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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 20, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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a deadly terrorist attack inerro germany is raising concernsrais about safety right here at on.hh as you can see on one side of your screen this is one of thehe biggest stories we're talking about assist the school 6:30 you can tweet us what's on yourr mind. use the #5@6:30.30. police arrested a person when a truck plowed into a crowd and injured 23 and hurt 52thers. there wasn't enough evidence toe hold the man.
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no forensic evidence provingprov that person was involved in the rampage. the fbi warning police departments across the nation of the up tick including right here in the nation's capital. we have been reporting from the big holiday market which is down in chinatown in downtown d.c. they've been prepared down there. they have security. but hav certainly we will see, u know, an increase in security in areas all around the country. what tomorrow fitzgerald saidro there are somew measures inre effect already.sef but there are some things where you still want to stay safe at the holiday season.seas france, and now in berlin. > our thoughts and prayers arey with those in berlin. > let's bring you back and talk a little bit about local politics now. it's officially official, donald trump will become america's 45th president, despite thousands of anti trump protestors who gathered at
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several state p capitolsols nationwide donald trump got morm than the required 270 electoral college votes to win. interesting enough hillary clinton lost five from statesstt she won.won. one voted for colin powell, one voted for bernie sanders and one in a pipeline protest. are democrats the ones who needd to drain the swamp? lexie joins us right now. >> so we mentioned the whole phrase drain the swamp and whena you talk about the democratsemoc they already have named nancy personal issues lowe's i, she's still the democratic leader iner the house. chuck shamer who is anythingamer about an outsider is the majority leader now.eade what is the case with democrats do they need to change somewhere along the line. >> i mean they certainly need te change to an extent. i don't think they should completely abandon their entirer party just because donald trump is now becau president. i think in this election wewe clearly saw that hillary
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candidate in a race where americans clearly favored anti establishment people like bernie sanders and like donald trump. drain the swamp has become one of his most popular rally cries. people have caught onto that ant i think that democrats sort of need to look into ways wheres they can remove this idea ofof being establishment elite. > do you think this was more of a referendum on hillary clintonl or was it just simply the fact that donald trump, as you mentioned, reached out to that white working class america who were typically democrats, butdeo sort of, you know, fell in line with the message that he was giving. they sort of fell in line and voted for him.for do you think the democrats needa to do a better job of reaching out to that group of people in. >> i absolutely think they neede to do a much better job of reaching out to those people. hillary clinton didn't do ado great job of campaigning inpaig wisconsin which ended up helping donald trump a u lot. and certainly they can't
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all those folks who deported fol donald trump from the start ofta his presidency now. they need to make a concertedcet effort to bring them back tock their sides if they want any hopes of winning and gaining control back in 2018 and hopefully for them winning the presidency in 2020. when you think about 2008, hope and change really gain critical mass. you heard that mentioned quite a about it. donald trump came up with makema america great again. is it matter of messaging for the democrats, took at some point? >> i think that's a great point. that's something i've been' thinking about a lot is that a lot of people hung onto the hope and change message with obama. american voters want to feell something in addition toto learning about politic proposals. donald trump for a the look of reasons made people feel something even if that was anger. and hillary clinton despite not
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message she couldn't deliver del during her recall why is and her speeches to make people feel an emotional response.spon and that's something donald s trump did really well. i want to ask you one more thing. bill clinton had said that donald trump knew how to speakto to angry white men. is that a. >> that is absolutely accurate. he definitely knew how to speaka to angry white men. that's maybe a generalization who supported him.m. middle americans who think thatt they have no longer the samehe type of access to the americano dream undethr an obama presiden, but i think that was an error on his part. you can see in numbers and theer demographics who voted for donald trump and he was successful in reaching them. > happy new year and all thatll good stuff to you.. >> thanks, you, too. > we'll see you soon. >> meantime the trump transition team has launched all the events
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going on, including information about a concert on the mall on the january 15 and a swearing in and a parade on the 20th. one month from today. announced plans for two official inaugeral balls and another ball dedicated to us service members. when i saw mount rush more came through, i was thinking are we going to learn that there's another face up there? i getget it. we are going one on one with maryland governor larry hoag g than a. in the pastovag he's been very y about not supporting theport president elect.ct. larry hogan is talking about the plans for the presidential inaugeration. us now with njoins a little bit more on this. ronica. >>reporter: hey, jim and sean i had the opportunity to sit down with governor today and wewe really focused on the upcomingci legislative session here inhere maryland, but i did have to ask him, he didn't go to the rnc in cleveland. he didn't endorse donald trump. he didn't vote for donald
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so was he planning to be involved with any of donald trump's inaugeral activities? it and he said to me, absolutely he'd be involved in the event t that involves all of the governors from across thethe country and then he went onto talk about the great relationship that he has with rice preface who will be in the cabinet. the great relationship that he has with governor mike pence ane pence assured him that he wouldd have a positive relationship with the administration. i had to step back for a second and ask him how does he feell with the next four years is he open mined and even with all of this not supporting theuppo president elect that we previously saw. talions. >> you feel you have an openn mind to the next four years?rs? >> i'm hopeful.hope just because i don't agree with everything doesn't mean i don't want the success to can s. i wanted president obama to success. i want president trump to can s. the ' good for the country andad i'm hopeful that things arengs going to improve and thatnd they're
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things done. > so two things that i thought about after that, first i wantei to share with you that he went onto talk specifically about infrastructure so there's this roads bill in maryland that he wants to repeal in this nextt legislative session, so he spoke about the fact that because donald trump t has brought upbru infrastructure on the campaignpg trail he sees an opportunity fot them to actually work togethertu which ial thought was pretty unexpected. and then theoother thing that it couldn't help, the choice of the word, saying hoped after we just had this conversation about theo first lady, michelle obamama saying that a trump administration is what it feelss like to not have hope, i thought that was really interesting since both of them did notid support donald trump on thethe campaign trail yet, yet michelll obama says this is what hope annular i hogan says that he haa hope. so an interesting take away froy two people who did not support t donald trump. tru >> ronica, i'll tell you one thing
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really is an example that you hold onto hope in d.c., that yo, have a republican governor whoeo serves with a em diddicdidd legislature.legi >> absolutely. in a blue state. > this is sort of a model thatd we would like to see i think as americans happen in d.c.,., working together. >> absolutely. i asked him, i said in a state like maryland, is it lonely toel be a republican? because to push forward with republican legislation and he said a lot of his friends are democrats. he doesn't necessarily care n about the title that you bring to the table. he cares about the whatever your personal feelingsl are for viewers of larry hogan as a governor i think what he ie saying really is special and something that they could use a little more of down on the hill. so it was very insightful andnd we've got more of the interview online. > the approval ratings certainly show for governorerno hogan. > let's talk about the weather forecast. it is a little bit chiy
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there, but we're a little bit warmer than we were yesterday or are we right about the same? we're right about the same, shawn, but the warming trend isd about to begin. i saw your little title there saying cold christmas so i thought i'd start with the christmas forecast. it is going to be a warmer christmas, maybe not as warm as last year when we got up to 70-degrees. a lot of clouds around.und. kind of million dollars and yesterday we thought maybe there is calm showers. but right now we think likelyely not being any showers on christmas day. maybe on saturday, christmas of. tomorrow, first day of winter. the solve taste is at 5:44 in the morning, the shortest day of the winter. astronomical winter is that the days will get longer, a littlelg bit more daylight back into the picture.pi short-term tonight it's going to be another cold a i wouldn't be surprise first degree t there aree a few placef in the teens, 28-degrees in the district, mid and low 20s in the suburbs. so definitely chilly out there and
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while it is a cold start at 8 it the morning, 28-degree. we had you be able to climb toto 50-degrees by the time all isis said and done and we'll continul the warming trend as we head onn into the holiday weekend.kend that's a mr. the your forecast.s shawn, jim, back to you. > come january 0 we will have e new president.esid >> yes, we'll tell you howou people are saying goodbye toodby president obama in onee d.c. neighborhood as we return sand rows, blanch, dorothy and sophia. you know this song. >> of course i do.
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ i saw a reason why we should be really excited to the end of this show. >> stick around. that was a nice tease. for the past eight years, the catch phrase thanks obama hasbaa been used as sort of a back handed joke to credit or bla
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perfection. now with just 31 days of his administration, a street has been a thank you card for the outgoing president of the united states. tom fitzgerald is joining us in adams morgan. >>reporter: theres are 30 days left in the obamaed a, in. some people are not very happy a about that. some people are a little happy about that. but either way, here at adeems morgan right now, take a look at this. they've turned this corner into add mow thanks obama. this was put up by the business district.ct. it's four giant blackboards b where people are able to come up here, grab a piece of chalk andk write down a message to theo t president of the united states. so you want to see some off these? a couple of them. >> yes. let's do it. on, fitz. i was hoping you were going toon say that because that was the point
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>> we miss you already. there's one here, this lady says you'll be president forever. no, he won't. technically, in somebody'someb heart. did you see the heart here. >> there it is. i was looking at the one abovebe it. you're loved all over the world. thank you. down here thank you for standint up for everyone no matter what. predominantly these are proro obama statements here. >> owe, sure. > this guy likes the clemancy from yesterday, thank you for all the clemancy. i miss you already. alr this is -- thank you for achelyu caring. this one justely says simply ths for dignity. a lot of people not spelling out the word for. they're just using the numberhen they're not all positive. this one up top
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was one of the most telling. te you grew on me. just stop killing innocentnno people. and then there was a bad word wo here, guys, so we had to cover o it up with a piece of tape. > there you go.o. one of the rules here, they actually do have some rules with this board. boa the business improvement district said you can put anything you like, writeike, anything you like, but if you do use bad language they are reserving the right to come upoe here and take it off. so there's a lot of really kind of heart felt things on weather. we didn't show you all four sides of this. but really, it's sort of interesting. we've seen people come up to uss and as we've been here. this guy p wrote love you foror being big poppy. wrong guy. i'm pretty sure, the president p has some basketball skills, i don't know if he could be the dh for the boston red sox. this is it. it. it's going to be up
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rest of the month. mon if you don't want to say anything to barack obama, we'll return right behind it in a i couple of minutes. > it's like festivus eve. > gets your grudges out now. thank you, fitz for telling us how to say thanks, first lady michelle obama getting candid. what do we do if we don't have hope, oprah.prah >> i ask that question every day. > with just weeks left in the whitet house i get up and i tall to oprah. >> mrs. obama talks about lifeom in washington and her hopes forr a post-obama presidency when 5@6:30 comes back.
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> hollywood swinger.> welcome back, everybody. first lady holome michelle obae her final intervie n
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anything back. especially when she came to thee election saying it was painfulnl for her and she went to bed not knowing who won and she woke up and found out who won. she spoke about her husband's legacy and in her job, a job well your husband's administration,is everything, the election was all abour+áu think that this administration achieved that. >> yes. i because we feel the differenceie now. now we're feeling whatnot having hope feels like. you know. hope is necessary. it's a necessary concept and barack just didn't talk about hope because he thought it was just a nice slogan to get votes. i mean he and i and so am believe that -- what else do yo have if you don't have hope?
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you can't give them hope? first lady pretty candid she also emphatically confirms she willse not be, will not be running for any political on.. >> fascinating to hear her take. i got to hear a little bit of it. he recorded it, so i'm going to probably watch the rest of it probably this weekend. > that's where you have the disinfected voters, the oneses that went for donald trump because it all depends on whaton the definition of hope may be. if you're living in certain states that lost jobs, you don'u know where you go next, that's the definition of not having it. that's where we see our divide in this country as well, the folks who did not vote for donald trump, you can understand why they don't feel the same way. you can certainly make a case for the people in the lgtb community who feels like it's hh been a see change. you have marriage equality, buta again it's all subjective. there you have it
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when did you learn to sing like that, jim?m? >> sorry about that.hat. owe, we're on. that's not you. andrea beau kelly will not beea performing at theke inaugeratio. donald trump who said to be a huge fan approached him personally. apparently he received a lot off backlash even a boy cot on social media. the thing to jackie he advantage contact. she's just 16. >> nonetheless, i feel in either case, look, we said this h before and a lot of peoplepeop perceived this as a big honor to perform at the inaugeration. when it gets personal. >> ask garth brooks, he said he would be willing to do it. he performed at the white housee christmas tree lighting. there you go.ther guess what, we're winding down tonight with a little sangria. we need it after all this. look at
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let's go.le hold on, wait for me, too. i'm coming. .
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> hi, everybody. hello, welcome back.come if you're gearing up for a holiday party, sangria might be the answer this l holiday it's also national sangria day. we have a felon here. we're not usually in here for this segment so i decided to use it. it's great to have you here. the perfect day for this since it's national sangria day so you have a couple of give things going on. where are we going to start today? >> since it is national sangria day as if we needed another holiday to drink.nk. the redan
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people are used to.o. the red thing about red sangriag you can warm it up, throw some spices into it. how do we do that. >> you have some orange juice,jc sliced up oranges and then somee pineapple slices as well. make it easy. and then it's super easy. i'm going to employ you. >> me. all right. pour this in there.ther this is just redwing. this is actually hospital knob. the whole thing. >> it's nice and fruit forwardnd so it's not going to be anything too tank jim lokay. you want something with moree fruit. otherwise it's going to be bitter. super easy. we mix it up. you can heat it up with all the fruits in there or serve it that way. obviously the longer that itlong sits, the more it's going to get in there. you won't want to get it sit too long. i'll let you guys work on that. do you usually like to keep
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fruit in there or do you like the fruit to pour. >> the fruit becomes a gash issue. plus, when it's soaking with the wine. not a problem at all mr. we have a minute left. let's go to the white. i've also thrown some yellow tail chardonnay in there. i've thrown some parking lemmen n.a.d.e. instead of using prosec, use sparkling lemonade. even though diy yourself is a the mr. of fun we have especially a, which is a eppa that says blueberry, it's all organic. that stuff has come a long way from what it was before. to say the very least. let's say diy was the only way. the fact that it's all organic, comes right off the shell this way, you can sort of warm this up. we have six seconds. thro
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there. cheers, guys. thanks for having me. >> thanks for coming in. we're back at 10 and 11 tonight. he won't see you until after the holidays so mere i christmas. mere i christmas to you, too.
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harvey: richard marx is on a plane with daisy fuentes, his wife, and this passenger is hitting flight attendants. >> you can tell he's in the fray. like he was helping these flight attendants out. >> if you get restrained by richard marx, man. >> he can be like all intimidating to the guy, like wherever you go, whatever you do, i will be here for you. it's creepy when you do it that way. >> justin bieber leaving hyde in a crazy fur jacket. we get him driving out. >> the jacket real? >> it's [bleep] real. >> his history of randomly handing pets to people. >> what happened to that puppy he bought? >> he married it. >> and if he went up on different views and maybe


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