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tv   Fox 5 Morning News Saturday  FOX  January 7, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EST

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>> ♪♪ is this is fox5 news morning. >> and fox5 right now at 7:00 h is a live look outside. osi the calm before the storm forrm some parts of our the big question of course cou everybody wants to know thisno morning when will the flakeshe e start falling, how much anduch a where. wh we're going to break all off that down. the storm is alreadythe stor bringing chaos to southerno sth states as they get slammed. slad north carolina, southroli south carolina, georgia, alabama areme all in the path of this we'll have details on what on wa they are dealing with, too.oo and we still do not know the gunman's motive in yesterday'sas deadly airport shooting ing fort lauderdale that left five dead and eight injured. injed. officials not ruling outer o terrorism. we've got the latest detailset on that shooting. good morning, i'm melanie alnwick inon for a mnnior
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fox5 is on snow patrol this morning.rning. more winter weather headinginte our way.r virginia's governor has declared a state of emergency as in that state. n th hn roth has beenta monitoring this. you said it's going to be a busy weather day. >> good morning melanie andie everyone else.yone areas south and east going toh t see the best bet for it's amazing of seeing thein t heavy snow in the carolinasinas georgia. ge a vorery unusual southernal soun snowstorm for this time of year or any time of year as weos take a live look outside onden this saturday morningng january 7th.nuar still dark and very, very coldey by the way. way even though we're seeing somege snow today a big headline willii be how cold it is and willndil feel through the rest of the weekend.weeken weather alert snow showerssnow s moving in now, flurries being reported at reagan nationalat since 5:00 a.m. and flurriesur making it as far west as places like leesburg and over o into the blue ridge.e ri at least showing up on radarad we've got a few snow showersnowo over the mountains an bit of a hole just west of washington was right now. frederick you're seeing some seg flurries and they saw theiraw t first couple of
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thursday night. they are not in the game soe so much as areas south and east a of us where you can see then t darker purples as you head hea into places like charlesrles county anne arrundel countyarruc and calvert county couy specifically the further south s and east you go here in ourur area. area. zooming in on washington lightto flurries some of it not makingon to the ground inside theid t beltway but yes, it is furtherur south and east along the t eastern shore, salisbury toisbu the northern neck that's wherehe you're seeing more substantialui snow now and where you'll see'ls the more substantial snow winter storm warning in dark blue including calvert courmntyu and saint mary's county heremart in our area. so, especially the southern sour parts of those counties could see up to 6-inches of snow tw winter weather advisory along a 95 into the it's a wind chill advisoryd chis where the wind and cold willd wl feel much more temperatures right now it'sig i' only ninety four washington, 21 at dulles. in the teens to the mountainsoui and 23 in cambridge.ambridge we will likely not rise much from where we are right now. timing out the snowfall foror you, 95 is the big dividerig did line i believe through today.oud you can see we're r
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northwestern edge here in her washington and through about noon we'll see some snow ssn flurries but there could be a bt difference between an inch att reagan to friendship heightsp hs maybe just a dusting butjust aui further south and east where w the snowfalls longer theyonger h should see on the order of two to three to 4-inches.nche 4 o'clock the snow ended inend d.c. and by sunset really fory f just about everyone so the t latest on snowfall amountsmoun just flurries north and westnors along 95 an inch to maybe twobe but that would be more outsidese the beltway into prince george's county for the 2-inches.2- two to four from dover downov d through calvert county.nt northern calvert county andy a into parts of northern --thern southeastern virginia.gia. the highest amounts four tountsu six the eastern shore downre d through the northern neck andecd that's really just the way it ti looks through today.ay so count on the snow showers sws especially in the morningcial through aboutly i midafternoon.n high temperature of just 26. cold and windy tonight. we'll talk about wind chills for your sunday flkorec aast. f. that's still ahead in your y seven day. melanie
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>> ♪♪ >> we know how to handle theha snow so you know we're all set for whatever might come thisu ki way. 3-inches, that doesn't really da seem like a big emergency to me. >> that's how a lot of that's virginia residents feel at least those here in northern virginia not too worried about the snow headed this way evenaye though the storm as you heardy h from caitlin could really hiteah some in virginia. vgini state of emergency is ine of effect in the entire ent commonwealth. our team coverage continues on this weekend winter storm.testo anjali hemphill live this morning in fredericksburg, virginia with what she's w seeing there. good morning.od morng. anything out there yet? >> reporter: hey, good hgo morning,, manie well, we're actually still on sn our way down to fredericksburg. right now we are on i-95 south h and what you're seeing is the view out of our windshield while my photographer and iapand make that drive. drive we are heading south s specifically i-95 near fredericksburg because we hearea that's where the heaviest snowfall in at least our our viewing area we're going
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see and i-95 is going to be anen issue this morning because asnga we all know no matter what matt time of day or day of week, i-95 has last traffic on it.astf people travel up and down itow any time of day and that can certainly cause trafficra nightmares even up to some eveut dangerous driving conditions.onn again, farther south we go, the more snow we're expectingno and we are expecting several svl inches there.ches as you can see, though, right now we're not dealing with a lot. traffic is moving great. g we are just around the off point area and we're just getting out of the northerng ouf virginia area at this pointint but traffic is moving well. wel you can maybe hear a littleite pitter patter on our on windshields. that's actually just salt andust brine that has been spread onat the roadway kind of has kickingg which is a great reminder that t crews have been how the.s ha ddot has been out since sce midnight treating the roadsheoa ouerhere. they deployed a fleet of salt sl trucks and we see them as as we've been driving.. we see them drivi
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we've also seen several trucks standing bile either on exit bye ramps or on the shoulder.houl mower 1,000 trucks arer 1,0 tr expected to be on the road. they've been on the road sinceon midnight treating the roadht tre with that salt and sand and i believe even some brineeve ev mixture. again, roadwaysmi looking goodd but we do expect to hit snowno any moment. mom we've heard it is actually aua slowing in the fredericksburgrir area so we're excited aboutitedo that but again, you know, youou can see while traffic isic i moving well it's busy, there'she a lot of cars on the roads the r even for an early saturday surda morning so we're hoping not to hit any traffic snarls butsnarls virginia residents have been urged and especially travelers e through the i-95 corridor haver been urged to stay off thetay fe roads if they can because bse again certain areas are going to get hit harder than otherss and, you know, we've seen see those pictures already farther r south out of georgia and north carolina.
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otherwise things are looking aro good. we'll keep you posted melanie. back to you. >> i hope you have a short trip. tr winter weather impactingtheg the south and eastern united states this weekend. georgia, thestat carolinas,olin alabama all getting hit from heavy snow to ice and freezing rain this winter storm systems s will impact tomillions of peopll many of them living in as wen ae know places that typicallyic don't see more than a dusting of snow. sno governors in all four statess iu have declared states of of emergencies there. well, now to the latest onwt the deadly airport shooting.hoin we still don't know why a w a former national guard member opened fire at the fort for lauderdale airport killingli five people and injuring eight others. 26-year-old esteban santiago is in custody this morning. mori fort lauderdale airport alsoalr back up and running. rni service resumed today. fox's joel waldman has the latest. >> i can hear the percussion pen of the gunfire.of gun >> immediately it was massed chaos people running by.s peopln it wasing hard to decipherdecir exactly what was happening. >> reporter: friday afternoon authorities say any wr airline
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esteban santiago arrived atn fort lauderdale'sasnt airport. . retrieved a gun from checkedm ec luggage and started shooting sot killing at least five in a i baggage claim area andre injuring others.ers. >> no one who arrived at the hospital has expired. expir they're all in the hospital doing best as we can do right now. now. but everybody is stable. we received as traumas fiveum f patients.tien >> reporter: santiago was taken into custody as then in incident forced people to ppl flee. then wait for hours as thes t airport was locked down and d t ept by police. the fbi now questioning santiago's family.'s last year the suspect was was discharged from alaska's army ay national guard for unsatisfactory performance.form originally from new jersey, santiago served a tour of dutyut in iraq.q. >> do we know enough now towe kh know whether it was an act n of terror? >> as a general rule, untilule,u i've got all the informationnfma george i don't want to comment e on it other than just to say
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how -- how heartbroken we areoka for the families that havehat been affected. aec >> that was joel waldmanha reporting.t law enforcement official toldial the associated press that t santiago said the governmentovnn was controlling his mind and forced him to watchro illslamicm state the gunman's brother says he sas had been receiving reivi psychological treatment.logicalm a new declassifiedd intelligence report makingin stunning claims about the claimu russian hacking scandal t the report reveals russian rus president vladimir putinident vr personally ordered a hiddenedid campaign to help donald trumpmp win the presidential electionl t which included internet hacking and social media trolling.trolng. intelligence officials say russia's goal was to help t trump by discrediting hillary clinton. trump was briefed yesterdaywas while he finally acknowledgedbrk russia did hack the d inform inr c's computer systems hes co insisted the effort hadmp no effect on the outcome of the election.election. so what's next for hillary clinton? how about mayor of maf new york city? the new york ner times reports that many big big apple democrats are urging hergh
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bill deblasio in this november's elct. deblasio worked for both clintons four years but insiders say their relationship fizzled whened whe deblasio initially refused rus to endorse hillary'sil presidential bid. ifpr she won, it would put herer in charge of president-elect donald trump's hometown.ow so far clinton has not commented on that race. the inauguration of donald trump just two weeksenteaugu aw. yesterday d.c. leaders and the secret service briefed thevice b media about the planning.the pin security as we know, no surprise here is going to be her tight. thousands of national guardua members d.c. police secret sre service and other lawice othe enforcement officers fromemoffim around the country will be on hand. hand. the city says protestors are welcome as long as they are peaceful. >> the fact that you have someth folks that are indicating onndin social media that they'rey' coming to shut down the t inauguration or the events isves something we'll be preparedpad
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>> metro is opening early atoper 4:00 a.m. and closing atclosg at midnight. five stations near the mallall are closed for security reasons. >> d.c. keeping people informed on twitter.ed o you can get textn alerts by texting to 888-7777. well, coming up a fight f against planned parenthood.t pl the gop wants to pull fundianngi and the uproar from those whohoe want politics and sexual aex health to remain and it's donald trumpmp versus arnold schwarzenegger.rzn what the president-elect is saying about the newdent-e hostf celebrity apprentice.nt and caitlin will be backeac with another look at yourour saturday fox5 news morning will beil right back. ri >> ♪♪ >>
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>> with the gop in control ofth congress members are hedginggoea their bets and adding in legislation to strip planned parenthood of federal funding. you may remember the last time around it was losing of memb ba. fox's james rosen reports this time could be different. dif >> reporter: 11 words from f house speaker paul ryan rya reignite add major battle onn capitol. >> planned parenthood nobody aby reconciliation bit. that means congressionaleanses republicans will use these t obamacare repeal effort as a vehicle for stripping plannedpi parenthood which carries outesut some 325,000 abortions a year ay of roughly 400 million in00 mili medicaid funding the group g receives for its otherther services such as contraceptionai and cancer screening. screening >> we will fight that decision n by the speaker to defundo d planned parenthood and youd pa know what, the american peoplepl are with us.h >> reporter: republicans andca d pro life groups say the fund thf willing go to local healthcaree providers that steer clear of tions.ons. the congressional budgetonalt office estimates t
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would impact 400,000 women. >> they don't come to planned td parenthood to make a political statement. they come because they need to e theyee high quality affordable careeca and we're proud to provide itroe to them and for many of themf te we are their only healthcare hee providerrism a similar effort ef by republicans one year agoea a ended way veto by president obama. ob among other president obamaot promises theher pro life groups president-elect trump fledged writingt-elec in september to dd planned parenthood but justd six months earlier he was talking likeparemonths this. >> look, planned parenthood has done very good work for some -- for many -- foran-- millions of women. we're not going to fund asd long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthoodtl and we understand that and u i'vend said it loud and clearler but -- and we'll see what see w happens. >> reporter: still, pro lifell,e advocates expect the next n president to make thee t defunding and his other o pledges a reality.s >> we got those in writing, a letter from him and we'rende' looking forward to him holding good on his pledge to defundo planned parenthood and redirect those monies toies to facilities that will provide
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comprehensive healthcare forlthr women. >> reporter: polls show mostte americans do wr:ant women underu certain conditions to haveditise access to abortions but one in five voters according to the t november exit polling dataxit pa cited supreme courtd prem nominations as their number num one issue. such voters went heavily foreavy donald trump who promised to appoint pro life justices.usce in washington, james rosen fox news. >> and welcome back. 7:16. 7:16 everybody wants to know whaty is going on with the o >> i know. waiting for it yet again and aga we're not going to get much m but flurries are starting toto move into d.c. it's probably gone byon midafternoon but at least maybe our first inch of thencof season would be nice.e nice. we didn't really get it erehe in d.c. on thursday nighty nig areas north and west and todayod south and east will see theee highest communications.muniti flip-flopping from what happened a couple days ago.loedu let's take a live look outsideui right now. we have been on flurry they have been reported downepon by reagan national but a lot bul of people not
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quite yet. y live look at the capitol right l now. no snow at least from our cameras but let me know what you're seeing.eeing. send pictures.tu if you are seeing some snow and that would be probably wou areas south and east of us of that are seeing the snow right now. and will see the highest snow accumulation. accu so, what'smu ahead? weekendee snow and cold.ol snow today, the cold all all weekend long and that will behae a big story with wind chillnd cl values in the teens especiallyia tomorrow afternoon. afternoon satellite and radar right nowra you see the lightda snow that'sa been filling in across our o area during overnight hour. the darker purples are the purpt higher resolution returns thatet are picking up the steadier s snow which is mainly south andly east of us although along the mountains and just east of 81 o moving into fairfax county andy even into southern fauquierau county or parts of fauquierr county also seeing snowo see showers as well.owers as w let's zoom out and you can see the scope of this winterhiwint storm. snow showers from new england back down into thewers f caroli. woof got rain shows
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off the southeast coast andst a winter storm warnings in dark blue still frandsen federalsen mississippi through atlanta,anta straight up the east coast all a the way into eastern massachusetts. those pinks on the cape and nor soak virginia beach areirgii blizzard warnings where theningt winds combined with thembed falling snow will causel cause whiteout conditions. con closer to home it's a winters aw storm warning for calvertfor cve county saint mary's county in ct southern maryland and downrn mar into the northern neck oferneck virginia as well as the t eastern shore where the more substantial snow amounts willsnl be. a winter weather advisory along the 95 corridor.nter won wind chill advisoriee s along a mountains where the snow ands w cold will be a bigger deal. temperatures outside 24 inn washington, only in the teens tt in the mountains, one in, one in fredericksburg.fred decent winds out of thecent w northeast right now.indst now. sustained at about 15 miles an 1 hour with higher gusts andusts that makes it feel like it'sike in the single digits north and h west of here.f here. feels like eight in westminster, 14 in annapolis. fox futurecast really shows s the dividing shrine 95 of whohro is going to see snoal
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route now a lot of thaoet snowno hasn't made it inside the beltway. lt it should in the next hour or no two. two. by 10:00 a.m. you're even eve seeing snow up into montgomerymo county fairfax loudoun county.ot north and west you don't see anything.ythi hagerstown for the burg cumberland monday through 10:00 a.m. to noon that line recedesndh 10 a bit a bisects the district byt midafternoon the snow isno completely shut off for ourur northwestern suburbs. still going south and east.goino by 6 o'clock everything movedg m off shore clear skies and in ska d.c. i think we even see latee day sunshine between four andr d 5 o'clock right before theig sunset and then really nothingli else to speak of as you go y into the rest of the weekend. snowfall amounts just flurries into the northern half of montgomery county over into northern virginia. the nmery chi one to two along two to four as you get into int anne arrundel county and thennde down through southern maryland d four to six for the easternaste shore and locally higher highe amount along the immediatemmed coast from the south jerseyfrom coast to the delaware coast ttor and all the way down virginia beach where that blizzard wa
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snow showers not much but but enough to dust the car off andao make it look nice on thisice oni saturday morning.ay mning late day clearing and justt 26 degrees for that highor temperature. we fall into the teens seven-day forecast we start sta off snowy and cold ending onn springlike note.rie. 27 blustery and sunny tomorrow so it is brisk despite that teasing sunshine. tey 3 cold monday 32. watch the temperatures climb into the 40's and then intohe 4' the 50 where we have a chancehee for rain showers and w close to 60 degrees by next friday so a totally different story as wedi turn the seven-dayst forecast around for the end of nextnext week. we that's the look at the's the l seven-day forecast.vey fo melanie. >> thank you caitlin. caitlin. president-elect trumppres taking onid the terminator onmi twitter. yesterday trump tweeted about ratings for the snow apprentice -- celebrityelebty apprentice which arnold schwarzenegger now hosts.arzene trump referred to himself as agr ratings machine and saidai schwarzenegger got swamped innes comparison. he said who cares, he, supported kasich and hillary.
7:21 am
part of schwarzeneggerrzeg response a video asking trump t to please study it. >> we are not enemies butes b friends. we must not be enemies.mi though passion may have hav strained it must not break our o bonds of affection. ati mystic cords of memoryfem stretching from every from every battlefield and patriot grave g to every living heart andhet heart stone all over thise all r broad land. l we yet swell the course of our n.ion. surely there will be a betterr angels of our nature. >> listen to him i think.hi schwarzenegger also tweetedzenes there's nothing more importantir than the people's work donaldd trump. i wish you all the best ofou all luck and i hope you'll workoul for all of the american peoplee as aggressively as you workedoue for your ouch. time now is 7:21.>> > comingti umep security will bb super tight for the super bowl. bowl. find outer what's being done to keep thousands ofer w spectators saf a live look
7:22 am
mile marker 133 kind of wetf w right now. you can see just a tiny bit ofif snow along the highway in i those grassy areas. there means it is coming. we'lle me tanake a look at thate we come back as well. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea
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start the car! start the car! the ikea winter sale. wooooooo! get up to 50% off select items. now through january 10th. ikea >> and welcome back.>> it is now about 7:24 and a it'ss ju
7:25 am of course as you know that isnoh all hands-on deck when itnd dec comes to keeping houston safe.a. fox's sally mcdonald reportsd from houston city law on the o joint law enforcement response r for the 10 day >> no stone will be lefte l undone. >> reporter: security for the super bowl has been at least two years in theeportepern >> everything that we need to do, we have done and will do. wl >> reporter: a combined effort of manpower andpower and technology coming from theg froe feds and state on down to thehe county and city. >> and if you hear something,hi see something, see something s out of -- out of place justceus let us know. >> reporter: what we won't know is specific securityifecur plans. >> i'm not going to talk about t the specifics of the security tr measures because quite franklyfn if somebody wants to trywants y something we don't need to'td t tell them exactly what we'ree're going to do.go >> reporter: what the city whatt will do is have a less visible b force than san francisco's highly criticized militaryilit presence. >> you're not going to have that type of 're no visible militarized presence but thatze is not to say thatpr we will not
7:26 am
be as secure if not more secure. se >> reporter: the chief sayshe cy there's no reason to fear ther police department will bell understaffed after concernsces hundreds of officers could cou retire by next summer. >> there's fewer people sign's f up than we thought there wererer going to be but let's say 600, 0 that leaves almost 5,000 cops0 c running around here. her >> we have sufficient>> w resources and we'll never lete institutional pride stand in the way where for some reason some unforeseen reason we needee help we'd ask for that help. >> reporter: right now thereighe are no credible threatseats associated with the soup pole.oo >> whatever new york can do,ve we can do better.te [laughter][l >> reporter: he hopes a successful super bowl will bel e part of our city's lastingng legacy. the super bowl activities will be spread out across the city c from nrg stadium where theum wre game will be played tolato discovery green and the grvrv home to live concerts and fanndf activity.actity the mayor says plan ahead, ahe plan to use public transit or carpool. >> that was sally mcdonaldsallyd
7:27 am
meanwhile first lady michelley obama gave a tearful goodbye during her final speech s yesterday as first fir l yesterday she honored school counselors from across thes t she told a group of young aroupo people that being first ladyfirt has been the greatest honor of o her life. l she umped young americans toungi get a goodca education and work hard. >> so for all the young peopleel in this room, and those whose are watching, know that this country belongs to you. to you to all of you.ou from every background and walk w of life, if your familyamy doesn't have much money, i mey want you to remember that in i this country plenty of folks including me and my husband, hud we starter outer with very little though with a lot of wa hard work an good education eca anything is possible.sibl even becoming president. [laughter] >> during her eight years ing ri the white house mrs. obama has supported many causesus including helping military
7:28 am
childhood obesity.ood obes 7:27. up for more winter mor weather in parts of our region e the south is preparing for thent t.rst. we'll recap what some peopleom e are already dealing with ining other parts of the country. >> plus, caitlin roth ofoth course will be back with a a look at our winter weather. wth look at those ddot snow starting to accumulateccuml i-95 south there.outh the we'll be right back.ack. >> ♪♪ ♪♪
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>> ♪♪ >> 7:30 now. good morning and welcome to fox5 news morning saturday. most of you waking uporningew an our area not seeing any precipre yet but take a look. l this is i-95 south at mile marker 133 and it is starting to come in there many peopleeo in other parts of the country cu are already digging out from frm snow. take a look at how much snow piled up in west seneca new york. york. a storm dumped nearly 2 feet of snowed nea there.he some drivers had to abandonoba their cars on the road. the snow also causing problemsbm elsewhere in the northeast.or take a look at norwich connecticut. winter weather made for a messy commuteer wea there.te the state police say the slippery sr roads led to more than a dozen accidents.nt and in the south, this is, h our storm system, a sign ofig of snow to people have been clearing out grocery store shelves. s take a look at this empty store shelves in shar l ir l laugh because this justbeca happens all the time.happal all of north carolina under a
7:32 am
emergency declaration because bu of the snow there. so, let's go down caitlinn t roth to get a look at what's wt' going to be here, i don't d think they'll be clearing out ot the store shelves.hees >> maybe not here not for anor inch of snow. sno areas to the eastern shore sre maybe.yb 6-inches of snow under and winter storm there i thinkre i k that verifies you to go to the grocery store. store. satellite and radar showingite some bands oanf sd noraw movingo south to north overnight soht s light snow even across 66 acros there out towards gainsville centreville.vill reports of snow in northernthern virginia as well as along thehe eastern shore southernorsou maryland and our first flakesla have flown out at reagan flown national where they havere t recorded at least a trace of snow. here's the whole scope of thesc storm. snow in raleigh durham right now a mix as you head towards the shore a lot ofx raiasn y dd to the southeast but some of soo these snow showers on thehowerse barkeep making their way into it western south carolina anda a northern georgia including the atlanta metro area. area. places that really don't see snow are
7:33 am
storm which stretches up intoic new watc hes and warnings.nings winter storm warnings in dark blue stretching down centraltorl mississippi. it only takes about an inch or h two of snow to get a winter getw storm down there. you get the idea. that goes up the east coast tost cape cod where there's ahe's blizzard warning in effect andtn there's also a blizzardso warning for virginia beach andnd norfolk where highest windshestn will cause whiteout conditionson and wind chill advisories downon to along the gulf coast. cst that's that light blue pretty amazing hr.ow cold it is for it to be snowing in the southeast. wind chill advisory for the mountains where the cold will hill a be aer bigger story than the snow. snow. winter weather advisory foreadv washington baltimore 95re 95 corridor south and east that's ' a winter storm warning with the highest snow accumulation.u. let's check these temperatures. when you step outside if not you seeing flurries you're definitely going to notice the def cold. c it is frigid out there.s 24 infr washington, 22 inn baltimore. teens north and west and withh a our winds at about 15 miles an5n hour it feels like it's in thesn single digits north and west.ans l rigight. fox futurecast shows evenws though we're getting snowting so
7:34 am
you'll probably just see j flurries along 66 and our northwestern suburbs through dan further north and westr no along the mountain tops up towards hagerstown likely nothing. for the next couple hoursrd ss w fills in across the washingtonnn area. but that cutoff is really 95. northwest parts of thearf district will even see lesseneel than say reagan national down into prince george's county so u really a differencnte all theal way along the beltway.elay. then by about early afternoon an you see that snow coming to anon end for washington it'ss completely shut off west oft off the beltway.beltway it still continues along thelont eastern shore and for areasre south and east.t. higher amounts for annapolis leonardtown and salisbury sis where all the snow starts totaro come to an end after sunset sune tonight. it's a one day event but muchuc more significant for our o southeastern that's where you're seeingeg snow amounts on the order ofunt two to four from dover down dow through leonardtown.eonard as you get to ocean cityn city maryland up to the delawarehe d beaches and into south jersey that's w
7:35 am
localized amounts of up to 8-inches.ines. otherwise just flurries northe u and west, onest to two in washington. this will be our first inch of f snow recorded at reagant reagan national if we get it today. tod that's your saturday forecast,yc high of just 26. 26. sunny and breezy tomorrow so tos 27 is it for the high temperature. that's deceiving sunshine. it will feel like it's in the teens all d decayfeel l long. ln after a very cold weekend, it's still a chilly start tort the work week monday.da mostly sunny -- mostly cloudyly actually on tuesday and thenhe some shower chances return wednesday thursday but look attr thossde temperatures.ture wow. we really jump.we reay ju we go from down right frigidri to practically balmy by the by end of the seven-day forecast.or on friday 58 which might w be con we could easily be in the 60's 6 if model trends continue so a te much warmer end to ther en seven-day forecast than how wew that's a look at your seven youe day. melanie. >> i like it. soming to look forward to caitlin. caitli our team coverage continues on o this weekend winter storm.kendie anjali hemphill live inn fredericksburg, virginia withniw
7:36 am
the wipers going so i guess that's one sign. one >> reporter: oh, yeah,eporr: o melanie what a difference 30fer minutes makes. we talked you to laughter whenhe there was pretty much bone dry r just chilly, no sign of anyf any rain or snow. snow. now here we are just pulled pul into the city limits of fredericksburg and prettyicksbu nasty out on therg roads so farr as you can see -- maybe you mbe can see in our view out the windshield here there is snow,ss about a dusting to maybe an inch on the side of the roadway. no snow in the road. however, the roadways areay pretty wet and we do have sortes of a misty kind of snow coming m down as we that can be an issue because beu the temperature in our i carrieding right now is 21 degrees, well belowrees, well freezing and as we know well below the temperature thatha water can turn to ice. i as you can see, also, looksls l like maybe a snowplow, kind of hard to see out here because bee it's also very hazy but h
7:37 am
they are trying to keep the t salt and sand down on thedown oe roadways right now trying toing prevent any of this water on war the roadway from turning tong t ice. now, the good news is trafficra is moving pretty well. wel that's basically because it'sicu pretty early in the morning, possibly people are takingg heed to this winter storm warning and hopefully staying t off the rothadwayans because idi probably only going to geto worse down here and as we head farther south it's going tong get worse. get worse several inches are. expected in certain areas and that could cou certainly affect this i-95y afct corridor.corr. as we know, 95 is a major maj travel thruway. no matter what day of the week e there can be heavy traffic andrf so this is a major concern for ddot because people may be traveling here unaware thatnawat this storm is coming throughgh and so that is basically the situation here.ere. snow basically began around manassas and is now comingom down pretty steadily but again n just kind of turning intoning io water on the roaw
7:38 am
speak.eak. that's the latest here in fredericksburg. we do expect it to geticks wors. we'll bring you the latestg u th coming up in the next half hour. back to you. >> all right, anjali stay safe anjali sta out ythere s.t the. and the time now is 7:37. as we know, parenting toughest s job you'll love, right, fromighr working full-time jobs tofull-ts taking care of the kids andid a the house.e hou where do we find the time? well, coming up we're going to talk to a local blogger whoer w has some great life hacks thatht makes it doing it all just a jut little bit easier. bit eie we'll have those when we come ce back. >> plus a live look at i-95 i-9 northbound mile marker 143.. keep safe out there, guys. guy take it slow. sw. >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪
7:39 am
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7:45 am
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>> ♪♪ >> well, we've been seeing from anjali's we' camera down there the further south you go more snow you're seeing.e s >> yes, if you're waking up inui fredericksburg or anywhereksbure south and east you're probably a seeing snow but here not so much. mu i just peaked my head outside. there's a flurry or two but weut have a lot of dry air to overcome. it's like when you first wakewhy up and look outside it's likesik what's happening. nothing. i can see a few flurries.lurrie >> there's something in the som air. >> oh, yes. bit oncan see a litetle the left-hand side of your-han screen. i se
7:49 am
>> that's right.>> >> yeah, low clouds fog. lowloud i mean, it looks like it wantsts to snow outside.utside it feels like it wants to snow outside. >> that's for sure. >> right. cold dery, very cold and>> tha anything that falls shouldd stick pretty quickly. now, flurries, you need aee little bit more than just jus flurry action to stick butctio once we get into the next theex couple hours the atmosphereosphr will moisten up and we'llst start to seeen the snow showerss a light dusting on the the thehe roadways to a heavy accumulation if you're southth and a big disparity on snowfall amounts.nt snow and cold today, cold all weekend long.don hints of where the highesthest accumulations will set up ands u where the cutoff edge is and is you can see that just into our western suburbs.urbs that's as far as we'll get anyny accumulations which is only o about an inch or two for ther t 95 corridor certainly more theoe further south and east you goou but this snow area is fillings g in inside the beltway not allota of it make, it to the ground g but we're seeing our firsturir flri
7:50 am
this is just some very lighteret snow around the beltway outay o towards gainsville on 66 also66s seeing light snow. sno certainly some more moderateodee to heavy snow as you head intono southern maryland and thendhe northern neck of virginia. these dark purples are very arev steady snow where we'll seee' heavy accumulations on theions e order of four to 6-inches plus p up through salisbury marylandarn across the bay there. tre so that's what radar looks like right rigow. most substantial snowfallno amounts will be across portions of north carolina of no believe it or not andrth even e into the norfolk virginia areai there's a blizzard warning inizg effect along the immediatemmia coast. you see that in pink rightpink g there even the extreme lowerme w eastern shore for where the t winds are expected to crank and whiteout conditions mayeoutc happen lateronditi today. today all right, winter weatherer watches and warnings. so leonardtown, up through throu some of the beach points andoisa the bay points here in calvert e county you guys will see the set highest snowfall amount.t. a winter weather advisory forth from baltimore through 95 inermo much oref our t area and then io parts of northern virgini
7:51 am
much except that wind chillept w advisory in the mountains i where the cold will be theld wle bigger story than the snow. sw. here's how cold it is right now. 24 d.c., teens north and west.nw we will not rise much from f where we are right now andnd with that brisk wind down tobris the northeast at aboutnortt 15 miles an hour, north-northeast yeah, it'sast going to feel like it's in the single digits in some of ourf o colder spots where it feels fee like instead of in martinsburg nine frederick 11 washington.hio if the kids are not playinglang out in the snow later today tay they will have to bee incredibly bundled up. it will be cold across thes t area and snow will thatllha continue to fall in places pces like annapolis and leonardtownnn throughout the these dividingroug line of fallg snow across the district. we are so on the edge of thisost storm. stor earlier this week we weren't wet in it but now with the back edge by sect the western half h of the beltway there will be aba difference from say areasay along southern 270 to once you y get east on 50 big differenceifc on who sees how much snow. sno it is snowing near through midow morning.orning it shuts off by about m
7:52 am
along the eastern shore. shore. snow showers continue intotinueo this evening for the delawareorl beaches ocean city maryland m and down into the virginiae vgii acaches. so, how much? one to 2 inches c that's about it for along 95. 9 just flurries north and west.rts two to four from dover straight down through sectionsun of central virginia and then ant four to six from extreme extreme southern maryland up throughup the eastern shore to the south jersey coa that's where what we're expecting through today.ay. temperatures very, very cold. 26 is it for the high inn washington, low temperatures, lo tonight really cold, only inal l the tee those are our air temperatures. single digit wind chills expected tomorrow morning. digo anmodrn the ones will increasens tomorrow so that 27 is it for f a high temperature. temre that sunshine is it feels like it's in the's inhe teens all day long.l day ng. cold again own monday.y. and look at these temperatures turning around incredible theblt seven-day forecast shows we're near 60 degrees by the end ofnd next week. 58 fornext that high with rain a showers possible.s much more weather updatesr ates coming up in the 8:00 a.m. a hour. for now fox5 news morning will
7:53 am
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>> and good morning. a the consumer electronics show is in full swinndg in laser eles high tech toys like drones and virtual reality head sets ares e getting all of the headlineseain but there are thousands ofsds o other interesting gadgets onng n display. fox's adam housley takes a t look. >> reporter: i'm adam housley in las vegas for the rer 50th consumer electronics show. hundreds of thousands of itemste are here and hundreds ofs o thousands of people as well. wl. we found this right
7:56 am
this is the coffeemaker the grower sends you the beans directly the machine roasts rst the beans. this is a sensorial harm clock that puts out a smell.o if you want to wake up topup bacon you can wake up smellingmg bacon next to your bed.n next t all kinds of tablets. tab this happens to be the epic learning tab. t they have one to watch movies. many of them under a hundredundr dollars. aristotle from mattel growsl gws with your child so you have aava baby monitor but as the child cd gets older the child canld c actually ask it questions. queso it can say aristotle why is w i the sky blue and it will it w .nswer. the child can tell aristotle art to change colors for the idea with this islors parens can use it children can use it i it's a sound machine a little le bit of everything justthjust obviously in one package. packa this is one of the batteries. b. tons of batteries.atteries this is auld the omni charge.ha. it charges your laptop so if you're outaging it will chargeir your laptop and it's a batterygs an ad it's obviously on the go e and you can charge your phones at
7:57 am
to show -- two more.or one looks like a mood ring itsgi an emergency ring.en you can touch if you're in an an emergency and it send out onut o emergency to somebody so youody don't have to dial 911.l11. push the little button on then e ring that's on your finger and the emergency goes out.ou there's the met tow bag. you're at lax and your flightlao is at maybe terminal one and you have a connecting flightctit at terminal six. s no reason to walk get on your yr bag which still has 80 percent t of the capacity of a normal carry on and you ride off into i the sunset. sunse all sorts of items you can find on shelves soon n lasshs so vegas i'm adam housley, fox news. >> that does it for us att much more ahead at 8 o'clock. stay with us. >> ♪♪
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and a whole lot more. >> ♪♪ >> this is fox5 news morning. >> and it is now 8 o'clock on'c the dot this saturday morningnig january 7th and thank you foran waking up with fox5 news morning saturday.atur looks like we've got a little a bit of snow out we're going to check in andnd see how much you're going to'rei get, where you're going to geto it. i don't think the kids will be pulling the sleds out today. to. >> not here, not isn't theot ist district.dist >> good morning, i'm melanie alnwick in for annie yumo wrnhos taking a little weekend off.ff >> good for her. her. >> hopefully enjoying the snowoe herself. for the rest of you here not not seeing much yet but give itt gii time.ti areas south and east
8:01 am
getting reports ofg s of accumulation down if sainttion mary's county.sainmary's >> maybe they'll be shredding cg there. >> yes, they probably will be b by day's end in saint mary's in county along the eastern shore where they should see moreey she substantial snow. it would be our first inchst inc recorded here at reagan national.tional. taking a live look outside fox5 accuweather forecast snowew showers even falling down by dob the white house.ite ho well, snow showers might be a stretch. some flurries are falling.lurrie there's a lot of dry air tos a it is cold out there thisme outt morning. and it will become increasingly windy through theht weekend very chilly both days.d. snow is falling or at leastllina filling in across radar earlyarr this morning. morni storm tracker radar showing at a least light snow being pickedeic up by the radar beam allar beaml across d.c. and the beltwayeltw and then increasing ining i coverage and intensity as you yu head further south and east which is wndhat we always expected that this storm would be grazing our a light snow around the beltway here in washington.n was definitely heavier from aboutbo the eastern shore salisburyal maryland down through then throe northern neck of some steady snow where i said si
8:02 am
accumulations on the order of od looks like an incher or two in i parts of saint mary's county. cu winter storm warning is outtormt for those spots in blue southluh and east.d e winter weather advisory forth the 95 corridor. corrido just a wind chill advisory ford the mountains where the wind w and cold will be a much biggerge story for you.storr just probably some flurriesomur flying if that out in the mountains. temperatures right now 24 washington, 19 gaithersburg,aitr 18 in martinsburg andnd winchester and 21 in here's our fox futurecast.utec the dividing line is very muchvc across the district and lightndg snow showers should start to shr fill in through the morning hours. by 11:00 a.m., thoughho turhereh could be a difference whether are you literally on the easthe side or west side of 95. that looks to be a good dividing point. poi but snow continues to fallw co south and east of ussoh an throughout the day and thenn the whole thing winds down byown about sunset but look at thatk t snow continuing for theg fothe delaware and maryland beaches. s snow cast four to 6-inchesnc plus for the significantignica snowfall anywhere fromwhere from atlantic city down through salisbury norfolk and virginia
8:03 am
warning in effect fors in effec southeastern virginia. virgi two to 4 inches for most of o calvert county through saintgh mary's again, our immediate suburbsub in washington just an inch ornch two if that and flurries is itr north and so, snow showers and cold hereol in d.c. through the morning. mni those snow showers taper off midafternoon. very cold the rest of the weekend. latest on those wind chillweek l values coming up in yourn your seven-day forecast. melanie. >> while caitlin is trackingait the snow our teatrm coverage cog continues on the road. anjali hemphill has been bee making her way down i-95 this morning. all right, got the hatin on. o you have the gloves and i seean the snow anjali. success. >> reporter: that's right, yes, melanie, toldor utes to gog find snow and i think we found e it. this is a gas station off offf f i-95 in fredericksburg right r off of route one. o you can see snowplows herewser taking a break right behindind me. me they just happened to pull upulp as we speak probably working wki hard working all night long l i'm sure. s take a look we're
8:04 am
about fat fluffy flakes outak o here definitely at least anely t inch on the ground maybe two mbt and also that's route one outne there, that's a major road r through this area and as you ar can see, a slushy mess rightt now. that snow is starting to stickgs and that is going to be a a major concern for vdot anddo a these snow crews right here.ige. that's what they're out here'ro doing, they're making sureg that drivers even though it's e' not a rush hour weekday, thatkd the drivers can get through tou because as we know, this area,r, this 95 corridor is a major,or, major roadway for people traveling and that's who wes whw caught up here. h this is take a look. not only is david driving inrivi this snowy weather, he'sth, hauling this huge yellow trailer and he's got a longg way to go. you're heading right into thee storm, david, is that right. rht >> yeah, that's correct.eah, >> reporter: tell me where are you going. bea south myrtle beach sorouteh carolina. >> reporter: what are you doing and what's in the trailer. eportein >> i have somg ebody'ans trai household belongs, they're moving down to myrtle beach. bea >> reporter: precious cargo,te someone else's stuffr:. pelse'su >> that's right.
8:05 am
haveepor ttehe roads lean bean e so far. ane>> actually not too bad.ctuao i came north of baltimore. balm. it wasn't too, too bad. wasn' it just started getting slippery last 75 miles or so. stay in the right-hand lanee and just, you know, just stayta slow and steady and take yourou time.ti >> reporter: concerned at all that the snoepw iorste starg to get heavier now and you're heading -- several inches arehes forecast at least hav ae alreada fallen farther south. >> yeah, i'm a accomplish littlt concerned.d. >> reporter: good luck touc you. wise words from day. like he said he's not going to push himself not goingwiseid h even though he's probably on aby deadline moving someone'seone's stuff he's not going to take any chances and pull over if or that snow gets too much andw tst again, we're dealing with a lot of s wnow already down south. this is again soft out of the northern virginia area butreaut it's moving into our area as ara we've seen and this is possibly foreshadowing maybe what we might see so guys keep k an eye out and certainly makelyk way for those vdot crews thatwsa are trying to keep those roads
8:06 am
back to you melanie.el >> thanks anjali and beli and b careful on the roads yourself. l in virginia governor terry mcauliffe has declared alare state of emergency. e parts of the state aremerg a expected to get pounded withndet snow so certainly southernern virginia more so than northern virginia. the state bracing for windatbr gusts and heavy rain thatd y ra could cause power outages. outes the governor is urging residents avoid driving in thent snow if they can. can because of the inclemhe incm weather several public schoolsvc canceled events charles crl calvert and anne arrundel aunde county public schools haveublico thato canceled their activitiest for today. in montgomery county school activities have been delayed until noon and saturdaesy h scho there has been canceled. ccele winter weather also weaer a impacting the south andnd eastern united states.n united a georgia, the carolinas, alabama, all getting hit fromm heavy snow to ice and freezing rain. rain this winter storm system willte impact millions ofr psteople. l many of them living in placesla that typically don't see more sm than a dusting of snow. governors in all four stateste have declared states of emergency.emernc now to the latest on theto t
8:07 am
fort we still don't know why a former national guard member opened fire at the fort the f lauderdale airport killingdale five people and injuring eight others. 26-year-old esteban santiagoold is in custody. this morning fort lauderdale airport is back opened andningtc running.k nn service resumed early. fox's joel waldman has the latest from there. the >> i could hear the percussions of the gunfire andha immediately it was mass chaossha people running it was hard to deciphero exactly what was happening. hap. >> reporter: friday afternoon authorities say a passenger named esteban santiago arrived at fort lassuderdale's airport retrievee aiago gun a from checked luggaga started shooting killing at klig least five in a baggage claimgac eastern injuring >> no one who arrived at the hospital has expired. has expir they are all in the hospitalpil doing best as we -- we can doe c right now but everybody iss stable.ab we received as traumas fiveasiv patients. >> reporter: santiago waso was taken into custody as the incident forced
8:08 am
flee. then wait for hours as theait fr airport was locked down and dn a swept by police.epby p the fbi now questioning santiago's family.amy. last year the suspect was discharged from alaska's army national guard for unsatisfactory performance.ce originally from new jersey, jse santiago served a tour of duty t in iraq. iq. >> do we know enough now to k t know whether it was an act of terror? >> as a general rule, untile, u i've got all the information,orn george, i don't want todon't t o comment on it other than just to say how -- heartbroken we are for the families that have a beenmili affected. >> and that was joel waldmanhat reporting. repo now, law enforcement officialntc told the associated press that santiago said the governmentnm was controlling his mind and forced him to watch islamic iam state videos. v the gunman's brother said hethei had been receivingei psychological treatmentyc reholocently. d.c. has a message for people coming into tow hn for t the upcoming inauguration.ugurat plus, you may want to stayws inside and enjoy the view ofie some snowflakes coming d
8:09 am
tell us which areas are going g to see some of that and whichhi areas you might not be able to take the sleds out just yet. we'll be right back. fios is not cable. we're wired differently. that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to beat the local sled jump record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions of the perfect song... ...his sister can live stream it... ...while his mom downloads how to set a dislocated shoulder, get 150 meg internet, tv and phone for just 79.99 per month online for the first year. hurry offer ends january 21st. only from fios.
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>> ♪♪ >> 8:11. welcome back on this snowy saturday morning. taking a live look at the sa a lok beltway in oxon hill you can see flurries flyingies right in front of our cameraamer and on the roads too.oa too just a light snow across muchacs of the immediate beltway areaay but you get further south andtha each there's a
8:12 am
the ground along saint mary's mr maryland and montrose virginia. they've already got someviregot pretty substantial snow thatt fell overnight.vernht even areas west of us out in centreville gainsville they'veee got a coating on the groundhe go too. here's what to expect throughxph rest of the weekend.e end. snowfalls through thishrough t afternoon, 95 is very much aerch dividing line of who sees snowhs and who doesn't. the further south and east youwt get of 95 the more significant snowfall you'll see on the on order of four to 6-inches plus u for southern maryland, calvertal county and saint mary's county are in a winter storm it is very cold out there t today. it will continue to be very cold and also windy throughdy t the weekend.eeke wind chill values right now val north and west in the singlee digits. digits. you're going to need all the layers to get through this tget weekend. radar rt, satellite and right now filling in locallyocly with some of those light purples, north and west ofest washington where we're notgt w supposed to see too muche too h today, from montgomery countyryy down through fairfax county even into fauquier countyrou they're seeing some snow'rseei showers, very, very lightig
8:13 am
the beltway those whites whi indicate just fluiew. heavier amounts of snostw the w t further south and east thatr sot you go andh hanere's our wholeo storm system really a glancing c blow to washington but more substantial for the coast off the delmarva down into central north carolina snowing pretty steadily in raleigh intoeigh int northern georgia. watches and warnings are out in dark blue for a winter a winr storm warning into centralal mississippi up the east coast ca to cape cod where there's ahe'sa blizzard warning in effect and n also blizzard warning in effect for norfolk and virginia beach where the windsrw ramp up whiteout conditionsdion expected there. the winter storm warning and blue winter weather advisory along 95 it's a wind chill advisory for the mountains where theorm cold will be a bigger storyeathn than the snow.tainge sw. right now it's 24 in d.c.,.c teens north and we've got that wind out of theot north that's reinforcing thecing cold air so don't expect thoseeo temperatures to rise muchuc today. to and the winds sustained attainet 15 miles an hour makes it feell like six out at dulles. dul 11 gaithersburg, 11 i
8:14 am
washington so for those of you y not playing in the snow, sno washington and points northor and west you probably don't want to play outside at allt a it's just so cold. fox futurecast shows snow showsw showers continue through midco morning and then really what a dintvid ding linthe of who seese accumulating snow who doesn't.ns it will continue south andl nt east annapolis down through tou richmond through midafternoonidn and then by evening you see those snow showers push outush really just lingering alongring the immediate coastline.oali highest amounts salisbury downrw through the northern neck foureo to six plus, two to four fromurf dover down through central virginia, here's what to w to expect for today. actually probably seeinexg latee day sun in d.c., 26 degreesee with those morning snow mornings showers giving way to late dayay clearing.clring. real quick watch the seven-day d forecast turn things around through the rest of the week. w where he wie jump intoump to springlike weather by much warmer as temperaturesempes rise into the 50's after ath aft very cold weekend. melanie. >> all right. about aing to talk now the presidential not far away now but yesterday e russian president vladimirpresi
8:15 am
hidden campaign to influence iln the u.s. presidential elections and that isons anat according to that declassified intelligence report that wasence released yesterday.esrd the 25 page report reveals that putin personally orderedrdr the hacks to help donald trump d win the presidential electionct and also there is nos suggestion that russiarusia actually affected the vote count numbers but intelligenceee officials say russia's goaloa was to help trump by discrediting hillary clintonlarn intelligence officials briefedce the president-elect on the hacking yesterday. trump acknowledged that russia did hack the dem oocratiescidhai national committee's computerpu systems but insisted that the effort had no effect on thet ont outcome of the election. went now know what thosenowo commemorative inaugural metro card sleeves will look like. wik here they are. the sleeves are free and will al be distributed at select metroeo stations on our region on o inauguration day.ra. they feature a picture ofture president-elect trump with hisih campaign slogan make americae
8:16 am
plan on attending the inauguration to purchase theiron inaugural smart tip cards in t advance tol asmvoidar the long lines. and of course preparations are well under way and theprep mayor of d.c. and her toper t leaders join with the secret sre service to brief the media on ma some major aspects of the big t event. fox5's matt ackland was w there. epor twoter: two weeks before the big swearing in,in pennsylvania avenue islvan ave bustling with traffic andffic pedestrians. but on january 20th, this will be one of the most secure places on earth.arth. >> we are well prepared andll ready for this inauguration.ugat >> reporter: mayor bowser is confident it will be aidt it peaceful transfer of power. >> my expectation of this entire team is that they haveeye prepared for any and all circumstances.circ >> reporter: security willor be tight.te thousands ofbe tig national gua men's, d.c. police and secrett service also thousands moreor law enforcement officers traveling to d.c. to help outut that day. peaceful protestors are welcomed but the
8:17 am
police chief has a message for those who have threatened toed cause problems. t >> the fact that you have someth folks that areat indicating onio social media that they'reia thae coming to shut down then the inauguration or the events iss something that we will bell b prepared for.or we've as you know we've w experienced that type of thing before in the city and we'llthe' be able to handle it.ha >> reporter: metro rail is is extending hours of operationti opening early at 4:00 a.m. to midnight but five station will i be closed for security reasons. reas >> they will be mount vernonn square archives federaluare triangle smithsonian and the t pentagon. pent >> reporter: matt acklandatt fox5 local news.ew >> the district is doing itst i best to keep people informed about the inauguration. the mayorout th announced sociad media tags and even a texttags alert system. you can keep up with thehe inauguration on twitter with wh the handle at inaug) 2017 and the #inaug) 2017 or text tex inaug) to 888-7777.88-7777. so, what's up with
8:18 am
clinton? apparently someen people are asking her to runre a for mayor of new york that's according to the newo th york times saying that many man big apple democrats are urgingrg her to challenge current mayor m bill deblasio in thiso in november's election. ect dib las yo' worked for both wke clintons for years butrs but insiders say their t relationship fizzled whenship fe deblasio initially refusedus to endorse hillary's hilla presidential they also say it's notid likelyl she would run but if shewould didn't run it would put her in charge of president-elect donald trump's hometown. hetow so far clinton has not has commented on the race. meanwhile first lady michelle obama gavmeane a tearfr goodbye during her finaler f speech as first lady.y. yesterday she honored schooled o counselors from around the t country. countr she told a group of young people that being first lady fil has been the greatest honor ofor her life and she urged youngrgeg americans to get a good get a gd education and work during her eight years in the ys white house mrs. obama hasob supported many causesy us including helping militarylit families and fighting childhood obesity.dhoo as you know it is a snowynoy week
8:19 am
the storm. th caitlin roth will be back withll a check of the forecast plus fox5 contributor sara frazier is in the loft.n hi, sara.ara. >> hi. >> good morning, as many ofd mon you know she has her own podcast. i hope you listen to it.o i she along with another podcaster share secrets on howen to create a successfull podcast. we'll have that when we come back. >> ♪♪
8:20 am
8:21 am
>> 8:21. welcome back on this snowy
8:22 am
radar that snow is starting toed fill in acrosays t mhe sw is stc outside the beltway and evenve west of town where thiserehi probably won't last very longerl from germantown down through centreville gainsville across examination you're seeing snowes showers coating the ground.roun flurries flying in theurri district but more substantial br snow south and ee assut.nd e zooming in on the beltway very light snow but even if you getet closer to the yes, the radar r beam but i've seen pictures pice out of the gainsville arsea and they've got some flakes reallym adding up out there. areas north and west don't see too set much snow, only an inch or so s along 95. alantial from theal f delmarva to the northern neck te of virginia where those dark dak purples indicate heavier snowini there. they've already got abca theout an you think or twok the ground in places likeground saint mary's down through thehr northern neck.northeec here's what snowfall willll amount to by the end w of todayd it will last longer theger further south and east you go go as this storm hugs the coast. ca four to six,.four >> reporter:s from theter:om atlantic city to salisbury to tappahannock.ppahck two to four through sainthrou st mary's county charles count
8:23 am
one to two for washington and our immediate suburbs up u towards hagerstown and thes ha mountains probably just somes pr flurries, not much for you guys even though yesou, saw yoy first inch or two on thursday ts night with those snow temperatures outside right now it is very o 24 in washington, teens northth and west with wind chillwi c values in the single digits. cold and wind are here to stayrt all weekend long.aleken 26 with snow showers this shors morning and early afternoonftero for d.c., sunny and very colderd on sunday wind chills in they teens all day long. all rightwi, frteenom the snow s showers to how to be a good podcaster, i'm paying pin attention. good morning to you, sara frazier. >> good morning caitlin.oo good i'm gd lad you're paying pn attention. there's a lot coming up in 2017 for women in podcasting.odn a new year for me means brand new podcast episodes.pisos. podcasting is fun inspirational and demanding and it's a niche that reachest e out to the world. today we are taking a look andnd celebrating some women in podcasting and one locallyneoc here she's joining me keishaisha reynolds. she's the creator and host of podcast global warriors.
8:24 am
thank >> i, love it.t. >> women in >> yes. >> we're going to share some of our tips. goi >>kay.y. >> but as fox5 viewers know k aches have a double of pod casts. one is hey phrase which ish about pop culture entertainingen inspiring and then i still s have a keycard which is takingak a look at great anchors andors d behind the scenes people herehee at foxne but there's so much som opportunity for women in 2017n in podcasting so tell me aboutbt your experience and just howus you've seen the growth. >> okay.> o >> i've been podcasting fore be six or seven monthsen so i'm new to it but i encourage other oth women to look into it because iu if anyone can kind of get intont this technical digital media realm, then certainly if i canl do it other people can do it cai for sure. for sur >> i hear you.e.>> >> i've gone to manyany conferences and it's mostly mosl male dominated right now soow there's plenty of growth ogr opportunities for women right r now according to edison edi resear 4
8:25 am
in the united states listening and 56 percent of men so again n there's opportunities fors opit women to reflect that number. >> now, your podcast is aboutut inspiring stories, right. ight >> yes. >> what's your background whatr led you to do that podcast. pca >> yeah, so my background in i public relations in media and so i was looking at thet t content put out there and i and wanted to inspire people firstrs at a local level and then also a talk about global changersbout making a difference in the a d world. >> nice. >> yeah, my podcast is reallyeall about inspiring you to action,ct to let you know that one tha person can make a differencere and then here's a story andstord you can possibly emulate them.ul >> so, a couple of quickuick things.things. lessons that people can take away. aw as you know we both have podcasts.asts four quick things. t mie is commit. the equipment is big.ig. >> absolutely.utel >> i think people derestimate how big it>> is. so my suggestion is alwaysggest partner with someone who who already has a coexisting podcast see what they're doingyi maybe you can borrow their
8:26 am
technical stuff to it. number two niche is key.iche i. yours is inspirational.rational. mine is kind of a mix of entertainment inspiring and stick to that.t. >> that's important.mpnt. >> three thrown make money. thrm i found there's many ways toays monetize. you can host events, you can partner with brands, you canranc have other guests on who -- >> bring on advertisers.dvertirs >> partner and market people think inwise podcasting partner with anyone that has ath following but it doesn't benefit you to partner withith someone who is a realtor a rea unless there's some sort of sor tie in.ti i >> >> where can people find your f podcast.podcas >> go to global warriors.orgor and finder it there i'm onndt th itunes and also in stitcher.stch >> love it. high hey phrase and keycardey on itunes as well.ell. there you go, guys. melanie, back to you. >> thank you star ranch the fight against planned parenthood the gop wants toho pull funod tding on their efforf and how this impactsmp obamacare. plus caitlin will be back with k a look at today's weather
8:27 am
a work week preview. previ there's some good weather goo w coming up you're definitely going toitgoin want to hear it. stay with wit fox5 news morning saturday satur coming right back.ming rig >> ♪♪ >> ♪♪ i tried hard to quit smoking. but when we brought our daughter home, that was it. now i have nicoderm cq. the nicoderm cq patch with unique extended release technology helps prevent your urge to smoke all day. it's the best thing that ever happened to me. every great why needs a great how.
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8:29 am
>> ♪♪ >> 8:29. welcome back. as we continue to track the snow showers falling across coantinhowers falling today, wes showers mainly just today andy t then
8:30 am
stick around all weekend long. l it's frigid with temp in thed wn teens and 20's wind chills ins i some spots in the single spots digits. very light snow around around washington and the beltway.nd tw the back edge of the snow s through northern montgomerymery county into loudoun county in that's really about as farar west going to get besides besid flurries over the mountainses o and then much moreve substantian snow further south and east. a e inside the beltway just someuste flakes flying right now.t now light snow, should become moreor moderate as we go through the t morning hours. hou i see steadier showers from upper marlboro throughhrou northern virginia anda d definitely heavier snow sno through salisbury maryland.aran it is favoring the coast thisasi storm. that's where the highest there's a blizzard warning for virginia beach and norfolk andod for the eastern shore in maryland -- in virginia and up to cape cod they've got somecod blizzard warnings out there but therd w barlue is winter stm warnings stretching fromgs schin massachusetts all the way downt to central mississippi.siss so incredibly cold to allow a snow to fall that fa
8:31 am
closer to hem calvert countyco and saint mary's in the winter r storm warning.y's winter weather advisory fororm a everyone else and then justth an wind chill advisory for ther the mountains where that will beha the bigger story for them. t temperatures like i said 24 sai washington, teens north and nor west, very, very cold.y c and the snow will continue allta morning into the earlyar afternoon. now the dividing line is very much 95 in the district seven. districtstrict itself. pretty light in washington andad really coming to an end by midafternoon. snow ends in annapolis andol across the chesapeake by by and those flurries continue along the shoreos ue ntilfl aboo later on this evening. snowfall amounts two to two t 4 inches in between where we'll have the highest amountsmo four to 6-inches along the lower eastern shore down toown the northern negligent one to two, 95 and flurries out there t for the mountains. mountains. seven-day forecast, it is very v cold and windy through thishroui week. temperatures slowly moderatey mt through the rest of the work wk week. week. back into the 50's by wednesday.dnesday. that's a look all rightat seven-day forecast. melanie. >> i like having something to'sg
8:32 am
lo so our team coverageer continues on this weekendee winter storm. anjali hemphill we sent here seh down to fredericksburg to see what she could find and yes, clf she definitely found some snow n and she's on the road hi, anjali. anj >> reporter: hi, melanie.elanie yeah, we are, we jumped backump in the car because we wantedar to really focus on road bn ro conditions because i thinkau thk that's the main concern thiss certainly the snow, the flat fat flakes coming down looking k beautiful but the roadways areds a major issue but we're not not dealing with morning rush hourno traffic but the weekend is certainly -- it can pretty i much look exactly the same on i-95 with travelers up andlers n down this corridor. crido this is again -- we passed now fredericksburg heading fartherng south and as you can see very different driving conditionson than when we first spoke ske around 7 o'clock. 7 o'cck. we've got a slushy mess out onun the roadways now. now definitely already starting to n build up on i-95 as we have h temperatures up here ate a
8:33 am
so, all of the snow that'snow a' falling is starting to accumulate on the ground and that's why we've got plenty of t snowplows out and about doingou their jobs, but i do also want to mention while 95 looks likeol this, i mean, this is pretty slushy, this could definitelyin cause some driving hazards thear secondary roads and even route e one in fredericksburg which is a major thorofare through thr there was looking maybe twice ti as worse. a lot of snow accumulating onult the roadways there gettingetting real slushy slippery spots and a folks having to drive well w below speed limit. now, we have seen a lot oft snowplows out.s we did speak to a team that tha pulled over in fredericksburg fe and they told us they've been be working since 8 o'clock last o'o night out on the roadways.dway so, certainly working hard and they are doing their best to to get these roadways clear of c o any snow but guys, the farther h south you go, the worse these te driving conditions get and yousa are going to want to be awarewa once you start hitting hitti manassas and fredericksburgrisb especially and farther south here -- ooh, we're seeing aeein lot of snow kick up on the up oe
8:34 am
on my gps here some hazardsds coming up, some slowdowns.loow we don't know if those are thosa accidents or what just yet.ustet it's not telling us.ling u but certainly already seeing sin some people maybe having someav difficulties driving in thesetid conditions. but that's the latest hereest he down i-95 south. back to you melanie. >> one more tip.. washer fluid don't get on thelud road without your d washer fluil this morning, right? rig >> reporter: that's right, tha yeah. >> all right, thanks anjali. well, republicans we're movingen to politics they plan toy pl t repeal obamacare and it is oba going to be no easy task buttask with the gop in control of congress, they are hedging their bets and adding in legislation to strip planned parenthood of federal funding. the last time it was a losin ogg battle.batt fox's james rosen reports ror though this time could have a different outcome.eren >> reporter: 11 words from wordm house speaker paul ryan r reignite add major battle on captor hill. >> planned parenthood legislation would be in our reconciliation bill. >> reporter: that means congressional republicans will>t use the obion amacare repealrec effort asobamac a
8:35 am
stripping planned parenthoodg pl which carries out some 325,000 abortions a year of roughlyou 400 million in medicaid0 mi funding the grollup receives fos its other services such as contraception and cancerndce screening. >> we will fight that decision f by theig speaker to defund to dd planned parenthood and youd know what, the american peoplepa are with >> reporter: republicans andubnd pro life groups say the fundy tn willing go to local healthcare provider that is steer clear tt of abortions.rtio. the congressional budgetal budgt office estimates the cuts would impact 400,000 women. wom >> they don't come to freezing t rain make a politicalrain mak e statement. they come because they needy n high quality affordable care car and we're proud to provide it to them and for many of them oft we are their only healthcarelthe provider. >> reporter: a similar effort b y rep republicans one yearns ony ago ended way veto by b president obama.ident among other promises to pro life groups president-electroupr trump pledged in writingesid ini september to defund plannedber parenthood but just six months earlier he was talking liketo bt this.this. >> look, planned parenthood pla has done very good wnnork for fr some for many, many forfo millions of women.
8:36 am
long as you have the abortion going on at planned parenthood and we understand that and i've said it loud andat pla und. but -- and we'll see whatha happens. >> reporter: still, pro lifeife advocates expect the next nex president to make the t defunding and his otheris oth pledges a reality. >> we got those in writing, a letter from him and we're ande' looking forward to him holding good on his pledge to defunde tn planned parenthood and redirect those monies toie to facilities that will provide comprehensive healthcare forlthr women. >> reporter: polls show mostr: o americans do want women under ud certain conditions to haven co access to abortions but one in five voters according to the november exit polling data dat cite the supreme courtte the su nominations as their numberpremm one issue and such voters wentt heavily for donald trump whorumw promised to appoint pro lifee justices.ju in washington, james rosen, fox news. >> d.c. mayor muriel bowserowse says repeeling obamacare wouldlg cost the city up to $632 million a year. bowser says more than t 96 percent of d.c. residents red have health insurance thr
8:37 am
obamacare. bowser also says many of the maf insured people do have complexe medical problems and would notoe be able to afford premiums without federal subsidies.ubsies she's surging congress not to repeal the law and instead a i expand access to affordableffda health coverage.erag >> reporter: do you want to be a winner of your fitnessortes goals.goal coming up we'll learn how too fight like a champ during a din different kind of workout.orkout there they are from camp timeime fitness. we'll talk with them when weh tw come back and a live look outside this saturday morning. m once again you're seeing a little bit of snow on the ground. of course we'll talk about that with caitlin roth as wellhers.e w we'llith we be right back. >> ♪♪
8:38 am
8:39 am
8:40 am
>> ♪♪ >> of course it is a new year and so many of us have fitness goals. here to teach us how to have aua champion workout is dominiqueomn graham owner of camptime i've tried wii boxing.ii boxin it's's har >> it is. >> what is it about boxing tox even just those moves even without the gloves ands everything, it's so difficult.fu >> it's so much to thinkhi about. you got your upper extremity exi moving with your lowerow extremity. you have to tie everythingve together making surere everything is in >> you can get a good workoutdoo in a short period of time.e. >> absolutely. you can feel like you did a one hourn feel workout in threeh minutes of training. tinin >> three minutes i like that. ms >> you have a unique story.uniqo tell me a little bit about how you got started. >> i actually started traintrtet when did you go i was started with myself to be
8:41 am
to defend myself and my celld md mate eventually wanted to be adopted in terms of training tin as well. that led to other potential friends. i came home started trainingomer friends andain family. famil before you knew it high appou kg stable of clients. >> uh-huh.huh. and how do you use that alsohata to help young men in the unity.ity. >> i use that as motivationat for a means to get out, you know, to experience life, you know.know. i always stress to my athletesmh make sure you give your best so that you can have ann have a opportunity give freeopport education and go on to collegea for free. >> with you now is you're at wilson high schoolghch right. right. >> yes. >> you work with him on performance. it's not just boxing there's yow g some other things that youngs gu do.o. >> we do performance inrman i addition to life skills as sllss well. >> you can show us while we're talking, too.oo >> sometimes we'll do like a quick circuit exercise.ise. get in pushup position for me. >> glad it's him not me. >> do a push up and this is a -- a >> it's a simple move but.ov b >> right its w
8:42 am
your body -- >> i'm going to do that.t. >> try it at home.e. >> do some more air squats. sat get a wide base.e. >> you want to have a wide base lands in prayer position. this engages your loweris e extremity. we want to make sureng we engagee engage the entire body. >> he's got a wide stance.a wide that's not stressing histresng knees. >> this actually helps open upp the hip flexors a little bita lb more. translating it to football we want to make sure his turnover r is a lot faster and longer so we do in it a sumo stance to t open his hips up. >> have you noticed bettere yo performance on the field. >> yes, maim. m >> any other things that folks can do at home if they feely like i'm not ready for a full f blown cardio workout but i want to get started. srted >> one of your focuses is your core so a lot of women and menom want to focus -- fus - >> i'm standing here right sta now. >> so we have. >> as tall as i can. >> we have ata baslle go to core regimen we start start with theme single leg get on your back for me m please.ea this is a exercise to train
8:43 am
your lowerables.erables. bring are feet together, lie back bend your right knee.r ri hands above yghour head and what i want you to do is exat this it the right arm to the left so let when you do your sit-up much m this trains the lowerable. lowab a lot of time our problem iss the we try to get exercises torcis t target the lower abs. >> for someone just gettingtet started maybe you don't need nee to go all the way but try. t >> or you can do your leg andeg keep your upper body layinglayi down. >> what goals do you have.t go >> goals that i have getting kids -- we're raising money to to have our safe house. we're in a residential garagear so we want to expand so that we can get these kids what they need. >> awesome. what about you. >> try to get a college freege f help him out. o >> get to college and win.. yeah.h. >> win on that football field. f thank you very much. m champ time fitness look themme up online. >> thank you for f having
8:44 am
>> every technology lovers dream to be surrounded by newew technology. coming up we'll take you to an n event that has all the newesthet gadgets in one place. pce we'll also check in with w caitlin roth. rot >> those flakes are flyinglake already in the some of you already y seeiningag some accumulations in ourulatios area. we'll have the latest comingom up when fox5 news morning m returns right after this.
8:45 am
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>> ♪♪♪ >> 8:46 on a very coldy cd saturday morning where most ofrt you are seeing snow showers. yes, a winter storm moving win right along the east coast glancing blow to the districttoe bringing snow showers for mostn of us and the snow willd the w continue to fall through the afternoon. it will continue longest areas south and east where they'll see the heaviest amount ofntinda snow and also the highest accumulation on the order ofe or four to 6-inches plus foror southern maryland.and. southern calvert countyalve cou southern saint mary's county mau where you're under a winterer ar storm warning and then alongrn the eastern shore.inthe ea it is also verstyer cn old and y all weekend long. that's a definite. d satellite and radar showingit the light snow that'e s baneensn filling in around d.c. evenund . west of d.c., centrevilleentril gainsville seeing some som accumulation right now atmula least a coating on the roadstic and it looks likeon that's t continuing up montgomeryui county bisecting 270 in the70n last hour. certainly filling in south and a east of here. inside the beltway very lighter snowflakes. we've had to overcome some dry air. air. it is moister south and east where you see the moriseteore substantial snow and pretty incre
8:48 am
drags the snow down into the the southeast, parts of georgiaf geo and south carolina.caolina. it's cold enough for areas a there that rarely see snow. s winter storm warning south andrw east of the district at winterin weather advisory along 95 anvis5 wind chill a advisory furtherur north and west. temperatures right now 24 in washington. it is just frigid. is just fr in the teens along the teensng mountains and with that wind, that's reinforcing the cold t out of the north and sustained n at 15 miles an hour here in d.c. t-well, wind chill valueshe are in the teens to the single e digits. feels like 11 in the district.ic it feels like the singlehe s digits north and west.orth aes so, very, very cold throughgh this weekend. futurecast shows snow really rea by sects the 95 area. it continues in d.c. through.c.t the morning comes to an endto ae early afternoon for placesor like annapolis it will end e later around sunset is that the eastern shore snowflakes will continue probably justlyust until about 7:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m. snowfall amounts four to f to 6-inches south and east along a the delmarva cost down throughoh the northern neck two to four t in between there and 95 where5 e we'll get an inch or two.
8:49 am
mountains. for agagerstown and the mountains. for now we'll send it back tod t >> thank you caitlin. t you consumer electronics showhow is in full swing in las high tech toys like drones and virtual rally head sets are are getting headlines but there'sutt thousands of other interestingts gadgets on display. i promise one will make you laugh. adam housley takes a look. >> reporter: in las vegas for the 50tephorte consumerr electronics show. hundreds of thousands of items here and hundreds of thousandssn of people as well.ple asl. here's some of the few things fg that kind of stood out today. t we found this here. this is the coffeemaker.aker grower sends you the beans andnd the machine roast the beans t b grinds it and makes i was cupt n ofd coffee.of want to have a good sensory.d sy this is a sensorial harm clock o that puts out a smell.ut a smel. if you want to wake up too bacon you can wake up to bacon b next to your this is the epic learning tabeab built for
8:50 am
they have one to watch movies mv down and affordable many undernr $100. $100 aristotle from mattel growstle r with your child so you have a ye baby monitor but as the child ti gets older the child can askerhi it questions. it can say aristotle why is why the sky plume parents can usean it children can use it's a sound machine a littlenea bit of everything in one package. -- tons of batteries.atteries. this is the omni charge.ha we liked it because it charges g your laptop. if you're outaging it will charge your laptop and it's a battery and obviously on theourt go and you can charge yourour phones at the same a and the last thing i want tont o show -- two more. m one looks like a mood ring. r it's an emergency ring.'s an gec this thing you can touch ifouch you're in an emergency and it ad will send out an emergency to somebody so you don't have to t .ial 911. push the ring on your fingerourr and the emergency goes out. finally a moto back. let's sayac you're at lax and your flight is at maybe terminal one and you have a anda connecting flight terminalt tera si
8:51 am
get on your bag which still has 80 percent of the capacity c avenue normal carry on andl cara ride off into the sunset. sse all sorts of items here you imsu can find until sunday or on shelves soon. soon. in adam housley fox news. >> for many of us we need thatet cup of coffee or two or three oh to jump start our day but move e out of the way coffee.ofe. apparently there's a new drink i in town some say brings a powerful punch and other say otr it tastes really bad so i'm so i kind of scared. s sarah fraser is in the lost loftand she's going to teach us how to make it. (becky) i've seen such a change in einstein since he started the new beneful recipe. the number one ingredient in it is beef. (einstein) the beef is fantastic! (becky) he has enough energy to believe that he can jump high enough to catch a bird. (vo) try new beneful originals with beef. now with real beef as the number one ingredient.
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>> ♪♪ >> so on a cold day like today of course there's nothing likolk brewing up a nice cup of teaicef and you know i have to beu know honest i started -- i do coffee in the morning and inthrn the afternoon sometime i really want tea. >> we were just talking about that. just >> but believe it or not thethr. is one tea being considered the new coffee.ea bei here to explain of course isn oc sara fra i love tea in the afternoon but i can't imagine it's goingsg to get me jumpstarted likee coffee in the morning.e rnin >> right. that's why you don't do it. i >> exactly. >> we're either going to love this or you guys will be likeit never again. >> i'm very worried sarah. sah >> i haven't even tried this but so tim ferris. >> you haven't tried it yet and you're going toav makene 'ts try it. >> we're all trying it at oncetc yes. >> he's very famous for thefor e book the four hour work week.k. entrepreneur. so he swears by this says he was a devout coffee lover for years. this tea you can control of course the caffeine you c 'causs you're using black tea andusin green tea and it's all how
8:55 am
ng of tea. already that's a nonstarter nonstarter for me. >> you have your green tea, your black tea and then ithe i requires one table spoon of coconut oil one t and one tablet spoon of true cow's milk but. >> i like coconut oil. l >> me, too.ik rd about thehea whole but coffee thing. thi was that supposed to be --e were. >> i don't know what it is butw explain what that does to thehe tea. >> so you brew and let it l steep for two minutes each theo greemin tea, the black tea. tea then you also take about twobo t cups of hot water, you put in table spoon of the but, tableab spoon of coconut oil. wait until it all dissolves.solv >> not very appetizingppetiz looking. lo >> you put it all there.all t mix them altogether.og >> i have to tell you i lookedd online and they told me it looks like horse urine and that's whaike tho made me -- gross.s. >> the horse goodness.he all right, caitlin. h >> okay.all ri
8:56 am
me feel energized. >> super energized.rg also very very cl you don'teans get the caffeine jitters and tim ferris swears it gives you more energy than ffee.e. >> what does it smell like.e >> smells like palm ands likeal >> some people have alsoople h described it as nasty. >> doesn't taste nearly as nearl bad. >> no, it doesn't. doe't >> it's tea. it tastes like tea but more substantial.subs >> have you ever had coconuton milk and sticky rice. ric >> that's what it remind me of. of >> it doesn't taste bad.doest ta it tastes okay.y. hard to imagine this is goingoi to wake me up. wme u how much caffeine is in it. >> i didn't steep it for long.o. the more you steep your tearea the more caffeine you get outaf of ge >> right. >> we could have left the green tea and the black tea for -- fo >> it's very oily.>> >> it is a little oilily. i >> fattening. >> i'm word about the fat, yeah.ord t, >> well, if you think about i t 'cause the table spoon and
8:57 am
coconut oil dissolve and you can get ais pitcher out of this. >> the table spoon is for one s whole pitcher.iter >> all right.>> all right. >> i didn't need my emergencymen diet i brought it in case i had h something to wash it down with. with >> i actually like it. i >> cheers. >> you might be on to something tim. you msometh >> tim, we like ti t >> thank y, ouwe. thank you. >> let's get outside and looket at the weather bef oore utwe lea you. yes, snow starting to moveg to e into the district just a fewistr flakes but it should pick upck u at least briefly through theouhe late morning early afternoon. ao snow showers windy and coldwersn the rest of the weekend. weeke again winter storm warningsnter out for our extreme so sutouheastern counties whet e they could see four tohe four 6-inches of snow and we'll bee digging out shoveling out atng a this time tomorrow morninge when we join you for fox5 news5w morning starting at 7:00 a.m. am very very cold all weekendll long but that seven-dayven-da forecast shows we warm thingsms up really nicely.y. warm like this tea by nexta by t friday into the 50's.s. >> you guys are just -- jus >> you feel so awake now. now >> we're on early. ely
8:58 am
>> we're ready to work out. o >> all right, have a great morning eryon >> thanks for joining us.ining u we'll be back tomorrow.row. >> ♪♪ >> not bad. ' actually isn't.♪ it does look kind of funky. >> you can taste the...,. our blogs are buzzing about the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white toothpaste. with a professionally recommended whitening ingredient. for four shades visibly whiter eth. the designer smile... colgate optic white high impact white. i don'
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- on this episode, we dive into the waters of the bahamas with incredible great hammerhead sharks, explore the worlds deepest saltwater blue hole, track and tag lemon sharks, and swim with dolphins in their natural habitat. it's all here on awesome planet. welcome to awesome planet, i'm philippe cousteau. just about 50 miles off the coast of florida starts a chain of over 700 islands known as the bahamas. and this week on awesome planet, we've come here to explore just a little bit of the natural beauty that this country has to offer. the islands of the bahamas formed between 90,000 to 120,000 years ago. old coral and sand deposits make up this island chain


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