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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 21, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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let's get it started to president obama move to president-elect trump transition. >> these are some of the talkers at 6:30, tweet us let us know what's on your mine using the #5at630. the rundown is not there. there it is, popped in. ask and you shall receive. now to the road to the white house, the presidential inaugural committee unveiled the schedule of events >> the big event kicks off
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morning, fox 5 tom fitzgerald has everything you need to know to participate in this history making day. >> reporter: the clock is ticking down. the 58th presidential inauguration at the capitol is 29 days away. today we got our first real look at exactly what this inauguration is going to look like. >> now, this all came by way of a surprise e-mail today from the 58th presidential inaugural committee the festivities will get underway thursday, january 19th. that's when the president-elect and the vice president elect pence are going to be weighing a wreath at arlington national cemetery. they will go to a welcome celebration concert at the linc couldn't memorial called make america great again. tickets will be required in special areas. there will be a general public viewing area that no tickets are required for. then the
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20th, 2017. that's when the inaugural ceremony will take place at the alcohol at noon followed by the inaugural parade down pennsylvania avenue. there will be ticketed areas for viewing. there are also nonticketed areas for the public to watch the parade as well. that night will be followed by the inaugural ball. which of course, will be ticketed events. then the festivities will wrap up saturday, january 21, 2017, that will be a national prayer service at the washington national cathedral in northwest. a big question is who is going to perform at that lincoln financial field consent. there have been widespread reports that the trump inaugural committee has had trouble lining up a list. at the u.s. capitol tom fitzgerald fox 5 local news. you mentioned the talent yesterday, andrea bocelli said he was out. he was supposed to talk to him personly
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they're having trouble getting people to perform. >> it's going to be interesting to see who they're able to fill the spots with. we'll keep up. controversy over pay to play an access to the president-elect. the trump transition team says reports that donald trump's too eldest sons were offering access to their dad during inauguration weekend in exchange for about $1 million in donations to conservation charleston isn't true. it was an idea the charity's foundation was considering. even if the trumps were never involved it raised all sorts of ethics questions about the ravlt president-elect's family in the administration. joining to his talk about this is gop strategist jack berk man and gary nordlinger. a professor at georgia washington university. >> i would like to know what your thoughts are the fact the trumps say that the accusations
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>> it's not a concern since they didn't do it. i hate to put it this way, presidents have been selling access for political fund-raising for several decades if not longer. and going forward will having to careful about the smell test. remember the incredible controversy about the clinton foundation donors trying to get access to hillary clinton when she was secretary of state. >> absolutely. jack, let me bring you into this one, last week it was coffee with ivanka. does this raise concerns do you go with the whole thing? this is just politics but isn't it little hypocritical, he went after hillary clinton for doing the same thing during the campaign. >> gary is correct. presidents have been selling access since 1789 when george washington first took the oath, it's gone on 240 years, never stopped, probably never will stop. the reality is the country elected a businessman, trump didn't divest himself of all this overnight. now, his kids have gone too far
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a cup of coffee with ivanka. they know better than to do that. that's a mistake. that has to stop. the broader issue is, you know, his sons, the reality is i don't think they're smart enough to run the empire. the daughter is but she's already in the administration. all three of them are probably tainted. if i'm advising the president, i will tell him, look, you've got to bring in independent directors you've got to bring in independent ceos, people with no political ties to run this, the family has to be pushed away. you can have them in the administration if you want to. but not in the business. >> answer me this. a lot of people have been saying perhaps even if they're not in the administration or can't be in the administration, they can still be political advisors just not on the books. maybe perhaps some of these anti-nepotism laws should be changed to deal with a very different scenario we're dealing with. >> remember one thing. jack kennedy had bobbie kennedy as his
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nobody cared then, look at some of the things that bill clinton did with friend and people close to him. this is hardly novel. there's nothing wrong legally or ethically with his children serving in the administration or being political advisors. i think where it gets complicated is if they're on the business side. that's where the problems political, legal, perceptual result. >> gary, do you want to weigh in on this? right now there's questions being raised about the trump hotel in dc. if the president isn't off the lease or off the ownership by inauguration, he could be breaking the law >> there are so many questions we're looking at right now. i think starting with the children. if they're not on the payroll, i don't think the nepotism law applies. and it's not look either of these children need government salaries. presidents relied on friends and families for advice going back the history of presidency >> how do you draw that wall? how do you keep that
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you guarantee, you know, just for transparency sake, how do you guarantee that wall between the presidential, oval office and trump businesses >> that's where i think jack brought up the critical point and that is making sure the business dealings are totally separate from the trump family. one thing to remember, shawn, with some of those laws, gary and i have a lot of agreement on this, when you look at some of these laws, like with the trump hotel. things become criminal violation only if it's quid pro quo. yes, there could be a foreign diplomat there but it's just like any other kind of bribe or racketeering, i don't think that's going to be influencing donald trump's decision. if you say if the government of ukraine says, well, we're only going to have 100 people stay at your hotel if you do ex-it becomes a crime. a president is not committing a crime because he own as hotel. that's the legal. but the perceptual is the perceptual is he just needs to distance himself from the businesses, and that's why i think you can't
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sell, you need independent people running them. >> thank you both jack berk man and gary nordlink er. merry christmas. >> merry christmas, happy new year and happy hanukkah. donald trump met with beauing ceo dennis muhlenburg today, weeks after he publicly slammed the company for the high cost of building two new air force one planes, he said he will build the planes for less than the original$4 billion price tag. he also met the lock head-to-head martin. >> you may recall this one little tweet we saw stocks go down. >> one little tweet can do a lot of damage >> donald trump tweets a lot. costs a lot of money. there's a lot of weight to them making headlines, president obama is using his final days in office to shore up his
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he invoke add provision in a 1953 law to ban new offshore drilling rights in the u.s. arctic and parts of the atlantic ocean indefinitely. there is no provision in the law that allows the incoming administration to reverse it. critics argued it would cause american businesses to fall behind, environmental activists are applauding the movement >> there's a lot of controversy of that. this is the exact opposite of what the trump administration would want now it remains to be seen whether they can actually reverse it >> let's check in with sue palka and get the latest on the weather. not too bad for the first day of winter >> i think mother nature took it easy on us, we were about 11 degrees warmer than we were yesterday. and another bonus is, tonight not going to be quite as cold as last night and night before was when we had temperatures dropping into the teens. it will still be chilly. we're going to go see temperatures ranging from upper
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not quite at cold but chilly, and what about thursday? well, looks like we'll get a little bit more sunshine out of the deal despite the fact that a frontal boundary is going cross us in the afternoon and that will pick up the breezes. if you don't like breezes, take an extra layer along, it won't be that cold of day, 38 at 8:00 in the morning, 46 by noon, we should be able to get up and over 50 here in the district. but again, with some breezes out of the northwest at 20, 25 miles an hour tomorrow afternoon. it's a frontal boundary swings on through without any moisture, you'll definitely feel that. but all in all, at pretty good trend as we look at the run-up to hanukkah and chistmas really looking nice and pretty settled as well. sarah and shawn, that's a look at your forecast. >> i like the sound of that. thank you, sue. still to come celebrating the inauguration in style. >> super style, ronica cleary is live at the ritz carlton in downtown dc with a look at what you might call ultimate luxury. ronica? >> reporter:
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less than a month until donald trump is sworn in. if you're looking to enjoy the inauguration. the ritz carlton on taiwaned street in northwest has a special exclusive deal for you. ronica cleary is there to show us. lay it on us. >> reporter: my goodness, shawn and sarah. this is luxury beyond. i'm here with the director of sales and marketing at the ritz carlton, we're inside the suite. tell me about what you get >> one of the things we designed that you can see here is a blanket that was designed at a factory especially for us in paris. we also have an array
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that we deliver every night. monogrammed with the inaugural spiel. a backdrop of the dc city landscape. beautiful shaw, et cetera, created especially for our guests to be delivered each night. >> reporter: let's talk a walk, i love that blanket. did you hear it was designed inside the air mess factory? how fabulous is that? we're going to take you through the rest of this beautiful suite. while we're walking through, this is pretty amazing. tell me about some of the guests. i know you can't tell me who stays in this suites. tell me about some of the guests. >> what they do, who they are, who can afford this $10,000 a night luxury suite >> our guests who stay here are vip entertainsers, heads of state, members of the royal family from international country and we welcome them all at the ritz carlton and they're comfortable in this newly
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renewed place we have. >> come with me. what you saw in that tease before, that was actually a spectacular meat loaf, so why do they have meat loaf here inside the ritz carlton? this is alvin, the chef. tell me about the inspiration, it's donald trump's favorite food? his sister makes it is for him on his birthday >> yes, and we'll be serving it with west end bistro. i did koby beef with apple wood smoked bacon garnished with a barbecue sauce. >> reporter: this is ladies, shawn and sarah, this is gold leaf, this is not your mother's meat loaf. i'm going to try a piece of this. alvin, if that's ok. it's very good. gold is a touch
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and this is something you'll be serving over inauguration on menu. >> that will be special >> thank you so much, ladies, we're sending it back to you. we're having meat loaf and having a wonderful time in this beautiful sweet >> never heard of gold leaf meat loaf. does gold have a taste? ronica does it taste any different than regular meat loaf. >> reporter: it does taste different. i am a fan, i like meat loaf. i think i should try another piece. >> go for it, girl. >> gold inside your body, this is something i could really get used to. >> that lap of luxury. $150,000 worth. >> reporter: $10,000 a night to stay in this room and this spectacular gold leaf meat loaf on the menu, we know he loves his met loaf. >> lap of luxury. indeed. >> thank you, ronica.
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holidays? get ready for some of those political discussions. >> there are concerns about the family fights that might come after them. we're going to tell you how you can get out of those arguments next. 5at630 continues.
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a new fox poll shows how politically divided the nation is that could mean fireworks as you get together. >> fox's doug luzader on how to deal with it. >> reporter: are we over this yet? many have seen this dynamic playing out on social media where people have been blocking unfriending or unfollowing people who don't agree with them politically. a lot of those people may be coming face-to-face over this christmas weekend and it
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be pretty. you could be this woman over christmas, still harboring genuine anger. even if you don't go that far, you'd be in plenty of company if you're unhappy and showing it. almost exactly half of us 51% report having had arguments with friends and family over the results of last month's election >> we're going to say merry christmas again. merry christmas. so merry christmas. >> reporter: the president-elect donald trump rallying against holiday correctness. that probably won't be enough to bring us together, there's still plenty of trump and clinton voters who still seem to be angry. a third say they do not respect clinton voters and clinton votes are less 45% don't respect trump voters, how will that translate over christmas weekend get
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18% of voters describe america as a tight knit family. 77% we're a dysfunctional family. the two conversations over the coming days turn to politics, consider this advice. pivot. >> if among the family things get out of control, it's very easy to switch gears, hey, guys, it's time for pie. let's move on for desert >> about 24 percent of democratic voters have either unfold, unfriended or blocked someone on social media because of their political views about 9% of republicans say they've done the same thing. in washington, doug luzader fox news. >> it's the holidays, don't argue, don't fight. just, you know, be happy. enjoy each other. >> the only thing that can bring people together is pie i'm convinced. >> let's go have some pie. we're going to have to try a patty pie >> there won't be
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next segment. >> in case you didn't know, it is national fried shrimp day. hey guys, going to be making shrimp poboys. >> did you know there was a national fried shrimp day? >> there's any today for everything. always wins. especially in my business. with slow internet from the phone company, you can't keep up. you're stuck, watching spinning wheels and progress bars until someone else scoops your story. switch to comcast business. with high-speed internet up to 10 gigabits per second. you wouldn't pick a slow race car. then why settle for slow internet? comcast business. built for speed.
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today is national fried shrimp today in case know it po'boys are helping us celebrate here >> no problem. >> happy shrimp day. >> i did not know know about this. tell us how to make these shrimp po'boys, i have a variety of different options, po'boys, the people that
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popular ones the traditional po'boy, we sell a lot of that. you get it preheated. 350, battered and buttered and battered again. >> are you going to give us the secret to the batter >> we give, couple >> is it spicy >> somewhat. herbs and spicy. has a little kick to it. >> shrimp float this is done about three minutes. that's make sure it stays 350 degrees. what we have here when it's all said and done here's the fried shrimp. we dress them, lettuce tomatoes and pickles and two sauces. this is the spicy mayo chipotle. ok. >> and people who don't do the spicy, this sauce >> scoot those over. there we go. i like the spicy
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>> the po'boys are fully dressed and garnished, parsley >> i see blue cheese over there >> i was going to get to that. seeing that we have so much varieties of different cultures. we -- several different po'boys, what we have here, our international po'boy with our firecracker shrimp po'boy and sweet chilly sauce all our recipes marinated. >> you'll never give us the recipe for that, this is our voodoo, sauce. you kind of get a quick toss. give this hand a quick toss here. >> so this is the >> >> this is the firecracker shrimp >> on a bed of mixed greens and you dress it right here. >> this is fabulous. >> how many different kinds of do you have? of your po'boys >> 23 po'boys. plus more. do a lot of specials and we play around a lot in the kitchen. we have a lot of fun, try
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have a lot of fun. and here's a voodoo, sauce. >> i'm going to try one of those. >> warning signs, it needs. >> we have the roman let us to give us a nice crunch. try to >> i smell it. it's not too hot for me. >> while you're finishing this up >> the blue cheese crumble, get the rich, creamy milky blue cheese. >> where can folks come find you guys if they want to come down and find one? today is national fried shrimp day >> the 709, 8th street in northeast dc. and our social media you can check us out on any social media night at po'boys. >> sounds good to me. >> can we fry them? >> yes, no particular way. >> got do
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>> you said you have voodoo. >> we'll see you tonight at 10:00. >> unless you burn your tongue off:
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: we got video of this korean airline passenger kicking and spitting. now you know what richard marx was up against as he tried subduing him. >> is the flight attendant allowed to like knock him out? >> yeah, of course. harvey: what the pilot should have done is come on and says, ladies and gentlemen, there will be no smoking in the lavatories and anyone who spits, we're going to tase you, bro. >> blac chyna claimed she got a shoe offer from adidas for $250,000 but that was very inadequate. but adidas is saying that's just not the case. harvey: is blac chyna big enough to get a deal though seriously? >> i don't know. what kind of shoe is she going to have? like air thoughts? i mean -- >> we got rex tillerson, precently nominated secretary o state under do


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