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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 19, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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this fox5 local news at 10. right now at 10, a lunchroom fight inside a maryland high school sends several students to the hospital.. what sparked the violence and what is the school doing to stop it. another large truck used by terrorists to plow into in aplow crowd of people. this time in a christmas market in berlin. could a similar attack happenck here at
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us olympic swimmer jack conger made his first appearance in. this is fox5 local news at 10. we begin tonight with that lunchroom fight inside of a maryland school that sent threet students to the hospital.spit i'm shawn yancy and i'm jim lokay in for tony perkins. the video was by a central highh school student. fox5 lindsay watts live tonight in capital heights.ts. any word on what could haveve started all this?d >>reporter: all jim, them, investigation is ongoing but we're being told by school sch officials that race may have hav played a role in this horriblesh clash, that it was a group of african-american studentsn-am fighting with a grouper of hispanic students. the parent who provided us the e video says he kept his daughter from school today. she wasn't involved in the fight, but he says it's the's racial element that really hasly him scared. here's another look a
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video. high schoolers out of control in a lunchroom this happened on friday. students punching, kicking each other. three students had to be hospitalized after a fight that school officials acknowledge mae have been racially motivated. a spokesperson for princesper george's county schools says the african-american students werese the aggressors and because the assault was directed at the hispanic students, the principal is working with the district to diversity officer to bring all students together am we're toll the school iset alsohe dr eveloa plan to address safety concernsy from both students and parents. i would want more securitycuri beefed up.beef a mother we talked to was horrified seeing the video. i just wanted to know where was an administrator, security? i'm concerned that it got out of hand like that.ik you may have had the same thoughts. we went back and slowed down tht video and found at least three adults who were
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intervene. police say the school resource officer called for backup from prince george's county police. wes c asked the district if thei isct going to be an increase in security after this. no response yet on thatt question. the district did tell us that the principal has met with thewh parents of everyone involved and all students were part of an assembly to address whatss happened and try to keep it from happening again.happ and the district also says that all three students hospitalized have now been release. police tell us that there weree no arrests as a result of the fight and the district says that the students involved were punished in line with school policy. i was able to talk to two students here who was in that assembly today. they said what they heard was h that most of the aggressors have been expelled. they also told me they don't the believe there's a racially different at their school. they say they have never seen anything that bad here at central high. live in capital heights, lindsay watts, as a parent i can
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there, especially when you see that video.that i know you mentioned that onet father kept his daughter home. will the school have extraool security in place for tomorrow or in the days to come just to keep an eye on things? >>reporter: that is something that we asked the district directly tonight. is are going to be any increase in security and we didn't get any response as to whether they were going to up it from what it usually is. there is typically a school resource officer here and some additional security guards as well. you might have noticed in the video when we were up there earlier today there was an officer's car sitting right inig the parking lot and that wast well after school was out. but as far as whether the schooe is going to be beefing thingsfig up, that is a question that will be continuing to ask the district. all right, lindsay thanks soanks much for joining us.ning we appreciate it. the latest now on that deadly truck crash in berlin. a man drove a truck into a crowded christmas market, at least a dozen people were killed.kill nearly 50 others were hurt.hers
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statement that said it con stems in the strongest terms what appears to have been a terrorist attack. president elect trump offeredp his condolences to the victims. police believe they have the man who was the driver in custody. investigators at this pointator aren't ready to says that this was a deliberate act. in recent months the islamic state anal wade a have called on followers to use trucks to attack large trucks. the district also has its share of holiday markets that attractt big crowds.big sarah simmons is live in northwest with more on this. sarah. >>reporter: shawn, we're outside the downtown holidayay market. this is right near the verizon center. you can see actually it's closed up for the night. but when it is open this is very festive atmosphere for the holidays. when you see things like what happened in berlin with the truck attack, it kind of rattles your sense of safety t. it's these loan wolf attacks that the authorities are worried about and having a difficult time for federal and local authorities to get a ha
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the danger lies. terrorism experts say they are certainly also worried about wor threats against the us innovators are working to sort those every day.ery what happened oversees did notd come out of the blue, though.ouh the us state department issued a travel alert before thanksgiving for those visiting holiday markets and other celebrations in europe. experts talk about the best way to project a possible terrorist attack. you just put yourself in the sures of the terrorists. for example, if you are in a mall, if you why are in a crowded street, anywhere, in a public place, even in private places, board meetings, remember in california what happened, or in a nightclub such as what happened in orlando, have the in stints of being in a counter terrorism situation. now, this is video from earlier tonight at the downtown holidayy market. i spoke with one of the organizers behind the event.
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christmas market attack in berlin he had already hirede ha security ford the event. and that he works very closely year after year with d.c. police on security warnings and issues. and while there are some security measures of course heue mentioned that you can't see, which we know that's really the case around d.c.d.c. there are a lotto owe there are some that you can if you comeu down here to the holiday market. for instance, they have these barriers around the holiday market just to try to protect pedestrians from traffic.rian ass youing see a very busy area right here off center city and f. that's the latest from rightm here, sarah simmons. developing in turkish an assassination in the country's cap l toll caught on camera. russian's ambassador to turkey was gunned.wa he was in the msiddle of a speeh in an art gallery when an office duty in a suit pulled out a gun and started shooting. don't forget allege oh, don't forget syria. the white house
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state john carry spoke out about the attack.k. meantime some frightening moments for a woman in the district. she told police she was kidnapped right off the street,t forced into a van, assaulted, robbed and then thrown out of the vehicle in wheatley park. fox5's marina maracco live inlie northwest with more on this. a really bizarre case, marina. >>reporter: it really is, especially where this happenedhe in northwest. police believe that three men are behind this all, believed td have used a white work van to take their hostage. now, this all started here. this is video of a residential street just off of busy 16th street in columbia heights. it was just before 4 in the morning yesterday, sunday whenay that victim, a woman was walkinn down monroe street. she was grabbed around the shoulders by a suspect. he forced her into a white work van where two other men waited. there she was robbed and eventually the victim was let out a few miles away here inth
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woodly park neighborhood.hbor police, however, have not disclosed a specific location of where she was let out of that van.van. on monroe street in columbia heights, several house essay peer to be lined with surveillance l cameras, but neighbors we spoke with say that's not enough deterrence. they say they're on edge following oa string ever violet crimes. there's not much traffic here on this street. what you see right now, there's real who the spots, block by block and certain places are better. we're aware of that. we've lived here for about 10 years and this is -- these sort of incidents don't happen with that regularity. the victim was dropped off and according to police she's gote's knob life threatening injuries. police have yet to release anles official report or disclose any more detaste as to what exactly took place in that r however, that kidnapping has taken this
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neighborhood by surprise.pris live tonight in woodly park, marina maracco, fox5 local news. > let's taw back outside, a live look there at the washington monday up, a little chilly out there, but guess what, we're going to see a warmup this week.k. let's check in with sue palka for the very latest. >> yesterday, was 67-degrees and then we crashed and we stay in this close place tonight. but what is ahead is warmer weather and that will take until wednesday to get into town. don't be expecting it on your tuesday morning.tues these are the high temperatures today mid to upper 30s.. we can do a little bit betterit than that tomorrow, but it is mighty cold out there right nowt so a check of temperatures shows the district at 31-degrees gaithersburg and frederick at 27, 25 in winchester and martinsburg. 28 at dulles and culpeper. a real chilly night, in terms of the wind chill the winds ever pretty light.ght. it still feels like it's in the low to mid 20s. i'su
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there at fed ex. overnight temperatures north ant westur will see a few upper tees in the district, about 25-degrees. mean for tomorrow morning at the bus stop, the, kids need to be ready for a lot of sunshine, cold temperatures,t the range could be 19 to 27-degrees. it's school it looks like chilly, but still pleasant. 37 to 4 #. you can handle it as long as there isn't any big wind. w of course this is a very busy week, run up to christmas.rist we're going to let you know whaw to expect coming up at 106789. 30. shawn and jim, back to you. >> see you then.hen. > coming up at 10, a man suspected of stabbing someone in front of a virginia metro station is in jail.n is we have the details of how police tracked him down.wn. as expiring christian rapper will spend two decades behindnd bars for killing his music produce. a maryland school system targeted by hearings, what youhr need to know right now to protect your identity. and a little later hometown
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olympic athletes were honored in m. they reflected on rio, including jack conger what he had to say that might surprise you next on fox5 news at 10.
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two adults and a baby were hurt when their car slammed into a tree. sky fox was over the scene shortly after the crash. the driver apparently fell asleep, rap off the road ande ro then hit the tree. no worn was seriously hurt. firefighters tell us one of the adults was trapped in the carr for a short time, but crews got him out. policing arrested the man suspected of stabbing anotherstb man at a virginia metro station this morning. metro transit police were called to the dun log station in vienna in the middle of the morning rush for reports of a fight when they got there they found a man with stabbed wounds. w he is expected to survive. they stopped the man.he he was on a train. they topped the train and arrested him. now in montgomery county
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an aspiring christian rapper was sentenced today for murdering his music producer. court documents show the two mem got into a fight in september of last year over who owned some cds. land did i first drove away, but then he came back and deliberately hit mack daniel with his car. he left the scene, but police pl say it was his mother whomoth contacted authorities.ntac you can hear it in the 911 call that was release today. i just got a phone call from my son, he accidentally hit someone in clarksburg. i'm ' on way back to the clarksburg site. i didn't know if somebody called it in. my son was speeding and the person -- they jumped in front of the car. where is your son now.. >> he's in germantown.ntow > prosecutors called the death a senseless situation over a contract dispute that shouldshou have been resolved pleasefully. fox5 in frederick county with the school syst
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students that went there between 2005 and 2006 may have had their personal information breached. fcps say it's hard to identify the source since the breachreac happened so long ago.happ if youen think you may have been expected we have more w information on our website to help you out. d.c. mayor muriel bowser made some appointments today. chunk for health and human services and brenda mcdonald. the appointments will help her achieve an important goal to approve the health and the safety of the people of the district of columbia. how we use all of our strategies in the agencies of government to end homelessness is important. how we expand, access to healthcare and improve healthroe out comes is important. brenda donald previously served as deputy mayor for health and humans services but when then mare asked her to help with the search to find a director foreco child and families of s she offered to step down a
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mayor and lead the other agency. > three owe limb pi ands on competed in rio gatheredath tonight. we're talking jack cominger, kate t think la deck i and ashley need. and the national museum of african-american history and culture made a mistake by excluding some information about one supreme court justice. we'll tell you why one us senator is crying foul.
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> we all cheered team usa on at rio. tonight they were honored in h montgomery county. the county hosting a celebration for olympic athletes, katiely deca and ashley need and jack conger. they posed for peck terse with their youngest fans. it was a surprise tonight and all the honors are amazing.zi again, we all really appreciate the suor
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this community and hopefully we're inspiring little kids to go after their dreams. now, this was a celebratory event. it was also the first time that olympic swimmer jack conger was in front of cameras following the controversial gas stationion destruction in rio. teisha lewis talked to conger about the lessons he's learned since then. this was his first post-olympicl speech. still on a four-month suspension handed down by the olympic committee than a usa swimming association after he and three teammates lied about being attacked and robbed at a gas station in brazil.l. i did speak with him about his mistake and his message to young people. it's all kind of about p learning from mistakes andstak moving on and making sure that you're surrounding yourself with the right people and you kind of -- it's a live lesson that l you learn and you take away the positives rather than the negatives and you keep movingng forward. the rockville, maryland
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was one of three montgomery thr county owe limb pians honored tonight by the county. the free event was held at the silver springs gymnasium. it was a packed house primarily with young people. old and young alike kept out to take a glance of the winners. conger won a gold medal. in addition to being suspended from the sport, though he is also completing a communitymmun service. i was surprised to see him at tonight event. >> i don't know much about what happened, so, you know. what is the message here tonight? >> i guess my take on it that we live in a great county with so am resources provided and great opportunities for all the kids. i wasn't necessarily surprised r to see him. see he was a lot tail
10:22 pm
thought t he'd be. conger's suspension ends next year. he is completing his senior year at the university of texas at austin. he is on the swim competing in the 2020 tokyoo games is his goal, his priority. > nice to see him. we wish him well. i know all of that happened bacd then. but at a certain point, you do what you got to do. take your punishment and you move objection to the form stil somebody to root for in the > absolutely. we're rooting for him in 2020 texas senator ted crews is criticizing african-american. ar he says the museum made a big mistake by not including the accomplishments of clarenceshme tomorrows a. the museum only briefly meanings thomas even though he served on the high court for 25 years. tonight no comment from the smithsonian. speaking of the supreme court it's been nearly a year ins
10:23 pm
the death of advice event scalia.scal even though president obama has nominated this man, they flat out considering his nomination because a lawyer from new mexico recently filed a lawsuit to consider the garland nomination. theyti rejected the lawyer's bil today without issuing a comment. fox5 is raising questions abouti the body ram a footage that d.c. police actually release to the public. the video that's given to us is often not the same version that's viewed in the courtroom. we ask why you're not getting the full story.ory. grammy nominated singer devon s will be here to show. we'll learn about the last minute holiday gifts that are sure to impress your friends and loved ones. >> the clapper. > that's always a good one, jim. fox5 news morning kicks off at
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> this is fox5 local news at 10 we're back now with the top stories tonight, a violent fighn caught on camera inside a maryland lunchro sent three students to the hospital. lindsay? it happened here at central high school in capital heights and we will get right to the video. it's tough to watch. school officials aree investigating whether there was a racial motivation here becausr they say it was a group of african-american students whoo assaulted a group of hispanicspn
10:28 pm
video says he kept his daughterr from school today because of safety concerns. much more on this and the school's response coming up at 11. sarah a truck slams into anto crowded christmas market in berlin today. german security officials say it appears to be an intentional act. the white house saying itying appears to be a terrorist acan that.that the state department issued a travel alert last month aboutnth possible attacks during the holidays large celebrations in europe. the us must also be on high alert.ert. d.c. police investigating a kidnapping in woodly park. a woman told police she was walking in the 1600 block of monroe street in northwest earlh sunday she says a man, grabbed her threw her into a white workman and then several men assaulted and robbed herment police havenp not yet made any arrests. it is a cold night out there,
10:29 pm
not icy. here are the weather headlines that we can expect as you go forward. cold tonight, upper teens to mid 20s tomorrow morning, but a sunny day tomorrow and this week really looks pretty quiet weather wise. we'll have an actual moderation of temperatures. we're going to see that starting on wednesday and even beforere this seven day period is overer temperatures will be well above average. we'll have a chance for showers on thursday and what about christmas day? it's not looking like it's going to be a christmas. we're forecasting a temperature of 53-degrees.-deg it looks like there will be also some showers around.ound that's quite mild. maybe not as warm as last year when we had to run the air than canner, but definitely easy on. trays. as we prepare for christmas at thee for end of h week.ek > back to you. >> there is new informations tonight inne a fox5 investigatia of d.c. police body cameraer footage and how it's been used in court.rt. during five drunk driving aresource officers have finally
10:30 pm
redacted, the faces of theces police officers haveof been concealed along with some of the audio. fox5's paul wagner has the story. >>reporter: get back in position. this is just some of the footage turned over to fox5 after wex5 filed a freedom of information act requestedom to h oe zoo it t september. it's hardly a representation ofs what you would have seen in court. not even close.. police officers faces, badges and name tags are obscured. radio transmissions have beenen covered. and perhaps the most pussing of all is the fact the person who was tried and convicted is now anonymous. their faces have been obscureden and there is nothing in thee footage indicating who they maym be. back in september, h this was the attoey general's take onl' why hes didn't think the footae was part of the public record. in addition to the statute there are actual cases, d.c. circuit cases that talk about the privacy rights that people havel not with tanning
10:31 pm
they were involved in a public court since then fox5 has been unable to find a single lawyer who agrees with carl ravine. rav even the us attorney's office at our request handed over policeep body camera footage used in court for a gun conviction. no faces or audio is obscured and we did not have to ask the police.poli as for mayor muriel bowser whenb weow asked last week side steppd directly addressing the issue. we have a pretty specific way that we release body worn camera. i think we work very hard andry mr. was a lot of back and fortht a lot of negotiation about whatt the law would say as it relatese to when we release body worn camera. my particular view is what we want the video footage to make it safer in the district of th
10:32 pm
their work and for communities to have confidence in policelice action. in recent months we've also asked philadelphia mendelson,ndl the chairman of the d.c. city council as ken onmack duffy fory their physicians on the issueue and so far they have bothth remained silent. paul wagner, fox5 local news. > after seeing the redactedcted videos we asked the deputy mayor for public safety why cover the facers and the suspect this isis the answer we got. >> they have the most body worny in the country. signed by muriel bowser that allows foot age to be releaseeae through the public through a freed a.m. of information account request even when the person requesting the footageotg doesn't appear in it. end quote.e. well, it is official, donaldicia trump will be sworn in as the next president of the united states next but toda ny the president elect met the number of electoral votes needed to seal the deal. the rocky road to the process coming up at
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> a knew waive pardons fromwa president obama. heivpr pardoned 78 people and shortened sentences of 153 153 others.ot it's the largest number of individual creamances by any president. he has been granting them in a rapid pace focusing on shortening sentences rather than pardons. the white house says the clemancyies slid phis the president's believe that the us is the. electors cast their ballots for trump today despite a about itau of an anti trump backlash.trum where the electoral collegelege stands now. >>reporter: sound the al
10:37 pm
around 200 protestors in harrisburg braved freezingee temperatures and tall odds ins their quest to deprive president elect trump of the 2730 votes he needed to advance to his inaugeration next month.. >> i am here today because i feel like it's the last chancee we have to really safe thisis country.coun inside the state capital however, amid some cheering a pennsylvania's 20 elect fors dutifully that usually flippedie the blue state to red. 20 votes for donald j trump andd the vote for vice-president for michael r pens and so it wasns around the country with small protests doing little l to slow the trump jug naught. of the first states he won, none witnessed any defects. inside the so-called faithless electoral popped popped in
10:38 pm
mr. trump p that he would vote for john kasich. itself it's an important responsibility and as we cast our votes today for the president elect, donald trumpct then sometime in january we will have an inaugeration and we'll have a new p. former president bill clinton no stranger to the electoralecto college cast a vote for his wifs as an electoral from new york. democratic elect fors in colorado another state mrs. clinton won employed tackics to the very end to become unbound for voting for her. their gamut was part of a convoluteed plan into hoping states to defect. they went for the democrat nominee even after one electoral voted against mrs. clinton onlyy to have another who voted for.
10:39 pm
investigation in sour then democrats lost this electn because hillary clinton whon wh failed to campaign effectively in h the states that mattered. three states bound to vote for mrs. clinton instead voted for colin powell, a fourth forth american eagle. she said she will work with it's democratic general to see that the four faceless electors are find up to $1,000. in washington, james rose than, fox news. > we're getting our look behinl the scenes at the president elect's new wax figure. sculptures at madam london duenn sos are working around the clock to finish four identical figurel of donald trump all in time for the inaugeration.erat as you can see they're stillill putting the finishing touches on his hair. they will go on display in new york, and london and
10:40 pm
right here in the district. look how realistic that looks. hair by hair. they'll trim it up. > that is a lot of work. >> tonight at 11 what we found when we went looking for the cheapest option for the last minute gift deliveries. this wild fight inside a local high school that sent three thr students to the thosee stories and much more at 11. 11. more money or more time off, o which means more to you? if you said money you're in the majority. a new survey showing 65 percent of work are americans would choose an extra week of pay over a week of vacation every year.r. the same report suggests you may as well take the extra cash because more than half of all employees who get vacation days will not use all of their days this year. the median time left behind expected to be about seven full days. stocks up as we kick off the
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investors watching to see ife we're going to get a santa rally to push the do you over 20,000. it's 117 points away now. a big badge of honor for a towna in the badger state. in a report naming madison, wisconsin, the most caring citizen in america. getting high marks for helpingig their neighbors and the need i in their community. that's a look at business. he'll david asman. .
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> we've been talking about a b lot abouteen christmas just arj the corner, the magical feel ofi the holidays, sometimes the bese part of it is helping people whw really need it the most. stores
10:45 pm
the coats will go to homeless prince george's county public school students. initiative isteorge' all part of the school system's giving together campaign. after the coats were checkedoats they were put on school buses and taken to a distribution center. workers there will hand out the coats to all the students. and this is -- the good news is we're not seeing the artic temperatures we saw over theur last couple of days.ay >> last week was so busy and this week feels like a week off in the weather department. > good. >> definitely cold i'm so glad they're doing that with the coats.ats. we're still on track to have a pretty cold winter. >> okay. we're going to have the out busts of cold, outbreaks i guess they are and then a little bitlt of a warmup. this is our off week. we get the warmer air that is going to come into town. we have to wait until wednesday. > i'm marking that on my calendar.. >> i'm pleased for people who have to travel. like mr. low kay who hasn't
10:46 pm
started his holiday shoppingshop yet. >> we'll get right on that.t. definitely it's cold.nite a the look of places are in thee 20s. get ready for a sunny dayda tomorrow. that's definitely what we have in store for you as we get started on our weather maps. i also wanted to let you knowou that we have a great sunset picture tonight from omar. did you happen to see this when you were out and about? a thin cloud cover that was coming in,, beautiful reflects that we got. we thank you so much for your pictures. if you get a good one, send it to me at sue palka fox5 d.c.. tomorrow is the last day of fall because the winter solatesr so occurs early in the morning on wednesday at 5:44. we are two days away from winter. i think you'll feel the cold is backing off a little bit as weas get closer to wednesday. it's definitely blow average. it hasn't taken very much for us to start falling as we lookt at our temperature trend with the average highh being 46-degrees we're stil a
10:47 pm
little blow it tomorrow with 42 with a lot of sunshine and not much in the wind department it should feel pretty nice to you. wednesday we're jump it up to 50-degrees. thursday even warmer, 53, a frontal boundary may comeound through with one or two showers, not a lot and then friday we drop back down. as seeing a lot of cold air onon the weather maps there are spots.sp overall this definitely looks as lot warmer than it did lastt week. temperatures locally are mostly in high temperature 20 #-s north and west to near 30 as we get to d.c. south and east. we are going to see temperatures dropping onee down. winds not bad, but the wind chills are a few degrees thann the actual air temperature. we've also had a deck of thin clouds coming through butut they'll be breaking up shortly and that allows us to get cooler. traveling tomorrow there's really not much to disrupt you, a few snow showers through thehe northern plains, another system coming into the pacific
10:48 pm
we're in pretty good shape. your fox5 accuweather seven day forecast. what about late week, friday is cooler, 48-degrees.8-de saturday is christmas eve and the first day of hanukkah.ukka on christmas day 53-degrees. a pretty good chance we'll see lot of clouds and a few showerss around. monday even warmer at 61-degrees. an easy run for us in the run uu to the holiday. > you deserve it. >> thanks. > a golf shot from a hazard that you that have to see to believe. the caps continue a holidayholi tradition of spreading cheer atr a local hospital. sports. weretirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence.
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but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor. t. rowe price. invest with confidence. > kaheem safes d.c. is stillm trending. in casesafe you missed it friday, fox5 teamed up with make a wish foundation to make a
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plenty ofs volunteers andan organizations pitched in to help make kaheem's wish come true. he became a super hero friday. he went around the region doing everything from saving santa claus to capturing the grinch and even setting free some of the -- what do you you call y those guys, the mascots from some of the d.c. sports teams. this morning's fox5's kevin mccarthy caught p up with kaheem and his mom. >>reporter: how are you feeling right now? how did you feel about friday. >> good. > your mom was telling me you wore costume all weekend long. did you wear it saturday andnd >> yes. > i'm not going to lie, i actually went to sleep fridayfrd night with my kaheem shirt on,on so i've been a big fan of yours, apparently a lot of people have. your mom an incredible person. talk to what this has meant for you to be here.
10:53 pm
let's talk about what being this and what this means. >> this experience means as ex lieutenant to me.e. it was a tremendous experience. i was so overwhelmed withi everything. i was so surprised with everything. i didn't know it was going to be such a big, big thing that event the vice-president was going to tweet about it. owe, my goodness what anb[÷ r'c. brought me to tiers a number of times. he said of all of the people he helped his favorite was santa.t. we raised more than $17,000 for make a wish mid atlantic. what a great day. >> it was just incredible. speaking of incredible, the washington capitols are offare tonight, but some of their players were in the christmas spirit. it's sort of the whole theme to help each other. we did it the night before thanksgiving. kaheem.e we're going to talk about this.u as kids it's no fun being sickbn around
10:54 pm
afternoon several members of the caps dropped by george washington university hospital. a couple of the players turned out to mingle with the kid. they passed out some gifts and you see them getting a little artistic there. they are making artwork that will be auctioned of off, it benefits tracey's kids which is a pediatric kids organization. a lot of the players took part in that. owe industry and other players want to have the kids forget about their problems even just e for a little while. we want to bring a smile.smil they have a hard time right now, but they're going to fight through it. they watch the games. > let's move on. we're not quit
10:55 pm
harper and his new wife are planning to honeymoon. but in the next couple of days they will enjoy their first christmas as husband and wife.fe take a look because you might see a familiar face in here. ice sculpt is a real
10:56 pm
this guy tried to make everyke effort by going out on the frozen hazard. he's determined, miss he the ball. fall down and go boom. we think he's okay, but it bears mentioning, don't do this at home. we can keep watching him onn loop, if we want. there it is again. stay tuned.
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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11 an all out brawl at a local high school. three students ending up at the hospital, what sparked the chaos and how the school is cracking down. plus terror in berlin.berl a semi truck rammed into a crowded christmas market, a terror analyst he was in on the investigation. and still need to ship theth holiday gifts? we went to looking to find the cheapest option for the last minute deliveries. your news tarts now. n we begin tonight with that chaotic video, a fight inside a maryland high it ended with three studentsree being taken to the hospital. thanks for staying with us tonight, i'm shawn yancy and i'm jim lokay in for tony. a school at central high schoolo recorded the video.he a parent sent it to fox5x5 demanding action from them th school. let's reach out to fox5's lindsay watts who is livee tonight with that story. hey, lindsay. >>reporter: hey, jim and shawn, the investigationnt


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