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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 21, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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>> right now at 11:00 a teen aimer attacked at a virginia mcdonald's and why the victim's mother thinks her son was targeted. >> and for the first time we're getting a details look at the plans and the heightened security for upcoming inauguration. >> dreams come true. >> mine did. >> yours did you pretty much got everything you wanted really. >> uh-huh. >> and a community comes together to bring holiday cheer to dozens of families. your news starts right now. >> right off the top tonight we're getting first look at the detailed plans for inauguration. thanks for staying us with i'm shawn yancy. >> i'm tony perkins. >> you could feel the incompetent pact even if you're not go
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schedule, preparations and security. >> reporter: we're now virtually a month away from inauguration day for tivrt time today beer seeing how that will shape up and we've seen preps at white house and capitol. they're all done now they've been underway before the election with barricades and barriers being set up down by the national mall cellphones touzers have been lined up along the smithsonian. years ago carriers brought out similar portable cell towers in hopes of preventing a wireless overload. as for scheduled events day for inauguration wreath laying ceremony arlington national sem 25eury and make america great celebration at the lincoln memorial and inauguration day kicks off with swearing in of donald j. trump as 45 president followed by parade that will come down
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will take place that evening. the next morning, saturday, january 21 there will be a nitional prayer service at the national cathedral in northwest d.c.. now, tonight interim d.c. chief peter newsham says plans in security has been in the works several months and the word on the street is mixed. >> with upcoming inauguration with the things that we've seen throughout the world the most recent event in berlin that see something say something is more important now than ever. >> i think people are think about it carefully. i think they plan well. i have a lot of confidence in the people that think about security and all the issues for organization so i think it will be interesting one on margins of it and i dochbt expect it to be anything to worry about. >> i don't want to be around the kind of people supporting him and i think it's going to be too viont
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>> it's different. it's something different with donald trump winning it and you have some people that are against him and you have some with him. so ux i don't think it's going to be enough that it's going to cause confusion or anything. i think they'll still be police doing their jock and being alert on a lot of things. >> and i think we'll be okay really i think we'll do. inauguration will be a nice move. >> and we're on pennsylvania avenue three-quarters of the way from the capitol to the white house and here you see trump hotel down at the front steps. there have been barricades set up since early november just before election night and i rest assured with four weeks leading up to inauguration day this entire route will be beefed up with secure di and agencies from all over country making sure that everything goes as planned. in northwest d.c. marina morocco, "fox5 local news". >> new tonight at 11 a frederick county teenagers faces charges of bring
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loaded handgun to school. sheriff deputies say students told a teacher that a student posted video on social media showing the teen with the gun at oak dale high in i'msville. the school resource officer took the student out of a classroom and took the gun awe ands dorded him out. deputies charged 17-year-old robert shipley jr. as an adult. he's facing several weapons charge. >> two arrests after a brutal beating was held on camera in arlington county friday night mcdonald's on lee highway. the victim's mother gave us this video and she says it shows people punching her 1-year-old in the head over and over again. someone can be heard calling him a snitch. the victim's mother says she believes this attack is retall caition for her son report ago crime. >> it refers to my son being attacked and robbed six months ago and one grabbed them from behind during school and the other one reached in
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pockets and took out $40. >> police arrested these two men they're charged with malicious wounding. >> four people are recovering tonight after out of control dump truck plowed into oxon hill home owens road there's ongoing construction and signs warning people to slow down. police say the dump truck first hit two cars and the driver of the truck has a different story. >> i was coming down the hill there was a white truck sideswiped front of my truck jammed my front wheel and pulled me right into the car. i could not stop. hit the car. and then right into the building. >> police say so far they have not been able to confirm his story. crews on the scene tell "fox5" they never saw a white truck. >> police departments nationwide are trying to improve community police relations following
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high profile khashs in minorities and it's become more of a challenge in one virginia county. tisha lewis has the story. >> prince will yunt county is a big melting pot. 60% caucasian and other 40% is minimum of african-american, latino, eric yn and more. this particular police graduating class has 44 graduates but is this class reflective of the community they will serve. we want todd know so we asked. looking back at the previous classes there seems to be a lack of diversity. we asked police why and spokesperson admit the they have had problems creating more diverse force and that questions were raised outside the department after the last graduating recruit class. they say the goal is to do the very best they can do to reflect the community and police admit they're falling short but not due to lack of effort. prince will yunlt county spokesperson s
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department makes every attempt to hire minorities and they're very proud to be able to do that. police say despite the visuals, vishlz we shared and showed to the community, police actively recruited historically black colleges and minority institutions and strive to be reflective of their community. there was mixed reaction about all of this from the residents we spoke with. >> i don't see any african-american or any other race and that's an issue for me. it's not a good look. because this gives off the appearance of this is all we need this is all we want. >> do you think that police police departments should reflect the communities or mirror the communities they serve? >> um, i don't think so. i think they need you know community policing you know they need to be out amongst community. >> it would be nice if we had a good mix. doesn't necessarily need to be one or the other. >> what
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think it makes in the community when the police department does not reflect the community that they serve? >> scare people off. >> a prince william county police spokesperson says we have high standards when it comes to law enforcement and those standards need to be met in order to have the trust of public. when we are not receiving applications sometimes they meet qualifications and sometimes they don't. we do have screening that take place and if they meet those qualifications we would welcome anyone. >> police tell me and admit there's always more that they could do and they're constantly working to improve. there's about 600 sworn members in the police department and now we are looking forward to speaking with chief barry bernard about all this in the coming weeks. tisha lewis, "fox5 local news". >> coming up next the global manhunt for the truck driver behind the deadly attack in berlin and also tonight a youtube star claims he was kicked off a plane for talking
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why critics are questioning the story and how he responded tonight. >> also ahead, dinner, presents and holiday spirit at a local diner. you don't want to miss this story as 11 continues.
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a imaginationive man shunt underway for the berlin. the man should be considered armed and dangerous. twelve people were killed and nearly 50 injured when a truck slammed into the outdoor market on monday. two men originally detained after attack were released for lack of evidence. this next story spread like wildfire on social media well known youtube star claiming discrimination against delta airlines. adam shleg said while plying from london to new york was talking on phone to mom in arabic and language made passengers uncomfortable which then caused delta flight attendants to ask him to get off the plane and
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happened. >> we're getting kicked out because we spoke a different language. >> white people complaining about people something a different language. i'm upset that's happening. >> delta issues response saying it removed customers for disruptive behavior and it's now reviewing the matter. shlay has more than 1.5 million youtube ers and known for playing pranks which has people questioning whether the incident was staged or not. he planned in new york tonight and reloose aid statement that said in part the media has been twist my words so i will not speak to any media until i i speak with my attorney. yes we're prank sisters and sounds like the boy who cried wolf. it's as real as it gets. there's his response. >> we'll learn more if he's contacting a lawyer. >> yes. >> we'll see what the truth is. >> yep. >> good. coming up dinner and presents at a local diner. >> and nfl player turned elf brought holiday cheer to his press conference.
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>> they were treat todd dinner on the house. >> and "fox5" photo journalist eugene russel visited the diner tonight♪ >> okay. >> little table on the end. >> table two. >> i asked my staff what they wanted to do. they said we want to feed a lot of people. >> merry christmas. >> table right there for you. >> close down the diner for four hours and let the families come in and enjoy a beautiful holiday meal. >> beautiful good looking steak. >> were feeding,000 needy families and we said let's feed sim of them. customers then started to join in. toy donations and cash donations
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feeding 6 families. >> basically the families are incredibly grateful and we're backpacking them up to go back with canned goods and food items they'll take those home as well. it's a pretty great feeling when they leave. >> very nice. >> i'm just meaning full we have people in the community that are will toling help single mothers to make the young ins dreams come true. >> mine did. >> you got everything you wanted really. >> yes a bike and backpack full of good stuff. >> what else did you get. >> soccer bowl. >> ate all the mac and cheese you wanted. >> yeah. >> i love doing these event and seeing these kids faces light up tonight it's the best feeling in the world♪ deck the halls♪ >> lover it. >> love it. >> love it. >> merry christmas. >> yes. yes.
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>> very, very nice. >> and you know, despite the weather i mean i'm filling in the holiday spirit. >> i'm glad to hear that a lot of people are dispointed chronically like a sesh football team that we never get to know at christmas. very rarely. >> i know we got it this week that's for sure. not the snow just redskins cowboys i mean going to the bears right? >> going to the bears. >> more on both those topics in a moment. for the short term it's a warm-up we're talking about. most of the next several days are going to be at least above average after a chilly start in december we'll get a little break. but the cold stuff will be back and before you know it we'll have snow in the forecast. we don't have it in the forecast for this week. a busy week for travelers and shoppers and everybody who is either trying to get somewhere or having people come into town. you were treated to beautiful sun sets across the area on first winter night and i love this one. i just got this a bit ago. 370 in montgomery cou
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solomon saw that tonight a spectacular evening because of the clouds we had around today that prevented up from up area over 50 even with cloud cover and limited sunshine we still manage to get above average into the upper 40s. some of the cloud cover hang around tonight. there's snow. pennsylvania got a little bit of it upstate new york and running right along the lake shores here and it's not terribly heavy. high pressure eventually gets the clouds out of here and we see more sunshine back in the forecast tomorrow. we also have with it tonight featuring temperatures in 20s and 30s and not quite as many places headed to teens tonight and that is also helpful for tomorrow morning. our average high temperature is 45 as we work our way into the laer part of december and tomorrow i think we'll be close to 51. and breezy tomorrow afternoon. so that might make it feel like it's more in the 40s. friday speaking of 40s we'll be back down to 47. rain in the forecast? christmas eve and first day of
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lookly early part of the day. and right now christmas day on sunday 50. looking even better with temperatures comfortable and good amount of sunshine without any rain in the forecast. meanwhile as we check temperatures around the region 11:00 it's 25 frederick and 27 martinsburg and dulles and d.c. about 6. so not nearly as cold as we've been on other nights but definitely chilly and you'll notice that if you head out. you will also notice the breeze tomorrow afternoon as frontsal boundary comes through in the afternoon and could gust up and over 25 miles an hour at times and so tomorrow morning chilly at the bus stop for kids and 32 to 3 in morning and after school looking nice on thermometer. 48 to 53 and gusty breeze blowing last of leaves around and 50 feeling cooler. there's the front passing on through that we'll not only get gusts to 25 locally but could be as high as 35 or 40 when
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get to higher elevations to the west. range of temperatures that we're expecting and wanted to just show you. very quickly as we look at weekend here, 49 on christmas eve and we're going to see a few showers around mid to late morning and early part of afternoon the way it's looking now. sunday even brighter 50 and wait for this on "fox5"accuweather 7-day forecast even next week temperatures are continuing to trend above average 55 on monday and maybe showers around tuesday and at 60 and wednesday about 45. so, definitely trending on the warmer side for this week i'm sure it won't stay that way all winter. don't go anywhere fox local news at 11 will be back after this ♪ hi this is nisha taylor in afghanistan i want to say happy holidays to my father in new port news, virginia.
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an disarray barkoski hoped a ride on the pine would brab the scoreless streak. it worked last year, thanks, tony. what was going on? oh, man, okay, late feed to better kos i can and here he goes it's crazy we mentioned before how he had not scored and then he scores. amazing how that works. i had no idea. looking for more. score and rebound and tied two shootout and joseph williams for the win right here? no. denied by mason. caps earn a point. but they lose 3-2-2 and war
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in chicago against bulz. scott brooks looking kitd of happy and 4th quarter tie game troy burke nice spark off the bench and moves drives the lane and mop in the arm wizards up four and tonight the wizards didn't -- dobb the stretch. john wall drive, stop, fade. wizards win 107-97 third road win of season. >> college hoops mike brennan, tony perkins and topped ranked villanova. eagles more than hang ago roun, tony. >> yeah. >> late first half matt demino drills three and depths at nine. >> i ka. >> jay wrooiingt calls a timeout and student. still time for wildcats josh heart pulls up and beats buzzer down 40-9 at the break not so good second half all villanova more heart the kid from silver spring maryland laying
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20 point losing to villanova 90-48. >> yeah this also jakes this is ravens receiver steve smith today's weekly madeia sporting full body elf costume at 5' 9" you okay shawn -- under sized. ravens play steelers on christmas and turn as stevie the elf. >> christmas is sunday you know it will be festive festive mood. try to get festive. it depends on what your family situation is. if you have older kids they understand you have younger kids and want to be in the moments. it wion't really feel like christmas for the guys playing. >> where did he get that costume. >> he wore a yoda costume one time that he bought the company that makes these costumes sent him a ton. it's about free kloms. >> he could be seal selling
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peas. >> shawn having a coughing fit. >> yes. >> she's okay though. >> she's okay.
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announcer: today on "tmz" -- harvey: we got video of this korean airline passenger kicking and spitting. now you know what richard marx was up against as he tried subduing him. >> is the flight attendant allowed to like knock him out? >> yeah, of course. harvey: what the pilot should have done is come on and says, ladies and gentlemen, there will be no smoking in the lavatories and anyone who spits, we're going to tase you, bro. >> blac chyna claimed she got a shoe offer from adidas for $250,000 but that was very inadequate. but adidas is saying that's just not the case. harvey: is blac chyna big enough to get a deal though seriously? >> i don't know. what kind of shoe is she going to have? like air thoughts? i mean -- >> we got rex tillerson, precently nominated secretary o


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