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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 22, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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new at 10, crystal clear video of two holiday grinches breaking in a a man's one of th'se suspects appears tr be a child. tonight the search is onto find them. a maryland man shot and killeded by police after reaching for a where he was and weigh was doino right before the shootout.
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the height of the holiday travel the surprising items people aree trying to carry through security that could make you late forte your flight.ght. fox5 news at 10 starts right now. good evening, i'm tony perkinsmo and i'm sarah simmons in foror shawn. it has happened to all of us, you put something down and when you go back later the item isn't there. many times someone comes along and moves it, but in one maryland man's case someone camn in to steel it.eel marina maracco has the exclusivu story from bladessance ^berg. >> you walk out of the elevatort and you see the security camera at this blades den ^berg apartment complex and down the hall is the first apartment to f their right.ght. it's inside the apartment wheret the surveillance camera set upet by these neighbors that police are hoping will finally put thet pair of thieves behind bars. >> things went missing approximately three times beforh we decided to install the
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>>reporter: after leonard night kept noticing things missing from his camera he got a home surveillance camera in hopes of finding the crooks red handed. the first thing that went missing was $150 in the second time it was a pair of ugg boots and somewhere alongere the times one of my tablets wenn missing as well. with a quick check to make suree no one was home, the firstrst suspect walks in and the mirrorr doesn't lie.. a second hooded lookout stands on the other side of the doorr and after showing their full face mugs to the recording camera they finally realized they've been caught in the act.. the less fortunate among usng they're getting more desperate, especially during the holidayol season. people have to protect theirthei things. don't do that.t. it's not right. people work hard to get what they have. the surveillance camera wasllan recording to a cloud and it alerted the victim on his cellphone. the pair of
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facing burglary and robbery charges. in bladensburg, m, marina maracco, fox5 local > fortunately as you saw there santa and his reindeers are not the only ones making house calls. today some victims in montgomers county are getting their stolen goods back. fox5's lauren demarco was live in germantown with more. they don't usually get these back. >>reporter: right, sarah.arah dozens of families should havesu their christmas gifts on timen all thanks to some fast acting witnesses and police work. they've returned 40 stolen cases. the fifth district station in germantown they gave those itemt back to some of their rightful owners. i've been waiting for i'm sure glad
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thank you very much. i'm very happy because i believe our police officers have done an awesome job because it's really quick.qu yeah, it happened like two daysing a and we got it alreadyy > that woman very thankful she can now give her husband the wallet that she bought him for christmas. the stolen items range in pricing in size. there was a large chair, even expensive ugg boots. police they've recovered hundreds of l dollars in cash that was hidden in side picture frames. say they were in a stolen car and been snapping packages left outside homes. at third juvenile who washo driving the car was also als expected to be charged in that case. and then on tuesday 18 year old parcel bennett was arrestedrest after at least one witness in a germantown neighborhood calledor police andhood described his cad say he was following a
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truck and stealing packages left at the front doors. a 17 year old girl in the car was also charged with theft. this was as a result of an alert citizen that has given us the really, none of this would have been possible without somebodyse seeing what happened and actually calling the police to letling us know what occurred. and there was an alert ups driver that identified somebody that had been following them.he just this afternoon two juveniles were taken intoo custody suspected of doing theig same thing, snapping packages off a front door steps. police say that some of these suspects have been using thesets items, returning them to stores without a receipt and then getting gift some people will nottt be gettit their packages back. they really want folks to follow some precautions. they recommend choosing your delivery address wisely. if you're not going to be home, have something delivered to your
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maybe your work address. you can also take advantage of the programs like amazon lockerr or have something shipped to the store. sign up notification so you know exactly when your boxes are going to provide and provideovid instructions as far as when is a good drop off time and where one your property the items shouldsu be also require a signature and ensure packages, if you can, especially those big ticket items even after the holidays. live in germantown, lauren demark course, fox5 local news and we turn now to the weather. today we saw temperature in the mid 50s, even upper 50s in some places.plac we're looking at a about it of a cool down. >> how nice was today, tony? >> it was great. i loved it. reagan national hit 60 degrees.e that was warmer than we expected. p you were out between 3 and 4 4 you felt the really strong windg that gusted to almost 40
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front that was coming on through. first we reflect back on the nice high temperatures today. i know maybe that doesn't quite get you in the holiday mood, bu, i love it when we can ditch thee wind. i will say this, the wind is a lot better now, but here comehee the colder temperatures. not bad at this hour, theur, district is 41, dulles 38, 43 for annapolis and 42 in fredericksburg. but as we go through the night we've had a few clouds outut there. they're going to break up a little bit more and that willl allow us to get coldment the g winds that gusted between 30 and 40 miles an hour were brief. we still have winds out of the north and northwest and about nine to ten miles an hour butur they're going to stay fairly light tonight, very few gusts left. our storm system and our coolour front that moved on through bringing us colder temperaturesd iser going to push away and we'l see the clear skies which mean w temperatures head for the 20 #-s and 30s tonight.and i wanted to give you a preview of what's ahead. a chilly day tomorrow. we'll start wi
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but we'll see the clouds come in in the afternoon and it looks like tomorrow we'll top out in the mid to upper 40s. we do have a little bit of rain to get lieu on this holidayholi weekend and we'll do that tripp with you hour by hour coming upr in a few minutes. sarah, back to you. an early call to police about a suspicious car leaves to shots being fired in capital heightshg leaving one man dead. two officers were said to checkk out the car around 8:00 this morning on buyers street. they found two men sleeping inside. police say when they woke up 191 year old terrence thomas jr. pulled out a gun and the officer shot and killed him. the shooting happened just a few blocks from thomas' home and he was well known in the antibody t hood. everybody know him h. he wasas funny, you know. he stayed around here laughing. everybody know him he was a funny duped he was about his money. what b his money, what do you mean.
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everybody like to on. he likedle to eat his family. he was about his family. fam we got -- we out here together. > according to court records thomas has recently been in trouble with the law. he pled guilty to a gun chargecr and had an upcoming court date u on a gun charge. a second suspect has been. investigators are trying tong t figure out who is responsible for vandalizing property inrty montgomery county. police say a student reported seeing hate based writing on a bathroom stall at flying oweflyi creek elementary school yesterday. the words kill all fights wereit found inside the boy's bathroom. there's currently a $0,000 reward that leads to any information that leads to an arrest. police are trying to find ericka grace morris, she is 2 # years old but functions at the level
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she left her family home but didn't tell anyone where she was going. she is familiar with public transportation and frequents the potomac library.c the height of the holiday travei season is upon us and that means hundreds of thousands of people areof heading to the airport. behind awatts has an update from the airport report report there are long lines and it was. not the case here h at reagan. take a look. not a soul in the line. up next, we're talking to tsaa about what will get you in trouble after in the security line after the break. this brother and sister from maryland disappeared more thani twosapp years ago, but tonight w computer enhanced photos have been release to show us what they may look like the family says they are not losing hope.ope. plus the man hunt for the suspect in the german christmas
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tonight. the message the suspect'sspec brother is sharing with the media. fox5 news at 10 will be right back. ba
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the christmas rush is people are hightailing it out of town. the airports are busy.. yeah, a lot of people he go through the security line and there are issues when people go through and things that hold them up. fox5's lindsay watts has more live from reagan national. lindsay. >>reporter: sarah and tone initial first of all i want to say i cannot believe how quiett it is here at reagan tonight. hardly anybody that we've seen coming through, we've been here through the afternoon and theaf evening anted it was busier earlier. man, if you are flying outing tonight, this is a great time to be traveling. we've been talking to tsa about some of the crazier things thatn people have tried to bring aboard their flits recently andi the newts way that they are helping passengers hang onto their stuff. here comes
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down santa clause lane. it's the time of year when thousands of travelers make their way through airport security. a time to check a list of what's not allow and maybe check it twice. you can see here that the most common things are knews, knives of all you got the folding blade knife, you've got a ceramic knife, stake knife. this one rhys of has been used. the screeners see it all. this is called cats eyes. you see the ears of the cat and the eyes and it works like brass knuckles. we're looking at it more closely and this is a stun gun much maybe someone was going to a renaissance festival. it's not reel guns that are banned, fake ones,
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here is somebody that was trying to make a fashion statement, but that's not the fashion statemeno you wnant to make at an air important. a fake explosive like this grenade-shaped trailer hitch could cause an evacuation of the entire check point.nt. we're going to call the explosive team to come and check it we might have to get a bomb squad. for anything questionable it's easier than ever to check with tsa ahead of time. you can tweet a photo to ask tsa. box of candy canes, yes. bottle of egg nothing, no. somebody did take a snapshot of an l alligator head and sent that to tsa. surprise, gaiter head was a go. that's a great use of social media. you're going to get a response very specific to your inquiry. another option for you, you can go to
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golf click on what can i bring and you can get an answer that way. you have a lot more leeway withy what you can take on the plain in your checked luggage. so knives or a begun shapeded coffee mug they can all go withh you on the plane, just not through the tsa check we're live at reagan national,tn fox5 local news. > an international man hunt continues tonight for the suspect wanted for plowing a truck in a christmas market in berlin. the 24 year old take near and man has been t ties to islamics. he invaded deportation. with all this known informationt german officials are under fire for not keeping a better eye on him. a brother of the fugitive isgiti calling on him to turn himself into police.ce. the tragic place has reopened. 12 people were killed, dozens of
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two americans.cans a man from suffolk, virginia is arrested and charged with attempting to support isis. according to court documents lionel williams sent money to a person he believed was collecting money to purchase weapons for isis fighters. he also posted content on social media showing his support for the group. they also found two guns inside williams' home. ifwi convicted effaces up to 20 years in prison. take a look at this video.o. would you just sit there in the middle of an armed robbery? that's what you might ask yourself after you see this next story. let's set it up first. d.c. police are still searching for four suspects who robbed a northeast convenience storet co mondaynv night. that store sells a lot of lottery tickets.lo matt ackland showstt us whatt happens next. >>reporter: it was just before 8:00 when several masked individuals entered
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keep your eye on the man sitting on the bench just checking his lottery tickets t. another suspect squeezes througs a small window where he demands cash. he said like open the save s drawer. as that was going on am of thee customers were taken to theth back. but not that man we talked about earlier. nope, he's still checking his tickets. watch when a gun is pointed atie his head. the gun man appears to reportedly notion to the man with the others, but he doesn't budge. what do you think about the guy that was just sitting there? i was surprised. he do his business. it appears he is there to stay. the last clip provided by police show the suspects walking out passing by the man still checking his tickets. matt ackland, fox5 local news. > weal have new images to share tonight of what two maryland children who d
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than two years ago might look like today, jacob and sarah hoggle l would be four and six years old now. police believed the gaithersburg woman is responsible for their deaths, but mental health professionals repeatedly foundea her unfit to stand trial.l. coming up next at 11 1 # after months of disputes with state regulators is the company uber ready to leave h maryland. it is night one of our made in series here at fox5. still looking for that perfectft christmas gift for someone ineoe your life.e. we are featuring small businesses where you can find all kinds of unique and thoughtful gifts just in time for christmas.stma that's coming in at 106789. 30. 30.
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built for speed. built for business. > good news for uber and lyft riders in maryland.ri itde looks like the ride sharing companies will stay put. this comes after state regulators said they will not force the drivers to fingerprints all their drivers. uber said it will pull out ofll maryland if it was required. they did, however, make some changes, some of those includenl year i rescreenings, written, certifications of their driver's identities and alerting regulators to any changes in their background check process. certainly government and legislation probably never keepn up with the pace of technologyof and we have to decide whether or not we want it to. how much legs do we want there. we have to balance security with privacy. you want to keep all the stringent safety stuff. it's got to be a happy medium.
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expensive. > state officials say uber and lyft have ten days to accept th new requirements.equ meanwhile uber is putting the brakes on its experiment withith self driving cars in california. as fox's william jeanette tellss us, there are just too many roao blocks right now all of a sudden the car ran through the red light and took off. chris runs a coffee sub where he recently saw a self of drivingrv uber that ran a red light. he didn't hit him. about 5, 20 feet past that thehe uber car finally this isn't the first time witnesses saw an uber autonomous car blow a light.ight two weeks ago a dash cam caught this self of driving volvo ran an intersection oblivious to the pedestrian on the right. we're going to have a setback if people aren't putting safety as their number one concern. they blame incidents like thisle on humanerror.uman under c
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drivers that drive without human active control need a permit. they do have a driver andver therefore need a permit so itit refused the state order to get one. the state dmv wednesdayedne responded by revoking the company's autonomous license. i think he should not be operating his driverless vehicle technology on our streets without that permit. 20 other companies has not had a problem getting the permits. hours ago uber fired back releasing this statement, our cars departed for arizona this morning by truck.ruck we'll be expanding in the next few weeks and we're happy too have the support of governor tuesday i. governor doug dues i signed an g order stipulating that autonomous drivers will be free. he release a statement saying
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but we do. in los angeles, wayne lossss necessary, fox news. > we are three days away fromom christmas and chances are you're not quite done with your shopping. we're featuring local products made in maryland, d.c. and virginia we think are perfect additions to put under your re. > tomorrow we have a christmas surprise that will completely change the holidays for one local woman and her daughter.auh plus we're testing out some of the best egg nothing recipes for your upcoming holiday parties and onho top of it all we're welcoming some christmas carolci letters to the loft. the fun kicks off at 46789. 25 tomorrow morning. we'll be right back.
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this is fox5 local news at 10. we are bk
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tonight's top stories. we begin in capital heights maryland where one man is dead following a police-involvedd shooting. two officers were sent to checkh out a suspicious car shortlyortl around 8:00 this morning onrnin buyer street. they found two men sleeping inside. police say when they woke up 19 year old terrence thomas jr.omas pulled out a gun and the officer shot and killed a man. and a second suspect was taken into custody after a brief chase. he has not been charged atpect time. one of the officers involved is on routine administrative leavea while an investigation plays out. now to an exclusive video out of blade dense ^berg, maryland. take a look at this, one man says items kept disappearing from his so he set up a security camera and look at what he found. two suspects, one appears to be a child sneaking into the emerson street apartment. so far no arrests have been made. police say they have recovered more than 40 packages that were stolen ahead of the holi
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residents ordered online. several teenagers have been arrested in connection withconn those cases.. checking on your friday forecast before a very big weekend. wee weather is going to keep.ep. some of the kids still haveill school so we thought we'd start with a look at the bus stop, a range of 25 to 45, but on the, u cold side.. the breeze should be much better. after school not quite as warm as today was. 35 to 50. are you traveling tomorrow you shouldn't find any problemsblem along the i95 corridor. nice and quiet. if you're heading out to chicago or minute annapolis you find run into a few showers. as we head to the west there will be more showers.ower they will be in our area onon saturday morning.or flurries up to the north andd last but not least out to the west coast whereless ' going to be rain in california and snow
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> sue, thank you very we are just about down to thewnt wire. if you still haven't wrapped up your christmas shopping then you deserve a lump of kohl's and some help from some locall merchants and what we are calling our made in series. these are products that are locally made and if you still need a gift they are all right here in our area so you might be able to cross those last few names off of your list. we have a lot to get to so let's get started with our firstst business. tell us your name and tell us about your business. my name is look pat and my business is d.c. and i'm made in maryland. > you have beautiful jewelry.l. >> all of my products are manmade. all of my pieces are unique. i don't duplicate designs.ns. each of the clients have their own individual design. on
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me it's your own individual how do people get in touch withh you. >> my website, ld d.c., social media, dtt by al thank you for coming in. in > thank you. follow me over here, our next guest is are key. how are you. >> tell us what you've got heree my name is are keenan i'm made' in virginia.a. all of my eyewear are hand crafted.craf i do mens and womens and chilled r. i do football teams, breast cancer. i do all sorts of fraternitiesrnit and sorority thinks.rori as well you have my models overs here which i'm bringing to the new year, my faux furnish shawls. this is yawn, right? >> it's
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different fabrics and they're just rocking the pee cock ware and we have thee renaissance look, the > how do people get in toucheti with you, my website www capital i-wear. facebook, instagram. you name it. we'll put all this on our website. sarah, over to you. with me we have billy profity first up. tell us where you are from and what you make. >> i'm billy from maryland.and. my blockheads represent personal trophies for yourself and children or co-worker. what we do, we can take pictures out of your photo album and re-create them in a blockhead form. we're inspired to educate and have a good life. > how can people find you. >> my b > how quickly can you
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done before christmas. >> give me two hours. > you can do it. >> absolutely. > up next we have in deer a mare in. thank you for coming in. where are you from and what is your product.ur p >> i'm a d.c.-based artist and i transform my paintings into textiles. i have wraps and also these coast i socks, washable blankets. > these were paintings? >> these were paintings and i converted them -- > you can do that with any paintings. i have dozens of designs and they're very soft.ft > yes, they are. >> and they're about four feetet by three feet. > that's usually about the the size you make, three by four. >> yes, it's good for around the couch. and the wraps, you can wear like this or around your back. > very colorful april unique. >> how can people find you, i'm onet
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arts studios. > they are very soft, tony. >> maybe i should get you one for your couch. > why not. >> they're absolutely beautiful. > now we're going to talkk popcorn and we are joined by. >> pep corn made in d.c. pop last name is concern which means concern in german. > you were guested to do this. >> absolutely.>> i have a gourmet popcorn business all natural ingredients. we have a food truck. we have a storefront and you can order online.line it's non gmo. all real ingredients.l our butterreal is actually butt. we clarify it. all of our salts are see try so we have a lot of really funyu tins that we actually gift wrapp for people. lots of littl
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today what i brought for you to taste is our sampler. you can order three different flares. we have butter, saltate carmel and white cheddar cheese. > how do people get in touch i withn you. >> they can come to our shop which is so cute and coast i. they can go to our food truck ot order online.line > where is your shop.. >> petworth d.c. super cute, accessible, 10 to 15 minutes from all over d.c. > fantastic. save me for last. tell us about your business ande how people can find you. >> cool. my name is rodney from washington, d.c. my product is sold within washington, d.c. and maryland. this is an organic redwing that is made with all spices. you can heat it up like a malled wine or you can drink
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sangria. you never need a corkscrew because it has a flip top on it. the bottle is ready to why fory other products. you can put other products inside the bottle when this is gone. > how can people find you, www eagle heights or social media rodney no, sir r inner. the bottles are beautiful. cheers. there you go. we will put -- cheers. p popcorn and wine. you'll have all this information on our website, give us a little time. we'll put it all up there for you. we'll be right back with more.
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> am children in our area willr have christmasen i presents undd the tree this year thanks to a local charity. the silver springs nonprofit a wider circle has a north pole of their own where need i familiese can come and get gifts for their kids free of charge. it's even open on christmas day. the wider circle has had a north pole for at least eight years now and to me it represents true community because every toy in here is new and it has been donated by somebody in the community who wanted to help anp the people come in and select these items. come in a little bit of unsure of what they're going to get ant by the time they leave it's just hug after hug after hug and it really captures the spirit of the season. they also supply free clothing and furniture to area people in need. > coming up next, sue is back with our seven day forecast. home sweat home is looking a lot sweater according to popular real estate site zillion
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the average home is $192,000 rising last month by the fast test pace in ten years.ars. if you're buying a home get ready to fork over more cash, the average fixed rate rising to its highest level since april 2016.ap it's now 3.4 percent. s that he's up for the eighth straight week. the economy growing 3 and a half percent between july andjuly september. that is the fastest pace in two years. consumers spending a lot morelot cash than earlier in the year. to wall street now and something we haven't seen a lot of recently, a losing streak for stocks. the do you off 23 points 23 dropping on back to back days for the first time in nearly two months. that's business.busi i'm david asman. .
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> welcome back.> 41-degrees out there.ere. it feels nice. not like christmas at all really.real cooler than last year at thisis time. no doubt about that. last year was our warmest december ever.mber this week has been so please event forgetting running around done and travel and last minuten > it's helpful.s >> it absolutely is.tely we did have some strong winds this afternoon. the winds have gotten a lot better and i think they'll beeyl gone by tomorrow morning, butni what we're left with is a night that's going to feature colder temperatures than last night and a chillier start for your fridar morning. a lot of people are off work tomorrow maybe sleeping inin because from the involve of caro that i saw when i was coming ing tonight and the fact that i could barely park when i did run one of my errands i think everybody is on the move.e did you miss this news item by the way? we did have a very
10:47 pm
far from ashland. if you head down 95 not far from kinks it was a 2.2. a lot of people felt that in that area. it's very small comparing to what happened in 2011. and fyi the last one was ten months.mont there's some activity, aboutivit every year or two we hear of a small earthquake. the breeze is going to settle down as we go through the overnight hours, but for a few hours this afternoon they weree mighty gusty as the cold frontot passes by and the colder air col rolled into town.wn. we will be chillier tomorrowmorr than we were today, upper 40s. we'll start with some sunshine,, but clouds will thicken in the afternoon. late night plans tomorrow night, be aware that there could be a few showers beginning to show up. these showers that we expect on saturday, christmas eve, first day of hanukkah will mostly be in the if it starts early enoughug tomorrow morning, well west,ll there could be a patch or two of freezing drizzle,
10:48 pm
repeat of last saturday. christmas day is looks nice and temperatures in 50s. 45-degrees we're a little abovee it tomorrow, 48, but quiteite cooler than the 60 we had today. 61 on saturday. sunday, christmas day, 50-degrees and monday we're going to spike again up to 58-degrees.. easy does it this december,w3 certainly the middle and second half of december.mber it's getting chilly, we're at 41 in the district. that's not too bad. 38 at dulles, 36 for frederick. tomorrow here's the range of temperatures, mid 40s north and west to about p 48 to 50 as you head into the district andtric points south. so chilly, yes, but some sunshine in the morning shouldrn feel good.feel we're going to see the few clouds that we clearing on outt and this is the next weather system to keep an eye objection to the form this moisture will not be snow when it gets to ourr area will be coming on a with respecter wind. i wanted to show youre the futurecast that give you an
10:49 pm
that we start tomorrow out withh sunshine. but as we go through theroug afternoon the clouds are goingin to thicken pretty quickly. if you have very late drivingvig plans i wanted you to see that there could be a spreadsheet or two of precipitation around. there could be freezing rain ore a little bitzi of snow but thath will be in higher elevation. by saturday morning we'reg getting some of the rain intoto town. it moves pretty quick lirks by the noon hour most ofno it is gone and by the time you're maybe heading out for dinner or ans of christmas eve service. i just called it easter. here come the showers for saturday. this frontal boundary will swinl on through and dry us out for christmas so christmas day is looking terrific. we wrap it up with the fox5 seven day forecast. monday 58-degrees.gree it's going to be nice to haveo that warmup. 60-degrees on tuesday.esda no we're not going to get a white christmas out of the deal. some places will, if you want to drive north can run into it. 44-degrees on wednesday and maybe a few showers possible on thursday. let me
10:50 pm
a happy easter, saran a tone a initiate one heck of a cold easter. > thank you and happy fourth of july. > thank you. theng up in sports, redskins head coach explains whp he is not in the christmas spirit. and we go on e on one with santa himself inside the redskins locker room just three days before his big day. brody is next.
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> you're a mean one, mr. grinch the redskins are feeling quiteqt grinch like after monday's night loss. the skins lost monday nightnday possibly ruining their season.s. don't ask why they lost no one knows quite the reason. it could be their heads weren't screwed on just right, it could be their shoes were too height. the frankly reason of all, this
10:54 pm
team's heart was too small. jordan -- there why youing my rhyming.rh coach jay gruden still believes read can play. monday's loss has gruden grinching, but in skinsville they say a win this week couldld grow this team's heart and their play off chances three sizes that day. it would be a waste of my timemy and energy to worry about stuffy can't control, i'll focus on the chicago after that we'll focus on the w next game aned that's all i need to focus on.on frankly i don't need to know much you can let me know after theafe last game where we stand.stan i feel like the screening, juste so you know. we're in screening mentality. our job is to play a football game. we do take christmas seer yes, sir and it would be a heck of a lot more fun if we get a victory in chicago.hi rarely does a reporter get thise
10:55 pm
santa. that's what happened today. the white elephant gift exchange. with this rare access i had to learn more about santa's game plan before his big night. you have a game on saturday, bur then you have a big night saturday night getting to bills of kids all over the globe in one night. how do you prepare to be santa this year? >> you know of i just take it one day at a time. i have 355 more days out of thee year to prepare for it. i come up with a plan and i'll go with it. he needs to work -- maybe a calendar for him if you're looking for something to put on in the background as you open your. here's. eating cookies in front of a
10:56 pm
doing just that for an entire hour. you see the mountain ofof cookies in front of him. the cookies disappear as theas hour goes on. like no one is watching at that time really. why not. he probably gets paid to do that. i hope he keeps a stern face.ce seriously eating the cookies the entire hour. and he has an elf bringing him milk. i love the whole look. the pennsylvania jambs as are fantastic. we'll be right back with fox5 news at # 1.
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> this is fox5 local news at 11. right now at 11, targeted by burglars time and time again. one maryland man said no more. so he set up a security
11:00 pm
and found this. now he needs your help identifying the thieves. no face on the fare card. metro says no one from trump's camp approved a peck tour for the gnarring earth smart triprig card. tonight we have details on eripa possible fix. a long security line at the airport. this room of confiscated items couldco be the reason why.. fox 35 news at 11 1 # starts good evening to you i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons in for shawn. it's happened to all of us, you put something down and when you go back later the item isn't there. in many times someone comes along and moves it. in one maryland man's life someone stole >>reporter: one you see theyou security camera at this bladensburg apartment complex.ol it's inside the apartment where that surveillance camera set up


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