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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 22, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ s morning.ning. new >> the outdoor christmashr market that was the scene of terror and carnage this weekge w reopens as the search for ther t suspect continues. a suspect who hassu been very be much on the radar of police.ol >> near d.c. security gettinget tighter as we inch closer to cl the presidential inauguration.ur this as the trump team trump t releases new information onortio the festivities.viti. ahead this hour we go one-on-one with the toph th top inauguration official.auon off >> no more uber in maryland? d? state officials due to decideueo on a policy designed keepee passenger safe but as uber threatened to say goodbye. gdbye >> a look inside reaganagan national airport on this on this thursday morning.orng the travel rush definitely avel big story for us and for many m of you about to head out ford the holidays.olids. we'll check in and check out security lines in realtime solto you know what to expect.xpec good thursday morningodrsda everybody. i'm allison seymour.aln seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. i'm welcome to s fox5 news morning.g right off the top first at 8 o'clock this morning, we,e begin in berlin where the christmas
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after that deadly attacky aac earlier this week.earlieis w in the meantime the manhuntannt continues and is wideningidenin across europe for the tunisianei suspected of swerving a big rig into a crowd of people. fox's garrett tenney joins usy n now with more on what we're learning about the suspect. >> reporter: allison and steve as you mentioned turepnsos out this suspect is nos stranger to law enforcement and before animes amri dime ai germany last year as a refugee g he was serving a four yearea prison sentence in italy for burning dune school.l. german authorities say he hasuti been on theitir radar as well. as concrete security barrierss are load of onto berlinl streets to protect theoa christmas market that was thet w site of so much carnagern earlier this week an international dragnet is underde way for anis amri, the amri, tunisian man suspected of spect driving the truck that rantha over dozens of people killingilg 12. 12 isis calls amri one of their soldiers. he turned up in germany last year, one of thousands ofusds migrants from the middle eastthe i
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secretly watching him for six months. but eventually dropped theired t investigation when nothing turned up.p. >> it's an attack on humanity. n >> reporter: president-electte donald trumpr: was criticizedase during the campaign for his immigration stance and his calls for extreme vetattingio bg now he says he's vindicated.dice >> my plan all along has proven to be right 100 percentet correct. >> reporter: german>> chancellor angela merkel'sllor g decision to allow hundreleds of thousands of migrants from thefg middle east has led toashas protests and an immigrationon backlash while also paralyzingin her reelection prospects.ts. >> europe faces an even bigger g challenge in the fact that you have so many countries who doo essentially have open borders. e you can travel so freely fre between countries that the thatt different situation than wen th have here. >> reporter: and there are the fears here in the u.s. as well l where police are stepping upingu security at shopping malls and n other crowded placeds includingi times square in new york cityit where a million people are
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expected to ring in the new year. ye >> no specific threat but there will be a lot of reinforcement. definitely a lot ofde opportunity say if you seey ifos something, say something. >> reporter: highlightingighlign those concerns yesterday in a i joint security bulletin thee fbi department homeland security and the nypd names nam times square app major target te for lone wolf terrorists onne wr new year's eve and they were pointing to recent lone wolf attacks we've seen in san bernadino orlando as well asell nice france. allison and >> garrett thanks. tnk develop overnight herevelo locally police in northern viy porginia spent several hours on the scene of a barricade in chantilly virginia. v officials say somebody in the 7800 block of lee field valleyie drive was having an emotional el crisis. that person now in custody. the roads around that areaersona closed overnight. they have. now reopened. rpe >> we have new images to shareos this morning of what two wt tw maryland children whoryland c disappeared more than twohan tw years ago might look likeik toy.y. jacob and sara hoggle would bed four and six years old n
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their mother katherine hoggle hl told police that she droppedro them way friend back in september 2014.ptem2014. police believe thepolice believt gaithersburg woman is responsible for their deathsheir but mental health professionals repeterly foundetd her unfit to stand trial. trial >> it is the most wonderfulondef time of the year. yea once up finally get where it whe is you're trying to get to.o. >> u.s. holiday travelers thisri season can expect an increasere in travel in all modes ofodes transportation including theludt skies so if you haven't left lef yet get ready for congestion. ct here with a look at traffic atra the airport this thursdayhu morning our very own annie yu. good morning. >> reporter: thanks you. thank you for not callingepor me an elf this time, allison. allis good morning, everybody.or >> i said theni best elf.t >> reporter: thank you. i'll take it. yes, if you are hitting hting the roads or traveling by air ba this season you're going dong have plenty of company.. statistically today and tomorrow are the busiestrrow a travel days of the season andeaa here at reagan national things t right now looking pretty good g but i want to sho
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numbers this holiday season.ea they're very impressive.mpss according to airlines for america, 45.2 americans will 45. be traveling by air this holiday season. sso airlines expecting anywhere between 1.8 to 2.4 million2.4 ll passengers per day. d loots who the people.who to accommodate all these folksos airlines will be offering morelr seats to accommodate the large crowds.ds they're going do so by so by offering more flights and and larger planes and withit millions traveling this season the question is where are are these folks headed and how areow the local airports doing? songs here's a life look at reagan atg national this morning.s m this is the north side of thehe airport at the t.s.a.t the checkpoint. this is the current security lines really moving lia at all steady pace.y i checked the app andd e app according to the t.s.a. apping t the wait time right now is an average of 20 minutes so it's pretty manageable at this hourhh but t.s.a. says they aret. res.ady. they have all of its lineses operating. the precheck line is alsoine iss opened. open we know that the agency hiredncd more than 1400 agents at the t start of thi
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with the big crowds you can expect an increase in security as well as the screening so really guys patience is key.s pe we remind you all that everyt y season. we spoke to some travelers this early morning askingng askg where are you headed.where ar many heae ded to sunny and warm dominican republic, caribbeanbe california las vegas florida. fa a lot of people making thatmakia get away and so the key is not only patience but to make thiset experience easier for youce eas allison you mentioned theion congestion obviously we'll see ' a lot more people moving in ming and out of these airports sorts make it work for you. y dress comfortably also pack p your time.your tim you want to give yourself yrs enough time ahead of the --- arriving at the airport as as well as before your departurear time. ti that's the very latest from ver reagan national.reaganational. back to you in the studio.stu >> have you found anybodyave besidesyo tucker that wants to go to a colder destinationtina yet, annie.t,nn >> reporter: gosh.orter: g why would tucker want to go doeg a colder destination? no.on? everyone is headed to warmer destinations. >> we have smart people here in theve s dmv. d >> people love skiing, steve. si >> thanks
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>> people love skiing, snowboarding.ding >> skiing. >> i agree with that. >> making. >> snowboarding. >> little -- >> igloos, right. >> igloos. if you get far enough northorth you'll see >> but he's real busy.y. >> don't want to go all thet ll way up there and him not be there. ther >> dry mild and breezy today. td it will actually be a veryer comfortable afternoon.fternoon we'll be back in the mid-50's later today. here are your current numbers at reagan national. we're looking atet your at r 40e not terribly cold overnight.. dulles 33.ll 33. bwi marshall 34 degrees.grees. satellite and radar, that's a t' frontal system off to the north and west and we'rere looking at a few snow showersw o there in pennsylvania and newndn york.york. we will skip those but that butt front will come through and you'll notice the breezes upezes and ahead of the 55 your daytime h that's above normal.orl. enjoy a nice a
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you won't even notice theice the weather. maybe that's a good thingth g since everybody is runningodis r around. >> it will probably feel quitebq warm today. >> it will feel great. remember last week 20's for highs. high >> thanks tuck. check in with erin see how theoe traffic flow is going so far.. >> 7:07 right now.igow we have some problems. new crash in greenbelt. baltimore-washington parkway southbound it's at powder millee road just outside the beltwayr t and that's causing some bigig delays onorato southboundnoratod side. northbound side pretty heavy as well asnd s you lead towardsr baltimore so watch out for f that one. i would say heading up towards r the baltimore beltway down dow towards the capital beltway 95 a much better bet.. not seeing any of that usualhasl congestion. but again a crash by powdery wd mill causing big problems. probm crash on braddock road fiftyadif fouring a car off the road at wakefield traffic back to normal. nma dealing way big problem inn lorton route one northboundd closed at furness road after the occoquan bridge. jammed back to gordon boulevard. take 95 to avoid gjaettingmm s
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back to you guys.yo g >> with the president-elect'sth claims thatpr the price tags fog new air force one and fighterigt jets are skyrocketing donaldetio trump went straight to theght te source.. the president-elect meeting'sesf contracting giants boeing andoen lockheed martin yesterday toteay negotiate cost cutting cut measures. after the meeting boeing saide e it would buildeting the planes next money.on. only happens once every onc four years.e than a month mon away. inauguration day society havetin a huge impact here in the district. dge imp >> the official schedule has been released. looks like big crowds again lie headed our way.ffic melanie alnwic bk iarsed o liven freedom plaza with more. what are what do we know, mel? l >> reporter: well, steve and and allison, this is the d.c. council official viewing standwa here on pennsylvania avenue anu still under construction at this point. we're seeing this kind of f activity all throughout d.c. d.c we also have seen grandstandsn d being built in front of the t u.s. capitol and many other
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parade route down pennsylvania avenue. cell phone providers also wels know have been busy installingll extra towers along thers a the national mall.tionall. they want to make sureant to mae wireless customers will bess w able to get good service once on what certainly is expected topeo be a high traffic day. as for the certainlyial eventiny the first one begins one firs thursday january 19th with ait wreath laying ceremony atinremo arlington national cemetery. cet then there will be a make america great againeat ag celebration and concert at thent lincoln memorial.. friday noon is inaugurals iugur swearingal in when donald j.nalj trump becomes the 45th 4 president of the unitedes states. then the paradeidend after thatt path pennsylvania avenue and of course the manynsyl official and unofficial inaugural balls. saturday is an interfaith prayer service at the washington national cathedral.. all of these events we knowwe will bring large crowds of people, people standing around
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outside, standing in lines toint get through security.get ug many people we talked to say s they have faith in d.c. security. >> i think that people areple ae thinking about it very carefully. i think they've planned verynney well. we i have a lot of confidence innfe the people in think about a security and all the issues the for organizations so i think sok it lab very interesting one.ngne at least on the margins of it but i don't expect to beec anything to worry about.o worryt >> i don't want to be around't n the kind of people who areho a probably supporting him. i think it's going to be too violent and i'm worried about what could happen.ap >> reporter: and so againo one of the things that d. police are saying is that as tha we've heard from new york really important to everyone e going to the event plays a a role saying if you seeou something say something.thme steve and allison i just i j wanted to tell you somethingomhi really interesting that ihat found on the officiald on t destination d.c. web site onite their list o
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presidential inauguration.tial . it says that if people are using ridengd sharing apps like uber or or lyft, there's going to be aso be they called it a geo fence around the security they're saying that the appshate will not work inside the official security perimeter pert that you'll have to go outside t the perimeter nord to pick uppiu -- inorder to pick up your ridd haven't heard of that before.ef. >> thanks mel.nks m >> coming up at 7:30 we'll w talk with the director of communications of theun presidential inaugural committee. he'll join us inesid studio.tudi boris epstein is a senior sio adviser to the trump-pence transition. we'll chat with him about all the preparation. >> time is ticking forat wit tision on tione a dec whether the state wants to wants fingerprint uber drivers.t ubere that decision could mean thatld you might have a tough timehaveh getting a ride in that state. more on that next.that >> also this hour it's a story trending big in d.c. d the duke basketball player theat trip heard around thed the conference. it
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youngster and this morning and t calls for him to be benched b for good. first though here's a holidayol message from a local serviceer member overseas. >> ♪♪ >> hello. i'm command sergeant major maj james bryant. y faly to wish my family a happy holidays.iday my mother olivia smith and my father rodney smith from baltimore maryland. d. z27zrz zi0z y27zry yi0y
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z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y
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>> ♪♪ >> no need to run. >> it's exhausting>> n sometimem isn't it? >> you're actually on tv you know. >> i ate at the food court yest at erday at the mall that t went to. >> uh-huh. >> hadn't done that in awhile. >> you look ane t little -- lit discomfort setting in.ting in. >> feeling it today. feeling >> you have a very sensitive palate. >> oh, yeah, super >> and gut. m fmut it doesn't stop me fro trying. >> but did you get the d you shopping done.pi don >> what's there.>> >> did you get the shoppinging done. done. >> one of the stores i went to wasn't there. there. >> i want to say a great big big hello to everybody thatdy tha watches each morning that saidhs hi to me. m there were a lot of peopleere ll out. >> that's great.>> >> love it.t. >> one woman yelled as i was driving by i love you. >> yay. >> you assume she was talking to then. >> i think it was
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>> right. you got to be careful of that i kind of stuff. be careful of tff hey, don't i know you.ou. don't you work at the groceryce store there i go to. to. >> 48 in washington.hington. 35 in buffalo.uflo around the country we'll doll d some travel weather. weath coldest of the weather in thehe rocky mountain states. boise 16 this morning, 20 in casper. caer not the cold that we had last ls week when we went up to old o crow. >> yes, we>> yeswe d >> old crow in the teens rightit now. that's a cold front. that will come through laterat'o you can see some light snow showers well to our north.ll tor we're not going to get anyt go precip at all.ipt al we will get partial sunshine sun and very mild temperaturesture ahead of that front so we'llo we be in the mid-50's a little litl later today.late traveling tomorrow? getting ontomo the roads? all systems s for a pleasant weather weath experience from florida to flora maine tomorrow. >> okay.y. >> okay? you like this map.ap. >> nice. n >> like this. >> yes. >> few flurries across therriess northern tier of the country with showers down into >> okay. >> then as you get out to the yu west there will be g a big pacific storm. storm.
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there might be some rain delays. delays >> when you did you have chance to make this fancy map.. >> i work hard you when you wheu don't see se >> seven-day forecast.oras 55 today. we are looking mild for thefo t weekend. looks like some showers on hanukkah/christmas eve plustmass some showers around butund but clearing out in time for santa a to deliver all the good center. >> i'm digging your all inclusive seven day. 'm d good job.iguve sgo >> here's erin with a look atooa traffic. hi. >> hi. 7:18. we have some problems you needso to be aware of including justus typical congestion.ongest this is 66 from sudley road. roa heavy traffic towards theowards beltway. heavy from 234 to 28.o 2 breaks up a bit and thenhen volume increases throughes t fairfax. right now you only need about a 25 extra minutes to get from fm gainsville to the beltway.eltw westbound side looking reallysio nice if you're headikingng out f town. this is a look at the inner loop through annandale righta la now. some heavier traffic coming up from 395 to 66.o 6 but it's still moving alongovg without any major slowdownsloows this morning. and as we forward our cameras cr one more time, traffic as
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make your way out on 270 increasing on the southboundou side especially through urbana n towards the spur. about 15 extra minutes needed ne to get from 70 to the beltway.el more traffic in a few moment.w . we'll check in with a crash in i stafford on one of ourfur secondaries. ck to you. >> uber's fight against g'sell government regulators.ulators. >> they may decide to move outde of thecide state altogether. a decision we could find outindt more about today and our bob bob barnard joins us with thes wi t details. detail pretty extreme the thought ofhtf no uber in maryland is frightening to some folks i'm sure. sure. >> reporter: it is, allison and steve.ter: i in i you mention it here chevy chase and people are like no way.ay basically lawmakers inmakers i maryland it's required now inn maryland not in d.c., maryland lawmakers say that ride share drivers must submit to theset to fingerprint background checks. what uber and lyft are doingre i is they're asking the publicubli service commission in marylandar
7:20 am
for a waiver to let them them continue operating as they areth which is they do their own background checks but notutot requiring fingerprinting.ri we should find out today or tomorrow whether the public service commission grants thatan waiver. uber has said if they're noty'reot granted a waiver, they lo no lon longer service the state oftef maryland which would be huge. b. this is a company that is not yet profitable and has actually taken itself out oft austin, texas over a similar kind of dispute and we're tolded now is considering going back to austin obviously maryland a a lot more bsiness foriness companies like uber and lyftyft than one city like in texas.exa. and uber has threatened before to stop servicingcing jurisdictions where it hasn't hs gotten what it wants includingng so, we'll see, guys.uys. we'll see if it carries outut its threat, if the public publi service commission actuallyctual rules on this this week. if it grants the waivers toaivet companies like lyft and uber. again, all about trying toying make the people who get
7:21 am
these cars safe, that's what wha maryland lawmakers did this ts year and we'll see how it how plays out there. have beenhave e instances we've reported ons we them even in thisre area withh ride share drivers committingmig crimes who turned out to have criminal backgrounds and backg a that's what lawmakers arers are trying to the companies say that itha slows down their hiringir h process and getting their cars r on the road.oa and it could play out here ine n the next day or two, guys, andud we'll keep you posted. poste >> all right, bob, thank youha very much.uc >> we have a fox5 twitter account, fox5 d.c. twitter. twit >> do you think maryland uberine and lyft drivers should be fingerprinted. so far 80 percent of you sayay yes. >> all right just a smallmall sample so far but the resultsts overwhelming but again just j handful of votes but we just jut put it up. put feel free to go to fox5 d.c..c twitter and cast your vote. vot. >> the presidential inauguration just around theod t corner. co coming up more on the preparations and security measures under way right now in our nation's capitol tonderc keepap everyone safe.e. >> first though anotherho ano holiday message from a local
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>> ♪♪ >> kyle with the maryland air mr national guard here in turkey. i want to say hello tolo t everybody in rockville, my family, merry christmas, happy p new year. >> see more greetings from ourn troops at
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>> ♪♪ >> in north carolina protestors gathered at the state capitol building>> a iftta bid to repeal the state's controversial bathroom law wasm voted down by the republican rei controlled legislature despite g months of boycotts by criticsri of the law calls it discriminatory.mitory >> terrifying moments for aa california man yesterdayterday afternoon. here's footage showing himwing riding on a city bus in fresno. fresno. moments before the unthinkablenk happens his e-cigarettesiget explodes in his pocket setting his leg on he suffered minor burns to his right thigh and hand.h >> 7:25 right now.>> tuck is going to join us get a look at our forecast as we ae look forward to the holidayol weekend. >> looking forward to warmerme temperatures. it's mild this afternoon, milisa maybe mid visitor.e steve go out for that jog. tt jo >> might be a good day for it. i >> he can't because he'secause h finished with all of his holiday shopping. what app showoff.hoff >> i have to go back out theret later today. tay winds out of the south atou a eight. wind chill 34 degrees.4 degr here's a frontal system.'s a so we are going to have some h
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later tonight but ahead of it i push out of the south here has allowed temperature to staympero relatively mild overnight.vegh again we'll be on the warmwel side a little later today. t warm side, on the mild sideild later today with lies in thee mid-50's. should be dry ind- case you seeu snowflakes off to our north offh and west. i know everybody is busy the t next couple days.eay lots of traveling. weather couldn't be nicer foricf this time of year. yea weep we'll be in the uppere'll 40's to about 50.ut looks like rain showers thereker on christmas eveai, hanukkah ana it will be out of here in timerm for santa to do all the all deliveries early sunday morning. morning. >> whew. >> with mild temperatures next week. look at monday, tuesday. upper 50's ld tnext at near 60. yeah. >> whoa. >> guess where i'll be sunday morning. w here>> working. >> right here with annie yu. yu. >> yay! that's exciting. >> me and annie e are doing the christmas show together. togethe >> you can come over for ce ov dinner on christmas night ifas g you want. >> i think i'll take you up on that. th >> he said he might be busy watching football.ootb key bridge crash reported ongete the ramp from gw parkway.aray
7:27 am
a lot of heavy congestion on north lynn street.h ly we're seeing some congestion building in georgetown as welltn once you cross the key bridge bi rosslyn into georgetown.eorgow m street wisconsin backing up. if you're in stafford closurere upday.y. garrisonville road 610 closed due to a crash after furnessurns road. road 95 northbound zero delays towards the beltway. do you like that? atowa tiny bt of congestion from dale cityal c to lorton. earlier crash in lorton onor northbound route one, route roue one reopened after theer t occoquan bridge but the left thl lane still blocked and you canll see just a tinyoc bit ofit congestion leading towards theot occoquan like i said no big no delays. delays. we'll certainly keep youl ainl updated. hey, metro rails are still on ai time. time. back to you guys. >> this morning for a cyoollegee basketball star to be >> coming up details on whatn w he did that many say was foul wf play. >> technically technical foul play. >> technical foul play. >> technically.
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♪♪ live look at security lines at reagan national airport rigog now. if you are getting ready to jumm in a cab or a ride share or however you plan to get to the t airport, that's what you'rehat e looking at right ight n. not too bad. b >> how about metro. h >> you can take metro if youowaf like. like. metro is actually no delaysos right now. it's a good option as well.l. happy happy travelers. safe travels. travels all righty.ghty. 7:30 rig
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let's check our top stories on a thursday morning.orning police in northern virginia vgi spent several hours on the scens of a barricade in chantilly.. someone in the 7800 block of lel field valley drive was having an emotional crisis and is now in w custody.sty roads around the area reopenedpe at 5:00 a.m.. >> also new this morning berlini christmas market the scene off tragic terror tack this weekendw is open again. ope it took two full days to clean c up the damage from the attackk that killed 12 people. security of course stepped up se not just there but across theost country germany but many outdoor christmas markets like the one t that was attacked remain very crowded this holiday season.ea meanwhile the manhunt fortat suspect wanted for plowing thewe truck into that market mke intensifies this morning. 24-year-old tunisian has ties ts islamic extremists and has beene on the radar german authoritiesi apparently for the past year. anise amri denied asylum and evaded deportation.or with all of this known information german officials under fire for not keeping a better eye on him.
7:32 am
his brother is turning amr advertisement turn himself in. trending top story in d.c... where there are many marylandyln fans a college basketball plan in the middle avenue controversy. grayson tripped a fan. >> wisdom is here with reaction. >> some people.. >> some people.e. >> wisdom. >> actually a lot more than me,m duke there's a lot of people who hate duke but a lot of peopleeo who keep seeing this. >> let's take the hate duke outu of the equation. >> you're right. >> maybe he played at marylandt or virginia. ybybe -- >> this is blatantly. bla. not only is blatantly this istay the third time this hase thi h happened. first time he tried to say it was an acciden he t. it wasn't. wn't second time same thing. thi it wasn't. this time he says i did it and i and issued an apology.polo at what point do you say enoughg is enough already? all background on this story.nd oto this happened during the duke versus enon basketball grayson allen on purpose ic
7:33 am
elon basketball player they gavv him technical foul. f he goes to the bench and throwst a temper tantrum which to me is even worse. wor his punishment, coach k decidedc i'll sit you out the rest of th half.lf look at this. spoiled brat. that's what comes to mind when i see this.seehis. last season the same player didd the exact same thing on two t different occasions kicking players and you know what the acc said? oh, we reprimandednd him. now what is that? that's tt' nothing. that's why this keeps happeningg acc has done nothing. coach k done nothing. nothing this is the third time this hass happened so here we go again. an grayson allen doing this threehh times. no discipline from coach nothing from the school. soo nothing from the acc.c why are they waiting to taketi k action on this is a question. qo why does it take three timeshr m basketball kicking -- look atk a this. this is insane to me. me >> my issue is -- keeping ineeng mind these are college studentse so these are still, you know,no,
7:34 am
yet, but if my child were on thn other team and that happen, anda they sustained an injury thatjut was not like a normal player ple would ever, did he it intentionally i would be solly e >> yeah. >> this kid clearly has somekida sort of an anger issue or cannoo control his emotions and i thint it would do him a world of goodg for him to sit out and thinkh about what he's done and gete ad some help.p >> clearly the only thing that't going to get his attention is real don't give me no acc --cc - >> what happens if he gets intof the league. >> i sat him out the first halfl against elon.ainst . >> when he gets in the league -u >> he'd be fined.ined >> here's the thing. >> you're not going to fine ain college kid f he sits out a conference game that hurts the m team and the pressure from thefe teammates and everybody else inv that situation is more of a is a lesson learner to get it get together than any type of monetary punishment at this level. >> let me take a step further if he gets to the league and kicksc somebody coach k can't help himm he'll get a whooping beyondeyond whoopings now you're dealingea with men who don't have to adhere to some
7:35 am
>> they're enabling his behavior. >> that's what they're doing much they're allowing this to s whing this to take place and turning a blind b eye which is stunning to me thae you have this one player with, w hooks habitual offender we'rer w talking about kicking.. i've seen played, watched wch basketball forever. i've never seen on any level lev where kicking is appropriate septembered or even done.d or e. i've never seen it done never.vr >> behavior needs to stop rights now. >> yeah. >> i agree with that. >> they need to put an end it>> adults need to be adults takee charge of the situation and dot something about me>> what year is this >> he's a junior.>>s a he's 21 but a junior.. >> enough is >> he's a junior.unior. he's not a freshman just comingi in. >> just giving you the >> hi, tucker. tuc >> all right. w that. t i follo >> what do you think about that. >> very empassioned forecast.ast >> what do you think about it.n. >> i agree with wisdom.gree wh . how can you not? it's got to to stop. >> if you don't, i'll come over there and kick you.kick y [ laughter ]ughter >> not accepted in the real rea world.rl in the real world that's notrldn acceptable.ceable.
7:36 am
kicking anybody.g >> thanks, wisdom. t >> all right. >> whatever wisdom thinks is i agree i learned a long time like when i was a kid. k let's do the forecast. foras looking at temperaturesrares overnight 40 degrees in washington. 33 in binghamton.ghamto all right. here's theal deal. dea milder temperatures.. mid 50s later today. >> wahoo! wah >> wisdom that won't make youono mad, will it? >> ut-oh.t-. few snowflakes off to our northr partial sunshine today.oday and pretty good breeze out ofez the south allowing theseg tse temperatures to warm up. up. mild afternoon.fternoon we have colder air, cooler airlr on the way for the day tomorrow. details on our friday and our a big holiday weekend forecast. it should be dry, though. t dry for you out and about lastus minute shopping. okay.. erin has been enjoying a quiet work day and busy work day. >> we're in the middleeiddl somewhere. metro still on time. te. steve at 7:36 we've made ite through the 7:30
7:37 am
no metro delays. d moving over to the roads we havv a few problems.blems you can see slow traffic inn college park outer loop 95 to georgia 15 minute delay.elay. clara barton slows inboundnbound between cabin john and mc arthur boulevard.boevard. bw parkway southbound an earlier crash cleared by powder mill po you're still dealing with a fewe miles of slow-moving traffic.ffc heading from the baltimore balte washington parkway to capitalal beltway 95 southbound. gw parkway back to spout runut r dealing with a crash key bridge inbound on the ram from that gwf parkway that's adding to the mit of slow traffic once you cross o the key bridge into georgetownrg keep in mine georgetown slown s downs on wisconsin and the usual. back to you allison and steve.t. >> uber taking self-driving carr off the road. rd. >> 7eleven can now deliverel slurps to your house.ou that story is next.. >> that's interesting. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
>> 7:40. uber pulled it's itself driving vehicles from san francisco streets. uber made that decision after the california dmv revoke the vehicle's registration. in a statement uber spokesperson said the company is looking at where it can redeploy the cd ard e but sthaylisfornvehicl umebenm to california and will redoublel its efforts
7:41 am
statewide rules. rul uber has operated a similar silr pilot program in pittsburgh for the past three mth speaking of doubling down --own- oh, yeah., we told you about this one. o let's give update now.eow coffee and doughnuts by drone be from 7eleven. the convenience store has made 77 -- see 77, successful dronere deliveries to customers in reno, this happen last month.stth 7eleven started working withit commercial drone operator flirti back in july. jul orders were delivered in lessn s than 10 minutes.than 10 minut so when you had to have thatave brain freeze and i'm talking tag right now because nevada is super duper hot mostly thoughlyt they have it covered.ered >> they did a survey of thef t people who used the dronee dne deliveries 100% said he would hw they would use the service again. they're going to remote areas outsidee goin of reno maybe youd have the 7eleven around theun t corner so they can send theen drone in. online pay. ppay, >> there's an app for that.he
7:42 am
>> walt disney company and snapa chat joining forces now. now. companies agreed to have disneyd shows on snap chat. c the first show is an after partr for abc's the bachelor and thata will debut january 3rd. the series will be viewable ine snap chat discover secondron expected to 13 to five minutes.. snap chat is expected to runo more series from disney as well. okayokay. here's the story that could thet impact your holiday dessert.. some whipped cream manufacturere say they are not able to keep ue with demand this winter becauser of a nationwide shortage of o nitrous we told you about this one.s o reminder here you might have toh do something else. key ingredient in aerosol whipped creams.whped not aerosol whipped cream cream products like cool whip are notn affected. af get the extra creamy haven'tamy ball. >> i'm having a family flashbach with the cool whip.ool >> with the holidays thisshi weekend 75% of u.s. companiesom are giving out holiday bonuses b this year. >> yay! >> yay >> who is getting the biggest bonus.nus. invest many bankers taking only $100,000 this
7:43 am
now that followed up by surgeong who pocket $65,000. $65 it is 7:42 right now.. president-elect donald trump's inauguration event scheduletiont released now we're just weekst s away from the big day.the biy. >> officials are now fine tunini every detail.y ail. coming up we'll chat with one ow the committee members for moree on what we can expect. 7:43. 7:43. stay with us. ♪♪ z26i0z z17vz
7:44 am
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7:46 am
the big show because we are o tgot heofshow be you t's dmv's newest national champion.a [ applause ]plse >> national champion and freendf style rapping. he'll be with us tstoday on good day d.c. he'll be showing off his skillss and trying to defense his championship against a rapper to be named later here. h [ laughter ][ laughter >> we know who he is but i don'i think he knows yet he's doingows it. >> oh, no, is that true. d >> you can do the mo,at ih. >> yeah. >> plus just three shoeapping dy to go until christmas.tmas are you too late for online? o? can you still get deal in the store? are you super mad withat your friends because they don'tt use their gift cards when you w could use them?d the >> i did use it.set. you didn't let me finish the the story. >> we've got you covered with cw expert tips before you crossou folks off that gift -- hi why-wh can't i say that.t >> karma coming. coming. >> off your gift list.ffft that much more on good day today. >> fantastic.ic. like family right here. he >> here we go. g >> speaking of family -- >> i'm very disappointed in youu steve. >> when i finish the story itfih will make sens te. >> i'll special guest walkeral today. do you want to know why. why >> yeah.
7:47 am
concert in a couple of days.omey hit it. >> ♪♪ >> come on. it away >> no, i have my uggs moccasinsi >> do it. >> this is for you, bruno f bno you're watching. wchin let me get myself together.her. we need to set up the meet and d groat now.groat >> ♪♪ >> bruno mars she will do this for you in person. >> ♪♪ >> are we done. >> keep going. >> ♪♪ >> you want me to do somedoe weather. look at my uggs on tv.onv. i told you i can't do it.t. tucker, you have to be prepared. >> best mom ever. >> thank you. i'm so excited for sidney. >> not me. m i have to go. g that's not true. tru >> you have to chaperone her. hr you must. you >> when is the concertm allison. >> the 27th of december. dember. >> coming up. mgm national. >> i mean ---- >> harbor.r. >> that's like much coveteds li ticket because really smallllall theater. >> sadly the other girls are
7:48 am
little weiners for christmas. [ laughter ] >> cocktail weiners.. >> you made that one easyas allison. allison. 40 in washington.hiton. 32 in gaithersburg.. 28 in frederick temperaturespere north and west are chilly butyut look at 40s just to our southou and east getting the breezes ouo of the south thank you very mucr for joining me for that walk.mer that was awesome. thath we're atlooking at was mild daym 50s today.ay that's a front right te bringing little bit of snowf shower activity off to the north we're to the going to get any o that but we'll get breezes upesp ahead of the front behind thehe front the winds will pick up ouu of the north and west we'll getg cooler air in here tonighte tig behind the front. fnt but again up ahead of it we'rete talking about temperatures latee today about 10 degrees above abe normal. should be beautiful day. be bea all rightda.y. santa deliveries all systems go here for christmas morning. morg if you'll be putting out the o e milk and cookies at night weight should be fine here. he i think he and the reindeer will have no problem delivering the gifts because weather should bed cooperate age around
7:49 am
high temperature 51 on christmam ndnday. look at the temperatures up neaa 60. rain dee will be out of here.ut. they don't like warmer war temperatures.atures they sweat, erin.theyweat >> am i the only one that wouldd leave carrot sticks for the reindeer. >> i think people do that, right.nk p >> did you ever hear of that evear o allison? >> cookies and milk for san san today. carrot sticks for the reindeer.. >> no. >> in case they need a snack. sa >> oh, that's what happened.pend >> i'm sure santa would gladlyly share the cookies.ooki. >> they don't eat cookies. >> i don't know why i imaginedme as a child the reindeer likedr k carrots. >> that's really cute.s ally cut >> outer loop disable vehicle left lane block universityit boulevard.boulard. from 95 to georgia about 20 to 25 minute slow down you know tht drill leave early secondaries in the area through kensingtonensin getting crowded same story asmea you head inbound on 29 through h silver spring. garrisonville road in stafford closed after furnace roadnace because of a crash. csh caution there and then as youn u make your way on 95, i like what i'm seeing, fewer delays towardd the beltway i'll let you know k when and when that changes.hangs
7:50 am
reopen after the act quon bridge the left lane is just blocked bk but bigger delays flews woodbridge dissipated key bridge crash reported on the ram from o that gw parkway. gw delays back to spout run andd once you get into georgetowneort secondaries crowded there as well.we. key bridge into georgetown fromm rosslyn a little crowded as well and then 270 southbound little bit of volume 70 to the spur bub for the most part a dream on 27o crash reported at 370 moved ovee to the shoulder.houlder. we'll keep updated on your updan commute met yro is on time. te. i love that for the rails. safetrack surge allege wrappede up yesterday.te ck t to you.rd >> erin, thanks very much.uch. 7:50.>> talk little politics right> no. maybe you're planningyou'ren christmas party.ri maybe you're planning new year's party, hanukkah party whatever it might be this weekend our weo next guest is hoping to plan several events for historic timc in our nation's history talkingg about the inaugurationur president-elect donald trumpele less than month away now.ay n joined by the presidentialsidenl inaugural committee's director of communimmcaittion boris epste senior adviser to the trumpmp transition g to see you this ths morning, boris.rning, boris. thanks for coming in. for cing
7:51 am
less than a month away. a it's time to get busy. we had announcement of officiall events yesterday.terday. what's been done.what's been what needs to be nds t >> we're feeling great. feeli we're ahead of schedule. we announced the events.he ents. we announced the singer of the e national anthem.he as far as the events go, whathat you see there laying of theof wreath, the welcome event, andnd then as you go through the day on actual inauguration those ara on the 19th the day before. the on the actual inaugural dayl we are following tradition in an lot of ways but also you'll seee some things that step away fromo tradition a bit and reflect thet trump movement. >> what are we talking aboute we there when we're stepping awayrg from tradition. traditi >> those things are still tohi we're to the going to put everything outhe there. 29, 30 days we have left to go.g so we're putting those thing out there. what's important about the day the peaceful transition oftantnf power, right? transition of partisan power from one party to another. in this case obviouslyan dotemoc party to the republican partylir and this is a bed rock of the ot american democracy.racy. but also presents the trumpmp movement.move
7:52 am
bringing really new people to t bdz washington, d.c. and newc.nn ideas to washington, d.c.o washn >> when you talk about theyou tk peaceful transition of power i p know that also goes along withit peaceful protests and you'veandy addressed this in the past asth well in addition to all theis t people coming here to supportt the president-elect, we do, expect to have some who are nott >> as long as it's peaceful, ass long as it's win all rules, laws and regulations, people have tht first amendment right.endment rt we respect those. those and that's what they choose tohs do, that's their decision.isio but we're here to celebrateeleba america. we're here to celebrate being united as one country and going forward under the leadership of president-elect.ent-ect >> we have heard when it comes to the expectation for thexpecta number of people who will betiol here in washington, or alreadydy here who will come out or people from eye all across the countryy who will come here to washington, d.c. we heard aon nu, d.mber this morning 500,0000 are you going above that? beloe that? do you have any idea what we're expecting as far as peoplo for the inauguration?uration? >> we're preparing for very exciting inaugural and one thata has people coming all throughouh the
7:53 am
starting on monday and goingnd g through the week.h the we we're expecting people to be pee coming out.coming out we expect a huge number. num now do we know what that will w number will be specifically, wew don't. we're working very closely witht the joint task force, with the t joint congressional committee, m to make sure that no matter how many people show up, washingtont d.c. is prepared.d. we are prepared to have a wonderful wonderful series ofieo events. >> it's one thing to plan a plaa holiday party fun you'll have 50 guests.ts. boris, how do you plan forn f something if you don't know howk many people are coming whethergr it be 100,000 people or millioni people how do you plan thosen events so far in advance.dvance. >> for some of the events that are inside we know how mofany tn people will come.peco those are ticketed.ose ar for the larger events open to oe the crowd, you can estimate asea we get closer to closer numberse >> let's talk about some ofk abe those. we do have some ticketed eventse when it comes on inaugurationra day itself or maybe just vipbe events that are there.e tre some folks want to know how they can get tickets.s. obviously some are going to be b available but it's going to beoe time sensitive.meensi what's the run down there for tf folks who want to go.o >> it will b
7:54 am
58pic2017 battle work.e wor take a look.oo all the information will benftin there. keep in mind we're still overtio four weeks away.fourks a more information will be put ouw there over time. >> what do you see now as theouw challenges between now andween n january 20th from your end,20thf from the planningrom end? >> it's not about challenges.ll we're excited. we're good times committee. come we're making sure people who come to the city are safe, excited and they're ready to rey ring in the trump movement.en now, we're not planningg woocstock. we're not planning a party planning a concert we're playinp an inauguration. an inauguration that will be workmanlike and tatiohe messagef which is getting to work. wk in this president the statehoodo behind him right now is gettingg to work. you saw that with the carrier issue.issu you saw in talking about air a force one with bowing. bowin he's ready to make sure s americans are safe in their jobr and in their homes and thatha america gets better and better e with every day once he takese ts office.of >> we just saw some of this witt the bowing issue thathi came upu recently. >> right. >> the meetings even down a
7:55 am
myhr lag lag good. very strong defender of thef t decisions made during thenghe campaign. what do you see now as far as fr donald trump now onc january 20th happens continuing to negotiate, things like this on his own or how dono you se he o him working the busn aspect i guess with theh the presidential aspect?ect >> well, he has a great team.ea he announced ross for commerce.e nugent for treasury. if you look at the finance, fce economics, trade perspective, hh has a great team around him on national security general flynnn general mattis, general kelly, y such a great team surroundingdig the president-elect and the vice president-elect in mike pencemie somebody who is extremelyextrly experienced and has great gre knowledge and information.ti so it's a great team coming in.. i'm excited as an american and d all america should be lookingoui forward to this new day that'saa starting oh and january 20 manyn >> i think it's important to to note too while a lot of a lot attention goes on trump tower ii new york and all the opulence that that are there there arehea many of you working behind theee scenes not working at trump tower.
7:56 am
building.. there's no bells and whistles there.. >> it's on seventh and d southwest wonderful to be theree historic installations or historic youtoy feel like you're a part of o history it's great and i'mit'srm really enjoying it.t. >> history comes to washingtonhi right here.t here we host history on o january 20th a lot of work tof be done but we appreciate youreo joining us. jo >> thank you for having i really appreciate you fi tune in.tune i >> we'll sent it over to tuckere and get a look at our forecast. >> milder today than where we'vw 42 now at reagan national. dulles fallen back to 30 up inpi baltimore bwi marshallshl 34 degrees. it's cool out there. no doubt about it's c. we should see mild temperaturesa today. there's a front right here bring something snowflakes to our to r north and to our north and eastt we won't see any of those. tse we'll be dealing with clouds the first half of the day partly tot mostly sunny later thishis afternoon and most importantly dry.dr 55 today. 48 tomorrow little cooler behinn the front tomorrow weekend set up looks like this. showers on christmas eve hanukkah and then we should clear itut
7:57 am
delivery sunday morning mni temperatures about 50 sundayun afternoon.afoon that is quick look at more momentarily.ta. erin is here with roads anddsnd rails. >> well it's coming up on 7:57.5 we're dealing with slow trafficc clara barton between cabin john and mc arthur boulevard.bou aside from that because we're w dealing with disable vehicle vic blocking last lane at universitt boulevard outer loop dealingop a with slow downs 95 to georgia ga right now once you passou pass university you really start toeo op up.p. it's only about 15 minute delayd some congestion on ourur secondaries because overall mucc lighter traffic garrisonville road closed because of a crash h after furnace. keep it to fox5 news we'll be right back with your by 8:00 o'clock hour. olock ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
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♪♪ ♪ this is fox5 news morning. good thursday morningod thua everybody.y i'm allison seymour.morn m son >> i'm steve chenevey.'mhe thanks for joining us this us ts morning. >> 8:00 a.m. on this thursday,r, december 23rd. 23r here's what is on your fox5 news morning menu.en >> the holiday travel rush iss underway.underway it's 22nd by the way al notot the 23rd but that's all right. t let's not rush the season.n if you're flying to your destination arrive early brace a for big crowds and back light. t passengers already arriving atla reagan national airport.. we'll have live report coming rt up. >> caught on camera. cght a teen brutally beaten inside arlington county mcdonald's.ald' his mother gave fox5 this videoo
8:01 am
attack. plus the international manhunt continues this morning the for the suspect in theins this l berlin market attack. that terror threat still highr h but many residents are movingre on. 8:01 giving you a live look outside right now folks in d.c.c just getting ready for the t inauguration that's coming up next month. month thanks for joining us. us for some people the best bes gift they can dream of duringri the holiday stress free travel a to wherever it is they're trying to get. to unfortuna tely u.s. holidayay travelers can expect an increase in traffic no matter how you'rey get to go where you're going. gg the air in the so if you haven't left yet gettg ready for all the congestion. hee with a look at traffic at ta the airport this thursdayda morning is our annie yu. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,ood mi allison and steve.d steve well here's the good news. the good news the line is movinn pretty quickly.uickly up until about five minutes agoo or so the line was backed up to the american fl
8:02 am
is the good news the line is i moving at a very good pace. but according to airlines forino america 45.2 million will hit.2m the skies this holiday seasoiln. they're expecting between 1.8 to 2.4 million passengers per day and so they are gearing up. they're offering up moreoffe flights. larger plains to accommodate tht large crowds, and i can tell yol here at reagan all morning longn this has been sort of the of situation where the line for the first time past the americanmera flag just a minute ago but really i mean it's not a lot ofo people here today. statistically we know today andd tomorrow are the busiest days d but i mean it's been prettytt steady and, you know, tsa says y they are ready we know that they hired more than 1400 agents at t the start of this they have all the lines operating right now and people l are in really good spirits i wai hoping to chat with somebodyh s let's see if i can grab somebodb but we were kind of like planning on this line being beig longer but i'm telling you it yt kind of like -- hello, whitt
8:03 am
down as they were coming to us.. hold on one second. secon hello, sir. good morning. mor i'm annie from channel five.el f where are you headed today? >> florida.>> florida. >> nice. warm and sunny. waol tt for just holiday travel famiraly?fami? >> yeah, we got family downamy there. th >> yeah. >> you pack your short sleeves s and your shorts.d yorts. >> yeah. >> you're ready for the holidays. how has the experience been forn you so far. >> it's been pretty goodrey g actually we left kind of early.. hasn't been much traffic. t >> reporter: good.ep that is key to leave early. i need you to be a little more r excited. >> oh, all right.>> >> reporter: all right. o thank you, happyte holidayr:s to you. >> thank you. >> reporter: safe travels. ter:okay. so that is one of the keyshe key obviously plan ahead givee yourself enough time.ime. tsa also, you know, asking ain people to dress comfortably. check yourself in if you can.n c i know a lot of airlines arenese making it more simpler for you.y you can do it on your phone. p we checked the tsa app as well.l they are saying a minimum waitt of 20 minutes average wait time for these lines but i'm tellingi you i would say 10 minutes right now at this hour. h back to you in the studio
8:04 am
>> truly santa's little help r her. >> keeps tabs on everything this morning. thanks annie. [ laughter ]on e >> get to news right now new n images to share of what twowo medical children who disappearew more than two years ago might look like today.two yelo l jacob andike sarah hoggle would four and six years old now. their mother catherine toldo police she dropped them off wite a friend back in september 20141 they haven't seen since. sce police believe she's responsible for their deaths but mental mta health professionals repeatedlye have found her unfit to stando d trial and again the childrenagai have not been seen since 2014. sad story.ry. frederick county teenagerna facing serious charges thise t morning after police say heay brought a loaded gun to school. sheriff deputies say studentstu told the teacher that the the 17-year-old posted videos onideo social media. showing him with the gun atun a oakdale high school in iamsvilli the school resource officer tooo the student out of thehe classroom. took the gun away.he g away. no one was hurt. a brazen robbery in thery ie district caught on camera.. suspect still on the run
8:05 am
morning this happened mondayis e night on eastern avenuee northeast near chillum road youd see a suspect here walking toali what appears to be convenienceve store points a gun then ordersrs people to move.ov at one point the man jumps mps behind the cash register. he made away with undisclosediss amount of money. brutal beat thawing caughte on camera in arlington countyinl led to two arrests it happened d friday night at mcdonald's ons lehigh way.ay. victim's mother gave us this usi video shows the 17-year-oldyeard victim being punched in the heaa over and over again. ain somebody can be heard calling cg him a snitch. s the teen's mother believes theve attackers retaliation for her fh son reporting a crime. >> my son being attacked and robbed six months ago and one ae grabbed him from behind during n school and the other one reached in his pants pockets and took out $40.40. >> the two suspects are chargedg with assault. new at
8:06 am
frederick county need your helpp to find two links that were stolen from their cage at wilson -- wilson's wild animal park. park officials believe the big catsat were taken between december 19e9 andth 20th animals are valued $4,000 each but we should noteud the animals you see on yourn you screen not the missing animals i but rather a third cat that was inside the cage and left behind. but this is just what thesehese beautiful animals look like. >> wow! >> okay. oka >> looks like a big house cat.hc >> like a very big house cat. ct >> all righty.y. good morning. hey g morning. mild today.> he mild mid 50s this afternoon. we are all systems go for niceoc holiday weekend temperatures ate little -- here's the thing.- het a lot of us wouldhi like to have white christmas with some snowno on the ground.on t gro that's not going to happen thisn year. we are going to have at least quiet conditions serve on theits roadways and that kind of thinga >> that's goodt .ki>> let's not be greedy after all.ll >> when i was a kid -- >> yeah.h >> santa deliver the shred t
8:07 am
wanted to put it right to work.r >> i understand. undstan the saucer that kind of thing. i 42 now in washington. it's cold out there in spots. gaithersburg and dulles down too 30 degrees. degre not as bad southern maryland 45 in leonardtown for you guys 44 annapolis temperatures bouncetue aig round we're getting winds out of the southwe're here and' playing havoc on ourur temperatures as we'll pass pass across into warmer water acrossa the area. aa. cold front here just off to our north and west. that will roll through hereroug little later ta you will notice the breezes butb along with it milderil temperatures. the front isbehind lagging and won't get in untilnt tonight we get to enjoy a nicee afternoon. 55 your daytime highrnoo and drd later today if you're going tong be hitting the roadways that kind of thing. >> i was the last kid in my toww to still have the old runner shred.shred >> those are classics >> everybody else had upgradedth to the fancy els mass tick modem >> i feel like the old school - >> yours is the wooden one. one >> is it mal. >> yeah. >> they're probably dangerous.yr >> take your hand off if you i u sle
8:08 am
>> that's what happens. you know what, you'vs whate donl with just your four fingers.inge >> modern medicine. >> amazing. >> not the sleds but the sleds medicine helps. >> you can learnme from uncle uc steve.ev don't do it.n'do i >> you need 6-inches of snow to enjoy >> pack snow.ow trip down memory lane.e. erin things you'll never have tt think about. about >> i love sledding but i only experienced plastic sleds.plas >> you had the super saucerce 3,000.00 >> it was probably a plastic pst disc. >> and you probably always had bablalwa seat belts in your car.ts >> yes, i did.d >> as far as i recall.i r my mom has stories about not n having seat belts.having seat bl >> you know.ts light on 66 66ic is moving along just fine.e. from 234 to 28 little bit ofe bo stop and go traffic we've seenn some congestion popping up overe all not terrible let's forward a our cameras show you what else you're up against.ainst this is top side of the beltwayh we earliere dbeisable vehicle y university from 95 over too university this is at colesville you can see that you're stacked up typical 15 min delthay iatn y del i the outer loop through collegeoe park. forwarding o
8:09 am
again you can see trafficyo looking reallyu ca nice this is on the northbound side as yous u head up passed prince william parkway.parkway. no slow downs south at thathat point. feels like a holiday week. we're seeing lighter volume vume metro on time. we'll take look at our maps. ms. a few minor problems but overala we do have a lot of green on our maps if we could take a look att those. th we're seeing nice conditionsondi bottom side of the beltwayeltw through oxon hill.ox as you can see a closer look ata that disable vehicle.le we showed you the camera by colesville and silver spring sig some congestion on our our secondaries. 295 southbound from 50 to the0 t 11th street bridge just a j little congestion by b pennsylvania over all so much sh quieter. suitland parkway inbound jams up a slight bit by south look at 395 wide open wilson wil bridge is quiet.. i like what i'm seeing for thegt most part.mostart. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c on let's help you get around maybey you're running last minutet minu errands if you're not heading tg work. back to you guys. >> thanks, erin.back>>nk ♪♪s, it is 8:09 right now.. and there's been a breaking newe regarding the trump transition
8:10 am
the president-elect's campaign a manager has been named counselol to the president.resident. in that position, donald trump says conaway will couldn't hernt role as the top adviser and worr with the administration senior r >> head overseas developing inon berlin christmas mark the scenes of the tragic terror attack this week opened after two days of cleaning up damage from thatom attack that killed 12 people. p. dozens were injured including ii two americans confirmed by thee us embassy. security stepped up across germany.any outdoor christmas marks remainsa crowded this meantime the manhunt fortnt fort suspect wanted for driving thevt truck into that market m intensifies this morning the 24-year-old tunisian man hastu ties to islamicni street mists s been on the radar of germann authorities for the past year. anis ami denied asylum.sym brother of the fugitive isiv telling amri to turn himself ini to police.olice. in japan meantime hundreds of people evacuating a shopping
8:11 am
fire continues to tear througheh more than hundred structures.tue the flames being if you would bl strong winds. blaze started in restaurant and spread to at leastand 140 buildings. right now no reports of any any deaths but the damage is extreme this morning the search continues in mexico for more moe victims of deadly fireworks fks explosion earlier this week.k. rescue teams now comb throughom the rubble of that fireworksewor market.maet at least 33 people were killed.e dozens more hurt.ur still no pinpoint of an exact ea cause of the blast. bla the mark's vendor do plan to t rebuild once the investigationtn is over.. also, children who areldreor injured in that horrificorfi explosion arrived in texas for treatment yesterday.terd shriner' haas and in galvestonvn texas expected to treat threeate children who were burned after r the explosion.losi hopefully get update on theirnhe conditions soon.ns son. but nice move by shriner'siner's hospital reaching across theosst border to help. hel >> coming up mc knew healthea alert about a common diagnosissi killing more americans than evei beforeca. >> uber drivers in maryland aren threatening to pull out of the t free state.
8:12 am bob? >> reporter: hey, guys. guys. could this be the day uber begins that drive out of the dre state of maryland? we'll tellel was it's all about when we comee back..
8:13 am
z26i0z z17vz
8:14 am
y26i0y y17vy 8:14 right now. 8:14 hi tucker barnes. bne >> good morning.ood ing. favorite time of day. d we have lot of viewers that
8:15 am
cuteness. gentleman layla and time for fox5 --5 -- >> hi beauties. >> first five photo of the day. double cubeness. one-year-old jalala and three-year-old jadin they enjoy watching fox5 news in the the morning before they have off too school. >> okay.y >> they're so cute. so >> she's only one? i mean she looks -- they're so cute. >> beautiful smiles.le >> so precious.ou >> all right. all here's what they've been lookino forward for days and weeks and months. >> we've all been lookingve forward to. all >> santa's arrival just a couple more days. d he will be here.e. >> my goodness.. >> uncle tucker would love toe t come play in the snow with theme >> i would love to be hanging hi out in that wintry scene with w them. >> i know you would.w you w >> you know it's just scene.uste >> but it looks fantastic gst around here it's just a scene.ce >> one day. >> that are so precious. p love it. >> you know what i asked for ief christmas from santa?anta >> snow. >> no actually a red
8:16 am
that makes field goals but it's' different.ffer >> okay. >> holding on to one kick in london, aren't you?t y >> one kick in london that.ha guy misses left and right.and let's go to the forecast. to send us your child's picturee go to fox5 d.c. >> how did that even -- >> i feel like he should come on after the season and you guys ag can have kickoff together andetr put your money where your mouthu is.. >> put smack down. >> i'm sure decked both.ed bh. i'm just saying, if i got -- ioi won't say anything. ath i'm just saying it would be nicc to have somebody we could depend on.on >> i'm not going to say anything al t, but i'm going to say this. >> but he's lousy.ousy >> 33 in boston. bosto [ laughter ]ht >> 42 in washington.. >> steve if that field goal hadh been made from 29 yards in in london we'd be talking about a a different scenario. >> if somebody else would havewv scored or stopped somebody else from scoring. >> dave, i'm just saying.ay >> you know what it's like to be a team player. >> nfl -- i mean -- i lost myosm train of thought. thoht cold front off to the north. nor steve, i don't know anythingon about what i'm talking about other than weather. i'mher th that front will come through ano it will bring us coo
8:17 am
temperatures tomorrow but we toe will be partly is unknee and ini the mid 50s later today. traveling eastern seaboard looks fantastic the next couple ofcouf days. very quite. looks like we'll get rain herear on saturday but quiet untilil then. few flurries across thecross t midsection of the country an few showers down in texas and them t the real problem spot tomorrowt will be the pacific northwest. san francisco, portland, seattle pretty good storm system out o there will likely bring air a travel delays.el delays. if you travel out there heads uu you may have a few issues. mountain snows in the zeros. zer there's your seven day.ay we're doing mild temperaturesre the next couple of days.of day our next chance of rain will beb saturday christmas eve. >> okay. okay. >> thank you tucker.ker. >> i'm sure he's an incrediblenl person, steve. i don't know him personally.y. i'm just saying -- sg >> you just want a team in thehe playoffs. >> i want to go to the playoffsa >> not a lot to ask for youngng tucker. >> i think most of washington would agree with you. m they would like osat uld ag plar for the holidays.. >> right now a lot of peopleeope want traffic. >> the good news right now
8:18 am
not lost people are sitting in i traffic. take look at this.hi minor delays including college park outer loop 95 over to5 or georgia watch out for that one. 270 southbound super lighter lig volume from 70 all the way downy to the spur. enjoy the commute throughmu thr gaithersburg and rockville andle urbana this morning.or now, aside from that, we did w have earlier disable vehicle by university moved over to theto t shoulder so those larger delays are dissipating but as you makem your way from colesville towardr connecticut we are seeing some o stop and gome traffic.raff 66 eastbound traffic is justic s flowing freely. i never get toin show you greenn all over the map from 29 all the way through 28.8. as you get into fairfax and and inside falls church andnd arlington. enjoy that commute. 295 southbound minor delays froo 50 down towards the 11th street bridge. bridg kind of breaks up afterft pennsylvania and opens up through cheverly 50 subbed so0 s quiet new york avenue byenuey bladensburg just little bit ofjt lulume. metro is on time. i love to say that.o that. back to you guys. >> love to hear it.r i >> if you live in maryland andna you are relying on uber
8:19 am
you home from work or maybeay after a night on the town youou want to get home you'll want tot pay attention to this. this. popular ride share service has h been locked in a battle with the state of maryland on whether it should require fingerprint based background checks for itsound co drivers and if it doesn't gr etg its way, uber will leaveeave maryland and for good. scary prospect for many marylana errs. bob barnard joins us now with is this real? just threat or i it a real thing, bob? >> reporter: it is a threat t and i guess we'll find out depending on what happens today or tomorrow uber may be m available here in the district but not right across the bordere in maryland.d. basically, uber has said if the public service commission in i maryland does not grant it a waiver of the new state law, l it's going pull out of marylandn it's going to be to no longer provide its service in the state of maryland just like it hase ih done in the city of austin, texas.xa. and basically, what lawmakers ii
8:20 am
want anybody who drives for ride share company to submit to a fingerprint background check. not just the background checkd k that the companies themselves ds because there have been bee situations where drivers for these companies have committed crimes involving their passengers, and basically statee governments across the country really are wanting to crack down on these companies which havechv become so very popular in recent years. and so, yes, maryland lawmakers are saying if you are going to t drive for uber f you're going tt drive for lyft you must summittt to fingerprint check and thent e companies are saying that will t hurt their business.rt their b it will take them too long too t get drivers to row place those.e there's somewhat of a turnoverr in the business, and that itt it would not be good for business s again lawmakers are looking outo for the safety of thosehose customers who take the rides, guys. so the public service commission we're expecting either today oro tomorrow is going
8:21 am
the waivers that these companies have requested, and we'll see ii at least uber lives up to itso i threat, guys, which would havele huge impact in this area. >> bob, thank you very much.h we've been running a poll about whether this is fair thing to ask of uber,is a inds overwhely our viewers and folks onlkn facebook say yes. 77% say that they should makee uber drivers go through a really rigorous background check. c 23% say no.o >> it hasn't changed much over r the last couple of hours when w started this we had literally 33 or 40 votes at 80% saying they e should be fingerprinted withgerp nearly 200 votes 77%. so still overwhelming amount off viewers at least saying yeah. y >> want to be safe in the if it's not a problem dork it.oi >> if it's not you if you're pup your daughter in the car,ghter e putting your child in the car you want to make sure they're s' safe. >> exactly right.xa other news now.ct other e north carolina lawws now mak.eri to repeal the state's bathroomhm bill.bill. the s
8:22 am
last night with no compromise. the law bans people from usingng public restaurants that don'tton correspond to the sex on theirhr birth certificates. it cost the state a whole lot of money. the fba moving it's all star ala game out of charlotte.otte >> witnesses in the murder triah of real estate mogul robert rob durst say they are afraid for f theirs lives now. this according to prosecutors in the case t.o . the 73-year-old charged wited w fatally shooting writer and long time confidant susan berman back in 2,000. they're concerned because burst is accused of killing bermaner about what she knew about hisbos wives disappearance.ce >> mel gnome in a is killing k more americans than ever beforef more than 10,000 people will guy from melanoma this year up from 8500 in 2009. mortality rate is rising fasterr than the detection it rate whici suggests it's not being caught early enough. procrastinators beware.are. if you still have holiday shopping to doim
8:23 am
out.ou. look at shipping deadlines ahead. >> report has been releaseaed regarding the death of alan an thick. thick. we'll get you caught up. 8:22. sergeant dominic greg deployeddd at bagram airfield in bagramram afghanistan.afgh want to send happy holidays toat all my friends and family packyc in petersburg, virginia.irginia.
8:24 am
8:25 am
8:26 am
>> i love this story.sry 8:26. bald eagle, yeah, i was love it flown to freedom in have a have after nearly dying after eatingd a domea id deer dying that had n euthanized the bird was taken to the wildlife center in virginiaa war saw last year i supposei sue where he beat the odds of making a surprising recovery. but you know what, steve. ste. >> yes. >> we're not surprised, are we?d >> no., n >> eagle can't make a mack us mc will recovery just like these fine united states, which hehich represents so well.pres so >> yeah. >> i'm not surprised at all. >> did you mention there s wurer two that got sick? >> i don't think i did mentionhm it. >> there were two eagles thatesa got sick because they ate
8:27 am
carcass that had been euthanized.euthan >> we did say that.>> we did sat >> they inn jeffed the poi.sonii two got sk. the other one is expected to bee okay, too. this one just healed faster.aste so it was released. second one still being treatedre in virginia and hopefully will w be back in the skies, too. >> okay. >> it's very cool. >> biggest story the steve ste miller band has made a living ln off anything related to aned t eagle. eagl >> that's a good song. you don't like this onehat' eit. >> i love this >> the foresight they had tuckek was genius. wa >> i know. that's what i'm saying.'s whai'. >> steve, let's be honest. >> i'm enabling him.. >> we've been in an epic battlet here about christmas songs. sons >> that's true.t's true. >> because christmas songs that i love,hris ttmhese two jokers . >> true story. we'll discuss it on good dayitno coming up in little >> please, voice my opinion onio the >> i wille . w >> from now in washington. washi dulles, bwi marshall 30 and 31 degrees there. there. cold front coming through laterl today. that's going to cool us down. d but before we get there, we're going to be in the mid 50s latet today. it will be dry day for youor y tomorrow looks great as far asr traveling. it will be dry little cooleroo tomorrow.rr
8:28 am
saturday some rain showers byrsy afternoon for hahn gnaw todayw y and christmas eve things clear e out in time for santa's santa's deliveries sunday morning. great news. temperature about 50 degrees.ees a nice sunday afternoon. ay.y. >> thank you.>> we'll be right back.l be right
8:29 am
my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
8:30 am
♪♪ >> 8:30. this weekend of course santa claus will defy the odds of physics to deliver presents toee
8:31 am
in just one night. night prompting norad's yearlyea tradition of tracking the jolly old elf as he flies around therd globe, and although he doesn't e get moving until saturday, youuy can still log on to norad'sad's website right now to take looke at the holiday preparations.ra >> you think you're plan yourplr christmas party stuff imagine -n >> my goodness.dnes >> mapping out that journey to get santa all around the world.r >> he got his systems togetherye much it's all about system. syse >> don't break a system for thaa works. >> for all of those gifts santas won't be personally delivering we've got deadlines you need tod knowli.nekn >> we send things over tongs ovo maureen umeh busy tracking downn all the systems herself. her >> not the only one busy santa little helper is busy makingy m insuring the packages mailed get there on time. this is for all you pro krav prv naders out christmas is shocker thishis weekend december is flying by,fl isn't it? so your options to send those presents are prettysr limited right now unfortunately. let's take look at ups. deadlines for three-day selectds shipments was yesterday.este so your options are second daydy
8:32 am
and tomorrow is your last dayt y for next day air. a now, if you want to post use the postal office your only option o at this point is priority express m those shipments have to be sentt by tomorrow.omw. and finally for those of you o relying on fed ex, you're downen to today and tomorrow second dan and second day am shipments nees to go out today and tomorrow isi your last chance for standard overnight or priority or firstrt you got to get those gifts outis the door don't wait any longer e because those deadlines are there. you also have missed freeissed e shipping which a lot of stores o offered but that was around thed veepth and 16th deadline for those so again if you haven't hn gotten them in the mail by now ---- >> regular shipment. >> on the next day. >> it's a little late now i >>t' ss taa rt stave to>> saying i'm sorries.orri >> you don't.>> y you just have to say this is mys kwanzaa gift to you. >> ah! >> you have that one for free. e >> i'll put in my back pock.koc. >> that's a good one.>> that's >> i had one of those moment mom yesterday you're in the storey you had the blank lookyo at a somebody. somebody was trying to help me w out and there was a gift that was out of stoasck.
8:33 am
i said okay great. gat when will it get >> we should have it here bysh r monday. >> yeah, but that kind of yea doesn't work b.. >> although here's the thing. t if you wait till monday you canc cash in on the after christmas leles. >> that is not the spirit of the liday.y. >> yes, it is. you're giving out of the givingf goodness of your heart.ness of h >> if you want to cheat the system buy it for yourself yours return it on monday and get the discount and buy something elsee >> i like the way you're you thinking. i wasn't going that deep but iii like itng tha. >> never need a scrooge. nee >> i like the way you'rethway yo thinking. >> i think we should still with my kwanzaa line. l >> might have to go. >> whole bunch -- seven days to get it there. bunch i've had to give -- wraprap pictures of things before andore just say -- sometimes you have u to suck it up.t >> i'm sorry. >> the best store for take backb in order tromm's. tro's they take stuff back 20 years0 ago knowledge questions asked.lg >> that is good. >> remarkable.>> rar yes. but you know don't do that.
8:34 am
just return policy wise in orden tromm's you are arkey >> that's what we'll be talkingl about next week, b right? retun policies. >> you know it. no receipts. all right. bac never give anything k. . >> mo, thank you very much.o, t y you're welcome.ha >> all right. let's check in with tuckerigeck esrnes. 8:34 and find out what's what's happening in the world ofppen weather. >> hi. [ laughter ] >> tucker, you're on. you're on. wake up, you're on. >> prize! >> you hit me at the five's note at the fours. >> well -- >> you act like you're putyou'r mowing in the pig of santa andga controlling things here. i must --ust -- >> holiday is putting folks inoi bad mood i think maybe we can t talk about the christmas songs it that i love that you hate.ouh >> can we take tucker to inr to order tromm's exchange him forxe somebody else. >> 42 now in so chilly overnight but not thee cold temperatures we had 24ad hours ago and we're looking at a milder thursday.rsda in fact, we may get into the mio 50s this afternoon temperaturesu about 10 degrees above little bit of snow shower sho activity to our north that's the actual front you can see most os that action up into new york and connecticut and western w massachusetts at this hour. h
8:35 am
generally clear skies this ski afternoon. it will be breezy but with wh temperatures again in the mid 50 shows feel pretty good as far as traveling today, locally you'reu in great shape. we'll be looking at dry a conditions so not a bad ansfternoon. i'll be back momentarily withtat the seven day and we'll talkdayl about the big holiday weekendaye coming up.cong erin is here.erin i she's got roads. >> 8:35.>> we'll start you off with live lv look traffic right now is ns looking pretty good on the innei loop and outer loop by the 270he spur. little bit of heavier congestioo on the inner loop but like iik said not terrible right now.ight it's been really pleasant thursday morning drive for theng most part. we'll go ahead and take look ank show what else you're up againsa this morning.orni traffic also moving along justgj fine on 395.n let me step out of the way.he w you can see the northbound sided coming up from duke street towards the utowas h it's a little heavy but not thet typical delays we usually seealy about five minute slow down stow and go traffic from the beltwaye to the 14th street bridge.t brig looking now at our maps move moe over from roads metro on time. o we do have a crash on eastboundd seven al belmont ridge roadmoide
8:36 am
blocked so please use cautionse coming down from leesburg ineesr rockville we are dealing with aw crash nor back road cautionca there especially on thepecilly eastbound side.ea so the rest of your thursdayr tu morning commute right now,in traffic is lookingg good.oo little bit of stop and go and g traffic across the inner loop a you make your way to themakeour american legion bridge. bridge. and gw parkway inbound jams up bit by spout run. spo cabin john, clara ban ton mc arthur boulevard congestion. look at the bottom of the beltway nice conditions throught oxon hill across the inner loopo no problems through largo on thr outer loop. if you have an early morning ely m flight to catch traffic tra shouldn't cause major delays ons your way to bwi reagan andnd dulles. tell us what your holiday travea plans are. i'm excited to hear. hea going to go my sister's onr's christmas eve for a little comb mow family celebration.elebratin how about you guys?how abyou >> back to you. >> thanks erin. >> 8:00 arthritic. student pulled over for speedingarthst.uden >> instead of a ticket though the officer gives him spa lteess in tieing ties.s. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:37 am
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> i have a presentation and my buddy wasn't home and i'm was running behind. >> okay. i was wondering why you looruped y you l down the street and back up sixs >> that's one of my good my gd friend's houses who knows how to tie ties i honestly don't know k how to. >> where is your tie?ur t? >> right here.ere. >> while i do this why don't you grab of your proof and insurancn and driver's licenses quick.s q >> university of wisconsinisin
8:40 am
from a police officer who pullee him over.him ove the student told the officer tht reason he was rushing to get tot school presentation was becauseu he was trying to get to friend'' house he hoped the friend wouldw help him tie his tie for his his presentation much the officer not only let him off with ah warning on the speeding he alsoo invited him to the police station to properly learn how tt tie a tie. tie a ti in the meantime the officer tied the tie for him after he showedo proof that he did have the proper insurance.nsur gave him the warning.he w the tie is tied. tie let him go on his w check in with holly, wisdom and maureen, we have holly and and wisdom today for good day. day hi. >> and steve how did he do ontee his presentation? iow want to know what grade he got, right. t >> hopefully he had a betterullh story to tell.. >> that's a funny >> well, speaking of stories this is a big story trending inn dc this morning.orni the duke basketball player under fire for tripping another playee again. ag it's repeat behavior for thisor kid, and this morning calls forf him to be benched for good.or g we'll be talking abou
8:41 am
we want to you weigh in.n >> new at noon virginia couplene that moved across the country tt give birth but not just anytny birth. bi we're talking about quintuplets. why they went all the way to w t arizona and it's a pretty goodyo story actually and what theirt t plan is as they get back east. interesting.inte five. >> five kids at once.>> five i can't even.i can'even all right.rig. d.c. area now home to new nw national champion and what you ask? free style rapping. and that champ will be with usiu today on good day d.c.. you don't want to miss trade tra today kid showing off his o h skills. >> three shopping days until uil christmas are you too late foroe online shopping? can you stillt get a deal in the store? that't another we've got you covered wither w expert tips before you cross off that gift on your list.ris >> those are good questions.que all right. h said brick saibrt the entertainer and keenan michael king they star in raunchy comedy due out thishi week. all that and more on good dayd y d.c. in a matter of minutes..
8:42 am
still ahead snowfalls in the sahara. >> really? >> yeah. >> that's interesting. kobe bryant introduces his thaos latest addition as well. wl. we'll have those stories andtori more coming up. tuck has look at the forecast. 8:42.
8:43 am
8:44 am
>> we've been inside reagan bee national airport.n nati a annie is down there keeping an a eye on security lines.y lines. how about an outside look. lk bathed in sunshine, 42 degrees.r
8:45 am
but the sahara desert known for suffocating heat.geat. chances are that it would not nt ever ever snow there. >> well -- wl -- >> chances are. >> guess what? it did.>>ue sass wtellithae images showing w for the first time in 37 years. >> wow!>> >> the algerian town sometimesn call the gateway to the desertte is seeing that snow. it only lingered for one day before it melted away enough toh stir up quite the reaction onioo twitter. now, we have to turn things oveo to tucker and find out moreoumo more about the pictures of snoww in the is a who are a i thinkrei tucker will be able to tell us t how rare that might be.raret but we have to wait. >> let's do it together.'s d >> i'll put up five. >> let's d i'lo five... 10 seco. >> going to leave me hanging. >> steve, very rare.>> i think, what, every 30 or 40 years they get some snow therekn but beautiful pictures.ful you go on the internet you can see thernet
8:46 am
it just -- yeah, beautiful sandl dunes and snow.nes ansnow gorgeous.go all right.righ let's talk local weather.t's we'll get breeze is he today bur we are going toee be mild. yes, i just tweeted out thehe forecast i'm getting a lot of positive feedback people arepl a happy for milder temperatures.tu cooler tomorrow.row back into near normal territoryi not cold but temperatures in thn 40s. looks like our next chance forhr some showers christmas eve. eve not going to rain all day on saturday this looks to be a relatively light event light l rain showers and it will be warr enough just rain and we'll cleal it out in time for christmastm day. i'm not sure it will be perfectly sunny all systems go g for nice delivery there sunday morning as weather should notd n get in the way of santa and the 37 in gaithersburg. 42 in washington. washing temperatures are changing as wew speak. 27 up in frederick.27in f so still cold air but notice the 40s here.e. annapolis 44.s 44. leonardtown 45. fredericksburg 45.ericks winds pushing out of the sowm tm here up ahead of our front theot last couple of hours that'sof ha allowing milder temperatures ine here. cloud cover to start the day. partly
8:47 am
should be dry you can see the snow showers well off to our to north and east early this t morning so we'll be dry and as a this front comes through breezeb first out of the south and thenu out of the north and west behind the front and again it willil reinforce some chilly -- cooly c air for the day tomorrow withith highs in the mid to upper fourss after enjoying a nice balmy dayy in the 50s today. let's take look at the weekend e forecast.. traveling locally and by locally i mean the eastern seaboardboar we're in good shape tomorrow,omw and looks like our next chanceta as mentioned for just plain oldn rain showers will be saturday. r clear it out for christmastm sunday look at those mildse m temperatures early next week. nw monday and tuesday temperaturesu 10 to 15 degrees, kev, i'm livev on tv film sorry. sorry >> i forgot you were onu we television.televi >> yeah. tone 15 degrees above normal. all right. let's get it back to steve and a allison. maybe kev..
8:48 am
legendary actor alan thicke. thi >> he died after his aorta toura and ruptured last week.t w that's the main artery carrieses blood from the heart to other parts of the body. star died on paiomns t december 13th.cemb3t 69 years old.69 years he had been playing hockey withw his son at the time. te look at this beautiful beaut little baby. >> aww.>> >> this is kobe and a vanessa bryant's newborn baby girl. gl. really tweet picture say helloal to bianca bella bryant. bry she was born on december 5th.5t this is the first picture of her kobe posted it to his instagramm page. she looks so tiny she's good's g size little baby.y. 7-pounds 5 ounces when she was born she measured 20-inchessuren long. she has two big sisters natalia she's 13 and gianna she's 10. congratulations to the bryant tn family and good luck. good luck to the wnba2 decades d from now when we project she'lle be playing.laying >> or she may just be a mogul. g you never know.know.
8:49 am
>> but she got big -- bigig sisters have to be excited to have newborn at home.e. especially >> built in babysitters. built y >> that's bonus for the parentsn hi kev. >> allison and steve. steve >> officially we can welcome yoy now. w >> i like your tie. via full suit i'm wearingt i' tomorrow that looks just likelol this. >> i recognized it from a suit. >> you shall wear the suitou s tomorrow without the tie.ut the >> ooh, see -- >> red turtleneck.uren >> interesting idea.>> i've been wearing these suits for like three years now >> red turtleneck is a strongtr call. >> i have fourth of july 1, 3 christmases. >> red turtleneck. >> i don't have a red turtleneck unfortunately. >> do you have one, steve? >> t ucker might have o yo one. ne. >> any ways. ways. moving on. movi recent interview with rollinghlg stone emma stone, rolling stones sorry i put that together, talkt about working on her new movie la-la land and this is 93 nominal film but she's talking l about a very serious subject matter because when she came toc hollywood at the age of 15 years old, she was auditioning actress but in this interview she talksl about the idea str
8:50 am
actress saying "there are timest in the past making a movie whenw i've been told that i'm i'm hindering the process bycess b bringing up an opinion or idea e hesitate to make it about being a woman but there have been bee times i'm improvised, they've te laughed at my joke and then andt given it to my male co-star" cot given her joke away.. so this has become a huge storys on the web overnight and the idea of her saying that theg th jokes were given to her maleal i mean obviously she's talkingie about sexism in hollywood.od. >> right. >> clearly it's there.>>ly but i mean, i am -- i guess i'mi shock to do hear that thatt happened to her. to her considering like, you know, ify, she does say a joke, why would y you be shocked? sho >> i don't know. i guess i kind of hope itop doesn't >> i hope so too. >> i hope because i love her soh much as an actress i think she's hilarious in general and in real life. life. >> you would hope so.>> y we havoue still some veryy systematic issues. sorry. that's what's going on it.'s w >> upsets me.>> uets
8:51 am
it won't happen to her.. maybe it doesn't happen tooesn somebody else. >> speaking about the stones shs received her third golden globen nomination for her performance r in la-la land but also she'll receive her second oscar nomination come this year ands y she moved to la when she was 155 with her mom who went back andtc forth to phoenix and had breakrk out role was super bad. >> how old was she in that? 177 or 18 i believe when she got she that role.e. >> it didn't take long. ididn >> she was auditioning two ornio three years consistently she s wanted to go home at some pointi la-la land is phenomenal.nomena important film to her about the auditioning and struggling of ao actress. moving on next, before we show s this before we show this miley cyrus' sister brandy cyrusyr apparently wanted to give thee internet early christmas present. so we'll show the photo now. this gem was posted on herd on instagram showing the cyrusm sh family you see billy ray amazina haircut right there. >> yes. full head of hair.>>of hai >> exactly.. with the caption virus family fm christmas in full swing.l swi now here's why this
8:52 am
big the gentleman on the right is mr. liam hemsworth chris hemsworth brother dating miley l cyrus but this it's become aomea huge meme on the internet why ht look the way he does in regardsd he look like he doesn't fit in with the family. >> this is not my story. sto what the internet is saying.ayin >> he looks like jim from theker office. >> this is how bias and people a want to read into thing.intong you isolate billy ray, he looksl less like he's supposed to be in that picture.. gr agreed. >> with that expression. >> yeah. wit >> >> with his whole look. yeah. >> can we cut the two dudes onwd the right then it look like -- >> everybody belongs. everybodyn >> it does look like liam wasm w photo shopped into that to doesn't look like he's doesnactually standing you can see mile's brother on b the left side there tattooed ane everything. tattoos all over his b but liam hemsworth, you know, they dated, they broke up theype got back together.ket they reportedly spent the lasths holiday in australia >> maybe stand on te end ine end case we had to crop you it. >> do you think he had to approve it when you're a d o yoprovcelebrity you take a phy mi
8:53 am
okay if we post this of you.f >> i think he knows by now ifowf brandy will post or are you going to post thatdy ore just knows there's going to be't that -- >> which one is brandy.chne i >> the in the middle.e middle. >> right next to miley cyrus. miley cyrus liked this photo.. breaking news.king new breaks new >> she like it. physically liked, hit like. >> according to tmz justin beiber will be arrested if hee goes to argentina. on wednesday, beiber was indicted for an incident to tooo place in 2013 where a photographer alleged he wasraphg attacked by beiber's bodyguards. according to tmz, beiber cannot return to argentina until the case is resolved and tmz says s that beiber's lawyers willyers w appeal the indictment. back in april, buenos airesires judge said -- said considering g consider it pertinent to orderrd immediate detention of the accused. ac yesterday the officialfficia indictment was delivered and now it's going to be repealed. repea so apparently he's a wanted mand according to tmz in argentina
8:54 am
the rest of the world. argentina is massive market forf him and he's going on tour. >> don't go back steve. ste >> don't go back.on >> you're not bigger than the argentinean.inn >> don't say you're sorry is the obvious joke.s joke. >> continue on. >> tucker. >> thanks, kev. kev >> tucker -- kev is throwingev t it -- he's taking over our job.. >> oh, wait. oh, >> we go to break. >> kev said it.ev said it. we'll be right back. oh, kev. ♪♪
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z26i0z z17vz y26i0y y17vy
8:56 am
>> my goodness, playful pandaode becomes an online sensationss. >> oh, my i love this.. >> he's making a little snowman. >> panda and frosty. fst going across the internet rightt now. he's actually looks like he's rrving it right. he's going to -- climb it. it. i hope he's just trying to geto to the the this was posted by tour ron sors zoo. they posted the video on tuesday. >> i'm the king of the world. >> he made it.he kin>> hmade >> king of the world.of t oh, no. >> got plucked in the noggin. ni >> he's okay.ka >> built the snowman, tore it down and rebill it stronger,trge faster and better than ever. eve >> that is just the cutest thing ever. >> i think that is so so cool. >> the zookeepers they say enrichment.richme. >> okay. >> so it is. he's thinking. ing good time.e. he's playing. >> i love that.ove at. >> why did we wait five hours ts show that. that was the high lie of the show.ow. >> run that in the little cornee of the screen all morning. >> exactly. >> that and the eagle story.
8:57 am
>> let's do the weather. we're mild 44 in washietng'stono dulles and bwi marshall jumping 10 degrees degrees in the past hour. southerly breeze up ahead of ou front right here.ont riere. it will come w you'll notice the breezes upot ahead of itic mid 50s today keek it dry and get cooler air in a re t tonight. little cooler tomorrow but all l systems go for relatively quitey couple of days as we get intowei our holiday weekend.kend. i do want to helping rainpingai showers saturday.aty. hanukkah and christmas eve rainn showers saturday afternoon andfa saturday night.ig out of here by sunday.. highs about 50 christmas day.ay erin is back with last look attk adads. >> 8:57 tucker barnes. bne let's see what's going on in rockville norbeck road closedlo westbound eastbound the leftd un lane is blocked that's as you ay make your way out just after 97r so please watch out for that t one.on we'll certainly keep up it dad d and that closure.losu university boulevard crash westbound blocking the centerr that crash is just north of theo beltway so watch out for that at colesville road. keep it to fox5 news morning. mi we're back with good day at 9aat
8:58 am
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♪♪ straight ahead, three daysha until christmas and a holiday travel nightmare could be on the way.y. a winter storm taking aim atg m parts of the country even as wee deal with warmer than normaln na weather. we'll have a live report. plus, the countdown to inauguration day.guration day we are just weeks away fromway o donald trump's oath of office, c


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