >> we is a pretty specific
5:32 pm
-- way that we release body camera into theage and we work hard and there was a lot of back and forth and negotiations about what the law would say as it relates to when we release body worn camera. my particular view is that we want the video footage to make sivr in the district of columbia for police to do their work and communities to have confidence in police actions. >> and in recent months we asked phil mendelsohn chairman of d.c. city council and kenyan mcduffy who chairs the public saferty commission for their positions on the issue and so far they mother remained silent. >> after seeing the redacted videos we asked sdepty mayor for public saferty kevin donahue why cover faces of officers and suspect? he replied in part, metropolitan police department has most transparent body worn camera program in theou
5:33 pm
signed by muriel bowser that allows footage released to the public through foil, freedom of information act request even when the person requesting footage does not appear in it paul wagner "fox5 local news". "fox5" is in fairfax tonight where a man expected in stabbing in metro station in now in police custody tonight. metro transit police were called to the station in very and afore a fight this morning and they found a man suffering from stab wounds and he was rushed to the hospital with non life-threatening injuries and police quickly identified the suspect using metro surveillance anden and they stopped the train suspect boarded and he was late area rested. >> "fox5" in frederick county where the school system was hacked. students who went there between 20005 and 200 06 may have had personal information breached. nearly 1,000 named social security numbers and birth dates all could be compromise: it's hard to identify the source since bre
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if you think you were affected by this we have a lincoln the web site to help you. >> a bitter cold start to the workweek. >> yes. sue we all want to know what christmas day will look like. >> i tell you all about that in a dumb minutes and here's good news, jim, sarah, if we have to put the spin on it this will be a much quieter week. yes it's cold tonight and cold start tomorrow morning an as early as wednesday temperatures moderate quite a bit which does lead us up to the holiday forecast for christmas and christmas eve. i'll let you know what to expect "fox5 local news" at 5 will be right back.
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>> we're following breaking news about the presidential election it's a done deal. donald trump will become the 45 please of united states. just a short time ago president elects crossed a major threshold surpassing 270 electoral votes needed to be declared winner.
5:38 pm
electors have been voteing across the country to certify election results. >> and still trending tonight, kaheem saved d.c. >> this was incredible. if you missed it "fox5" teamed up with make a wish atlantic to make a young boy's wish to come through his wish was to be a superhero he wanted to help people. volunteers pitched in to make his wish come true and he became for one day a super kaheem he faced a lot of challenges and he went all over the dmv from saving santa claus to capture iting grinch. he is currently battling leukemia and had a thrilling day friday. this morning kevin mccarthy caught one kaheem and his mom on good day d.c. >> how did you feel about friday. >> good. >> you feel good? now your costume your mom was telling me you wore aall weekend long did you wear it saturday and sunday. >> yes. >> now i'm not going to lie i actually went to sleep on friday night with my
5:39 pm
i've become a big fan of you and apparently a lot of people have, mr. joe biden. the rock. your mom, what has this meant for you to be here and you're out of school today this is kind of cool you have a tree day at home and. >> this means a lot to me and it was a tremendous experience. i was so overwhelmed with everything and surprised with everything. i didn't know it would be such a big big thing that even the vice-president was going to tweets about it. >> and of all the activities of people he helped his favorite one was saving sabt a. >> how many people santa never needs help. >> but kaheem took care of it. >> he is the man. i loved seeing all the people chanting super
5:40 pm
kaheem. >> his smile isen deering isn't it? it's a beautiful thing. i'm so happy we could do something to make him feel great for the day. we'll keep the illness opt run too. >> to make mom feel great for the day too. think of everything she's been through as well. >> no doubt, no doubt. it's a hopeful, wonderful gift and i love how everybody pitched n think our staff had the most fun. >> right? >> it was exciting to watch. >> why is tucker wearing the cape for example. >> yes. >> he is? >> yes. >> he wore it before friday too all the time. >> that's our inside baseball. but congratulations to everyone for making fantastic day for kaheem i was worried it would be a cold day but nobody seemed to worry about it how about this weekend weather, guys was it not the crazeest? 67 yesterday and 20 degree drop and here we are back in the cold stuff again and weatherhead line it will be another cold night. good news all this week as we've been talking about it looks quiet weather-wise.
5:41 pm
showers and temperatures mod late this week which is great now that we had the first sample of what happens around here when you get to a small amount of ice who needs it when you have to drive somewhere. and if you have to stay put and run errands. there's a chance of few showers thurz small chance, 20 or 30% chance and we may see a couple showers around late christmas eve and on christmas day but good news there is temperatures are going to be above average. tonight it's all about this. panthers and redskins at 8:30 fedex and it's going to be a cold one as i sfin in the positive light at least it will not be icy and not terribly windy. 31 though you feel that that's for sure. temperature drops to the 20s by the time the game wraps up and tomorrow looks like temperature around 42. not far from average. cool and not cold. and we should have a lot of sunshine around after a cold start tomorrow morning. and we'll have more
5:42 pm
out with sunshine that leads us to frontal boundary passing us thursday. by the way speaking of wednesday when we hit 50 that's first day of winter. naturally it's milder day. we have just got two days to go. solstice occurs 5:44 in the morning. meanwhile these are the highs we hit today. 35 degrees and definitely i believe this will be the coldest day of the week certainly chilly out there tonight. some places dropping into the 20s and gaithersburg 20. but the rest of us in low 0s and that's definitely again very cold. not terrible wind chill we saw for many days last week and but it feels like more in the 20s. so get ready for that tonight if you head out. with have a deck of high, thin clouds coming through and they're not going to be with us all night. aas a matter of fact they'll break up in a few hours. we have moisture not zest up todd get in here that's where frontal boundy in off the coas
5:43 pm
clouds here cheer on out and as that happens teens and 20s in suburbs foredry and cold night and not terribly windy. we're probably headed to upper teens in many areas tonight to 25 in the dissfriingt. so definitely a cold start. how are things looking at we head towards us tuesday well a lot of sunshine for us as high pressure builds on it in and don't forget the sun glasses as you head out and keep in mind we should be able to get to low 40s tomorrow. it should feel a little better that today did. but tomorrow morning at 8, 8 degrees and by noon, 9 and by 4:00 about 41. let's jump you over to "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast you can see 4 tuesday to 50 wednesday and couple showers possible thursday not a lot. frontal boundary will pass us by and drop temperature on friday toy 4. but then here comes christmas eve maybe a couple showers possible late at night but not freezing. certainly 50. pretty decent. sunday christmas day 53 and few
5:44 pm
temperatures stay above freezing even at night and that's important for people traveling monday 61. partly sunny and warmer yeah i said 61. could be warmer than that the way things are looking at this point. so we're going to stay more on the up set side. sarah, jim over to you. >> thank you, sue, can they do it. redskins are being ing to secure the 6th and final playoff spot tonight. >> we'll breakdown their chances liver to fedex field
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♪ ready or not, here i come, you can't hide♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
5:49 pm
for a redskins touchdown. to 30, to the 20 u. on the way. touchdown. ♪ ♪ there you go♪ ♪ >> woo! you luke that. you like that? >> all right. i don't know what if that doesn't get you excited i don't
5:50 pm
>> it's "monday night football" and redskins take on the panthers getting hyped for that and grant paulson live on the field at fedex. let's talk about the story line. this is josh norman a game he had circled on the calendar because facing his old team. what should we expect out of him tonight. >> an inspired effort clearly this is a guy that never really needs any added motivation. he plays the game 100 miles an hour and 100% every time he takes the field will he keep his owe motions in check for the higher matched in his career this is a guy off and on let his emotion get to him. penalties getting it into it with ride receivers and cam newton a sparring partner and he started with them and flourished to stardom. he said look i hope cam newton tries me i want these guys to try to take advantage of me tonight. he'soo
5:51 pm
>> we're talking about the team that won 50-1 and everybody thought they would roomp over denver in the football game. one team they did not roomp over was redskins they won 44-16 in charlotte. turnovers made the difference. when you look at that game last year and tonight what's different. >> more than anything else the panthers are different and their defense is not nearly as dominant they're much more susceptible to the passing game and josh norman is noten the sideline anymore. kirk cousins two sack full blz offense turned the ball over too many times. he was asked, what's different? in general quick sand element of last year season when things were going poorly they would compile and we let them go worse and worse that's gone away. this team responds bet to adversity and there's mortal enter on offense around cousins to help him out a little bit and more than
5:52 pm
far as this match-up caroline is is not 15-1 that they were. that will benefit redskins too. >> cowboys helped the redskins they beat the bucks and what ezekiel elliot did after a touchdown i'm sure you got calls he jumped into the salvation army kettle and won't be find we're watching there he is nice little donation. what do you think, show boating or what? >> i don't think so. it was fun. clearly he planned it because he second it out when he got to the end zone he was running for it. it brought a lot of attention to a charity. they got more donations today than the few days before that i know specifically myself i looked into the charity more so at that point earlier of the week that's one of the sounds of the holiday i love so much is the bell when you walk in and out of stores. it's a job well done by elliot and also by the league to not fine him initially it seemed so that would be the case it would be excessive celebration but it's good to use common sense and allow to prevail every now and then and that's what
5:53 pm
>> common sense and nfl don't go much hand-in-hand. >> we'll academic with you later on grant, good seeing you again. >> all right so with holidays approaching a lot of people are helping those that need it the most. >> earlier today a major dough nation took place shops at iverson mall stores donated more than 300 winter coats for prince george who were homeless. >> well you know it's no few being sick around the holidays. so this afternoon several members of the washington capitols dropped down med star hospital to bring holiday cheer to patients. great alex ovechkin and nate schmidt were some of the players that turned out. caps players mingled with kids and districted gifts and painted arch work auctioned off december 9 and tha
5:54 pm
will benefit treacy's kids a pediatric art therapy organization. >> some of the players also picked up a paint brush and tried their luck as well. >> even up to the kids. >> yes. >> the choice for awad of the year sulz up 2016. you can guess what it is. >> the word of the year. >> there's a few with election and all there's so many possibilities. answer when the news at 5 returns.
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>> a big celebration at stewart hopson in washington that's where news conference captured awarding of 2017 d.c. teacher of year. gcps officials interrupted her class and surprised reading intervention teacher elizabeth dohurst with news and 7500 prize. do jvrjts hurst has been
5:58 pm
at stewart hopson and she's quoting here leader and endlessly creative educator whose commitment to school and community makes a profound difference every day. we spoke liver on the morning show. >> thank you so much. i am completely blown away. it's an owner own honor to work with our students every day. and it is i think the best job in the world. and it would not be possible to i'm sure win this without an environment where it's okay to you try new things and okay to fail and miss clemons and turner and administration makes that possible for us and it's definitely a team win not just for me but all the teachers in the building and teachers in the city. thanks so much for everything. >> 2015 filled with surprises. biggest shocker of the year.
5:59 pm
merriam winster unveiled word of the year. that word is surreal. and it spiked when the terrorist attacked brussels and then again nice and turkic coip and biggest spike was ninth and tenth after the american election. >> and speaking of the election merriam webster said other top searches include bigly a term trump uses frequently and de pourable what clinton used to describe trump supporters. stay with us the news at 6 starts right now. >> we begin tonight with breaking news at least nine people are dead and 50 others hurt after a truck plowed through an outdoor christmas market in berlin. the crash happened outside a landmark church. investigators are eas
6:00 pm
near the scene who is believed to be the truck driver and at this point they're trying to determine if this was a deliberate attack and crash comes weeks after the u.s. state department called for caution in marc-andre fleury markets and other pub luck place overs seas and warned extremist groups wanted to strike during the holiday season. >> and crash similar to attack we saw in nice with where a truck drove into a large crowd of people on pastile day. officers shot and killed the truck driver that was found to be surprise port of islamic state. police have since arrested more tan a dozen people for helping the truck driver in that case. avrjts anesthesia we stay closer to home tonight -- as we stay closer to home the big story is the bitter cold. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> the d.c. region dipping below freezing. the question is for how long? sue palka what's the answer to that one? >> shawn, you know you were right. some places are below freezing. but, here's the good news. today is the coldest day that we're going to have all week. so you know what's coming.


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