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tv   FOX 5 News Special  FOX  December 27, 2016 5:30pm-6:00pm EST

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jacqueline kohl's was walking ik the crosswalk when she was hit. show was rushed to the hospital where she died.wh police areere looking for a dak colored suv with front headlight damage. maryland state police are investigating a deadlyly pedestrian crash in laurel. this one happened overnight on route 1 just north of 200. a box truck was traveling when it hit a man in the road. no word on what led to thatat crash. and the driver of a car that crashed into a tree in laurel remains in critical condition. the accident happened yesterday afternoon near sandy spring road. a passenger in the car, 58 year old sonia smith of baltimore wam killed. the driver is undergoing treatment at prince george's hospital the investigators are stillre trying to determine the cause oa the crash.. our top story tonight, the bodye of a missing d.c. yoga instructor and actress has been found.foun patricia mack cull i was found inside her car at # 2*7bd and northwest. she had been missing since
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christmas day. the man who was driving her car is now in police custody. the search started for her when she didn't show up for christmat dinner at a friend's house. as investigators try to piece together details, mack cull i's loved ones are mourning her death. more on a vigil that's beingat's held to celebrate her life and breaking news about the personhe of interest.of >>reporter: that suspect now identified as duane johnson, he's from upper marlboro,boro maryland, 29 years old. that information just being release here by mpd in the last 20 minutes. as that's coming down we're also getting our first look at the beginning of the vigil right here in the bloomingdale. this is yoga district where patricia ma cull i taught yoga. meditation and chanting happening just as they remember the beloved teacher, the 46 yea6 old who went missing on christmas day, her body
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recovered h back of her very own car allegedly driven by that 29 year on. i want to show you just on the way over here if we can walk over, you'll see a heavy police presence, for the most part special operations. we're going to see the road shutdown as people come out of yoga district and make their way over to the park, the park wherk mack cull i was a residentesi herbal is. as you saw crowds gather ander come to yoga district you could see people before they walked into the doors already cryingyig with tiers in their eyes as they remembered this woman who was not from washington, d.c. butt who made this her home. this late breaking 29 year old adrian duane johnson from upper marlboro. we're requesting to work to getg more on his background much the two were not known to each other. as soon as we
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background we'll pass it along. marina maracco, fox5 local newsc > also in northwest a woman was robbed near the trump international hotel on pavement the woman was standing on the sidewalk taking a picture withue her cellphone when someone road up behind her on a bike and snatched the phone right out oft her hand. the suspect got away on the bike and police are asking anyone who knows something about theing incident to give them a call. an historic visitor by the prime minister at pearl harbor. president obama and primeme minister made the remarks justrk now at the sitse of the attack that took place over 75 years ago and brought the us in the second world war. ronica cleary is back with that story. >>reporter: it is a historic visit by japan's prime minister after aand follows president obama's historic trip earlier this year as president obama was the first sitting president to visit the city. neither leader apologized forlo the events that took place in those sit adver
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visits signaled the strongg alliance that the two countries share today.. now, the primary minister's remarks, they were sincere and thoughtful. he spoke about visiting the memorial and said it brought him silence rendering him speechless. of those whonames lost their lives and he spoke of leaving flowers. during president obama's remarks he told individual stories of those who lost their lives at pearl harbor and he then spoke about how pearl harbor transformed america forever. here at pearl harbor america's first battle of the second world war rued the nation. here in so am ways america came of age. generations of americans, including my grandparents, the greatest generation,
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not seek war, but they refused to syringe from it.. they all did their parts on fronts and in factories. while 75 years later the proud ranks of pearl harbor surveyors have thinned with time, the bravery we recall here is forever etched in our national hearts. while president obama went onto say that the alliance with japan has quote, never been stronger.e some anticipate changesen to a i lines under a trump presidency. after awas the first foreignreig lead tore meet with president obama. they are proposing fines for anyone who posts unapproved pictures in the it lasted over 24 hours. it was broadcast live on social media. house members would face a $500
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for the second offense. gop house lawmakers believe thee new rules will help preserve orders and respect. it will be put to a vote next month. korean airlines are taking measures to the next level after an unrulely. richard marks claims staff members were ill equipped and lacked proper training in order to restrain a passenger on a korean flight last week. they will allow staff members ts use stun guns to manage violentt passengers go forward. go the airline is also imposing a ban on passengers with a history of bad behavior. you got to protect them some out. new federal rules giving rl nursing home residents new four. the changes reflect a shift towards more person centered care. making the nursing facility feel more like home by allowing residents to choose a
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give patients more involvement in their care and discharge plans. the washington wizards adding an extra element to their fridayy night home games.s. how you can get tickets. caitlyn, coming off of a niceice mild afternoon. temperature outside in shall what ton still 61-degrees. we'll fallback into the 30s overnight as colder air moveses in. and then we're back to normal.rl it looks like a cold end to 206. i'll show you the forecast after the break when fox5 news returns s
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> so appropriate.> there was so much sun out there today. i had a little bit of weatherate
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the people out and about. a lot of people are stillll fortunate to be off.. hopefully you got to takeyou advantage of it.e of a rare december day where weday were in the upper 60s. there you have it. >> i know.w. you have envy, but you won't have envy again tomorrow. we're geating a little bittt colder. tomorrow still looks really nice, but probably almost 20-degrees colder. col there's that. a live look outside just pastpat sunset. the days are getting a littleli bit longer now that we've moved past the winter solates, december 21. i believe sunset was now rightit before # p.m.. we gain the minute or so of daylight each and every day if you look at the city lights. a beautiful shot right there.her let's get straight to ourour twitter picture of the day. this was amazing. we had so am of these pictures that came in this morning, the rainbows and
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from the passing clouds andnd showers along a cold frontnt earlier this morning. this one came in from collegecol park, maryland. look at the bright colors. a the look of time that thehe rainbows that we see are blurry. thank you to all of you who seno those a beautiful site as the sun passed through and tried to come out which it did later in the afternoon. weather headlines, colder, in the 30s tonight.ight it was so mild this morning butg when you head back to worko tomorrow a different case you'l' need the heat on in the car. sunshine tomorrow all day, a beautiful afternoon, but like i said, struggling to hit 50-degrees. it looks brief, light, before we change over to all raining, the timing not ideal between 6 andad 8:00 a.m. that could cause some issues for the morning commute and also tho cold air will return. we're talking wind chills bylls friday so a
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it normally is by the end of the 6 # still outside in washington. 58 baltimore objection, 55 in annapolis, 55 in martinsburg and 54 out in winchester.nche the winds have come down, too, andeven though the cold front has passed since moving offshore you can see where the cold airir is lagging back off towards oura north and west. 39 in columbus, 32 in detroittri and 27 in chicago. a nice mild did he, 48 in that's mild for boston. you can see the clouds clearingd southern maryland and a couplepe them hanging tight south and s east of 95.95 a long the delmarva, a cloudy day and remains a cloudy nightgt into central virginia we got the best of the sunshine here in washington and points north and west but we should all be clearr overnight tonight.t to our futurecast after we get through a sunny wednesday and a clear start to wednesday nightht we'll fast forward to thursdayhs morning where in coming
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problems. here's 5:00 a.m. notice it's main showers in shall what thanh to, but higher elevations north and west of 95 you've got someot snow mixing in for hagerstown, for frederick and then the ping line indicating the mix for sleet and freezing rain could fr cause seeome issues. temperatures not too coldtoo leading up to this. the mix could cause problems for drivers through 7, 8:00 a.m. there's the snow moving up inton south eastern, pennsylvania.nsyl just rain showers in washingtonw and thener it's out very quickll following that with just a cloudy thursday afternoon, gradually thinning out and seeing some late day sunshine,uh but in the wake of this coldhi front we'll get colder air and the up slope snow showers starting along the mountains. getting into ski season.seas we need the snow showers. temperatures overnight much colder than this morning when we starred the day.a we're back into the low and mid 30s. 39 here in washington high temperature. 50 we should briefly hithit washington, but
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in the 40s. back to the crisp winter due to the mix of showersof thursday morning and theorni struggle for the clouds to cleaa out i don't think we hit 50-degrees. we're still in the 40s.0s 42 on friday, but it is a windy blustery 426789 very chilly as well as friday night 6789 new year's eve it looks like a nice day. we're waiting on some rain showers. possibly into tuesday, but that storm system just bringing rainn let's look at your seven day forecast. we'll talk about the ht t-shirt weather in december.he shorts, too.r what a great day it's been out there. i think what we're going to do to rub it in more, how you allou have been enjoying this wonderful weather. photo journal caught some of the sites and sounds on this unusually warm day.y take a
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they haven't jumped this morning (music playing) that's amazing. the sun is shining.shin it's really warm. it's in the high 60s. we are just having a very goodry time having lunch outside here. hush little baby, don't you cry
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i'm very happy that it's warmt's and we can come out and play basketball. a nice relief from all thethe winter stuff that's going onng right normally we don't get a chance to play this time of year. let's just have fun, play some basketball like we do in the summer. it's marvelous, marvelous. unexpected. it brings you out of the cave. it's always nice to be outside. it's just an added bonus when it's in december.
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> talk about feeling t conflicted, last nightalk redss fans saw
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root for the cowboys against the lyons in order to make the route to the playoffs easier. the cowboys did the redskins a huge favor by defeating the lyons, in fact, dallas trailed 21 to 4 and then they reeled out the final 28he points, the final score 21- touchdown pass to jason. amazing. lyons loss seem many phis what the redskins have to do. on new year's day all the redskins have to do is win. that is if the lyons and packers don't tie.e. we've seen a lot of ties in the nfl. what if the redskins fail tol play past new year's day. obviously i wouldn't think of it as a successful season unless sa you getso in the playoffs.ffs. that's for sure am that's our's goal coming into the season. went to the playoffs a year ago. i think any time you don't
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the playoffs regardless of your record it's a little bit of a disappointed. we have a good team, good players and we feel like weke should be in there. we still have work to do and it's not over yet. the redskins victory over the bears prove it's more departmene than thought.ough scored on a run and screen passes and then starting running back robert kelly gained tough yards, but grabbed for his knee after this play.this he would later return to the gape, but another rookie free agent was given a chance that being mack brown out of of florida. he received his first carries.s. gruden explaining why he wenthe with brown over kelly late in the game. i think he could have kept going. he wanted to keep going but i wanted to see matt brown and i wanted to see that he got someme touches in case this was a significant injure requirementiu robert is a tough guy. he didn't want to comert out i t all. you could see he was in some pain. i wanted to get mack brown some touches so if we needed to
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ready to go. i think we saw what he can do. we feel good about those two guys and obviously chris thompson. > he's a better place than recollection ryan, recollectiona ryan fired by the bills with oni game left in the season. boasted a 15 and 16 record incod two years with buffalo but this year they went one and seven.n. he's not the only one with one foot out the side. his twin brother was also let go. it looks like it was time with that kind of a record. it wasn't a great run for sexy recollection i up in buffalo. > if you like music, you like basketball then you'll like a new promotion from the washington wizards. the team is kicking off the concert series this thursday. four time grammy award tank wilk perform after the game. johnny gill of new addition wiln also take the core.e the concert is free of charge. all you need to do is
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dates for the other concerts are january 6, march 17 and march 2d all featuring different artists. for more information contact the ticket office 661-1550. it was a big night for national harbor, bruno mars will be in be town to bring the funk. it's hoping to establish itselfl itself as the epicenter of the region. for those of you who did score sco some tickets, tag us in yourur photos using the hag tash fox5 d.c. we want to be a part of it because we don't have tickets. because we're here.'r we want to see all the fun. please do i was holing out hope maybe we would see him again at the super bowl this year.his > who is going to be? do we we know yet. >> we do know, why can't i remember? who is it. >> we don't know. > it's not hanson, tonyn, t perkins. it is not hanson. > lady georgia georgia.
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gaga. why did i blank on that. >> i'm she wears the meet dress. > it's appropriate rate for the super bowl. a concession-teamed getup for lady gaga. i was trying to think of some other fans. decks i midnight runner is alsoo opening. > do you know what song they did? come on eileen.leen > we're going to go now.. >> we probably should.ould fox5 local news news at 6 starta right after the break. k.
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> this is fox5 local news at 6. a christmas day murder mystery unfolds. it's good to have you with us, i'm tony perkins and i'm sarah simmons, shawn has the night objection to the formha a vigils underway for tricia mack cull i, the local yoga instructor went missing on christmas and herher body was later found in her car. tonight a man who was driving that car is now in custody. fox5's matt ackland starts usac off with the latest. >>reporter: i've been all overl the city today and this is the story everyone is talking about. this is a story everyone has really been upset over. we are just getting in some breaking news. i know marina maracco told youma some breaking news at 5:30. but i want to update you some that we have now. we are told that the cause of
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examiner is strangulation withit blunt force trauma.e you talked about a suspect thatp is in custody, his name 29 year old aidry and duane johnson ofof upper marlboro open the we'rebo standing on mro o this is where last night a man was walking his doing down the sidewalk. he was on social media. he saw e one of these alerts to be on the lookout for h car.look he saw the car. he approached the car, talked t, the man inside and then immediately called police.ce. tricia mack cull i's small car was loaded onto a police towpoli truck overnight. earlier jonathan paget was walking his doing when hehen spotted a car after seeing aing friend of tricia's post onst social media. i see the car. he post office to the man in the driver's seat and then called police. i was really scary. i'm so glad that i was there toe see that and relay thee information and help get some closure. police announced later


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