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tv   Fox 5 News Ten  FOX  December 31, 2016 10:00pm-11:00pm EST

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>> all right like it or not it's on its way. 0171 on the way across the dmv and around the world. and while we wait here in washington other parts of the world said final goodbyes to 2016, rush yarks australia, china, europe, after karks among the places that crossed over and celebrating the new year. here in d.c. under two hours ago. glad to havyo
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tonight. over the next hour we're getting geared up to welcome in the new year before pit bull comes to us from miami. >> and i was just outside. probably better to celebrate indoors, right. >> indoors, jim, yes, it's winter time chill out. there good news it's not as cold as last night if are you getting out and b whipped is blowing in places out there. jackets needed if you head outside and bang the pots and pans and whatever do you to bring in the new year 017 almost here. let's get to satellite and radar. let's show you what is going on. clearing skies. we saw a brief period of kind of light rain and drizzle right around 7:00 tonight and that moved off east rather quickly and just offer to the west you can see where clouds break up on the eastern edge of the mountains there. some clearing headed our way over the course of the next few hours. stormtracker radar not picking up anything hitting the ground and we're in the clear. rain-wise. for the next few hours. 47 in washingt
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off, 48 when the show ended 6:00. 45 gainers bug and 4 westminster and baltimore 46 this hour. it doesn't look bad. you factor in the winds and it feels colder winds piercing tonight, 38 dulles is what it it feels like and 37 frederick and lower 40s in washington. chilly night to ends 2016. happy new year to everybody. 39 degrees your overnight low tonight. we should stay dry remainder of the night will be chilly. first day 2017 not looking bad. mostly sunny skies and first half of the day and up to 55 degrees. looks like pretty good weather for the redskins game. what about the rest of the week? i'm good at those teases we'll have the forecast in a bit. >> okay. new year's eve celebrations in full swing. something that's been annual tradition in northern virginia first night alexandria this is the type of celebration it's a huge hit with families, "fox5" lindsey watts in the middle of it all. lindsay you're in old town what's going on down
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>> reporter: jim, we're here at the durant center where a lot of mu suckal performances have been happening tonight. a big crowd you can see people have their party hats ready over there and some people grabbing a snack and then over in the auditorium we're waiting for another performer to take the stage soon. we'll show you video we got here earlier. thiscy great family friendly event a lot of people brought kids out. some hoping to make it to midnight and catch fireworks over the potomac. if you live in the alexandria area and you're at home you may want to peek out the window late erin see if you can catch fireworks. 2016 has gotten a bad rap among people who don't think it's the best year. tonight we wanted to focus on positives. we spoke to people here in alexandria about their favorite experiences of the year me and my wife had our first daughter our daughter
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september 25 in alexandria it's been a great year of going through the process of birth. >> guitar player and songwriter singer songwriter it started ringing at the beginning of gig and halfway through got sunny and a big rainbow came over and a played under the rainbow. >> i got offered a job and moved to alexandria wednesday. this has been one of the greatest experiences of my year. >> well, this summer i decided to spontaneously go backpacking through scott issue land and i captured on video me touring lockness i may or may not have seen nessie. >> i started my dream job office of management and budget within the white house and got to take my family through the west wing to see write worked and new job and to finish out the administration was really cool. >> i'm -- it is only i mean one or two at best from india goat
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i'm among the thousands i was one of those to get selected. so that was a good thing. >> and the purchase of my new home it was our first christmas there and a very overwhelming and enjoying moment. >> going to iceland and seeing the northern lights we did it twice it was amazing. my mom wanted to do it for a long time and we were just enjoying ourselves there. sure it was freezing cold. but it was amazing sight to see that. >> reporter: so great memories there. and i wanted to share one of my own. for the first time in years i got to go home to new jersey for christmas eve and christmas. i got to see my family including my little niece who i love so much. i lived out west for a while and taking the job here at "fox5" this year has brought me a lot closer to home and so i'm very thankful for that. one of great things with working at "fox5". soji
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some great memories to share. let's hear what you got. >> can been a great year are it was my first full year here. my dad had health problems over the last couple years and another year with us he's better and stronger and that's a good reason to see him as well. you talked about that one kid with iceland he was wearing the world sishyes you think he would be excited about that but little dude is going to iceland. >> reporter: you know what, when you have the family trip to iceland and seeing the northern lights that maybe ranged second for him. >> understandable. lindsay happy new year to you thank for joining us. >> reporter: happy new year. >> if you are headed to alexandria or whenever metro will be on late. transit agency says trains and buses will run until 3:00 in the morning and here's good news they'll be free after midnight. why, you ask? miller light is paying for the service to encourage people not
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excellent point. metro is closing at midnight since the start of safe track and making exception for the holidays. you might be taking uber that's another option tonight. company says it plans to provide 15 million rides around the world for the new year that's three times more than a year ago. if you want to avoid those dreaded surge prices going to be tough but experts say leave early or late and demand for rides will drive up prices between midnight and 3:00 in the morning. how do you celebrate the new year if it's past your bedtime. one neighborhood in southeast had early countdown today to kids could take part in the excite m. our photo journalists brings us sights and sounds from the yards [ cheers and fireworks ]. ♪
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♪ ten, nine, eight, seven, six, five, four, three, two, one, happy new year! everybody. >> you always want balloons that was from microfiche
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"fox5". still to come a new year's day deadline looming in 35 russian diplomats have to be out of the u.s. after sanctions out of the white house and learning more about aemtions of cyber attacks by russia and a bit later kevin mccarthy will breakdown the top movies of 2016. stay with us you're watching "fox 5 news" at
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there is developing news out of turkey tonight. turkish authorities say 35 people were killed and 40 others wounded when an attacker started shooting in a club in istanbul. is tan bull's governor said it was a terror attack and so far
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. now prince george county, police are investigating the death of a woman whose body was found outside an apartment complex. officers were called out for a welfare check earlier today. the body was found grassy hill between hickory hill narments suitland and nearby strip mall. >> i walked through there on a regular and it's shortcut. and found somebody dead? i deposit hear anything i always use that shortcut but won't any more. >> they won't say how she died just that she had trauma to her upper body. >> and detectives were receiving a protective order and heard a gun shot and then at some point during the chaos one of the deputies accidentsly fired his gun. during a search of the scene scene they found a man with gun shot wound and they're not clear who shot him. one suspect got away.
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where police are investigating a stabbing that happened midnight the victim a 25-year-old man southeast lie ago long the street east capital. police had no suspect in the case. that victim later died. in montgomery country country water service is on in one concernsing ton neighborhood and they lost svls overnight when a 20" water main broke. worker spent the day fixing the broken pipe on university boulevard and repairs wrapped up tonight and the good news is the road is aback on again. >> developing tonight the 35 russian diplomats order todd leave u.s. have one day left. meantime there are new allegations of rush rushian sign area tacks targeting the u.s. >> a vermont utility company is confirming they found malware linked to russian hackers on one of their laptops they discovered it after the department of homeland shared mall word code we utilit
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transportation companies all critical infrastructure. the infected laptop was not connected to the power grid system. the russians were trying to access utilities to potentially manipulate the grid and shut it down in middle of winter and he also calls it direct threat. as punishment for larger hacking scandal they have until stound lever the country before order todd leave. as of noon yesterday diplomats were kicked out of two compound. this is long island, new york and another in maryland. they look like beautiful vacation homes with tennis courts and sailing and obama administration says they were used for more than that including intelligence gathering against the u.s.. diplomats in san francisco are getting kicked out of consolate where u.s. officials say they have a robust spy network. they wish vladimir putin would do what obama has done and chris christie our our diplomats. >> we consider the sanctions completely
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unreasonable, and very detrimental to the bilateral relations between two neighborhoods between the united states of america and russian federation. >> a total of 9 6 russians were told to leave, 35 diplomat and their dependents. caroline shivly, fox news. >> and we're learning new details about donald trump's inaugural festive 'tis that were taking part in the parade. 8,000 participate nabts all representing 40 different organizations group from arlington called the march. ing unit will be among those in the parade and each branch of the military will be represented. >> coming up the most loved movies of 2016. how resident movie fanatic picking the top films of the year and his least favorite coming up
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>> if you have little ones this won't be a surprise. out of the ton five movies four were disney movies. captain america civil war finished in top spot grossing 6 billion dollars and the youngle book finished fourth and i another one animated film secret life of pets name fifth and overall the world spent over 11 billion at the box office in 2016. so our resident movie fanatic saw all the top movies this year and couple more. here's kevin mccarthy's top five picks and his choice for worst film of the year. >> hey,
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mccarthy i'm excited to be here with year end top five films of 2016. i'm also going to list worst film that i've seen this year. so far over 100 films in theaters no question this has been a great year sore cinema so many honorable mentions i have to say hidden figures and batman versus superman and america's civil war and fences, monster calls there were so many amazing films, dr. strange a really loved and this right now is top five of 2016 for my full top ten go to my twitter is cher is@kevin mccarthytv coming in number five "moonlight" this film is beyond brilliant it will be nominated for a lot of academy awards and considered a front runner against "la la land" and the idea behind the movies is about a man he growing newspaper miami and it's three sections of his life from boy to teenager to grown man as you're seeing there driving the car. there's three shots
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versions of character right there and it's directed by gentleman barry jenkins beautifully shot and devastatingly good story "moonlight" is number five of the year and naomi harris incredible. it will get a ton of oscar nominations currently 6 golden globe. coming in number four this say movie sting street and it is available on netflix. it's irish film by john carney and still m called once he had. what makes it great is music. you will be blown away by the music and you'll sing it and want the sound track and everybody about the songs, drive it like you stole it it's funny, heart-warming an really makes you smile. sometimes that's really all you want at the end of the a film. i love this movie and gave it five out of five. next up number three on the list this year is "la la land".
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no question this will win best picture at the academy awards this year. damian jazel the 31-year-old chill m makeer is genius directed "whiplash" as well which he wrote out of frustration because he can no get "la la land" made originally and this stars ryan gosling and emma stone and ryan gosling is plague the piano in all those scenes no hand double and emma stone is fantastic and greatest opening shot in a long time i've seen in a movie. city of stars and audition are two master full songs. that's what i love about 2016 the theme of music has been a huge thing this year and hidden figures and ferrell music and songs and so many great film this year. next up number 2 arrival. no question lovevilleville. look at that shot that is the soyn credible. this movie blew my mind to a point i thought about it for weeks and weeks and weeks and th
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the guy that directed this movie directed films like prisoners, sacario and enemy. staring jeremy renner and amy adams hireds a linguist to translate alien language and the music and score by johan johan san my must be two of the year no question. number one i know typically when you watch movies you don't think of this as number one film of year this is r rated rhawn. y comedy. i have to put it out there i've seen it nine times "dead bool i "dead pool"" this is an 11 year passion project it balances comedy, trauma, action. very inappropriate. not for kids whatsoever but really, really well done and in middle of all this insane action and comedy there's a good story and good heart to the it and reynolds does a good
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this when he shot all the scenes the way they make eyes move they redid every moment without the mavx on to sutdenly an mate the eyes. it's very, very cool how they pulled it off i gave it five out of five seen it nine times. that's number one of the year. tweet me yours @kevinmccarthytv and one more i want to mention is least favorite zoo lander two. unfortunately i loved zoolander one it was brilliant and ben stiller is great director i don't know what happened with this movie way too many cameos it ran the bit too long. that's my least favorite of 2016. so those are all the movies this year. there were so many films that came out and so many to recommend. tweet me as kevinmccarthytv. i'm kevin mccarthy, fox news all right up next a big surprise for a little boy recovering from surgery he dreamed of being a firefighter. since the he can't leave the hospital d.c. fire came to him that s
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>> welcome back an 8-year-old boy dreams of becoming a firefighter and hunter scarboro came from louisiana for troment and they reached out to d.c. fire to mack a surprise happen. "fox5" alexandra limon with the story app awe beaming smile while it cannot be seen behind his mask is obvious in his eyes. >> thank you. >> happy moments for 8-year-old hunter scarboro who had massive su
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he's spending holidays in the hospital. it was a trance plant so rare 50 happened in the u.s. each year. mart is he's strong and start he asks a lot of good questions. >> for a few minute hunter got stop stop thinking about the feeding tubes and his wheelchair and endless procedures own foux focus on this and how did you get safe in a fire. >> how do you get safe in a fire? see the stuff they wear helps keep us safe 'welcomed break in his long journ
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>> sometimes that's the thing sometimes hunter has to do things that hurt, right, hunter? >> it isn't just sometimes hunter had hundreds of surgeries and 30 during a single hospital stay in 2015. and he had his colon removed. it was then after years of dealing with health problems he got an accurate diagnosis chronic intestinal pseudo obstruction and in november he got a life-changing phone call from georgetown university hospital. >> he had a small and large intestinal transsglant despite that he over name his own life in his own life when he grows up he wants to save others think you're going to be a good firefighter. >> yes. >> because you're very what? >> brave. >> all right. >> in northwest d.c., alexandra limon, "fox5 local news". got to love it when those guys give back in any way possible. >> they go the extra mile. >> that's
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end 2016. >> we need more of those we need a positive way to start 2017 and best way to go because the first thing we all notice is the weather. >> and actually on a positive note tomorrow's weather redskins game. >> later 4:25 they were going play at one now 4:25 you can watch on "fox5"this is a must win. >> it's a playoff football game a week early. >> yes. >> let's do the weather here outside tonight live look outside all is is calm for this final night of 2016 expect wind out there time to time. it's not overly gusty like yesterday morning but occasionally a breeze kicks up making it cooler. temperature-wise 10 degrees colder than this time yesterday. that's not bad. here's highs for the final day of 2016. almost said 17. i'm hurrying jimmy apologize. 49 at reagan and 47 dulles and 47 bwi we want to relax and go
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few clouds out there for now. thicker clouds earlier and band of showers around 7. you can see out to the west a little breakage in the clouds. we should get clearing as we head through the late evening and overnight hours here as we enterser 2017. 47 the current number here in washington and temperatures really have not moved all that much in the past few hours. 45 gaithersburg and 45 westminster and 45 leonardtown. when you factor in the wind it always feels cold they are time of year. 38 dulles. 7 frederick, 36 westminster is and 48 gaithersburg and feels 31 downtown in washington d.c. on this new year's eve. first day of 017 tomorrow house the setup. high pressure over the great lakes and cool, northerly flow. the big deal here high pressure generally keeps us on the drier said of things. we have a front at one time looked like it would extend over washington and bring us showers later in the day. and good news is that front looks like it should stay south. it will hold the showers well
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virginia at least until the overnight hours into monday and that's when we see things change. here's future cast big midnight hour good-bye 2016 and hello 2017. clearing things out. sunshine to start off the day on sunday here we go game time 4:00. just before game time here in washington temperatures extending to 50s. looks good. and then clouds return late at night and maybe a couple showers by 11:00. just south of washington. but then during the day on monday this little system moves in from the south and it will be mostly rain event and maybe sleet to the maryland, pennsylvania border we'll watch that here at d.c. all the rain and looks like it will be a soggy monday and tuesday as well. all right. giants at redskins huge game we were talking about what can you expect if you head down to redskins park how about 53 degrees. not bad for january 1. some clouds and cool to start but chilly after sunset definitely bring heavier
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you will need it second half of the game. we are tracking winter though. briefly warm as we head to tuesday. forecasting a high of 6 0 on tuesday and arctic cold is m coming back. it's not too far off. by end of next week we're talking about temperatures even below normal by january standards highs staying in the 30s. "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast time 59 degrees first day of 017 looks nice and showers move in monday. tuesday up to 60. looks like it will be wet day. wednesday is transition day as we turn cold are by the time we get to thursday maybe a couple snow showers around and end of week for now looks dry. we're keeping an eye on a couple things and for now looks dry and cold with highs only in the 30s. all right let's check the forecast, jim over to you. >> thank you, mike. >> in the new year a new president taking off in 2016 was a big year for politics in the u.s. with one of the most bitterly fought elections in modern history and it will shape the landscape going forward. joe waldo
10:36 pm
year of politics. >> i know how disappointed you feel because i feel it too. >> it's one of the biggest surprises to come out of 2016. hillary clinton's loss to donald trump in the race to become the 45 president of the united states. >> our campaign was never about one person or even one election. it was about the country we love. >> after a longer than expected primary with independent vermont senator barny sanders clinton become odds on favorite and preelection polls prove to be off. >> i just received a call from secretary clinton. >> trump, who fought a bruising primary against 16 gop rivals not only won a descience every victory in key battle ground states but swept is wisdom martin, michigan and north carolina trad fromition alley blue
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a lock. he praised the woman he mocked without the campaign as crooked hillary. >> we oher a major debt of gratitude for her service to our country. >> within days of his win trump met with president obama, who promised a smooth transition process. green party candidate jill stein was not so cooperative filing recompetitions in several close states citing possibility of election fraud and computer hack. >> this is about the american voters who deserve a voting system they can trust. >> one of the biggest uses had to deal with feature makeup of the supreme court. that was under scored by justice scalia that i dad to of natural causes while huntsing in texas. >> he'll no doubt be be remembered as most con gwen shall judge. >> he nominated meryl garland
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chief yming of appeals for d.c.. nomination never made it out of the senate rishry committee and it should be the next president that chooses ch sh c aalia's president. >> the president had a right to submit a name and to you know pick a person. on the other hand it's the senate's right to confirm or not confirm. >> senate minority leader harry reid that pushed through a bill lowering threshold required for additional nominee accepted supreme court and retired from senate after serving 30 years. >> i didn't make it because of my good looks. i didn't make it because oom a genius. i made it because i worked hard. >> this senate paid tribute to outgoing vice-president joe biden who served slee decades in the chamber. >> smumer will takeover when the center returns in 2017. but remains to be scene what kind of working relationship will have with a new
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with whom he shares a long history as new yorker. in washington, at the capitol. joe walden, fox news. >> up next, ditching the cars. how more and more apartment buildings are getting readyive parking lots and what they're replaced with coming up.
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>> if are you planning to make the new year's resolution to eat better we're going to ruin it for you from taco bell loaded fries they're tested out of taco bell in california they're like nash owes but instead of tore teet achips platter of french fries. if they sell they could add to the menu in more ex
10:43 pm
therefore reducing life expectancy across the country. >> 2500 calories. >> could be. >> i tell you what i've had i had taco bell fries and they're good. >> i had them as well. one of their better things. >> do you like oreos. >> yes. >> you might like next story new flavor of oreos, chocolate strawberry it was spotted target kansas by editor of chocolate surrounds strawberry cream center they are limited edition flavor and not as healthy as actual chocolate covered strawberries. >> if you notice there's a slew of different oreos, cinnamon bun kind and swedish fish and what's -- >> they have their own aisle at the supermarket. >> i'll do chocolate and basic. >> i like basic one.
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planning 2017 vacation after you work off the weight you've gained from chocolate fries and chocolate covered oreos. >>" lands are offering 3 0 bucks to spend exploring place. so it ument to get credits and this is things for ecotours. kayaking trips, you cannot sidele up at the bar and get a bunch of hurricanes and maities you. >> want to pay me to go on vacation. >> that's a nice draw. >> if they pay you to go on vacation i could go anywhere. >> absolutely. >> there are a lot of apartment complexes differenting parking lots altogether they give credits to ride sharing apps. here's fox's hillary vaughn. >> some apartment bud ring ditching parking spots and offering uber credits instead because of ride sharing companies like uber and lift real estate analysts
10:45 pm
expect parking needs will be cut in half and bring up 75 pillon square feet of parking space. >> there a real opportunity here for real estate developers and operators to get in front of what we view as inevitable trend that will be biggest game changer for real is state since arrival of car itself. >> one apartment building in san francisco is encouraging residents to live car free and partnering with uber to offer residents a $100 monthly credit on uber account. >> it's been wildly pop hear and exceeded our expectations. since we launched may of 2016 we have over 1,000 participate arnts in the program and we have over 95% of participation rate. >> their of course papscy is doubled but demand for parking spot has not changed at all. residents say it sad them big bucks. we talked to people here and some are not sure they could commit to living car free. >> i don't think $100 is
10:46 pm
for me to with the amount of traveling i do. >> i would consider it uber is amazing and not having to pay insurance and car payment that would be awesome. >> i would really, really like that but i think that sometime you just want to be in your own car and have your own music. but maybe if they gave me more i would. >> real estate analysts say as parking lots become obsolete developers from building less parking and they're building and finding ways to be repurposeed for different things. hillary vaughn. >> you don't like that idea good i like being able to get in my car wherever i need to and drive somewhere. >> okay. >> i can see you were talking about how in cities it makes sense. >> when i was living in boston there was no parking in my building i rent aid spot in somebody's backyard and the guy was making $paved backyard and rented out spots $00 a pop a month and that's. >> that's smart guy. >> smart guy not smart if you have a
10:47 pm
>> i don't buy parking lots welcome becoming ab sew least. >> where will uber drivers park. >> guys that own cars. >> good point. >> and automatic driving cars. >> yes. >> and tomorrow the redskins get a chance to secure their spot in the playoffs offer a win with the giants. brody coming in and we'll look at that game coming up in sports i want the time of my life♪ mr. worldwide♪ oh, baby♪ we dance on the salsa team together, and it's like a lot of power in what we wear. when we're practicing if i don't feel good in what i'm wearing i don't look good. t.j.maxx has that variety. i can get a lot for my money. it's like "yay t.j.maxx!" if you're feeling it, just go for it, don't wait. maxx life at t.j.maxx.
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>> tomorrow reds skins can do something they have not done in a quarter century. they will have to beat 11 whip giants team they squeaked by any week 3. third time the redskins had a shot to control the fate other two times against carolina and arizona they lost. they're hoping third time is a charm. >> you know it's a good position to be in to
10:51 pm
control it and last time we blue it. now we have another shot. we have to prepare this week and go out and play. >> we let one go. we know how it feels. we learn from that and definitely not trying to let this one go. >> i said nothing more nothing less it's a win no matter what they do no matter what nfl has for playoff ranking it doesn't concern us let's win it's it nothing more nothing less. >> put tv on "fox5"just leave it fron tonight. get football here first. thank you, yes, jim. redskins gim time 7 a.m. if you're up from new year's celebrations great if you are not dvr it and january 1 is set eagles cowboys at 1 and that game giants redskins 4:25. virginia tech number five duke duke without grayson allen because he grips people and that's not good. virginia tech up
10:52 pm
away with it. ahmed hill with a dunk. 17 point lead. hokies up 14. sethal tone zach laday i guess it was hokies laday. virginia tech up 17 late second still up 17. off the steal. allen and the hockeys little asle dazzle here off the glass. upset duke 89-75. >> to the ice in new jersey taking on the devils first period. two and a half minutes in and brett conley in front and nice view from andre betterkoski and that opened flood gates for caps. first bruce long slap to three direct to jay beagle eagle beagle sixing of year 2-0 to the 1st and that was pretty much it. alec ovechkin up-1 his 17th. caps ran 5-1. >> if you look on facebook today you'll thi
10:53 pm
worst year ever. for sports fans it was one of the best. had you a buzzer beater to win ncaa championship and warriors blowing a lead in the finals never forget and olympics and cubs 108 years of futility 2016 was great for sports take a look. >> three seconds at mid court. gives it to jenkins for the championship! unbelievable. intercepted and he's done it. he's climb the mountain. record breaking goal for
10:54 pm
♪ ♪ jennings. curry for 400, yes, sir. >> they do have i timeout. curry, way downtown, what a not have curry. lay-up, by james. jose fernandez. ♪ ♪ and gone! on its way. it's a one
10:55 pm
lead this will be tough play. the cubs won the world series! it's over. [ cheers ]. >> jim what was your favorite sports moment of the year. >> pittsburgh penguins winning fourth stanley cup. >> surprise. >> mine was not that. >> i want "the buzzer" beater to whip the phoneal four. >> kid in the d.c. area it's a fwraet finish. >> that's putting people on the spot and then letting your answer when you're in washington d.c. several hours later. >> you were honest. >> i was. >> back after this. one, two, three, four, uxts
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dos, tres♪ ♪
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>> not serve dropping the ball tonight one of the unique things happens in hagerstown the donut drop. it's sponsored by eye local donut business. my favorite is dillsburg where they drop a giant pickle. >> i like new orleans they drop a baby it's not alive but they drop a baby. >> all right. >> maybe drop mothers in the crowd. >> a lot to be thankful for. 2016. we're obviously thankful for all of you who tune in every night and thankful for these guys cheers to you cheers to you sir and cheers to you. i like i'm so excited to say this go for it. >> folks stay tuned. >> pit sbul next. >> pit
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l is next ♪ oh wee-oh, wee-oh, wee-oh, ♪ ♪ wee-oh, oh, oh ♪ ♪ give me the green light ♪


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