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tv   FOX 5 News Special  FOX  December 25, 2016 7:00am-8:00am EST

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(music) the top-rated good day dc, the only place to be this year. (cheering and shouting) live in the loft, the hottest celebrities. top rated dc, the only place to be this year. the hottest celebrities. >> looks like it's going to be fast >> i love what i do >> the biggest live tv event. it happens here. good day dc, the greatest of 2016 starts right now.
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>> welcome, welcome, welcome. i can't believe another year. >> you did it to me again. >> got to live the consistency that goes with it. it's been a fun year, hard to believe it's almost over. >> it goes so fast good day dc, thanks for joining us i'm steve and we welcome you to a special good day, it has been a crazy year from the presidential campaign to the election, from kenye's melt-down to kim getting robbed in paris to a slew of celebrity death to metro's safetrack surge. we've had a little bit of everything. instead of looking back at the headlines in the year, that was, we have something a little different, we're going to share some of our favorite moments from the loft, the segments, people
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day at 10 a the place to be. tweet us good day dc >> >> we try to narrow it down a little bit. we want to start with our favorites one of the best for me was celebrating someone special to the fox 5 team. our very own, allison seymour. 2016 was the year of allison's 50th birthday, instead of hiding, she embarrassed it. we got to embrace it with her >> it's another good day at 1 [cheers and applause]
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>> something we put together for you. i know you got -- we got to do this >> happens to come from the office of the mayor of the district of columbia. i will read what it says. it says happy birthday from the district of columbia. allison seymour day, a proclamation by the mayor of the district of columbia.
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>> happy birthday to you. mark the girls are on her in studio. is that what -- thank you, girls. >> he has me crying over here. >> i know i can't stand i [cheers and applause] >> we had to be here to celebrate with you. >> mom and dad are we there?
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>> happy birthday, almost. >> i can't really speak. >> allison, are you surprised? >> she's so surprised right now. >> i can't really speak >> she's tearing up. i want to tell you this is allison's mom and dad, barbara and lafayette seymour. we feel like we know them on a first name basis >> can you be my mom and dad >> for so much they've done taking allison on this journey of life. >> she came in and she made a mark from the very beginning. >> i can't look at you. >> you are the present and you are fox morning news. and don't you ever forget that. and the love because let me tell you something, love is a powerful thing. and this is all i feel today is pure love, i want to thank everybody. ♪ ♪ happy birthday to you. ♪ ♪
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happy birthday, dear allison. happy birthday to you. >> allison joins us. i've seen just about every emotion from you at some point during the show but not seen you cry on the air. we got you. didn't we >> i'm crying again. did he did he. that's how life is. of course from my mom, too. it's beautiful to hear her voice. took me by surprise. but, yeah, it sure did. i just thank you guys. i will never, ever forget that birthday celebration. >> neither will we. >> that was our highlight for the
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my goodness, i need to compose myself. >> i heard your mom's voice. >> i know, me too. >> man >> don't forget allison seymour turning 50 was trending that day. >> thank you guys. >> you set the standard, my friend >> where is the cake? >> where is the wine? >> ok. goodness. so fun, ok. >> so you know, that wasn't the only life milestone we marked here in 2016. coming up how we helped kevin tie the knot >> and we can't talk about 2016 without talking about that epic halloween we had. we're going to show the make over to turn it into a bitter kelly and michael show. >> what are you still doing here >> i ask myself that question. we'll be right back
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("24k magic" by bruno mars) allison's birthday wasn't the only life milestone we celebrated for the fox 5 family member in 2016.
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the only life milestone we celebrated in 2016. this is also the year kevin mccarthy locked it down and this romance had a holiday ending. first we had to toast the happy couple way good day wedding shower. i'm sure that lauren is busy. how are you guying spending the last couple days. >> right now, she's getting eyebrows put into her eyes. she's getting fake eyelashes. i'm getting a man ni pedi today. >> look who it is. >> my gos [cheers and applause] >> it's been a long tom, like coming with a planning and everything. kevin came to allf
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he did the menu tasting, the cake tasting. >> cake tasting? >> we did the cake tasting. >> premarital sessions too. >> that edible. can i eat that? >> that's amazing. >> the males are beautiful >> thank you. >> wow. >> how did you make that? >> he's like -- >> amazing job. >> my name is lid dia wright from lady wright's delight and this is a cake for you and your family >> that's the nicest thing my grooms are wearing chuck.
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thankfully she approved of that. >> awesome. >> we wish you a lifetime of happiness. >> that cake was the star of my wedding -- by the way. it was the greatest day of my life but having that surprise blew my mind and i thank you so much for that incredible cake. lauren told me she was at the eyebrow place 20 minutes before she showed up. >> i almost didn't want to eat it. we kept in our fridge. i think we just finished it >> what did it taste like >> it was phenomenonal. i didn't want to touch the outside because the stitching was >>
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far >> i'd say my wife >> i think marriage looks awesome on you. >> i had a nice honey moon. that was one of the greatest moments of my life. >> your wedding was spectacular. >> i love you guys so much. happy holidays. next is time for the good day philadelphia starring all the big names that stopped by the loft. >> never gets old. lost
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all right, it is time to check the good day celebrity edition this morning. it is all about the celebrities that have actually stopped by the good day loft. now, it's going to be tough to top 2016 because we've sat down with oscar winners, grammy winners, reality tv stars, rappers, red carpet hosts, comedians, idols, olympians we sat down withs so oscar winners, grammy winners, olympians and a future taylor swift x. >> more cool than you think she is. >> she's -- there's something so special about her. >> my third day basketball team we lost seven
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finished one in seven and i couldn't get inside their shoes. >> so. waft hey, washington good day dc is the place to be, ♪ ♪ good day dc is the place to be. >> i really wanted you to answer this question, your name in real life is john. your character's name is john. does that help at all having the same name of the character? >> not a stupid question. script was already written, i didn't write the script >> did you call me andrew? >> i'm kevin >> andrew, kevin, john -- j
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>> we want to confirm it's jeel. right? >> i said it. >> we have serious business talk about. >> ok. >> how can people see you two? if they want to >> i'm giving it myself. trying to make life. >> i have to ask this. i know you have children as well. how do they handle your steamy scenes >> we don't let them watch. >> i'm sure your persona. obviously, you're not hard to look at >> thank you. >> i'm sure you have >> thank you. >> you have a multi-million dollar company. this guy is selling this. ♪ ♪
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i fit in danny glover's face. >> what was your reaction from danny glover >> during the scene, gabbry yell is across from me and she said something that made me laugh so hard and i had just taken a hit and i spit it all over. he was so gracious about it. he grabbed his napkin. he literally took his napkin and wiped and
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>> say it with confidence >> guess what? yes. now, guiding light. >> hearing the theme song of our show really hits home because it was our family. >> you became the first female group that really had hit after hit. it wasn't like the formula that we see today of someone ranging a group and making them popular >> it was much different back them. it was more about artist ry than it was about business. >> i'm loyal to the bone in a much more hopefully gracious way. >> not in such a boom, boom. >> it's never bad to be in the same team with mcdreamy or
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>> i'm not sure that the two of you on stage at the same time that we would even be able to hear what you're doing because people will be laughing so hard >> nobody will be looking at me, i'll tell you that. >> i wear my friday dress all the time. i can't help it >> why did i ask? >> probably coat hair, i was really -- i was before. >> since you guys are both obviously so great at improv, it's evident, i don't need to bring it up >> you're keeping up with us. boom, boom, boom. >> that's why you're number one. >> i need a track suit, i'm exhausted >> i have climbed the highest mountain in my very own canoe. ♪ ♪ on my way to paraguay, i'm waiting there for you. ♪ ♪
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can get this right. >> looks like it's going to be fast >> thank goodness there's no glass. >> showing up then. >> go ahead. >> yes. work it. >> this is something that i do with all my heart. i love what i do then you get these kinds of -- this kind of recognition. it's a reminder i'm doing the right thing. >> good day dc >> i get a chance to do it my way but at the same time what i'm hearing in the notes and the melodies, i hear my music. >> thank god i'm here, god is good. i just popped up. this wasn't even on the itinerary. >> let's go over the list of hit songs or should we bother >> don't because they're not that
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>> over here. >> my gosh. are you kidding me? >> we got cup cakes. doesn't matter from friday to saturday because we're not going to remember that anyway and that's the weather. i'm i don't going to walk just likyo
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>> that person came in and this person came me, good day dc the place to be. debbie allen? they're always coming in the stars are. we're not always live in the loft. we'll hear some of the best moments from the time you've taken this show on the road. another little game we like to play called torturing tucker. maybe the most fun embarrassing thing we've made the weather guys do. in his defense, he loves it. right, tucker? love it.
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i've been known to have fun tonight so a lot of times, obviously, we just kind of chill on the couch during the show and so somebody's gotta take one for the team. and more often than not, that someone is, whether he a lot of times we chill on the couch during the show. someone got to take one for the team and for often than not is tucker barnes. . he's always game and does it for the good of good things.
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>> come on, you can do it. come on. >> this is about lifting a car curse. i have invokeed my magic stick.
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there will be no christmas for you boys and girls. >> very impressive. >> a hawaiin shirt. those are cool, it was the deep dive into the freezing cold water >> that's fortunately most memorable one. i never want to have that experience again. >> it wasn't the car wash >> that was offered for the r
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>> have to do over and over again. >> in all seriousness are you ever for the up for this? you seem like you're a sport about what you say. >> i try to say yes to everything. anything that spins me kind of violently, i'm not very good at. >> we were somewhere that you did that. >> when we went to the joint force andrews base. like the pilots do >> you looked good in the aviator suit. >> we got to go. listen, hitting good day on the air daily is a total team effort. no show takes more time and help than our annual halloween spectacular. this year's we think was the best >> we're going to share some of the best moments from the kelly and michael reunion. eliminated of course, tucker's top list again.
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all my friends are heathens, take it slow, the good day halloween show is usually our biggest show of the year, and it takes more planning than almost any of the other shows that we do. and this year, our theme was celebrity splits. we kicked it all off with one of the most talked about the good day halloween show is almost the always the biggest show of the year. >> this was celebrity splits, we kicked it off as the most talked about falling outs of the year between kelly ripa and ch
7:34 am
stray han. didn't end there though. take a look. it's good day with kelly and michael. today, the queen of the universe beyonce, plus are brianna and many more halloween surprises all next on good day live. now here are kelly rippa and michael strayhan. >> what's up people? what's up? what's up? what's up? give a warm welcome to mr. and mrs. smith, brat pitt and angelina jolie.
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queen b beyonce allegedly happy married single lady is in the house right now. ♪ ♪ >> wow, ok. wow. >>
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>>. please welcome the beauty from bar bay dose, brianna. >> what's up, people? asked me to be girlfriend for some time and say yes. i'm trying to say we're married. have a baby >> public enemy number one after getting drunk. destroying a gas station bathroom and telling a lie, ryan lochte. >> maybe you would have a few more medals if you could get a little more in the zone like -- i think michael is in our audience. >> there he is over there. >> joining us now, live, ready to sing, grammy winner, taylor swift.
7:37 am
♪ ♪ lady gaga. how are you? i love her. how excited are you about the super bowl >> i'm preparing. i just love being here with all my little monster >> that show is always so fun because we have the live audience. >> it's something i think gets bigger and bigger every year. >> and better. >> biggest gets the more fun we have with it >> the energize is amazing. i love dressing up this year. i missed the first year because i sat out with a broken ankle. you cannot miss if you never been part of this audience get tickets. it's awesome >> it amazes me how it comes through fruition. because we're like the characters and people are like i don't knowf
7:38 am
everyone pretty much nails it >> a lot of add lib's in place. >> remember the video we shot, justin timberlake posted it on his facebook page >> taking this show on the road. we'll share some favorite moments from the times we left the loft and brought good day into your backyard. we'll be right back.
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("work" by rihanna) we spend a lot of time live in the loft, but every now and then, especially during the summer and spring, we like to get out of dodge and take this show on the road. we do it by taking zip trips throughout the dmv. we spend a lot of time in the loft but every so often we like do get out of dodge. one of the best parts is when we get to give away a car.
7:41 am
>> by the end of the summer someone will win a new suv. we'll take zip trips every day until labor day weekend. ♪ ♪ >> we're at the top. 180 feet up. that's how it goes. let me tell you, i think i decided this is the number one spot. you come to in the summer because its temperature controlled, air conditionings rock >> these men and women hit it out of the park every day, that's why we have firehouse friday and chance to say thank you >> who doesn't know who kris jenkins is?
7:42 am
>> we're going to rename him the new mr. big shot. that shot was incredible. >> how many times have you watched it? be honest >> i watch it a lot. >> very good. >> we just want to say we're so proud of you. honored to know you. you and your entire family. that makes us our very first geico home town hero. >> is there any way i can adopt you and you can be my kids >> it's a beautiful quaint community. we're going to be exploring the next few hours. >> look at that perfect gentleman. that's amazing >> i notice with the good looking group you have behind you. you guys raise money with the calendars where you're kind of showing. >> no, but we are selling t-shirts. cele
7:43 am
alexandria fire department. >> 150 years >> what kind of story do you want to tell >> i kind of want total about the good things because i feel like on tv there's always these bad things in the world and hatred, but it's like people talked about the good things they might make people feel better. there's nobody more important than our viewers. this is melvin. >> good morning allison. >> what do you love about raising your beautiful family here in the shaw community >> there's great parts. the neighborhood is great. we enjoy just being part of the community. two, one, yeah. >> you can't do my job, first you got to have the sweat >> i got to walk. >> i got to walk.
7:44 am
>> this is a wonderful place to live. this ladder goes 85 feet. i'm making carefully making sure i don't fall and hurt myself on live tv. thank you very much, sir. >> good morning >> tell us your name >> ben barksdale >> do i look officially with this helmet on >> absolutely >> absolutely not. i'm starting to feel lightheaded and fearful i'm going to fall. this is incredible. what a view up here. >> we're getting a lot of love here
7:45 am
>> i'm afraid i would be in the hospital a couple weeks if i tried those moves. how did i do >> i think i got jaws there. andy, what do i got? >> listen, here's the thing, i am not a huge raw oyster fan. which end do i suck it from? for some reason it made me nervous to say that. i did it. can i get a beer? >> we're about ready to give away a car, a brand new mazda. it's our zip trip. they're wonderful, they're fun, our finally is always epic. we've got 14 finalists all in this pc
7:46 am
who's going to win a new car? and while they all have keys, only one car will start. good luck. drum roll, please. five, four, three, two, one, start your engines [cheers and applause] >> i want to cry >> i want to cry with you. congratulations. >> how many people in your family? six of us can get in. when you showed up did you think you were going to win a new car? she believed. she believed. >> we've been doing this all summer. we started memorial day and wrap it up. it is truly the highlight of this
7:47 am
in front of the camera and behind the scenes at fox 5. >> she was so excited. >> that was so great that day. isn't it great to make viewers happy. >> it's a meter viewer. yes. best of our zip trips meeting people who say we watch everyday, love you guys. we love you back. >> everybody come out this year. >> remember college park? >> only about 115 degrees felt like >> it was fun >> we had food out there. >> probably ate it before >> listen, sometimes things we do here on good day end up with a life of their own. maybe you've seen some online. maybe somebody like justin timberlake end up a fan of good day dc. we're remembering some of the most shared moments of 2016 and the ones we went viral that
7:48 am
had no control over.
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i can't stop the feelin' so just dance there is a prime example that sometimes what we do here on good day ends up just with a life of its own online, but no matter how good a segment is or how fun it was to put together, only the internet can really decide what it is that goes viral and sometimes you can never really guess what it is that people will share. only the internet can decide what it is that goes viral. sometimes you can never really guess what it is that people will share. other times you call in the heavy hitters like justice timberlake.
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♪ ♪
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nasal tip rotation. >> it's in the eye of the beauty >> the second most requested eyelids. >> the master shad
7:54 am
>> that's the only time they called it. >> ever since won't die. you get updates i love this video. i'll tell you what. i cannot help i got a most expressive face. >> that's what we love about you. >> we love, big thanks to justin timberlake. he shared that video himself and put it out there for the world to see, which is swam. >> the awesome. we got a big toast to 2016 and the upcoming new year when we come back.
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don't you give up, nah nah nah i'm never giving up. never giving up. keep on swimming. pushing on, right? steve, are you popping that champagne? it's been a fun 2016. i feel like we should do a toast. why not? yeah. to the next year. let's do it. let's get this going. it's been a great 2016. ♪ >> i feel like we should do a toast to the next year. >> it's been a great 2016. we laughed. we cried. we gotten through all of it together. >> that's what i love abou
7:57 am
show. the emotion we say run the gamut. your family and that's what we do. we hash it out. make up and toast to the good life. >> nothing i would rather do this with than you three. i mean that. >> jumping on the band wagon with you >> we couldn't do it without everybody at home. this is the one show we get immediate feedback through social media. thanks everybody for a great 2016. >> happy new year. >> it's good day. see you in 2017. >> h2o, 2017.
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. this is fox 5 news morning at 8:00 here's a live look. it is sunday december 25th, thanks for waking up with us. coming up, taking a look at how the world is celebrating on this special sunday. alex, alexandra limon is doing a festive story this holiday morning, what's your assignment today? good morning to you. >> reporter: guys, say hi to josh. and he is a very special 9-year-old. instead of just focusing on the gift under the tree, he is making bags for the homeless. i'll explain coming up. >>


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