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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  December 30, 2016 7:00am-9:00am EST

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sanctions for cyber attacksac putting pressure on donaldn ld trump to not let russia off o the hook.ook. how will russia on.sia >> a suspect wanted in ated in a violent attack at a posh d.c.h.c hotel behind bars.d bars. how police were able to tracko k him down.m >> we'll tell you the best wayl to get around townyo from uberbr to metro and a few more options we'll throw in asn a well. >> live look outside on this ons friday december 30th 2016. 26. last friday of the year. year. weather and traffic coming up u on the 5s at 7:05. 7:0 good morning to you i'm wisdomys martin in for allison >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m s welcome to fox5 news morning. mg so this morning the u.s.e u strikes back. the white house handed down aden sweeping set of punishment forho russia.ssia fox5's annie yu live frome om the russian embassy with the the story. annie. >> reporter: hey, goodeporter: morning to you steve and h wisdom.ey well, a numbeg r ofto the 35 t 5 diplomats and their familiesilie were asked to leave the country were given 72 hours too do
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and they all live here at the t russian embassy. embsy the state department says theyty were given 72 hours to leaveoea the country.oury it's been pretty we did see a family of four ofo leaving the gates early thisatee morning but it's unclear ifleari they are among those expelled. now, as of this morning thehe embassy has not released a statement. president obama says allsays all americans should be alarmed by russia's action. aio he specifically targetedte russian spy agencies andgencies diplomats that the u.s. sayshats were trying meddle in the recent presidential election federal officials are set shutting down two compounds in maryland and new york. president obama has given them from noon until todaylandama ta those compounds. the move freezes assets andetan blocks americans from doingrom g business with with rua russia denies the hackingking allegations and this morning thg the country is hinting retaliation.liat
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is proposing to expel 35 u.s. 3. diplomats in response to sanctions and closing two t facilities in moscow. meantime you have leadersme you reacting to the news. senators john mccain lindseyohnn graham and speaker of thefhe house paul ryan calling thengh sanctions long overdue andue president-elect donald trumpelec has repeatedly rejected the t claims of russian interference in there election and now this really puts him in thely phim ie position of having to decideoid whether to roll back the measures once in office. i also want to show you ayou statement he released lastd st night saying it's time for oure country to move on to bigger bge and better things and he h pledges to meet with leadersth l of the intelligence community c next week to learn furtherer about the ongoing situation.on that's the very latest here her from northwest d.c., annie yu fox5 local news.ew >> annie thanks so 7:02. t ow is how is ion n will russia respond after the white house announced a series e of actions targeting the t russian government accused ofuso interfering in thatrf presidential election. >> doug luzader has moreid fenrm capitol hill this morning morni where u.s.
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say there is clear evidence ede that russia was meddling. med >> reporter: good morning. good. well, the u.s. response iss going to be mirrored by a russian response clearly and a russian foreign ministry is already talking about doingtalku essentially the same thinghi sending 35 americans home fromeo russia and closing a couple of facilities there.faci it is veriest now that the t russian response is going toonsn go well beyond just the snark s yesterday on twitter where the embassy. president obama making hist ob case against russia and by clear implication russianation president vladimir putin. for starters 35 russian officials are being expelledxped from the united states andtatesd sent back to russia.ntack and the white house also a announced a series of sanctions targeting russiansi intelligence agencies.s. >> our bottom line is thatshat what russia has been engagedeend over the last few years monthstr and years iss unacceptable it's outside the norms of diplomatic behavior. bav >> reporter: the fbi and
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department homeland security hom issued a joint analysis of the election season hacking thatnt t targeted the democraticocti national committee making itom m clear that russia was behind it.. russia has denied anyy involvement and has promised pre to respond in r aes clearly skeptical skeical president-elect donald trumpel announced thatec he would meetue with u.s. intelligenceelligence officials next week to learnk ea more but his top advisers weresw talking about suggestions thatnt the white house moves williamhoo really about targeting trump. ly. >> the allegation of thellegatie supposition that perhaps onehape ran that the sanctions are taking close is to box in b i president-elect trump forcingelc him to take a position once heth takes officers.ers. i hope that this isn'ts isn motivated by politics even a little bit. >> rep borter: but the president-elect's skepticism was on display yesterday in aeln statement they issued about this saying that he thinksat h it's time to move on to bigger e and better things. back to you guys. guys. >> doug thanks much.ks much. 7:04 right now.. coming up on 7:05.:05. let's get to tucker barnes and d get a look at what's happeningsa outside. hey,
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>> yeah, let's get the party pay started. man show todayd. is all aboutllt redskins >> no lists today. >> got to get to the >> okay. >> yes, so let's --et's - >> so we're focused today. tod >> let's focus on that. tha >> let's do it. >> field goals.oals >> stopping some people. peopl josh norman trash talking with odell beckham jr.beckhamr. >> eli will give it up. u >> these are all good things.d >> yeah, all right.>> yeah, >> meanwhile, as we get readyle for the big game,, we'asll bee breezy and cold today. tay definitely jacket weather here early. jacket weather this afternoon,en too.oo we'll be in the low 40's. it will feelbe i blun stery andl later this afternoon.ernoon. 37 degrees now in washington.hi 34 up in gaithersburg. somebody pop a beer. [laughter][laugh >> taking the man show to themat next level. lel didn't know we were doin that. 36 in quantico. n36 culpeper. culpepe hey, your wind chill right now w is in the 20's to about 30.0. feeling like 30 here with the winds out of the west and wes
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20 miles an hour and agains an h it's going to be a boureezy daya today.y. we might see a flurry or twoo even here in the immediatemmia washington area but look what's happening off to the north andappeni west.t. those respect lake effect snows -- are lake effec snows. 10-inches out to the west.hees 42 for your friday. fri all details on your new year's eve forecast. foras already got into your and we'll talk about the redskins game in just a minute. >> weren't going to take to it t that level but go ahead andel bt put some in my mud.n my mud >> i don't want to do any free advertising. we'll toss to erin and i'll fill you to what i'm whatn know missing over there but i'mover going to try to join the party p after traffic.ter traff right now we have somet breaking news out ofno urbana. 270 northbound if you'ref you heading towards frederick allril lanes completely closed at maryland 80 urbana exit. et. jammed solid back to 109. to 1 we have a rubber neck delay oneo the southbound side as well.el there's a vehicle firee's completely blocking all skyfox is on the way there. t now traffiis
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exit at 80 and take 355 up to ut get around. aro seeing a lot of congestion around 80 on 355 as well.el my suggestion to you, instead of getting stuck iion n that mes from 109 hop off and take 355ak5 as early as you can if you're headed towards frederick.rick again southbound side be southbo patient a rubber neck dunelayecl past the scene.past the scene. we'll keep you updated by try ty to avoid that area if possible l 270 northbound not looking l great right ri forest of your commute inmmut maryland the outer loop and inner loop looking good the o ii ege ege park. problem free in colesville.olll. looking good in kensingtonington little bit of volume buildingin on 185 southbound in bethesdaeta you're quiet.uiet. 29 is looking good.okingood 95 northbound dale city to theie beltway wide opened.ltwa and if you're taking 395 3 cruising from the beltway torom the 14th street bridge. earlier metro problems we had14s on the orange blue andtr so prir as well as red line haveine h cleared up. metro rail lines are on time.e. metrobus looking good. freeway eastbound andstund and westbound by the third streetbyd tunnel quiet. ave yocoyou covered. str actually we just gotve word that skyfox has made it to theade ite scene. so if we're able to pull that ta up that would be great. if not we can l
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for your next look at trafficraf there. we go. little dark through the treeses but you can see all that ofth o activity again blocking all a the lanes on that northboundthbn side of 270 by 80. 8 looks like a tractor-trailer is kind of scooting around butgt all other traffic is blocked. bd again, we'll keep you postedu on that breaking news. back to you. you. >> want to update you on ato ueo story we brought you yesterdayoy morning. a sheriff's deputy on they on te eastern shore of maryland inryln critical condition after beingdi shot in the line of duty.f duty deputy warren scott hogan was responding to a domestic disturbance call when he got into a shootout with a mandingeu inside the home.inside the that man was shot and killed. k. body cam footage of thef incident hasn't been releasedt a but that deputy again criticalta condition this morning.this morg >> now let's go top washingtonhg d.c. where a man accused off attempting to sexually assault u a hotel employee in northwestort is under arrest. aest. this comes after police usede ue his metro card to track him down.down. >> metro transit police pol notified us that the suspects th was in the metro transit trait system in the train system.tem.
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landover station area where he had exited out of the metro m system and detectives froms fm metro transit police hadice h recent video from that day of that individual using theidual s metro card and they were ablebl to locate him very close by, stop him, our detectivesecti responded out working very closely with them we were ablebe to identify him and obtained an arrest warrant that that evening. >> the 18-year-old suspect who has not yet been namedar n-oowew faces charges for assault with intent to commit first degreeco sexual assault while armed.mmit >> meantime a taxi driver iner i critical condition after beingeb shot at in an apartment artme complex in anne arrundel county. skyfox was over that scene that happened just before 6:00ao p.m. yesterday on benz brief bee in annapolis. police say the driver left thehi scene before calling for at this point police don't have a suspect or a motive. motv >> new this morning, d.c. d police well they've arrested aea woman accused of killing herling infant son back in july. jy. d.c. fire and ems
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a call for an unconsciousnconsco child on new york avenue northeast. one month old christopheris conley jr. was taken to the hospital in grave condition.ontn he later died.he later now earlier this month theonthhe medical examiner found ther fou cause of death to be blunt b that you can and head traumatra and conley's did this was ruled a police arrested his mother mhe 26-year-old deanna debrow-conley in philadelphia.l. she faces first degree murderure charges. >> last night fans of debbie reynolds on the hollywood pawkaw of fame to pay tribute to her tr leaving candles and flowers on the star that bears her name.e. she died at 84 just one dayone after the death of herer daughter carrie fisher. reynolds' son says hissis sister's death was just tooeaths much for his mom to bear andnd some say she died of a broken be heart. >> still ahead this morning a property values in some hepartsp of maryland rising faster thantt in other areas. and we'll tell you why that >> a spike in police shootings s this year.this y a look at the dramatic d increase is next.
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>> ♪♪ >> i love this song. >> ♪♪>> >> amen to that.>> >> that's pretty. ptt >> yesterday tuck was one ofay t those days where it was soo dreary early in the day andnd then by midafternoon it looked k like this. lots of sunshine.unin planned to a nice day withicy wt such a fine edge. went straight from cloudy and a gloomy to sunshine.unin >> it looked like it was going l to snow it was so dark outik ana then all of a sudden clouds of are gone, sunshine wasa out. >> today we'll have kind of ando partly sunny day today. tod it will be -- it will feel wintry.ry >> okay. >> daytime lies in the lowme l 40's. >> all right. >> cold and blustery out there blusit should generally be dry. the exception in the mountains to the west. i'll show you the lake effen ctn snows kicking in.lakecking i let's do our tour around the country. all right.
7:14 am
let me mention our wind chillsoo locally in the 20' you'll want a jacket.t jacket arrows showing you the wind wind direction. we've got strong gusterly winds -- gusty winds out of the north and west this morning.g. temperatures have cooled down hd giononally. we talked about the snows insnos new england and in the wake ofwo that system it's pulling downulg a lot of cold air so placess like let's see minneapolis,neais 19. 24 in chicago.hi eight in international falls. fs you get the idea.dea. we've got a lot of cold air toit our north and west and the a the strong winds across the lakesth are producing, look at that t t-a lot of lake effect snows lak into ohio, western pennsylvania.ania pittsburgh thinking of you of city. parts of west virginia and nd locally our mountains to theaioe west are looking at the are lpotential for five to 10 inches of good for the ski resorts. rests again cool temperatures. ts. wisdom when you go outom wheu go tomorrow night temperatures tem will be in the low 40's.s. >> that's good to know. k that's what it's going to beoint like at 7, 8 o'clock.'clock. >> mid 40's at 7, 8 o'clock. o'o >> at flight i'm talking tng about. >> yeah.
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going bed. b. >> you're done for the night.foh >> i'm done for the night.for >> when you take your lasttake look outside at seven orn 8 o'clock it will be in the be n mid 40's.mid for the rest of us upper 30's and low 40's at about midnightih but most importantly it willly i be dry. dry >> okay. >> need to know how manywy blankets i need to put on the bed before i go to sleep . >> [laughter] >> 42 today. an show has taken a turn a tur for the worse. >> 47. >> getting soft erin.ofin. >> 47 tomorrow. hey, the redskins game, that'sge something manly., in >> yes, very manly. manly >> will be low 50's with maybeae a shower. >> all right.>> all rig sounds good. thanks tuck. erin.d morning, >> [inaudible]e] wonder woman coffee mug right ct there. hard to see. see >> bad news behind me.d m >> bad news.>> we had a dump truck fire thisis is 270 other southbound side. sd excuse me 270 on thecu t northbound side at 80. a80 all lanes blocked. looks like the fire department has it under control rightl he r now.ontr still smoking.mong traffic right now is i completely stopped. stopped they had been letting the left t lane by but once again right rig
7:16 am
blocked. this is 270 northbound at 80, a the exit to urbana. southbound side volume is light but there's a rubbernd str neck delay past that scene.. and this backup is basically parked 2109. 2 your best bet exit at 109 so109 you don't get stuck in that backup and then take 355. t35 keep in mind 355 northboundrthb dealing with a ton of extra volume. bail out. skyfox panned back. it's at a standstill back tostai 1 b09. we'll let you know when theyy let that left lane past 8080 move.move unknown if there's injuriesie involved. you updated on that o breaking news on fox5. fox let's take a look at our maps.ap normal service on the red lined once again just residual delays to shady grove.ys t things back to normal, normal na service on viennaa wiehle-reston east andn ea and franconia across the orange silver and blue line. once you get to the beltwayet ty things looking good.ings 270 north and southbound to rockville quiet a
7:17 am
sailing to bwi for an earlynly igight. looking good on the way to way o reagan national and dulles. dul we'll keep you updated on that breaking news out of urbana. uan steve and wisdom.m. >> erin thanks.n thanks. overseas a nationwideerseast syrian ceasefire brokered by russia and turkey holding thisdt morning despite minorspite mino violations.violations. the ceasefire went into effect at midnight. eat mght. six years of war in syria left t more than a quarter of an quarte million people dead and a sparked a massive refugee crisis across europe. europ coast guard says no signig of survivors on victims a plane took off from an ohio ohio airport and went missingsing ovt.night. the search continues for that ta small cessna took off about 11 o'clock last night near >> six people were on a the names have any other beenn released pending notification of their families. nofheir fam also new this morning, a, a texas police officer is i recovering after being shot byhy a suspect outside of a restaurant. both the officer and the suspect were woundedhe o in that scuffle and tine a local hospital where the officer is i in th s
7:18 am
recovering. >> no word on how that suspectus is doing otherwise. detectives are investigatingtiga the incident. >> 7:17.>> feel like you've heard a lotyoul more about police shootingshoins than usual this year then you y might be right.ight >> new data confirms theth number of police killed in theii line of duty did rise sharply sy most notably in a.m. bushes. bue what happened in dallas baton b rouge louisiana.ouia from january 1st through wednesday, 130 officers lostlo their lives. half that number officers whor f were shot to death a 56 56 increase in shooting deathshs over the previous year. of the 64 officers fatally shot 21 of them killed ind ambush about a third of them often oftn fueled by anger over policeangec use of force involving invvi minorities. during periods of nationaldl mourning the u.s. flag isng t often seenhe flying atinat half-staff as is symbol ofl respect.spect. in 2016 the flag was lowered lor for 53 total days.ay 30 times to honor lost political figures 23 times foror
7:19 am
>> meanwhile a trial date hase s been set in other news thiss is morning, a trial date lab setet for a white south carolina col police officer charged with murder for killing afi bcelack n for running away from annin traffic stop. this is despite cell phonel phoe video showing the officer oicer shooting the man in the back. officer michael slager willr wil appear in court march first marh for a civil rights trial.ri >> you know cpr the next story highlights how important it isor to learn cpr because an an employee at a giantgian supermarket in southeast d.c. went into cardiact in s arrestee >> her coworker didn't skip at a beat and saved her life. fox5's alexandria limon l spoke with both women and hasas more. >> she was like, girl, you y just drunk. and she said i just went into action. >> reporter: in the middle of the day in ater: crowded giat supermarket karen stuart went k into cardiac arrest. it's lucky fartoor c karen her coworker is a r
7:20 am
>> it was just instinct that kicked in. >> reporter: for about 10 r: about minutes cassandra mainer who friends call sandy and a a customer performed cpr while waiting for help. >> miss stuart is alives stuaal because she had a coworker whorh knew how to do cpr and was willing to do it and wouldn'tld give up. >> reporter: on top of the shear energy and stamp mamp m needed to perform cpr,, cassandra had to get over the mental stress she was feeling. >> scary. just to see and not knowingwi exactly how long she had beenade laying there before i got back o here. >> reporter: karen says she's sore bruised and tirednd r but one week later she's heading home. h >> sandy i love you because ifei it wasn't for her, i would not be here. h >> reporter: alexandriaepor limon, fteox5 local news. new >> good thing that she wasa trained in that. >> a lot of times you get sometm training but you just never know how you'll respond whend wh you actually have to use it. >> hopefully it just comest back hopefully.opefully in that case it difo
7:21 am
woman right there.n right there. 7:20 is the time. calling 911 from your cell1 phone may put you in danger.t ye why it's becoming harder for dispatchers to pinpoint yout y exact location. >> little hill making historyhin what the former g secretaryhi oy state has done without even trying. we'll explain next.. it's 7:21.
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>> ♪♪ >> 7:23 right now. new this morning officials in prince george's county say property values in some parts of the county are>> 7or rniisngr faster
7:24 am
maryland.ry. commercial properties have increased 14 residential property values upau 12 percent. the reassessed propertiesie mostly located in wealthierealt portions of the county outsidene of the capital beltwayhe capal l including places like laurelikel bowie and upper marlboro. >> iconic adams morgan restaurant mama aisha announced it won't feature aeare president donald trump in its i l.ral. since 2009 the restaurant hastas featured every year'satured e president from eisenhower toer t obama on the side of the the building the owner's officialers position on adding donaldon o d trump is that it's "not in the budget." >> former democraticemocratic presidential nominee hillaryal h clintoiln made history become the most admired woman for thewa 15th year in a row. r it is her 21st time winninginng overall since her first win win back in 1993 when she was the t first lady.t ldy. she has won every year except 1995. that 82er she finished behindeh mother teresa. 2001 she was bested by laura lau bush. other than that it's been her honor. eleanor roosevelt has theevelt e second mt
7:25 am
finishes among women at 13. 1 >> wow that's incredible. >> uh-huh. >> that's a lot. there'>>s nobody -- >> domination. >> that's complete domination. >> as more and more emergency phone calls are made from cellmm phones, the ability to pinpoint exactly where the emergency is is becomin egxa moe difficult.t. >> current technology uses cell towers to determine wherete you are but the tower your phone pings may be miles away.wa may be in another juries dick.ui the fcc mandated by 2021, 911 9 centers must have accurate acc locations of 80 percent oft callers and that's a little scary because if google knowsnos where i am 24/7 you would w think hopefully the 911 peopleee would know where i am 24/7. >> excellent point. >> you would think.ou >> for some reason t whe tech th firms are ahead of the game. >> ♪♪ >> that doesn't surprise me. >> yeah. >> well maybe they need toybe te partner then with the 911 agencies.agen >> yeah. they need to do something to doh figure iting out.ut >> i agree.gree. >> just in case.>> >> i agree. all right. meanall riwhile let's do thele e weather. chly
7:26 am
setting up for your day today. . low 40's for daytime highs.ig. might see a flurry. might. >> okay. >> it's a possibility.s a poibi. >> don't have a problem withe aw >> yeah, that would be the worst of it loc ally. thaally 37 here in washington.hing wind chills 30.hill 30. definitely jacket weather when you head out. later lert your jacacketket today because even withven th sunshine it will feeleel blustery. it's going to feel like a wintry day.ay look at the lake effect snowakef kicking up out to our west. wt. parts of our mountain ranges rae out to our west get five toive o 10 inches of fresh powder.showde great for snowboarding wisdom. s >> uh-uh. >> you take the family snou towboarding. >> uh, no. been skiing once in my life. >> love it? >> no.>> n >> okay. thanks for sharing.thanha here's your seven-dayour sen-da forecast.. 42 today. tod 47 tomorrow. tom we'll be fine for new year's yrs eve if you're headed out and about 50 or so in time for that kickoff sunday afternoon an before the redskins victory vtoy over the t gia >> okay. oka right.ght. >> i'm trying positiveitiv thinking.thki >> right. >> that will work. u can dodo it.>> t
7:27 am
going to play in the playoffs. >> they got to getkny in in firr let's worry about sundayout sday first. >> one week at a week at >> not a t me. i'm worrying about the following week. >> we're not looking at 8 o'clock now. 7:27 erin.ri at >> steve breaking news 7:27, 7:2 yes, we do have the left lanet n getting by. this is in urbana 270an27 northbound earlier dump truckp k fire under control between 109w9 and 80 just that one lane lan getting by really big backups so try tooryt get off of 109 take 55 tak55 northbound if you want toound ia avoid getting stuck innt miles s of very slow moving traffic.. but again they are finallyinal opening that left lane and let t something we'll keep youin updated.pdated watch for a rubber neck delaykel on the southbound side. light traffic through urbana.rb again we're tracking this breaking news. buick guys. >> mgm preparing for its firsttt new year's eve weekendkend celebration.celebration. >> we're getting behind the geti scenesng beh access to the secuy and surveillance operations coming up next. nt. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
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you can get exactly what you want. ♪♪ 7:30 is the time right now.w take a live look outside on thii friday morning. morning. in the news, the united statesde is striking back at russia forur hacking the presidentialnt election with a sweeping zestine punishments targeting russia spy agencies diplomats.mats the u.s. says russia must have e costs for it's actions.ctions >> as you get ready to ring inog the new year we'll tell youe'll about the best way to get around town from uber to metro and more. preparation for mgm nationaa harbor first new year's weekend fox5 getting behind the scenests look into the security andcuritd surveillance operations at theri resort. joining us live from oxon hill, maryland, i believe it's patrick fisher. good morning.ning >> reporter: good morning,or steve. than f
7:31 am >> what are we expecting for nen year's eve? >> no absolutely.olut i'm excited to announce ngn ngn national harbor will host agnewn years eve celebration tomorrow r evening starting at 5:00 o'clock. you can expect the best can ex, music, elevatedlevate experience overall for ouror guests that are coming. com we're so excited. being obviously new opened resort right here in prince george's county. number onege entertainment compy in the world. no one throws a party like we de and we're excited to open our doors to our guests. guest >> what do we need to know about security? i know you've beenyoe open for little bit now.or lit we've been over to check out the prompt. mas massive. how do we keep everybody safe? >> no, absolutely. we've been working very closelyy with both prince george's county police chief hank stawinski meeting with him nearly on daily basis constantly evaluating how were can he we make improvementt for our guests. it's about the guestfo experien. we're here to offer premiumum experience to all of our guests visiting the property.pert i can tell you we've takenve tan proactive measures b
7:32 am
internal security team as well l as our local police department.m >> so what happens, let's justus say somebody acts up and theynde are asked to leave. l how do you make sure that they t don't keep coming back in? is it kind of do you do like lass vegas is somebody is banned bne there's a list and they're notht loud back in the facility? what happens?ppen >> no, i can tell you, steve, ww run the biggest resorts in the world.rld. four, 5,000 square foot rooms in las bringing that experience here vast experience as well aserienc teaming up with some of the best local, state and county police l that has to offer. off we have proactive measures in place to make sure that, yout, know, all of our guests have hav safe as well as really excitingn experience while they're here o property. safety and security of oury of guests is obviously number one e at all times. we also like to make sure they walkway, they have great timeave with us and they want to come tc back time and time again. ain >> no doubt, i want to ask you about traffica though, because that seemed toth be the opening week that a that little bit of an issue. issue have we changed that at all tolt
7:33 am
better to get there? >> no. that's a great question.>> we're constantly evaluating on o daily basis.asis the first two days we did see aa exceeding large amount of people on site here with traffic. trafc with that said, traffic has beeb great since then.he for the last, you know, since sn december the tenth we haven'ten really had any major problems.r. no major obviously that new year's eve av a large celebration a great time to celebrate. we'll be extremely busy.y both here at property as well w all over the city, and we encourage our guests to, youts y know, plan ahead, arrive early,r look at alternative movedov transportation as well.tion a wl look at uber, lyft, ride share options.optis you know, great options outionst there and just really coming cog with a plan. >> uber i'll just ask you thisou and we can move on, but uber waw one of things i know that the k folks at the resort wanted tod change because of the specifiedi drop off locations and pick up locations.loon has that moved forward now? iss that making things a little ease your now? is uber playing bite rules?rus? >> no, absolutely. no,bsol uber has been extrem
7:34 am
partner with us with mgm resortr really working with to us make k sure we are offer premium premim experience to their guests as well. we're always evaluating the the guest experience like i said. s. making sure that they have an easy seamless arrival and departure experience to forty tt one property.prop >> the last thing i'll ask,ll a patrick, one more question on qn safety and security. sity when you say you want to to make sure everybody stays safe. safe. the relationship i know you have a very strong security force ofo your own. the relationship with princens george's county police how doehe that work? do they get involved if an incident happens or do you settle things internally? >> you know that's a greatat question, obviously take it on i case by case basis. by case bas i can tell you we have over 100r officers in and around theun property for new year's eve.or ' you know, reallys ev taking thoe proactive measures and we do what, you know, whatever isr necessary to make sure that alla of our guests have a safe andnd sound experience while they'rele here with us. >> patrick, i appreciate it.tet hematoma new year to you and everybody out there. i hope everythingew yeryb goes t this year around for
7:35 am
new year's here in washington. >> thank you i'm excited.xcited i you were all of our guests tot log on to ticket we have a few tickets remaining. it's $75 per tick.k. come in advance, plan to come tc early, stay late, come with a wt plan and really just be excitedt to be here.ere we're welcoming our guests, youy know, for the first time for nef year's eve celebration and we ad can't wait.t. >> patrick, thanks much. do appreciate it.pprecie it. happy new year. >> 7:35.>> 7 let's move on to check onhe the forecast as we get ready for new year's. last official work day for the t month of december. >> 2016. >> good call. wine out outns as we 2016.20. overnight lows back in the 30s0s but the wind chills right at the moment here in the 20's and it will be a chilly -- i can getang the words out today.ay it's going to be a chilly blustery day today. today with daytimes highs in the low 40s. 40 37 now in washington. you can see lots of 20s,, purchasing purchase 27 degrees.e 29 in detroit
7:36 am
24 in chicago. and again we're featuring lots of lake effect snows just off tt our north and west.d w if you're headed out to the wess some pretty good snows. sno five to 10-inches in the the mountains of western maryland, but for the rest of us, maybe a flurry today.. daytime highs few degrees belowl normal about 42 with winds outin of the west northwest at 15 to 30.30 so again going to be blusterystr chilly afternoon.fternoon. weekend forecast, details on new year's eve and redskins footbalb and maybe our first snow of the season? i'll have those detailt coming up. >> tuck connect right now 7:36.. and we are keeping an eye onye o your last friday of 2016 mornini commute.comm we did have an earlier dump truck fire that is undernd control. you can see big cleanup there t underway this is 270 on thenhe northbound side. just before 80 the exit toxit urbana the left lane getting by. still really large scene there e so you're basically parked from 109 through 80.0. if you don't want to sit in that hot box at 109 take 355 northbound. otherwise factor in o
7:37 am
extra minutes to get passed thii scene. rubberneck delay on theerne delh southbound side even thoughh southbound is cruising passednge 80. we'll keep you posted on that tt one at least traffic is moving v right now and that is under unde control. >> we'll go take look at our lot maps. aside from that also tracking ac crash on the beltway.elay you can see i just want to shows that you rubberneck delay andela long line of slow-moving traffit on the northbound side. we'll see if we can forward ourw maps again.e can maps again. we're dealing with a crash on aa the inner loop. the right lane isth blocked outy pennsylvania and because of that we're seeing inner loop delaysnl coming down from 50 towards pennsylvania. but do you open up again through oxen hill trying to get passed 295. to 95 normal and southbound wide open as well.op as as we forward our maps onces o again let me grab my crown to give you your new year's eve traffic report. ror there we go.thwe g i stole this yesterday i thinknk not giving it. call 18 hun dru dread 200 taxi if 21 years of age or older. old uber as an option, lift will thl as option. 1800 tax cab if you want to call cab looking to save some moneyey another option aside
7:38 am
free rides on you can ride for free to get to your deaf nation ask one of your friends to drive away.ndto d get a sober and save ride if i you've never used uber beforebef they are offering a code millerr light in order to get $20 offff your first ride. re. so something else you can use tt save money new year's eve yeas e because i know it can get pricee traveling around the be safe.e. any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on twitter. twitt i think i want to wear this weas crown the rest of the day.. >> princess new year. i like it. p >> allri rightnc. right 7:38 is the time.e tie. still ahead serena makes a big announcement. >> rhonda rousey returns to thet ring. we'll talk about it coming up. september 38:00.september
7:39 am
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>> tonight rhonda rousey gettino back in the ring she lost to holly holme last year and that was herndthe e la first career f now she is going to be taking on amanda nunez. nunez is the current women's bab tam weight champion.hampn the two weighed in last month aa madison square garden the fightg is the main event for tonight's ufc fights as you might expect.p when she fights it's usually thy main event. >> big deal.>> b also a big deal this morning looks likes wedding bells inelln store for serena williams. tennis star announced her engagement to reddit co-founder alexis ohanian.. she posted poem under the tag
7:42 am
said yes.. her new man her new fiance' replied to her post with sayingy you made me the happiest man onn the planet.lane >> i didn't even know that was w thing. >> i didn't know that was thingw either. t >> i had no idea. i' im sur hprised by how celebri can keep it quite these days.he >> i know. especially when everybody is putting their business out w there. >> also proves some put theirprv business out there more than thm other. >> yeah. >> >> happening today the end of ae era in new york city.k city iconic carnegie deli is closingo its doors today. t the last big overstuffedrs sandwich you'll be able to get.o >> i never got a chance to eat t one of these legendary pastrami sandwiches. >> known more monstrouse monstrs sandwiches is shutting down dow after whopping 79 years in9 year business. lines to get intobu the eateryhe stretching down seventhev adversary in manhattan. hungry patrons chow one time oni one the pa tram me sandwiches. >> $20 a pop.op >> you can't take a bite. b >> i'll take that. t it's too late now.
7:43 am
>> one sandwich take 20 -- feedf a whole family.. >> 1 million people expected top gather in times square toeos sqt welcome 2017 this year. y >> a look how the nypd is is getting ready for that massive crowd. ♪♪
7:44 am
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>> 7:45. you ready. looks like you're getting ready to walk. to walk. >> last walk of 2016.01 >> ready to go.>> rea >> i got new segment ideas for 2017.17 bringing new stuff.inging new su >> for example, give us a tease. >> i
7:46 am
>> oh, no. >> stay tuned next week.xt w >> yeah. >> okay. >> all right. >> next week. next year. sleswalk might be a little es frequent.freq >> okay. >> you got to evolve. i>> you understand. you have to evolve.yohave >> keep it moving.p it moving. >> you don't want anything toonw get staanle.tale >> right. >> you're setting the bar high. am i.settin am i. >> the walk is popular. >> it may be very very lower l starting on your perspective. >> you set out with it low. l i didn't set out to accomplishh anything. an youhink you should bring it on home for thi sshould lasbrtf 2016. 2016. >> this is the grand >> do it up.o i up. >> i do love this song. >> grid iron man.rid on m >> ♪♪ >> i need my hair back. bk [ laughter ] >> i don't know if you can getot that in this -- during this t segment. >> might be the first weatherman walk that blacks out ever.ut >> making history on this lastat day of 2016. 2 >> i want to go out and fridayni night yet, freezing and cold today. thank you very much for allowinh me to do tt.
7:47 am
yes, we're looking at daytime de highs in the low 40s with a winw chill that will be in the 20s ts and low 30s later this afternooo 37 now in washington. 34 in leonardtown. 33 in everybody with the exception off winchester still above freezinge but it doesn't feel that way.. again with winds which arehich e really starting to blow here our of the west and north and west w at about 15 to 20 getting windng chills which are currently forue the most part in the 20s.0s feels like 30 here in the city. dulles 26 degrees.6 degree 26 in leonardtown.rdto 30 in fredericksburg.urg. it will be a cold and blustery temperatures actual aires a temperatures around 40 and the wind chill hanging out in the in low 30s later today.r tay look at the lake effect snow aw eyes magging.agng kicking in during the overnightn hours of the some of the the soe streamers will get into ourers l mountains out to the west andes bring locally very heavy snow, perhaps, four, eight, some spots 10-inches out to the west. t all right. let's talk weend high pressure overhead will givg us sunshine to start ourur saturday. i think we'll get clouds late in the day onl ge saturday.
7:48 am
>> new year's forecast. >> oh, okay.>>ka i have to wait till i get to get that map.ap. >> okay. >> and then we'll have clouds - this is for sunday.. and cold front in theront neighborhood we will have cloudo around for the redskin gameinam sunday afternoon.on. temperatures around 50 and there may be a shower or two as we get into, um, sunday afternoon.ftenn all right. >> yay! yay! little sparkle tope the man show.. >> about 40 when you're goingoi out tomorrow but dry conditionsi there's your seven day.e's ur s back near 60 early next week. ee enjoy that first couple days ofs 2017 because it looks colderksor bite end of next week andnd onet perhaps our first measurableeara snow of the season as we get w into the end of next week. wee more on that as we get closer to e evevent. but at least there's potential for that for those of us who usw love winter >> you look fantastic right noww >> thank you. >> sparkly. sparkly. >> yes. >> doesn't put you in the partyy kind of mood? md? >> other things put me in partyr kind of mood.
7:49 am
>> moving and to traffic now.g thank you forand that.. 270 northbound one lane gets byb at urbana.. earlier vehicle fire dump truckt fire under control. con northbound side dealing withealw miles of backed up traffic wellw before 109 right now the left tl lane getting b i would say keep it to 355 but b watch for bailout trafficff slowing you down.ow leave about 30 minutes earlutesr physical you're trying to get y fromou, s'ray, gaithersburg upp towards frederick this morning.g southbound side dealing with ai little bit of rubberneck delay passed 80 as well but again large crew scene -- large crew c presence on scene, however,ever again one lane gets through thah area. let's forward our maps.forwarr m we'll dealing with freeway crasa as well new one by sixth streetr that can cause slow downs as d a well if you're heading out ineai the district n maryland thearyl outer loop beltway looking nice. problem free on rut one, bww parkway and 95. a 9 29 is also quiet. as we take a look at the innerhr loop a crash blocking the righte lane at pennsylvania.ennsvani delay from 50 on down to thatt point.t. four inbound dealing with little bit of a slow down inside dea te beltway. other than that, things lookingi really nice onngs lo
7:50 am
washington.gton 95 has been wide open that wasts stafford and dale city today.tyy no problems getting newington un to the mixing bowl throughthug annandale the inner loop is loop quiet and 66 is a dream. earlier delays on metro have cleared up. metro rail lines on time and all of our area bridges and at speed. not too terrible aside from f what's going on in urbana.ana it's pretty quiet last fridayri morning commute.te back to you. >> you can see a lot of taxi ana uber traffic in new york this yi weekend up around times square. expecting 1 million people toli gather in times square tos re to welcome in 2017. 201 the new york police departmentep ready for those big crowds.wds. >> tonight officers will lineht the streets of manhattan to keee of one safe.afe. fox's rick left fifty seven tha has more. >> reporter: big events likent new year's eve bring big safety concerns for new york city and i while the nypd says there are no specific threats, security, s measures will be strictor thanct ever just in case. >> everybody knows that the eyeo of the world are upon times t square on new year's eve night.t so they'll be no complacency.omy >> reporter: earlier thister: er month sliuspected terrorist d
7:51 am
a truck through a crowdedro christmas market in berlin killing 12 tom prevent similarvm tack on new year's eve, 65 sandn trucks will block side streetsee serving as barriers around times square. >> we'll have one of the most m well policed, best protected pte events at one of the safestaf venues in the entire world givev all the assets that we deployeep here. here >> reporter: thousands ofter: tf uniformed officers will patrolof the crossroads offi the world ad revelers will have to go through at least two checkpoints to getg in. >> a lot you will see and as per usual a lot you will not see.. and that's that combination that keeps us safe.s saf >> reporter: nearby hotels,s, theaters and parking garages ara already being swept and securedd mailboxes and trash cans removed and manhole covers sealed shut.. hundreds of surveillance cameram will be monitored and heavilyvi armed cops will eye ball the bl crowd from land, air and sea. s and if you plan on joining the g party this year, the nypd saysyy to leave your alcohol, yourr backpacks and your umbrellas at home.home in times square, rickk leventhal, fox news.
7:52 am
wisdom. >> what's going on.>> w >> how are you today.>> h >> welcome to the man show.. >> wonderful to see you. patriots day is coming up in january. >> mark wahlberg g peter bird directed the movie and this is about the boston marathon bombing, and very close film to wahlberg's heart because he'srt' om the area.a. grew up right around that area, and wahlberg has been doing a interesting thing he's beenn playing real life people.eo he did lone survivor marcus, mau keep deep water horizon the true story about new orleans.. off the gulf sorry. sor now patriots day coming out inin january and i spoke to wahlbergr about these three characters yos played who are real people. peoe how have they changed your lifee and made you a different personr this is what he had to say.. >> for you, these people that tl you play obveiously incredible human beings. i'm wonderingei how if you can walk me through briefly how each of them hav
7:53 am
when you played marcus, n deepsd water horizon.. sentence or two how each of of them. >> that's a good question.t'od >> changed you personally. >> well, god, i think, um, you y know, you look at especiallyia marcus, i just talked to marcusu the other day. day we talk quiet often. mike, god, the amount of lovet l that he has for his wife and his daughter and, i don't know, they made me want to be a betteret person to be a better father and a husband. and --d >> you feel like you changed asg person after you play someonelao like that. >> absolutely f you're fortunata enough to have an experienceienc like this once in your career you get to make movie about something real and no longeronge becomes about your individual experiences as an actor becauser it's about the people, it just -- it just takes it to at t whole other level, and thennd te certainly with this, you know,ok this is my home. h this is where i grew up.ew i went to school 250 yards fromf the finish line, upping, i was down there as a kid every year,y you know, it was the e
7:54 am
winter whether it was starting g to turn, you know, usual al nice day. very festive mood. people coming down there and celebrating, but when thisn t tragedy occurred, you know,no everybody ran towards thehe problem.prob it just inspired me so much andh made me so proud to be a bostons yann and not because of the things that i always liked which are nice, you know, being, you,u know, the home of the patriots t and celtics and red sox and thed bruins and mickey ward, but being home of regular people whw did just extraordinary thingsryi but redefined the term hero forr me and these are men and women w from all walks of life and thisi is christians, muslims, jews i i moon you name it, people justplj went towards the problem. and for me, i mean, it just so inspiring.iring it makes me so >> thank you for sharing that sa story. wonderful to meet both every meo you. >> thank you. . pleasure >> so director peter bird directed movie called loned lo survivor an deep horizon.on. >> good partnership together.og. >> they do.
7:55 am
one thing i want to point outut what mark wahlberg just said jus incredible to me is the negativity of that day obviousls horrible but what he's talkingal about is the positive responsee that people ran towards the problem.problem emit a married couple justedou married for seven months, theyhe were near the finish line, the bomb went off and they are now n one -- the husband lost his legg and the wife has lost her twowo legs. and i sat down with them foror this film. f they are the most positiveos people i ever met in my entire r life. life they look at the situation as,ai okay, it took a bunch of weekscw to set this all up. but look how fast people faspeop responded. immediately tried to help us out. so it's an incredible storyncre about that. looking forward to sharing morer interviews. i did interview the real couplep and i'll have that in january. a >> i haven't been to boston to in years. yrs. >> i never went to boston. >> i didn't real line the finiss line is such a very popularyop shopping district it would bewod like m street in georgetown irgn guess what -- would you say y sy tucker kind of compare it toare wilson street, m street inn
7:56 am
>> yeah. >> extremely populated part ofar the city. >> always wanted to go. g >> thanks, kev.. ♪♪♪ speaking of boston they had thundersnow last night. >> that's rare. >> very rare. w>> england asngla as we mentioned 12 to 18-inches i8s saw a picture out of maine of m looked like it was up over the cars. 37 now in washington.ngto we might get a flurry here not n expecting any accumulations. a wind chill 31 degrees. we are looking atnd c a lot of t streamers off the just off to our north and west.w a lot of lake effect snowst snow kicking in.kickg in that indicates a few things. one pretty good winds. win. two very cold air and it will iw feel blustery and cool for us fs today. highs will only be in the low tl 40s with wind chills in the 30ss throughout the afternoon.fteron weekend forecast, start with sun tomorrow, clouds late in the dan we will be dry tomorrow night ti you're headed out, and i thinkni even though we'll have a lost as clouds around sunday afternoon o probably hold the rain off untit after the redskin giants games m late sunday which is great newsn highs about 50 on sunday.un look at that warmup early next week
7:57 am
60 degrees. we'll take i erin? are you inri the building?uiing? >> yes, i am. a in fact i was just segment up our report to bring you someingm traffic information. inf how do you like that, tucker? >> yeah.>> yea >> okay. well southeast southwest freewae there's disable vehicle vehic eastbound at sixth street.ixth . two right lanes are blocked butb notice how volume still lightllg it's not causing any slow downsd just watch for some delays to ds build on the freeway on then eastbound side, westbound sideid super quiet right now. 14th street bridge is looking i good. good roosevelt memorial bridges, keyk bridge from rosland intonto georgetown, all flowing withoutw any problems in fact your y secondaries in the district area also looking really nice.y n if you need to get around on ne year's eve, keep in mind metro offering free rail and free metro bus service from midnightt to 3am tomorrow.. sober ride and option lyft, taxt and uber. ur. >> fox5 news at 8:00 is next. n give you a little bit of af break. maureen will come back up.p >> i'm going to get out of heret and i'll be back
7:58 am
>> bring me some food back.somea >> okay. a. see y >> see you at 8:00.t 8:0 z26i0z z17vz
7:59 am
y26i0y y17vy
8:00 am
>> this is fox5 news good morning to you.o you i'm maureen umeh.eeh >> i'm steve chenevey.nevey. thanks for joining us thisoini morning. >> 8:00 a.m., friday, december 30th here's what's onh the fox5 news mheorning menu. >> white house slaps sanctionsss for russ f
8:01 am
the united states in the presidential campaign.paign how will russia that's ahead in life report. ror let's get started with annie yu. >> reporter: good morning, steve. st we're live right outside the out russian embassy. you have a lot of news comingomn tut. the white house is striking bacb of the world leaders respondingd as well as locals as well an wea full report coming up in justt bit. t. >> annie, thank you as you getet ready to ring in the new year nw we'll tell you the best way to t get around town from uber to to metro. much much more. mor that is coming up live look though outside.. whew, looking good out chilly op this final friday of o the year, 2016. forecast with weather and traffic coming up on the 5th's. >> happening right now theight search is on for russian hackere accused of interfering in this year's election. here's look at suspects actually wanted by the fbi. alexi bow land and boeing chowgw wanted for cyber
8:02 am
>> fox5's annie yu is live atlit the russian embassy with the the latest how the u.s. is strikingn back. good morning, annie. >> reporter: good morning to you maureen and steve. ste i can tell you it's been prettyt quiet outside the russian rusan embassy this we've seen the gates open a few times to get some cars in and out. out. but pretty quiet out here and ww know that a number of the 35 diplomats and their familiesamie that have been ordered to leavee the country do live here in northwest at the russian embassy and the state department saysart that they were given 72 hours tt leave the country.. now the white house handed downe a set of punishments for russias thursday specifically targetingg russia's spy agencies as well al diplomats that the us says weree trying to meddle in the recentec presidential election.idti now russia denies the hackingki allegations and this morning the country hinted at the foreign minister thiss morning proposed expelling 35ll u.s. diplomats in response to those sanctions.ctions in closing two facilities inie moscow, however, ps
8:03 am
vladimir putin just spoke outokt saying slaw will not beno be expelling us diplomats inmats i response to the round of u.s.. meantime federal officials arefa shutting down two russian government owned compounds herec in the us, specifically the onee in maryland and new york. president obama has also given g them until noon today to leave the compounds.ds. the move also freezes their uss assets and blocks americans from doing business with russia. and president-elect donald trump has repeatedly rejected the t claims of russian interferencenc in the election and this nows n putting him in a position of of having to decide whether to roll back some measures once in office. so there's been a lot ofre's be reaction to lothis.actiono this. we've spoken to some local folks here who tell us that they the believe the sanctions areth a senseless and part of politicalc gaming but a lot of reactioneaio coming out of this back to you in the studio. >> chess match happeningss matcg politically. big question this morning after the actions by the this us administration.on >> doug luzader has more from capitol hill his morning u.s. us in
8:04 am
there's clear evidence that russia was in fclact eamer ddlih the u.s. elections. doug, bring us up to date rightt now what you know so far. >> reporter: good morning. well the sanctions were predicted. they are sweeping but will theyi really change russia's behavioro that's the question now. >> so doug, let me ask you thisi it's really seems to be political chess match happeningp right now. what do you think the next step is? >> reporter: well, it's widely d expected that there will be soms kind of response from russia bub a lot of these things may beay really under the radar and a certainly the white house hipted at this yesterday.teay indicating that in fact therethe may be some things that are juss simply unseen and that would wou suggest that may somebody kindod of cyber response here as well.w we just don't know exac
8:05 am
this is going to play out, but politically, of course, there are implications here for the transition.tion president-elect donald trumpelea will take office onoffi on january 20th and there's anre'sn expectation from russia'siofrom foreign ministry he will simplyy reverse what president obama has done and that is certainlyer possible. the problem he's going to run into the fact that there are amt number of republicans on capitot hill and pretty big namedam republicans lindsay graham, johh mccain among others who support the idea of going after russia in one fashion or another. anoer so that's really going to create some pressure on trump to do something to continue thesee t sanctions against russia.on now trump is ags certainly skepc of all of this, but he does say that he's willing to meet with intelligence officials next week to figure out exactly what theyy know about what happened.ned ll rll right. we'll look forward to that.o th doug luzader, thank you for that update.te we'll be checking in with youitu and for others updates on this i still developing story. >> no doubt about it. n let's check in wito hdo tucker.. get a still developing day out o there. sunshine seems to be dominatingn
8:06 am
>> yeah, lots of sunshine.unin promise you that.hat. but cool and blusteryst conditions. daytime highs only about 400 mixing those winds and it will l feel much colder than that. in fact, overnight lows hereere around freezing and our windur d chills have been in the 20s.e 0 37 now in you can see the cold numbers out there early. hagerstown is now down to 32 degrees.32 32 in winchester. fredericksburg 36. 3 36 in quantico as well.l and again you mix in winds out t of the north and west at aboutbo 10 to 15 and it feels like 20s 2 to about 30 for the majority off the area. are you might get a flurry across as the mountains you can see that a lake effect snow very impressive out there early.e ear for the most part that snow will stay to our west. west. and we'll be kind of partly par sunny for your friday with daytime highs a few degrees dre below normal.norma noticeably cooler than the lastn couple of days with those t when winds gusting to 40.0. weekend forecast lots going on n here. we got a warmup.armu. we got cool down. d
8:07 am
i will have all those details momentarily.ntily let's take another look at youry morning roads. r a few problems this morning witt erin.erin >> that's right, tucker.ght,ucke 270 right now on the northboundn side just left lane gets get bypassed urbana earlier car firr under control want you'reolt y looking at right now is 95 in in virginia. want to give you a tour of the e area so you can get perspective. just a how light traffic is is around the area. are feels like a lot of folks are a ofworkrk. things on inner loop and outerer loop looking good 66 at gallowsl moving along just fine.loust fi once you get to beltway traffic quiet right now. no problems to report.or earlier inner loop crash it by maryland four that cleared out of the way to the colderlder shoulder and traffic still lighg causing any big delays.ay top side of the beltway inbeltyi college park 95 to georgia at delay free. onditionsondition c we've been dealing with all week in terms of congestion it's were and really light and really real quiet. 295 southbound even a little bit of volume picking up from 50 tot the 11th street bridge you're'r cruising northbound side movingm along just fine.ine. problem free on the 11thhe 11t
8:08 am
a freeway crash on the eastbounu side it's out by sixth streeteet blocking a lane but again volume still light it's not causing any major slow downs this morning as we forward our cameras onceas o again we can show you thewe can traffic is looking great. lookie all metro rail lines are on timn right now. we don't have any metro delays y to worry about. about as you can see traffic on the te beltway near the wilson bridge is also looking good.d. we'll keep update and again thee only big thing we're trackingran 270 northbound through urbana un just one lane getting boy.oy. maureen? >> 8:08 is the time. tim developing this morning sheriffs deputy on maryland eastern shorn remains in critical conditionco after being shot in the line ofh duty yesterday.terday authorities say deputy warren we scott hogan was respond to gond domestic disturbance call at a home 94 chester town when he gog into a shootout with man insides e h home. that man was shot and killed. tonight, family and friendsf will hold vigil for d.c. man m killed in police involvedenvol shooting 29-year-old gerald halr was shot by police on christmass day. the vigil will be held at thed t sight of the shooting on the the 3200 block of walnut this is in northeast.orthst and that is tonight at 7:00 p.m.
8:09 am
been haul's 30th birthday.y. d.c. police arrest add woman accused of killing her infantan son back in july. dc fire and ems respond to dondo cull for unconscious child on cn new york avenue northeast. nortt one month old christophertoer connolly injury was taken to tho hospital in grave condition. he later died.di earlier this month medicalical examiner found the cause of death was blunt neck and head ha trauma and connelly's death wass ruled a homicide police arrestee his mother 26-year-old deanna connolly in philadelphia whereae she now faces difference free f murder charges. if you don't know cpr you cu may want to learn it aft this t next story. an employee at a southeastea supermarket went into cardiacac arrest. one of her co-workers jumped jue into action helped save her liff in fact. f cassandra may nor rush to theh t aid of karen stewart after she s collapsed in the busy middle off the busy supermarket.ermark may nor and a customer performed chest compressions for 10ns for0 minutes before emt's arrived to help.. >> karen is sore, bruised andisd tir
8:10 am
and her cardiologist saysogissa cassandra is the reason why.. times square known as theree crossroads of the world bigds o events like new year'sf eve brg big safety concerns for new yorr city and n why nypd says there a no specific threats.. security measures will be strictor than ever just in case. nearby hotels, nearby theaterss parking garages all being swepte and secured. secured mailboxes and trash can removed, manhole covers are sealed shut.hole >> if you plan on joining thejoe party this year nypd says to t leave your alcohol, backpacksack and umbrellas at home. notice are no buono for thehe celebration. we'll be right back.'lbe r ♪♪ your path to retirement may not always be clear. but at t. rowe price, we can help guide your retirement savings. so wherever your retirement journey takes you, we can help you reach your goals. call us or your advisor t. rowe price. invest with confidence. this one is from channel islands national park. coronado. saguaro. you'll see there's one that's an eagle. my number one goal is getting more funds out to parks
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t. rowe price. invest with confidence. well, hey tuck. >> give you bonus time today.yo i know that you hu bonuave somen super special. >> i love this. i love this this story i'm going to give you backgrounn here in just a i it's time for my first five butb a very special my first five fiv because it's a my first 50! >> wahoo!! >> yeah. >> happy birthday to bobby bob called well who is turning thent great big 50 today.od >> happy birthday bobby.obby. >> happy birthday. h >> give you a little background. his wife e-mailed me about a month ago and said, oh, my husband is surgeon 50 next montt and he watches you guys every ey morning and he talks more aboutr the weather than do you. do [ laughter ] [ laug >> is there any chance for hisen birthday. we could get him to come on andn do the weather.. >> i said, you know what, withtw quest lie
8:14 am
it happen. pe >> why not. >> did we make it it e >> bobby, come on and do the weather. he decided that he was going to, you know -- >> leave it to the expert. >> which is me.e. he was honored that we would wo even consider putting him on tv. >> awesome. >> bobby is a smart man in 50 years because he knows better ts sit in his comfy chair. cir >> exactly. >> and let the expert do the worket t.. >> i want to still send a welcome invitation to him to t come do weather one day. >> we'd gladly have him. >> great big thanks to his wife kayla. kayl let me mention he is polices pol officer here in d.c. >> o. >> serving the district for 28hr years. >> that's a picture of him in hi times square.ti >> love it. >> bobby, happy birthday.irth >> to your wife as well.o yo thanks for reaching out.ut >> great big happy birthday.irda >> great effort. >> back to the youngsters on monday, right?to t rht >> yes.>> of course.. >> it will be our new year's mys first
8:15 am
>> our new year's baby. >> wrinkle on my first five.n m. >> just little. 37 in washington.waington we are looking at breezes out oe the north and west. i chill dale. daytime highs only about 40 or o so. and wind chills in the 20s to 2t about 30.out winds will ghisafternoon ti 20, their, maybe 40 milesbe an hour. there's region lookal loo internationals this morning 7 degrees.7 de 19 in minneapolis. 24 in chicago. chica you can get the idea here.. we've tapped back into thatha wintry cold and it will be al a chilly couple of days.ay below freezing to night. nig only in the low to mid 40s m 4 tomorrow then we'll get a bit ot a warm up by the time we gete into sunday and monday.onda regionally we're looking at lakl effect snows.effe firing up this morning acrossos western pennsylvania, westst virginia, ohio, western slopesrs of the allegheny front hererontr locally looking at five to teppe cheses. earlier i ran a ski forecast ant most of our local row sorts arer getting at least a couple inches over the next few days with lake effect
8:16 am
going out for new year's eve,s e and it will be cool but dry.. certainly had colder new year's eve forecast.reca that's good news. and if you're going's to thengoe redskins game sunday afternoonfo about 50 with lots of cloudsflo around i'm hoping to keep theeee showers away from the area untiu later sunday night.r ay n that would be good news, too. maybe 60 monday or tuesday,sday, wednesday next week and then a t maybe snow by the end of nextf x week. >> the bottom falls out. out >> whole bunch of everything evh coming. >> lots of reasons to stay tunes to your 2017 weather forecast.os >> we're all ears and all eyes.e >> okay.>> okay. >> tucker, thank you.>> tker, erin como tracking traffic onrao this friday morning.orng h hello. >> hello. big problem..only 270 northbound earlier dumpum truck fire has cleared. however, still blocking a lane n just the left lane squeezing byb an active investigation and clean up. backed up from basically before 109 to passed 80 i'd hop off before 109 take 355 northboundou if you're heading up towardsheaw frederick this morning.ederni southbound side dealing withnd little bit of a rub
8:17 am
passed that point. that point but the good news once you getug out of urbana 270 northboundthbo opens up again. northbound side where youhb definitely need to factor inoun about 30 extra minutes. minutes. for the rest of your friday morning commute light volume i m mean all week long holiday week travel continues because we'reae seeing green all over there allo ltltway. earlier crash on the inner loopo by four cleared.ed 95 has been smooth sailing fromo fredericksburg all the way up.ap southeast southwest freeway f earlier disable vehicle didicle clear. freeway up to speed in bothnh directions east and westbound. d for the rest of your maryland ml commute looking good.commlookino problem free on the bwi reaganea national and dulles and 295 is95 quiet in both directions problem free 50 inbound through cheverly and 66 flowing very freely at speed from centreville to theevt beltway.ltwa i'll let you know if that changh if's you're heading out tomorrot night to celebrate new year'sten eve around the dmv sober ride is an option from 10:00 p.m. to p.. 6:00 a.m. 21 years of age or older you can always 1800 tack80 cab to get a cab ride. lyft and uber services goreces going on.going o check the surcharges.char
8:18 am
your first time riding withn w them. any questions the erin fox5 on o twitter and exciting millerille light free rides on metro rail r and metro bus from midnight to o 3:00 in the morning you can usec the bus or rail services forervi free. get to where you need to be tomorrow night safely yos make sure you have a designatede driver. we got you covered with all your optionovers.op back to you steve and maureen.m. >> all right, thanks erin. rht, let's get you caught up on newsn headlines right now. the cause of a nationalof aa guard helicopter crash south ofh houston texas remains mystery my this morning. this morning. official doctors recover the body of one of two soldiers doci killed when that aircraftt crashed during routine traininge mission on wednesday.n on wedney special us army investigativeesi team has been called in. calle i witnesses say the chopper brokeo apart in the air after theyfter heard what sounded like an >> actually heard a pop. the rotors were flying off of t it. it >> i heard an explosion and ird watched the h aeln icopter crash >> and the helicopter parts werw going everywhere, and we saw ite just going straight down. >> the service members killed il the crash identified as 32-year-old dustin
8:19 am
of league city texas.. 33-year-old lucas low also fromm texas. if you feel like you heard h about more police shootings than usual this year you would be right. the number of police killed in e the line of duty rose sharply 2016. ambushes in dallas in bat don rouge louisiana fro january 1st through wednesday1s 13th5 officers lost their livesv some died in traffic incidentsnc but nearly half were shot to that is a 56% increase in shooting deaths over thever t previous year. 64 who were fatally shot 21 were killed in ambush attacks often o fueled by anger over police useu of force involving minorities.. during periods of nationalfi mourning the us flag is often io flown at half staff as symbol ol respect as you know. kno 2016 the flag was lowered for 53 total days more than half of hao that time was to honor lost political figures in 23 times ts for victims of a tax.. trial date has been set forf a white south carolina policeaoe officer charged with murder fore killing a black driver runningun
8:20 am
may. despite eyewitness cell phoneho video showing the officer shooting walter scott in thee back from distance the juryhe jr could not reach a verdict. verct officer may cal slager willril appear on in court march 1st this time a civil civ rights trial. >> still ahead on fox5 t news morning --in-- >> iconic adams morgan restaurant momma ayesha makes announcement about it's decadead old presidential mural. havertys furniture helps your home look perfect even when life isn't nice pick. pops, your pick. art monk! retired. i'll take him over these fools playing today. aw come on, man. that's not how this game works. art monk!
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♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
8:23 am
>> oh, yeah taking a live lookta outside on thiski friday mornini whoo, eighths little cold outcoo there, but, hey, it's friday. fa it's friday. fri we got a huge celebration com cm up this weekend.his weekend so enjoy. >> all right.ight we're still keeping an eye onl eagles.ea last time we check in what's momma's name. >> harriet. >> harriet. on otime we checked in harriet she was sleeping and itd was dark out in fort myers,s, florida.florid local media down in in orderin saying one of the eggss apparently has cracks in it.s ii >> thursday they notice addda crack in one of the eggs and because the eggs were laidy th y apart, they thinking that thethe other one must have a crack today. they're expectitong these little eaglets to hatch between now ana new year's day.w year's d >> all right. there's two of the eggs inin so hopefully we will get some se more baby eagles soon.oo of course we did this here in hn d.c. last year.astear. >> that was exciting. that >> it was excitewasing to watch. >> made our eagles famous.amous odod i know.
8:24 am
doing. >> busy raising a family >> that's true.t'rue. that's true.. >> we learned -- >> we learned about how fun h facts. >> we did. y incubate. >> mate for life usually.fe usu >> go ahead, tuck.ahea t >> apparently i don't this is like good day dc.y ke g i'm not allowed to talk. t >> let's do temps. tps 37 in washington.ngton. wind chill 31 degrees.gree we're going to be cool today. temps in the low 40s. 40s lots of lake effect snows off tf the north and west.h and st. we're featuring partly sunny conditions and daytime highs noticeably cooler than than yesterday.yest 42 today.ay wake up with sunshine tomorrow,o get clouds in the afternoon.. and by tomorrow night whenight you're headed out temperatures will be in the low 40s upper 30s around midnight but it should be dry and generally clouds for the day on sunday but i think we'll' hold the showers off until thent redskins game which is great.whe look at the 60s next week. wee enjoy them we may even see see snowflakes by the end of next n ek.k. >> no! >> lots to talk about in 2017. 7 >> you can talk as much as youal want.k
8:25 am
keep going. >> i'm done. >> should we let erin talk.we l >> why not? why >> let's turn it over to erinori with a look at traffic. traffic >> do you hear my heels i'my el walking into the studio right st now. 270 northbound earlier crash at urbana involving a dumpster fire has cleared to the right side.h. the left lane is getting by, but delays on the 270 northboundun side are back to 121.. from 121 to 80 jammed solid at least 30 minute delay. delay hop off where you can take 355 3 up but watch for bailout traffic on 395 northbound slowing down.w this is big heads if you you'res headed towards urbana or towards frederick this morning you'llngl hit a wall of extra traffic.raic southbound side rubberneck day passed 80. 8 270 does open up on the t southbound side once you get siu passed that dumpster fire scene -- dump truck fire scene. that's clearing keep you posted onat's that oneo 27 looking good. goo then as you get down for then fe rest of your friday morning m commute look at all that green e on the map. on t that's the only problem we'reob' tracking right now.ightow we'll go ahead and take liveak look outside show were youhowere you're up against around the dmv. our cameras are j
8:26 am
quiet. this is out by father hurley on 270 so you can get an idea of o how quiet the southbound commuto is. as we forward our cameras ,meras things are looking great on thet entire stretch of the beltway.a. 66 here is wide open and thenhe once you get to the beltway btw through annandale you're lookino great right no problems through tysons orysn across legion bridge.e college park 95 to georgia smooth sailing there as well.l. i like what i'm seeing on the inner loop from the spur all the way over to 95. bw parkway problem free and 2952 southbound cruising.ruisin northbound side from the bot tot the of the beltway passed pas laboratory road is also looking really good.real all metro rail lines and buses s on time right now.ow i'll let you know if that changes. any questions at erin fox5 d.c.c on twitter.tter. back to you maureen.ckyou >> 8:26 is the time.he tim still ahead a second chance city is d.c. justice system broken? ? we're joined by depth pee mayore for the city for public safety t and hell kevin donahue.ahue >> also in other news, switch sc over to the world of sports andd entertainment.tertnmen rhonda rousey back in the ring r first time since her stunningnng defeat earlier this year. it's 8:26. 8
8:27 am
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a healing night's sleep. emerge restored. fortified. replenished. emerge everyday with emergen-c packed with b vitamins, antioxidants, electrolytes plus more vitamin c than 10 oranges. why not feel this good everyday? emerge and see. >> kevin sutter lander just 24ue was stabbed repeatedly during a robbery on red line traind repen approaching the noma-gallaudetgu metro station on the afternoonft of last july 4th. >> i know that our family is so rocked by the horrific
8:30 am
surrounding kevin's death and how brutal and terrorized wayay that everybody on that car was terrorized by what they saw. >> amazing selfles he was such a great guy. >> mayor, do you feel someone, o may have drop the ball, howevery a arollowp inthg this man to beb released from jail.mai >> we want, um, certainly all crimes to be forcefullyorfu prosecuted in our city. c >> we came down a few months mth after this happened and we wentw back and took the ride that kevin -- kevin's last ride.t r >> i wish that we had a more accountable system. unfortunately, some times i have to call people that report tot the president of the unitedhe ue states to get >> the decedent's vehicle andica the suspect was in the 700 block of fourth street. str >> we feel as though justiceusti system has, s broken in this ini case and that we pray to g
8:31 am
that our loss is not somethingos that anyone else will ever have to go through. through. >> couple of cases highlighted murder suspect dwayne johnson accused of brutal killing of tricia macauley. kevin sutherland was killed on d metro train.ra they had numerous runs with thet law and should have been off th streets beforeha they took and i lives. yesterday we were joined by washington post writer aaronaron davis who completed a series on the d.c. judicial system howyst about it does or doesn't dealsna with repeat offenders. this morning we have kevinev donahue. how confusing is this? how deep is this issue when it comes too what washington officials can do when people are in this part ofr the judicial system on on probation?obat >> well, one thing that just aus lot of people don't realize howe complicated the dc system is. so essentially after someone soe arrested in the dc system justmj about every touch point
8:32 am
the justice system will be witht the federal that includes the pre-trialrial system, the core system, the prosecutors, incarcerations done at federal prisons, and then ifi someone is back in the cityit under supervision, it's often o used usually done by federal agencies, and this has its roots actually in the bankruptcy of d dc20 years ago.rsgo but it creates an incredibly complex system for both peopleho in the system to navigate butavb also for the city to be able to understand how we can work more collaboratively with individualv and with agencies.. >> one of the tools that you tht lose as a city as compared to to states like maryland and virginia, if you get new n information on somebody, aomebo, particular suspect, other statee can act immediately they can have that person in custody that in dc, you can't do that.o t is that frustrating?stti >> it's frustrating.ra there's no reason why our systes shouldn't and able to act thatha day and act quickly.
8:33 am
might have at some point in the state the chains of command and the reporting linesco eventually join. at the governor may even be at the ballot box.ballox. in d.c. you never have the poini at which those chains of commanm reach the same person to resolve an so what we have to do is, we have to do a much more thorough job in the blocking and tacklinn of basic communication so that whoever needs to act ask act decisively when they see someono who needs to be hell accountable. >> is anything being done? is there a reason whyhing this hass been changed since 1997? it's now almost 2017.. it's been 20 years.. >> first, the series at the posp did a very good job of j o acknowledging real cases of trao dee and failure in the system. i think people know the systemym is not perfect but they expectec us to do is when there are gapsp identified that we act quickly y to find them and fix them. t sometimes that means changing cg the law. l in
8:34 am
mayor will be signing nextni n wednesday closing a loophole highlighted one of these stories that involves a gps.s g it identifies that currently tht law does not make it illegal inl some cases for someone to detacc their and this was identified andifie actual the first series of the stories and we'll be acting witw the council to close that by signing into law a much tougher gps bill next week. the broader story is a story about the youth rehabilitationio act, an act that has impact the and sometimes benefited bef thousands of people over the what we know is there are casess where the act probably was applied to people who should nou have been the beneficiaries,efi, people who committed violent violent crimes. cris. so what the mayor is asked to dt we have enough history that we t ought to look at data, look ataa what the results are, and then t have recommendations aboutio abo weather the act ought to beughtt reformed including looking at la whether it should be
8:35 am
people who have committed veryev violent crimes.rime >> two thing i want to try to squeeze here in kevin. kin we're in limited time, one whenw it comes to that if it is i violent crimes one of the thingi i know a number of policee officers in the city are frustrated with is they you have people who are charged with crime that is may be weightyei eighty three crimes yet in theec judicial system they're they' essentially giving a 30 day, a y 60 day sentence then suspended d and not even spending any timenm in jail and then police have to go round them up again the neckc time this happens.appe is there eye in it way to reform that part of the judicial system when it comes to keeping -- it'i not like the jail is over youovy haded or anything at this pointt second thing in the post articlt you were quoted as saying, whene you ask who was running this agency, they said they reportedr directly to the white house. t if there's a change in the whitw house in january, might that tha change things on this level or not? >> it might change things. tng transitions are times when people relook at old questions s and maybe come up with different answers. i would say police are frustrated, nothing dem
8:36 am
cops or the people working withh the cops more than seeingn see someone come out on the streette after everyone knows the violeno act they committed watch we we needed to want we want tot recommend people look at theoplt sentencing guidelines that look at not the vast majority of nonn violent offenders we're talkingg repeat violent offenders whoendw keep committing the same acts. s >> we appreciate your time thist morning. morn kevin donahoe deputy mayor for r public safety. appreciate it much thanks fortei joining us this >> thank you. >> hope to see you again. 8:36. 8:36 let's send things over to tuckec and get look at our forecast.o >> steve, all about the wind oui of the west and north andnd wesd here about 10 to 15. 10 to 1 they'll be gusting at times 25,2 30, maybe even 40 today.ay so blustery and chilly day.y d 37 now in washington. you can see the 20s there to ouo north and west.est and we're going to be tappingpi into pretty cold air today and y tonight.nigh. although sunny and bright out bt there it looks chilly.ll live look at the storm trackerrr radar.da. let's see. we're -- let's city we're citwer getting snowflakes across theakh mountains. for the most part the snow
8:37 am
west. we may see a few little bands of snow flurries get across the mountain.tain. tweet me pictures if you get any owflakake. the best chance will be norththh west. 42 for us today.od gusts to 40. 40. bring that jacket santa broughtg you. you. weekend forecast redskins r football 2017 warmup, snow, all, on the seven day.en day. we'll talk about it.we'l >> all over the place. pla >> there you go. >> bleep bleep. bleep. >> one big problem we've beenveb tracking this morning 27070 northbound earlier dump truckp fire. it's under control. c but because of that cleanup onlo one left lane is getting bypassed 80. northbound side backed up allbad the way passed clarksburg road.. hop off at 121. take 355 up keep in mind 355 northbound really heavy bail out so even if you're taking 355 or 270 north give yourself 30 extre minutes to get through inghn clarksburg rotor passed 80.d 80. southbound side little bit off rubberneck delay passed
8:38 am
opens up from 121 on down. dow rest of your morning commuteng m very quiet delay free on the rails as well.rail back to you. >> 8:37 is the time. tennis star serena williams wlim making a big announcement onn social immediate y did you heare about it. >> must see movies 2016.01 fox5's kevin mccarthy has the list in the box beat. b back after aft this. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:39 am
8:40 am
8:41 am
♪♪ yup. a lot of people coming♪ to this area to see this mural on momma ayesha's restaurant.urt. >> 2009 they put it up.t u they definitely have room to ado somebody else to the mural. but -- but -- >> started with eisenhower.rtedi president obama.. but no president-elect donald trump apparently. they're saying it's not in thei. budget much that'sng t ihet' ofl party line but, yeah, i see a little space right there. >> want to have six people oneoo both sides perha certainly room. see what happens. se they say that's goings going to be a no go. >> 8:41. let's switch gears and talk sports little competition right now. now that is rhonda rousey gettinget back in the r it will be her first ufc fight -- ooh.fight -- ooh >> play up for the cameras whene it comes to the weigh ins. her first ufc since she lost l last time to holly holme firstor time she ever lost in her life.f this time around it will be be amanda nunez the current women's ban tam weight c
8:42 am
last month at madison squareis garden it will be the ufc main m event tonight.ight >> i got to tell you she'she looking good. of heron today rousey. >> were you aware of this.e awar >> no. >> this couple. .> no >> this snuck up on all of us. okay. ay i thought she was pining forg fr drake.e. wedding bells in for soar serena williams tennis star announcingn her surprise engagement tot to reddit co-founder alexis ohanian. she broke the news on redditre used her verified account toiedn post a poem under the tag i said yes. ohanian replied to her post saying, and you made me the mehe happiest man on the >> is that their official o engagement photo or is this t somebody he >> i'm going to say something wt grab. gr apparently, reddit picture theyt met in rome and he proposed ind let me rome at the table where they sat for their first -- >> wearing the bare costume. cos >> i don't think so. i they've been dating for about year.been d whyeo knew? kw? >> parent smell people put theip business out there more thanut h other glass keep it on the low,w low. >> let's check in with wisdom ce fine out what's coming up on up good day dc j
8:43 am
minutes. hey, >> good morning to you both. let's talk about play offmornlk pressure for the washingtonre fg redskins this weekend. todskiwhole season rides on sun' season finale against the ainst we got preview of this nailhis n biter with fox5's grant paulsenn at 9:15.5 a local r and b singer goinr viral for his performanceerrmane outside a metro station.tation. hundreds of thousands of peoplee watched kenny sway sing to thiss young girl. yo good day the firstung local mor show to him live in studio that legendary dolly parton whitneyhn houston song as well.ell. also, on good day, we go live tt times square where the w excitement is building forme tomorrow night's epintc ball drd so what does it take to makeak sure this does happen? we'll find out.. plus delectable desserts forses your new year's eve party. party now we're talking. desserts. yes, yes. we show you how to while you'reu party goers at 10:00 and look al the viral videos that we intentionally and indirectly created right here on good day.y maureen you know exactly whatcty i'm talking about, remember this?is >> let me give y m
8:44 am
>> there you go. >> um-hmm. that's about right. >> better when it's natural.thai >> i know, rt'ight.w, r >> it's not planned.>> it's >> better when it's real.etter good day dc the last epic show of 2016 just moments away. >> i can hardly wait. epic. ep >> that's the word we need to wt keep in 2016.keep i 2 if you plan on drinking this ne year's eve --ing. --ing >> hang over, hang over, hang over. >> want to it void hangovervoide there's a few things you can doc to make sure your holiday is hangover free.over fre i guess we'll tell you about them.em. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:45 am
i really like that about bassett. you really can custom make your furniture exactly how you want. it's all about customization. the possibilities are endless. you can get exactly what you want.
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8:47 am
♪♪ starting to look a little bettel out there this morninge .ere thg still chilly but we're closerre and closer to 40 degrees.0 gree i feel like it's bearable at b least. temperatures might be movingureb today or maybe not only one person knows for surenw and that's tucker barnes. bar but you have to wait a full 10 seconds to hear the details. >> all right, steve, going to r take couple of hours to get back to fledge in 34 in gaithersburg.aith it's gotten chilly overnight. oe 36 in leonardtown. fredericksburg 38 degrees.8 de hagerstown 31 degrees.1 gr i mentioned hagerstown anderow frederick area we've got snow s flurries and snow showers flyinw off to our north and west.nd wes i'll sho
8:48 am
second. here are wind chills. wind chils feels like 20s north and westthd and 31 here in the city.e inhe 28 in leonardtown.eonawn 30 in quantico.uant winds are going to be big storys today. they'll be out of the west and north and west atbe o about 15 0 20. occasionally gusting to 30 or g maybe even 40 miles an hour sonh make sure you've got layers onoy and ready for chilly day today t when you head out.d o all right. al check out thesl e snow showers.. crossing the mountains here.. get up 70 there up towards hagerstown, washington parts of frederick county.. maybe frederick itself some of i these flurries could get down into the northern tear of ourte viewing area. if you're getting snow showers,s get a chance, take a picture ane send it to me tucker fox5 andnd i'll repost it.t. but certainly have snow showers out there. not expecting any widespread accumulations i guess if you gef a quick burst you might getight enough to coast the ground nortd and west. let me show you the biggergge picture.pictur extraordinary looking at theary lake effect snows.ffecsnows really firing up fe look at all thatrn snow there ae the heaviest of the snow will be in the mountains out to thehe we where we can get five, six,
8:49 am
few spots along mountain ridgesd out to the the wes a few of these flakes flurriessu will continue to get across thee mountains later today.ay can't rule out a flurry even e locally here this afternoon.. the primary theme will be cool temperatures and windy w conditions this afternoon.fter weekend starting off with sunshine we'll get cloudset c tomorrow afternoon and we willnw be dry tomorrow night.omor i'll show you the new year'sear' forecast momentarily.rily sunday looks cloudy but i thinkt it will be dry for the redskinsd game sunday afternoon with tempt bows 50. going out tomorrow night, all a systems go for pleasant eveningg temps will be around 40 when yon head out and upper 30s to abouta 40 when you come home at 12:0 1 5:00 p.m. -- am. a. right, kev? kev >> okay. there's your seven day. hey, we got temperathertue'res next week.xt wee won't last as we get into 2017 colder air and maybe our chance for first i don't want to sayo s significant but measurable snowo event by the end of next week.fw we'll have to watch that this t weekend. 42 today.ay. okay.. you're the only one at the desk i'll toss it to you.i'll t
8:50 am
maureen actually. thi >> toss it to me. i'll catch it thanks a lot guysg tomorrow is new year's evere whether you'll be enjoyinge oyin cocktails at home or dancing thg night away you may find yourself having one too many which canch cause the dreaded hangover.. dr. lisa ash is here with tipsih to help avoid new year's day d hangover and glad to see you.. >>.yes. >> happy new year to you ineatou advance. vance. >> happy new year to you. h >> my go to right awaapypy drink water. or maybe coffee but you'reou'r saying there's lot more you cane so d's >> yes. >> let's start with this.. >> so if your night is plannings on looking like this -- th >> as most of our nights ourig probably will. pr >> then this is what your newr e year's day needs to look like.o. so actually water as you said s you should start now. >> okay. >> the most cause of hangover is the symptoms of dehydration.. kayokay. because alcohol is a diuretic so it draws oh all that water out t of you. you want to make sure you're y drinking as much water aser a possible beforehand.eforan >> um-hmm.. during and usually what they say one drink, one glass of water.
8:51 am
>> most people don't do that.t e >> right. >> but that helps preventreve dehydration and in the morninghr water water >> hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. hd okay f you're not into waternto which we want you to be you can do other clear liquids likeik ginger ale, gatorade,.orad >> okay. >> or apple juice.ic >> electrolytes and gatorade,d that helps.. >> this will give you >>electrolytes. t now surprisingly, there was a study on sprite that showed that that was actually the bestst hangover cure drink.e d i why is that. >> because it helps to speed upp the toxins that are left from the alcohol.e alcol. >> really. >> so orgeat little sugar youe u get hydration but then you get the toxins sped up. >> any clear soft drink like sprite. it doesn't have to be thisike brand. >> it doesn't have to be thisoes brand but the study thatt ha wvs done was done with sprite. sprit >> fair enough. >> then you come over. o this is search for me any day.. >> yes. yes >> but especially when you're y trying to get up, you're trig tg wake yourself up a cup of coffee arc boost of caffeine helpin witness fatigue symptoms thatate you ha
8:52 am
saying coffee kind of like ae a placebo does nothing for you when you have a hangover.e ngovr morts psychological thing.ogic is that true. is >> i tt might help if trigger oo your headache has something to t do with migraine.e >> okay. >> sometimes the dehydrationka d the headache is migraine. migran >> i can see that. >> the coffee will help treat hp that.. >> okay. other electrolytes, pickles,es bananas.bas. they have lot of potassium in them. and they're great for hangovervr cures because some of the part of the dehydration iss electrolyte disturbances.ances >> chuck the pickles out the jaj and just -- >> pickle juice. >> ew.>>w >> pickle juice in martini.ti maybe not.e n. maybe not. maybe not. >> eggs have a lot of and again the protein is going g to help break up that -- helpelp break up some of those toxinssen and metabolize.e egg sandwich plane toast and eggs is a good morning breakfasa any way but especially hangover. >> okay.>> o >> and this is -- >> i was looking at asparagus. >> this is something peoples is don't know. asparagus ag
8:53 am
that are leftover when break down of the alcohol asparagus helps. >> how? >> it helps increase in theen t break down of the enzymes.he enm so again it's all about speeding up the metabolism and what's left over. maybe you don't want to eato eat asparagus, you know, but like l straight maybe put knit smoothio if you're into the morninghe mor ooooth these. >> 30 seconds. get to the last two.get to l last two is tylenol as principal, pepcid over the counter and then surprisinglypr get yourself up and take a walkl >> a walk? w >> sweat it out.. >> sounds ambitious. i'm thinking my worse hangover o ever the last thing i want to do is get out of bed at all. a you're saying force yourself ane get it out.. >> you'll feel better after youe take the walk. >> our hope is that you don'than over indulge on new year's eve.e in case do you dr. lisa ash lis given us a host of things thatns you can do to help remedy the blues of had a hangover.go how can people find you. >> they can find me at at me at dr. lisa ash on twitter or ww
8:54 am well >> be well medicine. we hope you are well as you rinr in the new year ms. sell. s back to you guys. ♪♪ >> thanks maureen.hanks m good for the new year.od f the check in with kevin right why am i so tall? tal >> wait, wait, wait. >> bring chair over. ove >> there you go. >> now i'm shore. >> good to to see you thiss morning. top five films of 2016 get through these kind of fast. f >> your top five films of the 2016. >> my particular favorites ofpaf the year. first up, no question, moonlight phenomenal movie amazing storyzs barry jenkins nominated fored f academy award for best picturete it will be going up against a la-la land, i think moonlight mg and la-la land the mostt nominated films at the oscar t o this y amazing movie definitely see it. number four, sing street s available on netflix a wonderful movie about a young teenaged boy trying to impress girl so he forms a band.a b highly recommend seeing thisinti movie available on netflix
8:55 am
next up number three la-la landn the film that i think will winn best pictures at the oscars thir year emma stone and ryan goslins are amazing. directed whiplash incredible ine movie as well. next up a sill film calledlm cal arrival steve schenn she called the best movie he's ever >> incorrect.>> i >> amazing error. >> factual error. >> injury directed by the persor who did is a car yo and yo an prisoners and enemy. >> amazing. amaz >> to be fair i didn't hate thet film. i thought it was a good film. i didn't see it at the level you saw it. >> loveded it. >> i wouldn't put it in my top p two. number one no question scene itc nine times dead pool.oo. this movie is eyes mag entire -- entire story line getting to gei this movie 11 year passionr pass project from ryan reynolds itnod really really does a great job b of balancing drama, comedy,y, action, he is born to play thisi role. role >> also this was his idea. ide >> 11 years ago he decided he --
8:56 am
wanted to become this charactert >> that's what i mean.>> t ryan reynolds wanted to this. t >> 11 years trying to get thisye thing made. the screen writers amazingters g loved it over all. my number one film of the yearha worst movie of the year real r fast is zoolander two whichhi tucker barnes says is the best s movie he's ever seen.r see >> did you make the through theh whole movie.e th >> it was awful.whol it waful. honestly wanted to leave. >> you wanted to walk out, walo, didn't.dn't >> i didn't. didn' i always stay through. thr it was very very wasy tucker did not say that. t it's very very bad.. horrible film. loved zoolander one. o. zoolander two --r two >> how far into zoolander two did you know you wanted to makee a quick >> about seven he seve. >> really. >> i don't remember. i knew it was bad if the first>f five minutes all cameos.s. the first one was great but thit one was touch about cameos.s >> gotcha.ot thanks, buddy. than >> see dead pool and singeeead street. >> happy new year. comingthe biggest film in 2017. 201 >> star wars.. >> episode eight.
8:57 am
>> welcome back. 39 now in washington. 9:00 a.m. um date. marshall do want to mention chilly chi temperatures today with daytime highs only really in the low 404 here and wind chills are goingsi to be in the low 30s today.ay. look at the lake effect snow oft to the north and west. nor and some of these creeping across the mountains and getting inunta fairly close to ouinr rs ow regg you might encounter a quick snok shower or flurry particularly il you're off to the north and wes today. quick look at that seven day ofa course i'll have mt ore coming n here. 42 this afternoon much there's's your weekend f
8:58 am
plenty more. we're not done yet. good day d.c. coming up aft thet break. ♪♪
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♪♪ straight ahead, an eye for e an eye. russia suggesting possibleg retaliation after president psi obama promises to kick out dozens of russian diplomats. what else the sanctions includec and what they could mea


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