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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 20, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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straight ahead at 6 new details out of xwer lynn. that deadly attack on a holiday market now called an act of terror. what we're also learning about the suspect who is behind the wheel of that truck that slammed into the crowd. >> and also skins playoff helps oh, boy take a hit last night. monday night jinx continues at home. not a good night for burgandy and gold. >> live look outside tuesday morning december 20. weather and traffic on the five at 6:05. good tuesday everybody i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome to "fox 5 news morning". >> first uv at 6 lit aest developments overnight at germany called a terrorist attack. >> twelve were killed when a truck
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crowded market. melanie alnwick is here with the latest now. melanie. >> reporter: earlier this morning president obama spok with germ app chancellor americale. they say the attack was intentional. the popular christmas market outside kaiser willhelm memorial church was crowded with shoppers. a car plowed into the crowd of people. germ man media outlets say the suspect is pakistanian citizen who came to germany nine months oing go. a passenger among the struck is dead. it comes a month after travel alert telling americans to be careful in markets and other public place as cross europe and extremisties had sights on holiday seasons and activities and it's a blue present of the attack in nice for instance cha killed 86 people and white house says it stands with berlin in
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those who target our way of life and donald trump weighing in saying "these terrorists must be eradicated from the face of the earth a we will carry out with all freedom loving supporters. and there will be meeting and federal investigators will hold a conference later this afternoon. steve. >> well, mel, thanks very muchp an investigation continues into assassination of russian am bar door to turkey. during the attack the gunman shouted do not for forget aleppo. he was later killed by police. both countries plan to work together to combat terrorism. >> hours outside of of that no ones with injured and other night the u.s. embassy is closed and other con sew lats in turkey for the day e
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closed and our region is taking notice. organizers are closely working with security warption and othersh use. >> there's new information about a debately attack inside a mosque in switzerland the gunman that opened fire on yesterday injured three people was found dead not far from mosque. investigators have not yet identified the shooter. the mosque is often used by somali immigrants and the violence is not considered an act of terror and into the pier to be connected to attack in better lip. >> happening today a par mar mother accused of poisoning five-year-old son and covering it up with car crash will be in court today. that-year-old claim the car crash killed her child in june she said she murdered her son and the lukemia and lymphoma society boy died after drivening entire bottle of allergy medicine and faces first degree murder changes. >> happening today
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district d.c. course ill could take a funeral to vote on proposal to give workers some of the most generous paid family need leave in nation. the proposal was watered down and gives eight weeks of paid leave for birth or adoing of of child it also allows six weeks to care for sick child or parent. the bill calls for d.c. businesses to pay a new tax to fund the family leave and council members mary jay and jack evans put forth 'new bill yesterday that calls on private employers to provide paid hev on as needed basis and not through a new tax. >> a lot of disappointed skins fans this morning. they lost last night. monday night football national stage not a good night for kirk cuz insz. pap therz win 6-15 and for the most that knocks skins out of playoff position. still have a chance to get in and they need help. kirk cousin one of the worst games of the season threw for 115 yards and fumble near the goal line. carolina had a
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carolina passed through two yarz and two touchdown pass. >> it's my responsibility to get these guys ready to play. he were not as ready as i would have liked to have been and deposit execute as we should have. that falls on my shoulder we have two games left to look forward to and hopefully get i victory in chicago. >> skins need help as they sit behind tampa and green bay for the final spot. they will play on saturday. not a lot of time to get ready for chicago. >> not good. >> no. >> bad mood. >> yeah. >> you stay up late, go to game. >> first after. >> little past fist half. >> yeah. >> for folks out there when it's like -- how cold did it get. >> freezing at kickoff. 28 at the end of game. i know. and up early. good morning, let's move on wards to the holiday w
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cold temperatures are still with us overnight tonight, reagan national 27, 18 dulles and 22 up in baltimore and bwi marshall. we're looking at sunny and beautiful day. warmer than yesterday. we should make it low to mid who 40s and dry conditions. if you travel today up towards new york or boston or carolinas to atlanta or georgia you're in good shaixt daytime highs 43. close to where we should be this time of year and we have lots to talk b first dave winter, holiday weekend forecast. >> tomorrow morning 5:45. >> okay. >> well we'll celebrate tomorrow. >> we could sit all day and talk about it. >> eastern is back. >> hi i missed you guys. >> missed you too. >> we're all fest i vus today in our holiday colors. if you're trying to get to work this morning we have metro delay to tell you about because
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with residual delays to largo town center and aside from that tracking safe track surge 11 lasting through 21. that's actually tomorrow watch wrapping up. continued single tracking between west and east falls church and we'll let you know if that causes slow downsen that's tuesday morning drive picking up inbound false church arlingtoned in the belt we a 0 minute slow down. right now it looks like volume. as we make our way out in southern maryland, northbound 301 and brandywine watch for show downs picking up as you head towards clip ton and once 01 split it's usual con just don't this morning. southbound 295 delayed. 50 to 11 street bridge now off and on traffic because of volume northbound side heavy as well. police give yourself a few extra minutes i would say five to ten to battle congestion right now and little river purpose turnpike earlier water main
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beltway in both directions after 123 you may hit slick conditions. we'll let you know how things are shaping up there and keep you updated on the morning commute and traffic picking up 70 souk past truck scales and more in a few. steve and allison. >> a look behind the sceepz of the president-elect new wax figure. >> and new lawsuit filed against face pook book, twister and google and has to do with the deadly night club shooting in orlando. we'll be back 6:08 on tuesday morning
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>> pentagon officials say china returned unmanned us drone they returned near where it was seized. u.s. plans to investigate this incident. >> president obama has granted 78 new pardons and shortened nps sentences of 153 others that's the biggest clem answery granted by a president. in eight years he reduced snnzs of 1100 people nearly 400 serving life sentences. . california judge at the center of brock turner sexual assault trial was cleared of misconduct. aaron was widely criticized when sentenced stormier stanford uve
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six months in jail and independent state agency found no clear or convincing evidence of bias in this case. public out cry over sentencing led to in sfngsing law inle california and hard alcohol batch at stanford. >> donald trump will become country's 45 president despite thousands of anti-trump protesters who gathered at several state capitols. he cruised to victor i can in elector call college. former secretary of state colin powell one vetted for bernie sander and other for activist involved in the dakota pipe lynn protect. in anticipation for when trump takes office leaders in los angeles setting up a fund for immigrants facing de pourtation. half that money will come from public funds and half from private foundations. >> hadn't the scenes look at president-elect wax figure they're working around the clock to finish four identical figures of donald trump in
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for inauguration. it will go on display in new york, orlando, london and right here in the district. >> they have not styled the hair yet. >> it looks like a mullet in the back. >> they may want to the work on that. >> i agree that looks ben franklin like. >> little bit. >> long lines this morning as local best buy store. >> any guess. >> i have a guess it sound like something i would like to have under my tree. >> live look outside this tuesday morning weather and traffic on fives next.
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>> well good news is there's going to be more anyone toe doe classics at best buy locations and bad news if you're not already in line you may not get one. this say line forming overnight in woodbridge virginia outside best buy store there and you can expect that to grow before the doors on. good luck if you head out today and have a chance to pick it up. tucker you wanted one. >> what's the deal with that is that a new system. >> 60 all classic nintendo with one console. >> sounds great right. >> all the mario brothers you can play. >> go to my basement i could dig it out for free. >> this is all in one m come past. >> all right. let's do forecast. i guess we're still going to school right? >> we need to check in with allison wisdom still going to school this week. >> utalking about kids? >> yes
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>> what day. >> friday. >> right through friday. okay. temperatures overnight, bottom line school and after school dry temps low 40s after school. what's ahead. warmer temperatures by wednesday. wednesday by the way first day of winter. winter arrives tomorrow morning 5:45 today is last day of fall as we get into winter 016, 207, feels like this morning 27 washington. 22 up in baltimore. 18 gainingersburg and dulles 8 and culpeper 16 and 22 fredericksburg and mannasas and tear bally sorry i got tweets yesterday it's automated not working currently this morning. we'll try to get it working. so everybody off to a cold start. front faded well off east. we're look with sunshine and cool one today it will allow us to start it got a return flow. so temperatures start to warm over the
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later today mentioned cold tell turz. high pressure off east. and will be a little warmer than yesterday. yesterday upper 0s and today low to mid 40s with dry conditions expected and let me show you 7 day here quickly. 43 today. beginning tomorrow with temperature near 50 and keeping it nice and mild for end of december here as question get to holiday weekend, friday, saturday, sunday looking forward to traveling. we're got looking at winter weather. chances for freezing rain that kind of thing is small there. so i think we'll be looking at mild conditions. >> okay. >> that's weather update. >> did you get my present yet. >> no. >> is it on my desk. >> what did you say? >> it is on my desk. >> did you get me my present yet. >> you know what i do got it yesterday. >> yeah i have yours as well i'm excited. police investigation brooklyn right now
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few extra minute there and residual delays to largo town center in addition to safe track slowing down orange and silver between west and east false church and northbound 5 at capital you're satisfying a long ryan line of red he norm of 11th street bridge and huge slow down there deep to the right to get through and keep in mind southbound side 250 to east cap tool tall has slow moving traffic and not nearly heavy as northbound side. something to keep in mind to get an early start. topside capital beltway looking good college park to georgia ten minute slow down with volume. as you make your way to baltimore heads up for you we have baltimore beltway crash by bw parkway 295 a closer look at that next right now 70 southbound delay free 2 to spur and norm of that point in frederick down to truck skalz and eastbou
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stop and go traffic. once you do that you need extra 15 minutes. eastbound through false church and ar lightning ling ton in for 15 minute slow down as well. 95 northbound side stafford very slow as you approach aquia harbor back to you allison and steve. >> facebook ceo is showing off his new beganet that has -- that's more moreing line at 6:30. what went wrong at fedex field last night.
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you might call patricia washington lucky. after all, not only did she play a dc lottery game once and win. she played another game and won that three times. and then she tried a different dc lottery game and won that, too. so, how is patricia doing with her bowling? well, let's just say she does better with the lottery. ♪♪
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>> ajoining us from los angeles this morning hillary vaughn. good middle of the night to you how are you? >> hey, doing great. yeah, dow gained 9 39 points excuse me yesterday closing 1983 and s&p up four points closing at 2262 and nasdaq up 20 points closing at 5457 we continue to inch closer to dow 0,000 and we see if we get there before christmas. >> we'll see on that in the mean time somber story media giant s
6:23 am
families and pulse night club shooting what's going on. >> right, so three families and victims at the pulse filed a civil federal civil suit many michigan against twitter, facebook and google they say these social media sites and google youtube allowed the terrorist propaganda to be proliferated online and what they're saying they gave material support to isis and they deposit allow certain individuals to have accounts they would not have been able to have a platform to raise money. recruit individuals and radicalize and insight a violent act switer facebook and going rl now being accuse aaccused of essentially causing explosion and rise of isis is what these families are saying in the lawsuit and that's what they're stating. so this is something that tw
6:24 am
have already said they're working to make sure doesn't happen and they put together a team with micro stovt track any time of terrorist prop gapd aand take it off their sights. they've lshd remember nused this say problem and they are trying to prevent it from happening in the first place. we'll see what happens. >> yes. let end on happier note or more electricing whimsical he's creating a robot. >> if your dream was to have a cool robot side kick butler like iron man has various jis could happen but diderberg is not saying anything soop. he's outtaing programming in his home to have this use of technology to have this
6:25 am
rebought do certain things oop the door recognizing when visitors are allowed to come in and play certain music and turn off the light. one of the problems heed run into is different applilances in house not all are connected to the internet which makes it difficult to us artificial intelligence that controlled him. he had an issue finding a toaster and ended up trying to mcgyver his own this is something he's working on in his spare time and cool side kick butler in our household maybe 20 years from now i think it would be cool. >> i'm feeling bad about myself in my spare time. >> see you later. >> okay. >> all right. >> thanks. >> in spare time. >> i say the opposite the more artificial injens out there i want to go old school
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>> it has to happen. >> i don't take a skans on many things but i take a stance against that. >> have you seen terminator you know what will happen. >> you have seep the jet sops. >> yes start great and ends lun terminator. >> i'm on board, help. >> they're going to takeover. >> no they're not. >> i'm going to get a -- >> thank jarvis could help with you weather. >> if he helps the weather then team tucker is retired. >> jr. vis will help with weather two weeks and takeover. next thing will tie me up in the closet. yes he will. 27 washington, all right. satellite and radar we'll be stayed question and bright and warmer than yesterday nice holiday trend. you're looking like you might
6:27 am
>> we tried that ballle box thimingd remember i don't think it took off to replace the nfl. >> that's right. >> doomsday city. >> i am. >> why? >> because i feel like five terminators i know what's happening. >> i'm saying -- >> i prefer having you here. >> i think we all prefer sleeping too. just kidding. taking a look, 6:27 and outer loop of beltway we have a medical emergency and crash blocking right lanes by george aavenue. you're jammed 95 to georgia watch for a 0 minute backup. keep to fox news morning. we have a big crash on 95 we'll keep you updated by east capital and northbound side as we continue.
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>> it's 6:0 tuesday morning tucker will be around shortly i. >> if you're just getting up let's check top stories. there's two we're following. first out of northeast d.c. where there is police investigation going on brookyln metro station not sure exactly what's going on. it's causing delays for red line trays going to glenmont. bob sbob headed that way and will share up dwhaits he t
6:31 am
to be this tragic development is elderly worth m that d police had a helicopter up and blood hounds searching for the woman for. >> twelve people killed in attack and 350 other. >> and the driver of the truck is asylum sick seeking from pack stab. he's a refugee from pakistan. the attacker is someone they have known in the past for petty crimes and not for terror acts. steve over to you. >> al, thanks so much. we enlisted help. because we need it this morning. playoff hopes not looking hot for the skins. two games left in the regular season. last night's loss
6:32 am
behind the bucks and panthers for the final playoff spot. wisdom martin. george, good to see you guys this morning. >> the stress reliever we'll need stress relief for burgandy and gold. >> didn't we see this coming. after we took that instead of making victory. >> how much is that coming back despite this. >> of course it will do that. you have good teams real gli teams and great teams there's just good you know what i'm saying. you have certain teams you are you to -- you have to hit hard. if defense was hitting as hard as quarterback hit the chilly. >> that's right. >> that's how you you finish a play if offense has come back facilities at lost he'll get back up. this time of year you'll be exposed. >> especially when rather he when i get
6:33 am
high easton you. >> and when you are talking. >> you have -- if someone is not throwing your way then you're top corner and you get top mess. no one surprise throwing your way. when you say we throw your way and complete passes and we're going to complete first downs shut your mouth. >> null producing. >> null produce. >> soy mean this is carolina team that on paper was not very good and they come in here and washington awful monday night football since 1998 one game they won. and so we have chicago coming up. it's going to be cold we know that it's chick thick in wintertime odor chances of beating khing chick. >> and dlee and le. >> you know what they have. >> prides, tradition and they don't like people coming in there and doing anything except playing best smash mouth foot bam they can play. they're not going
6:34 am
when the skindz come. you can believe that. >> i believe that and they play swelling in cold. >> yes. >> i don't know the forecast in chicago but -- >> still has a shot somewhere in all of this. >> with all this. >> and doing nothing else to end and put last shovel of dirt on their grave. >> when you look now basically having a win out. you need help no matter what it is. >> but when you look at skins, green bay and tampa all fighting for final playoff spot green bay has a play two division rivals that's tough for minimum and tampa. >> who wants to place on this time of year. >> you talk about cold. >> not just cold but they're teamed december they know how to whip in december. >> it's something the redskins need to learn how to do. they had potential do really, really well this season. on the ropes
6:35 am
that. >> last night was not a good game for kirk they had 18 yards total. >> turn those tvs off and twitter off and turn phones off and start focusing on playing football and finishing games and quarters. >> and we talked yesterday about how important the run game was and how important it was for art kelly to run the poot ball. it didn't come to fru snrition from the khom lack factory -- no we're on the ground. art kelly of course we would get more your. >> thank you very much. >> make sure you check me out. ip be able to do your beaten few any bone this new year's 9 to 31 two great shows. >> you book yourself at the beach for new years. >> has hard knock life. >> good to see you
6:36 am
>> all right. >> all right. >> tucker back to you guys. >> all right. >> thank you for my tee shirt. i have a stress reliever tee shirt. >> after i saw the grinch, stink. stank, stunk. >> what happens now. >> mathematically alive. they need other teams to lose and need to win games. >> destiny is not in their hands only. >> yes i'll show you then. >> 7 washington and still cold. 5 this morning and 15 pittsburgh and column bes and 18 bs ton. originally chilly. teams locally off north and west this morning. and cleared out overnight. lots of quiet conditions and cold out there early. and we'll rebound to low 40s today and sunshine and you know what a pleasant afternoon it would be nice for all things hopping. >> oohh. >> it's on now. >> it's on. >> all right. thank you very much. >> i'm not a competitive
6:37 am
>> you have to go and good not show fear. >> ut-ut. >> i like online shopping this is new for me and i enjoy it. right now take a look -- steve, steve chenevey is being funny today this is a good week. outer loop is dealing with police activity. earlier crash machine marina marraco blocking right lanes. topside of beltway near college park outer loop georgia avenue your very heavy traffic from 95 to georgia keep left and watch for a 30 minute delay right now inner loop volume increasing and not as heavy as what we're dealing with on outer. let's switch for a look at 66 more police activity and this is 66 westbound the right lane is blocked by sutly road and traffic moving by on left lanes and active police scene there. use caution. looking forward cameras 66 eastbound side inside the beltway really slow-moving traffic as you make your way to falls church and arlington and jammed between
6:38 am
drive there's a 257b minute say. through that area. no reported crashes just a whole lot of slowing traffic. we'll go to maps mow and show you metro. earlier police investigation out of brookyln and red line residual delays to glenmont and earlier trade west and east and residual delays to largo town center and back at roads we have slow downs as you make your way to 295 northbound side left lane blocked east capitol with a crash and north of that point beping cleaning up work zone. huge delays words 11 street bridge on southbound side as well. steve and allison. >> thanks, erin, college football twlend it comes to bowl games up next. >> first a holiday message from a service oversees. >> this is desk sergeant bobby i want to wrish my beautiful wife kristin and son austin i'll be home soon, love you gu
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tylenol® >> bad news andre bocelli will not sing now. he said no donald trump personally asked him to sing. >> and next up stanford university running back christian mcaffrey ignited debate over bowl games. he decided to focus on you draft to avoid a potential injuries that i could damage draft position and injury potential. and it's a growing trend and more college players will they do the same in the future? it's expecteding to a -- he's expected to be a top draft pick and myriad webster surreal, as in it's so surreal,al, word of the year. i'm not going to say it. >> you feel like you heard it before. >> i feel like i heard today before. >> me too. >> thank you very much. >> you're welcome. >> surreal.
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>> i have to get to work with you. >> that should be really >> next salvation army gets a big fwrooingt nfl rookie and re minder before we take you to break if you have a news tip share us with by call 202-895-3000 or ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars
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america runs on dunkin'. >> all right a few minutes away from the day the surprise light officially being here the
6:46 am
daylight officially starting that time. morning good doses. >> it's a nice beautiful day. >> and in about a half hour. >> not too cold, not too hot. >> not too cold overnight. >> still going. >> here we go. >> we have a warm-up monday and along with it first day of winter yeah! right? >> okay. 27 now in washington. 14 frederick and 24 quantico and 27 leonardtown and 22 this
6:47 am
morning fredericksburg and serve below freezing throughout the day dressed accordingly as you head to school and work and head out and plenty of sunshine. lots of clear skies overnight and with high pressure overhead that will keep things quiet and that slips east. and eventually what will happen here we'll start to get return flow. so winds shift south and southwest later today and tonight and i don't mean warmer temperatures. >>0s north and west. low to mid 40s. five waller than yesterday. still cool out there. and 4 3 today. mostly season any. north alwest. win shutting out of south later today and that means warmer temperatures it on the way. first day temperatures will be warmer than normal. maybe a shower thursday and another chance for showers on saturday. neither of those are tear bally big deal. for the most part if you travel end of week and holiday
6:48 am
weekends conditions should be pretty good with temperatures well above average and also above freezing we're not concerned about the freezing rain that we had last weekend. that is weather update. en joy the beautiful day. erin is back and she has all things roadway. >> there's a lot of problem right now. 6:48 sky fox out in fairfax over main street 123 and earlier water main break because of that icy conditions and work crews throughout walking and shoulder traffic getting by and proceed cautiously you may hit slick spot and show you a look at camera, the other problems now there's a csh blocking right shoulder georgia avenue a crash, medical energy all lanes on 895 to georgia and residual slow downs upper loop picking up not as heavy as college park
6:49 am
outer loop. eastbound sided in the beltway. heavier traffic right now than usual between and fairfax drive give yourself 20 extra minutes to get from beltway past fairfax to arlington this morning and if you look at maps other big slow downs you need to be aware of. northbound 295 east capital jammed to 11 street bridge and heavy volume there north by bening road earlier work cleanup by bening causing slow downs 50 through chefly slow and new york past bladeensburg and it's actually on the westbound side and that's causing a big rubber neck delay on eastbound side. again west and eastbound problems and mannasas 28 backingp a bit and then we also have crash 2 southbound blocking center lane just before frying pan road between dulles access and frying pan
6:50 am
you may see delays. right now looking good mcclain upper and the beltway starting to see slow downs on gw parkway and crash blocking shoulder 270 southbound at 30 coming down from germantown through gaugeers lots to get through this morning. metro is next. back to you guys. . >> airport, thank you very much running back ezekielel yol inspoord a lot of people when he jumped into the red kettle for salvation army. in the twelve hours after that happened they raised more than 10,000 in online donations and that's 61% increase over the same time period. last week. so it helped out. elliot will donate 21,000 he wears number 21 and will donate 21,000 of own money to that charity. >> there it is. despite surge in online donations salvation army says donations at red kettles are down nationwide.
6:51 am
"fox5" salvation army in national capital region to get the word out. get what you can when you see bell ringers out there this week it's cold out there they're standing out there selvesly giving time maybe we can give them something that float and doesn't hit the bottom and jipingle. don't miss. >> so you found one of those cold coins in montgomery country and that helps out. >> that's the kind that's great. >> sure. >> 6:51 time for fox beat. been a week since alan thicke pass away. >> christmas is sunday and i'm excited about this and this week there's so many films opening up and tomorrow i'll have reviews for half of them which on up tomorrow including
6:52 am
passengers and then more movie trailers for john wick ii i'm skawd excited i loved the fist one. >> key an ureaves is slick and ryan gooseling joins him for that. >> 1980s. >> classic. >> do not watch theatrical version that had terrible nartation watch directors cut. >> i think anda keep vick in this. >> she's not jennifer lawrence is. >> it's been a week now since mr. thicke passed away his memorial was sunday night and entire growing pains cast attended memorial treacy gold, miller, cameron and concern. alan thicke's daughter-in-law posts todd facebook some photos taken down from multiple
6:53 am
sites we won't share them probably privacy issues there and according to just the post mentioned that we heard from robin jn e thick and cast of growing pains was there as well. dicaprio posted about it. >> we need to stop for a second. alan thicke passed away his legacy agreat. leonardo dicaprio didn't have to -- he was not a family machine but to come back and recognize roots it speaks to alan thicke's reach and what he was like as a private person. >> he came into that show later but a big part of him getting out there. soy think it's cool that someone that big can appreciate where they came from. >> absolutely. >> seven hours going miss margo robby took to instagram to clear up rumors she may be married. there's a lot of rumors on the web on australian web site
6:54 am
calls women's day saying she had australia and she posted this photo which looks like she's flicking off the camera that's not that is ring finger and we can say this may be confirmed she's married there's speculation she was married ab thibl post is safe. >> any caption with the photo. >> no caption on the photo. her with the ripping. and that's her boyfriend. >> she posted this but didn't get matter. >> a story came out she was marred on women's day. she posted this photo 7 hours ago. >> she's. >> kind of confirming it but not really. >> sounds like she was coming on to say i didn't get it. >> that could be just engagement ring. but there's a second band there. so, we can't say for sure. >> it seems either are way despite kevin ace effort my
6:55 am
dreams where >> i tried at the suicide squad when i intervieweded her she said she loves steve chenevey and watches him every morning she's been dating tom for a while now. >> i'm the bigger person blat she's married. >> all dreams crushed. >> they were inway. >> historic fan of the decory werery good morning. >> all right. >> look at that al. >> super createsive and cute. >> that's incredibly creative. >> i love your name. cory's mom shanita nominated her to be fan of the decor why is a fox5 fan and busy first grade teacher shanita says it was caidzy hair day at school. >> you know the students lover that. >> we applaud you and your creativity. >> well done.
6:56 am
6:55 >> man bun if you want a chance. >> that guy has a man bun. >> her boyfriend tom has a man bun. that's new thing now. our producer chris has a man one. there's lot of man buns. >> i'm growing my hair out. >> he used to be a anchor with a man one. do those two things go exist are are looking at a cold start to the day. clearing skies and you know what pleasant tuesday not bad at all mid to low 40s will warm up later today and quick look at the 7 day if traveling most part quiet with mild temperatures end of week as we go to holiday weekend. erin is back with roads and everybody is off and racing or moving. >> i am and there's also a clip man bun you can order for christmas if you want to get crazy. >> i am staying would be weekend accessory.
6:57 am
>> police police on the red line and resumed to glenmont and lerlly rest ineach. aside from that lolt of red on maps now. i want to show you sky fox. they're out in fair faxtment main by 23 dealing with icy conditions. we had work trucks and sat trucks out there and traffic betting by you can see the sheen on the road a little bit slick spots there earlier water main break mixed with cold water caused icy conditions.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
allow for ska time. >> straight ahead at 7 new details tails in better line being called an act of terror what we're learning about the suspect that was behind the truck that slammed into the crowd. >> skins give an effort last night. monday night jinx at home continued. not a good night overall for burgandy and gold. they're not out of it yet. first lady prenrekting over the past few years and what michelle obama had to say about her husband's biggest achievements. >> first a live look outside on tuesday morning and hey it's december 20 weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05. good tuesday morning everybody


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