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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 22, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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tonight from capitol heightspito with the thet. paul. >> reporter: tony and shawn s it was just after 8 o'clock 8 oo this morning that prince george's county police got a call from someoneou hntere on tt street about a suspicious vehicle.vehie. about 25 minutes later policee arrived here on biers street in capitol heights and two officers, male officer and a female officer walked up onwalkn the car and saw two men two m sleeping inside. iid it was just three minutes mut later that shots were this is the car that policeolic say the men were sleeping in. terrence thomas was in the the driver's seat and a second a sec older man was in the frontn wa passenger seat.engesea when police arrived to checko ck out the report of a suspicious vehicle.e >> the male officer it was ont a the driver's side.ivs the female officer was on the te passenger side. s as they woke the individuals,ids the passenger immediatelyialy moved to exit the vehicle and
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simultaneously, and this iseousy important, these things all thil occurred at the same time, tim simultaneously the driver of dr the vehicle armed himself with a handgun and then pointed itedi both at the passenger and att the female officer.. >> the chief says the officer o on the driver's side then fires two shots which appear o to have gone through the throu e windshield. police release video of a gun an long gun.un the passenger was taken intotaki custody and began cpr ongacpr terrence the chief also says theays the vehicle officers walked up onn was one they had been looking bk for. >> this vehicle does match mat description for a vehicle that we believe to be involved inolvi some robberies and shootingshoos in this vicinity. thi that is not fors certain but b that is one of the investigative leads that we t are currently actively working on for you. >> reporter: the shooting shoot took place just a few blocks from thomas' home
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buyers street he was wellhe wasw known. >> he was funny. everybody know him.everybod he was ay serious dude but hee was also a funny dude, too, but. but. >> reporter: darnell bell says he was all about looking out for his foramiltey.r:s all l >> he was about his money.. that's it.'s i >> reporter: about his moneyisoy how do you mean.ea >> yeah, he like gettingh, money. he like getting money. yeah, everybody like to eat h,ie he like to eat, feed hisfe his family. he was about his family. family. he a family man. m we got to stick together out out here so we was out -- we out weo here together.ogether. he make sure everybody outbody here straight. >> reporter: but according to onlinteer: court records recs terrence thomas has recentlynt been in trouble with the law. he pled guilty to a drugo a drug charge and had an upcomingndupci court date on a gun charge.un cg >> i want to say i'm veryto s im proud of our officers thisers ts morning under tremendouslyeou stressful conditions they responded well, they were wer measured in their response. rns >> reporter: now, in addition to those charges thatea he was facing here in prince inr george's county, we learned inrn the last
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had also been in trouble truckuu in d.c. in fact he had been on trial oni recently for an assault chargela in the district and was thatnd t found guilty on december 15th.b. he was then sentenced by ay judge to 180 days in jail and all of that time was suspended. live in capitol heights, paul pu wagner fox5 local news. news. >> unfortunately santa and his reindeer are not the only onesne making house calls this month. h thieves have been takings ve b advantage of all the holiday hiy deliveries and helpingndel themselves to people'sselvo pe packages. well today some of those victimods iayn montgomery county are getting t cheir stolen goods back. fox5's lauren demarco is i live in germantown now with n wt the latest. l lauren. >> reporter: shawn, withor more and moreter: people shoppin online these days, it hasas become open season on frontro porches. specifically in this time leading up to theically holidays montgomery county police in i two separate cases have recovered more than 40 stolen se today they invited people downen
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here in germantown to retrieveoe some of those items. items there was an 18-year-old whold w was arrested, marcel bennett.l e he was arrested on tuesday tuesd after several residents ints germantown called police describing his car and saying sn that he was following a deliver truck and then stealing boxes left outsidet oui front doors of homes in the area.area. a 17-year-old girl in his carisc was also charged with theft.hhe one of the many -- many of theoe items recovered were on display at the police station te here today. p although some of the stolen sto goods are connected to anotheroh case and that happened back on december 13th.mb two 17-year-olds were arrestedd near clarksburg high school. soo they were a stolen car and had also been snagging packages from home a third juvenile whoew was driving is also expected exc to be charged in that police invited victims to come claim that of some of theseat oe stolen items today. o they range in pricing af ndthstd size.ze there was large care evenn expensive ugg boots. boots we spoke main wh
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pair of snow boots at thef sn station and aow woman who w retrieved a wallet she had s h purchased for her husband for christmas.stma they were very relieved to get g their stuff back in time for the holiday.oliday >> amazon told me it had been i checked on monday i'm thought it was a mistake until i got a call fromas t ahe police department saying they hadeyad recovered some stuff and i wasme really excited that i was able to get get iting. >> i was surprised and very andy happy because i believe ourel o police officers have done aon awesome job because it'se b be really quick, yeah, it was --as- it happened like two days agos a and we got it already.lrea >> there's a couple things that you can do. you can have theth package delivered to your work. you can have ther w package paca delivered to a neighbor. neibo you can have it delivered whendh you are home but certainly certa when packages are left on doorn steps at this time of year, asea you can see, by the amount ofmon theft that is we've had, thiss thin i
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>> reporter: you could alsoter: have some of your items yems delivered straight to the t retailer and pick them up inm un the store and amazon has amazon locker where you canou c pick it up at a designatedigte location. police say they want you toou take advantage of that adviceic and do those things becausesau this continues to happen. hapn. we heard about two otherwo other juveniles picked up todayp tay possibly doing the same thing removing packages from thatom tt front doors. so police are looking intooong that. it also happened here in theede germantown area. and they say that some of o these suspects have beenee returning items to stores without the receipts so they get a gift card in return.e reit they found gift cards on some oo of these people.hese so, they are saying that thereha are some folks who won't be getting their gifts back in time for the holiday that'she hd the latest here in t germantown, lauren demarco fox5 local >> d.c. police are still searching for the suspects in this brazen robbery caught on camera. but take a good look at the video. would you just sit there whileu this happened? this didsipeneds happen monday night o
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avenue northeast. you can see a suspect walkpect l into what appears to be ao be convenience store pointing ae st gun and ordering customersderino inside the store to move.e. but keep your eye on the man sitting on the bench checking te his lottery bench tickets. ticke even when the suspects point ahs gun at his heausd, he doesn't budge. >> reporter: what do youorter: think about the guy that wasdo t just sitting there? >> man, that's like -- you know, and when i saw the video, i'm surprised.ed he just doing his >> the suspects got away with an undisclosed amount ofis >> international manhunttial m continues for the man whoe ma drove a big rig into a crowdedwd christmas market in we arewe are limit the 24-year-old tunisian n man has ties to islamic extremists. german authorities have had him on their radar for theheir d pastar year.ea anis amri was denied asylum and evaded deep deportation.ortn german officials are underer fire for not keeping an eye onen him. hi his brother is begging amri tomt turn
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the scene that of tragic trc terror attack reopened. reo it took two days to clean upo all the damage. al people were killed dozens d of others hurt including twodino >> metro is getting ready fordyr the presidential inaugurationatn but something is noticeablyicbl missing from its commemorativeme smart trip check it out.t the card lacks any referenceeren to or image of donald trump.. smart trip cards fromds fro president obama's inaugurations show both hisoth photo and his name.o and s na metro says it tried to getoet permission from trump's tmp campaign to use a photo butut never heard back.ack. the agency says they'll try to address the issue with a commemorative sleeve.mmem this morning donald trump named former trumpororni campaig manager kellyanne conway toonwao serve as counselor to the to president. the appointment makes conwaywa the highest ranking woman in in his white house. hse also trump named shawn spicerwne the next white house press secretary. spicer will also servese
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he is now a senior communications adviser for thedr president-elect's transition team. team. spicer was the communicationsmui director for the republicanor tp national committee for five years.. >> ♪♪>>♪ >> fox5 of course is your5 of station for politics. cpolitics. tweet us right now use the #5at6:30.#5at then look for your tweet onet o our political show that'sw thats coming up next at 6:30.0. >> ♪♪>> >> in case you haven't heard santa's elves are not the onlytl ones working overtime. inim fact we're going take you y behind the scenes at amazon ton see how all your last minuteasti presents are making their wayir under your tree.e. >> pretty impressive.ress uber issuing a threat toea t maryland.ry back off or we'll pull out.ut what's at the center of theter e fight and wait means foror riders who use the service. sere sue. >> and tonight's one of those nights where you might be thinking about calling a lyft or an uber becboauutse c those n have really picked up. after beautiful day where were e saw temperatures nearraturenear 60 degrees across the region reg but that were strong front has
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going get our temperaturesraturs back down into the 20's down in tonight with wind chills evens n colder. co we'll talk about what tout whao expect for the holiday weekendae coming up in just a fewt f minutes. fox5 local news at 6:00 will be right back. >> ♪♪
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>> major victory for rideto ford sharing companies tonight.g como maryland regulators decides ci they will not force companiesomi like uber and lyft to conductoon fingerprint based backgroundund check. check. uber previously said would itail pull out of maryland ifd fingerprinting was required. the state's public servicecervi commission agreed to waive the a requirement if the companieshe s accepted other rules. some of those include yearlyea rescreenings, writtentten certifications of their drivers' identities anders' intt alerting regulators to anys to a changes in their backgroundackgn check process.rocess >> certainly government andta legislation probably neverinlyan keep up with the pace of pe technology and we have toav decide whether or not we want it to, how much legislation doer we want there and we muc have tv balance security with privacy.ct >> youpr want to keep all the al stringent safety stuff so
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happy med you'll because you'lls tortoise taxis are very tax -- s are very expensive. expsive. >> if you are not quitet que finished with your holidayur hol shopping amazon to the rescue. u the company is promising oneng o to two hour delivery in someve cities across the country. cry fox business network's adam shapiro is at the amazon fulfillment center in manhattan tonight with thet latest. >> reporter: there is hopeorte for procrastinators this this christmas because amazon primeim now, that's the service in about 30 cities nationwide offers one hour delivery, thatr, will cost you $7.99 or two hours to take two hours to delivery but that's free as long as you're a prime member that costs $99 a year. yea the amazon prime now service ser sells at this hub in manhattan they have a good example.hub inhave o they have ald l kinds of goods g from refrigerated items,teit grocery items to big
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items, for instance, thiss, f television right herore, thise,t big screen tv, $279 but you buty could get something as smallng l as this year's hot item, them, t nintendo nes classic only $60. $ availability is the key thing kt if they still have one atone amazon but that's what theyhe sell and according to thedingo e folks at amazon, they sell s everything right up to 9:45 9 christmas eve. e >> we are constantly shipping right up to the last minute.inut it's not always procrastinators. sometimes people run out ofmes e important things at the lastop minute holiday wrapping paperg p scissors tape or last minuteaste gifts. >> the key is you have toey order by 9:45 on christmas eveme and it's guaranteed to beto delivered by 11:59 p.m. p christmas eve. as for future expansion for this service, well, they're futi 30 cities right now. amazon says it will they just won't say where yet.e. adam shapiro, fox business. bin >> i know they're in virginia,e, parts of virginia there. t people that i know who try to t t
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i appreciate the convenience.he >> yeah, it's -- and what an operation. when you think about all the people ordering stuff t ehiverye minute of the day. d. >> yes. >> it's amazing they get itey gt done. it's great. coming up a hard workingor waiter in our area benefited bet big time from a random act of he got tip bombed today.d to the big surprise when the newshe at 6:00 comes right back.ack. >> ♪♪
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>> virginia waiter is feelinga a the holiday spirit tonight after receiving a veryitday generous tip totaling about a thousand dollars. >> that's right.>> ts a group tip bombed the servere s ni virginia. they do it every year y especially during the holidays. only fox5 was there forpecial this year's surprise.ise. alexandria limon shows us how they pulled it off. [laughter] >> i don't -- okay. w.w. >> wow. >> wow. >> reporter: when marvin meklin showed up for his shifthi he
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>> wow. wow these people are veryy i lost count at six, 600, so.00, >> reporter: in fact the fact pile of cash totaled $1,040. $0. >> i had no idea.>> iad n i was back in the kitchen endche said i just got tip botched ichd said what. >> reporter: the tip bombers t e have pulled this off for 13or3 years now but they'rehere completely anonymous and wantnd to keep it that way. w in fact, they leave before the server realizes what happened. e >> it's not about us.not u this is more about the idea ofda just getting to other people making people happy. >> reporter: the idea is to to inspire others to tip bomb,omb, too. the group says anyone can do d thihis time. in fact, a 500 percent tip on a five dollars sandwich is 25 bucks, but they even have aen h tip bomb calculator on tipip to help you figure itir out. ou you may be wondering why theyhey do it. >> everyone is struggling with w something. i mean, even -- even the tip bombers are struggling with wit things in their own lives and a you know, we just think it'sinks important to help others >> reporter: and how they hr: ht pick t
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don't.don' each year a lucky stranger working at the rightight restaurant at the right time tim gets tip >> i mean, i'm very excited eit for him and happy for him because that's a spectacularpeac thing to have happened rightpper before christmas generouserou thing. >> man they're in the holidayy'h spirit i tell you that much.l yo i don't know what to say. speechless, man i'm justman i'js thankful. good people. reston, rton,n alexandria limon.alexan l >> that's very cool. cl. >> great, great. >> very cool when they do wn th things like >> absolutely. >> i like how alex brought it>>t up. any of us can do it. five dollars sandwich, 255 bucks. >> do what you >> absolutely. >> 33 work so hard. >> all right, sue, the day i>> approaching, the eve iss approaching. people are traveling.veli what to expect >> a little bit of rain throwbi on christmas eve. eve it will start very lateil tomorrow night. when you hear that it's going toea nr thightoml orrostw you think a are we going have hv a freezing rain situation. situn it will be too toom. maybe a couple spots in the spo mountains have an issue.sue. othe
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shape. it was 60 degrees today.s tay >> felt fantastic.stic dress, i'm switching coatshing from day to light jacket, heavy coat. coa >> i know. >> it is problematic, yeah. >> leads to a lot of colds and whatever. >> ♪♪ >> i had the top down on myop dm car today and then i was likewae oh,, that was great and then nowat so gs reat.t so great >> you had the top down. top dn. >> paid for it. >> my gosh, shawn. shawn. what you are looking up iss santa tracker by norad. byorad if you and your family want too track santa as he leaves the the north pole, saturday night for christmas deliveries this isdeli where you go and what a a wonderful thing to do. santa -- norad tell was i'll do, i'll tweetl d' that out a little bit lateritatr too in case anybody missed it i but what we are talking about a is the gorgeous day we had andnd now the gusty winds behind thee frontal boundary that came onndc through. before we talk about tha
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beautiful picture from omar o who said very nice sunset in rosslyn.n. winds behind that frontal boundary gusted to 38 miles per hour just last hour atbehinj reagan nationalus wt here wlaest 60 degrees today but we're down into the 40's now ando th's falling fast. dulles 57 degrees and also a same reading at bwi so much warmer today. seasonably chilly on friday. fr. we're back down into the 40's near 50 which is also still aisl bargain for this time of yearear that's for sure. we've dropped from 60 to t 45 degrees in the 41 gaithersburg. g we got a few 30's on the map. the breezes are also stills st ettyty strong. not quite as high as they were r last hour but still very noticeable if you're out in it. 32 miles an hour gust in manassas, 17 gaithersburg, thege winds will not stay strongyon like this all night.ight. they'll eventually in the nextle couple of hours start tos starto settle down and generally be b 10 to 15 in the overnightvernht hours but in the short termhortr while th c
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coming in and the winds are blustery wind chills haved chilh dropped into the 30's andd into3 don't be surprised to find fin them hat heading down into thedg 20's this evening from a combination of area of low olo pressure leaving and highea a pressure building in so those te gusts of went to 30 will getll g those wind chills back intond c the 20's tonighthi behind oureho departing storm system that isye form sure. overnight temperatures will bemr colder than last night. nht lows in the upper went to lowtol 30's. tomorrow we bounce right back up into the mid 40's north ofe h town to upper 40's for d.c. d.c and maybe a few low 50's southou of d.c. feeling a little a litte chillier than today t here's a look at the forecast fs for saturday.satu tomorrow we'll start with sun, have some clouds but generallyey friday is a dry day an pretty good travel day especially upecp along the east coast.. showers will arrive very early on christmas eve and the firsthr day of hanukkah and they're thee not going last very long. l they'll probable be gone byy about 2 o'clock in the2 o'clocke afternoon or so.afte christmas looks it's going to be sunny. sun our departing storsy
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hg build in but just in case youe wanted to track those showers,h, wanted to let you see what's whs going on for tomorrow.w. increasing clouds tomorrowrow afternoon. one thing weaf willte watch very late tomorrow night notice aht a little bit of freezing rain in n some of the high spots out to ot our west.r west. most of the rest of us willus wl not have seen any rain yet butt we'll have to watch if you'reour driving in this direction that there could be a very lightight glaze here or most of the rest of thiserest os precipitation comes in closerio to morning between acobout abo 4 o'clock and 6 o'clock in thele morning we see light rain lig breaking out and you noticend yc only a little bit of that pinktk showing up in the high spotsn hs out to our west so we start we a saturday with a little bit of of rain. rain we get to the noon hour, a lot t of it has pulled out of townf tn and over to the eastern shoreten of maryland but we hang onto o the clouds by noon t run this out to 4 o'clock.'clo clouds are beginning to breakegt up. rain is mainly off the coastoast now and you should have a dry christmas eve if you're planning to get to services or o maybe go out to dinner or have a party so your holidayrty forecast for christmasso y eouve again temperatures in the 40'sa with the d
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too cold.o col christmas day 50 degrees waygre good amount of sunshine andnd staying dry. d next week on your fox5 fox5 accuweather 7-day forecast,orec we've got some warm dayss coming. ng it looks like monday will be b about 58 degrees.grees. tuesday 60 with a chance of showers.ow wednesday 44. and by the time we get to thursday, 54.sday you know what i saw today already? >> what. >> my first after christmas rssale. >> are you serious.t af ou serio >> can't we keep on ---- >> just a couple days, comeayom on. >>eah, yeah.h. >> after christmas saleasale already. >> all right. ynow you know we'll be seeing valentine's day. >> rushing, rushing, rushing.rng >> just watch. wch >> tweet us as soon as you see e >> stay with us. we'll be right>> back. >> ♪♪ >> navy staff sergeant from ofef the maryland national guard. gud want to wish my beautiful wifeif and son merry christmas.istmas see you soon. soo love you guys.
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>> thanks for joining us at 6:00. >> 5 at 6:30 is next. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> as you can see from the runhn down on the side of the screen r this is one of the top talkersop tonight at 6:30.at0. we invite you to join the the conversation. tweet us let us know what you're thinkingus let about anyt the topics tonight.topi use that #5at6:30. >> let's get to it now. now president-elect trump named petert-elec navarro to. he tapped billionaire investornv carl icahn. navarro's appointment reinforces one of the basic


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