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tv   Fox 5 News Edge Eleven  FOX  January 8, 2017 11:00pm-11:30pm EST

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afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine. all seems beautiful to me.
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popular new year's resolutions. >> getting in shape and losing weight. >> and hitting the gym to try to type the best exercise. >> when prescribing optimal workout for a client master trader adam sloings through a lot of trial and error. >> we change program and try something different and after a week if that doesn't work try something different again. >> whether diet. lifestyle on againetics some clients respond better to weight training than enduce and others respond bet to ensurance than weight training. >> some are more predisposed to having fast twitch as opposed to slow twitch. >> these evaluations represent another day of the gym and kin easeology professor say no scientists studyy todz which exercise people do and don't respond. >> people don't got respond to exercise. >> results of ge era studies non resbopder do not
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any and and all exercise but rather if weight training does not improve one's fitness endurance exercise should and vice-versa. we have optimal fitness regime throughout, we just have to find it. >> if one type of exercise training program is not working with you if you switch there's hope you will lookly respond to that different type of exercise training. >> try something else. >> if we did the same workout for everyone whoa would not see much in terms of results. >> and jeffrey and matt king fox news. >> the most important thing if that's your new year's resolution and year in and year out you have to stick to it. that's the problem. houp many pack the gym in january and by february it's empty. >> and you might need i.d. -- we go from working out to ben and jerry new players. >> you can reward yourself after the touch workout according to
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>> here's alarming news for people with diabetes and insulin continues to rise. >> more on soaring prices of the vital medication. >> edith prentis has type one diabetes and needs to take insulin several times a day. >> if i didn't take it i would be dead. >> edith is concerned because the price of
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brands has risen in the last two years and she says so has her copay. >> my copay was $ 5 in 2015 and in 2016 was $138. >> that's $138 copay per bottle and edith says she needs eight of them each month. and medical expert say diabetes is epidemic here in u.s. affecting about 9 million people for them insulin is not a luxury but a necessity to stay alive. and the price of the vital medication is continuing to rise. >> that concerns me deeply as a doctor. >> doctor sud is director of inpatient diabetes at lennoxville hospital. >> i see patients stretching their insulin supply and that concerns me a lot. they may not be using full amount
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>> dr. su says issue of rising insulin prices is complicated se spotlight. >> a piece just like you're doing right now will raise awareness and raise awareness that this is a major problem. this is a major problem for patients and for doctors and with diabetes growing in terms of you know reaching epidemic proportions we really need to get a handle on it. thank you for joining us tonight i'm lauren demarco. >> i'm jim lobe a. >> we're talking about what you're talking about dangerously cold temperatures and there's still know and ice on the ground if you head south. >> st. mary and spotsylvania school districts made the decision to close tomorrow. freezing temperatures made this a good weekend to hunker down and stay indoors. but it is back to work for many people tomorrow morning in the frigidaire. >> gwynn kicks off tm
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coverage with the latest with the forecast, hi, gwynn. >> hi there, we're starting noe next day or so and we'll get a warm-up as the week progresses that's good news. let's take a look at highs for today. we struggled but could not make it out of the 20s today at all. and we should really be in the 40s. no such luck and those wind chills definitely kicked in toda with some gusty wind and we still have wind chills that we're dealing with. right now it's 19 degrees in the city and clear skies and only expecting a few clouds in the overnight hours and the wind chill factor is at 9. so that means that is what it feels like if you step outside. taking a look elsewhere the current wind chills we have actually three degrees what it feels like in winchester this hour and to 2 game rzburg and 2 baltimore and look at westminster zero. that's a good indication of where we're headed as well once we move into tomorrow with single digits and very low nu
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the afternoon hours and the overnight lows will be and sings well. here's a look at next couple days four. 9 on monday for a daytime high. but once again the wind chills will be out there. tuesday, warming up, relatively speaking to where we should be in the low 40s but we have precipitation. i'll have the details later. back to you. >> thank you, gwynn. team coverage continues northwest d.c. "fox5" lindsey watts. >> she was out in dupont circle and has more on how people are coping with the cold. >> it has been brutal all day long here in d.c. with highs just about 0 and lows tonight in the teens. and this kind of weather you got to make sure you're dressed properly and that makes what we saw on the metro today even crazier. take a look at this. while you were bundling up this group was stripping down. taking off their pants for the annual no-pants metro ride. as you're watching this you may be thinking, why?
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train in underwear? well the's. it's just annual event that stted in 15 years ago and then spread to other cities including d.c.. this is 9th year for this here. people met up and road the metro a while and then went to a bar together and it was just a coincidence this yoorly he event fell on colder day of winter. >> pretty much every year i feel like we have a warm front and the day arrives and it's freezing that adds to the fun a little bit good for a lot of laughs with great people. >> i love greating something that gives p.m. a weird story to go home to dinner and it's like you won't believe the things that i saw today on the streets and then people might not believe you. >> and from that spectator mode i came out to see them. >> did you really. >> yes. >> funny. >> what are your thoughts now. >> i'm glad i have my pants on. >> makes you grateful. >> on a
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this kind of cold can be khechking for first responders and especially firefighters. we saw several fires around the dmv in prince george county here freezing temperatures gave firefighters trouble in upper moreboro. when crews arrived they had to do extra work to access water from a nearby fire high drapt volunteer chief says they had to break through ice to on the hose cap. >> the cap was frozen you have to tap to get it loose and all our guides understand this cold weather fire fighting. >> crews on scene there also had to be sure to take care of themselves and make use of new rehab unit where they could goed in and get warm. no firefighters or residents were hurt in that fire. in northwest d.c. lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". >> and "fox5" prince george county firefighters found a man dead inside a car that flipped over into icy pond in
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police discovered the body of abraham saul. no one else was in the car and investigators are trying crash. they say sau may have been impaired while driving and no other vehicles were involved in the crash. >> prince george country reported first and second homicides of the year today. a man was stabbed to death at a home in chillham in a attack police believes with domestic. and "fox5" marina morocco has details on that investigation. >> residents here in temple hills neighborhood say they're shock the first homicide of year here in prince george county happened on their street. you see dunnlap street and hill and trying to piece together this first homicide of the year for prince george county. according to investigators they say the man was shot multiple times here on this very intersection about 2:30 in the afternoon and we
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neighborhood that heard a single gun shot and thought it was fire workswent upstairs andd out the window and i heard the guy you could hear the guy say i've been shot and that's when we called 911 and to let them know to send you know ambulance. >> very shocked. >> very shocked because this is quiet temple hills but it's a quiet neighborhood. >> you wouldn't expect anything like that in this neighborhood. it's nice neighborhood and you know people are nice and they speak and wave when they go by it's shock sfwling you have seen that man before. >> never. >> never. >> deposit see anybody running. >> prince george county ended 2016 with 98 homicides well below 137 homicides for neighboring washington d.c.. and in temple hills, marine owe maracco "fox5 local news". >> latest on the deadliest for the lawpder dale airport shooting.
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>> the suspected airport shooter is set to make first court apeernsz in florida tomorrow. esteban santiago is accused of killing five people and wounding six others at the ft. lauderdale airport and it shows him walking
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claim before firing off several shots we want to show you the video we caution you maying disturbing to watch. >> bill keiting. >> shocking and traffic video of the shooting on friday. airport surveillance obtained by tmz shows moment 26-year-old esteban santiago allegedly started shooting in the baggage claim area. five people were killed and six injured. we know he was veteran of iraq war and his family says he has mental health issues. santiago was under investigation by the fbi which is raising concerns specifically sunday from the house intelligence committee share sglap the investigation is ongoing and clearly this person walked into the fbi and we know this now and said he was watching isis videos. i think the fbi would tell you that this is not what the fbi wants. they did a good job. but obviously they missed this one. >> sant ago owe owe is facing several charm and
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could face the death penalty motive is unclear and federal authorities say the attack was thoroughly planned and anchorage alaska neighborhood he's been living, neighbors say they are stunned. >> he was always pleasant and didn't show any signs of no threat. his kids played with my nieces and nephews. >> flights resumed and passengers say they're understandably, still on edge. >> you have to own up to ten a i'll get through this and you cannot coward out you have to stay strong and say well i'll go and get on the plane like ai do every day. >> the fbi agent that interrogated saddam hussein is the lead investigatorsthon case. santiago will be in court tomorrow morning for his first appearance. bill keating, fox news. >> mexican authorities ar
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shooting american diplomat last week. united states is not,0 reward fn on the attacker and surveillance photos of him were widely circulated and investigators are trying to determine a motive for the shooting. >> and up next, gwynn is back with the 7 day forecast. >> and she'll tell whus temperatures will make it above freezing again don't worry they're on the way we'll get through this together. fox news at 11.
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>> i like how you say we're in this together. >> we are in this together. >> there's an end in sight. >> there's sort of an end in sight. >> oh, well. >> i'll be optimistic. >> there's an end, in sight. >> come on it's so cold out. >> put the whiley as way for a couple days. how about that? >> don't ask what the whileyes are. >> ask matt aklin, he'll know. >> it's bone chilling cold, folks. we have wind chills that are significant and dangerous as temperatures continue to drop. we've been dealing with it all weekend. we're starting into the week with the same scenario. few clouds tonight. not too bad in terms of that department. but temperatures are main story. so as they get to weather head lines and another fridgeit night with wind chillsin
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digits wind chills and some below zero the weeks monday. and precipitation early pat of the week could see wintry mix to the north of us. rain elsewhere. we'll talk about that. much warmer by late week. that's when you can pack whileyes away. we'll head close to 60. i can't believe i'm saying that considering we're talking single dimmingit wind chills tonight. today's temperature nor near 60 we could not get where we should be the 40s. it was the 20s. it didn't femor laing that because of the wind chills. winds gusty earlier today. temperatures 19 in your nation's capitol and 1 this hour and 14 dulles and 14 winchester and 10 call preponderanceer and 14 baltimore. here's what it really feels like when you step outside and this is what i'm speaking about when you talk about the single digit
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two gaithersburg and four martinsburg and door owe just khawvrpedf tonight as well adds for tomorrow. so lows overnight into 15 for d.c. and he dulles and nine mannasas and 10 fredericksburg. here's where we had windchill add voosry in effect over the weekend in higher elevations and blue rinl this is where he we see and feel like anywhere minus ten to minus 20 and they have single digit temperatures with these wind chill factors. so pretty dangerous there where we could see hypothermia issues ridge of high pressure large and in charm. temperatures 20s and 30s as we start the week. and once we get to tuesday we have frontal system headed our way. that looks like it will bring us rain. we'll see rain because our temperatures will be above freezing. and but areas close to the north near mason dixon that's a different story. that's when we're looking at
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precipitation. windchill will go into tomorrow by 1:00 hour, 15 ind game rzburg and 13 dulles and 3:00 in the afternoon not much improvement at all 7:00 at night we're still on same range and 11:00 at night we start to cool down more and tuesday morning the same story. but, that future cast i'm speaking about by the time we hit the 5:00 hour tuesday we have rain look at this tuesday night torlly wednesday rain phils in quite a bit. five in the morning same story. for morning commute and out of the way in the early afternoon hours. here's a look at "fox5" accuweather 7-day forecast. we're talking about that warm-up flirting with 60 by thursday. i know you'll love that. not bad at all. friday, i should say. thursday, there we are, 5, 5 not bad and watch tuesday chosely and mostly rain for us rights no, i. >> so there's end in sight it just looks -- there's a great in sight. >> there you go. >> good
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>> once again redskins stroing sit back and watch someone on their big day. year after year another team gets the ring they wanted year after year. their new york giants stole chances of playing for a ring in their own house. now redskins are waiting for their own james morrison to break them out of the function. maybe one of you is thinking isn't that the movie 27 dresses not. yes, it s but for redskins more like 25 seasons. this week marks 25th year since lasts time the redskins got a


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