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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 5, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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under way a cold start to your y thursday as snow is expected eec to hit the area later tonight. t we have team coverage on just js how much we could expect and exp just how it could impact your commute. >> shocking, disgusting,isst disturbing video from chicagohi going viral around the world. tr a disabled man held hostage and tortured all while his his alleged attackers streamed the e whole thing live on facebook this morning. why the incident is open an a huge debate about this ands a whether it's a hate crime. cri >> dramatic video of a metroet worker being rescued aftered aft falling 35 feet down a shaft.aha we're there lie this morning.. >> is president-elect donaldesid trump planning a major shakeup involving america'sg america's intelligence agencies? alls? a this as he continues toontinu t question the findings thosesho agencies made over claims that russia interfered in theia i presidential election.esid good thursday morningod t everybody. i'm allison seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey. welcome to fox5 new i'ms morning right off the top this hour h it's that that winter weatherint that is headed our way.ay >> i have on uggs to prove itpr
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the snow expected to startd stt falling in just a matter ofr hours later tonight.onig >> tuck, what's the deal? >> hey, let's get right to it.g. here's the bottom line.m you'll need a broom not aro n shovel. this is any other going to be a major eanvey nt.otrvent since yesterday the timing on tn this has changed a little bit. looks like it wants to arriveket a little earlier this eveninghie than what we thought yesterday y so towards the tail end of thed rush hour tonight perhaps pha between 8 o'clock and midnight h will be kind of prime time.ime. there it is developing to our west and you can see snow showers back into ohio and kentucky parts of and ys ibands well. well that was headed in ouratas headr direction. so a little sunshine here l early.ittl then we'll cloud up. again prime time tonight for tor some snow showers, some light sh snow across the area betweenetwe about 8 o'clock and midnight and by early tomorrow morningor this whole system will be outte of here. of by this time tomorrow morni hngg it's all out of here.f here. and there's our expected snow accumulations. light stuff. dusting t o about an inch fornc much of the area, maybe more m like an inch plus if you'reou further off to the north andnd west.we we have no advisories but i do d think some of the roads roa tonight particularly therl t
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become slick as temperaturesempa will be at or below freezing frg so everything that falls willlsl be snow but it will be veryeer light. >> good to know. aybe more thee t broom than the shovel needed.l . >> yeah the broom.>> >> all right. >> good to know. >> tinge let's find out what's happening on the roads.d the question is are weoutpeni gg to be dodging a bullet becauseit of this snowstorm. >> let's check in with anjalicka hemphill in northwest d.c. d good morning. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. h snowh smatter rhoepw moruc we end up getting tonight and into tomorrow, ddot crews say cs they're they spent early this morning tm and last night spreading somedie of this huge salt pile alonglelg d.c. roadwas as we are allre a familiar by now the dmv is notorious for that snarledsn traffic and slippery roadsd slip pretty much any time we even wee have a small winter weather smal event out here.enout remember around this time lasttt year, guys, when just dayst ds ahead of a historic snowstormstr d.c. traffic turned to uttero u chaos when the area got just 1us inch of unexpected snowfall. s there was during that eveningni rush hour commute there and itnt was pretty naty
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in that storm, the d.c. mayor m even apologized for the city'sry inadequate response sayinge sayi they should have been out withda more resources. reses well, ever since then, the then, national weather service has now putting an extra effort to mitigate something like lastom l year happening again. they now issue winterue wter commuting hazard statementsd ahead of snowfall that couldou impact traffic.pact traffic. however, guys, the good news is is the snow we're about tobot get looks like it's going tos go be falling in between thoseenho busy rush hour times here iner the dmv.thmv so, as of now, that warningarnig has not been issued but as weuta all know that could change. chag we're going to be keeping api a close eye on the weather.ea for now live in the northeast anjali hemphill fox5 local loc wsws. >> 7:03. developing overnight a metro workerng p oulled to safety aftt falling nearly 35 feet down a dn shaft. this happened at theth hap intersection of wisconsinon owin avenue and elm street. >> fox5's melanie alnwicke has been following the storyry all morning long. lon she's there in bethesda with bee more on how this happened. mel, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, steve and allison. folkors thtestat are familiar wf southbound wisconsin avenue wis will recognize whereco we a
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because it's where there was aea movie theater here and reallyana the only thing that's left of lf the scene is just this police tape that was left behind butt d the entire southbound lanes of wisconsin avenue were blockedock early this morning. morning that is the shaft where thehe worker needed to be rescued rcu we'll show you some video fromoo montgomery county fire andmery rescue of that. of it was a technical rescue.escu they had to bring in a ladder l truck and use that sort of to rig up app rope and pulley system getting 35 feet belowel the ground to get that workeror out. we're told that he had some orthopedic injuries so perhapsjp an injury to his back or his lower legs or feet, but but fortunately just a priority prir two transport, a nonlife-threatening injuriesthre there. it did take some time, though,eo for rescue workers to rig all rg of this up, but montgomeryontgom county fire chief scottef s goldstein told me they really r wanted to be careful here,er they didn't want to cause any ta further injury to him we alsoe shot some video of what it i looks like inside that shaft
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we don't know exactly whatctly happened here but there's sort's of a ledge and then it dropsrops down another 20 feet.0 et these metro workers were inere this tunnel clearing out tnel leaves and debris and theres ane sort of thing just part of the routine maintenance that theyman do during thete overnight hoursh and unfortunately, this workeror had that perhaps slip-and-fallan incident so again the goodnto ag news is that he is going to be okay. i assume that metro is goingok t to continue following up on its accident investigationnves report. i'm melanie iie, alnwick fox5 local news. n >> this morning water has beenrn restored to washingtonto adventist hospital in takomal in park. they had a pipe burst lastbursta night. officials say that happened around 6:00 p.m.als saarnd 6 so, they had advised patientsate visitors and staff not toot to drink any water from faucetset and make sure to use handd sanitizer in addition todditn to washing their hands.ds. wssc crews are still theretill this morning but the hospital is opened. is it's still accepting patients pe and working it's a full comasul is the so basically businessbasu as >> a wild police chase with ah a small child in the suspect's s it ends in a crash at the mixing bowl in northernngl in n
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all started srtit though when an officer triedicer to pull over a car in in southeast d.c..c the driver backed into aba police cruiser then took off. o police chased that car through h prince george's county into fairfax county where the c suspect crashed into a jersey je wall in springfield.inie officers then discovered a tn di young girl in the suspect's suse car. ca fortunately she was not hurt.t . that driver was arrested. aes >> all tucker, 7:06. 7:0 i feel like we're talking to aaa lot this morning.t this mor >> yeah, well, i think --nk >> a lot going on, right. rig >> let's do it. temperatures have gotten cold ovures hernight. let's start with that. stage is set ft's or our light t snow event and again this willhl not be a major storm.rm but as just mentioned, men remember the last year we gote an inch of snow and we were ae w not prepared and you know whatwh happened. pp 32 reagan national.n nio i think we're prefaired forf this one. bwi marshall 29 degrees.9 gree looking at our satellite andte a radar, there's our storm system developing out to the west. we will cloud up here quickly. y
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today, only in the upper 30's.u3 you may see a few flurries as early as this afternoon. afternn the main event for us will bell between about 8 o'clock 8 o'clok tonight and 2 o'clock in theand morning. the good news tomorrowews torrow morning's commute will not beilb compromised with any falling anl snow. anything that falls overnightig will still be on some of those o roads early tomorrow morning.ori but we're not expecting anyectia falling snow for tomorrow tomro morning's aligright. no advisories local. local. i would not be surprised ifnot i these are not extended aended little bit further east later today. toda and i'm going to show you thegoo seven day and we'll read those in a minute but i want tot i mention we got a coastal stormal on saturday we need to talk o tl about today. tay >> one at a time,ing.>> o >> really. >> let's check in with erin's c sehee hckow the roads are. are good morning. >> good morning. cold ineezing cold in thego hallway outside the studio. s >> what's going on.>> >> i want to put m wy wind my w jacket on. >> put the air conditioning on. >> oh, it's wintertime.inte >> i'm not dressedress appropriately. bundle up with layers, theayer sweaters you need all that stuff. now college park at 95 jammed up earlier crash bloegcks thee h
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traffic is slow from route one o over and then the inner loopnn l also little bit heavy so all all in all top of the beltway gete a an early start. sta it's back to that normal bac morning congestion pattern.g co as we move ovengres to our mapsr top of the beltway is not thee e only problem we're dealingng with this morning. we have a few other issues buths we'll start you off with the wie good news on the we had earlier delays on the red line. that is cleared and bac k tok normal and normal serviceervice resumed on the orange blue and silver from vienna franconia fra and wiehle. we had an earlier malfunctionalc at stadium-armory but typicaluma metro patterns gettirmng back bc into the swing. as for the rest of your friday f eve commute taking a wide viewtt of the area you can see slowak movingrea trayoffic university boulevard in the silver spring area. freeway on the westbound sidendi out by east east capl we'll keep you updated.ed back to you guys.u >> erin thanks. tha want to talk about this disturbing facebook videong fac coming out of chicago. chica this morning four people undernd arrest after that video wentidet viral appearing to show them shm torturing and holding a developmentally disabled man hostage. >> they live streamed it ony facebook.
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latest. la s just aren't strongtr enough. >> reporter: they aren't strong enough.epor this is one of thest morero unsettling stories i think t that we've had to report in some time.e. the person that could do thiso i i just can't wrap my mind wra md around that. video is very is v hard to watch showing several sr people verbally and physicallysl abusing the man inside a home. h now formal charges against thegt suspects could come soon as comn many are calling it a hate crime. cr >> (bleep) donald (bleep) white people, boy. >> reporter: after a brutalorte abatr:tack o an a mentally challenged man in chicago inhica which was seen around the arothe world on this facebook livece lv video, police have arrestedve as four >> images in the video put on display the brazenness of the offenders who assaulted theed t victim and then broadcast itroat for the entire world to see. to >> reporter: the victim washeici from the suburbs but the t attack happened on chicago'scago west side.westide. the video shows the suspects spe ripping the man's clothes, beating him and cutting him
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>> we're still talking to the ctim.m. it's quite a possibility that it is a kidnapping and that'ss certainly one of the chargeson we'll be seeking if it turns sei out to be that.ha but he's a little -- he's traumatized by the incident inc it's very tough to communicateoi with him at this point.s >> reporter: the suspectsorter:s can be heard swearing abouting t president-elect donald trump but chicago police don'tt-elon't believe this attack is att is politically motivated. >> they think somehow thatk sort of invoking trump is sort s of their ticket to doing this t because everybody hates trump,ru they see celebrities hater on trump. >> reporter: community activists are calling this a hate crime. >> i think this is a hate crime.n i don't care what race you are r think and that's why wraece y a havret crimes and this law. politics asides this beating b is disgusting. >> reporter: police are now interviewing the victim.icti >> our detectives upon being notified by the officers from the 11th by th district becamete involve in the investigation ini and communicated with the suburb where the subject was missing from.missing fro after his treatment at theeat hospital, he was released and his parents came.aren
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president-elect donald trumpt-el was mentioned in the videontne again chicago police do notdo nt believe the crime wase the crim politically motivated.ot however, there's a big debate dt on social media with manyhan saying this should beying tsh considered a hate c and that if the role were reversed way black person p tortured by four whitert suspects that hate crimeme charges would definitely be oni the and i'm just going to have too say i don't really see whatlly e the debate s i don't d understand how it could not be t a hate crime. >> right. i think there when -- i think it's a hate crime, okay, letthe, me start by saying. that i think it's a hatete crime. i think what happens thoughat hh when you look historically in the baggage behind why a hate ht crime would be used or that term invoked then you get ited but however you have to look l at this case and when you inject race or faith then it. >> reporter:. >> whatever the race is. >> then it becomes a hatee crime. i think that the debate ishe des when -- i think the debates, d it's like that reverse discrimination piece whenrimi people sort of used that term
7:12 am
gravity of discrimination inisco the first place or racism andra i think maybe that's where thete debate comes from.deba com i hope you are following whatwia i'm saying here but what i'm saying today is that to me to would be considered a hate h crime but i understand theerst debate. >> reporter: oh, i see what you mean. >> you know whatorter: i'm saying. i'mayin >> reporter: i understandepor what you're saying. i will say this and you know, we hear law etewhnfatorayce tmey all the time it's a good thingng criminals aren't very smart sma because they would get awaye th with a lot more.ey the fact that they postedosted this. >> ridiculous. >> reporter: facebook live was not a smart move. it's how they got caught.ortewao how>> it's not even a tngot if smart. they did this intentionally.hise if you watch the wholen videoido they're showing their facesr f the entire time laughing about it. >> they want to go viral. >> in doing this they have no no even thought process that procea there's anything wrong with this is the way that it comesth acrowass. >> reporter: which is what'shich scary is that they don'tey don understand the gravity of whathy they're doing. >> you can look in a persoinnino and see that complete fear and horror in their eye and think t it's funny and to go on it's a
7:13 am
humanity period.ty >> reporter: right, it iseporig and i will say this too i did id when reading about this storys s at least one of the four people was either a formerorme classmate or a classmate ofsste the person that was tortured. >> okay. >> reporter: someone did know him. atepor least o ne person knew him. h >> all right. rht. disturbing no doubt.dist a somber tribute in other o news for two of hollywood's ahead. how carrie fisher and debbied db reynolds' family will remember them. >> president-elect donald trump could have major changesri in store for some ofd ve our our nation's most powerful bob. >> reporter: allison, at the center of all this is russiaus and its potential role in ourn r most recent election.leion. there are hearings on the hillhe here today. we'll tell you all about itar tell you when we come back.
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>> ♪♪ >> all right. let's get to it. there's a sunrise. stevethay, steveey sayll r, and allison.and >> what's that. >> what. >> >> red sky i wn the morningorni sailors take warning.arnig it's kind of a orange one bute e you get the idea. i i'm not sure how much warning we need to take from this one but we need to be prepared because what we geted lat ter ts evening will be enough to stick to theing wi roads and 'cs i think some minor travel tvel issues. all right, let's get to it.s ge. afternoon snow showers certainly possible.ternnly psib. you could see a few flakesa particularly off to the north and west byarly o midafternoon . the steadiest of the lighteadi snow will be tonight between about 8 o'clock andl be 2 o'clok in the morning.orni and we're still again lookingga at some very lightlight accumulations across the area. i think the whole thing is out a of here by 3, 4 o'clock in the4h morning and by sunrise by our bo morning commute tomorrow theom t system will be completely outomt of here. we'll likely see a niceic sunrise tomorrow morning somo mr the bottom line the systemys moving a little faster than it
7:17 am
will likely get in here her towards the tail end of rushf ru hour and be with us throughhr about midnight tonight.ight. 32 now in washington.ngton. plenty of cold air in place. ple that has moved in overnight. ovt what we get later thisater this afternoon and tonight will article arrive in the form ofari just plane snow.lane s you can see it out here just out to our west. west. kentucky now parts of ohio indiana not very welly w organized.ornize not by any means an intensenten system but there will bere wil e enough snow that falls betweenle again about 8 o'clock tonightou and 2 o'clo8 ck tomorrow morninr that we can expect a dustingus to about an inch maybe up to 2-inches here in a spot or two w off to the north and west. wes please tweet me tucker fox5 f let me know how much snow you sy get later today when itr y wh arrives.ri first one of the year. that's always significant around here. there's your seven day. d i want to mention this coastalms storm -- i'm going to go on. this coastal storm on saturdayrn could impact parts of the area particularly southern maryland n lower eastern shore. you could have lightloweyod accumulations to that. t stay tuned for that.stay erin is back and she's busy as s well. >> yeah roads
7:18 am
see. someone tweeted me i can't believe you're tracking e so many crashes and it's nottweeu'n snowy yet so i'm bracingra myself for tomorrow morning.orrr do you think it's going to behi a roughnk i ride. r >> i think people will beple wib cleaning up there. will be some delays. del >> skyfox moved from the topx mo of the beltway very scenic and beautiful headed to a crash ontn seven so let's get to our mapsap and we'll help you get aroundron the area but looks kind of gray and gloomy.lo normal service across theervicet orange blue and silver.and sir. metro rails on time.on time. that's good news if you'reou skipping the roads and keeping g it to the rails. crash block the soldier top ofd the beltway outer loop by 95.5. slow back to the baltimore-washington parkway over to jury about a 25 minutee slow down.own. westbound at south capitolund ac street jammed to the 11thapit1th street bridge. bridge. inbound benning road reportsg rr of a person struck by car inar northeast at 21st. so caution there. allison and steve.te >> erin thank you. y hang today, the north carolina,o man accused of firing shotsho inside a d.c. pizzeria isas expected to be in court for a a status
7:19 am
edgar welch pled not guilty is s that in a d.c. jail.a jai welch is accused of firingf fin shots inside comet ping-pongin in northwest after reading a rei fake news story that claimeds sc the restaurant was at the center of a child sex ring. r organized by hillary clinton's t presidential campaign. cpa >> let's take a live look at ta capitol this time yesterday werdaye couldn't see the dome with all h the fog. the looks better today.r president obama will be on thea hill today briefed on a reportri that he ordered last monthon into allegations that russia r interfered with the 2016rf wit election. high level intelligenceellie officials plan to go to newgo tw york friday to then briefn president-elect donald trumpt-eo on the classified findings. fdi trump has strongly rejected rejc those senator testimony tim kaine will be participating inti aati senate armed services servi committee hearing. >> the fbi and the cia arere about to tell congress that at t least some of what they know k about the alleged accusationscco that russia meddled in thehe november elections. eio >> that might create a larger rift with the president-electh h who is talking about bige al abo anges.s.
7:20 am
bob barnard is on the hill. >> reporter: hey s tteve ahend allison. president-elect donald trump and somet-el influential infenti republicans in congress are at a odds over the value of u.s. u.s spy agencies.. mr. trump says they'rehe ineffective they're too political says he wants tocal e trim and overhaul these these agencies starting at the top the with the officers of national intelligence.. sure there's the central intelligence agency but there's also the fbi nsa, the n, defense intelligence agency a army intelligence, navy intelligence, the list goes on. 16 in all reporting to ating t director of national intelligence an office created e back in 2004. 2 president-elect donald trumpt-el as first reported in the walltel street journal now talking j about challengingou the bureaucracy an idea vice ia president elect mike penceenelec spoke about yesterday onte capitol hill. hil >> given some of the intelligence failures of recent years president-elect has made it clear to the
7:21 am
skeptical about conclusions cons from the bureaucracy and ind i think the american people hear h him loud and clear.lear. this as president obama gets aia look at as congress here's froms he fro intelligence officials aboutenco russia the white house is alsofh making clear the administration's displeasuresu with trump.. >> there's a pretty stark line n that's been drawn and thend president-elect will have tot-ei determine who he's going to believe.e. >> reporter: those intelligence briefings get under way here on the hillil later this morning guys. g >> should be interesting ford bi sure. bob already caused major m uproar in one state.e stat similar legislation causingtiaui controversy in virginia all virl over a person's right to use a u specific bathroom.hrm. we'll talk with the virginia vgi delegate backing the idea in in virginia. >> first though a fitting fitti tribute for a hollywood icon. io what fans of carrie fisher a
7:22 am
asking disney to do to honor hon the star wars actress.
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>> ♪♪ >> back now at 7:24 and happening today, a private backo memorial will be held for actresses carrie fisher and and her mother debbie reynolds.e red fisher passed away last month mn after suffering a heart attacktc on a flight from london. reynolds her mom died just oneue day a private funeral is set foror
7:25 am
meanwhile there's anmean online push to make fisher'sish' "star wars" character princess c leia an official disney princess. so far more than 30,000 people l have signed the change.orghangor petition. >> we would like to let youke t know about a very specialsci guest who will be joining usninu later this morning reality rea star omarosa will be on goodn day at 10:00 a. the former apprenticentic contestant will get a job in jn the trump administration beatn e working out of the white house e but first she'll be back withk t us joining us in the loft t today at 10:15. 10:15 >> good morning tuck.>> g >> hey guys. g you thing you notice coldoo has moved in overnight.notice cn you'll feel that othis morningt 32 in washington but a lot of 20's out there early. ear winds out of the north-orth ofto northwest at nine.hwat n very dry air in place thatce t will hold back on our veryer light snow totals expected eecte across the area. are we have to moisten up the airtom a little bit before the snowoiis can reach the ground.h here's the snow out to thenow ot west and you can see not well w organized and very light stuffhu back into ohio and kentucky parts of indiana. india this is all sweeping in ours ale direction.dire and we'll get -- it will get
7:26 am
changed a little bit.change looks like it gets d ina here earlier. earl you plight see a flake or two off to the north and west bullet bulk of the activityulk e probably towards the end of end rush hour between 8 o'clock 8'c and 2 o'clock in the morning m we'll have a period of snow s around here and by early e tomorrow morning the whole t w system should be out of here but it will leave behind ad a dusting to about an inchn inc locally and maybe an inch plusnu a fluffy 2-inches off to the-ihe north and west so again iand we think it's going to be more of a brooming situation get out and do some sweeping more than e shoveling but could be enoughe o to cause some travel challenges for parts of the o t area. there's your seven day.. definitely be cold enough thatut it will fall as snow later tonight. we'll talk about the weekendeeke forecast momentarily. more traffic with erin. >> a live look outside. outside this is a crash firerash fire department on location from 6666 eastbound to the outer loop as l you come from virginia.irgi a large semi truck was tru blocking both lanes. right now one lane getting gettg through. a car blocng
7:27 am
shoulder. looked to be a car and a large a truck involved in that crash.hah no known injuries at thisies ats point. we'll keep you i want to show you the delay on 66 from the previous closure. closure. gallows road completelyplet stacked up from visit to the beltway in for about a 30elup fn minute slow down. for about aten slow from 234 to 28 as welll heading through also seeing slowdowns 95owns northbound through newington.ndh we'll keep you n updated on your commute. metro is on time amount lookoo in maryland next.arylannext steve. >> it is debate that put the state of north carolina right in the national spotlight overov a person's right to use the bathroom they choose. that debate mayro be taking takn center stage in virginia.tan vi >> at 7:30 we'll a live lookook when we talk live with thee th state delegate backing new legislation which aims to regulate which bathroom a person can use. 7:27 now. ow.
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♪♪ >> i keep asking tucker to cut it out when it comes to thiassks forecast but he won't cut it.. song reference.eren wink, wing.wi okay. >> you need to cut it. you >> i know it don't mind it.ond thanks very much for joining us. seven cot 30.0. welcome back to fox5 newsox5 new morning. we'll have weather and traffic a on the 5's at 7:35. 7:3 a check of your top stories asts we look back at news.ews. look now at a metro workertk who fell nearly 35 feet while working in a shaft early thislyt morning. this happened just after 1:30 in the morning at intersection of f wisconsin avenue and elm streete he was pulled to safety. safety. thankfully by firefighters.iger no word on his condition though. well, this is body camera cr video from a d.c. police officec of a christmas day altercation.. 29-year-old gerald hall shot ana killed by a police officer whoew was responding to a domestic dispute c
7:31 am
his family maintained he wasn'tt armed but the video shows otherwise here. h again that's christmas day video. formal charges expected to bexpe filed against four suspects ins connection to shocking crime c that was broadcast to the worldr on facebook live. the video shows the suspect beating a mentally challenge the man in chicago ripping hisping h clothes cutting him with a knifh on his hair. h police say the suspects made m anti trump remarks during the torture which they believehich happened over a period of one to two days where they hell the victim captive. captive. horrifying video. steve, over to you.ou >> al, thank you very much.ouy h happening right now> ha controversy that caused uproarph in north carolina last year yr could soon spill over ton spl ov virginia. you might remember the so-calle- bathroom bill which bans peoplel from using public bathrooms that do not correspond with theiritht biological sex.ex. virginia state delegate bob marshall sponsoring similar legislation to which locker
7:32 am
government owned building.nted b the law discriminates against an transgender people.r pple. he has the backing of constituents much he joins usns live in manassas.anass. good morning. >> hi. >> first of all it's myt' understanding you don'tdon appreciate the term bathroomm bill when it comes to this. maybe it's easier if you explaip what it is that you're pushing look the law right now in i virginia is guys use guys locker rooms, oh or bathrooms or changing areas in stores, youto, use if you're a girl you use the other way.y. to change that is to go againsta the status quo. quo so this is nothing new. n i just want to preserve what wew have right now. >> if you're a parent, do you y want your 14-year-old daughtertr taking showers in the schoolhech locker room with a biologicalioa male who is 17-year-old? i don't think so if you're i you'e standing outside of a restroom o in public park in virginia andaa your nine-year-old daughterr walks into the bathroom and ahrd guy walks in right after her her about 35 years old or 30 years old, you know, 6-f
7:33 am
you going to stand there dore nothing f you're woman driving down i-95 at night and you've yv got guys going into restroomso o are you going to feel fee comfortable going in there the e answer is no in all those casess this not bigotry.igot this is just simple common sensn for common safety.. my statute makes accommodationso for people who are transgendernd for whatever reason, you know, o have to use the different dfere bathroom they can have one allea by themselves.el no problem. >> let me ask you this.uhi it's my understanding you have h some support within youritn yo constituents you are an elected official so you need to supportp your constituents.s but the question also becomes, m what about support in then the legislature?sre >> reporter: well, we'll finde'f out. last year the speaker just tooko one of these bills and severalel of these bills and sent them to committees where they ar killed. i don't think that is responsible. i don't think it'si don' rei presentative govert nmthentr i think very sleezy to justo j creep around richmond when this is seriously public concern.onrn there were over 600 parents anda students came out to two mee
7:34 am
william on a school boardl boa dealing with this very topic.yop they don't want to put theirhe children in harm's way. w who can really blame them.m. to cast this as some kind ofnd f bigotry is just really inverse.e federal courts agreed with me. in arizona, 2009 case whichhi france gender guy said, hey iaih want to use female the court said no you can't doon it. why? because of reasons ofsonso fefety. in 2015, in pittsburgh, anotherh federal court rejected the same a supreme court of missouri didi the same thing. thing this is not bigotry. bot this is common sense and safety. >> there's one at least onene provision in what you haveyou h proposed here that goes beyondsd what happened in north carolina and that would be in the schoolo situation.siation. we'll take the rest ops andps government buildings out of thid in the school situation, ati, principal would have to bee to e notified by a teacher within 24i hours if a student requests to be using a specific bathroom.. why include that much in this bill?
7:35 am
>> to facilitate parent and a student communication. i'm the author of 2005 law that passed after there was a gun wag situation and bullying in a school in hydrous tick.. i want parents to be notified ii their child is stepping out ofgo line. there's nothing wrong with parem notification. we have it for abortion.av we have it e foitr grades.rade we have it for a whole bunch of things.. >> besides, let me mention this. if this policy is -- the trancec jent policy goes into effect, e, don't you think there's going tn be a bunch of non-transgenderged guys wanting to get into thetnto girls locker rooms? if they ift start doing this, they're goingi to be put on notice we'll tellel your parents.arts >> all right. r. that's your opinion in that you case. let me ask you this and the big picture here because of what happened in north y couar tolhen there was a lot of businessiness backlash, a lot of financial fan backlash for the state. state do you not fear that that mightm happen to virginia as well w should something like this goo through. >> no, no, no, that's all fake news. news. forbes magazine rated north carolina sec
7:36 am
for doing business.ess this is after they passed that law. so i don't think there's a, you know, economic problem. why would forbes magazine rate e the state that did this as a number two? they had metrics mi they measured states by foror accommodation and doing good sineness. north carolina the head of hea f virginia.. we're number six thanks to our o governor.vern >> delegate bob marshall appreciate you joining us this i morning with your take fromng uf manassas this morning. >> thank you. this was -- w this had been brought up -- up - where are we here? this hadhisd been brought up in the past andd was killed in committee. committ the governor in have a have hass said even if it does make ite through the virginia legislatura he will veto it. >> tuck, over to you. you >> let's do the forecast. we got lots and lots of weatherw to talk talk about let's start with coldart with c temperatures. 32 in north and west teens. pittsburgh 19 degrees. 19 gree 17 in plenty of cold air in place for our minor snow event.vent i do want to emphasize we won'tt get a lot of snow.f snow. we'll have light accumulationsus across the are
7:37 am
has moved up just a little bit.t we thoughted would get here after midnight, now more like le seven, eight, 9:00 o'clock:00 oc tonight the snow will move and wrap up by early tomorrow tor morning. two, 3:00 o'clock in the morning it's out of here. it back into bk snowcloc kentucky and ohio. oo not going to be major deal butlt cold enough we have lightht accumulations across the areahea from a dusting to an inch plusns north and west.. please tweet me tucker fox5 your snow totals. our first impactful snow of thet season.on. we'll call that it.we there's your seven day'l.. hey, momentarily i'll talk moree about that weekend storm womentm got to watch that one carefullyy close call here on saturday. sar going to be cold as well.ell. temps in the low 30s.. erin is back with a look at a ads.s. >> 7:37. we have breaking news out ofbrkg frederick, maryland thi morning. 15 northbound closed at modern avenue between mother as well as liberty road delays there.. in addition to that thet the southbound left lane is blockedf because of that accidentt lane e to get around that take 355 north market or
7:38 am
jefferson street to get around o let's hop outside and show you live look right now at thatha delay. look at that. tt. that's 15 on the southbound sidd actually leading towards justars one lane is block.lo north traffic not getting by ata all. so big mess there. again new market street you'reet best bet to get around that.ha this is north of 270 and it's causing huge delays that bothtot directions on 15.n 1 avoid that area if at alltll possible.possib otherwise you could be runningun late to work this morning. morng keep it to fox5. we're back in just few moments..
7:39 am
7:40 am
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7:41 am
>> it is 7:40 right now. i lawmakers continue tt o discussu proposal to ban smoking in public parks in places thathat passed people caught up lighting up in public places could face a 25-dollar fan.r fan lawmakers will take up theakerwt proposal when they get back inec session next week. wee the d.c. cannabis coalitioni planning to give away thousandso of marijuana joints for free fre january 20th.20th the group will begin handingan them out 8:00 a.m. on the west side of dupont circle and walknk down to the national mall where they will rally totion demand td legalization of marijuana. >> sadder day for shoppers may see' as nounsing the closing of of 68 stores including the one t at the mall in alexandria.xand in a statement they're preparini to make changes to the way thata stores are operated.pera nine of the stores set to close will be complete by the middle d of this year. yea
7:42 am
the action homer franchise frani underworld which some of us juss learned about this week.arne >> i didn't know about it. i >> there's five of them.e t underworld blood wars.s >> that sounds gross.s gross still ahead kevin sits down witw one of the stars.he s. his name is theo james for amesr school on the latest flick. z27mkz z16fz
7:43 am
y27mky y16fy
7:44 am
>> they're getting ready.he actually a lot of wh d
7:45 am
>> salt. >> we don't call it salt anyll a more. >> cat mew man. >> we call it something else.his >> you throw a random word out thereof. >> product. isatever it is on the roads thih morning. o my point is tucker it looks liko they're pre treating.ating. >> you've done a lot of saltf domes in your day.s inour >> i know.>> ino beat juice. >> live shots. liv >> combination of things i wastn looking for the more just -- jt >> in the collective.e colltiv >> the collective the stuff isff on the roads.ds. >> product.ct. >> remember last year after the blizzardr last we no eater comen from boston.. >> and melt it all. all super melter.elter >> thing was w coo >> schuyler reminded me thatt blizzard was january 3rd.ary 3r. >> no, it was probably thirdhi weekend of january. >> last year.t year. >> it was january.>> isn't it was january, right. i,h >> okay. >> how quickly i block thingslog out. >> you got that right. >> y we'll houave a big celebrab one year anniversary. we'll do headlines here.year adh here's the big change from from this system moving a littlem mol faster. still same intensity not goingtg to be big deal. d
7:46 am
here than the shovel.ho but we are going to have a hav a steady period of light snowig tonight. light accumulations betweenns 8:00 o'clock and two clock inlo the morning. yesterday we thought that would be after midnight thrck a ough thewe thogh morning rush hour tomorrow itrw looks like it's been pushed updu by six hours as it's a quick q mover. system likely gone by sunrise.i. your morning commute tomorrow tw off to school tomorrow it might be some delays.. but i would expect mostec most everybody will go to schooll tomorrow as i'll show you ourou expected accumulations.ions they'll be pretty light here.ig. 32 now in cold is established itself.ts 28 in 25 in hagerstown.ow 27 in winchester.chte plenty of cold air in only in the 30 today's ande quickly clowderring up after a r nice sunrise, nice red sunrise this there's our snow show activity. and you can see it out to the se out west. not well organized.rgan doesn't have a lot to work witht here just little upper leveler l trough. so it's not really going to bee able to tap into much moreore moture.e. this will sweep across the areaw toeenight.p you might see a few flakes thiss
7:47 am
evening rush hour.evening rush h seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight weig may start to see snows off to the north and west. and then we'll haveth ae perior light snow showers around here h later tonight.ig there we are at 5:00 o'clock.o'c it's possible you could see ayoo few in time for the evening russ hour. want to give you a heads upds watch the forecast i'll be tweeting tucker fox5 this aftert 92 noon if the snow starts to st move in earlier than expected.xc it could be here toward the ende of the rush hour. rus h there we are 10:00 and we shoulh start to clear thing out.arhing look at that by 2:00 in the in morning. by the morning rush hourorng r tomorrow things will be manyy improved >> yay.y. >> anything that falls willl still be frozen out there. t we should be cleared out itut i won't be snowing during thenowin morning commute tomorrow. tom how much we looking at? again, these are not impressive snowsis totals but we all know itw doesn't take a lot in theot in e washington area to cause somea s issues. dusting to an inch maybe an inci plus here to the north and westw it will be cold enough it willow snow and it will be cold enoughh it will try to stick to they tot roadways that aren't treated byd tomorrow morning.ow morning i want to give just a fast a forward to the weekend forecast.
7:48 am
close call with coastal stormalo that's going to sneak awfullywf close to our area during the dad on saturday i think we'll mostll just be cloudy.juste cl if you're in southern marylandyd lower eastern shore watch this i one carefully you could havelly accumulating snow it wouldn't in take a lot of a bump to the north and west to get us in on o at least some light snows on saturday.satuay. so that's another time period td keep a close eye on. eye o it will be cold enough for snowo this weekend as well.s wl all right. i'm going to wrap it up and toss it over to erin.ri i'm tweeting all kinds of kinds weather maps here, if you wantan more information.ti >> i do want moreon information because tomorrow i'm worriedroww about the morning commute tucker even though not impressive snowo totals you know what a littleate bit of precipitation can do.o. secondary roads will be a bit oo challenge tomorrow.e tomorrow. >> we'll keep you posted onll ko that. right now big problems inms i frederick.fredick. 15 northbound closed up in maryland between mutterer and bm liberty road.rty southbound the left lane is is blocked. huge delays in both directions.n keep it to 355 north mark streer as an alternate.lternate this is backing things up on 26.
7:49 am
delays especially northbound on 15. 15 all the way back really towardsw 270 let's go ahead and take live look.. the southbound side is basicalll park at 28 and that's becauseecu we're dealing with a left lanet blocked because of that policeoe activity on the northboundthun closure.closure. northbound side really no side n traffic getting by because ofnge that so, again, 15 is an area youre y want to avoid north andorth and southbound. aside from that let's go aheadhe and forward from our cameras car back to our maps. other problems that we're w dealing with including a freewaw crash on the westbound side atie south capitol even though the crash cleared c delays remain eastbound side ofu the freeway a crash blocking thn left lane before the third street tunnel so huge delaysunse coming east and westbound on tht freeway towards the third strees tum. steve and allison.. time right now 7:49. the investigation continues this morning as to what it was thatit caused an lir train long islandd railroad train to crash in in brooklyn during rush hour rush h yesterday morning.yest more than 100er people were hurr officials say the train failed f to stop as it was
7:50 am
the terminal one piece of tracka actually pierced the floor of pe the railrc car.the rail c new york's governor says itay i appears the train was traveling at a low rate of speed,ra hveow, investigators say it will be a e few days before they canys beftc pinpoint an exact ♪♪ it is 7:50 right now.ow happening today a ground-breaking ceremony thatera mark the final phase off improvement underway at uva prince william medical project is expected to be all a done in the new medical center will have renovated critical care unit at new multi cultural chapel andl parking improve manies.. ceremony starts at 1:30. also today, a football fielf size digging machine nicknamedim nanny will finish its 14 monthth journey underground.ou the massive machine dug a 2.2-mile tunnel from near rfkfk stadium to popular point as parr of the clean rivers project. pje it will help keep the anacostia river clean. can also, in the district todayd will get a new look at plans for the redevelopment of rfk stadium.
7:51 am
community meeting from 6:30 to:0 8:30 tonight to provide updatest on the development plan as wellw as information on short-termrt-r plans for the 190-acre campuse c and report on the progress of an environmental study on that area. >> little college hoops righte nocow.ll now indefinite suspension for duke d grayson allen might not play nop again the rest of the who knew how long he would be b out? it was one game. gam allen back on the court lastcou night for duke starting the gamm against georgia tech boy did ted they need only missed one game rather for tripping an opponent two weeks s ago he scored 15 points andnt helped duke win by 53 points.oi they needed >> but he's back? after all ofr that mess?ess? >> um-hmm.. coach k last game for while he'll undergo back surgery he'll be out for up to a month.on tom brady obviously a lot of o people like tom brady.omrady maybe they want to be like tom m brady and now for a price yourie can sleep like tom brady.. under armor
7:52 am
because it will make you sleep p better.bett they unveil the quote athletethe recovery sleep wear at this consumer electronic show. they have bio ceramic print.ri it can act like a sleep act regulating cell metabolism andnd improving circulation if you'ree willing to pay the 80 to $10010 tom brady pj'.j' >> wait. >> give me a little warm massags on my back.k >> am i the only one who sees ws that footage of tom brady and any thinks of the scene in tednd two? >> no. >> sadly you're not.>> s >> i feel like it was shotad tle same time. >> i would not recommend anybody see the movie for thaot rt scen. >> no. n wipe that from my mmoy >> it's very funny.un >> he's a really good actor in that part.thatart. tom brady is a really good actot in that part. >> yeah. >> he's sleeping during that part.sleepart >> but still. >> i'm disturbed by the wholey e premise. >> that scene is incredible.scii even tucker is flipping out.. >> if you're 12 years old.e >> i didn't love the movie but e the scene was funny. fny any ways mov
7:53 am
been super excited about about underworld blood wars. war this is the fifth underworlderrd film in the franchise. >> view full day of viewing onee through five. >> he's taking off next tuesday eki inng a o row. >> true story.ry. >> very excited. first underworld movies made $448 million worldwide at theldh box office. big franchise. >> which country was it t >> is it a cull following?ollong >> everywhere.veere. >> i -- look i pride myself onyf knowing a little bit about pop p culture. i have never heard of this t series. i'm lost on it.n i how did it escape me.e. >> it's an r rated twilight. vampires versus i spoke to one of the stars off the movie theo james they can kate beck ken stall on earlier.r i spoke to him how they do the e team and eyes and how you speaku dialect when you have massive ms vampire teeth in your mouth. m. watch this. >> i'm curious how the eyes ande the team work when you're filming the movie in regards tos is it -- any of that digital, dt practically there in regards tot
7:54 am
making look the way it does in e the movie. th >> bit of oboth. mainly it's contacts which are kind of quiet uncomfortable anda give you very restricted vision. yeah.ah but then occasionally they do do digital rendering of it, you i know, because if you have tocaus look at someone and get angryd g and then the lights -- your eyes change color.olor [ laughter ] >> and then the teeth, yeah, yh, they're specific moldings.dis i think the funny thing is firsi day of filming, you know, with the underworld franchise everyse actor you can hear them the struggling the fact they've gott these giant teeth in their mouth trying to say something serious but with giant list and. a >> is it hard to deliver ther t dialogue.diaue >> do you have to do somethingeg differently when you're delivering with the teeth. tee >> you have teeth. you the character has to. to >> yeah i guess you have to mako sure you wear them a bit b otherwise you do sound like, yok know, you've got a piece off cardboard box in your mouth. >> theo james you most know himm from div
7:55 am
movies.movies now he's been a part of this franchise.franchise. >> he's big franchise guy. g but tucker just bought a ticketc underworld blood wars opens up u on friday. i'll be live from la tomorrowom morning to review and that talkt about the golden globebe edictions.s. >> that scene in ted two is vero funny. >> enough about that.>> enough u >> it is.t tht is >> that scene is funny.. >> tucker.r. kay.kay. >> tucker is like come he wants to be serious for once. >> let's go to the fan of the o day. da >> we'll do it. we' today's fan very dashing debonnaire thaddeus green. thaddeus says that he and hise d beard say good morning.. >> his beard sounds like this.s. good morning.. >> strong beard. b >> yeah. he adds every day is a good dayd when he starts it with fox5.ox >> i like that.ha that should be our tag line.ine. >> tucker, your turn to ben to serious or joke about ted two. o >> on ted two the plan wasn'tlas well thought out.ughtut that was my fan
7:56 am
>> this is not for kids. k this is an adult sequence.. >> actually not for it's for teenaged boys.d b >> you thought it was funny. >> obviously.>> >> do the forecast.>>o th >> all right. 32 in washington.aston. it's cold out there winds out ow the north northeast at eight.. yes, i have to take my job seriously we got snow on the snt way, first one of the season. first of 2017 our first in thist fall this winter season.reaso we're not going to getterg to gt ribblely large accumulations.ul. in fact more like broom thanbroh shovel weather here as we'ree' expect along a dusting to anng a about inch maybe an inch plusinh here north and west but i do do want to mention, that this coulu arrive towards the end of thendo rush hour tonight and it looksto like it will be with us thiss evening.enin so hoping it will wrap up byrapu early tomorrow morning probablyo two, 3:00 o'clock in the mornint and tomorrow morning's rush r shower should be okay.ka won't be snowing although we'll' be dealing with whatever snow ws pick up tonight. up ght. but again, evening rush hour h tonight look out because weecau could have snowflakes flying.sin there's your seven day.ur sen d just real quick.ui this weekend storm needs to bedo watched carefully as it could ic bring snow to parts o
7:57 am
particularly south and east ofns dc during the day on saturday.ur we'll watch that one carefully r and cold. going to be cold around here th next couple of day erin is back with happy roadways. >> maybe not necessarily happy ecessa hap but not snow covered that's goos news. ne 7:56. 7: take look at this.ook athi really backed up traffic leadini 66 eastbound towards nutley street there's a crash blockingk the shoulder and part of thet t off-ramp there causing a big mess from 234 to the beltway b we're seeing just a lot of heavy traffic still about 30 minute mt delay. delay. let's forward our cameras.ard oe there's also a crash from 66 6 eastbound blocking the rightht shoulder at the outer loop rampr so caution there.auon there. getting ready to tow one ofady w those cars out of the h keep it to fox5. back with more news, weather anr traffic for the 8:00 o'clocko' hour.. ♪♪ ♪♪
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. good thursday morningrsdamon everybody. i'm allison seymour.son ymour >> i'm steve chenevey. i'm thanks for joining us this joins morning. >> it is 8:00 a.m. on thursday, january 5th, 2017.017. here's what's on the fox5 newsfs mog menumenu. senior us intelligence officialc facing questions in a senatens hearing this morning at thet t center russia's role in the u.s. presidential election.ctio this as president-elect donaldld trump is reminded of ghosts from twitter past. and metro worker falls morer than 30 feet down utility shafta bto bethesda. a look at his rescue and hisnd s injuries coming up in liven live report. plus you dream it and you may be able to you d find it ate consumer electronics show.
8:01 am
this morning we get a glimpseetp into the future of technology. we love doing this stuff from su home security to the very firsti what you just saw there reality shoes. interesting. we'll have live report from lass vegas. aren't my shoes already my a alitity. >> they're super fancy reality.. >> giving you a live lookoo outside one minute after the mi hour. it's 32 degrees out there. there temperatures much lower thanh ln yesterday and we can see some snow showers later today.ay >> yeah. no doubt about d let's check in with tucker righr now much he's the man of the t day, man of the morning. looks like things are moving upv a little bit.a lile b >> steve, you could say that about any morning, couldn't you? >> no. >> i really could and. i reallyl >> i think so. >> i think so.d and. >> no i think we're d>>ivide here. >> house did you have i. >> i'll take allison's vote onon that one.atne. 32 degrees here in washington. r 's c cold enough. very quickly clouded uolp you ss that least shot plenty of cloudc out there and there's our lightt snow event for later today. tod. really for tonight i want toantt give you heads up some of our o future modeling is trying to t give us snow as early as the ene
8:02 am
snow back into kentucky, indiana and ohio. ohi all right. i'm just giving you weather weah light abbreviated version here e want to give you bottom line onn the this evening we'll get a perioda of light snow around here by early tomorrow morning by two,wo 3:00 o'clock in the morning we w could expect from a dust to goto about an inch locally withit higher amounts possible off tost the north and west and by higheh amounts an inch plus, maybe up e to 2-inches in a few spots welll northth west. this will not be major deal. d for the most part get out the broom and sweep it off.eep itff but it will be cold enough it eh will stick and likely cause somm problems on secondary roadways y by later tonight and early tomorrow. just quickly it will get in here earlier than we thoughtthan wou yesterday so again seven,inen, 8:00 o'clock tonight look forhtl snow across the area.e aa. okay. ok more weather momentarily.ther mi erin has got roads. >> tucker, it could definitely impact our roads as early asdss this evening's rush. rh. want to use caution. be prepared it could take youaky longer than usual to get home, h and we are keeping an eye on our tweets hearing from vdot todayod because snow may be arrivinge av during the p.m. rush they'll have truck stage leaving earlyve
8:03 am
ample time to get around thisuni evening as you make your waye y around the dmv right now weathea not an impacting our ride. r we're just dealing with usualh morning commute and a lot of ref on the map around the beltway.. tomorrow morning we'll be here track your commute, helping youi to stay safe again crews salting the roads we'll certainly keep r updated we'll be here at 4:00 a0 a.m. tomorrow to get you movingv give yourself extra time to geto around keep you safe anye any questions for your commute attea erin fox5 dc on twitter. twitt check in with the current witth conditions next.coions steve and al. >> see you in a just a minute,in err inn. thanks much. live look at capitol accusations of russian interference inrenc november's election will be on the forefront at senatet atenate intelligence hearing today.en the armed services committeeceoe hearing comes one day before the president-elect is to be briefeb by the cia and fbi now on the investigation into the alleged hacking that's theht topic of conversation.ion president obama also being briefed on the hacking today het will receive the findings of as report he ordered last month m into those allegations.llegio a white house official says thet obama administration plans toiot release the unclassified versioi of that report to t
8:04 am
public before he leaves officefc on january 20th. former democraticocti presidential candidate senator bernie sanders making headlinesl this morning. vermont senator spoke on the senate floor yesterday to you to were drum top veto cuts to cuts social security, medicare andar bringing one of thee president-elect's tweets withs w him to prove his point on thatna big piece of paper you seee of s behind him. the tweet was sent may seventh,h 2015 it reads "i was the first f and only potential gop candidate to state there will be no cuts s to social security, medicare ane medicaid huckabee copied me" that's the point bernie sanderst was trying to make yesterday.ngt >> four minutes aft 8:00.o our f now to developing story. sry it happened overnight.rnig a dramatic rescue in montgomeryr county to save metro worker alle caught on camera.caugn early in the morning a worker fell several feet down a shaftnt we're talking 30 plus. fox5's melanie alnwick is liveci at the scene now with the veryey latest.late. do we know how he's doing todayy right now i should
8:05 am
>> reporter: we know he has non-life threatening injuriesngi but the extent of his injuriesie and exactly how he was injured we don't roll yet.oll yet. there was some sort of what theh would call an orthopedic injuryu an injury to his back or loweraw legs something like that.hing lt but still could be very very serious considering the distancc that this worker fell.workerel let's take you to the video andd show you also the technicalec rescues that montgomery county fire and rescue service had to o perform this morning bringing in a ladder truck and then riggingr up a system of ropes and pullies and using that ladder as an a a anchor point over the pitt. so they could then lift thist t worker up to safety.afy you'll see just a minute here aa they are pulling him right there out of that hole. h now this is a maintenance shafta utility shaft.. metro workers overn routinely go in there.ut what they doin underneath they clear out debris and othernd o things that could cause troubleb when you have a flooding org or storm that is kind of thing anda so it's just part of the routine minute pennsylvania butylvanit there's -- we'll show you videoo
8:06 am
pitt. there's an interior 11 working underneath the ground alreadydea and they were on this interior 11 it appears that somehow this worker fell off of that interior 11 then another 20 feetthoff from that which wasch was already underground.adder we don't know exactly what't knc caused thattl fall.l whether he slipped on leavesn le that kind of i didat ask montgomery county ff and rescue if it was a difficult rescue.resc they said not so much but they y did take it slow more than anenn hour it took them to extricate this man from the pitt becauseie they wanted to be very carefuly make sure they didn't exacerbatt any of his injuries.of hisnjur also wanted to make sure they sy didn't cause any jr. to these ae rescue workers as well since ite is such a tight quarters inin there.e but fortunately, allison soundsu like this worker will be okay. o definitely some scary momentsom this mor >> oh, indeed. but that is the good news, mel,m thanks very much.anks very much. >> tuck, so the big question soi when might we start to see somem snow in the area. >> timing changed. timing >> no details -- spa
8:07 am
details.s. >> get to it. g to >> yeah. little earlier than we thought.. so yesterday we were thinking after midnight maybe seven, sen 8:00 o'clock tonight we'll start to get snow moving in from the. plenty out there for it to be just plain old snowflakes.nowfke it will be pretty.retty 32 at reagan national.ationa 28 dulles. 30bwi marshall let's get to io i there's your developing snowno event.even it's really not a storm it's ari little upper level disturbance b doesn't have a lot of moisture t to work with. it will squeeze out every flake it can and wonry't amount to a t whole lot but it will againl a arrive a little earlier than wet thought maybe seven,ought ybe 8:00 o'clock tonight be with us through probably one,y o 2:00 o'clock in the morning sono tomorrow morning's commute thisi all be out of here but what's left over will be some challenges on the roadway. >> it always is.t alwas >> maybe few delays. >> listen the beltway will be ii great shape.. the main thoroughfares will beal fine. secondaries roads might have asd few challenges s.ges. can we go back quickly and showo you again what we're expectingti as far as accumulations.cumulios >> nope.>>e
8:08 am
>> yeah. okay. ok thank you very much.ank yovery . dusting to an inch maybe moretoa like an inch plus here north and west. i tweeted this map so if youo u want to look more carefully at it. it >> more in the mountains.. little less here. her >> back with more details inetai just a moment. >> let's check in with erin and get a look at the roads nowheck. >> bracing ourselves for thatngr rough ride later this evening te and tomorrow starting here tomorrow morning at 4:00 to keep everyone in the know as you get up. up. right now despite the factor no a problem big problems in in frederick, 15 northbound closed between motter avenue and liberty road.a southbound side also has a leftf lane blocked. bck northbound side completelytely closed. southbound side left lanean blocked. huge delays in that area leadina towards that closure you can yoc always take 355 north markar street, patrick street and str jefferson street to get aroundun that. 40 seeing backups in frederick because of this f you're wakingg up fred frick we're trackingra huge problems there thishere thi morning. morn southeast southwest freewayhwesw westbound earlier crash at south capitol street cleared stillared seeing westbound delays.ound d eastbound freeway there's a a crash blocking the left lanehe t before the 30 street
8:09 am
11th street bridge. bridg and then you can see that the 14th street bridge really rea heavy as well those delays go dg back solid to aside from that westbound sevens earlier crash at dulles tollat l road moved over to the shoulderl so seven is looking pretty good right now. inbound benning road earlier eli seen person hit by a car at 21st street northeast and 66nd eastbound backed up because of s crash at nutley. back to you allison and steve.te >> new video released by dc police -- [ inaudible ] >> some of the video released od police encounter led them tom t shooting a man on christmas day. the man gerald hall his familyy is refuting claims that hall waw holding a knife during theuring encounter. >> the dispute about the knifefe is one of the reasons thatsons t police and the mayor's officeffe released this body camera video that we just showed you of thewf deadly shooting.g it is roughly seven minutes ofen footage. some of at
8:10 am
graphic in nature.ur >> i feel so bad for him andad d they didn't have to shoot him mull pell times in the chest.het node weapon.node weapon he had no weapon at all. a >> as you can see the incident n unraveled just a matter ofled ja seconds police responded to thah northeast home several times ons christmas morning to calls thata hall was beating his girlng hisr friend. hall's familiar inn you haveami asked the man wasn'tyo unau rm e after they watched the footage themselves. >> i seen it many i've seen it slowed. see i've seen it frame by r but if you're seeing it quicklyy you may not see the same thingat that you have seen after reviewing it many times and so it is possible and i can see ite is possible for somebody who mao have viewed it quickly not to have seen everything that thehat officer encountered. >> hall had four children. c he would have turned 30 lastt week. other stories this morning one person in custody after a chase start
8:11 am
in virginia.a ended with crash in the mixingin bowl down in the springfield sie avenue. in the back seat of suspect'sf s car one-year-old girl. girl dc employees say it started whee an officer tried to pull overrir the vehicle in southeast d.c..c. the driver backed into a policel cruiser and took off.ok o police chased that car throughah prince george's county intoe'coy northern virginia where theginir suspect crashed into a jerseya e wall. fortunately the little girl wasa not hurt. hur search is on for a black four dormer sid december spotted on the scene of shooting in of i southeast d.c. a man shot around 10:00 last night 2600 block ofcf martin luther king, jr. avenue.. police think that mercedes coulc be involved in the crime.rime. the victim was responsive whenn taken to the hospital. other news this morningr wst watery stored now to washingtono adventist hospital after a pipee burst there this morning.orng last night. officials say it happened about 6:00. they advised patients visitors and staff not to drink watered t from faucets and hi use handi ua sanitizer in dishing to washings their hands. nd crews are still on the scene bue the hospital is still acceptingi patients and the hospital says it's working at full capacity cy back in businesshi
8:12 am
all right. r it is 8:11 now. now still ahead website claims it ia the most popular day of the yeay for people to have an affair. >> what day is. >> it's coming. it's comin >> this day?>> thiday? >> we'll let you younow. >> commune at the active visit s are calling an attack on aacon mentally challenged man a hate crime.e it's caught on camera ander a broadcast on facebook live. 8:12.8: ♪♪ ♪♪ my daughter wants to stay organic. my husband wants to stay free from artificial ingredients. whole family nts to stay free from artificial preservatives. and my debit card wants to stay on a diet. fill your cart with giant's nature's promise brand. great prices on over 800 organic and free-from items. eat well for less. my giant.
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y27mky y16fy ♪♪ all r
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8:15. with snow on the way, we need some warmup.arp some cuteness.ess. >> yes, steve. all of the above., s all ofdo it. let' of the fox5 first five.iv >> yes! >> let's do it.. >> what's going on?g o >> wait a minute. rj2 or three? >> rj2.>>2. >> even though there's three?hr >> i get it steve. >> just a collage.. >> right?>> >> that's great. those are all awesome pictures. >> not triplets. just -- >> rg2.>>g >> tell us about rg2, tucker. tc >> ears the deal.>> eth he's eight months old. old. >> okay. >> he loves to -- you can see ia there in the picture loves toovo smile and dance. and as we can see that smilele brighten everyone' days.on d >> look at this little mock mock suspenders on his awesome card began with little baby jeans.lib >> i love it. >> so cute.e. >> here's one of his first h fir thoughts. daily just to t see allison because -- because - >> does he. >> no doubt about that at all. >> hi, rt ab
8:16 am
>> first words -- >> i'll babysit.. let aunt allison babysit.ysit >> fir words were hey guys. guy >> is that right?s that >> that's what it says here.s w o cool.ool. could you imagine when youriminr girls are first born if you had like the fancy phone cameras wem have now? >> oh, my, i would be, um, obnoxious.. >> i'm sorry.>> i sor i'm borderline obnoxious now iow want everybody who said you'redy right to be quiet in the viewing audience.. >> wallpapered in the photosp that you took.ho >> it would be a bit much. bituc >> you'd be tweeting more oftent than kevin mccarthy. >> well now wait a minute. >> there's a limit to he evheerything.rehing >> rg you are adorable.ra >> we love your picture. >> rg gets fight out of five. ot >> yes, rj. >> love the smile.the smile. go to our facebook page fox5e5 d.c. send it on in we we promiso we'll get your cuteness on theet air as soon as possible. all rgii will see this first first snowflakes perhaps of his life.l >> i'll bet. >> all right. afternoon snow shower it's aow s possibility. could get one or two later
8:17 am
air still dry here. her i want to give you heads up timing on our system has moved m forward little bit.ard lile b so as early as this evening's ei rush hour six, 78:00 o'clock00 o tonight light snow. sno the steady yesterday of the snoo will be between 8:00 o'clock0 tonight and two clock tomorrowow morning. and then it will all be outin oo here the good news we won't havh snow flying tomorrow morning's commute all out of here bye b 2:00 o'clock in the morning and as mentioned i think we'll gete' nice sunrise and nice lookingki friday. cold friday bfrut we should get sunshine tomorrow. there's our system not wellem wl organize headed in our directioc and has just enough snow with iw we'll probably squeeze out squet anywhere from a dust to go about an inch maybe an inch plus in a few spots off to the north and west and i wouldn't expect anyea major problems on the bigon the thoroughfares but some of theome secondary roads could get some s light accumulations as the system moves on through it will be cold enough for it to just bb snow and temperatures belowres w freezing by early this evening. no watches or advisories locallc although we do have some out tot the west. would not be surprised if they be s don't extend thaprt further e
8:18 am
and one to give you heads up.e d cold weekend.nd. coastal system on saturday we really got to watch carefully. you know, parts of the area t southern maryland, lower eastern shore you guys can get lightet l accumulations from that systemha it's really going to close to uu right now we're just going withi clouds here in d.c. but stay s tuned to that forecast for thest .eekend. >> i do want to mention too menn tomorrow morning obviously we're worried about the commuteabouth tomorrow if it's going to impacs you or anything.g. we'll go on early tomorrow 4am tomorrow morning. get you updated on the forecaste and traffic bright and early ear tomorrow. >> got you cover. >> just remember when you stepme out tomorrow even with dustingmi or light coating.oati >> it will be slippery. i >> could be slippery.t wiippe no doubt we learned that lastla year for >> all right. speaking of the commute here'ste erin. >> want to be carefulling to the metro bus stops, rail stops and also caution especially on the secondaries. crews are salting the roadsg ths around the dmv already. already. right now you can see 66 is6s backing up a bit on then t westbound side.e eastbound side earlier crash byh nutley street cleared this is as you pass by the vienna metro m forw
8:19 am
395 northbound just been ajust a sluggish this morning. you can see as you go pentagon a area parked across all lanes lan congestion from edsall road noto 14th street bridge.ridge freeway is heavy as well becausu of earlier crash. cra move from our cameras to our maps. not the only slow areas you're u up against in college park 95 to georgia remains heavy about a 1t minute delay.. bw parkway normal and southbounu outside the beltway congestionot in both directions. as you can see oxon hill bottomt side of the beltway heavytway h crossing the wilson bridge. bdg allison and >> developing in chicago this morning four people are under ur arrest after a shocking video vo goes viral. val it appears to show themhe torturing and holding aol development mentally disabledle man >> make matters worse life l streamed the entire thing on o facebook.ok. fox's alicia cheverly has moreym on the story. >> reporter: bleep drum manyy bleep. p. >> young man tied up in the corner is believed tong b mane o crystal lake.tal lake. employees say he has a mentall
8:20 am
classmate of one of the suspects. >> apparently they met out inen the suburbs. these subjects then stole a vanv out in the suburbs and broughtht him into chicago report roar r police believe he went willingly initially that's clearly not tht case based on three videosids posted to social media.ia. what you are about to see is disturbing. at one point the victim is heldd at knife point and told to cursc president-elect donald trump.t d the men can be heard saying theg want this to go another video shows the grouprop forcing the victim to drink tri water from a toilet.. throughout these videos theeos victim is kicked, hit and cut.. police believe he was releaseded after being held anywhere from f 24 to 48 hours.ours officers found him walking along lexington on the west side theye link add separate call to thetot scene featured in these videosid weren't able to find the two t t women and two men allegedly involved. facebookacooook to o
8:21 am
considered a hate crime. >> i think some of it is just j stewed did the, you know, people just ranting about somethingom that they think might make a a headline. i don't think that at this poin we don't have anything concretet to really point us in thatha direction, but we'll keepeep investigating and we'll let thee facts guide us on how this concludes. >> she mentioned in that peace p about outrage on social media sa whether this should beet considered a hate crime.he a her >> that conversation continuesna on our own social media pages. fox5 d.c. facebook and twitter i platforms we certainly invite you to weigh in there. but on honestly if you take race out of it and politics out of ii imagine somebody doing that togt your child. your c >> just horrible.ust it's horrible, and i'm sorry,or the minute that you do, youo, know, say a race or you say a religion or whatever, it becomem they're investigating it's despicable. still ahead, making a runun for the virginia governor'snor's office. former u.s. repre
8:22 am
expected to announce hisnounce candidacy today. >> and the world's most expensive tuna.una a record breaking bid on a $600,000 fish. fh. sushi anyone? you'll have to hv pay for it. ♪♪ sushi anyone? you'll have to hv pay fbeen trying to prepare ♪♪ for this day... and i'm still not ready. the reason i'm telling you this is that there will be moments in your life that... you'll never be ready for. your little girl getting married being one of them.
8:23 am
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8:25 am
what he's saying we just go the most expensive tuna ever? >> is that what he expeh >> i loot selyhe translated. have i no what he was saying. japan rank in the new year with the record tuna. ta. sold to japanese sushi chain for 74 million yen. yen you can translate that price. >> there's a tuna auction. aucti >> oh yeah. oh ah. huge. big fish market auc >> everybody new about this.body >> in japan it's a big >> everybody shaking their headr in here. 632,000 u.s. >> did you hear me. 632,000 -- i think i said000 million,-- u.s. dollars. dolla this is the sixth year in a rowr the sushi chain won the bid. >> there was a higher price paid in 1999 according to the financial times.nctime >> but the same people buy ite i althe e time. i think it's like a marketingarg thing. thing. they'll overspend on the tuna everybody knows. they overspend on the sushi.. >> we overspend on the sushi. >> clever. >> check in with tucker rig
8:26 am
now. no >> when it becomes $3 million on sushi rolls, right?ht? >> right.. >> there's your cloud cover.ud c i love this time of year when in starts to feel like snow outiket there. 32 in washington.hin. winds northwest at eight. eht still tracking this small wintee system that will be moving inovg later this afternoon.ftno really this evening but look but out. because it could get light snowo as early as tail end of rush r hour tonight. and it looks like it will bee il with us through midnight maybe one works clock in the morning.n we are still expecting just t vv light snow amounts across the t area maybe a dusting to an inchc a little more off to the northo and west. it will be cold enough that whaa falls will try to stick on sck sidewalks and roadways and thatt kind of thing. thing so just, you know, be on the bee look out here. out h we have not talked much abouthbo snow so far this season, and and even a little tiny bit can causc some issues and make thingshing slippery. so there you go. more on the weather coming erin is back with roads. >> 8:26 right now. and snow holding off till latert this evening as for your current commute, slow in college park o
8:27 am
295 southbound from 50 to the50t 11th street bridge 50 inbound through cheverly as s well. inner loop through annandalean really slow i wanted to get this fredericks.eric 15 north remains shot down between motter and liberty roadr southbound the left lane islanes block.ock. take 355 north market street, patrick street or jefferson watch for slow moving traffic ii both directions on 15 as well aa 26 and 40.0. so that's causing congestionongt throughout frederick. frederick. 270 heavy volume has dissipateda through urbana.ugh u back to you. to yo >> thanks, erin.has, erin. >> still ahead, new neighbors os the block. the trump family taking overg o d.c. d. >> bob barnard this morning is live in second of the city where the who's who of washingtonashin likes to call home. what is it do you low rama. ram >> it's a great neighborhood,ei guys.guys >> the obamas are moving gist om just around the cornerov when te leave the white house.ite hoe. ivanka trump and her husbandband jared kushner are moving into this six bed ram mansion in low rama. we'll tell you all about when ii
8:28 am
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>> there's your radar right nowy if you look at washington, d.c., we're okay right now. ahead of our first taste of thef white stuff. stuff. >> but we do have snow on theon way and while it won't be much, if you remember last winter, yoy know any amount of snow can send d.c. drives realing.ling. our anjali hemphill is inl i i northeast with a look how snow o prep is already underway.y uer good morning.
8:31 am
guys. coming to you live from a salty mini mountain range feels likee i'm on the surface of the moonfe here. this is one of the larger salt l domes here in our area d. aa d toes will using this salt brian mixture to spread over our or roadways ahead of this storm. no how much snow we end up getting did the.did t to are prepared.pared they spent last night and earlye this morning spreading this salt pile along the d.c. roadways.dw but as you well know we're allll very familiar unfortunately byna now that the dmv is notorious for that snarled traffic andic a slippery roadways pretty muchy m time we even have a small winten weather event here. so remember around this time last year just days ahead of a historic snowstorm we were we w getting ready for bunch ofor b inches to come d.c. trafficic turned utter chaos when the aree got just 1 inch of unexpectedte snowfall.snowll that was of course during thee g evening rush hour.evening ru in that storm, d.c. mayor even e apologized for the city's inadequate response saying theyn should have been out with mre
8:32 am so this year the nationalatio weather service is putting in an extra toast mitigate any of those issues like what happened last year they're now going toen start issuing winter commutingti hazard statements ahead of any y the good news though, guys, the snowstorm coming in for us latet on tonight it look like it mighm not be impacting our rush hourou time period as much as wes w originally thought.ught so right now that winter warnine is not in effect but we will ofl course be keeping our eyes onepr the sky. e live in anjali hemphill fox5 local newss it. >> looks you're in the looks himalayans right now with mt. everest of salt beside you.ide y >> we're going on 4:00 a.m. juss so you know because of note. o moving on to this story here.or controversy that caused uproardr in north carolina last year maym be spilling over to virginiaoveg now. you might remember the so-called bathroom bill which bans peopleo from using public bathrooms that do not correspond with theirwitr ologogical sex. well, now virginia statete delegate bob marshall of manassas sponsoring similar sil legislation to regulate who uses which restroom
8:33 am
changing room in governmenter owned buildings.uildin. delegate marshall joined us lash hour he says his bill addressess safety concerns. >> my statute makesy stat accommodations for people whoe w are transgender or for whateverr reason, you know, have to use au different they can have one all by themselves. no problem.. >> opponents say the law theaw discriminates againstscrites agt transgender people.transg marshall says he has the backing of many of his constituentsues although right now does nots not appear to be much if any backinc in the legislature. meanwhile a surprise twist in tt virginia politics.s. former representative tom perilp low expected to nouns his bid for the democratic nomination nn for virginia governor. causing a bit of stir lieutenant governor ralph north ham longaml considered to be the nominee. >> the primary is in june and a nor ham has been running for twt s.ars. >> white house changing d.c. inn more ways than one. o obama set to most out of thet white house and into the
8:34 am
kalorama neighborhood of d.c. a. the trumps move into the white i house trump' moving into thehe kalorama neighbor of d.c. what will this mean for the upscale dc neighbor. n bob, i can't imagine likee security and parking now there. i wonder how residents feelid fl about it. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning g allison and steve. they're used to vips in this vit neighborhood.orho. in fact ted kennedy lived just j up the this year jay knicks realtorealr extraordinary here in washington and we're in front of the house that ivanka trump and jared kushner pan l move into when her father donald trump becomeses this is a six bedroom mansion mi that was sold in december for about $5.5 million.5 ll i guess jay we're not sure ife f the kushners bought it or if or someone bought it and they'llnde rent from it them, but tell usmb about this house.this this is a mansion here. hmanshee >> yeah, it's a very huge houseu it has six bedrooms. bom five bathrooms.oo if you look at the pictu
8:35 am
online which they are availableb it's been recently renovated new kitchen, new bathrooms, very, v move in ready in which a lot off buyers want i'm sure evan cannan and her husband were looking f for. >> she'll apparently have an office at the white house. the attraction forl ap at this particular neighborhood and donald rumsfeld had home righte here when he was defense secretary for george w. bush foo right around the corner theorne french ambassador's residents is he.e. it's close to the white houseset and the core ofo d.c. so a convenient location, locate, loc location. >> exactly.>>xact rock creek parkway is nearbysea easy for her to get out of town. going to new york a lot as welll close to the airport and closenc to the white the white this is the house first neighbod really north of the city center. also, it's very quite poshe sh neighborhood. tree lined of course not rightrt now in the summertime a lot off trees. big housing stock here and youeu know just a nice area for ivanka and her family quite off thee oe beaten path but still close tolo everything. evgreporter: as we're looking down the street here if you look straight down the street islamil
8:36 am
corner right on massachusetts avenue but right around the but corner to the ri rght onig belmo road we can show i was google gl erp here. the obamas are literally just around the corner.ner. the house that barrack andck and michelle obama will be movingl v into when they leave the white i house january 20th.h we can show you a few photos weo took just this morning.orning. there's work being done there. clear toll add security measures.measures in one of the photos you can ses a small hut like a secret service shack in the front of the so you will have secret servicei protection for them and for first daughter of the president currently because we understandn sasha and malia will no longer e have secret service protect butt the former president and first r lady will and ivanka will ass well. well they'll be secret service in tht neighbor. what will that mean for theill h people who livate m here? kinda pain? >> most people in d.c. are used it to.ople if you live in this nei ighborhd ood you're used to the vice-president going up and down connecticut avenue and, youue ao know, secretary clinton lives up by the circle and her
8:37 am
haven't been inn 15ed by that ta secret service will do their wil best to make it easy and a painless as possible for the f neighbors. you want to be a good neighbor. >> jay knicks thank you so mucho this house sold in december forf five and a half million dollarss the obamas are renting their t house which sold a few years aga for a little more than $5 million. $5 mil it was bought by joel lockhart one-time press spokesman for f president bill clinton who now works for the nfl in new york. so the lockharts are renningre i that house to the obamas. again, here's the ivanka trumpru house we're not sure if theyt st bought it or they're renning itg from the new owners, but trumpsu and obamas in kalorama, guys. gy >> i mean beautifuleaiful neighborhood. >> sure is. >> lots and lots of beautiful and lo there. lots and lots ofuses there histn neighborhood when it comes ton s very important people in in washington's history. hto >> thanks, bob. >> it is to dream.>> >> yeah. i >> but, you know, look itknow, t doesn't matter how beautiful h a your neighbor is how expensivese your house is when it snowsn its you'll get it just liket like everybody else >> tt'
8:38 am
you don't have to worry aboutbo secret service in myy neighborhood. that's for surnee. here we 32 in washington.hito 20 up in pittsburgh.burg 19 yeah, it's going to snow laterer really after the -- well, touret the end of the evening rush houu i want to emphasize we could sed some of this light snow movingw in by seven, 8:00 o'clock tonight. sped up the onset of the snow here just a little bit we w thought would it get in hereulde after midnight yese there's your snow activity agaia very light.ig not well organized. organed we'll call upper level piece ofe energy coming through and itught won't really be abe to tap intoo moisture here as we get into tho nighttime hours.e ho we are expecting au lot of accumulations a dusting to antin inch here locally. 38 today.oday cloudy today and then maybe a me few snow showers this afternoono and then the main event betweene 8:00 o'clock tonight andonight 2:00 o'clock in the morning wili be cold enough it will stick and it could cause some traffice tff delays across the area. a i think the beltway will be finn but some of the secondary roadss could get snow covered.get ow c all right. i'll show you the accumulationuo map i want to talk about the abt weekend as well.ekend wel second storm we have to watch w carefully
8:39 am
minute. erin is back with roads. >> tucker, 8:38.r, 8 taking a look at the currentur commute around the dmv. a crash on the top side of theee beltway inner loop it's out by rockville pike. two left lanes are blocked. bck. you can see traffic is gettingcg by to the right. just use caution we're seeing an lot of slow downs from the 270t2 purchase past that point. poi outer loop delays are easing but we're still seeing heavy traffic from baltimore washington bal parkway over to georgia avenueti about a 10 to 12 minute delay.ey as we forward things our camerar to our maps we have some othereo issues we're tracking wanted too get you this tweet from vdot asa well because the snow tucker has been saying could arrive as thee p.m. rush today.od trucks stage but leaving earlyee definitely help you get around keep you posted throughout thett day on fox5 and definitely tunee in tomorrow morning.inw we'll be on as early as 4:004:00 a.m. to get you moving if youg f want to allow extra time to stas safe on the secondaries andie a again crews salting the roadshes all around the dmv. d you can see gw parkway north anh southbound slow right now as yo head out past 123.. some congestion cabin john at jt clara barton and seeing s
8:40 am
problems on 15 in frederick fde northbound side remains closedlo at motter because of a tame new market to get aroundken that one. back to you guys. o guy coming up next google versus ths government why the internetmentw giant is being shut out of thete business with the feds. >> and we are live in las vegasg with a look at the latest tates gadgets from the consumer electronics show. sw. >> fancy. >> um-hmm. ♪♪ ♪♪
8:41 am
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8:43 am
>> google could be barred fromco doing business with the federal government unless they turnulneo confidential information aboutai thousands of employees. complaint by the labor l department alleges that google a has repeatlled refused to provie it with compensation records and other information as part ofatip audit meant to ensure that theht internet giant is notsot discriminating against workersgo based on gender or race. >> there you go.ouo >> time find out what's coming c up in just a few minutes on thee big good day show.ho. holly and maureen have previewee for us. >> hey. >> yes, we do. >> it's going to be a good oneio as us a. us a you heard tucker and mike a m talking about it all morning.t a what's up with note?with n >> what's up with the snow? s un live team coverage over the nexn two hours as our weather guys g continue to monitor the models. >> developing now brutalopin kidnapping and torture of a mann that played out on facebookebook it is sparking outrage acrossges the country this morning. mni >> here at home mystery along mo the potomac river weapons found in a violin case but that's nots the only disturbing find.gin we're live with that.ith tht >> live in the loft this morninr
8:44 am
off the announcement that she tt will be working for the trump administration. she's only making one stop andoa it's good day at 10a.0a >> also live in the loft at 10a doctor row you know her from dr. oz. us hotore to tell us how to lose that final 15. fin 1 >> from her mouth to god' ears.e also we're live with johnh joh goodman in a very special guestt as he tells us about his new new movie patriots day the story of 2013 manhunt for the bostonosn marathon bombing suspect.ct >> plus we're also live with tht one, the only ross matthews andd playing for us all morning longg go-go band team familiar.amia >> we said it was going to be ae good one. one place to be this 2017, you y know it, good day d.c.. >> we'll see in you a few. few >> all right.ight >> man going to be busy showoing today. >> always is. i love it. >> all right. still ahead, a ebsite that that claims most popular day of yearr for people to cheat. to che to have an affair. han a >> i want to know the back stors on this the day is rapidly ridly approaching we'll let you know k be prepared.. not to do it.o it.
8:45 am
>> gps on your cell phone your partner. >> check my phone. just kidding. 8:44.
8:46 am
8:47 am
>> well we won't get this much.n no, no way, no way at't g all. a part of colorado causing major problems on the roadways there.e this is outside of denver. den road conditions reportedly stili slick due to a lot of the snowew >> yesterday's storm made it mai almost impossible for a lot of l drivers to get around muchd m nights out of denver were alsoeo affected by the storm.
8:48 am
total of 14-inches expected inx the area. >> it's not that. tt >> wait a minute.>> w we want our forecast but we havh to wait. >> we have to >> no, just put -- >> 10 seconds. don't say it. >> you know what else they havet out to the west incredibly coldc temperatures.teer minus 20, minus 30 in parts ofns the montana and idaho. i all right.all rht let's talk local loca yes, we've got this minor winten event headed in our direction.i. could start as early as thisas a afternoon with a few snowflakes or snow showers.. tweet knee tucker fox if you geu snow this afternoon and start ta put it out there. light snow tonight and prime time will be betweenwe 8:00 o'clock tonight and tonig d 2:00 o'clock in the morning.mori the good news it should all beul out of here for that morningni commute tomorrow and we're likely to get nice sunrise herer tomorrow with some clearing that takes place by four,place our,
8:49 am
so the goodck news, again, willl not be impacting the morninghe g commute but it could get in here by the tail end of tonight'sht commute it's cold.e it 32 in washington.hiton 28 gathers burg. burg 33 annapolis.nnis 20s here to the north and west.s we are all going to lock down l the cold for the day.ay mid 30 force daytime highs withw lots of cloud cover for your y ytime hoururs. here's your snow i have been seeing reports oforo some pretty good quick burstingt of snow out to our west andnd likely encounter little bit of t that later tonight as this t system moves on through butrougt again what we get around here wd will be very ver hy light compaa to what they got in denver dve looking at total of accumulations more in the order of -- kev, i'm on tv kev. a dust to go about an inch hereh later this afternoon and tonight. again i think most of the snow won't get in here until seven,ie eight, 9:00 o'clock tonight. t there we are at 6:00 o'clock.rec heads up north and west. you could get it as early assorr of tail end of the evening rushg hour. 8:00 o'clock tonight. ton you can see we'reig getting snoo across the area.he this is our future cast and even 11:0
8:50 am
activity and then the wholen the thing quickly shuts off andff ad we'll get a chance to clear outt overnight and we should be in for a nice sunrise sho tomorrow. that's tomorrow morning at 9:000 a.m. all right. how much snow we talking about.a as mentioned get out the broomho here. dust to go about an inch.nnc a little more there north andtha west we can get more like an inch plus maybe in a few spots s 2-inches this will not be a major league storm.jor le. but it will be significantnicant enough that i think we'll have v some issues with snow coveringwr secondary roads and perhaps ad s few travel delays later tonightn and early tomorrow morning asro the system comes through. tough all right.all t. quickly i got to get this in in re.e. this is saturday's storm. and it's going to be a closelose call for parts of the area here. that's saturday saturdayaturdayu afternoon at 1:00 o'clock our nam model notice it's trying to deliver some possible accumulating snows for parts of the southern maryland lowerng so eastern shore as this coastalsot storm passes off to our southurh and east. it's going to be close call here. track further north and west, ws can be talking about some light snow and snow com haitians around herdu
8:51 am
so just keep that time frame ini mind here i'll give you a fullul update tomorrow about theomorrou potential for that saturday sat storm but got to throw it out io there we can have some snow snow across parts of our area byy saturday.rd alriright. guys. i'll wrap it up. 38 snow gets in here seven, sev 8:00 o'clock tonight. i'm accumulations by tomorrowmu morning. >> let's move on to the future of electronicsov ine 2017. 2 they are the gadgets that makeht you say wow and they are makingk an appearance at the consumer remember tron nick show in lasni vegas right now. >> here to talk about some ofto the products of the future is ts fox's consumer guru steve noviello.el he is live in sin city, baby. b las >> lucky man.ucan >> good morning.>> goorn >> reporter: good morning tor: g you guys. this is one of those times what wt happens in vegas people want ton know. everybody all across the worldsd consumer electronics show millions of square feet of showo space here and cool products pct like this guy. this is the gyro role. r self bouncing single wheel wheel forget the double wheels 2016 single we
8:52 am
skateboard. kind of gives you the samethe se feeling of snowboarding orr gives that you lean to go actiot for really smooth moves mack speed 12 miles an hour travel 1e to 15 miles on single chargeha blue tooth, 15-degree climbing angle led light strip, mass tucu inn metal frame. msrp, $1,000.1, >> all right. aight. >> next up let's talk aboutalk o necessity being the mother apri vince. e. our next inventor has cool story behind it. behi the guy who invented his wife said you're terrible at foldingl the laundry come up withp w something robot that does it for you.yo this is the fold a made you take your clothes out of the drier,er you clip them on to the fold a d made and one by one they go inside the machine and the robor folds them for you. you can add scents, dee wrinklek el well. what happens at the end of theoe cycle all pops out on this nice shelf neatly folded for you.d fy they're taking reservations for these about 10% off.. they retail between 700
8:53 am
when it comes out about the abot price of a high end drier.. fold a for mostly cloudy skies who likd to bike around the d.c. area.c.e take look at this.his this is the eclipses bike lockoc solar powered.ow what's different about this thaa others is, it has technologyecol that will alert you if it's i being tampered with. so if someone trying to stealg a your bike you'll get a textike meyossage f you're in a crash,, people on your distribution list will get a text message. because it can sense when w there's been a major it will even send out gps coordinates to let them know kw where that accident speaking of finding things, takt look at this. ts this is pixie your wallet yourtu keys, your kids favor ofvo favorite stuffed animals we want to know where everything is.e ei unlike those other locationeroct systems that are out on the oute market, this one changes again a with august mentalled reality. so you have a companion up onp your smart phone this works upos to 50 feet away through walls indoors, outdoors wherever you o want and will actually show youy your environment in real timel m and pinpoint the
8:54 am
of your lost stuff not kind of o where it is but exactly where iw is using augmented reality.lity and finally for you, this is i from lg display this is going ti be a game changer. chang not only is this a beautiful oled television display, butpl, this is now called crystal sound o lead.ead. take listen to this.takete the display itself actually has a sound system in it so the folk at lg display figure out how to use the actual display as the speaker diaphragm. 55-inches is this demo model here. here and what is so cool about this, you can see how powerful it is, the little beads dancing on topn here, meanwhile, the technologyy is only 1 millimeter thick so super thin and light weight butt also incredibly powerful so whee we're talking about televisiones sets the thickness for so manyom of them doesn't come from them t display itself it actually comec from the speakers that surroundn it. the neat thing about this because this sun comes from the display itself as opposed tooppt
8:55 am
more immerse seive experience for consumers we have a ton ofen stuff to show you here at the show. show so much we won't be able to shos you on tv end follow me on m social media, instagram, snapna chat and me m steve. >> steve you saved us again. y >> so many cool things.maool >> right. good to see you guys. gs. >> thanks buddy.. >> 8:55. back with more right after thisn ♪♪ can actually hold your business back? ♪♪ say goodbye to slow downloads, slow backups, slow everything. comcast business offers blazing fast and reliable internet that's 10 times faster than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. h
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with the affairs the cheating et cetera you want to might affai c eye on your significant other next monday.y. >> why? >> here's the back story. her it's as study from where.. >> england.>>nd. >> every study comes from eve england.ry >> gleden they call eight datint website really for people thateo want to cheat on their spouses. >> like our ashley madison.adis. >> exactly. but they have 3 million membersm and the website claims they dosy this every year they claim theyt see the most web traffic the second monday after christmas.. >> why. >> it will be january 9th.9th. relationship experts say there e are a few reasons.fereasons why some people look for affairf after new year' year's. holiday stress, family fightsilt during the holiday season, disturbingly enough new year'sny resolutions and the website itself said last year in 20166 they got more members the firstt monday of january so like a new year like i'm going to doo something different this year. >> oh, yeah.>> >> it took a week for them to t actually kind of i guess figureg out ut how the website workedsie and act on it.t >> i bet a lot of people want tt leave relationships but don't bt
8:57 am
they stick through it then likel oh well may as well stick well through it and let me check oute this cheating website. >> exactly.ct as sad as it sounds. >> there it is. >> let's check in with tuckern c one more time this hour. timthis >> let's do it. >> steve you getting on theteve internet right now? right n? >> hey, temps 32 right now at reagan national. natio 29 dulles. >> bwi marshall. msh >> are you married steve. >> not last heim time i check. e >> snow moving ng i get here kind of the end of rusr hour tonight.onight so i think prime time is kind on 8:00 p.m. to about 2am expectint light accumulations i'll revisit this map here in just a coupleuu of minutes, but generally a genl dusting to an inch maybe an incc plus if you're off to the northr and west by early tomorrowor morning. all right. al more. morenty we're not done yet.on yet. good day d.c. coming up right after the break. ♪♪
8:58 am
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8:59 am
♪♪ ♪♪ ♪♪
9:00 am
>> straight ahead, winterai weather. the first snowflakes of the year will start to fall lghatert tonigflhtak ton and while parts of the region tg could see less than an inch, tomorrow's drive to work and school could be a slick one. o road crews want to be ready. r we'll have a live report. plus, a cia shake up. president-elect possibly psi considering major changes to tho nation's intelligence agencies and the news comes the same dayd top officials head to capitol ct hill to talk about russia's roll in the u.s. election. a hate crime broadcast life. four people under arrest aftertt kidnapping and torturing aring mentally challenged man andnd sharing the whole thing onngn facebook.


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