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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 21, 2016 12:30am-1:00am EST

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> this is fox5 local news at # 1. right now at 11, a series car crash involving a woman walking with her two kids. plus, you saw it first on fox5. tonight, the school says it's taking action following this chaotic high school fight. developing tonight, a deadly explosion at a fireworks market. what we know about the blast. and hear from the woman who is making money by selling positive pregnancy tests online. your news starts right now. up first at 11 1 # a developing story out of rockville we first brought you at 06789. 30 a fire badly damaging a home on pasture brook way. a huge fire
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firefighters who say flames were shooting from the roof when they got there. chief spokesperson from montgomery fire and rescue service joins us live from the keep. pete, let me can you about the folks who lived in that home, everyone got out safely. >> yes, everybody got out. this fire came in about 10:45. we believe it started in the garage, but when firefighters arrived on the scene it was pretty heavy fire conditions throughout. all the occupants in the house did get out safely. no firefighter injuries. we have about 75 firefighters here. it's quite an effort to knock down the bulk of this fire. we're still working on some who the spots, but right now everything seems to be under control. antibody near bay, homes affected, neighbors, are they okay? >> we had to protect some of the exposures. there was pretty heavy fire and blame upon arrival, but we did protect the exposures. the good news everybody got out,
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but we have quite a about it of equipment here. what the on parkway is blocked off by the fire apparatus. we still have a lot of work to do. we'll be here for a while putting out all the who the spots. it looks like the fire originated in the garage area. it may have been a delay in notifying 911 1 #, but nonetheless when we got here, pretty heavy fire conditions and acid said about 75 firefighter responding. this investigation is just beginning. you said it started in the garage. any idea what may have sparked the fire? >> no. the investigators are here, but we believe that it started in the garage. i think they'll sort it out pretty quickly. the ' quite possible it may have been fireplace ashes or some other kind of combustible in the garage that may have started this fire. again, right now the cause has not been determined. > a lot of damn aim out there, but the good news is everyone is okay. > thanks so much for joining us. we appreciate the
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tonight. now to a frightening crash that sent a mother and her two kids to the hospital. it happened right near a busy shopping plaza on septetteville road in herndon. this is really a reminder of how dangerous the roadways can be especially with the holiday shopping season in full swing. teisha lewis with the story tonight. >>reporter: police narrowed # # intersections across fairfax county that are considered dangerous with a high rate of fatal or serious injuries for pedestrians. this intersection where we're standing here at little river turnpike is just one on the list. the list includes gallos road from arlington boulevard to i66 and little river turnpike from hummer road to woodland road. many of these intersections have one common denominator, what is that common denominator? they are located near shopping plazas. the same holds true for where today's accident happened. this is the aftermath. this is video that was taken seconds after the crash that
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involved 52 year old woman being rescued from an suv's under carriage after ' was struck and became trapped. she was crossing the street with her 11 1 # year old daughter and 4 year old son. they were just steps away from the village center at dulles shopping mrs. a where more pedestrians and cars are on the roadway this time of year. we urge people especially around holiday season please be careful, motorists and cars alike. even when your knee a parking lot. we recommend if you're driving maybe crack your windows a little bit to help you hear what's going on outside. pedestrians make sure they see you and especially at this time of time when it's darker in the morning. wear bright colored clothing. everybody think of your traffic and your road rules. we're trying to keep everyone safe. > all a the victims in this accident are expected to survive. police say a 20 year old woman was driving the suv when she strike the three people. she remained at the scene after the crash and right now police say they have no re
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believe that alcohol, nor drugs played a factor. teisha lewis, fox5 local news. > police in fairfax county release video of a sheriff's deputy using lethal force to stop a man who was charging at him. this happened back in august at the i nova hospital. gomez already struck the security guard before the deputy was forced to fire. it comes just days after the deputy was cleared in connection with that deadly shooting. it's a split second that mr. gomez closes in on a deputy and that's what we do every day in law enforcement and it's very unfortunate, there was no time for the deputy to do anything but protect himself and the community members that were present. > police say gomez had been brought to the hospital because he was suspected to be mentally ill, but doctors later determined his behavior was normal
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it's a story you saw first on fox5, a big fight inside a prince george's county high school. tonight a followingup to find out what the school is doing to keep students safe now. lindsay watts is live in capital heights with the very latest on this one. lindsay. roar reporter we got a big response after this story aid last night and since then we've gotten new information about exactly how central high school is responding to that violence caught on camera here. we've learned that the school will not be adding any additional security after this fight. central currently has one school resource officer and three security guards. what the principal is doing is increasing the staff that patrols the cafeteria. that's where the brawl happened on friday sending three kids to the hospital. the district says it was a group of african-american students who assaulted a group of hispanic students. we got a copy of a letter sent to parents today that says a new student task force is being created.
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relations and ensuring that different voices are heard. i've heard from a loft students from central who have reached out mainly on twitter to say they do not feel there's a racial divide at their school. students have been very passionate about this. we pulled just a few of their statements. one saying i go to central. it is anything but racist. multiple students have said the brawl was not about race, that it started as a food fight and another young man reached out to say that the fight doesn't represent what central is about, that there are wonderful things happening at the school, that he feels go unrecognized. there are dozens of other e-mails and tweets that we got similar to these. so a lot of conversation about this. i also talked to people here at the school, parents were not eager to go on camera. they didn't want their students to be interviewed either, but it seems the feeling by some is that the school could do more to increase security, but also that this is being taken seriously to
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the future. we're live in capital heights, lindsay watts, fox5 local news. > out of mexico tonight, investigators trying to figure out what sparked a chain reaction explosion that ripped through a fireworks market just north of mexico city. right now 26 people have been confirmed dead, dozens more hurt. the market was crowded, but the shoppers with a fire swept through the same market twice, one in 2005 and another in 200 #. the firefighters are still going through the rubble to put out the who the spots. up next why a famous singer has had a change of art about performing at the inaugeration. also up tonight, a woman who is selling positive pregnancy test online and why she is doing and why people are buying them. what's wrong with you guys? we'll have the story coming up.
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> and a developing story out of germany, a massive man hunt is underway as police try to find the truck driver upon for yesterday's terror acan that. a dozen people were killed,
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truck slammed into a christmas market in berlin. islamic states claiming responsibility saying a supporter carried out that attack. officers initially decontained a suspect but they let him go after determining there wasn't enough evidence to detain him. governor larry hogan had some pretty harsh words for donald trump during the campaign. one identify he'd like to get going is what he calls the road kill bill. it's controversial legs which he set to repeal in 207. the bill would actually kill of 6 projects intended to improve transportation in the state. one thing i know they're focused on is transportation infra structure which is also i'm also focused on. i think that could be really helpful to maryland if we could get some funding for things we're not able to do without the federal government's help. he also wants to push a job initiative forward. he believes it would create thousands of jobs in baltimore city
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state. > it looks ike opera andrea beau kelly will not perform at the inaugeration. president elect trump who is said to be a huge fan approached him personally but he has canceled after receiving so far as performing a backlash. 16 year old -- jackie vanco. she's going to stay on, but she's received a lot of backlash. she's only 16 years old. more prove you can buy just about anything online. that apparently includes positive pregnancy tests. why in the world would someone want
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ how else do you think he gets around so fast? take the reins this holiday and get the mercedes-benz you've always wanted during the winter event. now lease the 2017 gla250 for $329 a month at your local mercedes-benz dealer. > of course this comes out of florida. a woman there has started her own industry sel
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pregnancy tests on craigslist. why would anyone want to buy one. it's a no questions asked deal advertising for europe and positive pregnancy tests on craigslist. fraud is the first thing that comes to my mind. action news tells me this type of thing falls into gray zone sin it's not legal to sell europe but the buyer could be committing fraud. this is the kind of thing that makes legislation fors go we need to pass a law that says you can't do this. we wrote into the ad undercover asking to meet up with the pregnant woman offering for her services for $30 a pop. after she agreed we went to the pharmacy and picked up a pregnancy. after using the bathroom sure enough she handed over a positive test. >> the woman who doesn't want to be identified tells me ' got into this after looking online for a job she could do while
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after her first post to craigslist she says the money started flowing. $200 a day, soggy have to do no matter what. this woman isn't the first person to sell a positive pregnancy test online. it's a trend that's been going around for years. some women advertise it for simply to play a prank or to get your guy to pop the question. to this woman, it's a job to help her pay for her future. >> i've been needing all this money to pay for a degree. this is like a no brainer. > we can't go right into sue without talking about that for a second. >> let's do it. here's the deal about that. it's one thing to sell europe to pass drug tests. that happens out there. you heard at the end people saying prank, blackmail, absolutely not. that's despicable. > or to even get out of work. >> whatever. drive an uber or
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> miriam webster said the word of the year is post truth, surreal. > the weather is going to be much more reasonable. >> let's audit committee about the weather. it will definitely calm everybody down because we're going to take some of that wind chill out of the forecast, take the ice, not existent, a quiet week for travel and preparings as weigh come up on a very busy holiday weekend with hanukkah and christmas occurring at the same time just about this year, hanukkah on saturday and christmas on sun and we're going to start with a look at the weather headlines because obviously it is very cold out there tonight. we are in the 20s. we may see a few spots dropping down into the teens, but we are going to see milder temperatures coming back into the forecast as early as tomorrow afternoon. not so much tomorrow morning. it's a great week to travel, though. it will be dry most of the week. our next chance of any showers just a few on christmas eve and that would be likely late morning to maybe early to midafternoon. in fact, we want to give y
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christmas weekend preview and christmas eve also occurring at the same time hanukkah this year. we're thinking it's going to objection to the form out in the upper 40s, but for your evening plan lower 40s. some midday showers as mentioned. not too cold at all and not too tricky to travel. we took the showers out that we thought might be around yesterday, a mix of cloud and sun. nice and mild, high temperature, 52-degrees. easy to get around and about and it's almost here. for the next couple of days we're also on the mild side, 50-degrees, average is 45. that's bonus weather especially when you consider what we went through this even. thursday, 53-degrees and also quite a mild day. there will be a frontal boundary crossing us on thursday. it will likely come through dry. it could be a very light shower or sprinkle, but very isolated. the winds will gust a little bit as the front moves through on thursday afternoon. we can put temperatures like these, our high temperatures today in the rearview mirror for the time being alou
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certainly quite cold out there tonight at 11:00 we're down at # 2 in, 4 in baltimore, 4 also in fredericksburg and # 2 in culpeper. d.c. has dropped now to 30-degrees, a couple of degrees down. we do have a little deck of clouds coming through. i think they'll be pretty much gone by the morning but maybe they'll help to take a little bit of the edge off. although they're awfulfully thin. a thin blanket of clouds. we expect to drop down to 28 in the district, martinsburg 5 and culpeper one of the cold spots as is frederick at 22-degrees expected overnight. so for the kids tomorrow morning at the bus stop, # 2 to 30. after school feeling a little bit better, 45 to 5 t #* degrees and here's a look at your planner for wednesday again, a chilly start in the morning by noon up to 43-degrees with a good amount of sunshine and a few high thin clouds and by 4:00, 50-degrees. around the area it could be that north and west you stay closer to the mid 40s, but
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fredericksburg 51-degrees, looking pretty good there. your seven day forecast, tomorrow 5:44 in the morning and all of these temperatures that you see her are above average, even next week when we may be close to 60-degrees certainly forth first couple of days so we're staying mild next week, chance of showers on tuesday at 61. it should be very easy traveling that is for sure. don't go anywhere, much more to te t you about, fox5 local news at 11 will be right back.
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> this could just be a cancellation price, four redskins were selected to the annual pro bowel it will be played in orlando accused of assaulting sunda
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the selection, the most for the skins was 2012. on defense, ryan consider dan, and first since 2012. he has 11 1 # sacs. on pretty good. on offense, trent williams back for his fifth straight year. guard brandon serve selected for the first time. jordan read also his first selection and the skins first tight end. chris cooley in 2008. also, three players picked as alternates, kirk cousins, josh norman and jamie son crowder. speaking of kirk cousins he may have passed for 315 yards but he posted his third worse quarterback rating of the year. he failed to pass a touchdown touch since week one. poor blocking led to a cousins fumble to saturday the third quarter and a panthers touchdown. this time there it is, there's that fumble. this time head coach jay gruden welcoming the quick turnaround. a lot of times as
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we try, the best way to put behind you something like this, a play performance is playing again quickly, to get back out on the field and hopefully that will be a remedy for us. >> they're playing saturday this week. tonight maryland concluding its non conference schedule facing charlotte in baltimore. mark turning oncrumb biearly. michael saw could you ski grabs the loose ball and beats the busker. maryland down by just one at the break. then after just one three pointer in the first, the terps explode for ten in the second. freshman kevin hearder new yorking it down. maryland up by seven and then melo trimble wants in on the act and he does. one of his three pointers, a team high, maryland winning 88 to 726789 they enter big ten play with a 12 and 1 record and that is a look at sports. there you have
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hello trimble. that's a good name. i like it. that was good said out loud. how does warm up sound? melo trimble warm up and tomorrow the first day of winter, it will be milder than average at 50-degrees much that's just the beginning because while we'll be up and down a little bit we'll be mostly above average as we go through this big holiday weekend, 49 on saturday, 55 on sunday, just a few showers around on saturday. nice for travelling. i won't see either of you before christmas so mere i christmas. i'll see all of you on christmas andd
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