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tv   Fox 5 News 5  FOX  January 9, 2017 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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moderation that will begin as early as tomorrow. but for the short term you have to honker down. the wind is better than it was. it's still mighty cold and now we dropped to 4 at 5:00 and it's 1 gaithersburg and 21 winchester and 24 for mannasas and frederickfrederickburg where i understand fredericksburg will have a two hour delay because of the snow still on the ground from saturday. we still have winds out there that is making gaithersburg feel like it's in the single digits at 9 degrees feels like 13 in the district and 1 winchester and obviously minimize your time outside. gusts have gotten better. but a few places here and there picking up a gust to 10, 15, 16 miles an hour. so for this evening, expect temperatures to be fairly steady for the next couple hours. we may drop off a little at 9:00 to 1 with increased cloud cover at 11 we may hit 22 degrees. but overnight, definitely looking like a cold one back into the teens and especially west of d.c. and north to 21
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hey speaking of saturday snowy would be remiss if i didn't show you some jackpot totals in southern maryland including almost 10" in leonardtown and california, maryland, 8" and dowell maryland 7.5 and shore let'sburg over and fredericksburg 3.4 and obviously that snow has not gone anywhere with cold tem thurz that stick around. we will begin to see a moderating trend. in fact, quite a surprising warm-up on the 7 day forecast we have for you that definitely will have you shedding layers as the week goes own. that process builds grad eyely as we go through the week. more on that in a few minutes. sarah, jim, back to you. >> sue, thanks. during the election you may remember president-elect trump and other elected leaders criticizing sanctuary cities that protect undocumented immigrants. >> muriel bowser doubled down on district efforts and she's pledging to spend taxpayer money to
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legal fees for deportation. lindsay has more. >> reporter: jim and sarah we're here at gal awe debt where mayor bowser will do accountability update of last two years in office and this new immigration initialtive will be part of what we're hearing here today. this is set to get started any minute now. people are making their way in. and the presentation will be happening this room right down here. so we are waiting to hear more about this immigration plan. but in the meantime, let me take you through the nuts and bolts of what we know so far. mayor pledged half a million to a grant program for undpumented d.c. residents. and that money will go to things like helping folks with green cards, become citizens, also helping immigrants fight deportation proceedings and generally this is money available to assist undocumented people and their children with all issues involving immigration process. and again that's 500,000 dollars.
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liberal big city as cross the nation to oppose president-elect donald trump campaign promise to deport millions of undocumented immigrants specifically those with criminal records. as we know this was a big issue on the campaign trail and details of how the deportation process will work, that still remains to be seen. especially with cities like d.c. doing things like this to oppose. it again, the mayor will be speaking about this here at gallaudet short hi and we're hoping to talk to her afterwards as well as ask her a few questions of how all this will work. we're live for now in northeast, lindsey watts, "fox5 local news". there's new information tonight in fbi corruption probe of prince george county liquor board. prosecutor in the case today said fbi has had director of the board under wire surveillance two and a half years. davidson was in court for detention hearing and released on condition he remains at home for 4 hours
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"fox5" paul wagner joins us live from the federal courthouse with more on the story. paul. >> reporter: sarah, that was big surprise today hearing this wire tap has been going on for that long, 30 months, it's actually what the prosecutor said. keep in mind there were four people now under arrest in this corruption probe and in the affidavits filed in the court that we have been able to see it says that at least three others including one elected official are under investigation and are expected to be charged by the fbi. let's show you video we shot earlier today outside of the courthouse. that's david's son in the blue sweater carrying his 1-month-old leaving the courthouse today. he and his wife and attorney then got into two separate cars and left for home. according to court affidavit filed in the case, david's son is accused of facilitating bribes as far as back at 2007 when he served as mission ker on the board. the document also says in
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former elected official, a current state delegate and lobbyist with liquor store dmrints making things happen in return for cash. the fbi says the brikz usually totals in thousand and with $5,000 bribes mentioned most and in addition to wire taps the prosecutor said in court today there are hundreds upon hundreds of hours of videos and mr. son is suspected of taking part in witness tampering and obstruction of justice. although that was mentioned in court today the witness tampering and obstruction of justice when the prosecutor left the courtroom today i asked if mr. sun was charged with that. he said that he has not at this point. he's just us is inspectioned of that at this point. and we want to it will you that mr. sud, mr. sud was a commissioner on the board and he already resigned and was charged in this case as well as two owners of luo
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establishments in prince george county. we are expecting more arrests in this case perhaps this week. mr. sun the latest here who we have been able to see and try to get a comment from as he left the court today. again he said nothing. live outside the federal courthouse in green belt, paul wagner, "fox5 local news". >> d.c. police need your hope to identify a man that robbed a business last week. the unidentified man was carrying a gun when he broke into the business on georgia avenue northwest last thursday afternoon and he confronted employee and proceeded to empty drawer full of cash before running off and no one was hurt during the incident and police are asking if you recognize this man please give them a call. >> friend of tishia mc cally set up a fund in her honor hoping to raise $75,000 to provide health insurance to cedar professionals and a group of her closest friends came up with the idea. they want to honor
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they want to honor her by weving her experiences together. she was found beaten and strangled in her car after going missing on christmas day and dwayne johnson is charged with her murder. >> ahead at 5 a man seen walking a rounds suspiciously is a homicide suspect. >> what was he doing before the crime took place. >> and massive manhunt intensifying in orlando after two officers killed in the line of duty and how the second officer died an hour later searching for the suspect. fitz. >> reporter: good evening we're here at the washington navy yard. the question is this: were less gones learned after the tragic shooting back in 2013. a report out now suggests that maybe not all those lessons were learned. we'll explain coming
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sghv d.c. police need your help identifying a pen of interest in homicide. this happened back on october on mass avenue north east and police say the man you see in the video assaulted richard lewis causing life-threatening injuries. the 56-year-old died last friday and there's a 25,000 reward for any information that pleads to an arrest. >> in prince george count
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connection with a new year's eve murder in suitland. devon take procter shot and killed terri petty outside of a building silver park drive. the victim and us is second got into a heated arguement moments from the shooting. there was 1st and second degree charges and he is held without bond. today is law enforcement appreciation day. it's a somber one for police officers in orlando. >> two orlando area law enforcement officers were killed one shot by murder suspect that managed to get away and second killed in a crash while deputies and officers scrambled to find him. a massive manhunt should be coming to a close. they are surrounding a apartment complex near a walmart where the first officer was shot. moore key ward was confronted by a employee about shoplifting before he fired
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>> this tragic shooting serves as a sobering reminder of of how important it is for each of us to take every opportunity, every opportunity to thank every law enforcement officer across the state they're putting their lives on the line every day to keep us safe. >> lloyd is being described adds armed and dangerous. he's also wanted in connection with the death of pregnant exgirlfriend. right now there's a reward for up to 60,000 for any information leading to an arrest. >> maryland governor larry hogan issueing a statewide proclamation today officially acknowledging the day in maryland saying maryland law enforcement officers are some of the bravest and courage age us in the country and i'm honored to declare law enforcement appreciate day any recognition of their dedication to citizens. every single day our men and women in uniform selves li put their lives on the line to make our community safer.
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esteban santiago was back behind bars after first court apeernz in for the lawpder dale. the hearing lasted 0 minute. he is the man accused of killing five and wounding six others at the airport in ft. lauderdale last friday. he understands the charges again him he said could carry the death penalty if convicted. he did not say anything about alleged motive or where he came to florida or address the reports he he may be mentally ill. >> it was two years after a man shot and killed 12 people at the washington navy yard app undercover investigation covered up holes in security. to cut costs. >> all findings came out of internal investigation in 015 and "fox5" tom fitzgerald is live at the navy yard tonight. you have spoken to workers there and i'm sure they're not happy about this. >> no not at all. folks, the question basically is this: where lessons learned and immediately after that wash
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suddenly not paying as much attention to as years went on. now the concern here is that 2015 report that looked into security here at the washington navy yard. remember the gunman aaron alexis was able toe get through the doors here as a federal contractor armed and then he unleashed a terrible shooting spree that left a dozen people dead. so here's the situation, the inspector general of the united states navy looked nook this and with an eye towards what was going on in the years after the shooting and what they found was not only eye opening but alarming as well. they found five private security workers were not up to speed on what was supposed to be doing here. private security guards. failure to understand terror threats inside and outside this facility. undercover agents reported the guards had no basic knowledge that the
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were. some of those guards didn't know how to configure their own weapons and others didn't know when authorizeded to use them. bottom line here, many people were able to enter these buildings as undercover agents and were never challenged by security officials. the folks who worked in and around this area at the washington navy yard said this has to change immediately. >> pretty awful incident i was there that day in a meeting that someday in the next door building so anything to prevent that from happening again. >> with everything going on these days you know it's important we're safe and when we're working and going back and forth to get something to eat or to the train station it means a lot. >> i know a lot of people over. there i work with those people over there. i would hate for that to happen again. >> there's a lot of that feeling going around the washington navy yard. this report was uncovered by
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we reached out to the united states navy today for comment and they got back be to us with this. of the 215 recommendition days in that may 2015 report, they have addressed they say 13 of them and remaining 3 well those they say are already on track to have those completed in the near future. we're live at the washington navy yard in southwest tonight, tom fitzgerald, "fox5 local news". >> a virginia waitress got outrage us response you won't believe this story if you have not heard about it after serving customers at a restaurant. >> the patrons left a racist note instead of tip. what local leaders are blaming for that disturbing incident. >> is and company that makes american airlines uniforms are speaking out regarding complaints by flight attendant that outfits are the making them sick. >> and update on robbery of kim kardsahian in paris from last fall. several arrests have been made.
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y27mly y16fy >> a waitress at restaurant in ashburn virginia had a disturbing sxeernsz to say the least during a shift over the weekend. >> this is 2017 up stayed of tip she got a raceest note. bob barnard has the story. >> it may be tough getting work done today. >> hi. >> i you sa the news story this morning. god mrts you. >> she keeps getting greeted from customers to wish her well. >> i wanted to stop in to give you a hug after seeing it on the news. >> on saturday cater served breakfast to young couple
5:21 pm
family owned new mexico style restaurant and for her great service she got stiffed because of her race. >> great service, don't tip black people. i was like what? what? i was shocked. very, very shocked. like oh, wow who would write this. >> the gentleman is a donkey to put politely. >> she took a photo of the bill and shared it with her boss. tom tiaz founded this chain of eight northern virginia restaurants with his mother anita more than 40 years ago. >> i'm apaled. it's so disheart eping and my heart goes out to kelly and her family and friends. it should never have happened. it never happened in over 40 years. >> one of kelly's long time customers also took a photo of the bill sharing it on social media. and that and our coverage of the story on our morning news today prompted kevin cox
5:22 pm
not for a meal just to offer their good wishes. >> because of their negativity you are making it positive. >> there's too many good people we can focus on the good people and things in the world. >> i'm in total shock kelly is a class act and amazing customer service. >> what do you make of that? >>. >> i was saying president dep shall campaign during 2016 seems to create a atmosphere where people can behalf this way and it's not right. >> i don't blame he's made it okay for certain people to believe they can say certain things. >> philip thompson is president of the local chapter of naacp in loudoun county. >> our job is to make sure it doesn't become systematic. >> undeterred kelly said she would have no problem with offending customers coming back to the restaurant. >> with no bit
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none. two wrongs don't mack a right. maybe he needs a hug. >> a sign of the times perhaps but also, a tale of hope and forgiveness. in ashburn, virginia, bob barnard, "fox5 local news". >> she's a class act. >> a lot of people with can learn from her too. >> absolutely. >> wish them all the best. >> we have less than -- we'll check in with sue right now. >> okay. >> we'll check in with sue or moving on. >> okay. with less than two weeks to go before inauguration of donald trump as president a popular eatery is taking a stand. >> the community is rallying around as we head to inauguration to make everything inclusive. it says everyone is welcome. the restaurant is distributing 60,000 posters across the city with that # and they say immigrant employing gay loving muslim respecting equal paying and
5:24 pm
everyone is welcome. you may see posters at metro stops and other location around the city. on back of poster is a statement from nandos that said even if you never sat at one of our tables you're welcome to stand with us. they want to send message of inclusivety and mutual respect. >> now, here's sue. >> let's look at what is coming up. it's cold. >> i'm glad you checked in with me. i'll give you a warmer feeling. >> okay i have to say this guys we heard spotsylvania schools are closed and we also know page has two hour delay west moreland is closed and colonial beach is closed and they're dealing with the snow that has not gone anywhere because of temperatures in the mid up toer 20s. i thought i would take you forward and show you temperatures tomorrow as well as slight chance of precipitation we may have to deal w temperature rights now 24. feels like 1 and we know it will be cold tonight
5:25 pm
11:00 where are temperatures tonight likely near or above 0 to maybe 23 degrees or 5 towards annapolis. notice tomorrow morning still in 20s and there could be a little bit of light snow up towards cumberland and hagerstown tomorrow morning. that xwushs northern counties tomorrow morning. by the noon hour, well, a little better, at least we get into 30s in many areas and you begin to see another little round of moisture at the noon hour up to cumberland. that may be just a touch of freezing rain we think that would be mainly north up through pennsylvania and we'll watch it. and by 6:00 we're at least into 0s and taking edge off a little of that cold and by 11:00 tomorrow night temperatures continue to rise and will be in the low 40s with chance of little bit of light shower especially in our northern counties. that's what we're watching going forward towards tomorrow with temperatures actually rising the later we get into the night. much more including warmer temperatures in the 7-day forecast in a few minutes. jim an
5:26 pm
>> sue is popular in spotsylvania county right now. >> i know. >> kids are loving you. >> huge in spotsy. >> huge, believe me. >> thanks, sue. >> ahead at 5:30 hollywood icon taking aim at the president-elect. >> ronica cleary is working that story for us. >> reporter: i don't know about you two but this prada gown is my first look of the night at the golden fwlobz. let me tell you nobody is talking about fashion today all anyone can talk about is what meryl streep had to say about donald trump. we'll have that after the break. >> and religious leaders gathered on capital hill today in response to donald trump's appointment for attorney general right there and arguments on both side of the issue straight ahead. >> and thousands of people brave the freezing temperatures to get free tickets to president obama farewell sneech chicago. we'll tell you more about that when we come back. you're watching "fox 5 news" at 5.
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>> still no suspect or motive tonight in a fatal stabbing in the district that happened last night. police say a woman was stabbed to death in the 1400 block of w street northwest. her death marks the second homicide or second murder rather of the year in the city. d.c. police caught a man wanted for deadly shooting in south east. arrested and charged with murder of herbert you goton. he is now charged with second degree murder while armed. and take a look at video from alexandria. this is quite the scene for
5:31 pm
commuters this morning a fire that broke out in the garages of a gas station in the 4600 block of duke street and it happened around 8:15 this morning look at the smoke there. fire went on for a while there and it was in the air quite sometime and fortunately no one was hurt. >> when the person asking to sit in the most respected seat in our country imitated a disabled reporter someone he out ranked. >> meryl streep using platform of golden fwlobz to criticize donald trump although not by name and today the trump campaign responded. >> of course it did "fox5" political reporter rop ron live on capitol hill and more from today's top political headlines hey ronica. >> hey sarah, jim, no surprise kelly an conway is chief counselor to the president and she was on news this morning reacting to what meryl streep had to say. listen to what she said on "fox" news channel this
5:32 pm
"fox" news channel this morning. >> my initial reaction i'm glad meryl streep has a passion for the disabled because i didn't hear her way in and even use her platform last night to give a shout-out to the mentally challenged boy who last week was tortured live on facebook for half an hour by four young african-american adults who were screaming racial and anti-trump explicitives enforcing him to put his head in toilet water. so i would like to hear are from her today. >> well that was her reaction and now let's move to another story. last week the news broke that ivanka trump and husband jerry curbner found a home in d.c. steps away from where obamas will be live when they leave the white house. sources say curbner will have official role in west wing as senior adviser to the president. you may recall many attributed kushner in donald t
5:33 pm
victory. >> and the final story for you today takes us to the senate russel building. we're going to be back here live at 6:0 chatting with senator chris van holland. what's this all about? well democraticic senators are taking over senate floor tonight and repealing and replacing obamacare is a big mistake. if you have a question, for senator van holland make sure you tweet me use the 5 at 60 we would love to hear from you. "fox5 local news". >> thank you ronica. confirmation hears belong for donald trump's cabinet. sessions who is nominated he was nominated to be a federal judge but the senate judiciary voted against him because of accusations of racism. today religious leaders gathered in washington today on both sides of issue. >> but sessions in our
5:34 pm
shows consistent support for ideological extremism, racist and classist policies and writing writing of discrimination into law. some of his advisors say he has different political ideology. he has a different racist political ideology. >> sessions help deseeing grate schools in alabama a huge issue and the -- for a kkk murderer. i think that would qualify you and scoring freeic totes president obama farewell speech. the president will deliver that speech tomorrow night. while the tickets to event were free some people that got hands on one are already trying to sell them on craigslist. asking price, pretty steep, too, up to 5,000. one resident was will to part
5:35 pm
ticket while another was willing to trade two tickets to hit musical hamilton. the speech is supposed to last 0 minutes and he's giving it in chicago his hometown. >> more metro malfunctions causing headaches for morning commuters. >> and now concerns are arising about the transit system reliability during the inauguration. we'll talk about that coming up. first, hey, caitlin what's going on. >> jim and sarah we've been in the deep freeze since friday and temperatures showing no sign of warming up. right now outside in washington 4 degrees. that wind chill is still in the teens and feels like 1 and another cold night ahead. you'll be shocked how different you'll dress by the end of week. the 7 day forecast is coming up next. my daughter wants to stay organic.
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>> if you were riding rails this morning you may have run into some problem. wamu transportation reporter and "fox5" contributor martin decaro said there were six train breakdowns this morning. >> in 11 days tens of thousands will ride the train to attend the inauguration. some are worry today won't be reliable. live from d.c. on this martin, what did we see happen today? today was a typical tear ibling day for metro rail commuters. six trains broke down during morning rush hour and assortment of door problems and train malfunctions and whp it's really cold as it was this morning and this afternoon these older rail cars metro has more fron breaking down. there's another train breakdown this afternoon and assortment of track and signal problems and report of arching insulator on the green and yellow lines and add it all up and rail metro rail riders are stuck on crowded platforms and of course those
5:40 pm
perimeter of system were brutally cold this time of year and you know, the long range forecast is calling for fairly mild temperatures on inauguration day and even on a good day metro had problems keeping rail cars intact. so, folks visiting d.c. and also regular folks commuters here that is that may not go to inauguration festivities are hoping that it's a warmer day because these cold temperatures just wreak havoc especially on metro oldest and least reliable rail cars and the doors jam up with it's this cold. >> is that really what we're looking at now the fact that we're just hoping it's going to be a warm day so that metro will be able toy operate fullly and functionally had. i mean, it's seems pretty sad we're at this point we have to rely on the weather for metro to operate. >> well, as mentioned, even owe a good day metro has problems. transit authorities released this document today this is the plan to attack rail car problems that are accouin
5:41 pm
for 60% of glaze almost two-thirds of delays are because rail cars keep breaking and this plan is simply to improve mechanics' training and have better planning office for rail cars. metro is getting new rail cars. ,000 series, weaver all seen shining stainless steel exterior they're getting 20 a month enough for two 1/2 trains it's simply not enough to eliminate the problems tying up commuters every day. metro dispatches 140 trains a day. and rail car reliability was so poor last year that eight trains a day on average could not be dispatched because there were not enough rail cars available. >> virginia senator has new concerns about communication system on metro and one thing he's focusing on is the fact that metro may not be able to respond to sign area tack. what are you hearing about that? >> yeah, senator mark warner leading voice in senate when it comes
5:42 pm
september off a message to paul wiedefeld today because the san francisco muni system underwent a ransomware attack repeatedly that crippled that system fair payment system and senator warner is asking metro to provide answers to a few questions. number one when did they last update the it system that protect the fare payment system and smart trip card is 1990s technology that doesn't mean it's vulnerable to cyberattack but senator warner want to know they're it protected and what protections does it have to place or plan it has in place to replace the oldest components of its system and whether metro is capable of notifying lawmakers and public about a potential data breach. and he's given metro about a month to get back to him. i did contact metro late this afternoon for a response to senator warper's letter they said they received it and will provide a
5:43 pm
the virginia law maker. >> reporting live for us, thank you so much. it's one thing to have to worry about every day functionality and then on top of that to worry about sign area tack issues. so there we go. >> the world in which we live now. >> there we are, thank you. >> let's talk weather right now. caitlin is here with a look at what we have on the way. and maybe if i look there. >> that way. >> there she is. >> bring the chair in. >> we're saying sue is anything spotsylvania county schools with big tomorrow and it's cold today and at least it's not as cold as this time yesterday. i think we were in the low teens. >> yes, we were it's been a cold few days. maybe i can top that spotsylvania report like this. inauguration does not look that cold at least writing now. >> and you heard martin saying that gets metro going. >> absolutely we need mild temperatures this is brutal cold unaccustomed to this in washington long range forecast doesn't have cold air and that long range forecast goes
5:44 pm
usually when it comes to big air mass changes they play out pretty accordingly and if this is the case we're not sure if we will have precipitation or not yet but it does look like we won't be overly cold come up august ration day. it would be nice to get a day like this thursday that's coming up in the 7 day. the last ves tajs of light as we look at the sunset and life you have of national harbor in maryland beautiful site there as mgm standing tall and bright. let's get to weatherhead lines i think a lot of people yearning for this headline. gradual warming trend. key word as we go to maps is gradual. you won't feel it when we step outside tonight and not feel it tomorrow morning. and you won't feel it until wednesday. but any warming trend is a good one at this part as temperatures run so far below normal both lows and highs and normal high temperature is at about the low 40s around 40 degrees now and we only hit 9 earlier today. right now it's 4 washington and 24 baltimore and 25 annapolis and 21 mannasas a
5:45 pm
sue say at the top of the show we've been below freezing reagan national and dulles and all across the area since sometime thursday and friday. 72 hours plus for washington. i think even longer than that out by dulles. wind speeds now out of the south and they're at about 10 to 15 miles an hour not overly breezy but enough to keep wind chills low in the teens feels 1 game rzburg and washington and 11 westminster and 12 dulles and 11 winchester, yikes, cold yet again and of course when you drive to work tomorrow. satellite and radar quiet. high clouds overhead. there's snow showers around chicago. but big weather story nationally will be along the west coast as that train of wet weather really ramping up over the pacific and heavy rain and mountain snow in northern california and/or or and washington, d.c. and in sierra nevadas measuring in multiple feet five to ten feet by the time we get through the next few days and rain pooring from california do you to the bay
5:46 pm
a major concern and national story for the rest of the week. here's our setup for tomorrow. wet weather, although a small amount in the forecast. later on tomorrow evening az s a warm front lift by. few rain showers that can be freezing rain as you get up to maryland, pennsylvania in orderer and more likely chance in central pennsylvania where they have winter weather advisory there. let's time it out tomorrow the south is dry. mostly cloudy. dry. after the commute time you start to see light precipitation move through for haagers down, frostburg, cumberland, maryland these areas start as brief freeze iting rain before it moves out quukly. warmer air getting into play and that should be just rain showers as that boundary crosses the washington area late tomorrow night. and then we clear out as we head towards wednesday morning. back to tonight, though, another very arctic cold night, 17 mannasas and 21 washington and 24 in annapolis and 20 in leonardtown. yikes, normal low temperatures right around 30 this time of year. and 4
5:47 pm
least above freezing and that's what i mean by gradual warming trend. it's gradual and happening just the jet stream moves off north and that allows warmer air from south to push in thursday. 50s and for us in washington even 60s. i can't believe how different we'll be by the time we hit thursday. shower tomorrow later in the evening, 41. 5 as we take edge off that cold wednesday with shower possible. thursday beautiful, partly cloudy, 63 and 59 friday this is good meeting for areas south and east of us as snow is long gone by the weekend. saturday looks wet and chilly milder as we head into sunday and monday. that's a look at 7 day forecast. sarah, jim. >> thank you caitlin. coming up cam newton may make a couple visit to the district this year, next year and not necessarily fedex field he may be visiting one cool we'll tell you why. >> pretty cool and as we head to break public school chancellor was shocking and unexpected
5:48 pm
the system for more than five years pulling up student test scores and adding academic and extracurricular programs why was the person responsible fortune what one considered to be one of the most dysfunctional school systems to one hailed by president obama leave such a bright spotlight. tonight at 10 she'll john us live in the loft with a first on "fox" interview reveal what she's been doing and it has nothing to do with education either either, we're back after this this z25enz z17vz
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5:52 pm
october. french police arrested 17 people today and they're not saying whether the five people that police said took part in the robbery are among those in custody. guns in nearly 150,000 new cash were found during today's raids in it paris and the south of france. and the company that makes american airlines new uniforms is speaking out for the first time over accusations the outfits are making people sick. and the new uniforms were rolled out more than 70,000 workers in september and since then the outfits have reportedly sickened 2,000 flight ascend tend ants with symptoms including rashes, itching, and eye irritation and flight attendant union calling for total recall of the uniforms and the company that makes uniforms issued a statement saying test results show their uniforms are safe. >> let's talk sports now last week the redskins decide today was time to overall defense. first firing now hiring after the skindz said see you later to joe beary t
5:53 pm
interviews this week. first up panthers steve wilks. the coach though credited with developing the lesion of boom in seattle is front runner. we talk about a guy by the name of gus bradley. put the seahawks opt map and his success at seattle coordinator led to coaching job of jacksonville jaguars didn't work out fired by end of sent and sterling 14-48 record but still a big get because of his defensive scheme. other reasons he's attractive to the redskins little history here under johnen gruden and jay gruden was on that staff. john's brother. seahawks defensive coordinator he was with the seahawks when scott mc cluend and was in the seahawks front office. >> no world baseball classic for mad max he injured a finger on pitching hand. he is stress fracture in knuckle of right ring finger and the
5:54 pm
and the team says he is rehabbing and should be fine for spring training pitchers and catchers report in just 35 days. bring it on. >> every year when the nhl hold winter classic the biggest concern is weather. what if it reigns. how will it affect the ice. we know that we saw the caps play the penguins but it's not a problem for the american hockey league. coming down pretty hard out there irony alert game played bakers field con doors and ontario reign not rain in precipitation but reign. hopefully nobody got hurt. i think they were fine. crazy. >> and a lot of attention paid to what oscar winning meryl streep said last night at the golden globes but it is a parting shot that is getting sports. >> hollywood have crawling with outsiders and foreigners and if we kick them all out you'll have nothing to watch by football and m
5:55 pm
which are not the arts. >> so this tweet came from mma world series of fighting and said with all due respect to meryl streep mma may not be the "arts" neither was ricky and the flash. if you missed it she played a rock star that abandoned family for fame and fortune and came back to patch things up. i didn't see it. >> i deposit, either. >> i never heard of it. >> it came out last year. >> i do not remember that movie coming out. >> yeah they didn't take kindly to that comment from her. >> no. >>. well let's get to the big news for howard university. cam newton's younger brother kaylin will be playing football at the school starting this spring. kaylin made the announcement on twitter and this past season the 5' 11" quarterback threw eight interceptions and five touchdowns. still not nuch to get a bunch of divisioon
5:56 pm
hopes to ep role in howard school of business. >> good for him. >> congratulations. >> no word if cam will play any role. >> could come and watch. >> thank you for being with us. >> "fox5 local news" at 6 starts after the break
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than slow internet from the phone company. say hello to internet speeds up to 150 mbps. and add phone and tv for only $34.90 more a month. call today. comcast business. built for business. sghv d.c. mayor is tag a stand to protect immigrants and is what she is pro po is going against the law. >> i'm top tonep. >> i'm shawn yancy sgln an hour ago mayor becauseer announced a program that would provide a grant to organizations that provides legal services to immigrants. it's first step in d.c. to solidify a role to sanctuary city. lindsey watts starts us off tonight. what does it mean for city and immigrants
6:00 pm
>> we're here at gallaudet where mayor bowser is doing accountability update of last two years in office. we're going to take you right here and give you a look inside where this event is going on. mayor has not taken the stage yet and we're hearing from several d.c. officials about again the mayor's last two years in office. and this new immigration initiative is something that we're going to be hear about. we're able to speak to the mayor about this before the event began as well. and let me just take you through what this is all about. and today the mayor pledged $500,000 to grant program for undocumented d.c. residents and that goes to helping folks with green cards and fighting depourtation proceedings. in general assisting undocumented people and children with issues surrounding imgraik process. the mayor mraejed half a million dollars. if you ever need aid lawyer you know


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