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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 22, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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what police are telling usice about a barricade situation inon a chantilly neighborhood.borhoo >> plus on the roads in theoadsi sky holiday travel rush now officially under way. we'll be live from reagan agan national airport with a lookirpo at how things are moving soovino far. fa three days left until christmas. >> and a live look outside onsio this thursday morning, it's december 22nd. we had and traffic coming up on the 5s at tra 6:05. 6:0 good thursday morning to you.oo. i'm allison seymour.m al >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news first up, developing overnight g police in northern virginiairgi spent several hours on thealours scene of a barricade inn chantilly.chantill officials say somebody in the 7800 block of lee field valley v drive was having an emotionalal problem and is now in custody.y. roads around the area haveav since reopened. >> ♪♪ his moing ew this morning the berlin christmas market the scene avenue tragic terroren tra attack is now opened. o the at took killed 12 security of course stepped uppe now across the country butut outdoor christmas markets likear this one remain crowded.roed the man
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the suspect wanted for plowingli a truck into that market. the 24-year-old tunisian manianm has ties to islamic extremistsrt and has been on the radar ofar german authorities for thees foe past yea anis amri was denied asylumm there and evaded deportation.ti with awful this knownth a information german officialswfnm are underan f oire for not keepe a better eye on him. a brother much fugitive isitives said to turn himself into police.po. it's one of the most's wonderful times of the year y once you get to where you're y'r going.goin >> travelers can expect anlers increase in traffic in the air and on the roads. roads if you haven't left yet getet g ready for congestion.gestion. here with a look at airport traffic is this thursday thursdy morning is our favorite christmas elf annie yu.elnie good morning.od m [laughter] >> reporter: good morning,te goo allison and steve.rn good morning, everybody.allisob. hey, at least they havey have somewhere to go and they'ree tog not working and they geto tanot enjoy being with their familyhef or go to a warm destinationna but yes, if you are hitting the roads or traveling by air
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company. according to aaa, 103 million3 n americans are going to being toe traveling either by road or inrn the skies and that's a lot oftf people that you have to deal with this holiday season.iday s it's the highest level so it beats last year. now, 45.2 million americans are going to be traveling by b air. we're at reagan national to check thing out. rightch now it's not bad. b of course they're getting thetie day started with the earlyar flights. right now the lines for checkhe in are pretty good andgood and nowadays people have theve t drill, they sort of checkhe themselves in or get thosese boarding passes ahead of time. m i also checked out theouthe security lines downstairs.nstai. they are very manageable.ab it's not bad at all but b 45.2 million hitting theitting skies. that's 73,000 more than last000 year and the metropolitan washington airport authority they told us while they offer parking here at reagan national they are advising advig people to use other options so metro, do those ride sharing
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family and friends just soso that they can eliminate someeom of that congestion.ongeio but throughout the morningm we're going to be heree go checking things out for you. y. where people heading? so far nevada florida, all those topset warm destinations and then of t course new york city because yor this time of year new york city is so prette oyf and thata always a popular destinationtini year round but we'll have moreuo for you throughout thehe morning. back to you in the studio. stuo. >> looks good so far.ksd so annie thanks so much.e than so new images of what twotw maryland children whorylahi disappeared more than twohan years ago might look like jacob and sara hoggle would bewd four and six years old now. now and their mother katherineathene told police she dropped themed e way friend back in september 2014.20. police believe theve gaithersburg woman isithers respbuonsible for their deaths h but mental health professionals repeatedly found her unfit to stand trial. >> frederick county teenntyee facing serious charges this morning after police say heaftee brought a loaded gun to school.hool. sheriff's deputies toldsol students told a teach they arehr the 17-year-old posted videos vo on social m
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with a gun. this is at oakdale highh school. the school resource officer oic took the student out of the stu classroom and took the gun awayde.m anay. no one was oas hur brazen robbery in thery in district caught on camera anderd the suspect still out there onre the run this morning.n is mor this happened on monday night on eastern avenue northeastortha near chillum r the suspect walks into what appears to be a convenienceto b store points a gun and orders people to move.e ts a g at one point the man jumps jps behind the cash register.r. he made away with an undisclosed amount of money.on. >> final decision is still decil months away but it's looking loi very likely that maryland will be home to the new fbi headquarters. the three sites under consideration greenbelt andatio landover in maryland as well as springfield virginia.n n ma fox5 has learned that the newt h site requirements have beennts placed on the winning location puts greenbelt in the lead to win the new building.lding >> all right. right >> hey tuck, good morning.uck, g >> good morning.ood >> first full day of winter win today. >> yeah.>> yh. not terribly cold start.d srt not going to be a t
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cold either.cold we'll be back in the 50's0' today.da >> good. goo good for shopping, running rni around. >> most importantly d ry, yes. yes i went to the mall yesterday.rd. more on that later. othat lat 41 at reagan national.t agan >> did you survive.. >> i did but barely. bar wounds to show you later. lat reagan national 41 degrees,deee, most of the areas above yesterday we had 19 out atzi dulles so noticeably warmerarme than 24 hours ago. a little bit of cloud cover. cer a weak front off to the northntt and west that will comet will ce through later today and that ant will bring us a few clouds. clo. what it will do is bring usng cooler temperatures for theempe day tomorrow but not so mucrahuh today. look at that. 55 degrees with some sunshine. n it will turn breezy around here a little later today withit winds gusting to 25 up ahead ahd of the front. fnt >> won't even notice in theice e hustle and bustle.e. >> probably won't even >> but i appreciate >> holiday weekend forecastnd f coming up in a bit. travel one too. >> 6:05. let's say good morning to erin como. >> do you see what's behindu se me? a metro board withe no n de
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>> yay! >> whew. safe track surge 11 endedrack s yesterday so orange and silveres back to normal. normal. you want to take this in. i did i make cookies? no.? i went to bed last night att 4:30 in the afternoon and got over 10 hours of sleep and i'mnm extremely excited about it butub you're in tomorrow, right? r oh, tucker association sad. sad the sugar cookies weren'ter enough yesterday. yesterday. >> i'm teasing you. y >> this is what i get for overpromising and underg d unde delivering. green no, red. no, red >> do you see this.>> d >> we have really good thingso r to talk about so you can makealk fun of me to are not making cookies. things on 66 a little slow into arlington.rlinon. 70 southbound we have a crash approaching 270 in frederickredk and as you can see us a heada h down through urbana we area seeing a little bit off congestion. actually did you see that theidy map just turned green as oui waa talk. talk. that's really good news rights t is s quiet. 295 inbound no delays. days. a little bit of volume picking p up south of 50 towards theowar t 11th street bridge and 50 thro
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suitland parkway still pretty quiet.arkw outer loop good through largo.ay ood through la if you have anrgo. early flighth traffic on the way to bwio reagan national and dullesul looking good.oo metrobuses is on time. '93 any questions at erin fox5ti d.c. on twitter.d.c. on twitter. if you're working or getting g your holiday travel planl pla started enjoy the road rd conditions right now.nditions r steve and allightison.ison >> erin thanks.rin tha before we go to breakgo tork let's take a look in japan. japn what a scene there. more than t 100 buildings on fire.ire. the flames fueled by stronges f winds. we'll sea show that you videoeo next. >> plus a dire warning about melanoma and the number ofnd the people dying from this disease o every year. we'll be right back. right back. >> captain justin leden off springfield virginia.ginia. lie to my family back home. daughter maddie and go hokies. . >> see more greetings from ourem troops at
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>> ♪♪ >> we are back now with breaking news out of japan. these are the pictures we weree talking about.pies we talkin hundreds ofg about people evacun a a shopping area in northern japan right now as fire continues to tear through moreoe than 100 buildings. now, the flamesarthan 1 being fe by strong winds officials say the blazeonsay tha started in a restaurant then the spread to at least 140st 140 buildings.ngs. right now no
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deaths. >> also new this morning thew im taliban claiming responsibility for an attackli on the home otyf an afghan parliament member in kabuln kul where military officials wereica meeting. the attackers killed eightd ght people including members ofrs the lawmakers family andamil security detail. det the lawmaker was able tobl escape by jumping offer of theff roof. evacuations in aleppoppo continue today in syria amid ami heavy snowfall.y snoall. the last remaining civilians and fighters will be out of the war torn city in hours.n ho. this come as foreign ministersie meet in months do you discusscu the situations as the three countries time keep al basharl a in power. power >> the death toll in mexicoico has risen 33 people followingeo thisf week's explosion at aion a fireworks market. market. 12 people remain missing. misng three children who were badlye b burned are now being treated tat tap specialized hospital hereze in thed ho states in galveston t texas, the hope is that at least 10 more children will be able to make the trie chp to tes for treatment.atnt still no w
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cause but investigators arers ae focusing their attention on ignored safety measures. >> north carolina lawmakersarol faillaed to repeal the state's e bathroom bill.ill. the special session ended lastit flight with no compromise. the law bans people from using public bathrooms that don'ton match their birth >> more than 10,000 peoplethan0e will die from melanoma thisnoma year up from 8500 in 2009.9. one reason for the increase,re doctors are looking harder forae it and getting better at detecting it but still the numbers are on the rise. re. the president-elect hasid big plans to save jobs here in the states with a new white newi house counci details ahead.a. >> a live look outside rightsidt now as we head to break on an thursday morning.thursday m there's a look at the beltway.ay it is i11. tucker has got your holiday hol weekend forecast next.
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>> ♪♪ big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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my family really needs to be wowed this year. standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> 41 degrees at 6:14.1 degrees. >> good flow out there, steve. >> maybe folks having a shortksv week with the holiday >> i gote the impressionressio yesterday that a lot of peopleoo are packing it up and calling cg it a week. week. >> some lucky people actuallyuay have two weeks off for the holidays on weekends now.ow off until the new year.ea >> some of us have no timeo tim off,
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>> yeah. >> it's the balance in thethe world. world. >> there you go. that's right.>> bus stop forecast. for all right, we're cool out this i morning. not as cold as yesterdayrday 'cause yesterday we were downte in the teensrday in places like dulles. i'll show you the temperatures.mper notice after school,chool, temperatures will be in theures 50's with plenty o wf sunshine.n all right 41 now inn innn in washington.ington frederick and hagerstownstow 32 degrees.32 off to our south and each much warmer.. leonardtown 45 degrees.ardt 44 out inow annapolis.apolis 44 in quantico.nto. 43 in frederick.rederick. temperatures getting a bounce bc overnight with the cloud covertt and we are getting a push of of air out of the south here upe u ahead of our frontal system syse which will be moving in a bmovi little later this afternoon so i we'll have some clouds around ao for the first half of the dayay and then i think as the fronthef clears, we'll get somel ge some sunshine in here and let meet me mention this front is going to t come through dry. thrgh d i don't think we'll get anyny shower activit it should come through dry and y the winds will pick up andnd we'll have cooler temperatures for the day on friday and that t will sets up for the weekend.eed
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temperatures on the wayeratures tomorrow but up ahead of it wefe get into the 50's this0's is afternoon with nice conditionsts and let's talk holiday weekended here. here friday looks great.iday lks g cooler. temperatures in the 40's.s. about 50 saturday. s looks like our best chance forer showers next week will bell christmas eve or on hanukkahanua and then partly sunny and about 50 here for christmashriss day. da then we bounce back up near 60r0 by early next week. monday and tuesday time highs in the upper 50's to nea truesda 60 degrees so we have a couple of very balmy days to lookyslook forward to, erin.n. >> whew, balmy. >> yeah. okay, hi.ay, >> hi. >> how is it looking. how is itg >> i'll walked to my car to.walt get something. >> not bad. >> i didn't have a jacket on on and i wasn't freezing.ezing. that's >> we're in the 40's here. >> i'll take it. sk iyfox oven r the>> top of the beltway in college park. par outer loop congestion.gest usual volume from 95 over too georgia. inner loop quiet.inlo it's only about a 10 minutee slowdown, really not terrible right now if you're waking up trying to get out and about. abo east-west highway
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bethesda colesville chevy che chase looking good.. massachusetts of a northwest also cruising along. c i mean really i don't have any n complaints. look at this wide view.e vi. 6:16, coming up on 6:17 6 exactly right now inner loop through oxon hill is quiet.. problem free in district distric heights. i like what i'm seeing on 50 o50 inbound. a little slowdown approachingppi 295 nothing terrible and and a tiny bit of congestion on 295n o southbound as you head towardshs the 11th street bridge.ridg the freeway east and westboundab by the third street tunnel is quiet. no delays on 395 from the mixing bowl up to the 14ththe street bridge. bridg cabin john clara barton rivertoi road all quiet and the beltwayel across the legion bridge bdg looking good problem freeem fre through tysons.ysons. early this morning -- let me- lt make my dream day. d you got up early, you're y'r having some breakfast andeakfasd you're going to go shoppingo gop and enjoy the hustle andnd bustle of last mi shoppers. french toast, yes in our dream it's f, reyench toast.toast. >> okay. >> okay, back to you. y.
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>> now i'm hungry.'m huny. erin thanks.hank despite the restaurantesur slump tech savvy pizza chains are bringing in some big business. the business beat is >> it did not take lonnessg for super marrow 83 run to make it r into the record books. theor even though it got a lot of l o bad press for being so expensive nintendo's firsts rs ever smartphone game hit h 40 million down loads in itsadss first four days. days. that makes it the fastestaste selling game in the history of h the apple app store even beating out pokèmon go. android users super mario runarn will be available to you next year. 40 bucks a pop.
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exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides. >> president-elect has big idea to keep jobs from going overseas.seas hillary vaughn happy thursday.uh >> reporter: happy thursday.ter. >> are we still on cloud ninelon with the markets. l, owikayell, oka here's the deal i'm thought we were going tourette 20k for 20k the dow yesterday.thdo we didn't get there.weer stocks are slightly down so s the dow ended up closing 32long points down at 19,941. 194 but that's still less than 60 t away from 20k. 2 s & p down five points closingsl at 2265 and the nasdaq fell 12e closing at 5471.g at47 al around slightly down but hey, that 20k is still withinit reach. re
6:22 am
>> down but still up.t st u it's all relative. rativ >> reporter: yes exactly. exact >> let's talk about theet's tab president-elect's plans toans keep jobs in the u.s.a. u.s this is something heomething h campaigned on heavily. heavi >> reporter: right. rig this is his latest move ase part of many things he's beeneen doing try to keep jobs in theint u.s. he's forming a u.s. white u.s. e house trade council oneade couno mission to stop the exodus ofduo jobs from the u.s. to china, mexico and other countries.. so, they're focusing particularly on manufacturing jobs that have been hemorrhaging from the unitedjobs states.ging we've lost about 5 million oflio those jobs since 2000. 2000. so here's what he's doing. he's putting economist peter navarro in charge who alliance with trump's views on trade. navarro has been outspoken outok against china and has advocated for better tradede deals for so he seems like thes fo perfect fit for donald trump to headea up tha
6:23 am
and this is just a latestat effort by trump to have companies hire american andhi have consumers buy americanuy an goods. we've seen him make these e sepromises on the campaignenis trail. this is the latest step he'she' making towards this. t we've also seen him yesterday at march al largo he met withet lockheed martin and boeing's ceo. making moreg m steps towards what he promisedri on the campaign trail. tra >> all right.llht. before we let you go pizza is is truly a staple in a lot oft households in these fine united states and it lookstatedt like they're doing better when other restaurants, which youhicy go and sit in, reserve a seat or whatever are doing poorly. pizza is still king. >> reporter: yes.>> reporte so, restaurants and the s & p 500 have only improved about a 3.5 percent but take a look at
6:24 am
two pizza chains.hain papa johns is up 60 percentt and dominos is up 45 percent. 4. so that's the comparison.omri so, why are they surging? well, they're embracing notci just new technology buthnology they're embracing every platform that you couldrm tha possibly imagine to order from. so not only onfr your phone cane you order with their mobileheirb apps but you can order fromut y your appleou tv, from twitter, r from facebook, amazon echo, eo, google home, you name i so, embracing this havingsav deals that reward customer custo loyalty, making it super fast and super easy for consumers cou to get what they want when whe they want it is reallyy benefiting these two companieswa and you're going to see a lot l of other fast food chains and you've already seen it, them migrating to the mobile devicehe app version of ordering food because it's paying off for for companies that are adapting to that.that >> all right. r convenience food and comfort winning.g. >> reporter: yup. >> see you tomorro
6:25 am
all right, see ya' >> it is pretty good. g >> that's what's doing it. i >> first time i saw them. >> that's part of the.he. >> get them ingrained intorain t your head. hea >> what these pizza places arecs doing, too, if you don't want w apes is that correct you can you get a sub, you can get pasta, g, you can get salad.salad >> we mentioned yesterdayte there will be pizza droneizzaro delivery, >> they're working on it.y'reori >> i don't need -- i thoughtht that was >> the ones now are 7-eleven. 7e >> they were talking about. anyway. >> but you can get that there, too. c >> that's your business, you can buy as your whole pizzat 7-eleven.el trust me n a pinch i v right, girls? >> let's go to the forecast. [laughter] g >> i thinko we've all because the -- >> thrown some lettuce on topn that of. >> quality products fromua 7-eleven. >> yes, we have. >> 41 in hey, guess what, ot as>> 41 in w cold as it was yesterday. temperatures of course yesterday at this hour were in the teens and lowerat t 20's.
6:26 am
so you get the we'r ye aou little bit warmer. . we've got some cloud cover oute there and a cold front to ourd o north and west. couple snowflakes into spasmnowf you can see those. they'll stay to our north. we'll get a fewyol st clouds wit our front and some cooler weather behind it but look l what we have to look forwardorwa to later this afternoon. mid-50's. >> wow. >> with sunshine. that is the very mil>>d patternp here for the next seven looks like a chance for some s showers saturday afternoon and a then into christmas eve but it will be out of here in timen tim for christmas day, so all thelle new toys that santa brings your can get out and play withla them.. >> i enjoy your all inclusive ii seven day. >> yeah, we're all in this wre h we got a little bit of lit everybody. >> i like it. it. >> very nice.ery >> you know what else is goodno news this morning, metro sw eeme to be running very nicelyely today, erin playing nice with others.ot >> knock on wood. knock >> yes, all rail lines on time, safe track taking a break, surge 11 back to normal r on the orange and shrivernd shrr line. everything looking good. it seems like some people on
6:27 am
sure it stays this way until about 7:30 in the morning songo keeping a close eye on that.n as we look at our roads rightoa now for a thursday morningorning commute, traffic looking good. . i don't really have any problems. the outer loop as you make as yk your way through college parklep towards kensington, about 10 abt minute delay because ofnute d volume. nothing out of the ordinaryg ou there. we do have a crash on one oft y our secondaries braddock road r at wakefield chapel road. cha left lane blocked. bcked other than that things arethan moving along just fine.ving back to you. a erin thanks very much.ry m coming up next. upex >> new official details abouteti president-elect donald trump'sns inauguration. >> a lot of people in sports talking about last of night's duke game. gam one player oh you're going do that. >> what's going on. >> just watch.>> w >>at choh no,.>> >> no, he doesn't -- oh.
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back everybody to fox5 news morning. weather and traffic coming up er and ok likeit lookscome lik everybody is enjoying the holiday week.holida wee little bit less volume oute out there to my untrained eye. eye. erin will be along to let you tt know how the roads r that's at 6:35. 6:35. first though at 6:30 police inic northern virginia spendpe several hours on the scene ofn e a barricade situation in chantilly. officials sachy someone in the 7800 block of lee field valleyid drive was having an emotionalti crisis of some sort and is now in custody. custody roads around have since reopened. less than a month out fromuo the inauguration and yesterdaygu
6:31 am
outline of how the big day big d will shape up. wi it looks like the districte dist will welcome some pretty bigty g crowds. melanie alnwick is lie onlanial freedonwm plaza in northwestnorh with that story.t good s morning, mel.ning, >> reporter: good morning,ni steve and by some estimates we'reat looking at a crowd of 500,000.,. some people have pegged it ape i little higher, some a little sal lower so we're going with that h as a number but certainly notery just for the inaugural events et but for some of the protests war planned around the region. lots of parreparations with jusj four weeks to go especiallyweek like this video you're aboutvid' to see on the capitol, we've, we been kind of following theof fli preparations as they arere building different structurestru and viewing stands around theds area at the u.s. capitol andapil places around the paradear route. ro also you're seeing lots of youee barricades and barriers fors security reasons going upoing around the city as well.el cell phone providers have been installing extra towers alongera the national mall to make sure wireless customers will beeles able to gs et good service ond n what is expected to be a high a traffic day.
6:32 am
the official events get unders g way actually on thursday january 19th. first with a wreath layingh ceremony at arlington nationalal tery.ery. then a make america greatca g again celebration and welcome concert at the lincoln memorial. then friday of course is theour big day with the inauguration of donald j. trump as the 45th president of the united states.ted the parade along pennsylvaniayla avenue and of course the manyy official and unofficial inaugural balls.ral saturday is an interfaithn intea prayer service at the washington national as we know saturday is the dayyy when the major protests arerotet supposed to be taking place here in washington d.c. washingd bringing lots of people hereng as l well. w interim d.c. police chiefe peter newsham says with all witl these people in town, policeownc can do a lot but they alsoy a need the public's help, too. >> with the upcoming inauguration, with the things that we've seen throughout the world, the most recent
6:33 am
in berlin, that see something,ng say something is more is m important now than ever. e >> reporter: and there arend the many official events that week some beginning as early as tuesday with some fishkins. fhk official dinners. one of the balls will bel be dedicated to first responders and members of the military.ilit a lot of events are opened to oe the public but you have to go ho tow inaugural committee webin site in order to apply foraugu tick iets. live from freedom plaza melanie alnwick fox5 local local news. >> christmas came early for cam one maryland family. mand famil the morris family has beeny struggling to make ends meetee since their four-year-old was-ow seriously injured in any inju i accident over the summer but yesterday they were showered with gifts, money to pay billsmp and even a new car. new first responders who selected sc the family to be their 2016 secret santa family. fam awesome. >> ♪♪ >> job well done everybody.ob it is 6:33 right now. welight n
6:34 am
we get a quick check onck o sports. it was tough loss for the loss o capitals on the road inn philadelphia. went to a shootout and the to caps came up on the shorta endd justin williams needed toilliam score to keep the caps alive cav but he was denied by steve mason. mason. there you'll see it right there. nice stop by mason but came at m the expense of the cap washington loses three-two.-two they get a point for goingoi into overtime. ortim that puts them in fifth placen i in the metro division fiveis points behind pittsburgh andindh new york next up the caps host the lightning tomrow night at a verizon center.rin center. alex ovechkin will bechn wi hitting the ice with dozen ofen children's fort tottenen's dupont cannons program. it's the oldest minority youtho hockey program in north in no america. tonight other capitals willtherc host a skating party forit nearly 130 military childreny ce and adults all part of thear tragedy assistance program for survivors which is also known ko as caps. as it's a kickoff to the courage cu caps campaign.caampa proceeds from the courage capsoe
6:35 am
january 11th will benefiten caps. great to see caps in theaps in e community doing a good thing.itn >>g > wizards in chicago against the bulls.e b scott brooks trying bounce back from that two-point lossm p in indiana close down to the final shot. s burke driving to the lane fordrv the lay in plus one.ine y in wizards up four.ou another good game for john wall. 23 points that's a game high and the wizards win 107-97 and0 that's good because it's only oy their third road win of theadino season so good to pick up a a win in chicago. c college hoops now. this got ugly.ot calls for grayson allen to be b suspended.susp he received a technical foulhnil for in right righe can't trip a player and up pandp certainly shouldn't be doingnl it three times in ay year. it's his third tripping h incident in a year. in his his reaction after he got rtheio technical. technica. replay clearly shows himlyho putting his leg up andtting g catching the back of the opponent's left knee.knee coach pulled allen for theenor rest of the half.ste ha last season allen was was reprimanded by the acc after a tripping a florida state a floda player an louisville player in the span of a few weeks.e span after the game last nig
6:36 am
what he did, he called the t move selfish he apologized to a the other team's player andlaye coach after coach k made themade all sit down and talk it out.t o so coach said got to go apologize to that guy and he h did. di >> yeah. >> but three times in a year? y? >> okay. >> that's a lot. l >> that is. is. that kid could have really r gotten hurt. >> not a good thing.oo t >> anyway tucker i'm sure youe never practiced such sneakyky moves. >> tomfoolery. >> you're right. rig >> i mean -- let's do theth forecast. 41 now ine washington.ashin. >> how many red cards did yourei get playing soccer.oc >> not so many because imany bau wanted to be able to play thela next game. gam yellows were frequent.ows were 31 in binghamton. 35 in detroit. 36 -- notice how much milderh m it is than where we were at the last several mornings wayev 41 here in the city. we've got warmer41 temperatures to look forward to at leastd tol for the afternoon.r thtern highs will be in the mid-50's. 5 not even sure you'll ast allison said notice thealliso n temperatures because i know everybody is runningecause aroud doing last minute shopping andsm working and that kind of th
6:37 am
anyway. we'll be again in the low to mid-50's later today with mildd conditions. the winds are going to pick up and coolers ar weather for the r tomorrow. i'll have details on that inavdl st a mininute. we'll look at the holidayok at weekend as well.en >> thank you tucker. >> uh-huh. >> let's check in with erin. so far so good unless things s just changed. >> yeah, no, it's reallyo quiet. right now we just have ah, f nef problems that we need to gete nt to as you make your way out in arlington south haines 23rd street buses on delay duengto ae water main break at south haven 23rd. 2 use caution if you're driving're in the area as well. i tweeted that out for you for metrobuses.meob tracking a crash on braddockoc road in annandale at wakefield chapel road. the left lane is blocked.ane lok car off the road into theinto woods. that's causing someplace on braddock. looking pretty good right now through the inner loop. over all you can take a looke a l at the green on the map. m that's pretty eight typical typc for this time of the morning. ti if you're headed to bwi reaganea national or dulles you're looking good and metro stilltill on
6:38 am
we'll hop outside for a live a look at some of the usualf thusu areas that get pretty congested. 66 you can see a slow roll on rn the eastbound side by sudleye bs road from 234 to 28 only about a five to 70 minute delayute del because of congestion. conge westbound side definitely aboune little heavier d than what weha would typically once you get to the beltway bel the inner loop a little bit ofbi volume increasing throughasg thh annandale but not enough tondal turn the mape red just yet. y we got you covered thisovered ts morning. back to you guys. jacksonot happyon not happy about the fine they got from gof the nfl this week. he took his frustration out onot social media. his reaction is friending.reac >> of courseti.on first though a holiday message s from a service memberce membe stationed overseas.rsea >> ♪♪ >> merry christmas.ry chrtmas. we're the meals family baseded in spain. spa want to wish a merry christmassc and happy new year all ourear au friends and family back in thekt u.s. merry christmas. cistmas. >> merry christmas. merry >> see more greetings from ourt troops at >> ♪♪ ♪♪
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> back now with what'sack trending on the web on thisnon e thursday morning at costly mng a tradition for nfl first of all you ever go to er o like a job interview and you have to eat and you're likeand k i'll just have a salad because you
6:42 am
big deal and make it about a yondu. keep that in mind as we read the story.thstor the team takes rookies out to expensive dinner and stick the rocco toot bill. on monday night the team rann up with a tab of $16,255.20.,2.2 he had to pick up the tab.ab what did they get a coupleouple fillets for 55 bucks a piece, pe crab macaroni but mostly mtl alcohol. almost $8,000 worth of worth o alcohol. look i get it. >> come on >> look at this.hi 22 hennessey imperial for $7,700. $7,7 >> come on steve. >> somebody sticking that toy the rookie. th >> it says total does not include gratuity at the bottom. >> $16,255. back to what i said off the the top. top. guess what dylan bought himself at this $16,000 dinner? a $13 salad.alad. redskins wide receiverei desean jackson not happyveksot h with the nfl after he was fined for these cleats that he h we
6:43 am
against caroline inform thee league is lettingcaro plaliyersr customized cleats to support the charity of their cle choicec but they must be an nfl approved team colors. the nfl wantsoved a dominant approved base color typicallyypl white or black kind of looks k like it might be white or or ack.k. in response to the finehee jackson tweeted that hised that cleats were clearly the team tea colors and these are your team colors in the locker room.ckeroo he wasn't happy with it.n't you do the finally america's oldest gorilla now 60 years old. o this is colo getting birthday presents. colo lives in ohio. she was the first gorilla borcon in a zoo anywhere in the t world. wo >> wow. >> and has lived longer than e exp livectancy ofncy o captive gorillas by 20 years. ys colo, happy 60th birthday.y. >> happy 60th birthday colo.y c. >> we celebrate all >> all thanks, steve. >> you're welcome.>> youe welco. salad is on me. >> that's a funny story. sry okay, that he had the money.he . i would be still washingll washg dishes and everything else. next kevin isnd b eackve wiw
6:44 am
stone is saying about directors stealing her jokes. i'm sure it will be and a reminder before weefor take you to the break if you have a news tip share the with us. call 202-895-3000 or e-mail your tips to 6:44. hang with us. we're back in a moment.
6:45 am
6:46 am
ly. >> welcome back. let's get your headlines. we got a mild day to look>>get k forward believe it or not temperaturesps will be in the mid 50 later lat this afterno
6:47 am
comes throughnt later this afternoon, cloud cover andn, clo really cooler temperatures ud c the day on friday but not not cold.ld we'll be in fact a littlea lit closer to where we should be wsb this time of year.thime looks like our next chance for f a shower will arrive saturdayatr evening.g. that would be christmas eve e but it will be out of here inoue time for christmas day so, the good news is santa san should have no troublee no troue delivering all those gifts across the area hernge a early sunday morning for christmashris day. take a closer look at the t forecast here for the weekendr e in just a jusa mo 41 now in washington.ngn. not as cold as 24 hours ago. a that's for sure.ur it was 19 24 hours ago inn dulles.du. 38 this morning. t 40's to the south and east.d as. 44 in annapolis.ol. 45 this morning inrning leonardtown. 44 in quantico. quaic association everybody isis enjoying a nice bump in i temperatures overnight withht wh the cloud cover across the t area. here's our frontal system our fright it'sre. a cold front.ront light snow shower activity offhe to our north. getting gettiylvania a few snowflakes this morning. we're not going to see any of that. we'll be dealing with cloudsgoin for the first half of theg dayg an wd somf e breezehes and thene behind the front the winds winds will start to pick up a littleil
6:48 am
and west and we'll get some som cooler air in inere. up ahead of it nice mild day.ay again cold front comes through u and delivers a very pleasant afternoon around here with partial sunshine andne temperatures above normalaturve here, mid-50's for daytime d highs. there's your christmasisas outlook. partly cloudy. it should be dry. erin, you get anything you canin play without doors for christmas 51 degrees.s. y yay! >> beautiful afternoon andiful n there's your seven day.e's hey, look at monday andyoand tuesday. we're going to be in the upper 50's, near 60 degrees arounds ou here next monday, tuesday.uesday very quiet weather pattern pattn here to end 2016. 2016. it looks like our next roundt ru of cold won't get in herener until probably around new year's so temperatures willer stay a little above normal andod that means our chances for chanr winter weather not very highthev next week.ery and we'll talk more aboutore travel weather that kind ofeathr thing here coming up i than a a minute.te erin back to you. y. >> tucker hands down best christmas morning i ever hadng from santa. >> yes.. >> six years old barbie dreambia house. never forget it.rg it. >> really. >> you still have that dream house.ll h >> unfortunately, no.tunate would you be worried if i did? d
6:49 am
>> i mean, something to pass pas down, right. rht. >> right, yeah. >> okay, we turned that one>>e t around forhat on you.ou northbound route one crash orash after the occoquan bridge. bdg jammed back to gordonordon boulevard. some really heavy delays on route one northbound intound woodbridge that we don'tt on't usually z a lot of folks optolko to route one to get around that 95 congestion. 95 you can see the line ofinef yellow as well coming upg u across the occoquan. ooq i would say keeping it to 95 t95 though is a better bet right bet now to avoid that cash. so just keep that in mind. south of that in stafford 95 a bit jammed up by courthouseept u road artshous well. arlington south hayes and 23rdd dealing with delays ons o metrobuses because of a water bc main breakau at south hainesth s 23rd street. we'll keep you updated on that. use caution there. there'se' also a crash involving car offao the road into the woods onds o braddock road at wakefieldld clap pell lane. the left lane is blocked so some caution there. lan give yourse elsof meextrati timt get to and from the beltway iney annandale and as we take atake a wide view of our thursdayy morning commute, it's officially turned red in turnedd college par to
6:50 am
95 to georgia.twrg. it's about a 20 minute delay d because of congestion.gestn. 270 coming down towards theds t spur still pretty quiet but quit north of that point from 70 tom0 the truck scales and throughhroh urbana we're dealing witheali wt about a 10 minute delay from congestion.congestion. 395 still looking good.ill loin volume increasing by the t pentagon but not enough tout n cause major slowdowns.lowdow and a little bit of a slow s down from suitland through ox sill trying to get to theg toett wilsono bridge. bridg i'll keep you updated on thatn a one. i'm going to try to get some ges dance lessons from tucker tke right now because guess what i goat make a guest appearanceppec at the nutcracker tonight. tonit oh yayay! >> i'm excited about that. tha >> cool.>> c >> ballerina dreams coming dre true. >> fancy. that's going to be great. 6:50 right now. to a6:n gow homoieng new national champion in whatn t you ask? freestyle and that champion will be b defending his title today on on good day d.c. you won't want to miss himim showing off his skills. sll >> three shopping days to go go until christmas are you too late for onlinee shopping? can you still get aoa deal in the we've got you
6:51 am
expert tips before you crosss be off that y guest -- what's itt called when you give somebody something, it's a g -- g >> gift lit. >> that and much more on. o >> a bald eagle has beene ha returned to the skies flying to freedom ino th virginia.irgii now here's the back this eagle and another eaglether nearly died.nearlyie they ate the carcass of a deer r that had been euthanized andzed the poison got into thent t eagle's system. system. >> oh no,. >> but they were able to beat the odds and make a sy weurprise recovery. they werree taken when they were discovered, they were taken toth the wildlife center ineyn virginia in warsaw.w. one of them now is released rela into the skies. the second one continues tone make a recovery but looks like it's on the path to gettingo geg back out to nature as well. >> do we doubt it. i >> nope. >> the mighty eagle. okay. happening today, the 29 diner in fairfax t wilhele. clotosedas doors once again but it's too help some of the region'segin's needest. the owner closed the restaurant for four hours lastos flight to serve a free meal tort people who couldn't afford to c buy one. in addition to the
6:52 am
he sent dishes home withshesome additional food and toys to give to their kids for the holidays. tonight's meal begins at 4:00eg p.m. it ends at 8:00 p.m. p.m. >> love to see all the good in o the community. 6:51. cue kevin's>> music.s mus there it is and here's >> i used to drive by that t diner every day going to work wr in fairfax when i used to work at 106.7. >> you got a haircut. haircut >> yeah, i did get a haircut.aic i forgot you a wearing a suit ai yesterday forgot i had a a haircut until i saw the t picture this morning. this morn. good to see you.ou emma stone one of the biggest be actresses right now on the on te cover of rolling stone this thi month and she's about toe'abou receive her second oscar oscar nomination for a phenomenalnome performance in la-la land.d. she just received her thirderhid golden globe nomination.n. this movie is very close to to her because it deals with a struggling actress who is auditioning. in this interview she talksal about the struggle she had and one of those being that when w she first started out, filmlm makers would hav
6:53 am
jokes and given them to male m actors in the she would improvise. improvise they would laugh and then lgh a later on the male actor would be saying her jokes. and this is all part of her h discussion regarding her coming to l.a. when she wasn shs 15. she says "there were times in i the past making a movie when i e was told you a hindering thederg process by bringing up angp opinion or an idea and ind hesitate to make it aboutt abo being a woman but there havere v been times where i've improvised they've laughed atgha my joke then given to it myy male co-star and they've given v my joke away." away." i think it's interesting toesti hear her say. that i wonder if it's stillonde' happening to her nowadays. nowad >> it's like pitching a storyin and somebody else gets to do to the story. >> right but she's clearing.le >> why does that happen tooes women. >> why was i given a joke and ja it was given male actor. >> because hollywood is sexist. >> that's probablely what she's implying there. >> society is too.imty itoo. >> right.>> r >> i don't want to break it toae you.ak >> the movie itself it's a i phenomenal film one of the best movies of the year it'st'
6:54 am
recently sat down with her she moved to l.a. when she was 15 years old. her mom weren't back and forth while she struggled and did aled bunch of auditioning and her first break out role was "super bad." bad miley cyrus' sister gave the internet appraisee christmas present. cyrus familiar christmas in in full swing. look at the photo.okt the what seems awkward.rd >> bill's hair.ils ha >> no. keep going over to the right. ot look at liam hemsworth's face. c this has become an internetn int meme. this is not just me. they're saying he looksis isayi e comploletely out of place in this photo. photo this is miley cyrus. cyrus >> he's standing away from everybody. >> he's standing away.s ding >> he eames awkward his faceac maybe saying -- i've seen andeea met him before. that's how he smiles in ptt
6:55 am
>> what is going on with billyil ray cyrus' hairdo.' hai >> the hair is more of theise of story. >> right. >> but the headlines all over the internet are headl making uu memes about what's goingout oi through liam's head.ea >> he almost looks like he was w photo shopped into thepeinto the picture. >> he does. a stands and smiles and smile like tha >> they d miley cyrus has been e posting photos of her dogs. reportedly last year theyar they spent the holidays with liam'shs family in australia.tria i guess this is the return in the relationship going over to o the cyrus family house.cyrus >> fair enough.fa> >> the internet is making a big deal out ofnter thanet phott this morning. >> cute. >> that's breaking newsew apparently. >> thanks kev. >> good to see you. to o>> goour to o facebook fan of the day. it's kim r she was nominated by herd b h daughter who tells us that not only is kim looking absolutelyol fabulous she is also a colon con cancer sur >> all right.ll r >> this photo is from aotis fro holiday makeover that she won this past weekend. weekend. that is a beautiful picture.ictu >> sure is.
6:56 am
>> and you know, what thet t pampering is well deserved asisw well. kim is also a big fan of fox5. f5. we wish you the absolute best bt not just this holiday seasonso but beyond. >> everything.>>ry >> uh-huhly. >> ♪♪ >> all right. slay all day. arnes. barne >> kev, i like your tie there. e >> i wore it just for you.ou what are we getting each other e for christmas this year.r. >> i haven't gone yet. y >> neither am i. we got to figure this out. o. we're exchanging right.g rht that made it awkward. awkrd now we're exchanging.xchaing. >> kev i'm not the bestev shopper. i'm i can't go back out there again. >> i'm going to get you a gift g for tomorrow. >> candy machine for you. for y. >> temperatures 46 degreesratu right now. mid-50's later this afternoon. afte the good news is we'll be dry d and weather will not get in geti your way if you're out and o a about doing some last minuteastu shopping here getting ready h for the big weekend. front later today will berrie rg us cool weather tomorrow.he. quick look at that seven day.evy we'll talk about the holiday hiy weekend and traveling ind an you're traveling coming up. more trackrave wliith erin who o going report nothing's's happening. >> how did you know there was y breaking news?ou k >>br oh, nothing is h
6:57 am
>> yeah, something is yea happening now that'sh, why i was late walking in. 6:56 right now.56 right n they've closed down thee clos northbound side of route oneoune in lorton because of a big crash. c it's after the occoquanua bridge.. you're jammed back to gordon boulevard.ulev take 95 northbound to getrthbndt around it. ar we'll keep you updated on that o breaking news. keep it to fox5. ox5.
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>> ♪♪ s morning.ning. new >> the outdoor christmashr market that was the scene of terror and carnage this weekge w reopens as the search for ther t suspect continues. a suspect who hassu been very be much on the radar of police.ol >> near d.c. security gettinget tighter as we inch closer to cl the presidential inauguration.ur this as the trump team trump t releases new information onortio the festivities.viti. ahead this hour we go one-on-one with the toph th top inauguration official.auon off >> no more uber in maryland? d? state officials due to decideueo on a policy designed keepee passenger safe but as uber threatened to say goodbye. gdbye >> a look inside reaganagan national airport on this on this thursday morning.orng the travel rush definitely avel big story for us and for many m of you about to head out ford the holidays.olids. we'll check in and check out security lines in realtime solto you know what to expect.xpec good thursday morningodrsda everybody. i'm allison seymour.aln seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm welcome to s fox5 news morning.g right off the top first at 8 o'clock this morning, we,e begin in berlin where the christmas


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