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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 23, 2016 9:00am-10:59am EST

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♪♪♪♪ breaking overnight, the suspect
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in that christmas marketer rifti attack shot and killed during aa overnight confrontation.tation we'll have the latest from thefe investigation. busiest travel day ever.t ty millions of people are packing i airports and highways for the te holiday get away.. and mother nature could make ite miserable depending on where whe you're going. we're tracking the christmasyots weekend storms. the president-elect launch agnew arms race over twitter? whater donald trump tweeted that couldc shed some light on his nuclear plus a future first daughtertau removed from a flight aftert a getting harassed by a fellow passenger.enr and later, the burgundy anda gold holding out hope for a a christmas miracle.irac what will it take for therhe redskins to make the playoffs. . good day at 9a starts right now. ♪♪ good morning to you.o you >> we don't need to hear allison's private conversation. >> turn allison's mike off for
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she's got big plans later todayy she was saying how great goodreg day will be today.od every day is like the playoffs in here. we're always winning.alwaysning >> starting lineup right >> always. good day d.c. time right now 9:01. 9:0 it's friday, december 23rd.. hey, christmas is just around jo the corner.rne >> yes, it >> what do we call it christmasm eve eve.eve e. >> yes. >> that's where we're talk abouo today a lot. i'm wisdom martin, maureen umeh, erin como, steve chenevey.. holly morris off today.oday >> all the presentsent procrastinators will be out atar the malls over the next 24 hours. some stores are trying to help h out and make that easier for yor if you need that last minutet m adrenaline rush how you canou still order online believe it or not and get christmas gifts to your door in time for christmass morning. >> all ears. es. >> it's not cheap but you can dy >> speaking christmas we'll be w playing a lot of christmas musis this morning we need your help making the good day sound track suite tweet us with the
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okay. good day d.c. and fox5 christmas. tell us your f avorite or least favorite christmas >> your a donny hathaway.. >> great testify all time.estift >> i had boyz ii men let it snow.. >> great one, too.>> >> very nice. >> i went with santa claus iscli coming to town and i had a listl about this thing of ones i don'n >> not trying to be a scrooge ie think the more like modern singers put out pop christmas songs.. >> that's true.hat's ue >> the list gets longer. lge >> you don't like wham thisam t christmas.. >> how can you not like that tht one? >> i know. quoted all the lyrics thiss ts morning. i know you love it.ow youove >> i'll do that later on.n. >> erin were saying i couldn't i come up with one i didn't really >> it's christmas. every song is igood >> what dot loan dollar atloanot christmas not a good song. >> listen it to and get back toc me. i'm telling you not good. >> grandma got run over by a reindeer.reindeer. it's a classic but a littlee questionable. >> i didn't ve
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love wham or part sorry. >> let's talk about the weatherl a lot of people hitting thek ab roads and airports thiofs peopld for christmas and depending onei when you leave and where you're going, mother nature could be naughty or nice. ne. tucker is back with a look ath k that forecast and, boy, it is a styling weather report.ort. >> tucker, if you did the tigert woods photo with that hat on han you'd break the >> you think so.>> think >> if you did it with that hat win those lights on with no n shirt on. >> and just flex the biceps. t p >> or maybe just take the shirtk off leave the hate th and jacke. >> oh. look at you steve. steve >> i'm winning getting paid to wear this outfit today.od >> i wish you can zoom in on maureen's expression right now.w >> expressions always give itssa away. no. . >> tucker you're winning.u're i don't care. wdon't if we had the playoffs you'd bed in it. >> can you just look at his pants.pas >> after you guys get five minutes to talk now i get 12 12 seconded to weather. [ laughter ] >> 36 in reagan 37 dulles. bwi marshall 37. hey we got cloud coverer
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we'll keep it dry.dry. upper 40s to about 50 this 50hi afternoon but it will be dry. b i will give you all thingshing forecast here if you're y'r traveling over the next 24 to 48 hours but from now just know jtk that rain is on the way aroundro here tomorrow morning.orning all liquid just rain for f tomorrow.tomo all right. quick look at the forecast. atho 49 today. little early sunshine and then afternoon clouds again aga 10 degrees cooler than yesterdat bra g a jacket. jacket like this. thi all right, guys, back to you.. >> okay, tuck. tuck. thanks a lot. big story at 9:00 thee suspect in this week's deadlyy christmas market attack in aac be is dead.ead. killed in the shoot out withn police in italy and here'sy her exactly what happened. hpe police in milan, italy stoppedtp anis amri on the street foree routine check.routinche this was about nine hours ago. a they asked to see his id papersa that is when amri reportedlyte pulled a bun from this backpackc and the shooting began. ban a police officer was hurt but ht will be okay. oy we understand this is videoid you're looking at into fox5 of that scene there earlier in milan. milan. amri rammed a truck into thata t berlin market on monday inday i germany 12 people were kil
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and about 50 others injured.ur want to take to you malta passengers have begun disebarking from highjackedrkinr libyan acraft. the doors of the plane opened just an hour ago to let the 118 passengers and crew out.w out so far nearly all of the ohe passengers have made it out to t safety. fe the plane was diverted fromed f libya earlier this morning andoi two highjackers threatening tohg blow it up with hand grenadesgr officials on the ground say the highjackers seemed willing to wo let passengers go but would nott row lease the plane's they're also reports thishis morning that libyan lawmaker war on the flight passenger manifess but it is still unclear if hee i made it on to the plane beforeoe the highjacking began. began a lot happening overseas thiseas morning in terms of the terrorro suspect shot dead and of coursec the situation in malta stillll developing we'll keep our eye on it. it. >> the airport in malta closedac for incoming and outgoingut traffic across this country onnt the west coast travel delaysl d because of weather in most of is the nation's airports very busys with volume.with v millions of people high tailingh it out of town trying to be with family and friends for the and s holidays g that's right.days g record number of travelers t are
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take to the air. air. fox5's melanie alnwick is livesi at reagan national with a look at how security lines are moving along. al mel, you've had great tips abouo what to bring and whatnot towhat bring through tsa. >> reporter: that's right. r let's talk about security lines first. to me, i'm kind of it describinn it like a yo-yo one end of theft airport will be completelyetely stacked up all the way back to the christmas tree and then then other end of the airport will be fine and it kind of flip flopsls and so you can see at this houru it's pretty good.y g but the earlier hours i wouldouu say 7:00 o'clock this morning was definitely a peak right nowt people are getting throughhr pretty good. pretty good. this is where some of those -- - bottleneck so to speak the gridlock can happen and that'sn' why tsa is telling folks reallya you go to the pay attention totn what you are bringing want you cannot bring. they showed video yesterday ofty just crazy stuff unbelievablenbe how many people are trying to bring knives through and maybeed some times they have it in their pock i don't know if you think you can get this on the plane, k don't ow
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anything that could be a weaponl or look like a weapon. this flashlight is actually a gun. gun shaped coffee mug that is still a no-noed c eofven belt ee something like that that a piece of fashion item.m. just leave it at home that is hs the best advice, guys, if youuyo have any question at all, you ay definitely want to just be safee either put it in your checkeded bag or just leave it at home. h one of the good things that tsat is doing they star add new twitter handle at ask tsa andsa you can literally take picture of something or you can tweet them directly and they will tell you if you ask them directly ca i bring this? can i not bringng it? we are having a lot of funf guys looking at the twitter feet in some of the things thatngs tt people are asking questions about. >> mel let me saw question.n. let's just say hypothetically ie have a box of chocolates to takt through security and it's wrapped, it's still sealed, but holiday chocolates possibly thet one i'm holding in my hand righr now can i take that through thao security or not? >> reporter: i think the holiday cho
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absolutely fine. son asked about a cooked dish of eggplant parm ma son and they were told, yes, you can bring that on to your nightg you may put that in your carry r on bag.on by the way whole coconuts alsous would be just fine. >> that's good to mel, i just got a question foru you. have you ever been stopped inbep tsa line for something thud inin your pocket or on your coat orro anything like that? >> reporter: you know, come to o think of i was going to say no s then i remember i was visitingit some friends out in park city, utah, there were some speciale c sauces that i had bought iough i wanted to bring home i just ius wasn't paying attention i put it in my carry on bag and bag a unfortunately i had to pitch ith in matter how much i tried to td plead with the tsa agent that i really didn't want to throw that in the trash can i had to. i any time you come -- i don't d know if dave can see it lots ofo liquids on the table there.. >> yup. >> definitely see the trash cans starting to stack up as peoplecp realize the things that theyhatt were not supposed to bring thata they have to throw away.. >> yeah. you held up the line, mel.
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that's what i wanted to know,no mel. if you had ever held up thep t >> i did a little. >> she has good advice now.. >> important advice.nt advice. >> she had great advice if advii you're putting on your winterte jacket and you haven't worn itni shins last year check thech the pockets. thanks mel. >> also this morning china sayss countries with largest nuclear arsenals should take the leadd and disarm ma after president-elect donald trumpt-et tweeted that the us shouldho expand its nuclear capabilitiest until the world quote comes to its senses. hasn't been us poll so in nearll 40 years.40 y his comments followed a similar one by russian president vladimir putin about his own country's nuclear >> jimmy carter there he'sarr th actually going to be -- only-nl living president that has rsvp pods for the that's why he was in that video. >> president election soundingn off on twit about the pressuretb to let his son stop directlyecty raising money for his cancercer foundation.oda eric trauma wop not solicitin
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donations he was worrying aboutu the perception of buying accesss to his father. forced move that president-elect said was the wrong answers.nswe eric trump's foundation benefitt charities connected to his family and members of his foundation's board.oa meanwhile trump name his pick pk for the next white house secretary sean spicer the formee rnc communications direct.. on fox news he told the kelly k files he believes the newew administration still will hold h daily press briefings.riings so here the thing.erthe was he dangling that carrot in i front of dana perino.ino >> so many people. >> i think kimberly gill foy.oy a lot of people were on the short list that wanted that.ha >> similar to the secretary ofra state procedure.procedure. >> spicer was he ever even mention. >> it wasn't one of the majorsne players i didn't think up for i it. >> no. >> reason for the season coming up a little allir thsonup s aeymour will jon live with a story that proveses christmas really is the seasonha of giving.ofiving. >> all right. h, the skins tryingry not to giv
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holding out for a christmasas miracle of sports. srt grant paulsen will join us live next. we'll talk about what's it'st's' going to take in actual will thl for the burgundy and gold to beo in the playoffs. it's 9:12. ♪♪
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♪♪ >> we hope that they won't losen this game coming up
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for i'm just saying.g they want them to win on out.nut the redskins hoping foropin christmas miracle when they hitt chicago this saturday. s chef a slim chance.ef a >> not playing at home for at hr >> right. >> they had slim shot at them st playoffs but they need a lot oft help. that's the bottom line. lin a lot help.lot elp. >> the cowboys have now clinchec the division because of thef the eagles win last night over their tsants. the giants are done. cowboys -- as far as theirs chances to win the division. ths cowboys get home field and get t the division. grant paulsen, merry christmas,m happy holidays, good to see our last chance to chat before theho big game on saturday.atda so let's just keep it real, i r grant. what are the skins chances now.n what has to happen for them tomo make the post season. sso >> guys, they're not great. gat. they've gone from about a 60% 6 chance to make the playoffs ayoa couple weeks ago to 25 or so% right now. here's what's got to happen. hae they clearly need to win thenhe last two that starts christmas eveistm saturday coming up to tomorrowor in chicago and then next weeknet went they are at home againstar
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if they within those two games g they get little bit of help by p way of the green bay packers losing a game and the tampa bay bucks losing a game then they'lt get in. in that's pretty simple. spl they need two teams to win.o w they need to win. some other things quirky thatha could happen one beneficial benl thing to them would be theto cowboy ts beating the detroit dt lions this coming weekend onkeno monday night football. dallas helped them last weekst e with a win over tampa. tam they have nothing to play for.ta that got more interestinges yesterday when the giants lostio to the eagles. those are some of the thingshe t need to happen most importantlya they got to play better and winn the next two games.. >> look, just so i'm clear, sols if green bay and detroit tie, and one of these other teams ties -- grant, i just messingesg with you by y [ laughter ] >> no more ties.oie how big of a deal is that wholeo sense net thing with cincinnatin getting that tie in london?nondo >> it's huge.s hu >> has that is huge. i mean that real kill theiril t season. >> absolutely. abs there's no doubt about it. re
9:17 am
goal winning field goal forlor extra points distance it should have been a win.have been a >> yes. >> it's a huge deal.>>ge you get a win in that game itt look like a couple times over ot a loan they should have won theh game and they didn't. half game is huge because they'e be favored in a lot of these tie breakers head to head the tie breaker they beat green bayreeny they'd have the tie breaker ovee them.them they beat -- run through the schedule the giants a lot of thf teams that are right around thee in the standings.. that's something that doesn'tsn matter because they have thatavt tie they can possibly finish pon with the same record as some ofe the teams like minnesota.sota. >> grant, i'll going to breako b one of the cardinal sins in thet locker room none of us plays pla football and this is not lockere i'm going to go ahead and look o past the game tomorrow. okay? i'm log going to looko towards that game witnessi giants. because the giants screwed uped last night and lost to philadelphia, my thought procese grant was, if the giants win that game last night, they're locked ie n,last they're in good shape, and they might kind ofind mail it in that last game of
9:18 am
season. seas so now with the loss last nightt will the giants have more toe t play for in that final game ofaf the season against the skins? >> they have they absolutelybsol will if the redskins don't benefit between any help from ho now and then. redskins the -- thing the the redskins need to happen then the giants essentially need toly net happen to lock up the first uths while steve there's actually really rl good chance that the giants will still have the top wild cardar spot locked up when they come te fed he can field next weekend. d that would happen with one ofe those things i talk about the tampa bay loss, green bay loss.s >> it could still absolutelyely happen this weekend with them being idle. idl they would go into week 17 not n needing that game.e if you're a redskins fans you f should hope for. >> if they rested beckham toam just to keep him healthy for the playoffs. >> yes, please. christmas miracle, right. rig >> last thing, grant.g, grant who will win it, you've been'vee prettya
9:19 am
>> tomorrow you mean?row yomean? >> yeah. >> who will win it chicago,hica washington, who is going to win. >> i'll say this. i have>> a way worse feeling abt this game than lot of people do. the bears are a bad matchupatup running the ball as well as they do. they play tough they are really brad bad and a they find ways to lose games. l. they have nothing to play it's the holiday.olay they'll be home did you trackedt byilymily. i think the redskins win a close meme. i think these two teams are fairly comparable.rabl 20-17 ugly cold game bunch off turnovers. i think the redskins win and set up week 17 ideally where theyree have something to play for. for >> we'll see what happens. happ. >> all right. ghat' be watching that's for sure. should be a good one. goodne grant have yourself a great yous holiday weekend.holieken >> merry christmas to you.o you >> you too guys happy holidayss you got any tips for me i'me i'm going out with 15,000 of myf closest friends to do myto d shopping at one of the local malls. ma >> wear a size extra large. that's your tip. [ laughter ]
9:20 am
>> grant, he got number 10umr 1 jersey last year.rseyast ye if you can pick him up a a matching one this year he would love that.he love >> i might -- i'll go clevelande browns number seven.ns numbe >> that would be swell, gap.ll,. that would be so swell. sll >> both be collects items sometm day. >> love it. >> 9:20. let's throw things back over to erinw thin. >> new news for grant the roadsr are pretty quiet. qet 9:20. coming up future first daughtere harassed on an airplane. local fast food chain ditching h cash and who is coming to nickel back's defense aft the latest ls cheap shot.ea we've got a look at what else ie making headlines next.ea >> the woman you don't know andy the mission youou d d kevin sitting down with some oft the stars of space drama hiddene figure. fi we'll be right back with the rhc details on that.on much more good day on the other side of the break. ♪♪ y27zry yi0y z26i0z z17vz
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>> we want to hear your leastnt favorite or absolute favorite t chri or stmaabs songs. courtney saying santa claus is i coming to town. jackson five version.sion >> oh my gosh. porgie pig version of bluef blue christmas. that's on the bad list.the d li >> really. >> that's on the bad list. >> i'm just't ts easing.ust tea. >> what's this. wiout heard without hearing that one. >> carol of the bells by natalie cole. what do the lonely do at christmas so depressing.ep exactly why it's on my don't d play list.ay l >> we want to hear from you hasu tag fox5 christmas. chr. >> you got it just like theike t folks did there. #gooddaydc. >> right now 9:23. it's time to check on what elset is making headlines t
9:24 am
first up new developments this morning in the suspicioustu death investigation in northernh virginia. we've been telling you beau bea about fair parks county police are looking for one suspect in n the death of a 22-year-old man-m that victim identified as --s understand a family member foun his body when they came home too their house on blarney stonernee court in springfield around 8:18 last night.stig next up ago ago arrest in the road rage killing of alif a three-year-old boy.ld boy. police in little rock say they work with the suspect's family'l to convince him to surrender. they were also assisted by usy s marshals.. toddler was in the car with hiss grandmother on saturday whethere another driver opened fire f because he thought thecaus tho grandmother wasn't moving fastg enough at a stop sign. ivanka trump experiencingncg dish about lense on a flightut l yesterday. the president-elect's old o defendant daughter was en routes to hawaii for vacation with herr family when the man be rated her accusing her father of ruining r the country. that's another passenger on ther flight. other passengers say ivanka anda her husband remained very calm.
9:25 am
children during this entire incident.. she pete the told jet blueetlu personnel she did not want a wan cause a scene unruly passengernr and his companions were removedd from their aircraft as they t should be.ould b okay. glad that all ended okay there.. bold move by sweet green the popular salad chain about to goo cash less all sweet greenet g locations in maryland, virginian and the districtd, w vill stop p accepting cash in you'll only be pay to via its i app or credit card.d sweet green says cash purchasesh right now only make up 10% of its sails so they're doing awaya with them.hem. finally singer avril levignene isn't laughing at facebookeb founder mark zuckerberg jab at nickel back. zuckerberg recently debuteddete video showing his digital butlet and asked technology to play him some good nickel back tunes.kun to which a replied there are noe good nickel back >> is that how they said it.d >> that's how i'm thinking in mn iad it was said. >> i agree. >> i don't know if jarvisvi talks -- iron man talks l
9:26 am
that. that. >> he probable still with apr british accent.obab very >> i don't know any good nickelc back songs. >> i like that better.. avril wasn't impressed by the joke and said in twitter it was made in bad taste. tte she was married to the lead thea singer of nickel back.. >> nickel back just needs some e love. love. >> i'm telling you. >> wisdom shakes his head everya time this comes up.s comes >> they have some good songs.on nothing against nickel back. >> doesn't it make you want to t head bang get into the groove. >> maureen motors the music.e mc -- murders the music. >> that's episode of this year.r >> final nail in that coffin fof sure. i'll take that. >> goodbye to 2016.01 >> two days to go for christmasm plenty of time.plenf ti bob barnard checking in with tht last minute shoppers and he'll a show you what some stores aretos doing to help out everybody likk grant paulsen who has not yets y started their shopping.. >> first though tucker is back b with a check of the holidaye hol seven day th
9:27 am
the end couple it of 2016.6. >> and fresh at 10a a candy cane and lump of caol we're taking aa look back at the year that wasrs in celebrity dish and we'll telt hugh makes our naughty and our o nice list right now. 9:27. back in a moment. moment. hello name private first class aaron stayinged in i would like to give a specialpl holiday message to my mother whw lives in hampton, happy holidays and merryerry
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♪♪ >> 9:30 i don't know about youi but there are certain traditions that make udoarpe holidays fore going to see the nutcracker, and last night i had the pleasure oo appearing as a guest performer.r >> you took it a step last night. >> at the warner theater. a totally dressed me up from thet costume department.tmen >> you were on stage. sta >> playing the merry widow. wid >> performing in the nutcrackern >> yeah. we couldn't get any video that'' me getting my hair done in the t wardrobe area. area. nice little period dress.. >> what was that like, erin.s k >> it was so cool, steve.l, s [ laughter ]
9:31 am
i got a dance lesson.. louie said you should come backb and a guest i did not dance obviously notlyt talented to keep up with the ballet dancers however i got tot do a little walk with purpose io played the merry widows i dabbee my cheeks and through thehe handkerchief.handkerchief. unfortunately we wouldn't get a camera in to getately video off >> you just walked. walk me through this.wa me what did you d >> i walk out on to stage with t the performers. >> we really want to you walk uk threw it.thre it. >> get on up. on up >> and hang on. a i got to give you -- and act. >> i'm the merry widow i'm happp but looking for a fan i walkk walk walk walk dab my cheeks mch with the throw the handkerchief on the ground at the party scene a sce gentleman hands me thehe handkerchief i walk off in furyy [ applause ] >> bravo, bravo. >> just kind of smile and watcha the nutcracker dance.r it was a great night. gre nig >> did you get a queue before b you went out or did youef jut js walk
9:32 am
>> walk faster and i said okayaa got it.t it i smiled. >> did you have to practice thee whole handkerchief thing andnd dabbing of the cheek. the cheek. did you have to practice that.ha >> i got walk vethrough at 6:300 went on the show at 7:00. >> in other words she's a i natural.n otl. >> looking out in the audience c got a taste of it.t a ste >> you like it. yeaeah. >> really? >> it was cool. >> you got the bug. >>as in r es in her eyes. >> i don't have the coordinatioh so, you know, you win some, you, lose >> did you celebrate afterward.d >> i went to and pizza too celebrate in georgetown.eorget >> very nice. >> was the pizza free becausee u chris has the ampersand. >> chris has ampersand toot andt an app he took care of my dinnen for me thank you christopherhrih smith and from and pizza theyize were so nice and so cool. we had such a great time withimt them. >> very cool. >> we promised them they would show the picture at 9:30 and they're big fox5 fans.ox5 f thank you guys. >> very cool. coo no pizza in here this morning. >> why are you shake your headod chris smith. >> i got her the pizza because i didn't bring roses to the show.
9:33 am
>> he came to the show and backe stage ththe whole time and hungh out. out. >> chris, none of that there's, no pizza in here thisno morning. you get free pizza for life ande there's no pizza in here. >> chris, did you get to watchy the performance from back stages or were you out in the audiencec >> i had a pretty good cedardar actually.tu >> got him a ticket. tke >> i hope you were leading thewi charge standing up. u >> they a announced her name beforehand fox5 traffic anchoric erin como and she got a bigot round of applause. >> brownie points for being afo great boyfriend a few weeks he s took me to the first fridayda night show of the nutcracker because he knew when you one ane little girl i loved it so much.m >> starring in the show. >> making holiday dreams comeome true. >> for each other and for us,r too. >> that's pretty cool.pretty >> the longer we have chris on camera, he can't kill us. kl >>emove on. i'm going. ur shut your face. shut your face.shutour face >> only time you can give mey ou orders in life. >> ooh.oh >> oh. >> it just got personal. >> wait a minute the holiday ith spirit lives on.
9:34 am
>> taking back your christmasr r presents. >> don't you take take them ba back. >> this is going down in here,ig maureen.ur >> i know, right? ooh, where ii the teaser? tea >> all right. all right. take look at this.ook thi video of our melanie alnwick aln just sharing on her facebook fac page a really beautiful moment m she captured this morning atni a reagan national airport the moment mary mews from richmondid virginia spotted her son u.s..s marine joseph mews coming home from 29 palm california for ther holidays. look at this. >> that's great. >>wwww. i said it yesterday i'll say ity again these never get old.ld never. >> i love them every time. eve m >> beautiful. also loving this weather tuckerr barnes. ba so far so good. >> and loving the outfit.t >> i didn't say that because i b didn't want to lie to the man.. >> keeping it honest.. >> erin a few years ago after ar dave dancing with the ballet b school they asked me to have the main roll.main >> they did?>> tdid? >> yeah. >> did you take it? >>sed assed on it. i didn't want to show up all thl other dancers. >> he wanted to wear this andnts come bac
9:35 am
>> he drove up like the mouse tm king. >> exactly. >> 36 now in washington. we'll be cooler tha 36 n yester. and we are going to cloud upngco here pretty quick. quick highs in the upper 40s.0s so if you have a jacket, likeike this one, make sure you wear ita out later today you'll need itt as it will definitely feelte f cooler with cloud cover andnd again temperatures 10 degreess0 cooler than tha this snow and/or rain across mis sections of the country headedry in our direction.. and it will arrive just in thehe form of rain show showers earlye tomorrow morning i think the moi first half of our christmas eve hanukkah here will have rainav r showers around and then we'll bb just cloudy tomorrow afternoonwr but we'll get a chance to dry d out before things clear up inarp time for santa's deliverieselivr overnight saturday and earlyd er sunday. all right.l here's future cast watch the fut clouds increase here real quick. and you'll see the -- there we e go tomorrow morning again whenrn you get up we'll have sinhowerss around through probably earlybay afternoon there we are atoother 3:00 o'clock clearing it out,arn and we'll get a chance to dryo y out again. out aga we should clear up in time forif sunday. if you're traveling today mainem to in order in great shape.hape you saw that system out west. w lightno
9:36 am
than an inch expected if you'rer going well out to the west latea today could be trouble spots in la, san francisco, portland, po, seattle big snows foot plus in s places like the sierras parts of colorado utah idaho expecting ai foot plus in the mountains goods skiing weather out there.thut te there's your seven day.even d. 49 today.49 tay. 51 tomorrow. showers first half of the days i rsdry it out second half. won't need rudolph red knows asa santa will make the deliverieshd early sunday morning as we shale have clear conditions around here. here rudolph will be needed in otheri partlls of th be world. of th. and mild temperatures by next n week. 60 by next tuesday for coolerorc air at the end of the next week. all right. guys, that's the latest. [ laughter ] >> is that your purchase rowr ph wet? >> yes. you can't see it right now but trust me, it's there. t seit there >> it was really good.oo >> yeah.>> y >> all right. take it away.ket away go, go. >> thanks, tuck. just two days tillaytil christmas. but still a lot of shopperslot s trying to get last minute giftse some stores are looking out forr those people offering around the clock shopping for those who arg
9:37 am
fox5's bob barred in at the t kohl's in springfield with these details.detas >> reporter: hey g morning, mori guys. tomorrow is christmas eve.ristsv really not much more time, and if you've shopped online, it's i probably not going to get theret unless you pay a lot.. we're at the kohl's department m store which is has been openn since tuesday and it's nott' closing again until tomorrowg ti night at 6:00 o'clock. i was online earlier kind of kin kidding but these a pair of hagar it in slack how many times have you heardny that in a commercia timl if youu kid of the late '60s and '70's. get me some hagar it in slacksts day,y, maybe not. this is handbag that's basically half off selling for about 60 bucks. this is nice fleece that you cac pick up. and these are prominentlyromine displayed here the keurig the k machines for $100 you can get this lyle this bracelet for 20 o bucks. so this is one of the stores in this area around or all right that is going to be open the rest of todays go, tomorrow andd gives you some time as you see e lot of people are out thisple eu morning including sharon who we
9:38 am
sharon, good >> good morning. who are you shopping for andd w do you have here. >> grandson.>> were got some jeans, we got couple of little t shirts. shi >> reporter: nice sweatshirt.wet >> yes.>> y >> reporter: you waited till today.. anything factor, into your thinking? >> i had hard time shopping for somebody that wears a size eigha so i said i'll try kohl's and came in and hit the jackpot. jat >> reporter: it looks like did d you. did you do on online shoppingpp >> most of my shopping was done online. >> reporter: that's what we'veta gotten a sense from and your frn family friends the people we'vel been talking to this morning mni mostly online so much >> it really is. normal whole we come in sorry to say this but there's not lot off cashiers so nobody wants toants stand in line. and in it's easier to do it online havh it sent to your home. >> reporter: when you comen u co here -- thank you very much, mu, sharon. appreciate it. if one do you come here to a store you get a lot of greatt g ideas. it's right in front of you.ont y how about one of these? howe ow about one of those? so there is still time if you have time toat geout to a store and again a a a place like kohl's and there arek
9:39 am
that are not going to closeot gc tonight. if you can't get out until g unt midnight or venture out 3:00 tomorrow morning fewer tom people out and still a chance to shop, guyors and.. >> good to know. bob, oh, well, hello. >> present to all of us justl os arrived. >> hi, kev. >> i have stuff in my rry.y. >> kevin his jolly rancher.. if you're not quite done yetone your shopping amazon may be toa the rescue promising one to two hour deliveries in some citiesie across the country.rosshe count you have to be amazon prime prie member first of all. fir it will cost you about $8 to geo your gifts delivered in one in hour, but when you look atk overnight shipping in somenighti places eight bucks for one houre is not bad. >> two hour deliveries it'ss it' free. hatwhat? >> i believe there are parts ofs the this area eligible we'll w have to check. >> every think why don't i belong to amazon prime. prime. >> that's what amazon is saying? why don you belong?
9:40 am
>> how much is it extra. era >> $99 for the whole year.le y >> for the year. >> free shipping.e hipp >> okay. >> all right. look, hidden figures whoigur helped american within the spacn race and now for the first timet their story is getting told onon the big screen coming up next, that guy sits down with some of the stars of that new drama. d >> you're not hiding anywherewh with that outfit.t. >> 9:40 is the time. the time. we're back in a moment. >> looks like wrapping present. i like the suit. >> i am a present.
9:41 am
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♪♪ classified information, it'n top-secret. it's no secret why they keep kee failing. fail numbers don't lie.. >> you figure to all out with this? half the da redacted. >> what's there tells the story if you read between thes ther ll >> did you the math?h? >> yes, sir. >> how did you know about the atlas rocket? that's not math. that data is not here like you said. it's classified.. >> i held it up to the light. lg >> you hell it up to the light? >> yes, >> well there it is.s. >> um-hmm. >> all right that's a clip fromr the movie hid depth figure tells the incredible true story oftory catherin
9:44 am
vaughn and mary jackson threeksn brilliant african-american women working at nasa who served as a the brains behind one of theinde greatest operations in historyry the launch of astronaut john glenn into orbit. orb. now the visionary trio crossedos all gender and race lines to inspire generations to dreamream big. bi kevin mccarthy got a chance to sit down with the cast including oscar winner kevin costner and emmy winner gyms parsons.ns. >> i talked to the cast as well phenomenal acts this movie is ss important opens up sunday regalg gallery place and amc hath mann center i spoke to kevin costners why this movie hat not been toln before. be i kind of felt bad for notor knowing it this is what he hads to say. >> what does that mean to yout like in the sense of like i felf bad for not knowing it?ng it? >> well, you can feel bad for it or be thrilled that you do now d ow a about it. i mean, you know, you can hateat history glass or you can seecan give me more. give me more. give me more. m you knowe, um, i think ourur
9:45 am
lot on science and a lot on lot math, and i just think there's t very few people that emphasis ei should be placed on, but i think our history when we lose it or i lose track of it is really a bigger crime. >> yeah. i would say i felt shocked and kind of to your point a tiny bit irritated. always irritating when you feel like i've been told the storyto but not quite properly. ppe not quiet all the facts. fac not quite completely honestly. and it just seems -- it's hardts to figure out the reasoning forf it's hard to put yourself in the shoes of why parts otof p the ss was left out.ut >> why would you leave -- whyve- would you leave -- movieave --ov language why would you leave the best part, he won't go unlesss this young gal does the thing by math. why would that not even occur to you that if telling a story thay you'd want that out there?here >> yeah. i've been watching all my life mr. costner and to be across bes from you is an honor. you've made so many importanty films and you've directed soec many great films as well, you wy kn
9:46 am
just so happy that i been able to see, i'll be able to be ato e part of you and talk to youto y about it. ab do you have other films in your filmography you feel reached aea level of importance that youre a opinion personally for you thatt felt this important to you.nt t >> i think -- but they'reo theye different. >> different reasons. >> you know, i>> d mean, field d dreams was a movie that had something, and, you know, dancing with wolves was a historic. >> did it in a way everybodybo tifitifies with. so, you know, hidden figuresidd comes along and it does exactlya what movies can do. d we don't see it coming. we're in the dark and we go, you're thrilled there's -- it's set against civil rights rig movement.vement set against women beingomen beig oppressed in the workplace anddn we wal tk out, and we're kind of
9:47 am
little eight-year-old girl just below a room away you know she goes up to the chalkboard she'se touch. she's gifted, and shame on us iu we don't let the touched and gifted people in our society get to the top. >> i cried like a little baby ae the end for happy reasons. rns >> me, too. >> phenomenal film hidden h figures my apology on the edit that was my fault with the sound of the music w c coming up scenu coming up movie opens up innsp select theaters this sunday at regal gallery place and amc hoffman and goes everywhere e january 6th very powell fullwelf film. i'll post my interview with theh three women.omen >> i have question. questio you know sometimes people kindnd of become their characters.ecomh do you think of them becoming tm their characters.characrs. >> yes. >> i can't see jim parson i cane without thinking he's jim p on h level science and because thisat movie is about science and and math -- is he kind of on that ot level in the movie too or aoviet different type of character. of. >> what's funny his character ct actually very -- not villain bun kind of mean to taraji
9:48 am
henson's character at first.irst he does all the mathematical equation and they bring her ingi and he feels like she's takinght his job. >> he's threatened by her. h >> i asked how much math and m science they actually have to know for the role. nothing.noth >> wow. >> you just act like you know [ laughter ] >> that's really all it is.. >> yeah. he got an emmy and you got toott graduate.gradua >> thanks kevin. >> thanks guys. >> t minus one day and countingt we know there are a lot of youat who still need to finish yourh shopping we don't judge. j we'll here to help you. truly last minute gift ideast i your family won't know you waited until the very last veryl minute to buy. it's 9:48. we're back after this. stronger is rebuilding a newborn's heart... and restoring a father's faith. stronger is being a typical kid...
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stronger is seeking answers and not giving up until you find them. because we don't just want kids to grow up. we want them to grow up stronger. with your support, we can find more answers faster. make a gift today at
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we asked woman to smell two body washes and pick their favorite. i prefer b. b. what was a... bath and bodyworks. and their favorite... suave. really? i am impressed. three fragrances preferred over bath and body works.
9:51 am
>> favorite christmas songs,it least favorite christmas songse. >> silent night. they don't like silent night.ntg >> slow, too long. >> i agree. >> i love seeing everyone's favorite. >> stop already.lrdy. >> this is a good my gift to you alec anterior ano o'neal let it snow boys two men. the christmas song, nat kingin cole. co i forgot abut
9:52 am
that's a good one. >> tiger woods, oh, my goodness. >> why is tucker not volunteering to take his shirt off.of >> i can't believe he's note' doing a remake. >> we have an hour left filmftim maureen has the tip for all of o you pro krav naders and i do i d mean last minute last minute.. >> i had to do this. t we have a studio visitor and vir this is her little son eight e months old.hs. right. eye tyler. is he like the most delicious? o >> so cute. >> i'm totally sorry. >> i have to give him back to mommy. he spit up on me. m he's not supposed to do that onh camera. that's okay baby.that's can you say boy by.y. hear, meghan.eghan let me give him to you. >> his little arm is hurt beur b careful with him. bye. >> hi are you.e you i'm'm good. merry christmas.. >> happy holidays. >> it's crunch time. christmastime if
9:53 am
shopping don't panic don't meana this there's still time to findf those small gifts but they stils could be meaningful and nice. >> 100% we've got you covered c here at good day dc. >> valerie greenberg lifestylele and national trend expert. exper you'll run us threw it.un uthre it's really important to createe everlasting traditions betweenst fur familwey. ornament is really great way tot go. here we have the little little snowflake ornament swarofski pick it up at the union stationn boutique.ue. >> absolutely. >> celebrating 25th edition annual celebration were you it't only this specific design only available for 2016.016. delicate keep sake you can tighg it on to your gift wrap it will create that extra sparkle.le moving along let's talk stockinn stuffers. these are items that you cane i pick up at thethat drugstore.. >> i'm intrigue by this.e >> what's so great i want torean start out with the ladies thatia like stilettos.os. pro foot call tow keen knee.en . it's a cushion that slips on to your shoe and it's going proteco
9:54 am
problems we all face whether fat it's balls of our feet rubbing and irritation and toe squish we all dread. dad picket for 9.99 at walgreens.ns i love this. amazon, want to move us on now.n for the fitness phanatic next n product you've got toe got o incorporate into your post work out regimen. procure epsom salt rub made witt aloe vera as well as epsom salts and you get all of the great benefits epsom salt bath with you concentrated spa treatment. only 5.97. pick it up from wal*mart.. >> let's talk pampering.. skin rejuvenating eye mask. it's really luxurious a satin s soft eye mas that is actually specialslypeal woven with copper infused fiberb to reduce wrinkles and make youy skin look that much more youthful and smooth in fourul ad weeks. we >> little eye mask. mas >> y
9:55 am
get optimum result. sephora $35.a $35 >> i've got a five year old.. >> beautiful baby in here.aby in >> i know. >> here we have the amazing madd for you studios easy craft oveno you can turn your literal into t craft studio so important that you pick up gifts that you can partake in with your children cd and give them creative freedom.m i love this it has color coded buttons and different sets and kits.. >> this cures was paint.hicure >> exactly. safety measures as well heatinga oven and actually a cooling ali feature as well. pick it up at made for you studio only 59.99 these cute c kits come separately for under u $13. >> we have about less than ave minute to go. >> the tooth fairy this is a new spin on the tooth fairyairy tradition. what's so great about thiseat at adorable doll and book thatookht provides an interactive intac experience for your kids kind o get personal with the toothoo fairy they can document theirenr tooth loss in the back of the book write what the tooth fairyi gave them as gift and great wayy to
9:56 am
losing that are tooth. too tooth 39.99.. >> for the sports fan we have the -- run to bath and beyond and picknd up. we're here in d.c. red skins. projects up to 50 feet outside o of your house or inside youridey house. amazing for parties. only 59.99.9. >> no excuse.. >> last minute gifts.ts these are first rate. r this is not i went and got youoy cough drops at walgreens.alee >> it's affordable and easy toyt pick up. >> valerie again berg.iner you've been is my website. >> redskin logo on the side ofhe your house, swap it does. does. >> wisdom, guess what we're w we getting you.. >> oh, the neighborhood willeioo never be the same.nebe t >> i think we shall just readald this tease after that, steve. >> what shall we talk about nexe hour?ho >> how about we tease paying itg forward. because allison seymour willuril make somebodi' days good i can'n wait for this segment. >> it will be f iwilb
9:57 am
>> we have candy canes and wean have coal you can figure out tht difference.ff the question who will get what?w that's all coming up next muchtm it's coffee time if you want the mug very easy to do if you wantu the dunkin' donuts mug.onuts go to our websit our fox5 d.c. facebook page enter that contest before 11:00 o'clock this morning.rning. one winner selected randomly ity is now 9:57.7. the 10a is next we promise youou holiday music right after the break. y27zry yi0y
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z26i0z z17vz y26i0y y17vy
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10:00 am
z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y ♪♪ time to celebrate on thisn t christmas eve eve edition ofti o good day at 10a. 10a. >> countdown is sure on but sayy
10:01 am
did you find yours in time? ti? hope so because we're makee'ak something awesome eggnog cocktails that you will surely l surprise up your holiday. holid >> christmas gift or christmashs gaft.. what's up with tiger woods in i that mack daddy santa pick whici i like by the way.ay weigh in on this one because wew sure are. are. >> whose been naughty or nice don't miss a veryic celebrity ds where we hand out candy canes os >> allison seymour teaming upmiu with the sal vague army andrmy n easter motors to -- eastern eten motors to make one holiday's hol familiar allot the good day a at 10a starts rit ♪♪ ♪♪
10:02 am
>> that is awesome. awesome [ applause ] >> awesome. awe. >> good way to start the show.. >> if that doesn't get you in yu the holiday spirit. 18th street singers performing m a christmas classic.s cssic >> love it. could not be better. >> the only words i know arewre ding, don >> that's okay. >> all good. goo we'll hear more from them andm chat with them later as well. wisdom will keep his cup of eggnog warm throughout the hourr and we have the headlines. >> candy kyle cane or coal.l. >> i'm steve along erin, maureee and wisdom.ansdo holly has the morning off todayy whole bunch of to talk about and we're going to give our candy c canes or coal and we'll do as a very special celebrity dish
10:03 am
>> really thought this onehis on through. >> we have a few curve balls in the mick as well. let's check what's wrenning. wrn >> donald trump burstingg christmas tree sales. sal he is. in fact christmas tree sales trs jumped 10% showing the biggest t increase in years also partisana to those tree sales. metric show trump won are goingg faster blue states are seeing aa drop from 2015.01 whether you've had your tree upu for week or just waiting untilnt the very last minute your your christmas tree is helping to to drive our economic engine.ine somewhere between 25 and 30 million trees are sol each eh year. that is according to thecordg to national christmas tree association.sociat >> and that does not include thu artificial variety by the way. tree farms cover 350,000 acres0a in the u.s. and employ tens of thousands of penal adding greeng all across the nation. nion. >> i have a confession to make e after weeks now of saying how much i love the real trees ies tried to get the small real
10:04 am
for my small living space --pace >> what did you do.>> what >> get on board withdi me.d wit. >> i got one of the fake onesens this year. this >> yes. >> you like it. >> fakers unit. >> how do you feel about it. >> i love it. eady set up. ready to g >> i got tiny little christmasim tree in my condo a real one it smells so good.s >> i was going to do gdo i found one i couldn't say no so to. >> the dark side is so dark.ark >> it's already it will up, plul it in. up, good t o go.o go. >> you have it for next year,ea, too. >> and years to come, t >> i might have to look intok io that. >> i'm a little shame. shame >> no. don't it, i got three. t >> i got two.>> i g two >> there you go. >> oops, there you go. t you >> for different rooms, check,he this out. if you had trouble findingad trn eggnog this holiday season,n, here's why.hy. there's a major shortage of the holiday drink.y dri according to the wall street ste journal, companies didn't makeak enough underestimated thatd at demand. one company that makes the drini says its eggnog sales are up 60% from last year.ear. one reason for the record sales the market is
10:05 am
with pumpkin flavored productss by now food companies trying tog entice customers this month with eggnog. >> i've always found a little al eggnog goes a long way any way.. >> it sure does.>> one sip for me to toast the holiday.. >> keeps on going. >> i haven't drank eggnog sincen 1985. >> 1985?>> >> just not,. >> not your thing.>> >> i respect that n. >> more for those who want it wt then. >> that's true. >> wisdom is not taking his>>m t part.rt for some people it's christmas's e e eve. c for other it's vodka night. nht for the rest of us it's fests have. here's a quick reminder if youi don't know what that is. >> what is a testifies have.fie. >> it's nothing when george wasn growing up -- nog wh. >> his father did all the ahe commercial and religious ass specs of christmas he made upe u his own holiday. >> oh, another piece of thethere puzzle falls into place.o pla [ laughter ] laughr ] >> all right. >> instead of a tree didn't your father put up aluminum pole. >> jerry, stop it. >> piece of spring that ended u with you crying. >> you happy now? >> it's a fests have for theest rest offo us.
10:06 am
as you might expected many grievances are being aired day.y. told happy fests have about thee starbucks barrista. happy fests have for the rest of us. us. there you go. some folks --u there's the fesf have pole. >> >> i think it's healthy get outo the grievances and then move on. >> the pole is sad. sad >> i agree. that is kind of i >> all right. the te.k is the time. let's talk about mariah carey because mariah carey' news website only a day old andld a already breaking the internet.. all because of her special giftt give aways.wa take a look. ♪♪ >> what exactly is the gift.t. >> wisdom, pick your jaw up offo the floor. f >> i got a new favorite song. >> right? >> i never heard this onehi o this is great. [ laughter ][ >> t
10:07 am
>> what?>>hat? >> she looks ravishing. ravis >> break up does a body good. >> wow.>> w. okay. >> she's on fire.'s on fire. look at her.look >> merry christmas to all. all mariah tweeted this is the first of three gifts she's going to give. gi >> or is this the second ofthe o three gifts? [ laughter ] >> all right. mariah we see you.ou >> i see in you all your did you have have aness.ness. she looks so good.. >> revenge body after the breakb up.up. >> i mean she's phenomenalnal singer.. >> absolutely. >> i don't think she would be reduced to just a beauty think. >> that's icing on her beauty. >> meanwhile -- meanwhile -- >> wisdom if you're a fan of thu people showing off lit'rtle skii >> okay.. >> half naked bodies.nake bod >> okay. >> we've got another one for you.ot a >> ooh. >> stay tune. wty s equal opportunity here. the internet has provided us u with an early christmas giftasif from tiger woods. >> what did you call that a gift?gift >> i guess somebody might. mig go ahead, steve. >> the em balanced pro golferfer posted this picture with the
10:08 am
caption mack said santa back. b. people say why? why did you dou post this ridiculous picture? who suffered through taking itii and immediately making memes ofo it even fellow golfing super rory mcilroy chimed in sayingd g wake me up when it's 2017. 27. now tiger said the kids love it. allison says too much holiday nipple.pp >> it is. [ laughter ] >> i think he did it as joke. j. >> i agree. i agree. >> this is the tiger people have been waiting to see for a long l time.time. will you go. >> he's been so uptight and -- d >> i think it up -- >> mack daddy killed it forlledr everyone. >> you call your mack daddy, o too. >> i think that make it so thaki ridiculous it has to be joke.ok >> it's a joke. >> tiger woods is a joke.ok >> hold on. >> no.>> n >> old on. >> i think he's endearing now hh shows he can make fun of himself. >> endearing.
10:09 am
of hcte i don't know. >> here's the thing.ure he's letting her all the ladiesw that 2017 i'm here if you need n me. >> the tiger a roaring c >> the tiger is roaring back. >> testify tipped he's got insts post. post. >> i'm still here f mariah did d it should show she's single whyy can't tiger do it.o it. >> she's a 12 on the scale ofhef one to 10 she's so beautiful.ut >> he's like a negative two.wo >> some people like him. him >> to each their own.each tir o >> there you you go >> in the spirit of christmas -- >> and giving. >> and the season of giving,>> r christmas salvation army it is a year round effort and we knowk that it's not just christmas day, christmas weekend,eeke christmas week it takes a lot of hard work arc lot of dedication and a lot of commit. commit this morning this is what we've' been waiting for we want to payp it for to all of the peopleeopl spreading christmas spirit. spi. >> allison is live at the princr george's county sal vague armyum in high yatesville with more.te love the tree you're staningsv next to, allilisonree .is >> isn't it nice, erin? it's a whole feeling of joy christmasis
10:10 am
in a facility like this salvation army does everythingti from you see eating here,ere, basketball is played here forerr the community, after schoolchool programs here, programs for adults. there's even a sanctuary here. r so we are here in princen george's county at the thehe t salvation army center for lack k avenue better word with a big christmas surprise. we don't want to say it too loudly because i don't want to toy too much. but what i do want to tell you y is, you don't want to turn away. eighths season of wishes andnd we're paying it forward fox5 fo5 happy to be small part alongt a with the sal vague army.ue so we'll be back at the half hal hour with the big reveal. please, please you were peoplepl to stay, guys. because just feel so good out g here today in prince george'sn g county. back to you. >> that's coming up at 10:30. 10 >> in the meantime also today we are going to skip ouripur traditional celebrity dish thist morning because instead of we'll share which celebrities we thini deserve wisdom the props pleases the candy cane or the lump of
10:11 am
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be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'. >> 10:30. this the time of the day we timw would do
10:14 am
latest scoop op your favorite celebrities or least fav core is or shirt less justin beibers and that makes wisdom crimple. crime >> we're going to do a holidayay edition of celebrity dish.ri what we're going to do we'lldo l pick our favorite celebrity and our least favorites of 201601 we'll give them either candyran canes for our favorites or thehe lump of coal we wish we wouldeod not have to talk about in 2017. >> i eight my candy cane. >> i eight it. >> i don't blame you. i d bla paul wharton with us thiss thi morning. [ applause ] >> what's up guys,. >> m>>erry w, merryha christmas. that's a luther o okay. >> multi talented. listen let's start erin we'll w' let you go first. irst. >> i'm going to take this off.. i'll give my bag of coal and get the nasty of the way naughty nay before i move on to the nice i n pick for me no brainer ryanyan lochte. lochte. i know he tried to redeemee himself with dancing with theith stars but what did he during th olympics it left a bad taste ini my mouth and ryan, you are y a naughty this year you get theete coal. sorry.rry. santa not coming for you. you >> all r
10:15 am
we'll take that.we'll take t >> okay. >> next. i had a really hard time te narrowing down who gets the candy cane houstonias lists l because so many to choose from.o but this one for me goes to emmy ross she stars on the show shamelesse and she wasn't making the same m salary as her male co-star william h. macy she stuck her hr ground did some negotiation and not only did she getting paid sp for her role eaiqual pay as otho co-star who's mail she's gettint paid for back pay she deserved s to be pay the same as working to shatter that glass gs ceiling for women in acting. ain good for you emmy.. >> emmy gets a candy cane. can >> all right.>> right. >>ell dodone. >> wisdom.m >> so we'll start off with some coal.. and guess who gets the coal? t? om y you? >> on my >> i know. take a a g. >> justin beiber.eiber >> too late to say sorry. s >> never too late to say sorryry this clown gets my coal.s my all right. i made a list. lis i don't know if i have time to t go over the list. >> hater race.ace. argentina attacked a photog. wore a giant could it yet teet
10:16 am
he made vick million he managedn to punch a fan who got too close. he complained about being like a zoo animal to the fans,abou cand a $2,000 meet and greet on his purpose tore n october he yelled at a fan for throwing a hat onoo the stage and walk off the stage at one point.nt. >> wow.ow >> banned selfies, deletedeled instagram. you, sir -- get a bag of coal. >> get a lump of coal from a fra dump truck pore flood your front driveway.eway i hope to never mention your game again you act like aike spoiled rat moo who playedo basketball at duke university. >>hx.!.! >> boom. >> my candy cane goes to my t m favorite act of all times the greatest in sports entertainment the rock because we smell what the rock is cooking. >> hey look the rock is on firef he's always on fire. did he moana, central intelligence, he's got bay watch coming out.ut fast and furious com
10:17 am
number eight on the tonight shoo helped military people. ppl he's an overall nice guy love lv the rock. roc >> the rock! >> more of the rock in 2017. >> paul. >> i'll take this coal thanks erin.rin my coal goes to the bootyoo licious rapper who turn out i don't know if you all saw this. >> bully. >> i don't know if you saw 't k month pos month she posted a video ofted her confronting aa woman on the street in la. l the woman looked like she hadad mental issues at the very leastt she was just having a bad day.ay nicky just went on with thishi conversation talk to me.on tale. she ended up posting it on it social media and she was literally bullying his poor poo woman on the street ridingeet ri around in her limousine stickinn her phone out the window.inw >> that's not cool.>> t >> bullying is not cool.lying it it's not not cut and so for that this close to t christmas get my coal, >> rice physical so. >> do you know what i'm saying.i >> absolutely. >> why when you're at the top you don't reach back and given a somebody the bacckk land a yndor back and pull
10:18 am
if not leave them alone.. >> right. >> you get the coal. >> all right. cane.move on to the candy you >> candy. candy. >> candy. >> i loving on first lady michelle obama! oba [ applause ] >> she's our inauguralhe our ina african-american first lady and she did it allan with style anda grace. she handed amazing amount of scrutiny there she is with oprah at her last her final whiteal wi house interview.view i just think she's used her h platform for so much good overve this time and the last year onen her social media really to promote her let's move campaign and learn with girls so manyan things she's really going up up against the big food giants in n america and made us all more mr aware of what we should be b feeding our kids and so for that and so many other reasons hersor beauty, her style, her grace an making me feel like washington n is the most fashionable city inn the united states i give my candy cane to my girl, firstl, lady michelle obama. oma [ applause ][ ap >> love you. ll all right. there you go. >> maureen umeh. >> here's the thing you
10:19 am
know i refuse to say her my coal goes to the perpetual victim.ctim. t s swift. >> yeah. >> there you go. >> please. tay tay.>> >> go find a boyfriend. nd a bie find yourself.. >> enough with the blaming everyone else.eryone else. i'm so done with this woman.s w you get my coal award this yeara that girl who's name i will nott say. say. i'm just going to move on. to m. i'm going give candy cane to tww of my these people -- you got two.wo >> they're kind of joined.. bruno mars and james corden i'mm telling you they bring everyry time i hear 24 carrat magic i i smile and dance. d james corden because he has h carpool karaoke.arke you two get the candy cane for being such life, such joy. that's mariah carey. carey >> keep doing what you're doingo i l love it. do wisdom. >> i agree with you maureen.maur >> do it maureen. oklahoma. >> give candy cane to mariah mia carey just because. >> here's the deal.>> her with my coal bag i'm going to transcend one person argued arg about the marvel universe,. >> ut-oh. >> whatever the other universe.
10:20 am
mccarthy. >> i'm giving the coal to theg t kardashian universe.e. >> oh! [ applause ] >> anyone associated with thessi kardashians you can make theu nt list as long as you like.ik >> not the tay tays.s that is my coal right there. >> i'm going to give it out i o there.e. for my candy cane kevin i need i help with with can you come over here and helpl me with this.h t come on over, oer, here's the deal. dl. >> i didn't know i was onn >> to set the back story you guys are thethe best celebritys for me personally i don't care c that much about celebrityar diss >> we get it. i >> i need help when it comes tot learning about celebritiest everything they do, everything g they are so i give my candy cane to the one and only kevin mccarthy?mccarthy? >> oh! [ applause ] >> all year on all the --- >> i literally had no idea.o ide >> that's for you, my friend. fi >> oh, my gosh. >> i thought you were giving -- asking my advice on who to givev it to.. >> you don't give a he gave i was candy cane. >> you're welcome.. thank you for all your
10:21 am
knowledge. >> i had literal follow idea .. kevin, we have 10 more minutes. >> let's keep going. gng. isn't we'll move on. you and steve can have a little bromance.bran >> if you like eggnog thisog t segment is for coming you. comi. if you hate it this segment might change your coming up later we're chippinghn one upping up a new spin on thee holiday tradition.traditn >> let's do it. >> as we go do break right nowiw christmas carols from the 18th 1 street singers.gers. hit it. yay! ♪♪ we wish you a merry christmas, we wish i was merryry christmas, we wish i was merry y christmas and a happy new year, good tidings we bring to you and your kin, we wish you a merry christmas, and a happy new year! ♪♪
10:22 am
10:23 am
10:24 am
♪♪♪ 10:24 right now.4 right if you are still trying to getrg out of town right now or todayrt if you have a flight today, wehw literally have been tracking byy the hour the security line lookl like at reagan national airport. let's get the late tepp update.d melanie alnwick has been on then story all morning. getting busier as the morningheg goes on. what are you seeing. >> reporter: i think it gwhetats slower around this middayisda period. a lot of people want to fly outy first thing in the morning otheo people are trying to get thingsg done in the morning and then fly out in the afternoon.out in the so right n aowft, it's looking g pretty good.d. steady and people are gettingetg through the security checkpointo pretty well. one of things we've been talkini about how tsa is trying to bee
10:25 am
just think ahead of time about t what they might accidentallyntay bring that could cause them too get in that gridlock tsa has tot check your bags, rerun somethint through that causes delays for you and all thed travelers behid you. ask tsa great resource for everyone that new twitter handln they've rolled out where peoplel can literally take a picture of an item they're not sure about,t and tweet it to them, and, a they'll let you know whetherhe it's toke bring on or not.ot so we've seen things moving verv very smoothly here at thee at t airport one of the other greatee things this vantage point realll had the pleasure you guys ofuysf being able to watch so many many people hug each other and greett each other. really does tell you here at tht airport even though all theall hustle and bustle with theth t holidays are all about. aut it really just kind of warmsf your heart. brings a tear to your eye whene you see those family reunions.en people also wondering aboutngbo flight delays here.ayhere. we're not seeing a lot here butb we are seeing some popping up ig
10:26 am
few. certainly as that storm system starts to work its way throughau the middle of the country.oury so we'll go down to tucker t barnes to see whether that is going to hold off for dc air travelers or whether it'sther is something we have to worry about. thanks, mel. mel chilling back here in thein weather center.ente i got to do some weather. hang o let's get to the weather weath forecast. we are looking at cool are l conditions to start yourooki dad later this afternoon guess what? we got warmer temperatures ons the way.. upper 40s to about 50 not quitee as warm as yesterday.m asterday there you go wind out of theouof north northeast at three. thr live look at satellite/radar.lir hey, melanie mentioned theed storminess out to the west, andd that will arrive here in the form of rain showersl ar earlyay tomorrow morning. it will be all liquid ouruid o temperatures will be too warm to support snow unfortunately we'd' love to have around forund f christmas weekend lit will be wl just rain here tomorrow morningr through the early afternoon andn we should start to dry thingsry out later tomorrow.orrow today again temperatures about 50. hey, here's look at future castt watch the rain shower activityy arrive. 9:00 o'clock tonight. going out tonight you're fine.90 it will be cloudy oto anindght
10:27 am
but rain showers by tomorrow t morning at 9am it will be out oo here by 2:00 o'clock tomorrow.or by afternoon start to go clearge things out and dry things out and again all systems go for a very very pleasant christmas day, daytime highs about 50. 5 traveling today, we look great.. maine to florida out to the weso we mentioned that system outut across central sections of s country. coun i do want to mention well out tt the west, san francisco, losco l angeles, portland, seattle coulu be dealing with pretty goody god rains and mountain there's quick look at our sevene day. we have a nice warm up earlyvemy next week.neeek. temps up near 60.r all right. guys, that's a look at your y seven day forecast. >> who is your friend, tuck? >> take that. >> is that zac.. >> it might be. got quite the beard.rd. >> strong style length type. let >> one of my many help mers down here in the weather center.nter. >> frightening.>> frighte >> he's like santa sinatra.ra >> or something like la >> we shall call him santa santa sinatra today.ay >> trying to be nice much it iso the season of giving. be e as
10:28 am
eastern automotive are reallylly really in the giving mood. we are very happy to be a parttt of this. coming up next it's a christmass surprise that could change onecn woman's live and she has no idei it is about happen. hap >> it's a story that might makek the grinch's heart grow three ge times the size or more. m you don't want to miss it. allison will join us next. z26i0z z17vz
10:29 am
17vy 17vy fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet for the holidays.
10:30 am
the local sled jump record, fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder. get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just $79.99 per month online for the first year. cable can't offer that. only fios can. ♪♪
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>> this was one of my votes forf best christmas >> hey, tuck. >> what's happening? happening? >> i think he's revealed hisnk e true identity that sounded liked mike thomas. >> o! o >> you guys are celebrating th b fun part of this season. there's real deal to christmas. christmas is coming early foror special volunteer at the sal vague army and this time itarmy really is santa claus who is a comis ng in thesa form of easten automotive.move. allison this morning live at tht prince george's county salvation army in high yatesvilleh everybody is saying what'sod allison doing here this morningi >> this is the coolest thingle t ever. ev it's about to get even cooler.l. good morning, al. >> good morning. i'm busy talking to the tohe wonderful volunteers here, her steve, but i will interrupt just for the good day good morning to everybody. you recognize major chip. >> yeah.>> y >> hi. >> hi. >> how you doing today. >> i'm good. oing with gngolid haysow y the salvation army. >> we've survived another year.a it's wonderful people haveav really rallied this last week lw
10:32 am
money.y. >> donations were down, right? standing next to what happenst s after you donate in the red kettles they come here.e we're facility where they check and see what all the good gooddo funds that are in these redse r kettles. kettles. >> that's correct.>> what we're trying to do is wrap up everything to make s ture ryl the kids receive what theythe needed for christmas, and also s making sure that last minutein details are taken care of forfor everyone to have wonderful yeara >> i love it. here at the princenc george's facility with theilittt salvation army. ay. i've learned so much today.earnd there's so many programs thatamt happen out of this and so the donations just last minute pushp that you drop into these red red kettles, after school programs,m we're talking rec, a chapel here, just for men and women ton come to a safe place and we alll know the good work when folkswhl are a little down on their luck, too. we're really here with pay itayt forward today.. major chip stay close.jota pay it forward and talking aboua some of the volunteers and somea of the folks who really benefit and miss catherine is one ofe them her daughter rebecca
10:33 am
with her too. how are you. ho >> i'm okay. >> i'm trying to live because of god. god. >> we say just to give you ao ga little background you suffered a major live changing event aboutt 10 years ago with a major strokk and it's taking on a differentre path.path. >> yes, because of god i got got well. i didn't know my name. i did not read and wright.ri i did know nothing my child myyl baby here she was helping me ana a lot of friends. so now i'm counting everything know. >> so basically, you were a nurse you work as a nurse.. >> yes.. major stroke took catherine anda her daughter rebecca who was sis years old at the time?e? >> i was probably like nine.ik n >> nine years old at the >> on a whole other course.. now though you're climbing backk you're helping in differentifre ways. how is christmas season been fon you?? >> christmas is
10:34 am
salvation army is the best in bi our life. lif >> salvation army is the best ii your life. >> yes. >> well, you know, we understann that sometimes when live eventse happen it takes you off course and sometimes you struggle auge little to get back, and so we s are here today not joust honor you as volunteer with the sal ts vague army with the help ofh tho eastern automotive too we'd lik' to give you a little somethingtg to say thank you and to help you this christmas season.n. so if you wouldn't mind this iss for you and your daughterter rebecca.rebecc if you want to look in there ane see what that is. >> wow!! >> thank you so much. much >> she's in here counting thisns money in here.ney here [ laughter ] >> you don't have to.>> y i just want to know --ou i wantn you to know because of the work that do you.ou >> thank you so much.>> tha >> how ynkou y pay it forward wo wanted to help with christmas.
10:35 am
help me pay for whatever, gas,as electric for anything for the ft house we are in. >> rebecca is like maybe somebee christmas gifts. >> eastern automotive and fox and we're not bragging here, buh there's a thousand dollars in there for you. >> yeah, thank you so much.uc >> thank you so much. >> i'm so -- i'm so glad. g >> i can't -- i personallyi peoa cannot look at you right now rht because then i will -- how do h you feel? how far is this going to go to help mom? >> i mean, yeah, it's going to i do a lot because, um, sometimesm like because she doesn't worksnw any more, it's only me and hereh in the house. even like something that seemsha small goes a long way because b little things that make. m >> your momma is strong. >> yeah.eah. >> your momma is very strong. s. merry christmas to you.o you >> thank you so much.uc thank you so much. >> so we are we're here from fox5 and with aw the help of
10:36 am
you to know eastern' social security also donating a also thousand dollars to you. >> i wasn't aware of that. t i knew they are going to beoi t helping out this family.out is . that's's wonderful. thank you so much.. >> little christmas surprise.urr >> yeah. >> thank you. >> hold me major chip.. >> any way, that's just spiritpi here and you know i got to tellt you when you've been through tou everything that this family has been through, you know, you'rewu strong. you keep it moving forward.ngora but i want you to know that wee honor you. >> thank you. wnor honor you. >> thank you.yo>> t y >> okay. we honor you. >> i appreciate that. >> thank you so much. >> back to you many don't worryi eastern will cut i was check. at we don't have cash for ias c you >> okay. >> aww.>> >> you know, al, you know what'' remarkable to me her strength. r i mean she's holding it together and i know how much this meansum to her. to h but the fact thater she's able t talk to you, hold it together, , see the emotions right there ono the this is a beautiful beautifuleal segment what we're doing hereoir just tell her we're thrilled fo her went wish her every success in life from here on forward. fa
10:37 am
>> i certainly there. cerinly she's humble but i was toll thaa this stroke was so major shehe woke up from being in a coma non knowing how to do anything.ny so the fact that she is hereser today along with her daughter and they are, counting theing proceeds here. it's a major accomplishment fro where you were. >> it is. it is it is it is.s. most people be shocked becausese some people think i already d died. >> wow. >> but because of this -- let lt them mow because of just me and my daughter what we do is my friends a lot of them that helph me where i used to work and thee i took long time ago the ones o who bring food for mow they como and drive and take me to the doctor or take me somewhere orro come and pick up my daughter tot get what she needs from schoolch because i'm not -- i can mott ct drive. >> you couldn't i
10:38 am
>> no. >> we honor them and we honor you and buy a little somethinget for yourself, too.. >> yes.>>es >> um-hmm. >> yes. for myself. for my [ laughter ] >> back to you. >> thank you, al. a l> so special. >> i love that. le th >> that's what the holiday is i all about.ut >> that's what it's a all aboutt it's not about stuff.tu to be honest with you it's nottn about stuff. it's about helping people andel about the spirit of giving and we just saw to right there. the >> can i just brag a little bitb fox5 thank you so much forh for always being a part of thing a h like this. thi >> right. >> it makes a difference. >> it shows some people arepl sitting there fighting over toyr in the store and some t peopleeo can't pay their water bill.wate >> sleeping outside.>> sleepingd >> just want to make suree.ust everything is set atwant t homeh >> try to pay it forward,ward everybody. >> 10:38. >> back with more after this.wi ♪♪th m
10:39 am
10:40 am
10:41 am
more tweets coming in aboutweet these songs favorites and leaste favorites.. my favorite christmas song thisi christmas by don't hathaway.hawy that's my favorite as well. >> santa claus comes straight th the ghetto by james brown. b >> james brown. >> okay. >> i like that song. >> yeah. least favorite in>> y fact --ac >> christmas eve in washington.g allison doesn't love that either. >> i don't know that one. >> in fact i hate it. don'tate . >> okay. >> not a fan at all. >> my favorite little drummer boy by bob seegerly i reallyeall don't have least favorite. >> just be in the spirit.. >> christmas cookies by george o
10:42 am
>> okay. >> and whitney houston. have yourself a merry littletle christmas. >> keep them coming hash tagemi fox5 christmas and good day dc.d >> all right. erin, wall wharton what are your farirites. >> song paying right now perryyt comb mow and that's my favorite song. >> i love it was love by pattii labelle. labelle. >>earyry lated. >> my grandmom's cousin. csin. >> perry comb mow. >> got to rep the family music. >> yes, do, you >> you're a real como.realom >> i'm a real como.omo. >> what?>>ha >> yes. >> she's a como.>> she a c >> fox5 d.c. comb mow. >> no. >> wow. royalty up here.. >> my humble bragging. 10:42. whether you love it or hate it e eggnog is a holiday tradition.ri some people drink it straight up and others add brandy, rum, yes, please wore whiskey to their t e eggnog and while there's really no wrong way to drink it there h are some better ways than onays thes and that's where our next t guest comes in. sarah rue says the headhe hea bartende
10:43 am
northwest.northw and this morning she's here to'h scholl show us the right way tot enjoy an eggnog cocktail. >> exactly.>> e so today we have two eggnogwogg cocktails here for you. f you >> tell us about that.ha >> one is going to be super be p traditional kind of what you y think christmas with eggnog. going to have cognac as aged ruu equal parts here. h >> how do you make eggnog if you were going to make your own.r o >> many different ways to makeae eggnog. eg a couple tips i have for theve e people out there, i would say sy definitely separate the yolksols from the whites whip up the whites into a meringue texturegx add them in afterwards and it makes a light fluffy baseffy b instead of like a thick heavy eggnog. >> good to know. >> you can just go to wholefoodo and pick it up. >> i guess. >> homemade has better taste to it. >> definitely.>>efinitely. >> cool. >> you can do it really simplyyy kitchen aid or mix it hard coree with a whatever you're into. into. >> i like adding all these extre little touches of the holidayol spirit.spir. >> exactly. >> it's the holiday time watch do we have here?e ho >> so heredo we
10:44 am
aged rum. rum. >> ready to go. >> yes. >> age rum and cognac. cnac. >> down the hatch. >> a lot of nutmeg in our inn house eggnog. eno >> that tastes delicious.hat >> can you taste the difference. >> would you like your own and would you like to share. >> i'm good fortaasteou ld yo s. >> i'll taste the next one. one. >> this will be a modern twist on eggnog. brazilian sugar cane spirit. >> hmm.>> hmm >> as well as spanish brandy. ba it's really nice and light andia pretty the spanish brandy givess it body and texture. >> hand that one over, paul.verp notot done yet. >> i'm rushing you. >> instead of tradition nutmeg we're using white rum here. add that for extra flavor.r. >> exactly. >> comb mow comb mow's.b mow cob >> of the real comb mow mows.s [ laughter ] >> great thing about dirty habih it's in hotel monaco we can enjoy our eggnog if we have tooo much of too much we can get a ct
10:45 am
>> we're right across from them verizon center. >> i like the outsideveri patiop which leads to us the hot toddyy >> or patio is gorgeous when th weather is perming we'remi w featuring our fire scape. spe so come out on our patio enjoy our warm cocktails. >> , fireside snuggle up withp h some robes.some robes >> i love it. >> good time. >> this looks great. g. >> cheers to my cooking with w comb mow counterpart erin i love you. >> lovely paul wharton. wharton. thank you so much for coming ini >> happy holidays. holiday >> you can taste the differencee with the homemade that's the way to go. go. >> wow that's good. goo >> our new best fire.t fir >> i'd like to lay by the fire and drink eggnog.nkg. >> we saved i was taste if youw want to have some a in a littlee bit. bi >> holidays are a time off sharing.sharg. >> exactly. >> all right. time. t5 is the can't be christmas with carolsls coming up next.p nex a group of local singers willrsl join us live in the loft to getg us in the holiday spirit.t ♪♪ joy to the
10:46 am
come, let earth receive her king ♪♪ ♪♪ let every heart prepare him a room, and heaven and nature sing, and heaven and nature sing ".
10:47 am
be noisy. be silent. be near. be far. be joyful. be together. celebrate joy with dunkin's holiday-flavored coffees, espressos, and donuts. america runs on dunkin'.
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♪♪ >> that's a clip from assassin's creed based on a video game andd tells the story of a man forcede to relive the memories of his ancestors and assassin during dn the time of the spanishnish inquisition.quisit last month kevin got chance tone visit spain and see what it's like to be an act star. he john's us live with all thele details. tail hello. >> good morning.>> >> yes. >> yes, this is most incrediblee experience of my life i went tot spain seville we
10:50 am
everything saw in that scene wee were doing in spain running rni along rooftops, sliding doing weapons training went shot forn probably i want tosh sotay 16 t7 hours all day. d there was breaks in between.eten but we did four separate thingst so i took all of these scenes and made a minute and a half action scene and michael fast fs bender said it was impressive.i. check this out. >> very cool. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:51 am
♪♪ >> i like it.. >> well [ applause ] >> well done. >> with glasses. >> i like that. >> outrig to stay period p specific there so 1400s of40 o course they had glasses. >> right. >> i like the music. i l >> i'm amazed that you choked
10:52 am
him out instead of pulling outlt your sword and dealing with himd that way. deathat w. >> that's supposed to be me med dating at the end after long day of beating up bad guys. g >> with violence. >> that flip actually everythina is real. no cgi no practical effects i aa flipping through the thre i fell off a standen landed on a bag but you're only seeing theie slow-mo fall.l. >> i saw the raw footage.ta. i can vow for that.n vow r kev did it all. >> i'll post behind the scenes s footage. >> great job. >> thanks guys.nks guys. 10:52 is the time. we've been getting in theenettig christmas spirit all week long.n today is no different. throughout the week we had weekh variety of holiday themeday thee segments and variousts a var performances inn clueing rahim devon single jingle bell rock rk and christmas song by main group. we have a local of christmas carl rollers call the 18 streete singers and friends.ds they stopped by the loft to sinn their rendition of deck theck halls. take it away. ♪♪ deck the falls with bows of ho
10:53 am
the season to be jolly, if a, la, la, la, la, la-la. lla don we now are gay apparel, if a la, la, la, la. troll the ancient yule tidee ti carol ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
10:54 am
[ applause ] >> bravo, bravo, bravo.ravo >> who knows how to fix that.t >> oman. >> you guys are so good you bleu the speakers out. >> thank ya'll for come in andoa talking with us. withs. we'll end the show over here. rig right.r >> who is the leader of this ths fantastic group? gup >> who is the leader.hos th >> all right.>> we nominated you because youausy made the most hand motions.d moo [ laughter ] >> how did you all you guys comc together. >> it started at a bar actually. there's a bar down on seventh sv street that gets all decorated r for the holidays and --- >> miracle on seventh.evth >> erin has had couple of drinkk at that bar apparently. >> and the morning crew. cw >> go ahead.. >> they wanted christmashrisas carolers to sort of add to the spirit and we thought we can w c fi inin. so we have been doing it
10:55 am
>> was it one friend had a drini asked another friend who had who drink and ya'll became friends.n >> they told two friends andfrid they told two friends.rien >> exactly.>> exaly. >> how did it work?>> how did i >> most of the peoplt e you seeu here actually members of community choir stephanie can talk more about.choir morabo >> we're the 18th singers. we're 50 young professional who's live and work in d.c. on various industries and we sing s twenty six year two major mor concerts.concerts. so when we're able to kind ofkio throw our santa hats gone down n to the christmas bars really rel nice break from our rigorousors rehearsal schedules.chedes >> do you ever get together witt a small group and walk aroundank and sing around the holidays.s. >> real caroling?ing? >> sometimes, yeah. >> that's cool.oo >> yeah. yea. >> tucker barnes is with uss right now he wore his best best christmas outfit as well to be a part of this out in we shalleha take the show out with all of uf singing. si >> i'd love that.>> i'd l >> i wanted to get your forecasr first because then i is athen i present.n what's your's >> i don't know.>> i't k >> it's not up on the screen.
10:56 am
cloudy later today. rain showers tomorrow morning mi through about the noon hour andn then we'll be drying outut tomorrow afternoon. all systems go for on timee delivery by santa late saturdayr night early sunday weather willl cooperate about fief tow degree sunday afternoon for our christmas with sunshine.ine nice afternoon. >> tucker barnes. >> you can sing whatever you want but i would l sovine itove personally my christmas presentp to wisdom martin -- oh my gosh.s >> could we do a little wham?ha [ laughter ] >> yes! y >> can we jam. >> yeah. ♪♪ last christmas you broke my heart -- took my heart but theue very next day you gave it away this year i'll give it to t someone special ♪♪ >> ♪♪ i don't know the rest. >> merry christmas erin como.
10:57 am
>> thank you. you. >> ♪♪ >> merry christmas everybody. >> we'll be back monday. >> happy holidays! >> thank you. merry christmas! merkisses deluxe chocolates. with a whole roasted hazelnut, delicate crisps and layers of rich, creamy chocolate, they're twice the size of the kisses chocolates you love. say more with kisses deluxe. z26i0z z17vz
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>> announcer: live from new york city, it's "the wendy williams show." ♪♪ [ cheers and applause ] now, here's wendy! [ cheers and applause ] >> wendy: time to wind it up! [ cheers and applause ]


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