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tv   Fox 5 News 630  FOX  January 6, 2017 6:30pm-7:00pm EST

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♪ ♪ breaking news on 5at630. the new declassified report and vladimir putin's hand prints are all over it. use the had aing
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the u.s. democratic process denigrate secretary clinton and harm her elect ability and potential presidency. we further assess putin. i guess we already knew the intelligence community said russia and vladimir putin were the center but to now see it in black and white. what sort of reaction have we heard so far from the trump campaign >> the campaign actually hasn't issued a reaction since the report itself came out but senior intelligence officials did brief the president-elect earlier presumably informing him of this assessment. the president-elect did issue a statement following that in which he said that it is clear that -- that any attempts by foreign -- by foreign governments to interfere in the election in some way did not have any impact on theut
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of the election. which is really been his sort of rallying call here. one of the things that's in this report is an assertion that actual voting infrastructure, so like voting machines that are actually tallying votes were not hacked. so he's grabbed on to that and said, look, there was no impact here. >> isn't he missing a point? in fact, not just donald trump. a lot of people, including some of the media, regardless of who the russians were trying to portray favorably or who they're favorite was, donald trump or if it had been hillary clinton or mickey mouse, isn't this a big deal that our intelligence has found that it starts at the top, vladimir putin tried to influence election? >> that certainly is what -- that certainly is what most lawmakerses are saying, and democrats and republicans are included in this. democrats are saying, it's so obvious there was an impact here, that this did, in fact, damage secretary clion
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campaign, republicans are also saying, you know, we can't -- we can't stand for an at me with russia to interfere in our election. now, they're also echoing donald trump's house speaker paul ryan put out a statement that which he couldn't condemned interference in the election. >> were there any other big lunch that is you saw that popped out that made you go, wow >> most of what's in this report is -- it's actually publicly available information. the -- the intelligence community has to be careful that they're not going to expose sources and methods. this is a declassified version of a much more granular report that went to the president and some senior lawmakers and congress that provides a little more detailed forensic evidence backing up as the intelligence communities
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there's no so-called smoking gun. most of the data they're providing to back up these claims is stuff regarding the public. >> the president-elect trump hasn't addressed this since briefed and got the classified information. we're getting the declassified information. isn't whatever he says next pretty important. >> what he says next is going to be critical. although, in the statement that he issued earlier today, which came after he had received a classified briefing from intelligence officials, one of the notable things that was not in that statement is that he still did not say yes, i trust the intelligence community's assessment. i believe them when they say russia hacked the dnc, hacked clinton campaign john podesta personal e-mails. they somehow sent those e-mails to wikil
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attempt to interfere. the fact he's still declining to say that is significant. it does suggest that he still sees this story in the context of his own election. he sees it as a stories that about the legitimacy of his victory. rather than a story about a foreign power attempting to undermine the u.s. trust in the u.s. democratic process >> how do you think this might affect the impact as we roll into january 20th and he takes oath, how will this impact his relationship with the u.s. intelligence community >> quite a few former and current officials expressed concern that if trump doesn't trust his intelligence officials, that it's going to have a chilling effect on the kind of information that they are bringing him. just yesterday, the director of national intelligence told lawmakers that there's a big difference in between healthy skepticism
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saying is the story and outright denigrating them >> staff writer with the hill. thank you very much. we appreciate it. >> we will build a great wall along the southern border. and mexico will pay for the wall. >> how are you going to make them pay for the wall? >> i will and the wall just gotten feet taller, believe me. >> that was donald trump on the campaign trail talking about one of his key campaign promises to build the wall and have mexico pay for it apparently now he wants congress to come up with a way to pay for the wall and congressional republicans are looking into it. niles standage is here to help explain. this seems to be a pretty big
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reversal. >> the position among republicans is that this measure will get the wall built faster and they will seek the money from mexico at a later date. how convincing one finds that i think probably depends on one's opinion of the wall to begin with. >> a long time ago, when donald trump went to mexico to meet and basically they said look, we're not going to pay for any wall, today or yesterday he tweeted out he attacked sort of the media for us talking about the story. the dishonest media does not report that any money spent on building this great wall will be paid by mexico later. did his team send out information how they plan to get mexico to pay for this later? >> as we understand it, shawn, the idea on the trump team part is there could be either a whole renegotiation of nafta or some other threat of trade levies against mexico in order to peua
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for this. however, we're talking about a sum that could be 10 billion with a b dollars. seems unlikely that mexico would want to go in that direction given that now, there's no need for them to negotiate nafta, it wouldn't be in their interest to do so >> let's talk about the politics. are there any possible repercussions for donald trump for -- essentially appearing to reneg on this promise to make mexico pay for it? it's hard to force them to pay for it after you built it. i'll be honest. i haven't heard any great out cry from his supporters today about, wait a minute you said mexico would pay. >> that's right, tony, there hasn't been big out cry just yet and this goes to a broader point an aid to donald trump recently said that the media took donald trump literally but not seriously and his supporters did the
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in other words, his supporters may well be passionately insistent on building the wall. we don't know the answer to that question. perhaps they won't, perhaps the wall being built that is in the focus. >> is it likely that this wall will be built -- i mean, i think we've seen reports that some gop lawmakers are trying to figure this out >> it could theoretically be built. there was a law passed under george w. bush in 2006 which gives the authorization for some kind of on the southern border pay for it is the crucial issue. it could be included in a government spending bill that we don't have to be passed some time in the spring by about april. >> niles good to have you on a friday, stay warm and avoid is the snow if you can. >> you too. >>
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the ground this morning? likely not. we may get more snow as we head into the weekend. >> let's check in with gwen tolbert and finds out when and how much. the amounts are going to vary depending on where you're located. here's what we're talking about. the storm is going to pass south and east of us, that's where we're going to go see the main amount of accumulations as far as the snow is concerned. it's going to begin overnight into saturday afternoon before it starts to taper off. and southern maryland that's where they're going to go see the significant amount of snow including delmarva. and lower confidence when we get to the i95 corridor. that's where things won't be quite as active. let's take a look at radar and show you what's happening this is actually storm tracker. we have a trough bringing snow parts to the south as we take a look through saturday, this is where we're talking four to eight inches lower southern
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delmarva. then dc we're talking a dusting to about two inches. that's where things look right now in terms of the track of where this storm will go, we have drier air to the north, that's going to impede a lot of significant accumulation as far as dc is concerned. winter storm warnings and advisories currently in effect and where the higher totals are, that's where we have the advisories right now. here's a look at that fox 5 accu-weather forecast seven-day forecast. getting cold, warming up by mid weekly back to you. were you happy to say good-bye to 2016? were you excited about what is going on with the new year >> sure, why not? we're going to take a look at the latest poll numbers that show what americas are thinking as the calendar flips to 2017. we'll be right back. k.
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recent tolls reveal what americans think of the new year. he's here to break do you believe the latest number, hi there, cliff. great to see you. let's talk first of all about what percentage of americans feel good about where the country is going, what we're doing. >> headed into 2017, americans don't feel very optimistic. indeed, when asked the simple question is america on the rye or wrong track? 58% say it's on the wrong track. that's pretty high. and it doesn't vary across party lines, republicans, democrats, independents think the same thing, and understanding that we can understand the election and why donald trump won. >> let me ask you, as we're looking at that, we're looking at a new administration. what are people most
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about as we head into 2017? >> then the question is, i don't like where america is going. what am i worried about? and mostly worried about jobs and economy. if you combine the two, 30% of americans top issue are worried about that issue specifically. the second issue is health care and terrorism at 14%. they're really worried about jobs and the economy and focused on domestic issues. >> president obama, his approval rating was pretty high relatively recently. where does he stand now as he leaves office >> he took down a bit. he's about 50. that's great place to be for a lame duck president. he leaves the presidency from a standpoint perspective in a pretty good place. obviously, the big question is, where is donald trump and where is he going? >> yes, speaking of that. where does donald trump stand and where does mike pence stand >> that's a great question. well, donald trump has improved since the election.
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at the height of the election or at the end, he had 35% favor ability. that's kick you wanted to 50 >> that's huge >> i think americans not all of them, obviously 50% favor ability say listen, i'm going to give him the benefit of the doubt. at the same time, obama was at 83. bill clinton was at 68% and george bush was at 61 meanwhile he improved, he's lagging behind these other presidents >> it's good percentage-wise from where he was. let me ask you this: . polls. in november, we've seen polls could be nothing. however, let's talk a little bit about trump and poll numbers. is it going to be harder to get accurate poll numbers on trump in terms of favor ability because he's very active on twitter, social media and people -- it's very
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people respond to that immediately. >> that's a very good question. the question is how do we assess trump? indeed, he's always out there, he's reacting to news, he creates the news. i think the number one thing we should look at looking forward are approval ratings. presidential approval ratings, very robust measures, they do a good job of giving a relative sense of where things are. as a pollster i tend not to pay attention to what happens day-to-day in terms of the news cycle and if you take favor ability in terms of where he is but not as good as he could be doing >> what other sort of poll will will you be looking at >> it wasn't in the poll we're showing with you today, which is a weekly poll we do with riders, but basically, there's another data point that's super interesting. while americans are not happy about where the united states is
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happy about the personal situation windeed, if you look at since the great recession, we're at the highest point in terms of consumer confidence since the point of time. unemployment rates as low as since the great -- lowest point sin the great recession. so the issue is, we really have to separate politics from the economics and i'll be looking at both, approval ratings on the one hand and consumer confidence and consumer confidence is booming right now. >> cliff young, happy new year great to have you in >> great to be back pi did make my new year resolution. >> well, we don't have time >> no different than anyone else's >> i have to lose weight, of course >> you and me both >> and exercising. >> you and me both. >> biggest names in hollywood and music are go be
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visiting 1600 pennsylvania avenue. we're going to take a quick look tonight at the white house. we'll be right back.
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remember in this country, plenty of folks, including me and my husband started out with very little. with a lot of hard work and a good education, anything is possible. even becoming president. >> that's what the american dream is all about [cheers and applause] michelle obama delivered her final speech as first lady at the 2017 school counselor of the year event at the white house, which she started last year. she got really emotional as she delivering the speech today. the obamas will leave the white house in 14 days. first, they're throwing a big farewell bash tonight at the white house. fox 5 tisha lewis is there. let me ask you. it's
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lot of stars, you have to plan for this, you got to pick a date. today is the date. is there any concern? has anyone at the white house expressed concern at the timing of this with the events that unfolded today in florida and the reports of the russian hacking? >> reporter: that's a good question. what i can tell you i'm sure it will be a topic of discussion among the celebrities. but the details that the party is transpiring at the white house, the white house is tight lipped about this final farewell good-bye party the obamas are hosting at the white house, obama did mention in a people magazine article that at this time would be a grown-up affair. that's kind of all we know. it's the usual characters of a list celebrities that are expected to attend. we've talking about jay-z and beyonce and oprah and a long list of celebrities. that's all that we know so far. it's -- it's -- it's been on the books quite
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and it just so happens that is happening on the same day as this tragedy that happened in fort lauderdale. at least what we know is that it has not been cancelled or rescheduled. it will continue. again, we're hearing that stevie wonder is expected to attend. usher is expected. chance the rapper out of chicago tweeted something along the lines that he was about to board a 21 hour flight to come to the nation's capitol to party with the obamas. so again, a lot of celebrities will be out here tonight. i can only imagine that the tragedy that happened in fort lauderdale will come up. again, this is something that has been on this schedule and will likely take place tonight, and we will likely not >> do you have a ticket? >> ha ha. a few people walked by and we told them what we were doing and they said have fun.
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it's very funny how that works but we're reporting from outside the white house, we did not make the list >> maybe you'll see beyonce. >> for some of our viewers, snow his weekend >> we got a great way to stay warm. cooking up soup up next and smells good in the studio. let me tell you.
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your little girl getting married being one of them. ♪ ♪ ♪ this price is so low. trying to make me eat my greens? no, just trying to ve you some green. whaaat?! thousands of blue tags. thousands of low prices. my giant. we're here to make lentil soup. >>
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green onion. >> you're giving us the secret >> not really. >> this is perfect sort of soup for weather like this >> it's the perfect recipe classical turkey lend tell soup. it's perfect for these cold temperatures. >> where can folks right now who are watching where can they find you if they want to come out and try this and do you have other soup. >> we have lend tell and broccoli and pumpkin soup in georgetown. >> simmit and smith. >> this is our bread. cheese carts and turkey. >> this is the lentill >> and drizzled with lemon juice. >> can't wait. >> is it proper to dip some of the bread in
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>> that will be it. may i dip? >> yes, i'm sorry, i was not sharing. was i? >> that's it for us, we'll see you again tonight at 10:00 and 11:00. thank you very much. >> stay warm.
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"celebrity apprentice" test. har arnold schwarzenegger and donald trump and arnold is saying trump needs to worry about running the country and not the ratings on "celebrity apprentice." >> arnold tweeted, i wish you the best of luck and i hope you work for all of the american people as aggressively as you worked for your ratings. harvey: all of a sudden there's a contest, if you know what i'm saying -- >> serena williams, she recently got engaged to the cofounder of reddit. we got a picture of her ring. >> serena's supposed to be black royalty. you look at him. he can't handle her. >> i think raquel is having a problem with the aesthetic of the guy. >> are you talking about the fact once you go white -- whatever. [laughter] >> prince william, he's back to his job at air ambulance pilot. harvey: the question is, can he get hair plugs? >> no, it's undignified.


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