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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 21, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> a house fire leaving a maryland family out in the cold we're live with the late sgleingt a massachusettsive brawl brokz out at par mar high school and the school taking actions. make sure it doesn't happen again and in the meantime a live look outside right now at 5:00 and ready or not, winter is here
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the season bin beginning 5:4 this meaning making day the shortest day of the year. oh, what will you do with yourself. >> have to be extra productive you right? >> there you go. get it all in. >> optimism there. i'm holly morris and gary mcgrady. erin joining thus wednesday as well working hard roads and for daughter in five minute. right now if you're just getting up at 5 a.m. let's you caught up on this morning's top story. no word what caused horrific and deadly scene in mexico after explosion ripped through a fireworks market the market was crowded with shoppers buying fireworks for the holidays. fire swept through the same market in 2005 and 200
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>> germany christmas mark's cross berlin are opening today amid heightened security following monday's deadly attack. meanwhile german police are looking for the driver of the truck that slammed into a christmas market killing sdwevl people. the man initially arrested said there was no sufficient evidence to tie him to the rampage. isis can claiming responsibility for the attack. >> developing overnight and closer to home a family needing a new place to live days before christmas after the home caught fire in rockville last night. and what investigators say caused it is a lesson for many of us. "fox5" annie yu joining us live in rockville, good morning, annie, what happened here. >> hey, good morning. maureen and holly. just devastating situation for this family here. fire officials tell us that it was misplaced fire ashes that caused the fire yesterday and if you look behind me there is significant damage that home and then is at the 1701 pasture brook way in rockville you can see it's a two storyin
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be completely gutted. much of the garage is completely gone and windows blown out and part of the room roof up there is gone as well this could is been worse but those inside acted quickly and were able to escape as the fire rappedly spread thought the home. thankfully no one was hurt. as you mentioned the family has to find a new place to liver days before christmas. and fire officials believe that again it was misplaced fire ashes that ignited this blaze that caused 600,000 worth of damage and just devastating and this is something we see this time of year. many of us using fireplaces. but, it's always a good idea to put the fireplace ashes
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metal contain rz as opposed to place kick and paper bags or plastic binns so ep that in mind as you. >> a mother and her children are are recovering after a terrible accident. the mother was crouseing the street with her two children and they were struck. all three victims are expected to survive. police say it does not appear speed or alcohol cop contributed to the collision. >> kuwait ambassador to u.s. is denying reports he was pressured to move event from four seasons to trump hotel. no one contacted him or pressured him into moving event the embassy held event for four spz for years and heard about the new trump hotel and wanted to give it a try. >> presidential election voingts are in and certified and hillary clinton won the popular vote shy of 3 million. it's largest number of
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electoral college. she's second democrat to lose presidential election but win popular vote after last five elections. >> happening today virginia politician will hold a drawing to giveaway a semi-automatic weapon to one of its supporters. cory stewart former virginia chairman of trump's presidential campaign is currently running for virginia governor. stewart said he is give ago way an ar 15 rifle in a contest to pro moment run for governor and as a statement on second amendment. >> 5:05 is the time and gary mcgrady checking in with you on this official first day of winter. well it's 5:45. >> holding on to fall for 40 more minutes. >> 40 more minutes. >> 39 more minutes you can do that. actually funny thing ironically temperatures will be in for aing trend over the next several days that could take us into 60s. that's rights i said it h
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i can see it now you can. to 0 this morning. so pick up time cold no doubt about it. some temperatures coming up. >> when i made this a while back it was around 30 or so and now it's come up and temperatures in mid 30s. clouds influencing temperatures especially knowledge of us. after school, 45 to 52 so school. it's definitely going to be dry. not too terribly cold out there i would say a mix you're of clouds and sun few high to mid level clouds time to time and annapolis now is 0. norm spots jump up to 30. and we had a few clouds m coming across the northern and northwestern areas doyp to south fredericksburg and culpeper 1 and leonardtown 8 and annapolis is 30.
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not a bad day at all. over to you erin with a look at traffic khoodz secondarys to get around other than bradley boulevard. metro kicked in 5:00 this morning and safe track surge 11 this is last day you can believe it? continue single tracking between west falls and east false church. otherwise no reported metro alerts. i'll let you know if that changes follow me on twitter @erinfoxdc and we you have covered if it changes taking a wide view of
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traffic looking going as you make your way to largo. problem free 50 from annapolis and traffic in a few. back to you holly and maureen. >> ge getting a lot of late night laughs, actor alec baldwin impersonation of trump saturday night live and what's in it for him. payout he's getting next. >> i can imagine and first the "fox5" follow up after a disturbing brawl inside a maryland high school. school add mt tores keeping students safer and 250e67ing them a lesson. >> let's look outside wednesday morning the shortest day of the year. first day of winter. feels like it right now at least. 30 degrees. below reez freezing. 5 o 08 is the time gabbing in 30 sektsz.
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now to "fox5" follow up a viewer contacted us after a man tried to break into her home. the homeowner was frustrate because police were not vigorously investigatinging the case and after days of asking officials why this happened and could this happen more often than not "fox5" finally received a reply. and in a statement, d.c. police's public information office said following the call for service a report was not taken. once this was brought t
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attention an officer responded to the location and a report was subsequently taken for the offense. this case remains under investigation. fushling more, the initial responding officer's actions are currently under review. >> and now in the meantime it's been 1 days since attempted break in and there's been no arrests in the case. >> all right more news, weather and traffic coming back after this break. be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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now we're following up to find out what the school is doing to keep students safe. "fox5" melanie alnwick is live outside the high school now with the latest. good morning, mel. >> the school tells us it maybe will make changes to staff schedules and put more resources into lunchtime but it will not add any more sxurty officers and the principal told students and teacher
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internal changes will be made. also accepted ago letter out to parents saying in part "a principal's student add sciencery team made up of a diverse is group of students will be create todd ensure student voices are heard. and the letter also says that friday's brawl began first as a food fight then misunderstanding and as these things usually go then it became physical. but it got really bad. three students were sent to the hospital and because the fight appeared to be between groups of african-american and hispanic students also raised fears of racial tensions. students reactioned to our story throw on twitter and email saying they support central high school and its diversity. one student saying our school does marvelous and wonderful things and always goes unrecognized. during this it brawl there was a school resource officer there and three other security guards and also we understand prince george county police were called in as backup. no arrests were made. prince george county schools
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handled according to school system policy. now there was also a mandatory attemptbly here and student tell us during that assembly they were told that the kids involved were expelled. >> live at central high school i'm melanie alnwick, "fox5 local news". >> you can feel the celebration about to get underway. >> uh-huh. >> yeah. >> that excitement you know and intensity before party is ready to break out. >> oh, yeah. >> gary you're the host. >> get out the glow stick. >> maureen any confetti in your desk i think we'll need it. >> i can find some. >> scissors and paper i got time. >> okay. we do have about few more minutes. >> yes we do. >> what time is it? >> we have ten minutes. >> no half hour. >> i looked at seconds instead of minutes. >> he's so excited he can't tell what time it is. >> winter arrives 5:45. be nice to me i can't see anymore.
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bwi mar thal 4 jet stream lifted and north. it will take all the signer cold air out of here and today will be in the 40s and 50s. we touch 50 for a high today. warm air south and cold air invention down here warm air sitting here and there's a big area of high pressure south. and it's pulling the warm air again. we'll talk as we start winter officially today and as we get into winter it's going to be kind ever a mild first week ever winter if you will most of the numbers on the 7 day forecast will be above normal. this is here's holiday weekend forecast. we have hanukkah starting saturday obviously christmas will be on sunday i think there's going to be a few showers around for hanukkah and christmas eve 49 for a high temperature maybe little sun on saturday and to be perfectly honest with you i don't think we've worked it out. i don't think the modeling worked it out completely for the weekend. it
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high temperature christmas day is 52. another mild christmas around here. we had one last year and will is another this year as well. today we'll touch 50. sun and cloud. not completely sunny or cloudy. you know how that goes. cool highs some will number the 40s and winds out of the west 5 miles an hour. here's clouds comeing across today. should not be a big deal. again certainly we'll stay dry. and this is first 7 day forecast of winter right 4 today. obviously a little cooler. didn't load correctly again. i've been having problems with the 7 day forecast. jump in erin and make that go away. >> i mean. >> winter begins this morning. >> it's holiday weekend it's all good. and winter today. >> colder than usual. >> actually above normal today 50. >> ironic right. >> 60s next week. >> i'll take 0s and warmer mild temperatures. right now for wednesday morning commute even though the beltway is quiet now we have a problem in rockville. prodly boulevard thi
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up from rockville commuters closed in both direction utility work caution there as you head out in cabin john. cabin john clairea parton and river road inside the beltway problem free and outside the beltway as well. 270 at speed now. let's look live outside. congestion building as you wake up in virginia and 66 right now. 66 or 234 business jam-up starting looks like we have disabled vehicle as well blocking that right shoulder and that is not helping anything out. give yourself ten extra minutes to get through gainsville and 39 a5 picking up as well. past duke street and increased volume and switch cameras to a live look on 270 traffic is looking getter now and 295 look at that problem free 50 to pennsylvania. and more traffic in a few. holly and maureen >> well, take a look at that. spectacular christmas display lightingp
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leesburg on wood's edge drive. the homeowner has been doing this the past six years the show runs 7 to 9 each night through christmas. >> pretty impressive. >> i think we need -- >> look at that a hall owe gram santa. >> we need more specifics don't we need address. leesburg is a large area. >> try to get that for them. >> at least post on web site maybe so people can go. that's fun. >> and the timing so here's the practical side of me. how much does that cost to do all season long? >> all right scrouge read the next story. >> oh, man it's pretty though. >> that's the gift. >> you're right the energy bill is the gift. >> 5:18 hot on the web that's what we're doing now. wisdom martin join squoyns us to tell us what is trending. >> california mana ringtsed in maryland after 250 pounds of marijuana was found in his car. 53-year-old steven tocci is held woyt
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several charges. he was pulled over on 20 for speeding and police say the officer that pulled it occi over and tocci said he was smoking marijuana math and then they searched the vehicle and fond a bunch of ma marriage in his car. >> southwest airlines back up and running ach a glitch. it gave travelers a headache after it went down several hours yesterday. people couldn't check in online or book a trip. >> and now we're getting dish behind alec baldwin appearances on snl. as you know he portrays donald trump on that show. this may surprise you. he says he only gets paid $1400 per appearance. as a small amount of money. he also said he doesn't write the sketches how about that for insider info and reping dmv with lyrics and rhymes edward tre is the best freestyle
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won saturday in atlanta his prize includes contract with hip hop label 300 entertainment and dissticked by atlantic records. those are headlines. back to you. >> dmv making waves across the nation. >> and world. >> okay. wisdom i was going to call him webson thank you it's still early folks. >> i know. >> all right if you're looking for love in the new year the best way to do so coming up we'll tell you when. >> she's back after her moves went viral at golden state warriors game remember this lady the team invited her back for dancing round two. >> she's taking it way serious. >> 5:20 a live look outside on this morning. welcome to our house‚ô™ >> i don't love this song but hey. >> i love you. >> good morning everybody we're back after this
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. >> this this is really not the grinch. this is the grinch. that woman there tammy stickland stole toys from toys for to thes drive she put in the applications for children that don't exist and they found dozen he's ever stolen toys at her home still unclear what she plans to do with them. she faces chargesen including fraud and theft. you should not spil in that picture you're a grinch. seriously who does that. >> switching gears guess who is back again it's dancing warriors mom you. >> know her from this video here. dancing like cizy and her ugly christmas sweater it totally went viral. last night she was tat again. let's take a look.
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>> dancing on the court with the team's cheerleaders during a break in warriors jazz game. >> and guess. >> is that the hilarious. >> i'm will having this. >> you know what, you know, her grand kids probably totally loved this and her kids are mortgage fewed. >> let me tell you what she's got moves. >> it's so fun look at her. >> she's. >> shake what your mama gave you. >> look at you lady seriously you are awesome. >> and the thing is she has such joy on her face she's having the time of her life. that's very cool. >> dance like no one is watching. >> and you might have everybody watching. >> right. >> and awe that's my favorite story of the day. >> it makes me happy right? >> oh, my gosh. >> it sure does. >> unfortunately you have to follow that. >> i think what would be great get jim over there and let him
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>> jim is like yeah, no. >> see how he deflects. >> no. >> that's you get me all wrong. you get a situation like that and make the most of it. >> yes. >> and i'm a parent any time i can embarrass my kids. >> you're all for it. >> especially social media where everybody goats see it. >> matt her of fact -- >> let's just do it. >> here's what's going on. cracks me up how much people love other people's dancing. it's just so funny. listen, here's where we are. so counts down continues to winter 5:45 this morning. jim is running out of the studio right now. he doesn't want any part of this. bus stop forecast 2 to 0 this morning it's a little warmer in spots. i'll give you that because temperatures to the west and north of us have come upgist a little with the clouds. and sun and clouds today. after school 45 to 52 degrees and cold to start and cool in the afternoon. 27 degrees right now here in town. game rzburg is cold 25. frederick is 32 and westminster dropped back
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all this is about clouds. when the clouds are onp top temperatures actually don't pool any more and in some cases chael up a bit. winchester 3 culpeper 19 and fredericksburg and annapolis it's 30. we'll warm up and touch 50 a lot of you will stay in 40s today. there's forecast. here's erin como. coming up in a few minutes it's wintertime. >> what time exactly, gar. >> 5:44. >> we're so close. as you make your way out around the dmv outer loop crash reported past connecticut avenue use caution there. seeing plenty of green concernsing ton to that location because there's lighter volume. we'll let you know if it causes any major backup. quiet past connecticut as you head to 95. maybe head to icc this morning other make your way to baltimore beltway. 95 baltimore washington parkway looking good. more problems in rockville this morning. bradley boulevard closed
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both directions right now. there's utility work reported between ken dale road and concerns dale drive. caution there. you'll need to find another alternative to get around that this morning. as we move over for a look 20 southbound 70 to spur you're at speed things picking up 66 eastbound to gains fillmore traffic in a few back to you maureen and holly. >> thank you less than a mo left in office and messages of fame pouring in for president obama. >> and pop star come to the rescue. thousands of feet in the air on board an international flight. how he helped to restrain an unruly passenger. >> and live look across the dmv on this wednesday morning 5:27. run, run, rudolf chuck better question for you. getting you in the christmas spirit less than a week away. are you ready? hoho no right? let's talk about it after the break. back in three minutes
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>> a maryland high school cafeteria brawl and concerns about racism as school leaders try toy ease the parents' mind. >> fox5 getting answers after a woman find a man breaking into the home and she says did z.c. police never investigated
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continues good and raise ago wareness for those in needs and one group is honing are d.c. homeless residents and their message to city leaders. "fox5 news morning" starts right now. >> good morning to you i'm wisdom martin. >> i'm holly morris. >> t today is wednesday, december 21. we'll have weather and traffic in five minutes. >> as we check the headlines breaking news in that deadly truck crash out a christmas mark net berlin. german media reports that police are now looking for the gunman after find what they call identity document inside that truck twelve killed and 50 injured when the truck slammed into the outdoor market on monday the map initially arrest was released because police say there was not sufficient evidence to tie him to the rampage. isis claimed responsibility for the attack developing overnight and closer to home families now needing a new place to live
5:32 am
their home caught fire in rockville last night. >> what investigators say cause today is lesson foremany of us "fox5" annie yu is live in rockville with the story, annie. >> good morning, wisdom and holly and good morning everybody. this is a sad story as you mansioned this story store family finding a place to live days before christmas their home gutted ach a fire broke out it was misplaced fireplace ashes that caused heavy fire to this two story single family home located at 1701 pasture brook way in rockville. you can see the significant damage left behind from this intense fire much of the garage is gone and we see a car inside the garage that is completely de destroyed and the windows are blown out and back deck is messed up and debris everywhere and part of the roof gone as well. the home is completely gutted. i'll show you video of that fire. its with a very intense fire and incident was reported after 9:30 last night ove
5:33 am
firefighters were called to the scene and when firefighters arrived they found heavy fire coming from the home with flames shooting mainly out of the roof and even deck area it took them quite a bit of time to get the fire under control and this could have been a lot worse had it not been for quick thinking residents. they were inside and acted quickly and escaped as the fire rapidly spread throughout the home thankfully no one hurt and this family was out a home this christmas and fire hovrlz tell us the damages are estimated 600,000 and significant damage to this home and you know this is remind to all of us who use fireplace this time of year you want to make sure you discard the fireplace ashs in metal bin with lid. >> if you want to be extra cautious pour water on top of ashes that's the latest from rockville maryland annie yu "fox5 local news". >> this morning a marriage and two children are recould have
5:34 am
terrible crash near a busy shopping plaza in herndon it is not appear that speed or alcohol contributed to this collision. >> and dozens honoring homeless that died this year. 46 homeless in d.c. pass away. the group marched down 14 streetcarying a casket and signs with the names of those who died and they plan to sleep outside overnight in solidarity with the homeless. >> a look at more top story this hour fellow up to the story you saw on "fox5"after a huge fight at prince george country high school. we learned the school is not adding extra security but they are increasing staff that patrol the cafeteria at central high school. three students ended up in hospital after the friday fight the story has gotten a lot of comments on our facebook page. and now to montgomery county where an employee of
5:35 am
gaithersburg elementary school is arrest aend charged with sexually assaulting a 6-year-old girl police say ron green was a building service worker at the school he's accused after assaulting the child in the school's bathroom. the school's principal says green is on administrative lever while the investigation continues. >> and all right. 5:35 is the time now and just a short time it is going to be winter. >> uh-huh. >> clock is ticking. >> clock isticking. >> which means our trek stored spring starts tomorrow. >> or summer that's a good way to look at it we have to get to spring first. >> easing into winter. >> temperatures for wint are will not be winter like for first 7 days of winter 7 in town. dulles 20 whip chester 32 and you're in culpeper 19 if up the road in winchester 3. a significant difference if you look at it from teens to freezing. fredericksburg cold too
5:36 am
touch 50 here in town remember we touch high tem you're usually there for a little while and cool off. most of the day we'll number the 40s. middle to low 40s north and west game rzburg 4 and mixture of clouds and sun that's the way i like to say it for sky conditions. here's erin como with a look at traffic this morning. >> 5:36 now gary we're tracking news on the outer loop and big crash outer loop connecticut avenue blocking right leans and you can see traffic right now merging over to the left side to sneak through and right now we're dealing with a five minute delay leading to to that point as you approach connecticut avenue because volume is light and we'll keep you updated on that crash in the blaze as they begin to grow we'll are more traffic in a few. >> nba star doing his part to help the victims of deadly california warehouse fire. still ahead the item steph curry
5:37 am
raise money. >> and where you can find the latest round of messages coming up next. >> as we head to break a live look across the dmv we're halfway through the week and moments away if a new season. stick with us we're celebrate ago hong with you when fox news comes right i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> -- c. council members gave approval to family leave policy 9-4 vote and gives mops and dads eight weeks of paid leave and six weeks to care for sick child or parent and two week of personal sick time it will be paid for with new payroll tax on all d.c. businesses. mayor bowser said she will not sign legislation and since the bill passed with veto proof margin it doesn't need her signature. >> d.c. council confirming city newest chancellor and antoine wilson will agent ahead of d.c. public schools. named in the post last month. wilson was superintendent of oak land schools in california and he will replace kai henderson who led schools for five and a half years.
5:41 am
president obama leaves office an outdoor kiosk in adams morgan 18 and columbia roads northwest. kiosk is acorned with a sign that says #add mo thanks obama and there's several chalk boards to write messages to the president and first lady. >> we're three minutes away from official start of winter this is a live look outside as we head to break your first day of winter forecast is next. >> first holiday message from local service member overseas. >>. >> i'm pettit currently deployed in afghanistan and wanted to say happy holidays to friends and family in montgomery couldn'ty village maryland and happy holidays and i'll see you guys soon.
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>> because mike is clearly not a veteran. >> a live look outside right now at 5:44 guess what. >> it's wipter time. >> welcome winter. >> here we go. >> just a short time ago i don't think we ever made such a big deal out of winter.
5:45 am
will treatise nicely. >> i doubt it. >> it's the first minute of course we is to be nice. >> oh, my gosh. >> can we be positive for one minute just one minute is all i ask. >> let me ask somebody when you deep realive give you facts okay and fact it's wint erin always cold for last million years. get used to it. >> that's okay. >> that's okay. >> and it's okay. >> maybe several million quhooz counting i am in the sure right. >> where does summer start. >> i love the season about six months. >> all right. >> mark the called der. >> it's here and done and we're ready for spring. >> you know what here's the thing i would rather then it can be spring december 6. >> i got you it will almost be spring on december 26. quickly look we all know winter is here. so we're a minute into ten and already complaining about it
5:46 am
forecast. i didn't say that 49 degrees. wait they're running out of here. cold out here. 49 de agrees on christmas eve and hanukah starts saturday too. we could have a few showers. 52 for christmas day it's not going to be white or anything like that. all right. we will move on to the next graphic this morning karen is running check are for us thank you for that karen. hopefully temperaturesper 40s to around 50 or so. cold start but not wendy out here we're in the 0s in d.c. now. not all that bad cool conditions at noontime our photographer is always out and he said this is warmer morning this week. karen, if you can give it one more click and we'll show you the 7 day forecast. because we're going to welcome wipt were mott so winter like temperatures temperatures will be again 50 today and 5
5:47 am
friday with a few late-day clouds and hanukkah. christmas eve at 49 and i love it when it lines up and it's a wet christmas eve i think and get to 5 on christmas day and that's the high temperature there it looks next week december 2 and 27 upper 50s to lower 60s. definitely mild. erin como is up. why weren't you out here with us erin. >> because i have breaking traffic news we're tracking gary and also it's cold no thanks right now 5:47 nasty look at the outer loop now traffic is crawl ago long and it's blocking right shoulder and right lane previously few more right lanes are blocked crash only on the right shoulder now and use caution this is slowing you down with 5 to 7 minute delay as you approach connecticut avenue once you pass the crash scene things on again and watch for a little rubber
5:48 am
little rubber neck delay on upper loop side let go topside of beltway and look at maps other slow downs you need to be aware of aside from that crash 66 eastbound in vienna crash blocking left lane 13 and delays past monument drive. that's an area you need ten extra minutes pretty big backup there and before you get to that point things getting crowded 234 business on 66 eastbound and i want to take a closer look at the topsideive beltway where we showed you the crash. delays are starting to build. that's a look at traffic back to you wisdom and holly. >> thanks, erin. >> right now it's 5:48 and sorry we're trying owe get to the script here there we go. >> california man arrested after police in maryland sees hundreds of pounds of drugs held without bond. tocci was pulled over for speeding in 70 clarksburg t occi is charged with possession of drug trafficking. >>
5:49 am
opportunity to give the get of life a blood drive held in honor of officer noah liotta. he was killed last year. the drive will be held montgomery county public safety headquarters in game rzburg that will happen today 8:00 to:00 this afternoon. and give the gift of life at the officer noah lee at amemorial blood drive on december 21. >> -- c. mayor muriel bowser will break ground to honor one of gaithersburg son's. >> it will have a playground, basketball court and park. >> suburban chicago man is suing mcdonald's snrawnts two illinois counties. he claims the cheese burger extra value meals are actually more expensive than when the items are purchased separately. the manziel bundling two cheeseburgers medium french fries and drink is 4
5:50 am
more than buying them individually. he says the lawsuit is about principle. >> or you could just not go to mcdonald's. >> or buy them individually. >> or just move on with your life. that's one of the sillest things i ever heard. >> wasting time really a hamburger you're suing over a hamburger moving on. >> keeping it real. >> happening today, tokyo olympic organizers will present first official cost estimate for 2020 games. >> the team is expect todd announce total of 14 to 15 billion dollars actually that's just below the 17 billion cap a japanese government panel warned cost of olympics could exceed 0 billion four times initial estimate if they don't make drastic sgluts good luck >> golden state warriors guard is give ago way the shoes off his feet he will auction off two
5:51 am
good cause. shoes were designed by under armour in honor of victims of that warehouse fire in oakland. the money raised will go to oak land fire relief fund 6 died in that fire earlier why this month and if you look for love in 2017 mark your calendars because best day to start dating is coming up according to the dating app hinge biggest day for indicting falls on new year's day and google trends data from first week of jaep dating back to 012 shows that the search term dating peaks during first week of new year and this m coming year the boost could be greater because new year's day falls on sunday and sunday are most popular day for dating app users to strike up new conversation. >> i do not think of new year's day as a big dating day, do you? >> no. >> but you have to realize i'm a boring old person in the house on new year's. >> good point. >> all you fun people that are out there i
5:52 am
year's day as a big bait dating day. you're usually recovering on new year's day or staying quiet. >> explain that to me. >> i want to know what the fem think about on social media. >> and if you go on dwrait do you go on new year's day weren't you out new year's eve. >> maybe eggs. >> i don't know time now 5:52 funny lady amy shumer bought the farm and we mean bought the farm literally. >> comedian revealed via instagram she purchased back her family farm stayed they lost to bankruptcy fol her father's ms diagnosis as early christmas present for her dad. this is not the first time the 5 yeerld has given gordon shoemer alfred rocqomore a great gift she arrange aid face time with goldy hahn. that's nice. 552 is the time now and time fo u
5:53 am
web fist up a former nfl player robert edens and his friend were shot in detroit and investigators say they found a gas stove was also left on in the house and there's no evidence of forcedenry and this place with buffalo bills was only 8. >> starting in 20 19 if your film is not diverse it's not eligible for bachelor awards. that's equivalent of the oscars and under new rules they have to demonstrate paption of groups that are under represented in the film industry and on screen representation. those themes are are with diverse audience. >> richard marks to the rescue fought off and restained an out of control passenger during a flight from vietnam to south core he a his wife did you remember her. >> yes. >> i didn't know they were married she took pictures of the whole ordeal. richard was flowing elbow and held a rope tie around th
5:54 am
daisy and richard said the flight crew was ill trained for combat. police arrested the passenger when they landed and that's on the web now. >> all right. >> hollywood is selling a beer we have one more a bar in hollywood is selling a $40 beer there's words missing. >> many people have soon a brown paper bag covering up liquor in inner cities. some say this is being incensetive. >> they are selling a 40 ounce beer in a brown paper bag and so now people are offended at that because they think it's being insensitive and mocking you know people that are on hard times so
5:55 am
are doing this say they're not patronizing it's a fun nass tall gik marina marracory we apologize for having to decipher that cipt but it was a big of a challenge. it takes a village to tell a story sometimes. 5:54 is the time now and that's time for facebook fan of the day today lovely danielle gram celebrating 41 birth day. and danielle says she loves watching "fox5" every day and thinks the entire morning crew is awesome. her favorite anchor is allison see more. >> there you go. >> they're good at it. >> they like to color coordinate their outfits. >> how are you gary on this first day of winter. >> i have the recipe and we'll bottle that and retire. >> youth elikir. >> oh, >> airport erin just brought me thi
5:56 am
it's an ornament. >> tharng you erin it's been a little while. >> it's creepy. >> it is special all of russ special. wisdom you can just have a while holiday spirit at some point this entire week. >> one time. >> one time. >> i love you professor. >> right, >> here you go school day forecast for you. bus stop, cold this morning and cool, 45 to 52 degrees and man talk about burst bubble erin i don't have it in me anymore. >> take it away. >> writers letters with frosting is more challenging than i thought. moving to traffic now. crash in process of clearing outer loop crash connecticut blocking right shoulder and lanes and still blocking shoulder traffic all the way backed up past connecticut
5:57 am
from coalsville to connecticut watch for big slow downs a 15 minute delay now from 95 over there. >> we'll keep up updated
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> straight ahead at 6 a family is homeless this morning after fire tears through their rockville home. the mistake that caus
6:00 am
house to go up in flames and reminder for all of is this winter. >> "fox5" taking action as getting as after a man tried to break into a home in the districts and police did not take action until we got involved. update on the story you only saw on "fox5". >> and here he, here he. it is officially wint are a live look outside on this wednesday morning it's december 21. the winter solstice arrived 15 minutes ago and that also means it's shortest day of the year. >> we'll not see the sunrise until 7:17 and sunset is after 4:30 this afternoon. >> only three months until spring. >> keep telling me that good morning to you i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> defing overnight, a rockville family is homeless days before christmas there's still photo from the flames what is believed to be a simple mistake led to this devastating house fire. >> "fox5" annie yu good morning.


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