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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  December 21, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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>> i was on the sofa and felt like an earthquake. i jumped up. >> do your they didn't stewart said she felt her home shake after this dump truck plowed into one of the tri polar vortexings connected to herself. the truck first hit two cars with people inside of them and injured two boys, five and seven >> the car right there, there was two young boys. one of them had a mouth injury. and i was trying to assist him and comfort him >> the wrc truck was driving down oxon hill where there is ongoing construction and signs warning people to slow down. >> it's significant impact to the front at a pretty good rate of speed. it has penetrated the front of the building >> the front wall crumbled. the unit is condemned. driver was larry clark. >> i was coming out of the -- there was -- side swipe
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front of my truck. jammed my front wheel. i think it was car and pulled me right into the car. and i couldn't stop. hit the car then i went right into the building. >> reporter: so far they will not confirmed his story and crews on the scene say they never saw a white truck. >> there was a white vehicle involved? how the driver of the dump truck was operating his vehicle, that's part of the investigation. >> reporter: the police department says at this point they are not looking for a white truck. they tell me, however, maryland state police will be inspecting the dump truck to make sure there were no mechanical problems with the truck prior to the crash. they also say this is simply a traffic collision investigation. there are no criminal charges. reporting live in oxon hill, alexandra limon, fox 5 local news.
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a brutal beating caught on camera, this was given to us by the mother of the victim. blow after blow, a group surrounds the teenager as someone records it. arlington county police tell us they've made two arrests in the case, the two suspects had accused the victim of snitching >> the mother believes her son was attacked because he reported an earlier crime against him, and this was paid-back. fox 5 matt ackland reports from arlington county with the latest. >> reporter: the beating took place here friday around 9:30 at the mcdonald's behind me. victim's mother contacted fox 5 for two reasons, first, she says she wants the suspects who beat her son caught. second, she says it's important to speak out if you don't she says nothing will be done. it's hard to watch the 17-year-old struck over and over and over. now listen.
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identity known but his mother contacted fox 5 wanted to speak out for him. she told us what happened. >> i howled really loud. i lost i >> she says she believes the attack is pay-back for her son reporting the crime against him months ago. >> this receivers to my son being attacked and robbed six months ago. one grabbed him behind and the other reached in his pant pocket and took out $40. >> reporter: police arrested these two men, ricardo jordan robinson and seseka, charging them with malicious wounding. one is accused by the victim of allegedly robbing him back in may. meanwhile, ba
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police point out they do not believe this is gang related. and no further charges are pending connected to the attack. >> physically? bumps, bruises, scratches. there's a bruise on the back of his ear >> the 17-year-old attacked is physically doing much better. his mother says his physical injuries are healing. he did not want to speak but he said that his mother could speak on his behalf. if you have any information about this video, call arlington county police. in arlington county, matt ackland fox 5 local news. major step tonight for dc police. the department says they're restructuring their special liaison division to strengthen the relationship with under served members of the community. marina marraco is live in southeast, so marina, what does poll realignment mean? >> reporter: that's what we were trying to find out. because it was not very clear at this afternoon's press
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interim police chief newsham, he says he wants this to happen under his directive and his direction because he wants these special minority liaison groups to report back to him instead of stopping first at an assistant chief's desk if there's any sort of issue. i'll read you these liaison units, there's quite a number of them. the african-american lee roadway son unit, the asian unit, the latino unit, the lgbt q unit as well as the deaf and hard of hearing liaison units and when newsham was asked if there was one definitive issue that caused him to ask for this realignment, he says, there was nothing >> there was not one particular issue that spurred this. in fact, i been interim chief now i think for a little over three months and i just think it's something that i feel is extreme important i would say the change is more attributable to my leadership style as opposed to an issue with the
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unit. >> reporter: now, interim police chief said the election expedited his decision to streamline these units reporting back to his office instead of to an assistant chief's office. he says unless you're part of these quote under served communities, you'll likely not see the difference out of a paroles on the street. live in southeast dc, marina marraco fox 5 local news. . break developments tonight in the deadly berlin christmas market attack. >> germany officials name a new suspect after finding a key clue. plus, new information about how this plot could have been prevented. getting into cars with strangers, many of us do it all the time. using ride sharing services could pose a risk that you may not have considered. important safety information you need to know before your driver pulls up. ronica. >> reporter: we're inside the ritz carlton, we got details for you on the upcoming inauguration events. and we're going to show you
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something special and very pricey after the break. sue? >> hard to believe we're less than a month away from inauguration as well. what a beautiful sunset we have behind us tonight. welcome to winter. came in on the easy side. we were about 11 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. so what can we expect as we head toward the big holiday weekend? and hanukkah and christmas saturday and sunday? we'll talk all about that and have a look at your evening forecast. fox 5 local news at 5:00 will be right back. back
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germany authorities issued a wanted notice for a new suspect in the deadly christmas market attack in berlin. they say he is a 24-year-old tunisian man used six different aliases and three different nashnalties. the man should be considered armed and dangerous, 12 people were killed. nearly 50 injured when a truck slammed into an outdoor market on monday. two men detained after the attack were released for lack of evidence. we're less than a month away if president-elect donald trump's inauguration. the city is busy >> ronica cleary is live at the ritz carlton along with a sneak
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>> reporter: we're getting ready for inauguration weekend. we still do not know if any big name celebrities will perform at the event. inauguration committee released a schedule what we can expect. it will start thursday, jan 19th, the events will begin with the president and president-elect they're going to be at arlington national ceremoniesth cemetery where the two will lay wreath and there will be a welcome concert at the linc couldn't memorial. we'll wait to see who will be attending. on friday, january 20th is inauguration day, the inauguration ceremony is going to take place at the u.s. capitol. there will be an inaugural parade along pennsylvania avenue and again, you do not need tickets to be with the general public and attend the parade. in the evening, both donald trump and mike pence will attend the inaugural balls. on the
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event, there will be a national prayer service. we're inside the ritz carlton and part of the reason we're here, local events and businesses, local restaurant, businesses hotels are preparing for inauguration day and you're the lead bartender and you're taking us inside the vault. there will be something special and expensive inside the vault for inauguration today. tell me what we have. come over here, take us inside, we're going to cover up the coat. you need a coat to get inside. >> this is the vault. and it is designed to be an experience from the beginning to end. just like everything we're going to be doing during inauguration. inside, we have a rare collection of spirits. and we're actually going to be increasing this collection as the weeks go on and get ready for inauguration. >> reporter: you got a special, it's a bumper ban
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to be inside this vault. tell me the price of it. >> we have the eagles repair bourban and we'll be charging $200 for two ounces but we'll be getting a down more 35 scotch, we're delighted to be one of the first people on the east coast to have it will be $1500 for two ounce. $1500 for two ounces? you said you're expecting a busy crowd for inauguration weekend. >> absolutely. we're going to have packed house. >> why don't ask to try the $1500 two-ounce pour but you have a beautiful selection. chris, we were here with you a few weeks ago for another event, really creative and wonderful bartender, thanks for being with us, reporting at the ritz carlton and sending it back to you >> all i can afford sglas of cran berry generous, i'm be nervous just to be around the bottles, that $1500 bottle, i'd be buying it.
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>> i'm not touching it. >> probably a good idea. let's get a look at the weather if we could. sue palka standing by with details on what evening holds in store. that's a beautiful picture. >> we're loving it shawn and sarah -- what show is this 5:00? now i know who's anchoring. hello. the sun set spectacular and i think this first sunset of winter is keeper if you're getting a great picture of it send it to me on facebook or twitter at sue palka fox 5 dc i'll put a little gallery together. we've had a lot of clouds, that's why we're seeing this beautiful sunset. a lot of reflection as sun is heading on down, thank you, winter. as a matter of fact, let's look at a weather maps because winter came in at 5:44. now the days will start get longer after this short day here, the
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we're seeing a lot of cloud cover. i thought this clouds would thin out a little bit more than they did. they have hung tough. at least we're not getting any of that snow they're seeing up to pennsylvania or perhaps you'd like some we don't have in the forecast. reagan and dulles as well as bwi getting up to 48. we would have been up and over 50 with a bit more sunshine, a few places were close to 50 to our south but we're going to go see temperatures getting a little bit cooler tonight but the good news is it's not going to be as cold tonight as it has been past few nights, we're not going to be heading down into the teens or low 20's, upper 20's to low 30's t 46 in the district. 42 in martinsberg, 39 in winchester. we're about 11 degrees warmer here in the district than we were yesterday at 5:00. ten degrees warmer at hagerstown and 15 degrees warmer in baltimore. if you got running around to do,
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overnight temperatures may drop into the upper 20's to mid 30's, but that will feel better than last night when we dropped to 19 at dulles. here's a look at your planner if you have to do running around. 7:00 temperatures should be about 42 degrees, we're going to keep the clouds around by 9:0039 and by 11:00, 38 degrees. i've made notes. i do know i'm talking to sarah and tony and i will send it back up to you. i believe that's who's on. yes, back to you guys >> refer to the notes. >> need a score card. >> thanks, sue. netflix, the latest victim of online hackers the group that officials say is behind the security breach. plus if the hack will affect your tv time. >> a lot of people use the ride sharing service uber to get around, how aware are you of the proper safety procedures you should take before hopping in? next one of our fox 5 employees shares a personal experience
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attention before your next ride. >>'tis the season for giving, one local body shop made this christmas special for one single mother, her reaction to the heart warming surprise next. xt.
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flex netflix is the latest victim. a group called our mind took over the company's account posted self tweets about netflix's lack of security. after a few hours, the company was able to regain control of its account and delete the tweets. on our mind did not stop there. around noon, the hacker also took over
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account and its affiliated accounts. they were able to solve the problem after ten minutes. a lot of people use ride sharing service like uber and lyft. what happens when you feel unsafe or insure? >> hailing a driver getting into a stranger's car can be uneasy, erin como shares her experience. >> reporter: it's happened to a lot of people. you call a lot of company but when the car arrives, the license plate doesn't match the one sent, and the driver isn't the person your expecting, full disclosure happened to me and i wasn't quite sure what to do. we did research to help everyone going to be using ride share over the holidays. uber said you should never be sent a driver-car or license plate that doesn't match. every driver
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or her identity at the time they sign on. if the car goes up that doesn't match what you've been told to expect. refused to get in and notify the car share service about what happened. also, you should let car share companies know if the driver asks you to get out of the car across the from from your destination to help them avoid making a you turn, or anything that may endanger you, like entering or exiting the vehicle. you can also check the ratings on the driver's ap. any red flags cancel. uber updated to track where and when you're picked up and dropped off. in fact, it tracks you five minutes after you get out of the car. you can opt if your phone setting if you don't to be trapped but the role to include efficiency and to insure you got where you were going safely.
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family know where you're going by sharing trip details available on some car share ap. let your loved ones know where you are and when you should arrive. there can also be safety in numbers, consider going with friends to and from parties, while you may have bubbly don't get so wasted that you can't react quickly and defend yourself should a problem arise at the party, on the street or in a car. and bear in mind that you may be paying premium prices if you use ride sharing during peak hours of demand such as new year's eve. back to you guys. >> a lot of things you have to think about. a local body shop is making this christmas extra special for one single mother. >> it was all caught on tape. take a look. jessica is a single mother from dc her 15 month old son
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from down syndrome. service king collision repair center in waldorf found out jessica does not only car and relies on friends and family to get around. they fixed up and donated this 2011 nissan pulling off one incredible surprise. the gift was all part of the national auto body council's recycle ride initiative works to repair and donate cars. straight ahead here at 5:30 act home invasion robbery in montgomery county. >> paul wagner is working that story. paul? >> reporter: guys, it was just before noon today that police say a man with a gun entered the home here on georgia avenue in the brookville area of the county. i'll have that story straight ahead. tony? >> maryland effort to land the fbi headquarters has gotten a boost. how the presidential election may wind up being a big factor in that move. a dramatic about face. a controversial change the navy is now making after initially
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tradition. first a message from our troops. ♪ ♪ >> i'm captain jones here. i want to say hey to all my friends and family back in virginia and tell them happy holidays. >> see more greetings from our troops at
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this is fox 5 local news at 5:00 montgomery county firefighters are going door to door to remind residents about fire play z comes after a homeowner lost everything. it happened in rockville. the
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in damage. investigators in prince george's county trying to figure out what sparked an apartment fire in green belt overnight. start other second floor of a building on the 7800 block of hand over parkway. no one was hurt. more than 30 people and a dozen pets are out of a home. fire cost about $75,000 in damage. to a major drug bust in anne arundel county. a task force seized nearly 160 grams of heroin, more than $18,000 in cash and a gun in baltimore. the raid was a result of a five-month long investigation. two people were arrested. 39-year-old tracy davis and 28-year-old kirt commander, both suspects face multiple drug and firearm related charges. montgomery county police are investigating a home invasion robbery in the brookville section of the county today. it happened just after noon in a home on georgia avenue >> paul wagner
5:30 pm
scene tonight. paul. >> reporter: if you know this area, guys, is this georgia avenue, just north of new hampshire avenue in the brookville sectionally. it's right next to a general store here at the corner, the house behind me where it happened. i know you can't see it in the dark. it was just before noon, they got a call from a woman who was inside this house. they described her as 21-year-old home alone, and according to police there was a home invasion robbery. she was not hurt but montgomery county police were on the scene for hours, we were here quite some time watching as detectives worked the scene, it's a large yard here north of new hampshire avenue, they were going in and out of the house conducting their investigation, we did speak with neighbors, no one in this
5:31 pm
anything. neighbors say they don't know the people who live there. man who came up to us says there's been quite a bit of a turnover inside that house. at duplex and no one knows who they are. we did listen to the all points bulletin that was put out by montgomery county police. and it says that it was a man were you a handgun entered the house, stole a firearm and left the house in a white sedan. again, no one was injured at this point, we're not aware of any arrests at this point. live in the brookville section of montgomery county paul wagner fox 5 local news. well, it won't happen in time for christmas but hopes rising in maryland that 2017 might bring a big present to the state in the form of a new fbi headquarters building. sources tell fox 5 it is looking likely that maryland will land a facility when the final decision is made in march. is
5:32 pm
latest the well played sources are telling fox 5 that the presidential election of donald trump may have factored in a positive way for maryland's chances of landing the fbi headquarters. why is that? well, virginia senator tim kane was hillary's running mate and there was widespread speculation here on capitol hill that had the democrats prevailed, that alone could have swunged fbi headquarters to virginia. now, though, maryland appears to be solidifying its position to be the home of the federal bureau of investigation. three sites are being considered in green belt and land over in maryland and over in springfield virginia. before they left for their christmas break, congress okayed $834 million for this project. that's a drop in the bucket. it's going to cost 2.11 billion dollars and that price tag doesn't even cover the cost of the old building on pennsylvania
5:33 pm
builds the new fbi building. fox 5 has learned that the new site requirements has been placed on the location. right now, are putting green belt maryland far in the lead to win the building, but taxpayers who don't live inside the beltway, they will tell you they aren't shutter federal government needs to be spending 2 billion dollars on a brand new building. >> i don't think that would be that important to do right now. with what we're going through now. >> you think they shouldn't replace it >> we shouldn't be spending on that right now >> we live in seal. seattle you don't have the passed a billion bucks for a metro. it does strike me you guys need to put money back into the dc metro >> we'll have to see how well used the other one is. maybe they can trade it in and trade it up. >> reporter: it's important to keep in mind the current fbi building, the jay edgar hoover building is 42 y
5:34 pm
opened in 1974, the nixon administration, the justice department for comparison, that building is 81 years old. final decision on this is expected in march. on capitol hill, tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news the u.s. navy is restoring a century old tradition today. it's scrapping a decision to eliminate dozens of enlisted sailors job titles including many that end in man. the decision to drop long held tradition titles and refer to sailors by rank was proposed in september. but it present persistent complaints. the navy said it will continue to update the famous. we have sad news to report about one of our nation's heros >> one of the oldest living world war ii vets died. bill mohr of pennsylvania served in europe two years. he made national headlines last month when he visited the white house for the annual
5:35 pm
day breakfast and spent time with president obama. he died of natural causes on sunday. he was 108 years old. a life well lived. seek yell elliot's salvation army stunt has triggered a donation boom. now the efforts are going on tour in a creative way. knowfor fighting fires and putting out the heat, local firefighters were helping the community stay warm. caitlyn >> after so many wintery days, first full day of winter. barely delivered with the arctic cold. took the edge off the freezing temperatures with high temperatures in the upper 40's today. right now, 46 degrees and clouds around but dry, great for those last minute shoppers or travelers but we will have changeable weather as we head to the holiday itself more on that in your seven-day forecast coming up in fox 5 news at 5:00 returns after this. is.
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dc firefighters are helping homeless and public school children keep warm >> the start of the winter coat give away. we sent bob barnard to peak in on the occasion >> this is the season of giving and clearly there is a need in our community. we're at the local firefighters 36 union hall in northeast washington for their fourth annual coats for kids give away. you have two bus loads of school children here, public school children from the district getting outfitted by their neighborhood firefighters. >> we take donations throughout the year. to purchase brand new coats for let's fortunate children that don't have their own
5:40 pm
they've been wearing hand me down coats. we give the gift of warmth and a little bit of pride in opener, they get to write their name in the coat and own the coat. >> do you like purple >> yes. >> what did you get >> blue. i got green. >> reporter: dafney hudson is president of firefighters local 36. >> this year we've done 350 in the four years we've given out over 2000. we'd like to give out 2000 a year, it's driven by dollars donated >> the counselors say just the expression on their faces makes this all worthwhile. >> write your name >> we have people who come in that does not have a coat or light jacket or fleece we see they need something warmer, we try our best to, you know, help parents and guardians receive that coat for them and it's free. it's -- there's no charge, i need a permission slip, and they bring them in. >> the smile o
5:41 pm
is the best gift you can have over the holidays. it really mean as lot to them. you could see them running around here writing their name in the coat, picking the colors out and this is what we like to do. this is what it's about. how do you like your coat >> it's so good. i love it. it's -- if you seen this, then this is -- that and dad and mom, i love this coat. and when i go grow up i want to be a firefighter. i love fox 5 news >> thank you, buddy. this is what it is all about. so again, the firefighters say if they had enough money for 2000 coats, this year alone, they could give them away, and it's fun here watching this guys at local 36. the firefighters local union here in washington, dc for their fourth annual coats for kids give away. in northeast washington, bob barnard, fox 5 news. can you say merry
5:42 pm
>> merry christmas, everybody. >> they're going to be really warm now, they will need them. >> we're not seeing temperatures too bad over the holiday. i think the holiday itself, christmas day looks really nice. and good for travelers, because as much as some of us maybe want a white christmas, people need to get to where they want be. we have enough traffic as it is, beltway packed >> the travel season starts -- although we do think a lot of people will be hitting the roads and airports friday but already -- we are actually as we go to weather, looking at a dry quiet night and a dry couple of days, which is great if you got a flight out tomorrow friday or driving, really in any direction you look good as we take a live look outside on this wednesday evening the 21 it's first day of winter, and here we go, four days away, the holiday quicking coming upon us, nice to have good weather, we are expecting
5:43 pm
forecast that would be on christmas eve with rain showers, they should be just rain showers in comparison to the ice that we had last saturday. let's get to your weather headlines, start you off with the accu-weather forecast, not as cold, we had frigid mornings the appoint few days, starting in the teens to the 20's, i think we'll be not so bad tomorrow morning and upper 20's to mid 30's here in washington. it will stay mild. a cold front passes tomorrow afternoon, it will abbott breezy behind that in the afternoon. but the dry weather, the quiet weather remains through friday and we'll show you that christmas weekend forecast in detail. 48 for our high temperature as we go through reagan, dulles and bwi earlier this afternoon, normal high temperature, 45 for this time of year, we're a bit above that. but we were so far above past couple days. 39 in gaithersburg, cold once the sun sets, 44 baltimore, 45 annapolis,
5:44 pm
in cumberland. the clouds increasing quickly they will keep it on the warmer side of things overnight. clouds have been increasing through the afternoon. we stay cloudy tonight. the snow showers we see across central pennsylvania not going to make it down into washington. we will be dry, and we won't be see anything except clouds that will be coming and going, that's your forecast for tonight. clouds around as high pressure moves offshore. the bank of clouds to start you off. that prevents us from being bitterly cold but chilly. you still need the good winter coat when you go outside and temperatures in the 30's tomorrow morning. we're saying it's not as cold. here's the set up for tomorrow. a cold front incoming. pretty weak. it will pass without sparking any showers or snow showers. and as that moves offshore, the only thing we'll see is a wind shift and it could get breezy. gusts to 25 miles an hour at times. we'll have more sun in the afternoon, clouds are around in the front re morning, more sunshine late in the day, it will be mild with high
5:45 pm
because of that wind i think it will feel kind of cool. here's what we're looking at at your local nabtdz chilly temperatures overnight. 33 will fall back to in hagerstown, dloo including. compared to the teens in the past couple more thanes not so bad. 34 in washington. high temperatures tomorrow, wide variety of where the clouds stick around the longest where the cold front passes only in the mid 40's north and west, 51 in washington. 57 in fredericksberg. by christmas eve, we do expect showers, there is concern that in the higher elevations in the mountains those rain showers could start off as freezing rain and you may have an issue with ice, it looks to be spotty and confined to the mountain tops. not too cold, we should be fine. the rain does move out by mid afternoon, clouds clear out in the evening, santa and his rain dear have a clear path across our area to deliver the presents and you wa
5:46 pm
day, were he got more sunshine, this forecast looks to be improving day by day. by the way since we began looking at it last week. looks like we'll be staying dry and a high temperature of 50. sunny and 50 not bad at all for any day but especially for christmas day. breezy and mild again to reiterate. 51, friday, clouds increasing ahead of the system that will bring us the system on saturday. becomes cloudy early, 47. hanukkah begins saturday with the rain showers around it might slow you down a bit but it is just rain look at our morning temperature, 39, our daytime high, 48. 37 and 50 there on sunday and then as we get into that awesome week, that is, in between christmas and new year's where many of you have off and a lot of you, you know, have the time to be outside would love to work off some christmas clears you got great weather, 55 and mild here on monday. 60 looks likely by tuesday, we cool down by wednesday but it should be dry and actually looks really nice into
5:47 pm
a look at your seven-day forecast. sarah and tony >> i can't believe 55 the day after christmas. >> no reason to not be outside and get a run in >> we will take it. coming up seek kel elliot leaping into a giant salvation army kettle. . >> there it is. >> it led to a surge of support for the red kettle >> well show you how the salvation army isn't stopping there. brody? >> well, the cowboys are celebrating another prime time win and the redskins are wondering what went wrong, a monday night melt-down but no time to lick the wounds. how the team is handling the four-day turn around, ahead in sports after the break.
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a will bell ton champion is recovering after being injured by a knife wielding attacker at her home. she suffered a left hand injury and has been treated by doctors. she's left-handed and will have to wear a cast six, eight weeks and refrain for putting any weight on her hand. the 26-year-old is set to miss january. the stabbing happened during a burglary incident. disturbing video from the monday dui arrest from michael floyd. floyd is passed out behind the wheel of his suv while sitting in traffic. it happened around 2:00 a.m. monday. he appears somewhat disoriented. cops repeatedly asked him to turn the car off and put his hands on the steering wheel. eventually they make him exit the vehicle and si
5:52 pm
ground. according to tmz floyd did admit to drinking wine earlier but he didn't seem able to keep his story straight about how much he had or where he was drink >> he was promptly signed by the patriots. he did not play for them this weekend. i wonder if things will change. i do not know. speaking of the patriots, they're doing well. the redskins and they're pretty much in the playoffs but the redskins fighting for their need a lot to happen to make the playoffs. another prime time monday night loss. >> and another game that had every reason to win this game. every reason >> and then things like this happened. actually the guy that made that, his father was on american gladiators. gets good genes. the redskins went to the monday night playoff. fate in their hands, fumbled it. what does the team have to do? turn around and play game in chicago 85 hours after the
5:53 pm
it doesn't leave much time for the injured monday to recuperate. jordan reed and cravens and compton among those who did not participate in spite of the injuries and quick turn around, excuses aren't going to get them back in the playoff race. >> we don't have a choice, we have to move on and look forward to the game against chicago. we're on the outside looking in. obviously. the only chance we have is to shake it off and go to chicago. it's the only chance we have >> the redskins are playing christmas eve, but the redskins are playing at 4:30 christmas day. throwing the entire schedule out of whack. steve smith is trying his hardest to get to the christmas spirit. this was mr. smith today at the team's weekly media avail after practice in a full body elf costume. kind of i revoke because the 5'9" smith is, he
5:54 pm
bigger, here is smith on dealing with playing on christmas and his turn on stevie the elf. >> christmas is sunday. i think it's going to be festive. it's a festive move. try to get festive. it depends on your family situation. if you have older kids, you know, they kind of understand. when you have younger kids you want to be in those moments. >> speaking of festive they say dance like no one is watching which is hard to do when an entire arena is watching you but that's what robert s hriver did. a month later, she is back in a big way. this was the warrior's dancing mom last night at the team's half time show. dancing and core graphed the dance to match her mom's moves. her christmas sweater is back and she was backed
5:55 pm
dancing santas. she's right in line with them. >> she owns it. like we all need to live like this. who cares what people think. s she's good. she knows he's good. >> great for the warriors to do that. very coolly >> track her down and bring her on the court and do a full choreographed dance. >> she's a super fan. >> i love it. >> so many people when they go to those things they're way too cool. she owned it. >> that's what you do. >> i love the mom move. she looks like a fun mom. >> definitely. her kids are probably like, no >> no, mom, no >> thank you. sunday night, cowboys running back ezekiel elliot celebrated a touchdown by jumping into a salvation army kettle. it spiked donations to the charity even elliot contributed
5:56 pm
tour, this is a live picture from the north park center in dallas where the kettle is now on display. people who donate can pose with him and the kettle. >> that looks much smaller >> donations are up roughly $200,000 since his touchdown celebration. that's great. >> i love it. >> and the league did not fine him for using a prop after. they did get flagged but they did not fine him because it drew so much attention >> big help for the charity. sure. thanks for being with us. >> fox 5 local news at 6:00 starts right after the break.
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this is fox 5 local news at 6:00 the damage done from an out of control dump truck that plowed into an oxon hill home as well as several cars. thank u
6:00 pm
tony perkins >> i'm shawn yancy. the accident injured several people including children. witnesses say the truck driver was driving erratically but the driver is telling a much different story, alexandra limon is live on the scene tonight with the latest. alex? >> reporter: well, shawn, that is the big problem tonight. that witnesses and the driver gave very different accounts about what caused the crash. and while at this point, that driver is not facing charges, i just spoke to a source with prince george's county police who says it's possible he will be facing charges soon. >> i was on the sofa and felt like an earthquake. >> she said she felt her home shake after dump truck plowed into one of the tri plexes connected to herself. it injured two boys five and seven >> the car right there and two young boys, one of them had a mouth


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