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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  December 22, 2016 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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>> ♪♪ >> as you can see from the runhn down on the side of the screen r this is one of the top talkersop tonight at 6:30.at0. we invite you to join the the conversation. tweet us let us know what you're thinkingus let about anyt the topics tonight.topi use that #5at6:30. >> let's get to it now. now president-elect trump named petert-elec navarro to. he tapped billionaire investornv carl icahn. navarro's appointment reinforces one of the basic
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divisions among mr. trump's trus economic advisers that they they favor increased tradevor in joining us to talk about this is republican strategist jacktac burkman. always good to have you on the show. >> merry christmas guy >> let me first start by m asking you whae t do you thinkhi about peter navarro and his qualifications to be in thisioni position. >> i think it's terrific.errifi. it's a great idea that trump th has all of these businessusiness people in the cabinet.len th that's really what's beens bee lacking with obama the last las eight years and i would say to t people even if you're --oue whether you're a democrat democ republican independent there'sne so much waist in the couryist ic right now and the waste is not i just obama it's built up overp e the last 50 years, it's reallyll time to have a business personer that can tighten the screws ther all the way around. arod. >> now when you also look at at carl icahn as well the two off these together navarro andar a icahn and you see trump has been pushing economic growthmicr what do you think we're goingu to see movingthin forwardorrd especially since they've beeny'b kind of outspoken
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china. china. >> you're going to see a muchgo moreto aggressive u.s. in the te pacific. i think trump will build up up the u.s. navy that's numberbe one. i think trump will -- you'llou'l see more restrictive trade policies with china. chi i like the fact that donaldat d trump is keeping to his his campaign promises. pro he'll be tough on trade. tde he's bringing jobs back to thekt united states. i mean, it would have been b terrible and the media wouldould be blasting him right now ifg h he had already abandoned that. a what if he were showing signsngs that he was just going to be ane complete free trader and the the campaign was all just a russo ar i'm very glad he stuck to his guns. >> question for you here about mr. icahn. carl icahn will play a role inl selecting the next sec chairman but as you and i know k he doesn't have to divest anyes of his business in his many businesses. they've gone up in worssth sincn donald trump was elected.. don't you see down the roadhe some sort of conflict oft interest, a little, you know, insider information there.
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there's morals then there's tre ethics then there's publictherel relations.relations. if we get to the point where wre we see these conflicts everywhere what we really willli be seeing is that major maj business people really can'trean serve in the t cabint you can take this as far as a you want. anybody way net worth of $10 million or more would be disqualified from governmentromn because they own this, thatha and the other and this that that and the other might be favored by the government at some point. gover the u.s. government todayt tod touches every form of industryy in the country sadly bfoutrm it does. >> all right let me ask youe asu real quick about the two bighe b appointments today, you want to talk about those. >> shawn spicer tapped as the press secretary. sectary. i know he has been around foror quite some time with the rnc. r. what do you think though giventu the fact that we know kno president-elect tru is veryct te much the, loves to tweet,o tweet loves to do what he wants to .o. does spicer have his work cut c out for
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>> i'd love the transition asits you know but there's one problem with trump has -- trump doesn't want anybody around him whoim has any capacity to emerge as as some kind of minor media stariaa on their own.wn spicer you can look at himook he's not going to i'm merge in m that way. he had -- he could have chosen kimberly gil foil.oil. he had a lot of good choices. cs i would have picked one ofe those especially laura. i think s lhe would have beenld perfect but trump just can't stand anyone arot untrd him whoi a star other than himself. himsf spicer is a good solidd solid reliable choice.e. he's like a navy blue z youe can't go wrong with him but h b there's not a lot of upsidet ofe with him, either., either. >> all right. right jack, we always love havingalwa you on the sho thanks for coming in. cg in. >> thank you guys.>>hank >> appreciate it.>> a >> next here, he compared compad donald trump to hitler and hisr opinion landed him on a listis of most liberal professors inssn the country.e unt the professor watch lit was litw compiled by a conservati
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organization calling itselfti turning pointon c u.s.a. >> arthur kaplan professor atros nyu is the professor we'reor wee talking about. he joins us now via skype.ia spe thanks for joining us. u >> thanks for having me. m >> first and foremost what do you thinkemos about it? does it matter to you that you have h been placed on this list?ist? >> no, because i think the list is meant to intimidate orr bully and it's stupid.t's stupid the thing we have to do, if students feel pressured in thelu classroom argue for more free fe speech and debate and i among a any professor who wouldou squelch any opinion in class ion think we got to get students speak up to feelot t comfortabl. if they don't they should seeshs the professor privately.vately. if they still don't and they't t should see the dean andld s ultimately the presieedent of pe the university. speech. >> is that what it's moreat wha abitout that you feel somebody d thought perhaps you weret pe sensorring or not listening tost what they had to say perhaps pha people there supported trump tru do you feel that's whe
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is really comingat from. >> well, when i get angry andt a it was over 18 months ago atgot trump when he was talkingaski about locking up muslims and building the wall none ofne o which he apparently is goingoi to do or he talked about immigrants bringing disease oria dump on women or making fun of the disabled, i said he was hit ler-like. he was doing things that were getting theng t atthiraction of white power groups and david dav duke and the american naziaz party. they were shootingshotin endorsements at him. him. you can criticize me and ime a don't think any student i'vedene ever had would say i tried tori squelch comment in class. css but to come back to the point te i don't want students making lists. i want students making arguments. >> let me jump forward to sortos of where we are today. t donald trump has been elected. t we're still seeing some of of those people. in fact i think k oftentimes the media has beenee criticized for giving thoseed fv folks you were talking about arl platform and a voice t
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do you think or would your woulu still make that sameil comparison that you made aboutla donald trumphat calling him hitler-like today? tay >> no, he's tend to it down and i think maybe in response to some of those real concernson that you can't just, you know, sort of say, oh, mexicans are bad or diseased, slurring srring ethnic groups is hitler-like.iti you can't do that. racism is bad.cism is bad. i think he's pulled back somewhat. we're still going debate his policies but happily i think i k he's veered weigh from thered course he was on. >> really quick because we're running out of time here, anything that ycourouquick g oul look at and admire about the president-elect perhaps?elect p? >> great marketer. understands social media.edia. i think some of his h willingness to get out theres et and challenge accepted wisdomm whether it's on foreign policyy or business, all to the good. but, you know, i want to hear to that debated in the classroomssm and i'll come back to itt don't try to bully. bully
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>> there you go. >> arguing is always good.ngwa get it out. get it out. thank you professor.rofessor. thanks for joining us. us. we appreciate it.ciate . >> thanks. >> there are news reportsre are tonight that donald trump t believes, you know, the people p he is picking to serve inve visible positions in his his administration shouldn't just js be qualified professionally,ion, they also need to look theook t part. pa >> oh, well, he was the apprentice on tv.n t looks are about a lot ofot o things in that world for himthaf but it's got a lot of peoplefeol talking tonight of course. fox5's tom fitzgeraldd joining us live outside thesi t trump hotel with more on this one. hey fitz. >> reporter: now, we'rere actually outside saint john's church. church do you know why we're here.ere. >> why fitz? fitz? >> reporter: every president psi since john adams has prayed inside this church and donald dl trump himself is going to do that on the morning of his inauguration. but you know there is that other owsaying, beauty is in the eye of the beholder and that appears to be a factor now on o how donald trump is putting together his
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all right. so, the story is this.his. that trump is lending aesthetics to his list ofs li things he does and does notoe n want on his cabinet nominees. you see some of them rightht there. general james mattis remarkeds a he resembles george patton. pato everybody remembers governorreme rick perry on "dancing with thery on stars." stars there are other factors in facts this as well. was senator bob corker of tennessee not chosen as secretary of state because he h may not have been tall enough? so, the word on this confirming that this is a factor comes from jason jason miller. he's a trump transitionitio spokesperson. this is what miller says. "presentation is very important because you're representing america, not onlynl on the national stage but also t on the international stage depending on your position"osit" so, we came down here to thee te white house and the question qut
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should appearance, yours or anybody else's, be a factor when a president-elect of the t united states is choosing hisisn cabinet? here's what folks had to say. apparently they didn't have too much to say at all because u that wasn't what you heard.n't y this is what we heard. hrd >> okay what was it. o >> reporter: person afterkater: person after person said no.d >> yeah. >> reporter: appearance should not be a factor.eportectr >> it shouldn't. >> reporter: we said to them, well, listen, whatepor ifi somebody shows up in dirty dir jeans and a t-shirt and messed s up hair and they haven'tand thev shaved in a couple of deays, ofy should they be the secretary sey of state, and the guy that youuu just saw standing still therere and not talking at all he said listen, if they're a good goo diplomat, that's all i need so apparently that would make meakm qualifie
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state at least on saturdaysaturs and sundays ondo either one of >> fitz you always look good.u i don't think this is aalways surprise at all. ln't thrprise if we remember at back to theot campaign season, donald trump tu said things about people's appearance, their personalnal appearances.appe this has been nothing new. bnot. in fact for years.foars. so, i'm not surprised to hear ha this. >> reporter: this goes rightsig back to almost the very startta of the trump ascendensy. carly fiorina was one of thef t first. i got to imagine that firstfirs cabinet meeting when they'rehenh all sitting around that tablehab over in the west wing andwing ad they're all looking at each other sizing each other upziac about who looks like what. wha i mean -- mn >> as long as -- they get the job done.job d >> reporter:
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levels, this is one that we've not quite heard in presidential transition teams. s >> we've never seen anythinganyg like this, period, though, ass it relates to donald trump andmp his thank you very much fitz. fz. we appreciate it.e you look good. get back inside. iid >> just for the safety of the country as long as if he can lon they can get the job done i don't care what thet tey look lo and no one else should either.he let's get a check of the weather. sue palka standing by with the st.est. >> i'm feeling so self-conscious now.self >> you're beautiful.-c you >> is this sweater makin'rge me look >> no.o. >> you're perfect. >> it's all about >>me. ye. >> beautiful. >> we'll get right back to the weather because we have a gorgeous day today, rigr dbeidw sarah and shawn but late thisat afternoon a strong front came through and it's really gotll the winds going and now we'ree' going to see temperaturesra dropping again. again it's going to head for theng t 20's and low 30's tonight.ight 28 for hagerstown, 33 for d.c. hey, typically cold for thishi time of year.ear. here's what you can expect on your friday. 35 degrees at 8 o'clock in the c morning. by noon we're 44. and by the time
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4 o'clock, about 47 degrees and not too bread breezyb during the day tomorrow. we will notice the cloud tsheuds increasing though tomorrowh t afternoon but friday is dry iry but as we head on into our holiday weekend expect somet s showers on christmas eve morning. morning. i think any time from 4:00 a.m. or 5:00 a.m. until aboutilt noon or 2 o'clock then we dryhey out and christmas day looking terrific with lots of sunshineun and temperatures neard te 50 degrees so a beautifulul looking forecast for us, just jt a little bit of rain to dealin with for the first half ofhe fif christmas eve which is alsois ao the first day of hasn't all right, happy holidays.olays. happy hanukkah and merry mer christmas to everybody.body. back to you guys.back >> i want to >> whoo-hoo! >> ♪♪ happy holidays ♪♪ay♪ >> good voice, too.ood voice, t. metro unveiled a new n commemorative smart trip cardiv for the ismnauguration.uratn. they do this every time but unlike previous years, theviar president-elect's picture iselt not on the what are your thoughts onre y thisou? we want to know;, isow;, i this a fail or did they get it
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right? tweet us use that #5at6:30. we'll be right back. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> getting ready for the r presidential inauguration butal something is noticeably inaoticy missing from those t commemorative smart triporat cards.rd >> check it out. out lax any reference to or thee te image 18th of donald trump. tmp smart trip cards from from president obama's inaugurationan showed both his photo and his name.. metro says it tried to get g permission from trump'sm tru campaign to use a photo but b they say they never heard heard >> okay. all right. ronica cleary went out to get get the polls from the people on pel this one to see what they they think about it.out it ronica. >> reporter: hey, shawn and sarah.ra i had a lot of fun hearing hea what people had to say with this. this. took me by surprise and i thinke by s the lighthearted nae of the way people took this. thi we have seen presidents on
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actually quite recent.ent. 2009 and 2013, there were inauguration commemorativetion cards made out for for f f president barack obama.iden they also made one for mt itt romney in 2012 before he lost ls the but prior to that, it's really y a spotty history of whether or not the president was actuallycy put on the card.d. we saw bill clinton in 1993. 199 it wasn't his picture but ite bu was a signature but actually metro, you know, just came outat with it and said with georgeithe bush they said "there's not a a large public interest."nterest. i think there might be maybe less controversy if maybe theybe had said that there was a a different reason why he wasn't on the card. car i think the thing that doestoe have people shaking theirshakin heads is oh we reached out but we never heard now it's not on there. not on te that is what has some people questioning whether or notinwhe that's the full story. sry but take a listen to what to wha people had to say out here by h the tenleytown metro stop earlier today. tay. >> c
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sometimes things happen for a reason.reason. >> good. >> reporter: do you think it's a good thing. >> it is.orte >> reporter: do you think his picture should be on ther:i: metro card. >> really i don't -- iti dot -- doesn't matter to me. me. >> reporter: it doesn'tepor matter. >> yeah, it doesn't matter. >> i think it's it do ridiculous.icou put his face on who cares. everybody else had there's there's a whole bunch of o people that are coming thatt art support him just like thahey did for obama so i think it shouldtu be on there but i'm not goingoi to make a big deal that it's its not. >> reporter: what do you think up. >> that's really good. s ally good. >> reporter: so you think ithini shouldn't be >> well i-shouldn't say that. ta you know, but -- but >> reporter: how about you. >> well, love thinks no evill but at the same time i don'ton idolize people.eopl i mean it could be without it.ii >> reporter: so, ladies, iadies, am going throw myself into thett middle of this very controversial debate and let a l you see my favoritey favor commemorative metro
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i don't know if chip can showf n you this. we can't see can't see it. tell us what it is, ronica.,oni. >> reporter: metro card. cd. >> we can't see it. >> reporter: it has shoe on s it from 40 years ago. ago i'm sorry you can't see it. it. it's hilarious.ilarus i tweeted out a picture. maybe metro stays out of the o e politics of it.cs of it. i don't know. >> what is it. ter: we'd love toter: hear from you. >> we can't understand.d. >> reporter: can you see it now. >> no.te what is itism it's a shoe.r: it's a ct ism platform shoe from the 70's. it's their 40th anniversaryivery commemorative >> fashion. we got it. allomething we canmmem agreegr upon. upon >> there you go.. the >> thanks ronica.>> >> reporter: exactly.ortexact >> that's cool. >> all right. thank you. >> all right, well, he is>> , well i gettsing a lot of late nighteig >> thwart. actorctalking aboutug alec baldwin's impersonationsona of president-elect trump onntleu saturday night live. live. so what's in it for baldwin bin besides all the laughs? oh,s?oh yeah, the payout. we'll talk about that.hat. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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i've spent my life planting a size-six, non-slip shoe into that door.
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you. you. >> may oar may not be surprised about the payout on this. >> that's right. actor alec baldwin gets paid>> ec baldw play thelao on president-elect on saturdayurday night live. fox5 contributor and entertainment reporter sarahnmen fraser is here with the scoop.sp sarah, we were talking about this. 1400 that's not really a lot is it? what do you think.ou thk >> reporter: hi you two.. well, it is the going rate on snl because i'm sure you guysuy know and for those who don't snl notoriously does not payot that much. >> oh, i didn't know that. i >> reporter: yeah. little fact for you. so, d>>litt snl has never paid t contributors all that much soh that $1,400 is actually prettyyt good pretty standard for alec ac baldwin. but the biggest thing is snl snl has had huge ratings since the first time t in alec baldwinbawi appeared as donald trump andruma that was actually october 1stob1 of this year.ea so since then they've seen major ratings i mean, on the one hand i canan see how $1,400 isn't that muchha if you're an actor like alecikea baldwin who is used to
6:53 pm
millions but on the other hand the publicity for thaton and alec baldwin getting his namengm out there is >> well do you think also, youny know, could it be the facte thec that we're going to see him onin just about every episode there is then. there's so much fodder i guessue for -- given this election. ect. >> reporter: well, there's al,ha couple interesting articlesrt out there. one of them being from the new york times that said that alecht baldwin already in 2017 is in 27 lined up to do several filmsever so there's a lot of talk aboutfo if alec doesn't get more moneyte from snl he'll probablyb continue to do those films and f then not actually continue with trump which would be so disappointing 'cause it'sing aue so -- he's just so good at it. >> he is very good at it. it will be interesting to see what happens. h if i'm snl i'm going to payo him more.mor >> maybe that's part of it.parto the movies coming out maybe outm it's part of the game there. t i don't know. i don't know we'll see. >> reporter: i feel like for alec baldwin's career it's soits good. i mean, like publicity foror these films but i feel like if there's a way they can keeps bu the two going 'cause i
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>> they gotta. >> reporter: there'sorter:re endsless fodder.od alec baldwin isn't happy withdwt the 1400 so we'll >> sarah always good to haveo he you. i think this is the first time you've been on the show. thanks for joining b for u >> thank you. >> reporter: i like this hour. >> merry christmas.hristmas. >> see ya'. >> the classic tunes they arehea cranked, egg nog is flowinglong but one thing is missing. mis >> that's right the treats and we've got some good ones.s. coming up on 5 at 6:30. take a look. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ a what's christmas without little desert.litt >> so many of us will be o will hosting parties and holiday hid events. ev tell us what we have and howe hh we can make our tables looks this pretty at home. he. >> really simple. take a tea cup and place themnde in a really nice way. take a cake, a plate you can
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make a cake stand out of itof just by adding a a bowl we have this nice one hereicone though. ough >> perfect. >> then we have here an assortment of did he sayay seven. we have gourmet cupcake minutece niece. >> these are all at. >> pretty girl cupcake. cupca >> where is which is where. >> national harbor. we have n carrot cake which is very delicious. make sure you serve champagne nice with your truffles. tff when your family is comingom over have adults and kids makema sure you have your cookies. coos always got have your cookiesoo for santa and for your kidsid then a nice little cutetl c activity if you want to picko pi up something like at wal-martt or michaels they have littleave reindeer and you can make your y little reindeer here.litt >> these are very cute. >> hot chocolate andle m tilhekg great with cookies and then andt over here we have somethingomhi more for the adults like spiced egg nog. >> ooh. o >> spiced egg nog. >> that's interes>>ting that'st' egg nog. >> yes, it is. >> even th
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creamy. creamy. >> oh this is, i thought youht u meant that one. >> top it off with some wine. wn >> okay, thanks.nks. >> all right. >> thank you so much.>> t we went through it really fast. it's all fabulous. cheers everybody.
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harvey: so ivanka trump got accosted on a jetblue flight. get this -- she was flying coach. >> a guy starts yelling at abankia that her dad is ruining the country. the guy also says, why is she not flying private. harvey: what a weird thing to say. >> no, it's just weird she's flying commercial. i agree with that. harvey: there's a difference. ying private! y is she not >> richard marx after his harrowing experience on that korean airlines flight. >> we know airline security needs to be improved. especially korea. >> do you think it's a korean thing? >> i don't know. but you know what i do know for sure though? this was the best thing that happened to marx in at least 15 years. >> we mot


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