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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 21, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> a massive manhunt underway in germany for the terrorist behind this week's deadly attack in the christmas market. learning new details about the suspect this morning. >> days before christmas a maryland family does not have a home after fire ripped through it destroying everything. firefighters have a warning for other homeowners with fireplaces. >> and stranger daipinger alert in arlington a young girl almost forced into a man and she gotta we and police need your help finding abductor. >> liver look outside wednesday morning december 1 look at that beautiful sky. 2016 of course the last couple days of 2016 and weather and traffic coming up on the fives at 7:05. good wednesday morning i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve chenevey. >> welcome "fox 5 news morning" beautiful sunrise out there coming soon today. the shortest amount of daylight in the entire year. >> in the 4:00 hour. >> 4:30 or so.
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tucker in a minute. we'll start the 7:00 hour with breaking news and deadly truck crash in berlin on monday. german media report that police have now identified tanasian man in wex can the attack and urgent manhunt underway twelve died and 50 injured when the truck slammed into the holiday market. two men were released because there was not sufficient evidence to tie them to the attack. isis claimed responsibility for the attack. >> wild video hoor a fireworks explosion rocked a market packed with people buying fire woorkz to celebrate the new year. this blasts was a chain reaction explosion killing 30 people and dozens more injured authorities say the whole area was leveled if the fire and witnesses shopping there described a chaotic scene. no word what caused that blast. >> 7:0 1 we have breaking news out of rockville. fire crews say a car
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it's not clear if it's home or business and the scene was clear just a little while ago. no word what caused crash or if there were injuries either we'll stay on top of this one and bring you more details as we get more information. >> rockville a family home damaged days after christmas left to a devastating house fire. >> trending now is more with "fox5" annie yu. good morning. >> good morning to you allison and steve. good morning to you everybody. neighbors tell us it's a middle aged couple that lived at the home behind me and now the two adults are without a home this christmas and you can see it's completely destroyed. this home sits 170 1 pasture brook way in rockville and fire officials tell us it was improper le disposal of ashes from their fireplace that began this fire. they're estimating damage 600,000 and you know you can seat roof is partially gone and deck destroyed and windows blown out and much of this garage is gutted and there's a
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destroyed. needless to say home is completely gone. and according to montgomery county fire and ems homeowners discovered fire in the garage and tried to put it out themselves delaying call it 911. they were able to escape as the fire rapidly spread throughout the home and ran to neighbor's home and called for help. over 75 firefighters were called to the scene and by the time they got here they found flames shooting out of the roof and home -ly engulfed in flames. thankfully no one was hurt and this family again without a home this christmas and fire officials are warning folks to please be careful use extreme caution and the most important thing is keep in mind you want to put ashes metal bin with a tight lid. never in plastic bags or paper mraingz or plastic bags. that's the latest from maryland, >> and a map charged with assaulting a
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ron green was a service workinger at the school and is is accused of asoughting the the child in the school's bathroom. he is on administrative leave while the investigation continues. >> sayrey moment for 10-year-old girl. when the girl got off a school bus she awas approached by a man trying to take her. >> this helped 15th street south. live with more on this frightening story bob, good morning. good morning, allison, steve, yes, happened here monday afternoon 4:00 arlington police policing us the 10-year-old girl had gotten off the school bus and i lives in the neighborhood near point gone city mall. the girl says a man called out from a van offering her candy saying he had dogs inside. and she knew something was wrong. and before she could run though the mana parentally grabbed her backpack and coat. she got away and the guy drove off and she gave this description to police. she says it is a white man possibly in 0s and had a british
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hair and black shirt and possibly red pants the car she describes is white van with sliding side doors. arlington police are taking this report seriously it was reported monday night we're getting window it and passing it to you because it sounds like this girl quick thinking yelled out, ran off and got away from what could have been possibly a bad situation. guys. >> all right, bob, good to get the description out. there a mother and two children were recovering after a terrible crash in fairfax country. a woman was crossing the street with her daughter and son in hermine ndon they were struck and it does not appear speed or alcohol contributed to the collision. 7:05 now 29 on this wednesday morning. >> it sounds like cold enough temperature to send tucker outside without a coat. good morning. >> good morning. yes, you called it steve.
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-- september outside all of a youen. it's cold this morning. cool this afternoon. we have a nice mild stretch of weather to look forward to as we get to christmas weekend. let's get to it show you latest conditions. fist of all let me start by saying welcome to winter it arrives 5:44 this morning we're an hour in feel wintery and let's go to temperatures reagan national big bounce in temperature in the past 15 minutes not quite sure why and temperatures at reagan national currently in upper 30s while we've been in teens and 20s off to our north and west. dulles now 25 and bwi 25. want a jacket here early. quick look at satellite reign radar. partly cloudy and sunny this afternoon and looking at daytime highs 50 with partial sunshine. should be a dry afternoon. here's a quick look at forecast. wrap it up down here and run back inside and put my packet on there you go
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guys with partial sunshine not a bad looking day. let's do traffic with erin. >> things are running spoonlly on wisdom martin and i say add speed. >> where's jacket it's your first day of winter now. 7:06 was that tucker. >> yes. >> we cut him off. >> well you need to bundle up that was poor representation of how cold it is. right now you can see 270 southbound 28 congestion building frederick. not terrible now. 15 minute delay 70 to spur. let's look at cameras right now. good news on 395 northbound rights now a crash blocking two left laipdz foonl hi cleared over to right shoulder and you can see as you come up 95 northbound to 14 street bridge backed up king street to 14 street bridge. earlier crash outer loop by connecticut avenue blocking shoulder and keep in mind delays are big. you can see flashing lights on right shoulder before 495
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35 extra minute inner loop in better shape and crash on 4 inbound dower house. more traffic if a few, ali, steve. >> now to "fox5" follow up a viewer contacted us two weeks ago after a man tried to break into her home in the district. the homeowner was frustrated because she said police were not vigorously investigating her case so "fox5" got involved and after days of asking officials why this happened and could it be happening they foonlry replayed. public information office said "following call for service a report was not taken. once this was brought to our attention an officer responded to the location and report was subsequently taken for the offense, this case remains under investigation. further more the initial responding officer's actions are currently under review."in the meantime it's been twelve days since
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break in. >> it's a story you saw here first inside prince george county high school. we'll find out what the cool is doing to keep students safe. melanie alnwick is live at the high school with the latest now, good morning. >> good morning, steve, allison. and yes changes here at the school this morning but mostly internal changes. the school tells us it's add tion more resources to the cafeteria during lunch hours and it will not however be adding security officers. it does have a school resource officer and three additional security officers but that will remain the same. prince pal did accepted a letter out to school community though saying also they were going to start a new team. they're calling it principal student advisory team made up of diverse gup of students and they said it would be create todd ensure student voices are heard and the letter also saysfy's brawl began as food fight and then became physical. three students were sent to hospital and
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appeared to be between groups of african-american and hispan students taken also raised fears of racial tensions and it was worried father that sent students video to "fox5" saying he want today broadcast so something would be done. we fwot a lot of reaction to this story on social media and man by dr. students reaching out to us on twitter and through email saying they support central high school and its diversity and many students saying they did not think there was racial issue here it was simply misunderstanding and one saying the the pins george country police were called as backup and no arrests were made. school system tells us the students involved were displaned according to prince george public school policy and students that ahappeneded a mandatory assembly after the fight they were told kids involved with expelled. live in c
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melanie alnwick. >> council members gave new moms and dads eight leaks of paid leave 6 to care for parents ar child and two weeks sick time. it will be paid on all d.c. businesses. muriel bowser will not sign the legislation but since it passed with veto based margin it does the not need her signature. >> d.c. council vote todd confirm antoine wilson ahead of public schools and wilson was superintendent out of california and he will replace kai henderson who led district schools for 5 nae years. >> less than a month before the president leaves office. >> residents in place around town are expecting their thanks to president barack obama and first lady michelle obama. >> this is kiosk in adams morgan
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obama. >> and heading home for holidays. get ready for discussions about politics. >> coming up all the new at 7 what the odds are that you'll get into argument over the weekend with a family member or maybe a friend over this year's election. details ahead. >> as we head to break we want to show what you is happening now in berlin. liver video outside of the christmas markets. it's now reopened the singing is happening and people are gathered holding signs that say you cannot and will nol not differ i'd us. it is 7:1. you can't predict the market. but through good times and bad... t. rowe price... ...we've helped our investors stay confident for over 75 years. call us or your advisor.
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your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. beautiful. >> i did the ma'am for you tuck. >> ut, oh. >> you said today is shortest day of year. >> okay. >> and nine hours and 27 minutes of daylight today. >> there you go. >> you did the math. >> he always is doing math. >> did you calculate that by hand after you got it from the sun. >> people and their abaccus. >> i didn't account for minute of partial daylight like we're experiencing now. >> here's the kind of guy that could have
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back in the day. >> is it henge or hedge. >> you'll tell us in the commercial. >> in the meantime let me do weather. winter arrived 5:44 here's a quick look across the can'ty. if you want warmer temperatures where's the place to go? >> tampa. >> tampa by 1 degree. >> and miami. >> southern florida experiencing one of warmest december's in history. >> i heard mid 80s in some places. >> in part of southern florida. represent of country much more seasonable. >> back in the negative 20s this morning. >> that's typical for that time of year. above zero. >> and locally quiet today 50 this afternoon. with partial sunshine. yesterday was more like 40
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yesterday and you know what, mild this time of year for next week or so. temperatures upper 40s. overnight lows in 30 sz. not as cold as it's been. >> remember last year 0 degree christmas eve. >> he yes. >> you don't remember air conditioning i was running air conditioning. >> i remember we did something outside in the morning and we had like sleeveless investigate on. >> maybe i was off. i don't remember this. >> temperatures last year for month of december were 11 degrees above normal one of warmest des ever. >> back in 60s next week. >> it's busy on the roads too. >> busy morning unfortunately lot of problems. hoe mow avenue closed between new hampshire and north capitol street. and seeing big delays because of crash. watch for that one. as we look at southbound baltimore washington parkway crash 9 and you head towards green belt jammed almost back to 3. huge delay there. save time coming fro
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save time coming from baltimore beltway take route 1 or 95 southbound that saves you time. asoyd from that one you move to outer loop. jammed 495 to route 1 to through the 20 spur s earlier crash condition con blocking shoulder and about 35 minute delay. more traffic in a few. allison and steve. >> santa baby♪ >> thank you, erin. >> santa coming to town this week right before christmas eve voage bwi marshall handing out candy canes. airport officials say he'll thereby through saturday to greet travelers in terminal and will also be seen on airport fire truck. bwi marshall airport will have live performances of holiday music. if you're there waiting to get out of town you shall been taind. >> it makes it niece if you have long lines. getting into the holiday spirit. >> a fair fax diner will serve a mill
7:19 am
afford a meal. the doyp are will close 4 to 8 and give diners food to take home and their holiday toys for children. nice holiday spirit there. >> sure is. >> 7:18 now wednesday and new this morning just about everyone talks about heading home for holidays. but will this be a year when man write would be happier to skip out. >> fox news poll shows how politically divided we've become and could exact a heavy toll over christmas. doug luzader has the details this morning. >> are he we over this yet? many of us have seen this dynamic on social media where people are blocking and unfriending or up following people who don't agree with them. political my. a lot of people may be coming face to face over this christmas weekend and it may not be pretty. you don't deserve to be in america. >> you could be this woman over christmas. still harboring genuine anger after an election. and even if you don't go that far you have plenty of compan
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it. new fox news poll shows almost exactly after of us. 51% report having had arguments with friend and families over the results of last month's election. >> we're going it say merry christmas again. merry christmas, merry christmas everyone happy new year. >> the president-elect donald trump rallying against holiday christmas and that won't be enough to bring us together chingt there's plenty of trump and clinton voters that appear to be angry with each other about a third do got respect clinton vote he's and clinton supporters say 45% don't respect trulp voters. how does that transspire forgetings to 18% showed america as tight knit family some say dysfunctional family. there should be conversations over the next couple days consider this advice. >> if among the family things get
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easy to switch gears. hey, guys, it's time for pie. let's move on to dessert. >> all on he's of survey that showed 24% of democratic voters unfollowed or unfriended or blocked someone on social media because of their political views about 9% of republicans said they did the same thing. >> in washington, doug luz aider fox news. >> it's now 7:21 let's not fight anymore. >> because we never did. >> coming up one of the big eingts terror attacks on u.s. soil hit the big screen today film version of boston marathon bombing. >> we disagree on things but we learn from our disagreements. >> i don't agree with that. >> that's how it goes. >> some think the film in boston is in bad taste and others say it is too soon for hollywood recreation
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y27zxy yi0y >> d.c. is growing and population now stand at 681170 that's highest population has been in the district since 1970s. between july of 2015 and july of this past year there's been about 1000 new residents and 900 new people a month moving to nation's capitol and mayor muriel bowser says d.c. is attractive place to live, work and start a family. >> i
7:25 am
>> welcome everybody new to the district. >> the big we are these people new to reming don't or moving from virginia to maryland to d.c. >> or both. >> interesting lesson in you know politics and a lot of other things. >> people all over the world come to d.c. it's amazing. >> uh-huh. >> right? >> uh-huh. >> right? >> yes. >> my dad worked for city in the 70s. so i'm familiar with growth and decline of our city. >> 39 now in washington. believe it it or not an hour ago we were 9. bounce there. whip shifted northampton west at and wind chill. little cloud cover to start the day it's partly sunny day today kns promise full sunshine. daytime highs 50. not expecting any rain shower activity until praps saturday or christmas eve. hanukah we could have few showers around and then i
7:26 am
we'll be partly sunny on surprised. that will be great news with temperatures low 50s. quick with the 7 day notice milder temperatures. no hi temperatures in 40s, 50s and dairy say 60 by next tuesday. milder temperatures to look forward to next week. yes in 2016 looks to exit like a lamb. i guess we do that in march. all right. erin how are the roads. >> researching potential party areas for new xrer's eave. >> where are we going. >> not sure yet. >> route 1 past connecticut over toe the 70 spur it's improving since earlier crash cleared you see a heavy flow of volume there you need 0 ska extra for rides. let's look at maps. we'll start you with a look at metro this is last day plan for safe track surge 11 continuous silver tracking orange and silver. rest of metro is set to be on time or close to schedule.
7:27 am
district between new hampshire and north capitol street. look at residual delays jammed chillham and suitland is slow by south capitol this is blocking shoulder from pennsylvania inbound but still backed up to reachy marboro toward the best way and crash really starting to slow things down adds you head toward the beltway ement e and another crash brandywine road caution there and 295 southbound jammed 50 to 11 street bridge. back to you guys. >> time now is 7:7. a lot of people use ride sharing service uber to get around. >> but all this new this morning personal experience when "fox5" employee explores safety issue. back in a moment. (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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♪♪ welcome back.k live look at the white house on this wednesday morning. morning man it looks cold out there, but really 39 degrees right now? n >> jumped that much, tuck.uck >> it was like -- >> 27. >> 27. now it's 39.w it's but that's true story.ry >> well it's apparently >> all right.ig. >> okay.. >> we'll investigate further inf
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now at 7:30 a look at our top stories. arlington county police say mans tried to force a 10-year-oldarld girl into his van when she got e off of her schoolbus on monday.. this happened on 15th streettr south.ut the victim says the man offeredr her candy, said he had a dog dg inside of his van. van when she refused to get in, thee victim says the man grabbed her backpack and jacket. j she was able to get away sale. a police are looking for the for t suspect. a family left homeless justs days before christmas, this, thi after their home caught on firer in rockville last night. n montgomery county fire andme cou rescue say the fire was causedau by mid placed fire the family was able to escape safely thank goodness.dns the fire caused though $600,0000 in damage. a follow up to the sto you u first saw right here after thisr huge fight at a prince george'sg county high we've learned that the school is not adding extra security butecr they are increasing the staff ta that patrols the cafeteria.afer this is all at central high school. three studentsed up in thesep ie
7:32 am
friday the story has gotten a gn lot of comments on our facebookc page. in on the news this morningr mark wahlberg's film patriots pi day about the boston march no n bombing it premieres today in boston recognition for a policee officer a died a year after being after a confrontation witt suspects. the family of that officertff believes he should be recognizec as the days fifth fatalityaly bombing victims and officer seaa collier mentioned by name bute b simmons is.mmon no family wishes he was. w kuwait ambassador to the unitedu states is denying reports thatet he was pressured to move ane an event from the four seasons to e the trump hotel.p hel the ambassador said nobody contacted him or pressured himrh into moving the event. e embassy held its event at thentt four seasons for years and heard about the new trump hotel and hl wanted to give it a try.. there's chilling new videosh this morning it shows anws an american woman and her canadiand husband being held hostage in afghanistan pleading withingith president obama for help.ident b in the video they're two littlee kids and they were both born inn
7:33 am
the woman and her husband werenr captured by the taliban in 20122 while hike.e in the video they pleaed withd i the president to secure their tr release before he leaves officee new this morning a lot off people used the ride sharinge service uber.see ub >> but what happens when you feel unsafe happe or unsure haia driver and getting into a stranger' cars? it can bee uneasy erin como joins us now with her personal experience.erc you were so disturbed you movedm to talk about it and help otherr people. >> right i wanted to contact wao uber to see what they thoughtheu the best safety protocol was sos that's exactly what we did toid see how they want to handle ifae you're unsure if you should get in theif y vehicle.icle now, it has happened to lot of o people not just me.people not j you call a ridmee share companyc and when the car ride licensese plate maybe doesn't match thech one you thought would be sent ts you or the car and licensend lin plates are right but the driverr isn't the person you'repers you expecting the description.crti full disclosure it happened to o mean i wasn't quite sure what ta do. we did research to help everyonn who's going to be using ride share over the holidays
7:34 am
♪♪ >> we asked i can four weigh in on the topic they say you shoull never be sent a driver, car orvo license plate that doesn't matct what was confirmed at the timeee you booked a service. serce uber says every driver has toas verify his or her identity evere time they sign on to bottom line, if a car shows up u that doesn't match what you'vetu been told to expect refuse touso get in and notify the car sharea service about what happen. also, you shall let car sharer e companies know if the driverhe i asks to you get out of the caru across the street from yourour destination to help them avoid making u-turn or if they if the pressure you to do anything ath while getting in or out of thert car that may endanger you like k entering or exiting the vehiclec in heavy traffic.ic. ♪♪ ♪♪ >> you can also check a driver's rating on the ride share app. a. any red flags there, cancel the trip and rebook.ebk. uber has recently updated itspdd app to track where and when ande you're picked up and dropped
7:35 am
off. in fact, it tracks you for fivev minutes after you get out of tht car. you can opt out in your phone p settings if you don't want to bb tracked, but the company sayspas they want to increase efficiencc and make sure you got where you were going safely. ♪♪ >> you can also let your friends or family know where you're'r going by sharing trip details ds available on some car sharearha apps. that will let your loved onesedo know where you are and when you should arrive. arriv there can you tell us be safetyu in numbers. nrs. consider going with friends to s and from parties this holidayay and while you may have some bubbly during those celebrations, don't get so waisted tathaiot you can't reacr quickly and defend yourself yrsl should a problem arise at the party on the street or in a car. ♪♪ >> and keep in mind that you mam be paying premium prices if youu use those ride sharing apps during peak hours of demand sucs as new year's eve. new i just wanted to look into itk t because i admittedly used car cr share apps like uber so frequenq and i wa
7:36 am
safe and everybody elsebody watching.wa >> whether it's the driver thata doesn't match or a driver that's asking too many questions, manyt getting too personal with you, u what do you do? >> right off the bat uber tollft us that if the wrong car, wrongo driver shows up cancel the rided and rebook and make sure you mau feel comfortable don't get inrtn the car if you don't.the car ify i know when the wrong car showeo up it was the same driver theyrt had a story for it.y for i wasn't by myself die take thet ride but had i been by myself i would definitely rebook. rebk. you can never be too safe.n ver >> one other o i know this is in virginia i don't know about maryland or d.c.ow a to be a legit ride sharingha service on the license plate tht register sticker is a black bck sticker. r. they have to have that from thee commonwealth of virginia.f vi >> that's good to know. >> keep an eye out for t thahatt well. if it is legit uber, lyft wide w ride sharing vehicle it has toto have that black registrationtrat sticker. >> that's really good piece ofrc advice there, steve.. i say trust your gut.ut. trust your instinct. iti i'd rather wait for ride thane feel unsafe.e >> thanks, erin.nks, en >> tucker barnes good i have one other tip as well.asell. >> what's that. >> make sure they're an actual u uber
7:37 am
i've actually gotten intoten i regular car.gula >> you have?r the last partt p about partying and responsible.e >> be responsible.onib safety in in numr hang with us. >> it was a misunderstanding. >> did you take the ride or polite yly exit thoue t vehicle? >> they did allow him in their t vehicle because it was a private vehicle. >> got it. hey recognizedogni him from his, you know, greatw,e weather reports. >> people look alike -- uberr looks a like later at night.t n >> steve puts all my info on tht street. >> 39 right now in >> you brought that up. broug ta >> 31 in new york city. temperature has jumpedspe 10 degrees allison. drees i'm not quite sure why.hy the winds have shifted off the t water. getting warmer temperatures.. satellite/radar we're trying to clear it out.ear itut. partly sunny today.ay will be milder and drier today.d daytime high -- erin, where youy going. you got to do traffic. traic >> they canceled traffic. traff. no traffic for you. f you >> 50 today.0 tay. pay susunny. okay. clearly i don't know what i'm talking about. on, back to >> tucker -- >> it is 7:37. 7 are you or your kids afraid of
7:38 am
needles? a lot of people are.e. >> we'll tell you about a new t way doctors outel west are helpl ease the pain by removing theovt reality of the the those details ahead. aad ♪♪ ♪♪ i'm a1c brownie from 791 iss the from north dakota. d i want to wish my family andy everyone around my area ina i maryland a happy holiday.oliday.
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80% off. o. users log in to see who has has leftovers, order and pay througr the app and pick it up forckup f closing time. food for all is in the pilot p base right now in massachusettst they plan to launch in new yorkc city and boston over the summerm if you're afraid of needlese or if your child is check this k out. california clinic using virtuall reality goggles and underwaterer app to help ease the pain.. the aquarium vr app downloadedna on to the doctor's iphone whichh them snaps direct fool theirectt goggles in an instant the childe is transported to another worldr the doctors say they've seen 50% reduction in fear and pain theai kids get.ds. >> really? >> what about me? we said ifd you or your child is afraid. i guess you can get your shots r at the pediatricians office. off >> do virtual reality yourself.. >> okay. that's very -- what took us so o >> distract. >> perfect idea.>> >> keep the mind busy. attitude is gratitude and ittudd turns out psychologists say it'' true. true new research shows havingws hav feelings of gratitu
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>> all right. >> can improve person's ownan io sense of well-being. researchers in poland foundpolaf people had reduced stress if s they recorded what they areha grateful for each day.h day al, i'm grateful for you everyoe day. >> i'm -- i always feel better e about myself. >> i'm seriously legit so so grateful for you, for you guys y in here, for you guys muchs m that's true story.rue s and it's actually helping. helpi >> makes you feel better. makes write it down now. you >> 7:43. >> this christmas according toco research families will play an y average of four board games. gam do you used to board games at at christmas? stmas? >> a little but it doesn't worku in myt house.. >> now it's tough.s tough. >> i want to. maybe that's a new trend. new te we'll do it in 2171 of the most popular being monopoly greatre bonding experience.xper not so fast. if you get into a dispute who is going settle it? details ahead.. momma going settle it.t. >> whoever picks up the boardheb and throws all the piecesd everywhere.throre ♪♪ z27zrz zi0z
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z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y ♪♪ well, did you get your holiday shopping done? that is the big question this morning.,i >> nos >> no? you're hoho no.o. >> team hohono.. >> holidays right around theghtt corner. >> yup. christmas and hanukkah a few few days away, steve. sve we want to know are you finishee with your holiday shopping.pping chime in we're doing this by tsb this very scientific poll.fic ol use the hash tag i suppose thist is what twitter.witt >> use social media. hoho yes i'm finish or these
7:47 am
hohonos are winning with 82%. yeah. tucker, it's a national question. >> i got tucker -->> i g >> have you finished yourot tshu shopping.opping. >> done in september this year.b october. >> being a show off right now.i. >> it never happens. >> tucker, are you finished yous holiday shopping?liday shopping? >> steve has a lot of free time. >> yes. >> you know what it is and thish is aat tip whe in you see sometg you think of it just get it.t gi don't say i'm going to do thato later just do it.later just d >> i'm not thinking about it int september. >> well, there was something i s thought that would be good for b tucker i got it then.n. >> okay, tucker.. >> that's sweet of you steve.t . >> you're in for a wonderfulin surp frise.surp >> it make me feel good, steve,e i'll be getting your gift latert this week. is >> at the vending machine before the show like you usual dollar.a >> you're here friday, right? rt >> all right. >> winter is here guys.s. december 21st.mber 2 that's this morning.'s thi at 5:44. winter arrived and feeling veryv wintry this morning withg temperatures overnight belowrniw freezing for everybody including here in the city. that tempeheraretures just poppe 10 degrees in the past hour.r not quite sure why.hy. winds off the water helpingping temper
7:48 am
25 here in gaithersburg. baltimore 25.5 leonard town 25 degrees. 24 in quantico.o 22 in fredericksburg. little cloud cover out therehe early.rly. we'll be partly sunnism here'ss the deal with today.e de partly sunny, mild, warmer thana yesterday about 50 and dryndry afternoon for you and the trendd the trend will be to keep thingi on the warm side over the next t couple of days. here's quick look at your jetouj stream and it will retreat to re the north. the all right.north i'm being told to wrap ba you b guys talked too much. back to you. >> wrap! >> or erin or somebody else.y es >> i got you the funniestnit christmas present, tucker. >> yeah? >> you'll like it.'ll lit >> right now, taking a look at t our traffic, a second crash c right now across the 14th the street bridge from 395 northbound. it's just after the exit to thet memorial bridge, and you can sec the traffic is still prettyrey heavy. we're dealing with thosedeg witt leftover delays from the earlier crash as well. so all the way from thecr beltwl to the bridge, you need to leave the house about 25 minutes earle it's just been a steady flow ofo stop and go traffic ever since.e as we go ahead and take a look right now at our maps, i forgot what i was
7:49 am
morning outer loop still jammedm up from before route 1 over tomo the 270 spur with about 35 abo 3 minute slow down. dow 50 inbound through cheverly chee remains really heavy closer look the biggest day starts at kingin street to the bridge.ridge. freeway east and westbound byou the third street tunnel is slow 66 eastbound we haven't gottentt to talk too much about that this morning typical congestionstio nothing out of the ordinary ontn and off delays from 234 to234 nutley kind of breaks up after 2t8 a bit. so nothing terrible right there. as we take a look at outer loopl this is what i wanted to showto you because not only are you jau on the outer loop in collegen ce park but 95 from the icc down to the beltway also very slow. my sorey avenue reopened between new hampshire and north capitalt delays starting to ease in thein area still heavy traffic onraffc riggs road and also keep in minm suitland parkway inbound byou b south capital very slow and westbound four this crashthis ch cleared but still heavy back too ritchie marlboro.lbor metro on time except for safetrack surge 11 residents itt last day of that.last d back to you guys.back >> erin, thank you very much.hay 7:49. kevin you get your properr introduction music. >> i know.
7:50 am
get your eyes ready to genuinele feel bad about what happened last hour. hour people weren't wer watching basically the -- went right to my suit on screen.crn >> fun yesterday --rday - >> the seat needs it's own theme music. >> when he saw himself on camerr it scared me. >> it really did scare >> i like the look.>> i tra ive lled to spain a coupl about a month or so ago to do to action scenes for this new movie assassin's creed. we'll have that action scene ono friday morning. i'm very excited about it.t. i've seen the footage.ooge it's insane.e like this is like a full on on production tracking shot you y look like a movie star.ta >> i look like an action star. john claude vandame better lookm out. it will be awesome.. >> but recently i sat down withh michael the start of assassin's creed. i wanted to show some of thatf just to get his idea but i alsoo wanted to let him know i'm i probably going to take his rolel in the tue i wanted to show him what he'st' up against and this is mys m audition footage for him plus we
7:51 am
which opens up today inay i theaters. watch this.. >> i have to tell you a secret.e i know you're a producer on thee film but i'm actuallyctll auditioning for your role in th sequel.. >> excellent. excelle >> yes. i went to -- we t >> tow told me they were goingmt to replace me. m i didn't believe them. >> nice rolly pohle. ple y yup. here comes the run on the on th rooftop. >> that's good. >> come on. ? >>re scared, aren't you you're worried about it?ut i >> yeah. >> okay. >> i like the commitment. >> i had the hood down andnd >> i like it. nice. how is the leap.ea >> drop backwards, impressive.e >> did you dot backwards drop?ro >> i don't know if i did a d backyards drop.yaop you have one up on me. >> see. >> that takes, you know, got aot sort of be trusting in thatinha maneuver there.. >> how did the it look whenkhe you're shooting onset.. that's the most mind blowing asi spec of the wall when they cut
7:52 am
and you slide down that roof.der i was geeking out.was ekin when you're shooting what doeste that look like? le? >> well, they set up things likl there was a wall there that we e were sort of, you know, par coring up in the room but they'll add in or sort of take k out and change it into sort ofot more of a sort of a light reference so i had seen some off the mock ups of what it wouldtou look like, the sort of concept e behind it. also when i'm fighting i am im fighting somebody. somebod they take that person out then e later and added it again sort of light effect.fft. so i had an idea what it wast is going to look like.oo >> i'm sure you've gotten thisut question.on. from a nerd i have to know magng neato versus assassin's creed character. >> the blades aren't going tode help because he'd just get ridjd of them. the maybe i need plastic blades. ble >> there we go. >> michael if as tow playing mag neato in the x-men franchise. what you saw in the middle ofddf
7:53 am
is hooked into this machine thaa essentially let's him connecty e with an ancestor from the 1400ss and he's able to fully fight out with it.witht. the movie itself opens up today. >> a dream of mine. min >> i'll have my review in thew e 8:00 o'clock hour this morning.g my footage wait until you see ys this. this. >> i hope you get a chance toeo show him finish product.ish prt >> the one he watched was justus like iphone footage.. >> you watched the raw cut goodo wait until you see the real onee >> that's so cool.oo >> it's sick. >> we're so joel suss. suss >> if you could find the machine that could hook me up so i can c meet one of my ancestor. ancest. >> you don't get to meet them.m. >> i want to draw all the t strength from them. from them. i'll and invincible. >> it's based on the video gamee >> thanks, kev. >> time for facebook fan -- bye suit. thanks for bye kev. kev. high pretty girl. time for facebook fan of the day. it is danielle graham she's's celebrating her 41st birth
7:54 am
today.toy. happy birthday to you.ou danielle loves watching fox55 every day she thinks the entiret morning crew is awesome.awesom. but if she had to pick a favorite, it's allison!! >> hey, danielle. >> she loves how allison and and color coordinated and she'll notice kevin color card 98 thede with us. us. we're all three perfectly coordinated. >> there's no color missing out of kevin's suit. s >> love it. it >> happy birthday danielle. okay.> okay. so this is what i want to try ii our executive producer says we can try this this morning.. move over hot toddy when yoy put what kind of liquor in -- no, i do love a hot hod dee. hod i don't know what it i actually. new comfort drink is in town. not the hot toddy t dr it's incalledlled the hot chocolate red wine.ine. that's not a catchy name. >> hot toddy sounds catchy eighty >> hot chocolate red wine.ed wie a chef in new york says yous you should
7:55 am
the cup of hot chocolate thenn you heat up some red wine soe s it's warm to the touch.. and then you mix the two together and voila, a christmass classic.classic >> when you heat up red wine w doesn't it heat up the alcohol?h >> i don't really know the't r answer to that but i would i imagine so.ine so >> when you heat clog it takescg the alcohol out of it. i >> if you heat it too much.. >> so that's why he says justsus warm it. don't like boil it. >> you know what i learned, i thought hot toddy i was going tt say whiskey according to wicko key media -- um rum. >> it's whiskey, rum or brandy.a it's the idea of putting alcohol in. in >> i make one when my throaty ro feels a little and it helps. h it's delicious.elicious. >> honey in it too that cann ita help. >> i don't. >> all right. take it straight.>> 7:55stra right now. n do you play board games over the holidays? a new surveillancevec signed finds 51% of all monopoly games end in an i think it's 99%. but the study says 51%. hasbro segment hotline over thee holidays to
7:56 am
argument.argu experts will be on hand with tht official rule book to settle ann disputes.di top argument makers in monopolyy number one people making upakinp their own rules, people beingeei too cocky when they actuallyy ay within the game.within the g number three stealing from thetn bank that was always number one in our bookalwa. 13% of people admit to cheatingt it's fake you get fake advice.e. >> did we say fighting over thet pieces. that's where it starts. stas. if i can't have the scotty --co >> if you're fighting over thege pieces you're not getting startt the. >> that's what happens in mywhat house. any way. tucker, over to you.o you >> i think taking money from the bank is always the biggestwayshb issue. don't you, steve.don'you, steve. >> i think it is too. >> somebody has some hidden hde under the table.undethe >> 40 now in 50 this afternoon.his afoo partly sunny.part dry day for you. i know everybody is out doing di last minute shopping gettingingg ready for the big weekend and ad weather wise we'll be nice and quiet and good shape for the next couple of days. shxtowers on s caturday.da christmas eve and hanukkah looko likes shower activity on o saturday. next chance for little rain.ttan ervin back with roads.. >> i am.>> i a traffic is moving okay aroundy n
7:57 am
we've had problem spots spots improving on 395.. some brake lights from kingightn street to the 14th streetth str bridge right now only about 15b1 minute delay.nuel so watch out for that one.hatne we had two earlier crashes ones the 14th street bridge you can see one still blocking the leftl shoulder right at the memorial bridge exit. exi let's forward our those are the only slow downsw we're dealing with along 395.ng5 seeing some delays as you make m your way towards 50 on 666 eastbound. stop and go traffic 234 business all the way to the beltway.el only about a 20 minute delayutel there it's not terrible aceble a across the legion bridge as youo approach the inner loop not toot terrible and the outer loop outp improving as well.ell slow college park however.owev keep it to fox5 news morning. mi i can't believe it'ss 8:00 o'clock hour already.our ay we're coming right back. back.
7:58 am
fact. people spend less time lying awake with aches and pains with advil pm than with tylenol pm. advil pm combines the number one pain reliever with the number one sleep aid. gentle, non-habit forming advil pm. for a healing night's sleep. my heart beats one hundred thousand times a day, sending oxygen to my muscles. again! so i can lift even the most demanding weight. take care of all your most important parts with centrum. now verified non gmo and gluten free.
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8:00 am
♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.wsg good wednesday morning toedm you. i'm allison seymour.mour. >> i'm steve chenevey. thanks for joining us on thi'mss wednesday.we it 8:00 a.m. again,0 a. agan wednesday december 21, 2016. 201 here's what's on the fox5 news5w morning menu. first up chairman authoritieshoi identified a suspect wanted inte the berlin mark attack as the ae manhunt continues security stepped up at home and abroad.. and it is a story you firstt saw right here on fox5. a violent lunch room brawl sends three maryland high schoolh schl students to the hospital.ospita we'll tell was school officialsf are doing now to keep your kidsd safe. plus, if you live in d.c., , you can earn big bucks during dr the inaugural
8:01 am
out so you can cash in and whata are the strings attached? we'l' break it all down for you.ou also, big day in the weather department. winter has finally fa giving you a live look outside at just about a minute after tht hour of 8:00 o'clock. ♪♪ first at 8:00 a show of solidarity among the people off berlin following this week'ss deadly attack on outdooror christmas market. marke hundreds gathered within thewitt last hour to sing we are there world as well as christmas they mark the reopening ofpeninf markets across the germann capital.pil many held signs that read, you y will not divide us. as berlin tries to get backb to normal there's newew information about the search for the person who rammed a truckamt into that christmas markett killing 12 people.e. >> german media report police pc identified a tunisian man wanten in connection with the christmas market attack. they say they were able to come up with an id after finding fing documents in the truck. tru o
8:02 am
after monday' as tack were we released for lack of isis has claimed responsibility for that attack. meanwhile attack promptingro london to accelerate security sy measures around buckinghamha palace police will institutenstu road closures in the area arounn the palace with a popular popar changing of the guard militaryit ceremony.ceny those closures were already we a planned but are now being fast f tracked in light of the attack.. they'll be in place for the nexn two months.two mon here in the district vendors at a holiday market on f streets are not letting what happenedape stop them from doing additional security measures meu like vehicle barriers installed. the market is scheduled tout run until dc police are closely monitorinn the events in berlin but notut t commenting directly on their own security efforts.orts meanwhile with this recent wavew of violence around the world, president-elect donald trumpele plans to meet with his incoming national security adviser today. trauma many will be briefed byee lieutenant general michaelha flynn. yesterday general flynn and his team met with vice president-elect mike pence here in the district. dist also today a formal meeting meei between the japanese primee pme minister and us ambassado
8:03 am
japan.japan signaling the return of us military training area in okinawa to the japaneseanes government.rn formal ceremony will follow folw tomorrow to celebrate the return of the nearly 10,000 acres. ♪♪ if you didn't see this vided it is unbelievable.vable this is a fireworks market going up in flames and explosions that rocked that facility near mexico tyty. right now officials don't know't what it was that caused thesethe blasts. the incident happened at the fireworks market hundreds of hef people were there buyinguyg explosives to set off during the holidays.da at least 29 people dead.e dd. hundreds more hurt. developing overnight a rockville family home days before christmas of the whatas appears to be simple mistake led to devastating house fire. >> joining us now with more fox5's annie yu.'s ann y good morning, annie. annie >> reporter: hey good morningd r allison and steve g morning,orng everybody. well, the homeowners are actually back out here at theirr home salvaging whatever theyr can. literally just walking out witht few plastic bags. bag the home is completely gutted g
8:04 am
of concerned neighbors also neio stopping by and just can't can't believe what they're seeing. se. i have pete piringer withinger w montgomery county fire and emsot joining me this morning.s mor you're back out here.u'reack firefighters were back out hereh this morning as well. asel the cleanup begins today. >> well, certainly theertainly e firefighters were here this wert morning to shut off the water wt from the street and just assistt the homeowner.wner firefighters will be back outrsw here this afternoon.ilafteoon. at some point today any way anyy going throughout theghout the neighborhood after our fire activity talk to the neighbors o about this fe. but also checking smoke alarms.a >> a lot of neighbors did stop s by. they can't believe it al started with you know theow the improper disposal of ashes. ash you can't emphasize this enoughg can you, pete? >> so what we believe happenedd was there was container of ashes from the fireplace that had heha had placed in their garage. now, they smelled something andg heard something.ard som there was not enough smoke inmoe their house to activate theate smoke alarms when they went to investigate the opened thene the garage door had pretty prey significant fire going on on eventually they went across
8:05 am
>> reporter: thank you so much m for your time.ime. neighbors did call 911. 9 we also know another neighborbor allowed them to sleep -- spent e the night at their home last l night. nigh so this is really a case of o neighbors helping neighbors which is nice to see and alsoico good s news no one was injured.d which is remarkable because asea you saw that fire was very intense over 75 firefightersighr coming to the scene out hereer last n that's the very latest from ock rockville, maryland.ckan annie yu, fox5 local news. >> annie, thanks much. much. we need to clarify theserify temperatures, tuck. is it reallyes, 39 degrees? >> now 40 degrees. i think it's all about wind direction, yeah. of course the potomac waters ars a little warmer and so you get t the wind shifting off the water. >> like another reagan nationall anomaly.anomy you know, compared to the -- >> reagan national anomaly.nomay >> say it again. say >> let's go to the maps.'s g i'll let you be the judge it's ' 40 at reagan national.ational. dulles and bwi marshall --al-- >> i'm getting something in myng ear here. ea frosty the snowman is up to hish old tricks again.
8:06 am
out at reagan. reaga somebody just told me. >> um-hmm. >> you think that was it? >> y thieankh. frosty would be cold and make ii colder. >> oh, it's warmer? >> yea>>h. oh, never mine.mine >> the heat miser.t miser. >> that's what i meant.t's whatm [ laughter ]eaught >> let's go to the forecast. >> i got holiday brain. >> i think we saul that at thisl point. partly sunny t.ha >> ♪♪ >> aww.ww >> about 50 today. weep keep it nice and dry, and a good news if you're traveling the next couple of days i'll have the weekendoupl forecast cg up but we'll start with todayhod about 50 and nice mess sans san afternoon. dry for if you you're outn. andd about doing last minuteinut shopping. >> i got to say a special goodd morning to mack tail tayloraylo audio extraordinary.di >> he's just like bam. like ba i don't even know how -- how-- h does that even happen? any wayy we love you mack. >> erin como once again with ou look at traffic.raff >> erin you've got holiday got d brain. >> i do. i have such holiday brain.ra >> yes. when you walked in i could justs tell.tell you just laughed for no reason f which is perfect.or nh erfe >> it's tucker's he's been making me crack up the past 20 min
8:07 am
>> oh. >> the discovery.very >> tucker >> i can't. c't. okay. okay right now safetrack surge 11ge continuous single tracking on the orange and silver line westw falls to east falls church.huh. did is the last day of it sot that's good news.s. otherwise metro has been prettye quiet in terms of problems.blems we haven't seen any other across the rail lines i'll let if you y know that changes as we forwarda our maps take look at our roadsa around the dmv. relatively quiet i don't want to jinx it we've w had some accidents and some s problems but in terms of congestion, much lighter than, u what we usually see just aust a typical slow down right now inhn oxon hill across the wilson idgege. 50 inbound through cheverly slos to 295. 295 southbound from 50 to the t 11th street bridge is slow.low. freeway eastbound and westbounds jams by the case bridge in usual spots.s this crash moved over from thefr left lane to the left shoulder even though all lines are opennn at 197, you're backed up solid l back to 32. and look at that, 95 not doingoi much better.etr. so i would get an early start sa from the baltimore beltway to the capital beltway.eltway route 1 stop gone traffic.raff 395 northbound slow from edsal
8:08 am
that one as you head towards thr 14th street bridge. thank you tucker for all the the back to you guys. gs. >> well it is a story that youyu saw first right here on fox5 fo5 it's a big fight that we've beee talking about inside of a prince george's county high school.choo now, we're following up to findi out what the school is doing tog keep students safe. fox5's melanie alnwick is lives outside of central high with the latest now.stow good morning.goodorni >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. i think the predominant thingnai we've been hearing from studentt when they reach out to us ons social media while this fight was certainly bad, it does not n represent what they are about aa a school community.ommuty now the school said it is addind more resources to the cafeteria during lunch hours. hou. but it is not adding schooll security staff. it has one school resource officer and then three securityy guards. that is going to remain the same. the principal saidal s they're going to be changes internally as well. w some of those laid out in a i
8:09 am
and the school community sayingn in part that a principal's's student advisory team made up of diverse group of students willsl be created to ensure student sdt voices are heard.eard. the letter also says thatt friday's brawl began first as aa food fight, then there was somem kind of misunderstanding and asd you can see by the video here clearly it became physical andhi out of control.trol three students were sent to thee hospital and because the fighthg appeared to be between groups of african-american and hispanicc students, it also raised fearsrs of racial tensions. it was actually a worried fathee who sent his student's video to fox5 saying he wanted it it broadcast so something could be done. done students reactioned to our story on twitter and through e-mail ei reaching out to us on social sol media saying they supporty s central high school and itsnd is diversity one telling us quote our school does marvelous andlod wonderful things and always goes unrecognized.iz now, prince george's countynt police were called here as a a backup but no students were w arrested.ed. the school
8:10 am
involved were disciplined according to prince george's tog county school policy.l licy other students told us that theh were told during a mandatoryanry school assembly that the kidsid involved were expelled. live at central high schoolgh s melanie alnwick fox5 local news. >> 10 past the hour right now nw montgomery county an employee at gaithersburg elementary schoolnc arrested and charged withnd chaw sexually assaulting a aault six-year-old girl.ld girl. police say ron green was aen waa building service worker at thert school. scho he is accused of assaulting thee child in the school's bathroom.o the school's principal saysay green is on administrative leave while the investigation continues. green work at cheaure chilthe l high school from 1987 to 1998. also, at blake high school.ool. in d.c. council members gavg final approval to new paid pd family leave policy, nine toinet four vote.ote. the bill gives new moms and dads eight weeks of paid leave. leave six weeks to care for sick child or parent, and two weeks of o personal sick time. t it will be paid for though withh a new payroll tax on all d.c. businesses.. council approved but it mayor
8:11 am
bowser not happy. hap she says she will not sign thatn legislation but since the billil passed with veto proof margin it does not need her signature. d.c. council also voted to t confirm antoine wilson the new n head of dc public mayor bowser appointed him to ho the post last month.month. wilson was formerly theyhe superintendent of public schools in oakland california he has replacing chancellor kaya henderson who led the districtt for five and a half years much m he's come and join us a few times on the show.he sho. you've the chance to get to know him a little bit better. all right. still ahead this morningis mor two-time wimbledon champ stabbeb in the hand by a burglary.urary. details on her injury and a attacker next. nex >> inauguration party beingurat hosted by donald trump's sonsios continues to draw attention. is it too much for top dollar donors? we'll take closer looke at the itinerary. ♪♪♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
hey 8:14. you know what time of the morning it is. >> warm up factor. >> you better believe it. >> cuteness time. >> cuteness. let's do it. my first >> aww, my goodnesous bet. >> cuteness. cuten >> hello. >> hi. >> look at the name, tucker.. >> keep in mind today is theod first day of winter. win >> oh, my goodness.y goo i love it time now for five foxf photo of the day say good g morning to miss winter.. >> miss winter.te >> yeah. guess what, she turns great big six months old today. on the very first day of wintere which arrived at 5:44.. >> hello swet
8:15 am
>> what little love. >> i love it.t. >> um-hmm. >> what great picture.t picture all miss winter enjoys watchingatch allison and her fox5 family inay the mornings with her >> they do?o? >> um-hmm. >> is it like mutual love day today? >> it is. >> it >> oh, my goodnessis.odness miss winter have the sweetest st little day and christmas and live ever.. >> you make people smile. >> let me tell you something ifg i could just like play with herr just for half an hour it would d make my life 25 times brighter.h >> i'll bet it would.ld. >> at least 25 times.. >> so random. rdo >> promise to zen us yourromiset pictures go to fox5 dc facebook page and zen us a cute pictures. >> yes. >> bundle up because it's colde outside. >> i actual visit and look att t the cute pictures coming in. >> you have.av >> we can only put on one a day >> don't you want to be surprised with us?rpri >> i never know which one which they'll pick.ey'll pick. >> so it's still sort of a's sls
8:16 am
>> i'm going to say we've gotveg really really cute kids. >> no >> so much so, right.o mu so, >> 40 in washington.hing 30 in boston. in boston. steve i was just looking for yol because i know you want out. miami is the place to be. 70 this morning high temperaturm for the next seven days, 80 orr better.bett >> wow. like 80 to 84 each day.ay >> warmer than normally thislly time of year. >> yes. very warm december down in miami. not santa's favorite place whene he goes down to miami it's hardd because the reindeer need extrae water and that kind of >> right. it's a lot but he's got it. lot be change age and everything else.erhing >> exactly. he's like an under armor outfitt allows him -- h >> he dresses in layer. d >> don't try to figure it out. >>re thanks allison.ry t. probably -- that's probably gooo >> he doesn't like that.e doesti >> boise 16 this morning.orng. bottom line for us about 50bo today. partly sunny and we've got a go mild pattern here as we get inti our holiday weekend.nd. hanukkah is on saturday.atda christmas on sunday, and both, d days will be in the upper 40spes and low 50s.0s maybe few showers on saturday.aa also christmas eve but by sundaa i think we'll be partly sunnyy s with hhs
8:17 am
look at next week monday andonnd tuesday near 60 degrees. 6degre. >> steve get out and try those t new golf clubs you're gettingub from santa. s >> what? thanks, santa. >> that's nice. erin como g morning. >> good morning. the golf clubs. cbs >> did tucker just tell stevel e he's getting him new golf clubs. >> probably draw to a picture of them.em >> not from me. from santa. >> i see i'm sorry.i'm i misunsoderstood. just the way you said it it was insinuate ugh got the present. t any way -- traffic.ffic [ laughter ] >> 95 to 270 dealing with 20ith minute slow down heavy volume 29 southbound jams up once you getu out of the colesville tore theee beltway and 95 southbound bigun delays from north of the iccromf down to the beltway.. we're also seeing some light sog volume approaching spur througho rockville. can i just note traffic muchrafm quieter than typically speakingk during the week definitely feelf like it's the wednesday beforeer christmas weekend and hanukkahka weekend keep that p mind.t pin things looking good throughug gaithersburg right now. now southbound bw parkway this crasa moved to the shoulder
8:18 am
still jam packed from 32 on down. 95 still crowded route 1 not rot necessarily a better bet from bo the baltimore beltway towards tw the capital beltway allow for af extra time.. 66 off and on delays from 234 to nutley street pretty muchtty m cleared up from gainsville toe centreville an little bit ofit o stop gone traffic throughraic fairfax and 295 southbound stili your district days from 50 downd to the 11th street bridge.eet bg if cheverly on 295 -- excuse me on 50 towards 295. through largo the inner loop anl outer loop quite and 95 northbound actually delay freeae from dale city to the beltway.ey we'll take a quick live look leo outside as you make your way way away the 14th street bridget bri two earlier crashes we still s have backed up traffic and a ana crash blocking the shoulder the before the exit s actually right after the exit to memori drive. but -- memorial bridge.ldg back to you >> erin, thanks so much.s muc two time will belton champion c was injured by a 95 wheeling a n tack kerr at her home onr her tuesday.tu this was during a burglaryg a ul attempt.t her spokesman said it was herash left hand that was injured.ured she since been treated bybeenret
8:19 am
she's left handed.e'ft han she will have to wear cast foret six to eight she can't put any weight on that hand for three months.onth she's 26 years old she was set s to miss january's cup because a stress fracture in her foot.hero now she has to deal with a handh injury as well.inry a ♪♪ 8:19. ng, i>>n washingtonashi a group of millennial active act visits planning to open a movement house here on -- in the district which will service as a permanent base to protest donald trump's presidency.dey the organizers say they'll set t up the house on january 20thua 2 and they have name it district 13 of course it's nod to thenode rebellious neighbor in theei hunger games series. inauguration weekend partyri at the d.c. convention center ir drawing attention for what topop donors can >> originally access toso president-elect trump was was promised but now that's changed. party definitely involves accesy to trump's sons and while i snvs say it's just too much, this woo be the first inauguration where money talks. let's fine out mor e from bobm b b
8:20 am
bob, good morning. >> reporter: hey, allison andlln steve, good morning. we're outside the dc conventionn center where this fundraiserse will take place on saturday january 21st supposedly.posedl the night after the the inauguration.inaugura we're getting a sense maybe iti has couple of names. cam know flatch and cuff linksul opening day of the trump presidency.idcy we believe tmz has obtained aaid draft of the invitation, and wed can show it to you again it says opening day of the trump celebrating the great americanat tradition of outdoor sporting, n shooting and fishing and conservation on this invitationt for the fundraiser here it sayss in terms of attire jeans, bootso and hats are welcome, and it apparently includes a $1 million package which includes a photo reception, photo opportunitytuny with the new president for 16or1 guests. so i guess it's hinting that donald trump on the first nightt of -- first full night of hisghf
8:21 am
convention center. cte that million dollar package also includes a multi day huntingun and/or fishing trip with fourou guests and first sons donald,onl jr. and eric trump. trump they are the two who are a apparently hosting thishi fundraiser. they are hunters, avid hunters.s they will not be moving to washington as will their sistere apparently they'll be staying ii new york city to run the run the business but at least initially on the inauguration weekendio they'll be here, and this invitation and the news around it seems to indicate it's nots n part of any official presidential inaugural activityl owe or festivity a that ishat something that the trump familym is running and as you guys you mentioned it's not unprecedented four years ago for president pre obama's second inaugurationaugu there were other kind of big fundraising events tied to hisis so this auone just is going to g stan out because anything thatnt trumps do catches everybody'sveo attention and, again, some are calling it camouflage
8:22 am
links.s. >> all right. out.dl soon fin i would think those putting thet million dollars down there dohe their research before they put their million dollars down. ka okay. well, look to go earn a to e little extra cash in the newinhe year if you live in the districr we'll tell you how some people l are earning thousands of dollarl just in one weekend. >> speaking of cash warriors fans think they have court shott bringing the crowd to its feet. the winning prize. p lots of dough. d. we'll tell you how much for that. >> ♪♪ i'm staying wishing my family in maryland a happypy holidays.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
♪♪ >> nobody but for all my life. >> enjoying allison singingbut g along. >> sometimes you just got to sing. >> sometimes you do. >> new york'sim higheesstt to>>c dealing a blow to the turtles ir their case over whether radioado stations should pay to playo p songs recorded before 1972. >> okay. >> new york court of appealsor ruled that the owners of the pre-1972 songs cannot
8:26 am
stations pay for their >> unfair.>> uair >> because they had -- bec the >> unfair. unf >> some questionable contracts back in the early days.n early >> right. now you're getting insult to injury. >> that's right. finally trying to get some of that andtryi they're saynging n. >> i stand up for the rights ofh the artistse .tists >> we're all looking this way tw because we thought we were going tucker but we're b we' >> okay.. well, what was once max yeager's historic farm could be recognized, hooks is max --- >> woodstock. >> he own the faroom.m. >> he was the farm.>> he okay. could be recognized as as historic sight i thought itug already was. new york governor cuomo announced the sight of 1969 1 woodstock music and art fair and love fest wing wing has been nominated. historic preservation officers but review the recommendationomd before deciding if woodstockck would make the state or nationaa register. here's my question though.ho do you think that the property p stayed in the family's name andm if so would it take it i
8:27 am
from the familiar physical itiai were a national site.l sit >> i know there's lot of backw stories going on. aots a >> i'm not familiar enough to ft make statement about that. >> max yaz gary. yaz >> what i can say that clip wec just showed the people associate jimmy hendricks with woodstock,, do you know was really there toe see that. tha >> he was the very lastveast performer. performe everybody had already left before that happened.r.ody befo >> i happenered to watch someths on his life.e. >> fascinating though.ti >> i did not know max >> we'll give you nuggets ofgets information.rm >> oh, yeah. the turtles lawsuit thanks for sharing.aring that was -- [ laughter ] [ laer ] >> you know what, tuck -- tuc >> i was concerned. >> you can play along or be youy own news team in the >> let's go to the forecast.ores >> i stand up for the rights ofh the artists. >> oh, no, i see. i s i get that. i get 40 now in washington. whi we'll be 50 this afternoonno partly sunny.. >> this show has been a haseen little -- >> loose. >> little loose today. yeah. we'll be dry later lity. today.d and lots to look forward tord weather wise if you like mildere temperatures let me mention it i is first day of winter today.ay. so make sure you giv
8:28 am
favorite winter loving friend a hug. >> okay.>> oka >> okay? >> okay. thank you tucker. >> 8:27 right now.right now. [ laughter ] >> awkward sometimes.ometimes you guys hug it out. iout. we'll talk about wine, wine win lovers and new guilty pleasureuy perhaps. little splash of hot cocoaoc little whipped cream. we're going to taste test itt coming up. we are?re >> yes.
8:29 am
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fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at
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♪♪ >> 8:30 right now.>> it is all about the benjamins were we're talking about trying to get money duringl ab touhe tg inauguration because a lot oftin people might be thinking about o maybe i'll give somebody a place to stay when they come here to r washington, d.c. donald trump's could help you hp line your wallet. air bnb he have mates 10,000 people will use its service tore try to find rooms and homes too rent during the inaugural d festivities but you can't really just pop over to the wbut ebsitd just ask for thousand dollarsol night to rent your studio s apartment to strangers withoutit knowing what's involved. so joining us now for the nuts t and bolts laura powell the t travel writer and blocker at the daily good morning.go mor >> good to be here.>> g >> obviously we dealt with this here in d.c. in past pt inaugurations big events people want to come here to dc and folf used to go on craigslist i'llisi offer my space up air bnb. b more popular than it has been in the past. i know there are some catches bb we get to that and what peoplehe need to know let's talk first ot all about what's out there now.w people are listing already.dy. >> oh people are listing already.alre they're asking for a lot of money. i mean you're finding houses
8:32 am
going for $10,000 a night inig i some cases really big you know, even regular apartments in columbia heights h somewhere like that going for 400. i mean much higher than they thh could normally ask for in for january. now, whether they actually getet those prices --s >> right. >> that's another matter. >> sure. >> we have graphics i think weh e can put grup waphihile laura isi talking as well give you anou average what the average pricesi are we were able to find rightor here in d.c. there you see the averagevege listing a thousand dollars forrs the couple of days around the inauguration compared to $17017 you're looking 10 times as muchc on average just for thatorha weekend. >> it's not just of course theur inauguration but a lot of people are coming in for the but womens march the following day.. so i think the interest in bothb of those events is reallyea driving demand.. >> the next one shows some ofom the actual prices that we founde which you mentioned some areasoa like columbia heights nearly $5,000 for a three night staytay logan circle there you see capitol hill well over al over a thousand d
8:33 am
here's the question that we have for you because people will see these dollar signs and think i'm not going to pay my mortgage fof the year in a couple of days.ay. >> absolutely.>> a >> if we want to list ouris property on air nbn what do we w need to know.o k >> sign up at air bnb and younby have to list your property until what -- tell ask a what exactlya it is that you're you need to know air bnb does de take fees out of that thousand s dollars or whatever you're goinr to rent the room for. f they're going to take a 3% processing fee which means fornr the credit card payment. payme they're also going to take feess of six to 12% just for servicevi fees.fe. they provide customer servicerer they provide some insurance sonn that's what that money goes for. ka okay. 15% so now our thousand dollarsl is down to 850.. >> then there's also the facthef that if you as the host decide d to cancel the reservation, you y could be libel for a cancelance laying fee.yingee so that will vary depending on o if you all of a sudden at thesue last minute are like, oops --op- >> i don't want to do d >> you'll pay foth
8:34 am
host. you need to be aware of that. now, there also be attacksks d.arged. dc has a 14-point 5% occupancyay however, that will be added toed the price of the house but it will also be the taxes will be b remitted directly to thehe washington tax so the --he - >> does that mean if i list my house at a thousand dollars itli actually will be listed abeiste thousand dollars plus the 15%.h% >> they'll put that ross a ros separate line item listed outiso that will cost the consumersumer more.more you need to be aware at the endh of the year you do need toeedo declare that income you get from renting.g so air bnb will sent out a 10999 and that has to be declared youd will pay taxes on the monday geg from your air bnb rental.l. >> 30% tax rate you'll pay 30%ay of that thousand. >> you'll get about half of what ultion the it for. f >> which is still not bad if iti all goes well.ell. >> we're flying through our tim i want to make sure as w
8:35 am
zoning there are condo requirements.ui what do people need to check toe with if they want to put my p m condo up and somebody will pay a lot of money.of money. >> if you have a house you needa to check withve a the zoning off and also the department ofent o consumer and regulatory affairsf you often need a license foren r this kind of thing.. condos and apartments often have very strict rules againsttricrug renting out your unit for less l than 30 days. d so if you rent out air bnb you b may be in violation of yourf condo agreement or your agreement with your landlord and that can get in you big troubleb big fines and maybe if you're're renting booted out of your of apartment. >> it seems like one of those oo things is an option for someor s people a great hospital h shouldn't but you needed to aedo little homework before you -- y- >> you absolutely do.ely d you salute sate d >> you helped us through some oo the big steps this lauren, thanks so much.en, thanu >> my pleasure.c good to see you few>> options. 8:35.8: joining us now tucker with ar wt look at the forecast. at th >> steve, thank you.>> we got nice weather as we s gete into our weekend. of course everybody is got lotsl of holiday plans i'm sure, andud weather generally willly cooperate. 40 now in wain
8:36 am
this so let me mention that. t of the area still in the 20s t 2 here.he you'll want a jacket when youan head outja.heut 26 pittsburgh.rgh 23 in chicago.go that cold arctic air that washat really parked in place for the past several days will slowlyloy retreat to the north here and we'll be left with milderthde still have clouds this morning.g kind of partly sunny this t afternoon. should remain dry, and warmerare than yesterday with daytime highs mild afternoon 50 degrees a little mild for this time ofeo year. winds out of the west here att f five. t coming up i'll at have the weeke forecast and talk about the ande holidays and believe it or notne even though it's the first i dar of winter thon seven day we've y got temperatures close toes clot 60 degrees by early next week to look forward to. we'll focusok on that as well en is back she's got roads. are we doing the holidays roadway feel yet.el y >> it's so much quieter in term of volume than what we usually y see tucker.cker. wednesday morning however we doo have those usual delays outerte loop from 95 to the 270 spur s through kensington earlier crash by connecticut still dealing dea with heavy flow of trafficic we actually have ne c
8:37 am
university, too, that's breakinn news blocking the left lane le that's added to the mix of congestion and 95 southboundhb from north of theou icc down 32d beltsville, to the beltway,eltw really slow. slo we also have some goodood conditions for tucker look at a this. is this is 270 usually waking up ii frederick or gaithersburg orurgo rockville you see a lot of of red. red. right now green.een enjoy that commute if you're headed to work thiats m corningi southbound bw parkway this crasi moved over to the shoulder at 197. still jammed from 32 on downnn like i said 95 and route 1 stops and go traffic so for baltimorel to the capital beltway btw definitely need extra time.ra ti virginia pretty quiet on 66 and knife. knif back to you guys.back >> popular charity around the a holidays toys for tots insteadot of giving one woman decided to take.take ♪♪ >> the woman tried to,o, washington she tried to do we tw clearly don't have the prompt right now if you can help us out. what she tw ried to ifdop us wil it -- we'll have it for you at a other side of the break. no worries. [ laughter ] [ laughter ]
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
♪♪ my gosh. i can't hear this song withoutit thinking of that video. veo remember the steamy video associated with this kanye west yeah.ah so happy holidays.idays >> there you go.>> there you g [ laughter ] >> however you want to get youry day started with steamy kanye or maybe a dancing basketball fan.f >> okay. here we go. and here she
8:41 am
>> five grand on the line for -- >> oh, boy. >> okay. here she is. >> so we're having a problem prm with our video today. >> okay. >> we were going to show you thy warriors dancing warriors fan his was somebody who hit a half court shot and won $5,000. >> all right. r >> how about that? take theig i mean that is --t i-- >> that's mazing.>> tha >> always amazes me people canee do tt. if you've ever tried it -- >> yeah.h. >> chances are you didn't make m it. it. >> you know you have one chanceo >> everybody is looking the whole contest type of tbodyhingi >> the whole >> thousand on the line.he le. >> congratulations to that fan.n >> thumbs up. >> we'll get you the dancing warrior fans oetn goo yd day. d. >> she's mazing. >> she's great. >>r facehisle to your face this morning. let's fine out what else isses coming up. here's holly and wisdom.olnd wi. >> good morning to you.ood this morning we'remo staying ons top of a story that f5 broke5ro this week. video that is going viral atir a this point we're talking aboutai that cafeteria fight at central
8:42 am
high school in prince george'sc' county. school officials say they will take new action. aio we have a live report on that. >> plus, fox5 getting answers as about safety concerns when itrnn comes to ride sharing.. what if a car shows up doesn'tot match the one on the app? we'll have what you need topping at 9:15.9:15. '80's crooner richard markss going into act at 30,000 feet00e during a mid flight brew haha.e. why he says he was forced toorce step in after a passenger got g out of control.. ♪♪ you may remember we actually showed you this awesomehiawes performance yesterday. a subway singer wowing the folks from platform recently at union station.stion. well, this morning, on good dayy d.c., we're going to meet the t woman behind the voice when tamara walker joins us live. lie all right.
8:43 am
there. there. also, on good day, local group g main girl will be here in theere loft to perform their new takeee on christmas classic. class so stay with us. >> all that and in just a master minutes what i actually learneda guys before you coming to us is clearly golden state warriors games are where you need to be e half court shots, dancing moms. >> um-hmm. >> not to mention making it tont the finals.ioe s >> right. and they win.>> w. >> yeah. y >> best place to be. b see in you a fewes minutes. mut thanks guys. >> still ahead we're tasting aaa holiday beverage new we've been' talking about it i was like,e, what, could this even taste likl hot chocolate and hot >> i'm afraid --ai - >> warm wine. >> i'm afraid we're not going to make it right. rht kevin is here with a look at at holiday movies something we cant all get enjoyment. enjoyme >> that is right.>> t i'll be coming up next with two of the massive filmsng up hittg theater today's inclu assassin's creed as well as somm major major movies coming outomo this holiday season.son. stay tuned. ♪♪
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8:45 am
8:46 am
>> welcome back. 8:46 on wednesday morning just a couple of days away from the beg holiday >> right. >> i'm super super excite. e >> i know you are.>> i know yo we're excited i think everybodyo is,/i love the holidays.olay >> very excited.ed. i feel like there's an elf onlf the shelf next to me staring met ouer my shoulder. >> with a big old christmas suit on. on >> i think there is.>> >> a sixth sense i i haveav sometimes. any who, tucker has yourasour forecast coming up in 10 seconds.
8:47 am
>> welcome back. we've got conditions outside,t s hey, first day of winter, yeah,, first day of winter is here. december 21st at 5:44am. 5:4m you can see nice looking conditions across the area.he a we're not expecting any winternr weather around here any time soon. currently it is 40 degrees in40s washington.wa we bounced up after overnightrnt lows in the 20s. you can see we still got 20s out at dulles.les you can see at dulles we havelee 20s and in frederick we have 20s as well.asell. all right. all righ here's storm tracker radart trad tracking some cloud cover out there this morning.orning. we'll turn partly sunny this thi afternoon. that is a reallyaf ugly move. mv and we'll be about 50 later today with quiet conditionsonti expected and you know what aha mild pattern here as we get into the holiday weekend. >> i don't know how do you this? >> you're not supposed to talk. o okay. for both hanukkah on saturdayat and christmas day on
8:48 am
should have nice mildice mild temperatures. te jetmp stream retreats to the non and that allows those 40s to0so about 50 to set in here for ther next couple of days.e of nice looking forecast.kingt. all right. the seven day 50 today, 53, 53 tomorrow. tomorr there's your holiday weekendol e forecast. quick physical you're travelingg friday, saturday, sunday, generally there may be a few showers on on turdrday. christmas eve hanukkah there and then christmas day if you're y'r wearing a sought like the oneeho that i'm currently wearing,eang temperatures will be in the lowe 50s. >> all right, guys, look at next week. near 60 monday and tuesday. >> thank you very much for thatt reenactment of being a weather h forecaster.. >> beautiful.>> bea >> everybody does have theirve r strengths here. >> i have no i don't do how doew he that.he tha >> christmas grinch is behindtm bars this morning after she was allegedly busted exam agoo charity out of dozens and dozens of toys.. toys for tots for children in tl need in fact but this woman says that tammy strickland put inn toys for tots applications for 140 children that simply did not
8:49 am
operation telling -- stingst really that was telling her that the toys were ready to be pickee up. now she faces several chargeses including theft, fraud, falsese dentification and i'm sureure embarrassment.embasment. let's add that to it i'm sure.ur >> it's holidays. holiday be nice everybody and be givingv 8:49 right now.ow kevin mccarthy always giving us his kind spirit and knowledge when it comes to movies andovs a overall being a good guy. g >> last night i was at the t gaylord with my wife and hernd family my mom and dad came up ww do like an annual christmasistm holiday dinner there right r before christmas, and thishi wonderful family came up to me t we were near santa claus, and wa have a picture of the family fay right here. ri and the reason i want to show so this because the little guy l right there.ght ther >> aww. >> name is idris. idris >> baby idris.. apparently it's not based onn idris elba.ids elb she says it was a combination oo some names but i thought it wass you might appreciate that.ghappr >> oh yeah.h you had chris a strong name.. >> that's my wife and i and wonderful family.ful family. they watch the show every singll morning, and --g,
8:50 am
>> their daughter by the way inw the front was wearing awesome red chuck taylors.lors >> cool. coo >> she told me to tell tucker t hi. tucker is her favorite.favo >> all right.. >> good morning to everybody. you know what else is really ol,l, al. wha >> when your idris' age ungetngt something for christmas you don't want to put it down that'' kevin and new dead pool jacket.e >> that's right. >> he was wearing last night ing that picturehtwearin. >> lauren goatee me a dead poolp jacket for christmas and i'mtmad wearing it everywhere i go. >> why were you wearing itweargi already. >> she gave it before we leftit for our honeymoon because it wat cool in new zealand i've been rocking it. >> around the newsroom 24/7.4/ >> lauren he loves your present. >> i do love her present g lotst of films coming out this weekenw and this week.and this week. two open today. why him opens friday fences and open figures open on sundayunda today passengers as well ass wl little film called a as sin noss creed.d. passengers first up chris pratt and jennifer lawrence.ifer lnc this is from the director of the imitation games. ges the idea is really interestinges here. the idea they're on spacecraft.. they're going to another planet
8:51 am
hun 20 year journey. jrn they wake up 90 years too soon s and they have to figure outweigi to get back into hibernation or they'll die before they get to g the next planet. the two characters who awaken jennifer lawrence and chris andr pratt play them.ayhe martin sheen who you see behindb the bar he's a robot as you'llou see here shortly when he spinsen around. there he goes. g he is serving them alcoholmlc during the movie.duri now the movie itself first and d second act beginning and middlel are fantastic. creates a good moral dilemma tht trailers do not tell was the wat movie is what i just toweled the movie is about is not really what they wt movie is about. about >> what. >> it switches up a little bit.. >> another arrival twist.wist. >> no. really good twist in the movie i will say that the beginning andd the middle are awesome. the ending is awful. awf that's the biggest problem. pbl i don't know why the movie felll off the rails. r it's frustrating because thereet is so much good in the movie. pratt and lawrence are fantastic and i think that they do good hey doood job. i don't know whaha
8:52 am
i feel like a different directoo may have stepped in or something. i don't think that reallythink r happened were you just felt likf a different feeling.eeli >> maybe they were like upbe against a deadlin te.. >> maybe they did the endingd first and it didn't really --in- got better later as they werethw >> i gave 83 out of five whichfi is a c on my it means matinee if you reallyea want to see lie say you'll likel the first hour and 15 minutes on so it's really good.. then all of a sudden just fallsf apart. apart. >> when you feel happy about it just leave. >> look, let me say something.e. >> i gave eight mat tin knee. >> silver lining jenniferenni lawrence will be in a movie ina about sick you don't like this she'll be i another one in about six monthsn >> six movies in about six months. >> allison loves jenniferllisonl lawrence. no shade. shade. aren't there on the actors.s. >> she's all over your room, all over your ceilings. yce >> no. >> as is that so nine's creed 2.5 out of cre five. convoluted some of the action scenes are great i thought michael fast, did a great jobob
8:53 am
product felt very convoluted.d. i didn't play the video games. s i felt lost a good movie shouldl transcend to all different dfert author yens. acting is is great 2.5 out of five for that.. >> i'm going to predict why himh is not good because i hate the name. >> why is one fun yesterday yesd movies this year. most raunchy r rated. rat >> tucker barnes movie.ovie. >> when you get that christmasuh present that you can't put downd >> of course. >> most annoying thing when somebody else picks up yourlspik christmas present and plays with it. it. >> what's happening now?happenn? >> tucker barnes?ar >> is that my jacket. jacke >> how did you get that? >> look what i found.ou >> i forgot i even wore thatvene today.y. oo look at that. >> uh-huh.h- >> dead pool jack.. >> modeling my brand new deadewa pool jacket, guys.uys. >> yeah. that looks really good. g >> look at that. >> it is sharp. sharp. >> you don't pull it off like ik do though. >> that is my number one movieov of the year. >> wow!
8:54 am
over dead pool. , we need someeed s more women in the studio withdiw me. me. i'm the only woman in no. okay that's not it. >> have you even dead pool.ead p >> i don't even know what it isw >> best movie of the year.of t how do you not know what deadhad pool is? >> that's a really good jacket. >> he even walks better. >> it's the jacket. ♪♪
8:55 am
>> move over hot toddy newe comfort drink in town called -- not really call this i don'ts think because this isn't a realt
8:56 am
we're being told it's called hot chocolate red wine.ine >> so creative. [ laughter ] ] >> good.>> chef in new york -- it's calledd hot chocolate red if you like hot toddy you'd likk hot chocolate red chef in new york says that youty make some hot chocolate heat upp some red wine separately warm tw the touch. not hot.not t. you don't node it boiling or ito super duper hot. then you mix the two of them t together and you enjoy it. enj i the good day crew will try it. y i can wait to hear what they sas about it. >> you have to come join us.n we've been talking about thisutt all. you have to come join us forme s this. here's the thing if you watchedt him he was using the fancy chocolates that you melt down. i would be doing like a swiss s miss packet throw it in thet boiling water. >> that's sure wal we will do.el >> get our viewers to tweet us a different name.ame. how would you combine hotne chocolate and red wine. >> how could you improve on hoto chocolate red wine.e >> hot choco wine. >> tweet us. #gooddaydc.ay >> hot wine no c
8:57 am
>> tuck is a smart guy.mart guy. what do you think. >> i like wine know chocolatewhe >> i like wine know >> good answer. >> why is kevin have the answers >> i have no idea. >> i didn't even know i was on s the air. i thought we were just talking.. >> have we gone through anchoruo farm mat. >> 36 in washington.>> 36 29 dulles. we'll be about 50 this afternoon. partly sunny. we are doing clouds early but dry later and again partly sunns this afternoon with a milder mde pattern here as we get into ourr holiday weekend you can seeu c e friday, saturday, sunday tempses in the upper 40s and low 50s for the holidays maybe some rainom r showers on saturday.y. hanukkah/christmas eve.. okay.okay erin, last look at roads.oa >> right now, i would say volume has been overall lighter arounda the dmv this wednesday pre-holiday commute.mute but we do have some leftover lte delays still lingering 395 3 northbound edsall to the 14th4t street bridge.ri that is really cleared up. we were dealing big problems pbm from crashes earlier on the 14th street bridge freeway still slow outer loop still lp residual delays from earlierarer cras
8:58 am
i'd say it's only about five f minute delay 95 to 270. to 2 keep it to fox5 news morning. m. good day at 9a will be right up.
8:59 am
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♪♪ straight ahead a chainhain reaction explosion at a a fireworks market in mexico. nearly 30 people


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