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tv   Fox 5 News Edge 6  FOX  December 29, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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important step. sp. but where there does appear to a be a disconnect tonight isonight between the current and incoming presidents of thedent united states.ta donald trump less than 24 than 4 hours ago saying that he did not have great confidence inconn the reports of the russianus hacking despite u.s.u.s. intelligence reports to theepor contrary. >> i think we ought to get on with our lives.nk we wi i think the cthompu oteurrs havv complicated lives very greatly. the whole, you know, age ofge computer has made it wherehe nobody knows exactly what'sly wa going on. >> our goal continues to be to b sends a clear message toessageo russia or others not to do this to us because we can doo stuff to you.. >> reporter: the obama administration's economicnist sanctions are aimed at tworaonai russian leading intelligence services and their topirop officials. u.s. intelligence determined dei that they actually ran the computer hacking operations. remember, those cyber attacks at of the democratic nationalationa committee
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headquarters leaked internalrs e-mails which embarrassed hillarys wh clinton's campaign a forced the dnc chair woman to wn quit her post during the hdu convention. in addition 35 russiann 35 r diplomats who work at the at russian embassy here inerin washington and the russian r consulate in san francisco,co they have been expelledave beenl tonight.t. they and their flames familiesle have three days now to leave lea the united states, also, as of noon friday russian compoundssic in maryland and new york, theyoe have been ordered.rder closed and despite donaldespi trump's call to move on manyve n people we talk to say they support president obama's actions today.s t >> i think weod should retaliatl at a time of our own choosing.ho we shouldn't tell anyone whate w we're going to do.'re >> i think we probably should have done -- taken sobtepsab to retaliate several weeks ago. a >> reporter: too late now.teoo . >> yes, too late now.>> >> i m yeaesn, i've seen thehe headlines but i mean what arewha they really going do. >> if the evidence indicatesinda
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they have been interfering ie be think that we shouldn't just let that stand. bout.ould do something aat w >> reporter: a spokespersonkespo for russian president vladimir putin says moscow regrets the united states actions todays aca and is considering a retaliatory effort of its own. n what is any other known at this point is whether or notin president-elect donald trump will keep theset is st-anelction place when he is sworn intoor office here on capitol hill in just 22 days. d on capitol hill, tom tom fitzgerald fox5 local news. new >> now there's a lot of reaction to this news as yous a can imagine. >> indeed. fox5's lauren demarco isarco i live outside the russianhe russi embassy in northwest with that angle of the story.he sry. lauren. >> reporter: well, yeah, as we've been standing here theorte past few hours we've seen s several vehicles leaving theiclt russian embassy here on wisconsin avenue. i want to show you sveome of that video. all of them that we saw a white van an white truck thenn some dark colored vans a a shuttle bus with a lot ofh a lo people inside.ople iide. not clear if that's relatedselat but there are a good number ofue diplomats here and their
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leave the country within the the next 72 hours. hou i spoke way spokesperson forfor the embassy asking how many of those 35 diplomats actually actl reside here in washington.asngt. i was not given an answer. they say they have no commentom right now other than what a spokesperson for the kremlinin has said. spokesperson for the kremlinrson today putting out a statementout describing the move bybing the m president obama as unpredictable and aggressiveggre saying we will certainly certaiy respond adequately and it willtl be determined in line witheit decisions adopted by russian president vladimir putin.adimirp there is no doubt that thishat h adequate and mirror response will make the u.s. side feelee very uncomfortable as well.el want to show you some of that other video we've been talkingel about this compound. compo compounds in new york and thenin here in maryland on the eastern s nhorere i.n . the one in maryland wasan purchased by the soviet government back in the 1970's. ' it became something of a resort for russians livingans lg here in the united states ande a a state department officialen sent us a statement saying
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45-acre property at pioneerat p point in maryland wast inyl purchased by the sovietsed by se government in 1972 access will be denied as of noon on friday december 30th.h. we have nothing more to addre td beyond that.ndhat. we do know that over the yearsea there have been rumors ofumors espionage going on at then compound there and clear that ct seems to be something that is being looked into at thisoked it point and we know that it willo be shuwet dow kn as of tomorrow. speaking with people here in the area, no one's reallyy surprised, those living hereger near the russian embassy butassb they do say it's somewhat of af curious thing for them beingmei that they visit shops here,er see the children and familiess who live here going school, soo out playing, so certainly interesting to have this rightoa here happening in washington,veg d.c. but we don't know the exact number or while we don'tin know the exact number we dor weo know that there will be will b families leaving the countryheou from right here at the embassymb on wisconsin that's the latest here in northwe,
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local news. >> meanwhile fox5 is yourisou station for just remember to tweet us yoursu thoughts right now about the t u.s. imposed sanctions onio russia. use the #5at6:30. #5a:3 then look for your tweet onwe o our political show coming upp next at 6:30.:3 it's a phone call that cal could mean the differencefere between life and death butn ea with more and more emergency calls coming from cell phones, the ability to pinpoint exactly where the emergency isn is alsothe more and as fox news correspondent jonathan serrie reports theor t result can be deadly. c be dead >> reporter: checking in onn facebook ordering an uber,g anbe your smartphone's gps can pinpoint your exact location. yu but when your call 911,11 operators may have no idea ide where you are. between 70 to 80 percent oft o all emergency calls are madee on cell phones.hos. >> 911 what is the address ofddo your emergency. >> reporter: and many of those calls go to theepor wrongo 911 center. >> our most important question is what is the location of your emergency. nt reporter: currentt imt is tech
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determine where you are.rminer but the tower your phone pingshs may be miles away or even in another >> i'm going have to transfer te you to the steve ross well,l, okay, because you're outside'ret of our jurisdiction.urdi >> reporter: we conducted ad a test call standing inside the alpharetta 911 center where there were at least threest misdirected calls in the twote hours we were there.hours er >> 911 as the address of your emergency. >> reporter: this is jonathan serrie with fox news s doing a test.errie can you show me what addressss is showing swing >> it's showing your cell tower location 3129 old milton o parkway. >> reporter: more than a mile away from where i waseporww hestanding so we conducted a second test using technology tel from the startup laser 911. 9 >> can you please tell me theou address that just ppolepped upu your screen.ur >> reporter: and this time the 911 operator pinpointedinine our exact location immediately. >> your phone is very good atphs understanding where it is sondin we let the phone do its work.k. it tells our system where itm we is and then our system utilizes the cellular network no
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data necessary to complete theso call. >> the amount of time that's spent in the 911 center cter getting to the right locationhtt is time that's wasted getting responders to the scene. sce >> reporter: the federalal communications commissionatio estimates even a one minutee improvement in 911 response times for mobile callers could c save more than 10,000 lives a00l year. the fcc is mandated that by 2021, 911 centers must be ablebe to identify at leastst 80 percent of emergencymeen callers. call even so, that means as many as y one in five may still fall through the cracks.he cra in alpharetta jonathan serrierie fox5 news.x5ews. >> questions remain tonightst over how the manions accused of murdering tricia mccauleyering m managed to freelycc walk thehe streets after so many run ins with the law. mccauley was a local yogaa teacher found dead in her carer earlier this week after going missing on christmas day police say the suspected killer adrian dwayne johnson jns had skipp
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days before the murder filedor show upe to get a gps trackingn device he had been ordered to wear. we >> we feel as though the justice system is broken in bke this case and that we pray to god that our slows notur slows something else that anyonee else will ever have to go >> with so many people youany py upset about this we invitedited deputy mayor for public safety kevin donahue to speak with spet us. us he'll be here in studiobe here u tomorrow morning at 8:30. >> well, a grandmother and her five-year-old great granddaughter respect foundau alive after goingghte missing ff four days. police say 71-year-old barbaraba briley and her great granddaughter la myer wereere supposed to be making a christmas road friendship news o jersey to north carolina butadno something went wrong along thehe way. on wednesday, they weresd spotted near their vehicle inehc a wooded area in din woody woo county just south of richmondond virginia. virgin the pair was taken to theiair wn hospital.hosp at last check barbara was in w serious condition, her greater t granddaughter is
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fine. well, is d.c. giving the, is new first family the cold shoulder? we went out andut and asked viewers if the district dr is ready and willing to t embrace the trumpe thtrump administration. we've got the answer just ead.d. >> then, it's a seconds chance for one teenager.r. how a police officer turnederurd what could have been an arrest v into a teachable moment.t. >> hey, it's been a very, very not so bad thursday but skies haveav cleared, showers are gone ande now colder air is spilling spiln into the region.tohe r how long it will stick aroundtin coming up in just a bit. tony. >> and if you've got a storyf y' idea we encourage you to call tc the fox5 tip line.ip lin here's the phone number. (202) 895-3000. 895-300 you can also e-mail your tips to >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> take a look this video is going viral tonight. it shows aa logoin texas policep officer dealing out an unusualan puni
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push-ups. pu a lot ofsh push-ups. ph-ups. it all started when thehen t officer caught the teenthe tn smoking marijuana outside of afa movie theater.. according to the video, circulating on social media,iald the officer allowed the teenhe t to do 200 push-ups instead ofsto taking him to jail.ail. >> wow. >> yup. as you can see, he definitelyefy struggled. a woman who was walking by b decided to film it and show ithi to her own kids as a she posted the video to facebook. it has been shared hundreds ofsr times with people commentingpl on how proud they are of the the officer's >> it is another way to deal with such a situation. anoa sito >> it's a teachable moment. >> i would say so. well, if you could live nextoule door to any celebrity who would it be? >> i don't know. yeah, that's a -- i don't know, .that >> some are a little wild. >> yeah. >> might want to be carefulht w who you choosane.u ce. >> a new survey from the web web site zillow puts the firsthe fir family at number one on theonhe list of most desirablee neighbors. partly because it would be it u safe in that president obama first lady michelle sasha and malia
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14 percent of the vote narrowly edging duane the rock johnson. but did you hear d.c.t diu commheunity has not been very receptive to ivanka trump t moving to the district. distric same goes for kellyanne conway. should the nation's capitolap be more welcoming?elcomi >> i think that, you know, kno that the sentiment wouldld reflect how the d.c. community voted. >> i think it's to be expected e from the way he behaved during his campaign. >> it's still tension. still tei i'd say it's more work. >> apparently ivanka placed p eighth on the list and kellyanne conway is having trouble getting her kids intos o a private school as for who was voted the least desirable celebrityrabl neighbore that went to jeepto justin bieber followed by rob kardashian and black chyna. chy >> all right. well, a staffing crisis acrosssa the country has reached a r
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boiling apparently there are notre a n enough cooks in the kitchen.ooki we're going to tell you whyell and what it could mean theeanhe next time you dine out. >> and a giant food store employee was in the right place atnd the r a gightoyee w t how her coworkers helped to t save her life. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't nice pick. pops, your pick. art monk! retired. i'll take him over these fools playing today. aw come on, man. that's not how this game works. art monk! i want to change my name to hot mamma!
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>> i know you've heard of thew saying there are just too many cooks in the kitchen. the next time you're enjoyingyok a nice dinners o tutime yo witr you should know that statementht may not be true. >> yeah.h. fox's anita vogel has more onoro a shortage that could be talle l order to fill. >> here we have miami. right now h he's a line cook but due to the nature of theure of shortage of line cooks heim iski also like my kitchen rightight hand man. m >> reporter: john atkinson ain owns two restaurants in restaurn southern california and likeora many others across the nationat has trouble finding young aspiring chefs willing to get their hands dirty. >> it's not what you seeth on
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tv. tv there are no bobby flays inlays any of these kitchens. kch it's really just sweat and hard and hot. h >> this is our secret spicet that we have. >> reporter: it's the same story in new y orte where salvatore coppola likes to likes keep his restaurant brimming with family recipes butecip b worries about finding help.s abd >> long hours.urs. getting paid 15, $22 at this point. po it's it's just a difficult d job. >> reporter: the bureau of the f labor statistics estimates eim 200,000 more cooks will be0 mo needed in the next eight years but the supply has beenas b chopped by the highee cost off culinary school wages that canst start off at just $10 an hour au and millennials wanting to go tg out on their own like aspiring r baker brittany hicks. >> by the time we graduate we really are like okay, i'veka i'v kind of done that already. alrd. now let's -- now let's brancheta out and do it for myself. mys >> these are students who saw s
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impacted by the recession ofon f 2008. 2008. they don't want there toon want happen to them.hem. they're completely entrepreneurial in spirit.t. their desire is to start is something on their own. >> reporter: who paysmeth theint price if there's not enoughh chefs. chef >> if we have six cooks went cks go down to four swelled to sllet reduce our menu drastically.stal >> we're talking about guysal ao who are shrinking options making less -- lesses interesting food for consumersor which is not what we want to wan document kitchen staffs are also shrinking because of aninki increase in the minimum wageiniw and rising healthcare costs c which are eventually passedare down to you theev customer.usme in los angeles, anita vogel, fox new >> there you go. >> complicated issue.omplicateds >> it is. there's not one reason. rso >> no. >> you know, behind it.ou kw, >> no.>> >> if you're looking for a job i guess go looking for a kitchen. >> go to cooking school -- soo culinary school.choo >> culinary, yes. we know what>> you meant.ou mnt >> thank you very much. m let's find out what'slet' ha
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got a couple interesting and important days ahead. new year's eve, new year'ss ingt day, redskins game. mike thomas is here with theere latest on all that of.althat o >> you guys looking festive in the kitchen. >> i know. >> this is all about coming upig on our next hour we're goingre g to talk about new year's eve yrs and all that fun stuff. >> good tron tune into 5 at 6:30.:3 >> always good reason.s rea >> yeah, of course.f cour. >> always. >> the food just makes it foojut extra special.peci >> absolutely.>> >> all right, taking a look outside mgm the beautiful but sunset we had is gone.d ison skies are still clear thoughar g but winds are starting to pucko up out there. good news is ns i we're done with the rain. rain. those to the west will seet wi some snow as we head througheadr the evening hours so it's not here in i d.c we're looking pretty goodngrett here. here's that big storm systemtorm that many brought us the showers early this morning, m about a quarter incanh ofs earli here in washington.ton. it's what we's wt we do still need some of the we're still running a deficitnnn on the year. locally it's starting to clearnl out here and we're just dealing with mostly clear mostl skies and some higher it's out to the west. wes it doesn't look like muchook lic right now where we could see s some signii
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overnight hours especially the westward facing slopes.lo winter storm warning actually in effect including garrett county maryland,ect einxtreme e western allegheny maryland --an- allegany county maryland asmayln .ell. heading down to the south sou along the front range of the appalachians.appa winter weather advisories and ad then wind advisories for the weeksd ad as well with wind guss could be 50, 60 miles an hourle through the overnight and intosv the early morning hours oerfnigo tomorrow. temperatures starting to fall sa just a bit.rt a 47 here in washington.ngto gaithersburg into the 30's at 39 degrees.39 deg 43 at frederick.. westminster is at 39. a dulles at 43 degrees this hour.ho and winchester is at 37 degrees at this hour asesis h well. those winds as i mentioned m starting to pick up already. aea gust of twenty eight here intw washington, 26 forwashin gaithersburg as well aswell a martinsburg. 22 for frederick and from time to time we could see windse wels gusting upwards of 20 to 30 miles an hour later on tonight.togh with those winds factored in feels like run in washington, wg 38 girls many gaithersburg, 36e3 at frederick and take
6:21 pm
at these wind chills as we continue to progress throughshr the evening hours. hou it will not be pleasant as youn walk outside tomorrow morning mr forget in jacket, 28 degrees8 de is what it will feel like by l 8 o'clock in the morning, 22 mog for gaithersburg, martinsburgarg 19, winchester for those for tho morning wind chills and as we c head through the afternoon the n they won't really come up that t much. up to the freezing mark in d.c., 26 for gaithersburg, 28 2 for frederick. tomorrow feelsr fr much, much mm like a winter day than today tod did that's for sure.for sure. certainly no 50's tomorrow tomoo afternoon.oo canadian cold air connection. c all that pink you see in see i southern canada look at thek att wind bars coming from the t north and the west heading to our area that's bringing someino of that winter cold down. haven't seen much of it the past wt eeseken but we will tomorrow. . definitely a windy most of us will seenite sun all day. one or two of us could could potentially see a no worries here locally fore lo anything sticking or anything ah ke that.t. let's skip ahead to thet' weekend. what can you expect? highs sk pressureanou e takes control onn saturd.
6:22 pm
with sstun ending with clouds. d by sunday maybe we're a littletl milder new year's dayerew yea temperatures briefly touching tn the 50-degree mark.50-degree m we have some showers mostly tor the south of d.c. but i can't c totally rule one out for the late afternoon and evening hours. here it is. degrees on saturday. saturda sun to start. srt clouds to finish. fis by the time we get to sundayun 53 for daytime highway spotty s late afternoon or evening eve shower. sh that could potentially affecttit the giants and redskins game.ts i think temperatures will be in the upper 40's for that andtt there in maryland. mylan good luck redskins.good luc big, big game coming our wayg oy this y 33 degrees overnight tonight.esn take a look at your fox5ig accuweather seven-day forecastnf real quickly.uick weekend not too bad.t bad again, just a spotty showerr for new year's day.r's monday, tuesday the real r soakers of next week withk temperatures being back to thehe 60's by next tuesday andynd wednesday. >> again. >> again. >> weather a all over the place this winteeathr. >> it a allplact is. but sometimes it does this int o winter. >> yeah. >> my gosh. all right. i guess we'll take it, you ngow, because it's goi s we snow and -- blizzards or something st in january.
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[laughter] >> we usually >> why don't you leave that tott ke.e. >> yeah, okay. yea all right. thanks, mike., m we have got an update for you on a marine veteran jeteter skiing from the d.c. area tom e. miami for a great cause. pk ewing left on his journey jou christmas eve with the hopeswith of arriving in miami one weekee later on new year's eve.'s e his charity take point now isows trying raise money for both veteran issues and suicide prevention through the semperhem fi foundation. and we're happy to report thatep ewing is currentlyort near jacksonville florida just ari js few hundred miles from his his destination.destination. he's got a wet suit to keept k him warm. a helmet with the ability to abo communicate and also storageat space fore food. f if you would like to make ald lo donation you can visit takean vk point and do so. so. >> very interesting.esting. >> wish him luck.ism l >> yeah. >> i was wondering how he was staying warm. wondestayin i'm glad he's got a wet suit, wi you know, he's protected andct everything. >> it's a cool looking jetoong t ski, too. >> yeah, it is. having some fun. >> stay with us. we'll be right back. >>
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i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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>> if you don't know cpr youdon' may decide you want to learn it after this next sto yry.ou >> when an employee at aat a southeast supermarket went into cardiac arrest one of her coworkers jumped into action and helped save her.jump cassandra mainer rushed to the t aid of karen stuart after she collapsed in the busy of the supermarket. mainer and a customer cme performed cpr for 10 minutes until ems came to help. help. >> she said i just went intot wo action. >> scary.>> just to see and not knowing exactly how long she had been hn laying there before i got back >> wow. karen says she is sore bruised u and tired but she's readingd bu home andt her
6:27 pm
cassandra is the reason why. why right place, right time and timd knew what to do. >> absolutely so important foroa people to learn it.arnt. i keep saying i've got to get to retrained on it and i do.i d i keep dropping the ball. bl. that's a good thing to do foror 2017. >> there you y that's a good new year's resolution. >> it's very easy to learn, too.very e don't think it's too complicated.lited. >> it's been simplified, the spf rules on how to do it.o it. there you go.there u go. that's it for us.> for fox5 localth natews at 6:000 >> 5 at 6:30 is coming upominup right after the break. bak. see you then. >> ♪♪ (my hero zero by lemonheads)
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>> ♪♪ >> well, big news today. the white house has slappedpp sanctions on russia for allegedly meddling in lasty dd month's presidential election. . >> as you can see from the run down on the side of yourom screen this is tn th the big sty at 6:30.0. use the #5at6:30.0. so the state department ist is also kicked out 35 russian russi diplomats from its embassy in i washington and consulate in c san francisco giving them and their families 72 hours toours leave the u.s..s president obama said russiansobm will no longer havea sa access t two russian government owne


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