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tv   Good Day DC  FOX  December 28, 2016 9:00am-11:00am EST

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♪♪ ♪ straight ahead, still more amo questions than answers after the murder of tricia macau ansley. ♪♪ last night friends gathered todt remember the local actress and a yoga teacher police search forrf lips to her suspected killer. ke we're learning more about hist brushes with the law. >> tension escalating between the president-elect and the mane he will relays. tensions build between the
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we'll have the latesttate as wee countdown to inauguration day. amazon echo in the middle oe a murder investigation.tiga why the new technology could beb key to cracking that case. >> we're desperate for anythingy you can tell us.can te us. >> later saying goodbye too princess leia tributes pouringtn in for the late carrie fisher fe from stars and fans proof thatrf the force will always be withh her. good day at 9a starts now. ♪♪ >> nice touch. >> there are few pieces of music when you hear it it's justs j instant what it is.t whatis. >> iconic. >> that's absolutely one ofutel them. >> um-hmm. >> it unfortunately comes>> with heff row hearts today.ow thanks for joining us for goodoi 9:00 o'clock on this wednesday w morning december 28th i'mmber 2i steve chenevey alongside erin,r, maureen, wisdom. w holly is off this morning. morng all right. this morning galaxy far far away and movie fans worldwideorldwi mourning the death of actress at carrie fisher.carr we'll have more on her life andd legacy including the off screene battle that made her hero too
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>> first at nine confidentialt i let's talk about the weather because we've got some changes on the way after sneom aeboe goe than normal weather to start tht last week of 2016 for detailsais tucker has a first check of thee forecast. >> all thanks erin. eri >> you got it. did you like that? >> there i i i wasn't sure if i was going tog be on camera or do radio. >> it won the same without youru face. >> wisdom over there. he's there. >> i wis'mdo i'm hiding. hiding. >> strong silent type.yp >> 68 degrees we'll be cooler today. you cagrn see thol sebe numberse already cooler.le 30s out there for much of theh t area here to the west. theest. 44 now in washington.hito 43 in leonardtown. overnight freezing temperaturess out dulles jumped to 41 last hour. hour. 39 in frederick.rick. 36 in winchester.esr. bottom line it will be beautifub day. a few clouds up in pennsylvanian but we should be mostly sunny sy this afternoon but much cooler e daytime highs in the upper fouru to about 50. 5 the reason i have the bigger picture we've got a quick movinm cold front off to the north andh
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showers early tomorrow morning.i so more details on that coming n up but let's enjoy our weesesday. 50 degrees out there winds outut of the north and west five to ae 10. cooler temperatures but mostly l sunny so if you're headed backde to the mall to return the shirt that was too sizes too big you g can do that. or too mall. >> tucker prefers the medium. >> my mom always gives myives my brother and i the exact same sae shirt in different colors twoolo sizes two big. she loves us. t counts.he thought tha >> bye. bye. >> tucker, thank you very much.y in the news this morning,ori friends and family of triciacia macauley are still in shock ovee the murder of their beloved yoga instructor and aspiring actresss macauley was last seen on on christmas her body discovered monday night inside her car in n northwest.est. this morning we're learning morn about theg suspected killer. fox5's anjali hemphill live in i northwest with more on this thi story. good morning. >> reporter: good morning,orning sdomom.
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adrian johnson is no stranger to d.c. superior court and he willw be back in here today again forf the arraignment for tricia macauley's murder. mder. meanwhile the community here inn d.c. that new tricia is still si reeling from the details comingd out about her death.r deh. macauley was last heard from ono christmas day and she neverhe nv showed up to a friend's thats ta night for dinner.r nner macauley was an actress in bothh legal theater productions asr well as movies like step up anda the paper girl.irl she taught yoga classes at yoga district and herbalist at commoo good city farm. city far she also ran her own natural health business.usines and last night, a vigil was helh for her where people rememberedd her as a kind and generous soulu >> i feel like she was like epp perves sent comes to mind.o she was talented, um, i neverev saw her act but you could tell she was like expressed herd her emotions with kind and generous. that's what made her good yoa
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i'm happy it's a sunny day. day it's a good way to have, the the type of day like tricia. >> reporter: tricia's body wasos found inside her car. car the medical examiner's office oc has ruled she was strangled to death. live in north we have, anjali hemphill, fox5 local news. n >> in the meantime the man the m accused of her murd between-year-old dwayne adrian-o ldjohnson is according to d.c..c police from upper marlboro,ar mary, although court recordsecds show he has mull pell recent rec addresses in d.c. showing him tm be a d.c. resident.esident. also a long rap sheet dates back to 2011 filled with shopliftingi majority of which johnsonci pled guilty to. just five days before triciatria macauley went missing, thatng, a would be december 20th,th johnson went before a judge inn d.c. yet again on theft chargess a judge finally ordered that he enroll in gps monitoring and heh was supposed to show first thing the nex
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record that that ever actuallyy happened. happen that was just few days of courss before she went missing he's now charged with her murder. ur like the kind of thing that makes you wonder what if, whatha if someone had taken precautions?ecautions? >> what happened?>>ed >> exactly if you don't show up foyoru court why didn't someboy bring in you. you >> how did he fall through ther crack. >> it's so heartbreaking.breaki. i can't fathom what her family l and friends are going through right now. what would have made their paths cross? a lot of questions.stns unfortunate follow answers yet.. but hopefully more to come.e. okay.ok let's tell you about this thiss morning. also following the investigatiov into the police involved shooheting of a no prtheast mann this morning his family they ara demanding justice after they sas the police body camera video shows gerald was unarm that's his name when he was fatally fal shot by d.c. police officer.ffic it happened on christmas day. fox5's annie yu joins us live l from police headquartersuarter northwest with the latest ones o this still developing story,opig too. annie. >> reporter: good morningr: goon maureen and i can tell you that the family l of gerald hall
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devastated over this.his. they are seeking justice.usti we know police are looking intot what happened. we know also that this fridayda that they're holding a vigil att the scene of the shooting at a 7:00 o'clock this friday at thet 3200 block of walnut street see northeast. that is where the shootingere tn occurred ogn christmas morning. gerald would have celebrated hih 30th birthday this friday.riy. meantime the family is disputing what police are saying happenedp on that tragic day. d the police involved shooting the family watched the body cameraa video yesterday and they say tht video shows hall was not armedrm with a weapon, not armed with a knife which is what story that's conflicting with what police are telling us. shooting happened on christmasis day. police respond to do that area for a domestiarc disturbance car involving hall and his a his frrlfriend. when they arrived police sayvedy hall was armed with 95.h 95. he ignored officers verbal vba commands directing him to dropti the weapon and at least one o officer discharged their service weapon striking hall. hl. according to police, hall's weapon was
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that weapon now at the center of this we actually caught up withp haul's mother yesterday angieane take listen to what she has to say. >> none of that video shows sws nothing about him waving a a knife.kne. they shot him dead. dd. they told the girl move, move,ev move out the way.. pow pow pow after that.w pow afe that wasr th it. i don't feel like my son deserved none of this. thi all i'm saying that police officer shot him, we want justice. >> reporter: so we reach out o to the dc police departmentarent about the family's claim and wee have yet to receive a response s at this hour.our. meanwhile, we do know that onew of the officers involved in this shooting is currently onn administrative leave. lve the family tells us that gerald hall leaves behind four childred and he is a five-year navyy veteran.vete that's the very latest here from police headquarters in northwest. annie yu, fox5 loca news.s >> thank you very much, annie.e
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after days of feuding over whor would have won a 2016 electionel match up between president-elect donald trump and presidentnt obama, we now at least know k where the american people mightt stand. new gallop poll shows americanss were most likely to name obamaea as the man they admired the most in 2016. the president-elect finishing in second place. 22% pick mr. obama with 15%5% naming mr. trump.. next was pope francis at 4% and senator bernie sanders at 2%.. more headaches for trump tower in new york city. police had to evacuate theeadarb yesterday after reports of artsf suspicious package and here youh can see cell phone video of thaa process in traffic snarled around the areaa as they investigated. it turns out the bag k wasas backpack filled with children's toys. donald trump was electedleed gridlock has become a huge hug problem near the building twenty three because of increasedreas security measures.easus. president-elect donald trump wap in florida at the time.lorith he was not at trump tower.ower we are just hours away nowwn from a major add
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secretary of state john kerry ky about the middle east piece process.process this as the obama administration scrambles to defend its role ini a un resolution that condemneded israel settlements in the westet bank in east jerusalem.usalem this morning israeli governmentn is not mincing words accusingccn the obama administration ofio o pushing the resolution forward r and continuing to fray already a tense relations between the two countriesbe.countrie >> we're a few days away from welcome 2017 new year means knek you. coming up later we'll share a'la list of things that, well, somem of the things we want to leaveea behind in 2016. 2 but we want to hear yours, too.t if there's something you wouldet just like to leave in the past,, and then move forward without ii 2017 just tweet us witness #gooddaydc.dddc we'll share them throughoutou date. >> first hollywood princess gone too soon.soon. now this morning her coach stars from galaxy far far away andwaya nearby are sharing theirheir memories. we're looking ba, at the life of carrie fisher.ishe that's coming up next. nt. time right now 9:10.:1 ♪♪
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z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y ♪♪ >> that was princess tohat generation and homily wood royalty. now the world is saying goodbyea e to carrie fisher.isher >> what are you doing.haare >> somebody has to save us.s. >> just days
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an apparent heart attack duringn flight from london to la, actress carrie fisher has died.e fisher had been hospitalizedpite since landing friday and as of monday was listed in stable condition.. >> fisher was just 19 years oldd when she blasted her way into big screen stardom with her rolr as princess leia in the originaa star wars. she reprice the role in the the smash hit three sequels seqls including last year's episode ei seven the force awakens.. but even before her journey into galaxy far far away, she was used to life in the she was the daughter ofr of hollywood legends debbieebbie reynolds and eddie fisher withit whom she troubled relationshipdi later do you meaned in her booko turned movie, post cars from tht edge.ed fisher was also briefly marriedi to singer paul simon in the 1980s.19s. off screen fisher dealt with heh own dark side leaving at times a trouble life. battling addiction, substancece abuse and mental health issuesls she was open about her struggler and overcoming t
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most recently fisher maderad headlines publish agnew book the princess diarrest in which she e revealed a secret affair with wt >> ♪♪wars co-star harrison ford >> fisher was in the middle of f press tore for that book whenha she suffered the heart attackrtc that eventually killed her. her she survived by her mother,he brother and daughter billy lordr along with the millions of fansn who will never forget her or the iconic character she willhe w forever be associated with.d wh. >> may the force be with you. >> carrie fisher was 60 years old. ♪♪ it should be noted fisherr wrote a version of her ownn of n obituary derived fromro conversation she once had with george lucas so in her honor here it is. car fisher drowned in moonlightt strangled by her own bra. bra >> really? that's what she th wrote. >> shots what she wrote.ts whatt >> that was in referencee. to george lucas saying she couldn'd wear underwear underneath the -- prince is he lie ya. >> costume. >> so funny.>> au go b cack
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where she came out and they werr honoring george hugh cass, and,d she literally makes his his hilarious joke about into theut being able to wear underwear. you got to see it.eet. four or five minute roast and ad she grilled into lucas.ll i was the 19 year oedld girl. gr she was crazy.zy it's really funny. funny you got to watch it. >> she was what prolific writeri as well and had such a great are sense of humor at least fromst f what i'm hearing people eulogizing her since her deathea talking about how wonderful she was, what wit she had and thingg i didn't know of. i think i knew her more from heh troubles after she played p princess leia than i did about -- >> the headlines.eadlin >> unfortunately. unfortely >> the most important thingt im about carrie fisher she was mucm more than princess leia. la. a lot of people don't understann she was a script dr. dr. she would actually go intotuallo hollywood and fix scripts thatta weren't funny enough. >> wow. >> but also she was an mazingn g writer as you mentioned but the character she played princessncs leia at the time when star warsr came out she was 19 years old o was such an iconic
9:17 am
approval model to so much people that watched it while she was dealing with personal strugglesl and drug addictions it was theoe character that was the role rol model. people looked up to princessnces leia as this strong female character in a major actionn film, and that was kind of like -- beautiful. >> she did all these on thesen e things but she will ever be known as princess lie ya.a. >> she will be.he will b she was in this last movie cgi version. >> rogue one. >> she didn't actually film that scene. an younger actress came in and i did the scene and put her puter digital face over it. it. >> she'll be in the next star wars. wars since we're talking star wars w start the tributes.ributes. >> she finish her scenes incenei episode eight a lot of hert ofer fellow acts come out to talkoal about what she meant to them and this is one particular quotelaro carrie was one of a kind brilliant and a need to roll -- >> mark hamil. >> yeah.>> y
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no words hash tag devastated mark hamil's first quote thete t next one harrison ford. for this is coming from carrie wasrs one of a kind, brilliant,nt, original, funny and emotionallyl fearless. she lived her live bravely my thoughts are with her daughter,h her mother and many friends fris we'll all miss her harrison ford. billy d williams one of the of t stars of star tweeted i'm deeply sad tend at the news of carrie's passing.ssing. she was great friend whom i respected in admired. >> jj abrams who direct the dir force awakens released ase statement via his bad robot production company saying "youyo didn't need to meet carriet car fisher to understand her power.p she was just as brilliant and a beautiful tough and wonderfuldel and funny as you can imagine.. what unfair thing to lose herose
9:19 am
with her at all.ll jj and finally daisy ridley who was incredible addition to the t star wars universe with the force awakens she worked withdit her in that film released aleasd statement to entertainment tonight saying... >> i always say this. ts. go home and watch star wars. war you can -- had he still exists i with sin in a s in >> which is the beauty of it ll all. >> which is the wonderful legacy with all actresses and musicians we lost this year.ear >> and blues brothers she's in o that movie. about that. >> she's in the wagon. w >> i have seen that one. >> 9:19 is the time right now.h. we'll have more on the life andl death of carrie fisher coming up when we check in with tmz later. >> more severe weather just inra time for new year's eve plus whw amazon ended up the center of a murder investigation and a close look at the shining s
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brand new year.d we've got a check on what elset is making headlines next.
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>> 9:22 right now. check what else is makingec k whheadlines aton this wednesda morning. mother nature not letting un in the now year >> that's right, steve. ste winter storm watches are now inn effect in parts of the northeasr as the powerful weather system s is starting to make its wayets w across the country.. with thousand in the dark southr dakota's governor has declared d state of emergency this week.s
9:23 am
the same system hit parts of nee england with powerful windsful w gusting nearly 50 miles an hour. taking down trees in the bostons area with some hitting homes and buildings. same winds also ripping rip several panels off the minnesoto vikings new $1.1 billion stadium. president obama and japanese prime ministeenrt sin so abe visited pearl harbor yesterdayrd they paid trick at the side t s which honors who lost theirost r lives back in december 1941. 1 abe said the memorial rendered e him speechless. president obama spoke about howk the attack changed america ameca forever.. today in the district presidential full honor wreathre laying ceremony about to begin. u.s. armed forces laying wreatht at the washington nationaln nat cathedral in honor of presidente woodrow wilson's 160th birthday.rt the event is free and it's opens to the public if you want to check the out today.e tod the amazon echo was a popular gift among
9:24 am
christmas but it's also findingn favor with law enforcement.orcet police in arkansas want amazonta to let them access data of an oa echo inside the home of a man mn accused of murder because echose can recognize human voices even answer commands and sort data. amazon won't release the info i without a warrant.rant that's on finally we are just days awaywa from the big new year's ever'sve celebration in times square.are. workers in new york install thel last of the 288 new sparklingng waterford crystal triangles than will be part of the iconic timem square new year's ball drop. new crystal triangles feature a new design for 2017 called quote the gift of kindsness. kindsness i think that's fit fog the newhe year. ball is 12 feet high, weighsgh 12,000 pounds and covered in pou nearly 3,000 waterford crystalst triangles that must be quite ast site to see once it's all finish. >> beautiful.>>eautiful. >> i might be a little naive iev didn't realize those amazon things recorded everything yourh glare
9:25 am
little tiff with your wife.if y >> right. ndmazon d you this and amazon in the background. echo is, no you didn't.ou d this is what you said. is whou s >> you got to be careful. carefl i'll never have that.. >> that should be somethinge s private. g deg decision. >> tough but then, you know, ge, their something, f it's a he said shed said in a murder investigationti and kit solve it maybe it's aaye good thing.. >> knowing that, though, you go, to be careful when you havel those things around.e thgs a >> i wonder do they still recorc when you unplug them? >> i don't know.. >> i would think it might be like the phone where theouldkehe micropho phone is still pickingp when you think it's off.s o >> lot of people didn't know o either until we started tellingi the story your microphones on on your phone record >> it happened to me thisppenede morning. >> it happens all the time.s ale >> maureen i love your dress dre it's beautiful i'll have dress d adds and instagram and facebookk >> instagram pick it up fastest. >> i literal could be that's a great dunkin' donuts coughut cou coffee mug. co within 20 minutes i sponsoredmie add for dunkin' donuts on my dsn phone. amazon echo you walk in
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voice you don't recognize. >> exactly. e >> that's a good point.>> >> yes, steve, hyped tha you.. >> run, steve, run.un >> new year right eight round er the corner today is good riddenr day up in new york. times square getting ready forny the ball to drop and some folks in the meantime getting ready ty shred some memories of 2016.ori2 so we'll do the same thing electron neck klee right here i the good day lost because weod d won'ayt physically sled anythina coming up next some things we wouldn't mind saying goodbye tot in 2016 we want to know what yo would add to the list.woadd let us know something in 2016gn2 you'd like to not even mentionei ordeal with in 2017.n 201 tweet us yours with the ooooddaydc. >> all right. first though spe raking goodg riddens, tucker barnes we're saying about that tucker barnes. tucker barnes is coming backomic with the seven day forecast ands when it might start to feel like winter again we'll talk aboutut when tucker joins. >> first hand account of bruno mars from the super fans luckyuy enough to scor
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tickets to it all. we're talking about our allisonn seymour. later.ns us live good day d.c. is 24 carrat magim all the yeah, look out.yeahlook we're on fire.weon f it's show time. show time. t guess who is back again. it's us. ♪♪
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♪♪ that's a good song. >> you got to do your move.thate >> yeah.eah >> you're a better mood todayer than yesterday. >> i'm always in a goodesterd m. >> i feel the wisdom joy. >> you'll be watching pitbull
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new year's special.peci >> with my eyes closed atse at 7:00 o'clock.7: >> i make an observation aboutab pitbull.pi >> yes you can. >> it's just me or his comer bun way up here. he. >> don't hate on the pitbull.att come on. that's because he's leaninge' back, maureen.. >> his comer bun is like all ono his chest. chest >> it reminds me clubs in miamii >> he is miami. >> let me leave it alone. sorry, pitbull fans.ans. >> tucker barnes, what's goingog on? does it feel like miami out there still? >> here's what i know, man.. i'll be careful what i say to t maureen today.tay. she's on fire. >> oh, man. >> i'm only showing off. off i got guests in the >> right. >> yeah, right. yea >> why you staying about pitbull [ laughter ] >> never mind. >> temperatures back to normalr today. we hit 68 yestoterday.terd obviously can't stay that warm -- kit but it doesn't doesn typically stay that warm this time of year it won't today.od good 20 degrees cooler thisle t afternoon. 44 now in washington.ngton 44 the winning number inn annapolis, quantico 4
9:31 am
the northth west here that's tts locking in our cold pattern fort the afternoon or the coolerle pattern.pattern. 39 in frederick. 37 in winchester. sunshine lots of it. i what a nice looking day. colonial beach, dc, baltimore,m, hagerstown we're all featuringei sunshine. should be mostly sunny day witht quiet conditions this afternoont nice and dry if you'll be out and abouted back to the mall that kind of thing. tng weather won't get in your way.ay we'll go for nice long walk it should be a nice day to be outoo and about with temperaturespetue upper 40s to about 50. 5 so still temperatures will be ab few degrees above normal but non the warmth we had around hered e yesterday. all right. cold front off to our north and ff we have. tno it will be able to tap in to t gulf moisture.oiste the reason i mention it it'st's going race east and we'll bell e with us for the morning commutee tomorrow.rrow we'll have some showers around.n if you get going early enoughlyo there could be a little bit of i mix here off to the north andthd west perhaps the potential foref little freezing rain in thein t mountains off to the north and west early tomorrow so i'll just that throw that out
9:32 am
no advisories at this houroriesi possibly they could -- weather h service could put up a few latet there we are at 8:00 o'clockret: tonight. ni we stay clear this afternoon.non early evening should be clear.ur we cloud up quickly and rain ani showers upon us.s upo us. you can see up into pennsylvania we're getting a wintry mix early tomorrow morning. morning that's at 5am i think thehink t showers will be with us threw b about eight, 9:00 o'clock in thl morning and then we'll clear ouo tomorrow afternoon it will be be noticeably blustery and cooler e tomorrow afternoon behind thison front and look what's happeningh along the allegheny front. yeah, that's snowfall andallnd they've got winter storm watchth out there as potential for pretty good snows in the good he mountains out to our west. w seven day 50 today. 48 tomorrow.w. let me mention the weekendhe wee featuring generally quiet qet conditions i think you're innk n good shape new year's eve if if you'll be out and about, and waiting for a cab or uber out oo the corner there. tre we should be in good shape. spe with some showers on sunday. look like we'll have few showers around if you're tailgatl haingo going to the redskins game sunday afternoon.noon temperatures about 50 on newesb year's's >> that's weather update.t'
9:33 am
>> turks that. i would life to leave the blizzard last year of 2 feet ofo snow behind.d. >> yes. >> no more of those in 2017. 20. in times square today it is good riddance day 2016 that's when we people share the things they'd t like to leave behind when the t new year comes around you cand star the new year with fresh start. so you take your bad memories or you take any things maybe a person, and ex, picture, write e down your list on a piece of pio paper and then you take to take advertise times square it put ii in the shredder and shred it ans mentally you feel better endingn the new year. we can't be in new york and wetn don't have a shredder. shr [ laughter ] >> but here in the lot of we cae share few things we would likelk to leave behind we want you toto do the same thing. same ing so tweet us your list use the #gooddaydc and we will sharel se some through out the show todayo in the meantimew we'll getet started first with some of theti things we would like to leave behind as we enter 2017. >> okay.y >> all right.>> a right. >> first up i'm going with man m nsns. >> yes. boo!o! >> woe, woe, woe.>> woee, w >> chris is giving i was boo. >> if somebody will rock the mae
9:34 am
but with that said, look, theykt were almost out in 2015.01 definitely leave them behind inn 2017. 20 >> here here. >> i would also like to leave la behind squads create a new namen for your inner circle and group of friends. frien if you had a good run in 2016d 1 we're looking forward to 2017. >> no stranger to you i would id like to leave behind the kardashians. >> yes. ian universe in 2017. we're getting applause fromero other guests as well.. >> kevin mccarthy will not likek this but i've had enough of thee movie remakes. res i've had enough i'm sorry wisdom the comic movies i can admit tot the fact comic book movies. mie >> i'm with you.'m wyou. i'll go with that. >> on zero yes note please foraf the love of everything, no more online troll nos more online hate, please if you don't have'e anything nice to say, keep it tt yourself. don't go online and hate onh o other who's you don't even knoww >> right. >> because you feel like youe
9:35 am
reason. >> shut it. >> shut it.t i let's let the internet be a funb more family friendly place. >> that's great list, steve. >> make that your squad goal. g. >> that's gone maureen.aure >> i agree with you oh hateful l comments on social media those o have got to go and for the lists i want to start with make news articles.cles. tired of people post fake political articles. >> where did you get the music.s >> that's this is a song i choso to leave in 2016. >> i second it whatever it is. i >> friend police, we want to to leave friend police back ine i 2016. hey maureen you look so greatn o today and walk away behind your >> i call them something else e which i can't say on tv. >> for tv purposes they're friend police and goodbye. >> by fell leisha.eish by to fell leisha.a. >> can we good it for the 2016 6 list. four more days..
9:36 am
who look like they dipped tooedo movie into the liner. >> avril lavigne te. >> she was on my >> she was -- she was epic. >> in addition to the brows claw nails the ones that look liket e you're clawing into something individual with shark sparkles real long dagger nails.. leave leave the '90's back inn 16.6. made a little come back went wen need to take all the way back. k snap chat filter i posted one of wisdom yesterday as an angel i promise in 2017 no more snap sna chat filters. >> lease leave that loan.t loan. >> the song i hate you i lovei y you. >> who sings this. >> leave us with your exes. chris, mean me out here.e >> it comes on the radio all the time. >> peace out. >> here's mine. m on the line of friend enemiesd e don't come at me acting likeik your nice give me that fake youy look good or whatever. whave
9:37 am
more. leave that in 2016. 2016. owe am done with it. >> that's good word. word >> let's leave fake behind.ea fk >> fake people.e. amen. men in fur for the love of all, unless you're an eskimo, a cavev man there's no reason why any a decent man should be wearing aea fur coat. >> what about faux furs. fur >> faux fur, real fur, all fur,l no fur.ur. >> none. >> leave it behind. man in fu >r lea no buono.. >> i got coats for >> keeping it real and fleet too two terms you must retire.. >> and bye felicia.ia don't keep it real. rea sleeking on out of here. h shriek on gone. ge. >> keep it real, maureen.en >> talking political heads i'm a political junkie this electionen cycle i've seen more new peopleo who have more -- their heads ini their you know what i count to o count.unt. listen, just no more. no mor no more political talking headss take your opinion although onlt good day we can have ours,.ur [ laughter ] >> don't come with
9:38 am
ann hathaway very unlikeable. flo-rida and his song.g >> queue the music.usic >> i hate this song.this sg. last but not least i will notlot say her name i don't care howw many good deeds she's dones ne perpetual victim known as ---- um-um i'm not saying her be gone.e. >> okay. >> let's see what hateradeharade wisdom has. >> there's no hate.'s n these are just facts.are juacts star wars movies got to go.o g tired of them. loved them in the past. stop making these movies evenini they're make another one. o can we move past star wars remakes, reboots, atevever it is. leave star wars alone.lone ave it.t. leave it.. justin beiber speaks for itselfl complete idiot rich idiot, stop it. it move on with your life. >> and a man in fur. in fur all the song can't stop the feeling annoying on the radio every 30 seconds.cos. bye-bye. justin beiber incredibly -- justin beiber, timberlake jt talented love your music
9:39 am
that one, um-um. uum social media know it all everyle time you type something onet social media whether it's correct, up correct or there'scr an auto filter on it you y misspell it here they come likee you're in class taking the act's you know you don't spell thisllt like this. like thi you know blah blah get a life. ge you're not in class. class. it's not not class. it's social's s move on with youroc life. good grayson allen the kickingicki basketball player from hopefully we've seen the last oo him. i know he won't. as soon as duke runs intoin problems coach k will bring himm back on the roster.rost the kicking basketball playerl e from duke he's got to go. go. >> okay. >> he's got to go. let's leave him behind. behin thursday night football snooze z fest.fe >> amen to that.n to tt >> enough said right there. thee >> that's the worst game out yoy have all the nfl games thursdaya night garbage and last but notun least, if you're an nfl fan, fan tired of all these kickers inke the nfl who can't kick, one jobb you walk on the field, you don't have to do anything else, but e, you can't kick the foo
9:40 am
that's amazing to me. you're making $500,000 year, yoy can't kick the football all you have to do is stand on the sidee line. you're not even part of th team.ot eve [ laughter ] >> you walk out there and missus kicks. laugughter ] >> everybody else is blocking. >> somebody get him neck kearse bar. he's just not himself today. >> get those snickers out here.t >> i want to call an audible ana leave behind the wisdom wis haterade. >> i'll drink to that. >> that ain't going 'lhappenl .e >> i'm afraid. >> you know why? >> i'll keep it real. i'm always on fleek. >> kevin mccarthy's to know is biting it so much trying to respond to movie comments. >> bye, felicia. z2 ♪♪
9:41 am
9:42 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
9:43 am
z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y ♪♪ topping today's fox beat thet death of carrie fisher dead atr the age of 64 days after going into cardiac arrest. arr >> for more on her life and legacy we turn to tmz's gary gar trock live in los angeles. losns i wish we were talking about a something latest this morning. i this is talk about the latest with wit carrie fisher. >> absolutely devastating.ut we're finding out little more ae things go on. o we now know we're being told byb family sources that she died ini the hospital of a second cardiac arrest.arre show the first one was obviousls on the plane when she was coming in from london into lax, and soo the famiy
9:44 am
after that. in the icu. i we now know she was stable but b she was unresponsive.iv she never regained consciousness from that first cardiac arrest. and so is he she was was on lifo support on the ventilator.. family obviously discussing, yo, know, tough options they may m have to make, but fortunatelyora they didn't have to make those t decisions and she did have h another cardiac arrest didn'tt ' pass away, and you know, very very sad. sad 60 years old.. yesterday so a lot of people were wondering, um, about carrie'sri' dog gary, and i know, you know, usually you're like it's just a pet who cares, but this dog wass actually like -- it was with heh all the time. t it was her son. son he was with her on the plane.hea he was with her at the hospitala we know that carrie's daughterte billy lord is actually going to be taking care of the dog. she has another -- french dullhd bag apparently best friends sony the dog is staying in the familiar. fa i can tell you how many -- i ma- ca
9:45 am
contacted worried about gary thr dog. dog. everyone can rest assure he'lleh be well taken care of, and obviously outpouring of thehe support yesterday for the family and just memories everybody wass sharing about carrie. cri we spoke with peter, chewbacca c who called in tmz live andive talked about some of his of his favorite moments with her iner i star wars moments and just howuw much he'll miss him and how mucm she meant to everybody.e meant a huge lossto.. >> gary, the dog by the way hery dog has a funny twitter account. i'm -- obviously it's fake very funny if you follow along.lo there's a tweets about the dog pictures of him. of him very funny. >> it is funny. and i think it's a fan account c but she recognized it because.. >> right.>> r >> it was always nice about garr the dog.e he's adorable french dull bag. g carrie fisher will be missed. also interesting hearing some o the other stuff she did we remember princess leia but b she was a accomplish author athr script doctor i mean she was,hew you know,
9:46 am
the industry, and she just amazing personal all around. aun >> i agree. i agr >> absolutely.>>bsolutely. gary, let's switch gears andtcha talk about tiny and ti. because apparently they're parting ways.. >> yeah, this one is going tooi get ugly i think. so tiny filed for divorce fromoo ti earlier this month out in georgia so they were married inn 2010. 2010. they have three kids together. over the past few months, month there's been some rumors, you know, that there was some photos taken of tiny kind of getting close to floyd mayweather at ma rye carrie's halloween party ofo one and i apparently mayweatherr and ti had beef in the past.t. and apparently, you know, tinywn was saying it was no big deal ia might have been bigger deal andd now she has filed for divorce.or so we'll find out more as this t goes on. we haven't heard from ti he has not responded to the divorce documents yet but this t is sad especially when there'sne kid involved. s.ey have a lot of kid tv show togethe
9:47 am
we all kind of followed the t family and they seemed like aik stable unit. they've been together a longbeet time. but unfortunately calling italli quits. >> it is sad to hear.t isad t 2016 just not been good to lotdl of people. >> unfortunately. unfor >> we're moving on to a new year. so leaf all the negativityf al behind. gary, good to talk to you.oou happy new year. see in you 2017. >> thank you.ou >> just reminder you can catch tmz weekdays at 3:00 and 3:00 7:00 right here on fox5. f5 >> i'll tweet out the gary the dog twitter very very funny. it's a fan account but she did d recognize it as gary said it'sai like funny tweets from the dog'g perspective.cte >> pretty funny.un >> erin como what you got?u g >> right now 9:47.:47. coming up, it is out with theh e old and in with the new. new. we're sharing some ways to getog rid of the clutter in your lifef that's neck. nk we have is special guest and gsa she's going to show us thou revamp everything. ♪♪
9:48 am
9:49 am
9:50 am
♪♪ 9:50 right now. k to good day dc.d da soon we will be saying goodbye to 2016 and hello 2017. 201 which means it's time to rid your life of clutter before the new year. i know i need that advice. but if you don't nee know to sta our next guest has helpful tipst for you. here to help us
9:51 am
from mindful dee cluttering andd organizing share herring tips tg hit up get a fresh start inn 2017.17 i knee these tips.. >> i have over 900 e-mails. eai thank you very much for comingvy in. >> yes. >> where should we begin if we need to sim apply our life foref the new year. >> i think the best place tohe begin is with your vision. vis what is it that you want in your life? because the things thatgt your life either support what w you want, support your vision oi they don't.ey don't. >> get a 2017 vision board together? >> that's good possibility.ty >> okay. >> and just get in touch with wt your vision in whatever way tha is.wh do that with a journal. journ use kids composition book.ds coi >> you don't need anything fancy a pen and nee paper.ap. >> that's one of big points i pi was want to make.wawant to make. work with what you have.av going to the container store and buying a boat load of containers will not magically dee clutter t your house.ou. sorry. >> so you really have to figurer out what you'll do with the clutter not shopping trip will fix everything. i know if you look inside mynsid closet there's no organi
9:52 am
and it starts there. also piles of mail. a lot of paper clutter thattt tt people keep around you can loses important bills that way.that wy what do you think is the bestyon way to organize paper >> well, what i like to do with paper is to use file folders ans you don't have to them in a file cabinet if you're an out of an t sight out of mind person a loftf our clients are.. >> right. >> you can have it in somethingi like this.n a little basket or reallylly anything that will hold a file f folder. o use super stickycky notes. notes. what's the difference betweenhe super stick tee noteif and regur sticky note? super sticky notet don't fall off.doll >> i did not even know they existed.te >> i learned so much from my f m clients actually one of my o clients was the one who suggestt using super sticky note as a file folder label.ab >> that's smart. >> it fits perfectly on the o three tab ones and then if i if change my mind, let's say i've s got in here i've got health bacc here i can't see that very well. >> you want to change it.nge i can pull that out and i can take
9:53 am
right here on the middle tabab without losing a file folder or doing anything crazy.hing czy what if i decide i want to wt to change the name altogether? my husband doesn't like it.and he wants to it to medical. >> you don't have to throw the t folder away.y. >> you're able to save the >> file your mail, your bills, b important work documents thingst you know you're going to put --t this is my biggest problem i'lll put in it save i don't remember where the safe place is because i have so manye of them i hav. >> stabbing a regular place for incoming male is one of my keyyk tips for today. and also, process the male daily if at all possible.e. >> that's good idea. >> if it's not possible to do ii dale val a regular time weeklyim at least to put it on yourn yr calendar.calear because the more it piles up,pis the less you'll want to do it.. right? am i >> yeah. t becomes overwhelming all these different cattle logs and coupons you missed from monthm m ago you never wanto miss aiss a good coupon in the mail. m what else is an important tiptat for 2017 forgetting started stad
9:54 am
around the house?g >> well, e-mail i think it's good thing to talk about.ut anything that distracts us. we're distracted all the time by our digital devices and, um, so that's something to first bet be mindful of.. and, you know, that's something i want to share is that theha first thing to making any kind of change i believe is to notict what you're already doing. notice your habits and, um, then see what could be tweaked and a also pay attention to whatha you're doing right because i work with lot of people who areo really really hard onn themselves. >> a lot of type >> you were saying, oh, it's a disaster.dister. >> right. >> i mean you're probably doing somethinu'g rightre.g rig but that's not what we tend tote focus on. focus we tend to focus on the thingshg that still need to be done.e. so first of all just walk through your home have a look at what is it that you're doing dng right. and build on that. t if you noticed
9:55 am
really good system for your shoes or for hanging up yourp yr coats.coat >> take that as format for the r rest of your closet. >> right.. >> pam, thank you very much for coming in.yo cong another good tip you said abouta managing calendar.da make sure you have time fore f yourself in 2017.01 dover over book yourself.elf. >> very important.. >> pam, practical tips that are of a fosterrable that you can cn incorporate no a nice mindfulinf 2017.17 >> it's amazing once you take yt the time to get organized howanh much free time you have.. >> until the time you clutter ii again. ag >> we can't put all the we can' carryingings behind yet we'll keep talking about them don soho at 10a as well.el kim and kanye putting rumors tot rest. >> all right. tocs ofof the topics o conversation coming up on then 10a. 10 >> first though coffee time on e good day d.c. we know you'vew yv been eyeing our mug. mug. listen up we now have new have dunkin' donuts good day coffee mug to give away perfect cup for that great dunkin' donutskin'ont coffee. head on to fox5
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facebook page to enter thatnt t contest.ntes one lucky winner selected by random but hurry you have onlye from now until 11am to enter eer i've only done this a millionli times and yet it's so new today. 9:55. >> leave it behind in 2016.n016. >> leave had wisdom hate behindh >> that's what it is.>> t all theha internet gangsters ggs coming out all you know who you are. i'm ready for kni'm ad i goty fo the platform.i0z >> no naziness. y27zry yi0y
9:57 am
9:58 am
9:59 am
z27zxz zi0z y27zxy yi0y ♪♪ trending right now celebritb news the kim k and kanye holiday pick. j.lo and drake, plus more on the death of star wars royalty ral carrie fisher.r >> also, coming up at 10a brunoo
10:00 am
he took the new mgm nationalnal harbor by storm last night. nht our very own allison seymour was there and she joins us 35 dish s all about it. >> nailing new year's eve fromro getting that look to the besthet bubbly we have what you need too know. let's do this.let' good day at 10a starts right rit now. ♪♪ kind of catch the beat. >> did you catch it yet. >> i haven't.. >> give it another >> i fine that happening to meae all the time when i'm >> we only have one hour showr s left. >> i think we better move.nke be >> good morning to you >> hey, ya'll. >> howdy. >> i keep thinking it's fridayk and it's wednesday.edne >> every day is friday here on r good day d.c. >> seriously what is this song. >> my sharon in a. a. >> doesn't it sound like that in song? >> it should. >> okay then.n >> that was brilliant.iant. >> awkward start to the show.. >> we're off to roaring start right here closing out
10:01 am
this is any indication, wow. >> i swear the beginning soundeu like tt. >> so glad we made it. >> give me some love vin. >> we'll build local d an hour to go.r thanks for being with us for thr 10a. >> it's a marathon, not sprint. >> maureen, wisdom, erin is witt us. holly is enjoying a nice n vacation week.vaca >> lucky her. let us know what it's let's check what's 10ing rights now. >> first up princess leia has become one with the force unfortunately. carrie fisher best known for her role as princess leia in the blockbuster franchise star warsr passed away four days afts aft suffering a heart attack on a plane coming from london to losn angeles on friday in a statemene from her daughter billy lord hee mother passed away 8:55am:55a tuesday morning at los angeles hospital saying quote she was ss loved by the world and she willl be missed profoundly.uny. the actor tress and writer bornb into hollywood royalty on on objection 21, 1956 in los in s angeles.s. she was destined for stardom hem parents eddie fisher the singern and actress debbie reynolds she became a pop cultural
10:02 am
starring princess leia in starr wars and sequels.. arson ford told people magazine carrie one of a kind, brilliant, funny emotional fearless.earles. she lived her live bravely.rave. a lot of people offering theirir condolences tweeting about car r rye fisher and their thoughts to about her. she will be missed.ll be m she really did have iconic partt in history think roll she played as princess leia us a mention.en >> that's what she -- i know weo talk about all the other thingsg had done.hae. written books and done the screen things behind the screen but she's princess leia.s la. >> right. >> every time you think carrie r fisher you hear the name carriee fisher you think about the abo e hairdo and the white outfit. ou. you think about luke skywalker,r darth vader, hans so low, chew c back what star wars that's whoto she was. >> the same thing for hark hamih he will always be known as lukek skywalker the rest of his careee as mark hamil.. >> tmz gave us few more detailss as far as her death. far aat really after that heart tack the family said she was in stable condition, she really never nev regained consciousness she hadss
10:03 am
the entire time. condition stabilized but shehe never regained consciousness and then unfortunately yesterdaynaty morning had a second cardiac a arrest.. >> tough to hear that.ea we told you that tributes arete pouring in. some of them not so good. goo this one we're actually a tweete gone bad in a mon bon apologizing for this carrie fisher sales have the t best buns in the galaxy. >> yeah.>> they quoted our deleted tweetede were you genuinely meant as a a tribute we shouldn't have posedt it. we are truly sorry. sor. >> i think in the world of badwd tweets that one doesn't bother'e me quiet as much because i think it was meant as a tribute.bu >> right.>>ight right. >> it may have been fallingy ha under the too sooven category.oy >> i think that's probably it.ha a little too soon. >> absolutely.utel >> news was too fresh. fresh. >> too light hearted. >> right.ig. >> a little too self serving. si >> you can see some whoever camm up we should do this.. >> our buns. bs >> it seemed like good at theik >> rub a lot of people the wrong way..
10:04 am
fisher. her death is just the latest celebrity live lost in 2016.6. as we enter the new year.. we remember david bowie, prince, muhammed ali and gene wilder too name a few among the many othert incredible talents that have left us in 2016.01 >> florence henderson, maurice from earth, wind and fire. >> rocky 2016. 26. >> ricky harris.>> rky harri >> they do the golden globesdene grammys or whatever. >> memoriam. >> this year it is literally ley going to be a star-studded listt of people who passed away in 2016. >> i know someone pointed outint celebrities die every year but b think it's just their seems toeo be so many or maybe people who w have more of and impact. like prince and princess lee yey carrie fisher.ishe >> muhammed ali.ammed i. >> prince was young.was young. >> george michael.eorge chae >> george michael.. >> even latest 60 years old.. >> david bowie unexpected ford f lot of people.t of peopl >> right.. >> it's ban tough
10:05 am
>> just goes to show you theirir stars, the fame the fortune butb we all -- all of us we are going to have the same fate.e >> that's a great >> you have to capitalize everye moment that you're here on thisn you never know, you don't knowow how. >> here here. take advantage of every second. >> everybody's new year'sdyew y resolution. >> better than the hater we r than.y get >> we'll leaving leave it behind for this l wisdomfor .s of >> christmas came and went nowad we're looking for the last bigig holiday of 2016. 26. countdown to the new year foureo days away right now celebrate ca new year's eve still in 2016 ana then at midnight it become 2017. the final preps in new yorkl pr getting underway foreps the t waterford crystal ball in timess square so we'll be ready fordy r midnight drop workers install il the last of the 288 new sparkling crystal triangles toeo create a new gift of kindnessins design. i didn't realize there weree different designs every year.ev. >> i didn't either.. >> or themes. >> one ball. rops hll drops and happy now yearap
10:06 am
the design to convey hope for tv the world afterey h a tough 201. that's what the folks who are ii charge of the crystal ball haveh to say.. >> also in times square it's good riddance day 2016 people6 o share the things they would likk to leave behind when the neweint year comes in they can haveave fresh start. last hour we shared some of the things we would love to leaveo e behind in 2016 and we ask you tt as here's what some of you aref ae saying. we promise we would share. share here we go. there's on the big board.oa anthony says i'm with you wisdos on the social media know it alls. alls. specialsly the redskins kicker. >> that's hilarious.h >> everybody is going back to london for thatdy i os ne.t one >> oh yeah. this i'm leaving behind my financial and economic limitations.ns. yes. >> that's great. >> in 218 you'll be i'm leavingi behind my credit card debt.deb >> i'd like to leave th behind thanks . >> cynthia kirk says i'd like tt never hear the name trumpmp mentioned in 2017 and forever more. >> unfortunately. u >> sorry cynthia he is the president-elect. >> you get the other side as ter
10:07 am
in 2017. 201 >> it won't be d.c. without a wo political spin on >> i had forgotten all about aut this. >> hoverboards still 2016. 2 >> in the beginning.beginning >> i guess it was the bigt wabi christmas gift last year. >> you're right. rht it faded out by february.y. >> it would have been early 2011 before places started banningni em.m. >> kevin wanted to chime in. >> i don't know that at all.tha. i don't know that one. one. >> leaving busy body people tall about them in the bible amen. yes.s. goodbye busy bodies.. >> leave behind pre judgment off others and yes agree about the t snap chat filter. >> thank you. >> keep it real embrace youracer look. >> that's a good one.. >> this one is good. good how about colleg tuition/textbooks i want totext still go to school but wouldbo u the whole loan thing freengre tuition sounds amazing.zing >> yes, please. y >>es
10:08 am
>> i would go back to intock toi heartbeat if i didn't have toe pay 40. it's expensive.xpensi >> i wouldn't go backwards.kwars >> you wouldn't. you wouldn' >> i'm done with school. done wi >> there's nothing you'd want th stud sy?hing stud >> no. not at this stage if my life. >> really? no.ll live itself is a lesson.son >> life is a lesson and i don'tt have to sign up or get -- get >> you're a student of the the universe wisdom.universe wisdom. >> that's the best way to be.e >> i'm always about educationdu but i did mine.. i got mine.t i don't wanting to back and getg n in more. >> i would love to get my master's creative writing. >> all >> stay here dork what i do butb go back to school to write morer >> good for you. >> erin como trying to broaden b her horizon.on >> you can write our scripts ifr you want. s hyoelp.d some >> i do have an english degree.e 19th century american lit.. >> if you something you want too leave in 2016 use the #gooddaydc and send a tweet. we'll show some more throughoutu e showow. holiday sales this year expectee to top $1 i felt like the guys from
10:09 am
powers when he says $1 billion.. 4% increase over last yearast y according to new 2016 holiday survey. experts say possible reasons fos the boost could be consumerssurs feeling positive about thehe economy and their personal pso finances are doing better.ter. yes, please.ase. experts also say retailersailers benefited from christmas fallinl on a sunday.da it gave shoppers an extranxt saturday to shop online retail i giant amazon said tuesday it had its best ever holiday season sea shipping more than 1 billion bin items worldwide through prime membership i need an ma son prime membership i learn this holidayy with all the shipping prices.s. with all that holiday shoppinghn comes return.urn. ups expects to send 1.3 millionn packages back to retailers and ship more than 5.8 million milln packages in the first week offi nee new year. the national retail federationat says about 10% of holiday purchases are returned.urne the rate can be high as 30% for online orders. but traditional brick and mortar
10:10 am
returns betraying trying is sell new merchandise to customers aee great way if you want toant t physically take something to the store and see what you'red e wh getting.getting. i always preferred to that. >> can i amend my 2016 throwhrow away list.t. >> sure, wis. >> add something to it.dd >> what's that. som >> stew ted studies that ared st done overseas about things thatt make no sense because that studu and you know how we do all thesl studies about over in britain b they say americans have moreor babies. all that kind of silly -- >> red wine is good.d. weeded red wine is >> let's get rid of the studiesd they make no sense and done by y small group of people.f peoe. that study that we just readt w talking about oh, consumers -- - it's up every year at christmass because that's what people do. they shop.theyhop. >> this is why he doesn't havehe to go back to school.o ba to >> they shop. >> he's got the already.goe alre >> words of wisdom. >> she spend money every year at christmastime and take the stuff back.back it's not new news.ew ns. whoever did that study theytuhe suckered somebody.ckeredomebody. >> i'm just saying.'mt sa >> speaking of gifts --if - >> you're so calm. >> parents
10:11 am
this year's most popular presents should have broken bke hatch malls apparently aren't living up to the hype. app the company that makesp to thems mast has been getting bombardedd with complaints on facebook anda also on twitter that theirtheir matches aren't hatching companyg says that they are trying toth a work with customers to eateryo y place them or fix them. tm. hatch malls are so popular inul the lead up to christmas they cy were selling for up to $300 each online after rapidly selling out across the country. i said this i got one for my fom niece i was lucky enough managem practically handed me one. o o nio nice. >> seriously the nicest thingt t but she could careless about itt she look at it. it. tossed it to the side. >> your daughter didn't wantan one. >> she wasn't into it.he wasn't but my niece isin only two. two >> that's a different age group, yeah.ah >> that thing was like 50 bucks. no way i was paying for it.t. >> maybe when it hatches andhata starts making noise she'll like it better. >> you have to read the havto r direction there's process that't goes into it. that.hat.ading all of >> here's the thing. tng >> that's really nice you got one. >> bring it to me. he'll take care of it f
10:12 am
we can split the profits.fits >> there was a study in britaina about that kind of behavior.. >> right off the top of the 100 chris through a loop witness w song spencer davis group give me some loving. lovg. blues brothers give me somee s loving.long a little homage to what kevint v was talking about earlier with t blues brothers and carrie fisher erin immediately was like this is my sharon in a. in a. clear up the controversy here.or ht all right. according to the wick key mediae page from my sharon in a music s of the song echoes many elementn of song from the '60's accordini rock and roll magazine, thehe songs main hook is an inversiono of the signature riff from givev me some love vin.ove vin >> there you go. >> 1967.>> 1 >> good ears, erin.d earserin >> good ears.>> gd ears >> thank you. i'm not crazy. >> chris, chris, can i amend myy list against a >> i want to add something tolll my chris.. >> can we put wickipedia on myy list, because it's not legit.. anybody can write anything ong wickipedia. >> we can put that on my face f news arliss.rliss. >> there's a link
10:13 am
roll magazine. [ laughter ]ughter >> in this case -- cas-- >> useful tool, man.toolman >> good research.ood don't hate. >> add to my list more than twoo people talking at a at >> imagine our audience at home. >> sometimes i get excited.ed >> we all get excited. >> all right. right. let's talk about this. kim and s kanye ptautting thosee divorce rumors to rest. res we'll show you how coming up on the good day celebrity dish.. >> first though where is allison you'ring? where has she been.. >> what she doing last night perhaps? oh, little 24-caratt magic. she'll join us live for hern us review of last night's bruno b mars concert at the new mgm m national >> was it worth it? did chef? e the time of her life? i'll betl she did. >> we'll find out next. ♪♪
10:14 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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gah! look at us. we're rapidly losing credibility as handymen. mom washed our clothes. one wash with tide pods and we're right back where we started. we look like catalogue models! who trusts a clean handyman anyway? yeah! turns out it was just dirt left there by our old liquid detergent. that's gross! they had built up a respectable, dingy character over the past couple washes. we earned th datge! look how good we look! we can't look thigood! dinge is the dirt the bargain detergent can't get to. tide pods can. it's got to be tide.
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♪♪ >> 10:16. sometimes i like brown know mars ar laci song.laci s >> um-hmm. >> yeah. >> i don't feel like doingon fe anything. >> big show at national harbor. new mgm iw at n think probably e signature performer so far i i mean obviously you can sell outu verizon center you play for jusr couple of thousand people if yoy were lucky enough to get aet ticket and be in the crowd the c that's pretty good ticket to official l kick off 24-caratcara magic tour last night. last night at national harbornao
10:17 am
have to pay up for it allisonisn seymour and her daughter sidneye allison joins us live on theli phone. good morning, my frie. how are you. e >> i'm really sleepy. >> aww. >> late night?>> le ni >> we appreciate you joining usu >> waking up early for us thisst morning. even though you technically getg to sleep in. sleep >> he will to us everything.ll t >> how was the show.>>ow w >> it was mazing sidney is here with me. >> how was the show. t >> it was amazing.>> it wa i really enjoyed it.t. >> sidney did your mom embarrasb you at all when she out therehe dancing to bruno mars? m >> what did you say wis. >> did, arc asking sidney did you embarrass her by dancing too bruin foe mars? you know howrsu kids are. >> i think i embarrassed -- - here's the proof right >> oh, god. god >> i love that. >> i heard in the background sad oh, god. >> nobody stayed in their seatss when he came out 24-carat magic. fire on the stage.. explosions. what i loved aosbout the show yu guys it was grandmas in therere and kids in there and everybodyo
10:18 am
only only complaint, guys, it gi was too short.ho >> how long was the show?w >> it was an hour and a >> oh, wow. wow. that's a good length s >> all right.ig when you're loving it it goes is fast.. >> here's the thing. he is the only time he takes --- he slows it down when he's he's playing an strum and singing hig face off.ceff but other than that, they are up there dancing, jamming the whole time. so look, i lost 5 pounds. >> where were you your seats? e you look like you had prettyre good seats? >> we weren't on the floor.ret n we were like on the first littlt left after the show and we'rend' being super cool right there.. but we were in like 100 sectionc so not on the floor but rig on the first little lift and the a venue if you can get to a showos at mgm national harbor, guys, gy that venue is great because likl 4,000 seats it's not a bad seatd in the joint. it was -- here we ar s
10:19 am
had a great time .t time. >> what was his final song thatt he clove the night with? >> up town funk.n funk. he left after he sang just whout you are but came back and did up town funk. >> sidney was like -- is it ovee because it was only like a le minute -- excuse me an hour anda i don't know, about 15 minutes s at that point.oi it's not's not ove this is a game.. we got to scream. bruno, bruno! we did and he came back and he played the last thes song. >> wow.>> w >> you know what, guys i think,, hooks is the bigger fan me aree or you, sid.. >> me. >> >> after last night, i don'ton't know.know >> the thing after last night --ing. >> she's always been a true's blue >> is this a kid friendly showdw allison? can i take my three t young ones to this show.s s >> most definitely. most fini >> okay.. >> even in the show like if youe are a fan of this album you knoo there's a couple of words he uses just for comic relief or o whatever, but even in the showho he didn't really, you know, deno bring it h
10:20 am
he sort of made it audience friendly. >> not g rated show but pg. >> okay. >> now, sid, did your mom tell l you that you have to pay for p your own college now since she e took you to the show. >> ha, ha.. >> i didn't tell her yet unclele steve. steve. we're hoping you can help. h >> did you tell her --er -- >> we'll start the fund.e' >> did you tell her because youe took her to the show she's noths getting a car now.g car n >> i didn't tell her that unclee wisdom. sd i was hoping everybody can pitch in. in. everybody watching, we allll raised this child.s cld hopefully we can get a car andar pocket money.oney >> in all zeroness, al, besidesd the awesome opportunity you hadu to spend with your daughter youd got to share that moment lastt night, best part of the show was what for both of you guys? >> really the best part was the comrade see. s. look he is a master entertainerr and at one point wisdom you'llmu love this he went into purpleo p reign on the base a little bit. he is just such a versatilesatie performer i loved watching watch everybody else we weren't sure.
10:21 am
you doing here we weren't sureee they were going to enjoy it.t he did a little bit of rock too gospel. just something for everybody.ry. but to answer the question, inse just loved the comradery of the crowd. it feltr the lik ce wee were jb entertained some somebody's hugg living room.oo >> wow. i'm officially really really ree jealous now. n >> me too. >> al my birthday us whatus w december 18th same as cydney. >> happy >> happy birthday sweetheart. >> would you go back to verizone center to see him a >> you and me go to the verizonv nterer. >> high five on th.>> h >> i'm good nowig.d now >> you have nine months to savee for the show. >> thanks, al.ha thanks sid >> all right. glad y had a great time. greatim >> see you neck being.k b >> high, guys, have goode goo vacation.ti >> bye-bye. >> aww. >> i'm so glad she's gettingettg family time and great concert. . what great way to spend your weu can off. >> right.ig. >> it's good to know the venueon is good. >> yeah. it sounded intimate but it's three, 4,000 great way to see a s >> i would love to go down to gt
10:22 am
was an issue for anything sog that's great.reat. 10:21 right now.ow. coming up leftover champagne? a? that's not problem i usuallysu have. but if you end um with an extrat bottle or two for this new this year's eve we'll show you sho creative ways to reuse it evenve better than just my moment ma. every day makeup that won'tt w drain your wallet. walt oh y, do tell. t we're talking looks for less fol than 20 bucks had we come rightt back. >> apparently, yes.>> apparentl.
10:23 am
10:24 am
10:25 am
>> want to check had he linesto right now get you caught up to e spgeeet d what'yos happening in. the murder of tricia macauleyau continues to be the top storye s this wednesday morning.orning she disappeared on christmas dad her by discovered monday nightmd inside of her car no northwesttt d.c. d.c. learning a little bit more this morning about her suspected killer.killer. anjali hemphill has been on thet story for couple of days and o a joins us with the latest.h ates >> reporter: steve, the suspect dwayne adrian johnson j will be arraigned here in d.c... superior court around aun 1:00 o'clock this afternoon forr the murder of tricia macauley.y. but he's no stranger to the d.c. court system. sys johnson has a long criminal rap sheet here. most of them shopliftingshoplifn incidents date back to 2011.1 and five days just five daysiv y before macauley disappeared johnson faced a judge here ina e d.c. and was ordered to wear a gps monitoring device.e however, there's no record hed ever came back to set it up. tricia mccall systemal
10:26 am
frick-year-old actress and yogay instructor she was last heard from on christmas day. she acted in several local l theater productions and was ino movies like step up and the the paper girl like you said herd body was found in her car lateal monday night and the medicalal examiner's office has ruled shee was strangled to death.ea now fox5 will be in court for johnson's arraignment today. stay tuned for the latest les updates all day long.on >> thanks much. 10:26. tucker barnes with update on ouo changing .ood morning. >> good morning. bottom line cooler>> temperaturu upper 40s maybe we'll hit 50 h this afternoon yesterday we hit skate glorious degrees.eges. yeah, felt like spring outfelt g there. 45 now in washington.owwash overnight lows we're back belowe freezing for parts of the area.. dulles, culpeper, fredericksburr all below freezing this morning. 45 in leonardtown. 40 up in hagerstown. 41 in kember land. good morning to our friends in comer land.d. sunshine looks like clouds cud developing on the north tear of our viewing area in northern
10:27 am
be bright and sunny and quiet q this afternoon with daytimeay highs closer to where theyre should be for this time of yeary typically in the mid 40s lookini at temperatures few degreesegre warmer than that this afternoonn noticeably cooler than what wehe had around here yesterday.rd quick moving cold front will get in here late tonight andignd tomorrow morning with rain wrain showers. and just a quick heads up if upf you're well north and west it's' possible you could have littlell mixing early with that.h that. for the rest of us just plain j old rain showers for the mornini hours tomorrow we'll clear ite'l out and it will be blustery andd much cooler tomorrow afternoon o behind that front our daytime highs on friday don't get out ot thlow w 40s. there's future cast we're dry today.'re dry today. plans this afternoon want to gog for walk.k. enjoy.y. nice afternoon for you. y there's your rain showerrai sho activity tomorrow morning andmon you can see that mix up intoo pennsylvania with the showers quickly coming to an end by ey afternoon and clearing laterer tomorrow afternoon don't beernob fooled it will be much colderhor look at the snow flying out ini the mountains out to our west by thursday afternoon. so temperatures cool by friday.
10:28 am
42 by friday. bfriday this weekend, saturday we're ini good shape it will be cool be cl saturday night headed out sunday few showers for the big redskins game at four coil 25:00 giantsia at fed he can feel.n fl. cooler than yesterday.. >> tell gary to save us some off whatever that was he was eating while you were doing the weather back d >> we're ungry.ungr >> it looked delicious. not the part on his fingersfiers whatever he was eating before.e. it looked delicious.lici >> i'll pass that on to him.oupn >> thank you. >> thanks tuck. >> you know what, we'll talkll about celebrity dish coming up c next. do you think that kim and kanyek are going to break up?p? >> yes.>> >> i hope not. >> eventually.y >> because tiny and ti are ti a breaking up.king up. they've already done the paperre we got celebrity dish. d make ups to break ups muchps m that's what we're going to talkt about we got j.lo news, too. t >> i heard about that. >> ending 2016, s drake endingnn stngng. it's a pretty good match.d matc. >> they have a song coming up together. >> it's a song. >> it's more than song. >> song of love.
10:29 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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10:31 am
♪♪ >> you know what that means. it means it's time fornow celei dish. >> serve it up. >> so look since you are a kanyk fan i'll give you the honor.onor isn't here's the's the. we know kanye had been in the hospital spent nine days therehe for some mental issues if youals will. he's all better now out so whatt does he do over christmas break he decides we'll show peopleeo that we are family unit becausee there have been rumors that thii marriage might on the fritz witw kim kardashian they posted this
10:32 am
kim kardashian, they're daughted north, their son saint. the family looking very very ver festive and with the caption thi happy holidays. so i guess trying to dispel myim sort of rumors out there that tt this couple is breaking up. they've been dogged by rumorsumr they couldn't.ey coun't we'll see how it plays out.ys good luck to you guys in 2017.0. >> part of the kardashian allurl you're always talking about thet whether it's good or bad.. >> they manage to stay in themae spotlight.spotligh >> master marketers. >> that's right. and ti tknow that tiny they're breaking up because tinn filed for divorce.orce tiny filed legal documentsocen earlier this month in georgia gr henry county. cou they got married back in 2010n 1 and they have three kidses together, two sons, oneo son daughter. we're toll the rapper and tiny have been going through a roughh patch that started several sed s months before an awkward note n tow they went -- we're not we' showing right now.shing ri awkward photo that surfaced tiny was standing with ti's nemesis evil foe or his foe
10:33 am
mayweather at mariah carey halloween party.ty at the time tiny just chalked it up to the pressure into takingag that photo.hoto well, ti has got some beef witht the boxer so that didn't lookt l good she was standing there nexx to him taking that photo. >> unfortunately, this has beens in the works for while. they've been rumors thiss thi dispelled but apparently it'sbue happening now. good luck to them, too. how about this right -- rig- >> you tell us about this. this. i have to stuff to add. a >> you got stuff to add.o add you got juice.goice. >> whatever you've got i'll embellish we're talking aboutkio drake and j low.e an the rumors --d are they rumorss now? >> apparently not. appary no therere you go. they're all snugly up, all a snugly for december.ecember. you know what, rihanna she unfollowed her former i'm goingi to say former pal j.lo now on instagram. just as drake and j.lo took thaa social media picture together tr make their relationship official. so noire row is like, i'm out. i'm out.ut no more work work
10:34 am
drake. drak done with that.neat >> wow.. >> so j.lo and drake are apparently -- you got some moree dish. >> couple days ago there wasas rumor more they really together because they're working on songn together? they were being koynk about it now apparently thesetly pictures are their officialheirf coming out party to say they are in fact a couple some people disappointed because mark anthony j.lo's ex got divorced.e people were hoping they would get together. toget drake beat mark to the punch.heh i don't see this one lasting las >> that was official or was was that --th -- >> apparently. >> unfriending? unfriending? >> no new york city new yorkw yo city them -- city t >> them dating.he >> here's what i'm>> see seeing at first he seemed tome resist that.ha >> yes. >> as if he didn't want to quite acknowledge the thing withng wit rihanna. a. he seems to be i'm all in j.lo. >> right. >> do you remember what was the award show he went in for thewe kiss and she was --
10:35 am
to him. to >> sean claiming him.ming h >> j.lo and drake are spendingae new year's in s vegas together.t >> he went to a couple of showss >> he can do a lot worse thanor j.lo.j. i'm just saying. sayin >> i, um, i, um, okay. >> i'm not sure that this is tt real couple to me.o m i think it might be ann infatuation.. >> or marking employ for theirm song. >> that, too. >> they were together in that were te >> technically -- technic >> i can hug up on you like anda lord knows we're not a couple. >> you can't hug up on me.e you'll end up in hr. i ain't trying to get fired.etid don't get me fired on here. h i got a happy home i going to back to.. don't hug me like that. >> she needed some help with her phone. >> new snap chat filter. >> new emoji for her new album. steve that's what i'm talkingt' about. steve is alwaysng looking out.ut he's always on point.oi >> you trying to get me fired fr and put out of my house.
10:36 am
>> you know about the church chu hug.hug. >> what's that.s tha >> that's uncle hug.un hug >> that's what we just >> that wasn't a church hug.h h >> no, it wasn't.>> n she dropped her phone.e >> i know what she dropped. dpp like it was hot. >> katie perry and orlando bloom you know they had broken upy hak they're back together no. looks like they're spendinglikee holidays together.ys t he got to meet her family famil apparently everything was allth just joy joy and they played tad this game called pie face i'm not exactly sure what goes intot it they posted a pictures with them with pie on their face. apparently the family that piesp together stays together.ther sts that's katie and her sister. sie it looks like hunk had green han hungry hippo thing and the pie e smashes you in the face an goodg time was had by all.ll. >> one big old party. pty es yes. >> one big old party.ldar >> he and sister and a face fulf of whipped cream. c >> all rightre. >> your >> it's not a celebrity unless s we end with a kardashian or bieb we are
10:37 am
braun tweeted video monday withh highlights from the 22-year-old singer's career with the caption for your consideration.siderati >> pop star nominated for four f grammy awards including best pop vocal album which was the album purpose best pop solool performance love yourself as well as album of the year and ya song of the year love yourself.l you can see the complete list of 2017 grammy nominees we'll putnw it on our website at some point. lot tht that. ooh didn't know he did this thi without james corden.orde >> i didn't either. ehe he maybe a little yuk yuk theuky kid is talented i call him kid.k he's 21 years old.years i like his songs. >> yeah. >> antic not so much but thech e songs are --re >> they're catchy.>> tre c >> i'll say his songs are pelly produced and he does ha talent. yeaeah. >> the side acts what we can'ttc really get with. >> attitude >> attitude is everything. >> he's a jerk.itud >> i'm just trying to figure out eight years from now rememberr justin bei
10:38 am
30 or justin beiber is about tot 30.0. >> i think the first one. thi >>nk t if he had redeem himselft at tutor change and make reale a good acoustics.good acousti >> what is that based on.sed >> i always like the bad boys.hb what do i know. okakay. >> she knows her music much knor that's what she knows.t she kno. >> that's what i said.t's at i that riff in the beginning of the >> when you wear as much makeupm as we do -- wait hooks wrotee this?is >> how dare you. >> we're flawless naturally.lawu you're always looking for ways to save when you do wear makeup our might guest might have the e thing for you thou get an everye day look for less than $20 wee promise.omis only 20 bucks. 2cks. right now 10:38 we're comingom back with cocoa king make up artist after the break. ♪♪
10:39 am
havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't nice pick. pops, your pick. art monk! retired. i'll take him over these fools playing today. aw come on, man. that's not how this game works. art monk! i want to change my name to hot mamma! lame. you're lame. no! i'm not writing down somebody who's retired! baby, i'm changing my name to hot momma. that's not how this works... the holiday sale is on now at havertys. life looks good.
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♪♪ >> strike a pose.>> wear makeup all about enhancing what you have, not covering it , up. nov. oftentimes some of the priciestt products can create unnatural look.look this morning we're tackling that problem with affordable products under $20 i promise and will wl help you nail that every day look without buying brushes orton of other beautyer but accessories here to help is makk up artist cocoa king.g. good morning to you. m >> good thank you so much for having me. >> absolutely we're always earss around here we tried makeup from the most expensive to theohe cheapest you're saying under 200 bucks you can still get it donee don it well.el. >> definitely. definitel achieve the same professional look using products under $20. >> okay. that's why i'm here.athy i >> show us. the first one what are we a showing. >> first we nt
10:42 am
difference between the two. bett this is what i call an instantnt eye lift.lift. >> okay. oka we just dab the concealer underr the eye as you can see i did itt a little before time but you cac see the difference.iffenc this just looks like an instantt eye lift in my opinion.pi >> what product did you use onuo that one. >> i used the concealer that i have here this is only $10. >> okay. >> little goes a very long way.r so you'll probably have this fof about three years or so. so. >> are you allowed to say theayt brand name.and ame. >> sure.ure >> this is called mehron. mehn. i purchased this from camera car ready cosmetics. cosmeti you can go online and get it. >> yeah. yeah. >> under $10. it ges you the full coverage.coe >> i do see the difference.fenc. >> you mentioned you're using your fingertips.ip we use brushes, bullets. >> i use my hasn't.asn't definitely easier.. off lot more control if you useu your hand. hand. it's less affordable. i prefer to use my hands.y han >> it's more affordable. >> more affordable.da >> i know what you meant. mnt >> she's a little nervous. nervs i don't know why.i don' you're diaos
10:43 am
>> don't be.>> d b the middle -- middle modelel you're showing us what? >> foundation application.licati again i apply that with my hands as well and gives me little bit more control than the brush b do.s. >> okay. oy. >> this one you're using usi clinique which goes for aboutchg how much.oe >> about 17.50. 150 foundation one of those things t you try a gazillion different shades you never can find the right a lot of people think the more e expensive the better a lot off people don't know the make up brands are manufactured in theaf me c company. and they're just packagedacka differently. >> slap a different label on itb >> exactly. e >> i'm looking at this one righg here black open pal knowledge kl joke new york lie this is what i usee .. >> and when he makeup artist mau come in here with a bunch ofun different ones this is the one e we selled on for me with the i'm a believer in less expensivi can do great job as well. >> exactly.>> exactly only nine bucks you still get the professbuckionas l finish.h. add a little bit to her face soe you can see.n see. >> um-hmm. >> very natural finish and agaia
10:44 am
your hand. h >> i see that. t >> no line across the cheekhe ck bone. >> exactly. >> with that demarcation. i hate that. >> our final model what are youmod showing us with her.whg us whe >> our final model we're just jt going to do a little contour.. >>kay.y. >> and this is something thatett could change your look in less than two minutes. two minutes. contour is a scary word because i've seen contouring gone bad.g. >> exactly you look look you'rer on stage or something.. >> start small if you're just'rs learning the process. and just blend.nd blend, you can use your hand, yr you can use a sponge. sponge. >> the idea to use darker colorr one shade darker than your you foundation or what do you do.oud >> when contouring you always ay want to go too shades darker.ker >> two shades.s. >> highlighting you always wantt to go too shades up. >> again it's you put the line under your cheek bone and just t blend. >> always start the corner oftho the ear right below the cheek c do a small amount and just bloww it out so that it has naturalral >> what brand are you using witi her. >> this is mack an individually
10:45 am
>> okay. so you've shown us some goodd tricks. bottom line for me again we'reee using these makeup brands that t you can get at drugstores orre just online very simply. >> absolutely. >> you've been doing make up for a long t dime.oi tim give me the headline here when it comes to makeup and using less expense expensive brands. >> i would definitely just go jg for less expensive brands a lott of times people don't understann that the same exact brand as the high priced brands the brands bd that the professionals use. >> in different pack casm. >> you don't have to break the bank hav. auction chief beauty on a budged by spenting under $20 and that's what we achieved here.e. >> how can people find me. cocoa king underscore glam.a or you can e-mail me cocoa king glam at >> we've learned a thing or twoi ngand definitely i'm a convert t one or more of these. tse there's your information on thei screen. cocoa king and models thank you very much.veryuch. you look amazing.u ama >> thank you guys.>> >> happy new year to >> same to you. new>>e to y
10:46 am
back over to you guys.r you great tips. >> 10:45. coming up next, thinking outside of the box or the bottle when ii comes to champagne. we'll have the latest oh andt that as we continue.tie. ♪♪ ♪♪
10:47 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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10:49 am
♪♪ >> i'll spare you the >> can you leave that backe iy1 decades ago when the first camec out. >> right. >> not talking about you.king ay >> he's talking about the song.u >> thank you steve for clarifying. i almost got my feelings hurt.ys >> i wouldn't hurt your i wou feelings. i'm not mean. >> aww thank wisdom. >> to you. >> good one.. >> well, new year's eve isl,ew almost here. that song is appropriate for ner year's.year's you might be stocking up on thee bubbly but what if god for bid b you don't finish it all and end up with well there are options beside hosting him moment mass i got mt the chance to whip up very. >> creative alternatives usingvu that extra champagne with helpp from lifestyle expert nicoleice young.un check this out. >> thank you so much for comincg in. >> thanks for having me.for vin. >> i see the bacon. we have to start there
10:50 am
can smell it.. >> take your energy to the nextn level is the bacon set up a nice little display dpl with bacon and print cute labell i stuck on to the bacon jars. >> mason jars. jars. >> mason beautiful presentation.l esen >> everyone will love it.veryon but if you want to take thatak t couldn't september to the nextt level try my champagne trufflenf bacon. baco >> how do you make that? do u ma >> you take the actual champagng from the bottom. bm >> mix it with honey i saw. >> we have some in here.nere. champagne and honey. we'll have you start whisking. i'll add in truffle salt.e >> that looks good.>> tt lo >> black pepper. pr. >> get that all mixed together.t >> then what you're going to do is just brush it on to your bacon.n take the whisk and put it down. >> take the pick.ic grab the brush, use thick cut bacon. >> you'll bake at 375 for 25 to5 30 minutes.utes rotate your bacon sheet halfwayl through the process.ess. >> okay. >> oka >> try it. tell me what you think of that
10:51 am
>> that is such a simple but absolutely delicious -- >> it take it to the next levell that truffle, put it on bacon ob you're good to go. >> bake perfectly. perfect hearty accessory for yourr cocktail party.ty >> exact. >> this is adult fruit salad. >> adult fruit salad spicy sparkling fruit salad started st with >> okay. little bit of honey. li i lovett the hot sauce. sce >> you add some tabasco pepperee sauce that will add lot of heata a top of flavor also amps the sweetness from the honey and as well as the natural sweetness st from the fruit.from fruit. you add orange juice to that tot mixture.xt let's just add a little tabascob you basically just whisk this together.together >> um-hmm. >> give eight nice little whisk and then you drizzle it over the fruit. i did this for you already.. >> that one is all set and set a ready. >> give eight little whisk.e ei after you drizzle it.ghyou dre t >> -- pour it all over the t frt.t. about two, three cups of fruit.. >> ooh.oh >> i love the smell of
10:52 am
definitely smell the sweet andms the heat together. toghe >> stir it up.p. >> give eight little toss.ght le okay. i want to try that as well.el >> these are already done here.r it would be wrong not to eat our -- i want to try a blackberry. sweet and savory from the hot te saucand hohoney. >> so much flavor.n s >> that's really beautiful is rf don't normally think about fruiu with holiday party.ty >> exactly you want to have little fruit. it's healthier you gave ei ou gave ei little bit of a kick a lot of lo bite with the pepper >> knowing that you're having champagne incorporated make it i sounds so much fun. f >> bubbly we love to drink ity e the tell me about this cocktaill >> for cocktail they're a lot of fun champagne cocktails outktaio there. but you want to go outside ofuto the box this holiday season thih is my santa's secret drink.ri. way we'll mix this add champagnp to the pitcher. the pitcher you want to go about halfway upy the pitcher with your champagne. >> >> then my secret ingredient i'i going to add this is
10:53 am
this is santa secret blend.tle >> i love that. love >> a black tea that's blended with peppermint and candy caneae sugar sprinkles.ines >> all the smells of the have ie bran fruit are really nice. >> seasonal blends.nd >> you would suggest serving itd in a nice sugge -- i like puttit in pitcher and serve guestsuest themselves or you can serve the guests.gues. i'll adding ol it's not too sweet more avenueeu natural flavored cola.ol not over power the flavor oflavf your cocktail. cocail >> while you finish that up iha think we need to cheers and dryd it so we can toss back. because this is just too good td not try.. >> not too spicy you want to add ginger that's not too pies see.e >> give me holiday cheers. >> cheers!>> cheers! >> nicole thank you very muche h you so muchan for coming. cin three delicious and simple sam pain recipes for the holidayol season. >> what we learn champagne goese with everything. eve >> you can put it on bacon, put, it in your drink, put it on it fruit salad. salad >> how did it work out, did you like
10:54 am
>> the bacon was incredible. >> it was so good.. >> that segment was just -- it - was like a champagne glazedzed bacon.n >> champagne glazed bacon champagne mixed with honey you y coated it on the bacon and bake it. >> i do like honey. do ke h we found something for you. for. what about honey and fruit andrt salad. >> no.. >> i got ya'll -- now ya'll are tolling >> it was a good segment.egment >> i like that. >> we do it now it's callednow ' twitter.r. >> let's check what other people want to leave behind in 2016 wee did get a lot of responses fromo other journalist who's talk with theit mouths of food on morning showsn like erin just did.. don't 19 call you out but you bu just did. >> woman and, woman and guilty.y >> we'll all do it from time too time. we'll try to do better in 2017. >> the phrase lit.hrasit >> that's so it will yo.ll
10:55 am
>> that's so lit. >> but when you follow it withih the -- sleigh it. i like sleigh.leigh. >> i'm not ready to part with ih yet. >> oh, my gosh. i'm not it willing or sleighing. >> how about bae. >> let's leave that.. >> you're my bay, boo. b >> bay had over a year's worth.r we'll be more creative. >> enjoying all the lines peopll will telling behind the sameam people in 2017. don't fool yourself. >> realism of right there.f t t. >> keep it real. >> this guy speaking the truth. >> i'll said it before, i'll say it again wisdom martin needs his own hater segment on fox5 d.c... let's make it happen. mr. foreman i'll take anyake any segment i can get on fox5 d.c. [ laughter ]lahter >> there you go. >> you keep bringing it. any segment at all. all >> i think hating wisdom is as good idea. ia. >> hating with wisdom martin.ti >> any segment at all i'll takee it. >> i don't think the drake and a low thing w
10:56 am
valentine's day. >> i might go with gth >> i don't think it's a real't relationship. i'm not convinced it is.d it i >> look, i'm going to go thenggt other way i'll say they'll lastt for while. whi past valentine's day.. >> we're prognosticating here,nh give me a yes or a no.. >> kim and kanye make the through 2017 together. >> no. >> no. >> no. i say no too.nooo. >> it's sad i'd like to see thet work for the kids. ks. >> no.>>o. >> um-um. >> hi, tucker. i know you care about thishi topic.pi >> i see this in big lettersrs things wisdom hates. s a s a segment. >> like i said -- like i said. >> the list too long. >> that's the tile. >> the show is not long mu>>st t have. ha >> tolling with tucker, hating w with wisdom.itwithisdom. >> that's fine. >> i like to be your assistantit on that segment. segnt >> any time i can get more time airtime i'm all about it. >> can we start with stuff now? >> nope. nop >> a few more days.>> a >> we're happy right now.. >> maureen just shaded.tha >> she's been doing that allha l day. 50 this afternoon sunshine raini showers tomorrow your weekend forecast we'll finf tune as we get closer
10:57 am
>> you made my twitter trolls happy with that. >> leawive shaped behind in 2011 >> why.>>hy. >> erin, you know -- >> i'm keeping it real because it's on sleek. bye, bae. >> boo bye, felicia.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
live from new york city, it's the "wendy williams show." >> wendy: it's going to be juicy. >> now you here's wendy. [ screaming ] ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ >> wendy: i'm glad that you're watching.


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