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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 23, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> first up at 7 o'clocklock breaking news overnight from f europe. the suspect in the berliner christmas market attack isack dead this morning.. how the week long manhunt camehu to a violent end just ahead. >> the holiday travel rush is in full swing and fox5 has itas covered this morning.orning. we're live showing you thelive lines at reagan national andnata bwi marshall. mshal we are check on dulles.nulles. everything you need to knowhingu before you head out the door.d . >> and if you're not traveling this morning, you mveight veryhv well be out shopping or are you? we're live at some ofme the stores that have beenes opened around the clock for t cr days and don't plan to closelo until tomorrow night but areorr the shoppers coming out? o >> they were out where i was that's for sure. live look outside though on tug this friday frirnin it's christmas eve eve december 23rd. weather and traffic coming upan on the 5s atd traf 7:05. 7 good friday to you.y you. i'm allison seymour.i'n >> and i'm steve chenevey. i welcome to fox5 news morning. mg while you slept we learnedel of major breaks news the suspect in the christmas chm market attack in berlin is bli dead killed in a shootout with police
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>> this happened several hours agoppen near a train station inn milan. mila maureen umeh has beenn monitoring the developmentsheop and joins us with the very the v latest. good morningism good morning. a lot hningisappening while we e slept. italian interior ministerinte holding a news conferencere hours ago where he says man killed with inn a shootout sotou with police 9 p.m. thursdaym. t our time is "without a shadow of a doubt anis amri thehe berlin terror attack suspect.use amri was reportedly stopped sto near a train station in theonn northern city of officials say he pulled out as p guuln without hesitation andiond started firing towardsowar officers who had stopped him who for ha routine identificationit check. italian media reports that t amri shouted god is great ingrt arabic during that fire fight. t he was shot and killed after a police returned gunfire.nfire. now one officer was hit and injured taken to the hospital hl and he underwent surgery is i that set toad have nonlife-threatening injuries.atn the 24-year-old tunisian amriea- is believed to be the driverolvb avenue truck that rammedha through a crowd of shoppers atcr a holiday market in berlin
7:02 am he has eluded capture since.. 12 people were killed, 48illed,4 others injured.ur amri was identified by hisy fingerprints which were foundts on the truck in berlin. agai wn thehi the i ttalian intr minister reporting that thehe berlin terror suspect has been shot and killed. allison and steve. >> maureen thank you very much a for that upday.that upday appreciate it. >> also breaking overseasea right now europe emergencyen operations under way at the airport in malta where two two highjackers threatening toteng blow up a commercial planep witha 188 passengers on board.. now that plane was diverted der from libya earlier thiserhi morning. state television is now ate tereporting that the highjaj are armed with hand grenadesd es so all flights in and out of malta are now canceled. canle we'll stay on top of this. of t we'll share the updates as a soon as they come in and downn d thunder in australia policeiaol say they detained fiveai suspects who were planning aeren series of bomb attacks inttks melbourne on christmas officials say the suspectse sus were inspired by isis andss planned attacks at the city's c train station cathedral and ann area with restaurants andtaurts shops popular with
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>> closer to home detectives hod in fairfax county on the scene of a suspicious death nearea springfield.springfield. our annie yu is live at the the scene with the very latestte now. now. annie. >> reporter: hey, good morning, steve and allison. rep this is jug,st ste tragic news r the family that lived here. fairfax county police tell use l they got the call shortlyl srt after 8 o'clock last night to nt this home behind me at the 6400 block of blarney stonerneyo court. this is in the springfield sprid area. it's that townhome with the wite kitchen lights on. you can see the ckirime tape asa well. no word on who called 911 or1 or hoop found the body of the man that was found dead insided ins here but you can see this is you still a very activeiv a number of officers are stilltl out here and they are out -- out they've been out herebeut h overnight so we're talkingking nearly 10 hours later. l they're making sure no one n comes close to the crimeo thcrim scene. they're waiting on the on t detectives to arrive andive continue processing this scene. the crime tape actually begins at the door there and then it t hugs around the two cars. c you can see that
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it's a taxicab and the silverve suv. i asked officers what the dealwd was and they couldn't tell usl u except that it's part of thet ot crime scene so they're still sti obviously working things out.hig there's a lot more questionsre o to this. we do know the victim has beenmn identified as a he had trauma to the upper upp body and officers tell us thatsa his body is now at the me's office for an autopsy toutsy determine the cause of death dea but right now fairfax countyou police calling this a suspicious death and furtherurth investigation being donen beinon today. they're also asking anyoneone with information to givetion toe fairfax county a call.irfax you can remainco anonymous. anoo that number is one-866 i've 411-tips.411-tips >> developing overnight in thegn district d.c. police say two sat police cruisers involved in as i crash in southea there's the result.s the sult happened near martin luther neat king jr. elementaryhe school s around 10 o'clock last night.lag two officers were transportedrad to the hospital with nonlife-threatening injuries.ret both are expecteend toing be oo no word
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that led to that crash.ra >> lease still trying to find erica grace morris.ri miss more vis 21 years old butld functions at the level of aevelo third she's been missing since 12:302: on police say that morris leftris l her family home but didn'tid tell anyone where she is going. she is familiar with public transportation. she frequents the rockville library the potomacequent libraa and the rockville metrole m station. if you've seen this woman herwor family and police read many really need to hear from you. >> 7:05 write now.:05 let's check in withwr tucker: e 60 degrees yesterday. a little taste springtime sprin almost. >> yes, withal a light breezehte outer there did feel likel l spring. cooler weather has moved n and a we're cold again. again we'll be in for a cooler butrut dry day. >> okay.>> o >> okay. >> uh-oh. >> something off your shawlr collar.ll very sharp. >> thank you.>> ly. >> if you're just tuning inst this jacket has been in jket ha tucker's family for two f t generations.
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grandfather's. >> i think that's so special.s o i wish i had something like that from my grandma that ima t could wear on tv.n t >> i don't know if i should beif wearing it on tv. >> yes, you should. >> 28 win chester. notice just about everybody with the exception if you're close to the bay below just exl freezing this morning.orng leonardtown good morning yougo i guys are 30 degrees.0 gr we are waking up with sunshine. should be a nice start to your to day but the clouds move in inn i pretty quick and we have a quic developing storm system acrosss central sections of the the country that will bring us brins rain showers the first half ofs tomorrow so the first half off tomorrow morning when you wakeoi up tomorrow we'll have rain showers around fororro tw he fif lf of f the day. we should dry out tomorrowout rw afternoon. i'll tell you more details oneto it. of course our big holidayoursr weekend forecast coming up butp milder temperatures, no whitete christmas this yearly.ea >> little rain ain't stoppinge a no christmasin show.ho >> uh-uh.>> >> keep it rolling. >> or beginning of>> k kwanzaa.z can't do it. >> right. >> is this velvet? what is it. >> i don't know.this vat is >> it looks soft. i'm going to let y
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>> steve can't touch.te can >> thank you. >> looks like there's a like e' little -- little >> not that i don't want it's that he won't let me.on't l >> well, you know, it's a beautifully made jacket in all seriousness but i don't knowt k the material here. >> we had a photo shoot of tuck interhis jacket allison. >> yes, ma'am.a' >> he posed over here. h kind of did the look away withdh the hat. >> he did. posti'll posto t-, i'll it in a little i i got my hat, too.oo >> he's going to walk with wk purpose in a little bit fore inl us, too.too. >> oh, yeah.h. like here comes santa claus. cus >> yes and guess what it'st i 49 degrees right today,egrees rt tucker. >> hey, hey, hey.ey, heey >> i'm just doing what they'reit telling me to do. right now metro update earlier i train malfunction at farragut fa west on the blue line.lue l residual delays to franconia-springfield so give yourself some extra timea-spriti there. earlier police investigationgatn at south capitol wrapped up. cap things getting back to normalo n on the orange and silver.e andil we'll keep you updated on that delay too franconia-springfield.anco taking a w
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area. there's a lot of green around the beltway. we are dealing with a crasha lo h a local c lanes bottom side of the beltway on the inner loop by lop 210 that's causing a minoring am delay but the good news is the typical morning congestionning c just isn't there from branchch avenue simply because not aot lot of folks outbound rightun now so atd 7:08 the good news is if you have last minute l errands to run or if you needr n to get out and about on your ony holiday travel plans or make o k to it work like we did this d ti morning volume is not aing volui problem on our roads.problem ona we areds dealing with a disabled vehicle northbound gw parkwayno blocking the shoulrthbder at the roosevelt look at all that green.reen. rows belt bridge key bridgeridg memorial bridge 50 inbound 66 ib i like what i'm seeing. s we'll keep you updated on yourr utmmute. things on 270 throughhr gaithersburg back to you steve andit allison. >> let's talk travel on aet bigger level.'s ter lev. christmas rush is here a lota lo of folks heading out of town out for the holidays and o that t means the airports are a busy acace. >> so, if you are flying the fle last thing you want to do isng get held up y in those peskyhose security lines. fox5's melanie alnwick is's meln live at reagan national with aia little good news and to puto you not on the
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naughty list. nobody wants to be there, mel.,m >> reporter: that's right.ig nobody wants to be naughtyeau list especially this close toist christmas.chstmas. the line we have seen heree ve e steve and allison has grown h g and it keeps building.d it keepd take a look right nowin.k ght it is going past -- these cueshe are completely full and the t line you see where there tree is, it's almost going back tong the t i think that's what travelerst'h need to anticipate.ipat that is why t.s.a. is tellings g people look you really do needo to give yourself a good twoootw hours to get through securityur and get onto your plane onlane time.. nobody wants to miss a flighttsh before the holidays, either.ts,. t, yes, this is where youou really want to be able to get tt through the security sur checkpoints as quickly as possible. t.s.a. is telling us some dos and don'ts.s tell d we'll show you sdoome video of f things that are absolutet don'ts, things they have hadthin to confiscate.scate. and whenever they have towhenev confiscate something that holds up the t.s.a. line youhe e got to negotiate, can i takeia this, can i not take it butcan look, weapons, knives,, anything that could bed conceived as a weapon or looks k
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either put it in your checkedoud bag or leave it at home.ome. even blast particular blades bls need to go into your checked bag or just leave them at home.or just couple of other q and a's. and . a lot of people have questions this year about wrapped gifts. f t.s.a. says, yes, you can bring them on wrapped but ited i is not occasionally t.s.a. securityally officers might have to open ae package.pack they say they will try to be careful with the paper but really they can't give any guarantees on that.ha snow globes remember that wasre a big deal a couple years ago. a now t.s.a. is saying yes, youa.i can bringng a small snow globe if it is small enough to fit inside of the same quartzame qur sized clear plastic bag thatag a you're putting all of your you other liquids. that's going to be a pretty prey small snow grown. g christmas poppers as peopleas pl call them that's just a no.t a don't even bother with thatith a and then e-cigarettes this is something relatively newrely t.s.a. says you can bring themrg in your carry on bags only. o not checked. only your carry on bec
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there is a risk that the tt lithium batteries in them canm catch fire and they'rend t answering all kinds of questions on at ask t.s.a. at.aa twitter. people can tweet them, can the c send a picture of an itemn it they're not sure about and t.s.a. will get back to them and letter them knowil rl eallyl good. so just double-check yourself. s also i didn't think about thisn steve and allison they say ifn f you're bringing a coat ort o jacket that you haven't worn h for awhile you might want toav o check all the pockets.pokets don't get caught unaware asware you're bringing your jacket jac through the t.s.a. line andh th suddenly they have to stope bring it back, taklye the jackec out, ask you about your item. y. so always checkhose pockets p and make sure you don't have anything in them that might in t have to be confiscated here athr the airport. back to you guys. >> t.s.a. precheck line this morning 'cause i know a lot more people. pr havg e 'csiaugnp recently, is that line movingt i faster than the regular line? l >> reporter: it is moving min faster, yes.ster, yes you're right. sometimes you come to the airport and thtiemes you prechi is longer than the regularhe line but i would say in this ins case precheck definitely isefin getting through a lot quickera i than the regular security s line. >> all right. good to know.
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national airport. airport will he led to bwi marshalle ler and take a looksh at what's w happening there because iting t looks like it's crowded ascra well. >> that's inside. >> yeah, it's the holiday holay rush/standstill at bwi marshall.rsha lines are long but this isare nt what it ishi. it hopefully everybody gets through in a timely fashidyon. s nobody's flights are canceled, e weather is g there's a lot to be thankful for that's right.fus you could be dealing with aea blizzard right now and notight t being able to get out of town. minor inconvenience get toconve where you want to go toyou nt t celebrate the holidays. >> ♪♪ >> if you need last minute last gifts we'll tell you whichwe'llu stores will stay opened around a the clock. >> first though a holidayirst to message from a service member overseas. >> ♪♪ >> my name is sergeant brian smith stationed in bagramioned a afghanistan born and raised inn baltimore maryland.boimormary love my ravens to death.ea love my team love my city. c shout out to my family tellil them i love them happy holidays. once again, goli ravens.s i support y'all the wholethe w season, the rest of
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>> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> who could not love this song through the cou holidays. d >> good who could not love that view. v >> do you think there areo yo pe
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here r their gamble on right now. >> oh, yeah airing guaranteeeah thou you. >> on christmas eve eve. e eve >> probably on christmas eve eve eve, christmas eve, christmas cs day. day. >> kwanzaa. >> yes. on the eve eve of the morning.oi >> time for confessions. >> okay. everybody settle in.ever >> tell us the story uncle tuck. >> steve mine self might have been gambling on easter mine ee sunday.nday >> that's too much.muc first of all -- >> really? >> we need to -- let's do this in private. to at's going on in theng on in t weather. >> oh, okay. forget that.forget t >> you don't remember there part, steve? don'te? >> okay. day on eastern eas sunday but there was a periodutt where we might have hadhe a few hands-on easter sunday. >> i don't feel good about it. that's why i confessed. fee. >> okay, everybody heard that.dd >> let's go to the forecast. fes steve made me do that. t >> do you feel better now oru fe worse. >> i felt better because ibett confessed to it but i feelto ib worse because i feel likeik you're judging're judginm >> this is ae. no judgment zoneo >> okay. 32 in washington.hi
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steve got very quiet in an hurry. hu 23 in casper. cpe coldest of air rocky mountainout states. in addition to the coldhe temperatures they had a lot ofes snow in places like t colorado r and utah over the next 24 to ne 48 hours.48 hours. if you're going out thereou'r perhaps for a ski trip, you are going to be loving it. be li for us we'll cloud it up. cloud we'll keep it dry today but tay later tonight and earlynd e tomorrow morning we'll have a h period rain showers. see the developing rain and snow across central sectionsries of the countrys .he c we'll get a period of rainouperr around here tomorrow morningrowg and it should be out of here ofe by tomorrow afternoon. t if you'reom traveling today, tod maine to florida you look frida great. let me just quickly spingrea ju around the country here.quicklyr a few light snow showers outhowo towards chicago and detroit. deo that won't abbig deal.'tig d less than an inch of snow of snw expected there. i want to mention the rockyion c mountain states and out along the west coast there's likely lk to be some travel delays san francisco l.a. seattle portland.rt couple inches of rain there and mountain snows.ta 12 to 18-inches i think up near lake tahoe. tah lots of snow out west. >> lake tahoe is a place i pce want to go to.
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>> beautiful. 't e don't even know if they were there but --ven know i >> seems lf ikthewehere it. i oe? ahoe? okay. >> i'll have the seven day inend just a bit. >> i've never been.ju >> good a>> i'v morning. mni >> and the hat on tucker.uc >> next level, next level.evel. >> its like his altar ego.go. >> uh-huh. >> right now taking a look atoo skyfox you can see a view of mgm down by flag hash and the inner loop. police activity in the distance blocking its right shoulder and right lanelice bce5 you're jammed up to 210 so watch out for a little bit oftlf a slow down but overall let melt show you a look at the maples. m dooling with some metro slowdowns on the blue line. earlier train malfunction at farragut west. wes residual delays toalelay franconia-springfield butco other than that your friday morning commute for the evenia-f christmas eve hanukkah andh kwanzaa weekends looking nice.ic 50 through cheverly quiet. delay free on 295.dela rarely do i get to say that at 7:18 in there morning.orng 395 inbound at speed the stretch. 66 cruising. problem free on the way to dulles reagan national andm frnd
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back to you. >> two words that don't alwaysdw go together, happy traffic. trai thanks erin. you make it happier. hpi >> two days to go until christmas. still a lot of shoppers trying get last minute gifts. >> some stores are looking outor for these procrastinators outnao there. i'll includes myself. m offering round the clockring shopping for those who are now w down to the wire. w bob barnard is live at the the kohl's in springfield withfieldi details.deta do i have a couple of thingsouot for you to pick up for me.or m >> reporter: good morning. >> reporter: allison let meortem know. there are a lot of things on sale at this kohl's store in springfield.eld. you too steve let me know.e me k they've been opened 24 hoursned4 sie tutuesday. they're opened this morning and aren't closing untilen'tlosg 6 o'clock tomorrow night. nht so, you've got plenty of timefim if it's too late to do any online shopping get out ofet o your home and come here. look, i didn't know taylordi swift made her own perfume. for like $30 a nice taylorylor swift perfume. perfu this sweater is likethis swe 40 percent off. i don't know why indira isa she picked this up and you cannu get
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$22.2. how about a $99 t-, really a hundred dollars keurig we could use some of in thisse i morning. shopping early this morning is jennifer aar blyills f good morning jnife >> go buffalo. good morning. >> reporter: why are you out stetillr: on onho is your list? what are youou doing. >> pretty much everybody. last minute shopping.pp i love kohl's but i found out fd they were opened 24 hours ande p then they had the coupon in the paper so i figured why noten run out while there's nobodyod here so less stress. less stres. >> reporter: i think thisep year obviouslyorte online shoppn blew everything away.blew e did you do someve onlinenl shopping as well.ngs well >> normally i'm a big fan off cyber monday but this yearea just procrastination so i love v kohl's sewn i'll knock everybody out in one spot.ody oe >> reporter: good move andter:ma it is quiet this morning.t th thank you jennifer very much. m >> merry christmas.erry >> reporter: merry christmas c to you. we spoke to a nother woman she w said she had done a lot ofad doo early shopping for hir h six-year-old and realized sheldr hadn't shopped for anyonenyon else. she was herehi
7:21 am
i don't know guys if you want taylors he lasknow g swift perft said or jeans let me know and a i'll round some things up for up you and bring them back to the station. >> i'm on the kohl's web site now because i'm looking for something and i'lln the ca letuu know. >> there you go. g >> true story. >> reporter: please do. repor>> okay. ne good news if you're trying get around forwsf ubeyou'r andf rider there is maryland.e is man we talked about the rideid sharing companies possibly possl leaving the state.ate looks like they'll stay put. >> this comeske after s ttatefta regulators decide there theyrs r will not force companies toompai fingerprint all the drivers.t ar that's, you know, mixed message. i don't know how do you feel about that? let us know. hit us up on outer loop socialki media. uber previously said it wouldidw pull out of maryland if the the fingerprint identification wasi required or the backgroundroun checks with the fingerprints. the state's public serviceh thbi commission did however makesion some chang des some of those include yearly rescreeningseeng written certifications ofrtifitn their driver's identities and alerting regulators to anyo any changes in their backgroundsacko check process. officials say uber and lyftals d
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requirements but again no again fingerprints allll right. >> that story changed pretty ptt quickly. >> sure did. well, we have learned the, keywe h update overnight in traa road rage incident that left ait three-year-old passenger dead. there and other headlines whenie we come back. bac >> first though a holidayir message from a servicest t membr overseas. >> ♪♪ >> captain sean fry tag fromn f afghanistan just want to say way happy holidays to friends and family back in annapolis aap maryland. i love you guys. wish i could be there withthereh you. but hope you guys have a great daliday. >> ♪♪ >> see more greeting from ourgru troops at
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my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
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>> ♪♪ >> back now at 7:25. little rock arkansas authorities say the man b suspected of fatally shootingace a three-year-old boy in a road r rage incident has beenntas b arrested. police say gary holmes turned himself in late last night. garn the tighree-year-old boy wasas riding with his grandmotherndmo last weekend when police sayay that holmes opened fire onire o their car because he thought thg she wasn't driving fastt enough.ou >> in syria the government there has taken full controll co of aleppo for the first timeime in four years. the last convoy filled withfiedw civilians and rebels left the le ancient city yesterday. major victory for presidentdent bashir al-assad an major turning point in the syrian
7:26 am
civil. >> ♪♪ >> capitol dome right now.ol hey tuck good morning. >> hey guys. orod morni nice sunrise out there. it's a little cool.oo temperature overnight falling fl back to freezing in the city. 32 degrees now with a wind chill of 27.of7. it will be a cooler day today dy upper 40's to about 50 foror daytime highs with a little a le sun here to start the day.he d we'll get more clouds thisloudth afternoon. you can see the clouds out to the west and we will get somee s clouds in here a little later lt today. rain showers, we have those havo too in the forecast. fecas they'll get in here earlyt iner tomorrow morning.morr the good news isow a, it will bb all liquid because a lot of lot people are traveling and bng a here it should be out of here oe by early afternoon so we'llo 'l get a chance to dry out inut in time for santa's deliverieseliv late saturday night early ely sunday morning we have clear wer skies so hopefully theully reindeer will be able to make the -- their rounds without w any weather issues here early er sunday morning. morni there's your seven day.ay again some rain showers for hanukkah and christmas rs then weas g eet it out of here i time for a nice christmas day.ay all right, seven day,
7:27 am
next tuesday. tuesday >> is that christmas green on gn your map.ur map >> yes, as a matter of fact it is. 7:26 m heyat tt ucitker come he. want you to stand in front ofo t it because i feel like with theanse i f jacket -- oh look we over at mgm national harbor har with skyfox. >> i can't go back'tba >> hold on. i'll show the anger levelevel tucker was feeling sitting intig traffic on the night that mgmham opened is not the case thiscasts morning. traffic is really light.c is rei inner loop is dealing with a is crash blocking the right rht shoulder part of the rightight lane.. that's out by 295.29 minor delays back to 210. t21 i swear it's not that dark thatk outside so we'll take a look a o ur mur maps. now come back here tucker. tuck. stand in front of this screen sr map because the beltway has no slowdowns on the top side through college park. par clara barton cabin john alll fine. fine. keep it to fox5 news morning.oxs back in a few. f. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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z27zrz zi0z y27zry yi0y
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z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y >> the suspect in the berlinpect christmas market attack is dead. more on what led to tethe a shot with police. pole. and some good news in the fight against i bowl la. ?l? take look at our top ourop stories. thank you very much, steve. it is 7:30 rightu very now. developing overnight, locallyaly detectives in fairfax county ont the scene of suspicious death near
7:31 am
they were first call to the scene at around 8:15 last nightt they found a man suffering fromo trauma to his upper body. and developing overnight,igt d.c. police say two of its i cruisers were involved in a crash in southeast. this happened near martyr lutheu king, jr., elementary schoolch around 10:00 last night. look at that picture. man, serious crash right there.e two officers were taken to the hospital.spit. fortunately, they have non-lifef threatening injuries.njuries. both expected to be okay.d to ba no word on what led to this crash. ♪♪ al let's get back to breakingg news. ws massive manhunt the person whosn carried out the deadly attack in berlin is now dead.d. fox's garrett tenney joins us js live with more this morning.orn. good morning.od mor >> reporter: steve g morning g r to you. to german officials are still sll awaiting official confirmationoi that their suspect 24-year-old anis armory has been shot andnd killed but at a press conference this morning italy's interior minister has no doubt this was their guy.
7:32 am
ende d ihunnt milan it until thee am shootout.oout. italian news agency say police c on routine patrol in milann mil neighborhood asked a man for id who then pulled out a gun fromro his backpack, shots were fired,, a policeman was injured, and the gunman was killed. >> after a number of inquiriesue were made under these t circumstances without any shadoi ofth a doubt anis amri the t presumed suspect of the ofhe terrorist attack in berlin. >> reporter: meanwhile more m than 600 miles from berlinn earlier this week amri allegedld drove a truck scene on the leftt side of the screen directly into a crowded christmas shoppinghopp market killing 12 people and ped injuring vick others. immediately following the attack, amri vanished without wt trace except for hisis fingerprints which were enough to spark international manhuntht across the continent of europe
7:33 am
police combed through berlin ass well raiding a mosque where amri was seen on surveillance camerar rah both before and after thefte attack. >> that was just a shorth distance from the market which reopened thursday and where a a candlelit memorial began to takk shape and where visitors left l handwritten tributes for thefo t victims. >> italian officials have alsofl told us that the police officerc who was shot confronting amri is in stable condition and is i expected to be okay. investigators meanwhile are noww trying to determine what contacts, if any, amri had in i milan and how it is that heha managed to make his way there from berlin with this international manhunt that was w underway for him. him steve? garrett, thanks.t, thanks. a lot of questions still too be answered no doubt about it.t border crossings, et cetera, but suspect again is dead this morning. >> all right. right. >> talk about donald trump.ab president-elect raising somouetm questions and raise somethinge n fears this morning in a tweet ae donald trump call on the unitedd states to expand its nuclear
7:34 am
now that has not been u.s.n.s policy in some 40 years. >> his comments followed aollowa similar one by russian presideni vladimir putin about his ownbo o country's nuclear ambitions ambo asked about the tweet trump spokesperson said that trump waw referring to the threat of nuclear proliferation andon a critical need to prevent i we should say we're showing swig president jimmy carter becauserc he is the only living presidente to at least rsvp for the t inauguration of donald trump trp next month. meanwhile president-electntt donald trump has picked who hedh wants to be the next white house press secretary.ry. it's sean spicer the former rnc communications director on fox f fuse last night he toll thet nit kelly file he believes news new administration will still hold d daily press ♪♪ >> good news this morning in tht fight against i bowl la.l la final test results show anw experimental vaccine is in factf highly effective.tive scientists struggled to developp ebola vaccine and this is the it first one proven to work.or th
7:35 am
canadian government and it is ai now licensed by a u.s. company a which is expected to seek approval. recent outbreak in west africatc killed more than 10,000 people.. doctors seeing more people p in the emergency room because of yoga injuries. researchers say between 2001 and 2014 almost 30,000 americansns visited er's for yoga relateded sprains, fractures, other injuries.ines sprain joints and muscle straina accounted for nearly half of tht injuries. >> you hate to see anybody get g hurt it makes sense because ofaf the explosion of the popular ofr yoga in the past couple o years. >> we got to warn erin when it's her tarimn she's our yoga -- yogi. y >> yoga makes you do things, yoy know, you aren't natural atur a least to my body. by. >> right. >> you know what i mean? >> i can't really imagine kno yu doing it.doin it. >> i tried. >> i tried tight. i don't have the patience for it.>>ve the that's sad.for >> i feel -- at>> i feel >> it's supposed to give you th- patience. ed t >> i know. it's sad. it >> i feel like it would make yoe
7:36 am
it. >> i know. hing.ching out. >> we got weather.eaer cold temperatures moved in med i overnight or cooler temperaturee moved in overnight it's nott' bitter cold out colout. 32 now in washington.hingn. 30 in pittsburgh. 24 up in detroit. hey if you're traveling today,o, maine to florida up and down 95 we're in good shape here. h we are going to have clouds movs in today but keep it dry. so the roads will be dry localll this afternoon.. see the snow showers and thehowt rain out towards st. louis thatu will move in late tonight earlyr tomorrow morning.rrow we are going to have a period oo rain the first half of saturday. christmas eve hanukkah, and a we'll get it out of here, we'll' dry out tomorrow we'll keep it cloudy tomorrowomr afternoon but sunshine returns r for christmas day.s d. chilly out there this afternoono 49 in washington.ngto 50 manassas, hey, manassas,s, thank you for tweeting m. i know you guys are missing your temperature gauge. we're trying to get that picked. national weather service has tor go down there and fi sx that.ha that's inside baseball for our r friends in manassas.s. erin has got roads. >> nam asta.sta. >> this is my favorite christmas song
7:37 am
>> spare you from my singing.myg >> yesterday i saw video of mariah carey at home singingingi this song that was being playedd in the background.d. >> i love mariah carey. carey >> love that song. son it makes me happy.. >> i love everything about it. >> diamonds an fur on i'm sure.r >> i deserve this hat becauseve this hat makesbe me feel special and this song makes me feelel special. >> you look good in that hat.k o >> i feel excited i about liveuv right now. n. i hope it doesn't mess up my m hair. >> how about traffic?bout tffic? >> all right. fine. can i just sit here and pose in thean hat? hat? >> traffic is moving along just fine little bit of inner loop lo delay because of a crash by 295 backed to 210 but just aboutbo five minute delay. minute delay outer loop looking real good.. we'll take another look outside. wow! 270 wide open as you make k your way down from 70 to the toe spur. as we forward through i can say smooth sailing, wide open all o green all good. delay free on the outer loop loo through college park by newy new hampshire.ha i like what i'm seeing on 66 by
7:38 am
i have to problems in a little dark view of the bridgg but the 14th street bridge iss cruising we're at speed theee t entire stretch of 395. 3 and then as you make your wayouy out take a look at this.s. we're not seeing any issues iue either out by fairfax countyy parkway.wa so i like what i'm seeing on 95o as w i don't think you'll getting gti this hat back many back to youau guys. gu >> do you look cute knit. you should keep it. you wore it best. bes >> california pump the brakes oe uber self-driving cars. now another state is welcomingei them with open arms. >> erin by a landslide.dsde >> are you an eggnog person. >> i am, i love eggnog. >> if your supply is running low you might be in trouble.t be itu you might be having a hard time finding it.finding i we'll tell you why next.ext. ♪♪
7:39 am
7:40 am
7:41 am
>> this is one of my favorites. santa claus is coming to one o w >> i love it, too. >> how can you not, right. rig >> yeah. >> 7:41. we agree on that's that's g >> we agree on a lot, stevereat. >> live pictures of colts in springfield which will be open b through christmas.e throug if you need lash t minute giftse that's one location for you.for >> i need it in my life. in m l i don't need it as a gift.if >> bob got it -- bob barnard goa it for you it's technically a gift.ft. >> 7:41. bob barnard is out there
7:42 am
volkswagen reaching a deal inchl its emission scandal.nd the deal is a compensation agreement with lawyerswith lrs representing owners of 80,000 8 vehicles.vehicles. it's seen as key hurdle in resolving the volkswagengen debacle. debacle. the amount of owner compensations not clear.le but it was not part of an earlier 1 billion-dollar-dollar settlement. more money. >> after calif ornia pump theap brakes on uber self-driving carr they are now sending them to tht arizona.a the state's governor on twittert said arizona welcomes uberr self-driving cars with open arms and wide open roads. rds california officials shut downi uber self-driving cars project p in the state because of the lack of property dmv permits. permi if you had trouble finding i eggnog this holiday season, well there's a major shortage of the holiday drink.darink according to the wall street str journal companies did not makeos enough and they underestimatedea the demand.thdemand one company that make the drinkk says its eggnog sales aresa a actually up 60% from last year.y >> because of the doubters.oubt. it's
7:43 am
eggnog we're here for you, eggnog. starting today selectartingt starbucks stores are hostingstoi 1,000 pop-up tear parties overve the neck 10 days.ay customers can enjoy a few tall hand crafted espresso drink. d the event will be held at one hun starbucks in the u.s. everye day from one to two pom.wo locations will change every dayy customers can visitisit participating starbucks starsin and get a cheer card foror discounts on drinks, food andoo other items, but how do you know -- >> what pop ups. u >> you have to be in there and e hope for the best. theest. >> starbucks gives us a little l heads up so we know where to got >> kevin joins us next. he chats with the stars of the t hidden figures.dden f he loves that music.he l >> i know i'mov going to lift,l, too. >> first thoughing a holidaytoha message from a service member me overseas.. ♪♪ >> season greetings carl smithtl from bagram airfield afghanistan. i just want to wish all myish m family and friends fromen fro frederick, maryland a happy hap ho
7:44 am
7:45 am
7:46 am
my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant. >> back now at 7:46.>> b we want to remind you somethingt special that's happening today.y okay.. you guys seriously you got to t watch today. we are teaming up with sal vagug army and eastern automotive toot make localo families christmas m much brighter. >> fantastic.>> f >> please watch us duringase tc 10:00 o'clock. 10:00 o'cl
7:47 am
surprise and as you see thisee video if you see bell ringers re out there the next two days droo a little something in theng i bucket. donations are down. not a lot of us cardoryna cash.. >> that's big part of it. >> you know, they take checks,he too. >> not a lot of us do checks ana more e >> there you go. tle -- onenehave a lit of those square --que >> yes. >> strike things. what do you call it?>>call i >> um-hmm.. >> thanks to all those hard-working volunteers.un i ran into one the other day.erd >> they're amazing.hey'rezing. >> they still do fantastic job.j support them and it all goes tot a good salvation army keeps the kee the donations in the air which isinh great.t >> big surprise at 10:30. 10:30. please watch. wat >> looking forward to it.. >> ♪♪ >> what's going on, santa.t' >> it's that time.s s that tim naughty santa. >> naughty santa?ta >> yeah. >> not like tiger woods naughtyy santa. >> did you see that? >> yes, i did. d>> >> who is your friend overriend there. >> santa needs a helper. >> okay.>> >> where is my camera when ierei need ne
7:48 am
>> why do i feel like the show s little bit off the rails today.y >> we're wearing light upri ligu christmas light necklace.klac do the spin. do twirl it t out. out twirl it out.ut >> my turn. i'm going to spin. ♪♪ >> then i'll walk off and let dd you the traffic or the weather.r >> i do weather. >> all right.ll rig that was a choreographed routinr we didn't even practice.raice. >> bring erin back.ringn ba bring erin >> sun to clouds this afternoonn showers first half of saturday.r they'll be out of here by saturday afternoon i think we'l' keep the clouds around. unfortunately, because i know ak lot of shreds santa will be b delivering sleds this year nos r white christmas for us this yeas as temperatures will be too milm around here.ounder we might be 60 again we hit 60 yesterday.y might hit 60 early next week ass well. nurrent numbers, 32 in washington.wash got colder overnight. after nice warmup yesterday.te 31 dulles.uls 28 quantico.o. 32 in leonardtown.. 34 in annapolis.apis mid to upper 40 today's anday a mostly cloudy by afternoon you r can see the clouds quickly quick movi i
7:49 am
there's a storm system whichm w will take the bulk of its energy up into the great lakes but drag a period of rain showers througu here again i think afternk a midnight tonight probably four,f five, 6:00 o'clock tomorrow morning start to get just rain s showers across the area.acss th. you'll see that on future cast.. temperatures will be too warm tr support any ice like we had last weekend. tomorrow morning at 8:00, rainai shower threat through early afternoon we'll get it out ofuto here again we should have clearing skies so rudolph will w not need to have his knows so ko bright as we'll have nice clearc conditions out there.ut t >> he'll need it for other parts of the world but around par here clear conditions christmas day.. 50 degrees and quick look atck t that seven seven we keep it mild into early next week. week. colder air gets in here in timet for new year's weekend buteekend several days next week 50 tossto near 60.near 60. >> okay, erin. >> night turn.>> >> looking good in the hat. g >> thank you.oo you. >> whoo! w >> ♪♪ >> makes me want to >> whose song is this? >> are we doing any work today
7:50 am
i don't have much traffic toha talk about rightve now.. um, i don't know.don't kno any time i put a santa hat on and glow lights it's like all kind of common sense goes outnso the door.. >> maryland commute 95bw parkway and 270 all green all good. g if you're headed to bwi gettingg out of town to enjoy the holiday weekend traffic won't slow you don't same story to reagan r national and andles a look at frederick enjoy thisnt ride if you're headed to work tk this friday we don't have any hy slow downs in gaithersburg orrsb rockville. i love what i'm seeing 295 southbound 50 to the 11thnd 50 e street bridge. through cheverly 50 inbound is i looking great. gat. no problems in annapolis.nnol we're not seeing any slow downsd on suitland parkway,ay, pennsylvania avenue.sylvania avu things are moving along justongj fine and southern maryland asyla well. inner loop is now delay freeayre branch avenue to the wilson bridge. earlier crash by 295 did clear. metro all rails on time right now. light volume in southern souer maryland and fort washington wai clinton as well as brandywine.i. problem free in rosaryville andd then take look in
7:51 am
right now coming up to and fromm richmond traffic is quite i q through stafford no delays on 95. 95 i mean it's just a very niceyic commute so if you're trying toen run last minute errands, tryingy to start your holiday traveltra plans or just get to work hey,k enjoy this friday morning. mni allison and steve.. the season of giving is well underway and one local group isg doing it in a major way. >> lethe left generous tip for a waiter totaling about $1,000. $0 the group tip bombs server inr n northern virginia each yearh yea during the holidays. this year melvin mack land was d the lucky recipient workingng lunch shift atco calypso sportss tavern in reston he got the t surprise.surp. a pile of cash totaling 1,000 and $40.40. >> yes. >> wow! these people are very generous. >> i lost count at 600.00 >> they're in the holidayn holi spirit. i'll tell you that much. t i don't know what to say. say speechless, man. i'm just thankful.i'm just than. thank you.than
7:52 am
>> the so-called tip bombersombe have pull this off for 13 years now. but they stay anonymous and thet want to keep it that way. way. >> love that story.. >> nice showing of support.g oft right. >> yeah. >> the movie hidden figuresn s comes out on christmas day. >> so it's an incredible truelee story. y. three african-american women wen working at nasa and served theee brains mind one our nation's great at the time a accomplishment.nt. launching atrophy naught johnn glenn into orbit. our kevin mccarthy got to chat a with kevin costner and jim a j parsons why this story has beene hidden for so long.dden f. check it out. >> whaect does that mean for you in the sense o ff like i felt bd for not knowing about it. abo >> you can feel bad for it or bb thrilled that you do now know k about it. i mean -- um, upping, you canou hate history glass or class givv me more, give me more, give me more. more i think our emphasis in schoolss really a lot on science and a lot on math, and i just thinkt t there's very few people that
7:53 am
emphasis should be placed on but i think our history when we lose it or lose track of it is realla a bigger crime. yeah.h. i would say i felt shocked and a kind of to your point tiny bit always irritating when you feel like i've been told the story but not quite not quiet all the facts.ts not quite completely honestly.. and it just seems -- it's hards to figure out the reasoning for that's correrect you know, it'si hard to put yourself in thein t shoes of why part of the story was left out.was ft o >> why would you leave -- inn movie language why would youhy w leave the best part. this young gal does the math. mt why would that not occur tellinr the story you'd want that out o there? there? >> yeah. i've been watching all my life,e mr. costner, and to be across as from you is an honor you made sd many important films, and youou directed so many great films ass well, this is a film to me thata i'm just so happy that i've beeb able to see, that i'm able to bb a part of and talk to you abouto it. do you have other film
7:54 am
film gravy that you think feelnk reached a level of importanceorc personal follow that you feel this important to you? >> i different.ifferere >> different reasons. >> you know, i mean, field ofieo dreams was a movie that hadt something and, you know, dancinn with wolves was a historic --to- >> i'm going i'm proud of the devil to beo b working with you. >> did it in a way everybodydy identifies with.fies wit you know, hidden figures comesrs along and it does exactly what a movies can do. d we don't see it we walk -- we're in the dark ana we go, you're thrilled there's -- it's set against civil rights movement.emen set against being oh pref in thi workplace and we walk out anduta we're kind of thrilled, youilley know, we see littletl eight-year-old girl just below a room away, you know, she goes us to the chalkboard.
7:55 am
e's toucuched. she's gifted, and shame on us ii we don't let the touched and gifted people in our society get to the top.. >> i cried like a little baby ab the end. >> kevin -- >> still going. >> i'm in love with kevin k costner right now. r he's the best.he >> he takes his passion and heah really gets it to come across os the screen and he's -- we hads a the chance to talk to himtalk hm before. he's not afraid if the movie afi does not have the commercialomrc success if it's something heif i feels is very important to puten out there.. >> using his power.. >> yup. >> this one looks like it wille do both.lo kevin ldooves it. he says it's a great film we'llw find out more from him for a a little more about it. i >> i apologize i was doing thisi looking at all the info.o >> time for facebook fan of thee day.y. how fess seive you are april. >> yay! >> loves the whole fox5 crew culture.culte. holiday sweater and we agree and we love it we t love you back. b for your chance to be our next o fan of the day, leave a commentm below april's photo on our facebook page. pe >> if only april was here to war take picture with tucker barnese right now that would be
7:56 am
photo. 't i can't compete with that. >> i don't kno cwom.on'tnow i think the two of you togethere would look pretty >> there you go.ouo. steve, just add on what you saii about kevin costner, i mean youy got a good example in water w world.rl like he went for it --went for >> i don't know if he was that passionate about that film. >> how about postman? pan >> 32 now in washington. whingto >> there's always one,, >> there is. my kids say the seymour sigh.h >> winds out of the south at at the hat making me say thesehe [ laughter ] >> all we got cloud cover out to theutt west i will be mostly cloudy today. but we'll keep it dry.t 'll keer the rain will get in here ier overnight and early tomorrow tom morning. we'll have showers around tomorrow morning you can see those developing butl ha avell d going to be too warm to getm get any -- i wish we can get snow is here in time for christmas daytm it looks like just rain showersn first half of the tomorrow and we'll dry it outth tomorrowomro afternoon there's a look at the seven day. mild the next couple of days.f . 49 today. t little cooler than yesterdoday.e >> erin is back with roadways.oy >> let's take a look at alookt beautiful clear area.. little bit of congestion leftf n over on the inner loop bottomtom side of the bell way throughhrou
7:57 am
your way from 210 to the wilsonn bridge. other than that 270 wide opendeo the entire stretch from 70 downw to the spur.pu very light volume south andth northbound if you're headed h towards deep creek to start youy way its get away.y itaway things in college park on the outer loop looking very nice.pan this is out by new hampshire avenue from 95 over tor to connecticut look at that i meanm i never get to see roads this ts quiet coming up on 8:00 o'clockl things are quiet on alln all stretches of the beltway and 666 keep it to fox5 news morning.s i back in a few.ew. ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
>> ♪♪ rain is on the way as we we take live look outside.ut your holiday forecast straightth ahead with weather and traffic f on the 5's.'s good friday morning to you.ou. happy christmas eve i'm allison seymour. >> i'm steve schenn z thanks foa joining us this morning. morni. >> it's 8:00 a.m. on this friday, december 23rd.mber 2 here's what's on the fox5 news morning menu. >> week long manhunt for the t berlin market attacker endedck d overnight. the suspect was shot and killed. we'll tell where you he was wheu found, though, here's a clue. it was far from berlin.erli that story is all the violence taking laca we bring you just a little piece this morning archbishop ofp o washington cardinal donaldald worrell joins us in studioo meanwhile fox5 melanie alnwick n is keeping an eye on the holiday travel rush.avel let's get to mel good morning. >> reporter: yes it is one ofs e the busiest travel
8:01 am
year here at airport and it a i could be on the roads as i'm going to tell you what houru today you do not want to be ono the roads. steve? >> we'll check in with mel in couple of minutes.heck icoup ofu thieves help themselves tos t holiday deliveries busted by police.po now dozens of stolen packages pa are being returned to their rightful owners just in the nick of first though 8:00 o'clock, we do want to get major breakinn news we'll start overseas.vers suspect in the berlin christmasm market attack is dead. anis amri was killed in shoot out in police not in germany but in milan italy overnight.ig shoot out happened when policenc on patrol stopped amri asking tg see his id he then pull out gun. >> police in australia say theye have detained five suspect who't were planning a series off bombings in melbourne onn christmas day.ristmas day. officials say the suspects werew inspired by isis.s they planned the attack of thekt train station, the cathedral and an area with restaurants, shops and all that popular withh toists.s.
8:02 am
europe emergency operationsraons underway at the airport on there island nation of malta highlighted there just off the e italian coast. two highjackers threatening totg blow up a commercial plane withh 18 people on board including 111 passengers that plane wasplane a diverted from libya earlier this morning. there are reports that thee rets highjackers are armed with handh grenades the aircraft's enginesn are still running on the tarmac all flights in and out of maltal have been canceled. just news of the day reminds us there's so much tension and stress and fear and strive ine the world. the worl >> it is certainly been an emotional year fd.or cer from politics to police involvee violence to disasters so as we e come upon the christmas season a now many are looking for aor little bit of hope. we are find something thiss morning.rng. cardinal donald world the archbishop of the catholice cahi diocese of washington g to see i was again.was thank you for joining.u for jni >> thank you steve and allison.s it's good to be with both ofhoth you. >> that sums it up when we talkp about what's been happening inhn the world this year, whetherthiy it's the politeaical discussions that many are happening or or
8:03 am
political scene or just the neww from abroad. it waves heavily on lot ofn t people perhaps this is the timee to turn to someone who can who c provide a little bit of goodfoo news or some guidance. >> well, that's why i think thee celebration of christmas every year is so anticipated by everybody.ev it is the feast of hope.op christmas is all about god's love for us, and the message of jesus.s. if you love one another, you cao build a world of peace. peace you can build a world of kindness, of compassion, of understanding out of that comesm the hope we all have. it is possible i think every eve time we look at that creche. cch every time we look at a cribat i scene end we see the inn fan jesus weary mined hope is reals but we have to work at it. >> so is that the hope that wee can reflect on the promise
8:04 am
something better in this holiday season? >> isn't that what we say when we look at jesus come among us,u god is with us, and with thathat power, god's grace and with thet love that we receive and arend e asked to share, it's possible to change it's possible to make a better rld.d. today with all the tension andsi all the violence and all the dulty's, what the church bringss is the story of jesus and what jesus bring is hope for a better world.worl >> i just have to say, i would think, i happen to be christiann but i would think that everyone could latch on to thatha regardless of their specific religion, the hope. h whatever you call your god orr your hire being.. >> allison, that's exact. what,, what we're talking about at christmas is something that transcends every faithai
8:05 am
that everyone is capable off sharing, and out of that love le comes a better world.. the gospel touches everyone. because the message is simple. care for one another. anoth. treat one another with dignity.y be there for one another and ouo of that is going to come a world, a world that would be a a wonderful place to be in.n >> i know that you are not justt celebrating christmas coming upm this weekend. you are also c welebrating a big anniversary and you're tooand yo humble to talk about we'll put p it out there. 50 years since your ordination, congratulations.ra >> thank you. thank you so much. thak muc it's a long time. >> we're -- we want to share- to photos as well. can you take us backph to thatot moment 50 years ago, and youndou have seen a lot in these 50 years, haven't you? y? >> well, a lot has transpired.r. when i look back, though, and ii think how -- how -- talkingalkig about hope, how hope filled i i was going into that ordination,, that i was g
8:06 am
chance that first mass scene, se there's the ordination scene 505 years ago receiving that greatta blessing from the church. crch. and then you go out and you're r completely unaware of what is ahead of you. you perhaps if you knew what was waiting ahead, you might falterl but i think that's the joy of you look back and you simply say thank you.k y thank you, god, and thank you to all those people who for 500 years supported me, sustained mn and encouraged me. me >> we're out of time but i justs want to ask for people who arere alone, for people who have lot of someone, for people who say,s i just can't, i'm just too sad,d what's your message?esge >> the message of christmas is, whatever your condition, god is with you.ou. open your heart and know god iss with you.ou. even if you are totally alone physically, god is in your heart. >> as always i just feel bettert >> always do. >> now after -- after a visit vt
8:07 am
so thank you so much.uc >> you're so welcome. >> merry christmas to you.o y >> merry christmas to you too.oo >> thank you soap for being you here. 80:00 sick. we'll turn things over to tucket barnes and get a tech of checkfe on our forecast. hey tuck. >> hey, steve. temperatures overnight. still at freezing at reaganeaga national 32 degrees. north and west we're still we' l hanging out in the 20s in placee like gaithersburg, dulles 29 degrees now.egrees now. up a degree. aree. up in west minster northernern maryland 28 degrees.deee 32 everybody off to chilly start.h. it will be cooler day thanay tha yesterday believe it or not we t made it to 60 degrees for as f brief period of time yesterday.y we'll be more like upper 40ser 4 today and a lot of clouds arounn this afternoon make sure youur take your jacket with you you'll want it later today.oday. the good news we should remain dry if you're traveling today,od maine to florida, along that 955 corridor, we keep it dry in alll the big cities which is great and we do have rain showers inho the forecast for the weekend.eed details on that the timing onimn that rain shower activity cominn up but for today 49 degrees with a little early sunshine and aftern
8:08 am
okay. erin is here.s her she has a look at lots of greeng on the map this morning. >> idol 8:07 coming up on 8:08:0 very rare dollar i get to showeo you wide open roads on 95 fromm richmond through fredericksburg all the way into stafford as yoy get closer to the beltway intoay newington through dale city andd lorton you're wide open. if you have to work this fridaya morning like we are, just know that the roads are quite and basically problem free rightreer now. maybe you're trying to get that last minute shopping in nown n might be the time to hit the hie roads. a lot of stores opening earlyper today. da 395 northbound edsall road tol the 14th street bridge quiet. q problem free on the freeway 695 in both directions cruisingising along past the third streethirdt tunnel in southeast down by thet ballpark things are looking are good. no problems on suit hand parkway district heights nice and quietq bell way through largo is also moving along and all metro raili lines on time right i got you covered this morning g with your traffic. >> thanks erin. e another busy travel day at thet nation's airports.rts. millions are high tailing it ou of town to be with family and a frie
8:09 am
>> fox5's melanie alnwick likelk at reagan national airport withw how you can see how the securits line is going this hour, mel. m how we looking? >> reporter: looking pretty pre good right now.. certainly much better than itter was last hour when we had the h line all the way back to theo t christmas tree.s t but listen, it's not just busy y in the air. in the it is going to be a busy on the roads, too. aaa mid atlantic says 2.5 million washingtonians willi be traveling for the christmas season. about one in four of yourr neighbors are not even going to h home.e not but here's the deal, guys.uys. by 4:00 o'clock this afternoon,n it is expected to be absolutelue gridlock and washington arean ae roadways. so if you're trying to get heren to the airportg or to the train station or even get those lastas minute shopping items off of your list, get it done and get home before 4:00 o'clock.0 o'clc now tsa lines that is where were sometimes see gridlock and somem of that is volume and some haseh to do with people getting hungnn up in the security lines becausu they're bringing things carry oo they're not spo
8:10 am
tsa gave us a sneak peekakee yesterday with video of look att this boxes and boxes of knives.e look if it looks like a blade, e you can't bring it on. those are brass knuckles can'tss have that either. kve thather that flashlight was actually aaa gun. ooks like ae that l gun can't bring that.t. the belt, too, replica weapons o on it if you've got any questioo about it really just be very ver kale put it it your check bag oo levitate home one of the great t thing tsa has done they have their ask stsa sweater feed.eree tweet them with a question abouo a carry on item. or you can even text them a tm a picture of it and they willyil answer those questions beforeioe you get here to the airport.port and let you know whether it isti okay to go over whether you just to leave it behind. back to you to you >> all>> allht. i'm lying to keep my calendar my days hour by hour. this hour is safe much this hout a no go.a no go. developing overnight locally decks in fairfax county on the scene of a suspicion death nearr springfield first call to thed i scene around 8:15 last night. n they found a man suffering fromo au
8:11 am
>> also in fairfax county policc on the scene of a deadly crash that happened on ordway in centreville about 12:00 their2:e this morning.or one person killed when a vehiclc rolled over coming around a auna sharp curve.urve >> thanks to montgomery county y police.ce more than 40 stolen holiday hid packages are now making theirg t way back to their rightfulight owners after two, 17 year olds o and another young person detained -- they were turned int by witnesses who saw them taking the goods earlier this month.onh police began returning the gifts yesterday. just in time for the holidays. >> still aheador this morning, e of donald trump's childrenldren encountering a different kind of turbulence on commercial flight. we'll have those details next. n >> viral video sheds light ondsg the arrest of a mother and her h daughter in you won't believe what started t all of this.his. the officer is now on restricted duty. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:12 am
8:13 am
8:14 am
>> now, tuck, it's that timelyck the morning we have our cuteness factor., we h >> i blame it on allisonss. on. >> you might be scaring themight away with your -- aw best christmas cis look here.oke >> your accessory.esso >> i do like the look. lk >> big day. >> lie say the light up nextighp lace is an added bonus. bon. that's new to the outfit thisoui >> that's new this year.r. >> adding a little accessory aco each year. ea >> adding a little bit. add >> i like>> i like i >> the hat is very popular.opar >> i think it should be popular. >> thanks, steve.te >> it's not about you.. >> it's about that.that >> oh, my goodness.. >> aww.>> >> we have a little slugger. >> aww. >> all r
8:15 am
photo of the day this is coda is our fox5 first five photo of tht day. he's six weeks old.'s wee >> that is awesome. >> count counting down tont cntn christmas and patiently waitingi for his first opening day of tht here's what he loves to do. coda loves to get up early.. >> yes. >> watch erin give the traffic c report.port >> aww. >> he's a smart young man.gan maybe he will be the next ryanya zimmerman. >> it's an official baseball. bb ryan zimmerman jersey littlee mini baseball bat which is the w size of him. i l love it. to send us your child's picturec go to fox5 d.c., send it on youy we love your picture and we thank you forgetting up earlyp y and watching every morning. i'm sure he wants to know what'k going on why not get up early. e >> that's adorable.>> tha i love it.t' >> i know he's busy he makes mak time in his day to watch us. wat >> right now, tuck, give me aee good fo
8:16 am
>> let's see what we can do fore you. you got the right look there early this morning.orning. you want to bundle up because we got freezing temperatures mostra of the area. 32 now in 29 up in pittsburgh. 39 in new york city. cit let's talk travel actually we'll talk travelk t weather mo i'll show i was map.mei' i do want to mention we'll be wl mostly cloudy by afternoon withy highs in the upper 40s to aboutt 50. cooler day than yesterday.han yd see the snow and rain showersrs out towards st. louis and missis sections of the country that's a going to bring us a period ofrid rain shower activity around here the first half of your saturdaya so the first half of saturday s we'll have just some rain.. not concerned with any frozen fe icing like we had last weekend,d but just rain here tomorrowro first half of the day. all right.rst traveling today, maine too florida in great shape.hape that storm system out on theut n west will bring light snows tono chicago and detroit and rainoirn showers to st. louis and downndw to t texas. then i want to mention if you're traveling well out to the west later today, the big citiess seattle, portland, san francisco, la, lots of rain outi there with mountain snows 12 to
8:17 am
18 rocky mountain getting bigng b snows.ow parts of idaho, and utah and colorado 18-inches plus. p big snows out that's where i would expect the biggest travel delays to beelay later today.ter quick look at our seven day. day keep it mild around herringer 5r for christmas no problems with santa'santa deliveries, so if you'reso if expecting good gifts, he will bl on time. at least weather wise. weaer >> all right. >> okay. >> thank you, tucker.>> >> let's check in with eri tnhan a look what's happening out onan the road. good morning. >> this is really w wei. have you ever seen the movie ere thing.g. >> yeah. >> cameron diaz doesn't his hatt remind you of the dance party.ap >> i will give you that, yes.gia >> things i'm thinking about.ino >> all right. northbound 95 there's a crash ch delays back to the on-ramp from the beltway just outside the beltway. be heading towards bwi a minor sloo down l the good news is thats it we're in the seeing any issues right now on baltimorebaltimore washington parkway.washgton route 1, colesville road looking good. secondaries in kensingtonin ken problem free.problem free same story as you make your wayr out in green bel
8:18 am
this morning rockville lookingki good. let's take live look outside ani show you how quiet things are right now. we're not seeing any issues ons the beltway as you make your war out the bottom inner loop a tiny bit of volumev if you are in fact heading toeag work today i really like what wt i'm seeing take the time forimef breakfast and extra cup ofast ar coffee if you'd like.f you'd li. if you're headed out shoppingho i'd get an early start try to tt beat the crowds heading to the t airports right now 66 lookingng good as make your way in towards reagan national problem free on the way to dulles on 28 as wes e forward our cameras also looking good on the way to bwi.wi dark right now but the bridgeri 14th street bridge quiet andiet 395 is a dream the entirent stretch past the pentagon. pn. back to you guys. tu gu metro is on time. >> there's good >> let's head backover seas toea ma today.. new developments in thew highjacking of a libyan airliner. you are seeing life pictures seeing right now what we believe are le passengers starting to leaveve that word is the passengernes began disebarking from the highjackedc libyan airplane a short time t the doors of the plane openeds just a fewof t minutes ago.
8:19 am not sure about the the plane was diverted fromte f libya earlier this morning twogo highjackers pan hal hand h grenades they threatened to blob it it. officials on the ground say theo highjackers seem to be willing to let the passengers go but not the pilots at this point.his we're still not sure you can ses somebody in the cockpit of thatt plane right there and we did se some passengers walking off thef plane a short time ago. a also report that is a libyan lawmaker was one of the flights passengers.en still unclear if he made iget on to the flight before the t highjacking as we see moree people coming off of that planep again this is in malta, all airl traffic in and out of the maltal airport have been grounded until they get this situation work out. hopefully it continues to gt as smoothly as it looks like l it's going right now.ightow we'll stay on top of that one ta for you.for yo. ivan today trump experiencingxpc different kind of turbulence you can say on flight yesterday. ye. there she is right there in then middle seat if you're looking aa her. she look different.e lont just like she's traveling.s tra. the presde
8:20 am
defendant daughter was en routes to hawaii for vacation e with hh family when a man began to berate her an cues her father oo ruining the e co other passengers say ivanka and her husband remained calm theyr tried to distractive youngve children during the incident she told jet blue personnel she dide not want to cause a scene and se the unruly passengers and his ah companions were removed from thm aircraft she's sitting there in coach with everyone it's quite unusual. >> i like it to be honest. >> unusual. >> new this morning chinesenin c officials announcing they're keeping an eye on the presidentt drum pops nuclear policies.. the countries with the largest nuclear arsenals grow a greatret responsibility to leave in disarm et cetera.a. he's raising a lot of eyebrows.. donald trump wrote that the us should expand its nuclearar capabilities policy that hasn'tt been in mace in nearly 40 yearsa his comments followed similariml one by russian presidentresident vladimir putin about his own auh country's nuclear ambition.ion. asked about the trump he was hew referring to
8:21 am
critical need to prevent it.veni his comments on nuclear arms noa the only way the president-elect is breaking with presidentialia tradition. just under a month now fromonthf inauguration day and thethe president-elect still has yet tt hold the traditional newsal conference that most incomingin presidents have win days ofe das their victory in fact it's been 148 days since donald trump hell his last formal news conferencec as a candidate. he had said he would do it sd he sometime in january. janua and the president-elect is alsoe ready to break with tradition when it comes to his inauguration guest he wantstion quote the people to attenwad his presidential inaugurationentina dismissing the so-called a lists celebrities who he claims areima seeking tickets to theo january 20th event.nt so far only few entertainerserin have confirmed that they willt l will be participating in theti e event including the mormonn tabernacle choir and radio cityy rockettes.cket al? tiger woods making thewood rounds on social md have you seen this? yes, tucker showed this to me first thing ti this morning.isorning thanks, tuck, for that.t >> can't get the memory out ofof your man.yo >> no. >>
8:22 am
should have link lambeau feel. . awesome. back in a moment.back in a mome. hi, i'm captain, i'mtaini' currently deployed overseas with the 29th infantry division. diso i want to say happy holidays too my wife christina and our kids jose, ryan, renee' and rain inai a, i love you and i miss you.. merry christmas and happy new n fios is not cable. we're wired differently. a, i love you and i miss you.. merry christmas and happy new n
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bly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays. in the 3.7 seconds it takes ry watson to beat the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. stronger is blasting her tumors...
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♪♪ >> tucker, is this your favorite christmass th song. >> no. >> good call. beautiful start to the day outho there. look at that. s out there.heud i like it. >> not the case in green bay, b, wisconsin a lot of snow fellnowf there. packers fans bracing the cold tc doing their part to shovelo s lambeau field in green bay aheae of tomorrow's big game against the minnesota vikings.. they gathered at the stadiumta after the team called forled for shovelers to help them tacklep l the problem
8:26 am
responded. many took it out asonde honor tn help out their favorite team.ora others benefited with littleh ll extra cash on the they were paid 10 bucks an houru for their services.for you get to go inside yourou favorite stadium you get pockett change to buy hell holiday gifts. green bay packers are owned by the people.pack only team that isthe pe oopwneds fans. fans which is a nice little throwtl w back. >> that's the best.>>t's >> i like it. th.i did not know that. >> um-hmm.>>hmm. >> cool. >> >> all right.ll rig. meanwhile, locally, we arewe a looking at cooler conditions. cn 32 now in washington.asngton. only in the upper fours to abouo 50. yesterday we made 60 degrees.. cooler temperatures thanres tn yesterday. sunshine you saw that in the live shot out there early. youor it won't last. lt. we'll get clouds this afternoono see the rain showers acrosscros central sections of the countryc snow there, too for us it wills be just rain and get in here i h late tonight.teight early tomorrow be with us for the first half of our christmas eve/hanukkah andha then i think by afternoon weeron won't clear it out tomorrow tor afternoon but we will dry it out
8:27 am
about 50.0. christmas day looks fantastic. sunshine, 50 degrees and noticed the warmup early next week nearn 60 by next tuesday. so that in between week a lot of people have off nice conditionsi expected.expeed >> should be great. g >> thumbs up. >> let's check in with erin. good morning.good m >> you have to look at twittertt jillly posted a picture of me om and tucker doing our walk and it look like we're in musicin m individual joe.indi >> real music individual joe.vil >> it looks like a legit musicic video it's that good. g >> inner loop delay free.. traffic delay free every were. rails are on time. tim i got you covered if thatt changes of the eve of christmasm eve and hanukkah eve kwanzaa. let's september brought with nice traffic. i'll let you know if it changes. thanks guysptem kno. >> thank you very 8:27. 8:27. holiday shoppers out in full force grabbing holiday gift. gif bob barnard getting in on the ot action himself this morning.orni >> hey, bob. >> yeah, guys.>> ys. ngod morning. we're here at the kohl's kohl' department store in springfield. it's been open 24/7 since
8:28 am
tuesday it's not closing until t tomorrow night. i'm online getting somethingng which i'll tell you would in yoo minute. we'll be right back with lastk t minute shopping.g. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:29 am
z26i0z z17vz
8:30 am
y26i0y y17vy >> new this morning two guestshi are suing hotel in camp springs maryland for racials g hotela discrimination. they say workers at the qualityq
8:31 am
african-american guests showst s their meal ticks to get breakfast while ignoring white and asian guests.d asiague that lawsuit was filed oniled on thursday in prince george'ssd county.ay is also claims hotel employee toldt them she had been instructed toe ask african-american people ande not white people or asian peoplo for their tickets. tke a police officer in fort worth, texting that now on o restricted duty after he wasfte captured on a disturbing viral video. he was shown wrestling woman tot the ground she's a mother pointp ago stun gun at her her teenaged daughter also brought down d before arresting them. fort worth police say they werey investigating the arrest of of jacqueline craig and her daughters.dahters craig lawyers says he wants thee officer to be held accountableab for his actions.ions >> it's not a situation whereone someone came out and he began b using racial slurs but the but inference of racism is all overe it. it. if this was -- from the- om beginning in this was whiteas w child who had been choked with a
8:32 am
god's green earth that they tha would be walking free and that the mother of that child would d have been arrested along with -t with this child's siblings. it simply doesn't happen. >> craig says the mother saysr s she called police because her hr neighbor tried to choke herok young son the son is like six or seven for littering and the officer goes on to say, well, d, you teach your son not to litter? it escalates and that's what we see there and that's th' neighbor standings right next tt the police very disturbing video. very hard to watch. wat >> we'll have to switch gears gs now 8:32.2. let's get try to get into theeti holiday spirit if you've not yet done all your holiday shoppingas off lot of company.t of cny a lot of shoppers out thereut t trying to find last minute gifts. >> stores offering round the clock shopping for those whorese now legit down to the wire.he wr like before it's like i gote tibe, bob. now it's legit the last minute. bob barnard at the kohl's inl' springfield with the details.d e good morning. >> reporter: hey, good h, morning, guys. to
8:33 am
there really is not much moreh m time, and if you have shoppede e online, it's probably not goingt to get there unless you pay a lot. lo we're at the kohl's departmentam store which is has been open since tuesday and not closinglo until tomorrow night attomoow n 6:00 o'clock. i was online earlier kind of kidding these but are hagar it i in slacks. how many times have you heardnyt that in a commercial if you're a kid of late '60s and '70's. i'll get hagar it in slackst ins today. maybe not. handbag basically half off. off. it's selling for 60 bucks. nice fleece that you can pick uc these are prominently displayed here the keurig machines for $100 you can get this bracelet e for 20 bucks.0 b this is one of the stores thatte will be open around our area a that will be open the rest ofthf today and tomorrow a lost peoplp are out this morning includingng sharon we pull out of line. sharon g morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: tell m>>e who areeo you shopping for and what do yoo have here?haveere? >> grandson.ra gotot some jeans. we
8:34 am
shirts. t's ash niceicha sweatshirt. swea >> yes. you waited until today. anything factoring into your fac thinking. >> i had hard time shopping forr somebody that wears a sizewearsz eight. i said i'll try kohl's and came in and hit the jackpot.ackp >> reporter: it looks like did you. did you do any online shoppingeo this year. >> most of my shopping was donei ngonline. >> reporter: yeah that's whats a we've gotten the sense from and your family, friends the peopleo we've been talking to you thiss morning. mostly online it's easier.asier >> it normally is. normal whole we come there's noe a lot of cashiers. cas nobody wants to stand in line.on nobody wants to stand in line.nn z it's easier to do it at home e online. >> when you come here to thee to store you get a lot of great of ideas. how about one of these, how about one of thoseabout ? soy e is still time if you have timeih to get out to a storee and agaa a place like kohl's and there are others in our area otherer stores that won't close tonightt if you can get out till midnighi or want to venture out 3:00 tomorrow morning probablyra fewer people out and still atill ch
8:35 am
>> shop, shop, shop till i dropo ooh ick not wait. bob, thank you very much. you >> what are we going to sayoings tomorrow for the absolute last e minute. >> i personally i know it's not, you know,na wllhatever, i like it at the last >> you get all adrenaline rushan out of it. >> i do.>> io >> then you get frustrated whene it's not there. t that's the risk that you take.ou don't try it.t >> as long as you're not juste t grabbing stuff off the shelves.e that't's true. >> let's stay in the holiday's spirit. getting to tweets right now. n. favorite, least favorite songs for. for. least favorite according to hill b holiday song the jingle tingl barking dog >> there you go. >> we'll play it for you.. since dislike it so much. >> the classic, okay, the temptation silent night and thes whispersil. happy holidays james brown. >> donny hathaway getting a lote of love as well. >> al giroux.irx >> the blue jays.s. >>
8:36 am
>> kelly price bringing it homee with silent night. >> these are favorites. >> but we did if awed favoriteer or one that you absolutely disliked. thanks for sharing. uthse the thehem to us hash tag fox5 so now i love all of ourur viewers. i got a question somebody whoeb doesn't love barking dogs to jingle bells. you know --,. kno >> i personally have no problemo with it. >> it's not like it's cats mow yoking jingle bells.e bells. >> well throw the cat hate carde here.. >> um-hmm. >> fair enough. >> i'm not going to enter intoot that one.o >> i love cats, too.. >> when do i get to hear my 12 days of christmas sponsored by y the muppets.pets >> i want to hear al giroux. >> which is your favorite muppep 12 day?ay >> steve, are you familiar witha this song. >> yes. five golden rings miss piggy. pg >> it's brilliant.. >> reagan national 32 degrees. [ laughter ]hter >> dulles 29.le. bwi marshall 32.shall cool temperatures -- cooler than
8:37 am
in our forecast today. upper 40s to about 50. there's cloud cover out to the t west and we'll be mostly cloudyd by afternoon.. showers out and even some snowew out across the midwest. the mid that will be in our forecast fot tomorrow morning.. so we are going to have rainto h showers and it will be justill j rain. not concerned with ice.ce. the first half of your saturdayt we should dry out tomorrowy outr 49 your daytime high. chilly and cloudy this afternoor take a jacket with you when youu head out for last minuteas m shopping. >> erin? >> 8:37.>> checking the roads.he r we do have breaking news out oft stafford right now. n vehicle fire the right lane is blocked. so watch out for that 95 w out northbound but volume stillll light coming out of out fredericksburg not causing anyks jor r slow downs.bu keep it to thesl left.he as we forward our maps rightapsr now, taking a look 95 northbounn outside the top side of theof beltway in college park there'se a crash delays back to the on te ramly from the beltway little lt bit of caution there.t of cautin but the good news, t it's not i' causing any major slow downs d because volume really light. baltimore washington parkway asa well as rshoute 1 are looking gg as you make your way towards
8:38 am
bwi. traffic on the way to reagan toa national and dulles look good.oo keep in mind red line right noww earlier train malfunction at at metro station. currently delays to shady groveg f you're taking metro tomorrow,m sunday or monday operating on on weekend schedule i was threee is days with service beginning atia 7am. we got you cover.ot you cover that's your look at traffic.t tf back to you guys. >> erin, thanks very. pom lar coffee chain opening upg a free cup of joe over the nextn 10 days. >> there's catch. >> have you seen it? >> there you go.>> >> ew.>> e tiger's twitter fail.ttai social media users sounding off t this. he says it's a christmas tradition. he says his kids love it. i >> i'm sure they do. >> i don't need all thatha christmas >> it looks better with theer w banner up actually. >> what's happening?appeni >> ♪♪
8:39 am
my guest list just tripled.
8:40 am
mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
8:41 am
>> all right. starting today select starbucks oday s hosting 1,000 pop-up-up cheer parties over the next 100 days.da customers can enjoy free tall hand craft espresso drink likeol gingerbread latte. lte. >> that sounds good.t unds >> the event will be hell 100 10 starbucks in these united statee every day for one hour, 1:00 to 2:00. 2: the locations will change everye day. that's my issue. i don't know where to go. pn'op-ut pkn.opps a >> sometimes we know wheree knhe pop-ups are. are. >> customers can visit
8:42 am
and get a cheer card.heer c >> we need to fine out more mor details we can get our viewers e know where they can go.. >> and me.e >> let's check in wisdom andnd maureen find out what's comingtc on good day dc in just a couplee of minutes. hi guys. >> it shower s good morning to n you. several breaking stories we'rerk stayining on top o young man's suspicious death ini northern virginia, berlin marker attack suspect killed overnight. highjacking in europe.ure we've got it all covered for yoy at 9:00. 9:00. >> countdown to christmas realla on. two days to go. go. we've got you covered on good go day. we're with those of you who are flying out today.ying out today checking those security lines.h >> we're also with some of youou who have been up all night doind last minute shopping. shoin there are stores open all arouno the also handing out some candy canes and coal in very special l celebrity dish. who deserves the sweet and whowd deserves the lump. theump. >> allison seymour is headingea out to maryland during good day to make local family's chris
8:43 am
>> yeah. isn't you don't want to misswans this pay it forward surprise with the help of the salvationon army and eastern motors.ot >> your car is your not today.. we're giving all the credit toli good folks out there and santa s cls.s. >> yes.>> >> i mean it's always must see tv wis-mo but today especially.. >> to another level.lev >> hopefully we'll make hopef somebody's super happy today. sp >> looking forward to it.king fd >> can't wait. thanks guys. >> see in you few. 8:43 .>> 8:43 coming up next, kevin mccarthych shows us his skills as an ---- excuse me. as an action star. >> be careful with that one. o. >> that's neck in the fox beat.a >> whole different meaning m there. tiger woods shares what he saysw a family tradition. >> thank goodness for thes for e banner. >> not all the fans are impressed tho nugot ah. 8:43.. look at his ball cap over the santa. doing too much. >> i like it. ♪♪
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
♪♪ >> is this yours?? >> yes. >> we have to wait until five. f look at the white house in theh we'll get to the countdown. >> dueling christmas trees. >> five gold rings! >> that's what tucker washat's waiting for.wait muppets christmas 12 days of dao christmas. we to wait for miss piggy. piggy you know what else we have to wt wait for, allison.ll >> your weather forecast coming up in...
8:47 am
>> my day is officially m complete. i do love that song. here we go. 32 in washington thisy da morningi .do morni 32 up in baltimore. baltimo colder temperatures moved inre v overnight. you can see that reflected outut there in the 20s that are stilli hanging out in parts of thear oe fredericksburg 29 degrees. 2degr 29 dulles. manassas i'm sorry we don't have your numbers much it's autoit'st mated and not working properly.. the weather service will send sn somebody out and get that fixedd soon. on satellite/radar. a little sunshine to start your day.un cloud cover will move inshin prt quick. mostly cloudy afternoon withno w high temperatures expected to bt only in the upper 40s yesterdayy believe it or not we hit 60. about 10 degrees cooler thanlert yesterday and with cloud cover c you're definitely going do wantn that jacket. good news we'll keep ititel dry today. can't promise the same thingdasi tomorrow. we'll get rain shower act have h it it will be all liquid last weekend we had some ice.ce we won't get the ice tomorrowom but the rain showers the firstht half of our hanukkah saturdayatr christmas eve saturday and then by afternoon i think we won't -- we won't get sunshine but we'lll dry out saturday afternoon things are looking great touratt christmas day.
8:48 am
shower moving in. there we are tonight at 7:00. a cloud cover temperatures in then 40s overnight.40s ovg rain showers by early tomorrowyo morning probably by five, fe, 6:00 in the morning rain showers through the morning hours andrn notice it's east of us by afternoon. afternoo there we are at 2:00 o'clock. a. so we'll get a chance to dry to things out and again santa willl be making deliveries overnight sunday and the good news is i ii think with clear conditions weow won't have to make rudolph workr too hard with that red 50 on christmas day a few clouds out there it looks nice.ic here's your seven day withay w temperatures expected to be one the mild side. se. hoping for white christmasistm unfortunately no snow in the the forecast this go around maybed m next year. all right, guysnext.uys >> that's the latest. les >> thanks, tuck. tuck >> the internet has provided uss with an early christmas gift.if [ laughter ] >> from tiger woods.. >> you saw eight minute >> yeah baby. >> we can't get enough. he will balanced proe ca golferr posted this photo. >> take down the chevron. cheon >> you got to show it knots full what he put out.
8:49 am
>> take it down.ake it down. >> there it is.. >> you guys just want to look ao the watch, don't you? don't y [ laughter ] >> the caption mack daddy santas was back and social media wasdi set a blaze by people saying why tiger, why? >> immediately making memesinme mocking it even fellow golfing super rory mcilroy tweeted wakek me up when it's 2017. somebody photo shopped one of o his like a master's jack on for neck year and they were like lik maybe this for 2017. 2 i think better look. >> have we seen the cryingheryin jordan yet. >> it's on the way.>> i he's got a ball cap over the the santa cap. c >> i don't know how i feel aboua that. th >> how do you feel about >> you should feel entertained. >> i feel entertained as well.e. >> what was your initialhawas reaction? what? >> it is something i think needs to be it needs to be studied in school. >> what did you think -- i want to ask tiger woods, what did ydd think was the reaction? rct >> of >> he knew what he was he knew it was tolling the
8:50 am
internet.ternet. >> christmas tradition that my kids love mack daddy santa ista back.back i love it tiger over the lasthes couple of years has been one be shied away from the media.. he's like kind of stayed awayyea from it now he's i'm going tooi have fun and put this out there. >> why -- whatever happens -- wh happen. >> why shirt less. nd>>r c andhe was super cute a that's why he did why >> i think he's doing it as funny thing. >> you don't think he thought he was cute. wa >> no all tollly tongue andongu cheek and he's having fun withuh it and i like that. t >> i'll go with that.t >> i'm all in. in >> i traveled to spain us a guys know set said this a million mil times. >> we're aware. >> viewers why does he keep w de mentioning this i finally put together an act sequence and iti is full fledged music, edited, shot well.otel it looks really cool. >> professionally shot. profess >> well done.ot footag>>e you see weeks ago was iphone it footage this is thes legit one i'll present this to you knew movie assassin's creedc opened this past
8:51 am
>> captain nerd tears.ap >> captain dead pool. >> captain nerd tears.ap watch my action scene shot in in spain. captain nerd tears. tea >> that's right. ig ♪♪ ♪♪
8:52 am
♪♪ >> come on. com o >> i love it. le it. >> i do love this.o lovehi >> well done, kevin. >> you had your glasses on. you >> because he's captain nerdse h tears. >> it sounds like you had trent doing your sound track. >> that music was irdn lds libie had here and i was like -- iike- need to cut it to that. t really really cool that.hat. movie opened up wednesday and -d >> your trailer better than theh movie. >> it is better than the movie. hahn neverly tetheter trailer l better than the movie. not that i'm saying a big headea guy. s i'm saying it. >> the movie not that moving on next to the movie mov reviews out this weekend three t films opening up why him the
8:53 am
movie you see it right here. typical story line about a father who meets his daughter'se boyfriend he's not who he'se' expected to be. this is very r rated very v raunchy bryan cranston you knowo him from breaking bad. franco -- james franco does a a great job.ob. may can halal al sequence withnw her and bryan cranston he didn'd know what she was going and a funny moment when you see theeet movie you'll know what i'mu'll k talking you.lking you. not for kids very very roar r rated. gave it a four out of five.iv if you want a good laugh which h think we all need this holidayod season definitely see it.efse not for kids though.h. >> that scene right there issce hilarious.s >> he just got out of the showes and he's >> fences same movie. fences the movie starring denzen washington directed biden sellbs washington based on the augustet wilson play. p this is a phenomenally executede film.lm denzel delivers the besthe performance of an actor i'vee seen in 2016. this seen alone in incre
8:54 am
him and viola davis did the plaa on broadway.ady. it's a tough movie. m but a great life lesson is learned in this movie from a loa of characters. charact i gave 84.5 out of five. f denzel cons to prove he's one on the best acts working today. toy personal favorite of his, man on fire. >> i knew you were going to say. >> yours.. >> tough call. cl. >> man on fire.n fire >> glory is great too.s . >> man on fire, i wish we more he walks away and the guy g floats.floats >> that scene in glory. glory >> the one tear. oear. please see it. >> i asked an actor that oneed time if they actually timed thet tear. tear. >> i remember that. i >> i don't know how they do that. ron't k th hidden figures this is the mosts important film you'll see inee 2016 beautiful story about thret african-american women whoho worked for nasa behind the scenes and were the brains aboun getting our space mission noose acece. john glenn specifically 4.5 outo of five.of fiv it. it. >> great option.>>at o >> only playing are
8:55 am
place sunday morning. mng >> three different kinds ofee dk movies all ofinds them -- >> i'm off next week. >> gets the captain nerd tears stamp of approval. >> take a short break.
8:56 am
>> if you want to join that fret cup of starbucks an espresso based drink. >> like a holida
8:57 am
you have now the list of today's locations. >> here we go. it changes every day.tarb ike lik the but today it's in our area a 22nd and k, also, manassas massa crossroads on sudley manoror drive, and the one i'll probablb try to get to 7140 wisconsin avenue in bethesda.hesd like just for an hour it's a pop-up, you know, starbucksuc stop. >> do we know which hour.h h >> two to 3:00. >> i want to say that.ha >> one to 2:00.:0 >> between one and 2:00 o'clockl there you go. er there's options. u'rere welcome.op >> now i'm kind of sad i tol wdi everybody. >> happy holidays everybody.aysd >> is that selfish a little bite >> you know at least to get inwt line ahead of time. t all righty. all righ it's happening today.appeng t >> check in with tucker barnes.e if you missed him earlier thiss morning here he is in full ful holiday get up. >> yeah, 36 now in washington.hi wind chill 32.wi chi cooler day today. today we'll be in the upper 40s for daytime highs with increasingas cloud cov here's the good news. gd ne we deep it dry.eep itry. if you're traveling maine, 95 me down to florida, weather will be nice and dry today.nd dryod can't promise the same out west.
8:58 am
this will will bring us rains ri showers the first half ofthfirsf tomorrow and then we'll dry it'd out and sunny and bright for our christmas day on sunday about 50 degrees but there's the's t latest in weather. all right. i guess we're back to you guys g steve and >> thank you. i think we'll go to good day god coming up next.comingp ne be right back.beight got to watch good day.ay got to watch good day.
8:59 am
my guest list just tripled. my cookie exchange is super competitive. mine too. i want to go really big with my appetizers. we can do it without blowing our budget. oh yeah, this is great! my family really needs to be wowed this year! standing rib roast! wow. everything for the holidays. that's my giant.
9:00 am
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