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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 26, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> british pop singer george michael dead at 53. at 53. another huge loss for the music world in the final days of 2000 been.of 200 >> holiday argument turnsumenrns deadly. d.c. police shoot and kill a a man after they were called forlo a domestic disturbance. >> and a live look outsideok ode here in the midatlantic.ic we're in the middle of a warming trend.nd. tucker will let us know just jus how long this warm air will wl stick i say let it stay untilunti spring. that will be great. good morning, i'm allisonthat wr seymi'm our. >> and i'm steve chenevey. nice chris'mtmas present for str those who like the warmth. warh. welcome to fox5 news morning.or >> we begin this morning withn our top stories and the storythy you're going to hear all day. legendary pop star john mica died at the age of 53. 53. >> no official cause of death. h as jim lokay reports george michael's death another enormous loss in the music losse world this year. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: one of the hitsne i we'll always remember georger michael by his 1987 hit one off
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>> ♪♪ >> reporter: but it was histe run with the group wham along with hisr: bhe gro best friend w ridgely that put michael on the map. map >> ♪♪ >> reporter: he was an icon of the 80's anter: h artist thaa pushed the boundary for maleale musicians, the hair, the beard, the style.d, t that's s along with unmatchedh a talent made him one of the top british acts of all time alongim with dozens of awards alongrd ao the way. >> ♪♪ >> reporter: a well w publicized incident in an l.a. bathroom returned him to them headlines in 1998 but eventually the folk was backk wk on music as he toured five years ago also around christmas a tearful michael mic spoke after a nearly fatalrly fl bout with pneumonia. >> i spent my -- the last 10 days since i woke up literally thanking people for saving myg life which is something i'veetne never had to do befor
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never want to do it again.t aga >> reporter: george michael gone at age 53. >> ♪♪ >> jim lokay reporting there.>>. musicians and otherther entertainers reacting to theg tt loss. michael's wham band made andrew ridgely tweeted heartbroken at the loss of myof beloved friend. the world at romp foreverve love. >> brian adams singing georgee b michael i still can't believe it.e far too young to leave us. >> late night host jamesam cordon wrote i've loved george michael for as long as i canlon remember. law an absolute inspirationsoti always ahead of his again singer george michael mha dead at the age of 53. actress carrie fisherie f remains hospitalized after suffering what's beingpi called an ah cardiac episode during a r flight from london to l.a.o l.a last week. week. fish's mother debbie reynoldse s tweeter on sunday that heron sua daughter is in that stabley ble condition. the actress perhaps best knownno for h
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leia in "star wars" receivedecve emergency treatment on a planete before being rushed to thed tohe hospital.hoit fisher is 60 years oldly. oldly >> today is a national day ofda mourning in russia as rescue teams search for victims vti avenue military plane crash.plaa the plane was carrying 92ryg people and the dead include russia's famed alexandrov >> now to that police-involvedcv shooting in the district. disic this morning family membersning still looking for gla fnceor g started way holiday argument.rg. the man's family spoke s exclusively to fox5. anjali hemphill is live with more. more. good morning. >> reporter: good morning, ter: mother of o gerald jevon hall spent herevonl christmas in morning, the d.c. c police officer here who fired their gun is on routinene administrative leave pendingve i the outcome of thisf thi investigation guys and this isns a photo i can show you now given to us by gerald hall'sd hl family. th
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his 30th birthday when thiswh happened. his mother spoke to fox5 exclusively from the hospitalheh after she found out he hadund o passed away.y. she tells us he's a five yeareea navy veteran and worked as an as electrician and he leaves l behind four children.ldren. hall's mother says he stopped at his girlfriend's househer sa around 11:30 christmas morningoi to pick up presents he bought for hise kids. kid it was at the home off walnut street this is in northeast where an argument beganegan between the couple. cpl meals say when they showed upy p hall had a knife andnd repeatedly ignored their the command to drop the weapon. wea. at least one officer fired their gun and hall's familys fam tells fox5 he was shot three times in the chest. chest >> he does it so big for his children every year he takes care of them. a single philadelphia.el he's a electrician.rian he works for the union. he doesn't deserve this.eserve . they don't have a father now.. they don't have a father.athe and i feel so bad for they didn't have to shoot him multiple times in the chest.e c. he had no
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>> reporter: police say theyolit did that recover a knife at a ka the scene.the scene. body camera footage is beingei reviewed as part of theof the investigation.n. for now we're live in northeast, anjali hemphill hem fox5 local news.s. >> anjali thanks. tnk we'll switch gears get to the football field. ravens heading home fothr thee t year after their final game ofe the season.on. they lost last night in pittsburgh 31-27 and that and tt eliminates the ravens from thesr playoffs the win gave the the wv steelers the division title tit and an automatic bid into thent post season. >> ♪♪ >> hello. >> i don't understand how we just don't say anything about ub the skins.the >> 'cause they won on o saturday. >> so what. wt >> two daysed. >> were we together on saturday? that's wh tater ie thought.ght. and skins win. >> we'll talk about them >>on> n good day.ay. >> we can talk about them all week. we >> if the lions lose tonight ton we'll be talking about it fort f an extra week or two, three or four. fo >> playoffs. >> sorry about your ravens though. abo >> it's oka
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minutes.tes. >> it's still tucker time. >> officiating questionable. [laughter]auter] >> it's the holiday season. >> feeling bitter? >> merry christmas.hristmas. reagan national 40. bwi marshall 38.all8. i'm over it now.. thanks for listening. >> i don't think so. >> i'm happy for steve. i dpy f all right, here weor s go. g storm track radar we are w tracking cloud cover.acking got cloudy overnight. overnig we have a spot or two off drizzle and believe it or notot a freezing rain advisory for pennsylvania, so if you're you headed north there could be atht couple slippery spots buttsut locally we're going to be just cloudy today.ay 52 with a little drizzle outut there but generally cool and coa cloud deem winds out of theem wo east-southeast at five to 10 miles per hour.mi i think the ravens could haved h used number 52 last night. nig >> how about that? all roads lead back to, what is it m andnd d bank
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>> there was nothing to see to here. he >> i shouldn't have brought itrt up. >> it's okay. i'm over it. >> okay. not.e's not. [laughter] >> erin good morning. e >> goorid morningn .. >> i already ate a cookie.ooki sorry. >> good. that's what they're there for. f >> so delicious.>> >> i'm going have one too. if you're taking metrooing today in observance of the christmashr holiday for monday they'reyy' opening and operating at 7:00 a.m. a. metrobus operating on a sundayy schedule. no service forhe vre today. vrey marc trains operating on an r schedule.edul any questions about publicc transportation or the roads at a erin fox5 d.c. on twitter t iert brought the wrong clicker c 'cause that's the kind of day oy i'm having. hin carlos if we can of we couldan forward the maps.the ps. plenty of green on the ogree beltway.ltway. problem free on the inner loopne and outer loop through largo. lr isn't that christmas green? gre tucker looks beautiful. problem free from the bay b bridge on 50. 50. 395 wide opened to the 14th the1 street bridge. all area bridges cruising. bri traffic on the way to bwi reagan national and dullesnd d looking good if you're heading i out of town wrap up yourp holiday weekend.
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we're seeing quiet conditions cs 95 northbound from dale citye c to the beltway. we had an earlier crash 955 southbound by prince williamrinm parkway. that cleared and 270 i love iov what i'm seeing here from frederick all the way downk alln through rockville to the spurth we are very quiet without anyita delays right now.delays right nw i'll let you know if and whenifd that changes.haes 66 east same story through gainsville manassas andsas d centreville. we'll have more cetraffic inntfn few.w. steve and allison.allis >> still to come, thousandshouss flock to the vatican toan t celebrate christmas mass undernd height tender security this year. >> a family who nearly losendets everything is able toable to celebrate christmas thanks tohak the help from a group of first responder. stay with us. it's 40 degrees on a mondaystayy morning. morning.
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>> tens of thousands of peopleot gather to celebrate christmas. >> security was tracks tighto this yeaceurrity as prayer seri to mark jesus' birth came days d after the deadly truck attackk t in berlin. bern. we hear more now from o fox's john huddyism a world beset by y violence and terrorism, the message today was about peace, a faith and co-existence fromncfrm bethlehem to the vatican. vat >> ♪♪ >> reporter: once again this year the faithfuorlte attended mass at the church of the nativity the birthplace oface jesus. the big draw always beingbig drw midnight mass with the latin patriarch of jerusalem mad
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president mahmoud abbas one ofbe several palestinian leaders toea laud the passage of the un resolution friday that wasthat w certainly on the minds of people who attended mass mas today.da politics aside tourism numbersbs up in bethlehem this yearea because of the relative quiet qt at least compared to last yearps when there was a wave ofen there terror attacks in parts w ofts israel including jerusalem andea the west bank leading up to christmas and on christmas eve and christmas day. so, while it may be calmerlmer this year, there's always an underlying tension as terrorism and war continues tooo plague the middle east andue t that was part of the message today at the vatican. >> ♪♪>> >> reporter: thousandsan packed saint peter's square toat hear pope francis' christmashrtm message calling for peace andnd co-existence in a world he says scarred by war sca particularly in syria.yria [speaking foreign language]n lan pope francis said, it'sd, time for weapons to b s
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forever in syria and the international community toy to actively seek a negotiatedegot solution so that civil co-existence can be restoredan e in the country.ou. the pope also offered a blessing of peace to those whoao have lost someone dear to them t because of, he says, the brutal acts of terrorism whichri have sewn fear and death intoeat the hearts of so many countries and cities. c in jerusalem, john huddy, fox news. >> back here in d.c. hundredsre. turned out on the ellipse for ee the annual national menorah lighting to mark the start of hanukkah. another event featured songs food and the lighting of the menorah. hanukkah began at sundown last night and lasts eight days.ay >> it was a merry christmas for one southeast d.c. family f who lost all of their belongings when fire damagedeamg their home on naylor road this week.week cheryl and maurice dixon wer
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upset because they lost all lt a the toys they bought for their t grandchildren. members of the d.c. firember depas rtment and several sev organizations including toys toy for tots have a and into action even placed theced the presents destroyed in thaten fire. >> we were really distraught bytsn thatwere the fact that the presents were -- their presents were destroyed so atoys that point we thought pointth christmas was lost for us. but thank god for -- for the the counitity. want to thank god for all theora firefighters. >> everybody has just jumped jum in and the spirit with which wih you guys have helped us hass h allowed us to know that there is a community here in ward in eight. eigh >> they lost everything and the concern was for theirir grand kids.s. as for their home they sayhey they'll rebuild.l rebuld that's the real meaning of christmas for
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it's just about the presents. pt that's not what some thate story is about. it's about they sacrifice s whatever for their littleir lite babies. >> wishing them the best. wishi >> love that. amazon offering you a easyia way to give back this holidayay season and it involves the boxis you received in the mailly.heail >> outside today pretty mildil start to the day. as a matter of fact as we head to break right now, weatherter w and traffic on the 5s nexts celebrating the life of georgefg michael this morning.orning >> ♪♪ >> this is the one he did with he oe di aretha franklin. fra so many collaborations.rati george michael dead at 53eadt years old. >> ♪♪
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♪ think of your fellow man. ♪ ♪ lend him a helping hand. ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪ take a good look around... ♪ ♪ ...and if you're lookin' down, ♪ ♪ put a little love in your heart. ♪ ♪put a little love in your heart.♪ ♪ in your heart. ♪ (avo) the subaru share the love event is happening now and will have given ninety million dollars to help real people like these.
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>> ♪♪ >> where it all started. >> sometimes you o loss someone and it's not of yourre m eretimd 's na. ouut yow the music but y don't really know the music. mus to are me george michael ishaels one of those people where youe really know the music. >> yeah. >> this was friday nights iday videos at its best. best. >> you guys were this is l
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know, 21. >> that was probably, what, 83, 84, something like that. >> that one, yeah. that faith album was likeik college 2016 what a beast of a year.ear. it's taking everybody.rybody >> sort a rough couple months.oh >> it's been rough. >> 2016 has been rough. rough >> all right.>> all rig i know it's sad.i knt's sad. here we go. g let's do some clouds and drizzle today. tod not sure we're going get a whole lot of drizzle. dzz what a beautiful christmastmas day. yesterday made to itday 50 degrees. beautiful. 40 now in washington. .7 in leonardtown now irdwn not terribly cold out there.he baltimore is 38 degrees.deee 39 in annapolis. annapolis freezing mark up in frederick,r, 37 in winchester so most mos everybody above freezing whichr is good news because we have aea little bit of light sprinkle activity. acti you can kind of see thatvi int western pennsylvania and theresv is a freezing rain
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right now for most of pennsylvania up into upstate new york so if you're headedo if north here this morning just be wary as you get over thever e water there into pennsylvaniannn there could be some freezingd b rain the reason i'm showing you the t bigger picture that's a cold a front and that's our nextur next weather maker. it will briatng us herain showes early tomorrow morning.orning. there's also snow on thes al backside ofso s it, big blizzard conditions in the dakotas dakot where they're getting very heavy here's our set upfor today. tod cloud cover and we'll keep a little bit of drizzle today high temperatures to be in the 40's on 50's.0' there we are at 5 o'clock. o'clo i don't think we'll get awe'llea whole lot of anything laternythr today but we are going have a gh few showers around. a tomorrow there we are at 7:00ar: a.m. and then we clear it out it and tomorrow looks nice andand mild.mild the cool air behind the front fo lags, doesn't get in herener until later tuesday night andht wednesday and there you go.y an low 50's today way littleite drizzle. low to mid 60's tomorrow. we'll take i 64 degrees. and then you can see we back
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year's weekend. wke >> whewly. >> right now temperatures will m be in the 40's on saturday. laste 40's dave 2016. yeah. >> got to find the best new besw year's eve >> i think it's at your house. u >> i think so too.oo >> how is it looking. looking. >> traffic is really quiet fre i you're planning to take vrere you'll have to find a different form of transportation today. tay no service today for this christmas observance.strv now as you make your way out w o marc trains operating on an r schedule. july marc service just a reducedarc schedule. schul metro gears up at 7:00 a.m., metrobus operate evening sunday schedule. keep you update on public transportation.sp as for the roads maybe you have to work this monday morning. good news is volumo e iwos super light.t. this feels more like a weekendew or a holiday we'll keep youeep o updated. problem free on the beltway,, 395, 295, 66 and 270. allison and
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>> we'll see you in about 10 minutes. most of us don't counter calories on christmas we eat,s t we enjoy. eoy. because we know you arewe kw yo wondering somebody did the did t math and added up the calories. >> nice and depressing on a a monday morning.orni. the average person eats nearly, wait for it, 6,000 calories on christmas.ists >> really. >> that's if you go with theif i big breakfast full dinner ainr good thousand calories right there then you have yourou desert snacks and sweets and leftovers.le >> seems like a lot. perhaps i don't eat lunch eun or -- 'cause i know i'm waiting for the feast. >> i'm not going to lie i did gg the tcalories down count onn christmas yesterday. >> 6,000 calories if you ate y a everything. erybodors why everybody works out on january 2nd.nd skip regifting and donateega to charity. amazon and goodwill making iting easier for you.ou two companies teaming up for u the give back box program. progr
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boxes with clothes accessories other items you would like toikt donate and visit give back and you can printer out a free shipping label. shii drop the box off at the postt office or ups or have it picked up. done nations go to the nearest a goodwill. nice move by a.m. gone donald d trump announces plans to shutant down his campaign. cam >> and broadway with a new way w you can enjoy shows without traveling to the great white wte way. >> okay. and as we take you to the we ta break here's a lkeive you look h morning across the beautifulhe d.c. region.d.c.egio time right now is 6:20 and it's 40 degrees.grees. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> thank you. >> thank you. >> 6:22. president-elect donald trump t will dissolve the clarity foundation. they want donald trump to putruu his business assets into assetia blind trust.blinust. the trump camig
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going to dissolve the trumpto ds foundation before thesoore th president-elect is sworn int-eli next month but they still havey to wait for a new york y investigation into how the foundation's money has been b used before that foundation fout can close. >> listen up theater fans. thean steve i'm talking you to t you t can watch broadway shows fromhom the comfort of your livingmf room. broadwayorving hd will live stra the hit musical holiday inn in january.janu it's only the second time a broadway show has beenb streamed live for audiences worldwide. holiday inn in based on the classic film and stars bryce ping ham laura lee gayer and corbin bleu. b you might know that name. >> i do know that name.hat name. >> the stream begins>> january t14th at 8:00 p.m. at.a broadway h ddot com. com >> don't normally comparey mp broadway to football but itfootb will be interesting to seeg t se because people started staed watching more football games at home when you have the high did he have anything and everything so maybe broadway the same way.he hng sthe ay >> i like it. >> though there's nothing like i sitting in the theater on
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broadway. >> i agree.. >> coming -- welcome are we back? >> we're back. >> okay, hello. it's -- excuse me.excuse see, this is a little holiday surprise from our guest g producer og and i'd liktoto say thank you og. it's actually 6:24 right now.igt if you didn't get the gift t card or the gift that youthat yu wanted there's a way to there wy exchange that.ha >> let's not go back in bk advertisement but if yourtis didn't get the gift card you wanted you can cash it in ortn o get the gift card you will use. we enlisted fox5's sarah5'sarah simmons to let us know. k >> ♪♪ >> reporter: the national retail federation says gifts cards are the most popularar christmas gift but considersi this. in the past eight years alone an estimated $21 billion in bili gift cards haven't been'tee redeemed.. the people at wallet hub track retail trends for consumers. cou they say you're in luck. l if your gift cards are from f netflix, target, wal-mart or amazon, those have the
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resale so how do you do it? oneone option is to goline and find f gift card exchange. ehang there are several reputable ones according to wallet hub's h analysis of consumer reviews. re it's generally easier simply sim sell your card to the site the s rather than get matched with an interested interestu you can get upyer. to 95 percenc of the card's value for somer of the most popular but expect to take a hit ifake i you're trying sell a card fromdf the retailer or one that only t serve a small area of the the country and some resale sitesess take a 15 percent commission.ssn >> thank you sarah. >> why -- >> just regift the gift card. >> why are we playing ominousmio music. >> we don't like to losskeloss money. t's t's serious. >> i have a little tag.a littleg >> what's that.t' t >> i'm going to read some'm goit more. >> go for it. 're f you're buying a gift card o an g an exchange siteit tucker there's a couple precautions. verify the balance on the card
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the retailer's web site. s you don't want to bite andit then there's like 28 cents and a pay way credit card so you'llo y have a little recourse if i things don't work out.k out. >> right. >> you're welcome.'re wco >> don't run your credit downn to 28 cents and then try to try resell it. >> is that a christmas tie tucker? looks nice. n >> no, it's not. n i like to get the cards and misplace them or put them in a n secret place and discover themce like a year later and then i'm >> it's a christmas gift to yourself. >> exactly.>> >> and i take all gift cards ps if you guys e tak get a giftc you don't. >> and i'll keep that in i'll ka joined in all gift cards. >> oh, all gift cards. car >> i don't know why i said iti d like that. >> we're in the upper 30's lowt 40's to start your day.our d cloud cover out there. 40 t40 reagan national.atna winds east-northeast at six. a s wind chill 36 degrees. 36 gr remember yesterday was sunnytery and gorgeous and beautifuleaut about that 50. >> i spent all day indoors. >> okay. >> let me tell you. o>> >> tell me more. l>> tme m >> yesterday was beai
6:27 am
gorgeous, 50., >> oh, man. >> yeah, it was gorgeous out. won't be qui itet wa as nice log today. today. it will be mostly cloudy waybey little bit of light drizzlerile out there. daytime highs willigl be near 50 degrees.r de quick look at that seven day.nay showers tomorrow morning right about this time and then we'll clear it out tomorro timww afternoon a quick warmup w tomorrow before the cool air arrives before the middle and ad end of the week. nothing extreme until, no, unti, winter weather on that sevenn day. da >> 40 right now.ght >> 40 degrees right now.0 gree >> okay. been holding city.ding city. it's very curious. curious >> cloud cover. >> thank you tucker.hank yucker. >> forecast calls for cook ah a cookie, erin. >> y-it does. i want to go ice skating in georgetown today. is the weather going to be wea okay for that.theray tha >> yeah, you'll be fine. >> g i was worried with theitthe you. >> wasn't it you last time thatn't went skating and saw oe there.ere. >> obie was skating on his day off. >> more crash activity inn brodbridge. 95 southbound before prince p william parkway.iapa
6:28 am
little bit of volume towards tar the purple heart bridge. bri you can see the northboundthboun side is really quiet we'll keep you updated on your y morning commute here on fox5. f. more traffic in just a few.a. we'll be right back. back. our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter eth.
6:29 am colgate optic white high impact white.
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>> ♪♪ >> there's the one. it's a standard, right? 1984>>8 steve and i looked it up is when this song came out. yeah, this is
6:31 am
george michael but it wasut i ws wham, "last christmas."." morning the loss of george michael today.michael today weather and traffic coming upd o for you on the 5s at 6:35. 6 today is monday, it's december 26th.decemb i'm allison seymour ander weour begin with this morning's topop stories. again the music world mourninglu the death of pop icon george michael. his publicist says michael hadim not been ill. reports that he died of heart failure.ur michael rose to stardom withrdow the group wham in the 1980's98 before launching his successful solo career.aree throughout his career his drug s use and at times risky sex behavior brought him into h i frequent bushes with the law b most famously backus in 19n ineight when he was arrested for public lewdness a loswdne angeles bathroom but hemut acknowledged turn that into a popular song that poked fun atn his behavior.beor. george michael again dead atead 53 years old. 53 today is a national day of a mourning in russia this ashis
6:32 am
rescue teams continue toe search for victims of a military plane crash. csh this happened yesterdaype morning shortly after takeoffakf from sochi. the plane was carrying 92arryg 2 people to syria including russia's famed alexandrov ensemble.en they were headed to russia'sad u air base in syria to perform a a new year's concert for troops. c stilonl following ailfoll developing story out of thengryo district.dist family members searchingri for r answers after a man was slot was and killed by d.c. police.e. anjali hemphill is live inive northeast now with more. anjali, good morning.d morni >> reporter: good morning. family of gerald haul says he was shot three times in thees i chest by police on christmas chr morning. meanwhile the d.c. police.cpo officer here who fired his weapon, he's been placed on routine administrative leaveav pending an investigation.estigan gerald jevon hall's familys fam says he was days away from his 30th birthday. he was a five
6:33 am
veteran and worked as a electrician he believes leavesne behind four young children. he stopped at his four girlfrin house around 11:30 christmas cis morning to pick up presents hert bought for his kids.for hi k it was at that home off walnut street in north northeastn where an argument between thet n couple started.taed police say when they showed up u hall had a knife andfe a repeatedly ignored theired t commands to drop the weapon. wea at least one of the officers fired. ly. >> i feel like that hefi didn't' deserve this. he was going to pick up christmas toys for his he had just left my house and ha he said, mom, i got these toysht for the kids, can you wrap therp toys for me? >> reporter: police say they t did recover a knife at thet the scene. also, officers body camera footage is also being reviewed e as part of the investigation.ti. for now we're live inlin northeast, anjali hemphill fox5 local news.ew >> thanks anjali. t back to maryland now. montgomery county consideringntd a proposal which
6:34 am
low income students priorityntsi for its language immersionimrs program. ra the county is concerned about at racial and ethnic disparities in some of its academicc programs. back in march a reportor recommended that the countyd thu end automatic admission forsi siblings in its language languae immersion programs to increaseps access to minority students. ♪ ♪♪ >> time for the morning we'll start with yourthwe'l baltimore ravens heading homengh for the year after the if i thei can game of the season.n ga of next week. sunday's loss yesterday 31-27ay- at pittsburgh means the ravens are now out of the playoffs. py. the win gives the steelers afc c north division title and puts ap them in the post season. sso sleep off that new year's eve hangover. on sunday the nfl announced annu next sunday's red 66 finale finl redskins finalewill be at 4:25. still on fox5. f5. the league decided to flex theot game. they moved the lns
6:35 am
game. that will decide thega nfc nortn into prime time at nightri sunday which means redskinssins fans you're going root againsttg the lions this week.eek. here's wait taillights thetaillt lions play the cowboysonplay tonight.t. if the cowboys win, the redskins could control theirhe own destiny.. win against the giants they've t done that already and they'ret d in. that's it. if the lions win tonight andighd beat the cowboys then the redskins have to win and the lie john ons have to beat the ha packers. redskins loss to the joints it's game over. there's your scenario for the fr skins. basically just have to win.. head hurts after all that. can't look over there yet. yet the camera is not ready. ready tuck is with us.h us >> dallas is pretty good.y go >> dallas has nothing playhi p for. >> yeah, but dallas playing for -- to be cool. c >> bragging rights. >> yeah. >> that's was want if you're a y're skins fan, right. >> it's a strange situation -
6:36 am
>> dallas could basically messis up with the redskins if they t just roll over tonight.. >> what? why would they ever o do that?ul the spirit of of competition does not allowow that. i don't know what i'm talking about. >> let's do the forecast. [laughter][laughte >> i do. they would never do there. >> 40 now washingouton.ld >> they're way too proud andro boast full. boas >> notice the colder air up air towards binghamton and bottom of the beltway to.of the beltwat reason i mention that ison there's som ie freezing rainn issues developing into pennsylvania, upstate new york if you are travelingia t, oday.d freezing rain advisory right rht across the border there intoder pennsylvania.pennsylvan for us cloud cover. clouder. a little light drizzle acrosszzr the area and that's going to be the same today. highs about 50 with generallyery cloudy skies and a littleit light drizzle here and therehere but i don't think we're going'r get much in the way ofay measurable rain today.n t we'll told off until earlytold tomorrow morning. cloudy skies, upperto 40's, lowl 50's for daytime highs.hs seven days, i'll have that,da all the details on the endys, f 2016. >> bye-bye 2016.
6:37 am
>> weather-wise. >> words of a old movie and >> i feel like 2016 going down -- like a lot of people giving it a thumbs down. >> just everything. everything. >> you hear that a lot. >> it's all right. it's al >> bye-bye by. >> always turn the page and start fresh.fre that january 1, here we come. c >> did you do your new year'sr' resolutions. >> not yet. overall one. >> i love your nails. nls >> spencer painted them and they're this obnoxious neon orange: it's my bye felicia. >> you saw the green screenencr behind me. traffic asides from this crashra 95 southbound heading towardsngr stafford as you pass princerinc william parkway blocking theg te right shoulder it was ant ould earlier crash with ait tractor-trailer and thento police got there to get tr-he tt tow truck there. keep it to the left. teft. only a little bit of extrafra volume from
6:38 am
bridge down. dow northbound side super quiete suu heading towards the if you're working on thisn t holiday monday, traffic is notsn terrible aside from thiss crash. move to our maps from our o camera. that's only real issue we'reueee dealing with right now.aling we're seeing a lot of green lote everywhere.ev looks like the holidays gw gw parkway inbound is quiet.uiet 50 inbound problem free frome fo annapolis all the way through th cheverly. inner loop through oxon hill looking good. op t route lookg goone not dealing wy problems 270 problem free and fa look at 66. 6 enjoy the quiet conditions.ondin metro service starts at 7:00 7 and they're operating on a sunday schedule for no vre service and marc traintri operating on a holidayay schedule. >> pope francis says christmscas has been takensays hostage by material lidge. l >> christmas service gothris interesting when parishionersars opened their caroling back toink read versus from a tupac song. >> we'll tell you where that happened. fox news morning come back after this.
6:39 am
6:40 am
6:41 am
>> ♪♪ >> 6:41 right now on this morning after christmas. we're back with what's 6:41 rn trending on the web thisinwe'rw monday morning. first up.mond first it has certainly been a tougheea year for the music industry. itr once gun we mourn the loss ofhel yet another star gone too t soon. george michael passed awayhael yesterday at the age of just 53 years old. years the british pop star first shot to fame in the 1980's,me i' early 80's with the group whamrp with hits like wake me upee up before you go-go, careless whisper, last c
6:42 am
his 1987 debut album faith alb f sold more than 10 million mil copies. this family released a statement sayingthis michael did peacefully at atom >> next up, strong words fromors pope francis about thisabouthi christmas season.christseas the pope said christmas hasistmh been taken hostage by dazzling materialism that puts god in the shad don'ts brides many to m the needs of the hungry and the warneeds weary. wea the remarks were made in his i christmas eve mom in vatican v city. pope francis said many in thency wealthy world had to be remindem the of the message of christmas. it's about humility simplicityit and mystery. >> finally a christmas carol c service in sri lanka lka celebrated in a mostos unexpected way. the addition of a little tupac c he programgram. the church accidentallyiden printed out the lyrics to the late rapper's hail mary in the handout instead of the 15th5t century catholic prayer.c that actually happened in srisr lanka. la if you're familiar with w tupac's version of hail maryionm let's just say the song tight sell is about the only thingthet that's
6:43 am
got a few extra bonus words in there. >> oops. sorry. >> association the top>> a trending story all day likely l will be the death of popath o p singer george michael. micha we'll talk about that morebout m with fox5 entertainmentertain reporter kevin mccarthy. also we'll take a look at the holiday box office. >> if you have a news tip if ha share it with us.h u you can do that by calling our tip line or you can send us an e-mail. the tip shrine 895 theee 895 the thousand of course it's 202 or the tip line is
6:44 am
6:45 am
6:46 am
>> ♪♪ >> celebrating the music of the late great georgeebrati micl sad to say that.ay tha dead at 53.3. went said earlier, steve, that album faith sold 10 million copies. i think that iton sold sol 20 million copies and one and account said 25 million, so weie just want to -- you know, we we just want to be right. >> amazing to think about backbc then those were physical cd's. >> and i had a cassette thatasst i'm sure i wore out from the t faith album. i say faith album, yes.lbum, d, release, whatever it is but i had i the physical cassette. e >> the thing people will neveriv experience. back then you couldn't listen to them before you bought them. th you felt like you hit the jackpot because it wasn't likec the one hit that's on thehiat
6:47 am
never want to listen to again.o >> i was dealing with a very dea painful breakup and every songon made sense. >> oh, i'm sorry. oh, >> that's okay. mayou strostronger. >> want to havnge funer go backb and watch a wham video.ham vid it will take you back to like l 83. >> right. and it's british,, too so it's i got that whole british feel to it. anyway. >> some awesome fashion in the 80's. 80's >> high wasted jeans, bigig hair. >> earrings that just went onng and on.that jus >> uh-huh, yeah. uh-huh, y you had an earing, didn't you.'y >> for a short period of time.ft then it got severely infected. e >> didn't you have an earing.g. >> yes, but it was going onas gg and on as well.s wl. >> no, it's not.s not it's christmas monday.onda both of these guys had g h earrings, that's a little a lit trivia for you. i think it's very cool. uh-huh. and look at them now, kids. k >> it didn't look good on me. let's do the weather.eath >> you can make choices ince i life and succeed.
6:48 am
for. >> what. >> i was not a young man when mn there were a lot of tattoos because i feel like i wouldi have like a dolphin tattoo ore something like that. >> that's really funny.dosomet'e >> clouds and drizzle today.zzlt we are looking at daytimeayti highs in the low 50's later0's l this afternoon.fter here we go. he 40 degrees right now in washington. 41 in quantico. quaic 37 in gaithersburg.sbg fledge leonardtown.fled cool conditions out there tohere start the day and again, 50,in,5 upper 40's later this l t afternoon with cloud cover.oon o won't be a terrible day.e won't be the bright sunshiner we had yesterday.ight there's your cloud cover y been a couple spots of very o light drizzle. drizz in pennsylvania there's avania a freezing rain advisory.eezing r if you're headedai north you may encounter a little bit ofittl those icy conditions up into i upstate new york as well.k el for us that's our next weather maker.r. cold front right there. for us it will be light rainl showers tomorrow morning andmorn it will get through hereough her pretty quickly and we should weo clear out by afternoon with daytime highs tomorrow in the te 60's.
6:49 am
daysa tcoo enjoy before somee cooler weather for the end of the week. here we are at 6 o'clock.eather ar notice the cloud cover. 6 oloud there's your early morningly m rain shower tomorrow t it willr be light. we clear out tomorrowto tomorrow afternoon and we should be inn l pretty good shape with someh sunshine tomorrow afternoon mild air. mild 64. open the windows tomorrowomorro afn.rnoon. seven day gets cooler by the weekend.we saturday and sunday.rday a we'll talk more about new mabouw year's as we get a littlee closer. okay. erin is back with the roads. >> 6:49. still tracking a crash 95king ca southbound so heads up ifhbound you're heaheadding down towardso stafford. they just repositioned the t camera. this is 395 on the northboundorn traffic looking really gooding g there so no problems on 395.n 3 but the crash i was telling telg you about is 95 southboundboun involving a tractor-trailerrailr blocking the right shoulder. sul we were seeing heavier volumeol leading towards that point butit all lanes opened so that is dissipating 95 and northbound nh towards the springfieldpringf interchange flowing freely asngl well. let's move it over and take a ia look at our maps right now. aside from that earlier crash c 66 flowing freely from 29 allm 9 the way to 28 in centrevilletril and then again through fairfax f si
6:50 am
problem free throughugh arlington.ngton. 50 inbound and outboundboun looking good. 95 and n thbound you can seeu can how quiet we are and again despite the southbound crashun a by prince william blocking theie left shoulder traffic lookingffc good. problem free route one. route o i like what i'm seeing in wham e southern maryland.hern once you get to the 14th you get street bridge the freewayreew eastbound and westbound by the third street tunnel is quiet. qi problem free on the 11th 1 street bridge. no issues on 295 southbound. metro rail service begins at bes 7:00 a.m. a.m they're operating on a sundayy schedule for this observancevanc of christmas day. d a lot of folks getting the day off. keep that in mind for federal employees. marc train operatingem on a rn r schedule and vre no service.vice any questions at erin fox5t en d.c. on twitter.twi allison and steve.and e. >> erin thanks.hank on good day we'll pack night an hour keeping hope alngl life. li redskins have a shot at thefe playoffs but 33 neensd h savomel from one of their biggesteir bge rivals and we're enlisting eis help from one of our biggest colleagues. fox sport one's own like hillow made the trip from los angelessg
6:51 am
down the game highlights. how cool is that. >> way cool. c vivian green act two the twt singer joins us in the loftoft with a special performance.foane later an early toast to 2017. t7 we hope you join us. >>tastic.tic. >> we continue to follow ournt top stoinry this morning. >> 2016 has been tough on musicians and actors.ct we lost george michaele mic yesterday. he passed away very young, too. >> just v his manager says the british star died from hearteart failure at his home in england.and. just 53 years old. o >> kev joins us with more.ns m d good morning. we have been talking about his passing but really hisalki music touched every single person you could imagine in regards ind to growing up i went back and a listened to his music becauseec i was listening to cover bandsgo people covering his music. >> you think it's cedar. >> i'm thinking limp biscuit.p s i did
6:52 am
biscuit. >> that's the mark of a great gt artist covers, >> like if somebody does itody i and you follow they're just'r like why did they cover this guy and you go back and liftt the 10 to him. >> when they covered faith ied f was like 12 years old.s li 1 i was like who is georgee michael. this is phenomenal. pmena that was my introduction toct george michael. michael i had no idea when i was likewal 12 years old. 12 yea >> you did yourrs research. rea >> a lot of celebrities chiming in this morning about george michael and again iin thi think he transcended the musical john r particularly jn former band mate andrewe andre ridgely who said "heartbrokenarn at the loss of my belovedel friend yog. y me his loved ones his friends, n the world of music, the world tr at large forever loved axx and yog by the way is a nickname nim derived from george's greek g name and that was his family
6:53 am
yog and wham by the way the t band that andrew was in withn wt george michael had some of theot biggest songs ever of hist songi career wake me up before youefoo go-go, freedom and careless whisper which is probable my favorite song by him. him elton john who is a huge a h friend of george michael andhael also somebody he collaboratedboa with wrote on instagram sayingg i'm in deep shock. sho i have lost a beloved friend frn the kind defendant mostst generous soul an brilliant briit my heart goes out to his gt to s family friends and all of his fans and remember elton johnelto and george michael collaborated on great song inatd the 90's called don't let the ot sun go down on me and that was originally an elton john songjog from 74 but their duet endedue d up being the were 31 went viral -- not viral but it was massive. >> viral backs in the b >> yeah. there was two films this yearr massive in regards to bringingdn george michael's music to theict big screen in 2016 and one of them was "deadpool" and that entire film, the through line l that of movie was carelesses whisper. whispe
6:54 am
ryan reynolds tweeted georgeet g michael was a kind and gentle gn soul and also keanu was another film that had a lot of f george michael music in it and michael peel said rip georgep ge michael.mi ellen said i heard about myboutm friend george michael's death. a it was ah haw brilliant b talent. m soso sad. a lot of people chiming inchimin this morning about georgeorni at michael's passing. >> talking with mark yesterdayky and he was saying that james cordon who is also like a big fan, before he came to theamto united states tv went all fellll in love with him there he did a similar karaoke on his old -- i guess it was show in london and he had george michael on after theon a whole bathroom incident and he says,es you know, you're going let me le in and james cord done liked doe i'm not letting you in and so is it was a joke so they joked,, they laughed about it and that t was another thing just to be self dep indicating when you could have just gone away but he c ylose tveo j fusace it andm out and, you know, and makend
6:55 am
>> yeah. >> which also endeared him i'm sure to a lot of audiences. aie >> cordon will a quote in qte i there. he did say thatth george michael -- he said i have hav loved george michael from as frs long as i can remember.can he was an absolutesolu inspiration. always ahead of his time. t >> let's find it. we'll find it. >> i'll find the video. i'l >> cool. >> thanks a lot guys.>> t >> allha right. all rig >> all right.>> allig >> doing movies.>> d >> i thought we were out of time. >> we'll do them next time. tim. >> time to meet our facebookur k fan of the day. today it is monica estevez.stevz cue monica.on >> let me see her.. >> tucker you got off easy eas 'cause this is monica dresseda s up as an elf.up asn elf. good morning, monica.good mng, toooo cute. monica says she watches us wates every morning and she says "this little self checking tolfg see if we've been naughty or nice.ce >> i love it. se boy>>stell you the up here have been naughty. >> no. always snow and ice. >> okay, t
6:56 am
right, tuck? >> eh. >> where is the fun in that? >> this is is where you'rehereu supposed play >> oh, okay, yes, i've been b night. kev you forgot about last christmas. >> great song. itthey've been playing nonstop. >> i've been listening to itistt foeks.eks. >> weeks and weeks. all right. >> now it's the stretch. it's se >> now we get -- >> okay. >> let's do the forecast.o the hey, we're very loose this morning aren't we. 41 degrees in washington.mon wa. we're looking at daytime -- daytime highs which are goinghih to be in the low 50's. winds s out of the be ndout north-northeast at five. f cloud cover has moved in mov overnight.ov it's been a little lightight drizzle here and there. you a might get a spot of drizzle today but won't amount tomo t much. off to our north that's a that's freezing rain advisory.zingain more on that coming u 52 today. we'll keep it cloudy. c we'll have rain showers'll tomorrow morning. look at tomorrow afternoon's high temperature.ha lerhioos and sometotomo coo weather for the end of theend week just in time for the new year. >> yea. >> allig
6:57 am
hoit'sotexcited it's not going to be rain on if i get my hair blown out in i won't have any problems with wit it wilting in the rain. things i think about.bout. things that tucker does nott tue care about. a crash blocking the rightheig shoulder involving ashoulder i tractor-trailer from earlier. keep it to the left lanes byby prince william parkway southbound side of 95g news is earlier delays dissipatesi volume light on the south andigt northbound on th side. s keep it to fox5 7:00 a.m. hour coming right up. right up. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning.ori >> right now at 7 o'clock, he h reached fame around the globe ge and now people mourning the death of singer georgepeople sir michael.gemi another musician gone too soon. soon. d.c. police investigating a deadly domestic disturbancetue there happened on christmas. chs a police officer on leave asas the investigation unfolds.ol this morning the family is nitalkinngg exclusive to fox5.ox those details are ahead.. >> headed home from the holidays? there's a winter storm hitting parts of thettin country.untry. we're going to tell you wheretol there may somebody trouble spots and a live look outside oi on this monday morning.s mondori it's december 26, 2016. weather and traffic coming up cn on the 5's at 7:05.:05. enjoy your last week or so of o 2016. good morning up to i'm allisonpn seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 news morning. the las t ful'ml s fox w5 eek of 2016.f. well, the world is mournings mog this morning the death ofornihe singer george michael


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