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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  December 22, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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want to show you the markings ts that the police put down here p this mordoning as they conductet their investigation up ahead aad there, you can see there'shere glass in the roadway.dw that's where police say they had to smash out the driver's oi side window in order to pull terrence thomas out of the carhe so that they could perform cpr after the shooting. shootin from police what we understandnd is that it was just after w jus 8 o'clock this morning, 8:01 8 to be exact that someonect t called in and said that theret was a suspicious vehicle hereehh on the street. theeet. but it took police a little a ll while to get here and g her according to their time line they arrived at about 8:25 and25 three minutes later is whener i the shooting took place. pla this is the char police saypoli the men were sleeping in. terrence thomas was in theas i t driver's seat and a second a s older man was in the frontma passenger arrived to check t check out the report of a suspiciouscs vehicle.vehicle. the. e fice male officer was on the driver's the female officer was on the passenger
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as they woke the individuals,id the passenger immediatelyte moved to exit the vehicle and simultaneously, and this isand important, these things all thi occurred at the same time,ed a simultaneously the driver ofve the vehicle armed himself wither a handgun and then pointed it both at the passenger and at the female officer. offic >> reporter: the chief saysorte: the officer on the driver's thei side then fires two shots two so which appear to have gone hav through the windshield. police release photographs oneae social media of a handgun on a floorboard of the driver'sve side of the car and a long gun g which was taken from the cars ta and laid out on the street.the e the chief says officerss off immediately took the passenger e into custody and began cpr ontog terrence thomas. the chief also says the say vehicle the officers walked up on was one they had beend b looking for.g >> this vehicle does match a description for a vehicle thatha we believe to be involved inolvn some robberies and shootings shn in this vicinity.his vici
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that is one of theatone investigative leads that weigate are currently actively workinger on for you. for you. >> reporter: the shooting shoot took place just a few blocksce j from thomas' home and here on buy biers street he was well known. kn >> everybody know him. everybo he was funny.dy he w you know,as f he stayed aroundyu here laughing and everybodyaugh know him. he was a serious dude but heud was also a funny dude, too. too >> reporter: darnell bellport says he was all about lookingoog out for his family. fam >> he was about his money.. that's it. >> reporter: about his money? how do you mean.yo >> he like getting money andng d he like getting money. yeah, everybody he like toever eat, see his family. he was aeaboutt, his family.amil he a family man.he a family we got to stick together outethr here so we out here together. he make sure everybody outrydy t here s >> reporter: but according toorte online court records terrence thomas has recentlyect been in trouble with the law. he pled guilty to a drugrug charge and had a upcoming uomin court date on a gun charge. cha >> i'm very proud of our o officers this morning under tremendously stressfuldously s conditions they responded well
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their response. >> reporter: now, in the t last few minutes we did learnida that terrence thomas had beend in even more troublely weubly learned that he had been a convicted on an assault chargeac in the district of columbia. cbi in fact, he went on trialon t there and was found guilty.uilt the judge in that case cas sentenced him to 180 days andysd all of those days were suspended. live in capitol heights, paultsu wagner, fox5 local news. n >> i want you to take a looke ak at this video here behind meind and then i have a question for you. would you just sit there? well, that's what you miyoghtu t ask yourself after you see s this next let's first set it up for youor am d.c. police are look for four suspects who robbed a a northeast convenience store onc monday.onve that store sells a lot of a lot lottery tickets. watch what happens.h what h it was just before 8 o'clock monday when several masked individuals entered the store,th onee h solding a handgun.andg now keep your eye on the man
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sitting on the bench justing on checking his lottery t tickets. meanwhile one of the suspects actually squeezes through aly s small windowqu where he demandsa cash. >> then he say like open thepe safe drawer. >> reporter: as that washat going on many of the customerste in the store were taken to the back but not that to man we we talked about earlier. elier nope. he is still checking his tickets. watch when a gun is pointed atea his head.s head. the gunman appears to repeatedly motion to the man mot to move with the others. but he doesn't budge.ud what do you think about thek abt guy that was just sitting there?the? >> man, that's like -- you know, i'm surprised, man.ed,an he just --us >> reporter: it appears he is there to stay.tay. the last clip provided byy police show the suspects walking out passing by the man still checking his tickets. >> wow. w >> do you believe that? e at? apparently he comes there allco the time. they know who he is and he was w just checking his tickets.
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>> yeah. they said oh, my y goodness, ioo can't believe he just satt there. he endedbe ulip -- they y ended up getting a lot of money $20,000 because it's a0,00 lottery place then give they pln reward money.waoney. >> so they knew what they wereha doing. >> y and they got through that tiny little window. >> that guy sat there calmly cml looking at his lottery tickets. let's take a look at some other surveillance video.ce vido d.c. police need your help identifying three suspects involved in a robbery on the 500 in block of moore police say the suspects brutally attacked a victim and demanded money.ed money so far police have identifiedded one man wanted in the robbery. e this is 41-year-old markell miller. if you recognize this man oran any of the suspects police want to hear from you. >> this time of the year last ye thing you want is some grinch sn feeling that they can takeg th things that don't belong to you. >> need to get a job and work w for things like i do. >> he
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that was for a child that a parent saved and saved andav saved for that couldn't affordlr to get something else. els >> work hard for your money.ey work hard for everything you buy. don't expect someone to just see run up and take it. >> wow.>>. unfortunately for many santa's s reindeer are not the only oness making house package thieves have beenage taking advantage of allth the deliveries helping themselves te to those packages. package >> the video you just saw they e were from several cases in ces different parts of town but today victims in montgomerymogo county, well, they are gettinget some of their stolen goodstolegs back. fox5's lauren demarco joinsemarj us live now with more on awful this. hi, lauren. >> l reporter: hey there,, matt, hey sarah. sah with everybody shopping online these days it's getting bigger and bigger and it's open season on front porches. montgomery county police say they have rryecov cered more tht 40 stolen items from fr
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porches in two separate cases.ra today they invited some of theot victims to come down here to the fifth district policefth station in germantown and retrieve some of those items.te they tell us that 18-year-old 1r marcel bennett was arrested on tuesday after severalev residents in germantown calledal police describing his car andg a saying that he was following ang delivery truck and then stealing boxes left outside oute front doors of homes in the eaea. 17-year-old girl in the car was also charged with theft.he police have been putting theti t stolen items on display along with stolen goods connected tooc another case. another back on december 13th, 213, 17-year-olds were arrested aes near clarksburg high school.oo they were a stolen car and had been snagging packages from homes. a third juvenile who wase w driving is also expected to betb charged in that case. cas police have been working toorkit return the items which flanchhic pricing and size. there waspr a large chair chair expensive ugg boots.expe we spoke with man who pickedh mc up a pair of boots at the at station here today and a womanon who retrieved a wallet thatallet she had purchased fohe
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husband for christmas. christma. they were quite relieved toelie get their stuff back.ack >> told me that it had been hadb delivered and i checked on i chd monday and i thought it was a mistake until i got a call a c from a police department.epartmn i was glad i was able to get t iting. >> i was surprised and very happy because ias sur believe oe police officers have done an awesome job because it'som really quick, yeah, it was --as- it happened like two days agos o and they got it already. alrdy >> there's a couple thingspl t that you can do. you can have the packagecaka delivered to your you can have the packageverecane delivered to a p neighbor. neigo you can have it delivered when you are home.ome. but certainly when packages pka are left on door steps at thisth time of year as you can see by the amount of thefts thatft tha we've had, this thing is occurring. >> reporter: police say that you can also -- some retailers yo
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shipped to the store and pick it up there. that may the at m there's also amazon locker andkr that program and they're really urging the public tolic t take advantage of some of of mef those tips. go with that.gothat and if you see something suspicious, call them because b it is thanks to witnesses whoitw called that they are able toey l apprehend some of thesed f suspects and this is ongoingngoi youou said. we just learned that about anuta hour ago, two additional additio juveniles were taken into takeni custody in the area.custody in they're looking into it andnd believe that they may have may been taking boxes from front f porches as well.rcheas w and a lot of people are not ass lucky as those today who got w g those stolen items back because some of these suspectsus police believe were taking theit items to stores and returning rr them as gifts getting giftgiftsn cards in return.s ret they found gift cards on these suspects, so those people mayeom never see their items back. bac definitely not in time for the .olidays. that's latest here in germantown, lauren demarcoarco fox5 local news. >> ♪♪ >> wow. >> new tonight, uber wasber s threatening to pull out
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ahead with a plan to fingerprint awful its driverst w but today a victory for theor ride share companies like uber e and lyft as it appears theyea are staying put. >> fox5's tom fitzgeralds to joins us live fromm downtown. tom, a lot of uber customersusme were really worried about this i one. >> reporter: oh, boy, boy, b were they. sarah and matt, this was no idle threat.le thr both uber and lyft say that say they were seriously going too pull out of doing any businessis in maryland had this gone ts go through. but now, after hearing in baltimore today from the maryland public servicelaubli commission, the commissionsimm side with both uber and lyft and now they will not be hitting the brakes onak customers in the state of here's what was at issue. iue the maryland public servicevice commission was consideringonde these new regulations.atns what that would have meant was w that all of the drivers inll both lyft and uber wer oe going to be fingerprinted as part ofno a new background check.
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were against this regulation. ro they threatened to pull out ofte the state altogether if thehe public service commission wentvi ahead withce c this. t this afternoon, in baltimore,, well, the commission turned tail. they issued a 24 pedage report. in it commission conceded thatda yes, uber and lyft background bn checks already were extensivexte and are using unique emerging eg methods to spot any criminalpoar history against their drivers. they also noted thatd fingerprinting alone and background checks isn'cks is entirely accurate and a comprehensive as the way uber wu and lyft are already doing it.n. so passengers who have beenave n following this, they said sai they're pretty concerned about t any excessive governmenteren regulation that could bela thate standing in the way of these emerging popular new companiesos like ride sharing and the sort. >> probably never keep up with i the technology and we have to hv decide whether or not wede w wanted to, how mucho, h muc legislation do we want there and we have to balancewe security with privacy. >> youcu wanrit to keep
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stringent safety stuff so io suppose it's going to be a goine happy medium because for us taxis are very expensive. >> yeah, probably a new law to work with the system now. >> reporter: now, therewith area some things they are going to have to do.ha for example, there are going to be annpluae,l rescreenings of all of the also, if any of these drivel rse have an arrest or any otheran oh kind of interaction with law enforcement they've only gotnl three days to let theiret companies know about this.his. the taxi companies in maryland l have been very strong aboutout they wanted that t fingerprinting in place to say what they called a level a level d.aying field. both uber and lyft have 10 days to respond to thishi decision, but at this pointhipo lyft out tonight with a statement saying they are pleased with what they'vesed heard so far.wihearso f we're live downtown tonight, tot tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. >> tom, thanks. i don't know what i would do without u
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>> i don't know either.wit we depend on them so much.end >> for sure. an walking inn m an apartment building hallway is violentlyld robbed. >> the attack caught on ahead hear what the victim did just before the crooks ranoks off. >> was trump snubbed? >> and spreading holidayol cheer. his one.oing to love t how one group surprises a virginia waiter way tip he tip e won't soon forget.wosoon hey there, sue. s. >> oh, i love those stories. sri hi, matt.hi, m nice to see you here at 5 o'clock. hello sarah. you what's going on outside right now. n big wind gusts behind a behind a frontal boundary that just crossed a couple hours ago.l bou before the winds picked up itdp was so nice this afternoon. we got up to 60 degrees butees b now winds are gusting, i guess g you can't see them there, tohere 38 miles an hour.3ou how long are those winds going g to hang around and what canhat you expect for friday? a loty?t of you are hitting the road. a first look at your weathe
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come oa n back to fox5 local news at 5:00.0. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> awww. dreaming of a white christmasits but i don't think you're goingti to get one . >> [laughter]laug >> sorry.
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>> no no,. >> got to tell you that much. >> woke up this morning it was t cold i put a sweater onhi and a jacket but by midday it wasn'ti' so b >> we got up to 60 degrees.degr. average is 45.avere is so talk about big swings thiswi week. teens at night and then rise r to 60, 57 degrees.7 deees. we'll adjust the temperature a little bit but you're right rht sarah not going to be a white christmas. i think everyone is on the move today have you noticedot that.ed >> right. >> can't park't par i thoughtan everyone was goingai tomorrow but they went today.ody >> get to parking spot, everyone will be out of >> you're really getting me in the spirit there matt. m lolove it. i can't believe theseca temperatures. this is even warmer than wen' e expected. pected. for many hours this afternoon it was nice ands af quiet before the front got here but boye b b have we changed things uphing u since the front crossed. cross as expected we knew winds were going to gust up and over 25.upe well, they're even higher thanht that and now that 60 hasas dropped to 47 degrees.7 s. it's already down to 39 inn winchester and we're going s
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these temperatures continue torn drop. check out that wind gust to gus 38 miles an hour at reagan at rn national.nati it's a little bit better. it's a brief blast of winds,in ,two, three hours or so. on this warm day when we hit 60 thanks to these winds weo tse have a wind chill temperature to tell you telyou it feels like 39 in the district, 33 in gaithersburg.aib matt i hope you kept the heavy a jacket with you for laterorater tonight. tonigh >> got it. >> good man because while thee t winds will stay breezy this bez evening, they will get betteretr into the overnight hours butut prepare if you're heading outngo tonight, maybe you're headinge i to party or earngly dinner, gathering with friends and family, gusts of went to 30f we0 with wind chills tonight inills the 20's so your planner for this evening, 45 degrees at 7 o'clock.oc 43 at 9:00 with a few clouds cud and by 11 o'clock, we're down to 40 degrees getting coldd overnight. last night not quite asht nottea chilly. ch tonight we'll see those upperer 20's and low 30's back in and ad again wind chill in the 20'se
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for. all right, a little preview ofvo tomorrow. how about we do that? tomorrow is seasonably chilly.hl average is 45 4 we'll be very close to that, tt, maybe a little bit above it i with sun to start, clouds to cud finish and we're going tooing track a little bit of rainle bfa getting closer to us here forref only part of our christmas eve e and the first dave hanukkah.anuk more on that coming up in just a little bit with your fulluull forecast. matt and sarah. sarah >> all right sarah -- sue, see , you in just a bit. >> thank. >> sue are you ready for someeas goods good news. >> always. >> story of the day for sure. virginia waiter is feeling the holiday spurred after receiving a very generous tipert totaling about a thousand doars.s. a group tip bombs a serve s internorthern virginia. virni this happened just about everybe year at this time.this time. >> wow, interesting.erng but only fox5 was there forhe this year's surprise. surpris alexandria limon tells us why uw and how the tip bombers pulledud it off. [laughter] i don't --
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wow.wo >> wow. >> wow. >> when marvin meklin showedeklh up he didn't expect this.. >> wow.>> these people are very very i lost count at six, 600, so., , >> reporter: in fact the fact pile of cash totaled $1,040. $1, >> i had no idea. i was back in the kitchen anden he said i just got tipped atot this point >> reporter: the tip bomberste have pulled this off for 13or years now but they're tey' completely anonymous and wantan to keep it that way.p it tt way. in fact they leave before the server realizes what happened.n. >> it's not about us.>> it' this is more about the idea of o just giving to other people making people happy. >> reporter: the idea is to inspire others to tip bomb, tipb too. to the group says anyone can do it inform fact, a 500 percenter tip on a five dollars sandwich is 25 bucks but they even havehv a tip bomb calculator on tiptoot to help you figureou g it out. you may be wondering why they w
5:21 pm
>> everyone is struggling withgw something. i mean even -- even the tip tip bombers are struggling withing w things in their own lives andiv we just think it's to helpp others out. o >> reporter: and how they pick the server beputorte they don't. each year a lucky stranger sange working at the rightht restaurant at the right time t gets tip bombed. >> i mean, i'm very excitedyit for him and happy for him because that's a.m.hat's.m ectacular thing to havee happened right beforeore christmas, generous thing. >> oh, man they're in the in holiday spirit i tell you thatt much. i don't know what to say.ay i'm speechless i'm just thankful.hankful. thank you. good people. >> reporter: in reston, alexandria limon. lon >> i love that. tt. and just to see the -- you -- u know, you wish you could be there when -- i know theyhe leave before so that they the don't realize who it was butas you kind of want to see their se face. >> what do they call eightdoy ca secret santa who goes out and a gives hundred dollar bills.lar i >> or drop one of those gold thg coins in a salvation army kettle those types of
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>> listen, it's a great timen, i of year to make people feel good.od >> he was definitely feelings straight ahead at 5:00 a at0 virginia man arrested forte supporting isis. >> what he was doing that wasoit alarmed officials and whatd offh they found when they searched sd his home. >> and ikea settles one of its largest wrongful death lawsuits. >> a policy change at a major change aia rline this is after a doctor says her medical treatment offer was turned down becausenec she was black.. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> new tonight a virginia man is behind bars for attempting to support isis.ight aba >> the fbirs fto support arrestl williams wednesday according to court documents,um, williams sent money to aney a person he believed wasdas collecting
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weapons for isis sillisis s fighters. >> he also posted content ond ct social media showing his support for the terroristt fo group and attacks targetingr d poliattaceck.. investigators also found two t guns inside williams' if convicted he faces up to 20 0 years in prison. >> retail giant ikea agreed to pay $50 million to themillio families of three children who died wn their furniture furnitue tipped over on top of them. >> it's believed to be one ofd the largest settlements in a wrongful death lawsuit. ikea argued the families were at fault for the toppled toppled dressers for not supporting f them ontoor their walls but thee family says ikea was at faultast because it knew of thee it kof potential for the dress stories collapse. ikeastor says it will donate don $150,000 to children's childre hospitals.i delta says it will no longer require people offeringrp medical help on board flights to sholpw the on ir medical credentials. >> the policy change came after a black doctor polic accus of flight attend of rejectingtig her offer to help an ill passenger.pass
5:27 pm
cross said on facebook that on c theeb attendant doubted she was a physician and her post wentose viral. delta says it found in legal l requirement that airlines needte to check medical credentials. >> hm. coming up, a d.c. family of three in serious conditiondin tonight after dangerous levels of carbon monoxide filledbon their home. hear whatmo nvestigators say is to >> metro mishap or deliberater r decision. what metro says led to them t not putting donald trump's picture on the inaugural smart t card. hey, monica. >> reporter: hey, matt. well, one man whose name you nau probably don't know but he'se' got over 40,000 followers on twitter, he's leading the the charge to get thousands of o people to call to get donaldd trump to dissociate from thefr t trump hotel. hel we'll have that after the break. break. matt. >> thank you ronica. an tdha aheart warming wmi surprise for a vet.or a v that story ahead. a
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troops. >> ♪♪ >> this is chaplain dawn taylor deployed in the middlee east wishing everyone in farmville, virginia especially those at baptist church a merry christmas an happy new year. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news atcat 5:00. >> welcome back.k. police want you to take a good o look at this vid they need your helpr lp identifying the suspects ine s this violent robbery in northwest. it happened sunday morning in the 4,000 block of 13th3t street. you can see thest suspects sct approach the vic
5:32 pm
hallway of the apartmentrtnt one of them tried to grab the victim's wallet from his backomk possibility. then they all started to attack t hheim. the victim yelled for help andpa the suspects took off with hish wallet.. anyone with information about this is asked to call police.olc >> a reminder tonight to checko the batteries in your smoke detectors.dect dangerous levels of carbon o monoxide in a northeast home sent a family of three toe the hospital. hp one assemblyman listed inassemby critical condition.macritic con. his wife and teenaged daughter d are in serious condition.ti firefighters shut off gas to t the house and investigators believe a faulty or unsecurednsc valve could be to blame. >> tonight police in frederick county need your help pol to fid two lynx stolen. they say the animals are valued at around $4,000 each. the animals on y
5:33 pm
not the ones that were taken we but rather a third that was inside the cage but left t behind by the thief.y the thief. >> new images to share of what w two maryland children whodren wo disappeared more than twoha years ago might look likekik today. jacob and sarah hoggle wouldwod be four and six years old andnd their mother katherine told tol police she dropped them wayedhey friend back in september 2014.e1 police believe thelielie gaithersburg woman is responsible for their deathsth but mental health professionals found her unfit hf to stand trial.. >> ♪♪>> >> the trump administrationtrio continues to take shape withapew two major announcements todayens for positions that will bewi b very close to thelose to the president-elect. >> fox5's political reporter ror ronica cleary is live at thee at trump international hotelotel tonight with that story along ao with other top politicalit headlines of the day.head hi,li ronica.on >> reporter: hey, matt and sarah. well, there has been a bn tremendous amount of speculation over and whether or not kellyanne conway donaldi trump's campaign manager wouldld have an official r
5:34 pm
administration.minition well, the newts came out this cm morning. she would be named counselor to the president and come to ano d.c. with an office in the t west wing. now, it's been very interesting tonow, watch her rie within the administration.trio now, she was appointedppnt campaign manager after paul manafort resigned and corey lewendowski was conway has been working as a senior member ofr of president-elect's transitiont-el team. another announcement that came out asnoun well, sean spicer hah been named donald trump's's press secretary.retary a couple of things you might ofy want to know about him.. he's a republican national committee strategist.egist. via twitter he says this is ansa amazing honor but interestingly enough in thathat tweet he listed three otherrethr names it was very clear inas ven that press release that he iss focusing that donald trump is focusing on a four personour rs press team, not just aai
5:35 pm
focus on this press secretary sa position. now, the reason we're at the w trump international hotel hot tonight, well, it's about a person whose name you mighte yo not be familiar with but he isue affiliated with a show thatw tht you definitely are. house of cards beau willmond win he led a campaign on twitter twr to get people to bombard the trump international hotel with t phone calls to get donald donald trump to sell it. now, interestingly enough thisug all came out on wednesday but since then the tweets haveets he been deleted but we've goteleted what they reportedl byut said.ys take a look at this. thi call trump hotel in d.c. to. ask when trump will sell too remove conflict of interest. phone number and script here. sr now, when you click on that link it originally led to a google document which had aocumc five-point piece of advice for p what you should do wheniece you call but in that as well was deleted. it said the trump hotel inump hl washington, d.c. is onlyngton, y blocks away from the white house. if trump does not sell the
5:36 pm
diplomats lobbyists and special interests seeking to curry favor with his administration or who hope to avoidration retaliation for givr business to his competitors.omp. it is very interesting why he w deleted that we don't have't h that information simply sim because he has been extremely vocal on twitter with his dislike for donald trump andnd also his frustrations with thetn electoral college.ectoral co so, if we do get thatet t information about why he has he since removed the efforts off his campaign we'll certainlyer share that with you on socialonl media. so, let me hear your thoughts. g do you think that donald trumplp needs to completely separateprae himself from the trumpf from tru international hotel? you knowow where to find me on facebookn fk and twitter at ronica cleary. c reporting live i'm ronica'mon cleary fox5 local news. >> so, when was donald trump t snubbed. >> a lot of people are talking about this tonight forpeop sures about the president-elect'sthe face not being on metro's inaugural smart trip card.d. >> now this was what the 2017 inauguration day cards will w lo
5:37 pm
trump will become the first f president-elect in recentiden years not to bet- featured onre the card. instead, it shows a picture of u the white house on an americann metro says it's working withki w the presidential inaugural committee to design a special sleeve for the smart trip card that features the trump. trump >> previous cards featured ftu president barack obama in 2009ba and then again 2013.then a 2 metro even created a versioner for the 2012 gop nominee mitt romney.romn bill clinton. why is trump not on the trip cards. >> metro requested permission rq to use a photo butue received no response from the campaign.amig due to the long lead time to t produce the cards, the new pass commemorates the national celebration of the 58th 5 presidential inauguration.naug now we post add twitterdd tr poll saying d.c. subway passess for inauguration don't haveav trump's picture. picture. what are your though
5:38 pm
that whole thing.le thing. >> 33 percent of you said it'st' naughty while 60 percent of pcet you said it was nice.t was >> yeah, well, you know, it's is like they said they weren't able to get an answer about a it, you know, if that's thehat'e case then what are you goingoing do. >> right. >> president obama is scrapping a post > pre 9/11 rs that targeted muslim immigrants.imts the u.s. hasn't used the program since 2011.ce01 the decision to end the registry comes in a growing international terror films and donald trump's suggestions tosto ban muslim immigrants from thent u.s. by eliminating the programrogr president obama could make itt l more complicated for trump's tms administration to launch itsnchi own registration system forysm muslims.muslims. >> meanwhile in germany tonight new evidence links the s prime suspect to that deadly truck attack at the christmashrm market in berlin, germany's interior minister has confirmed fingerprints found in the truck's cabin belong too anise amir.
5:39 pm
german police have been conducting raids and searching for amir throughout europe.ur officials say he was on their or radar for six months this year y because he was considered ad potential threat. they say he is a convicted convt criminal who was denied asylumsy in germany and has evaded deportation.atio the attack is promptingmpti increased security in europeur and right here in our area. are. you might recognize that. that's downtown d.c. concrete barriers have also he a been set up outside the holiday market in downtown d.c. just so you know that's right across the treat street fromhe s the verizon center, the other side is the portrait gallerye rt and that's been kind of been ndf exposed for tomorrow so manyfo years and today a friend actually posted tr has ant onlil and i saw eight and said can we use that because boy it boy really just shows you that you they're not taking any chances c and a lot of people responded ro to me that it's sad that they ta have to do something likemethini that. >> and there were some barriers down there the and dayy that it did happen but those
5:40 pm
are definitely more than thereme were after that day of the attacks. at >> for sure. >> closer to home christmashris came earl to a u.s. navy vet na in maryland. mega bucks donate add brand new track chair and trailer trr to ken copyage. copya he was injured in the line of duty is that paralyzed fromt pay the waste down. d ken tells us his new track tra chair will give him part ofwi his life back thatll g he's been missing for quite some time.ime. >> it's going to open up up opportunities for outdoor recreation that i've missed over the past -- since 2009,ce 0 you know, being able to go t g back out hunting and fishingis and camping with my family be able to introduce my childrenhin to outdoor sports in way that wt i haven't been able to. >> ken's new chair was made possible by a partnership
5:41 pm
mega bus. >> tracking santa's trip. >> a cool interactive way to get your kids involved in santa'syour k journey from the r pole and get a less summoness su geography too.geraph >> we can all use those lessons. lesson sarah and matt we have a a blustery night. night warm temperatures but thetures u frontal boundary that's comeboun through is going to drop ourro temperatures later tonight and get us back toes l closer to average tomorrow.omorrow. what can you expect if you're traveling tomorrow and how aretw things looking for christmas eve and chris mayday?oo ki we'lw have that forecast when fox5st e local news at 5:00 comes right back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this weekend santa claus --l -- >> whoo-hoo!ho >> will defy the laws of physics. he always does that to deliver v presents to children all over t the how does he do it prompting pmp norad's tradition of trackingran the jo
5:45 pm
around the globe.ound t although he doesn't get movingin until saturday you can logan log onto norad's web site right site now and take a look at the holiday's preparations. >> wow. >> sue joins us now. >> that's so great that they do that.>> ss so t >> remember -- i remember when i was a kid and the localr -- il weather guy would go to theo t airport and get into the towerhe and watch the radar and we thought that was --at was -- >> that was so cute.wa cut >> did that happen for you that >> no. >> where i grew up -- and i g - every -- it was christmas eve and he would act like he was getting,. >> adorable. >> so much fun because you do bu get excited. excit >> i can remember seeingembe seg grainy images off manufactured -- they'd trackur- something to see what was w coming but that's a good ideadde to go to the airport tower.ower >> what you so talk about nonholidayutonhoy weather today. >> i know. bu wasrted out cold but it was beautiful by noon. noo people were posting pictures piu in short sleeves. >> amazing to get this littlengh break. last year matt it was so warm,ow remember.
5:46 pm
>> in the run up to christmashr itself it was 69. christmas eve was 71. w 71. >> we were cooking with there ct windows opened. >> we totally w i ran the air conditioning because everybody was sweating. s it was too warm but today but td getting up to 60. december is like that you really get some warm se spells and then what we're finding is you get much moreis cold air as we get farther ys wf into march and maybe that'sbehas what's going to happen this to s year. wanted to mention maybe you felt it maybe you may didn't but there was a small earthquake today near ashlandeas virginia. it was a 2.2. it ha wppasened about 6:22 this:2 morning. but it's always good if youif felt it to let the us geological survey know becauseyk they like to keep track of it. t nowhere near that 5.8 we had in 2011 which was felt by manyic hundreds of thousandsh wa of of people but that did happen did e today so if you felt it, it fel, was not your no injuries or damage reported. tonight though the breezes really picking up. we had are mild day with veryh v little wind until the front f came through
5:47 pm
pressure surge with thatith tha frontal boundary and justl bouns behind it is really getting it l those gusts going today. today it will be chilly thisth evening. we'll have more clouds by noon o tomorrow that will thicken thi throughout the day and fridayutt is going to be a lothe cooler than it was today.t wa also we think there will be ail few showers around on christmas eve primarily earlyrie in the day, in the morning to about 2 o'clock or so andro christmas day really looking nice so that forecast really has been improving. improvi look at temperatures now andresa from 60 degrees we're down 47ow in the district. a couple of spots already inlrei the 30's so if you're heading hi out tonight you will need thatha heavier jacket because these winds are very gusty and it a it will make those temperatures feel even colder. colr. gusting to 28 at dulles, 38 at d.c., 28 at annapolis andapol baltimore gusting to 35 mileso m an hour so we do have a wind w chill that makes it feel likeeee it's in the 30's and later and l tonight it will feel like it'sie in the 20's as our area of low w pressure and the departing depai front will still be able too pull in some pretty strongy s winds for awhile but forbu for tomorrow it won't be quite soo windy a
5:48 pm
later tonight will allow it to t get pretty cold. c so we're thinking 20's to low l 30's tonight. tonight. high temperatures tomorrowem near 50, maybe some upper 4pe0'' so a little chillier than it was today. if you're traveling tomorrow, to wanted you to know that youat may run into a few showers through the midwest.throug snow showers across th hethe ae western great lakes.t . and a look to the middle partid of the country flurries andlu showers kind of right throughghh central united states.ited ste nothing terribly heavy.yea and a little bit more snow will be found out here towards the four corners and.ur corne other places out there. quick. look at our holiday weekenday wd forecast. showers on christmas eve andevnd the first day of hasn't today.ty much sunnier for christmas dayay itself so we jump right to right your fox5 accuweather 7-dayher forecast. fo we're 51 on saturday.'re on again, mostly morning showersngs wrapping up from west to east ts in the early afternoon but the t clouds will linger onrn saturday.rd sunday nice and bright. monday 58 degrees. 58 everything looking great for for the first couple of days.ay we're warming up next week and e then a little bit cooler cooler wednesday.we jumping back up on thursday to
5:49 pm
that's your seven-daythat forecast. matt and sarah, over to you. >> thank you sue.nk you sue it may not be what> it m not everybody wants but someome people want a white christmas cm but i'm just fine with it. it. >> it works for us. u how hollywood is jumpingum on the emoji bandwagon. bandwag >> first what's happening in h sports with >> hey matt. almost every redskins outdoor game is a frigid affair. linebacker shares how players combat the elements in a unique way.
5:50 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ [laughter] >> what was that matt. >> tough loss for the redskins how will the>>y w los recover. . >> recovery is the key hereec because they played moneyover my night. ni then they come back and playnd p at 1 o'clock on saturdayn satur traveling to the players -- it's more aboutea recovering their bodies than boe even game planning or even e walking through the playshe pla because you go
5:53 pm
in these games. tam >> quite the beating.>> quite ta >> it is quite the beating qte t exactly especially for thislly s guy. i feel like we've been on reedee watch for a month now. that's important the pro bowl tight end is for this team. jay gruden things reed coulds rd play this week but he looked heo like he was in pain with every hit in monday's game and the and league is yet to dole out any punishment for that hit. today the only real practice of the week as the skins prepare for saturday'surda kickoff at the bears a t bears combination of another quickof i turn around and his team being on the outside of the playoffs o looking in has not put the head coach in the christmasis spirit. >> right now i feel like theee scrooge just so you know. k we're in scrooge mentality right now. our job is to play footballlay o game coach a football game so so we're not in the christmas chr spirit right now. however, we do take christmas serious and it will be a heck ba of a lot more fun if we get a
5:54 pm
all about being with yourith y family and friends and havingdsa a good time, giving, giving, it's all about giving. >> it's all about givinging especially we're official int winterale which brings with it realitit ra football weather but the b temperatures saturday in s chicago are going to be a bite b warmer than normal for thisl foi time of the year mid 30's. probably no extreme measuresreme but i've heard some players pla use vaseline on their skin to si stay warm, some tiger ball. will compton relies on extra fat to insulate him.tonsulate h. >> some stuff to rub on your ony skin and i think it's like is l whale fat. yeah, i think so, like whale blubber and hot skin.n. >> you did that. y did t >> yeah i did the game we game played green bay.ayed that was g cold as hell against green bay but, yeah, so i might but it seems like it's going to be in the 30's so that's -- i don't know, i know, think
5:55 pm
>> i don't think -- i think- i t it's like a laymen's term fors f something else. i hope. for everyone except duke graduates or those living in durham north carolina duke isth the basketball team everyone loves to hate. csketloveto hate. a decade later jj redick assuming the villains roll then the plumly brothersy b played there for 15 years.5 y today it's grayson allen who a last night contribute to dotr that hate with another unsportsmanlike play. p duke versus elon.on allen on defense near the baseline sticks his leg out and trips steven santa ana.n sa. this is not new behavior for grayson allen.ll last season he tripped players on february 8th and 23rd. head coach mike k called it at learning experience but thisxpeu is the third advertisementdv he's a 21-year-old man.he he's been's a suspendedpe indefinitely after this latest offense. f interesting that, you that, know, he's calling it a learning
5:56 pm
keeps doing it. maybe now that he's being suspended he will actually learn from it and stop blatantly tripping p this is elon. this is el into the good team.d t you don't need to do that. you're going to win by 30. >> back to the whale fat. i couldn't findk it i was searching whale blubber, whale w oil which was used tourl whic lighting back in theh 1800s: 80 it's a $5,000 >> maybe they should keep that t to themselves or something ohert not do it. >> shawn and tony standing they have the 6 o'clock coming up for you in just a few minutes.
5:57 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 6:00. >> a 19-year-old is shot andar-o killed during aurg police-involved shooting.olveng thank you for joining us i'm tony perkins. >> and i'm. shawn yancy.wn yancy police say the officer was forced to
6:00 pm
tonight from capitol heightspito with the thet. paul. >> reporter: tony and shawn s it was just after 8 o'clock 8 oo this morning that prince george's county police got a call from someoneou hntere on tt street about a suspicious vehicle.vehie. about 25 minutes later policee arrived here on biers street in capitol heights and two officers, male officer and a female officer walked up onwalkn the car and saw two men two m sleeping inside. iid it was just three minutes mut later that shots were this is the car that policeolic say the men were sleeping in. terrence thomas was in the the driver's seat and a second a sec older man was in the frontn wa passenger seat.engesea when police arrived to checko ck out the report of a suspicious vehicle.e >> the male officer it was ont a the driver's side.ivs the female officer was on the te passenger side. s as they woke the individuals,ids the passenger immediatelyialy moved to exit the vehicle and


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