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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 6  FOX  December 27, 2016 6:00am-7:00am EST

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>> a woman missing we're live with the disapiece ever ai local actress tricia mccauley. >> and what the current xhapdner chef said that had donald trump saying no way. >> live look outside on tuesday morning, december 27, warm and traffic on the fives it will be mild today. enjoy. it changes on the way. we're talking weather and traffic on the fives 6:05. good morning to you i'm maureen umeh in for allison today. >> i'm steve chenevey welcome to fox news morning. >> first at 6:00 breaking news coming from laurel maryland right now police on the scene of pedestrian struck by kara long route 1 happened on the 4:00 hour and parts of route 1 shut down powder mill hod and icc and so far there is no word on the condition or driver of striking car and erin como has more on traffic impact in a couple minutes. >> the other big
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morning new developments in the case of missing d.c. yoga instructor and actress. >> family members say her body was found. anjali hemphill in northwest with the latest. anjali. >> incredibly sad news. friends and familiar live tricia mccauley are waking up to news they never want todd hear her body has been found. this is, of course, confirmed through family members right now her brother posted on a facebook group about the fact her body was found. what you should look at now is facebook group created after she disappeared on christmas day. this was so friends could organize to try to find tricia mccauley and now the title changed to reading in memory of tricia mccauley and several people that know her are posting on that page shocked and heartbroken over the news. now at this point, guys, d.c. police have not confirmed this they found her pod question and they're not confirm physical they're taken into custody that ma
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were looking for when she disappeared and they're telling us one thing. they found a small white car similar to trisha's and found it behind here on m street 23 late last night and it was towed early it morning. witness out here told me he he saw police officers swarm nearby cvs and walgreens before de sending on the white toyota scion. she nev -- she's very well loved by friends in the d.c. area last seen north capitol vitae and police were cerfing for a man 5' 9" they believe he was driving her car. it's up clear if someone matching that description was taken into custody late last night when they found her car on m street. d.c. police expect to update media 8:00 this morning and we expect to find out more information and hopefully they he c
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coming up from her family. we'll bring you the latest once that happens. aching. >> mean police are investigating a body found at a ruth christ steak house in arlington hevrments with a patron and no word how he died yet and deaths do not appear to be suspicious. >> and after suffering carbon monoxide poisoning a family ended up in the hospital. a woman and three kids felt ill and the family spent some time in her car and they were taken to shock trauma in baltimore. firefighters say they were alert and conscious when taken to the hospital and the family is expected to make a full recovery. >> a man is facing possession charges after a gun found inside her bag at bwi airport he was scheduled to board bound tore los angeles at the time and take into custody and ironically had had stored gun in
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be facing charges. >> post shopping turned violent one in aurora colorado after a large disturbance was reported and police described it as multiple skirmishs inside the mall. and police respond todd shooting at the roosevelt field mall in nassau country outside new york city and somebody yelled gun but there was no gun. several people had injuries in that coye sfwlos to russia. officials say they have found one of the flight recorders from the military plane that crashed in the plaque sea. 2 people were on board when is it crashed. 13 bodies were recovered. russian government is dismissing idea that terror played a role in the crash buzz because it was military plane instead they say it was either mechanical problem or pilot error. >> japan prime minister is in hawaii for historic trip to recognize attacks
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harbor. japanese prime minister is supposed to join president obama. he joined the national cemetery in honolulu or a wreath laying ceremony. more than 100 were killed in the attack. six months after president obama became the first to visit hiroshima japan. >> tk are barnes. how was your christmas. >> you have energy today. >> everybody says that. >> call me monday maureen monday i'm rarar and tuesday downhill. >> look a full tank of gas. >> it's depleted quickly by:00 i'm done. >> weak? day. >> i'm the opposite i take time to get going here. let's do the forecast. 56 reagan national and dulles 56 and bwi 57. not imagination those are-month-old temperatures this time of year and we'll number the mid 60
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dealing with some morning showers here. that will be worst of forecast. you should clear up by afternoon. a line of showers developing loudoun county and western mring county and then you work north to south there. it's all liquid temperatures mid 50s. quick being look you can see the showers out west of what we have to deal with early this morning. scattered showers first half of day and clear it out and mild, cool air behind this front is lagging it won't get in until later tonight. look at daytime high 67. maybe we'll go to 70. >> you think? >> part of area. >> certainly unseasonable. >> unseason sdmrabl no complaints. >> check out traffic now with erin como. good morning. >> good morning we're takeing a lot of breaking news right now we have a live camera at the scene in laurel route 1 northbound side completely stopped right now. shut down. this is between powder mill and icc specifically close to
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road and southbound traffic getting by previously all southbound lanes blocked and this is serious crash, injured reported involving truck hitting pedestrian and sorious investigate on route one shut down and take you there 95 northbound or keep to baltimore washington parkway northbound. as we look live to the cameras other crashes causing big problems inner loop at little river turnpike left lane of hov lanes blocked right lane getting buy and all lanes crawling and big delays through annandale as you pass little river turnpike and as you forward cameras again crash gets out of way 66 eastbound two right lanes mocked at 13 that's causing big delays as well we're show past that scene and packed up to 234. metro on time and we very police activity in district closing m street between 2 and 23. busy day we'll keep you updat
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back to you guys. >> now that christmas is over you'll wonder what you do with your tree. holiday ands and wreaths will be collected through january 27. >> all right. fairfax county christmas trees will be collected during the first two weeks of january and if you live in montgomery county put your tree on the cushion your recycling day and in prince george county trees will only be picked up mondays it's important to remove all decorations and do not put the tree in plastic or cloth bags. >> press obama thinks he could have would be against donald trump. ♪♪ ♪♪
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ o 09 this morning president-elect donald trump not holding back opinion of united nations and questioned un effectiveness yesterday fired off a tweet saying un has great potential but become "just a club for people to get together, talk and have a good time" this comes days after voting to -- >> and trump is not abused that president obama says he would have won if he ran this
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trump tweeted no way in all caps. he also said the world wag gloomy before he won and there was no hope. he continued in another tweet saying the market is up nearly 10% and christmas spending is over a trillian tlarz. >> president-elect trump will move into the white house soon. >> indeed. what goes into changing of guards. fox's joe waldman got behind the scenes look. >> what happens inauguration day is very fine tuned almost military precision moving. >> as we found out the white house changes hands almost as instantaneously as presidency does. >> what people don't know in that six hour window they have to move one president out and one in there's 132 rooms in white house that's a top of furniture and mementos and thing to think about in and out. there's several hundred red staffers that work on this quark separated move. >> while inaugural ceremonies
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are getting through they're preparing residence in offs for new inhabitants. >> starting that morning every single item in west wing is moved out desks, paper, computers, everything. new paint is nut and new carpet laid they'll bring in new pencils and desks and whole nine. >> who exactly is in change ever the changing of guards. >> it's over seen by white house chief usher. they sort of understand where things are going and how to place them and everyone from the chefs to you know resident staff is involved to get the kitchen stocked and closets filled. >> what about hundreds of white house staff members that spent years stevshing president obama and his family. >> the president has a little staff that comes in fist day at the white house and he remainder of folks at white house are career staff from present to present w
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butler, chef, pastry chef. some of these people have been there 40, 50 years. >> which does the secret service stand down to protect president obama. >> it doesn't matter who the president is whether the vice-president take over for president or new president-elected and comes in the secret service is sa signed to office of president remains whoever the new incoming president is. >> back to incoming president as we're learning more about what a trump white house might look like. >> juxtapose that with the house in manhattan filled with gold and louie iiix however i'm sure they may make changes to suit their taste better. >> after obama, they accompany president-elect trump to capitol and head to up disclosed vacation for vaik and upon return they'll
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rental home a few miles from the houshmandzadeh. joe walden, fox news. >> 6:12 time starbuck making changes to drink menu more on new drinks you'll soon be able to try. >> good reviews so far. we'll have to troy them ourselves and see how he we like that em. >> headed to break this tuesday morning "weather and traffic on the 5s" next. yes that is correct, 57 a 6:1.
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6:15 did you hear it tucker barnes singing silver bells. >> explain yourself. >> mid 60s later today and maybe upper 60s this afternoon. real pub of warm air ahead of the next funnel tim system and clouds and maybe rain showers early. it feels
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let's do numbers and reagan national kuvrptly 56. you can see clouds moving in the sky. there 56 now washington and 60 annapolis and 65 leonardtown look how mild it is overnight lows typically low 30s. not today as we look at temperatures good 20 plus above normal. 56 dulles and 57 this morning down culpeper and winds with us out of the south and west 23. 25 baltimore and 28 dulles and reason i mention winds, wind advisory for mountains to west here. this is really for the tops of moup tanz above 2,000 feet where we're kenned of windest conditions 50 miles plus here next couple hours wind at sootsry through 10 a.m. breezy for everybody ahead of the front pulping in unseasonably warm temperatures. stormtracker radar tracking radar activity to the west and few showers around for the first half
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of here and moving in quickly west and with temperatures in 50s just rain for us. later this afternoon we'll clear it out. and mr. believe it or not we should get sunshine and warm temperatures to look forward to later today. there we are noon clearing off north and west clear out tonight and cooler air tonight and colder day tomorrow in store with daytime highs closer to where they should be. 67 today only 50 tomorrow and that's a few degrees above normal and more showers thursday and right now we're keeping it quiet on new year's eave. new year's eve looks quiet and cool. temps in the 40s. that's weather update, erin is back and it seems like suddenenly everybody went back to work at the same time. >> it's been busy all morning. 6:17 tucker tracking news out of laurel this morning and right now route 1 shut down in both directions south and northbound dealing with
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crash investigation a person hit by truck at icc you see an active scene lot of flashing lights traffic not getting by. best bet northbound headed to powder mill on baltimore washington parkway northbound make sure you get off at icc. >> other problem. inner loop you see this crash moved over to left shoulder and hov lane little river turnpike and crawl annandale upper loop towards 66. just one hov lane getting by tag a look at 66 earlier crash 123 cleared over to shoulder and had been blocking two lanes and very heavy traffic patterns there. metro is on time. we have another crash 9 5 northbound left lane blocked stafford as well. back to you maureen and steph. >> thanks very much. soon we have to say good-bye to holiday starbucks drink don't worry the coffee giant
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new drinks to the menu may be best yet tuxedo trio drink line now available regular, mocha, frappuccino and hot chocolate. it's a minimum of mocha made with hot espresso and mocha sauce and steamed whil chrome and tuxedo being mip of black and white cappuccino. >> and carmike cinema is in a deal worth 1.2 billion doj gave company the green light condition amc and carmike would sell theaterers in 15 markets. >> and now 128 rose bowl parade non pasadena. hundreds working to get the parades float ready by end of week they're pouring every detail from the use of it just right and working on a don
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the events will be next monday in california. >> okay. >> many of you got christmas cards or gift cards for christmas. what happens if you don't like the within you got. how to not let the perfectty good plastic go to waste. >> first cultures around the world have unique ways of celebrate quhing it comes to holidays and one part of peru that's how they do. it fighting going on. settle old conflict and start new year afresh with improved relationships. perhaps bragging right as well. those that prefer not to take out in the festivities can watch everybody else knock each other out
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>> welcome back, 6:. gift cards are biggest present but if you don't like the store you got from what do you do. how to not let the perfectly good plastic go to wastes. lauren simonetti from the fox business network studio.
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>> hey, maureen, good morning, happy hanukah, christmas, new year, same to you get to see you you were gone for part of last week. it's nice to see you. let's talk about gift cards i got one i'm not crazy about do i regift wait to birthday what do you do? >> let's talk about gift cards for a second first of all it's a easy, lame gift. right no thought going behind a gift card and now you can buy them electronically and print them out a minute before you see the person. come on now. if you are lame enough, lame enough to get someone a gift card and get it to a store they don't shop at or restaurant they don't go to what do you do after you receive this unwanted gift card? you can go to card pool. they let you swap them out for 92% of what hear worth. is another good site like ebay and you don't get all your money back but you can score 82 for every 10
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cash is another site avoid ebay and craigslist because of scams or regift the gift card. >> they're not going to get full value but most of it. >> which is what i'm hearing. >> yes. >> let's talk about gift returns you can take back to brick and morter stores this is good for them. >> you buy something online and take it back to physical store. this is saving grace for retailers. they have to justify real estate by making you return the item and spend the same amount and hopefully more in the exchange and return process they're doing this by great discounts. i went to mall yesterday i thit say that it was jam packed but we did go and 50 to 70% off so many stores. at the same time you may have noticed warm weather stuff out. spring and summer misdemeanor out.
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want you to spend more money in their physical store. guilty i was at the mall too yesterday and i bought more stuff that i think i did before christmas why not? >> it's hard to avoid with deals. i bought my daughter christmas eve, christmas and easter dress next year we got the dress. >> we're helping economy for the country. that's what i say. >> lauren simonetti as always thank you and we'll see you tomorrow. >> good to see you mature sgleen 6:25 hi tuck. >> wait a minute maureen what gift card did you get you don't like. >> i can't say because the person may be watch sdmring no, no, no will not. >> can i tell you i don't know if this is good or bad what i love about this time of year you can return stuff without jets in that helps. >> yeah. >> because i have a dress i bought three months ago never wore it can't find sglet
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for christmas didn't you? >> i did now. >> you're talking to two gentleman not professional shoppers. >> hopefully you get down once a year he goes all out. >> okay. forecast, guess what? we're talking about spring clothing. you might might want to bring it out today. we'll number mid 60s this afternoon. mild, mildle skarlt 56 now in washington with wind here out of south. gusts about 5 miles an hour and winds south 16. rain showers moving across the district as we speak inside the beltway. and montgomery county there pushing south into southern maryland and looks like part of charles country getting rain showers as well and prince george county bottom line rain showers in the forecast first half of morning by afternoon we'll clear out we stay sunny, bright and we farm highs expected to be in the mid 60s. there is color air the rest of the week.
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once rain is out sunshine and 67. >> that's amazing. >> pretty awesome. >> very awesome. >> especially after being cold lately. >> good morning, erin. >> good morning. we're looking at commute. big problem if laurel. route 1 southbound shut down i. consider c there's a crash investigation person hit by truck here and we report serious injuries and as we have an active investigation underway deep 95 north and southbound or baltimore washington parkway. detour around the closure. as we switched over to a look at cameras not only place we're dealing with problems this morning and crash blocking left lane, hov lanes upper loop by little river turnpike and all lanes super heavy through annandale and coming up mixing bowl to 66 watch for delays. heavy volume both directions inner and outer by maryland 201. it's a lot of congestion as folks get park to
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holiday weekend. adds we forwarded cameras heavy traffic as well coming up past -- >> thank you, new year, new hope. what most americans want in 017. >> and also how about present for skins last night courtsey of dallas cowboys of all things. what are the chances of skins making playoffs. i'll tell you this. it got a whole lot better we'll chat about it coming up.
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i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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>> i got my love to keep my warm♪ >> i love this song. put you in the christmas spirit even though as after christmas but it's the holiday spirit. we'll call it that. weather and traffic on the fives at 6:35. beautiful, mild day ahead and details on that. first a lack at top story this hour and first brother of missing d.c. squoing ainstructor and actress posted on social media her body was found after police say tricia mccauley white toyota scion was found 2 and m street northwest and 46-year-old was missing since christmas day they're looking for a man that may have been driving mc cally's car. police are investigating a dead body found inside a bathroom at ruth christ steak house in arlington. the unidentified man
6:32 am
tron and how he i dayed it does not appear to be suspic sfwlus buoy man was fashion charges after gun found in his bag. the map was schedule todd board a plane bound for los angeles at the time was taken into custody by maryland transportation authority police. ironically had he stored it in checked baggage he would not face any charges. >> we're days away from rippinging in a new year. and a new poll shows americans are hopeful that 2017 will be a better year and the poll shows a lot of folks are glad 20 16 is fearly over. "fox5" will car reports. perhaps we started 016 on wrong foot and peesly 1% of people thought country got better this year and third however say it got worse and maybe that's why mother joins declared dumpster fire as mean of 20
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>> top news event since january included mass killings and bombings such as ambush at night club in orlando had which was the worst shooting in u.s. history and other notable attacks taking place trance, belgium, pakistan, these stories impacted them personally. and more than half say stories being killed by police and vice-versa were year's most important news and overwhelming majority of presidential election of biggest tore are story erin certainly noiseest. >> she's guilty of very serious crime. >> donald thinks belittling women makes him bigger. >> 55% think coming year will be better regardless of the west wing regime change. that's a 12 point improvement from last year poll. >> it's been privilege of my life to serve as chappeder in chief. >> being on the sidelines benefitted president obama. he
6:34 am
rating according to fox news poll. 2016 was not terrible for everybody cubs won world series and u.s. gym nasstic teams swept goal at olympics in rio, will carr, fox news. all right time for morning line this morning. yesterday marked rematch of maryland and former acc boston college two facing off in bowl game quick lane bowl in detroit and game served as row union forehead coaches they were assistant coaches at florida together in 2010. newspaper of that matters. maryland could got pull out the win. they lost 6-30 boston tries to get the wind and terps do it again next year. >> nfl dallas cowboys playing at home they need to win for redskins to have control over playoff destiny guess what cowboys did. >> yeah. >> they won. >> how about it. >> and skins now
6:35 am
destiny. cowboys won beat lions 4-21 win means skins all they have to do is beat giants sunday and they're in the playoffs. actually there's one asterisk be side it the only thing that could change that if they win is if lions and packers game wins in a tie. you know how we feel about ties. as long as there's not a tie we should be good to go with a win. >> happening today military goal gets underway in annapolis and a lot of games before the parade begins and 10:30 or 3:00 this afternoon, then it is time for kickoff at:25. temple takes on wake forest. >> we'll have a preview 7:45 with a special guest as we get in the midst of bowl season now. >> should being beautiful if you head out to the game. temperatures m
6:36 am
>> that would be great. >> and sunshine. >> unreal. >> getting boats out in annapolis. >> might as well. the both may be out of the water totally. temps 65 de grows and they're they're now 49 overnight low was 45 above normal. geoffs you an idea how warm it is. 5 in boston you see not far norm and west colderror eric is lurking 35 in chris christie chick and 3 in detroit that moves in later tonight and it will take another 1 to 18 hours to get here. we're tracking rain showers locally moving across the city as we speak and beltway. so that will no doubt impact morning rush i'll let erin tell you about roads again rain showers here next couple horz and then get it out of here and should get pretty quick clearing and at least partly sunny conditions this afternoon with very mild air. 65. again rain showers out by 10:00
6:37 am
again rain showers out by 10:00. afternoon sunshine mid 60s. on owes those windows steve. >> very nice. right. >> all right. >> let's check in with erin and look at traffic this morning. >> everybody headed back to work. >> that's right yeah we're seeing so many problem already. this is route 1 northbound and southbound icc closed in both directions because of earlier northbound crashment serious injuries involved. it's under investigation so keep in mind you want to avoid that area and keep to 95 north and southbound or baltimore washington parkway north and southbound headed to belts i have and lauer this morning and both blaze on route 1 and you can take icc from northbound side southbound side turned around alternate are your best bet. looking at camera inner loop and hov lanes it's blocked now by a crash at little river turnpike heavy traffic all lanes coming up as you pass springfield mixing bowl tryin
6:38 am
to goat 66 plan extra minutes with the commute. metro is on time. we're not seeing any metro delays across all rail lines. metro bus look going and rest of morning commute you can see volume picking up 66 eastbound not terrible thre and police active any in district m street closed north west section between and 23 with police activity back to you. >> huge. >> dip are may be over what do you do with the leftovers. that story and more come up n.
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>> what's tread on the web tuesday morning serena williams letting her thoughts be known about dominance in the wold of tennis if she were a man she would be the greatest step are player a long time going but being" woman is a lot to deal with in society and along with being black. >> and another athlete very familiar with thrill of victory gymnast simone biles is coming out on top named app female athlete of year and she was named yesterday. biles beat out serena williams and stewart and
6:42 am
>> she may be best gymnast of u.s. all time. >> and many have fridge full of leftovers experts have tips on making leftovers last. trmingy and ham carving meat offer bone will keep pressure longer seafood peel shells and freeze it up to three months and cakes they last a long time in an air tight container and put cakes in the freezer. extend holidays longer if you choose. >> this year we certainly seen plenty of videos go viral and we'll share which viral video was doing the most. >> i like that and reminder before we head to break that if you have a news tip share with us just call the number there 2028953 0 00 or we're back in a
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i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter eth. the designer smile...
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white. >> ah, yeah. little carlos santana this tuesday morning♪ looking outside, looking beautiful, mild day today. you look out and say, hey, where did winter go? >> he's singing with somebody else. >> rob thomas. >> thank you. ♪ i should know that [ humming ]. >> how warm will it get. mid 50s later this afternoon. so, we're calling. it let go to maps. toasty tuesday. >> i love it.
6:46 am
light tuesday. >> toasty tuesday and as promised our temperatures already a good ten or 15 above normal will be close to 20 above normal later today. here are mild numbers 56 washington and 60 annapolis and 57 leonardtown and 50 frederick and 56 dulles and no sign of freezing temperatures and that's good thing because we have rain coming through. we're dealing with freezing rain if we were. winds south and southwest 20 to 25 you notice breeze up in baltimore and 25 out dulles and 28 there's whipped advisory for ridge top here in mountains out to west through 10 a.m. primarily it's above 2,000 feet and we have winds gusting 40, 50 miles an hour out west here over the next couple hours and again big surge up ahead of frontal system of air out of south. rain showers moving quickly in the district 15 minutes ago already prince george
6:47 am
county and baltimore and columbia light shower activity and can't promise we won't get a few more showers out to the west with our frontal system. the whole thing winds down pretty quickly by 10, 11:00 in the morning we should be done with rain and gradually clear out and our time here this afternoon we'll keep mild temperatures in place and get a chance to clear it out. sunshine and temperatures in the mid 60s. mid 60s around here later today. nice and quiet afternoon and cool air filters in tonight and cooler tomorrow daytime highs don't get out of upper 40s to 50s. it's a one day special. toasty tuesday, erin. enjoy it. >> i like the sound of that. >> making me think of a sandwichp. >> i'm getting hungry. >> i want a grilled cheese and tomato soup. >> ah can we make them i would like one. right now if you travel to or from laurel breaking news route
6:48 am
both dreks serious crash investigation involving injuries and person hit by truck. as you can see from live camera we have set up there it's at icc and looks like traffic on the southbound side might might be getting by we keep you updated on that 95 south or northbound better bet to get you around that. once again looks like southbound traffic getting by again and had been letting it through northbound side shut down. lacking at camera out by little river turnpike crash being monthing left lane and hov lanes and right lane getting by all lanes heavy springfield interchange to 6 about a ten minute delay there and outer loop heavy as well. let's switch for look at maps. we have road closure 14 street park wood place northwest 14 street and because of that keep to 13 extra volume on 13 because of closure as a rut of crash and also police activity closing m street between 2 and 23.
6:49 am
beltway college park outer loop. back to you maureen, steve. >> it is 6:48 now let's check what's on good day d.c. run down today respect and redemption through football. we're sitting down with local author and you probably know him best as former washington redskins. think ticker. think legendary kicker. we'll talk about new book. >> all right. plus briping back passion. passion expert elena love for passion and ways they can succeed in life and love. >> and getting ready for 2017 new list of new year's hot spots and making sure you're dressed for the in my opinions when the clock strikes midnight. don't miss it. >> we will not. >> you heard it can be fancy and big. this may be
6:50 am
a invitation to friend and relatives and all of facebook to she and that invacation went viral and more than a million people. >> what? >> a million people responded saying yep they'll be there. although several ununinvited showed you up too you should and the party went off without any major problems and good time was had by all. >> is that one of those things -- >> who is this party for the. >> doesn't matter. >> look at that. >> that's unbelievable. >> crazy. >> former maryland resident that lived you in the area half a century he ago voluntary making mend for overdue library books never returned by his late parents the total $1552. now the two books were checked out over 40 years ago combined total of 5 years worth of fines to make things right the man isn't a check for that amount along with letter requesting to keep boroughed books as a
6:51 am
>> which was nice but they've been gone 40 some years they were not going to come after him. >> he september a check for over 5,000. >> no 1500. >> 500,000 may have changed the story. >> i was going to say. >> speaking of money did you spend too much holiday season maybe santa missed something. saint mick is here to help you. >> enter the st. mic contest at "fox5".com you could be the lucky winner and it's a cop test between now and friday and enter for chance to win one winner will be select and all residents are 18 or wold older. >> and saint nic, and kevin mccarthy, >> maureen, good morning to you. yesterday i was in newsroom and 10 "action news" i think tucker barpz
6:52 am
this tweet was september out. this is a big deal. britney spears this was a hoax. there was a tweet sent out from this tony global music account saying britney spears pass away by accident. now i was joking with the tucker thing she did not pass away this was a hack. somebody hack nod soapy music global account saying rip at britney spears and give ta her tweets and this tweet randomly appeared on bob dillon's account the exact same tweet appeared there. >> saying britney was dead. >> that britney was dead. someone tweeted exact tweet the acres may have gotten through as well. it's a hope. she's not pass away. her rep said she's allowed and well. >> and she posted picture too like hey guys i'm alive and well. >> i'm saying this hacker is not familiar with the u.s. must psych scene because why would
6:53 am
britney spears. >> that's the why the of being random that he would tweet. >> or who won the noble prize. >> he can't show up for his noble prize i think that's -- >> and so last week we showed you awkward inis it a tram of her family and we called this -- we didn't call this walk ward it was called awkward all over the web. there was question why miley's boyfriend was off to the corner and a lot of people focuses on bailey ray's haircut as well. that was rt staff. 3 or 24 photos are posted over christmas from miley sigh russ's account of her celebrating christmas account. three of them you see and she just kept poking and posting and posting and liam hemsworth posted photos as well but it looks like. >> is this in response to saying something is coming between them
6:54 am
showing -- >> that's my thought process. because there were so many names about him standing there awkwardly they want todd over do it. >> they posted 2 fet owes sne is it one of those -- when i got married i posted a couple photos. my wife thinks maybe they're secretly married. they were up and down and broke up for a while. >> but wait you did not say about billy's hair. >> it's amazing. >> it's apaysing even tuck area degrees. >> moving on to sad news unfortunately actor and comedian ricky harris pass away age of 54 years old. you might remember mize him from poetic justice and heat and everyone hates chris and his manager confirmed the star pass away from a heart attack at the age of a54.
6:55 am
saying we lost ricky harris the world is a little less funny and harris group up with snoop dog and they sang in church choir tomorrow saying tell nate to hold my note. it's very sad news there 54. 2016 is not kind to a lot of people. george michael and this is very sad. and if you have not seen the movie heat he was in incredible. ib credible movie. poetic justice as well and everyone hates. >> sick back in with tucker look at the nice theme forecasting. >> i took that out of kev's piece there. >> and you were upset about the britney spears posting. >> i was not that upset about it. >> i was
6:56 am
>> i didn't know about it. >> we knew it was a hoax. >> i didn't know anything. i didn't know it was a problem. let's go to the forecast. all right. temperature overnight, 56. that is warm. we'll be mid 60s later today that is warm. and rain showers at the moment. we'll get these out of here quick. i think by early afternoon we should be clearing out and again we'll vl mild temperatures for the average before cool are air gets in here there's a frontal system coming through quick look at 7 day. we fast forward to new year's eve. partly sunny and mid 40s. that's it weather i'm wrapping that's back to you. >> keeping our eye on roads good news if you travel to to or from laurel a crash investigation wrapped and all lanes reopened icc both discretions however residual delays linger as you pass icc on northbound and south side and headed through beltsville
6:57 am
and in the district closed parkway place only to detour arouch that. keep it to fox news morning in a few.
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tricia mccauley disappeared christmas day and her family says her car and body were found last night. >> white house hypothetical could president obama won a third term against donald trump and commander-in-chief things so and president-elect says no way. >> mall brawl if you see the christmas rush was ugly you should see the people that want to cash in gift cards and make exchanges. >> it's tuesday, des 27 for a holiday workweek with people we have trouble spots on roads he already. warm and traffic on the fives. good morning to you. wisdom martin in for allison see more. >> first at 7 following new developments in case of missing d.c. yoga instructor and actress. >> in an hour they'll hold a press afternoon and provide updates in the case. earlier this morning


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