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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 23, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ morning. mnix5 news >> braking right now at 5:00at:0 new developments in the search a for the man wanted in i connection with the deadly dea berlin mark attack. the very latest is next. >> pack your patience. live with what you need toac know to makek h yatour trip asp smooth as >> good morning.oothoo thanks for joining us.d ks for g i'm maureen umeh. umeh. >> and i'm wisdom martin. wismat holly off today. today we made it to friday. fda that's the most important thattt you know right now. rightow. we made to it friday. the big hoda
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nearly upon us. >> it's like this close. c >> right there. >> helpingight to get festivitii going mike thomas and erinmas an como weather and traffic thatict is just in five minutes. minutes >> if you're just waking upakinp this morning at 5:00 a.m.orning let's ge5:t you caught up on thn top stories this morning.s thism we begin with breaking news coming in right now regarding the suspect in the berlin berlin christmas attack. italian media reporting that tt the suspect anis amri has beenhn shot dead in milan italy. ily this occurred during a ored shootout with police after a a routine check around 3 a.m. italian time. tim that would have been 9 o'clock 9 last night here. media reports say amri pulled pl a gun from his backpack afterafe being asked to showho identification papers andficad that's when the shootout shoot starter. a police officer was injured but should be okaffy.ic the italian interior ministrymiy is due to hold a news conference sometime soon.etime . we'll definitely share updatesls as soon as we get them.get m. >> developing in the district d d.c. police say two of itsfts cruisers were involved in a crash in southeast.ea looks really bad there. there happened near martin lutherr mat king jr. elementary school soo around 10:00 last night. nht two offic
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to a hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.ur that's good news.'s good news. both are expected to be okay. o no word yet on what led too that awful crash. >> let's go to little rock go arkansas now where authoritiesri say the man suspected of fatally shooting a three-year-old boy in road roa rage incident has been arrested. police say gary holmes turnedy o him snell late last night.ight. according to officials holmesme was charged in state court crt with murder.with m police say the three-year-oldhrl boy was riding with his grandmother when holmes opened e fire on theirn car because he thought she wasn't moving fastwn enough in little rock arkansas.arkans >> overseas police in australia say they detained deti five suspects planning as plang series of bomb attacks inacks i melbourne on christmas day. officials say the suspects were inspired by isis and that they planned to attack ts sahedy city's train station cathedralae an an area with restaurantsestan and shops that's popular withoph tourists. >> all right. christmas rush officiallyfficly here many people are high are h tailing it out of town for the holidays and the airports areiro extremely busy.elbusy >> yup.
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thing you want to get held upgeu in is in a security line. fox5's melanie alnwick islnwicki live at reagan national with a t look at what's going on to put p in you t.s.a.'s naughty listy this holiday. l what's going oisn, mel? mel >> reporter: hey, good good goo morning, guys and it's funny fun how the security lines justes jt seem to -- sometimes they're th' pretty much nonexistent and then bang, all of a suddendden they're all the way back toall the checkpoint and so it's onetn of those things you know that's really the hang-up here is getting through that --hrouga those security lines and lin a t.s.a. really wants folks tokso think ahead about what possibly could hold them andhemd other travelers u some of the things that theyhey showed us yesterday, itemste that they have to confiscateonft these things constantly.stantl take a look here. here. one thing probably shouldn't surprise anybody, i don'tse know, i'm stilnyl surprised, sus that is boxes and box ofox knives.iv any kind of knife, even a plastic blade we're told needs n to be in your checked bagss only, cannot bring native nat blade onto a plane.ade onto a pa then there's brass knuckles.nuc. people still try to bring
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that also might perhaps lookpsoo like a weapon like a grenade gra that is supposed to be a tail ai hitch on a car, i don't knowdonw why somebody would bring thatt in. in. we have gun shaped coffee mugss and a belt with rep caph bullets on it. all of those things need to be in your checked bags only. t.s.a. now has this great newhin feature on twitter. it's called at ask t.s.a.. people were tweet them or send n sandy photo if they're nototo ie sure of what they can ory n or cannot bring so you don't getont held up in a security lines. li. some of the more popular questions first of all of a o course wrapped gifts that's only a problem this timerapped o year. t.s.a. says yes, you can bring g a wrapped gift but it's not t.s.a. officers may have tomayav opponent gift and they say g they'll try to be as carefulifyo as possible with the gift wrap r but they're not going to be able to do that. snow globes yes you can brings e them but owns physical they'rey small enough to fit insidens
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quartz bag christmas poppers leave themhem at e-cigarettes you need to put p those only in your carry onn bags, not your checkedour checkd luggage. that's the latest here fromhere fro reagan national airport.irpo back with more interestingerting things that people have triedavd to get on. back to you guys.o you >> mel thank you very much. we're now up to week 16 ink6 the nfl season. sson. tomorrow washington redskinssks head to chicago to face the fact bears at soldier 1:00 p.m. is the kickoff kko advertisement it will be theent last regular season road gameeag for the burgundy and gold. gol before the game tune into fox5ox because we have the redskinsedsn game time show at 8:00 a.m. a.m we have expert analysis toxper tell you all about the game theg predict what's going toct wha happen. you can catch all the actiontc right here on fox5.ox >> da' bears. >> you may have said that when h they were winning.ey we wi you say that when you're relevant. >> either the bears are not relevant or i'mthe not relevann >> i would never say you're not relevant.t. >> thank you
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me, you really love me. me. >> mike please talk about thek b weather.weatr. >> it will be chilly int wi chicago for them but hopefllulll they can get the job done. d satellite and radar this thi morning sunny skies to startnny the day for the first half butlt we will get more clouds in bydsn the afternoon.fterno there's your next weatherxt wea maker. make that will get here during the overnight hours/early morningni hours tomorrow, first half of hf your saturday could start with w some light rain. then we should clear things out late if the day tomorrow. we hit the freezing mark shoulde in washington. 32 degrees. 27 in gaithersburg, 30 in in westminster this morning as mors well as frederick, 33 hagerstown, 33 annapolis.nnapol good morning leonardtown 30 degrees. very chilly around the heading up to 49 degrees later on this afternoon.ftnoon. lots of morning sunshine.f mohi again more clouds later ons latr this afternoon and through the evening. i think showers hold off untilfl after the midnight hour h tonight so good news there. weekend still looks -- looking i pretty good. we'll have that full forecastful as well as your travel trave forecast coming up in about the next 10 minutes. all right, that's a check of the weather. tha erin como has
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traffic on this friday morning. >> on-time traffic brought to you by toyota. visit for special offers. >> that's right and taking a live lriooghk outside 395 very9v light volume, great news if newf you're headed to reagan rean traffic will not slow you downon on the way there. actually same conditions on the way to dulles as well as bwi. bwi. if you have an early morning moi flight to catch this fridayriy morning make sure you plan sury plenty of time to get through th the t.s.a. lines but as forutfo the roads traffic won't sloww you down. you wide opened on 66 from gainsville throughle t centreville. not seeing any problems insideee the beltway through falls church. or arlington.or arlingt i like what i'm seeing there on6.6. same story on sry o live look at 295 northboundthbo light volume southbound frombo m south of 50 down toown to pennsylvania little bit ofbi o increased volume but nott enough to cause any major slowdowns. let's move from our camerasdo to our maps. map south side dac avenueue northeast is closed.rtheis c they're repairing a water maingn issue that they were dealing the with. d watch for some slick conditions as you travel around the
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sarafent road and gallatinal street. metro is on advertisement on other than that we got youan covere tdha for this friday evey eve of christmas eve wisdom and maureen. >> popular coffee chaine chai spreading a little holiday clear with free drinks. drinks. how you can get in on thatcan go deal straight ahead. ahead >> let me know and a little lit girl way powerful voice goingoig viral after her music video captures hearts. >> live look outside as we head tolook break. bre this is my favorite christmashrs >> i love that song.nge th son >> of all time in my entire 28n years on this planet.plan >> 28 years. >> this is the -- the - >> you can't lie to santa. >> "this christmas" by donny dny hathaway. favorite of all nobody can do it like donnyonny has this way. i wish i could. send us your favorite i nd us well, #fox5
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christmas. send them in. going to he will you aboutbout my worst christmas son. this is the best ever. >> ♪♪ >> back now with a check ofack the other top stories this morning. the search for the tunnootheisin man accused of drivi tnghe t a u into a christmas market inn berlin continues and his family is speak out. anis ai'
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they're shocked to learn he's a prime suspect in the deadlyina attack and they're againstre aga terrorism and condemn acts ofcoa violence. here at home maureen takeenk it. >> i will. thank you. here at home a suffolk virginia man facing up to 20 f years in prison charged with wh attempting to support t according to court documentsum lionel williams sent money to wi a person he believed wasliev collecting money to purchasease weapons for isis fighters. he also posteds fo content ontet social media showing his support for the terroristfor group and attacks targetingting police. investigators also found twosood guns inside williams' home. police in rockville trying to find this missing woman 21-year-old erica grace morrisri last seen wednesday afternoonftr but police say erica functionsct at the level of a thirdird grader. her family says she left hegrr r home without telling anyone any where she was going but often o frequents the rockvillele library the potomac library lib and the rockville metroil m if you see her please give police a call. >> ♪♪ >> donald trump is calling forlg the u.s. to
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nuclear trump tweeted that the unitedni states needs to greatly strengthen and expand its nuclear capability.r ca meanwhile russian president vladimir putin is echoingsch those sentiments. sme at a meeting with defense chiefs putin says slash'says sl' military can overpower any potential foe but countrynt should beef up its nuclear n arsenal.l. >> powerful rendition of aful io music classic from a pint a p sized star going viral this morning. and it's a 10-year-old we'reis talking about. >> ♪♪ >> her name caylee rogers.s she performed hallelujah with her school choir. cho kyleigh's family says she hasmiy autism. the video isau post to do post o facebook and has been sharedok hundreds of thousands of a times. great voice, yeah.t vo >> 10 years old.. >> powerful.>>ower >> speaking of going viral ang i early christmas present from a o golfing ge
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>> oh. >> taking over the internet.inge we've got the details of thatlst coming up next.ex >> and a live look outside asive we head to break right now. let's do it. looking good. not a lot of people on the roads. >> "let it snow" boyz ii men. >> yes, yes, this was on my waso list that i sent to our producer matt gaffney.ucer yes, this is a g >> yeah. >> are you guys enjoying thisoys as much as we are? because if you are send us youras w favorie christmas song.s s we'll try to play it this it ths morning. just a little something to getto us all in the mood a littled bit okay, we're coming right back. hope you are, too.oo. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> we're back at 5:14. let's go over again to the br we'eaking news ingo e ouropep the suspect in the berlinern christmas market attack anis amri has been shot dead byt de police in milan italy.ta the italian interior minister ms is holding a news conferenceonfe confirming that tha
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happened with a shootout witht t police after a routine check about 3 a.m. italian timeim about 9 o'clock our time.ime. media reports say amri pulledi l a gun from his backpack afteracf being asked to show i papers and that's when the at's shootout a police officer was injured off but should be okay.but sh be ok. the interior minister sayss it's "beyond a shadow of a doubt that the man killed is amri."am." he rammed the truck into atrucka christmas market on monday in berlin killing 12 people.e. >> 5:15 is the time right now. n get over to mike thomas get an a update on the weather. wea hey, mike.y, me. >> hey wisdom looking prettyloit good out there this roads are moving.roads are mo folks are getting out andttout about, maybe getting to the shops for some last minuteas mie christmas shopping.chri annie is out and about. a abo we'll check in with her in a i little holiday travel here, eastas coast from florida up through uh maine you should be fine if you're traveling through the dayyou shrave today. now, ohio kind of chicago, chic, great lakes area maybe somebeom snow but i don't think it's anything that will cause any major travel issues.r travel i maybe a few delays but nothingot that should really kind
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even less so through thisghhi midsection of the country, minneapolis saints pauleats anywhere in iowa, northern nebraska.nebrka locations like that all goinghag to be fine today for travel.ral. just a few scattered flurriesedr and showers. and where i think the bigsh problems will be is the west today. mostly kind of seattle portland and interior portions i of the northwest.orthst that's where kind of the worst of the weather is for later on r this afternoon.this so, if you're traveling thatli way, keep your eye on yourn flight times. could be some signiflficantnint laysys out there. satellite and radar locally,all, all clear skies to start theo se day. you do see a little more cloudd cover trying to scoot its wayoti across the mountains from the west. that will be here by thise by is afternoon. all ahead of our next stormstor system here that's getting itsti act together once again kindce d of out in central portions ofon the country. that will be headed for ther great lakes later tonight.lar t. will bring us some showers overnight this afternoon theis a first half of your saturday.lffo let's quickly do futurecasturas here. 9:00 a.m. today futurecast
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showing mostly sunny skies.g mo shower around the midnight area but the bulk of tsthe rai n holds off until the early half h of the morning tomorrow.omorro five, 6:00 a.m. light showersghr kind of overtake the region. reg we're on and off with thee on showers through about the noon, 1 o'clock hou arers th too then things start winding downdd and maybe we even get a little e bit of clearing as we head towards the 4, 5, 6 o'clock hour. ho temperaturesur right now nearhta days. we hit the freezing mark atma a 32. 25 for gaithersburg, 30 at westminster. good morning annapolis, 33.33. leonardtown 30 degrees so significantly chillier than ittt was this time yesterday time ery morning. definitely going to want the heavier coat if kids are getting off for their final finl dave school this morning.oothis 49 degrees your daytime highdayh lots of morning sunshine bute bt clouds roll in for the r afternoon hours. we'll keep it clornudooy througt the evening. i do think showers holds off h o tonight until after midnight. mh not nearly as cold tomorroww morning as it is this morning. g take a look at your fox5 f accuweather 7-day forecast. saturday hanukkah 51 degrees.1 e christmas eve looks prettyks prt good awe
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morning 50 degrees, not so badob unless you like white white christmas then sorry, we're, w out of luck this year.ea by monday 54 degrees and we hit 60 by tuesday. tuesd all right, that's a check of tao the weather.weat erin como hhas traffic this >> news on this friday thifrid morning, as you make your wasyoa out in centreville there's a fatal crash investigation on ordway road. rd. caution around thatcaion intersection while that deadly crash investigation is active.s. i'll let you know as soon as soa northbound traffic does reopen but for now plan to detourla around that. let's see if we canar forwardora our maps and show you what y w else you're up against thisga morning. south dakota avenue northeast nt closed right now. we're dealing with some watere w main repair. rai it's between sarafent road and n gallatin street.gain s work expected to continue ctinue through about 6 o'clock thisck t morning so another area that tha could slow you down thisou morning. as we forward our maps again maa we're also dealing way gasay g leak investigation inle ak isoutheast. this is on southern avenueern en near suitland parkway so suiy another area where you'rehe going to want to user ar cautioi this morning.isning. asidfr
5:19 am
we're tracking it's a friday morning that is light, the eve e of christmas eve and we're and e cruising along the hanu akkah bloegins tomorrow, t kwanzaa celebrations starting and right now if you're getou'r something last minute shopping n started roads are quiet for the most part. back to you. >> 5:19 is the time right now.o. meet the newest members of themb metro transit policemetr department.o t these are the four legged leg officers who just graduated. gat part of metro police program's -- metro police's pic k-9 program. progr they were sworn in yesterdaye sw at a graduation ceremony just jt weeks before the presidentialsit inauguration.rati >> hm. welcome on board officers.ffer time right now 5:19.ow 5:1 let's take a look at theook at stories you're engaging withngai the most this morning ons m social media. >> we'll start with this. ll unitedtait airlines flight from houston to ecuador was forced to turn around e andcu go back o houston after reports of a stow away. the airline says sounds wereysn coming from the cargo hold butd they weren't able to find thed rogue passenger and now it now could have all been a maintenance issue. the flight had 163 passeng
5:20 am
air for about an hour beforer be all the passengers wereround. switched to different flightsdi without any problems.anprob >> so, no stowaway, justwaway, j maintenance sounds orai something. >> yeah, they weren't able to find anybody sont t yheeay h.eah. >> next a group of burgundy bgud and gold fans making headlineses for their good behavior atavr a monday night's game againstame the carolina panthers. after newton -- newton hit for r a touchdown pass. p he was looking to pass off thehe ball and found a young panthers fan held by a by burgundy and gold fan. fan the little boy's joy is unmistakable.ab burgundy and gold supporters sut are smiling because there youeru go. making that dream come true.eamu love. that look at that.athat. >> pretty cool. >> all right and finally thelyhe internet. intern >> what is this. t >> s are. >> has provided us with an early christmas pro gift fromifo tiger woods. he posted this photo on twitter
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caption mac daddy santa isc y ss back. >> time out. should this man be calling himself a mac daddy given hisa history. >> given his history should he istory shoul notd be a mac daddy santa.. >> to someone he is but to meon seriously. >> just saying. say >> i'm troubled by this firstro ofuble all. all >> social media and the whole network ablaze with someit som questioning why he posted this ridiculous picture, whore, suffered through taking it making memes and rory mcilroy felt compelled topelledo chime in saying wake me upin san when it's 2017. it's 20 i don't see the big deal. d it's funny. >> there is not's t >> what's renot i funny about this. >> this is not funny about this. >> i mean sometimes you justs it got to own it.n sometimeto ownt. you got to own who you are. >> play ya', don't play on.ya', stop it. >> we're going to switch gearsws right now. good news in the fight against aga ebola. haven't heard about that in awhile. the promising results of at heaw vaccine. >> first a fox5 exclusive, a pair of thi
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apartment helping themselvesmsel to what they find >> okay. live look outside as we heade h to break on this fridayriday moing.g. okay, another one of my o favorites. mariah carey. ma >> yes, this is another one.oth. >> i dare you not to startot tst boogieing when you hear this song especially when it gets itt fast right here and here we go. everybody. >> ♪♪ >> get ready to jam. >et that's great. r>> that's send us your songs, people.e. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ be noisy.
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>> bladensburg man says hensbu wants this things >> this is after thieves broke i into his apartment and stole some of his belongings.s. leonard knight set up that camera after he kniept ghnoticii that things were missing from his apartment. >> less fortunate among us,mong, they're getting more desperateea especially during the holidaye y season so, you know, peoplepl have to protect their things.
5:25 am
it's not right. you know, p neople work hard to get what they have. h >> police are now searchingearc for the suspects.for they say the pair of thieves ths are facing burglary and robbery charges.rges >> hm. >> all right definitely don'tdo want those scrooges around. people are following deliveryely trucks and stealing packagesge off their porches. porches beware and be careful.arefu >> mike thomas not a bad dayad y ahead for us today.od. >> not a bad day.>> not i'll tell was i a like is seeinn those images on the internet ine where the mailman hides the boxes. >> i haven't seen thobose yet. t that's a great idea. >> yeah, some mail men go the t extra mile out there. >> good for them they deservede a little tip this season.seaso >> i agree. season of giving.g. >> temperatures outside reaganre national as t the freezing markk 32 degrees this morning, mornin, dulles 34, bwi 27.7. lots of locations this morningog below freezing and with wind chills just slight winds out there feels like 20's for most of us sot sllike definitely bunu as you head out and about. about satellite and radar clearte a skies to start the day, goodtard amount of morning sunshin
5:26 am
through the afternoon hours. hou take a look all right plannerghr for the day today.fothe da by 10 o'clock, still a good amount of sunshine 41 degrees keeping on the chilly sideon t by 1 o'clock, cloouuds startingt to increase, 46 and about 48, 49 degrees later on this afternoon as clouds continue to roll in through the latehe le afternoon and evening s all right, that's a check ofhe the forecast. erin como has got thest. roads s this friday morning. hey, erin. >> right now 5:26 and a deadly l crash investigation out in centreville has ordway roadoa all northbound lanes closed ats compton road.oa let's go ahead and forward ourrr maps and show you what elset you're up against thisre u morning. emerson street northeast, thists is closed out near south dakota northeast because ofortha water main repstair on the 700 block.oc expected to wrap up by 6:00 to a.m. but right nowwr use cautioi on south dakota and emersonme street as you head out in the t northeast neighborhoods.ast ne alsoighb tracking gas leak gas k investigation on southern south avenue near suitland parkway.sup another area where you're going to want to give yourselfou some extra time to get
5:27 am
suitland parkway inbound quiet q right now past south capitol.apl no major delays just yet on yet 395 as we forward our maps again. again. traffic for the most partthe mor making its way just fine down the 270 stretch on thetretchn th southbound side from 70 downm 7n to their spur. i like what i'm seeing in rockville this morning and on the icc.this if you hav me an early morning morning flight to catch we're quiet on the way to bwi. back to you maureen anden and wisdom. wisdom >> thank you erin..>> tha right now breaking news out of germany this morning. moi the suspect in that deadlyeay christmas market attack shotacks and killed by police.lled b the very latest next at 5:30. 53 >> and the holiday travel rushvu officially under way.fici u we're live with what you need to know if you're hitting thetie skies today. fox5 news back in just a minute. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ >> michael buble, okay.
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>> ♪♪ >> fox5 news morning, last minute rush. with the holiday weekend just5 hours neaway, holid shoppers are scrambling to get those lastho s minute gifts and travelers hitta the roads and skies to be with loved ones. ones. is there more to the storyoo after a youtube star claims hel was kicked off a flight for speaking a foreign language,gn l fellow passengers tell a different story. >> ♪♪ >> and a little girl with a big voice goes viral after her rendition of "hallelujah" captures the hearts of millions. the story behind this risingis fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5
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>> good morning to you. goo thank you very much ford ank joining usyo.u i'm wisdom martin.i' >> and i'm maureen umeh.nd i holly has the morning off. december 23rd is the day. d we have made to it friday and the big weekend is almosts here. >> mike thomas and erin como anm are here as well.e as weather and traffic coming upomg in just five minutes. >> who is that masked man behind mike thomas.behiike is that tucker barnes. >> that's an elf delivering toys or something. >> have to check in with bothtoi of them tore all thrn wiee of te in five minutes.utes. first let's get you caught up yt with the headlines. headlines. want to guilty get to thato guit breaking news as we check our ck top stories at 5:30. 5 this is out of italy.taly the suspect in this week's iis w deadly christmas market attack t in berlin is dead. d he was killed in a shootout with police in italy.taly the italian interior minister ms just finished a newsew conference in which he said itei is beyond the shadow of af doubt that the man killed inille that shootout is animes amriania the berlin suspect.uspe police in milan italy stoppedtop amri on the street for areor a routine check.e check it was about eight hours ago. ho they asked to see his i papers and that is when he he reportedly pulled a gun from
5:32 am
began. a police officer was h urt but ht but we understand that officer isanf going to be okay. amri rammed a truck into thato berlin market on monday.ony. 12 people were killed andled a about 50 others were injured. >> checking our other top stories d.c. police say twoay t cruisers involved in a southeast. this happened near martinar m luther king jr. elementary kinjr last night around. el 10:00.0:00 two officers were transportedrad to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries. both are expected to bree oatkaa no word yet on what led too that >> overseas again police in australia they say they'veve detained five suspects whoed fiv were planning a series of bomb attacks in melbourne on christmas day.s officials say the suspects were inspired by isis and thatb they planned attacks at the aksa city's train station cathedral e and an area with restaurantsuras and shops popular withith >> little rock, arkansas now, an where authorities say the mans h suspected of fatally shooting s a three-year-old boy in a road r rage incident has been heen arrested. police say gary holmes turnedar himself in late last night and according to officials holmesg o was charged in state court with murder. oarge police say
5:33 am
san king was riding with his grandmother when holmes openedno fire on their car because he thought she wasn't moving fasti enough. >> the christian mass rush is ch >> if you're flying, the lastine thing you want to do is getwantg held up in the security line. l. fox5's melanie alnwick is live at reagan national to look at what's going oren aagnd what you could possibly be posb doing to put you on t.s.a.'s t.s naughty list, right? right >> reporter: hey, good rey morning, guys. s are moving are mov pretty good here at reagan national as to be expected be e this early in the morning but this isni engxpected to be one n the busiest travel days for airline travelers probably outbl there on the roads, too, if i t had to take a guess and therend is some concern about thesehese storms in the midwest thatwest t might be holding up any flight i connections so maybe not fors ae people taking off here but here maybe if you are waiting toaitit come pick up people, good idea i to check and see whether thoseth flights are going to be b delayed because we're already seeing some delays in fill,ill, las ve
5:34 am
morning as well. wel but it's any other justt iter , notjust weather that can hold people up. t.s.a. checkpoint lines.t lines. t.s.a. just putting out theo warning to flyers to remind rem them of things they cannotth bring. take a look at some of thethe video they've showed us of things they had to confiscate.fc do we really have to tell youou that knives are a no-no. no-no they've had boxes and boxes of f knives including plastic esives. plastic nicely have to go ino in your checked back. check b anything that could look like ll a replica weapon.replicweapon. put it in your checked bag orba leave it at home even if it's i' a belt or piece of jewelry ifew it looks like al bullet ort knife it's probably going hold you up in that checkout line. l. other things people had big questions about wrapped gifts. yes, you can bring them butaboug tt.s.a. says it's not n encouraged. the officers may have to open mo them occasionally and they'll tl try to be careful with the withh paper but they say no guarantees. snow globes yes if they'relobe small enough to fit inside that same qu
5:35 am
plastic bag.. christmas crackers or poppers os no. no. leave them at home or buy themrt on the other side of your destination and e-cigarettes those have to be in your carry c on bags only t.s.a. saying that those lithium batteriesters could also catch fire.d also caf one of the things that t.s.a.s s is doing to be very proactive pc in the skies is they started a new twitter handle at ask t.s.a. people can take pictures, theys, can tweet t.s.a. and asknd direct question, can i bring bri this and we've had a couple of f interesting questions andst responses. we'll talk about those when we e come back a little bit lateritat on fox5 morning news. back to you guys.youuy >> mel thank you very much.h. mike thomas. t >> the wisdom martin, them mart maureen umeh. [laughter] >> hello. >> what's going on. >> looking good on this friday morning.>> w goo >> so are you dapper don orper mike. mi >> ready for the holidaydy f weekend. >> yeah, we're ready to go. no white christmas because theee it's all good.ll g >> that's fine.>> >> because it's christmastimet'i it can't be bad. b >> yesterday got really nice, n awfully warm.awfully warm. >>
5:36 am
i was like man, i don't needee my jacket. jket. >> just a little bit warmerar but i got no complaintsly.y. >> no. is it going to be warm like>> bl that today, tomorrow. >> no.>> n >> tomorrow. >> not as warm. >> okay, sunday. >> not terrible. >> okay, all right>>. nkay, a >> 50's for december.0's fodece >> okay. i need to know thousand dressho for church sunday. i need tofo get all prayed up.yd >> do you anyway. away. >> yes, do y >> you can never have too mouucm prayer, mike. prayer, mi >> i agree. >> satellite and radar here,lite lots of -- we need it, wisdom. o satellite and radar here. lots of clear skies to start tor the day. good amount of sunshine butunsht hey, look what's off to thet'f o west. melanie was just mentioninge wam how there's a storm systemere'am coming through heading upghdingu towards chicago, that's where we we could see some travelravel delays later on today. o tod i don't think they'll be it's not a blizzard heading in g that direction but certainly a t little bit of snow could causeld big problems in those locations. temperatures here locallyeocally right now 32 in washington.ashio gaithersburg chilly 25. westminster 28.8. leonardtown 30. fredericksburg, good morning,odg 26. it's 21 degrees in again, today not as warm as wm
5:37 am
in fact, about 10, 11 degreesee colder. 49 degrees for daytime high. h sun to start.sun sta clouds to finish. tomorrow first half of the day looks showery but we shouldbut get some clearing in lateat tomorrow afternoon whichonhich should set us up for a pretty ut good christmas day on sunday. s >> all right, that's thehe forecast. erin como has got the roads,, hopefully not too busy thisyhi friday morning. >> we're tracking breaking news out of centrevirelle rig tg now mike. 5:37.5: deadly crash investigationnv ordway road all northbound north nes s closed. right at compton road so compt caution there. it's right near t 28 so give yourself a few extra moments to get around.geto as you make your way out on metro maybe you're taking theint rails all rail lines on time one right now but here's what youbua need to know for the holiday weekend. tomorrow sunday and monday allda three days on a weekend schedule. service begins at 7:00 a.m. a.m tomorrow sunday as well asell a monday. mond so something to keep in mind. mn all rails again on time rightrih now. we'll let you know if and whenie that changes. let's take a live look outsideoi and show you what else you're y up against this morning. as you head out on the roadst os right now we're not seeing anyia slowdowns as you m
5:38 am
out on 395. we'll take a live look as we continue. keep it to fox5 news morning. >> ♪♪ be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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taste the many sides of brookside. smooth dark chocolate outside. exotic fruit flavor inside. brookside. for all your sides.
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>> ♪♪ >> all right, back now with anht update on the story, that's tha gone viral. gone v several passengers onir a deltal flight where a youtube startar was removed are disputing his claim. clai witnesses are claiming a much m different version of adamm saleh's story of what wentt down. some say they overheard salehal and his friend trying to antagonize people while theyiley filmed their reactions and the a that he was never on the he phone. phon delta says the two were w ejected because they sought to t disrupt the cabin withth provocative behavior. >> white texas police officer tx placed on restricted duty after this videoased e omen rgeh shows him wrestling a blackng ak woman to the ground befored befe arresting her and her twoer t teenaged daughters.aughrs the unidentified officer wasffir responding to a call about cl litter willing thingserilling escalated and is now the subject of an internaln inter investigation. the video went viral afterral ar being post to do >> final test results show an so experimental vaccine is highlygy effective. scientists have struggled too and vent a ebola vaccine the
5:42 am
canadian government isent is licensed by a u.s. governmentovt which is expected to seekto s approval next year.appr the ebola outbreak in westst africa killed more than 10,000n0 people. >> popular coffee chainar coffe spreading some holiday clearme y with a free drink.nk details next. n >> but first a holiday messagesh from a local service member overseas. >> ♪♪ ♪ >> hi. my name is annette sanders and i'm stationed here.oned i would like to miss my family i in arkansas, my family inn virginia a happy holidays. i love you all. mwah!
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
>> the suspect in the berlinus christmas market attack ispema deads .ad anis amri was killed in aed a shootout with police in milann l italy the shootout when happenedd when police stopped amri asked to see identification papersifpe and amri pulled out a.ut >> and police on the scene of of a deadly crash in fairfax fairf county on ordway road inoad centreville around 12:30 this2: morning. we understand one person wasd en killed when the vehicle rolledld overcoming -- after a sharp aha curve. we'll get you more details onais both of those breaking newsgew stories as details becomeom available. time right now though is 5:45. 5 let's get to mike thomas for aor check of your forecast. fecas good morni
5:46 am
we're checking your travelood ee forecast early thisl morning. m. airport alerts across the aoss country. guess what? not too muchuc ing o on. i did hear melanie say earlierar she's starting to see some s s delays out of los angeles butngb right now just reporting ror mostly cloudy skies, 56.lyud they could be dealing withng wih that some rain later.that some t chicago could have some snower. on the way so we'llcoul keep ou eye there.e there. how about that warmth in miami? 73 degrees, not bad. b up and down -- kind of closerwno to home heref just some cloudss starting to roll in butll in b weather very quiet.weatr ve no delays out there just not really expecting any to beob weather related but we'll keepee our eye on the airports here see what we can't find. holiday travel woes will bewoese mostly towards the great lakes region, chicago, detroit, somert snow showers. sho no blizzards, nothing thatzzar would shut the cities down but t could be some travel delays del kind of great lakes throughes t the south with some rain somra showers as we head into thatd ia kind of the center portion oforn the country maybe towards tar minneapolis just a couple light snowflakes again nothing that should cause anything too major. story is different farther to thed wcaesoot. diffethe w big storm system slamm
5:47 am
the pacific northwest later on this afternoon. r could bring some good rc ains to portland, seattle, maybele m some low level fog as well.s wel that could cause some travell yslays. that does extend through into i southern california so ifornia i you're traveling to los ts angeles, san diego, san francisco, definitely check chek your travel plans, check yourhey flights, make sure they're not reporting any delays laterays lr today. for now here in d.c..c 32 degrees. clouds coming across thisosth morning but we should start off way good amount ofway good o sunshine. wind chill down to 27. 2 just a light wind out of theoute south to start the day here. her bad news is we will not be ass warm as we were yesterday.teay we hit 60 here in washingtonasno yesterday afternoon. afterno high pressure has kind ofe h pushed that in through -- fromo- the great lakes over our neckt o of the woods keepingur us colds this morning.s t 'll start with a good amount of sun aun. we work our way into theinto th afternoon hours, more cloudsorcs roll in. we'll be rather seasonal today where we should be for december in the 40's later onsao this afternoon. holiday forecast, how aboutw abt christmas eve not looking toooo bad. temperatures in the 40's as santa comes to town.n. showers during saturday shouldyo end between 3 o'clocknd
5:48 am
5 o'clock so christmas eve night looks rather nice. christmas day 50 degrees, 50 ee pretty nice by christmastm standards here in washington.aso check your fox5 accuweatherccea forecast. 49 degrees for your daytime dtie high today. 51 for sunday.un that's a check of your forecast.reca erin como has glance i do.i taking a live look outsideut across the wilson bridge.ridg volume increasing a little bitab on the inner loop and outer i loop but not enoughnn tero cause any slowdowns through oxon hill or alexandria or nandalale. 395 it's a dream ride righte rig now past king street. in facttf from the beltway all the way up across the 14th streeth re bridge you're in great shape.. gw parkway quiet from spout frou run to the key bridge.ri aside from quiet interstates we are tracking a deadly crash investigation.investig this out in centreville on onen of our secondaries. ordway road northbound lanes lan
5:49 am
extra time to get around thatrot area in centreville f you're taking metro this morning allnil rails on time right now.ight as for your holiday weekend travel, saturday, sunday,unda monday they're operating on atio weekend schedule with serviceuli beginning a thece 7:00 back toa you maureen and wisdom. >> 5:49. let's take a look at thes take a stories you're engaging withyoug the most this morning onst thisn al mal media. >> i'm sorry, go ahead. >> all right. up lt up let's talk about etthis. t a jetblue passenger had to be removed from a flightligh yesterday after making some s angry comments to a fellowlo passenger ivanka trump. trump's oldest daughter was en route to hawaii for a vacationat with her family and wasily an w described by a passenger as remaining very calm andrym an repeating that she did notid want to cause a scene.ce >> here at home students attu the university of maryland maryn have released a list of 64 o demands that they say wills help make the campus more amenable to marginalizedli students. it's a collaborative effortffor between 25 studentbe organizations and the demandstin include a ban ons columbus day
5:50 am
beginning every on campus c event with acknowledgementwl that "this is indigenous land"sn and that african-american professors get tenure.ure. muslim students also want one w room in each of the campuses major buildings to be designated for prayer. pra ll rll right. also this morning the airlineire has announced it's changing its policy and will no longero r require medical professionalsssa tom present identificationific during in flight emergencies. ei they have launched inclusioned n training for delta employees dee rolled out to its "front linet n employees like flight attendants." >> a three-year-old boy who was in foster care for moreer ce than two years has finallywo yea been adopted and just in timen for and a picture of him takenimak right after the adoption adoio became official has since gone g viral. take a look at this. all right. you can see ittake there.he we don't need to be on. o show this happy little boy.eoy it's being called the beingal definition of happy by some.
5:51 am
picture you can definitely see whouy.ld lu ca he is all hands -- there you .o. >> yeah. that's cool. >> that makes me so happy. t >>kes again, this is what as christmas is all about. yeah. i weird in that i love theseat e stories. it also makes me sad when youhe think about all the other kids that don't have homes.av >> that's true.t's true. >> praying they have love and le comfort not just this time ofhio year but every day. >> yeahly. >> god bless you little man. happy christmas holiday season welcome to your new family. f >> rig right. 5:51 is the time. t it is crunch time for holidayoly shopping procrastinator who'stoh have just a matter of hours left to score their holidayol goodies. >> you might want to write want this down. if you're shopping for a young y one toys r us is keepingeeng stores opened for 39 hours straight.ra that starts at 6:00 a.m. morning. morn kohl's meantime kicked off itses round the clock shopping oning n tuesday and will be welcomingg customers day and night for 107 hours straight until 6:00nt0 p.m. tomorrow. wal-mart they're also opened and will close at 6:00 p.m. mo
5:52 am
some shoppers hitting thettng stores aren't really procrastinators though andstin they're actually managinge actul lytheir time pretty well they say. >> i fluffed fredericksburg, virginiaffed and i drive up here every day to work and ik and usually have to be here bye by 6 o'clock.o'clock. i leave earl to beat the traffic so i knew kohl's was opened today.od i figured i would swing by and w pick uoup a few things.hi >> that's his story and he'ss st sticking to it. bottom line folks the clock is ticking down so wrap up thatpha shopping and use your your time-wisely.meis get it all in there. if have had troubled trouble finding egg nog this holidayeggh season you're likely notyot alone. that's because there's a major shortage of the popular pop holiday drink.ri. producers just didn't maken't mk enough and underestimatedtimad demand. de who knew.whne one company that makes the the drink says its egg nog sales nog are actually up 60 percenten from last year. >> not an egg nog day. >> me either. can can keep n it.ot >>keep select starbucks stores e hostin
5:53 am
parties over the next 10 days.e customers can enjoy a free f tall hand crafted espressoed e drink. the events will be held at 100 starbucks in the united states every day from 1:00 p.m. to 2:00 p.m. locations they're ty'e going change every day.e every. customers can visitit participating starbucks storesrb and get a cheer card for discounts on drinks, food and other items. m man. whether you've had it up forp f weeks or you're waiting untiltil the last minute your christmas m tree helps drive our economicnoc engine. somewhere between 25 and 30 million trees are sold each wher treyear. that is according to the national christmas is tree association. and that does not include the t artificial variety.arty tree farms cover some 350,000 acres in the u.s. and employ tens of thousands of people. when you do buy your green youdb can feel good knowinguy you're send something greenback into our economy. eno >> powerful rendition of aerio music classic from a pint pint sized star going viral thisar morning. g take a listen.
5:54 am
>> ♪♪ >> wow. that is 10-year-old caylee rogers of ireland. of eland. she performed leonard cohen's "hallelujah" with her school sch choir. making it even sweeter even swer caylee's family says she has autism. the video has been shared sre hundreds of thousands of times m and deservedly show so. s she has a gorgeous mostlyous st sunny us. >> power of music.ic >> the company holiday card c can be kind of lame unless you work for the world champion chao chicago cubs. do it. [laughter] >> it says w, that's all you eded. oh, it's supposed to -- >> ♪♪ what do you say the cubs are going to win today ♪♪
5:55 am
>> go cubs go. hey chicago what do you say? s >> it's a little. ltl >> thanks to the newly retiredet david ross we got see the cubs awesome 2016 holiday cardolid which he called the coolest. cle the pop-up card went tout all tl cubs season ticket holders.olde wow, that's pretty impressive but the engraved bottle of bott swine probably reserved foror people on the cubs payroll.e cul >> if that went out to everyat season ticket holder, oh, boy. >> look, they got plenty ofy o money so that wouldn't be an issue. >> congrats chicago one more time. >> allats more right, mike. mik >> got you next year. yea >> there's always next year.lway >> maybe the last day of thedaye year by the way there we seey ts the bus stop fork. stop fork i know last day of school foroff many montgomery county lookingki at you later on this afternoon.te 25 to 37 degrees for the busr tu stop. stop. definitely bundle it up. up. after school still chilly.hi more clouds around as well. so, again, it's a jacket dayackd in late december here. d degrees. sun to clouds t
5:56 am
saturday rain for the firsthe f half of the day and especially e the morning hours through theing first half of the afternoon.thae by the evening hours i thinkrs we're clearing things out just in time for tan santa and foror sunday 50 degrees with a goodh g amount of sunshine soount osunso christmas day not looking too bad. kwanzaa starts monday,a y, 54 degrees with just a mix ofitm clouds and sun and then up ton p 60 we go on tuesday way chancehc of showers.we all right, that's a look at your forecast. forec erin como has the roads on this christmas eve eve. eve e >> that's right. it's 5:56 and off the top aop a few crashes to recorder. r 95 southbound in beltzville bytz powder mill road a new crashilrd in the outer loop on the tramp p westbound 50 another newbo crash.un we have been tracking thisewen breaking news out ofng news outf centreville a deadly crashy csh investigation closing theig northbound lanes ofatio ordway road at compton road.oa caution there.ion t red line keep in mind ifind you're taking the red line tomorrow on christmas eve,, single tracking from 8:00 p.m. p until closing between van ness and dupont cinirg cle so factorr in some extra time there. also keep in mind metroro holiday schedule for saturday sr through monday, service
5:57 am
right now all rail lines on rain time. if you want to take them toto te get around instead of thef roads and 95 northboundorth cruising from stafford keep itr to fox5 news fox5 nes we'll be right mor >> ♪♪ ♪♪
5:58 am
5:59 am
>> ♪♪ morning.s fox5 news >> straight ahead at 6:00 breaking news out of italy i this morning. morning. the suspect in this week'sspt it attack on a christmas marketasae in berlin is
6:00 am
and killed by police. pic the latest developments and video of the scene just coming n in. we'll have it straight ahead.he >> plus another busy travel t day on the roads and in the the air on this christmas eve eve. e we'll take a look at how a how things are running over atning t reagan national coming up. u >> christmas eve eve. e e >> christmas eve eve. e >> sure christmas eve eve. e a live look outside on this thi friday, december 23rd.ber 23rd. weather and traffic coming up on the 5s atand tr 6:05.5. happy friday everybody.verybody and good morning. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.i'm i welcome to fox s5te news mornini and guess technicallyhnly christmas eve eve morning.eve em >> christmas eve eve >> yeah. let's get to breaking niceakingn right off the top atright 6 o'clock. this coming out of europe.t urop the suspect in this week'sweek's deadly christmas market attackak in we are vin dead killed in a shootout with police in italy. a the interior minister saidtesa it's beyond a shadow of thehado doubt that the man killed in kie the at shootout is anis amri. a they asked to see i.d.


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