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tv   Fox 5 Morning News  FOX  January 9, 2017 7:00am-7:44am EST

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position to bull others we all lose. >> happening right now atpeniig with the northern virginia resa this morning the naacp n weighing in.hingn. we're live with the latest.he l. >> firstells 7:05.5. good monday morning, i'mng, i allison seymour.alson seymour. >> and i'm steve chenevey.'m stc
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it is not just the bitter coldtd temperatures but leftover snow o in s >> in maryland for chester county queenhng the bottom of your screen this scres morning also on and a the fox5 news app. app >> in the news this morning, moi the man charged in last week's ' deadly shooting inside fortide t lauderdale internationalda airport set to makele his firstt court appearance today.e day. 26-year-old esteban santiago is accusedd es of killing five people and injuring severalnjure others when he opened fire in the baggage claim on if convicted he could face the t death penalty a motive remains unclear.
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veteran. back in december he told fbid fi agents in alaska thesk t gohernn under evaluation bery of kim kardashian in paris during fashion week backkk in october. october suspects were tracked down t thanks to traces of dna left at the dna scene. sne the thieves tied kime th kardashian up, they stole morere than $10 million worth of jewelry. >> while you were sleepinge sleg president-elect trump took toel twitter blasting theect mediaea about his campaign promise ofseo building a wall at the mexican n border. in a tweet on sunday night the president-elect says "dishonest media says mexico mic won't be paying for the if they pay a little later so so the wall can be built moremore quickly ." media is fake. trump's team and con
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planar in whie ch taxpayersaxpas initially would foot the president-elect trump sayst-el that mexico wotand trump and capitolpr hilly isnfn hearings scheduled for this s week despite the office ofchedte ogovernment ethics saying somee of the ethics reviews and fbi background checks have not been completed and senate majority leader mitchty lder mcconnell telling democratsteins they need to grow up and getndet past the election. this is going to be ae political war zone this donald trump helping to push through the bulk of hislkf hi cabinet nominees. first out of the gate alabamaheg senator jeff sessions to be attorney general.eneral democrats will question hisstios commitment to civil rights is
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wednesday's hearings willday's include former exxon mobil ceo n 2013 allowing for just at day ou we did eight years ago >> i'll be thinking back to being a young communitynity organizer pretty much fresh out of school. >> reporter: president obama r: p the trying tor bpruietld hype for his chicago farewell address tomorrow. tomro [cheers and applause] app >> reporter: free ticketse tke for the event have been swept up and a day later on o wednesday president-electda trump is scheduled to hold hisyd firs ht press conference sinceee winning the white house i
7:05 am re armationatio vote. te. live on capitol hill i'mhill i melanie alnwick fox5ticism at tr golden globes. cri ti a lifetimeccep achievement award thatti the globes streep used her speechp s to call out president-electle trump referring to an incident on the campaign trail wherehe trump appeared to mock a mock disabled reporter.eporr. called on the press also too to stand up for themselves.mselves. >> when that the powerful usefus their position to bull others os we
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okay.okay. go up with that thing. t bes. gbe she is a hillary flung key whoey lost big. for one lunnth time i i never mcdonald's a disableddo reporter would never do thatnalr but simply showed him groveling when he totally changed a 16-year-old story that he had written in order to make me lookd wr bad just mom dishonest media. mia more on this and more on the golden
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kevin will talkng because it is extremely cold. temperatures overnight singleese digits.di. particularly places to thearly e south where we've got schdelaysi show you the gradually warming this week.rmiw believe it or not we'reot we' starting off today in the in t single digits and much of theh t area will be near 60 degreesee by thursday so we've got much mc warmer air over the nextex couple days. 18 reagan national, dulles 12, bwi marshall 14.4. there's a light breeze so ourez wind chills are in the singlee s digits out there early. e mix of sun and clouds today.oday believe it or not, we'll get up near 30 which is warmer war than we've been the laste've couple days but still belowel freezing today. it will be tomorrow afternoonft before we can finally getnallget ourselves above freezing within temperatures expected to be in e the 40's by tomorrowxp but 30 b3 this afternoon so obviously ifuf you are a safety patrol, maketra sure you are
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accordingly.rdin >> yes. >> lead by example describedesib yup. yup. >> thanks, tuck.nks, >> nice sheetou:0 t 610.t 6 delays extend back past 630 so s again from centreport parkway pw up tu try tou try get across the aquia harborarbor anticipate about a 45 minute min delay. de this crash scene has it downow to just the right lane gettinget by. as you can see from skyfoxrom sx some very big backups there the and the crash in the center t lane right there as well so al s lot of problems on thatn that stretch of 95 right now.ow we'll switch it over to a lookok on 395 now from our cameras.eras earlier disabled vehicle 395blle northbound at duke street wastrs blocking a center lane moved lav over to the right shoulder butub delays still extend all thed alt way back to the beltway with bty about a 25 minute slowdown.lowd you can see us a head past edsall road how slow traffic t is crawling. not a great start to
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morning. we'll quickly take a look at a our maps. l our ma some crashes in southpsern ith maryland as well.maland othnes.headline stabbing leaves one man dead d in chillum maryland. prince george's county police say this happened st apartment n
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it says great service. don't tip black people.eopl
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with their visa and did restaurr chain that's been he
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>> ♪♪ >> we're dealing with snow here but this is the west coast right now. evacuations ordered in a number of areas dea wuthile thin are rescuing hundreds ofs o people because they have soecau much several feet of snow fell but that snow then turned into partially melted heavy slush with all the rain they were raiy having as well and then thatn increased the risk
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mudslides avalanches in california and nevada and youad morning. cold arctic air in place.lace obviously some of our coldest ct air of the year.s here early.foa heard yesterday steve.d erday sv >> very cold day for football.oo >> there you go. but thigs
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binghamton four, 21 in1 in chicago. we are going to see a gradual you've got snow pack in i southern maryland, that snowtnow is not going to stick around a o ti seven day. cold. 30 today. there's your warmup near 60 by thursday and then back downow the slide we go by next go ext saturday sunday. sunday. >> you were doing the rare the r feat of pleasing everyone this week. we the snow lovers got snowow l saturdaynd
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lovers will get 60 on thursdaybo.dtakelays all theaysl way back to fairfax countyounty parkway. you can see traffic ing.
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involving a school bus butamonut with no passengers on boardoa sical andol
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wards. "moonlight" won for b responsibility to
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thng there's been ani lot of controversy in ng tregars to then speechoeook
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her coastal miles br about it. i >> thanks kev.
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quit cold turkey.
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>> 7:24 now on a monday morning and tens of tho:2us4 ans of audis and volkswagens are
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being recalled this morningcalli tiallon a g in virginia.irni agencybout agency airports.s. >>
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the police response to thiss ♪♪
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won't be paying for the wall ifi they pay a little later so theet wall can be built more quickly.. media is fake laroney toey t create a response program foramr p hesitatingitin and pretty much ducking and thet same is on the night of the new year's eve in turkey at the nightclub as in pulse as in sann bernardino. we see a lot of victims that tha
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fight or flight traditionaltial we, and i actuallyuall regret part of it because theaut hiding part is no good. decade i remember shelters inlti place we were worried aboutrreda fallout.ll now we're worried about bulletss striking, right? so if you, wou you sit down under your desk orr would you run? it's the exactha thing thing as a gun a knife oro a truck in a crowd. crowd. you have to run. run you can't freeze up.reeze you have to change your paradigd and it's time for to us starts t training each other withit practical common sense.l cose we don't need more guns.un we don't needless guns. we don't have a gun problem.robl we have person problem. >> let me ask you about that. this man was able to check hisas luggage.luage. the rule you have to check ammom and your weapon separately. but he then sat there put
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together and began to open firer >>ndto create this chaos.. started hitting people with
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bludge time. t let me
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claim. there's a lot of emphasis takinn your shoes osst deterrent there is.enthere is. >> chris, thank you so much for joining us
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spots irly dressed bundle up as they say.
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30 degrees tis afternoon at 4:00 p.m. that should be o diamond dmo of a involving a schoolbus. again fire under control rightor now west diamond of a closed between 270 and perry parkway.. caution.ution. notice 270 southbound comingomig down through gaithersburg veryuv avy y volume. you can try your luck on 355 but otherwise about an extra hourrar needed from 70 down to the spur. all metro rail lines on timee right now. few. faffic in a city and allison.ll >> speaking of traffic, traff inauguration day likely will be a huge headache for many for may commuters in the district. tistr it's just a week from friday.y >> what you need to know to t steer clear of road closures in> >> you're welcome.
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p record fly, gary, fly. ...his friend can download 13 different versions soldiers and i relatives bees be been detain n iraqi
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continue their fight againstir a isis in city of mosulhe said tol condition this morning much thes motive for the shooting is moroi to k week. we ♪♪
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until you hear a special guestat we have today.oday let's just say it mayfor gthat that's for sure. you'll find otethut when you wah od d day. in the meantime,
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outside right now as we headea over to tucker barnes.s. ts.f d not much melting occurring soccs far. faere. ok that car wantstop rightht now. no okay. here we go. we go good, we're turning. >> do you think your name ise is alexa you have issues being b called alexa at every house.ous. >> not every house yet. >> i have a problem every on tht dog is tucker.ker. >> me at t
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girls. >> see. .> we have all issues grad nine in leonardtown.rdtown four in hagerstown.hagerstown. not much of a breeze today butat still reo our to our south and east. eas more than a little snowstorm tom our south and east where they te had big snows.big this is a warm front much s thit will bring us warmer urmer temperatures starting tomorrow.o we should be well above freezing with daytime highs in the lowhew 40s we'll get some showers showe around here.ounde. if you're going to
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southern pennsylvania maybe som freezing rain issues with that t as it arrives but that will be c >> i knew you were going to sayi i just needed to ask. t need i'm soto 66 a live look outside byde b fairfax county parcek we're jaml bid lid back to 234.34. from 234 to passed fairfax faiax county parkway where this crash is you need about 45 extra5 era minutes inside the beltway. heavy through falls church andrh arlington as well.arngton as w as we switch from our camera car over to our maps i want to showw what else you're up against forf this morning ride. re. eastbound dulles toll road isro parked right now. now fuel spill at leesburg pike twoo right lanes are blocked soblocks several miles of packed upd up traffic on the eastbound side.. keep it to the
7:45 am
through. 95 northbound a crash moved ovee from the right lane to thee t soldier at 610. alet metro is ou want to opt for the rails tails ead of the roads.stea more traffic in ad few. downtown d.c. thae not only will there be tons of people in townn major roads will be closed for the -- four hours during theur t inaugural parade. so with 11 days to prepare whatw do commuters need to know. joining us this morning is the s director of
7:46 am
of transportation. good to see you this morning.thi that's
7:47 am
safety measures including thehe pentagon.pentagon do you rul impacted byhs? this? are there any wds if yot that downtown area for sure. they're going to be showing upwp by charter bus as early as 4:000 5:00 in the morning.ning so moving around the downtown dw will be a difficult propositionn >> i noticed there was also a wa long list of things that you tt cannot bring in your vehicles oo with you to the inaugurationat parade. parade. what advice do
7:48 am
people that maybe have thee ddd off and want to enjoy thehe festivities?itie the folks who are here.lks mme m
7:49 am
even saturday the day after the inauguration?onhave a have acros
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the 395 bridges.dg across of the 50 bridges. bries do we expect that to happen? h? are think provisions in morning. >> thank you. >> al, back to you. ppening today in the districic mayor muriel bowser and several officials will visit woodson w high now woodson is the former home of a student run credit union. i the mayor will announce initiative designed to help hel district residents many prove pe their financial health. hlth. it starts today at 11am at woodson. new this morning, uber mornb announcing that it will make its traffic and mobility datay dat available to the public now thee data will show travel times t between points in big cities and
7:51 am
website called uber movement.ovt the ride-sharing service says it
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didn't just leto geto g you around this monday morngni
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you seek slow spots includingncu top side of the beltway through. don't be eye canny be soul foodo >> i love that. she says she's been going to bet bed and waking up with fox5 forr thews morning continues at 8:00 o'clock.0 o'c.
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mattress is only $699.99 learn more at trump it's clear she was sendins response.sp. bob? >> reporter: hey, guys. guy it's one thing to stiff aff waitress but for th
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tip was left at this restauranta in northern virginia this ts weher videographer mike rick kerrraphi checking out the roads outsidecs of leonardtown much that's where they got the snow on saturdayda but roads down thereolid. >>ll causing and cl fredericksburg city and stafforr county publics schools on twotw hour delay. delay. spotsylvania county publicub schools are closed. in maryland, following school so systems are closed today -- tay calvert county, door chesterchte county, queens ann's county
7:58 am
you can find a complete list at egree. dulles 13. 1 15 in bwi marshall mix of sunixf and clouds today.lo freezing.freezing so it's been several days now. over 100 hours at dulles withit temperatures below freezing. cold this afternoon, 30. gradual warmup well above normaa by the end ofbo tvehe week. thee stay tuned.. i'll have the seven day.ave se >> erin has roads.sroa >> you have a tweet that someone like the beach party i'm just saying.g >> okay film we're not readyea yet. we have to get closer to springn >> fair enough. for your morning commute a lotel of slow downs around the are
7:59 am
map. college park 95 over to georgiag . traffic crawling along speedsaln under 10 miles an hour in thoses left lanes. ale from 234 all the way through way fairfax county parkway about abo 45 minute delay.elay. all metro rail lines on timees e right now. more traffic in a few.n a w. back to you.. >> top stories 8:00 o'clock thi morning. more than dozen people beingpeo held in connection with the robb brief kim kardashian in parisar during fashion week back inback october. french media reports th suspects were tracked downts w thanks to traces of dna left ate thfte they tied up kim kardashian andd stole more than $10 million $10l worth of jewelry. jewry the fbi arrested a volkswagen executive on chargesc of conspiracy to defraud theud t united states.. the new york times says oliverli schmidt was arrested in floridao in saturday license appear in ai detroit court today. he headed the company's regulatory compliance office in
8:00 am
the us from 2014-2015.20 in september of 2015 volkswagene admitted to install universities is slated to begin in federal court in the decade black b colleges. >> a waitress in northerns in nh virginia got a racist note inot inofead of tip. after serving a customer.usme >> it's creating outrage now inn the community and online. fox5's bob barnard is live from the restaurant in ashburn with more. mo what happened bob? >> reporter: this is anita's's in ashburn and this was on o saturday. young couple in their 20s
8:01 am
breakfast, coffee, orange said, great service, don't tip black people.eof ght restaurantn northern virginia. anita's new mexico style cafe c tom is joining us now from the m restaurant in vienna, virginia.i tom g morning and tell me your u reaction when word got out thatt this had happened to one of youu servers? >> good morning. it's just disheartening, outrageous all oo the above. the above. my heart really goes out to to kelly carter and her family and her friends.ends just unbelievable..
8:02 am
heard that kelly has kind of kd said look if these people camee kelollyees weloyees we have, kelly is at the top 10. 1 her workord as i said, you knows disheartening that this has happened. no. no. this is the first time.. >> and she said that she maybe m seen this guy before.efore. and that the woman he was with w said that they actually liked l the food. thing about thety service or the food.d. just about her skin color? >> well, as he stated, it's great service.ce she believes that she saw him im carry out at one tim
8:03 am
when you're a professional you wouldn't bar them but, boy, it is -- tel theap tom.. tom tay e-z of new mexico anita's new mexico cap face herh in northern thank you for being with us this morning. it's sparking outrage on social media. media. in fact the president of thepres local chapter of the naacp heree in loudoun counsel cityit encouraging people to come outoo to this restaurant and show yous support for kelly saying she did not deserve this. >> very disturbing story, bob,g, thank you very much.than >> no doubt.k >> no doubt. pp appreciate it. 8:re07 getting behind, tuck. t cold to talk >> yeah, get to it. temperatures single digits.. locally leonardtown and culpeper, manassas all in thenal singleig
8:04 am
richmond up to four.chmond up to they were on par slipping to the east and we'llod have clouds around today, and, a you know, actually a little a quleft lane still crawling.rawl a 45 minute delay at least fromo 234 to fairfax county parkway. y so coming in from virginiairgi towards the bell way that ishati definitely something to keep in mind. nd westbound side much quieter. q as we f
8:05 am
some other areas of congebetstir to to the beltway metro is onroi time. back to you ke today,, kev time >> i do. this.utly excited about i'm moving up in the uw >> that's right. >> yeah.>> yeah. >> no 8:52 for kevin mccarthy. >> 8:09 in the morning. morning. before tucker's second weatheron tit. >> something big must beomethi happening. >> i think something bigethi happened last night. last night ahatpp the award show massive show last night i wastit looking forward it to personalla over all kind of under women unw with the and tire are the of the
8:06 am
jimmy fallon who i love watchinh on the tonight show i. >> we all have.
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i have bad segments every d
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fisher, "take your heart -- youy that on -- up out off there.there
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>> what you're talking about shs said let's move that up.hat exei who is tracy blackwell out cw. c her shows are jane >> right.>> >> all the way back to back girlfriends and all that.hat. >> yes. >> big shout out. >>oman from silverlver spring.ring. >> awesome. >> her mom tina blackwell i mett her last evening and she said ss i'm nervous. nervous so she was there at the table t with deena rodriguez. >> i love deena rodriguez. >> awesome her list of shows.. next time she's home we need toe get her on the show.he s >> end on a positive note. >> while you were sleeping trump was blasting media. we'll talk about that coming upg >> check this out. swallow zinc hole swallows carsa on a philadelphia street much this not what you want to see wo when you wake up. 8:13. ♪♪ ♪♪
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did you know slow internet can actually hold your business back?
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>> this one is special to me. >> why,. >> because i met her dad. i m hr >> what?>> wha >> yes. >> all right. hehes our favorite time fox5 first five.s f this is mariah, everybody.dy. aka thing pink. pin three years old. >> here's somewhat she likes tot do. >> here's what she loves. she loves to singere's gospel
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and what other three-year-oldeea doesn't love to do homework. >> a pig >> that's after my childhoodmy d time as well.wel her favorite food is mac anc cheese and she thinks you're ase cool as a fan when you do yr y walk. >> i love that. lov >> two good things right there.e mack and cheese and tucker'sr' >> we have to bring her in sobrn she can do the walk with me. pink pink, what do we call mariah? i think it's pink pinkn >> her dad is so i said you got to send somedom information about pink he's like i got to get it it together. she's my pink pink. pinpink it's so sweet. that daddy/daughter thing is amazing. have a super day. >> to send us your child's cld picture go fox5 d.c. and zen iti i in. pink pink we love your picture. >> um-hmm. >> keep singing.p g great stuff. keep walking. walking. >> two sides of pink pink.nk pk. >> obviously.usly
8:14 am
you guys.s ly cold air air across the country. looking up into canada lots of >> you can't any m winds.s. >> really? >> yeah. >> that famous old red wood. >> yeah. big storm out west.t. unfortunately big icing in portland, oregon., ore lots of heavy rain in sannn sa francisco and los angeles ifo an you're flying out there, i would
8:15 am
for us, partly sunny, coldd >>dam. >> appreciate it. >> little bit of e>>verything ts very cl two right lanes block at fairfax county parkway about 45 extra5 t minutes. come on over tucker.con ov we'll make this full team work.r move over to
8:16 am
next train at smithsonianwo.
8:17 am
>> tucker never looked better. the brakes republica
8:18 am
pressing ahead telling democratt critics they need to grow up ana complete those reviews to makess sure that there are no conflicts of interest.of i now in the midst of all of thest hearings we're also hearing that president-elect donald trump ist going to hold his first press conference since becoming president-elect you can expectan lots of questions from the freed media on things such as the russian hacking report.ep the planned parenthoodoo defunding. obama care, and trump's personaa business as for those confirmation hearings, republicans say that t they can go ahead and they doy believe that all of the required documentation will be availablee before a final up or down confirmation vote. vot live here on capitol hill,itolil melanie alnwick, fox life localc news. >> thanks, mel.
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>> here's a look what some ofa you may have seen on metro yesterday.lookhaveyeday. >> the brave or just lo it first started in new yorktart city back in 2002. 2 yesterday it was down rig brutal out there.utal ohere temperatures weiss the negatives. fun spirited parti cipants didn't let a few goose bumps in the way they road metro in their underid wears. >> safe to say that's safe say something -- there's a lot of ta crazy things i would have doneee younger in life.yo >> that's not one of them.s not >>of i don't think that's one ok them. >> when we come back another com check of weather and traffic.e c we'll update you on what's wt's happening down in florida as well. 8:27. ♪♪ fios is not cable. we're wired differently. 8:27. ♪♪ that means incredibly fast 150 meg internet. so in the 3.7 seconds it takes gary watson to
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the death penalty.. suile an exact motive remains ended up in hollywood, florida.a what we've also w his p to fly from alaska to minneapolis andoa that he picked hollywood,lywo florida, at random at his -- asa his target.
8:27 am
>> it seems like these areems federal charges that he's facinn now. >> that's correct. >> it emould - >> i don't think it would realle make -- that's anpoin he's facing penalty. what the fbi is trying to do now is look through his digital records so his phone, hisis internet history, who he was ini touch with, and whetherther unfortunately we may have a case here where we have someone who w had a will lot of reallyy significant mental health issues and it was comingled with somehm of this isis propaganda we don't know that at this point. point but that may well be in the cass in the the end >> what i think is interestingin there when you talk about thatut because this is someone who openly sought mental healthlt treatment, you have that as aouh background. you know that.know tt. so. so. >> yeah. >> based thon if he
8:28 am
example, isis got in my head.d a mental> yh. health exam.xa he checked into his bag with the ammunition and then used down in that florida airport. but, to get on a no fly list iss a pretty high threshold for an american citizen, and erratic behavior isnought e ie to terrorism back in november.o. so this is a case, um, reallyy tragically where he slippeded through so many nets, and waseta able to get down to florida.fria and wes nd of a hybrid case where he had ad
8:29 am
issues, and it was comingled 3 meeting when it comes to the ruen issian hacking right >> right.ig >> do we expect any bomb shells to come out of this.t y this >> the thing to watchion hearine incoming cia director coppingcon man mike pompeii ye yo he'll get pretty sharp questions fromns f democrats as to how much he'll pursue this issue once, f he's s confirmed as cia director.irect. and this i think also withit another hearing this week willhl give us a little bit moree insight as to how they reachedch some of the conclusionsions specifically how it was theys t decided that the russianussian intelligence services provided this information to julianian assange and his group wikileakss because they have denied it anda we expect them to have a new n conference of some type
8:30 am
the charges, steve.teve >> busy week.idrent barack obam set to give his farewell speechc tomorrow. the president talked to fox neww abouy owny o honey do list to take care ofe and some of the items on that ta list aren't exactly the presidential kind.ind. >> i would love to be able to walk beau and sonny.. but, you know, whether secret service because i'll still havev some protect, how they felly fl about me just roaming around
8:31 am
park scooping the poop, i don't know. we'll haveo >> drive to the store. s play with the >> right. >> all that kind of . tre we are looking at overnight lows that were -- in fact stillll single digits in many spots.po now up to 19 at reagan nationalo 13 dulles.
8:32 am
here's the deal with today.thay only about 30 for daytime highss we'll.. >> i mean -- >> thanks, tucker. tr. 66 is backed up from 234 too fairfax coutyughira report. we'll taatke aur mapsat oap right now and show you what else you're up against.. slow-moving traffic on dulles toll road eastbound fuel spillsl at leesburg pike two laneso lan block. huge delays there.huelays ther seven backing up as well.
8:33 am
395 still seeing snow in thenowe center median areas.n a rig
8:34 am
afoot and light-hearted i take to the open road. healthy, free, the world before me, the long brown path before me leading wherever i choose. the east and the west are mine. the north and the south are mine.
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ryumenta black fish.k fish. >> no tricks. just education. >> check in withtionomeone can t prompter pleases that would bels great. gunman charged in that deadly - if someone would roll the prompter that would be great.. >> we'll continue to follow news details about the gunman charged in deadly shooting rampage atge the ft. lauderdale airport.
8:37 am
>> okay. and we are also getting new are video of the momengettt befibtob this morning we're not talking g the burgundy and gold.d grant paulsen ophalw special guest we have today. um, hmm, let's just say it may y get your gadgets going this ts morning. >> ooh, i like that tease. tha good day d.c. just minutes away. guys, back over to you. >> allison, you've been myeen friend for, well, over a decadee now there are sometimes i
8:38 am
no idea what you're doing andou this is one of those momentsseen righno
8:42 am
sing wind four in west minay. back in the 40 buys tomorrow.or real weather story out to theryh west ice srm for portland oregongo heavy snows in the sierras andra flooding issues out there. ther. we'll continue to watch that t over the next couple of daysfay because the forecast calling fog more rain. it's arctic high pressure. don't be fooled by that h. it's extremely e fveoon with the sunshine were had yesterday our daytime highs remain below bow freezing another 24 plus hourssu of temperatures blow freeze brar we can get them into the low 40s tomorrow afternoon there's youry seven day. believe it or not bite end ofe f the week this will be a longs w distant memory as we'll be neara 60 degrees by thursday andes bud friday. so nice warmup to look forward r at the end of the week. that is a weather update.update. we'll go look at allison and her ea o
8:43 am
>> we're over here now.e're ohew i just got finished doih your ears could be bad for you y >> new sangly sg and >> yeah. >> so if you were with us in thu break you saw it looks bizarre.. i am one to embrace other formss of medicine more like eastern ee things and because sometimesomet they work.ey wor. ight.ght. >> and whatever.nd wtever what do you think about this.u h >> i agree with you. sometimes home remedies ares hoe great.s >> right. >> we really don't have any gooy me
8:44 am
it's called ear candling.g. andli it.t >> so shilpi, some of this stili looks a little discolored likth. >> it can be dangerous. >> you hot. h you didn't really know when itwn was reaching to the tip of the t ear. ear. a lot of people use this.of peol there have been burns.e usn bur. reports of having perforation on the eardrums.s ear candling something reallyngl dangerous and unfortunately weny don't have lot of good evidenced to show it work. s i would stay away from that.. >> okay. >> i now smell like smoke asmoks well. what's a better way to do it? di >> so we see from this journalsl that came out that they're theye saying not only once again we we shouldn't be using w tips in the ear but this time they'reim the' telling us why the rea
8:45 am
"the q" tip and look at the ear itself, it a tothe problem for k there are lots of ways to use ue th protect proct the eardrum and ear canal.. the ear wax itself is made up of skin cells, made up of wax and
8:46 am
medical term for ear wax that'sa s, >> n hotcaus to mention vertigoo i had a case of vertigo not toot get that wax outwa o if there's too much t much accumulating. the other thing you can do atth home that'cas heln pful is using what's called dee rocks. roc. a drop that foams up and bringsg the wack to the outside of thede the ear so that you have accesss to clean it with that q-tip q-tp without digging all the way in n there.e.
8:47 am
>> okay. all righty. shouldtory like i
8:48 am
stick to the eardrums. e come see me. help you clean them out tm o mi don't be eye candy, be soul sou food. she has been going to bed ad a . for staying with us.stay she says it's like we're datingn it is very
8:49 am
we have great relationship witht our viewers. we love it. we l ove all of you. y stick with us.k with enew study says just how well yy clean it could tell a lot about an break fef tadition. as opposed to possible who keep every paper clip in place.n plae they are more likely to donatee to charity and eat a moreorbod desk who they are.y a allison is refusing to playg to along. the first one was mine.t onwas because we showed that earlier.r so that was a gimme to everybody at home who was able to guesso that was my desk.. this desk i'm -- well i can gett this from the color of the wallpaper.wallpa >> yeah, i knew who that one iss too. >> that's erin, right. >> second one was erin
8:50 am
this one looks super messy withs a picture of tony perkins, a sailor hat and terrapin on itsne i think that might be our dear >> i love it of let's do the forecast.ove fo 20 now in washingtonupat 16 at dulles, and 15 at bwewe marshall.
8:51 am
wind chills still single digitst for. area and now the clouds arehe a moving in. weekendt.l al erin, is it 12th time theime charm, will your microphone >> makes dream work. and my have been generous sharing youru microphones.mi thanks to you. >> 66 eastbound crash did cleare traffic getting back to normalcr 66 eastbound at fairfax countyy parkway a hick all morning. m 30 minute delay from 234 to thee beltway. let's take look at our maps ifas you're skipping the roads and sn keep it to the rails, we do have a blue line delay that you needy to be aware be awar o if we could pull up
8:52 am
it's a residual delay to largool down center earlier mechanicalha probhrho clara barton river r road and cabin john.oh northbound gw parkway crash c north national airport something to keep in mind head to go orto from the theirpo 14th street bridge clouded an cd lot of heavy volume any questions at erin fox5 d.c. on o bidder. n lison and steve. >> i have a question.uestn. >> yes. >> we need to be in -- how we'rw not playing up jermaine did you pre will be on our show. >> jermaine dupri will be on our show! >> he'll be next on good day. d.
8:53 am
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