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tv   Fox 5 Morning News 5  FOX  December 30, 2016 5:00am-6:00am EST

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>> mounting tensions between the u.s. and russia. president obama handing down sanctions overe u.obam electiono interference. reaction and details >> we're just 48 hours untilil the new year and in new york yor major preps are under way tondeo make sure everything goes offhie without any we're going to talk about thatk as well. as w >> we'll talk about this, too. t our weather taking a live look outside on this beautifuls beauf friday morning. it is clear, it isfr cool, 37 degrees. we're going have the detailsg vt coming up in just a bit. bit >> good morning to you. thank you very much for joinink g ins. i'm wisdom martin. mar >> i'm maureen umeh.reen uh. yes, we're talking weather andtd traffic on the 5s coming up u with gary mcgrady and erinand in como. but first.t >> we have news to talk abouto how many it's the national it'sh story makinge headlines this morning, the u.s. slapped u. sl russia with sanctions accusingun the country of trying to sway the presidential election fortit donald >> fox5's annie yu is live is le with the latest developmentsevep this morning. good morning, annie. ann >> reporter: hey, goodey morning to you maureen andtoou m wisdom. well, a number of the 35 the 3 diplomats and their familiesd that have been ordered toave ber leave the u.s. within the next
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the russian embassy.mbsy this is the glover park neighborhood and those who live near the embassy have been sayinghoodr th for years ta spying -- there are rumors of rf spying both on the part ofoth russia and the u.s. just righttg here in this area. so, there are even rumors ror about a secret tunnel beneath ba the embassy that we'rehat we're familiar with and when the w news broke yesterday we saw aaw lot of reaction coming out off this from russian nationalsiols that live in the district.isic we saw several unmarked trucks and vans leaving the property.r. however, as of this mornings m the embassy has not released a formal statement regarding this matter. d step the white househite hse handed down a set of punishments for russia rus targeting russia's spyussia's sp agencies as well as diplomatsips that the u.s. were tryingreing to -- that the u.s. says were trying meddle in the presidential election anden president obamati says all americans should be alarmed by russia's actions and this move basically freezes their u.s..s assets and blocks americansmens from doing business with many russia.russ it also shuts down the twoshutst russian government owned compounds, one right near n
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maryland and the other in new ie york and meantime russia denies the hacking allegationseg is that threatening president-elect donald trumpel has repeatedly rejected theected claims of russian interferencene in the election.le he released a statementnt yesterday that you're lookinglkg at that reads in part "timetime for our country to move toneon bigger and better things irhi will meet with leaders of the intelligence community nextmuni week in order to be updated onat the fact of this situation. "that. the latest annie yu fox5 localal news. >> also in the news thisews this morning if it holds a syriansia ceasefire could lead to talks next movement the t ceasefiresei agreement between theent betwee government and rebel groupsnd rs started early this morning.. the truce was worked out bywork russia and turkey is thatt supported by the rebel group.ebo six years of what are innrenn syria have left more than a t quarter of a million people dead and sparked a a massive refugee crisis in europe. >> 29-year-old gerald hall wasew not by police on christmashrtmas day. da the vigil will be held at the site of the shooting on t
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northeast. that's tonight also at 7:00 p.m.onight p. his family says today wouldodoud have been haul's 30th birthday. >> d.c. police have arrested ac woman accused of killing herlinr infant son n july d.c. and ems responded to a call cl for an unconscious child onhild new york avenue one month old christopherhrisph conley was taken to the hospital in grave condition. co. he later died. now earlier this month theier th medicalis mon examiner found thh cause death was blunt neck and d head trauma and conley 's death was ruled araum ha omicidd police arrested his mother mhe 26-year-old deanna debrow-conley in philadelphia.le she faces first degree murder charges. also this morning we havehi new video to show you as moftera deadly hit-and-run in the-r in district. st there's a dark colored suvd su that you're going to see inee just a second captured leavingui the scene following thescene fon accident wednesday ing th northwest.hwes jacqueline coles was walking in the crosswalk along 14thh street and parkwood place wheno she was hit. off. offr jusplt took cole was rushed to the was rushe hospital where she later diedrer from her injuries.nj if you have any information about the car or the driver,or e please contact d
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>> times square is theishe crossroads to the world and ono saturday around a million people will pack midtownk midton manhattan to usher in 2017.01 big events like new year's eveve bring big safety concerns for new york city and while the nypd says there are nore n specific threats, securityecit measures will be stricter thanle ever just in case.ase. >> we're going have one of the most well policed best protected events owe vents at va one of the safest venues int es the entire world given all the assets there we deploy here. >> nearby hotels theaters ands a parking garages are beingei swept and secured whilehile mailbox and trash cans removed and manholes covered with seals and if you plan on joinaning that party td his yeaa the nypd says to leave your leau alcohol backpacks andhol pack umbrellas at home. hom wait a minute you can'tin celebrate with a littlebrate wie champagne. >> you have to do that beforehand i guess.ou hrehand ie >> is that onss. your bucket lit one of the things you want to do. >> i actually do. one year my an td parents cameho up and>> i myre ferment up to nw york and did that. high to work. just tong one yearha
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it just say i did it. i >> i used to have it on mine onn when i got in my 20's.otmy 2 >> you don't any. a >> you got to go up there, the it's cold, crowded you got to stand out there for hours.rou >> now that you have kids --hai- >> yeah. >> i still -- even i still sti would like to do it one time. hey, your sweater, i like >> what's going on.g o >> not much. >> is that on your bucket listkt before you get to your weather to do the new york thing. >> i feel like youet tthe ne dod i think it might have been at mg one time. then you realize what aht pain p it is. i you got to get there at like a 1 o'clock in the afternoon.afteo >> like last year you shouldr yd have gotten there. >> two days later they let you y out of the compound. goodness gracious. stay home and watch it on tv. >> that's usually whatand wa i e up doing.up doing >> that's right.>> tt's it's cold out this morning,orni right. just walking in from the car,her it was -- it was a little bititt brisk. 38 degrees right now. that's obviously not degre thatd as a matter of fact it's goner f up a degree but really, you fre knbuow, t temperatures in the 3s back out to the north and
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west. what you have to do, you have ye to factor in the wind.tor inhe w we're already gusting in some is places up to close to 30 milesol r h hour. not too gusty here in the city yet, all association, but that's goingn,t to change because we've gotot this big nor'easter to theteto north of us, to the northeast na of us actually and so that'so t' helping to kind of kick these te winds up and i think pretty pret much on and off all day longd oa we're going have gusty conditions.cond this is wait really feels like r out there. teaemperatures feelem like lower to mid-20's up tope the north and we feel like we're lower 30's 3s here in town and then down ton t the south, leonardtownna actually feels like 29.9. remember, wind chill factor,wi i it's not a constant. it goes up and down with theown speed of the sustained wind. you still file with the gustswih but it's calculated off of sustained winds. w we don't have much in the wayavu of cloud cover. cer occasional cloud workingonal ac cross. look at all the snow north and west being driven by the wind.hw that will end up on the moundhed taken, higher elevations butonsb occasionally a little flake orar two makes it over. ove kind of a lone survivoco
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down from the mountains out of f the northwest so you might see some flurries here and there tre especially if you're north andoa west you'll see some flurries,o, maybe a couple here in town ifon a little stronger snow band snoa comes across but just prepare for that.for no worries. i'm not expecting anything in the way of a dusting or accumulation. nothing like. that here's your planner fornn the last friday of 2016. 15 degrees -- not 15 degrees. 35 degrees. 35 degre where did that come from? 35 degrees this morning cold. ti we'll be up in the lower 40's. it will feel like it's is n thee 30's all day long with theth t wind.wi. here's erin it's your last friday morning to reportly. >> visit buy a for special offers. >> well, 5:07 keeping a closese eye on the roads gary and 270nd2 wide opened very light volumeigl coming from 70 down throughn t urbana and then again towards the spur. this is my montrose road.osed. not seeing any problems probl northbound quiet conditionsnd q there. we'll take a look atuie'k r mamaps. this isn't the only quiet areaea around the dmv. dmv we're seeing green all over allo the m the beltway throughthe lao
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we're problem free through beltzville. bowie looking good.oo forestville in great shape.. noshes in fairfax i like what i'm seeing e in dale city.eity. closer look inside dale citycit to the beltway across theos t occoquan wide opened. once you get not mixing bowlixio traffic on the inner loopc on looking good. g alu loop moving along just t fine towards the wilson bridge.idge. route one is wide opened ine is both directions and 395 has w been a dream to the 14th street bridge. all area bridges are quiet. qui 14 street, memorial, roosevelt, 11th street, the t key bridge from rosslyn intont georgetown also at speed inpe both i'll let you know if any big b delays start to pick up thisis morning but so far so good forso this final friday morning commute of 2016. final fco soundsmme sofilly to say but is the final friday. southern maryland right now marn trafd fic in clinton lookingki good problem free inrein brandywine at the five and 301 3 split. fort washington upper marlboro o okining good. metro service kicks in at 5:00en and right now all rails are onro time. back to you maureen and to yo wisdom. >> all right, coming up on ightmi fox5ng news morning and they t were this year's hottestotst
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but do some hatchimals have h dirty mouths? >> coming up we're going toe'ret find out what the little birds b are accused of saying. s >> as we head to break, a live l hook across the d.c. region r right now. i thought that was the birds war chirping already. 5:09 is your time right now.t n it is 37 degrees.7 deees. fox5 news morning back afterg k this. this >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> welcome back.>> 5:09 is the time. hundreds of people were evacuated from a rio hotel i5:nt las vegas yelesterd iay becauseu a power outage. the 900 room masquerade towerow went dark when a fuse blue ine e the backup generator accordingon to hotel officials.icls the hotel was under the backup and -- what you mean under backup power because of an a electrical fire that happenedthp earlier this guests were moved to other hot h technologies. no injuries reported. >> case of the missing legsissil has been solved.olved. hmly? in case you haven'tcase h seen it check out this picture e that went virge. it shows a group of girls in in wisconsin posing on a couch a ch but if you look closely it appears the girl in the middle doesn't have any legs. don't have any legs, right. rig. turns out it was nothing but a a tricky camera angle. ale show it again. again. can you recue? >> listen you to maureen.aureen
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>> so, our legs blend together r right here. >> oh, i see, okay, so the two t on the left are wearing black bk so looks like only one hasone legs. there you go. >> okay.ka >> hm. >> all right.ight. >> okay. all right. well, we'll go from that to l goro this.m th who letat the bulls out? that may be the question somee phoenix residents were asking after three bulls roamed freee u in their neighborhood yesterday. cell phone video of the bullsllr eo othe b did not show them hurtm h anythingone they were justone roaming around checking outndhek the scene.sce they did some -- they did senden some people running for cover fv though because you never knowerk what a bull might do. man had on red or something. soi he may have charged you. you no word on what eventually became of the bulls. >> okay. ly that was meantime sorry. sor. >> but it's true. it'se. >> first they wouldn't hatch.'th now this year's hottestt holiday toy coming under firende once again. this time the hatchimals are the some prettyg naughty words
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>> okay. parents say the toy is i swearing when it's meant to be asleep. spin master makes the toys. they responded sayingter maey r hatchimals speak their ownhewn language made up of randomdom sounds and we can assure you the hatchimal is not sayingayin anything inappropriate. >> sounded like moaning,nded lik right.e >> i did. . >> i'm telling you i'm glad my d niece really didn't take toidn't her hatchimal 'cause i don'tuset know. first it didn' t hatch, now they've got potty mouths. >> bring it in and we'll pute'ut it on make the best of a pretty iffy situation.tuatn. >> put it on ebay as a cursing nonhatching hatchimal. t >> there you go. g split the profits.lit e pr >> 5:12. coming up on fox5 news morning i do you have a long distance dise lover this new year's? >> a little piece offing thatff will get you that new year'syear smooch coming up after theer t break.eak. >> we're going break right nowhn way live look across the region at 5:12. 5:1
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>> love that song. >> that's your song. >> this is it. >> back in a moment. >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. we're just days weigh from new year but also we're also just day also fromaway fr biggest game of the season for the redskins. redskin their fate now in their ownfaten hands. now all they got do is win and they're in the playoffs unless e the lions and packers t i think the packers are going ag walk the lions. l the high stakes matchup also at fox game, it's the fox game of f the week, kickoff 4:30. 4 watch the action rider here on fox5. fox5. >> all righty. do or die time. t >> it really is like a playofflo game. >> yeah. >> win and you're in or stay in or --nd yr -- >> that's how we set it up up yesterday. >> yeah, yeah, it's that simple. >> pretty exciting. >> yup. >> well, it depends on which i eli shows up.t i mean, eli is a different guyie from quarter to quarter. >> that's your prediction,redict which eli shows up.p. what are you predicting? >> i can
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>> he's got a c san'segment p cg up. he cannot give a way his trade >> is he coming in.>> i >> we'll talk about that at 6:30. eli will throw two picks twoic 'cause that's what he does.whe s >> wow. >> but the giants are stillare l probably going win.oiin that's what they do. >> it's my time.ime. >> sorry. >> i just don't want all thehe burgundy and gold haters golrs coming at me. i'm sorry. >> 38 degrees at reagan national. feels colder with the winds. winds are 10 to 13 rightlder non happy new year. yea your evening forecast or newt o year's eve forecast cloudsastlo chilly but dry.ut look, there could be a couple ae of spots that will be in the thi upper 30's by midnighllt butt most of us will be in the lowine 40's the way it's lookingki right now.. saturday's pretty good. a lot of sunshine, maybe some me clouds in the afternoon ass this high pressure begins toins scoot to the east a littleto bit. it's going to set up a return te flowup a coming up from the -- - south and the southeast. southea that was for maureen. mre a couple clouds in the afternoon and then
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new year's day, check thisar out. we're going to go's 5th0' 5. it's looking like it's --t' we're still keeping a very v slight chance of a shower butcet it's looking like those sunday n showers will be very, veryery light, very, very slightight actually and down to the southto most of that will be.l be. so, here's the weekend theee forecast for your big holidayidy weekend. 47, upper 40's for saturday. saa new year's's eve 53 on new year's day.. i kept the little icon in for f some light rain but again itain doesn't look like it's a big deloal and theok trend here is that we're going to be drier drr on new year's day.r' d just so you know, okay. oka and now look i want to showo s you the seven-day forecast.oras the first few days of 2017, whoo-hoo!, 53 for january 1st.u1 a little cooler monday,,5 and then we're going to be 60 b on tuesday.ueay 60 on wednesday, all right.l rig so, we're starting off the t year pretty mile. mild.ld here's erin como.'s >> traffic is picking upcking
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no delays d been a relatively quiet lastet l friday commute of 2016.f we are all green all good onoodo our maps.aps. delay free as we make our wayak around the beltway.ay problem free inside thense t beltway looking good in silverlv spring arlington is movings mov along just fine and i like i lik what i'm seeing in groveton. gt. we'll keep you updated if anyf of that changes.. 95 still wide opened evenpene through stafford this morning.o. 66 eastbound through manassasgha and centreville looking goodooko and as we take a look here, we're not seeing any issues anys inside the beltway on 395.95. the beltway itself inner loopwan and outer loop acrosser the wilson bridge cruising.cruising. freeway east and westboundy looking good in botheaoking i directions. all of our secondaries coming from chevy chase massachusetts a wisconsin connecticut are widet opened with very light volumeryi and in southern marylandyld traffic is flowing. is five at 301 split, two then, fort washington coming fromas upper marlborohi you'rnge stilll quiet past dower house. inside the district suitland parkway looking good.lookg go problem free in capitolpitol heights and district heights.ig i like what i'm seeing by theeig white house. e seeing very light volume lighl on all those secondaries ear
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look in maryland right now topnw of the beltway in college parkee u'rere quiet. the ride towards bwi is wide opened.op i'm not seeing any problems on l the way to reagan national or dulles. if you're getting out of towngef for this holiday week you're weo in great shape. 70 also moving along justing ong fine, no issues in olney.ln things on the icc lookingki good. metro again on time foron te for service right i'll let you know if any of k that changes and we're goingreoi take a look next with your you holiday new year's eve travel ea options to get you aroundd lyfely. maureen and >> time is 5:19. let's take a look at the t stories you're engaging withing the most this morning onhis social media with our realtimmom news t >> first up singer andra actress arianna grande speaking out by women being objectified by men. started when by a excited fan ed followed arianna and her boyfriend to their car. c grande took to twitter to twittt explain in the incident made in her feel sick andth objectifiedi adding "i am not a piece ofce meat that a man gets to t utilize for his pleaur
5:20 am
about these moments because bec they're harmful.'re rmfu >> looking for something sweetes to ring in the new year. post mate will bring you a free mcflurry on demand.nand. you can score an m&m and oreo ao treat. treat. >> finally far away from yourarm honey for this new year's eve? if you're not close by so you so can smooch at midnight a new piece of technology couldy solve that problem the kissinger is a gadget that'sr is been knocking around research ra labs for the last few yearsfew s and it aims to let coupleset kiss each other through the the internet . >> [laughter]laug >> it's brightly colored smartphone holster with an inviting plastic pad attached ae to the bottom of the lock lips s with the pad and it transmits pa the sensationnd through an identical holster and an identical pad that's nest lingt your partner's phone.. >> my god. g. >> you got get all the you g details. you got to know what's going on kere. the creator say
5:21 am
for the tech is to install a scent option. oion. >> what's after that.hat's >> why stop there.>> >> i'll tell you what's after wr that. the tease is right after that.. >> oh.>> o >> that whole thing is going g sideways before it even launches. >> too much sleep.un >> on this>> t last friday of tt year. ye 5:21 is the time. come congress and onth fox5 newn morning hollywood heartbreak. >> goodness. fansoo gathering to say farewell actress debbie reynolds t the latest on her unfortunateortunae passing. >> we're going to break right now with a live look across g the d.c. a live e. we're back in just a moment.t. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> welcome back at 5:development a look at some of the stories making headlines this morning a texas woman is dead and her two>>pmend da herughters injured after thee
5:24 am
the tragic accident happening thursday morning. the mom and herthursd children l nearly 20 feet from a four f person ski lift at ski granby gb ranch. the two children are in the hospital. last night fans of debbieo l s e reynolds gathered on thered hollywood walk of fame to payme tribute to her as they lefthey candles and flowers on the on t star that bears her the legendary actress diedss die wednesday at the age of 84 a o84 day after the death of her daughter carrie fisher.isr. some believe that debbie bel reynolds died of a broken heart. he >> ♪♪ >> 5:24 is the time right now. e let's get over to garyver to g mcgrady and talk about the aboue weather. how consistent is it going to be over the next couple days gary? consistently cold? is c it going change? up and down? a >> this will be the coldest be c day for the rest of the year. y >> i like when you do that. t >> we'll have a warming trendnge towards the end of the year and then we'll be fine.d then here's what's going's actually the beginning w of 2010 looks like it starts offt o fairly mild, o
5:25 am
38 right now.ow it's a little blustery out there. temperatures are holding in the mid 30'sat nuresorth and we, upper 30's here in town.own. the wind speeds have kicked upp a little bit though so it thougt feels like it's colder.coder. look at those winds starting stt to gust over 20 miles perst hour. close o per to 30 for martinsbu. through the day we'll beugh thea dooling with some pretty stifff winds. winds. wind chill now feels like 31ike here in town. of 20's the feels-like fee-l temperatures north and west.uren again, even with sunshine s today it's going to get intoo tn the 30's with the winds picking up a little bit. a here's erin como. dayhe traffic of the >> 5:25, gary, and we're going e to do a little tour of theur oft area with our live cameras. cams right now 95 at dale boulevard e is very quiet north and sohbouound. it's at speed.'s a any other seeing any slowdownsts new york crashes reported.rash p as we forward our cameras it'se' the same story on 66. on 6 if you're waking up in gainsville manassass centreville you can seere traffic picking up a bit ovincee you pass 234 getting towardsow 28 but not even causing anyusiny delays and i love what i'm a seeing on the beltway rindghttht
5:26 am
w and outer loop it's a steady std flow of traffic but again a light enough to be at speedatped the entire stretch. set not seeing the rain problems prl we had yesterday morning. morni top of the beltway in college park cruising through the outer loop past new hampshire, e 95 to georgw iaha at area tends to bang later in -- back uplater in the morning. metrobus shaping up nicely this morning. s grab a jacket though.ha jacke it's going to be ct old outthob there. back to you. back to you. >> 5:26 is the time.>> 5:2 coming up on fox5 newsew morning. >> this guy is accused of viciously attacking a woman in an upscale d.c. hotel.ot. the item that police used to track him down.ow >> we're going to break right gi now with a live lngook outside i across the region. 5:26, 38 degrees. 3 back in a moment.t. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> today on fox5 news morning o the white house slaps russian fo withe ho severe sanctions.anio we're live at the russian embassy. embass new this morning brandsth new video of a deadly hiisnew vit-and-run in the distd police hope you can help themn p catch the driver who fled from r the fatal accident. fox5 news morning starts right now. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. mi >> good morning to you. thank you very much foror joining us. i'm wisdom >> i'm maureen umeh.>> i today is good day, the last couple of days before the end e of the year.ea >> we're moving into a newto n
5:30 am
coming our way way namaste. i don't even do yogmasta and i'd saying that. t hey gary mcgrady.hey >> sounded good, though.gaoundet >> it sounded good. iunded >> yeah. >> all right. >> yes. >> sometimes it works. okay. sew see you guys in just an just bit. let's talk news now.s >> this morning in the news, the u.s. strikes back.nomorn the e whs. site house handed doa sweeping set of punishment foreo russia. >> this come after the u.s.s cor accused russia of trying to try sway the presidential electionre for donald trump.ntfor ld t fox5's annie yu is live from lem the russian embassy now with not the latest.t. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodey, good morning to you maureen and wisdom. well, it's all quiet out here ot this morning at the russiannings embassy and a number of those t 35 diplomats and theirloma families that have beenmili tha ordered to leave the u.s. within the 72 hours lives h right here at the embassy and we were out here yesterday.te we actually have some video vido that we shot when we were oute here as the news broke and we saw several unmarked trucks and vans leaving theeral propery and as of this morning, the, the embassy has not released a formal statement but in a boldod step the white house did handsed down a set ofid punishments for
5:31 am
russia targeting spy agencies as and diplomats that the says wereomat trying meddle in t election recently andctio president obama says all americans should be alarmed by russia's actions and the move me freezes their u.s. assets, iteti blocks americans from doingrom i business with russia as well wel and the u.s. has also shut down two russian government govn owned compounds in marylandcompn and in new york and senators set john mccain lindsey graham andn the speaker of the house, paulll ryan, all called the sanctionsco long overdue.rd. meantime russia denies theens t hacking allegations and isions i threatening retaliation.alia there's been a lot of reactione over this.s. we spoke to one woman a russian national who lives innai the district and she believeson therict a sanctndions are senses and part of political games.ames take a >> it seems to me quite m q strange because i think thatha american president is leaving now so his actions like thiskehi are really strange for >> reporter: now, last night, president-elect donaldsie trump released a statementreleas that r
5:32 am
for our country to move on to bigger and better things. i will meet with leaders of leao the intelligence community commy next week in order to be updated on the facts of thists s situation. "but again all quiet thisuiet ts morning right outside thetsi russian embassy and we're toldre by the director of publicub affairs here that theth ambassador may speak out laterut today. that's the very latest fromlatem northwest d.c., annie yu fox5nny local news.caws. >> 5:32 is the time right now.o. also in the news this morning,, fox5 is in prince george's grg county where police are pole are working to bring a plan tong a o justice who is suspected ofpeed raping a teenaged girl more than a decade aeegona.e ago police say richard taylor islo i wanted for the 1999 rape of a a 15-year-old girl.r-old girl. he was last known to be living l in temple hills. hil a recent dna hit linked taylord to the t crime. crime detectives obtained a want for r for arrest. he's believed to have used used several aliases including ilu damian taylor demetrius taylorar and michael scott.
5:33 am
police used his metro card toaro track him down. dow >> metro transit policeit pol notified us that the suspecthe s was in the metro transitrans system in the train system.te they tracked him out to the landover station area where he had exited out of the metroet system and detectives fromtive metro transit police hade recent video from that day off that individual using theuain metro card and they were able a to locate him very close by, stop him. our detectives responded out ret working very closely withh them, we were able to identifydt him and obtained an arrest arres warrant this evening.nt t >> the 18-year-old suspect whols has not yet been named now faces charges for assault with intent to commit sexualo coit s assault while armed.rm >> an officer shot in the lineon of duty. deputy warren scott hogan was
5:34 am
disturbance call at a homee near chestertown when he gotst into a shootout with the maner inside the that man was killed. kille body cam footage hasn't been released. new video after a deadlyea hit-and-run in the district.tric the dark colored suv that you'll shortly see wasly seeas captured leaving the scenece following the accident whichen w happened wednesday in northwest.t. jacqueline cole was walking in a the crosswalk near 14th streettr and parkwood place when shewood was hit. the driver just took off. cole was rushed to thehe the hospital where she later died le from her injuries. iie if you have any information hav about the car ore driver, drive please contact d.c. police. i know you didn't see it butolst hopefully in the newscastscas we'll show you more video asid we did earlier of the car toar help you perhaps help police pie catch that person. >> all right. now. nme right let's switch gears and talkars a weather with gary mcgrady.with r hey, gary. gar >> kind of cold out thisd of cou morning. the winds have kicked up.winds colder air is coming k there's a big nor'easter north and east of us so we're allst kind of getting ous a return onr the backside of that bringing bg in the winds from the north n and the northwest and a little t bit to the west today so the s t winds will be gusty and that'stt going to keep things cold.gsd. here's t
5:35 am
out there this morning just so you know. this is what you're stepping out to if you have to getwhat y and get going early. ely feels like 23 in winchester,incs feels like 36 culpeper. that's not too bat. too bad.most of the gusts rightw are north and west of the city. look at the satellite and radar. we've had a little bit a oft tht light flurry activity comingurry down from the north and westthes crossing over the highersing elevations. that's going to continue through the morning hours and'sn even a flake or two would not surprise me from time to timeim today. here's a look at your fotoehere'srecast. we start off cold this morning. sta temperatures will be in theatur middle 30's.ille 3s. 40 or so by lunchtime.time. we'll peak out at about 42 aut late this afternoon, come back to 40 for 4 o'clock.lock keep in mind it's going to be breezy to windy all day long.on the wind chill values prettyll v much all day will feel likel l the upper 20's and the 30's.0' here's erin como now with youror friday morning traffic. >> 5:35 and right now the dmvmv is quiet. quiet top of the beltway looking the good out by new hampshire.
5:36 am
talk about how you can getut bmt around town if you're headingeai out, let me get out of the way on new year's eve. sober ride program. call one hit i wasn't-taxi if i you're 21 years of age orge older to get a free ride oet a d saturday night.aturday night. if you haven't used uber before get $20.01 free ridee with the code miller time.ime. lyft is a on option one-800 taxicab. witmer light free rides l program metrobuses andig rails s will be opened this saturday from midnight until 3:00 inl 3:0 the morning with no charge soe o keep that in mind.t in mind. you can always get a deyou signated driver.designat reach out to me oned twitter at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. ttter we want to help everyone geton g around safely and enjoy this t new year's eve ringing in i 2017. we'll keep you updated on your current commute as well.e asel right now metro is on time. t back to you maureen andureed wisdom. >> 5:36 is the time. t tim coming up on fox5 news morning, the saying goess there's too many cooks in the kitchen. not this time. to come there's a nationwide chef shortage find ce out what it could mean for meanf you.
5:37 am
taking a live look outsideok osi across the 5:36 is the time.ime. fox5 news morning back rightk rt after this. >> ♪♪
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5:39 am
>> it is staple at parties andtl picnics. maybe this holiday weekend you can raise your red solo hol cupp the man who created it. it. his son says his
5:40 am
fully understood why the cupup became so popular. said they were never made for keggers. >> staffing crisis across thein countrycr has reached a boilingi point. see why that's interestingesting maureen. >> my goodness. yes, yes.yes,es. >> because there are notecau enough cooks in the kitchen.then bureau of labor statistics creates 200,000 more cooks0,00 will be needed in the next in tt eight years but the supply hasya been chopped by the high costos of culinary school, low wages ls and millennials wanting to go g out on their own do their own thing.g. kitchen staffers have alson stah been shrunk because of an shr increase in minimum wage andun rising healthcare costs whichtsh eventually are passed down tod the customers. >> okay. okay. >> so a shortage of chefs. >> uh-huh. let's talk about carriear fisher. princess dia
5:41 am
>> the carnegie deli gettingarne ready to close its doors today. the legendary pastrami palaceal known for its mountainous mouno sandwiches is shutting down after a a whopping 79 years inho business. 3 eyewitness news get into the eatery stretching down witnes seventh avenue in manhattan as hungry patrons wait to chowto down on the last -- that lookshk so g the last time that they couldou get one of these sandwiches ond the famous pastrami sandwichesnh at $20 a pop. >> look -- >> that's a big sandwich.g sdwi. >> might be worth bwort split it with i mean, w yes, okay. oka coming up on fox5 newsoxew morning new details on singerin george michael. michael >> ♪♪ >> we're going to talk about what we're learning thisearng morning about the singer'sthe health struggles and his finalss moments as well. >> as we head to break a liveakl look across the d.c. it is 5:41. who did this? >> my kids were listening tong this yesterday.terd. they love this song. s >> this song. s it's florida. frida i refuse to call him flo
5:42 am
this song let's leave in ite in 2016. producers, please, hear my plea. we're back after this. >> ♪♪
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5:44 am
>> massive snowstorm causingve major problems for residents in one eastern pennsylvania sobn city. this is the scene in hazeltonn as snow and ice causece cse dangerous conditions on the roads. roads. businesses and homeowners wereew out shoveling walkways whilekwae crews were out cleaning snowgno off the roads and hoping it makes it safe for d
5:45 am >> i'm looking at that and myndy feet get cold when i think about that. >> that's just a couple statesju north. i mean, goodness. i the odds of os o this hitting us.ti >> i tell you what. i'm going to do a facebook a feb update at like 7:30 this0 is morning. >> okay. >> i'm going talk about our next reasonable chance for show. >> uh-oh.easo for >> talked about it yesterday i'll talk about it again todayin so you kind of know what time wt frame we're looking at.. o okay. >> so, if you see it show up in your facebook feed, please like it, share it. we want it to be shareable. sha. >> i'll share it. >> the more shares the better.e. you'll know.yo i think you'll learnearn something. listen, here's what's goinghe's' on.s speaking of snow there's a lot't of it down through the midwest e that's cold air wrappingpp around the backside -- this is a nor'easter right here.easter it's moving through new england. scraped the coast. there's been more -- in some cases there's been moresc tbehan 2 feet of snow from that str'easter. obviously not for us but we're e getting the backside of thatha so the winds are kicking up kicu
5:46 am
buffalo 30, detroit 29.trt 2 nothing too terribly cold heredh even though it's colder thann yesterday. in the lower 40's for highs. 40. still nothing super coldold across the 48 states here.tate h little bit of cold air up into canada but the cold air is is trying reload up there. the new year's eve forecast lookst o g some clouds chilly dry, d temperature in the lower 40's.o4 couple spots maybe in the maybe upper 30's but i think most ofo us through new year's eve will l be in the low 40's.0' it looks pretty good.oo saturday high pressure is here, okay and as the high the g pressure scoots off to there s east of us that will open the door for a fewus tha more cloude year's eve but no big deal.l. first day of 2017 looks okay. o looks like fewer showers. temperatures in the 50 and right now looks like we could have some good sunaturw slookos trend continues, showers will w stay primarily to the south of us and we'll blye dry again for new year's day. d specifics. 47 on new year's eve, 53 on's e3 new year's
5:47 am
again a spotty shower possibleos on new year's day but no bigeas deal. how about today? 42.outoday? . the winds are going to bee gog e gusting. we could have a gust or two to t 40 miles per hour sustained will be 15 to 30 miles periles hour so the wind chill values vl will be in the 20's and thehe 30's pretty much all day long. . 42 today.od. 47 tomorrow. torro 53 for the first day of 2017.01 crazy we're saying little cooler ong monday 51 and then here we go, 60 on tuesday. tues 60 on wednesday.edsday little cooler for thursday. t so we start off the year aboveve normal the way it's looking. lki join me on facebook at 7:30, talk about -- i'm going to t talk about our next best b chance for snow. s >> rightight. >> not guaranteed we'll get g some snow but we'll see wll s there's potentially a little lil window for snow.or i talked about it yesterday astd well. >> i got my boots out just inotn case. >> hey, don't start a rumor. rum >> i'm not starting a rumor. >> do you have those fancy tho snow boots the hunters withhe hw the nice little insert. i >> yes, i do. do. i fee
5:48 am
outside in snow coverage for about 12 hours i might need tohe invest in something reallyea fuzzy.fuzz >> you can get inserts for your hunter boots that makeake them flawlessly warm.y w >> a man in the >> my daughter did that.that >> i got some of those socksse for christmas. christm this is inner loop and outer inn loop by the legion bridge. volume pthicking up but we stili don't have any delays tos report so that's good news.'s g. but we are tracking someckg some breaking news i want to get toet our maps. if you're heading out in the i baltimore area trying to get down toward the capitalapal beltway right now bw parkway p southbound there's a vehicle thv fire closing the parkway at i-195. backed up all the way to 695. take 95 southbound savethboav yourself some time.yourom see that red red l a lot of vehicles stuck behindin that closure point again ain heading down from baltimore 95 you don't want to get stuck inok that mess on bw parkwayarkw southbound.ou. aside from that for the restom t of your friday morning commute traffiidcay is looking sewing se looking go sew g50moving along f new york v
5:49 am
good.go very quiet conditionsly i'llslil let you know when that changes s and we'll keep you updated onato your new year's eve travelra options to get around theun t district. maureen and wisdom.d sdom >> 5:48 is the time right now. n that means it's time to take a e look at the stories you're youe engaging with the most this witt morning on social media with our realtime newson s tracker.r. >> first up the united states sa has slapped russia with new penalties for meddling in the u.s. elections.u.s. electio the u.s. is no stranger to san this practice. pctic los angeles times report theepot u.s. government has a longovnme history of atta empting tog influence presidentialuencia elections in other countries coi as many as 81 times betweenet 1946 and the year 2000. and the time says that doesn'ttn includes military cues and regime changes effortsme c following the election ofthelec candidates the u.s. did not like. notably in iran guatemala and chile. >> next up two women suingmen in saint ives over its apricotpr scrub face wash.ce wh. they pack its apricot scrub s with crushed walnut shells. they claim the scrub is toosoo harsh on the skin and causes anu acne and accelerated agi
5:50 am
the lawsuit says the producthe u label dermatologist tested ist i misleading because it's testedes but not recommended.mended the women are seekingee $5 million in damages. million a >> finally we're learning aallyw bit more about singere' george o michael in the months before he t he according to tmz he was reclusive and struggling withglg his weight in the months i berere his death.n pictures taken back ink i september of michael at a a restaurant in london slow the singer had gained aai significant amount of weight.of tmz also reports he was rarelyar seen out in the months beforeonh his death.his ath george michael died in his micel sleep on christmas day from heart failure. fai >> all right, 5:50 is the timeht right now., rinow another sad celebrity loss to ci report this morning. long time generalrepo hospital actress barbara tar buck has ed.d. tar buck passed away at her pasa los angeles home on monday monda after suffering from a rarem a r degenerative brain disease.rati she was best known for hervebe o role as lady jane jacks the mother of jasper jackson. jacks tar buck was 74 years old new this morning, the rap, a group run dmc filed a $50 million lawsuit againstll several majorio rn etailalers
5:51 am
jet for trademarkrama infringement.ment the group says those retailers i have been selling productsng pru using its name for severalev years claim they go raked in more than a hundred milm lionth dollars of revenue from it since the 80's. so far the companies have not h commented on the lawsuit. >> ♪♪ >> all right. consumers get ready for the allr stars t of 2017ge bt yre ringing the new year in a very bigig way. >> fox's lauren simonettin sim breaks down the business of new year's eve. >> reporter: the count down d to end all count downs, new dowe year's eve is upon us so break e out the bubbly. >> 40 million bubblesllion reportedly in a bottle ofote champagne. >> reporter: but withh 360 million glasses of thellio stuff said to be served during the holiday season, which one tw is best?t? >> the great thing aboutut champagne is that there's a real range of price points. purchasing champagne does notngc have to be exphaensive.xpensive. >> reporter: 1 billion 1 bli viewers are expected to watchtow
5:52 am
down from all around the global the world famous world fu crystal ball will help new hp yorkers and those watchingin celebrate 2017. the ball is covered with a total of 268,888 waterforderfo crystals. >> it is priceless. it's about the celebration>>. in it's about celebrating withng wh your loved ones as that ball drops. >> reporter: when the clock cck strikes we feel more than as we ton of confetti is dropped in times fon squfeare.ttim s for the best seat in the house u the spokesperson for then for t marriott marquis says it will cost you $10,000 for a three t night stay in their ball dropl o suite. its ofew yefits of new year's eve are not only tangible inle i terms of people selling hotellih rooms, people coming here fore the holidays but alsoo intangible because it's a bigig image promotional event sove it's essentially a giant free f advertisement for new yorkisem city for the rest of the world. >> reporter: throughout th
5:53 am
new yorkers alike are forheortev to write their new year's wishes on a piece of confetti.a thatof confetti then rains downd on the crowds in times square. in new york, i'm laurenn simonetti fox business. >> we'll be doing a quiet newinw year's eve at home. h >> all mine are quiet. quiet >> you never go out. o >> i haven't thon since i was'ti married. we used to was go to church wata night service. ini don't want to be in the be reetets atly. >> yeah, there is a concern. the >> if you want to party gou want ahead and do your thing.. >> every once in awhile i like l to have a nice house partyar when you're with friends and it's a controlled environment. i am kind of over it. except there new year's eve inra new york one time t. t >> good luck. >> i'll probably need it.obably let's talk to our facebook k fan of the day. it is ronnie green lookingoo sharp as all getout. get ronnie was nominated by his wife who says he's the best
5:54 am
>> his wife says he watchesys ht fox5 news morning every dayngryd even on his days off. he's been fan for over 20 years. he says ronnie is a fan of tucker and comments on his style every day.ylevery d >> commenting on his.>> com he's looking way to go. >> yeah. >> we call that sunday sharp.un. >> it's sunday something.t's su he looks like he'snday ready too roll. >> look at his little manite ma right there, little cutie.ut >> he's also styling. sli >> the green family lookingamil good this morning.go allod right.ight gary mcgrady, yes, hee did. >> here's where we are this ares morning. temperatures 38 degrees inat town, dulles 34,ur gaithersburgr 34. winds are gusting.s are gusting getting a little gusty here in town now.ow. win chester 36 miles per hourer3 gusts so we could have some s gust out there today up tout thu 40 miles an hour. 40 feels-likelsik temperature.teeratur obviously when you -- when you-y factor in the wind it feels itls like 31 here in town. 25 degrees for gaithersburgur and 26 degrees for dulles. duls. here's the big storm system stom moving up to the north and to
5:55 am
that's a nor'easter but it's is moving o dropping a lot of snow, too.f st we're just getting cold on thetc backside of that.backde o real quick look at your seven-day forecast. 42 degrees today. a few flurries. we're going have new year's's eve 53 -- 47 degrees but newut year's eve looks g i mean, m it's dry and temperaturesra generally speaking will be inwib the 40's. 4 new year's day 53.w ye's d how about that? spotty shower on new year's day and thennd some showers around monday butat 51. then we're going to go too 60 degrees on tuesday.. 60 degrees on wednesday.ed i'm out. here's erin >> i need to pick out my new mye year's eve dress, gary. g >> you haven't done yet.ou h >> i have some options.ns. breaking news coming out cou of the baltimore area. bw parkway southbound dealingbo with a vehicle fire closingire l the parkway completely at i-195. 19 you're backed up solid to 695. 6 i would say keeping to itng tit route one or 95 southbound saptp much better bet heading down dow towards the capital beltway.talw a lot of folks unfortunatelyorna stuck t
5:56 am
we'll keep you posted ak nd letd you know when things do reopenpn on bw parkway. parkw let's see if we can forwardor our maps and show you a look yol at the wide view of the area.he. once you get into the district, traffic is moving along without anyonce p yroblemm right now. we are delay and crash free free inside the beltway and leadingea towards the beltway except fortf that bw parkway crash. cra let's go ahead and take a look right now at new year's eve.yeae if you want to get around we have sober ride taxi option o for you. that is running through new year's day so you have theve the option to use it new year'st w eve for anyone 21 years of age e or older, uber lyft. metrobus from midnight to to 3 a.m. will be operating undertr free service. if you don't want to take metrobus take a ax taxicab andic there are some codes if you're a first time uber usesser.ber ue any questions about gettinget around at erin fox5 d.c. on keep it to fox5 news morning. we'll be right back afterto foxt break with more news, weatherwe and traffic for your 6 o'clock o hour on this friday
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>> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> just ahead at 6:00 fox5 ust president obama eastrikind atg c at russia for that reportedted election hacking and just innd t this morning, moscow hinting hti at possible retaliation.aliation >> resolution to make sureutio millions stay safe as theys ring in the new year.ea security measures stricter than ever in times square. we'll show you what to m expectp >> a live look outside on thisns friday december 30th.ber 30 the new year just around thed th corner and we cannot wait tonno
6:00 am
weather and traffic coming up cp on the 5s at 6:05. 6 good morning everyone, i'mryonei maureen umeh in for allison.llis >> i'm steve chenevey.heneve welcome to fox5 news morning. m. right off the top at 6:00 this0s morning president obama makingib good on his promise. pro the white house handed down awn sweeping sets of punishmentsunis for russia comes after the t u.s. accused russia of tryingfin to sway the presidentialrential election for donald trump. tru annie yu live at the russian embassy this morning with the latest.test good morning annieism good morning maureen and stevening. s when we were out hereen wre yesterday when the news brokewhn we saw several unmarked trucksuc and vans leaving the property outside the gates of thehe gates russian embassy and this and thi morning it's pretty much allprel quiet out here although were al just did see a family leaving the gates here and into a cab. but, you know, some of theof the families -- the 35 diplomatsdipt and their families they havei been ordered to leave the u.s. within the next 72 hours. hrs but otherwise, it is we have some video fromro yesterday out federal officials are also shutting down two russiano rsi government owned compounds in on the u.s., specifically the oneee


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