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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  December 29, 2016 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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ryan calling this move tonighteb overdue. virginia democratic senatorocran mark warner saying it's a first important step but where there does appear to be a disconnect tonight an big one is between the current and incoming presidents of the united states.ta donald trump less than 24 than 4 hours ago denying anyying a knowledge of this russian russin hacking which u.s. intelligence officials todayls t said was designed to influence the 2016 presidential election. >> i think we a it to get on ton with our o liv i think the computers have complicated lives very greatly. the whole, you know, age kw, a computer has made it where w nobody knows exactly what's going on.n. >> our goal continues to be tooe send a clear message to russia i or others not to do this to ustu because we can do stuff to sff t you. >> reporter: the obama administration's economicnistras sanctions are aimed at eaimeat russia's two leading
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intelligence services and their top two officials.two off u.s. intelligence determinedmi that they actually ran thatha computer hacking operation and remember, those cyber attackstt of the democratic nationalatna committee headquarters ins i washington leaked internal e-mails embarrassed hillaryhiary clinton's campaign and forcedore the dnc chair woman to quitan tq her post during the democraticut convention. in addition to those sanctions t 35 russian diplomats who work wk at the russian embassy here inin washington or the russian russi consulate in san francisco san o they tonight have beene bee expelled. they have -- and their and the families three days now to to leave the united states.tates. also as of noon friday ay russian compound in maryland mal and new york have been ordered closed. cl and despite donaldos trump'sru calls that you heard to moveov on, many people we talked toalkt today here in washington say s they support president obama's a actions tonight. tight >> i think we should retaliateet at a time of our chen own cn choosing. we shouldn't tell anyone whatdn we're going to do.'t t're go d
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taken steps to retaliateiate several weeks ago. a >> reporter: too late now.e now >> yes, too late now. now >> i've seen the headlines butds i mean what are they really ther going to do? >> it's the evidence indicatesea they have been interfering we shouldn't just let that we should do something about a it. >> reporter: as for thes fo russian response tonight a spokesperson for russian forussi president vladimir putin saysay the russian government regretstt these actions and isnds considering its own retaliation against the united e states. of course what is not known atwo this point is whether theheer president-elect donald trumpt-ec will keep these sanctions in place once he gun control owe becomes president himself uproep here on capitol hill in just 22 days. d for moreth on this story we go g to the russian embassy inmbassyi northwest d.c.t d that's where fox5's laurenre demarco is standing by. >> reporter: tom, well, tom w we're here, we've been monitoring things watching forif any activity here at theacti embassy.
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it's business as usual. usu we have seen at least one l large van and a large white unidentifiable white truckte tru leave the embassy here. not sure whether that could be related to moving equipmentment out. an official could not give me tailils. it's not clear how many of the 35 diplomats lived here workedts here but we know that lsomeiv o them of course do and will be ad forced to leave within thehe next 72 hours along with their esmilies. people that have been passing by tell me it's kind off curious because the people who o live and work here are prettyrey involved in the they see these people shoppingin in the stores here in the grover park area, their kidsea,i go to the same school. tthe they saw a whole bunch ofch children playing inside of thei gate here not at the embassy. so, as they were saying a curious situation for folksolks that live here in the area.rea. but again, this spokesman not
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giving me too much m information.h he says that there may be a athere m statayement possibly tomorrow, r nothing tonight.g toniht for now they're going with the statement from the kremlin.reml. i'll just give you a you can still see somet can ill christmas decorations up there u at the embassy but thatt statement from the spokesperson for the kremlin saying that there will certainly be a response.nse. it will be determined in linenen with the decisions adopted byedb russian president vladimirdent putin and saying that there iss no doubt that this adequate and mirror response will makewik the u.s. side feel very uncomfortable as well.l. so, i think it's a matter oftero wait and see.wait and s we do know 35 diplomats dlo between here and california,ali, again not clear exactly how e many people will be leavingeavig this area but we'll let youllet know just as soon as we do.e d live in northwest, lauren demarco, fox5 local news. n >> now prince george's countyri where investigators are trying to figure out what sparked ancea house fire in bowie. bie take a look at this dramaticra cell phone video of the fire. it happened on
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of grendel place. place the fire caused the roof tooof t collapse. we spoke to a neighbor who sawrw firefighters arrive at thee at t scene. >> it was like covering the whole rooftop.e like it was -- the flames were r on the -- on the roof of the the house and i guess it must havesh startd from upstairs.m upstair i just saw a bunch of them of tm running into the house. hou some of them carrying the little hoses and splashing upasu on the roof trying to cut thehe fire out as quickly ass possible, trying to go see if anyone was left inside.ns trying to rescue anything that t they can.ey c crazy. >> fortunately the family made d it out no one was hurt. >> ♪♪ >> now a fox5 follow-up.♪ow a fo we have new video tlloow s-uhoww after a deadly hit-and-run inann the district. dtric this dark colored suv was dar captured on video leaving thek t seen following the accidentccen yesterday in northwest.we jacqueline cole was walking inki the crosswalk along 14th streetnd
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she was hit.eit the driver just took off fromk f the scene.sce. cole was rushed to theird t hospital where she later died we from h sheer injuries.ur if you have any information about the car omar driver,ri please contact d.c. police.olic a grandmother and her five-year-old great-yea granddaughter respect foundaughp alive after missing for four days. days police say 71-year-old barbarala briley and her greatat granddaughter la myer wererer supposed to be making a christmas road trip from new jersey to north carolina.arin something went wrong along thewe way.nt on wednesday they were spotteda in a wooded area in din woody county. county.un >> it's often quiet and peaceful around here but forut r many it has been a week ofen a f sadness anger and frustrationra over the brutal murder of murder tricia mccauley. tonight there are anyt there ar manyquestions on how the m
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accused of the murder had sode h many run ins with the law.. days before the murder he if ie would show up for that a gpsat tracking device he was ordered d to wear. to here's one of tricia's friends outside court yesterday. y >> we feel as though theh justice system is broken in bke this case and that we pray to god that our loss is not something that anyone elseone es will ever have to go through. th >> this is certainly isn't thehe first time a person has failedai to comply with court orders in c the district.isic washington post reporter erin davis completed a seriess looking into the problem called second chance city. he spoke about the federal agency that has oversight of sea offenders when they arey e released.le the agency is known as c sosa. s >> don't have law enforcementav power. it's a civilian agency so unlike in maryland or virginia probation officer can get a warrant write the warrant take to it a judge have it signed it sent out to the police today.lit in d.c. they give themself
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they rely on a system where they sandy certified letter ifti someone stops showing up to their probation appointments they wait nor to be returnedur undeliverable. it takes 30 days to get on a g do. do. then to the u.s. marshalle u.s.l service. they pick the person up.k thrsou the whole system can take two tw months or more. m >> mayor abouts see's offices oe released a statement yesterday. everything about this incident is tragic and we are committed to understanding aboand what ce done to eliminate gaps in ourn r criminal justice system andys working with our federalederal partners to address them. the mayor believes we muste remedy lapses to ensure ournsurr neighborhoods are safe andods aa stronger. that is why she proposed gps tampering legislation and will soon sign into law.. with so many people upsetnyl about this, we invited deputyep mayor for public safety kevin k donahue to speak with us. u he will be here in studiotu tomorrow morning at 8:30. >> thanks, matt. mt. a sheriff's deputy onn maryland's eastern shore was shw shot in the line of duty this morning. rn authorities say deputy warren
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condition. cond he was responding to a call cal for a domestic disturbance atmet aic home near chestertown whenow he got into the shootout.hoott. the suspect james rich firedre at the deputy from inside theuts home. ho deputy hogan fired back b shooting and killing thetingnd e suspect. police say the deputy was w wearing a body camera during dur that whole incident but so fartu the footage hasn't been releaseed. releaseed. >> new body cam video of am viof police involved shooting in baltimore. >> what a man who opened the front door right there didhtherd that resulted in the officerff firing his weapon.po >> and a crook caught onon camera. camera. police searching for this manman seen breaking into a d.c. home and stealing from the what neighborhood he wasas targeting and what he got awaywy with coming up. up. >> and a marine vet fromt fr virginia is embarking on a a long wet trip. trip. an update on his journey jet joy skiing down the east coast for a cause. hey, mike.ik heyey, sarah. not such a bad thursday aroundda the region with temperatures
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50's. 50's however, a shot of much colderol more december-like air is onembe the way. maybe sooner than you mightou mg think. i'll have the full details on dn that forecast and beyond f looking aheador to 2017 coming1m up just after the break. bre stick with us.ic we'll be right back. k. (my hero zero by lemonheads) zero really can be a hero.
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>> new tonight for the first tot time ever baltimore county e police released body camera footage from an officer involved shooting.vece relfootan >> that incident happened last friday during a disturbance drbe call. take a listen here. [gunfire] >> wow. that is incredible video there showing an officer shooting ar o man who was carrying a kniferyi at a pikeville apartment.ikevila the man can be heard yellingearg time to die at the officers t before they shoot him onceo di n then handcuff him.dcuff him the man is currently in goodnoo condition at a local hospital hs and is expected to the officer involved has beenolb placed on administrative leave. >> d.c. police want you to.c. an take a good look at this video d to help identify a person of aso interest in a recent burglary.ab surveillance cameras captured cu the incident one week ago a along the 1600 block of new o hampshire avenue.mpire that's in northwest. northwe you can see the suspect enter through the home side door sideo there, there you see it, and and then a few moments l
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bicycle away.way. now, anyone with information inf about this is asked to call d.c. police. pol remember this last week we w told you about pk ewing the the marine veteran who is jets skiing from the d.c. area to aro miami for such a great cause. >> yeah, it is organized by it y his charity take point now. n ewing is trying to raise money n for both veteran issues and suicide prevention through thr semper fi foundation. found he left with the hopes of hopes arriving in miami one weekne wee later on new year's eve. >> we are happy to report ewing is near jacksonvilleon florida a few hundred milesfehud away from his destination.tinati he has a wet suit to keep himhi warm a helmet withit communication devices to shake to shore and also he has some storage to store away some food. if you would like to help and wd donate you can go to the web site take
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>> there's a long distancestance from miami to jacksonville.kson eats got a ways to go. >> beautiful sunset. not too bad of a day out there. mike thomas standing by for the latest. not quite jet skiing weather up this way but we'll take it. it's nice enough for december. >> not too bad for late december, early january. temperature 52 degrees today. again that's nearly 10 degrees above average for this time of year. now, changes are on the way. we get a brief shot ofy ce oldt it's not'seragim ge oing to lofo long but we do hav le aast leasl 24 to 48 hours of colder morer r winter like air and it'st' heading in our direction direc starting tonight.ig big storm system up through new england brought the showers here this morning,upnewo it's brought anywhere fromrningb four to 8-incherosug ohtf s anop through update new yorkwor through new hampshire vermonter and up through maine as here in d.c. we kind of had h the first wave early this earlys morning. again about a quarter inch of of rain. ra and then just now moving moving through the region kind ofugh hard to thsee so i'm going to gg heaw the line here. you kind of connect that t little weak wave of showers. that's a gust front and winds wn
5:16 pm
through, it won't come through u with a lot of showers but itut i will come through with some with gusty winds and winds behindwinb the front are already startingtt to gust up and over 30 milesver an hour.ou 36 miles an hour gusts atusts dulles last how, 30 gaithersburg, 26 frederick, 20rk up towards less as you head eastward. eastr again these winds are going toe start picking up over the nexthe hour or so here in washington and then those will continuelti through tonight and throughght h the first half of tomorrow aslfw well.we those winds will bring in some n colder air. air 49 still near washington which isn't bad at all but 45 back towards gaithersburg whichg just dropped to 43 as i talked e about them.out the 45 at frederick, 42 at42 a hagerstown, cumberland cum maryland 41 but down into theowe 30's we will be going tonight.ig you factor in the winds feelsees like 44 here in washington, 34 at gaithersburg, 37 frederick,ge 33 for martinsburg.tins definitely an evening where if i you're heading outbound later l tonight you will need theeehe jacket and the wind breaker bre and especially with those with gusty winds. 42 degrees by the time we get w to 7:00 p.m. but into the 30's ' we go with those gusty winds around we'll feel
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39 by 9 p.m., 37 by 11:00 p.m.0m here's a quick look at yourat y lows overnight.ig 33 degrees here in washington, w 31 for gaithersburg, 29 forur hagerstown. yes, we have a breezy and coldha friday on the way. b details on yourai o friday plus a look at your new y year's weekend coming up ing upi just a bit. sarah and matt up to you. y >> is grieve over hers gr daughter's death behind the d bh passing of debbie reynolds. reyd >> everyone seems to beve talking about this today.lkin ahead at 5:0g 0 we asked a cardiologists to weigh in about broken heart syndrome.ynd. what he says about it being medically possible. >> all right. right. here's the the are those little toys saying toy hug me or something else? thehe holiday story coming underominge scrutiny who say the who say the hatchimals are swearing. s >> every year when januaryeaan rolls around many of us vow to w lose weight save money maybe
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and friends but what goals dohas you set for your home next an hgtv design star shares her style secrets for spice up f your life and your home in 2017. >> ♪♪
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z25enz z17vz y25eny y17vy
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back. finalista finalist on hgtv's design sta orn hg season seven d design star s she's best known for her eclectic and timeless designs. hillary styles joins us todaysts with resolution that is will u make your home a bit moreolut beautiful efficient clean andefl green space in the comingom year. hi, hillary., hilry. how are you. >> hello matt. i'm well. how are you. >> i'm g i'm onehow of those gt you walk in my how's my how' everything looks very neat,ery n very neat. you open a
5:22 pm
doesn't look so g you'ren't saying maybe this is the time ti of year to think about thatuthat because will it make youeelwill better about yourself. >> absolutely. matt, i think people don'teon understand what clutter does for us. like a cluttered environment,nv, a cluttered mind it justut doesn't allowte you to function properly and for me like mye design aesthetic is one thinge t but i want to make sure thate ta my clients and the people whoeoo i touch every day are able toere move in and out of life effortlessly and if you knowssly where things are, guess what? ? you can get it done. d i mean, you can accomplish aplia lot. >> i can tell you how many times i lose my t keleys.l e myk >> see, that the a problem.roem >> so, what's your advice a right away for getting rid of rd the clutter.ut >> let me tell you something.t before we even get startede teld say you lose your keys, right. t >> yes. >> every day when you walk inay there needs to be a designated a area for your keys right nearht the door. e >> uh-huh. >> what if you were trying to escape.if y h i wish i could follow thatou >> you need to put themul dd oww there and that's where they gohg every single time.le t so, first i want to say something.sothing. okay. i'm all about pretty things, thi
5:23 pm
>> yup. >> i love pretty things. i want to talk about how you lot can just create something from unconventional -- some unconventional you see this, right. >> yeah. >> looks like it's kind of like incense marakesh things.esh >> when you walk in the door.u i >> no. you could. but for me it's where i put my everyday makeup.eup. >> nice. so, i know exactly where itknowt is. it's beautiful and it makes mee so happy. h and it's one of those thingshi that like keeps you organized. z >> what about your closet? cse that's another space that soha many people -- ppl >> my gosh, matt, do you haveo e a lot of clothes. >> yes.t >> i have a lot of clothes. so, closet savtoe ragea s-, i just i j moved here from texas, too, sooo you know texas is home of the mcmansion and i moved too this area and now everything is teenie, teenie tiny so one s of the things that helped me moving was to -- new hangers. hs >> easy as that. that. >> not quite that spl
5:24 pm
new hangers make a bigmake aig difference. not only do they maketheyak everything look amazing but b watch this. >> okay. >> so, now -- >> streamline.mle. >> exact. ustream line it. >> more room for clothes. >> more room for more things. i love these for pants. you can hang four, five pair of your pants on here. again you condense everything, you know. >> talk to me about if you want to spice up your home for the next year. maybe it's a little drab. maybe you done have much in there. you brought some items here and these things aren'tcond e it expen'ssiveyo,u rdoightn., >> no. i mean, pillows, you can buy pillows anywhere, discount disco home g. stores all kinds oforeso places where you can buy pillows throws accessoriesso small rugs anything that can just kind of jazz things up.d ou you've been looking at the a same few items for the past thet six months, the past year yea maybe five years even.fiveears e you can go out and budget yourself 100 bucks and spruce ae everything up. replace the throw pillows. >> we're seeing wallpaper that's a good
5:25 pm
>> wallpaper is a big deal and i love wallpaper.alaper a powder room, a small sparkesll even a closet or a bookoo college.ll you can wallpaper it and jazz ad it up. jz the thing i love about powder pow rooms is they're usually the place where when you entertain n people always want to use your bathroom, right.throom, >> but you're a design expert.' is it hard to put up wallpaper?is do you i need to t real good at that. >> you need rean expert but if you can't use wallpaper whatapew about paint? what about taking a huge picture that youty find like to pretty much cover the whole space and creating like a mural. mal. so, these are all things that tg you can do on your own.u ca on if you're not able to like l hire someone to hang the wallpaper or do it yourself yous there's so many knewer alternatives to that. t >> your living space, what ilivi don't do in my house is i have nothing living partly because iliving kill everything it seeme like. you say it's easy to geto plants and really freshen up fru your place. >> absolutely matt.>> abs this is the thing aboutol having something living in a this climate it gets cold, it tc people get the b
5:26 pm
they're air pure f purifiers. pe when you walk into a space andka you see something green iten i does something for your energyhu and it does something for your joined in would you say have it in every room of yourn wo hoh or would it be just the living room. ro >> i am stickler for havingor hv something living in every room. room. you're living, right. >> yeah. >> so, you want to have company. iyou're so, y look at my plants likelai that's my company. compa i'll never be sad if i always ay have sherri terry mary and all them around.un talk to them. t >> you do. >> i do. d >> before we leave you all of la this stuff, too, you couldoo, y pick up a plant for five f f dollars, you can -- some --om people say listen hillary iilla can't afford it but you were saying --ng >> everything we talked aboutd u is super inexpensive something m that's attainable and affordable and i thinknd i everyone should live in a beautiful environment in al t place that makes them happym hpy and a best version ofrsion of them
5:27 pm
why not invest in themselves. te >> can people follow you on peoo social media. >> hillary styles instagram i facebook all the things i'm at hillary styles.hill follow me. >> follow me. >> happy new year>> everybody.vo >> talk to your plants.k to yr l >> definitely talk to your plants. love on your plants.initur plan. love your plants, matt., >> happy new year. i'll love on them.>> love on th. i'll get one and promise notrome to kill it if i'm lucky. lky >> absolutely. >> we'll send it to you sarah. s >> she would have a field dayul at my houd se.ouse. thanks coming up on the otherng o side of the break a woman wan assaulted way knife andnife and threatened to take off her off clothes. straight ahead how a metro met card helped police track downe n and arrest man wanted for that t imime. hey, alex. >> reporter: and i'll tell t you how friendship plusdship p knowledge saved one woman's life. >> ♪♪ >> well, many in d.c., they'reh' less than enthusiastic about a a trump administration but is
5:28 pm
the district giving too much toh of a cold shoulder to the incoming administration? we'll take a look after the break. brea >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ start the car! start the car!
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news at 5:00.. >> a metro card helped metroet transit police track down and da arrest a man want for it happened last month at the ae grand hyatt hotel on h street northwest.est. police say 18-year-old ernesto mendoza pinned a woman againstga a wall pulled out a 95 and5nd forced her to take off herff clothes. the woman was table fight hims off and was able to get away. aa >> police in prince george'se in county are investigating an officer involved crash.. it happened just afternoon att
5:32 pm
and north air amounts themountse officer was conducting acewas cg traffic stop when another carerc hit his cruiser pushing it i into the driver. he pulled over. over. fortunately no one was hurt h but the driver who instruct inst officer's cruise are was arrested for dui. d >> police in montgomery county asking for the public's helping finding kailah clarkaih last seen outside the homee the around 5:30 last night.. caretakers are concerned forcern her well being and anyone withih information on her whereabouts is asked to call police. >> ♪♪ >> as the district prepares pre for the presidential inauguration, many have beenman less than enthusiastic toasti to welcome the transition.n. >> fox5's political reporterepor ronica cleary live with more wim on d.c.'s chilly welcome forelme the trump administration.ion. ronica, what's going on? o >> reporter: hey, sarah andnd tttt. well, with this new administration, it comes more m than president-elect trump, itde comes the entire trump
5:33 pm
district home for at leaf theath next four years and with thath comes new homes, new schoolschos and new communities.munities but has the district been very enthusiastic or has it beenas i more of a chilly welcome forelco that trump administration? istro let's talk about some recentut r news withec kellyanne conway con counselor to the president.nt now, she's looking for schools for her four children tor ch attend here in the district. dir conway reportedly told an anonymous source of her search for schools saying "i would not characterize myself as myses worried as much amused by the silence and sighs on the otherhh end of the phone when friends p and allies have made preliminary inquiries on my behalf and of course there cou were reports of the communityomi and neighbors surrounding vicede president mike pence's home, vice president elect mikeresilee pence's rental home.ntalom now, with that, the neighborsgh are putting signs out against his stance on gay rights and gay issues about abortion rightss by hanging gay rights flagshts a
5:34 pm
neighborhood trusts women. i stand with plannedith planned parenthood and hate has no home here. h and then finally there havehe h been at least there's been att least one d.c. marching bandd that's performed in the last las five inaugural parades.arad but this year not a singlee marching band even applied. appi now, you know, it comes as no as surprise that it's been lessn l than enthusiastic here in the district.di hillary clinton took overve 92 percent of the vote while w donald trump took just 4 percent in this past november's election, but has b this chilly reception juston j been a little too harsh for hsh the incoming administration? at? we took to the streets to ask you. >> i think that, you know, the t sentiment would reflect how the d.c. community voted in ved the general election.n. >> wel i thi inkt's to be expected from the way he behaved during his campaign,ign, so i'm not surprised.pred >> not especially, no.y, n
5:35 pm
a welcome from the district but i think nevertheless, theyee will be welcomed. >> it's still tension. >> reporter: well, of course it's not all negative for thee trump family. in zillow's annual survey off who you'd like to be yourd li neighbors ivanka trump and jared kushner they made thee list of people you would like wd next door. they came in eighth place.ghth a reporting live in northwest,n nt i'm ronica cleary, fox5 locallol news. >> ronica, thank you.hankou a government employee inover westnment virginia who referree first lady michelle obama as an ape in heels in a recent a rc facebook post has been fired p for the second time.osfoth pamee la taylor was the director of the clay county developmentn corporation. she was reinstated after being forced out following the postt last beverly whelan the mayor of clay west virginia resigned from the post after she commented just made momy the dap in respons
5:36 pm
facebook post.t. both whelan and taylor have h apologized for their comments. e >> do you know cpr? this next n story highlights how important p it is to learn it.rn it. an employee at the giant theia supermarket in southeast wentke into cardiac arrest.t in arrt. >> her coworker didn't skip at p beat and saved her life. fox5's alexandria limon live l in northwest and spoke to bothpt the victim and her hero coworker. hi, alex. >> reporter: i'll tell youorte what's really impressive.mpressv it's not just that this womanhim knew cpr and then used it,t, it's that she did it for aboutfo 10 minutes, you know, if know, you've ever done cpr or even eve tried to learn how to do it,o you know it takes an incredible amount of strengthtrn to do those compressions properly. >> she was like girl, you just s drunk. and she said i just went into action. >> reporter: in the middlen th of the day in a crowded giant supermarket, karen stuart wenttk into cardiac arrest.into it's luck
5:37 pm
coworker is a real lifesaver. lr >> it was just instinct thatin t kicked in. >> reporter: for about 10 minutes cassandra maynard an a customer performed cpr whilehile waiting for help. >> miss stuart is alivee because she had a coworker whoow knew how to do cpr and was willing to do it and wouldn'tndd give up. >> reporter: on top of the shear energy and staminand sta needed to perform cpr, cassandra had to get over the mental stress she was feeling. >> scary. just to see and not knowing exactly how long she had beenade laying there before i got backrb here. >> reporter: karen says she she is sore, bruised and tired but one week later, she's heading home. >> sandy i love you because ifef it wasn't for her, i would not be here. h >> reporter: now, once firstfi responders arrived they did use a defibrillator to start tos her heart and get her breathing but
5:38 pm
cardiologist i spoke to at george washington hospital said all the credit should god g to her coworker. cor reporting live in northwestn noe d.c. alexandria limon fox55 local news. >> hollywood reeling over thewod loss of another legend. r actrsses os debbie reyf nolds dd yesterday at the age of 84 justda ay day after the death f her daughter carrie fisher. reynolds son says his sister's ' death was too much for his mother to bear and some som believe died of a broken bken heart. ar we spoke to a cardiologist who said dying of a broken heart is medically possible. >> first of all we dsion't know why -- why she died. but what we -- we have seen isni there is a syndrome thate tha people call broken heart h syndrome. some people typically call it broken heart syndrome and itomet seems almost exclusively insily women, often in post menopausal women and almostos always in the context of
5:39 pm
incredibly stressful >> wow. debbie reynolds was reportedlyol planning her daughter'shter' funeral when she fell ill. arrangements for both of them are still pending. >> meanwhile in memory of the late craig sager a collection of pens inspired by him went h w on sale at foot locker. loc three pens feature a colorful sager style coat and tie, a t hand holding a microphone andone one reading sager strong.tron the collection costs $25 and is available at football footl lochness new york, california, texas, pennsylvania, florida and georgia. geoia all proceeds benefit the sager r strong foundation to find ain cure for cancer. sager died earlier this months n after a long battle with leukemia. he wasuk just 65.5. >> coming up a departmenteptmen store robbery caught ontn camera. camera. >> yeah, what the bandit seemsms to have his eyes set on oncenc inside and what he manages toest get away with.ith. >> and some angry parents are complaining about this year's
5:40 pm
apparently not only are some hatchimals not hatching,at they're also saying somewhat sow some are hearing to be someng te naughty words.hts >> uh-oh. uh-oh. >> hey, mike. >> hey, sarah.>> hsarah. with a very few exceptions thets showers are gone tort skies are clearing out nicely here be clut temperatures startg to fall. we're out of the 50's. we're back into the 40's. winds are starting to pick up as well. it's going to be a very breezy evening and a very cold ande bar breezy t fo a cridaoly.riy. old man winter's coming back.g b i'll let you know how longho lon he'll stick around coming upomgp just after the break. bak stick with us.stic >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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5:43 pm
ntrit helps put some distance between you and temptation. clinically proven to help reduce hunger between meals. from metamucil, the #1 doctor recommended brand. >> ♪♪ >> take a look at this incredible video from pennsylvania. r robber used aake cr sedleibdge to help smash his way into a ino kohl's department store earlyarm wednesday moin
5:44 pm
once he entered the storeheto going directly towards the tards jewelry and watch section. s police say he made off with w $100,000 worth of items. >> this year's hottest toyottest this holiday season is coming c under fire once again. again some hatchimals reportedly have a potty mouth. yup, a potty mouth apparently. >> okay. that.have it at some parents say the toy is i swearing when it's men to beo be itee didn't sound like swearinga to sounded like something else. spin master makes the toys.the . they responded sayingin hatchimals speak their own language made up of random rando sounds and we can assure youur y that the hatchimals they are not saying anything inappropriate.inapat the company has also been bombarded with complaints on facebook and twitter that theiokr and hatchimals aren't hatching.hatc. >> well, that's also a problemta but i think it's a
5:45 pm
dirty minds that are just ats th work is really what i think it is. >> it's just jumble that youju put together. >> wait, does that soundt, d like -- ke >> it's a sound i've never heard... sad i've never heardev of them before.ofbe >> i think they're new >> they're new. >> they're a hot toy.>> ty're at > t> i wasn't playing with themm growing up.g u >> no, no, neither was i. was i >> how are we looking? iong? think somebody asked me todayay about what it's going to looko o like this >> weekend looks -->> wee >> going to be niceke tond go ot >> it looks all right. rig. you'll definitely need a jacket. beautiful sunset.unse is that the mgm on the leftthe side of the screen? mg of threen absolutely gorgeous tonight.. matt torans question weekends qu is looking okay.isooki if you're heading out for any a new year's eve festivitiestivies it's definitely going to be on the chillier side. it should be dry for new year's eve so there's goouldd o news. again one more live look outside. absolutely gorgeous tonight. 52 degrees. last year warmestre december onn record we were at 53 degrees.53. record high for today is 75 from1
5:46 pm
this afternoon and again aga temperatures will be fallinges w through the next few hoursnext s here.he 49 your current number here in washington. gaithersburg good evening 41 degrees.rg41 leonardtown 43.own 43. dulles at 45. martinsburg 41.urg 4 42 degrees at this hour in what you're going to start tog t notice especially if you livelle west of d.c. but we're in the i too far away from windsfar picking up here in wawashingtong as well is the winds are a absolutely going to be gusting tonight 30, 40 and in somee cases over the blue ridgerie mountains 50 miles an hours 50 plus as some colder air starts t to spill into the region.ll i already gusting to 25 atnt gaithersburg, 36 at dulles, 29 manassas, 26 for frederick anddi again the winds are only going g get gustier as we continue toin head through the evening hours s thanks to this big stormigrm system brought a lot of snowno to upn state new england,nd, upstate new york and then downyt herehe in washington we had thee showers earlier this morning and aside from maybe one orne o two sprinkles or really spottyyy showers out there, generallyen things are clearing up and up a it's just going to be colderoldr air that's starts to spillo spil into theeg
5:47 pm
different story for the mountains.erent mountains. we'll talk about that rightlk now 'cause look at your abour futurecast.futucast midnight tonight snow showersshw really picking up through the higher elevations mostly westward facing slopes.s. should be good one for the skire resorts which i'll show in youwy a minute. they're looking at about 24 to4 36 straight hours of some of s pretty good snows out there in o the mountainsws but again most m that of will stay to our west.t. near d.c. i can't rule out an isolated flurry but it flurry bt wouldn't be anything to i worryy about us a head out and about on friday.on f there are your current weather alerts. we have winter storm warningsntr for the peeks out there to the west as well as some winter weather sadviss ories ouforwelr portions of west virginia andgid the extreme panhandle ofnd o maryland. wind advismaories out for the fe tops of the blue ridge and of course some of the higher highe peeks in west virginia asas well.we here in d.c., not up to windwi advisory levels but still verytr windy as we head through yourghu thursday night and into yournd o friday. snowfallome of these totals they're expecting outut in the mountains.ntains all those darker bluesr blue anywhere from six to 12-inches, a couple purplesples are a foot
5:48 pm
definitely possible and the ski resorts should do well with. with that snowshoe west virginia,irgi ski liberty too far east forty t you only a dusting to an inchoo expected for them. for good news at least snow is starting to few.ting to few. resorts haven't had the bestve start to the season. friday aftern'art noon here in n washington we have lowin pressure off to the north,gt high pressure to the o sff touth little bit of a squeeze playze and you will definitely feelely the winds as you head outdut tomorrow morning. gusts 35 to 50 miles an hour, probably 40 plus here in washington. wind chills throughout yourut friday 20's and 30's evenn though temperatures mayemraturey briefly touch 40 it will be a much chillier day an day that tt really kind of feels like late december. 41 in washington for a high.or h 39 for gaithersburg andor gth frederick. it will feel five toel fiv 10 degrees colder than that tomorrow. 37 hagerstown, 38 martinsburg,a, learned town about 43 degreeswn so abo much more reasonable anda much more late december like.e. the weekend town clouds on newl year's eve looks like l 47 degre.
5:49 pm
f you're heading downtown forn r any festivities or heading out and about should be okay. sunday mix of clouds and sun, s can't rule out a spotty lateate i think the redskins game isgame going to be okay. oka i know that's at 4:25. 4:2 take a quick look at your fox5 x accuweather 7-day forecast.he went through ther 7- weekend all right. monday and tuesday look like lok showers. we briefly get back up intok upo the 60's before we cool downl d again next thursday. t all right, that's a check of e w weather. sarah, matt, back to you. >> thanks, mike. mik >> all right, the redskinsthe play this sunday with theirheir playoff fate in their hands. hds >> they're playoff hopes could u fade away with one rare twistwi of fate. hey, brody. t and sarah, thehe team doesn't even want tooesn consider it but there is a way the skins could win thiss could sunday and still miss theth andm playoffs. a way they know all too well.el we'll break down that worst wor case scenario ahead in sports. >> ♪♪
5:50 pm
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>> ♪♪ >> murphy's law states anything that can go wrongng t will go wrong. let's think of the least possible way the skins couldns be knocked out of the playoffs o this saturday way tie.utisat not theurir own tie. t if the skins beat the giantsthea they're in unless the packers and lions tie that night.. which has happened two timestwom this year. y but that is a 200 percent00 pcet increase over last year.ease ove it's a scenario the skins don't even want to consider. >> yeah, we've tried to put a -- not to put a whole lot oflo time into worrying about whatbow else happens. i'm sure after the game comeome sunday if we are fortunate f enough to win the game we'lle gl keep a close eye on that one but right now it's all aboutll t the giants. g
5:54 pm
>> i don't care. it has nothing to do with me. only thing that has to do with w me is winning the ball game. wins and loses. nothing more, nothing less.noths >> we know we can't control that whatever happens with that game but, you know, tiesnot don't come a whole lot so we're just hoping and prayingrag that doesn't happen. >> packers lions tie would wou defy some pretty long addsdd would a maryland woman'som basketball win. the the terps have never beaten uconn. uco to the men's side of the college basketball court if you're looking to get a heade bd start on your new year's y resolution the hoyas have you h covered. the team is hosting a 20 minute mixer for anyone trying y to find love in the new year.n e the first 100 hands will get free broccoli to start their new year's sta diet and atand halftime. halftime >> yes. yes, free at halftime there will be an arena wide workout with theith t classic sweating to theinto t oldies.
5:55 pm
well, sorry gentlemen, serena is off the iof today tennis player serenaeren williams announced her engagement to alexis ohanion. on he's worth an estimated million dollars while williamslm is worth $150 million.llio >> are we going to see a picture or just this cartoon. >> this is what they released. >> it is. >> w he's from howarhad douunty. first thing he did after a reddit was sold the first fir thing he did was upgrade his dad's tickets.ic >> thanks for being with us.s re >> fox5 local news at 6:00 starts right after the break. good night. >> blank >> blank
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 local news atwsa 6:00. >> retaliating against russia.a. the white house lays out plans l to punish theay country for reportedly interfering with i the u.s. it's good to have you with usou tonight. i'm tony perkins and. >> i'm sarah simmons. smons shawn has the night off.. critics say the move could could drive a deep wedge between thewe president and his successor.ce in addition to the president'srs action the department of statefe has said as of noon on fridayri russian access will be denied to two russian governmenterent owned compounds.compounds. one in maryland which you seear here and oneylan in new york. fox5's tom fitzgerald starts s us off tonight with the latest developments.deve >> reporter: so far therelo appears to be bipartisan support for president obama's move. republican speaker paul ryan p calling this move overdue. virginia democratic senatorra
6:00 pm
important step. sp. but where there does appear to a be a disconnect tonight isonight between the current and incoming presidents of thedent united states.ta donald trump less than 24 than 4 hours ago saying that he did not have great confidence inconn the reports of the russianus hacking despite u.s.u.s. intelligence reports to theepor contrary. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives.nk we wi i think the cthompu oteurrs havv complicated lives very greatly. the whole, you know, age ofge computer has made it wherehe nobody knows exactly what'sly wa going on. >> our goal continues to be to b sends a clear message toessageo russia or others not to do this to us because we can doo stuff to you.. >> reporter: the obama administration's economicnist sanctions are aimed at tworaonai russian leading intelligence services and their topirop officials. u.s. intelligence determined dei that they actually ran the computer hacking operations. remember, those cyber attacks at of the democratic nationalationa committee


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