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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 21, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> right now at 10:00. teens attack a boy out of virginia, mcdonald's, the reason behind the beat down and what the victim's mother has to say. >> and a woman from our area sold steps of thousands of counterfeit handbags online and incredible lengths people say they went to to scam you and
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down. >> and plus this family thought they were getting treat todd dinner at a local restaurant. instead, they got a surprise that will change their lives. "fox 5 news" at 10 starts rights now. >> and we begin tonight with information that will have a big impact in our area on inauguration day. >> i'm tony perkins. >> i'm shawn yancy. >> today the official schedule for the president-elect trump inauguration was released and it's evident the district is getting ready to welcome thousands of guest. marina morocco is live in northwest with the story. marina . >> that's right, that first look how things are starting to shape up for inauguration day and first let's start with physical and tangible threats. you're look at video from the u.s. capitol and preparations underway at the white house and they're virtually all complete at this point and underway since before election night with barricades and barriers set up for the swearing
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president-elect trump. now, down by the national wall, cellphone towers appear to be back up at the location and several at&t signs and four years ago carriers brought out similar portable cell towers in hopes of prevent ago wireless overload. we'll see if they succeed this time around. for inauguration and day before here's the schedule weej laying ceremony and then make america great again welcome celebration at the linc on memorial. inauguration day kicks off with sbaering in of donald j. trump as 45 president followed by the parade the next morning jaevr 21 will be a prayer at the
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he'll ral forth west d.c.. security plans have been in the work several months and there's mixed reaction to how things will really play out here out hereen the strots. take a listen. with upcoming up august ration when the things we've seen throughout the world and the most recent event in berlin that see something say something is more important now, than ever. >> i think people are thinking about it carefully and planned it well and have a lot of confidence of the people that think about security. i think it's an interesting one at least on the margins of it. and but i don't expect it to be anything to worry about. >> i don't want to be around the kind of people who are probably sum porting him and i think it's going to be too violent and i'm worried about what could happen
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i don't think there's going to be maiing to cause confusion i think police will do their job and be alert on a loft things. >> i think it will be good. >> we are now three-quarters of the way away from the u.s. capitol down to the white house this is pennsylvania avenue. you see just over my shoulder here this is trump owe tell down beneath you see the barricades set up at the entrance. there they've been there since before election night. out here on the streets no evidence of security plans yet. of course, you can imagine they're under wraps until that day not trying to reveal too much as who to you federal and local agencies will be handling january 20. for now reporting live in northwest washington d.c., marina morocco, "fox5 local news". new tonight at 10 incredible vio
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robbery that happened monday night eastern avenue northeast chillham road. you see a suspect walk into a convenience store pointing a gun and ordering people to move and at one point the man jumps behind the cash register and made away with undisclosed amount of money and police are offering a 10,000 reward for information leading to arrest and conviction in this robbery. >> a brutal beating caught on camera and arlington county led to two arrests. it happened friday night at mcdonald's on lee highway and the victim's mother gave us this video. it shows the 17-year-old victim being punched in the head over and over he again and somebody can be heard calling him a snitch and the teen's mother believes the attack was retaliation for her son reporting a crime. >> it refers to my son being attacked and robbed six months ago and one grabbed him from behind
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other reached in his pants pockets and took out $40. >> police arrested ricardo jordan robinson and sansago melagado. >> improving police community relations as a goal neighborhoods nationwide especially following several high profile clashs in minority communities. one solution develop police forces that reflect the people they serve but it's become more of a challenge in one virginia county with every graduating police recruit class. tisha lewis is live with the story. . tisha. >> shawn, as you know, i grew up in this area. i can till firsthand prince william is a big melting pot. 60% caucasian and other 0% is a mix, after can american, latino, asian, and more. this latest police recruit graduating class you mentioned, shawn, has 44 graduates and the question we're asking tonight
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the community that they will go on to serve. now, looking back at previous classes we wanted to know and wanted to know a little more about why there seems to be a lack of diversity. we asked police why and a spokesperson admitted to me they have had problems creating a more diverse force and questions were raised outside of the department after the last graduating recruit class. now, police say the goal is to dot very best they can to reflect the community and police admit they're falling a bit short but not due to lack of effort. prince william county police department says the department makes every effort and attempt to hire minorities and they're proud to do just that. police say despite the visuals, ib visuals we shared with the community and showed to the community police say they actively recruit historically black colleges and minority institutions and strive to be reflective of communities. there was mixed reaction tonight about all of this from residents.
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>> anteissues that we've seen with police shootings and things of that sort i think it would be helpful for prince william and all other surrounding counties to make sure they are recruiting minority. >> i don't see any african-americans or any other race and that's an issue for me. this is not a good look. because this gives off the appearance of this is all we need this is all we want. >> obviously majority of them are caucasian. but you know i would say if it's in d.c. i would say probably not great. >> do you think that police police departments should reflect the communities or mirror the communities that they serve. >> um, no, i don't think so. i think -- but i think they need community policing. they need to be out amongst the community. >> but they don't need to reflect the community at the they serve. >> i think it would
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don't think it is necessary. >> it would be nice if we had a good mix. doesn't necessarily need to be one or the other. >> what type of impact do you think it makes in the community when the police department does not reflect the community that they serve. >> scare people off. >> and sergio mendez went on to talk about a language barrier. prince william county police said we have high standards when it comes to law enforcement and those standards need to be note have the trust of public. when we are receiving applications sometimes they meet the qualifications and sometimes they don't. we do have screening that take place and if they meet qualifications we would welcome anyone. police here tell me and even admit there's so much more than they can do and they're constantly working to improve. so far the department has 600 sworn officers. we're hoping to speak with ie
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this in the coming weeks. >> tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> and "fox5" follow up d.c. police are taking a major step to strengthening the relationship with the community. today the department announced it's realigning special liaison to report to peter newsham and it's made up of minority bruise that represents gaze, latinos, after an americans and they need a support system that serve members of the community who are historically underserved. >> there was no particular issue that spurred this. in fact, i've been interim chief now i think for a little over three months and i just think it's something that i feel is extremely important. i would say the change is more attributable to my leadership style as opposed to issue with the unit. >> the interim chief says they expedited to streamline the unit and have them report to
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office. unless you're part of under served communities you will likely not notice much of a difference. >> and we turn now to your weather. it's the first night of winter and we're only four days away from christmas and we saw temperatures near 50 today. sue palka standing by with what we can expect tomorrow, hi, sue. >> hi there, tony. we have to change the hash tag it's not winner coming it's winter here. >> you're right. >> it didn't feel like it today we got a pass in the temperature department you're right we were pushing 50. officially as we show you the summer solstice that occurred at 5:44 when the sun direct raise hit southern most point in southern hemisphere and considered to be shortest amount of daylight. but we are going to see days getting longer and hey when temperatures hit the upper 40s like we did today it's not too troubling to be out and about. meanwhile we will be on the cold side tonight but not as chilly as we have been other nights. and we've had a little more cloud cover around and while a little
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overnight we'll still see upper 20s like we're seeing right now and not too much colder. 38 for the district at this moment and overnight high pressure continues to build in. it should be dry again the clouds will stick around for a while and closer to morning we think they breakp a little bit and that means not as many teens tonight mostly upper 0s to low and mid 30s and chilly night but not bitter. >> so here's what you need to be ready for tomorrow. sunny day. tomorrow afternoon front will come through. it will come through on the dry side. but noticeable breeze with it gusting out of northwest at about 25 miles an hour from time to time. and so that means while it will on the thermometer get up after school at the bus stop 48 to 53 may feel chillier to the kids because of breezes around tomorrow afternoon. and it's thursday already tomorrow and we will focus quite a bit on the weekend coming up in a few minutes with the 7 day forecast. shawn, tony, back to you. >> all right. sue, thank you much. >> ready for the warmer temperatures there. >> nice isn't it. >> yes,
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>> little break. >> plenty of cold coming. >> enjoy it. >> thank you, sue. >> also coming up tonight an incredibly well orchestrated count are fit handbag scheme that originated in our area and how one woman cheated stores in our area out of thousands of dollars. >> and holiday surprise for one maryland family that received several life-changing gifts tonight from local law enforcement. their story is next on "fox5"news at 10.
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>> well, if you're into fashion you know a trendy designer handbag can cost thousands of dollars. >> arlington woman that cashed on shoppers that wanted the laimentest bag got caught up with a purse scheme. she's headed to prison and sarah simmons joins us with ow the scheme works, sarah. >> tony and shawn, she targeted stores around the can'ty like t. j. max and knee man marcus. in total she took about 4 0
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0,000 from the stores. court documents are also showing she pled guilty to wire flawed august and she is now facing 30 months in federal prison. let's take a look at some of the pictures ever the handbags we're talking about. this is from instagram account rich girls collection. here's how it worked. court documents state that sorebud bought brand name purses online and returned counterfeit purses in their place. counterfeit bags which were smuggled into the country from china. she then sold authenticate bags on instagram for more than $2,000 each she used multiple credit cards and returned counterfeit bags in place of legitimate once as over 60 department store locations in 12 different states. so she obviously was making money on both ends of the scheme. those who bought bags from her through instagram and ebay had a lot to say about the experiences on the web site pue
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buyer beware rich girl's collection. there are pages and pages of complaints that say the bags they purchased were discovered be fake. she also sentenced to three years supervised release and is order todd pay back 400,000 to the stores, also the same amount to her victims as well. and that's the lateet in northwest, sarah simmons, "fox5 local news". >> new at 10:00. isn't amade an early stop today in largo. he worked with a group of first responders to help out a family going through a very difficult time this year. and "fox5" lauren demarco joins us with more on the life changing christmas surprises. >> tony, after an accident left their 4-year-old seriously injured this year things have been rough for the morris family they were chosen out of a pool for dozens of the secret family for maryland national park police [ sirens ]
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>> a parade of police officers, sirens blazing, followed by fire trucks. these first responders on a special mission september by st. nick himself. the morris family that thought they were going to be treated to a holiday dinner stod stunned as they slowly realized this was so much more. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> maryland national capital park police officers delivered gift after gift to ashley morris and her 4-year-old angela and 9-year-old allen. >> had you a tough time this year and we wanted to make the year end better than it startd the police chief helping set the stage and the man that led the charge corporal randy green. >> my fellow officers have a little present for you. come on dulles. [ applause ]. >> you can see the reaction on their faces when you started coming up and bringing everything. how does that make you feel. >> priceless, priceless. >> this past summer the kids were playing in their front
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car in the drive a wane the unthinkable happened he deposit realize little angela was behind the vehicle. >> he thought you know the back of the truck just pumped her so he wept ahead and pulled forward. at that time she went in front of the tire and that's when we ran her over. and he was so heartbroken because of that. >> from that point dad blamed himself it was not go well with surgeries whatever and he has a medical condition that's why he's not here now. he's overwhelmed. my officers saw this and took action. >> already swamped with medical bills the family was recently sent eviction notice and ustillties were about to be shut off and the officers handed them a check to cover all of their expenses for the next few months and help them get back on their feet. >> here are the keys to your new car. >> oh, my gosh, amazing. >> then the big surprise. a brand new car. iad auto donate aid mazda 3 after finding out both family's vehicles were reposse
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>> i never had a new car. >> you were very excited to get in and start up that engine how did it feel. >> wonderful, so wonderful. >> what is is that the? something with mini mouse? do you like mini mouse? >> little angela is doing much better now and her big brother says on this day it's a good thing to see his mother with tears in her eyes. >> it's really nice i'm glad they came out and did this. >> merry christmas. >> thank you. >> thank you. >> the money and presents were mostly donated by the officers themselves and prince george county police officers and bladeensburg firefighters helped out and several local charities also contributed. live in studio dawrn lauren lauren, "fox5 local news". >> i love it bravo to them. what a great way to give back and to see the little smile on their faces. >> that's good stuff. >> very good stuff. >> congratulations to them. >> coming up, a tough story to
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tell you about a horrifying day for another maryland family and a dump truck lost control and slammed into their home two young children were injured and the questions that still surround the cause of the crash. and this holiday season high tech gifts are popular on shopping lists they may come in ups truck. how you can protect yourself as your gifts come on that truchblingt stick around. >> we're looking at stocking stuffers sure to please a private chef is stopping by to show us how to chris christie a delicious christmas dinner in pressure cooker the whole dinner. >> i guess so. >> wow. >> and communications director of presidential inaugural committee will join us talk about preparations for president-elect trump's swearing in. fox news morning kicks off at 4:25. we'll be right back. k8 pass
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langley and deployed in afghanistan. and we wanted to say happy holidays.
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>> a dump truck plowed into cars. the driver has a different story. "fox5" alexandra limon has more. >> i was on the sofa and felt like an earthquake and i jumped up. >> dorothy stewart felt her home shake after this dump truck plow nod one of the try plexs connect todd hers and the truck first hit two cars with people in them and injured two boys five and seven. >> car right was two young boys and one of them had mouth injury and i was trying to assist him and
10:25 pm
>> wrc truck was driving down owens road in oxon hill where there's ongoing construction and signs warning people to slow down. >> it's significant impact to the front at a pretty good rate of speed and it has penetrated front of building. >> front wall of home crumb blinged from the impact and crews shored up the building and that unit is now condemned. the driver of the truck was larry clark. >> i was coming down the hill an a dump truck sideswiped mine and jammed my wheel and pulled me right into the car i could not stop hit the car and then right into the building. >> police say so far they have not confirm the story yet and crews on the scene tell "fox5" they never saw a white truck. >> that's the kind of information -- we'll determine if there was a white vehicle involved and look how the driver of dump truck was operating his vehicle that's all part of the investigation.
10:26 pm
local news". >> the record police say they are not looking for a white truck they will inspect the dump truck to see if it had mechanical issues before the crash. >> many of the high tech toys on holiday gifts out there require to you disclose a certain amount of personal information. >> how you can ensure you're secure when you use the gifts. sish security expert will join us and answer important questions in tonight's, what the facts. >> and as we head to the break this could impact your holiday desserts. >> what? >> chip cream manufacturers are not able to keep up with demand this winter. >> why. >> here's why because of a nationwide shortage ever nitrus oxide. >> that's a key ingredient in the aerosol whip cream. nonaerosol like cool chip not really chip cream are not affected and you can make real chipped cream. >> really maybe we'll do that tomorrow on "fox5"now at 10. >>
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we'll be right back.
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it's time for america's favorite game show. what the facts w less than a week to christmas many are are are youing out to get the latest gaming and hot defitis snrz that comes with risk of course. hackers unapproved purchases and it can create chaos among users. >> that's why it's a good idea to put caution in your cart this holiday season and joining us at checkout is cyber security expert regional core bin. regional we're glad to have you back. what is number one message to get to parents purchaseing a device or system for a minor. >> number one message is learn that device. >> oh,
10:31 pm
>> already failed, sue. >> already failed. >> you want to learn the device and parental settings and security settings and also an opportunity to download some parental monitoring software as well if you want to monitor safety and activity and things of that nature. >> we can do that. i hope my children are not watching. all right. let's get started. >> okay. so, first of of all i want to let you know i've been wanting to do this since bob barker we used to watch. >> yes. >> the four channels of entertainment at the time. >> i was ready for that the first question is combination 12345 was most commonly used password for 2015 true or false. >> true. >> true. >> true. >> wow you guys are awesome. is that the true. >> all right. woo. >> also, it was the most commonly used password for the past two years others in top ten password, football, user
10:32 pm
name and add name. >> you shunt use any of those things. >> you should not. it should be a little more complicated than that. not your dog's name either or last name. >> not cat. >> not change me. >> not change me. >> thats with my pass ward on one of my systems. >> you can use combination of words and character at well. >> if you have a good password. >> lots of hacking. >> yes. absolutely. so number two is secret say fake or second account students get with legitimate instagram socket they can post and i pront sglerl that's true. >> that's true. >> actually that is false. secret is an app that allows people to share messages anonymously within a circle of friends and friends of friends publicly. though when i mention this it's called finstagram, fake instagram. >> i never heard ever that. >> parents need to be aware of that.
10:33 pm
that. >> yes. many apps that allow an anonimity out there. >> that's important. >> and number three going live on gaming systems opens users to hacking or information. >> i'm going to say true again. >> i'm going to say true. >> i'm going to say true. >> you're all up to date on things i see. the answer is true. it's true because their risks from social interactions with strangers that may try to get personal information from you and also financial information as well. >> watch who your kids are talking to if they play those games. >> yes absolutely watch who your children are talking to as well. >> so much to keep track of. >> indeed. >> number four it's never a good idea to put a parent email address or device when setting up child device account. i would say that's false. >> false. >> i think as false. >> i think you should do it
10:34 pm
if you recall maybe there was a story about a 7-year-old that ran up a 6,000 bill on his father's ipad. the father and ipad situation was he did not check his email. he had it coming to email and saw it and was like oh, apple is just sending me emails and i'm going to overlook them. so, you put your email on there and pay attention to the email. >> good advice. >> so. >> we're doing good. >> you're doing great. >> last one number five less than half of americans say they or a family member bring a device to the dinner table. >> less than half? >> that's false. >> i think it's false. >> false? >> more than half. >> that's actually true. >> less than half, 47%. >> according to common sense media that did a poll on 900 people said 47% brought devices to table and 19% said they actually keep it on the table. so that's one thing we
10:35 pm
season. >> to not do. >> keep device as way. >> absolutely. >> we always do that we went to diping her this week and stacked the phones up my husband tried and said whoever touches phone first pays they were like haha we don't have any money. gotcha. >> so, anyway it's definitely good advice. >> yes. >> definitely good advice. >> we'll try to do that. >> okay, so any -- what are any kind of apps quick you can tell us to track our kids and see what's going on. >> as far as parental apps. >> yes. >> there's one called pocket guardian. that will allow you to monitor your child's online activity on phone but gives them freedom. it actually looks for key words that are related to sexting and bullying. >> gotcha. >> allows them to have fun but same time key words pop up they will alert you and you can strikep a conversation. >> pocket guardian. >> regional corbett thank you very much cyber security expert
10:36 pm
>> we'll be right back.
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>> welcome back the new fbi headquarters building could be fwhult maryland. >> and sources on capitol hill tell fox a5 we'll know for sure when the final decision is made in march. tom fitzgerald explains why maryland is at the top of the list. >> well, the well played sources are telling "fox5" that the presidential election of donald trump may have factored in a positive way for maryland chances of landing fbi head quarter. why is that? well, virginia senator time kaine was hillary's running mate and it was widespread sicklation on capitol hill that had democrats preveiled that alone could have swung fbi headquarters to virginia. now, though, maryland appears to be solidifying
10:40 pm
to be the new humid of the federal bureau of investigation. three sites are being considered in green belt and landover in maryland and over springfield, you virginia. before they left for christmas break here congress owe okayed 834 million for this project. that's just a drop in bucket though. it will cost $2.11 billion in all and that price tag doesn't cover the cost of the old building on pennsylvania avenue which may be traded to whoever build the new fbi building. "fox5" learned the new site requirements are placed on winning location right now are put in green belt par mar far in the league to win the fbi building. but some tax paishz that don't live inside the beltway they'll tell you they are not so sure the federal government needs to be spending two billion dollars on a brand new building. >> well i don't think that would be that posh to do right now right
10:41 pm
with what we're going through now. >> you think they should not replace it. >> we should not be spending on that now. >> we live in seattle they just passed a bill don't for metro. it strikes me you need to put money back into d.c. metro. >> i think we have to see how well used other one is maybe they can trade it in in and trade it up. >> now it's important to keep in mind here the current fbi building j. edgar hoover building is 4 years old opened in 1974 nixon administration and justice department in comparison is 1 years old. final decision on this is expected in march. on capitol hill, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". u.s. navy is restoring a century old tradition today. it's scraping a decision to eliminate dodzens of enlisted sailors job titles including many that end in man. the decision to drop long held traditional titles and instead refer
10:42 pm
was announced in september and proposed changes brought persistent complaints from sailors around the world and the navy will continue to review ways to update those names and titles. >> coming up tonight on "fox5"news at 11 a loaded hand gun found at a local school. investigators say something the teenager did led them right to him. >> and have you heard about this one a youtube star claims he was kicked off a plane for speaking arabic and the airline has a different story. we'll tell you what he is saying about the publicity the story has drawn coming up tonight at 11. looking for new year's resolution well forget shedding the weight. try shedding the credit cards that's because a new report finding average household with credit card debt now owes more than 16,000 that is about 2% higher than last year. and the same study also saying that americans have more over all personal debt than they
10:43 pm
before the financial crisis and as a nation we owe nearly 12.5 trillion the cost of mortgages and students loans are big reasons why. and all of that debt may be helping this percentage of young adults living with family rising to a5 year high almost 40% shacking up with mom and dad, siblings or other relatives in 2015 and many young folks are staying put. a lot other americans are moving out. national association of realtors saying sales of existing homes jumped in november at the fastest pace we've seen in a decade sdm and wall street still waiting. the dow falling and failing to reach the 20,000 level wednesday and nasdaq and s&p 500 also dropping slightly. that's business i'm neal
10:44 pm
stronger is blasting her tumors... without risking her bones. stronger is less pain, new hope, more fight. it's doing everything in your power, and everything in ours. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. and with your support, they will. make a gift today at
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a>> not a bad day today. >> as the warm goes. >> 11 warmer today than yesterday at reg app national. >> we had more cloud cover than sunshine and should be able to hit 50 tomorrow. >> very nice. >> not bad. >> people are busy as most everybody is this time year cloud cover out there tonight and that helps us getting too terribly cold. temperatures dropping into teens tonight that is great right it's been so cold clouds provided for really fantastic sunset i got great pictures on twitter and wanted to share one of them with you as we goo
10:48 pm
from dan lawrence seeing this surprise set from silver spring from high above i love this with the cloud deck step them to sue palka at fox5dc and the clouds are still out there and snow is not. if you need that wintery feeling because we don't have much cold here edger although chilly and snow showers anying up through pennsylvania not terribly heavy just setting the mood a little bit up fortunately no such mood setters it won't be as cold tonight but will con ton moderating twend tomorrow mild 50 if not warmer and more sun tomorrow and cold front coming through and gusty again and be as high as 20 or 25 miles an hour at times and we c
10:49 pm
with dry pattern through friday and clouds increase and moisture christmas eve saturday as well as first day of hanukkah that should be gone by nighttime and looking nice for the holiday weekend. tomorrow, 51 with good am of sunshine and noticeable gusty breeze in afternoon. that's frontal boundary that comes through and we'll drop temperature friday to 47 and we will see clouds increase ago head of next weak system that approaches on saturday into the weak told front. tonight we have0s around and not going to head for the teens. we'll keep in 20s and 30s overnight and here's where we're think temperatures end up probably upper 20s to low to mid 30s around the region. frontal boundary swings through tomorrow, dry, and again freeze breeze noticeable gusts of 5 miles an hour and as high as 35 in moun tnz and these are temperatures we expect to hit. low 50s from d.c. on south and east and mid up toer 40s north
10:50 pm
and west with noticeable breeze. if you are traveling on friday that's going to be a big holiday travel day. we expect most of the east to be dry. maybe a few flurry as roup the chicago and detroit area and not too much to dpeel with in the middle part of country although showers we will see on saturday will be approaching through the mid west and then another storm system bringing snow across the northwest and rain at the coast. we wrap it up with "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. christmas eve first day of hanukkah 4. showers done by early to mid afternoon. and sunday we got even sunnier christmas now temperature of auto 50. it's looking delightful last year 69. quite a bit cooler and look at this very warm next week. 55 monday. showers possible tuesday with temperature of 60. 45 on wednesday. trafficing a little bit above normal the next 7 days or so. shawn and tony that's the 7 day. >> thank you very much, sue. >> coming up in sports rivals on the field and when it comes to social media the
10:51 pm
voice against the nfl and capitals surprise a fan with mad skills clear across the globe. brody is in the holiday spirit next.
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>> this week to save you from tears maybe just don't watch the redskins. okay. just kiingd. i'm joking. skins have legitimate shot sneaking into the playoffs and easy one saturday against the three and 11 bears on christmas eve and which will wrap up the holiday season for skins for a time they give back. >> players would wear what they wanted without getting find and that was a one week respite. today desean posted this
10:55 pm
him for special cleats even though in league uniform rules being in team colors. oddly in comments the giants odell beckham jr. commenting league find him $18,000 for wearing cleats that are not broadcaster craig saeger what he auctioned off for cancer reer is. . well back in november washington capitols perioder bonder traveled to united emirates to coach at a high school in abadabi and impressed with stick handling and tweeted she had better hand than he had. he skipd with fatima and brought with him a surprise. >> one you're going to have two have kids to washington d.c. and you're going to have two tickets
10:56 pm
washington and what sdols we have guys? >> february is month of hockey for everyoneer think you would be great ambassador for this visit and looking forward to see you again in person and watch games and hopefully metal echo very much kin and the whole team. thanks we'll be right back
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(my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero. get zero down, zero deposit, zero due at signing, and zero first month's payment on select volkswagen models. right now at the volkswagen sign then drive event.
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>> right now at 11:00 a teen aimer attacked at a virginia mcdonald's and why the victim's mother thinks her son was targeted. >> and for the first time we're getting a details look at the plans and the heightened security for upcoming inauguration. >> dreams come true. >> mine did. >> yours did you pretty much got everything you wanted really. >> uh-huh. >> and a community comes together to bring holiday cheer to dozens of families. your news starts right now. >> right off the top tonight we're getting first look at the detailed plans for inauguration. thanks for staying us with i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> you could feel the incompetent pact even if you're not go


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