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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 23, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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millions are packing airports and holidays for the get away. it is good to have you with us at 6:00, i'm shawn yancy >> i'm sarah simmons, tony has the night off. mother nature could make it miserable. we're tracking the weekend storms, fox news correspond jonathan hunt starts us off with the mad rush at the airport. >> travelers can expect increased traffic this holiday season according to industry projections more americans set to travel than ever before. the american automobile association says more than 103 million people expected to travel. airports see long lines as passes arrive for check in. >> you can -- it's pretty nuts, 3040 minutes to get in and out >> our pilot was telling us it would be like another 20 minutes, he hasn't seen so much airplanes on went track. it took us awhile to get to our
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largest trade organization projects a 3.5% increase in air travel over last year's holiday numbers. along with heavy traffic, travelers can expect increased security at airports across the country. as officials react to recent international terror threats. >> eight, nine bomb squad cars when we first pulled in. there was a lot of traffic and there didn't seem to be any people directing traffic. it was little bit chaotic. once we got past that. it was ok >> if you get here early, you don't have to worry as much. >> reporter: the busiest airports won't surprise the seasoned traveller with atlanta, chicago, charlotte and los angeles shopping the list. poor weather conditions caused a hugh backup here at lax with some 400 flights affected over the last two days. at los angeles international airport, jonathan hunt, fox news. a lot of people hitting t
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and depending on when you leave and where you're going, be careful >> gwen is here with a check of the forecast. leaving today, what can they expect >>. leaving today is not bad. especially the east coast, no the much. from tonight into tomorrow, things start to change. let's take a look at our maps and i'll show you what we're referring to. we're anticipating seeing rainfall. you can see the area, except to the northeast they're seeing snow and freezing rain. now, so far as far as the east is concerned we haven't had delays. when the rain kicks in, it will be in the overnight hour, as we go further, the upper midwest not a whole lot happening except when we got get over to the dakotas, and we'll see flurries and snow to our west. you can see that and that's where part of the delays are concerned and to the south along the gulf states things are rain filled. as far as temperatures are concern here currently at 40 at dc, 42 at
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winchester, 39 at dulles. we've had mild conditions but for potomac high lands, let's take a look a look at what's coming our way, not snow, it's rain. suspect in this deadly christmas market in berlin is dead killed in a shoot-out with police in italy. police in milan stopped end in his amry for a routine check. they asked to see id papers, that's when he reportedly pulled a gun from the backpack and the shooting began. s police officer is hurt but expected to be ok. this is video that shows the scene in milan. umre ran the truck into that on monday. fairfax county police were investigating two deaths they
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fox 5 local news alexandra limon is live in berk. alex, what's the latest. >> reporter: the body was spotted by a homeowner through a window. there was a woman leaning against the intervene she wasn't moving. it happened in the unfenced yard at the house of the end of the cul-de-sac. when police arrived, they indeed confirmed she was dead. now, police do not think there's any link between that victim and the house. however, they do believe there may be a link to a homicide that was reported last night. take a look at this map. although the homicide happened in springfield and this homicide is in berk, the two are only about a mile away from each other. now, here's what we know about the two homicides so far, the first victim, the one from last night, is 22-year-old
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hanas dead inside his home suffering from some sort of trauma to the upper body. they didn't say exactly what killed him. the woman is 22, her name is kadet, simona. she died from some sort of trauma to the upper body. several similarities between the victims but beyond that police wouldn't say exactly why it is they think the two homicides are linked. >> we have almost all of our homicide teams, we have an investigator from the medical examiner's office and they have divided both teams to try to work diligently through details to find out, you know, what circumstances are surrounding this. that may be linking these cases and who could possibly be involved. >> reporter: now, at this point, police have no suspect information so they are asking for the public's he
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neighbors in either area who may have seen or heard something suspicious or simply have information, you're asked to call the fairfax county police department. reporting live in berk, alexandra limon fox 5 local news. in the district, police are investigating an suv that plunged into the anacostia river. it was found this afternoon near the john phillips bridge. no one was inside the vehicle, but dc fire and ems officials searched the area for victims. no one was found. the atf and nypd are offering a huge reward. police are offering $25000 for anyone who made photos or videos from the scene, the 19-year-old stepped on a homemade explosive device hidden on rocks at the park, it happened on 4th of july weekend, he lost his left foot and part of his leg. i love this story, more than
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three years, a high school trophy has been sitting in antique shop. it recently attracted the attention from man determined to return the trophy to its owner. he posted the picture on facebook, people began responding and one thing led to another. and guess what? we here at fox 5 tracked down the owner, larry funk houser and delivered his trophy to him. he attended wakefield high school in arlington and won this 50 years ago. >> happy to make the delivery today. >> for sportsmanship, i was kind of in the, you know, in the running for athlete of the year. >> not exactly clear how the trophy ended up in the technique shop. larry believes the trophy got lost during an estate sale years ago. he's glad to be reunited with his prize possession that brings back so many memory >> after 50 year, amazing it was found. the holiday celebration in the district today, young centers gathered in the
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for a pajama party and a toy give away. the group of metro rail workers doelthed tors for the you don't knowsters, they collected 3 -- $1300 worth of toys, enough to give two gifts. as you can see, big community event. officers turned out to that he want children celebrate too. look at the faces. >> i love it. well, you guys know, speak. it is crunch time. you only have a few hours left to score some holiday deals out there. we're i'm going to take you out into the crowds to see what deals people are getting. say it isn't so, there's an egg nog shortage out there? did you find yours in time?
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two days left. some stores are offering around the clock shopping for those of us taking it down to the wire, bob barnard is at the cold and springfield with the details. >> tomorrow is christmas eve, they're not more time and if you shopped online, it's probably not going to get there unless you pay a lot. we're at the kohl's department store. these are a pair of hager knit slack. how many times have you heard that, i figured i'd get me some. this is a handbag basically half off. selling about 60 bucks. this is a nice fleece that you can pick up. and these are prominently displayed here. the cure ricks for a hundred dollars, you can get a nice bracelet 20 bucks. this is one of the stores in this area around our area that is going to be open the rest of
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some time as you see a lot of people are out, including sharon who we pull out of line, sharon, good morning. >> good morning. >> reporter: who are you should know for and who do we have >> grandson and we have jeans, a couple t-shirts, sweatshirt. >> reporter: you waited till today? anything factoring for a your thinking >> i had a hard time shopping for somebody to wear as size eight, i said i'll try kohl's and looks like i hit the jack pot >> did you do any of online shopping >> most was done online. >> reporter: the people we've been talking to, mostly online, so much easier >> it really is. normally when we come in, and sorry to say this, not a lot of cashiers. nobody wants to stand in line. it's easier to do it online. >> reporter: when you come here, when you do come here to a store, you get a lot of great ideas because it's right in front of you. how about one of these? how about one of those? sohe
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have time, to get out to a store and again a place like kohles and others in our area, if you can't get out until midnight or 3:00 tomorrow morning, there will be fewer people out and still a chance to shop. >> i like the ability to be able to shop in the middle of the night. my husband hates it and you know what? there's nobody else in the store >> early in the morning or late at night. amazon is to the rescuer. the company is promising one to two-hour delivers, in some parts of the country. you have to be a prime member. for two hour deliveries it is for free. >> i love amazon prime. saved me many, many times >> me too. today i tried to order something, it said it was prime, and it is but
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till wednesday >> this close to christmas i would not try. bergundy and gold are holding out hope for christmas miracle. what it will take for the redskins to make the playoffs. sports is on deck when the news at 6:00 comes back.
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skins heading to chicago saturday and may still have a slim chance. brody, you're here. is that >> quick drown. redskins fans, you're rooting for the buccaneers or and you're routing for the packers. it's a lot that needs to happen but the redskins need to take care of business and win. without that none of the other stuff matters. for that to happen. you need kirk cousins to play better than he did monday. there will always be a magnifying glass on the quarterback position. that's part of
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position. when you have a pending free agency with a possible nine figure contract. it becomes like a kid finds a magnifying glass and puts it on top of a bug. kirk cousins is a bug in this situation because he has all the pressure and that magnifying glass is hotter especially what happened, the perform that he put fourth was the first since opening night that he failed to throw a touchdown pass. he turned the ball over twice with game where his team's playoff bate was in his hands, kirk cousins played but missed receivers. in spite monday, jay gruden has faith in his qb. >> it was a of game. everybody has one or two, look around the league, most great quarterbacks don't have 125 passer rating every week, they've going to have their ups and downs. this wasn't all on
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he'll bounce back and understands how difficult it is to be successful and really good. >> it's not my first time coming away from a tough loss. i've learned to keep going. not ride the roller coaster and get back to worth >> in a rare move you get nfl with your christmas weekend. tomorrow get your football fix first. 8:00 a.m. redskins game time, me, ken haverford, grant paulsen, if you're not up that early, you can dvr it and watch it before the game. which sat 1:00 on fox 5. the redskins again. need the bucks to lose the 4:00 p.m. game, redskins nation should be rooting on new orleans tomorrow. and yes, so, you know, it's a nice little sports weekend. you have football on saturday, also nfl games sunday then you have the basketball games all sunday on christmas day. people who don't like their families, you can just go watch the games. >> you should enjoy your families. >> brody is
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he is, yes >> families get together over football and food. it's like thanksgiving with christmas >> that's true. >> he's trying real hard here. let's talk about weather before shawn sneezes on all of us. >> well, there's going to be rain, i mean, you know, you can eat with your family, enjoy, get in front of the sofa relax a little bit. put your feet up and really enjoy the festive holiday. you know, that rain is going to come in tonight, we're not giving you a white christmas, can't deliver and we're talking clouds, so there's a live look outside for you. but you know what? we have temperature changes as well. lots to talk about in terms of our forecast. starting with cool tonight and showers in the overnight hours, so that rain will move in and it will linger into the first half of your saturday. so be prepared for that on christmas eve. no white christmas this year, santa will not be bring you any snow whatsoever to the midatlantic, so be prepared you'll have to keep your
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umbrella handy and mild temperatures not only as we head into the beginning of the week but into next week as well. big changes going on. temperature-wise, 41 in annapolis, 42 at baltimore, 39 at gaithersburg, same at dulles, cool 37 at winchester, 41 at culpeper and 41 at frederick fredericksburg. as far as satellite and radar. over the higher elevations we're looking at rain showers and some freezing rain that's going to develops a that temperature starts to drop but it had remain over the potomac headlights. there is a freezing rain advisory in effect, that kicks in at 9:00 tonight until 6:00 a.m. saturday. then we're going to go see the temperatures rise and that will all change into rainfall. as the frontal system starts to move its way. increasing clouds, and in the overnight hours, we're going to go see this rain start to move
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for tomorrow. on christmas day, ridge of high pressure builds in. clouds sticking around, mostly cloudy day with sunny breaks. we're going to see a warmup into tuesday. we're going to get well above seasonal in terms of our temperatures. here's a look at futurecast for the timing of that rain, late overnight into the early hour, here's 5:00 a.m. and you can see we're going to get pretty widespread rain by 9:00. if you're heading out. aware of this and gradually starts to move its way to the south, by the time we get to the afternoon, moved on the southeast. ridge of high pressure moving behind all of this, christmas eve we're talking early rain showers, 40 degrees, then cloudy skies, then for christmas day, warming up to 50 degrees mostly cloudy but it will be a dry day. here's your
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is we're speaking about, overall saturday, we're talking anywhere from about a ten. to 200 hundreds of an inch. >> by 4:00 cloudy skies, that rain is out of the way. 40 degrees tonight. cloudy skies, light southerly's wind flow five miles an hour, rain overnight. christmas eve, starting out with rainfall. santa going to have to keep his eye on clouds. the clouds will be in full force, 51 degrees for your daytime high, cloudy skies, here's fox 5 accu-weather set of. temperature rising, can you believe it? we're heading towards 60? we're not talking snow. we're talking overnight lows going to dip into the 30's once we get past tuesday. the next system, i can't rule out a shower or
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it's possibly we're not pinpointing that. i put possible in there, wednesday looks like day where we could see showers then we're look at late week another system, you know, we could see a little bit of mix, not too sure. but 60 degrees. right after christmas. great to go out and get bargains. i want to say hi to my family back home, mom and dad, sisters and our dog, and go hokies. .
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if you had trouble finding egg nog, there's a good reason, there's a shortage of the drink according told the wall street journal, companies didn't make enough. one company that makes the drink say its sales are up 60%. one reason for the record sales, the market is usually saturated with pumpkin flavored products, food companies have been trying to entice consumers with egg nog. >> you're not a fan, sarah >> no. i'm not. i'm not sad but why can't they under estimate the demand for fruit cake too >> you make a good point,
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drink like silk nog, whatever. >> most people probably won't like it because it's not thick. but it provides the same flavor >> people can make their own if they got ambitious. >> i guess. >> just saying. >> making their egg nog, gwen. >> rather have dessert and work it off. go for a run >> with the fruit cake or without >> without for sure. >> i like fruit cake. >> merry christmas, the 5at630 is next.
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. happy friday. chinese officials announced they're keeping an eye on donald trump's nuclear policy sent from a tweet he sent out >> we know his fondness for tweeting. as you can see this is the hottest story at 6:30. tweet us what's on your mind using #5at630. the countries with the largest nuclear arsenals should take the initiative. >> until the world


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