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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 26, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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investigators say the same man was also involved in the assaults on this special police officer and this one happened on 4th street southwest in a cvs incident happened two weeks ago and police are still looking for several hours who were involved in the assault. >> we now know the identity of a man shot and killed by a d.c. police officer on christmas morning. he is gerald hall of northeast d.c.. they were called to the home. when officers arrived hall was carrying a knife. officers ordered him to put the knife down and when refused an officer shot him. hall died at the hospital. the officer involved in this incident is currently on administrative leave. >> in the district tonight people there septembering a strong message to one of their temporary members in chevy chase abortion rights activists put up lawn signs saying this neighborhood trusts women you see it there this as news mike suspense running no their naked. the group says it's in response to pence's stance dwens abortion and
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up against legislation signed by pence. >> a controversial statue at american university has a lot of people talking. >> it's likeness of convicted kill are leonard pelteier and there's been saevrl toments grant him clemencey and now there's a new push to seek pardon from president obama before he leaves office. many support it and say his convictions were fair. >> let's go outside. darker from when we checked in an hour ago. that's the way it goes this time of year. christmas was 69 last year and raining. yesterday was nice. today not as bright and still relatively reasonable outside. >> i don't know about you guys i would take this year's christmas over last year. >> absolutely. >> it's weird when it's warm. >> yes. >> when you have to run the air conditioner christmas because it doesn't feel like christmas in washington i know. >> some of you may
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todd turn the air conditioning on in the car tomorrow ang afternoon because jim we're predicting temperatures to be well into 60s tomorrow afternoon and nice 60s though not rainy, humid 60s it will be unusually warm and beautiful afternoon. so far today we couldn't overcome cloud cover and temperatures stuck in the 40s as that overcast sky has been pretty dense and even though it's been cloudy it's been dry. good travel for anyone coming or going on holiday plans and if are you here visiting washington today is not the best weather day we could have but tomorrow should be good. that's a treat for everyone. temperatures outside right now not too cold. still chilly in the 40s. 45 washington and 43 gaithersburg and 41 westminster and 41 annapolis and we're expecting temperatures to rise overnight as cold front approaches and there's not much cold air associated with the cold front. winds fairly light right now. i'm showing you this because we expect wins to increase out of the south and then shift and increase out of northwest as the frobts passes and
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at advisory north and west of washington including frederick count question and western county and frederick and northern fauquier and further out to shenandoah valley ridge tops you can see wind gusts over 40 miles an hour. that takes effect at 8 p.m. tonight and lasts until tomorrow morning. here's planning forecast for this evening. if you go out, maybe braving some more shopping and doing all those returns i know so busy at the malls again today and temperatures will be slowly rising upper 40s under cloudy skies. as front approaches we do have a shot for showers early tomorrow morning and best chances north and west. a lot of moisture associated with it will brak up by the time it weech reaches us. passing shower in the morning will give way to sunshine in the afternoon. takes one-day warm-up and a nice one. i'll show you that as well. the rest of the week's forecast including next holiday we're keeping an a on new year's eve and day itself. that's coming up in the 7 day forecast. jim. >> thank u. caitlin. >> here in d.c. hundreds turned out for
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menorah lighting to mark the start of hanukah and it features songs, food and lighting of gibt 0 foot manorah and lasts for 8 days. >> today meanwhile works the first day of kwanzaa that honors african-american culture and heritage. it was createsed in 1966 to celebrate, family, culture and herlt taj and modeled after first harvest sell vacations in african famous people that celebrate this is oprah winfrey and angelina joely. >> and taking a stand against amazon. >> controversial things they ask amazon to stop selling. >> and keep all the cardboard deliveryes. how you can use them to de kluter your house and. >> stunning george michael pass as way
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snrch russia transport says technical error most likely caused that crash christmas day. they are recovering bodies from the wreckage. it took off from ossochi and two-minute later went off roy dar. the military choir was on the plane. they were on their way to a new year's concert for troops. no word on what caused that plane to crash. >>. >> the republican national committee is clarifying itself after sending out a christmas message that lit up social media. take a look this is what it said in part. a new hope was born into the world and salvation to allman kind as three wise men did on the night christmas herald to celebrate the good news of a ne
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reaction came out quickly after that john weaver a top aid to former gop presidential candidate and ohio governor kasich said we don't have a new king what the hell is wrong with you people and john arvosis they should apologize. and incoming press secretary shawn spicier defended rnc message saying it had nothing to do with president-elect and he in his words calls it sad and disappointing people are pollit sizing christmas. >> amazon is the latest forced to remove black lives matter misdemeanor. from the verbal order of police is asking it be removed. bulletproof, black lives matter. walmart removed it after the police union called it offensive. right now the shirt is listed on amazon web site and currently unavailable and amazon has yet to khent on the issue. >> season of giving is underway and amazon is making it
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your home and give back. grab a delivery box laying around your house and fill it up with things you want to donate and principle a free shipping label be any cardboard box will work and they plan to recycle the boxes when they receive them. >> now that everybody is opening up now it's time to returns. >> if you don't have the receipt retailers like nordstrom, kohl's, j.c. penny and bed bam and beyond and sears, for ever 21, barnes and noble. make it hard to return if you don't have a receipt. check the store before you go in to be sure. >> now new tablets and video consoles are unwrapped for the holidays kids may spend every time online to play games or surf web. are kids safe on the internet. pure site issued report one out of five u.s. teens received
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online. parents should set up pernt parental controls on kids gadget and internet connected toys and they add importance to adding them to home wifi that will limit them finding something inappropriate or browsing the web. >> the music world lost another icon. george mike died from heart failure. his loss is fest here and in britain. and he launch aid successful solo career and careless whisper and faith and freedom. fans you can imagine are devastated tonight. >> i can not believe i'm standing here and george has pass away. >> it was good times and bad times and he's brought me here today just so say thank you, george ux for the music. >> of course michael dealt with personal issues throughout his life despite fernna
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he was arrested for lude conduct in los angeles in 1998 and struggled with substance abuse and did the softer side give ago way millions to charities that helped kids and kids suffering from aides and cancer. another loss on what is a traumatic year for the music industry. >> yeah. too young for shore. coming up in sports. what has to happen for the redskins to punch their ticket to the playoffs. >> and getting to be a clear one. >> hey, there we're getting into bowl season for the next week. a lot of you will be glue todd your tv and tomorrow no excuse not to get outside. wait until you see the forecast and unublly warm day for september 27 that is. we'll is that and the rest of the week's forecast and look at next holiday we're tracking new year's day all ahead when fox news at 5 returns after this. because i got to have faith♪ i got to have faith♪ , because i got to have faith, faith, faith♪ i got to have f
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faith♪ baby, i know you're asking me to stay, stay, please, please, pleads, please, don't go away saying i'm giving you the blues. lady, you mean every word you say and i can't help but think of yesterday
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>> way back in 1985 maryland played in the cherly bowl in detroit. terps won and then after that the cherry bowl was never played again. fast forward to today maryland is in the motor playing against old ac rival boston college. d.j. during ingetting into the bowl gain as terps head coach. maryland down 13-0, perry hill back to pass and instead gets drilled. tries to throw and bc scoops up and returns to ten. that in turn led to field goal and 16-0 terps deficit and they
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rallied behind ty johnson. quick burt up the middle and out runs attorney 6 yard touchdown. this is johnson's tenth play of 40 or more yards this year and terps down 16-7. bc though has bag of tricks and as they get this reverse off to michael walker walker is outrunning and he's throwing to the quarterback. patrick you been 20 yards for the score. bc up 23-7 and terps answer that one. bit of a low snap coming up here to perry hills and givsz it off to johnson who this time sprints 30 yards for second touch down and nature game two-minute left maryland trailing 36-30. meantime just one game left for redskins we know it's getting moved to later start 4:25 new year's day against the giants at fedex field you can watch here on "fox5". it's must-win no matter what. tonight's "monday night football" game plays a major role in guiding kins playoff destiny. this is first scenario how they can make the playoffs. if they lose to cowboys
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new year's day redskins beat giants in like flynn and second scenario if lion dez feet the cowboys tonight then here's what has to happen new year's day redskins have to beat the giants and lions need to defeat the packers today jay gruden asked if he might reach out to the cowboys in help advancing tonight's game. >> any calls to dallas about keeping starters in tonight. >> yeah. no. hard root for dallas. but, you know, like i said, it's fun to watch this till bitter end and see what happens. but we'll see what happens. i know slipping the night against detroit and detroit has to beat green way bay and we have a chance. regardless of what happens we have to take care ever the giants and when the dust settles we have to make sure. >> all eyes tonight on the big game. >> sounds like a got of dwaimz to of course us on. >> it is. >> so many teams to root for. >> almost at the end of nfl season. >> i cannot believe it. >> yes.
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and we have weather moving in in this week. >> we do. really nice change of weather tomorrow. changeable week as we round out 016 which has had its share of variable weather most notably last january. and going into this winter, well, you know we look like it will turn back to cold type of weather by mid january however no snow answer chas really in immediate 7 day forecast or in long range as we look live outside tonight on this day after christmas many of you enjoyed another day off from work and many of you maybe enjoying whole week off from work. tomorrow if you get to be out and about and enjoy the nice weather headed our way it's a one day spevrnlt temperatures ridesing overnight that levers weatherhead lines and it's been a cloudy and chilly afternoon with temperatures in 40s we're expecting them to rise to low 50s by tomorrow morning and accompanied by maybe an isolated shower but i think just clouds will be a little breezy as front passes and
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front it will nurn a gorgeous arm with sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s if you can believe it. by late wednesday night to early thursday morning another front come through and if timing is connect you may get a few♪ mraikz to mix in with raindrops and whatever comes through looks light and best chance of wintry weather would be north and west. this is not a big deal and besides this we don't have anything wintry looking in the 7 day forecast. high temperatures today right on target for late tes. 46 out at reagan national and 47 dulles and 4 bwi and any traveling for tonight early flights out tomorrow morning you should be fine despite cold front passing and for rest of week. temperatures now 4 baltimore and 44 annapolis and had 1 westminster and 46 dulles and 4 martinsburg. whole country seeing a wide variety of weather. seasonable northeast to above normal into the ohio valley. look at that 53 in buffalo and it's 64 cincinnati and you can see that nose of warm air wedge into the ohio valley 6
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ra cross the southeast and then there's that marked difference with cold front. 19 in minneapolis and 15 fargo and 22 casper and cold air encompassing west coast and mountains really, really chilly all the way down to northern new mexico and northern arizona and cold air delineation is here on radar look at showers aread of that front etch having from toronto do you remember to ohio and indiana and into western tennessee and these showers don't have up of to them and i expect most of them will break up before they head to washington tomorrow morning. cloud aplenty today overcast for tonight and starts off cloudy tomorrow and but other than isolated shower that front moves through and that kicks out the cloud cover. tough to scour out the clouds when you have cold air locked in place like we had this morning and tomorrow's front should do it. here is future radar and temperatures notice overnight those temperatures are rising into the low 50s and even upper 50s by 7 a.m. and it's going to be a mild tuesday morning and
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here's isolated showers mawnly north and west frederick and dulles and i think where wind advisory stands frederick county and washington down they and western mar par and faulker county and loudoun county you to the ridge tops over guests of 40 miles an hour and best chance of showers. and look at them breakup as we go through the district. mid 60s on the maps close to 70 southwest of washington and we do he rebtly cool off to 40s tomorrow night and but out ahead of the front. 50s and 60s widespread across the east coast as jet stream goes north and dips down to south wednesday. here's the forecast again nor tonight mostly cloudy and stay dry with rising temperatures windsen crease 48 to 58 by early morning tomorrow and aside from morning clouds and possible shower north and west you're breezy and mild and nice. 7 day forecast shows a cool down wednesday 50. there's light possible mix thursday morning
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keep an eye on that one. i don't know if we'll have enough cold air temperatures in the 30s and nice call. called friday, temperatures moderate saturday and new year's eve looks by dr. and temperatures 30s after dark. so cold, seasonably cold new year's day itself looks nice and showers roll in late sunday night into monday morning. that's a look at the 7 day forecast. jim. >> thank you. >> "why him" is a tech guru what wants to propose to his girlfriend christmas day. >> but first he has to win over her dad played by "breaking bad" brian canston. kevin mccarthy got a chance to sit down with the cast. take a look. >> the older photos we see of you in the dining ever the movie? from the moment she's born a man's daughter is center of his universe. you give her love and encouragement and watch her grow no a strong, confident
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put in the character is that you with your daughter like older photos of that. >> it's a mix. sometimes it's real picture that i brought in with my real daughter and when she was baby, baby it was actually here. >> her on screen. >> my daughter with me on screen because it's a little infant. and then zoe brought in picture and sometimes we would replace my face you know with i mean we would put in my face in a picture of hers or put in her face in a picture of minor something like that. just to tie it in. >> and then one day you come face to face with the love of her life. >> the flemmings are in the house, yes♪ >> oh, my god. >> is that something you worry about leading up to -- >> no. >> the first boyfriend or something like that is -- >> it's something you thought about like i wonder what that will be like and brief and all of a sudden before you realize they're
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to college and you're scratching your head how the hell did that happen so quickly. >> it does it happens really fast. and no i've been very lucky that taylor has made chase choices that are really smart and she's very smart, independent young woman and i'm real proud of her. >> you're keeping eyesenburg dialogue in the back. >> just in case. >> just in case. >> i can pull that out any time. >> that looks nice. >> is that our christmas card. >> it's all you. >> it says happy holidays and everything. >> it says happy holidays. >> yeah. >> i gave the guy the christmas carried didn't know he put happy holidays on there. i guess it's on me forever now. >> when you have tattoos in it a film do you keep them on throughout the production or take them off every night. >> you put them on sort of like transparent and first you design them then there's a house that will make them for you and then put them on transparency and then you put them on with watery
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they'll -- if you go to good place they'll generally stay for about three days. >> hm. >> they'll stay longer then they'll start to deteriorate and you have to take them off and put them back on. >> yeah. >> and the movie "why him" is in theater rz now. we'll be right back. ♪
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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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>> we're days away from ringing in the new year and new show americans are hopeful 2017 will be a better year. think he we hope that every year and associated press times square alliance poll found 55% of americans next year will be better for them personally and 12% jump
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third of people answering polls say things were worse for the country this year compared with 2015 and only 18% say things got better. >> be positive. it's a new year. >> it's a lesson we can all learn to be positive in 2017. >> i like odd numbered years i feel especially optimistic. >> i like the way she thinks. >> just personally but for all of you will be a good one. >> and good one out there tonight real quick? >> yes, quiet. temperatures rise overnight and 64 tomorrow. >> thanks for joining us we'll see you at
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(upbeat music) hello everybody, i'm kevin mccarthy and i'm glad to be with you as you continue to enjoy the holidays. over the next half hour i'll be geeking out with you about what's in theaters right now, my favorite films of 2016, and also, what i cannot wait to see at the box office in 2017. >> i'll be geeking out about the films of 2016 ape what i can't wait for in 2017. first up passengers this is sci-fi romance with jennifer lawrence and christian pratt ep and it deals with a space travt cavling on 10 year journey and jennifer lawrence character wakes up 90 years too early from hibernation pod to try to figure out how to go back to sleep if they don't they die before the ship gets to next plan


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