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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  December 25, 2016 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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no one else traveled what are you listening to to inspire you and keep you up lifted and encourage you. yes i had my own personally never share with anyone it my work and something i hold dear to me. >> you have a play list. >> yes that thankfully was incredible. i hated politics during that era and how minorities and women were receipted we didn't have the right to vote during that era but the music, fashion loved it. >> if you go through the television and one of your movies is on tv is there one you will stop on. >> no but the dog usually gets up and hears my voice before anybody else. cy have to look at the movie close i have a nine,p, 6 and make sure it's not a movie with adult situations. >>
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song wham hit last christmas. we learn he died at the age of 53, george michael another loss in the music world this year. >> because i have to have faith,♪ >> one of the hits we'll always remember george michael by 1987 hit one of the first solo outings. >> but it was his one with the group whammy along with andrew rigly that but andrew michael on the map. he was icon ever the 08s and artist that pushed musicians and beard, the style, along with unmatched talent made him wum of the top british acts of all time along with dozens of awards along the way. >> careless whisper♪ >> a well publicized incident in
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1988 and then the focus because back on music. and a tearfull michael spoke after a fatal bought with pneumonia. >> i spent the last ten days since world cup literally thanking people for saving my life which is something i never had to do before, never want to do it again. >> george michael gone at age 53. i got have faith, faith, faith♪ >> and tributes are pouring in on social media michael wham band tweeted heartbroken at loss of be loved friend and loved ones and friends and world of music world at large forever loved and brian adams tweeting rip george michael i can't believe it incredible singer and lovely human being far too young to leave us and james corbin who started karaoke car pool george was the first he took in his car. he said i loved
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as long as i can remember he was inspiration always ahead of his time. george michael dead at the age of 53. no official cause of death so far. "fox5" in the district tonight where a holiday argument turned deadly. d.c. police shot and killed a man after they were called out for a domestic disturbance. the man's family is take talking only to "fox5". marina morocco has the story. >> reporter: gerald javon hall was shot by police officers as officers respond ford domestic violence call at a northeast home. hall's mother tells "fox5" the father of four was navy veteran and days away from turning 30 and family says hall stopped at girlfriend's home christmas morning to pick up presents he bought for his children and it was at the home on walnut northeast where argument between the couple started and once police arrived officers say hall was wheeleding a knife and one officer fired a service weapon. the family claims hall was shot three times in the
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investigators are now reviewing body camera footage to determine the sequence of events. >> he does it so big for his children every year. he takes care of them. he's a single father. he's electrician. he works for the union. he doesn't devsh this. they don't have a father now. they don't have a father. and i feel bad for him and they didn't have to shoot him he had no weapon. he had no weapon at all. >> the officer that fired the service weapon has been placed on administrative leave pending outcome of investigation. in northwest d.c., marina morocco "fox5 local news". >> "fox5" in prince george country out of tragedy came something positive. they hosted mother and children for christmas. >> i saw she was a mom, single mom. i've bn
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and i know the struggles. so i just did what i thought needed to be done for her and the kids. >> gram was able to arrange for santa claus to come hi came on a fire truck and help doyz for young kids. >> all right let's turn to weather right now and live look at the washington monument for him pretty nice weather if you decided to go outside on christmas today. it was not cold travel rush picks up again tomorrow. meteorologist mike thomas standing by with a look at how things are going for people who heacad bk home. >> it's around locally if you travel d.c. areas south you will be okay and flights should be fine getting out of d.c. or bwor dulles tomorrow. if you travel north of here or to the far pacific northwest you might encounter problems. we'll talk more about that in the 15 minutes and let me do local forecast first here. 39 the current number in washington and 38 quantico and 32 down towards leonardtown and 30 gaithersburg and westminster, frederick, dulles
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currently 36. chilly night here if you happen to head out for any reason whatsoever definitely need jackets and early tomorrow morning if you hit early chilly start to day. satellite and radar mostly clear sunny skies for christmas and beautiful christmas day and more clouds rolling in as we head towards evening and overnight hours and those will continue to build here and we could even see participatey fog here and there as temperatures in d.c. only drop a couple more degrees from where they are headed down to 37 tonight. for planner for monday. more clouds than sun. 418 a.m. and 47 noon hour and watch for patchy drizzle. more of us stay dry than wet tomorrow afternoon. we'll have more details on week ahead last week of 2016 coming up on the 7 day forecast if a bit, jim. >> mrik, thank you. from the vatican to bethlehem tens of thousands gathered for christmas around the world to mark jesus's birthdays out of deadly truck attack in berlin
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we hear more now from fox's john hudy. >> in a world be set by violence and terrorism the message today was about peace, safe and coexist from bethlehem to the vatican. notes is once again the faithful attended mass at the church of nat activity and birth place of jesus the big draw being midnight mass with latin patriarch of jerusalem made special in addition of abas. he was one of several lead others to log passage of un resolution friday and it was on the mind of those who completed mass today flix aside tourism is in bethlehem because of the relative quiet compared to last year when there was wave of terror attacks in parts of israel including jerusalem and west bank leading up to christmas and on christmas eve and day. so while it may be calmer this year there's always underlying
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continues to plague the middle east and that was part of the message today at the vatican. >> thousands packed st. peter's square to hear appropriate francis christmas message calling for peace and coexistence in a world scarred by war particularly in syria. >> pope francis said it's time for weapons to be filled forever in syria and international community to actively seek negotiated solution so that civil coexistence could be restored in country and the pope offered a messing of peace to those that lost someone dear to them because of he says the brutal acts of terrorism which have shown fare and death in the hearts of so many countries and cities. and jerusalem, john hudy, fox news. >> and here in d.c. a turn-up on the ellipses fo
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national manorah lighting to hanukah and christmas this year are overlapping. last this happened, five years ago. >> up next trump says he's shutting down trulp foundation he's making the move to avoid conflicts of interest and there's obstacles in the way before the found occasions can be dissolved.
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>> a plain crashed into the blacka and the plane was headed to syria where russia has a large military presence. members of the army choir were among passengers killed and they were heading for syria to perform for troops there and so far no cause for crash and russian
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true out a cause including terrorism. >> time for presidential transition. president elect saying he'll dissolve charitable foundation before avoiding conflicts of interest. more from lauren blanchard. >> after president-elect donald trump won election last month many wondered whad would happen to his business emtire and foundation. no, i mr. trump announcing he direct liz lawyers to begin dissolving charities. in a statement the president elects saying to avoid ina appreance of any conflict with my role as president i have decided to continue to pursue any strong interest in fill an trope in other ways. foundation was staekd in 1988 and is run by mr. trump and three adult children and mr. trump says it's operates essentially at no cost and that 100% of donations go to charity. and but many trump has not personally donate todd own charity in a number of years and instead many wealthy friends filleded
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it's been under investigation by the state of new york from spts for the way it collects and disperse es funds. it won't be simple press secretary for new york attorney general tweeted last night the foundation cannot legally dissolve until that investigation in complete and deputy detective tore fordnc tweeting harsh words might be hard to sut shout down a cap or under investigation by fraud. there's nothing trumpier than shutting down the part of the empire that could do good while leaving the for profit company intact. >> mr. trump has not given a timeline but will be pursuing strong interest in philanthropy in other ways. lauren blanchard fox news. >> and latest in politics 6:30 shawn yancy and myself. we have all the portable news and nam sis you need as we get
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>> mike is back with the 7 day forecast next. stay with us
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>> in any local newscast no matter what the weather is here it's always better somewhere else. this times is australia this is the scene sydney crowds gathered here on the beach and temperatures reached mid 80 s and supposed to get warmer new year's eve. >> that's a list of places i want to check out. i've never been. >> i've never been outside the lower 48 believe it or not. >> got to change that. >> i have to talk to gwen she'll get me in. >> she can give you the hot spots. >> if there are hot spots in the winter sglim there's none that far north. >> nope. >> a lot of people headed back. maybe a lot of prince william in town visiting family or with people coming back to work. >> right, right and you know what monday travel locally will be all right. we won't have the sun we had today and we'll have clouds and drizzle and you can see it look a little hazy in there and maybe patchy light f
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there as we head to the overnight hours. should be gone by morning. generally speaking forecast okay but as you travel elsewhere there could be a couple problems specifically to the pacific north west and just norm of d.c. up to northern pennsylvania mean upstate new york. could have icing problems there. so let's get to it here are weatherhead lines for the day today. clouds return late tonight and kind ever like right now and they are doing so as you look outside this evening. freezing rain possible to the norm. freezing rain and freezing drizzle in spots and i'm talking pennsylvania 240e though. not here in washington. no problems with high schooling here in d.c., baltimore region. clouds and drizzle are in store for us as we head to the course of monday afternoon and brief warm-up. mild on tuesday afternoon 60s in washington. it's brief by the time we gets to wednesday temperatures back in the 40s. christmas day temperatures in washington certainly not a white christmas a51 the last
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last time we had snow on the ground 7" of snow was 20 09. it did not snow christmas someday 2009. definitely didn't snow last year 69 degrees. record high 72 in 1964 we were nowhere near that today high as roun the country there's warm spots, little rock, 66 how about the game wow rather, would you rather be having great falls weather with high of 90 or tampa 86 record high for the myers florida 8 close to 90 there. another record high for them and more warmth on way. 9 current number in washington. 0 sgaimingersburg and westminster and frederick dropped to 20s. 36 martinsburg this hour. cumberland 7. 32 at had hour in leonard up to. big blizzard through the dakotas. offer a foot of snow before all is said and done and turns into showers as the front extends down to the warmer air.
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get cloud cover pull in ahead of system and it's along frontal boundary stretching to ohio and west virginia and scattered showers could turn to freezing rain north of here. look at future cast as we head through the course of tomorrow morning if you travel north watch for anywhere you see the pink towards williamsport or to state college areas knowledge of of there syracuse, new york. could deal with patchy icing. not any sort of ice storm or something causing major travel headaches but be aware travel slick spots north. mostly clouds. can't rule out drizzle here and there and most stay dry through the day tomorrow and it's tuesday morning when a front swings through we have a better chance of seeing showers. by the afternoon we get back to sunshine and briefly in the mid 60s. nice tuesday afternoon here. here are weather alerts just off north i mention freezing rain advisory. it will be patchy. nothing too widespread. it's a concern for those heading off north. 40s and0s
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more day tomorrow as we head into the course of tuesday we'll get back into warmer weather briefly as i mentioned once again mid 60s coming our way tuesday afternoon. for tonight, 7 increasing clouds and patchy light fog as we head through the course of overnight and evening hours here and there not as widespread as last night. daytime high tomorrow mostly cloudy skies and areas of drizzle and most stay dry. there's planner for day tomorrow. let's take a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. 52 degrees for kwanzaa, happy kwanzaa to those celebrating starting monday and we work to tuesday, briefly 64. cooler on wednesday. and then looking way ahead to new year's eve looks dry and chillier and high of 43 degrees. >> all right. >> also this is last time you will see me wearing this. >> yes. >> baby new year next weekend. >> maybe. >> hopefully not. >> up next the young boy smepding time helping the homeless. next.
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making messing fwhaingz is second year for 9-year-old josh "fox5" alexandra limon with the story. >> instead these are gifts he's collecting and. >> motion, yeah. de odorant, shaving kit. >> bags full of all the things we take for granted. if you liver on the streets you just don't have. >> and
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money for that. >> it started as cex ever hotel toilet tries. and it has grown taken to include snacks and cold weather essentials and nine years old josh is spreading christmas spirit with maturity beyond his years. >> we started with shoe drive at church then two years later we were not helping a lot. what does a kid doing so much for others want for himself on christmas. >> i went for the homeless and then probably mini drone. >> "fox5 local news". from our family to yours happy holidays from all of us at "fox5".
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>> finally tonight we'll take you as far away as we can. the international screw on the space station is nasa and one nasa and they had present delivered by cargo space craft. i would like to know what they are but we don't have time. >> we have time for you to give us a last look at weather. >> that's true. >> weather is good here tomorrow. watch out if you go norm. could be slick spots. >> second christmas together, mike, special night for us.
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merry christmas.
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soledad: today on "matter of fact." >> merry christmas, everybody. soledad: as the president wraps up his time in the white house. we consider history's take on hope and change. >> owe palm came in on a wave. soledad: which promises did the president keep? and this man took a year to meet the president elect's supporters in their home towns. soledad: what led you to hop in your car and literally cover 100,000 miles? you've got to hear his answer. plus, meet in ambassadors of political good will. find out why we find their messages inspiring. but first. >> will donald trump shake up presidt


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